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January 2020

We have many new trips planned for 2020 and 2021. You can check them out on the web or call us for a brochure. Please don’t miss our many upcoming free no obligation TRAVEL PRESENTATIONS. RSVP at (712) 276-1564 or todd@extratouchtours.com.







February 10 & 11

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Beautiful interesting, Beautiful, interesting moving!

Color, culture, food, history, and the incredibl ble scenery off Machu M h Picchu Pi hu.



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Exotic land of stunning g beauty and fascinating culture. culture


INCREDIBLE ALASKA by y land & sea, 2020 & 2021

River Cruise of 5 interesting countries.

CALL (712) 276-1564

www.e X t r a

T o u c h

Our 26th and 27th years!

T o u r s.com


January 2020

Supplements improve health and enhance performance


By Abbie Lambert The Daily Republic

he beginning of a new year is a time for fresh starts for many focusing on living a healthy lifestyle. WM Nutrition has customers seeking supplements for a variety of different reasons from sickness to improving overall health. WM Nutrition carries vitamins A to Z and specializes in herbal supplements and homeopathic products, according to business manager Chris Pollreisz. “We look for the top manufacturers in the United States,” Pollreisz said. “We can tell you when our product was made, how it was stored in a climate controlled area and how aged the product was before it was shipped to us.” With colds and flus running ramped this time of year, the store keeps a full stock of immune boosting supplements and vitamins including

vitamin C, zinc and elderberry. The use of essential oils for aromatherapy is a popular home remedy for sinuses and colds. In addition to fighting colds and flus, many people seek out products to help reset their bodies. “Many people come to us looking for a way to reset their body and start with a clean slate for the new year,” Pollreisz said. “We recommend resetting your body first with a cleanse, and then we talk to them about what diet they’re geared toward.” Different diets lack vitamins and minerals depending on what foods are included within the diet. Pollreisz said the supplements his team recommends are tailored toward the specific diet and exercise regimen the individual is following to help replace those nutrients they are not gaining in their diet.


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Abbie Lambert / Republic

WM Nutrition sales associate April Farmer stocks supplements on Jan 6 at WM SUPPLEMENTS: Page 4 Nutrition in Mitchell.



it’s not just broccoli! It includes mental wellness.

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Taking care of your stress level. Acknowledging all of your feelings, not just happy, sad, and angry.

Sometimes we need a little help.

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Services at Dakota Counseling Institute are provided by three distinct programs: • Outpatient Mental Health services are at our main office at 910 West Havens in Mitchell. • Substance Abuse assessments and treatment are located at our Stepping Stones facility at 901 South Miller in Mitchell. • Case Management services are available at our Pathway building at 900 West Havens in Mitchell.

Dakota Counseling Institute 605-996-9686 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255





For example, the popular ketogenic diet focuses on converting fat into energy by increasing the consumption of healthy fats and decreasing carbohydrates. “We often recommend a protein, magnesium and calcium supplement as a replacement for those minerals they are not gaining through their diet depending on their intake,” Pollreisz said. Throughout the year the store also sees steady sales of supplements geared towards enhancing physical performance and weight loss. The store stocks a wide variety of gym supplements aimed to support physical performance, muscle building, weight loss, stamina and recovery. True Fitness athletic trainer Justin Greenway and Anytime Fitness owner Emily Hohn each said pre-workout supplements, protein, branchedchain amino acids, and thermogenics are common supplements they see used throughout the year. “True Fitness encourages people to have a balanced diet which will usually provide the necessary nutrition for

the average gym-goer,” Greenway said. “As people aim to cut calories and restrict their diets, especially this time of year, or begin to drastically increase their workload, we can start to see insufficient diets appear.” True Fitness is a certified vendor for NG Nutra, a local supplement provider from Harrisburg, and provides a multitude of different supplement options aimed to support mood, boost metabolism, aid in recovery, aid in digestion, or promote healthy body function. “We wanted to get behind a supplement line that our clients can trust, and NG Nutra definitely provides us that confidence,” Greenway said. “Our product line mirrors our clients’ needs. Some are looking to lose weight, others to build muscle, and some want more energy.” Like Greenway, Hohn believes a balanced diet plays an important role in physical performance. “Having a healthy diet can help you recover a lot faster but if you come to the gym and crush it for an hour and then you go through a drive-thru right after, that’s going to hinder your performance,” Hohn said. She often recommends a whey protein supplement to her clients as

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January 2020

Abbie Lambert

WM Nutrition sales associates April Farmer, left, and Courtney Petersen, discuss the best vitamin supplement for a customer on Jan 6 at WM Nutrition in Mitchell. she has seen most people don’t eat enough protein in a day to support their physical activity levels. A scoop of whey protein usually contains between 25 to 35 grams of protein and helps boost protein levels that aid with recovery and muscle building.

Even with the multitude of supplements on the market, they aren’t required to live a healthy lifestyle. “You don’t have to use supplements,” Hohn said. “Everybody’s goals are going to be different, so that’s going to be the determining factor.”


January 2020

Simple ways to stay fit all year long M

any people find it easier to bodies into the bodies they see in the maintain their beach bodies mirror all year long. during summer than they • Keep setting goals. As winter do throughout the rest of the year. heads toward spring, many people Summer weather encourages people set short-term goals to motivate to get off the couch and enjoy the them to get back into beach shape. great outdoors, and many people That’s a highly effective strategy prefer to eat lighter meals during that need not be exclusive to late the summer to combat the heat and winter. Setting short-term fitness humidity. and dietary goals throughout the But once the dog days of summer year can keep you from falling give way to autumn, the motivation back into bad habits. Tie your goals to stay in beach shape tends to wane. into the season to increase your Couple that dwindling motivation chances for success. For example, with the tendency to eat larger, resolve to run outdoors or cycle a heartier meals as the weather gets certain number of miles each week colder, and it’s easy to see why so in autumn, when the weather is still many people gain weight over the conducive to physical activity and last several months of the year and the scenery is idyllic. When winter into the new year. But maintaining a arrives and exercising outdoors is no healthy weight year-round promotes longer viable, commit to attending a long-term health and reduces a few fitness classes per week at your person’s risk for various ailments and gym. diseases, including heart disease and • Switch up your workout routine every few weeks. Boredom also can diabetes. The following are a handful affect people’s ability to maintain of strategies men and women can healthy weights year-round. employ as they try to turn their beach

Adhering to the same exercise routine for months on end can grow tedious. The body can even grow accustomed to the same workout routine, meaning you won’t be getting as much out of your exercise sessions as you might if you switch things up. If you find your daily workouts taking a turn toward the mundane, switch up your routine by changing exercises or signing up for classes that interest you. • Find healthy seasonal foods. Many people prefer to buy locally sourced and/or in-season foods, recognizing the positive impact that such dietary habits can have on the environment. That commitment to buying healthy, locally grown foods can be tested as the seasons change and the offerings at your local market change along with them. Educate yourself about which foods are in-season in your area throughout the year, opting for the most nutritious foods you can find. Buying in-season foods saves you money, and you will also feel

good about staying on a nutritious, eco-friendly track. • Join an exercise group or sports league. The buddy system is an effective way to stay committed to a fitness regimen, but if you cannot find a friend or family member to brave cold winter treks to the gym with you, then consider joining an exercise group or competitive sports league. As summer turns to autumn, join a road runner’s club to motivate you to run. When harsh weather makes running outdoors too difficult, sign up for a winter sports league. Such groups or leagues get you off the couch and provide great opportunities to meet likeminded men and women who have made their own commitments to staying fit. Staying fit all year long is a challenge for many people. But maintaining that beach body even after summer has come and gone need not be so difficult. - Source: MetroCreative

Family-Centered Care for everyday Health and Wellness

SHIINE is a FREE, unbiased, volunteer-based service which assists Medicare beneficiaries with problems or questions regarding Medicare benefits. If you are interested in more information on SHIINE or wish to become a SHIINE volunteer counselor, please contact the SHIINE office near you.

South Dakota SHIINE Regional Offices Western: 1.877.286.9072

Eastern: 1.800.536.8197

818 W. Havens Mitchell, SD 57301

Central: 1.877.331.4834

996-7526 Appointments

Visit our website www.SHIINE.net to learn more about SHIINE. SHIINE is not affiliated with any company that sells or distributes a product or service.

P.H. Rasmussen, M.D Gina Hawkins, PAC

M.D. Gerlach M.D.

D.M. Holum, M.D. Sarah Goral, PAC




January 2020

Simple ways to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet

arents imploring their children to eat their fruits and vegetables is a nightly occurrence at many dinner tables. Reluctant youngsters may have a seemingly innate resistance to vegetables, but parents should stay the course, as the importance of making fruit and vegetables a routine part of one’s daily diet is hard to overstate. Children might be seen as the most resistant to fruits and vegetables, but reports indicate they’re not alone. A 2017 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that just 12 percent of adults in the United States are meeting the standards for fruit consumption as established by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which are determined by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Even fewer

people (9 percent) are meeting the standard for vegetables. The picture is somewhat better in Canada, where the Canadian Community Health Survey, 2017, found that 28.6 percent of Canadians age 12 and older report consuming fruits and vegetables more than five times per day. However, that figure steadily declined since 2015. That’s unfortunate, as fruits and vegetables have been linked to a host of health benefits. Why eat fruit and vegetables? The U.S. Department of Agriculture notes that fruits do not contain cholesterol and are naturally low in fat, sodium and calories. In addition, fruits contain a host of essential nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and folate, that are historically underconsumed. Similarly, studies have shown that

vegetables, which also are great sources of vitamins and minerals, can help people reduce their risk for a variety of conditions, including heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer. How can I include more fruits and vegetables in my diet? Routine is a big part of many people’s lives, and some may find it hard to change their dietary routines. But people who aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables likely don’t need to completely overhaul their diets in order to include more fruits and vegetables. In fact, the American Heart Association notes that the following are some easy ways for people to sneak more fruits and vegetables into their diets. • Breakfast: When sitting down for a bowl of cereal, add some bananas,

raisins or berries to your bowl. When making eggs or breakfast potatoes, add chopped up onions, celery, green or red bell peppers, or spinach. • Lunch: Forgo sandwiches in favor of fruit or vegetable salads at lunchtime. If you must have a sandwich, top it off with vegetables like cucumbers, sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce, and/or avocado. • Dinner: Replace less healthy side dishes with fruit or vegetable salads, and don’t forget to include steamed vegetables, even frozen ones, on your dinner plate every night. Add chopped vegetables, such as onions, garlic and celery, when creating soups, stews or sauces. A few simple strategies can help people eat more fruits and vegetables and reap the many rewards that such foods provide. - Source: MetroCreative

Healthy Never Tasted So Good

EVERYONE EVERYONE LOVES LOVESAA HEALTHY HEALTHY SMILE SMILE Beautiful, healthy smiles can brighten up a room and instill Beautiful, healthy smiles can brighten up a like room and instill confidence. Is there something you would improved confidence. there something like improved with yourIssmile to give you that you extrawould confidence? Whether with your smile to give you that extra confidence? Whether you’re considering clear aligners or traditional braces, Fuchs you’re considering clear aligners or traditional braces, Fuchs Orthodontics and the the treatment treatment Orthodontics has has the the training, training, the the experience, experience, and options to make sure you get your best smile. Dr Rick is options to make sure you to get your best smile. Fuchs Dr. Rick an orthodontic specialistspecialist fully trained getting in you the best getting you Fuchs is an orthodontic fullyintrained towe seecan howhelp we the best bite possible bite and smile.us Contact ussee today possible and smile. Contact today to how can help you get smilesmile you desire. youthe gethealthy the healthy you desire.

• 100% Organic Real Fruit Smoothies • Largest Selection of Non-Allergen Food in the area • Knowledgeable Staff • Paleo Specialty Foods • Sports Nutrition • High Quality Vitamins • Herbal Supplements • Top Brand Essential Oils and Diffusers • Monthly Specials

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January 2020


Cold-weather workout tips

orkouts are a part of many people’s daily routines. Some look forward to their exercise sessions, while others only commit after finding ways to make them as enjoyable as possible. For people who don’t enjoy working out indoors, finding ways to exercise in the great outdoors can provide the incentives necessary to commit to daily workouts. Exercising outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air, but what about those days when the weather isn’t so inviting? Lengthy periods of cold or inclement weather, which is common in fall and winter in many parts of the world, can interrupt daily routines and derail one’s fitness goals. However, there are ways to overcome inclement weather so outdoor workouts can be enjoyed year-round. • Warm up for longer periods of time. Muscles typically require more time to warm up in cold weather than they do in warm weather. The Canadian Chiropractic AssociationTM notes that many people feel as though there muscles

are noticeably stiffer in cold weather than in warm weather. This can make people who exercise in such weather more vulnerable to musculoskeletal injuries. One way to reduce that risk is to warm up for longer periods of time than you might in warm weather. For example, runners might want to walk slowly outdoors for several minutes before they begin jogging. Doing so can loosen and warm up muscles that are naturally stiff in cold weather. • Dress appropriately. The gear outdoor exercise enthusiasts wear can go a long way toward making cold weather workouts more enjoyable and safe. Layering clothing during cold weather workouts allows people to maintain steady body temperatures throughout a workout by removing layers as they heat up if they need to. Even though it’s cold, your body will still sweat, so look for a wicking material that draws moisture away from your body. This is especially important for your core, as the outdoor recreation retailer The North Face® notes that blood pulls

toward the chest and abdominal traverse as unfrozen ground, so look for footwear that provides added area, making this the warmest part traction. Winter running shoes that of your body. Focus on keeping the extremities, including fingers, toes come with studded soles might be and nose, warm with materials like necessary. Trekking poles also can gloves and tall socks. Face masks help hikers gain traction on frozen can be helpful to cover the nose and or snow-covered trails. neck, but make sure they’re made Outdoor workouts don’t have to end from breathable materials that won’t when the weather gets cold. A few hold moisture. simple tricks can help people exercise • Reconsider your footwear and outdoors throughout the year. other support to improve balance. - Source: MetroCreative Frozen ground is not as easy to




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January 2020

We’re by your side so your parents can stay at home.

Home Instead CAREGivers can provide a variety of services. Some include: Companionship Care Personal Care Meals & Nutrition Transportation Household Duties Respite Care Hospice Care Support Services Medication Reminders

Now hiring CAREGivers! Each Home Instead Senior Care® franchise office is independently owned and operated. © 2016 Home Instead, Inc.


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Healthy Lifestyles 2020  

Check out the 2020 edition of The Daily Republic's Healthy Lifestyles. #hifromSD #MitchellSD #Healthy #Supplements #StayFitAllYear #FruitsV...

Healthy Lifestyles 2020  

Check out the 2020 edition of The Daily Republic's Healthy Lifestyles. #hifromSD #MitchellSD #Healthy #Supplements #StayFitAllYear #FruitsV...