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Tuesday, February 19, 2013 • Volume 117, Issue 89

Meeting Maya

MARY LEAVINES / The Daily Reveille

English and African-American Studies senior Jonosha Jackson and English senior Eric Couto, winners of the “Mic with Maya” contest, sit Monday in the Greek Ampitheatre.

SAM O’KEEFE / The Associated Press

Maya Angelou recites poetry and tells stories to the crowd gathered in Randolph College’s Smith Hall Theatre in Lynchburg, Va., on Jan. 29.

University students to perform for Maya Angelou

Kaci Yoder

Entertainment Writer

Tonight’s “A Night With Maya Angelou” event has sold out the Union Theater and taken over campus conversations, but for two University students, it all comes down to a spotlight and

a microphone. Winning the University’s Mic With Maya poetry slam competition two weeks ago gave Eric Couto, English senior, and Jonosha Jackson, English and African and African American Studies senior, the opportunity of a lifetime. The two winners will take the stage to

perform their Angelou-inspired poems in the Union Theater tonight before meeting Angelou herself at the reception afterward. Couto and Jackson sat down for a Q&A with The Daily Reveille on Monday. Q&A, see page 3

Angelou to speak at sold-out lecture

Ferris McDaniel

Senior Investigative Reporter

The elegantly poetic words of Maya Angelou will come to life tonight in the Student Union Theater as the renaissance woman lectures to a sold-out audience. The civil rights author and

poet — whose works such as “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” rest in the grade school English textbooks of many attendees — will be speaking at the University-hosted event, “A Night With Maya Angelou,” ANGELOU, see page 4


Candidates hope to ‘unite’ LSU Judah Robinson Senior Contributing Writer

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of profiles on the Student Government presidential campaign. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order by presidential candidates’ last names.

MARY LEAVINES / The Daily Reveille

Finance junior John Woodard and psychology and communication studies junior Taylor Parks, Student Government candidates, stand Monday outside of the Student Union.

John Woodard and Taylor Parks are preparing a campaign they hope will bring unity to the University in the upcoming Student Government spring 2013

presidential and vice presidential election. Woodard, finance junior, and Parks, psychology and communication studies junior, said they are running on the theme “UNITE LSU.” Woodard said he and Parks are running in this election because they feel strongly that campus needs unity. “As a University and as Student Government, we have to remember the past and unite in the present to improve the future of our flagship University,”

Woodard said. They hope to implement several initiatives if they are elected, Woodard said. Some of those include implementing a Student Organization Board of Delegates, moving the Middleton study room reservations online and pushing to live stream SG meetings to promote transparency. Woodard said he and Parks believe they can make a difference for the University if they are elected. “We can use the cliché adage UNITE, see page 4

The Daily Reveille

Nation & World

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INTERNATIONAL Ailing Chavez returns to Venezuela from Cuba after cancer surgery CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — President Hugo Chavez returned to Venezuela early Monday after more than two months of treatment in Cuba following cancer surgery, his government said, triggering street celebrations by supporters who welcomed him home. Chavez’s return was announced in a series of three messages on his Twitter account, the first of them reading: “We’ve arrived once again in our Venezuelan homeland. Thank you, my God!! Thank you, beloved nation!! We will continue our treatment here.” Israeli Ethiopian birth control ignites debate among activists JERUSALEM (AP) — Accusations that Israel deliberately tried to curb birth rates among Ethiopian immigrants have reopened a debate over discrimination against the group — highlighting the state’s uneasy relationship with a community that has yet to fully settle into the Israeli mainstream. Women’s activists and a series of media reports contend that Ethiopian women who immigrated to Israel over the past two decades were coerced into taking a birth control drug without being properly informed of its side effects.

FERNANDO LLANDO / The Associated Press

Supporters of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez celebrate his return Monday at Bolivar Square in Caracas, Venezuela.

Belgians hunt boar: animals win after large population increase BRUSSELS (AP) — Belgians went on a boar hunt and at first it looked like no contest: 200 hunters vs. 170 wild boars. Yet in the end, only one boar was slain. As hunter Jef Schrijvers said after a frustrating day: “The boars won. The hunters lost.” The northern town of Postel had organized the hunt because an explosive increase in the boar population had damaged farm fields and woods and caused rural traffic problems.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013



Texas baby gorilla going to Cincinnati Zoo after being ignored by mother

Jindal seeks disaster aid from White House for January flooding, storms

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (AP) — A gorilla born at a South Texas zoo last month is headed to Ohio to be introduced to a troop at a zoo there because the baby’s mother has been ignoring her. Officials from the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville have been caring for the yet-unnamed western lowland gorilla born Jan. 29. She will be moved this week to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, where experts hope she will bond with two adult female gorillas kept there. Country singer Mindy McCready dies Sunday in apparent suicide

(AP) — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has asked the White House to submit a disaster declaration for areas of the state that suffered from January flooding and severe storms. Jindal says in the letter to President Obama and the Federal Emergency Management Agency that the damage meets the requirements of the Stafford Act for an expedited major disaster declaration. Jindal says preliminary damage assessments for 18 parishes and some state agencies is more than $6.5 million. Jindal says the severe weather began Jan. 8 and continued until Jan. 17.

HEBER SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) — Perhaps there was one heartbreak too many for Mindy McCready. The former country star apparently took her own life Sunday at her home in Heber Springs, Ark. Authorities say McCready died of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot to the head and an autopsy is planned. She was 37, and left behind two young sons. McCready had attempted suicide at least three times since 2005, as she struggled to cope amid a series of tumultuous public events that marked much of her adult life.

CHRISTIAN RODRIGUEZ / The Associated Press

Cindy, a 17-day-old female baby gorilla, reaches into the air Feb. 15 at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas. Cindy will be moved to Ohio.

Mississippi ratified 13th Amendment in 1995, although never submitted JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The state of Mississippi has corrected a clerical error that left unrecorded ratification of the 13th Amendment for 18 years. The Legislature formally ratified the amendment, which outlawed slavery, in 1995. However, the ratification document was never presented to the U.S. Archivist, so it was never official. On Jan. 30, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann sent the Office of the Federal Register a copy of the 1995 Senate resolution.

WrestleMania XXX coming to Mercedez-Benz Superdome in 2014 NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Wrestling fans can be expected to pour in New Orleans beginning April 6, 2014, when WrestleMania XXX arrives at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The four-day event ends with a pay-per-view event at the Superdome. The official announcement came Monday at a news conference in New Orleans by civic, sports and tourism leaders.




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LAUREN DUHON / The Daily Reveille

Legacy dance crew members perform Monday to promote the Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience at the Student Union. Submit your photo of the day to

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The Daily Reveille

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I-10 construction sees progress

Six lanes operational from split to Siegen Jonathan Olivier Staff Writer

Drivers frequenting the interstate corridor from the I-10 and I-12 split to Siegen Lane will now have six lanes in full operation, marking the beginning of the end of the overdue widening project. The three east-bound lanes opened last week, and the three west-bound lanes opened over the weekend. The area of construction from Siegen Lane to Highland Road is expected to be finished this spring. “We’re very optimistic about the improvement of traffic and bump in safety that this is going to provide,” said Geaux Wider construction initiative program spokesman Bill Grass. Grass said during the day all lanes up to Siegen Lane will be open, but construction will continue for a while. “Motorists can still expect

Q&A, from page 1

The Daily Reveille: Why don’t both of you talk a little bit about what you wrote and how you perform it and what went into it and what inspired it? Jackson: The piece I wrote is called “Fourth of July.” I was definitely inspired by her “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” A lot of people don’t know that she was diligently working in the civil rights movement, so the piece itself is about freedom and gaining your independence, not only as an African-American and as a woman. It’s about being able to voice your opinions and show how vulnerable you are and even just how you feel about the leaf falling from the tree, how you want to sing about your pains, but it’s so hard so you just have to hum sometimes. I think it’s definitely a liberation piece in a sense, but it also constructs and talks about the sorrows and the woes of a woman and how you never really know what someone’s going through, but at the same time, if you’re about to sing or you’re able to actually gain independence, there’s so much more to life than that. Couto: I feel the same way [Jackson] does. I was told that for this particular moment we’d have to write a tribute poem to Maya Angelou. Aside from her being in the civil rights movement and being such a great activist, I wanted to go with something much more personal. Although we’re here to talk business, I want something that’s really going to pull it out of you. So I decided to take 10 of her poems, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” “Still I Rise,” of course, “A Brave and Startling Truth,” “Alone,” “The Rock Cries Out Today” and a few others.

construction work to be finishing up over the coming weeks. They can still expect some nighttime lane closures here and there because the crews are going to be doing work in the median to finish things off,” he said. DOTD Communications Director Jodi Conachen referenced the success of the I-12 widening project from O’Neal Lane to Juban Road as an example of what she predicts the I-10 widening project to achieve. “Right now we have about 70,000 people who drive the [I-10] corridor every day. Before construction it was somewhere around 80,000 or 90,000,” Conachen said. “People have been avoiding some of this congestion, so we expect people to redirect and start using the interstate system again.” Whitney Abadie, psychology junior, said she avoids I-10 whenever possible by taking back roads to get to her destinations. “There’s nothing we can do about [traffic] – it’s always going to be a problem,” she said. Abadie said now that three lanes are open, she thinks more

people will use the interstate system in Baton Rouge, which will only create more traffic problems. Sports administration freshman Katilyn Simpson is accustomed to congested roadways through her experience with Houston traffic, but said she is willing to try the route now that six lanes are fully operational to Siegen Lane. However, she said “traffic will most likely always be bad” in Baton Rouge because of bad drivers who utilize I-10. Work on the widening project began in January 2009 and was headed by Austin Bridge and Road Inc. The project was scheduled to be completed in early 2011, but design issues coupled with other delays caused the end date to be pushed back numerous times. “Overall from the original time we notified the public to today, it’s about a year and a half behind schedule,” Conachen said.

Contact Jonathon Olivier at

And I took those poems, sat them and not even at the peak of our caside by side by side by side, and reers, it’s just amazing. Amazing. I stripped them, dissected them, just thought about it, and then I Couto: “Grab the iPhone. Call put them into a new arrangement your grandmother. Call her.” of one poem. And it’s exactly the That’s the first thing I thought. way I would write a poem if I had “She’s not going to believe this.” never heard of Maya, but all of Before the competition, once I them are her words. I thought she knew that I’d be trying, I told could be a person who would find her, “I have a surprise for you. I that pretty decent. I call it “The don’t know if I’m gonna win the surprise, so I can’t Caged Bird Rises.” tell you what it is It talks about the Get exclusive content right now.” So I present state of called her and I mind and the things at said, “Rememthat man is willing ber how I had a to do. And it just Read the rest of surprise for you? talks about the corthis interview. Well, I won the rection of how we and need to learn to forCheck out some of competition, I’m performing give each other and Angelou’s poetry. for Maya Angeunderstand that love lou.” Shouldn’t and life are necesAre you going to have told her that. sary and to grow. see Maya Angelou? She was like, [imitates crying] “Oh TDR: When you Vote in our online my God, I just won the competipoll. love you.” And tion and you first I’m like, “Good, found out you were going to be doing this, what was but you know what, I talked to them and they’re gonna get you a going through your head? ticket, so you’re gonna get to see Jackson: Well, when I first found me perform and you get to see out, I thought I was just going to her.” And she just lost it. I defibe able to meet her. I didn’t know nitely have to call Sprint to make I was actually going to be able to sure they don’t overcharge me for perform until days after that. And her feelings. I was like, “What!” I was in my house by myself and I’m super- TDR: Your families must have hyped, I’m like, “Who do I call been floored. first to tell them I’m performing for Maya Angelou?” I was defi- Jackson: My mom was like, nitely like, man, this is major. This “What? You get to do what?” is beyond me. How many artists She was super excited, and then do you know that can say, “Hey, the mushy feelings came on afI performed for Maya Angelou?” ter that. My mom and my dad were definitely like, “We have Or, “Hey, I’ve met her before”? to celebrate. This is definitely TDR: It’s definitely once in a life- worth celebrating.” time. Jackson: Right, exactly. And to say that we’re so young, I think,

Contact Kaci Yoder at

LAUREN DUHON / The Daily Reveille

Three lanes of traffic pass Monday on Interstate 10 near the Essen Lane exit.

Black History Month Celebration: Blacks in Academia Lecture Series Wednesday February 6th, 20th, and 27th, 2013 LSU Honors College, French House Grand Salon, 12 p.m. Black History Month Celebration: Sankofa Poetry and Open Mic Night Thursday, February 21st, 2015 Theater Reception Room, 6 p.m. Want to be a part of your LSU Gumbo Yearbook? Join Emelie & Shannon to Reserve a sport Feb. 1st at 11:00 or March 1st at 12:30 in the Atchafalya Room of the Student Union Email with questions. LSU Libraries Film Series Feb. 20 “Glory” 2 p.m. in the Hill Memorial Library Refreshments provided. Campus Housing Contract Renewal (CHCR) Current apartment residents can reserve their same room in their apartment. DO YOU HAVE AN OCCURRENCE? Call Sam at the Student Media Office 578-6090, 9AM- 5PM or E-mail:

page 4 UNITE, from page 1

that ‘we want to make a difference’ — and we do — but anyone can want to make a difference. We are demanding one,” Woodard said. Woodard and Parks said they are qualified for this position because of the previous leadership experience they both bring to the ticket. “There are several different areas across campus that Taylor and I have served in leadership roles,” Woodard said. “We have experience working in highly involved and demanding situations.” This experience is something Woodard said has prepared him and Parks for the position of president and vice president. “We’re both strong-willed attitudes that won’t give up in our quest to improve this campus,” Woodard said. “We also have a great deal of knowledge in working with people and coming to agreeable solutions that can help us move forward.” Parks said if elected, she hopes to utilize her personal experience from when she was involved in the University’s S.T.R.I.P.E.S. program and being an orientation leader. “Being an orientation leader has given me a really unique perspective of what it’s like to be an incoming student,” Parks said. “Working as an orientation leader, you really encounter a diverse group of students.” Woodard and Parks said they hope to bring a fresh perspective to SG. “The thing SG needs the most right now is a new perspective,” Parks said. Woodard said SG has done a wonderful job, but like all things, it needs a new perspective.

“Student Government has and always will be a voice for the students,” Woodard said. “I think that’s what we need to get back to.” Parks said they also need to address the way students perceive SG. “Right now, a lot of people view Student Government in a way that is not entirely right,” Parks said. Woodard also said he believes SG has done good work, but he hopes to spend more time showcasing what he says SG has achieved. “We want to spend the time to promote and advocate what we’ve done so students can see the difference we’re making,” Woodard said. Woodard and Parks hope to create a unified student front, which they say will improve the way the administration views the student body. “If we were a more unified front, then we would be able to present our voices to the administration in a more powerful way,” Parks said. Voting in the general election will open at 7 a.m. March 11 and close at 6:59 p.m. March 12. Contact Judah Robinson at

Read exclusive content at

Check out a recap of Monday’s Faculty Senate meeting.

E n g l i s h Te a c h i n g P r o g r a m i n Shenzhen, China Spend a year in Shenzhen teaching English and learning Mandarin Chinese. This well-established, government-sponsored program is now in its 15th year. • August training in China to earn the TEFL in China certificate. Housing and tours are included. • Free housing at a Shenzhen public school where you will teach oral English, 12 classroom hours per week, Sept. 1 to June 15; one or two participants per school • Monthly salary, paid vacation, and travel bonus • Chinese classes in Shenzhen, a Mandarin-speaking modern city of 10 million near Hong Kong • On-Site Coordinators • Airline tickets reimbursed Prior study of Chinese not required. Must be a native speaker of English with college degree (by July 2013).

The Daily Reveille

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

eyes — continues to show his “manliness and courage” during his second term. She recalled at 7:30 p.m. The topic of courage, which watching the president dance with Angelou considers the most im- his wife at his first inauguration. “When I watched him and portant virtue, will consume most of the 60-minute monologue. But Mrs. Obama dance at his first inauguration, it made the wordsmith may Listen to audio me weep with its never outright mention the word, Anfrom this interview beauty,” she said. you see Presgelou said between at “When ident Obama guiding hearty chuckles in an exclusive interview with The Mrs. Obama around the floor, you Daily Reveille, brimming with see a man who loves a woman and respects her. It’s wonderful.” surprise. These emotions are the intel“Without [courage] you can’t practice any other virtue consis- ligence that people should strive tently,” she said. “You can be any- for in today’s world, Angelou thing erratically, every now and said. Human characteristics that again. You can be kind, generous, provide a deeper look into one’s fair or anything occasionally, but soul — like a man guiding his to be [those things] time after time wife across the dance floor, presiafter time — you need courage.” dent of the U.S. or not — will aid Barack Obama’s presidency the country in facing adversity. “We need more intelligence, has shown courage on his and the country’s parts, she said. Not only and by that I don’t mean intellect. is he the first African-American Intellect is OK, and it’s important president in a time when racism to have, but it deals with facts — still exists, but he’s clinched the the places where, the people who, honor of serving two terms, An- the times when, the reasons why, blah, blah,” she explained. “But gelou said. Angelou believes the Ameri- what we need is intelligence becan people showed their maturity cause, unfortunately, too many when electing Obama to lead the facts can obscure the truth. We country. Racists’ presence in soci- need to know how the people feel, ety should not be ignored, but nei- what makes us weep, what gives ther should the presence of those us enough courage to stand erect fighting to dissolve racial unfair- in the face of difficulty.” Education is imperative to ness, she said. These signs of the country learning how to encourage and re“growing up” fill Angelou with lease this kind of intelligence, she said. Today Angelou continues to pride, she said. Angelou hopes Obama — do her part in educating the world who is a giant among men in her and advocating courage.

ANGELOU, from page 1

Angelou’s latest book, “Mom & Me & Mom,” will hit bookshelves April 2 — two days before her 85th birthday. The novel revolves around the healing powers of love and Angelou’s brother, mother and grandmother. “My knowledge is that love heals, and it’s the only thing that does,” she said. “With enough love in the family, the pot might be scant of beans and greens, you may be longing for a little more to drink, a little more to eat, but if you have love — not that you can live on it alone — it does make you feel that you’re not alone.” Angelou encourages young parents to love their children to the best of their ability. She urges parents not to simply raise their children by constantly chastising them; love them and they’ll surprise you with what heights they’ll climb to please a parent. The next generation, including the University students who will watch her speak tonight, is one facet of Angelou’s inspiration, she said. She is using what she learned from another source of inspiration to teach the youth. “Somebody’s already paid for me, and my responsibility is to prepare myself so I can pay for someone else who has yet to come. My grandmother, who was a great inspiration and still is, said, ‘When you get, give, and when you learn, teach.’” Contact Ferris McDaniel at


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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

page 5

Imported Goods

Transfer takes over No. 1 spot

Trey Labat Sports Contributor

MORGAN SEARLES / The Daily Reveille

LSU sophomore Mary Jeremiah hits the ball Saturday in the Lady Tigers’ match against McNeese State University. Jeremiah transferred from Oklahoma State and is now ranked No. 1 in both singles and doubles competitions.

Even fans of rival Southeastern Conference schools are drawn to the lore of Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. That allure is what brought sophomore transfer Mary Jeremiah, a lifelong Tennessee fan, to Baton Rouge after a one-year stint at Oklahoma State. “The lights in Death Valley?” Jeremiah said. “I mean come on, it just doesn’t get much better than that.” Jeremiah’s tennis career started in her home state of Georgia, where she was named a High School All-American and won a 5A regional championship. Coming out of high school, she was labeled a “blue chip” recruit by the ITA tennis rankings for high school seniors. The schools that recruited Jeremiah reflected her prestige in the junior tennis rankings. Every school that recruited her — with the exception of Oklahoma State — currently resides in the ITA top 30. After a drawn-out recruiting process, during which Jeremiah was recruited by Oklahoma State, Baylor, Florida State and Alabama, she eventually chose to don the orange and black of the Cowboys. JEREMIAH, see page 8


Tigers take on hot and cold Vols

O’Bryant to battle Stokes in the post Chandler Rome Sports Writer

When slow-paced Tennessee tangles with LSU (15-8, 6-6 Southeastern Conference) at 6 p.m. today in Thompson-Boling Arena, it’s anyone’s guess as to which Volunteer team takes the floor. Will it be the team that scored 36 and 38 points in back-to-back early season losses to Georgetown and Virginia? Or the team that dismantled a Nerlens Noel-less Kentucky squad Saturday behind a 50-point first half? As is the norm with any coach, LSU coach Johnny Jones is braced for the latter. “[Tennessee] is a team that’s playing extremely well,” Jones said. “For them to play that well throughout the [Kentucky] game, it shows they’re playing as well as any team in our league right now.” Identical conference records aside, Jones’ Tigers contrast mightily with the upstart Vols (14-10, 6-6 SEC), as the Tennessee offense TENNESSEE, see page 7


Lefty pitcher Glenn hoping to impress against Lamar Start could impact third rotation spot Lawrence Barreca Sports Writer

The LSU pitching rotation is searching for a southpaw. Maryland (0-3) was unable to overcome the No. 10 Tigers’ (3-0) two dominant right arms at the front of the rotation, as sophomore Aaron Nola and junior Ryan Eades shut out the Terrapins’ bats over 13 total innings this past weekend. For senior No. 3 starter Brent Bonvillain, the story was different. The left-hander lasted only four innings, giving up two runs — one earned — on four hits. He also hit two batters and walked another. With this, sophomore lefty

Cody Glenn will get his opportunity to make his case for a rotation spot when he starts today against Lamar (4-0). “We’ve got a lot of good pitchers on our staff, and the good thing is that I don’t have to make that decision [about who to place in the weekend rotation],” Glenn said. “I just want to attack the zone early and get ahead in counts and go as deep in the game as [LSU] coach [Paul] Mainieri will let me go.” Glenn has seen midweek starts before. His first career start in Alex Box took place on a Tuesday last season against Grambling, when he recorded six strikeouts in three-and-one-third innings of work. Lamar gave LSU a scare last season when the Tigers squeaked out a 5-4 victory in Alex Box Stadium, meaning TAYLOR BALKOM / The Daily Reveille

PITCHING, see page 8

Cody Glenn begins his pitch in last season’s game against Southern. Glenn will get his first start this season against Lamar.

The Daily Reveille

page 6


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

LSU ready for SEC Championships after break Dimitri Skoumpourdis Sports Contributor

The LSU swimming and diving team will finally get a chance to put its hours of training and preparation to the test as its season culminates with the Southeastern Conference Championships today in College Station, Texas. The competition will extend throughout the week before coming to an end Saturday. “Come Tuesday night, I’ll be bouncing off the walls,” said senior swimmer Craig Hamilton. “I’ll need to control my emotions when it comes to my first race, but I think we’ll be ready to go and ready to swim fast.” The No. 20 men’s team has been in energy-conservation mode since its duel with Texas A&M on Jan. 19, while the women’s team hasn’t competed since it swept a quad meet with Houston, Rice and Tulane on Jan. 26. Now there’s nothing in the way

of the Tigers and the date that has been circled on the calendar all year long. “We trained all year for this meet,” said LSU swimming coach Dave Geyer. “It comes down to individually swimming our best times, qualifying for NCAAs and improving our ranking nationally.” The meet comes at an opportune time for the Tigers. Not only has there been an extended break in competition, but the LSU swimming and diving team also had the Mardi Gras holiday to take a break from classes. Since LSU is one of the only schools in the country to give students off from class for the Fat Tuesday festivities, the Tiger swimming team saw it as a chance to gain an edge in the competition. “The way Mardi Gras holiday played out this year was absolutely fantastic,” Geyer said. “To be able to have our athletes to ourselves for a week and not having to worry about the stress of going to class was a

good bonding experience.” The Tigers used their four nights off to grow closer as a unit, and team dinners were a huge step in that process. LSU diving coach Doug Shaffer said the schedule during the Mardi Gras break emulated the routine at the tournament and will help get the swimmers ready for SEC’s. “We set up a bit of a structure where the team was able to spend time together,” Shaffer said. “At the SEC Championships we’ll be at the pool all day long and end our day with a meal together.” The Tigers are no stranger to success on the stage of the SEC tournament. Last year, Hamilton won a bronze medal in the mile with his then-career-best time (14:58.11) and eventually went on to set the program record (14:45.94) at the NCAA Championships. Sophomore diver Alex Bettridge also earned a bronze medal at


MARIEL GATES / The Daily Reveille

LSU senior Sara Halay takes a breath on Jan. 26 during the 500-yard freestyle at the women’s swim meet against. Tulane, Rice, and Houston in the Natatorium. SEC Championships begin today and span until Sunday.

the SEC tournament last year while setting the then-program record in the 3-meter event with a score of 366.85 before going on to finish 15th in the 3-meter at NCAA’s and

earning NCAA Honorable-Mention All-American Honors. Contact Dimitri Skoumpourdis at


Ballard wins fourth SEC Tigers tied for fourth Freshman of the Week honor after day 1 at Mobile Bria Turner Sports Contributor

The Southeastern Conference announced Danielle Ballard as its Freshman of the Week for the fourth time this season after her performance at Mississippi State on Sunday afternoon. Ballard scored 19 points on 7-for-9 shooting while adding seven rebounds and four steals in the Lady Tigers’ 63-41 win. Ballard said she is chosen for the honor because she does the extra things on the court such as stealing and rebounding, but she still isn’t satisfied. “It’s good to have it,” Ballard said. “But I want to be Freshman of the Month or Freshman of

the Year.” Ballard is also ranked third on LSU’s all-time freshman steals list with only eight to go for the record. “So many years freshmen done came by at this school and I’m No. 3? I’m honored and happy,” she said.

Lady Tigers back at .500 in SEC play With the win at Mississippi State, the Lady Tigers have moved back to an even record in SEC play. LSU coach Nikki Caldwell credited the turnaround to the team working together to have better defense and rebounding. In the win at Starkville, LSU held Mississippi State to 24.6 percent shooting. “You definitely want to finish out the regular season with a

winning record,” Caldwell said. “… Our defense is really reflecting that in how hard we’re working and how committed we are to being a better rebounding team. When your record is starting to take a turn for the better, that also has SEC ramifications as well as NCAA.” Junior forward Shanece McKinney stepping up as a “Defensive Stopper” In the Lady Tigers’ last four SEC contests, junior forward Shanece McKinney has totaled 24 rebounds, 19 points and eight blocks. McKinney started all four games. Caldwell said during the Mississippi State game that McKinney set the tone on the low block by altering and blocking shots, which were energy plays the team needed. “McKinney has stepped up and grabbed the role as being a defensive stopper for us,” Caldwell said. “She’s done a great job of making those put backs when we need it. She’s also doing a job of securing key rebounds when we need them.” Contact Bria Turner at

James Moran Sports Contributor

The No. 12 LSU men’s golf team was tied for fourth place when play was suspended during the second round of the day at the Mobile Bay Intercollegiate on Monday. The Tigers shot 11-over par as a team in their first tournament of the spring and trail No. 22 Auburn by 11 strokes. Sophomore Stewart Jolly has the lowest score for the day for LSU at 1-over par, which has him in a tie for No. 10 overall. Junior Smylie Kaufman was the next lowest Tiger at 3-over on the day after shooting a team-best

round of 1-over in the first round. Junior Andrew Presley and sophomore Myles Lewis each finished the day at 4-over. Both shot 2-over in the first round and were 2-over for round two when play was suspended. Sophomore Curtis Thompson struggled through a 12-over first round and finished the day at 13over. Auburn junior Niclas Carlsson leads the tournament overall at 2-under. Play will resume Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. Contact James Moran at

LSU Libraries Film Series presents:



Wednesday, Feb. 20 2pm Where? Hill Memorial Library, Lecture Hallt

ANGELA MAJOR / The Daily Reveille

LSU junior forward Shanece McKinney (23) goes in for a shot Feb. 10 during the Tigers’ 62-54 win against the Bulldogs in the PMAC.

Admission is free! Refreshments provided!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


page 7

Jerry Buss, Lakers’ f lamboyant owner, dies at 80

The Associated Press Jerry Buss built a glittering life at the intersection of sports and Hollywood. After growing up in poverty in Wyoming, he earned success in academia, aerospace and real estate before discovering his favorite vocation when he bought the Los Angeles Lakers in 1979. While Buss wrote the checks and fostered partnerships with two generations of basketball greats, the Lakers won 10 NBA titles and became a glamorous worldwide brand. With a scientist’s analytical skills, a playboy’s flair, a businessman’s money-making savvy and a die-hard hoops fan’s heart, Buss fashioned the Lakers into a remarkable sports entity. They became a nightly happening, often defined by just one word coined by Buss: Showtime. “His impact is felt worldwide,” said Kobe Bryant, who has spent nearly half his life working for Buss. Buss, who shepherded his NBA team from the Showtime dynasty of the 1980s to the current Bryant era while becoming one of the most important and successful owners in pro sports, died Monday. He was 80. “Think about the impact that he’s had on the game and the decisions he’s made, and the brand of basketball he brought here with Showtime and the impact that had

on the sport as a whole,” Bryant said a few days ago. “Those vibrations were felt to a kid all the way in Italy who was 6 years old, before basketball was even global.” Under Buss’ leadership, the Lakers became Southern California’s most beloved sports franchise and a worldwide extension of Los Angeles glamour. Buss acquired, nurtured and befriended a staggering array of talented players and basketball minds during his Hall of Fame tenure, from Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard. Few owners in sports history can approach Buss’ accomplishments with the Lakers, who made the NBA finals 16 times during his nearly 34 years in charge, winning 10 titles between 1980 and 2010. Whatever the Lakers did under Buss’ watch, they did it big — with marquee players, eye-popping style and a relentless pursuit of success. “His incredible commitment and desire to build a championship-caliber team that could sustain success over a long period of time has been unmatched,” said Jerry West, Buss’ longtime general manager and now a consultant with the Golden State Warriors. “With all of his achievements, Jerry was without a doubt one of the most humble men I’ve ever been around. His vision was second to none; he wanted an NBA franchise brand that

leading scorer at 13 points per game with eight double-doubles in the last resembles that of coach Cuonzo nine games, said after Saturday’s win Martin’s mentor at Purdue, Gene against Mississippi State he senses Keady — deliberate, half-court sets the Tigers aren’t fazed by their lack of height. with a reliance on 3-point shooting. “We are not the biggest team, That strategy was more than evident Saturday, when junior guard but the past few games we’ve played Trae Golden exploded for 24 points much bigger,” O’Bryant said. “[Seand Tennessee shot a perfect 5-for- nior center] Andrew [Del Piero] has 5 from behind the arc as it humili- done well the past few games. I’ve ated the defending NCAA champion done well. We just played much bigger.” Wildcats in Knoxville, Tenn. Stokes has matched Tasked with deO’Bryant’s torrid pace fending the potent Next up for of late, cementing himfrontcourt are Tiger the Tigers: self as one of the confersophomore Anthony Hickey, the NCAA Who: LSU (15-8,6-6) vs. ence’s premier big men and the most physical leader in steals, and Tennessee (#14-10,6-6) presence O’Bryant has senior Charles CarWhen: 6 p.m. tonight faced since Florida’s mouche. Carmouche, who Where: Thompson-Boling Patric Young on Jan. 12, poured in a career-high Arena, Knoxville, Tenn. according to Jones. Jones praised Mar21 points Saturday Watch or listen at home: tin’s bunch for the efagainst Mississippi fort on both ends of the State, credited Hickey ESPNU floor, as they played an and fellow guard Andre Stringer’s practice habits as the “excited and fired up” brand of bascatalyst for the defensive effort on ketball while excelling in taking the ball to the basket and executing in a the perimeter. “We get after it every day in midrange game. “You’re hopeful that because practice,” Carmouche said. “We are able to guard each other and I think of what you do, you force your opwe have some pretty quick guards. ponents to have to adjust to what We defend and we play hard. I think you do,” Jones said. “We want to force them into playing into their that defines our team.” Guard play aside, LSU sopho- weakness more than playing into more forward Johnny O’Bryant III is their strength.” tasked with the load of handling Tennessee forward Jarnell Stokes, who Contact Chandler Rome at averages 12.5 points and 8.6 boards; per game. Twitter: @Rome_TDR O’Bryant, now the team’s

TENNESSEE, from page 5

represented the very best and went to every extreme to accomplish his goals.” Buss died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, said Bob Steiner, his assistant and longtime friend. Buss had been hospitalized for most of the past 18 months while undergoing cancer treatment, but the immediate cause of death was kidney failure, Steiner said. “Anybody associated with the NBA since 1980 benefited greatly from Jerry Buss’ impact on the game,” Steiner said. “He had a different way of looking at things than I did, and people who had been raised in basketball.” Contact The Daily Reveille’s sports staff at; Twitter: @TDR_sports

DAMIAN DOVARGANES / The Associated Press

Lakers owner Jerry Buss, who was hospitalized with cancer, died Monday morning at 80 years old.

The Daily Reveille

page 8 JEREMIAH, from page 5

“It took a while to decide, but I was happy with my decision,” Jeremiah said. That didn’t last long, though. “She grew unhappy where she was,” said LSU coach Julia Sell. “She struggled a little getting the results she wanted and a lot of that was just because she wasn’t happy.” Jeremiah waited to make her decision on where to transfer until late, only coming on her official visit to LSU in August, a month before the fall season started. Jeremiah’s hesitation helped the newly appointed Sell, who remembered her from her days as a junior player and knew she would be a good fit at LSU. “She knows how to win, she’s a solid player and she’ll fight throughout the match,” Sell said. “She understands the game, and most importantly, she knows how to win matches even if she isn’t at her best.” Jeremiah cited the Tiger coaching staff as one of the most impressive things about LSU on her visit. “We have the best coaching staff in the nation,” Jeremiah said. “Even our volunteer coach is one of the best in the nation. Not many schools can say that about their staffs.” Since the spring season started, Jeremiah has steadily improved her performances. Originally slated in the No. 2 spot in singles and No. 2 in doubles with her partner, junior Ariel Morton, Jeremiah now occupies the No. 1 spot in both competitions. “One of [Jeremiah’s] best qualities is her ability to play anywhere in a lineup and win a point of the team,” Sell said. “She has tons of potential to get even better as well.” Her qualities don’t end within the lines of the court, though. Sell said Jeremiah is an avid Twitter and Facebook user, and her posts often are filled with humor. That humor often helps lighten the team’s mood. Jeremiah’s humor is something Lady Tigers may need after struggling in recent weeks after getting off to a hot start. “She brings a good atmosphere on road trips and in the locker room,” Sell said. “She has the type of attitude that really can lift a team up.” The same light attitude has helped Jeremiah integrate herself into a veteran-laden team. Morton and seniors Ebie Wilson, Kaitlin Burns and Keri Frankenberger make up the majority of a team that only includes seven total players. “One of the best things about this team is that we have great chemistry between the players and the coaching staff,” Burns said. “Mary coming in this year has just added to that.”

Contact Trey Labat

Glenn has some added motivation against the Cardinals; the Glenn may have a difficult chal- sophomore is a Texas native and lenge when he takes the mound. is familiar with some of the CarMainieri believes he has a dinals’ roster. different southpaw heading to the “It definitely makes it more mound Tuesday from the one he fun,” Glenn said. “I know a cousaw last season. ple of kids on the [Lamar squad], “Cody [Glenn is] a much bet- so it’ll be fun to go against them. ter pitcher now, there’s no doubt It’s nice to be able to talk trash about it,” Mainto them after the ‘I just want to attack game if I strike ieri said. “Alan Dunn has done the zone early and get them out or somesome tremendous thing.” ahead in counts and work with him, As for the rest and you can see go as deep in the game of the LSU squad, [Glenn’s] evoluthe goal for toas [LSU] coach [Paul] day’s contest is tion.” Glenn will simple. Mainieri will let be evaluated “We just need me go.’ when he takes to keep doing what the mound today, we’re doing,” said Cody Glenn as Mainieri will freshman shortsophomore pitcher look for certain stop Alex Bregkeys as his young left-hander at- man. “If we just keep competing tempts to hold down a talented as a team, then we’ll be fine goLamar program. ing into the Lamar game. We’re “If he gives us five good in- going to keep getting better every nings, I’m going to be extremely day at every asset of the game.” happy,” Mainieri said. “We just want to see him go out there and command the zone, trust his stuff Contact Lawrence Barreca at and use his movement and his; off-speed pitches. He’ll give us a chance to win if he does that.” Twitter: @LawrenceBarreca

PITCHING, from page 5


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Trucking Best

Celebrities do not affect you personally

Capital City food trucks rank among top in South Stormy Good Entertainment Writer

Baton Rouge’s best tacos, burgers and pizza aren’t just found in restaurants. Three local food trucks have won an award in Deep South Magazine’s “Best Food Trucks in the South.” Curbside Truck, Taco de Paco and Dolce Vita all made this year’s list, which consisted of 47 food trucks from 10 states. The trucks were listed in alphabetical order; there was no numerical ranking. “Getting this award is just further validation that we are doing something right. I think that when publications and other media sources recognize this, it is just further reaffirmation,” said Baton Rouge Food Truck Wround-up coordinator and Taco de Paco owner John Snow. Curbside is best known for its burgers, fries and signature porkbelly preserves that add an extra kick of flavor to everything on the menu. Taco de Paco has a variety of tacos with new specials being added to the menu every week. Past specials have included grilled tilapia tacos with guacamole, beans, cilantro, lime juice and lettuce. FOOD TRUCKS, see page 11

page 9

photos by LAUREN DUHON / The Daily Reveille

[Top] A food lover grabs a burrito from Taco de Paco and [bottom] Woodson Faerber (left) and Brittany Spruill (right) eat burgers from Curbside on Saturday at the Baton Rouge Food Truck Wround-Up at Perkins Palms.

Chris Brown and Rihanna’s tumultuous relationship gets almost as much coverage as international human suffering. Today’s top story: Rihanna and Chris Brown back together? Then, 50 dead following bombing in Syria. Celebrities’ personal lives will inevitably get exposed by a trashy journalist or photographer — that comes with the title. So it’s no surprise the Internet lost its BALKOM collective mind TAYLOR Photo Editor when Brown and Rihanna got snuggly at the Grammys on Feb. 10. “How could they get back together? After the way he treated her?” Internet commenters asked while crying over their own pathetic lives. Why does it matter? Last time I checked, the relationship status of two pop stars didn’t affect any of us on a personal level. Honestly, who cares? Apparently, someone cared enough to throw a bottled sports drink at Rihanna on Sunday. The Independent reported the pop star was “allegedly assaulted ... by a man who was angry about her CELEBRITIES, see page 11


Anthony Jeselnik welcomes audiences to the dark side Comedian’s show premieres tonight Taylor Schoen Entertainment Writer

Anthony Jeselnik, to put it lightly, has a dark sense of humor. Jeselnik’s participated in various Comedy Central Roasts, written for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and also finds time to perform standup comedy. Now, he’ll be bringing his bit to television screens Tuesday nights on Comedy Central with his new show “The Jeselnik Offensive.” His program is a talk show featuring various comedian guests, but Jeselnik assured it’s distinguishable

from shows like “Chelsea Lately” or “The Burn with Jeff Ross.” “A lot of it will be less snark. Chelsea comes out, and she wants to make fun of celebrities and how pop culture’s stupid and things like that. That doesn’t really interest me,” Jeselnik said in a college media conference call. “I’m more interested in the darker side of the news.” He also explained that to separate himself, he makes sure a joke he crafts isn’t too similar in style to other comedy professionals like Daniel Tosh or Jimmy Fallon. If he thinks it sounds like a Tosh joke, it gets thrown out. Similar to Tosh, Jeselnik has received backlash from audiences and those who seek a more politically correct society, but he

said he thinks the issue is deeper and more self-entitled. “Political correctness is just a word people use. I think a lot of people feel like they’re owed something,” Jeselnik observed. “People will come out to a show, and they’ll get offended by a joke, but that doesn’t really mean anything. It’s not your right to never be offended.” Jeselnik discussed how his brand of humor may be misunderstood by some, but he would never change his style because the material is where his passion resides. “I don’t talk about offensive things because I want to offend people; people just get offended in the process,” he said. “I talk about these JESELNIK, see page 11

photo courtesy of COMEDY CENTRAL

Comedian Anthony Jeselnik is bringing his bit to TV tonight with the premiere of his new show “The Jeselnik Offensive” on Comedy Central.

page 10


The Daily Reveille

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Martial arts master Student organizes film festival brings studio to BR Samantha Bares

Entertainment Writer

to the life force of vital energy that flows through all things in Entertainment Writer the universe. The second word, Internationally recognized “gong,” is pronounced “gung” martial arts master and instruc- and means accomplishment or tor Yajun “Thomas” Zhuang was skill. Qi gong uses breathing selected by the Chinese govern- techniques and mental focus to ment to attend the Jiangsu Wushu improve mental, physical and Institute when he was only 8 spiritual well-being. Kung fu means “hard work” years old. Today, he is one of China’s and increases strength and flexibility through intop martial arts tense movement. trainers and is STUDIO INFORMATION: Students can bringing the art of learn animal imiWushu to Baton · Single class: $15 each tations and evenRouge. He started • 1 class per week: $50 a month out holding in- • 2 classes per week: $80 a month tually specialize in weapons such formal classes in · Personal training and private as the staff, sword his backyard, but and saber. Zhuang finally classes are also available Known as opened his own · Note: There is a one-time regis“meditation in 4,000-square-foot tration fee of $30, which includes motion,” tai chi studio Saturday the academy uniform. provides flow, specially de- · Address: 4846 Revere Ave. balance, and prosigned for martial motes general arts training. Zhuang’s studio offers a vari- well-being by synchronizing the ety of classes, including qi gong, body and mind. Tai chi has many kung fu and several forms of tai benefits, including reducing anxchi. Students learn as a class, but iety and depression, improving individuals progress at their own balance, increasing energy and pace based on their health and improving sleep quality. Computer science senior Japhysical ability. Zhuang’s modified tai chi and qi gong therapy cob Diaz has attended Zhuang’s earned great acclaim from the adult kung fu class for nearly two medical community for its ef- years. He said he loves learning fects on patients suffering from kung fu because it allows him to peripheral neuropathy and Par- “go nuts, relieve stress and get exercise.” kinson’s Disease. Graphic design senior Elise “I opened my studio to bring Chinese culture to the commu- Patterson also attends the adult nity,” Zhuang said. “People of kung fu class and specializes all ages, from 5 to 95, can benefit with the sword. “There’s something for evfrom learning martial arts.” Zhuang believes any student eryone here,” Patterson said. can improve his or her health “You can focus on your strengths and confidence through practic- and find a style that really ing qi gong, kung fu or tai chi. suits you.” Each form is a part of Wushu, the Chinese term for martial arts. See a video of the studio Internal forms focus on the qi, at external forms focus on physical strength and agility. Qi gong is an ancient Chinese health system that focuses Contact Marie Chaney at on the cultivation of qi, which is pronounced “chee,” and refers Marie Chaney

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Studio arts junior Patrick Dufauchard, who goes by Patrick Melon in his life as an artist, has turned his second film into a festival showcasing several artists’ work. “The first one was a documentary I made on a group of young skateboarders in New Orleans, and it premiered at a skate shop there,” Melon said of 2011’s “Melon Summer.” Melon said “[ 8 ]” is a short autobiographical film in which he is sharing both a personal story and showing the extent to which his filming and editing has progressed since “Melon Summer.” He shot it over a period of seven months in Chicago. Since “[ 8 ]” had been a lot more time-consuming and he wanted to share with a wider audience, Melon booked Café Istanbul in New Orleans for its premiere. Melon said he never considered the event a film festival until people started referring to it as one. “I sent out an email and put up advertisements looking for submissions,” he said. Melon realized he wanted to give other people exposure. Melon said he is providing the majority of the event’s expenses out of pocket, but he is being assisted by his sponsors Humidity Skateshop, Tall Tale and re:refresh. Mike Gnar, owner of Baton

photo courtesy of PATRICK DUFAUCHARD

Studio arts junior Patrick Dufauchard, also known as Patrick Melon, will premiere his second film “[ 8 ]” at Café Istanbul Thursday in New Orleans.

Rouge-based clothing company Tall Tale, is showing a promotional film at the event. New Orleans native George Bodden is another contributor and friend of Melon. “We support one another, and I’m a big fan of his cinematography work and vice versa.” Bodden said. Bodden, who produces through independent company 3517 Law Street Productions,

st 1 2 . b e F y Thursda

Contact Samantha Bares at

Open at 1:00 pm rain or shine

or Guys f 0 1 $ & s l r $5 for Gi Sausage d n a n e k c f Chi 250 Bowls o ngnecks o L d u B 0 .5 $1 Red Bull d n a e s o o $4 Grey G Doubles n o s e m a J 4 $

19 for Girls & 20 for Guys

said he wants people to support the art scene in New Orleans. The film festival will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday at Café Istanbul in New Orleans, at 2372 St. Claude Ave. The event is free.


Don’t Drink and Drive

The Daily Reveille

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

page 11 CELEBRITIES, from page 9

LAUREN DUHON / The Daily Reveille

Food lovers gather Saturday to enjoy food from various food trucks at the Baton Rouge Food Truck Wround-Up at Perkins Palms.

FOOD TRUCKS, from page 9

Dolce Vita Pizza caters to the customer wanting an unusual twist on his or her pizza. Some of its menu items include Korean barbeque pizza with stir-fry veggies, roasted duck with sliced peaches or shrimp and crawfish au gratin pizza. “I’m really proud to be in the same company as the other food trucks,” said Bogdan Mocanu, chef and owner of Dolce Vita. “For them to even think about giving us the award is a big honor. It’s raising the bar to make us have the best food truck possible.” These three food trucks, along with many others in the Baton Rouge area, band together every Wednesday night and Saturday

JESELNIK, from page 9

things because it’s interesting to me to make jokes about those things that make us uncomfortable and can be painful.” The comedian has always had a penchant for dark humor, even from an early age. “You know, I think I always had a dark sense of humor because I noticed as a kid that was what got the biggest laughs,” he recalled. “If someone makes a joke under their breath at a funeral, where everyone’s there mourning, that’s like the hardest you could ever laugh because you know you shouldn’t be, and that laugh fascinates me.” Jeselnik said the idea of comedy was something fun as a child, but it was also dangerous. His parents

afternoon in the Baton Rouge Food Truck Wround-up. “It’s good food and a good environment,” Snow said. “People are attracted to how novel and different it is. It is affordable and approachable.” The Wround-up is held at a variety of locations every week and has a Twitter and Facebook that are constantly updated. “I’m a crazy fool for the Food Truck Wround-up,” said business senior Danny McInnis. “The food trucks are filling a niche in Baton Rouge and give college students our fast food fix while also being budget-friendly.” The Wround-up started in November 2010 and has been increasing steadily since. The trucks recently added a Saturday lunch in

addition to their Wednesday night lineup. The Wround-up is an avid supporter of local businesses and has partnered in the past with Tin Roof Brewery in a collaborative effort, which gave participants a free tour of the brewery. “Because you’re eating from a truck, sometimes people don’t expect the food to be that good,” Snow said. “The fact that these cooks are able to do this in such a small environment is really astounding. There is a lot of opportunity for the growth of food trucks, and they are continuing to add to the quality of life in Baton Rouge.”

were never avid fans of comedy, so he would stay up late and surreptitiously watch “Saturday Night Live.” His love of comedy continued to grow from there, and he said he truly began to craft his taste in comics during his college years. Jeselnik said he was inspired by “obscure” shows and comedians like “The Ben Stiller Show,” Comedy Central’s Roasts and Mitch Hedberg. From there, he graduated from Tulane University with an English degree and, at the bequest of his parents, a business minor. He protested the unwanted minor at the time, but acknowledged it helped him land jobs post-college. He advised college students not to rely on a major to determine their

future because many graduates wind up working a job not necessarily in their degree’s field. “In college, you just have to study what you want. And your degree, it’s nice. But in a lot of deals, it doesn’t matter. No one’s ever asked me what my GPA was for any job I’ve ever tried to get,” he said. He said back in those days he never imagined he would host his own TV show, but after years of trial and error, he’s doing exactly what he wants. “The Jeselnik Offensive” premieres at 9:30 p.m. tonight on Comedy Central.

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Contact Taylor Schoen at

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relationship with Chris Brown.” He was angry that Rihanna, a human with this new thing called “free will,” made a decision on who she spends her time with. Did the decision make the attacker lose his job? His girlfriend? Was his life, in any way, made more difficult by the event? Probably not. While I personally wouldn’t want to get together with anyone who beat me up, I’ve never been in that situation. But more importantly, I’m not Rihanna. I don’t know how their relationship has progressed since Brown assaulted her, and frankly, I don’t want to know. I don’t care. It’s none of my business. It’s no one’s business, actually. If anyone ever feels the need to physically harm another after learning an intimate detail of two completely separate human beings, he or she needs to seek professional help. I’ve been learning about personal mental health in one of my classes this semester. I’m pretty sure throwing drinks at a celebrity for her relationship choices isn’t a characteristic of a mentally healthy person. Everyone has the right to date whomever he or she wants. As the saying goes, “The heart wants what the heart wants,” and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. So the next time you’re reading celebrity gossip on TMZ, E! Online or a similar “news” outlet, remember that what you’re reading, in the grand scheme of things,

JORDAN STRAUSS / The Associated Press

Rihanna arrives at the 55th annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 10. Her relationship status with Chris Brown should not affect fans personally, Culture Club columnist Taylor Balkom says.

doesn’t even begin to matter. Instead of arguing over whether two people should spend time together, maybe we should be talking about supporting victims of domestic abuse or how Brown’s music sucks. Seriously, have you heard “Look At Me Now?” I’d rather eat hot coals while dodging cars on I-10 than hear that hangnail of a song ever again. Incidentally, that would also be more productive than talking about who Rihanna dates. Taylor Balkom is a 21-year-old mass communication junior from Baton Rouge. Contact Taylor Balkom at

The Daily Reveille


page 12

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Dorner can teach America about gun control THE C-SECTION CHRIS GRILLOT Opinion Editor A week ago, hundreds of gunshots rang out in the hills of Big Bear Lake, Calif. Two men were left dead. One was killed by an assailant; the other took his own life. CBS reporter Carter Evans was lucky enough to capture a few minutes of the battle on tape. In his footage, numerous heavily armed police officers are held at bay, firing round after round at their suspected assailant, former Los Angeles Police Department and Naval Reserve officer Christopher Dorner as he took refuge in a cabin. If the video was not labeled correctly, you would believe you were watching video from a war zone. But that’s what Dorner had in mind — to make southern California a war zone, to bring “warfare” to the LAPD, according to his manifesto released Feb. 4. Warfare is exactly what he was prepared for. He boasted his arsenal composed of Barrett .50 caliber rifles, AR-15s, suppressors or silencers and smoke grenades. It’s easy to write Dorner off as “crazy” — after being fired from the LAPD in 2008 because of alleged corruption and racism within the department, he decided to get revenge — but his opinions on gun control are quite rational. He acknowledged how ridiculous it was for him to acquire the amount of firepower he did. “If [the United States] had a well-regulated AWB [assault weapons ban], this would not happen,” he wrote in the manifesto, before questioning why any citizens or sportsmen would need a 30-round magazine, an AR-15 or a suppressor. He even went as far as pointing out that the main distinction between the military-issued M4 Carbine and M16 and the civilian AR-15, the select fire option that allows the user to switch between semi-automatic, full automatic and three-round burst, is “bullshit.” “Troops who carry the M4/ M16 weapon system for combat

TED S. WARREN / The Associated Press

Ryan Brooks, of Shelton, Wash., holds his AR-15 rifle as he attends a gun rights rally on Feb. 8 at the Washington State Capitol. Several hundred people gathered and spoke against proposed gun control legislation at both state and national levels.

CHRIS CARLSON / The Associated Press

Law enforcement personnel block Highway 38 on Feb. 12 in Yacaipa, Calif., during the hunt for accused killer and ex-Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner. Dorner barricaded himself in a cabin after a furious gun battle with police that day, authorities said, the culmination of an intensive manhunt that left a region on edge for nearly a week and ended with Dorner taking his own life.

ops outside the wire rarely utilize the select fire function when in contact with enemy combatants,” he wrote. “The use of select fire probably isn’t even 1 percent in combat. So in essence, the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is the same as the M4/M16.”

The Daily Reveille Editorial Board

Andrea Gallo Emily Herrington Bryan Stewart Kirsten Romaguera Clayton Crockett Chris Grillot

Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Managing Editor, External Media Managing Editor, Production News Editor Opinion Editor

That’s the same thing I was told as a Boy Scout when the SWAT team would visit us — fully automatic shooting was for movies and video games. Dorner, who wrote that he had never been convicted of a crime, said he purchased guns

without background checks after the dealer saw his military ID. His experience isn’t uncommon. Buy a gun at a gun show. See how long it takes. You might have to remind them to perform a background check. Current calls for increased

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background checks and mental health evaluations are crucial to keep firearms out of the hands of the wrong people. But they only go so far. Someone like Dorner could have been psychologically evaluated and determined unfit to own a gun this year, but what about last year? And how do we continue the evaluation process? Are people supposed to be evaluated every year to determine whether they are crazy? Every month? It’s not realistic. What is realistic is an all-out assault weapons ban, which includes banning 30-round magazines and military-styled weapons such as the AR-15. The guns are based on those designed to enhance an individual’s firepower in an effort to kill enemy combatants in war zones without having to reload. They’re designed to be light, maneuverable and effective — at killing people. Other than being a cool novelty item for some, they have absolutely no place in civilian hands. Think of it in the way most people can’t own, distribute or possess high-powered explosives. Sure, you could use them for a non-violent purpose, but it’s probably better if most individuals don’t to have them. And as far as high-capacity magazines go, gun owner and noted author Stephen King put it simply in his essay “Guns”: “If you can’t kill a home invader (or your wife, up in the middle of the night to get a snack from the fridge) with 10 shots, you need to go back to the local shooting range.” It’s time for people to be rational. Mental health and background checks won’t solve the whole problem. An assault weapons ban doesn’t mean an all-out firearm ban. You’ll still be able to buy your guns and accessories — just not the ones that make it incredibly easy to execute many people without reloading. Chris Grillot is a 21-year-old mass communication senior from New Orleans. Contact Chris Grillot at; Twitter: @TDR_CGrillot

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“How paranoid do you want to be? How many guns does it take to make you feel safe?”

Stephen King American author Sept. 21, 1947 — present

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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The TOPS dilemma: redefining the ‘best and brightest’ BWALLY’S WORLD BEN WALLACE Columnist TOPS is too expensive for the state, and the program needs an overhaul. Rep. Joe Harrison, R-Napoleonville, plans to introduce a bill (for the fourth time, he says) this spring that would require students who lose their Taylor Opportunity Program for Students scholarship in either of their first two years to repay some or possibly all of their reward to the state. “There’s got to be some sort of line of responsibility to the taxpayers,” Harrison said. “Students who don’t go full-time are the ones causing the losses, which I think is ridiculous and immature.” Harrison also plans to propose a freeze on TOPS awards, meaning even if tuition and fees increase thanks to the LA GRAD Act passed in 2010, students will not receive more money. Bravo, Rep. Harrison. At least to part one — the repayment plan. Louisiana lawmakers continue to spend beyond their limitations, and unfortunately,

somebody has to pay the bills. The state budgeted $172 million for the 2012-13 fiscal year to educate roughly 43,000 TOPS recipients ($4,000 per student), according to the state budget report. That’s approaching one-fifth of the nearly $1 billion budgeted from the state general fund toward higher education as a whole. And TOPS receives funding from other budget categories as well, such as statutory dedications. Holding onto TOPS funding is no walk in the park, though. About 34 percent of TOPS recipients since 2003 have lost their funding because they dropped to fewer than 24 credit hours for the year, according to an annual Board of Regents report. Boo hoo. Twelve credit hours per semester should be a feasible goal for any student riding through college on taxpayer dollars. I understand some students need part-time or even full-time jobs to stay afloat without parental or governmental allowances. But if school is free and you’ve elected (rightfully so) to pursue a college education, in theory, the all-nighters should pay off. Unless, of course, you’re buried in debt up to your nose hairs

at graduation. But that’s a whole different column. As for the proposed scholarship freeze in Harrison’s bill, I’m going to have to disagree. Once the state promises a student it will pay for his or her education as long as he or she meets requirements X, Y and Z, if that student achieves those goals, I would find it unfair if tuition increases, approved by the same body of legislators, were not matched by the scholarship. A fundamental goal of TOPS is to retain Louisiana’s “best and brightest” students, educate them properly and, in a perfect world, have them work in Louisiana until they die. Has TOPS accomplished this since its inception following the 1997 legislative session? Who knows? Zero studies have been done following each and every TOPS-produced instate graduate, making it quite difficult to assess the program’s success. It’s easy to see why. Drafting such a research experiment would cost a fortune and probably lead to a handful of clinically depressed researchers who failed to realize the impossibility of the task at hand. Instead, inquisitive citizens can view the Board of Regents’

annual constitutionally necessitated report on TOPS, which points out that from 2003-09, students with TOPS funding were 25 percent more likely to stay in college four years than those without it. It’s a mind-boggling statistic — students who came into college with far greater higher education preparation than their peers lasted longer than their less-prepared classmates. Still, barely more than half of TOPS recipients returned to school for a fourth year, compared to one-third of non-TOPS receiving students. Jason Droddy, the University’s director of external affairs, who wrote his dissertation on whether TOPS eligibility requirements predict in-state enrollment retention, said several questions need to be asked to properly evaluate TOPS’ ability to meet its goals: If students were not awarded TOPS, what choices would they make about which University to attend? Would they even attend college at all? How many students would the state lose if TOPS requirements changed? And finally, just because a student loses TOPS funding, does that mean he or she failed?

In many cases, Droddy said, students would drop a course, falling below the credit hour requirement, lose their TOPS and then continue their education. Harrison’s bill is by no means a save-all solution to the state’s budget woes and mismanaged higher education funds, but it successfully points out that the wildly popular program (for good reason) has some major flaws and is costing taxpayers more than it’s worth in some cases. My solution: Raise the requirements. A student who earns a 20 on his or her ACT, equal to the state’s average but a whole point below the national average, can receive a full-ride to any in-state institution he or she is admitted to. Since when does “best and brightest” include completely average? Only top-achievers can save our state. Ben Wallace is a 21-year-old mass communication senior from Tyler, Texas.

Contact Ben Wallace at; Twitter: @_BenWallace


‘Bang With Friends’ has potential despite problems Gabriel Stoffa Iowa State Daily, Iowa State University

AMES, Iowa (U-WIRE) – Ever wonder if that “poke” you got from a friend on Facebook was really more of an invitation for sex rather than a friendly “hello”? Well, now you can get around the awkward wondering with a new app that notifies other friends if the two of you want to “bang.” Here is the breakdown: You install the “Bang With Friends” app. You then click any friends you might want to sleep with. Those friends will only be notified of the desire should that same friend also have clicked the desire to sleep with you. The long and the short is that people don’t have to worry if the other person is going to feel awkward about their advances. Now, there are some obvious problems with the whole plan, namely the “friends having sex” thing. Sex is already an awkward situation for some folks, and adding that to a friendship can quickly destroy the relationship. Those worries aside, this app appears to be a marvelous bit of

technological advancement for all those out there who are not afraid of “no strings” sex and see it as healthy. Yes, the app goes against many religious teachings and some more traditional outlooks toward relationships and fornication, but those folks who dislike it won’t know about what does or does not go on as they will never be notified due to the way the program is set up. A big fear with the program, though, is when those under 18 start using it, as there are always ways around any age restrictions involved in using the app. But then, problems like that already exist when using Facebook anyway, and the program should have a lot of those problems covered with time. As of now, the app appears to be more centered around men and their desire to get down, which makes sense given men tend to be a bit more talkative about constant sexual desire. As the app matures, maybe it will come to encompass homosexuality and alter its marketing to target more than the Y chromosome or just heterosexuals. There is also the possibility

screenshot courtesy of BANGWITHFRIENDS.COM

for someone to click all of their friends as would-be partners just to see who is going to click them for some intimate times without actually having any intention of following through with it. That could result in some serious embarrassment for those using the app. However, why would people want to have a friend who was enough of a jerk to do something of that sort? Maybe this app will finally help people to stop accepting every random person they meet as a “friend.” Complaints about the death of personal communication will be stirred fully by this new way to circumvent real-life, gettingto-know-you conversation. Those

fears will be around as long as technology and the Internet continue to offer people new means to do things, so cast them aside. It isn’t as if this is any worse than spending hours in a bar trying to get enough liquid and regular courage together to hit on, with the likely intent of sleeping with, that certain someone. It could be said the app is hardly different from dating sites currently available, and those people would be right. All the app does is cut out some of the time people might spend cruising the “one night stand” preferences but with one big difference: the app cuts out most of the creepy folks someone looking just for a hookup is bombarded by. Yes, this app is likely going to be a headache for some women as they discover that almost every male friend they have wants to get in their pants, but a little honesty can go a long way. Who knows, the app could finally begin to show some men out there that women are sexual creatures the same as men when they realize the girls had to be in the same mindset for the app to function. “By your powers

combined, we are sexuality!” Use of the app doesn’t even have to be for sex; it could just be so people know the attraction is there and, therefore, get the ball rolling for a date. Or it could eliminate the wonder if a date should end with a nice handshake or a trip to the bedroom. Maybe, just maybe, the app will allow some friends who would never have otherwise gotten up the nerve to express their healthy sexual desires to jump into the sack. Just having that release granted from sexual activity, or merely knowing they are desired, could be a huge morale boost to a lot of people. Obviously, this app isn’t for everyone, but for those who enjoy sex as a fun and healthy activity, it is something to look into. In the immortal words of Rodney Dangerfield in his first film appearance, “Caddyshack”: “Hey everybody, we’re all gonna get laid!” Contact The Daily Reveille’s opinion staff at; Twitter: @TDR_opinion

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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