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THURSDAY september 15, 2011 volume 97, issue 1



Class, work, lounging: there is quite a lot to accomplish. Everyone needs a respite from the stress and pressure of daily life, a chance to head out and discover some of the best parts of this remarkable city. The choices are overwhelmingly varied, but don’t panic: The Daily Aztec’s very first recreation issue is here to provide a place to start.







D A I LY A Z T E C Thursday, September 15, 2011




Redefining the ban students skate around Bill Crotty news editor Last Tuesday, The Daily Aztec printed an article titled “Bans spark fervor on campus,” which San Diego State officials have claimed was inaccurate because the policy has been in effect for a long time. “The policy of no skateboarding on campus has been a long-standing provision, not something new,” SDSU Senate Chair William B. Snavely said. “SDSU Police Code Section 100.02 subsection D states, ‘riding skateboards is prohibited on all university property at all times.’” However, there have been periods when the policy was not enforced. There is a vast amount of conflicting information from several organizations which suggest skateboarding has in fact been allowed for certain periods, lasting as long as one year despite still being banned. There have been votes in the senate on the ban as well. One such period when skateboarding was allowed at SDSU occurred from April 2010 through April 2011. “In April 2010, prior to the temporary bike lane installation, Associated Students proposed to the university senate to change a policy in the Parking and Traffic policy file regarding bikes, skateboards and


“I think it was a trial run to assist A.S. to see what would happen (if skateboarding was allowed ...)” SDSU Senate Chair William B. Snavely other similar personal wheeled conveyances,” A.S. Vice President of External Affairs Krista Parker said. “Once the trial period came to an end, about a year, the level of skateboard usage outside of designated areas on campus had drastically increased and their use was not in only operated designated locations.”

The “trial period,” according to both Snavely and Parker, was not an officially recognized period during which skateboarding was allowed, but many students were made aware of the shift in enforcement. When this ended and enforcement of the policy resumed, students found out the hard way.

“I found out from one of my friends, who took summer school and was stopped by a cop, and told that they would be cracking down on it this year,” Nadir Zriouel said. “And that was confirmed to me during a Sig Ep meeting.” Zriouel, a student who took it upon himself to plan a peaceful

protest which is scheduled to occur next month, said that he feels the university will change the current policy if enough students voice their opinions. “I think it was a trial run to assist A.S., to see what would happen (if skateboarding was allowed in the bike lane),” Snavely said. The university senate’s agenda from April 5 of this year said the committee approved a resolution to amend the senate’s policy “to exclude skateboards from use of the bicycle lanes on campus and other areas permitting bicycle operation.” Although the committee brought the revision to the senate, it did not pass. “The university senate defeated the motion to change the regulation, which included the ban,” Snavely said. What this means for students is skateboarding is, and has been, illegal at SDSU for many years now, but it was allowed nonetheless from April 2010 to April 2011. So, until a vote to repeal this ban passes the university senate, students will continue to receive fines of $180 when caught skating on campus. Want to read the agenda?

Though the policy is not new, intel is difficult to find



AZTEC Thursday, September 15, 2011


Savor sensual spreads at Italian hot spot


Antonio Zaragoza photo editor Italian-food lovers don’t have to go far to find a worthwhile Italian restaurant in San Diego. Nestled in the heart of Hillcrest, diners will find a gem called Ristorante Arrivederci. Chef and restaurateur Antonio Mastellone has created a delectable and delightful menu of Italian classics blended with his own unique, mouthwatering creations. Since its opening, Ristorante Arrivederci has positioned itself as one of the premier restaurants in Hillcrest and San

Diego, winning the San Diego Magazine Readers’ Pick of 2009 Best Italian Restaurant Award. With a moderately priced menu providing delicious Italian musthaves such as lasagna and penne arrabbiate, Ristorante Arrivederci won’t dissappoint. Start with the carpaccio classico, an appetizer of thin slices of beef arugola, artichokes, virgin olive oil and lemon juice topped with flaked Parmesan cheese. Or choose from other seafood appetizers and house salads to get the palate started. Diners can also find classic and delicious bruschetta and fresh oven-baked bread.

On a separate “specials” menu, Ristorante Arrivederci features plates such as the savory house-specialty five-cheese ravioli in “mama rosa” pink sauce. Meat eaters can add crumbled sausage to enjoy a true Italian delight. Diners who are 21 and older can also order a glass of Capetta Asti Aspumante sparkling wine to complement the meal or a traditional glass of house wine as well. Everything on the menu is delicious, so don’t be afraid to order and share. Guests are treated to quick, friendly and professional service by a dedicated staff that knows when to

approach the customers and when to let them enjoy their meals. Expect personalized service as servers treat each diner as if he or she was the only customer in the restaurant. The only thing lacking in this place is a stuffy atmosphere. Customers leave their troubles at the door and enjoy friendly company in this quaint but elegant restaurant with an authentic Italian look and feel. Regular customers will relish in the perks of this “neighborhood” classic. Fellows interested in dining with a special someone should take joy in

the fact that this great place isn’t going to wipe their college funds. She will be nothing but impressed when treated to Arrivederci. Talk over a glass of wine and enjoy royal treatment. Also, before heading out, remember to treat her to a mouthmelting dessert, such as the classic tiramisu and strawberry napoleon. She will surely remember the night as she is wooed with the dinner date of her dreams, so be classy and make that dinner reservation. Stop by at 3845 Fourth Ave. San Diego 92103 or call 619-299-6282 to make it happen.

D A I LY A Z T E C Thursday, September 15, 2011


Local parks offer great picnic options Randy Wilde staff writer Our fair city boasts a wealth of parks to enjoy the San Diego sun. Beyond the crowded beaches and tourist havens, a number of hidden gems provide parkgoers with peaceful surroundings and impressive vistas. Nestled on a hillside overlooking Pacific Beach, Kate O. Sessions Memorial Park provides breathtaking views of Mission Bay with downtown San Diego in the distance. The sloped grassy landscape feels more like lawn seating at an amphitheater where the main attraction is America’s Finest City itself. And nothing improves a view like good food in the belly. Picnics offer a uniquely relaxing way to enjoy the park scenery, whether the meal is a spread of fine meats and cheeses or a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For a fun and healthy picnic experience, stop by one of San Diego’s many farmers markets to pick up unique ethnic cuisines or the freshest fruits and veggies. There are a number of options for conveniently located farmers markets around San Diego State. City Heights Farmers Market, which operates from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Nothing improves a view like good food ... Picnics offer a uniquely relaxing way to enjoy the park scenery, whether the meal is a spread of fine meats and cheeses or a simple peanut butter and jelly. every Saturday, is located a short distance west of SDSU on Fairmount Avenue and Wightman Street. Mission Bay Park provides a more coastal picnic experience and space to play soccer, football or Frisbee on the open grass or volleyball on the sand courts. Outdoor-loving picnickers can earn their meal with a hike up the scenic canyons and hills of Mission Trails Regional Park just north of Montezuma Mesa. For other great picnic spots, try exploring Sunset Cliffs on the coast south of Ocean Beach,

Presidio Park west of SDSU on a hill off of Interstate 8 or the many quieter spots hidden from tourist traffic within the massive grounds of Balboa Park.


Local comedy circuit is always a riot John Anderson entertainment editor Sadly, with Los Angeles only two hours away, many big name comedians choose to skip San Diego on their national tours. While the occasional big name does come through town, San Diego isn’t exactly a worldrenowned comedy center. Luckily, the city does have a thriving local


comedy scene, with a number of talented comedians testing the boundaries of humor and social acceptance. Several local bars have embraced the comedy circuit, providing burgeoning comics with a stage, a mic and preferably a thoroughly boozed audience. Winstons in Ocean Beach hosts regular comedy competitions and open mics every Friday. The Blarney Stone in Clairemont Mesa is one of the most unpredictable places on the circuit, where it is not unusual for audience members to flash or throw darts at performers while loudly heckling and talking over the talent. Bar Eleven, known as “your neighborhood rock & roll joint,” hosts open mics at 9 p.m. on Wednesdays. For a more organized local comedy show, The Comedy Palace and The Comedy Store put together great shows on the weekends. Be warned, going to see local comedy has its risks. Unreceptive audiences, drunken hecklers and poor performances can turn a fun night out into a hellaciously awkward experience. Acknowledging this possibility and embracing it will help relieve the tension. While it is certainly better to witness success, there is nothing quite like watching a comic bomb. The feelings of commiseration, sympathy and, if the comic handles it properly, a hilarity all its own make the experience worth-

while even in the event of catastrophe. Just remember to laugh with the comedian, not at them.

Look out for headliners such as Zoltan ... Danny West, Brennon Bullock, Jesse Egan, Dallas McLaughlin, Christian Spicer and a host of other must-see local comedians ... Support some starving artists, laugh, drink and be merry.

Look out for headliners such as Zoltan. Voted funniest man in San Diego – a well-deserved honor – he often makes appearances at local comedy events. Be sure to also check out the underground comic genius that manifests itself in Danny West, Brennon Bullock, Jesse Egan, Dallas McLaughlin, Christian Spicer and a host of other must-see local comedians as well. Support some starving artists, laugh, drink and be merry.




AZTEC Thursday, September 15, 2011


Enjoy an adventure at Cowles Mountain Samantha Hirsch contributor Between the classes, clubs, organizations, sports teams and Greek life offered at San Diego State, life can potentially become somewhat chaotic for the average student. A great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of college life is to experience the wonders of Cowles Mountain. Located just 15 minutes from SDSU, Cowles Mountain offers a moderately steep trek, with breathtakingly spectacular views at the top. Indeed, it is the 360-degree panoramic view of San Diego County that makes the hike truly worthwhile. At the top, hikers can see most of what San Diego has to offer, including its lush green golf courses, piercing blue lakes and exceptional skyscrapers downtown. And with a summit of 1,593 feet, Cowles Mountain is the highest point in the city. Although San Diego is known to be one of the busiest cities in California, reaching the summit brings the refreshing breeze and surprisingly calm atmosphere that exists in sharp contrast to the rest of the city. It reminds hikers why San Diego is so special. Although the hike may be steep, it is not too difficult. People of all ages with varying physical abilities make the 1.5mile trek every day. With rock stairs conveniently built into the trail, hikers

may utilize different muscles as they trek the incline and avoid sliding down. This hike is not only a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the beauty of San Diego, but it can also be taken advantage of as a great social activity. Hiking the trail with groups of friends is becoming an extremely popular form of recreation.

The hike is dog-friendly as well, with a water bowl at the top to hydrate hikers’ beloved pups. To de-stress, rejuvenate and soak up some San Diego sun (or for the romantic, experience the hike as the sun sets), journey to Mission Trails Regional Park and venture toward a hike like no other.

opinion editor Two of our country’s greatest pastimes — golfing and Frisbee — are entertaining, but have their downsides. Combine the two, however, and it creates the best of both worlds — minus the stylish golfing pants.

Somewhere on the fringes of North Park to the east sits a small bar on El Cajon Boulevard hosting the best non-widely known music this side of Interstate 805. This magical indie wonderland called Soda Bar is located at the corner of 36th and El Cajon Boulevard. Soda Bar hosts shows from local acts to national artists every night of the week, with a couple exceptions throughout the month.

This magical indie wonderland called Soda bar ... hosts shows from local acts to national artists every night of the week, with a couple of exceptions throughout the month. FILE PHOTO

Its 200 person capacity is the perfect size and there is never a bad

view of the stage. It’s the kind of venue bands play in before they rise to fame. Recent shows at Soda Bar include an appearance by Cults and, fresh off Lollapalooza, Walk The Moon. Notable upcoming shows include Texas southern-rock band Johnathan Tyler & the Northern Lights, singersongwriter Sean Hayes and Colour Revolt. The exterior of the club blends in with its neighbors, so finding the dimly lit sign out front is key. The venue itself is divided in half, one side devoted to the performance area and the other to the bar, where patrons can snuggle up in one of the booths lining the walls and let a collection of bartenders serve up delicious libations. The rest of the bar is scattered with a few cocktail tables along the wall and a mix of vintage video games in the back corner. Soda Bar is a refreshing break from larger venues around the city and allows for the continual discovery of the next big thing. It’s open seven nights a week to everyone 21 and older. KATIE FISHER, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Within the last few years, Frisbee golfing has solidified itself as San Diego’s latest athletic frenzy. The game is very similar to golf: Participants play on a large grassy course with a number of obstacles including trees, large hills and outof-bounds areas. Frisbees of different colors and sizes are thrown from hole to hole, though the “holes” on the course are more similar to cage-like contraptions than anything seen on a PGA tour.

Within the last few years, Frisbee golfing has solidified itself as San Diego’s latest athletic frenzy ... For less than $6, one can have a solid afternoon’s worth of fun.


Plug into San Diego indie at the Soda Bar contributor

Disc golf an inexpensive way to relax outside Chris Pocock


Courtney Rogin

... reaching the summit brings the refreshing breeze and surprisingly calm atmosphere that exists in sharp contrast to the city. It reminds hikers why San Diego is so special.

D A I LY A Z T E C Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Frisbees aren’t the average plastic discs people throw on the beach. These Frisbees are hard plastic with varying shapes made for

specific purposes, similar to golf clubs. Putter Frisbees are used when one stands close to the hole, while wider Frisbees are better for starting out the first “stroke.” Most Frisbee golfing courses place holes anywhere between 100 and 1,000 yards away from each other. Morley Field Disc Golf Course, San Diego’s largest and most popular Frisbee golfing course, features 19 holes and an expansive green — though many of the holes cross over each other. Tickets are inexpensive, costing $3 on the weekdays and $4 on weekends and holidays. Disc rentals are $1.50, though participants are welcome to bring their own discs. Tournaments are also held at Morley Field and cost between $5 and $15. The holes change every Monday, so novices and Frisbee aficionados both start on a level playing field. For less than $6, one can have a solid afternoon’s worth of fun — just remember to shout, “Fore!

Drinkabout gives free rides to premier bars Andrew Younger staff writer While the brown, hoofed animal repository known as the San Diego Zoo and the killer whale detention center called SeaWorld have long brought national renown to America’s Finest City, San Diego’s craft beer scene has grown to prominence in recent years as a premier brewing locale in the country. The epicenter of this beer culture exists only four miles west of San Diego State on 30th Street, a street that Men’s Journal declared “is easily the nation’s best beer boulevard.” With a diversity of bars only rivaled by the diversity of beers throughout 30th Street and the surrounding Mid-City area, exploring everything this region has to offer could prove daunting for even the most tolerant of livers. Thankfully, on the third Wednesday of every PET ER KLU CH, month, a free bus tour SEN IOR STA FF P called the DrinkAbout HO TOG RAP allows patrons to hop HER on and off at any of the nine bars included

on the route while avoiding parking hassles and providing a designated driver for the night. Buses arrive every 30 minutes and form a loop that runs from 7-11 p.m.

Thankfully, on the third Wednesday of every month, a free bus tour ... allows patrons to hop on and off at any of the nine bars ... while avoiding parking hassles and providing a designated driver. Anchoring the ends of the DrinkAbout are two of “America’s 100 Best Beer Bars,” according to Draft Magazine: Normal Heights’ illustrious gastro-pub Blind Lady Ale House and South Park’s craft beer mecca Hamilton’s Tavern. Blind Lady on Adams Avenue, with its beer hallstyled open seating and exposed brick and beam interior, has a brewery feel that complements the wide selection

of both San Diego-specific beers and imports. Hamilton’s features 28 beers on tap and more than 200 different bottles with an emphasis on Belgianstyle ales. The next stop on the DrinkAbout tour after Blind Lady is Small Bar on Park Avenue. Small Bar, featured in The Daily Aztec in March, compensates for its diminutive size with its expansive beer and barrel-aged liquor selection. Following Small Bar is Live Wire Bar on El Cajon Boulevard, then San Francisco export Toronado and its collection of microbrews. For the more environmentally conscious, Sea Rocket Bistro only serves locally caught and sustainable food along with its craft beers while the Station Tavern offers gourmet hamburgers and hot dogs as well as traditional cocktails. The Ritual Tavern is a classy gastro-pub with outdoor seating and an extremely knowledgeable staff. And lastly, the newest addition to the DrinkAbout is El Cajon Boulevard’s Eleven which bills itself as “your neighborhood rock & roll joint.” Eleven features karaoke, live music, comedy nights and, presumably, amps that go to 11. The next DrinkAbout bus tour is on Sept. 21 and starts at 7 p.m. The cost is free. For more information, visit




AZTEC Thursday, September 15, 2011


Lestat’s open mics burst with talent Isabella Place contributor Lestat’s is certainly no Starbucks, that’s for sure. The contrast is plain to see, in fact, as the two are located diagonally across the street from one another. Lestat’s is best recognized as one of the local forerunners having merged the coffeehouse and open mic night scene. The coffee house began hosting open mic nights in the early 2000s and has kept its antics alive and kicking ever since. Nestled directly beneath the hard-tomiss “Normal Heights” sign just a few miles away PA from SDSU, Lestat’s can IG E NE easily be confused for an LS O N, ongoing “Twilight” convenST AF F PH tion. The reality of it is, OT O GR however, this coffeehouse is AP HE R anything but mainstream. As Adams Avenue became gentrified throughout this past decade, Lestat’s has maintained

its mom-and-pop appeal and managed to sustain its eclectic clientele all while providing a little bit of something for everyone. Lestat’s West is a small but epic comedy-centric venue adjacent to the coffeehouse with a myriad of activities happening almost every night. It is, hands down, the best place for live entertainment on a college student’s budget; event prices range from fairly inexpensive to completely free.

As Adams Avenue became gentrified ... Lestat’s has ... managed to sustain its eclectic clientele all while providing a little bit of something for everyone. On Mondays the venue hosts an open mic night at 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays feature a hilarious comedy night, and every Thursday a writers group meets from 5-6 p.m. Throughout the rest of the week Lestat’s hosts live music, oftentimes from well-known musicians.

Lestat’s and Lestat’s West recently added another location to the coffeehousehold. Lestat’s on Park (Boulevard, that is) is located about two miles west of the original. Lestat’s on Park could be seen as the more sophisticated (somewhat snootier) younger brother who is on his way to becoming a doctor, while the original Lestat’s on Adams went to a state college, majored in art and made many unique friends and has enjoyed every minute of the journey. Lestat’s on Park has its flair, while Lestat’s on Adams has its fun. Now, all a student has to do is ask, “Do I want to study tonight or do I want to be entertained?” Customer loyalty to one location instead of the other is apparent. To many local patrons there will always be one Lestat’s with an elaborate menu, both drinks and food, a distinguishable crowd, plus an easy-enough to remember trademark about its location: “We are open 24 hours … with live entertainment every night … under The Normal Heights Sign.” Lestat’s boasts an amusing ambience, delicious food and drinks, free Wi-Fi and 24-hours-a-day availability all year long. The bottom line: Lestat’s is without a doubt a college student’s home away from residence halls; a must-experience location, at least once or twice, or every night of the week.

The Old Globe brings top class theater David Dixon staff writer A wonderful venue for lovers of musicals and drama, The Old Globe consistently produces incredible theatrical experiences. From memorable premieres such as the Tony Award-winning “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” and “Into the Woods,” to classic revivals that recently included “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” and “Death of a Salesman,” there are many reasons why The Old Globe never ceases to amaze.

San Diego is incredibly fortunate to have The Old Globe right in its own backyard ... take advantage of this cultural gem. The new season, beginning with the campy gem “Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show” looks promising. The popular song “Time Warp” will be featured in this highly anticipated adaptation. Another likely hit coming

to the theater is “The Scottsboro Boys,” arguably the most controversial musical of the recent Broadway season. A dark plotline based on real events and an unconventional style forced the play to leave New York within a few months of opening, despite many award nominations and critical acclaim. Tickets are still available to the outdoor Shakespeare Festival’s productions of “Amadeus” and “The Tempest,” two remarkable plays that rank as some of the best The Old Globe has ever hosted. This year’s Shakespeare Festival will end late September, so hurry and experience a quality night of guaranteed enchantment. If the price of tickets is an issue, there is a great program called “$20 under 30.” Not only do participants younger than 30 years of age receive a terrific discount for regular admission, the program also grants additional perks including low price deals on delicious downtown restaurants. San Diego is incredibly fortunate to have The Old Globe right in its own backyard. Not many cities can boast being home to a theater that rivals the quality

and professionalism of those in New York and London. Take advantage of this cultural gem that is less than a half hour away from campus.




AZTEC Thursday, September 15, 2011




BCS distinction means very little to Long, Aztecs Antonio Morales sports editor Facts are facts, the San Diego State football team hasn’t enjoyed much success against BCS-conference and Pac-12 teams in the past. On Saturday against Washington State, SDSU has the chance to kill two birds with one stone. The team has lost 19 straight games to teams that reside in the Pac-12 and its luck against BCS teams in general hasn’t been much better. There have been a couple of nearmisses against the big boys in the past, most recently the heartbreaking loss against Missouri last year. The Aztecs are favored this weekend against the Cougars and it appears to be their best chance to finally beat a team from a power conference. At his weekly press conference Head coach Rocky Long dismissed the notion he was looking at this game any differently because it was against a team from the Pac-12. “We’re Division I, they’re Division I,” Long said. “I think our league is as good

as most BCS leagues. We’re in the same division they are, it’s no big difference.” Long is trying to install the same mindset into his players, who may be looking at this game differently than he is. The first-year coach put some onus on the media for possibly putting those thoughts into player’s heads. According to Long it will take some time to change the mindset. “If you ask one of our players the same question I’m sure they would say ‘Yeah, it’s really exciting to play a BCS team,’” Long said. “In two or three years of me being the head coach, they won’t say that. That’s all built up by you guys (the media). That’s all drummed into their heads, and people have made them believe that. I don’t believe that. I think it’s a bunch of hogwash.” BCS or not, WSU seems to be much improved this year as opposed to the last couple of years. Through two games the Cougars rank first nationally in scoring offense and sixth in passing offense. The WSU offense will be a stark contrast from the two offenses SDSU has seen thus far. The Cougars will try

Name: Antonio Morales (6-1) Title: Sports Editor Prediction: Boise State, Bowling Green, Colorado, TCU, Texas Tech, SDSU, Hawaii Quotable: “3-0 would be a real good look.”

to air it out against the Aztecs who have seen two run-oriented offenses in the first two games this season. Senior defensive lineman Larry Gibbs noted despite the drastic differences between offenses, the Aztecs will still be looking to be aggressive defensively. “It’s definitely going to be different,” Gibbs said. “They’re going to try to spread us out more, but we’re going to have to attack whatever it is. It will be a transition from the runblocking, heavy three-point stances of an Army, of a Cal Poly to the twopoint stances and the lightness of Washington State.” Senior quarterback Ryan Lindley, who was redshirted during the last meeting between the two schools, is just looking to play well. Lindley knows the team effort against the Cougars will need to be better than it was a week ago against Army. “Honestly, it doesn’t matter,” Lindley said. “Week in, week out, you need to play your best football regardless. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing. We didn’t play our best football last week and almost lost the game.”

Name: Ryan Schuler (12-1) Title: Contributor Prediction: Boise State, Bowling Green, Colorado, TCU, Texas Tech, SDSU, Hawaii Quotable: “I hope Tom Brady breaks his throwing arm before Sunday.”

Name: Agustin Gonzalez (11-2) Title: Staff Writer Prediction: Boise State, Bowling Green, Colorado, TCU, Texas Tech, SDSU, Hawaii Quotable: “Insert witty comment here.”

Name: Beau Bearden (5-1) Title: Contributor Prediction: Boise State, Bowling Green, Coloarado, TCU, Texas Tech, SDSU, Hawaii Quotable: “Last week’s quotable was an utter fail aka #BeauBearden. So here’s something newsworthy. Geico shouldn’t have any competition at Aztec games now that GeckShow is retired.”


Boise State at Toledo Wyoming at Bowling Green Colorado State at Colorado Louisiana-Monroe at TCU Texas Tech vs. New Mexico Washington State vs. SDSU Hawaii vs. UNLV



WHO: SDSU vs. Washington State WHEN: Saturday, 3:30 p.m. WHERE: Qualcomm Stadium WHY TO WATCH: The Aztecs are seeking their first 3-0 start since 1981 and first win against the Pac12 team since 1995. Follow me on Twitter @AntonioCMorales

San Diego State senior defensive lineman Larry Gibbs is ready to play against the spread attack of Washington State. | FILE PHOTO

ALL HAIL THE DAILY AZTEC! We’ll take you where you want to go.



AZTEC Thursday, September 15, 2011



Tiēsto attacks college campuses with beats Tanya Huang asst. copy chief Insomniac Events, and Amplified Access are at it again, bringing the world’s best disc jockeys to the most unforgettable music festivals. The world’s No. 1 DJ, Tiësto, aka Tijs Michiel Verwest, is finally bringing his beats to San Diego from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Oct. 2 at Valley View Casino Center. And his prodigy, 19-year-old Porter Robinson from Chapel Hill, N.C. will be opening for him in the 13,500 capacity arena. This will be Tiësto’s 15th stop during his two-week long Club Life College Invasion Tour throughout college campuses in the United States and Canada. His latest mix album, “CLUB LIFE Volume One Las Vegas,” was released in April and his newest track, “Maximal Crazy,” will be released Sept. 20 on iTunes and has already made Beatport’s Top 10 list. The city of Las Vegas was so impressed by his performance that the mayor named a street “Tiësto Way” and declared New Year’s Day as “Tiësto Day.” Having won several MTV awards and earned a Grammy nomination, it’s no wonder Tiësto has sold more than 1.3 million tracks in the U.S. This year The Wall Street Journal reported Tiësto’s annual income to be $20 million. His famous collaborations with artists such as Nelly Furtado, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Goldfrapp, Jónsi from Sigur Rós, Diplo and


Busta Ryhmes have also helped him achieve 15 albums on Billboard’s Top Electronic Albums. Before Deadmau5 conquered the electronic dance music scene, Tiësto had performed at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games. Since then, Tiësto has dropped epic beats in six continents for more than 1 million die-hard fans. Now young fans no longer need to worry about

having the funds to see Tiësto live, thanks to his College Invasion Tour’s affordable tickets. “We’d always thought about the college market,” Tiësto’s worldwide manager Michael Cohen said to Billboard. “But hip-hop had such a strong hold. Early this year we decided it was time. College kids are really discovering this music and scene for the first time, and they

need a test of the Tiësto experience. It’s almost a rite of passage: Whether you like dubstep or techno, whatever your entry point, at some point someone is going to say, ‘Have you seen Tiësto?’” Since the announcement of this tour, Tiësto has been interacting with his fans via Facebook with major contests and prize giveaways. Fans were given the chance to remix

Tiësto’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” and the winning track, the Paris FZ & Simo T remix, chosen by Tiësto himself, will be released on his Musical Freedom Label later this year. That lucky fan will also have the opportunity to open for Tiësto during the College Invasion Tour. Another contest winner, Amanda Alonso from Miami, competed against other fans by promoting Tiësto online and won the chance to have Tiësto appear at her house party. “(The College Invasion Tour) provides a way for me to bring my show to new parts of the continent and to a new generation of music fans,” Tiësto said on his website. “American and Canadian college students have always played an important role in the development of musical acts and genres. I hope that this tour helps to establish dance music in the same way.” This 18 and older event will also feature a full bar for partygoers of legal drinking age. Tickets can be purchased for $49.28 at until Oct. 2 at 5 p.m. Eventvibe promoters will also be offering limited $34 discounted tickets to students on campus. Aztecs can show Tiësto they are his No. 1 fans by joining the Facebook event page, “SDSU LOVES TIESTO!!!” For more information on discount tickets and student transportation options, visit Read Andrew Younger’s review of Contagion at

D A I LY A Z T E C Thursday, September 15, 2011





PART/TIME housekeeping 1/morning vac/dust immaculate house. car needed. close SDSU $10/hr 4hr/morn retired teacher 619-272-8827.

$850 mo. 600 sq. ft. unfurnished studio with fireplace and large yard. Three blocks from downtown La Mesa. Utilities and cable free. No pets. (619) 988-0775.



INTERNSHIPS Xponential Growth Solutions: Marketing / Financial Services Company. Come visit us at the September 22nd Internship Fair. For early consideration please send resume and cover letter to



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Intuitive Insights School of Clairvoyance offers free aura readings at the monthly Free Healing & Reading Clinic 7:30-9:00 pm first Mondays 9/5, 10/3, 11/7, 12/5; 4455 Morena Blvd, #108, SD, 92117 858-509-7582. www.MyIntuition.Net



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on campus?



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Testing an American way ell, here it is, the beginning of my third and final year at State. Truth be told, I think I may be more confused now than when I first set foot on this godforsaken ground. “Go to college,” they say. “Get an education,” they say. And here I am, diligently keeping my nose in the books and following the curricula for that final goal. But what of it? In one year, I will walk away from this place with a piece of paper that says I survived. Not only did I survive, I did my homework too. And then? I take that certificate of due diligence and mediocre accomplishment ‘round to all the open doors with a slot to fill. If I’m lucky, I find a kind and gracious master, one who appreciates my qualities and rewards them with a livable wage. And so the story goes. History tells us wonderful tales of all that America has done. It tells us the triumphs and accomplishments of America. But the term “history” clearly implies the past. What is America now? We claim to be the best, but at what, claiming to be the best? What do we do? What do we offer? What the hell is America? Best I can tell it’s an institution overrun by personal influence ensuring the wealthy continuation to profit, at whatever cost. And that cost passes to us.


Joe Stewart staff writer We’re spoon-fed magical stories of finding true love and ascending from rags to riches from birth, all told to keep us blindly hopeful for a day when we want nothing. Reality, though, is a much more bleak, anticlimactic tale. The ride has run its course and it’s time to decide whether we repair the keel, hull and mast or simply abandon ship. America has become a nation, not full of Americans, but full of individuals. We spend our time between the token machine and the carnival rides, and if there’s a ride out of our reach we visit the token master to promise him three tomorrow for two today. We are consumers to our core. America is no longer a nation; it’s a shopping mall. We’ve lost all sense of locality and community for an undying allegiance to that ever-inspiring banner of red, white and blue, a pennant created with a greater hope for humanity in mind. But, as is the fate of most great women, Lady Liberty has found herself taken advantage of. Her generosity we strain, her admiration we turn to narcissistic pride, her pursuit of equality is jaded to seek unfair advantage and her love is taken selfishly without reciprocation.

The only faith we mutually share is hope. A nation consecrated on the hope and belief that people desire to participate and influence its direction has become filled with a people who hope there are others who desire to participate and influence its direction. But not us. Not today. What a silly faith. I’ll tell you what I’ve learned of faith. Faith is a debilitating drug leading you to a place where you can easily overlook your shortcomings, forgive your trespasses and whittle away a path for which you seek constant admiration. Faith is a favorite drug because it frees you from accountability. So, while the semester is still young, let’s say we put away our lists of relatives we have not killed off, take a moment to remember why we’re here and show up to class more often than test days. Hell, maybe we’ll even participate in a discussion. If we’re lucky we might see some spark of intellectual curiosity within ourselves. We need to get past the incited fire burning for belonging, acceptance and escape. Even the luckiest among those still become tattered, broken and most often in need of a penicillin shot. The world is our playground, sure. But the “American Way” must be something greater than paying someone else to be its maintenance crew.


HOROSCOPE TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (9/15/11) Spend less than you earn this year to keep a steady forward progress. Financial growth looks likely, and it may take discipline. Look before you leap, and research major decisions. Change brings excitement. New love enters the stage. To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. ARIES (March 21 - April 19) - Today is a 9 Venus enters Libra for the next 225 days. In general, love, beauty and art will flower. Simple appreciation of quality satisfies. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) - Today is an 8 - The finer things in life call to you, but you should resist spending impulsively. Create a plan to attain your desire permanently. You've got the power. GEMINI (May 21 - June 21) - Today is a 7 You may want to talk about beauty and romance, but consider your words carefully. Be respectful as you stand up for a passionate cause. Make a strategic plan. CANCER (June 22 - July 22) - Today is a 7 Words of justice stir you to action. Some chaos at work and on the roads makes staying close to home a good idea. Share a meal with someone interesting. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22) - Today is a 7 There's a test or a challenge ahead. Try doing something you've never done before, if the answer's not obvious. Don't try to pay everyone's way. They want to contribute. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) - Today is a 7 Find a way to make your personal anxieties productive. Use nervous energy to get the

dishes washed. There's always something to learn. Express yourself through art or science. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) - Today is an 8 You may want to win every argument today, but choose your battles well and save energy for those worth fighting. It's a balancing act, especially where love is concerned. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) - Today is an 8 - You can't be in two places at the same time, no matter how hard you try. The closest approximation is to teach someone the job you love less, and hand it over to them. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) - Today is a 7 - You're very attractive now (in spite of yourself). Focus on a passion. You appreciate loveliness. Write some poetry, especially if you don't know how. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) - Today is a 9 - Use creative energy to make your home work for you. Small changes in decoration go a long way for your selfesteem. A new low-energy light bulb saves money, which adds up quickly. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) - Today is an 8 - Focus on fine-tuning your place for the next couple of days. Make sure your nest is in order and that you're comfortable with where everything is. This provides peace. PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20) - Today is an 8 - Get in communication with the people that need to hear from you (you know who they are). They'll be glad, and you benefit from the conversation. It lightens your spirit. ©2011, TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES INC.



Difficulty Level: 3 out of 4 Instructions: Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit Solutions available online at ©2011, TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES INC.


Happy Birthday! Photo Editor Antonio Zaragoza captured this photo of PSFA representative Kristin Sword at Qualcomm Stadium cheering on the Aztecs. This weekend, let’s cheer for her.

ACROSS 1 Cabernets, e.g. 5 __ Ababa 10 It’s in poetry? 13 Ray’s mom on “Everybody Loves Raymond” 14 Corner-to-corner lines 16 Blowing away 17 Small smoke 18 Brand with a cuckoo mascot 20 Enunciate poorly 21 Spanish liqueur 22 Literary schnauzer 23 Invitation sender 24 Took care of 25 Last pres. born in the 19th century 26 Fish and chips fish 29 Jazz guitarist Montgomery 30 IM user, perhaps 32 News distributors 34 Recall aids 40 Adams’s “Nixon in China,” for one 41 Rice follower, at the market 42 Colorful subway poster 45 Reagan era acronym 46 Load 48 CCCX x V 49 ’40s film critic James 51 Injury reminder 53 Concert wind 54 Herring prized for its eggs 55 Disapproval 57 Not easily comprehended 59 Like some pride 60 Nassau Coliseum NHL team 61 Coeur d’__


Solutions available online at 62 “The X-Files” extras 63 Proposal rarely made on one knee 64 Arctic hazard DOWN 1 Salad veggie 2 “Spamalot” cocreator 3 Prehistoric critters, briefly 4 Dreamcast maker 5 Impeach 6 Go with the tide 7 Having a mug like a pug 8 “A miss __ good ...” 9 Belarus, once: Abbr. 10 Soapmaking material 11 Treat like dirt

12 Hybrid apparel 13 Crushed-stone surface 15 Words after a splash in a fountain, maybe 19 Artificially inflate 25 Dilating application 27 Poetic dedication 28 Place to recline 31 Genre of the band Jimmy Eat World 32 __ Nashville: record label 33 Mattress filler 35 “Waking __ Devine”: 1998 film 36 Dún Laoghaire’s waters 37 Trump has an elaborate one 38 Providing funds for

39 Characteristic of this puzzle’s circled letters, which suggest a 1991 Oscarwinning film 42 Old golf club name 43 White as a sheet 44 Diver’s quest 46 Least likely to bite 47 Globe 50 Icelandic source of mythology 52 Callers at round dances 53 Ballet’s Black Swan 55 Uproar 56 Unpopular worker 58 Blast cause


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