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2 | APRIL 2021

2021 Spring


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Kimball Garden Club plants flowers, shares beauty ������������������������ 3 Types of home insulation and where to install them������������������������ 4 Home office must-haves���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6 Laundry room renovations you’ll love �������������������������������������������������� 7 Simple ways to improve a kitchen pantry������������������������������������������ 11 Stay safe when working in the yard���������������������������������������������������� 13 How to garden from a wheelchair������������������������������������������������������� 15 How ergonomic tools can help gardeners��������������������������������������� 16 Brood X ready to make its presence known����������������������������������� 18

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Kimball Garden Club plants flowers, shares beauty

Group recently honored by South Dakota Hall of Fame KIMBALL — A shrugged-off suggestion and a slightly-overgrown line of lilies inspired the formation of a club in Kimball that is giving a social outlet to residents and is planting the seeds of beauty throughout the community. The Kimball Garden Club, the brainchild of Kimball resident Kathleen Balster, almost never came to be after she casually suggested to an acquaintance that the community could use a gardening club. It would allow for gardening enthusiasts to come together, exchange ideas and techniques and perhaps provide a creative


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outlet for those who like to get their hands dirty growing flowers. “When I first came to Kimball, I said we should have a garden club,” Kimball told the Mitchell Republic recently. “She said that’s a good idea, but I’m not interested. So that didn’t go very far.” But she continued to pursue her own interests in gardening. Last spring, she planted a row of lilies that a friend had given her along her walkway and watched as they flourished and bloomed. They grew well, but eventually the grass began to creep in

Members of the Kimball Garden Club were recently recognized for their beautification efforts around the community, receiving an Act of Excellence Award from the South Dakota Hall of Fame. The club formed about a year ago and has since blossomed to more than a dozen members. The club has spearheaded a number of different projects, including planting flowers at Lenz Memorial City Park. Submitted Photo

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4 | APRIL 2021

Types of home insulation and where to install them walls and in the attic, and serves to slow and reduce When thinking about heat transfer. renovating their homes, The U.S. Department homeowners may imagof Energy says between ine changing wall colors, 50 and 70 percent of the expanding room sizes or energy used in homes is upgrading appliances and for heating and cooling. fixtures. However, unless By improving home insupeople take inventory of lation, homeowners can the less glamourous components of the home, such make their homes more comfortable, consistent as structure, plumbing, and efficient. In fact, the heating and cooling, and insulation, other improve- ENERGY STAR program overseen by the U.S. Enviments may be for naught. A home insulation proj- ronmental Protection Agency says homeowners ect certainly doesn’t offer the wow factor of a kitchen stand to save an average of 15 percent on heating remodel, but insulation and cooling costs by adding serves a vital function in proper insulation. To do the house that helps keep so, homeowners can take a people comfortable and crash course in home insureduces energy consumption. Insulation is typically lation and find the prodplaced in areas where air ucts that fit their needs. escapes, such as between the stud cavities inside the INSULATION: Page 5 BY METRO CREATIVE

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Batts and rolls Blanket batts and rolls typically are constructed with fiberglass, so proper safety gear, such as a mask and gloves, is needed when handling them. Installing this type of insulation is relatively easy since the materials are designed to fit the standard width between studs, rafters and floor joists.

Loose fill Loose fill is usually made of fiberglass or cellulose (recycled paper fiber). It is blown or sprayed into place with pneumatic equipment, according to The Home Depot. Loose fill can be ideal for hard-toreach areas in attics or inside wall cavities. It’s good for adding insulation to irregularly shaped areas. Since it requires special equipment, this is a job best left to professionals.

Sprayed foam Sprayed foam is just as the name implies, a foam made from polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, cementitious, or other materials that are applied by a spray container. DIYers who need only small applications can use canned products . Large quantities are pressure-sprayed by professionals.

Foam board/rigid foam panels Ideal for unfinished walls, such as basement or foundation walls, floors and ceilings, these are boards of polyurethane or polystyrene. Foam boards tend to reduce energy consumption more effectively than other types of insulation. Homeowners considering upgrading their insulation or amending existing insulation should do their homework on the type of insulation that will be most effective for their homes.

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6 | APRIL 2021

Home office must-haves


Remote work has been around for many years, though it certainly picked up steam in 2020. In an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, in March 2020 government officials implemented stay-at-home measures that mandated many working professionals to begin working from home. That transition occurred seemingly overnight, forcing men and women to find somewhere in their homes to work. As the dust settled and working professionals grew accustomed to

working from home, many recognized the need to have an office in their homes. Various factors can make home offices more conducive to getting work done, and the following are some home office must-haves that can help people be more productive while working from home.

commodity for people used to working in office settings. A 2018 survey of more than 1,600 workers conducted by the human resources advisory firm Future Workplace found that access to natural light and views of the outdoors were the most sought after attribute of a workplace environment. In addition, Lighting 47 percent of workers surLighting is important veyed admitted they felt in a home office. It’s easy tired or very tired from to overlook natural light, the absence of natural especially for workers who light or a window at their previously worked in offic- office. When designing es that did not have wintheir home offices, homedows. But natural light can owners should keep this help save on energy costs in mind and choose areas of their homes that get and boost mood. In fact, ample natural light during natural light is a valued

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a typical workday. Additional lighting also will be necessary. Recessed lighting can give an office a sleek look, and lights that can dim can allow workers to adjust their lighting based on how much they need at any given point in the workday.

Quiet Professionals forced to work at home when social distancing measures were implemented may not have had much quiet, especially for those with young children whose schools were closed. But when designing a home

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Laundry room renovations you’ll love BY METRO CREATIVE

Does it seem like your hamper is always full and the washing machine is running constantly? You may not be imagining it. Laundry Butler for You, a wash, dry and fold service, says the average household washes 50 pounds of laundry a week and 6,000 articles of clothing every year. Families with children at home are doing laundry most often, and those with pets may find there is ample laundry to wash as well. With so much laundry being generated, homeowners may want to consider paying extra attention to the space in the house where their clothing is being cleansed. Laundry room renovations may not top homeowners’ priority lists, but it may be

time to give these rooms another look.

Assess your equipment If your appliances are aging, a laundry room renovation can start with an investment in new appliances. New models have large capacity loads, tend to be energy-efficient and could have innovative features that help fit with your laundry lifestyle. Purchasing front-loading models also can free up design space, as you can install a counter directly above the units, saving room for other items like drying racks.

homeowners make large laundry rooms catch-all spaces that can serve as utility or mud rooms, pantry overflows, or off-season storage areas. Consider the functions you want the room to serve and include those ideas in your designs.

Add some natural light If possible, include a window in your laundry room. Natural light can help make the room more enjoyable. It also can help you identify stains on clothes that need to be addressed and make it easier to fold matching items like socks.

Figure out your room needs

Think about a utility sink

A laundry room need not be limited to laundry only. Many

Many washing machines drain out directly to waste


pipes in the floor or wall, but you also can opt to have them empty into a utility sink. This sink also provides a convenient place to handwash items, clean tools or paintbrushes, or store items that perhaps you do not want to bring into a bathroom or kitchen sink.

Include some flair This utilitarian space need not be boring or bereft of design elements. Mirror your home’s style in the laundry room, and include wall hangings, plants, accent items, and even task lighting. Play up certain features with a bold floor tile or brightly colored walls. Updating laundry rooms can be a great way to make doing laundry more enjoyable and efficient.


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8 | APRIL 2021


membership fees were paid and growing tips were exchanged. Conversations were had and soon were being approached by others about their hobby. “It worked out amazing. The first meeting was good, and the city found out about it and said we could take care of the memorial park,” Balster said. The group quickly went to work tidying up the Lenz Memorial Park. A

of the interest of Balster and a friend. “I mentioned it to Nancy From Page 3 Falor, and she said she thought a garden club is a between the blooms, ruin- good idea, so I said ing the clean, manicured now there are two of look she had enjoyed. us. We can have a club,” “It was getting kind Balster chuckled. of junky. I wanted to dig The club, today made them out but I didn’t want up of about 14 members, to throw them away,” was soon meeting twice a Balster said. month to discuss flowers, So she gave them away. vegetables and the ins and It was that exchange outs of successfully growthat saw the club form out ing them. Small, lifetime

member brought a flat of petunias they had picked up from Brooks Hardware in Kimball and the crew had them planted in short order. The club members who had taken part were happy with the results, and not long after, they were working a similar magic at an open green space near a local clinic. The city even provided them with a small budget to help them in their efforts.

The club had found its calling in not only being a group who got together to share gardening tips and cuttings, but also in performing a public service in beautifying spots around the community, which sports a population of 590 and is located about 50 miles west of Mitchell on Interstate 90. “That turned out really good,” Balster said. Balster, a Wessington Springs native who



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recently moved to Kimball after years of farming with her husband north of Kimball, found her love of gardening growing up with her parents. Her mother was also a gardener, and her father planted fruit trees on the farm. “I kind of grew up with it, I guess. I’ve always loved flowers. I still do,” Balster said.

CLUB: Page 9



before they were eventually recognized themselves for their work around From Page 8 the community. The club earned an Act of ExcelShe and the club are lence award from the doing their best to spread South Dakota Hall of Fame that love around the for their work. The Acts of community. In addition Excellence program, sponto the work they do sored by Sanford Health, maintaining flowers at the two parks, the group recognizes the individuals and organizations who are also dabbled in giving recognition to locals who building a culture of excellence in South worked to improve the Dakota, according to the looks of the communiSDHOF website. ty. They have presented “It’s not just about the congratulatory plaques flowers or the gardening to recipients in the comwhen it comes to the munity when they have demonstrated a knack for Kimball Garden Club! You may ask, what makes the civic improvement. Kimball Garden Club stand “I kind of wanted to out?” Bryttani Davis, with encourage the fixing up of the town. I had noticed the SDHOF, wrote in a profile of the club. “Their the veterinary clinic had been painted and it made undeniable love for their it look nicer,” Balster said. community and the bless“So we presented a plaque ing of beautifying it one flower at a time. One small to them.” The still-new club made act of kindness at a time. a few other presentations One gifted plant at a time.

For each exchanged flower grants an opportunity to make a new friend.” Balster said the club has also received help and advice from her nephew, who happens to head up a gardening club in Minneapolis, as well as the Mitchell Area Garden Club. They have received support from Paul Miskimins, a Mitchell-based dentist with connections to the community. Members of the Kimball community have been supportive as well, offering everything from friendly encouragement to meeting space. Balster said the attention is a little surprising, but not unappreciated. “The club has gotten so much recognition, and that’s a good thing in that way,” Balster said. Of course, gardens can grow more than just flowers. As the spring planting

season gets underway, there has been chatter in the club about growing vegetables. They continue to ponder possible plans about starting a farmer’s market in town. And there are still plenty of flats of flowers that will need to get in the ground. As the club continues to thrive, Balster said she

APRIL 2021 | 9

hopes more members will sign up for the experience. New additions are always welcome, and she noted that the club is open to anyone with an interest in the subject. While the club is made up entirely of women - including a few youth - she said that shouldn’t discourage men to take part.

It’s a fun way to make friends, improve their growing skills and give back to the community that has received the club with open arms. “We just have a fun time. It has been for me and I think everybody enjoys the meetings and it’s a friendly group,” Balster said.

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Showplace Cabinetry Event

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Simple ways to improve a kitchen pantry

Whether starting from scratch or modifying an People have been existing pantry, these tips spending more time at can help projects go more home in 2020 than in smoothly. years past, and certain ► Maximize vertical projects around the house storage. Utilizing vertical have become a priority. areas can help increase One home improvement storage capacity. Build in idea that serves the douextra nooks by investing ble benefit of creating in under shelf storage organization and making baskets. These baskets cooking at home more can instantly create desefficient is to reimagine ignated areas for differthe kitchen pantry. ent types of ingredients. A pantry is a room or Homeowners also can closet where food, bever- look for ways to use the ages and linens or dishes inside of cabinet doors or are stored. Pantries can be add extra shelves on walls highly useful spaces that or in eaves. provide ancillary storage ► Consider your needs. in kitchens. Many modFigure out which items ern homes are equipped you would like to store in with pantries, but older the pantry and then shop homes may require some for corresponding storage modification to create systems. For example, storage solutions may more useful pantries. BY METRO CREATIVE

feature wine bottle racks, baskets for potatoes and other produce, shelving for small appliances, and even pull out racks for baking pans or cutting boards. ► Use clear storage. Put ingredients in clear, airtight containers of similar dimensions so that you can easily find items you need. Transfer bulky items, like cereals and baking supplies, to storage containers for uniformity. ► Store bulk items elsewhere. Bulk shopping can be cost-efficient, but bulk items can quickly eat up real estate in the pantry. Designate another area for non-perishable bulk products, like paper goods or canned items, such as in a garage or utility room.

► Pull out drawers are convenient. Pull-out drawers can reduce the need to seek and reach for items. These drawers conveniently roll out so items in the back can be accessed without disturbing foods in the front. Drawers can be custom built for any pantry space. ► Make it accessible. Think about who will be taking items from the pantry. Put children’s snacks on the bottom pantry shelf where they can reach them, and then organize other shelves for adults in the home. A pantry remodel can add valuable storage space and make one of the busiest rooms in the house operate more efficiently.



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OFFICE From Page 6

Homebuyers Seminar Tuesday, April 20th at 5:30 p.m. Holy Family Gathering Space 222 N Kimball St., Mitchell Brent Adney, Director of Homeownership Programs for the South Dakota Housing Development Authority, will be giving a short presentation geared toward all homebuyers. Local lenders will be on hand to answer questions. Attendees can register to win a 36” gas griddle and other door prizes! Please practice social distancing; wear a mask at your discretion.

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offices more conducive to concentration. Soundproofing walls may not be necessary, but look for areas of the home that don’t get much foot traffic. Kitchens are very popular rooms in many homes, so try to locate your home office away from the kitchen. A spare bedroom upstairs may make for the most ideal home office setting if the home does not have a traditional den. Spare bedrooms come with doors,

which can instantly create a sense of quiet when closed. A converted garage also can make for a useful home office, but make sure the room already has cooling and heating and, ideally, windows.

Electrical outlets Recently built homes tend to be equipped with enough outlets to accommodate our increasingly connected lifestyles. But older homes may need some electrical updates before they can capably accommodate home offices. When updating your electrical, replace existing

outlets and fixtures with energy-efficient LED fixtures, which save money and benefit the environment. Before updating the electrical, decide on how you want the office to be laid out so you can have outlets installed where your computer, devices and other items, like a printer and television, will be. This makes it easy to hide cords and give the office a clean, professional look. Home office capabilities became a big priority in 2020. Designing such spaces can be fun and easy.


APRIL 2021 | 13

Stay safe when working in the yard this spring and summer BY METRO CREATIVE

A day spent working in the yard is an ideal way to pass the time on spring and summer afternoons. A pristine landscape can add value to a property and instill pride in homeowners who put a lot of thought and effort into their lawns and gardens. A sun-soaked day can make it easy to overlook potential threats when working in a lawn or garden. But safety precautions are of the utmost necessity when working in the yard, where the risk for serious injury is considerable. For example, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that, in 2016, more than 90,000 patients, including nearly 5,000 children, were

treated in hospital emergency rooms for lawn mower-related injuries. Lawn- and garden-related injuries can be prevented without going to great lengths. ► Know your terrain before mowing. Knowing the terrain in your own yard can reduce the risk of accident or injury. This can be especially important when mowing the lawn with a riding mower. Adhere to manufacturers’ recommendations regarding inclines to reduce tipover accidents that can pin riders beneath the mower. Study hilly areas of the yard prior to mowing so you know which areas are safe to mow with a riding mower and which areas are best mowed with a walk-behind mower. For

greater control when using a walk-behind mower on an incline, mow parallel to the slope. ► Apply and reapply sunscreen. Sunburns may not require trips to the emergency room, but they can still be serious. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation notes that sunburn is a leading cause in the majority of cases of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. The SCF recommends applying sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside to allow the sunscreen to bond to your skin. Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours, and more often if you’re

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For ALL your Spring Building Needs

We have Building Lots For Sale too! You may not realize it, but your home is sitting on a free and renewable supply of energy. A WaterFurnace geothermal comfort system taps into the stored solar energy in your own backyard to provide savings of up to 70% on heating, cooling and hot water. That’s money in the bank and a smart investment in your family’s comfort. Contact your local WaterFurnace dealer today for a free quote on your project.We do total Geothermal HVAC system installs. LOCAL WATERFURNACE DEALER You may YOUR not realize it, but your home is sitting on a free and renewable supply of energy. A WaterFurnace geothermal comfort system taps into the stored solar energy in your own backyard to provide savings of up to 70% on heating, cooling and hot water. That’s money Affordable Geothermal in the bank and a smart investment in your family’s comfort. Contact your local WaterFurnace 24486 422nd Ave dealer today for a free quote on your project.We do total Geothermal HVAC system installs. Alexandria, SD 57311



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tasks that require a ladder. The Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania reports From Page 13 that more than 164,000 people are injured each sweating excessively. The year falling off a ladder. SCF recommends broad Ask a significant other spectrum sunscreens, or neighbor to hold the which protect the skin ladder in place while you from both UVA and UVB climb up to reduce your rays. Though a product risk of falling. If cutting with a sun protection fac- large branches, cut them tor (SPF) of at least 15 is piecemeal to reduce the acceptable when walking risk of being injured by the dog or driving to work, heavy falling branches. the SCF advises using a ► Inspect the properproduct with an SPF of ty for insect hives. The 30 or higher when engag- OIP notes that the most ing in extended outdoor common insect stings activities like gardening or in spring come from mowing. bees, wasps and hornets. ► Employ the buddy Homeowners who are not system. Use the buddy careful can inadvertently system when pruning tall come across hives when trees or performing any doing spring cleanup,

SPRING HOME & GARDEN making them vulnerable to bites and stings. That can be very dangerous for anyone, and especially so for people with a history of allergic reactions to insect bites or stings. Inspect areas where you’ll be working to make sure insects haven’t put down roots in your property. If you discover any hives and are hesitant to remove them on your own, contact a local landscaping firm. Lawn and garden accidents and injuries can be serious. Thankfully, accidents and injuries are easily prevented when homeowners take a few simple safety precautions while tending to their lawns and gardens.

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Come see us for help finding your new home and discover why Iseman Homes in Sioux Falls has the best selection of new homes, lowest factory direct prices, and best Service Department. Serving the Sioux Falls greater area, SD and surrounding states!!!






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How to garden from a wheelchair

from a wheelchair, the Christopher & Dana Gardening is a wonder- Reeve Foundation offers ful activity that people the following tips to from all walks of life wheelchair-bound gardenenjoy. A garden full of ing enthusiasts. fresh fruits and vege► Match the garden to tables and/or beautiful your abilities. The Reeve blooms can instill a sense Foundation notes that of pride in gardeners and trying to push beyond turn their backyards into your limits can affect how colorful, peaceful respites. much you enjoy gardenAnyone with the will to ing. Address issues that do so can plant their own may impair how you can garden, and that includes function in the garden, people who are confined such as accessibility. For to wheelchairs. Gardening example, if the garden is from a wheelchair may far away from the physical present some unique chal- structure of your home, lenges, but such obstacles you may feel exhausted are no reason for wheelby the time you get to the chair-bound gardening garden, which can affect enthusiasts to steer clear your productivity and of this rewarding activity. progress. Prior to starting In recognition of the a garden, consider the potential that such issues challenges of gardening BY METRO CREATIVE

may arise and then try to build a garden that makes it easy to overcome them. ► Consider raised beds. The Reeve Foundation highly recommends raised beds for anyone


► Consider hanging baskets. Hanging baskets also can be a great option for anyone gardening from a wheelchair. Hanging baskets can provide aesthetic appeal inside and outside of a home, and such baskets can be accessed with a pulley system that makes it easy for gardeners to prune and water plants. ► Use specialized tools. The online medical resource Verywell Health notes that various manufacturers have recognized there’s a market for adapgardening from a wheeltive gardening tools. Such tools make it easier for chair. When designing people in wheelchairs to such beds, make sure indulge their passion for they’re narrow so they can planting. Adaptive tools be conveniently accessed like trowels, cultivators and hoes can make it from your wheelchair.

easier for gardeners to perform all the standard gardening tasks. Ergonomic adaptive gardening tools can help gardeners avoid the joint pain that can arise from using more traditional, non-ergonomic tools. ► Make it a team effort. Gardening with a loved one can make the hobby even more enjoyable for anyone, including people gardening from their wheelchairs. Seniors can garden alongside their grandchildren and/ or friends who also have mobility issues, ensuring no one gets too tired or falls behind. Anyone can enjoy gardening, and that includes people in wheelchairs.

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How ergonomic tools can help gardeners BY METRO CREATIVE

Gardening is a rewarding activity that has been found to provide a host of benefits beyond ensuring readily available access to fresh fruits, vegetables and awe-inspiring blooms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says many gardening tasks qualify as light to moderate exercise, which means raking the leaves and cutting the grass can be just as beneficial as cardiovascular activities like brisk walking or jogging. In addition, a 2017 study published in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports found that gardening can help aging men and women offset age-related weight gain. And the health benefits of gardening go beyond the physical. In 2014, a systematic review of randomized controlled trials published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine concluded that horticultural therapy may be an effective treatment for people with dementia. Gardeners have a host of tools at their disposal to help turn their lawns

and gardens into awe-inspiring landscapes. Among those options are ergonomic tools. Ergonomic tools can benefit gardeners of all ages, but they may prove especially valuable for aging men and women.

How ergonomic tools differ from traditional gardening tools Ergonomic gardening tools are designed to ensure that using them has as little effect on the body as possible. Ergonomic tools align with how a person naturally moves his or her body, which can reduce the likelihood that gardeners will suffer any strains or sprains while gardening or experience any aches and pains after a day spent tending to their landscapes.

Choosing the right tools The West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities notes that gardeners will know they have chosen

TOOLS: Page 17

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ergonomic tools. That can improve efficiency in the From Page 16 garden, allowing gardeners to get more done in the same the right ergonomic gardening amount of time. And because ergonomic tools are designed tool for the job when they do to work with the body, garnot have to adapt the tool. Ergonomic tools should match deners likely won’t need to take breaks due to aches and gardeners’ heights, fit their grip and feel comfortable when pains, which also makes it easier to be more efficient when in use. working in the garden. Specific benefits of ► Ergonomic tools ergonomic tools increase gardeners’ capabilities. The WVUCED notes that Ergonomic gardening tools principles behind ergonomics are designed in a way that keep gardeners using the tools can reduce stress on the body while performing various tasks. in natural positions. That means gardeners won’t lose Gardeners know that aches power to bending and twistand pains can add up after a ing, enabling them to do more day spent kneeling in the garin the garden than they might den, raking soil and carrying supplies from a shed or garage be able to do when using non-ergonomic tools. around the property. But the Gardening is a rewarding WVUCED notes that ergonomic tools do more than just and beneficial activity. The reduce gardeners’ risk of injury. right ergonomic tools for the ► Ergonomic tools increase job can enhance those beneefficiency. Wasted motions fits and make gardening even are less likely when using more enjoyable.

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Brood X ready to make its presence known

speculate that the unusual, prime-numbered life Just when people cycles prevent generations thought it may be safe to of cicadas from having take a collective breath run-ins with the life after the roller coaster cycles of wasps that prey year that was 2020, some- on them. Another theory thing big is on the way says the timing reduc— and they’re planning on es the likelihood that arriving in the billions. 17-year cicadas will mate Brood X, also known and hybridize with as the Great Eastern cicadas of different speBrood, will be emergcies or generations. ing from the soil after Brood X is one of the many years developing most widespread and prounderground. Brood X is lific cicada generations. a generation of cicadas The insects are likely to (magicicada cassinii) that appear mostly along the only appears once every eastern coast of the Unit17 years. Scientists group ed States, but could extend cicadas based on the year as far west as Missouri they see the light of day and Illinois. Cicadas are after growing in subterpreparing to climb trees, ranean bunkers. Some start their incessant matemerge annually, some ing calls, which experts at after 13 years and others after 17 years. Scientists BROOD X: Page 19 METRO CREATIVE


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BROOD X From Page 18

Iowa State University note have been likened to “pressing scissors against a grind wheel in rapid succession,” and shed their exoskeleton shells in a neighborhood near you. Expect to start seeing them in late April and early May. Cicadas are unique insects. Despite their large size and bulbous eyes, cicadas aren’t harmful to humans. Nymphs live in the soil and feed on roots. Mature adults come out in the spring to breed and lay eggs after being triggered by warmer soil temperatures. The University of Florida’s Book of Insect Records says the noises cicadas “sing” are how they communicate, reproduce and even scare predators away. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services states that cicada songs can reach 90 decibels, which is the equivalent of the noise made

APRIL 2021 | 19

by a lawn mower or dirt bike. It is easy to distinguish cicadas from other insects. Cicadas quite large, measuring at .75 to 2.25 inches in length. They have stout bodies, broad heads and clear-membraned wings, according to National Geographic. Cicadas do not eat vegetation, but drink the sap from tree roots, twigs and branches. They also don’t decimate crops like locusts can, though large swarms may overwhelm and damage young trees. Adults will die four to six weeks after emerging, so there’s limited time to get to know this insect before it’s gone for another 17 years. Apart from hearing their calls, people know cicadas have arrived when they find discarded cicada shells on their properties, which are left behind after the insects molt. Brood X is waiting to peek out of the soil, and communities will have about a month to cohabitate with these interesting insects before they say, “Until we meet again.”

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SPRING Home & Garden 2021  

Check out the Spring 2021 edition of The Mitchell Republic's Home & Garden. #hifromSD #mitchellSD #home #spring #garden #lawncare #cleaningt...

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