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FEATURING: Thwaites lasting legacy & much more CONEXPO PREVIEW

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What happens in Vegas…


Last year it was Bauma in Munich. The year before, it was Intermat in Paris. But this year. The focus of the construction equipment world will fall upon Las Vegas and the massive ConExpo show. The timing of the latest ConExpo really could not be better. Say what you like about President Trump (and, believe me, I do) there is no question that he has given the US economy a welcome shot in the arm and a much needed kick in the butt. As a result, US equipment buyers are expected to flock to the show in their droves; checking out the very latest equipment that will help them meet the construction, civil engineering and infrastructure needs of the next few years.

Mark Anthony - Mark Anthony Publicity 07973 465 166

Assistant Editor

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Sales Director Ben Chambers

As always, Caterpillar will be the stand to visit. As the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer and with the show taking place in its US backyard, the company generally pulls out all the stops to put on a display that walks that combines quality AND quantity. 01903 952641

Head of Sales Luke Chaplin

Indeed, judging by the number of Cat t-shirts and baseball caps doing the rounds at the last ConExpo, there are many that go purely to see Caterpillar and take in the rest as a bonus. And that’s a good thing. Because when Caterpillar is firing on all cylinders, the other major manufacturers have to bring their A-game. It is early days and some details are being kept under wraps. But early indication suggests that the likes of Volvo, Case, Bobcat Hitachi, Liebherr and a multitude of others will be making major announces during the show. 01903 952643


Of course, Las Vegas may be beyond the budget of UKbased plant hirers and equipment owners and operators. Which is where we come in.


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The Diggers and Dozers editorial team will be there for the duration of the show, taking photos, shooting video and gathering information that we will share – initially – via our various social media feeds (at the time of writing, our Instagram page has more than 170,000 followers) and then on and in the pages of the magazine. We will bring you all the highlights, the news and the views from the show, together with a flavour of Vegas itself. I would be lying if I said it will be just like being there. But, if you can’t spare the time or the money to make the trip, it will be the next best thing.


Suite 5 & 6 Chapel House, 1-6 Chapel Road Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1EX 01903 952640

And we’re doing that for a very important reason, not just so we can spend a week in Nevada. The equipment that is launched at the show will slowly percolate across the globe in the months and years to follow. Furthermore, the ConExpo show will provide a unique barometer of global market sentiment. A positive ConExpo – which is what everyone expects – means a positive global construction equipment market; which is what we all need.

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According to the old adage, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. That might be true for some of the seedier parts of the City of Sin. But in the construction equipment world, what happens in Vegas will be broadcast and felt across the world.

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Diggers and Dozers editor Mark Anthony returns to the Thwaites site dumper factory for the first time in three decades and finds a product line shaped by modern demands and a company untainted by the passage of time.

It is 30 years since I last visited the Thwaites factory in Cubbington. Sure, I have written about them regularly in the interim. I have spoken to the company at exhibitions, seen their products on sites up and down the land, and have kept a watching brief on what I still think of as a “kindly” company. But the last time I was on actual Thwaites soil, Nelson Mandela was still adjusting to life as a free man, demolition of the Berlin Wall had just begun, The Simpsons had aired on Fox TV for the first time, and I had long hair. There may or may not have been a ponytail involved. And a bright-eyed young man called Ian Brown had just joined the Thwaites team. Thirty years on and I am back. The ponytail and a good deal more of the hair has gone. There are several generations of Germans that know of East and West Germany only from history books; the same history books that detail the end of apartheid in South Africa. While my career progression largely peaked about a year later, that bright-eyed young

man is now Thwaites’ deputy chairman. And, through it all, Thwaites has remained kindly, traditional and strangely yet pleasantly avuncular. Nowhere is this more evident than its public persona at exhibitions. While its competitors have embraced whizz-bang pyrotechnics, laser beams and dancing girls, until relatively recently you could spot the Thwaites team by their striped blazers and straw fedoras. In a construction equipment world of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti wannabes, Thwaites is Morgan; a company built upon a tradition that it upholds to this day.

Green Mile

I am here – at least in part – to talk about the new 2020 range of site dumpers on offer from the company. As is to be expected these days, those new dumpers come with super-clean Stage 5 engines, LED displays, telematics capabilities and comfy seats. But walking the green mile – a safe path that winds





and meanders through a Thwaites factory that occupies around 25 hectares of the Warwickshire countryside – it is immediately clear that such things are mere baubles and trinkets; like fitting a hand-made Morgan with a sat-nav system and Bluetooth audio system. Don’t get me wrong. Thwaites has unquestionably ceded to modernity. Along with the gadgetry and 21st century trappings

adorning its machines, the factory itself is replete with the laser cutters and robot welding machines that are the very picture of state-of-the-art manufacturing. Looks can be deceiving, however. For while the various grades of steel that enter the factory are cut, bent, bolted and welded with the aid of machines, each Thwaites site dumper is largely hand-built. So much so that – if you know where to look and if


you look really hard – you might just find the initials of the welder that made the skip or the chassis stamped into the steelwork. Internally, that stamp allows Thwaites’ eagle-eyed quality assurance team to trace any faults back to the person responsible. Externally, however, that initial stamp is a mark of quality. The average plant hirer might never own a signed Picasso painting, but they can certainly own a signed Daniel dumper!


Honest & Transparent

I am sure that some of my contemporaries in the world of construction equipment journalism welcome the opportunity to see a machine being made. To me, this is generally about as interesting as watching so much emulsion dry on a blank wall. What interests me is the end product, not its creation. And yet, there is something about the Thwaites factory that is engaging, even endearing. It might be the fact that it can trace its history back more than 80 years; maybe it is the joy of watching craftsmen go about their business. But what truly impresses is the openness and transparency of the facility. Before we walk the green mile, general sales manager Andrew Sabin says that I am free to speak to any of the staff; that they’ll be happy to chat. And they are. Sabin also makes a point of showing me an area of the factory that has been set aside for faulty or defective components and manufactured items. And he seems genuinely disappointed when we arrive at the “Rectification Area” – a part of the factory in which newly-built machines found to have a fault are stored - only to find it bereft of machines. “Any manufacturer that says it has no faults is lying,” he says. He’s right, of course. But his willingness to share his company’s fallibility is honest, and human.

Tradition & Innovation

All of this makes Thwaites sound oldfashioned. It is. It is a hardback book in a Kindle world; a tweed suit in a room filled with hoodies and low-slung jeans. That is a good thing. It is why the company has more 20 and 30-year veteran employees than it cares to count; why it’s not unusual for grandfathers, fathers, sons, uncles and cousins to have worked for the firm over its 80-year history, often simultaneously. But for all that tradition, the company has not been idle in the innovation department. Thwaites offered cabs on its machines decades before the health and safety police decided that dumper operators’ refusal to wear the seat belts that might save their life could be solved only with the addition of an enclosed compartment. It had produced dumpers that placed the load behind the operator too – There really is nothing new under the sun. It even introduced, developed and then ultimately shelved a compact backhoe loader – the Alldig – long before its noisy neighbour in Uttoxeter brought the 2CX and 1CX to market. But throughout, Thwaites has been a manufacturer of site dumpers; a fact that is immortalised on the Welcome to Cubbington sign at the entrance to the town it helped put on the map. While others have sought success or survival via a jack-of-all-trades diversification, Thwaites has retracted to its

origins and has focused on doing one thing but doing it incredibly well. A master of one.

dumper party to much fanfare just a few short years ago.

Last year, I was lucky enough to visit Japan where I ate in a restaurant that served just one dish - wagyu beef. It was cooked in one way (none of your medium rare nonsense); and it came without accompaniments and garnishes. That, in a nutshell, is the Thwaites way.

Through it all, Thwaites has stood firm; a fixed point in an ever-changing landscape in which many have come and almost as many have gone.

Fixed Point

Much has changed within the construction equipment landscape since I last set foot in the Thwaites factory, particularly in the field of site dumpers. The last time I was there, Thwaites’ main rival was Benford. And Barford was the new kid on the block, determined to make dumpers bigger than anything that had gone before. History shows that Barford burned brightly, but briefly; like a pretty yet ultimately vacuous boy-band. Benford was swallowed by Terex; Terex begat Meccalac. Wacker Neuson subsequently threw its hat into the ring, and those noisy neighbours from Staffordshire joined the site


The site dumper is not a sexy product. It is the site workhorse; its efficiency sadly masked and obscured by its ubiquity. But Thwaites is not in the business of sexy products. Thwaites is a Hardy fly-fishing rod, beef wellington at Rules restaurant in London. It is afternoon tea at The Savoy when there is a McDonalds just down the road. Hopefully, it will not be another 30 years till I return to the Thwaites factory. But, even if it was, and even if the construction equipment world of 2050 is one of laser-guided, waterfuelled and robot-operated hover dumpers, there will be a corner of Cubbington still making site dumpers the old-fashioned way. The right way. Because change is good. But, in some cases, tradition is better.



A range of equipment supplied by Molson Group is playing a pivotal role in a housebuilding development that requires the reprocessing and remediation of around 60 hectares of former landfill in Sussex. Ahead of a multi-million pound project that will see the construction of more than 2,500 much-needed family homes, West Midlands-based Dunton Environmental is carrying out an extensive seven-year landfill reprocessing and remediation programme at Kilnwood Vale near Crawley, West Sussex. An advanced range of machinery supplied by multi-faceted equipment importer and distributor Molson is playing a key role in the process.

Dunton describes as “soil hospitals”. “We bring soils back to life,” explains Dunton Environmental’s general director Tony Sadla. At Kilnwood Vale, a massive 60 hectare site acquired by Crest Nicholson and now divided amongst a number of premier UK

Landfill Regeneration

To most people, a former landfill site is a blot on the landscape; a no-go zone filled with potentially toxic and hazardous materials that leach gas and contaminate ground water. To Dunton Environmental, however, a former landfill site is an opportunity; a brownfield site longing to become green. The company utilises a variety of scientific methods to treat former landfill waste and contaminated soils including heavy metal remediation and bioremediation. Much of this treatment takes place off site in facilities


housebuilders, the company is dealing with something far less noxious and hazardous. Dunton Environmental first arrived on the site in 2015 and, aside from a short break of around seven months, has been there ever since. There is still another three years of the contract left to run.

Worldwide Auctioneers of Construction & Agricultural Equipment

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2017 Hitachi ZX130LCN-6

2016 Doosan DX140LC-5

2015 Hitachi ZX130LCN-5 - choice

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2017 JCB JS130LC

15-18 Doosan DX85R - choice

2015 Bobcat E85

2016 Takeuchi TB280

2018 Hitachi ZX65USB-5 - choice

17-18 Takeuchi TB260 - choice

2017 Case CX60C

2018 Kobelco SK85 MSR-3E

2014 Doosan DX62R-3

2017 Case CX80C

2015 Bobcat E85

17-19 Kubota KX057-4 - choice

2019 Kubota U27-4 - choice

2019 Takeuchi TB230

2014 Kubota U55-4


OFF SITE 1 DAY UNRESERVED AUCTION 20th February @ 9.00am For more information contact Brett Wood: +44 (0) 7821 090 500 Unit 59 Foxmoor Business Park, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 9RF.


“The landfill site was largely inert,” explains Dunton Environmental associate director Sean Deloughery. “There was no household waste. It is made up primarily of construction and demolition waste but we are coming across timber, plastics, pockets of clay and the occasional car part or two.”

our Terex Finlay 595 heavy duty screener,” explains Sean Deloughery. “But the primary reason we continue to choose Molson is the strength and responsiveness of their aftersales service. With some of our other suppliers, it can be difficult to get an

engineer on site the same week. But Molson just seems willing and able to respond almost immediately. I made a call to them recently at 1pm. By 3.30 pm the same day, there was a Molson engineer on site rectifying the problem.”

The task facing Dunton Environmental is primarily one of segregation. The company is using a range of excavators – including a Kobelco SK270SRLC-5 and a pair of Kobelco SK210H LC-10 Hybrid units – to dig down into the landfilled waste. Rubble, metals, plastics and timer are then separated prior to further processing offsite. This is then capped with high quality cleaned soil before house construction can begin.

Sales and Service

Although Dunton Environmental runs a mixed equipment fleet – including a recently-acquired a pair of Ammann ASC130 single drum rollers – it is notable that the company takes a good deal of its equipment from Bristol-based Molson Equipment. “We like dealing with Molson because their broad range of equipment covers virtually all our needs including both regular and Hybrid excavators and

SUPPLY PARTS FOR THE COMPLETE PARTS PACKAGE WE ALL VOLVO MACHINES • 25 years experience with Volvo Dump-Trucks • Your choice of Swedish quality SLP or genuine OEM • Selected-used or refurbished parts • All models catered for and all ages • Big savings • Engine and transmission rebuilds • Maintenance and repairs • Export enquiries welcome

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10 WPS Ltd has no affiliation or connection with, or approval by the VCE organisation



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Proven performance for over 30 years McCloskey’s field tested equipment leads the industry with a complete line of high performance crushers, screeners, trommels and stacking conveyors. Proudly serving industries worldwide including: quarry & mining, waste management and recycling, aggregate processing, construction and demolition, wood recycling, composting and landscaping. All McCloskey products are carefully designed at the worlds premier crusher and screener design office in Co Tyrone and manufactured by a dedicated team of engineers with high quality components and vigorously field tested in the harshest environments to ensure maximum performance and durability. Discover why McCloskey is an industry leader and the largest independent manufacturer of portable crushing and screening equipment in the world.






Quite why anyone would choose to enter the demolition robot business at this late stage, frankly, is a mystery to me. The global market for these highly specialised machines is estimated to be in the region of 500 units. And while the market has attracted several combatants, there is one brand – Brokk that has become so synonymous with the demolition robot concept that its very name has become industry shorthand for these machines, regardless of manufacturer. Yet a Bedfordshire-based company called ES Robotics has decided to throw its hat into the demolition robot arena, unveiling a new four-model range during a launch that redefined the term “low-key”. That range of machines is called the Akula series (Akula is, apparently, Russian for shark. Quite what that has to do with demolition robots, however, is not explained) And before anyone dismisses this Johnny-comelately manufacturer, it is perhaps worth remembering that the process of vacuum cleaning was – for many years – known as Hoovering, such was the dominance of the once mighty Hoover. Yet a latecomer British upstart – Dyson – pitched up uninvited. And we all know how that turned out. Let us start with how the machine looks. It does not look like a Brokk. A Brokk is a model T-800 robot as portrayed in the Terminator movie franchise by an unfeasibly muscular Arnold Schwarzenegger; all biceps and chiselled curves. The Akula DR300 shown at the machine’s official launch is, by comparison, is a T-1000 from Terminator 2: leaner and skinnier though without the liquid metal transformation capabilities. In truth, the Akula machine looks less like a dedicated demolition robot and more like a mini excavator with its cab removed. There are other issues too. I walked around the machine with an experienced and professional Brokk operator, and both of us noticed some potential problems. The


routing of some of the hydraulic hoses on the boom and dipper made them vulnerable in several areas. The key and lock on the panel that provides access to the electrical part of the machine’s dual fuel system appeared to have been designed primarily to get knocked off during demolition work. The remote control console feels overly heavy, like lumbago made flesh. There was a noticeable oil leak on one of the tracks; and some of the “welds” on the machine had apparently been made using mastic. At first glance then, this is British manufacturing of the British Leyland style rather than from the Jaguar Land Rover or Aston Martin stable. But let’s not be hasty. Bearing in mind the global demand for machines of this nature, it is safe to assume that the Akula DR300 did not roll off a futuristic and mostlyautomated production line. This machine was probably hand-built in the main. It is also early days. Cast your mind back to the first generation iPhone. There was no app store, a pretty lousy camera and not even the ability to cut and paste text. Compared to the technological marvel it went on to become, that original iPhone was a dumb brick made of steel and glass. OK, it is not a Brokk; it is not even a Husqvarna. But it does have a few tricks up its sleeve that might make it worthy of closer inspection. The most obvious of those tricks is its dual fuel capability. Each of the four Akula models features a Kubota diesel engine. Those engines are currently Stage IV compliant but a Stage V compliant power pack lurks in the wings and will come on stream in 2020. That field-proven and popular engine provides the Akula machines with a travel speed that is roughly twice that of an equivalent-sized Brokk machine which means that the Akula can be on station quicker.


At the flick of a switch, the machines can then be switched to the umbilical cord electric power that will be familiar to anyone that has ever operated a demolition robot. All Akula machines have both a rear and a front-mounted dozer blade which makes cleaning up the operating area easier. More importantly, these can both be lowered to raise the machine, providing a stable and flat operating platform. The machines can also reach further and higher than a comparative Brokk model. Quite how much that will influence demolition users is questionable. But ES Robotics is simultaneously targeting the tunnelling sector where reach and height are, perhaps, more of a consideration. In these areas, it appears that ES Robotics has learned lessons from those that have come before. Whether these tweaks and spins on proven designs will be sufficient to lure customers remains to be seen. The company does, however, have another significant trick up its sleeve. Although it wouldn’t be drawn upon just how much of a

price advantage it might be willing and able to offer, it is clear that ES Robotics will enter the market at a lower price point than its existing competitors. Under normal circumstances, a low cost price and demolition duties do not sit well together. In the field of demolition robots, however, there is a slight exception based upon the application of the machine itself. While on a traditional excavator it makes perfect sense to pay extra to ensure the operator is safe, a demolition robot achieves that aim by its very existence. Ultimately, it is a machine that will operate where a man cannot or should not. Indeed, it is not unusual to hear

of demolition robots being described as expendable. Against that background, some demolition companies might prefer to sacrifice a cheaper and as-yet-unknown machine rather than a well-established but expensive one. And if James Dyson has taught us anything, it is that you dismiss the plucky British underdog at your peril.

Form it. Stack it. Change it. Move it.




The most stable stacking system Unique and extensive product range Best price-performance ratio Production techniques ensure long-term durability


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Way Ahead Of The Competition! • A sustainable formsystem • High quality steel forms • Extremely accurate thanks to the best production techniques



>5 0




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23-09-19 08:44


NEW HYDREMA 707G Dump Truck - safe, stable and efficient as standard! • • • •

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EST 195



CAT JOINS SIX TONNE CLUB The new Cat 306 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator marks Caterpillar’s entry in the 6-tonne class offering. With standard exclusive features like Stick Steer and a new LCD monitor, it provides a great value for customers and boasts industry leading performance, the manufacturer says. With its long stick option, the 306 CR delivers a maximum dig depth of 4,110 mm and a 7,175 kg maximum operating weight when equipped with the sealed and pressurised cab. A canopy alternative to the pressurised cab will be available for customers in 2020. Built with a swing boom, this Next Generation mini excavator’s compact radius design provides a

low, 1,475 mm tail swing with counterweight for working close to obstructions. The new unit provides a lift performance of up to 3,555 kg at a 3.0 metre radius. Enhanced uphill swing torque and increased cycle times provide greater productivity and efficiency. The machine’s fuel-saving, load-sensing hydraulic system with an electronically controlled variable-displacement piston pump generates 151 litres/min hydraulic oil flow. It offers the hydraulic capacity for increased travel performance and higher digging forces than competitive units. High flow rate of 90 litres/min to the auxiliary circuit enables operation of even the most


demanding hydro-mechanical attachments. Complete with quick-disconnect lines, the standard auxiliary hydraulic system provides one-way, two-way and continuous flow. The Cat C2.4 turbo diesel engine rated at 41.7 kW powers the new 306 CR mini excavator and meets EU Stage V emission standards. It features a power-dense design and delivers consistent performance through a wide speed range. Automatic engine idle and shutdown features help to save on fuel consumption. A sealed and pressurised cabin lowers in-cab operating noise levels to 72 dB(A) and is heated and air-conditioned to elevate operator comfort regardless of outside temperatures.


The cab’s roll over protective structure (ROPS), tip over protective structure (TOPS) and top guard combine to promote a safe working environment for the operator. Offering the ability to set personal operating preferences, new LCD monitor provides easy-to-read machine information, jog-dial for simple navigation and standard Bluetooth capability. The colour monitor gives the operator critical operating details such as fuel, coolant temperature, hour meter, performance and machine adjustments, and maintenance and machine monitoring. With the touch of a button, the operator can switch from conventional lever/foot-pedal steering controls to the standard Cat exclusive Stick Steer system. Stick Steer provides improved operator control with less effort to

advance operating simplicity and comfort. For convenience, the intuitive pattern changer allows operators to select their preferred joystick movement for controlling the 306 CR mini excavator. Straight blade, angled blade and extra tool carrier (XTC) configurations further expand the flexibility of the 306 CR mini excavator. Featuring ample travel, above and below grade operation and float function, the machine’s blade efficiently handles loose material in backfilling and grading applications. Delivering the extra precision required when digging around utilities, front shovel operation can be accomplished with both pin-on and coupler-mounted buckets. The new 6-tonne class 306 CR Next Generation Mini Hydraulic Excavator shares common

components with models in the Cat mini excavator line to lower repair cost, decrease service time and reduce repair parts inventory. Major machine structures – upper and lower frames, track frames, boom and sick – are modelled after its larger Cat excavator counterparts for long-term durability. Recessed to protect from damage in the field, robust flat side panels offer long service life and quick, easy replacement to lower owning and operating costs. Ground-level access to maintenance checkpoints offers convenient access, while enhancing worker safety. Industry-leading grease intervals help to shorten the daily service routine, so this mini excavator gets to work faster. Extended filter service life means the 306 CR mini excavator spends less time in the service shop for routine maintenance.

Spec Check – Cat 306 CR Engine

Cat C2.4 Turbo

Net power (kW)


Minimum operating weight, cab (kg)


Maximum operating weight, cab (kg)


Dig depth, standard (mm)


Dig depth, long (mm)





Enhancing Bobcat’s leadership of the skidsteer loader market in Europe, the company has launched new versions of its marketleading M-Series S450, S510 and S530 models, the first in the range to feature a specially developed Stage V compliant Bobcat engine. All of the new skid-steer loader models are manufactured at the Bobcat compact equipment plant in Dobris in the Czech Republic. The new Stage V M-Series loaders provide operators with increased performance, enhanced comfort and optimised maintenance requirements to maximise job site efficiency. They are designed to continue the success of the Bobcat range globally, where nearly one out of every two skid-steer loaders on the market is a Bobcat machine. “M-series loaders are some of the best-selling models for Bobcat in Europe and the new Stage V machines build on the legacy set by their predecessors. Customers will benefit from the compact size coupled with the high torque and performance of the new engines,” says Mike Vought, Senior Director, Product Management. “The Stage V engines also allow us to add the popular air conditioning

and high flow hydraulics options to the 500 series models further increasing operator comfort and performance.” Compactness within this performance class was the key benefit appreciated by Bobcat customers. Skilful design work has ensured that even with the Bobcat Stage V engine incorporated, the small dimensions of the new S450, S510 and S530 skid-steer loaders are maintained, offering a truly compact size and low weight, so they can work/manoeuvre easily in tight spaces and can be easily transported. The new Bobcat engine provides 37 percent more torque and fast recovery from overload compared to the previous machines, which ensures increased comfort for the operator as they can work with the same power at lower RPM, at lower noise levels and with lower fuel consumption for the same jobs. Another very important advantage derived from the Bobcat engine is the availability of a new high-flow hydraulics option for the S510 and S530 Stage V models. This further expands the exceptional versatility of these


machines allowing them to be used with higher flow attachments such as sweepers, planers and wheel saws. There is also a new air conditioning option on the S510 and S530. By offering the same power at lower RPM, the new Bobcat engine provides a significant decrease in noise levels, reducing operator fatigue and lowering fuel consumption for the same type of work. In addition, with an engine equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) as standard, users can work in emissionregulated zones such as city and town centres. The new Bobcat engine has also allowed the company to extend maintenance intervals with the first service now being after 500 hours and to reduce the number of fuel filter replacements required. The new Stage V M-Series machines are the first models in the Bobcat compact equipment range in Europe to have the company’s innovative new machine styling scheme, which includes 3D decals for the first time. The new Stage V loaders now feature the previously optional Deluxe control panel as standard, offering a choice of different languages and telematics to protect machines


and to monitor their performance. Bobcat has also extended the choice of factory installed tyres for the three models, ensuring they can be more closely matched to customers’ applications right from the start.

All three skid-steer loader models offer a twospeed option which boosts the maximum travel speed from 11.4 km/h in low range to 17.3 km/h in high range. The hydraulic

bucket positioning option keeps the loader bucket level as the lift arms travel upward, enabling operators to spill less and work faster.

The cab on the new loaders is radio ready with a 12 volt power outlet for charging mobile phones and other devices, a cup holder, added storage compartments and new full-colour, deluxe instrument panels. As well as their compactness, the S450, S510 and S530 skid-steer loaders can be supplied with a comprehensive choice of over 50 different product families of approved attachments, offering solutions for a very wide range of applications and providing a perfect illustration of the Bobcat Tool Carrier concept common to all Bobcat compact loaders. The S450 and S510 radius lift path loaders combine excellent manoeuvrability in tight areas with the reach and visibility needed for applications such as dumping materials over walls, backfilling or loading flatbed trucks. The S530 model features vertical lift path boom arms particularly suited to lift and carry as well as material-handling applications.

THE NEW ALLROUNDER THE PERFECT CHOICE THE VEHICLE AT A GLANCE Friction Steering for higher manoeuverability Low deadweight for high payloads Practical lashing system for more flexibility Integrated ramp lock for greater efficiency Variable-load lift axle for minimum tire wear




HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Global equipment giant Liebherr will celebrate the 50th anniversary of US operations with a display that will fill more than 4,900 m², providing room for hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, crawler loaders and tractors, deep foundation machines, material handlers, tower cranes, mobile and crawler cranes, as well as a concrete pump.


ConExpo will mark the official US launch of the new Generation 8 crawler excavator series that comprises seven models ranging from 22 to 45 tonnes: R 922, R 924, R 926, R 930, R 934, R 938 and R 945. Two machines of the product range, R 926 and R 938, will be exhibited for the first time in America at the Liebherr booth.

at the show. This includes an L 566 XPower with power-split travel drive. Liebherr installs this drive as standard on its large XPower wheel loaders. It combines short loading cycles with optimal hydrostatic drive with the mechanical drive, the benefits of which come into effect over long distances and up hills. The L 566 XPower is also equipped with numerous new assistance systems, which Liebherr is showing for the

The highlights of the new crawler excavator generation include higher engine power, a heavier counterweight for higher bucket capacities, and minimal fuel consumption. A new equipment concept with a modified piece at the top of the boom is an innovative new feature. This leads to better performance and equipment forces with reduced operating weight of the machine. Another feature is the optimized load curve, which yields reduced fuel consumption. These machines have been specially designed to provide extra comfort and safety for the operator, as well as optimum ergonomics and performance on the job site. Liebherr will also present four wheel loaders


first time in North America at the exhibition. These include active personnel detection, adaptive working lighting, an integrated tire pressure monitoring system and the weighing system with Truck Payload Assist. The L 566 XPower also has the new joystick steering for wheel loaders. The largest Liebherr wheel loader, the 32.6 tonne L 586 XPower, will also be at the


TILTROTATOR RANGE for excavators with an operating weight from 3-25 tonnes

Increase your productivity by fitting

And the innovations behind the NOX Tiltrotator range mean you can

a tiltrotator to your excavator and

enjoy even more advantages. No cylinders to get caught or damaged

you’ll never look back. Experience

working in confined spaces, no drop-off in power thanks to a smooth,

reduced labour on jobs, quicker

constant torque delivery, an impressive 50° tilt angle on both sides

completion time, less movement

and the largest range of specialist attachments available from a single

of your machine on-site, greater

manufacturer – making it a highly efficient addition to any job site. Save

control and more precise handling.

time, save money and tilt competitive advantage firmly in your direction.

Compact design A ramless design means trenching, forestry and working in confined spaces is made easier with less downtime

Durable construction Robust build quality and an oil-immersed rotation unit increases longevity and lowers maintenance

Powerful operation Elliptic Rotary Actuator delivers smooth, constant torque through the entire tilting angle with no drop-off in power

Increased versatility The largest range of attachments from a single manufacturer, compatible with all major quick coupler systems

Smart control system Advanced NOXPROP CSP fully-proportional controls for multi-user profiling and 2D & 3D/ GPS readiness

Global expertise, local know-how Contact us today to find out how we can benefit your business Kinshofer UK 4 Milton Industrial Court, Horsfield Way, Bredbury, Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 2TA


0161 406 7046


exhibition stand. With a power split XPower drive, it delivers high performance and enormous fuel savings. The L 538 represents the Liebherr medium-sized wheel loader range. It is equipped with parallel kinematics for high holding forces in the upper lift arms area. It is ideal for working in heavy-duty industrial applications such as in recycling with high dump buckets. For customers from countries in Central and South America, Liebherr is showing the L 550 wheel loader. It is a representative of the separate wheel loader series for less emission-regulated markets. The Liebherr A 920 Litronic wheeled excavator on display at the show has an operating weight of 18.3 to 21.3 tonnes and an engine output of 129 kW. The powerful Liebherr wheeled excavator is particularly suitable for road, canal and pipeline construction as well as for classic earthmoving work and is characterized by high mobility and versatility. The strong undercarriage as well as the outriggers at the rear and front ensure maximum stability and safety every time the machine is used. This enables the A 920 Litronic to carry out all work reliably, precisely and extremely productively, even under full load.


Liebherr is also introducing its latest Generation 8 dozers to North America at Conexpo 2020 with the new PR 736. Equipped with many features that further enhance operator comfort, excellent grading characteristics and new standard grading systems, the PR 736 Generation 8 is a do-it-all machine for grading and mining use.

The PR 736 is powered by a newly developed Liebherr diesel engine belonging to the EVO series (160 kW. It meets emission level Tier 4f, its exhaust gases being cleaned by a combination between a diesel oxidation catalyst and a selective catalytic reduction and particle filter. Alternatively customers in lower regulated markets have additional engine versions and equipment levels to choose from. The machines’ operating weight is up to 25.5 tonnes. To cover a maximally large application range, various blade versions (straight, semi-U and 6 way blade) with capacities from 4.10 to 5.56 m³ as well as many rear equipment options are offered.


To experience all Liebherr has to offer before, during and after Conexpo, the company will again offer a free digital app. Through the app, visitors can view the latest show-related news and events, detailed information about our exhibits and product information. The app is available for Apple and Android users. The company’s micro website, Conexpo will also offer up to date and detailed information about the show. And look for customer stories and images that highlight how Liebherr equipment is bringing high profile projects to life in our Conexpo 2020 magazine, which will be available in print and digital editions.


HAVE YOU GOT A STAR OF THE FUTURE IN YOUR ORGANISATION? NOMINATE THEM FOR A CPA STAR OF THE FUTURE AWARD! The Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) is hosting its Stars of the Future awards ceremony at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre in Fillongley, near Coventry, on Wednesday 10th June 2020. Now in its eighth year, Stars of the Future recognises the UK’s most promising apprentices and trainees in the construction plant sector. A Careers Fair will be running alongside CPA Stars of the Future 2020 and we are inviting a select number of companies to exhibit at the event, to showcase careers opportunities to some of the industry’s most promising apprentices and trainees. Construction Plant-hire Association

For exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lisa Collins on 07968 840390 or e-mail

020 7796 3366

National and regional awards for Plant Mechanics, Plant Technicians, Lifting Technicians, Plant Operators and Hire Controllers with some great prizes! NOMINATION FORMS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE CPA WEBSITE FROM 1ST JANUARY 2020


As the world’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment, Caterpillar is no slouch when it comes to producing new and improved models. But when one of the world’s largest equipment exhibitions is taking place in the company’s US backyard, Caterpillar kicks into overdrive. And that will be the case again later this year when the ConExpo show opens its doors in Las Vegas.


Caterpillar is investing in technology and safety features showcased in more than 30 Cat machines on display, including nine new product introductions from the dozer, excavator, articulated truck and backhoe loader families. See the display grouped in the outdoor exhibit at Festival Grounds #F4455. Successor to the Cat D5K2, the new Cat D3 dozer continues to set the standard for small dozer grading accuracy and efficiency. The operator cab delivers greater visibility, while enhanced controls deliver easier, intuitive finish grading. Powertrain advancements improve fuel efficiency by up to 10% over previous models. The new centre-pivot 420XE backhoe loader now offers seat mounted controls for loweffort machine control to boost operator efficiency and reduce fatigue. Dual Mode operation increases machine productivity, while electronic loader controls offer true parallel lift. A new IT quick coupler delivers quick change-out of a large portfolio of Cat attachments.


Inside the demo arena, the new 150 AWD motor grader features all-wheel drive that assists with traction and manoeuvring, allowing the machine to work in any environment. Eco mode delivers up to 10 percent greater fuel efficiency without productivity loss, and owning and operating costs are reduced via new filters and longer service intervals. The new mastless 3D Cat GRADE control system unleashes the potential of the moldboard to give it full range of motion. The GNSS receivers are bolted to the machine, which increases uptime and reduces costs associated with potential receiver, mast or machine damage when using the dual 3D GNSS system. The integrated 3D Cat GRADE will initially be available on the 140,150 and 160 joystick motor graders. Contractors visiting Caterpillar exhibit #F4455 will experience the new 725 articulated truck offerings. New cab features include assisted hoist, Automatic Retarder Control and Advanced Automatic Traction Control, which improve operator experience and reduce operator actions. Performance improvements include up to nine percent increased speed on grades, eight percent improved acceleration and a seven percent productivity increase.



Caterpillar will introduce five new wheeled, small, medium and large hydraulic excavator models at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020. The new Cat M318 wheeled excavator improves operator efficiency by up to 45 percent with Cat GRADE, E-Fence and PAYLOAD options and delivers up to 10 percent lower maintenance costs with longer service intervals. The new 313 GC delivers low owning and operating costs through a simple design that is easy to operate, maintain and own. The new 315 boasts a 13 percent larger cab and

improved performance with up to 10 percent more swing torque and up to 14 percent more drawbar pull. Advanced engine technology and control system for the new 325 medium excavator reduces fuel consumption by up to 25 percent, while a precise combination of lower engine speed and large hydraulic pump pressure and flow delivers more work per unit of fuel. Extended maintenance intervals means getting more work done with up to 20% lower maintenance costs.

The new 395 excavator is built to move tons of material quickly and efficiently. With 10 percent more swing torque and 10 percent more stick force than the model it replaces, operators will experience faster cycle times with bigger buckets for greater groundbreaking power and production. Cat PAYLOAD also comes standard so operators can validate production at the end of every shift. Plus two times more structural durability means longer service life, and extended service intervals lower maintenance costs by up to 20 percent.



Several 25 and 30 tonners available T: +44 (0)1777 709533 E: Walker Plant Services Ltd, Leverton Road, Retford, Notts, DN22 0DZ

25 WPS Ltd has no affiliation or connection with, or approval by the VCE organisation


• 25 years experience with Volvo Dump-Trucks • Your choice of Swedish quality SLP or genuine OEM • Selected-used or refurbished parts • All models catered for and all ages • Big savings • Engine and transmission rebuilds • Maintenance and repairs • Export enquiries welcome



Building Tomorrow

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is set to build tomorrow with an interactive customer experience at North America’s largest construction trade show ConExpoCon/Agg 2020. Displaying solutions for today and tomorrow Volvo CE will present its industry-leading range of products and services across 5,574 m3 of show space in Las Vegas. More than 30 machines and related uptime and productivity services will be featured, including a number of global and regional launches, at a new location in the outdoor Festival Grounds, booth F3432.

The scope of the Volvo Group represented in the ConExpo booth shows comprehensive solutions for the construction industry with a commitment to being number one for customer uptime Volvo CE will be joined by sister companies Volvo Penta, Volvo Trucks and Volvo Financial Services, who will be presenting the latest engine, truck and financial offers. Likewise, Volvo CE’s other equipment brands Terex Trucks and SDLG will be present at the show. “Our presence at ConExpo is set to be our best yet – with a fully immersive technology experience to highlight the changing face


of construction,” says Melker Jernberg, President of Volvo CE. “Innovation has long been a part of our DNA, and we are especially proud to be bringing it to the mainstream with the unveiling some game-changing launches at this year’s show.” Anchoring the booth are show-stoppers from both the largest and smallest models in the Volvo range. At the compact end of the spectrum, visitors can get hands on experience operating Volvo CE’s electric compact machines, the L25H loader and ECR25 excavator. The biggest iron in the booth will be on prominent display with the


Volvo’s full force of excavators will be front centre in the booth, including the new EC300E hybrid excavator, now available in North America, featuring straightforward and industry-first hydraulic hybrid Volvo technology. In road machinery, Volvo will debut the P5110B tracked and P5170B wheeled pavers, which

benefit from simple controls and proven technology. ConExpo 2020 is also where Volvo will reveal two new concept models that herald where the company is taking connected, electric, and autonomous machines. Volvo service offerings are everywhere in the booth, custom-built to boost customer’s profitability, secure uptime and deliver on lifecycle value. Attendees can get familiar with Volvo Assist technologies, now standard on many products, with hands-on demonstrations to show how the machine



heavy-duty EC950F crawler excavator, Volvo CE’s largest excavator which is now available globally, and the powerful R100E rigid hauler – both offering strength and stability for quarrying, mining and mass excavation.

control software gives operators greater accuracy and time savings. An extensive display of over 30 attachments, from buckets to couplers to forks and breakers, will be fitted on equipment across the Volvo booth, showcasing versatility and performance. In keeping with the company’s theme of Building Tomorrow, visitors can watch for an inspiring project launch that will show how Volvo CE turns words into actions. The project is dedicated to combining the power of Volvo people, products, and partners to help address global challenges and build a brighter tomorrow for people around the globe.


RANGE REWRITTEN Caterpillar’s redrawing of its dozer range continues with the new D5 model which replaces the renowned D6N. The update from D6N to D5 is part of an effort to make all Cat dozer model names simpler. Over the next couple of years, the Cat dozer range will be renamed from smallest to largest – D1 to D11 – with one model per size class and no more letter modifiers like “N,” “K,” “T.” The new Cat D5 has an operating weight range from 17,180 to 19, 70 kg, features a 127 kW Caterpillar diesel engine and a fully automatic transmission for seamless acceleration. The D5 elevates the performance of the predecessor D6N with more weight and horsepower, improved steering capability and a long list of technology offerings to help operators get more work done in less time. A fully automatic three-speed transmission with lock-up clutch offers faster cycle times, as well as optimal power and fuel efficiency. The automatic transmission, steering improvements and enhanced power


UNRESERVED PUBLIC AUCTION MALTBY (Rotherham) – 11 FEBRUARY Maltby Colliery, Tickhill Rd, Maltby, England S66 7QW

2014 CAT 320EL

2015 CAT 312EL



2011 KUBOTA KX61-3

2014 BOBCAT E17


2013 VOLVO L110G

2012 VOLVO A30F 6x6



train controls offer new levels of steering performance and control. The completely redesigned cab raises the standard in comfort and productivity. Operators will find more space, multiple seat and control adjustments for optimal comfort and a new, easy-to-use 254-mm touchscreen operator interface. A standard High Definition rear-view camera shows prominently in the main display. Overall visibility is enhanced with about 15 percent more cab glass area, plus a steeper hood angle that provides 30 percent better forward visibility to the blade and work site.

Cost effective alternative to skips & suction wagons

Concrete Washouts & Water Treatment Solutions Concrete Washout Systems

Simple Solutions for washing off concrete wagon chutes and equipment

Technology offerings on the D5 are led by updated, factory integrated Cat GRADE with 3D. Advanced Inertial Measuring Units (IMU) provide greater speed and accuracy without position sensing cylinders. Smaller antennas are integrated into the cab roof for even better protection and GPS receivers are mounted inside so they can be secured by locking the cab doors. A more intuitive GRADE operator interface works like a smart phone, making it easy for operators to pick up quickly. Android OS platform allows installation of custom apps for more versatility. AutoCarry™ is included with GRADE with 3D to automate blade lift to maintain desired blade load, improving load consistency and reducing track slip.

Concrete Skip Washout

The ideal solution for washing Concrete Column Skips safely onsite. Designed with a unique, self-adjusting spring mechanism to receive different size skips with no manual adjustment required.

Additional GRADE technologies include: • Cat GRADE with Slope Assist provides basic blade positioning assistance without added hardware or a GPS signal. Updated main display makes the system more intuitive and easier to use. • Cat Slope Indicate is standard, showing the machine cross-slope and fore/aft orientation on the primary monitor for quick and easy reference. • Factory Attachment Ready Option (ARO) provides optimal mounting locations, brackets, and hardware and simplifies installation of an aftermarket grade control system. The new D5 makes it easier to install any brand of grade control system, with specific mounting locations for grade control components.

Water Treatment Solutions

Settlement Tanks with coalescing media, can be used with flocculants and hydrocarbon filter pads. Larger capacity and Bespoke Systems also available For further information go to or call 01889 508944

reduces track power to allow the operator to adjust blade load and limit track slip. Second generation Stable Blade works seamlessly with operator blade inputs for smoother surfaces when grading manually. The D5 is available in Standard or Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configurations, with either a push arm or Variable Pitch Angle Tilt (VPAT) blade. A folding VPAT blade is available to help meet regional transport width requirements. Waste, Forestry/Land Clearing and Fire Dozer configurations offer specialized factory-installed guarding and other features to help take on the toughest applications.

In addition to GRADE features, simple on-board technologies help with top performance and quality grades. Blade Load Monitor gives real-time feedback on current vs. optimal blade load to help optimize pushing capacity. Traction Control detects track slip and temporarily



Manitou’s compact tracked and skidsteer range consist of 17 models, including 11 skidsteer loaders and 6 compact tracked loaders. Well suited to numerous applications including materials handling in builders’ merchant’s yards, cleaning up and loading out in demolition, site stripping, landscaping, in house building and loose material handling on asphalt renewal - the possibilities are endless. With the all new Connected machines, it allows the user to track the location at any time and Geofence the machine for increased safety and security. The dealer fleet manager will also be able to track the machines and identify their service needs remotely. Work smarter not harder


For more information, contact your local dealer or call 01202 825331


DOOSAN CHIMES WITH BELL PLANT Bell Plant Ltd, part of the Gloucestershirebased K W Bell Group, has taken delivery of a dozen new 6 tonne Doosan mini-excavators, supplied by Kellands (Plant Sales) Ltd, based in Bridgwater in Somerset, the authorised Doosan dealer for London and the South of England including the Channel Islands. These are the latest Doosan machines to arrive at Bell Plant from Kellands in a close relationship that began in 1999, when the first Solar 55 mini-excavator was purchased by Bell Plant. “Bell Plant generally changes its machines every three to four years. The last 20 years have shown us that there are two key reasons why the relationship with Kellands/Doosan has grown from strength to strength over that time,” says director Peter Bell. “The first is the Doosan brand itself – the quality, the performance of the machines and their residual value; the second is the continuously excellent service and back-up provided by the team at Kellands.” Part of the current fleet renewal programme, the new Doosan order comprises seven DX633 conventional tail swing and five DX62R-3 reduced tail swing mini-excavators, in a deal worth around £0.5 million. These are the latest Stage V versions of both machines,

powered by the same Yanmar 4TNV98C diesel engine, providing 44.3 kW (59.4 HP) of engine power at 2100 rpm, a massive 22 percent increase over the previous generation models. As well as the huge increase in engine power, another of the stand-out features on the new 6 tonne excavators is the hydraulic performance, with a maximum flow rate of 132 litres/min. The hydraulic system incorporates a load sensing system which guarantees high hydraulic performance and allows smooth and efficient combined operations. This is complemented by the high digging forces on both machines - the bucket digging force is 4.4 tonne and the arm digging force is 2.9 tonne. This is combined with a longer arm for a better overall working range. The traction force is 5.6 tonne and travel speeds are 2.6 km/hour in the low range and 4.7 km/ hour in the high range. Each machine has been supplied with a fully automatic Geith hydraulic quick coupler and a full set of Geith 300, 450, 600 and 900 mm buckets and a grader/rehandling bucket. “The smooth operation offered by the new mini-excavators have been very well received


by our drivers,” Peter Bell adds. “The Doosan machines offer us consistency, reliability and versatility, combining their compact design for negotiating tight spaces, with the ability to cover all the applications such as digging foundations, service trenches and loading lorries that you would expect to complete with much bigger 13-14 tonne excavators.” In fact, the space available in the ROPS operator cabs on the DX62R-3 and DX63-3 mini-excavators is similar to that found on much larger medium and heavy-duty machines. The cabs have a large entrance and exit, ensuring it is easy to get in and out of the machines. A high capacity heating and air conditioning system is standard, with fully adjustable vents installed at both the front and rear of the operator’s seat to maximise efficiency. The interior of the cabs has been ergonomically designed to optimise operator comfort and features an ample foot rest area and an additional cup holder, and the openness of the cabs provides a wide field of view and excellent all-round visibility. The cab lighting, sun visor and side mirror all contribute to a safe and pleasant working environment for the operator. Along with Bell Contracting Limited and Bell Homes Ltd, Bell Plant is one of three operating companies in the K W Bell Group. Bell Plant is the Group’s plant hire company supplying a wide range of plant for use by Bell Contracting on construction sites throughout South Wales and the South West and Midlands regions of England. The company’s fleet includes excavators, dumpers, forklifts, rollers and scaffolding, with a total asset value just short of £4.0 million.


This dealership is the goose that lays the golden egg

01564 33 66 33


B&W GOES BULLET-PROOF In January 2018, B&W Plant Hire general manager Andrew Partington decided to diversify the fleet and started to invest in CASE excavators. Today, the company’s fleet now numbers 34 excavators. “We’d heard good things about the CASE machines and we soon struck up a good relationship with our local CASE dealer Dennis Barnfield Ltd,” Partington says. “After trialling a couple of machines and being very pleased with the strength and power of these excavators, we decided to start replacing other brands in our fleet with CASE excavators. B&W Plant Hire’s CASE excavators are most often used on construction sites, with the main operators being housebuilders and their contractors. The B&W Plant Hire fleet consists of CASE CX80C, CX130D, CX145D, CX210D, CX245D, and CX210D LR excavators. “We describe these machines as ‘bulletproof’. They really are incredibly strong and very well made. When you’re working in the plant hire industry, your machines are put through a lot, you need reliability and a low total cost of ownership.” As well as supplying the excavators, Dennis Barnfield Ltd provides a full range of

attachments with the machines including hydraulic breakers, peckers and jaw grabs. The CASE dealer also provides a supply of spare parts as and when needed. “We’re proud of our relationship with B&W Plant Hire,” explains managing director Graham Barnfield. “We’re pleased that B&W Plant Hire has an ongoing plan to continue its investment in CASE machines and they tell us that customers are now specifically asking to hire CASE equipment as they have been pleased with their previous experience. These machines work hard so we make sure that B&W Plant Hire has all maintenance parts available when they are needed, 24-hours a day. They have over 120 staff working on their fleet across all of their brands and we’ve often had parts to them within an hour.” In addition to the strength and durability of the CASE machines, Andrew Partington cites availability as a key consideration. “When we add new machines to our fleet, we often need to do so in a hurry,” he concludes. “Dennis Barnfield Ltd can deliver new CASE excavators within one to two weeks. This gives us the security that we need to ensure that our customers always have a good quality and reliable machine when they need it.”



SMT GB GETS OK FROM K-TEC SMT GB has been appointed as the official distributor for K-Tec articulated hauler scraper boxes on mainland Great Britain with immediate effect. “We are delighted to have been appointed as the official distributor for a product that complements our existing brand of construction equipment products,” says SMT GB’s CEO Nick Allen. “We have worked with K-Tec Earthmoving Inc for a number of years and this agreement formalises our relationship with the Canadian based company. Their range of scraper boxes, designed to be pulled by articulated haulers, is compatible with most of the Volvo range of trucks and will add another dimension to our existing product offering.” Mike Palitsky, President and CFO of K-Tec Earthmovers added: “We could not be happier to welcome SMT GB to the K-Tec family. During our visit to SMT’s head office in Duxford, we were extremely impressed with the team and knew immediately that a partnership of the two organizations would be a great fit. The marriage of Volvo ADT’s with the K-Tec scrapers


has proven to be an excellent one and we are continuing to promote this very cost effective and efficient concept worldwide. This agreement solidifies K-Tec’ s expansion into the UK market and we are very proud to be partnered with SMT to position both companies for future growth. We look forward to a long and successful relationship. “ K-Tec Earthmoving Inc currently offer four sizes of scraper ranging from 21.5m³ heaped capacity and a payload of 30.8 tonnes up to the largest with a 48.1m³ heaped capacity and payload of 68.5 tonnes. The 1237 model is also available as a Train scraper. The conversion from a ADT dumper body to a ADT scraper hauler takes approximately 10 hours with no modifications done to the dumper body and can be reversed in the same amount of time to make this a very versatile earthmoving solution. With the comfort and ride that the Volvo ADT offers and the cushion ride control built into the K-Tec scraper, this makes for a very comfortable and operator friendly environment for the operator.


MONITORED MANITOUS The Manitou group now provides the majority of its machines ‘Internet-Connected’ as standard. This ‘Connected’ status offers a raft of customer benefits including an integrated tracking device. One south coast Manitou dealer recently found the value of this tracker when four machines, with a combined value of £200,000, were stolen from his yard one night. The ‘Connected’ status made it possible for the dealer to track the machines’ every move, and inform the police of where and when they had stopped moving. This allowed police to recover the machines, from a lorry park in East England, and return them to their rightful owner. No loss of valuable machines. No long delay waiting for replacements. No insurance claim. The dealer’s own machines quickly returned to him. Since January 2019, all new orders for compatible machines built by Manitou Group have ‘Connected’ as standard. This opens up endless possibilities for Manitou and Gehl customers to improve performance, safety, security, and reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO). To enable users to connect

with their machines, and reap the many benefits, Manitou offers three free Apps, MyManitou, MyGehl and Easy Manager. As part Manitou’s drive towards digital transformation the new MyManitou and MyGehl Apps, open instant access to a stream of data transmitted by the connected machine in real time. The new Apps provide users with the exact location, fuel level, and maintenance notifications to ease their day to day operations. Users can also contact their local Manitou or Gehl dealer via MyManitou and MyGehl to arrange work on their machine by a factory-trained technician using genuine parts. All the


necessary information is available, including serial number, warranty details, and other information the dealer may need to arrange a service visit or to supply the correct genuine parts. Easy Manager is the Dealer or Fleet Manager’s tool which allows visibility of all machines, their location, current status, and highlight faults that might require preventative maintenance. Fleet users, who have their own fleet management software, can choose an API solution which will deliver the raw machine data directly into their own system. They can use that data to monitor machines, provide operational information to their sales team, service team, and end customers dependent on requirement.



Equipment Rental | Processing | Earthworks | Civil Engineering








and since late winter 2018, we have already amassed 1400 hours. This machine is the most powerful that we have used but it’s so versatile too. We use it in the summer months to complete a whole range of other lifting and loading assignments, so it continues to earn money for us all year round. Reliability is key, too. Even though our dealer is 550km away in Tromsø, we have support when we need it and fast parts delivery.” In Tromsø, contractor Harald Nilssen uses a fleet of seven CASE machines on snow clearing jobs, including a CASE 821G wheel loader “I’ve been using CASE wheel loaders since 1984,” states Harald Nilssen, Owner. “But the CASE G-series models take clearing snow to another level. I was lucky enough to be the first to try the new models at the launch in Paris and we put our orders in soon after. When you are working in sub-zero temperatures you need a reliable machine. We’ll be out in the middle of the night with the snow falling in front of us but the machines always start, no matter how cold it gets. I’ve tried other wheel loader models but CASE machines are the strongest. We work on parking lots, on roads and in waste handling businesses where the volume of traffic often results in compacted snow. Dagenborg fitted our machines with 5.8m snow ploughs with a System 3000 spike system. We can scratch away the hard layers and by doing this we reduce each job by an average of an hour a day. When we go in with the CASE 821G you really see the impact of this larger machine.”

In the coldest and least populated region of Norway, CASE Construction Equipment customers fight the elements to keep the roads clear of snow. In the counties of Finnmark and Troms in the Arctic Circle, CASE G-series wheel loaders are starting work to keep the region moving through the winter months.

delivers oil directly to the snow equipment, giving the power and control that operators need to work in this difficult environment. We also mount additional LED lights to the machines, meaning operators can continue work in harsh snow blizzards.”

“We’ve definitely found a niche sector that is expertly serviced by the CASE G-series wheel loaders,” explains Kathrine Dagenborg, Marketing Director for CASE dealer Dagenborg. “Several contractors come to us specifically for snow clearing equipment to manage the contracts awarded to them by both the Norwegian government and private contractors.

Contractors, such as Hammerfest Budservice, have been with Dagenborg for a number of years. Ulf Brynjulfsen, Manager, Hammerfect Budservice explains the nature of the work that his team carries out: “We are a small company, but we have been fortunate to land big contracts with government and public estates during the winter months. If it snows, we need to get the roads cleared by 07:00 so that businesses and members of the public can start moving.

The CASE G-series wheel loaders are perfectly suited to this work. We modify the machines ourselves to include a special joystick that

We have to work quickly to get the job done, so speed is hugely important. We use our CASE 721G wheel loader through the night


For Svend Ingvar Larsen, Owner of Larsen Maskin & Transport AS, it’s the cab that’s most important: “Snow clearing is a demanding job. You have to concentrate hard for long hours and it can be tiring for the operators. They literally live in the cabs during their working day so we need to keep them as comfortable as possible. The clear view from the back and sides of the cab reduces operator movement and fatigue. They have an unobstructed view of the field behind and they can monitor the snow dune from the side as it grows. Because the CASE 721G is such a strong machine, it takes operators less time to complete each job. We’ve taken 40 CASE machines in the last 15 years and we use our wheel loaders year-round. We prefer to do our sweeping, material handling and levelling with a wheel loader rather than an excavator because, although these machines are big and powerful, they are versatile too.” Sture Hagfors, Owners of Fundamentering & Graving in Tromsø says his CASE 721G clocks 250-300 hours a month in snow clearing hours since taking a demo machine last winter: “We’ve used competitor machines in the past but it wasn’t difficult to adapt to the different


arrangement of the CASE machines. Our operators have described the machines as calm, strong and easy to use, exactly what you need when you are working in the difficult conditions that we are faced with every day. It brought a smile to my face when I passed a 19-tonne competitor machine with my 15-tonne CASE 721G. It’s so much more

powerful than the competitor machines that we have used and I can pass that benefit directly to my customers by getting the job done faster. We also use the lock-up function between jobs which saves even more time.” “Many of our customers have been with us for a number of years,” confirms Dagenborg.



“This demonstrates, more than anything, the quality of the equipment and the high level of service that they receive from us. Reliability, power and comfort are the key drivers for purchasing a CASE wheel loader and as exclusive CASE dealers in this region we ensure that our customers get all this and more.”










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Veoli a

y Tra

SELCH SELC HP P Inc inerat or

nsfer sta







17 min




22 min




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VOLVO FLAGSHIP FOR STOKEY Telford-based Stokey Plant Hire Ltd has opted for a seventy-five tonne Volvo EC750E excavator, which will be deployed on bulk earthmoving projects within the aggregates and construction sectors. Established back in 1967, Stokey Plant Hire is very much a family run business. The company is led by managing director Sarah Jones and her husband, contracts director Ian Jones. Successfully steering the company, this husband and wife team possess a comprehensive portfolio of equipment for long and short-term hire. “The EC750E is our second Volvo machine, following an EC220E we purchased two years ago for a variety of hire work. The performance and reliability of the EC220 has been first class, as has the after sales service and support we’ve received from SMT’s support centre at Minworth. Since we needed to replace a seventy tonne machine that was sold at the end of last year, we took a serious look at the Volvo seventy-five tonne machine, and were impressed with what we

found,” Sarah Jones says. “This, coupled with a positive experience in dealing with SMT, prompted us to opt for the new EC750E.” The new arrival has been equipped in Mass Excavation configuration, complete with a 5.7m³ bulk bucket. In this configuration, the EC750E provides a maximum breakout force of 383 kN, and a tearout force of 337kN. The combination of the 6.6 metre boom and 2.9 metre dipper arm gives a maximum reach of 11.46 metres, and a generous dig depth of 7.2 metres. Specifically for Stokey Plant Hire, the EC750E has been equipped with a hydraulically folding ladder, which provides the operator with safe access to and egress from the cab. The EC750E also benefits from the addition of full superstructure guardrails (including a guarded catwalk), a bucket cylinder guard, blue strobe lights fitted to the counterweight, reflective prismatic chevrons and additional safety lighting. In addition, the EC750E benefits from a fire suppression system, a cabin mounted FOGS


guard, a sensor vision system that provides all-round visibility for the operator and a driver identification system, which prevents unauthorised operation of the machine. “Equipping the machine with these safety features satisfies the requirements of all of our clients, particularly in the quarrying sector,” comments contracts director Ian Jones. At the heart of the EC750E is a 16-litre Stage III V-ACT engine, which develops 533 nett horsepower. The engine operates in conjunction with an advanced mode control system, to ensure the maximum possible hydraulic horsepower available is delivered at a constant engine speed under varying load conditions. A maximum torque of 2,570 Nm is achieved at just 1,350 rpm. This, in conjunction with the machine’s advanced hydraulic system, ensures maximum fuel efficiency is achieved through every work cycle. Joining a mixed fleet of excavators, dump trucks, loading shovels and dozers, the new EC750E will be deployed by Stokey Plant Hire Ltd on hires that require bulk excavation work within the quarrying and aggregates industry. It will also be used by blue chip construction and civil engineering companies throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. The machine has been supplied with an SMT GB Level 2 ENHANCE service agreement, whereby it will be regularly maintained by Volvo trained service engineers, using genuine Volvo parts, filters and lubricants.

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BREAKING OUT Attachments giant KINSHOFER has added the new KFX-Series hydraulic breaker excavator attachments to its already extensive product line. The manufacturer announced the breaker series with the acquisition of Hammer, an Italy-based manufacturer of demolition, excavation, recycling and material handling attachments. The new series offers features that improve operator comfort and safety, reduce wear and improve productivity and longevity. “Versatility, safety and efficiency aren’t just buzzwords at KINSHOFER,” said Francois Martin, KINSHOFER North America general manager. “We strive to provide our customers with high-quality equipment that fits their individual needs and improves jobsite safety and overall efficiency. The KFX-Series greatly expands our product range with a dependable line that completes our offering and gives contractors the option to get all of their attachments from one source.” The 14 models in the KFX-Series offer operators a wide range of weight and power options. This makes it easy to find a breaker that fits individual needs in road work, demolition, recycling, tunnelling and underwater applications. The

smallest model in the series, the KFX 14 — designed for excavators weighing 8-15 tons — produces 2,000 joules and 600-900 blows per minute. At the upper end of the series, the KFX 200 — for 100- to 200-ton machines — produces 35,000 joules and 150-250 blows per minute.

greasing of the lower bushing and spacer, thereby improving the longevity of retainer pins and bushings and reducing the need for manual greasing. This option also enables operators to control greasing from the cab or automatically through movement of the hammer.

The KFX 20 to 200 also feature two adjusting valves, allowing operators to adjust the number of blows per minute and select operating pressures from 160 to 200 bar. Choosing a longer piston stroke will result in slower operation and more energy per single blow. This is for when the material is very hard and capacity isn’t the main concern. A shorter piston stroke results in less single-blow energy but faster operation, making it ideal for softer material and greater capacity per hour.

KINSHOFER can add air tubes to KFX models for tunnelling and underwater projects. Air tubes fill the breaker with defined air pressure, preventing water or dust particles from getting inside. Users simply attach an air supply to a connection point on the breaker housing, creating an air cushion that protects from damaging moisture and dust.

KINSHOFER’s KFX-Series breakers also improve operator comfort and reduce maintenance needs. A polyurethane shock absorber built within each breaker lowers vibration transmitted to the excavator frame and cab, increasing comfort and minimizing wear on excavator components, such as bushings. This also helps to reduce noise emissions.

“The KFX-Series offers an impressive array of features that make it one of our most versatile products,” Martin said. “We are one of the only manufacturers to offer a broad 2-year warranty because we believe in the quality of all our products. The KFXSeries is a welcome addition to our already extensive lineup. We believe the quality and versatility it provides will make it a popular option for contractors looking for an affordable breaker with a ton of great features.”

The KFX-Series breakers include an autolube system that allows direct

KINSHOFER also offers the KSB-Series of breakers for excavators from 0.5 to 12 tons.




BPH Attachments is expanding its PRODEM hydraulic attachments portfolio in the UK with the addition of a new crusher bucket. Designed to efficiently crush and convert waste material including brick, concrete, rock and even wood, into reusable hardcore or infill, directly on site, the PRODEM PCB Crusher Bucket, will be available to hire or purchase from BPH Attachments from 9 January 2020. Industry users have estimated the attachment, which features a patented auto-reverse crushing drum, can increase productivity to anything between 34 to 45 tonnes/ hour on-site by reducing operator input and increasing utilisation of site machinery. It also has intuitive jaw adjustment, high displacement radial piston hydraulic motors, wear resistant teeth, and easy forward-facing or reverse-facing loading. Thanks to the attachments’ versatility, the PRODEM Crusher Bucket can be utilised to reduce the volume of a variety of materials on construction or demolition sites, recycling, excavations, pipelines and road works, and in quarries. As the crusher bucket can be fitted to excavators already working on site, it negates the need for additional machinery, and also saves cost by cutting down on transport requirements, as materials can either be reused on site or the bulk will be reduced. The unit is suitable for carriers in the 8.0 to 55 tonne operating weight class. It features a loading capacity of 0.4 to 1.8 m3 and requires an oil flow from 80-550 litres/minute. “We are thrilled to be launching the PRODEM Crusher Bucket to the UK market. We’re always looking for innovative products to add to our ever-expanding range, and our attachments portfolio has now increased by 35 percent in the last year alone,” concludes sales director Matt Bastable. “With further announcements due in the not too distant future, it’s an exciting time for the BPH Attachments.”


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“first choice for landscaping supplies!” Self Drive Plant

Aggregate Washing Systems

SE Davis & Son can offer much of its extensive fleet on ‘Self Drive’ hire to its customers in the quarrying and construction industries.

Small working footprint

Quick set up time

These items include: • Loading Shovels - 1.5m to 5m capacity • Tracked Screeners - 3 & 4 way up to 20’ x 5’ screen decks • 360 Excavators - 12 tonnes to 50 tonnes • Dump Trucks - 12 tonnes to 40 tonnes capacity • Crushers - Tracked Jaw, Cone, Impactor • Bulldozers - Including LGP & PAT Blades & Laser guidance

Fully re-circulating Water Systems through our centrifuges

Capable of processing up to 130T per hour

Mobile & static plants available

Aggregate washing sytems to suit your requirements

Tracked washed plants now available.

Sandhills Farm, Edgioake Lane, Astwood Bank, WORCS, B96 6BG

Machine Control Technology which grows with your business

Topcon’s X-53x 3D machine control system is modular. Update it at anytime to ensure you always have the latest technology in the field so you can work smarter. The system provides faster and more accurate excavation, increasing output by up to 30 per cent. Every bucket movement is accurately positioned and tracked in real-time, directing the bucket to centrelines and ensuring the correct grade. Want to find out how machine control can benefit your business? Visit

The Intersection of Infrastructure and Technology™

Topcon Positioning (Great Britain) Ltd · T: 0845 450 4300


AUSA & JLG JOIN FORCES Spanish dumper maker AUSA has signed a 10-year commercial agreement with the US company JLG Industries to produce a new model of ultra-compact telescopic handler: the SkyTrak 3013. JLG will be launching this new vehicle on the US market in February during the ARA Show trade fair. The SkyTrak 3013 telescopic handler is the name adopted by AUSA’s current T144H model for JLG’s catalogue and it is especially designed to handle and transport materials in confined spaces. This industrial vehicle weighs around 2,400 kg and it has a loading capacity of 1,220 kg. The new model has a lifting height of 4 metres and it can be transported on a conventional trailer because it is so compact and lightweight. Additionally, the SkyTrak 3013 has fourwheel drive and rear steering, a hydrostatic transmission system and two accessory attachment options. It is powered by a Kubota V-1505 diesel engine with 19 kW of power.

a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. It has also launched its first electric model. JLG, with its headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA is a global leader in lift equipment including aerial work platforms and telescopic handlers, and belongs to the Oshkosh Corporation group, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Thanks to this agreement, the US company is expanding its catalogue of products to a segment that it had previously not covered. “JLG is pleased to announce this partnership with AUSA, a manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in designing compact industrial equipment”, remarked Rogerio dos Santos, Senior Director of Engineering at JLG. “Together with JLG’s innovation in the lift industry and its proven success in the telescopic handler market, the partnership between the two companies will allow us to build a vehicle that is more versatile and durable than our competitors’ models”.

“The partnership between AUSA and JLG to manufacture the SkyTrak® 3013 represents a commitment by two This agreement with JLG reinforces the global leaders in the telescopic handler strategic commitment made by AUSA to business to meet a need in the US market”, internationalisation and consolidation announced Ramon Carbonell, CEO of in markets outside the EU. In 2019, the company achieved a turnover of 86 million AUSA. “We are proud of our legacy and the added value that we bring to this sector euros, 70 percent of which came from global markets. Over the last five years and we are pleased to go into partnership with a company that is a global leader in AUSA has invested a total 12 million the design, manufacture and sale of lift euros, mostly on designing new, more equipment”. efficient and safer models, thus achieving


Molson Green, the specialist recycling and material handling division of Bristol-based plant and equipment dealer Molson Group, has expanded its agreement with the leading Bavarian crane and material handling manufacturer Sennebogen to supply their scrap metal and port handling machines throughout the UK. “We are extremely excited about the addition of the scrap and port industries to our Sennebogen product range and the opportunity for growth that it creates. This addition perfectly positions Molson to simplify our customers supply chains with a single source supply option, thanks to our 360-degree product range with an after sales service that can be counted on,” says Robin Powell, joint Managing Director of Molson Group. “Although the ports industry particularly is new for us, we have been gearing up for this for some time – we have the right people in place through our organisation to hit the ground running and


MOLSON GETS IN A SCRAP deliver customers with the right solution for their business and an after sales team can keep their operation running at optimal performance.� Since first signing an agreement with Sennebogen in November 2015 for the distribution rights for products to the waste, timber and demolition industries in the UK, the company’s ambitious approach has seen Molson achieve an impressive growth in market share for the easily spotted green machines. The addition of the scrap metal and ports industries represents a significant opportunity for Molson to expand its

business further into new industries. This appointment sees Molson take over from the former Scrap and Ports industry dealer for Sennebogen, Stoke-onTrent based E. H. Hassells & Sons. This move sees Molson improve its position as a single-source supply option for mobile plant and equipment to a wide range of industries. From 12 depots spread throughout the UK and over 100 service engineers, Molson is


one of the largest suppliers of construction, recycling and material handling equipment in the UK offering a 360-degree range of products including material handlers, loading shovels, excavators, dump trucks, crushers, screeners and conveyors to name a few.


Chieftain Trailers join the Red Knight 6 Ltd portfolio of partners Northern Ireland based trailer manufacturer Chieftain Trailers and Red Knight 6 Ltd (RK6) have agreed to partner, with RK6 becoming a distributor for the South of England and the Channel Islands. With over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing industry leading trailers, Chieftain Trailers originally made their name in the agricultural industry, but have subsequently taken their expertise into new sectors, developing trailers for rail, commercial enterprise and forestry industries.RK6 will be acting as distributor for the entire Chieftain range, but it’s the RK6 focus on the recycling and waste industries that excited Chieftain. “We are well known within certain sectors, and we know the RK6 team can sell across all of them, but our offering across other areas, such as waste is not so well known in the marketplace. By working with the RK6 we hope to change that. We have opted to work with RK6 because of the company’s experience in working across the recycling and waste industries,” said XXX of Chieftain Trailers.

Chieftain joins a growing list of business that are distributed by the RK6 team, which includes RubbleMaster, Anaconda and Komplet. The waste and recycling products from Chieftain, which include scrap trailers and several skip trailers supporting both hook and chain lift systems, fit well with the existing

list of partners, according to Paul Donnelly of RK6: “In our industry we are seeing a greater need for flexibility. Not just in the capability of the machines that we offer to market, but also in the needs of our customers in terms of either moving material, or simply moving equipment. We have to move with our customers in terms of what we offer,” commented Paul. “There are some obvious synergies with some of the machines we offer as well. Look at the Komplet range, compact and highly mobile, easily transportable on a good quality trailer from site to site. That’s just one example of moving machines, then there is the movement of material to consider as well. Like all the partners we work with, Chieftain focus on quality and that enables us to make sure our customers are getting the best product to suit their needs. RK6 has started working with Chieftain across Southern England, Wales and the Channel Islands. For more information on Chieftain Trailers contact the RK6 team on





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