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Thursday November 15, 2012 The Daily Aztec

Student org tries Meth addiction may be curable banning plastic local

Jessica Marin Contributor


jordan owen , staff photographer

An environmental student organization is trying to further SDSU’s green reputation by restricting the use of plastic on campus.

Will Houston Staff Writer

San Diego State’s environmental student organization Enviro-Business Society, or E3, is beginning an educational campaign against the use and sale of plastic water bottles on campus. The campaign is meant to further increase SDSU’s reputation as an environmentally sustainable campus. This student-run, nonprofit organization was created in 2005 by a group of business students interested in integrating aspects of environmental sustainability into the business world. Throughout the years, E3 has made changes to the campus, creating a bike lane, hosting Thursday farmers markets, and banning the use of Styrofoam products in Aztec Shops. The organization has now shifted its attention to the issue of plastic water bottles. According to TapIt water, an organization promoting the use of tap water, 70 percent of plastic water bottles are not recycled. “They either end up in the landfills or oceans,” Aztec Shops representative and former E3 vice president Patrick Murphy said. “It’s so wasteful to make them and it has become engrained in people’s daily lives. If you always have a re-

usable bottle with you, you won’t need that.” Members of E3 hope to tackle this issue by using a long-term, step-by-step approach, focusing mainly on education. “Our first goal is to educate students and throw facts at them instead of products. We want to explain why they should care and why we’re making such a big deal about it,” Murphy said. This semester, tabling E3 members at the farmers market asked students to collect plastic water bottles. In exchange for 10 bottles, students receive a free reusable water bottle from the organization. “It’s much less wasteful for the environment and it’s much less wasteful for your wallet,” Murphy said. Collection is a direct way for students to participate with the campaign and support a sustainable cause. E3 plans to further use these bottles for educational purposes. “We’re going to use all the collected bottles for a big display on campus during Earth Week. We have hundreds already and we’re still looking for more,” Murphy said. After providing information to the students, E3 will try to get the PLASTIC continued on page 3

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla have developed what seems to be an effective vaccine against methamphetamine addiction. Meth is one of the most widely abused and most frequently developed illegal synthetic drugs in the U.S. Its popularity has risen in recent years, especially in Midwestern states. Today, there are an estimated total of 430,000 meth users in the country. The vaccine, six years in the making, offers a possible treatment for those with addiction to the drug. When tested on lab animals during the initial stages of research, the vaccine blocked two main effects of meth: high energy levels and increased body temperature. The compound MH6 in the vaccine prevents meth from reaching the nervous system. MH6 stimulates the immune system into creating antibodies so the meth doesn’t reach the brain. The effects of the vaccine are shortlived, as they only last weeks


Scientists may have devloped a vaccine that fights methamphetamine addiction, prevents meth from reaching the nervous system.

instead of years. In order for the vaccine to be effective, it must be re injected multiple times to combat meth addiction. The vaccine has not yet been tested on humans but has shown promising results in laboratory animals. The results so far are comparable to those of other vaccines developed to combat sub-

stance abuse, such as the vaccines available through clinical trials battling cocaine and nicotine addiction. As for this latest innovation in science, Kim Janda, the Ely R. Callaway junior professor of chemistry and member of the Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology at TSRI said the meth vaccine is “a good step forward.”

Puerto Rico votes for statehood



Puerto Rico is trying to be the 51st U.S. state. It is currently U.S. territory, but Puerto Ricans cannot vote in presidential elections.

Alicia Chavez Staff Writer

Puerto Rico, the U.S. territory, has voted to change its long-time relationship with the U.S., in hopes of becoming the 51st state. “It’s the fourth time in 45 years that Puerto Rico has voted on

changing its national status,” according to The Washington Post. “It’s currently a territory with U.S. currency and passports.” Puerto Ricans had to choose between the different options for the territory’s new status. Statehood won 61 percent of the vote, “Sovereign free association” which

would ultimately allow the island more autonomy received 33 percent, and votes for independence were estimated at 5 percent. Currently Puerto Rico governs itself, but its foreign policy is mandated by Washington D.C. Puerto Ricans are able to serve in the military, but are not allowed to vote in U.S. presidential elections. According to The Washington Post, becoming a state would allow the island to receive more opportunities. For one, the state would receive an extra $20 billion a year in federal funds. This is something the island would certainly benefit from, especially because unemployment is currently at 13 percent. Here in the states, Puerto Rico would gain two seats in the U.S. Senate and five in the House of Representatives. Currently, a nonvoting delegate represents the territory. “Puerto Rican residents currently don’t pay federal income taxes and companies doing busiPUERTO RICO continued on page 3

NEWS from PLASTIC page 2

university involved with the project. “We want reusable water bottles to be given to people moving into the dorms or people that go to orientation. It gives that perspective that SDSU is trying to make a difference, trying to be sustainable,� Murphy said. The final part of the campaign is to petition to eliminate the sale of plastic water bottles in Aztec Markets and Dining Services. This ban will be a long-term goal for the organization and will take some time before it can be considered. from PUERTO RICO page 2

ness there don’t pay corporate taxees,� according to The Washington Post. Not all Puerto Ricans are as eager to officially become their own state. The Washington Post reported, many have argued that becoming part of the U.S. will threaten the island’s language and culture. Several are afraid the U.S.

Puerto Rico would gain two seats in the U.S. Senate and five in the House of Representatives. will force the island to adopt English as its primary language. This prompted a 2011 presidential task force to suggest, “Provid-

Thursday November 15, 2012 the daily aztec Murphy explained that there needs to be a long-term approach in order for the campaign to be successful. “If you just start getting rid of them right away, everyone will not understand. The change has to start with education on the issue.� If any students wish to participate in the campaign, E3 has a table at the Thursday farmers markets and conducts monthly meetings. Its focus is not only limited to water bottles, but includes any issue regarding sustainability.

ing assurances that Puerto Rico will control its own cultural and linguistic identity would reduce concern over this possibility.� Along with statehood, Puerto Rico’s political status is also in the hands of its new governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, who opposes statehood. Former Gov. Luis Fortuno, the pro- statehood candidate, lost to Padilla after a tight race. The ultimate deciding factor would require a Congressional seal of approval and the President’s approval as well. The Washington Post reported the U.S. presidential election was of no concern to Puerto Ricans. Both presidential candidates, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, agreed to respect Puerto Rican’s statehood decision. A new flag representing the U.S. has also been in the works. If Puerto Rico does gain statehood, the flag would need one more star added to represent the 51 states.

Construction Beat Construction on Nasatir and Storm halls, which general contractor C.W. Driver began in June, is nearing the end of its foundational phase. Workers are currently pouring foundational footing for two buildings, which should be finished by the end of the month. Once the foundation is set, construction will begin to seal the structures by creating the buildings’ walls.  The project combines a 100,000-square-foot renovation for the origi-

nal Nasatir and Storm halls, built in 1957, with a 30,000-square-foot expansion. The completed project will house classrooms, research labs and faculty offices. The $73 million project, slated for completion by January 2015, will satisfy LEED gold certification and include amenities such as ramps and elevators for wheelchair accessibility.

—Compiled by Staff Writer Amanda Guerrero



Symposium honors new research campus

sium was to share new ways cells and tissues are being regenerated because of advancements in stem cell biology. Operations that were once considered impossible a few years ago, such as restoring scarred heart tissue after a heart attack, are now being tested. “They have gone about doing this by taking your own cells out of your own body, growing them and getting them educated so that they know what to do and putting them back into the body,� biology professor and Director of SDSU’s IRRI Mark Sussman said.

Hosting the symposium was not only an opportunity for SDSU to Jenna Christine showcase its leading role in the reContributor generative research field, but also to launch the San Diego-Israel Research Last Thursday, international bioCollaboration. This collaboration medical researchers gathered in San joins the two communities together Diego State’s Parma Payne Goodall in their work toward discovering sciAlumni Center for The Frontiers in entific breakthroughs that will benCardiovascular Regeneration Inefit the world. ternational Symposium to discuss Sussman said such partnerships major scientific advancements in are necessary in the development of cardiovascular regeneration. These new breakthroughs. advancements largely stem from the “We can’t be experts in everypartnership formed between SDSU’s thing, so there are people all over the new Integrated world that know Regenerative each little piece of Research Instithe puzzle,� Susstute, the Mediman said. “Anyone cal University We can’t be experts in everything, so there are person doesn’t see of South Carothe whole puzzle, people all over the world that know each little lina, the Techbut when we get nion-Israel In- piece of the puzzle...with each little piece, then all everybody togethstitute of Tech- of a sudden you start to have a shared vision... er, with each little nology and piece, then all of a Mark Sussman the Rambam sudden you start to SDSU biology professor Medical Cenhave a shared viand director of IRRI ter located in sion of where you Haifa, Israel. need to go.� Sussman also explained that the Gathering at these symposiums is This year’s Frontiers in Cardioa crucial step in the development of patient’s body has a small chance of vascular Regeneration International scientific collaborations between the rejecting the new cells because they Symposium is just one more step institutions, which bring scientists don’t come from another person. SDSU is taking with its partners to “They are a part of you and they advance toward curing diseases and closer to solving issues such as heart disease and cancer. Mayor Jerry go right to the part where it is dam- helping people live longer, healthier Sanders attended the symposium to aged to fill it in and make new mus- lives. proclaim Nov. 8 as SDSU-Technion- cle,� Sussman said. “We are a leading research uniSDSU’s IRRI is a joint effort be- versity and that is part of what a top Rambam Collaboration Day in the city of San Diego, “in recognition of tween members of both the SDSU research university does it brings the exciting potential that this joint and UCSD community. Founded in people to study these issues on their research effort brings to our city and September on-campus, the institute campus,� SDSU President Elliot is already a leader in regenerative re- Hirshman said. to the world.� A main focus of this year’s sympo- search and education.

Someone you know is in love. For more information call 1-888-743-PLAN (7526) or visit | Find us on Facebook: 8FMMXPNBOFYBNT QBQUFTUT t'BNJMZQMBOOJOHt#SFBTUIFBMUIDBSF 45%UFTUJOHBOEUSFBUNFOUt&NFSHFODZDPOUSBDFQUJPO



Thursday November 15, 2012 The Daily Aztec

School yoga class is a workout, not brainwash education


t’s not as if parents these days don’t have enough things to keep them up at night. You know with all the crime, drugs, prostitution and teen pregnancies, you would think there couldn’t be many more things for baby boomers to worry about. But alas, there is a new demon in town and some of the more overbearing parents are having a meltdown. This is something so terrible, so harmful to children it might reform them into Easterndeity worshiping, Hindupracticing little hellions. What is this horrible new influence on youngsters today, you ask? One word: yoga. No, seriously. Yoga. Some parents of students at Encinitas elementary schools threw a fit last month about the new yoga classes offered to their children. The classes are part of a new curriculum available thanks to a three-year, $533,000 grant from the Jois Foundation. The foundation promotes Ashtanga yoga, which teaches breathing techniques, meditation and balance. Some schools started the yoga classes in September, while others are set to begin in January. However, the yoga program is being scrutinized and parents who want the class removed completely from the school curriculum hired a lawyer. Now, aside from other obvious arguments, I am trying to wrap my head around what seems to me like racist and ignorant displays from these adults and role models. Am I—a nonreligious parent of a child who enjoys soccer—supposed to assume because my daughter kicks a ball around the field with other kids, she might pick up some sort of Hispanic influence because soccer is popular in Latin America? Are these parents equally worried about undue influence on their children from Judeo-Christian prayers before football games and car races? Devout Christian writer David Grant said children won’t be influenced by yoga any more than other teachings, “In the same way they would be if they were practicing Kama Sutra. Hinduism is an applied

Heather Rushall Senior Staff Columnist

philosophy.” “When it comes to yoga and such, it has nothing to do with worshipping any of their gods, demons or cattle,” Grant said. Despite the health benefits of the yoga program, some parents took their children out of the class and complained to district officials. Escondido Union School District Superintendent Tim Baird told the Associated Press in October he doesn’t expect the program to be removed from schools. Religious content had already been removed from the program and the class is taught solely as physical education, which many schools are losing because of budgetary constraints. In a country where obesity has become an epidemic and it is often more fiscally sound to purchase fast-food every day than to make home-cooked meals, kids could use a little extra push to exercise. Parents need to step back and realize teaching yoga won’t make their kids want to practice Hinduism. In fact, they are instead teaching their children intolerance, something any role model should try to avoid. “Ignorance breeds contempt,” Grant said. The class has been “dumbeddown,” for a lack of a better phrase, by the school officials to ensure religious reference is not used in any way. In an interview with ABC News, Baird addressed these concerns. “Yoga is a physical activity that’s completely mainstream. It’s done in universities and churches around the world. I understand it has a cultural heritage coming from India and there are people that use yoga in their religious practices,” Baird said. “We are creating lesson plans in kid-friendly language that is really redesigning the program. We are not using cultural references. We are not using Sanskrit. We’ve changed the names to ‘gorilla pose’ and ‘ mountain pose’.” Parents also complained the twice-a-week, half-hour sessions take away from the children’s

emily moretz production designer

100 weekly minutes of PE. I took yoga in community college as an exercise science requirement and it made its way into my top three most disliked classes. Not because of any absurd complaints like these parents are making, but because the class was really hard. The parents are probably thinking the same thing I did when I signed up for Exercise Science-028: Yoga is for old ladies and lazy people.

Honestly, weight training was easier. Yoga is a workout that could benefit these kids. The bottom line is children these days need any sort of physical activity they are willing to participate in. Make the class optional and offer something else for those kids (or parents) who don’t want to take it. In the meantime, parents need to take a step back and allow their children to form

their own ideas and beliefs about the world around them. As Grant put it, “This is all about belief and how people view the world morally. They simply don’t understand the subject matter, don’t care to understand it and think they’re doing what’s right for the child’s best interest.” Step off, parents. Let your kids decide what they do and don’t like.

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Create a Healthier World

Pursue a career as a primary care doctor at the only accredited school of naturopathic medicine in California

Learn more: UÊnxn‡Ó{ȇ™Çää -i>Ì̏iÊUÊ->˜Ê ˆi}œ


Thursday November 15, 2012 the daily aztec


SDSU looks to hunt Bears on basketball court

men’s basketball

Alex Riggins Contributor

Guards Aztecs: San Diego State junior Jamaal Franklin dominated Tuesday’s game against San Diego Christian College, scoring 28 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. Senior Chase Tapley added 18 points. Once the Aztecs begin to hit outside shots, they will have one of the best backcourts in the nation. Bears: Senior Anthony Downing is Missouri State’s top-returning scorer, averaging 11.5 points per game last season. Redshirt freshman point guard Dorrian Williams had eight

assists in the season-opening win. True freshman Marcus Marshall had a fantastic collegiate debut with 16 points, five rebounds and three assists. Edge: Aztecs Forwards Aztecs: SDSU is much bigger than it was last season. Senior DeShawn Stephens, who is 6 feet 8 inches tall, and JJ O’Brien, who is 6 feet 7 inches tall, are the starters. Freshman Winston Shepard will not play against the Bears because of his suspension. Even without his presence, the Aztecs should still perform well. Bears: Missouri State is undersized and young, but also very talented

across the frontline. Redshirt freshman Drew Wilson had 12 points and 11 rebounds in the season opener, while freshman Gavin Thurman led the Bears with 19 points and eight rebounds in just 21 minutes. Edge: Even Centers Aztecs: SDSU has no legitimate center. Freshman Skylar Spencer is the closest at 6 feet 9 inches tall but he is not a starter. Still, the Aztecs are capable of pulling down rebounds and scoring in the paint. Stephens is a center by default. Bears: Bruce Marshall is the lone center on Missouri State’s roster. The 6 foot 10 freshman is raw. In Missouri

State’s season-opening victory, he had zero points, two rebounds and three fouls in nine minutes. Edge: Aztecs Coaching Aztecs: Coach Steve Fisher won a national championship and appeared in two other title games during his time as head coach of the University of Michigan. He has transformed the SDSU basketball team from a losing program to one of the top in the country. Bears: In his second season at Missouri State, Paul Lusk is an upand-coming coach, he guided the Bears to a 16-16 record last season and a third place finish in the

Missouri Valley Conference. Edge: Aztecs Intangibles Aztecs: The Aztecs have already been tested by top-10 opponent Syracuse and will be tested again in front of a hostile crowd looking for the upset. Still, SDSU is expected to win. Bears: While the Aztecs opened against No. 9 Syracuse on an aircraft carrier, the Bears opened against a small private school named Philander Smith College. The Bears will face their first real test, when the Aztecs come to Springfield, Mo. Edge: Aztecs Prediction Aztecs 71, Bears 57

Women’s soccer preview: SDSU vs. California women’s soccer

Logan Burns Contributor

Forwards Aztecs: The Aztecs kicked off the first round of the NCAA tournament with a 3-0 win against Cal State University Northridge. Led by Mountain West Offensive Player of the Year senior Megan Jurado and sophomore Hannah Keane, the driving forces behind the Aztec offense, the Aztecs blew past the Matadors. Golden Bears: The Bears have had

Women’s basketball drops season-opener

The San Diego State women’s basketball team lost its first game on the road 52-66 to the University of California, Los Angeles on Saturday. UCLA jumped out to a quick start in the first half, but SDSU stayed within striking distance. The Aztecs could not find their offensive rhythm, shooting 19 percent from the field and 89 percent from the free-throw line. From the beginning of the second period, the Bruins increased the point gap and the Aztecs fought to catch up. Ultimately, UCLA surged too far ahead for SDSU and the Aztecs did not have enough time to catch up to the Bruins. Senior point guard Chelsea Hopkins led the team with six assists and four steals. Sophomore forward Erimma Amarikwa was SDSU’s leading scorer of the night, with a total of 14 points against the Bruins. Hopkins came second with a total of 10 points for the Aztecs.

large success from forwards Ifeoma Onumonu, who scored 11 goals in the regular season, and Grace Leer, with four. Although these two do not match up with the Aztecs’ dominant duo of Jurado and Keane, they provide a strong and deceptive attack that may prove problematic for the Aztecs. The Bears rely much more on their forwards to score than the Aztecs do. Edge: Aztecs Midfielders Aztecs: Not only have the SDSU midfielders produced a solid amount of assists, but they also provided a handful of goals throughout the

UCLA takes down men’s soccer in regular-season finale

The SDSU men’s soccer team ended its regular season with a loss last Friday against UCLA. The night got off to a slow start, as neither team scored during the first 45 minutes of the game. However, SDSU took the initiative and scored the first goal against the Bruins. Junior midfielder Kevin Bick headed the ball into the net off a corner kick in the 54th minute. Senior forward Ata Ozbay was credited with the assist. It was Bick’s fifth goal this season. The Aztecs lead 1-0, but not for long, as UCLA senior midfielder Ryan Hollingshead evened the score two minutes later. In the 73rd minute, junior forward Reed Williams scored the game-winning goal for the Bruins to push them ahead of the Aztecs 2-1. UCLA outshot SDSU 83 in the first half and 7-1 in the second half. Junior

season. Senior Sarah Halverson, who splits time between forward and midfielder, has six goals and three assists on the season. Redshirt senior Tiffany Hurst also provides firepower, scoring four goals and three assists so far in the season. Golden Bears: The Bears have seen equally as good production from their midfielders as the Aztecs have. Senior Betsy Hassett leads the group, with six goals and five assists on the year. Edge: Even Goalkeepers Aztecs: Redshirt sophomore Rachel Boaz tied a school record

goalkeeper Blake Hylen had five saves during the game. The Aztecs finished their regular season with a record of 7-9-3 overall and 1-7-2 in Pacific-12 play.

Men’s basketball dominates SDCC

Indoors for the first time this season, the No. 25 SDSU men’s basketball team earned its first victory of the season, defeating San Diego Christian College 91-57. Junior guard Jamaal Franklin scored a gamehigh 28 points, including 19 in the first half, while senior guard Chase Tapley added 18 points. The win comes two days after the Aztecs were defeated by No. 9 Syracuse on the flight deck of the USS Midway. The game against SDCC, originally scheduled for Sunday, was pushed back when the Battle on the Midway was moved to Sunday. The Aztecs received rings and unveiled a banner for sharing the 2011-12 Mountain West Conference championship with New Mexico.

Compiled by Ryan Schuler and Adriana Bush

this season with her 13th shutout against Northridge. She has 58 saves on the year with a .853 save percentage. Golden Bears: Junior Emily Kruger has had an outstanding season herself. Her 75 saves and .798 save percentage make her as equally tough to beat as Boaz. Look for this to be a low-scoring game. Edge: Even Intangibles Aztecs: The Aztecs have taken full advantage of playing at home this season 13-0 when playing at the SDSU Sports Deck. This could be

a huge factor in determining the outcome of the game. The Aztecs will need to get on the board first because the Bears have outscored their opponents 19-9 in the first half of their games this season. Golden Bears: Cal is coming off an emotional 1-0 win against Pepperdine University in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. The Bears are 9-1 on the road, meaning they aren’t afraid to play in front of a hostile crowd. Edge: Aztecs Prediction: SDSU 2, Cal 1


Thursday November 15, 2012 The Daily Aztec


The best happy hours in San Diego The Ritual Tavern 4095 30th St. San Diego, CA 92104 Ethan Bailey

Assistant Features Editor

courtesy joe boston

If you’re looking for a spot to grab some craft beers for a good price, check out the Ritual Tavern in North Park. Located on of 30th Street, the tavern invites patrons into an old-timey European setting where the food is hot and the drafts are cold. Happy hour runs Tuesday through Sunday from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m., and customers will enjoy $1 off all beers on tap. With a constantly evolving beer selection— including local and international brews—there’s something for every type of beer enthusiast. The selection at Ritual will not disappoint. Its drink menu is detailed and categorized, ensuring even the pickiest drinkers will find something to satisfy their taste buds. Enjoy one of the tavern’s many wheat beers, such as blanche de Bruxelles, a white Belgian beer brewed with spices. No food specials are included during happy hour, but the prices don’t wander from the San Diego norm. Great craft beers await, Aztecs. So make it a habitual to visit the Ritual.

West Coast Tavern


2895 University Ave. San Diego, CA 92104 Edward Henderson Features Editor

The marquee outside West Coast Tavern is a fitting tribute to one of the main attractions North Park offers the restaurant and bar scene. Complementing the outside theme, classic movie posters adorn the walls in frames around the main dining area. Happy hour lasts from 4-6 p.m. daily and features $3 wells, draft beers and house wine. Select food items are $5. The spirit of North Park and the environment inside the restaurant makes West Coast Tavern a great place to spend happy hour. You’re bound to meet some interesting people coming in and out of the bar because the DJ’s create a great party atmosphere Tuesday, Thursday and weekend nights.

paige nelson, photo editor


1047 5th Ave. San Diego, CA 92101 Edward Henderson Features Editor




alt sy s

b ox

.c o m

Don’t let the posh interior of Saltbox Dining & Drinking fool you. Located in the Gaslamp Quarter, the bar’s subtle earth tones on its walls and tables, modern furniture and flirty atmosphere, which are perfect for a “meet cute” scene in a romantic comedy, are accompanied by some great happy hour deals. From 4-7 p.m., cocktails, wine and all draft beers are $5. Food specials are offered during this period as well. Saltbox highly recommends its $6 beef cheek tacos or the ham and cheese bites are $3. The restaurant also offers a second happy hour from 10 p.m. to midnight with only drink specials. This restaurant/bar makes our list because of its great date atmosphere and happy hour prices that still leave a few extra bucks for skinny red scantrons.

Posha Lounge

425 Market St. San Diego, CA 92101 Ethan Bailey Features Editor

The sights, sounds and smells of downtown San Diego are signals of a fun—albeit expensive— night on the town. Enter Pasha Lounge, where patrons can get the full downtown hookah bar experience without the full price. Pasha serves up daily happy hour specials without the smoke and mirrors. Actually, smoke is always included—in 33 available flavors—and at $13 for a single-hose hookah, Pasha’s prices rival those that can’t provide the same ambience. Plush, brightly colored sofas and colorful dangling lanterns are just part of Pasha’s vibrant Moroccan design. Come in from 4-7 p.m. and get the happy hour drink specials you’ve been dreaming of: Draft beers are $3 to $4, pitchers for $10, shots are two-for-one at $6 and glasses of chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon for $5. Military serviemembers receive a 15 percent discount at all times. courtesy posha lounge

s & Deals

Websites simplify traveling on a budget

Thursday November 15, 2012 the daily aztec


Courtney White Contributor

One of the best trips of my life was when I went to New York City during the summer. I had been to the Big Apple before, but never like this. This time, I used Airbnb. Time Magazine called airbnb one of the “50 Websites that Make the Web Great.” Airbnb allows people from all around the globe to offer their apartment or home to other people, mainly tourists, to stay in for a period of time. Airbnb is not free, but the majority of hosts charge only a fraction of what the hotels in the area will.

If you’re planning to travel, you can book a room, meaning you’ll stay with the owners or have the place to yourself. I heard about these websites before my trip, but was skeptical to use them for the same reasons as many other students. To be frank, it sounded sketchy. I wasn’t quite comfortable staying in a stranger’s home or offering my home to strangers. What many don’t realize is these people are just trying to make an extra buck. They’re not trying to lure you into their home so you can’t leave. Rent is expensive in high-tourism areas. If you’re still feeling unsure, a

. v o N h

good way to get a feel for the owners is by checking out their profiles. Most visitors will write

nice stay, you will too. I was in the middle of calculating my costs for my trip

She used the site and stayed in someone’s Upper East Side apartment while they were out of town. If you know the Upper East Side, then you know those apartments are the most beautiful spaces in New York City. a review about their stay on the site. Chances are if they had a

when I realized I couldn’t afford a hotel close enough to the city.


After scouring Expedia and Priceline, the cheapest four-star hotel I could find was $200 per night. In a city like NYC, the risk of staying in an unsanitary hotel is too high in anything lower than a four-star hotel; take it from a New Yorker. My trip would have added up to more than $1,400 for a week’s stay in a hotel. My mother, who travels a lot for work, recommended I check out Airbnb. She used the site and stayed in someone’s Upper East Side apartment while they were out of town. If you know the Upper East Side, then you know those apartments are the most beautiful spaces in New York City. I did some research and found a cute little apartment, which included two bedrooms, a bathroom, a pullout couch in the living room and a kitchen in Uptown for $80 per night, adding up to $560 for the week. That’s less than half of what it would have cost for me to stay in a fourstar hotel. I booked the room and the owner messaged me back in a timely fashion. She told me where I could get the keys to the apartment when I arrived, how to get back into the city, what subway line I should take and a few tidbits about the apartment. Staying in an apartment changed my experience because I was submersed in the culture. I didn’t feel like a tourist—I felt like I had lived there for a week. It’s almost as though I’d stepped into someone else’s life. Traveling can be expensive, but students shouldn’t be exempt from the experience for that reason.

Cyber Monday gains momentum

2 6t

J. Hutton Marshall Managing Editor

Next Friday, overly aggressive customers across the nation will camp out in anticipation to battle their competition: thousands of other customers hungry for the famous deals found on Black Friday. However, there is another group of people—a wiser group of people—who will obtain deals often just as lucrative and more importantly, they’ll be fast asleep in their warm, cozy beds that Friday morning. These people aren’t worried about camping out for the deals on Black Friday because they know Cyber Monday awaits them on the other side of the weekend. Cyber Monday attempts to lure early Christmas shoppers just as Black Friday does, but solely through online retailers. This unofficial, intangible holiday officially started in 2005 by, supposedly targeting the large number of people shopping on their computer while at work. Seven years later, the target audience grew larger thanks to the nearthinkstock

infinite Internet access available through smartphones and tablets. A company tracking Internet activity called comScore looked at how much money was spent on Cyber Monday throughout the later half of the last decade. While a measly $484 million was spent on its first year of notoriety, that number nearly tripled by 2011, which raked in approximately $1.2 billion. The last two Cyber Mondays were the heaviest online spending days of their respective years. The allure is obvious. Enthusiastic Black Friday shoppers camp out overnight or wake up long before the crack of dawn in order to secure a desirable spot in line. Once you’re there, shivering and sleepless, you’ve got to battle hundreds, even thousands of others waiting in front of whatever given Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc. you happen to find yourself at. Remember that Wal-Mart employee trampled to death by a crowd of 2,000 in 2008? Cyber Monday enthusiasts sure do. While some online deals aren’t

quite as outrageously cheap as ones found at 5 a.m. at a WalMart, you have a far less chance of being trampled while sitting at home at your computer desk. Cyber Monday online retailers, which include Apple, Best Buy, Dell and more than 800 other companies offer free shipping along with several other tempting discounts. compiles and neatly organizes them on As a final warning, if you’re going to take part in some of Cyber Monday’s online deals at work on Monday, be sneaky. A 2010 survey by CareerBuilder found half of U.S. workers planned to spend time shopping online while on the clock. Employers are cracking down— 22 percent of U.S. employers fired someone for using the Internet for nonwork related activities in 2011 and 54 percent of employers blocked employees from accessing certain websites at work. The Daily Aztec endorses you buying your new gizmos and gadgets in our new online era— just don’t get caught.



Thursday November 15, 2012 The Daily Aztec

Black Friday horror stories from Daily the Aztec editors

paige nelson, photo editor

Antonio Zaragoza Editor in Chief

paige nelson, photo editor

Leonardo Castaneda Opinion Editor

paige nelson, photo editor

Kevin Smead

Entertainment Editor

Let me start by saying working retail at San Diego’s busiest mall on Black Friday is one of the worst things anybody could do to themself. Strictly speaking, if you are able to avoid it, I assure, you’ll be better off. There should be public service announcements letting people know of the misery awaiting someone who chooses to work on this holiest of shopping days. For the most part, working a retail job of any type isn’t that difficult. Typically, you’re selling clothes or shoes or something of that nature and for the most

part, people are normal if not needy. I don’t know exactly what happens, but on Black Friday, the contemporary norms of society are completely thrown out the window and our more “primitive” rules of existence take control. People change and sometimes, it can be frightening to watch. Just who are these mobs of people that find it prudent to wake at 3 a.m. in the morning and prepare for a day of gladiator-like shopping extravaganza? Is it really the sales, two-for-one specials and holiday music that gets people’s juices flowing? I never

seem to personally know anyone brave enough to go to the malls on Black Friday, let alone step outside of the house. But there they are, thousands upon thousands of crazies, venturing out into the wild world of commerce, speeding full throttle into the belly of American consumerism. I can see their faces now. Glossy-eyed, well-groomed, overcaffeinated shoppers, circling about the mall parking lots like vultures looking for a fresh carcass to pick through. Much can be said about these adventurous people. With nerves of steel, they

purposefully venture out into the mayhem for reasons unbeknownst to us mere mortals. I’ve seen grown adults fight over a single cable-knit sweater on sale. I’ve seen men fistfight for a parking spot. Black Friday exemplifies to me exactly what is wrong with our society and the holidays in general. I think we have all forgotten the holidays are supposed to be a time to come together as friends, families and communities to enjoy the festive season. But every year, the malls open a little earlier, the sales run a little deeper and we all become a bit crazier.

When people think about Black Friday, they usually think about long lines and suffocating crowds pushing their way toward the latest and greatest gadgets on sale. Surely this is true for Wal-Mart or Best Buy, but not at the bookstore where I worked. For my first Black Friday experience, I physically and mentally prepared myself for the onslaught of vicious shoppers. I meditated, did calisthenics and found clothes with maximum angry customer-dodging design. Finally, the store opened its doors—about an hour earlier than the usual

10 a.m.—and I bravely faced the awaited mob. Yet the only people who came through that door were a half dozen suburban moms in track suits and multiple shopping bags in hand. They weren’t coming for the few deals on books and movies. They came to use our restroom and reload with a caramel latte from our coffee shop. It’s not that people weren’t buying books at all. To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of the brick-andmortar bookstores’ demise are greatly exaggerated. People still go to the store and buy books. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me,

I’ve seen it. Personally, I need to physically hold a book before I buy it. However, books aren’t exactly what people hunt for during Black Friday. Give us the release of the last book in the Harry Potter series and we will shine with long lines of die-hard fans waiting for the clock to strike midnight and the doors to swing open. But for all the furor it causes, no one has (or will ever) pushed, elbowed or kicked their way to a copy of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” No one just absolutely must have the Steve Jobs biography this second and bookstores won’t run out of copies of “The Hunger

Games” before you can get it for the awkward niece you don’t know very well. At the end of the day, I’ll admit I was disappointed. I didn’t leave Black Friday morning with battle scars and stories of vicious stampedes. I did see more people out in public in their pajamas in the middle of the day than I ever hope to see again, but overall, the psychological trauma was kept at a minimum. I won’t be working this Black Friday, but if I decide I need a safe place to sit back and watch the spectacle, I know just the bookstore to visit.

This will be my first Black Friday not working in four years and honestly, I’m a bit sad. This may sound absolutely crazy, but I love Black Friday. As a manager at a GameStop for way too long (counting in years, here), I had to take pleasure in the finer points, even if those were just being able to act less-thancordially to customers for one day out of the year. You’d never know it by shopping there, but GameStop hounds its employees about customer service so much it ends up having a sort of reverse psychology effect. Black Friday is the one day when the bigwigs let everyone off

the chain, not so subtly implying, “We don’t care, as long as we make money.” And oh, what a day it is. You know how in “Breaking Bad,” (fifth season, most specifically) the methylamine must always continue to flow? The same principle is applied to the line during Black Friday. It stops for nothing—not system trades, not angry mothers and certainly not the children of those angry mothers who think 10 is a perfectly acceptable age to start playing the “Gears of War” franchise. On Black Friday, you can tell the crazed parent who’s accusing you

(not the company, not the supplier: you; the person immediately in front of them) of not having the one particular Skylander figurine they were looking for, to get out of the way, while motioning for the next person in line to step forward. Watch for the retail gladiators, willing to fight to the death just to save $10. They’re confrontational, usually irrational and never friendly. Their tactics are deceitful too. Be on your toes for the tears, bargaining and “I have kids to shop for, so I deserve this more than you do.” I’ve found the best strategy is just to hit them back with a thumbs up and a “Cool story, bro.” They

generally huff and puff until they realize they won’t get their way. At this point, they generally leave. So, when you’re out shopping this Black Friday, please be nice to the employees and they’ll be nice back to you. Like I said, I love Black Friday and all its consumerist glory (I can just hear the commentary from George A. Romero, Don DeLillo, Chuck Palahniuk, et al.). For every 6 a.m. chucklehead, there’s a 6:01 a.m. rad dude. Remember, Black Friday is a sport. Don’t play fair (that’s for chumps), but be sure to play nice. Happy hunting!

Five rules to survive Black Friday madness No. 1 Travel in a group The odds of making it out of Black Friday with everything you want dramatically increase if you travel in a group. Imagine a Disney’s “Mighty Ducks” inspired “flying V”—comprised of you and your friends—making its way down the aisles of Best Buy, guarding your coveted flatscreen television. Soccer moms and stay-at-home dads will have no choice but to clear a path. mct campus

Edward Henderson Features Editor

Black Friday and a zombie apocalypse have a lot in common. While zombies scour the earth with the sole purpose of devouring human flesh, crazed deal hunters exhibit the same level of determination toward their purpose—buying as many

discounted items their bank accounts allow. While the comparison may seem extreme, take a moment to consider the “zombie-esque” reckless abandon and overall apathy toward the well-being of others some shoppers embrace on Black Friday. With that in mind, here are some rules to survive Black Friday inspired by the undead-inspired flick “Zombieland.”

No. 2 Know your way out The best advice I ever received about Black Friday was to scope out the store a day or two before the madness begins. Remember, retailers move their best merchandise to the front of the store the night before Black Friday. Prior knowledge of where the exits are will cut down on the time you’re actually in the store after your purchase. Remember, people don’t care if you’ve already bought something—to them,

it’s still fair game. No. 3 Don’t be a hero Here’s the scenario. You’re two steps away from grabbing the last PlayStation 3 on sale at Wal-Mart. To your left, a senior citizen is in a tug of war battle with a gentleman who appears to be in a biker gang. To your right, a toddler catches an arid stream of pepper spray in the eye from a woman who resembles the Octomom. Is it your responsibility to assist either of these unfortunate souls? No! One false move and the Christmas gift you waited hours for ends up in the hands of a crater-faced teenager wearing a “Vote for Pedro” T-shirt. No. 4 Be ruthless Similar to rule No. 3, you have to look out for yourself in the battle zone that is Black Friday. It’s tempting to take money from friends and loved ones who decided to sleep in because

they were physically unable to leave home and buy them what they want. But when it comes down to wasting precious time looking for the dinette set your mother wanted instead of grabbing the last MacBook—be ruthless. Order your mom what she wants via the Internet on Cyber Monday (see J. Hutton Marshall’s article). No. 5 Enjoy the little things So many wonderful sights and sounds come from the Black Friday experience. The symphony of parents cursing the heavens because their car got towed accented by the mirage of flashing lights from police cars hauling away grab-and-dash suspects offer you the enjoyment of a spectacle usually saved for reality TV. Don’t take the little things for granted. They’ll make for a great blog post or funny story while having drinks with friends.

s & Deals

Thursday November 15, 2012 the daily aztec


The Love Guru offers Christmas gift ideas for couples

The Love Guru Staff Columnist

Yes, it’s only the third week of November, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas for your significant other. Whether this holiday season is the first you’ve celebrated together or if you have several Facebook albums dedicated to special Christmas moments, finding the perfect gift at a bargain price can be puzzling. This is when reading this article will come in handy. Here’s a list of discounted gift ideas “for him” and “for her:” For Him: Hand-Knit BeanieLet’s face it, Aztecs—it’s getting cold outside. A hand-knit beanie to sport during winter is a great gift for your beau because it shows effort, even if someone else does the knitting for you. While knitting may conjure images of senior citizens in rocking chairs, there’s something endearing about a gift that took time to put together. Customize a beanie with his favorite colors—or red and black to show off school spirit—to add a personal touch he’ll appreciate. Beanies are great to wear outside or while lounging around the house on a lazy day. You can find yarn and needles at thrift stores around San Diego for less than $10. Embroidered HandkerchiefYes ladies, guys like small details once in a while. Although the newest version of “Grand Theft Auto” can easily score you some points, showing your creativity and putting work into a gift surpasses a video game. If your significant other is always reading Harry Potter, or constantly reciting Edgar Allan Poe, why not put a quote he loves on a handkerchief? I understand many people don’t use handkerchiefs anymore, but the handkerchief can be a special item to him—a token of love he can carry whenever he’s away. The handkerchief can also be framed or hung up in a room for decorative purposes. There are websites out there that charge less than $20 for the handkerchief and embroidery. Or to make the gift even more special, you can find videos on Youtube about how to embroider fabric yourself. Themed gift baskets Themed gift baskets are fun to make as well as inexpensive. Putting together multiple items your significant other is fond of will definitely be a good surprise as he rips through the wrapping or opens up the bag. If he likes drawing, put together a basket with drawing paper, colored pencils and a pencil box. If he likes Star Wars, get him a DVD, pins and a lightsaber. As you can see, anything goes with these baskets. This idea saves you money because you can get small, inexpensive trinkets or find things on sale. It will help to begin the process at least a few weeks before the holidays. If you give yourself more time to look, you’ll be able to find the best deals out there. Customized Clothing This holiday season is the time to take back your individuality and create things that represent you—or in this case, you and your loved one.

This year’s personalized Christmas idea: Buy any plain white article of clothing and transform it into your own with a design. How to do this? Purchase the white article—T-shirt, tote bag, hat, a pair of Keds—and fabric pens from any craft store—like Jo-anne or Michaels fabric and craft store. Then, draw a funky design, write an inside joke, cite a love poem or whatever your heart desires. Maybe you are not the artiste, but as corny as it sounds, it’s the thought that counts. Any attempt at a personal message is more beautiful than one that is mass-produced. So go forth, young Picasso, and create something beautiful for your loved one this Christmas.

Scavenger HuntWith the latest Bond movie “Skyfall” taking the box office by storm, why not inject a little mystery into the holiday season with your very own 007 beau? Scavenger hunts can be a fun way for your man to find his Christmas gift if you spend the holiday together. Write clues on pieces of paper using a fun rhyme scheme. Leave them around the apartment or house eventually leading him back to the bedroom. While he’s searching, slip into some holiday-themed lingerie—or the sexy Halloween costume you thought you’d never use again—and have his gift wrapped next to you on the bed. The gift can be anything from this list but he’ll probably be more interested in what you have on. For Her: She’s incredible, amazing and you want to go big this year. You’re about to buy your girlfriend the greatest gift in the history of Christmas, but alas, you are a broke college student. The answer to this holiday puzzle may be as simple as getting your girl to show some skin—with a sweet device cover, of course. Add a little spice to any device this holiday with a custom skin from The site offers thousands of choices for phones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, MP3 players and gaming consoles. The best part? It’s affordable. For $15, you can add some personality to your girl’s phone or for $30, her laptop. The options are endless with this gift. has designs in various categories, including sports teams, colleges, Disney, abstract art and custom designs you can upload. If your significant other appreciates the finer things in life, cover her phone in a work from the collections of Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet or Leonardo da Vinci. It will look so good, even Siri will blush. Heartfelt BooksFeeling especially sentimental this holiday season? is the perfect solution to create a gift that shows your girl exactly how you feel about her. For a gesture she’ll treasure for years to come, what better way to express your feelings than to put them into words in a beautiful, hardbound book: Based entirely on a set of phrases you complete to describe her, the answers you provide are transformed into pages which come together in an incredibly unique expression of your affection. The possible statements range from more

personal responses such as, “One of our most romantic times” and “Your most impressive talent,” to the more fun and quirky, “Bumper sticker that describes you.” While on the pricier side, with the books running at nearly $50, it’s still a bargain, considering it’s a romantic and special gift that will remind her of your love with the turn of each page. Photo albumFor another simple and heartfelt gift for the special lady in your life, put together a scrapbook of your time together. If you don’t have anything you can put in it, start saving now. For example, the next time you’re on a date, save something from the place you went. Take a napkin home from the restaurant and write the date and place on it to remember what a special night it was; buy a DVD of the first movie you went to together and slip the disc inside the sleeve; keep the piece of paper she wrote her number on the day you finally had the courage to ask for it; and highlight one of her accomplishments, such as a good grade on an exam or an athletic achievement. Also, don’t forget photos. You’ve undoubtedly taken pictures of yourselves, so pick the best ones and write the date and place. When she sees them, you’ll spark a conversation to reflect on the great times you’ve spent together. A scrapbookreveals you remember and cherish the time spent with her—something guaranteed to make her heart melt. You’re welcome, gents.

ment. Include fine print on each coupon and make it cute. For instance, “This coupon may be redeemed by one cutie (you) any day of the year at any time. Redeemable in all 50 states and on all seven continents.” Will this be a tedious task? Maybe, but her beaming smile will tell you it was well worth it. And remember: You must be a man of your word with these coupons. If she approaches you with one, it means duty calls, so put down “Call of Duty” and give the best massage you’ll ever give.

Personalized DVDMaking a DVD for your significant other is the perfect wrap up for the year. You can feature yourself sharing all the memories and times you enjoyed together; or tell your significant other what you love about them. Also include pictures and songs significant to the both of you and clips of any recorded footage you have together. It’s easily done on either iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, which both allow you to add fun animations. Although the process can be time-consuming, the amount of effort and thought will really make this gift special. Not only is it a great reflection of the past year you two shared, but it’s also a sweet gift you can always keep. Coupon BookWhat kind of chump gets his girlfriend a coupon book for Christmas? One with brains and a heart, as long as it’s filled with personally redeemable goodies that will make her feel good all year long. Start from scratch. This is a personal gift; and should look the part. Resurrect your elementary school construction paper and scissor skills to create a clever and sweet cover. Make it her favorite color and paste a picture of both of you on it. Inside, break up the pages with hand-drawn dotted lines and put descriptions of the coupons within them. Get creative—massages, hugs, nail painting and cooking dinner are all acceptable expressions of endear-




es c

o to, a r t d i r






Thursday November 15, 2012 The Daily Aztec

El Ten Eleven brings its talents to San Diego Saturday

sneak peek

different themes, all while retaining an overarching continuity. Needless to say, it’s great. The rest of the album is phenomenal as well, featuring only seven jam-packed tracks. Still, it’s close to 40 minutes long. Think of the tracks as compositions rather than songs and enjoy the album as a whole. Also, headphones are helpful. Those who enjoy being social while also listening to music, don’t miss the show Saturday night. Tickets start at $12 and it’ll be worth every penny. If there’s any hesitation, listen to the albums, watch some live videos and you’ll be hooked. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday evening than with one of the best bands around today.

Kevin Smead Entertainment Editor

On New Year’s Day 2012, I discovered one of my new favorite bands. Unfortunately for me, this was only hours after it played a New Year’s Eve show at the Soda Bar. A friend of mine took to Facebook, extoling the virtues of the band I had just missed: El Ten Eleven. Knowing my friend had great taste in music, I decided to check the band out. Needless to say, I was so bummed, I spent the whole day listening to its discography to make up for the missed show. El Ten Eleven is coming back to San Diego this Saturday to perform at North Park’s The Irenic and I plan to fully atone for this now haunting mistake. When I came across Los Angelesbased El Ten Eleven, the band had four albums: “El Ten Eleven” (2005), “Every Direction Is North” (2007), “These Promises Are Being Videotaped” (2008) and “It’s Still Like a Secret” (2010). I played all four of them back-to-back continuously, still mad at myself I’d let them go unlistened to for so long. Soon enough, the YouTube search began. It wasn’t until weeks into my slight obsession that I realized it was just two guys; a drummer and a composer. El Ten Eleven’s sound is so varied and multifaceted it sounds

Recommended tracks:

courtesy of el ten eleven

El Ten Eleven consists of Kristian Dunn on guitar/bass and Tim Fogarty on drums. The band’s music blends numberous genres including dance, post and math rock. El Ten Eleven preforms at The Irenic in North Park this Saturday.

as though there are at least four members. This is, unbelievably, not the case. Drummer Tim Fogarty plays a regular drum kit with added electronics, and composer Kristian Dunn plays a double-necked guitar/ bass and employs an army of pedals to create some incredible tracks. Think heavy chorus, reverb and lots of looping. The most interesting aspect of El Ten Eleven’s sound is

Weekend Concert Calendar

actually its bass tone, which takes on many different forms. Sometimes, it’s subtle, adding a nice background dynamic to a more low-key song. However, it can also take the lead role, cutting through the mix and creating a killer melody riff leaving one to wonder just how Dunn pulls it off. The sound can sort of be described by using a lot of “post-” prefixes; post-rock, post-dance, etc. On first

listen, it can seem like homework music or something to read to, but it’s easy to get drawn into the music and actually actively listen. Now, with the release of its album and this current tour, the band is better than ever. “Transitions,” which came out last week, is incredible and continues the tradition of great albums for the duo. The first track, “Transitions,” clocks in at 10:35 and goes through many

“My Only Swerving” “Every Direction Is North” “Hot Cakes” “Indian Winter” “Cease and Persist” “Transitions”

preVIEW BAND: EL TEN ELEVEN venue: The Irenic, 3090 Polk ave. tickets: starting at $12 when: nov. 17 AT 7 P.M. Tickets available at

Mumford and Sons folks up Hollywood Bowl

Soda Bar 11/15 Laura Gibson

11/17 Plateaus

11/16 Gentleman Jesse

11/18 Blowfly

and His men

San Diego House of Blues 11/15 Epica

11/17 DJ Bl3nd

11/16 Anderson Hall

11/18 Belanova & Moenia courtesy of glassnote records

The Tower Bar

Mumford and Sons gets its namesake from its frontman, Marcus Mumford (floor). Contrary to what some may believe, the rest of the band members are not, in fact, his sons.

Jenna De Stefano Staff Writer

11/15 Lady Dottie and the Diamonds

11/17 Organs

11/16 Tiger High

The Casbah 11/16 Generationals 11/17 Transfer

11/18 Future You

I kept my expectations pretty low for the Mumford & Sons concert these past several weeks. I steered away from the live concert music video for “I Will Wait” and managed not to check the recent set lists online. But the expectations bubbled up after walking the dirty streets of Hollywood, past the “sold out” marquee sign and up the hill toward will call at the legendary Hollywood Bowl. Within just a couple of hours, my suddenly high expectations were met, if not exceeded. Starting the show off with its sophomore album’s titular song “Babel,” the band brought 17,000

fans to their feet instantly with five consecutive high-intensity songs that had everybody dancing away the chills of the autumn night. These feet-stomping ballads didn’t quite set the tone for the rest of the night though, as the band wove its slower songs into the set with a simple warning from frontman Marcus Mumford saying they were going to slow it down for the next few songs. Transitioning smoothly from rowdy sets to more intimate songs highlighted the band’s ability to lace elements that can rouse the body with one edgy tempo and then the spirit with their soft, traditional folk melodies. The band brought me to the show with a reputation of putting on barn-

burning performances of songs such as “Roll Away Your Stone,” but its slower-paced tunes such as “Ghosts That We Knew” had me swaying in sweet content, proving the most impassioned performances don’t always come from the loudest songs. After a fairly flawless two-hour performance, the band brought on its tour friends Dawes for the perfect ending with a fitting and folksy cover of the Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends.” As Mumford and his cohorts danced around on stage for the finale of its second sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl in three days, it was clear this band is not just getting by anymore. It’s already made it.

entertainment Brooke Schlyer Staff Writer

Tori Haynes Staff Writer

Celebrity Birthdays: Sunday- Italian-American “Jersey Shore” star Vinny Guadagnino celebrated his 25th birthday last

weekend in Las Vegas. Guadagnino and friends fist pumped the night away at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens. Monday- Anne Hathaway, celebrated her 30th birthday. The actress may be in store for her biggest and most successful year yet, because her recent wedding to Adam Shulman and her upcoming role in “Lés Miserables.” Tuesday- Late-night TV talk show

Thursday November 15, 2012 the daily aztec

host Jimmy Kimmel turned 45. Maybe the talk show host will be interviewed for once and share his thoughts on his special day. Wednesday- It’s hard to believe blink182 drummer Travis Barker turned 36 yesterday. For many blink-182 fans, neither the band members nor its music ages. Thursday- Shailene Woodley, star

paige nelson , photo editor

Entertainment Editor Kevin Smead sucks at “StarCraft II.” Luckily, there are those on campus who are far better than him at competitive gaming (such as Opinion Editor Leo Castaneda, pictured stomping Kevin’s Terran Kevin from an adjacent cubicle). This Friday at noon, The Daily Aztec’s Head of Aztec Gaming Cody Franklin and Jesse Castaneda will help host the first ever LanDiego State event. Head to the Parma Payne Goodall alumni center to participate in 11 solid hours of eSports, featuring games such as the aforementioned “StarCraft II,” “League of Legends” and even “Super Smash Brothers.” Compete in a tournament, win some prizes and kick some major virtual ass. Even if you feel like you’re a Kevin, after Saturday, you’ll be winning like a Leo. Go to LanDiego State, and please, watch out for Zerg rushes.

Classifieds HELP WANTED


Disabled man needs help on weekdays with household chores and errands. $12.00 /hr. CDL required. Winter break Spring semester. Call Doug at (619)2970884 or email __________________________________

Leading-edge clean energy financing company seeks smart, detail-oriented intern to assist an experienced team with building a brand and developing a suite of marketing and PR processes and materials to drive PACE adoption throughout the state. This is a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a promising start-up while working closely with an experienced A-team of industry professionals. Responsibilities include assisting with events, collateral development, case studies, traditional and social media relations, competitive analysis, reports and a variety of portfolio-building initiatives with tier-one municipal and private sector interests. Knowledge of finance, real estate and/or construction management a plus. This unpaid position includes a $500 stipend upon completion. Please email resume and cover letter to __________________________________

San Diego Scents is looking for Greek and dorm residents to join our team. Fun products, great commissions! Set your own schedule. 858-774-1212. __________________________________


want to

on campus?

The Daily Aztec does not endorse or support and has no affiliation with the products or services offered in the Classifieds section.

of ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” turns 21 years old today. It is up for discussion whether the show will be renamed “The Secret Life of the American Young Adult” for the remainder of its fifth and final season. Just kidding. Friday- Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal turns 35 tomorrow. She comes from


a family of Hollywood successors, with her director father, screenwriter mother and acclaimed actor and younger brother Jake Gyllenhaal. Saturday- Actress Rachel McAdams turns 34 on Saturday. In addition, she celebrates 10 years since playing a role in her first Hollywood movie, the 2002 comedy, “The Hot Chick.”



Thursday November 15, 2012 The Daily Aztec

Thank God for toilet art Eric Dobko


fears of breaking social taboos or desires of prestige—all of “This world is but a canvas which prevent art from reachto our imagination.” ing its true potential. The lack Feel the cold, white porcelain as – Henry David Thoreau of these restrictive influences is it gently caresses the underside what makes art that isn’t tied to of your thighs. Picture a roll of he Oxford University its creator truly the most powertoilet paper as it spirals to its Press online dictionary ful form you can find. center, like the sacred geometry defines art as “the Much to my dismay, I often of a nautilus shell. Take a deep expression or application of hufind businesses and schools breath, feeling it swell up inside man creative skill and imagipainting over this abundance of you. Your place of artistic nation.” It can be found in a of creativity, wiping it from inspiration is a public bathroom variety of forms, ranging from existence. The public restroom stall. Now release. Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous can be a rather unpleasant exWhile it may not be popu“Mona Lisa” to Salvador Dali’s perience, so why erase the one lar belief, bathroom stalls can “Lobster Telephone.” There part of it which actually brings be highly effective sources of are some who even say art excreative inspiration. Sure they’re people joy? Personally, I’d much ists in a can of tomato soup. rather pull my toilet seat covers sometimes covered with an Art is often created to cause out of a dispenser transformed overwhelming plethora of penis self-reflection in its viewers, to to look like Steve Buscemi’s drawings and poop tallies, but spread a radical political idea mouth. It’s a shame to see these it doesn’t have to be that way. or even just to provide aesthetic hidden artistic wonderlands reWho’s to say we can’t fill them pleasure. Whether it’s good or verted back to a plastic chamber with work that’s both artistibad, agreeable or appalling, art cally and intellectually stimulat- of grey sterility. I want each of is a fundamental medium for ing? Using the bathroom stall as my digestive conclusions to be a cultural enlightenment. fantastic adventure of epic proa canvas for self-expression has With that said, I’d like to portions. At the very least, art potential to turn a novice into take you through a little mental school graduates could be hired an artistic virtuoso. simulation. to personally However, you select what on must first clear the walls is your mind of worth keepother thoughts, It’s a shame to see these hidden artistic wondering, writing lands reverted back to a plastic chamber of grey constructive all memories of the past, criticisms for sterility. I want each of my digestive conclusions worries about what’s not. to be a fantastic adventure of epic proportions. the future and Why cover anything else up a prounrelated to found quote these words in that could front of you. If this is difficult, positively change someone’s life One of the advantages of try diverting your attention to one day? It should be up to the using the bathroom stall is the just the flow of your breath for people who sit in these stalls level of isolation it provides the a little while until it’s the only what kind of environment they artist; it’s the one place where thing on your mind. Carry on to no one will ever disturb you. want to produce their fertilizer the next paragraph once you’ve in. The tranquility of seclusion is a set your mind at ease. But if all bathroom stall art vital part of generating creative Now envision the place that is doomed inevitably be wiped ideas; American painter Henry brings to you the greatest out one day, it only means that Miller once said, “An artist is artistic inspiration, your own artists from all walks of life always alone – if he is an artpersonal utopia of creativity. must join together to turn our ist.” To avoid legal repercusWhat is this scene coming to excretory chambers into a Dr. sions, the street graffitist must life within your mind? Think Seussian-dream world. To win work as swiftly as possible, ofdeeply about this place and the war against artistic censorten with a great deal of stress;. each of its vivid characteristics ship, an army of Sharpie-wieldThe bathroom stall, however, surrounding you. Get lost in ing graffitists must rise up to allows one to work at ease for its placid solitude, free from march in unison for the bathas much time as the average disturbances, free from distracroom stall art revolution. Duty bowel movement provides. tions. Visualize its glimmering calls, so find yourself an empty Bathroom stall art is not only water as ripples gently glide bathroom stall and get those unperturbed, but also anonyGENERAL INFORMATION FOR ALL OTHER CONTACTS PLEASE VISIT across, until eventually returncreative juices flowing. mous. The artist can dissociate ing to a peaceful 619.594.4199 state of rest. work from worries of criticism, Staff Writer





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by Nancy Black, Tribune Media Services

Today’s Birthday (11/15/12) - Get your priorities straight, and the world is your oyster. Step into a bigger level game. Double-check travel arrangements, and send launch news after 11/26. New possibilities and perspectives unveil themselves after the Winter Solstice. Career rises steadily through next June, when an educational opportunity beckons. To get the advantage, check the day’s rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21 - April 19) - Today is an 8 - Establish a new regimen. There are excellent party conditions, but you may have to wait. Compromise and careful word choice are required. Not everyone is ready to boogie yet. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) - Today is a 6 - Share, but don’t give it all away. You’ll need some later. Private time is more productive; gracefully minimize interruptions. Resist spending for the time being. Relax and recharge. Gemini (May 21 - June 21) - Today is an 8 Get a feel for the balance of new tools. Make adjustments to your schedule, and accept a nice benefit. Controversy could arise. You’re gaining respect. Cancer (June 22 - July 22) - Today is a 7 - Schedule carefully. It looks good for a romantic excursion; go ahead and profess your love. Enjoy your surroundings. There is no shortage of benefits. Expand your field of vision. Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) - Today is a 9 - Save more than you spend. See what you can do without. Get help from a strong partner. Adjust priorities. A female makes interesting dessert. Your popularity is growing. Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) - Today is a 9

- There is less than expected. The more you learn, the better you look. Avoid making an avoidable error. The end result provides substantial gain. Love grows, along with other benefits. Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) - Today is an 8 - Don’t deplete reserves by staying up too late. Things don’t always go according to plan, but having a plan sure helps. Work with another on the next social gathering. Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) - Today is a 7 - Creativity and patience is required. Handle correspondence. Check work orders for changes. Friends give you a boost. Recycle and repurpose to revamp your home. When you’re happy, everybody’s happy. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) - Today is a 9 - Do the work yourself and save. Learn about safe investment plans, and pick one. Enjoy sweet victory. Turn down a public engagement for a private one. Encourage your partner. Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) - Today is a 6 - Avoid a fuss that doesn’t concern you. Do more research before launching. Plan carefully. Accept an upcoming increase in status, and more. Take the philosophical high ground. Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) - Today is an 8 - Don’t believe everything you hear. Maintain objectivity, and wait for more data. You and a partner connect. If you must spend, pay bills or add to your IRA. Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) - Today is an 8 - Put your feelings into the design. Love is everywhere you look! Add a touch of luxury, with elegant color. A smile dissolves confrontation. Invite for an intriguing possibility. ©2012, TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES INC.


by The Mepham Group, Tribune Media Services

Difficulty Level: 4 out of 4 Instructions: Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. Solutions available online at ©2012, TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES INC.

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CROSSWORD Across 1 Elegant trinket 6 Yam or taro 11 “Talk of the Nation” airer 14 Not proximate 15 “The Princess Bride” kidnapper __ Montoya 16 Rivière contents 17 Negotiator’s assets 20 Textbook updates, e.g.: Abbr. 21 Pricey screens 22 Nuts for soft drinks 23 Stage signal 24 Synthesizer pioneer 25 Utterly squashed 32 Come undone 33 Be just too sweet 34 Inkling 35 __ Lopez: chess opening 36 Mickey D’s breakfast item 39 In 40 Before, to the Bard 42 “Actually, that’s not true” 43 Reasons for returns 45 Easily identifiable teams, in casual games 48 Shared currency 49 Really quiet, in music 50 USS Missouri nickname 52 Digital image unit 55 Through 58 1885 Van Gogh painting (whose subjects may have appreciated the ends of 17-, 25- and 45-Across) 61 Angkor __: Cambodian temple 62 Die (out) 63 Trio with notable beards 64 “Star Trek: DSN” role 65 Below-average Joe 66 Eternities Down 1 Big screen pig 2 Third-generation release of 2012 3 24-Down containers 4 Part of ILO: Abbr. 5 Pacific-12 Conference member

by Rich Norris & Joyce Lewis, Tribune Media Services

Solutions available online at 6 Windshield application 7 Pac-12 member, e.g. 8 Some troughs 9 It’s usually broken before use 10 “You da man!” 11 Author of “The Sandman” graphic novels 12 Respected Smurf 13 Muscovite, e.g.: Abbr. 18 Think tank product 19 Cheap sauce 23 Keep from going higher 24 Subway addition? 25 Club with the motto “To Make the Best Better” 26 Beset 27 Milan’s La __ 28 Fully committed 29 Traveled down the Grand Canal, say

30 Has met before 31 JFK listings 32 College srs.’ tests 37 Soup with a bento 38 Named for a prez, Philly public square also known as Love Park 41 Master card? 44 Golf hole’s edge 46 Uniformed forces 47 WWI German vice admiral 50 USAF stealth plane 51 “__ to do it!” 52 Trail 53 Brangelina, e.g. 54 Tic-tac-toe option 55 Quash 56 Element in hemoglobin 57 Egyptian dangers 59 Dick 60 Philosopher Mo-__


Volume 99, Issue 46