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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Clearing the air around Modern Space

File Photo

Courtesy of Associated Students

An increase in student fees to fund Modern Space has been voted on twice in the past four years. Students were paying $56 per semester into Modern Space even before the referendum was passed last spring.


Sean Kashanchi and Aztec Center Director Lynn Cacha.



Last March the students of San Diego State voted in favor of the Modern Space referendum, which would increase student fees by $94 per semester beginning in the fall semester of 2013. A total of 4,045 votes were cast, which accounts for 14 percent of the SDSU population. Of those students who voted, 54.4 percent were in favor of increasing fees for the future incoming classes in order to build a new student union. Some of the features of the new Aztec Center Student Union include doubling its size, adding more food venues, building a third story, increasing the amount of conference rooms for student organizations and reducing 40 percent of its energy use. But even after the referendum passed and plans were set in motion to begin moving Associated Students offices out of Aztec Center, the debate regarding the fee increase continued and students were still asking questions. Many of these questions were brought to The Daily Aztec, so two writers followed up with A.S. representatives about many of the issues students asked regarding the new Aztec Center Student Union. The following is what The Daily Aztec uncovered after speaking with current A.S. Executive Vice President

Haven’t students already been paying for the new Aztec Center Student Union through student fees even before the Spring 2010 referendum was passed? Yes. In the spring of 2006, students voted in favor of a referendum to increase student fees by $56 per semester. The fee was implemented in two different phases. In the fall of 2006, the first $11 of the fee was implemented and the next $45 was implemented in the spring of this year, according to Cacha. “The $56 fee increase was not based on any prior planning of the project, but rather picked as an arbitrary number that sounded good to the Modern Space committee at the time,” Kashanchi said. Kashanchi explained that the money already collected from the past four years of student fees has been rolled over into bonds to pay for the Modern Space project, however the total dollar amount of those fees could not be provided.

If the Spring 2010 Modern Space referendum hadn’t passed, what would have happened to the money that was already set aside for the new student union? In the case that the SDSU student body voted against the Spring 2010 Modern Space referendum, the money already collected for the project would have been spent toward a

renovation and facelift of the current Aztec Center Student Union, including the replacement of much of its plumbing and air conditioning units. “Students would have had to continue to use an Aztec Center that couldn’t support the current SDSU population,” Cacha said. “There would be no increase in food venues, no increased energy efficiency and no increase in the number of conference rooms to cope with the increase in demand from student organizations.”

Why didn’t advertisements for the Modern Space referendum explicitly state that students were already paying for the new student union through student fees? Many advertisements, such as those in The Daily Aztec, only explicitly state that students will be paying $94 per semester. The ads do not mention that students will be paying an additional $94 on top of the $56 they were previously paying toward the student union — bringing the total fees for the Modern Space project to $150 per semester. “With every word on an advertisement costing more money, we had to choose what we thought were the most important things for students to take away from it (the advertisement),” Kashanchi said. However, after speaking with the advertising department at The Daily Aztec, it was discovered that the total price of an advertisement is contingent on its total size, in inches, rather than how many words the advertisement contains.

If students knew they were already paying $56 per semester toward The New Aztec Center Student Union, would they still have voted in favor of the Modern Space referendum last spring? “Yes, we believe students would have still voted in favor of Modern Space because they were informed in all presentations and forums that they were already contributing to the funds for Modern Space,” Kashanchi said. “Even though they already knew all of this, students still voted to increase fees for the project because it was something they wanted.”

The Modern Space project has been postponed before. Is there a possibility this will happen again with the current economic conditions? In the spring of last year, the Modern Space project came screeching to a halt because of the recent recession and the resulting reduced enrollment. Because there were fewer students paying into the Modern Space project, there was a shortfall in funding. As a result, the Modern Space committee proposed a fee increase to the A.S. Council, which resulted in the referendum that passed last spring. With economic and enrollment conditions similar to that of one year ago, students’ concerns of future fee increases are very real. However, Cacha stressed there would be no further fee increases for the Modern Space project.

“There is no chance fees are going to go up for this project anymore,” Cacha said. Kashanchi also confirmed there would not be any further fee increases. “We lowballed on budget and enrollment numbers before the spring fee increase was proposed,” Kashanchi said. “We didn’t want to be in the situation we were in spring 2009 because we wanted to go forward with the project.”

Because construction on the new Aztec Student Union doesn’t begin until next year, will money from our student fees be used to maintain the current Aztec Center? With construction set to begin on the new Aztec Student Union in 2011, some concerns arise as to whether money being funneled into the Modern Space project would be used for the upkeep of the current Aztec Center until it’s knocked down. Kashanchi and Cacha urged that no more money is currently planned to be spent on the current Aztec Center. “All fee spending has been halted on the current Aztec Center until the Modern Space project begins next year,” Cacha said. A.S. has gone as far as to refuse to replace broken door handles around Aztec Center in an attempt to conserve funding for the Modern Space project. “We want to avoid spending students’ money on the current Aztec Center as much as possible,” Cacha said.



The Daily Aztec

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


News and notes from Aztec training camp EDWARD LEWIS SPORTS EDITOR

The San Diego State football team wrapped up training camp last weekend, and head coach Brady Hoke seemed pleased with his squad’s progress throughout the last month. There were some good battles, big plays and surprises. Take a look at the news and notes from SDSU’s training camp.

Captains named The Aztecs voted for captains on Sunday night and seniors Doug Deakin, Ernie Lawson and Andrew Preston received the honors. Deakin, a receiver, has a “Rudy”-like story, going from a volunteer for the football video staff in 2006 to the playing field last season. His teammates named him captain instead of superstar receivers DeMarco Sampson and Vincent Brown. Preston, meanwhile, is the clear-cut leader of the defense. He plays the “Aztec” position now and is expected to be the best player on the defensive side of the ball for SDSU this season. Lawson is a defensive end who might be the most vocal player on the Aztecs’ defense. Last season he recorded 22 tackles and two sacks.

Kicking battle settled Junior transfer kicker Abel Perez can smash the ball, but he’s just not accurate yet. So Hoke found a solution for the kicking game: Perez will kick off and senior kicker Bryan Shields will handle the place-kicking duties. In Saturday night’s closed practice at Qualcomm Stadium, Shields hit a 49-yarder that impressed the staff. Perez, meanwhile,as been “booming” his kickoffs, Hoke said.

File Photo

Senior Aztec Andrew Preston, who recorded 46 tackles and one sack last season, was named captain of the San Diego State football team by his teammates.

Injury update SDSU came out of camp relatively healthy this season. There were some dings and dents to running backs Walter Kazee and Ronnie Hillman and to receiver Ezell Ruffin, but they should be fine to play this Saturday. Senior offensive lineman Tom Rische suffered a serious knee injury, however, and will likely be done for the season.

Ruffin report Ruffin can juke and cut his way away from

many defenders, but the ones that catch him apparently hurt him. Hoke moved Ruffin back to receiver last week because the freshman wasn’t holding up well to the physical toll a running back must take. “(Receiver) is a more comfortable position for him,” Hoke said.

Numbers change In an effort to cut down on the amount of duplicate numbers on the football team this season, many Aztecs will be changing their

digits. Some of the most notable include Hillman going from No. 22 to No. 27, receiver Dominique Sandifer trading his familiar No. 4 to No. 18 and Ruffin changing from No. 34 to No. 86.

Lindley’s backup Hoke said on Saturday redshirt freshman Jake Bernards will be SDSU’s backup quarterback this season. The head coach said Bernards had a great camp and showed enough growth to play backup to junior quarterback Ryan Lindley this year.


Ninth-ranked Florida too much for SDSU EL I BALDRIGE CONTRIBUTOR

Courtesy of SDSU Athletic Dept.

The San Diego State women’s soccer team (1-3-0) could not beat the heat or the Florida Gators (4-0-0) on Sunday. The 90-degree heat and heavy humidity coupled with the ninthranked Gators proved FLORIDA 1 to be a bit too much for SDSU 0 SDSU, which lost 1-0. The game was close throughout, but an early second half goal for Florida was the difference. “It was a very good game,” head coach Mike Friesen said. “We even had the better of the chances in the first half.” The Aztecs had several shots on goal in the first half, including a one-on-one opportunity between freshman midfielder Soledad Gomez and Gator goalie Katie Fraine. Gomez, however, failed to find the back of the net, and Fraine recorded the save. The teams went into halftime scoreless. Just 20 seconds into the second half, SDSU turned the ball over and Florida played it forward. Gator forward McKenzie Barney was able to corral the through ball and get behind the Aztec defense. From there, Barney was able to shoot past senior goalkeeper Aubree Southwick, who made several brilliant saves throughout the game, to score the game winner. “The goal was a bit of a mistake,” Friesen said. Later in the game, SDSU pushed up to try for an equalizer. Sophomore forwards Megan Jurado and Sarah Halverson each had a shot in the second half but failed to score. “Late in the game we hit a bit of a lull from the humidity,” Friesen said. The Aztecs finished its four-game road trip to start the season with a pair of losses in Florida, but playing high-level teams gives

the team confidence as it moves forward. “We were able to create enough to give us a chance to win the game,” Friesen said. “That is something we can take forward and build off of.”

“It was a very good game. We even had the better chances in the first half ... Late in the game, we hit a bit of a lull from the humidity.” —Mike Friesen, head coach The team will have some time to reflect on their road trip. They take on Detroit Mercy (2-1-0) Friday at the SDSU Sports Deck. This is another game that the young SDSU squad may be outmatched, but Friesen is not concerned. “That team is probably more talented, but we’re learning that it doesn’t matter,” Friesen said. “We’ve gained some confidence and believe we can play anyone.” The Titans are coming off two straight shutout wins against Madonna and IUPUI. Detroit Mercy won these games by a combined nine goals. For the Aztecs, Friday will be their first home game of the season. They opened their season on a four-game road trip where they played three teams that were either ranked or received votes in the latest NSCA A top 25 poll. SDSU plays four straight home games, including a match on Sept. 12 against North Carolina, the topranked team in the country.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Daily Aztec


Getting out of the dreaded friend zone

Jeff Lewis / Staff Photographer


oloring the plots of countless Hollywood flicks and romance narratives is the touching and inspiring tale of former friends turned lovers. After years of searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right, these protagonists come to find their true loves had been right in front of their faces all along; it just took a sequence of inadequate lovers and disaster dates to make it obvious. Unfortunately for the 99.9 percent of men who do not look like Ryan Reynolds from the movie “Just Friends,” this happy ending is not always a reality. Oftentimes, the “friend zone” proves to be as inescapable as a black hole. Lovelorn best friends are ultimately unable to shift from dating coach and confidant to the one whom their friend desires to date. Emerging from this friend zone and reinventing oneself in the eyes


of another can be difficult, but by following some key pointers it can be done. One mistake individuals can sometimes make that prevents their lover from viewing them in a romantic light is appearing too readily available. If the boy or girl who wishes to be more than friends gives off the vibe that they are too available, the other party may not feel the urgency or excitement critical to many romantic pursuits. Communications junior Erika De la Cruz says this “hard-toget” factor is very important in winning her interest. “Friends tend to put their emotions out there too soon,” De la Cruz said. “It is more attractive to me when there is a little challenge

and mystery.” Part of this challenge is making it known that one is desirable to others as well, and that affections are being competed for. Also, they should show they have many other hobbies and interests that occupy their time and energy other than the friend. While not seeming too aloof and uncaring, it is important for one to not come off as desperate or lacking other prospects. Another error that will often keep one within the confines of strict friendship is being too obvious about romantic feelings toward the other party. Creating a sense of ambiguity and uncertainty may improve one’s chances of successfully alluring a friend. For instance, complimenting and flattering the friend may be effective to a degree, but by balancing the compliments with appreciation for others, it may emphasize to the friend that they

are not the only ones on the dating radar. De la Cruz confesses that a major turning point in her relationship with her former friend-turnedboyfriend was sensing this competition. “I really started to like him when he stopped suffocating me and began to show interest in others,” De la Cruz said. “Hearing other girls talking about him and finding him attractive really tuned me into the deeper feelings I had for him.” According to, another key method to shedding the friend façade is by simply treating the boy or girl of interest as somebody who wasn’t initially a friend. To seduce another, it helps to spice things up with activities that encourage intimacy and flirtation. Because the friend has not seen this other side, it is a crucial measure to employ more endearing methods. Instead of hanging out at

his or her house for a day of “South Park” and mac ‘n’ cheese, one might suggest something fun yet innocuous such as a beach day or a lunch outing. Simply going out in public with just the two of you may feel like a date without the potential awkwardness of declaring it as such. Nonverbal messages such as flirty touches when conversing can also help to suggest your interest without directly stating it. A very tricky aspect of the friend-to-lover conversion is not just the difficulty of making the leap, but also the risk in taking it. The reality of becoming more than just a friend to somebody is that afterward, the dynamic of that relationship is forever changed. Couples have bitter falling-outs more frequently than friends, so it’s important to decide if the friendship is worth being possibly ruined by taking this next step. Some may even decide that while they do have underlying feelings of romance for a good friend, they would prefer to just stay friends so that the likely event of an eventual breakup would not devastate the thriving friendship. There are many pros and cons to switching from friend to lover, and the jump is rarely made easily. Coy methods and steps of seduction may be employed, but this alteration of behavior affects the friendship as well. Dating a friend can be great because a foundation of friendship exists to strengthen the romance, but it is also important for both parties to consider the impact this step will have on the friendship.

–Emma Secker is an English junior. –This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Daily Aztec.


Choosing between two interests takes time


here is a game kids often play, pulling petals from flowers, hoping for some magical answer to their love woes. “I like them, I like them not, I like them, I like them not.” But what happens when you become too old to use flowers in aiding your indecisions of the heart, especially when it involves two people, not just one? Some people may eventually be concerned with the question: What should I do when I like two people at the same time? The first thing to consider is: Do these people even like me? If they don’t know you exist, it’s hard to believe that a relationship will ensue. If the answer is yes and you believe both people truly do have some sort of romantic feelings for you, then it would be wise to sit back for a minute and decide just how strong their feelings may be. For example, if one of the people you have feelings for is in a relationship, even if there is a hint of romance between the two of you, he or she may not leave his or her current partner for you. If the person is a friend, he or she may be just as confused about his or her feelings. Be sure to evaluate the situation as well as any surrounding circumstances, such as the possibility of losing a friend if it doesn’t work out, or the consequences of choosing the other person.


For those who are in a relationship, try not to act on anything right away. It’s best to sort through feelings first. Your love interests should consider the reasons they’re with their significant other and why they may be losing interest. Something else to ponder is why the other person may have entered the picture. Are they funnier, better looking, a better listener? Any of these qualities can leave a person feeling confused about feelings for their current partner, as well as for their new flame. When evaluating your feelings, don’t be rash; weigh each person’s pros and cons. Also consider questions such as, “If I had met the other person first, would I still be in this situation?” For those who are single or just dating casually, it doesn’t seem as taboo to have more than one love interest at a time, yet it may not be fair to drag them both along for the ride. But in this case, there is a little more room for action, such as hanging out with each of them without the backlash of the other. The most important aspect of choosing is to not string one along once you begin to lean toward the other. Avoid doing anything more than one would in a platonic rela-

tionship so as to avoid potential heartbreaks in the future. No one wants to find out their partner was involved with someone else while they were being courted. Instead, invest the time and consideration into stopping things before they start with the lesser and focus on nurturing the relationship with the other. It may eventually turn into something more. When considering which person you connect with more, think about who would be the first one you would call should you need help and which potential suitor would actually help. Again, drawing up a list of pros and cons is wise, but not always necessary. The best advice in this situation is to evaluate both sets of emotions with a clear head. Don’t think about the ties to either one, because no matter what, one of them may get hurt, upset or angry. It’s best to come to the decision in a reasonable amount of time to avoid feelings of betrayal and resentment. In the end, one will win and one will lose; it’s just a simple fact of life. But by following this advice, you can lessen the blow and leave open the possibility of a friendship.

–Mallory Sharp is a journalism senior. –This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Daily Aztec.



The Daily Aztec


Tuesday, August 31, 2010


John Mayer headlines Cricket Ampitheatre HUI LING THAM S TA F F W R I T E R

Jeff Lewis / Staff Photographer

The Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre was filled with fans from the first row of the orchestra area to the end of the lawn as the sun set over the hills and John Mayer stepped onstage with his guitar. Currently on tour to promote his fourth studio album “Battle Studies,” Mayer spent last Wednesday night serenading the Chula Vista crowd with his rock-pop music. Sporting a green headband and black tshirt, the musician and songwriter opened the concert with “Vultures,” a song from his third studio album “Continuum.” “Battle Studies” was released last December and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album and Billboard Rock album charts. After 40 weeks on the Billboard 200 album chart, the album is still ranked at No. 63. In order to ensure all the fans had the opportunity to see him performing onstage, Mayer had a big screen set up in the background. As they performed, live close-up videos of him and the band were shown on screen. The amphitheater also had two big screens on each side of the stage. Mayer performed more than a handful of songs from his latest album, beginning with the hit song “Heartbreak Warfare.” Even though Taylor Swift was not present, Mayer still entertained fans with her hit, “Half of My Heart,” and had the crowd help him when it reached the female vocals part. He also performed “Edge of Desire,” “Who Says” and “Perfectly Lonely.”

Throughout the entire performance, Mayer showed off his musical talent with electrifying guitar solos that had the crowd cheering and screaming for more. There was a moment when he even kneeled down and played a solo while his guitar was placed on the stage floor. Between songs, Mayer took the opportunity to chat with the crowd and provide some comedic anecdotes and interesting opinions about summer, the moon and his tour. Besides performing songs from the “Battle Studies” album, Mayer also took fans down memory lane by entertaining them with some of his previous popular hits, including “No Such Thing” and “Why Georgia” from his first studio album “Room for Squares,” “Clarity” from his album “Heavier Things” and “Gravity,” “Belief” and “The Heart of Life” from “Continuum.” Mayer was also fortunate enough to be joined onstage by talented musicians who make up his current tour band. The crowd was cheering and applauding for saxophonist Bob Reynolds during an incredible solo performance. Another star who had the opportunity to shine onstage was David Ryan Harris, who is the guitarist and the backing vocals for Mayer. He amazed the audience with his astounding voice as he sang the opening verse to one of Mayer’s songs. The “Battle Studies” tour is scheduled to continue performing around the country until the beginning of October. For more information on the tour and tickets, check out or John Mayer’s official website,

Jeff Lewis / Staff Photographer


Fast action in ‘Takers’ HUI LING THAM S TA F F W R I T E R

“Takers,” the latest film release for director John Luessenhop, centers on a group of men that executes heists for a living. With their smart-looking suits, fancy cars and luxurious homes, these men are prepared to do whatever it takes to protect their lifestyles and avoid getting caught. The action crime film features a long list of actors, including Paul Walker (“The Fast and The Furious”), Idris Elba (“Obsessed”), Matt Dillon (“You, Me and Dupree”), Hayden Christensen (“Star Wars”), Michael Ealy (“Barbershop”), Jay Hernandez (“Nothing Like the Holidays”), Chris Brown (“Stomp the Yard”) and T.I. (“American Gangster”). Walker, Elba, Christensen, Ealy and Brown make up the five-man heist team while Dillon and Hernandez play the roles of Jake Welles and Eddie Hatcher, police partners who are trying to solve a recent bank robbery by the team. T.I., on the other hand, takes on the role of Ghost, a former member of the team who was recently released from jail after being sentenced for robbery five years prior. Once released, Ghost attempts to figure out a way to claim what he deserves for going to jail and keeping his silence about the rest of the team. He attempts to reunite with his former crew by offering them a once-in-alifetime job that involves high stakes and a lot of money. To avoid getting caught, the team traditionally only performs one robbery a year, but with all the temptations surrounding the job, the team decides to take on the

challenge at hand. As the team strategizes and prepares for the job, Jake and Eddie are in hot pursuit to uncover the robbers’ identities. Things start to take a wrong turn when the robbery does not go smoothly and gets interrupted by the police. The film is jam-packed with action scenes that are set to thrill audiences. From car chases to action sequences, fight scenes and dangerous explosions, audiences will experience the risky business involved in highstake robberies. One of the high-impact action portions occurs when Brown’s character, Jesse, is being chased on foot by the police. The intense scene involves multiple stunts such as jumping over and getting hit by cars, climbing on buildings, shooting and maneuvering through crowds. The flipside to all the action is that the film not only portrays the rich and luxurious lifestyles of these men and how they operate their crimes, but it also gives the audience a background look into their personal lives and struggles. This quality allows audiences to connect with the characters on an emotional level and provides a realistic side to the actionfilled story. With $20 million at stake, high tension surrounding the group and the police on their tails, these men will have to risk it all in order to survive.

Movie: “Takers” Directed by: John Lussenhop Release date: August 27 Grade: A

Jeff Lewis / Staff Photographer

A master of lyrics and melodies, Mayer entertained audiences with hits spanning back to his first album.

Tuesday August 31, 2010






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Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Burrito bods and suitin’ up


ell, it’s that time again. Summer is as dead and gone as my dream to understand “Inception,” and classes are upon us. But as much as it blows having class at 9 a.m. again or spending $450 on books that I totally could have spent on condoms — you know, so I can hold on to my goal of getting 450 times more lucky than I did last year — it’s good to be back. As for you freshmen, let me be the first to welcome you to the finest five or six years of your life. You’re undoubtedly going to go through a lot of stages in the next few months. But whether it’s heartbreak caused by the end of a relationship, homesickness or the occasional sexually transmitted disease you contract after joining a fraternity, things are going to get better — even the syphilis. So this is my gift I bequeath to you, freshmen of San Diego State — my guide to transitioning into college. At least you’ll have someone to blame if things go terribly wrong.

Getting that sexy burrito body Remember how your mom used to cook you dinner after you had


that long day of playing Tetris on your TI-89 and making fun of the kid with the funny voice? Yeah, well, now she’s a bitter divorcée and she works in the Trujillo’s kitchen. And that’s going to be $7.83, please. Truthfully, it’s impossible to survive the next couple of years without embracing the wonderfully mediocre world of fast food. Fortunately for us, we’ve got the best Mexican food on Earth. I’m not saying Mexican fast food is particularly authentic here or anything, but only America would take something as delicious as a carne asada burrito and stuff a Happy Meal’s worth of fries in the middle and call it a day. America, I can’t quit you.

Getting into the college spirit Think back to your first high school dance. Remember that time you took one for the team and danced with that beast so your buddy could have a crack at National Geographic’s hot friend? Yeah, that still happens in college. Fortunately for you, alcohol can turn any swamp monster into a pretty decent-looking human being. But even this magical nectar

from the gods can turn on you from time to time and cause even the most sensible of people to make mistakes. But hey, this is college. Dignity is as rare as a good Nicolas Cage movie. Don’t let the occasional dogface get you down.

Suitin’ up I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the latest statistics show that the average dude who wears Ed Hardy apparel is 85 percent more likely to start listening to Dave Matthews Band and compliment other dudes about getting their swell on. Don’t hate me. It’s been proven. It’s going to get tempting, I know. There may be a time when you think T-shirts with bright colors and a tiger on the front are a sufficient metaphor of your fierceness or something. But honestly dude, it’s really just a metaphor of how big of a d-bag you are. And my friend, it’s a long, windy road back from bro-ville.


TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (8/31/2010) Passions present themselves in the form of emotional impulses that startle even you. Some of your ideas are too weird to act upon, but they could provide the basis for wildly entertaining short stories or even a plot for that novel you've been meaning to write. ARIES (March 21 - April 19) - Today is a 5 Romantic thoughts must adapt to practical considerations. Use that delightful fantasy to inspire everyone to move in the right direction. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) - Today is a 7 - It's a good thing you're not seeking precision.Your mission is to create a bridge between diverse elements of your situation. GEMINI (May 21 - June 21) - Today is a 6 Passion creates problems for you now. Take care of even the smallest injury immediately.That way, you reduce difficulties later on. CANCER (June 22 - July 22) - Today is a 5 Reading a romance novel will not achieve the relaxation you'd like. It requires action to bring imaginative possibilities into reality. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22) - Today is a 7 While you seek comfort, an associate seems to be grasping for power. Don't let laziness prevent you from protecting your position. Inject humor. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) - Today is a 6 -

You perceive a problem with accomplishing your task with available resources. Figure out a way around this problem today. Consult a professional. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) - Today is an 8 The last thing you want is for someone to interfere with fulfilling your desires. Laugh at requests that take you off track. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) - Today is a 7 - Unless you make your partner comfortable, your energy gets drained unnecessarily. Serve favorite food and drink, and relax. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) - Today is an 8 - Emotions flare when group members disagree.You need to get the practical issues on the table quickly, and allow each person to suggest solutions. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) - Today is a 7 - Planning a party at your house takes more effort than you thought.Take care of practical matters (like grocery shopping), while others clean up. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) - Today is a 5 - Take care of practical details for someone far from home. Reschedule an appointment, or refill a prescription and send it by overnight mail. PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20) - Today is a 5 Emotional purchases fail to satisfy later. Extending limits helps everyone today. Think about big expenditures for 24 hours before buying. © 2010,TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES INC.

–Chris Pocock is a journalism junior and Mexican drive-thru frequenter. –This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Daily Aztec.





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STREET SCENE ANTI-HERO Staff Photographer Jeff lewis captured this skateboarder shredding the concrete gnar at a skate park in the Middletown / downtown area.

ACROSS 1 __ d’état 5 Winger of “Shadowlands” 10 Shouts from Emeril 14 Guesstimate phrase 15 Fiat 16 From the top 17 Have significant influence 19 Sight from the Sicilian village of Taormina 20 Ali trainer Dundee 21 Sunroom 23 Doctrinal suffix 25 Rent 26 “Enough on this subject” 33 Starbucks order 34 Charm 36 Show worry, in a way 37 Former California fort 39 Disease cause 40 Makes amends 43 Puts in a new pot, say 46 Persevere 48 Ample shoe width 49 According to 50 Belgian capital 55 Aleve alternative 60 Superboy’s girlfriend Lang 61 Respond at the front 63 “Round” thing suggested by the first words of 17, 26-, 46- and 61Across 64 Mushrooms used in Asian cuisine 65 Elemental unit


Solution available online at 66 Places for props 67 Coolidge’s vice president 68 City NNE of Lake Tahoe DOWN 1 Historic NYC club, with “The” 2 Algerian seaport 3 SOS responder, often 4 Creep (along) 5 Kicks out of office 6 Coll. dot follower 7 Storage containers 8 Pepsi competitor 9 Wheaties box picture 10 Boxer Max

11 Hostile to 12 Computer list 13 Showed off one’s butterfly? 18 Kicking partner 22 Business letter abbr. 24 Sushi bar soup 26 Exams for future attys. 27 Florida theme park acronym 28 Place to play 29 Dodgers manager Joe 30 Viking in the comics 31 Chorus from the pews 32 Flourless cake 33 Ecol. watchdog 35 Apt. parts

38 Ten: Pref. 41 Looks over warily 42 Took the wheel 44 North Star 45 Greg Evans comic strip 47 Treasure State capital 50 Popular diner orders, for short 51 Prime rib order 52 Part of ICU 53 Easy marks 54 Put away 56 A long way off 57 Name as a source 58 Boxing’s “__ Mike”Tyson 59 Nautilus captain 62 Tiny Tim played one


Volume 96, Issue 3