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The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 12

it’s not only good, it’s great... american strains that is By: TCB Staff

It’s not another dispensary in the hinterlands, this new one located in Skiatook opened their doors in mid-November and we were VERY surprised at what they had to offer. No indifferent kids standing around, annoyed that customers interrupted their video games, but PROS who knew their stuff. HUHWHA? We

snooped around, sniffed their inventory and we found: 1. This is not a bunch of kids playing at budtending. They have a naturopath and nurse on staff to help you find strains that will work best for your condition(s). This is serious medicine if you are serious

about your health. If you just want to get high you can go anywhere, but if you have health questions, the staff here have answers to your questions. 2. The staff at Great American are about you, the patient. They want to help you feel better. Maybe MMJ is not what you

need. They will tell you that and help you find a new path. They would rather you left emptyhanded and told your friends that you had success than sell you something ‘for now’ and feel lost.

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for all your medical cannabis needs

Sweetleaf Gramma Organics Witchdoctors

100% organically grown Premium cannabis edibles, and fully tested craft tinctures, cremes, balms, cannabis medicines. and other medical mediums.

$50 Recommendation visit to help you get your Medical Card. 3400 Tuxedo Blvd - Ste H Bartlesville, OK 74006 918.876.4205

Medical Cannabis Dispensary 202 N Osage Dewey, OK 74029 918.534.8722

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The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 6

b i ica n n l ca

580.304.9517 open 7 days/week 9am - 10pm 301 s dewey ave bartlesville, ok

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The BLUNT Truth

curators of cannabis

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promote your

cannabis event for

3. They are not a candy store. You will see a small selection of edibles, vape products and other such items, but the focus will be the flower strains. Among the biggest choices are the winners from Harvest Fest at Copperhead Grounds back in October and this dispensary is the only one in the area to carry them. That alone had our attention. 4. You can get help with more than strains and medical issues. The Great American Strains staff will take you through the steps of how to use your new devices, dab rig, water pipe, how edibles work, how vape pens work, or how much of your MMJ, dab, wax or edible you need and they’ll tell you how to know when you’ve gotten to a good place medicinally. You will get the help you want without judgement or fear of being treated like a failure. Great American Strains is easy to find; it’s a quiet dispensary located at 1298 W. Rogers, just off the main drag. They can be reached at (918) 578-5001. As of this printing, they are open seven days 10 am-8 pm.


The Current Buzz endeavors to be the foremost news source for information on cannabisrelated events in Oklahoma and surrounding states. We understand that advertising opportunities to us are extremely limited. That is why we want to offer you a FREE listing on our website

Visit for Details

We pay cash • for used grow lights & Growing equipment • for used extraction & processing equipment • for used display cases & dispensary supplies

Darrell 918.260.7195 918.553.6642

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Curators of cannabis

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is now


Sales Representatives If you are looking for a rewarding job in the Medical Marijuana field with a salary capacity based on your ability to perform, thIs Is your opportunity. For More Information Contact

darrell Briggs 918.578.5001 or Email your resume to

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cannabis care

The BLUNT Truth

loving our older patients

even when they make it hard

someone knowledgeable for a few. There are dispensaries that have heard the plea of the Aunt Jennies out there too. Places like Great American Strains, Elevated Apothic, Family Buds, Green Country Health, Dr. Green, Flippin Farms, and Sweetleaf Health have all put serious thought into older patients dealing with chronic pain, fear and withdrawal, among other things. They speak ‘Aunt Jenny’ and will be better able to help her understand the way forward to less pain (and resentment).

you, and more make MMJ, CBD, Kratom and other alternatives look like voodoo. The old ways were working, this stuff is costly to a fixed income If you have an elderly relative who has been caught in the web old person who saw “Reefer Madness” and just knows you of opioids for a long time, they are poisoning them. Patience, may be WAY over medicating. Docs are over-prescribing them Ninja, patience. because of the stigma of antiConsider CBD. It’s going to depressants in the older folks and the instant pay-off of pain take a little sample, someone meds. Then the FDA, CDC, who isn’t a 20-something (and state agencies and others came can’t relate to Aunt Jenny’s chronic pain), and who has a out and cut them down or cut them off. They left a lot of older little medical knowledge. This is Before you get that one that where you pack Aunt Jenny into folks to rot away in pain and gets mad and says they are depression without any alternate the car (make sure she uses going to be “stinkin’ like a solutions except, “See ya.” the bathroom, has her drink, a hippy”, I got news for them. snack for her blood sugar and That’s not true. There are many options for making a soft landing If this is someone you know, it’s her phone) and take her to the from opioids that don’t all end a tough row to hoe. Resentment dispensary. Maybe call ahead to be sure she can speak with in Medical Marijuana cards and of the system, the medicines, We can’t seem to leave this conversation behind. But that’s okay because we hope that means that we are helping someone, somewhere to stay alive for another day. If you are one of the many who deals with the fallout of the opioid crisis, we are not judging, please know we at TCB have been there. And we can get you or a family member away from their grip. It’s not as hard as you think. Even an OLDER one!

lots of confusion. There are many options that you can try without a card at all.

Hint: Older folk understand older folk. Been there, done that, keep your stupid tee-shirt. They’ve had injections, surgeries, trials, etc. “We dug our graves enough times, we have direct access to real Chinese food in China by now.” Sound familiar? Aunt Jenny knows the drill. And she’s felt it too. If you can find a Budtender that has crows’ feet, have a short interview before packing up your family member. Ask them: • Would they be willing to spend 10-15 minutes with Aunt Jenny? (Tip them if allowed) • What are the options in CBD products; oils, salves, tablets, creams, teas, tinctures?

cannabis care

The BLUNT Truth

• What do they recommend (and have in stock)?

• Be willing to tip, even without buying.

• What is their schedule?

• Be open-minded on Aunt Jenny’s behalf.

• Is there paperwork to go with the CBD? You will need to: • Warn them of Aunt Jen’s pitfalls, moods.

• feel young again

E litE bookkEEping


• Be positive to everything, even Aunt Jenny.

owasso, ok


• Be willing to buy when you return, even if Aunt Jen is being a bit of a pill.

Benefits of CBD for the elderly relaxation & rejuvenation

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chronic pain relief • nerves, muscles, joints, and everything in between


• • • • •

Bookkeeping oMMa Reporting Payroll Taxes offering FREE Pick Up & Drop off services

Oklahoma's Cannabis Bookkeepers bone health

“Here in Oklahoma, Here for you”

• stronger less fragile bones

combats glaucoma • get your vision back

reduces insomnia • sleep soundly

epilepsy • escape from chronic seizures

stimulates appetite alzheimer’s dementia • restore your memory

• get your needed dietary intake

eST 2019

Medical Marijuana diSpenSary

We offer $10 YEARLY memberships for additional daily discounts. Sign up to be a member of our family.

We offer 15 different strains of flower, vape cartridges, and some CBD products.

Monday - Friday: 11am - 8pm / Saturday: 12pm - 5pm FamilyBuds FamilyBudsOK


1702 S park Hill road, Tahlequah

FamilyBuds FamilyBudsOK

The BLUNT Truth

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cannabis culture

surviving the stress of the holidays if you have SAD, anxiety, ptsd (or your family just stresses you out) by Amiea Eleban Those who love the holiday season often forget that there are many people that dread this time of year. The noise, crowds, finances, dealing with family – it all adds up to a giant ball of anxiety. Worse, those who deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD, a condition where lack of sunlight affects mood) are like bears who’ve had their hibernation disturbed. Ten million Americans are affected by SAD, who knows how many just dread dealing with the insanity of holiday stress? No comment. For some, the OMMA card was a big blessing, for others, it was

GREEN COUNTRY HEALTH SOLUTIONS making good on the promise of care Mon - thu: 11AM - 7pM • Fri - SAt: 11AM - 8pM Sun: 12pm - 6pm


2464 South MuSkogee Avenue • tAhlequAh • ok

another expense they couldn’t afford (a doctor’s visit, the paperwork, OMMA cards can cost over $200), so do you go Black Market? Do you get stupid drunk? Do you just deal with all? What if we had another option? You don’t need an OMMA card. No doctor drama. No pharmacy fears. You don’t need to get stupid drunk. No worries about Black Market weed additives. Let’s be legal: Kratom for the Holidays Ah, it’s that time of year again. Beautiful lights, Sparkling trees and so much joy! For some

Dr. Tom D. Foreman

Board Certified Physician

mEDiCaL CannaBiS $75 rECommEnDaTionS monday - Friday: 9am - 4pm

Pediatric Patients Welcome 2230 SE Washington BLVD. #103



(918) 458-2678

Medical Cannabis Cannabis Oils Edibles Vaporizers Natural Hemp

706 S Muskogee Ave Tahlequah, OK MON - SAT 10am - 7pm

cannabis culture

The BLUNT Truth

people, like me, this is not the case. The holidays for me are more stress and anxiety through the roof, going to crowded places, stressing about what to get who, although trivial to most, for me it’s too much to handle. But I’ve found a way to push through and enjoy the holidays a little; Kratom! Kratom can be a great gift for anyone that suffers from pain, anxiety, stress, needs an energy boost, or evens out your mood. There are many different options and we’ve got something for everyone. Although Kratom has a bad stigma, I’ve seen it do so much good. For some, it was a small thing like giving them more energy to get through the day, but for others, it has changed their life and given them the chance to live life to

the fullest and gave them their life back. Although some people are under the impression that Kratom is an ‘opiate’. it does not give you the brain fog. As long as you don’t take too much, you can go about your daily life with a clear mind and more energy. We also offer some strains and blends for insomnia (thought we forgot about that, didn’t you?) No worries no matter what your need, we got you covered!

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enhancement and concentration. Green Vein is like Hybrid: can go either way, good for mild energy boost, mood enhancement and mild pain relief.

Kratom Refresher: Red Vein is like Indica: good for pain relief, sedation, and relaxation, will have a more calming effect. White vein is like Sativa: more of a get up and go, great for energy, increased focus, mood

"Different StrainS for Different PainS"

918.534.1000 Monday - Friday 10am - 8pm Saturday - Sunday 2pm - 8pm

BIKERS WELCOME CBD FOR DOGS 620 E Don Tyler • Dewey, OK • 74029

If you haven’t tried Kratom, come on into

Vaping Kicks Ash, Owasso or Skiatook locations to receive 10% off any one ounce of Kratom and see what it can do for you.

Come Grow With Us

mON - FRI: 10Am - 6pm SAT: 10Am - 5pm



cannabis cuLture

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MORE has passed its first major hurdle, what else needs to happen? by Amy Addams The MORE Act (H.R. 3884) passed the approval of the House Judiciary Committee on November 20 (24-10). This Act is huge for many proponents of marijuana legalization. Introduced by Jerry Nadler (DNY) in July, it decriminalizes cannabis at the federal level by removing it from the Controlled Substances Act. But that’s only the beginning. MORE stands for “Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement” Act, effectively removing the criminal records that many feel unfairly target minorities and lower income Americans. Studies have shown

that marijuana charges for communities of color and other marginalized groups, such as lower income and homeless, are often much higher and more severe than for middleand upper-class white groups. Additionally, two-thirds of Americans feel that marijuana should be legalized, making the criminalization of minor pot offenses a dated and silly policy that still are akin to heroin charges at the federal level. With criminal justice reform on the forefront of social change, there are many people sitting in our prison system on marijuana charges, most with no violent


offenses beyond that. Many charges are quite recent. In 2018, over 660,000 Americans were arrested for marijuanarelated charges (we do not know if there were additional charges), but the consensus is that this taxes the criminal justice system (and our taxes) unduly. The MORE Act will now go before the overall Congress for a vote. If approved, states would have the right to make the decision on legalizing marijuana and by how much. As in Oklahoma, the decision can be left to popular vote. As the people in each state find that

their comfort levels improve, so could medical marijuana be elevated to recreational use. Or a state could choose to keep marijuana outlawed. But the MORE Act doesn’t stop there. The Bill would offer up services such as banking, credit card transactions and Small Business Administration funds

918.771.3082 tueSday - Saturday 10aM - 7:30pM Sunday 12pM - 6pM cloSed Monday


- $ Select prerollS - wax, Shatter, and cruMBle

405-657-2771 MON-SAT 10AM-6PM 3023 E. WATERLOO ROAD EDMOND, OK 74034

105 S Main Street, BriStow, oK

cannabis culture

The BLUNT Truth

would be used for marijuana businesses. MORE would also protect cannabis users from discrimination from banks and industry. It will have three large grant programs, namely: 1. The Cannabis Opportunity Grant Program: funding loans for small marijuana businesses owned by socially and economically disadvantaged people. 2. The Community Reinvestment Grant Program: services offered to people hit hardest by The War on Drugs; job training, legal help, literacy, youth recreation, substance treatment. 3. The Equitable Licensing Grant Program: funding

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for programs that help with marijuana licensing and employment for people hardest his by War on Drugs.

Rep. Jerry Nadler

MORE would follow-up on small business initiatives, ensuring that marijuana did not become a corporation. MORE would also continue to ensure that people oppressed by race and ethnicity will be allowed to make money in the marijuana industry. Whether it passes and succeeds (or not) is yet to be seen. But we are cautiously optimistic and hopeful for a change. Read the MORE Act in its entirety at bill/116th-congress/housebill/3884/text

Carbon Dioxide ENRICHMENT • The air today has a natural CO2 concentration level of 350~400ppm. Plants have ability to consume up to 1500 ppm of CO2. • Supplementing CO2 can increase yield and growth by 20% or more. • When using high powered lights, CO2 supplementation increases plants ability to photosynthesize. • Adding CO2 can make plants more resistant to heat and light stress. • CO2 burners emit other gases during combustion that can be detrimental to plant health. A steady supply of CO2 gas is the most effective method for carbon dioxide supplementation.

call us today or visit our website!

918.447.4411 6665 s 65th w ave, tulsa

Carbon Dioxide EXTRACTION • CO2 is known as a “tunable solvent” making it extremely versatile for creating a multitude of end products by controlling temperature and pressure. • Carbon Dioxide is cleaner, more efficient and less expensive than other chemical solvents. • Minimal extraction times and higher yields. • Non-beverage grade CO2 can contain high levels of sulfur, benzene, acetaldehyde, ammonia and other impurities that effect product quality. • A steady supply of beverage grade CO2 gas is the most effective method for carbon dioxide supplementation. • ZERO residual solvent content as CO2 evaporates away.

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celebrating cannabis

The Current Buzz Holiday Guide One-Stop Christmas at the dispensary finding for others and for yourself by TCB Staff

We ventured forth into our local CBD/MMJ/grow/vape shops to see what we could see to ease your holiday stress and we were so surprised by what we encountered! There truly is something for everyone (over 18 that is) IF you are willing to stop and think for a minute. Even better, we have ideas and there are LOTS of gifts to give yourself this holiday season. No more sad gift sets of body wash from people you thought knew you (but you apparently stink). Treat your loved ones and yourself to something great this year while keeping Okie money in OKLAHOMA. We have all the ideas you need for some holiday cheer (and lots of holiday spice of a different kind). DISCLAIMER: we cannot suggest that you buy anything

laced with THC for others. There are plenty of other options. We offer you the list of what’s good out there from our advertisers who paid to keep The Current Buzz free to you all year. What you do is up to you. For all who have some kind of pain (from headache, post-op, arthritis, fibromyalgia, menstrual and more): CBD oil can be a gift from the pain gods or a waste of money. The trick is to get something worth the cost. Love your recipient? We’re going to suggest you check out your local dispensary for CBD oil, pills, salve, cream or bath product for a tired, sore loved one who needs a little break. Elevated Apothic in Tahlequah has high quality CBD products and they are happy to offer post-sale help. The packaging

& Gear are fantastic places to grab grow supplies that cater to the MMJ grow industry. If your grower has a fave shop, you may be able to look at their purchase history and help them with what they need next. The great staff at Skunk Grow If your recipient is a THC/MMJ are super smart, helpful and user, there are plenty of useful items out there if you are willing they have any dang thing you could want to be the next home to look around. Water pipes, grower. Light bulbs, nutrients, vape pens, rolling papers/ machines, MMJ cookbooks, gift additives, even SEEDS are certificates all make useful gifts expensive nowadays. You could for the medical user. Check out get tears and a hug (and a great The Peak’s selection of smoking gift back to YOU later in the season). supplies, and since you’re there… Maybe you are trying to get What about that green thumb in someone started on recovery from opioids, PTSD, or the family? Lucky for all of us, emotional trauma. Sometimes there are plenty of shops that cater to their need to love weed; you gotta take the proverbial bull by the horns. Places Skunk Grow Supply, Greenleaf Grow Supply and Tulsa Gas like Green Country Health is tasteful (so Granny doesn’t think you are doping her up) and they have pamphlets on how to dose properly and can give you knowledge too. Write it down and put the info in your gift card.

celebrating cannabis Services, Sweetleaf Health, Great American Strains and Dr. Green can offer that first step (or more) from a doc visit, filling out and submitting paperwork to selecting what can help a patient start on the recovery process. If you know a Veteran who wants to talk to other Vets, Vermillion Kush is the place to go. Owned and run Vets, VK knows what your loved Vet needs and will help you. Primacan infused prerolls - $8 out the door all month of December! For EVERYBODY!! Yay!

The BLUNT Truth

mind a little out-of-the-way, Family Buds and Elevated Apothic, BOTH in Tahlequah, have some unusual items to make things interesting (along with knowledge, which, and while you’re there, ABliss has some great deals on pre-rolls and flower with no-hassle prices - WYSIWYG prices)-- think stocking stuffers for yourself too.

Two places we could NOT leave off your list, because they have all the other fun stuff you know you want: Patricia’s and Patchwork Pup. Yeah, maybe not to everyone’s tastes, but And NOW for SOMETHING only because you haven’t COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: we looked hard enough. all got ‘em; family members that got dem weird tastes. They eat Patricia’s has naughty, but weird stuff, (like fries with mayo they have nice too. Plenty of and honey), and we watch them cute little outfits for you or your like a car accident. Yeah, THEM. special someone are only the We got them covered too. These dispensaries are rockin’ the day-to-day but they got cool yummies and drinks that will flip your lid (pun intended) and make for a fun day for all. Sacred Herb, Herbology Zone and K’s Lil Farma offer plenty of variety in strains and edibles (shop early for best selection), but Flippin’ Farms and Sweetleaf Health have some SERIOUS sweets for your sweet – tooth, that is. Chocolate and gummies are the most popular. We ain’t playing when we say it’s a candy store. If you want to get original, there are coffees, teas, bath bombs, chap sticks, hangover cures and even feminine lubricants, tampons and more. If you don’t

beginning. Their website alone has 420 pages of products (ahem, or so we hear). Go get you something to make your Christmas extra sparkly. Worth noting is that Patricia’s has plenty of CBD stuff, smoking accessories and goodies for all your naughty friends (who are the fun ones). Patchwork Pup is worth the visit just to stand there and smell the leather. They have all kinds of gloves, vests, jackets, bags, motorcycle gear, and they can get their hands on so much more, just ask. Fabulous quality, prices are good and you can get customization to make your gift super-special. You get one sniff of all that leather and you’ll be “one for you, one for me, one for you, two for me…”.

Page 13 We can’t leave without discussing New Year Resolutions. Ready to quit smoking? Vaping Kicks Ash in Owasso and Skiatook has the safe vaping supplies that can get you out of big tobacco’s grip. They truly want to help you give up the habit. No better time than the present. See what they have to offer, read the testimonials all over the place and quit that filthy smoking habit. Better still, get one for you and another to help a loved one to quit with you. Your odds of both quitting get better if you both do it.

Have a Wonderful, Happy and SAFE Holiday Season.

The BLUNT Truth

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celebrating cannabis

last minute minutia

(a.k.a. what to give when you need to fill a stocking, shop online, or use a credit card) by TCB Staff

You bought local for most of your MMJ friends and family. The house smells like “Cheech & Chong Do Christmas, Man” yet the stockings remain almost empty (except for some pre-rolls you managed to leave alone for now) and all you got left is that credit card that no dispensary will touch.

Here are some goods you can have shipped to you, some are PRIMED and ready to be sent:

Tees. Dude, tee-shirts are everywhere. You don’t have to buy the 70’s ones with the old-timey leaf on them either. Today’s tees are more cerebral than that. There are chem formulas, Banksy and more. Hey, we love you for doing your Websites like Etsy, Tee Shirt part for the local economy this Palace and 6 Dollar Shirts have holiday season, but there comes bargains that often come in a time when we need the smell under $20 each, some under of plastic in the morning. You $10. get online and buy. It happens.

Smell proof bags. Apparently, the Amazon website DOES have everything: 25 smell-proof baggies (black) for $10 (in many sizes) can make your house less offensive to visitors while you wait for others to open the surprises that await. Or give the bags as gifts. Electronic grinder: the favorite seems to be the ‘Easy Grinder Clear Glass Electric Herb Pollen Catcher USB Rechargeable Stainless Steel Blades’. Available on Amazon for about $35 (free shipping, yay!) it’s an

investment, sure, but you can see how far you have ground up to 2 grams of your flower via the glass top, dispense right into a bowl, papers or anywhere. It’s small, rechargeable for 300 grinds via USB, AND…wait for it…you can PICK YOUR color! YAY! Available in black, blue, pink, green, silver or white, you can get one in a different color for all and get everyone color coded so there’s no sharing (it never works, be honest).

celebrating cannabis

The BLUNT Truth

Socks and underwear. UGH! Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, at least you can be stylin’ if you get into a car accident and they see you in your pretty clean new undies. Think how relieved your momma will be to know that you had clean undies on (ummmmm?). Better idea: DON’T get into a car accident, but look good in these sexy socks and undies anyways. Now, smokin socks and undies are damn near everywhere, baby. If you want the ones with authentic weed smell on them, there are local shops, but if you want the plethora of purchase power, you GOTTA see what’s out there in webbie world. It’s CRAZY!!

some killer deals but if you want quality, HotSox and Etsy have the quality.

Websites like Alibaba, Eros Wholesale and eBay have

See you in 2020.

Undies. For some reason, weed seasoned undies are not only nice but naughty as well. We’ll always tell you to hit local first, like Patricia’s (no minimum to get shipping, you’re already there), but if you must go online, master dank, PSD Underwear, Inked Shop and rue21 have choices as does Apparently, weed undies are a big deal but we don’t know why. Don’t send us pictures of your new weed undies. Ew. Happy Holidays! Be safe, happy, healthy and stylin’.

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Where Fun & Fantasy Meet


7925 E 41st St • 918.627.4884 2333 E 71st St • 918.499.1661 11344 E 11th St • 918.234.6556 5634 W. Skelly Dr • 918.446.6336


615 E Memorial Rd • 405.755.8600 8009 W Reno Ave • 405.792.2020


4810-A W Owen K Garriott Rd • 580.233.5511 10% Military Discount

10% Biker Discount

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cannabis Culture

The BLUNT Truth

UNCLE FUDGE’S FAVORITES This month I sampled so many medical cannabis strains that it is difficult to determine which I enjoyed most. Starbud from Ganulv Gardens stands out. Another was Chem I-95 from Emerald Wholesale. Shiboli Farm produced the best Jack Herer I have tried. The Pound Genetics has a strain called La Cush Cake #4 that should be a staple in every patient’s medicine cabinet.

be getting rich, right? Grow supply stores, in turn, should be thriving. Of course, dispensaries must be making lots of money because everyone seems to want one.

I can’t help but wonder where this is all going. I haul The Current Buzz Cannabis Newspapers around and drop them off for my brother. Last month TCB lost 11 distribution locations due to dispensary closings. Yet dispensaries are still opening at an alarming It was also cool witnessing rate. Assuming growers and Oklahoma’s first “Croptober”. processors can supply that Marijuana abounds in Oklahoma many dispensaries, are there right now – if you have the enough patients to consume the cash to purchase it. Dispensary amount of cannabis produced in owners must be getting rich Oklahoma? at the prices they charge for a gram. What happened to lids? You may be wondering why I am suddenly concerned about Someone is growing the the business of cannabis? cannabis to supply the Well, my brother is one of them dispensaries. The growers must dummies who just opened a

damned dispensary. I watched him pay well over $5000 for two — yeah, you heard me right — two pounds of pot! And he didn’t even smoke it…he looked at a #@%# LAB REPORT! It’s no wonder dispensaries are closing with owners behaving that way. On the bright side I did get to sample twenty-seven different kinds of pot this month. You can get all 27 strains at Great American Strains, 1298 W Rogers Blvd in Skiatook. Yeah, I am giving my brother a plug because he is going to need all the help, he can get in a town with 8000 people and eight dispensaries. Fortunately, my brother has experience as a janitor, so he can always fall back on that. If you do decide to visit Great American Strains be sure to take a non-perishable food item with you. You can save 15% off your total firsttime purchase thru December

23rd. All food collected benefits Heaven Sent Food Pantry in Skiatook. By the way, Uncle Fudge’s Favorite this month is Gelato grown by Red Earth Herbals. Grown outside in rich Oklahoma soil and sunshine. Then beat to hell by a machine trimmer making the buds fat and ugly. Not as ugly or fat as my ex-wife, but those little ol’ buds pack a punch like her right hook. I would love to meet you folks who read my writin’. We will be at the Cowboy Cup in Stillwater this month. The Current Buzz booth will be setup there, come over and introduce yourself. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your favorite Uncle. - Fudge


We Offer Everything You Need To Grow Your Own Medicine And Food! Monday - Saturday 10am - 7pm

918.777.4769 8125 E 51st St - Suite H Tulsa, OK


conversing cannabis

The BLUNT Truth

Page 17

the wild west of weed by Darrell Briggs

KRATOM CBD nature’s miracle cure?

insomnia • migraines • alzheimer’s anxiety • cancer • glaucoma stress relief• pain relief

discover cbd hemp oil • effects • how it works and what type of cbd product is best for you at

vaping kicks ash owasso

11215 n. garnett rd. • ste d owasso, ok

918.553.6643 skiatook

747-a w. rogers blvd. skiatook, ok

918.396.3167 pawhuska 1420 w. main st. pawhuska, ok


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Beyond Brownies: old fashioned molasses cookie recipe by TCB Staff 1 egg 1/4 cup molasses  1 1/2 tablespoon maple syrup  2 tablespoons unsweetened applesauce  Thoroughly mix all dry ingredients with a whisk. (Flour, spices, baking powder, baking soda, and salt) in a medium bowl.   Mix butter and brown sugar in a large bowl. Next mix in egg, vanilla, molasses, maple syrup, and applesauce. After that is mixed gradually add in flour mixture and mix until thoroughly combined.  Once that’s done put the mix in the freezer for ten minutes to make the dough easier to handle. After it’s been chilled, roll spoonful amounts into balls and bake at 350 F for 6-8 minutes.  Glaze recipe 1 cup of powdered sugar  1/2 tsp vanilla extract  3 teaspoons - 2 tablespoons of milk (depends on how thick or runny you want the icing)  1 heaping teaspoon of each: allspice pumpkin pie spice  ginger  ground cloves  1/2 tsp of baking soda  1/2 tsp of baking powder 

1/4 tsp salt 2 cups + 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour  1/4 cup of butter/canna butter (softened) 3/4 cup dark brown sugar  1/2 tsp vanilla extract 

Mix the powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract with a whisk (I would start off with a smaller amount of milk and work your way up). You can always add more if you want thinner icing. You can also sub the milk for

non-dairy milk as well. Add your desired amount of icing to each cookie once they have cooled. Editor’s Note: Your CBD/ THC levels will depend on the strength of your canna butter and the size of your cookies. We cannot give you accurate measures due to so many variables. If you know the THC/CBD content, there is a handy little calculator at: You will need to know the THC or CBD percent, and how many grams you have of butter and MMJ. 1/8 ounce = 3.5 grams 1/4 ounce = 7 grams 1/2 ounce = 14 grams 1 ounce = 28 grams As soon as you know the whole THC number for your canna butter, count how many cookies you made. Example: If you made 48 cookies using 1/4 cup of canna butter with 10% THC, you end up with about 14.6 THC mg per cookie. If you made 24 cookies, you would have 29 THC mg per cookie. This is also perfect evidence that we would be a lot happier if we converted to the metric system.

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hate to see this happen to anyone.

Holiday green safety and why it matters It appears that the men in blue have a system for detecting your use of the green. Which means you are no longer able to get high and drive 20 miles under the speed limit, stopping for yield signs and get home safely. The po-po are watching and your OMMA card does not protect you from their wrath when you are behind the wheel.

A device called The Hound can detect alcohol and recent marijuana use (edibles too), which is good and bad for the potential future of legalizing marijuana (recreational and medical), but it could be a hazard for the DUI-ers, especially the amateurs. If you

The best solution would be to get a strong airtight opaque container, by using this, you can expand the life of your stash and preserve the potency. If they are making a MMJ degree program, It matters When universities sit up and take notice, you know you’ve arrived (or at least they see the profitability in what you do). It’s finally happened that hole in your bag well, it could are one of THEM, pack a bag, the University of Maryland is be exposed to moisture, thus hand over your keys, leave offering a Masters in Medical causing your stash to mold. It your car at home because the Cannabis (you can live can also get dried out which can elsewhere but must show up fact that you use marijuana medicinally will NOT get you out cause it to become less potent, once to say hi). It’s mostly for which no one wants to deal with those in chemistry, pharmacy of a DUI, just ask anyone who fought one for Xanax or opioids. that. and psychology who want to Add in alcohol, and even if you expand the MMJ horizons. Airtight glass or mason jars. are legally under the limit, you Now this option is a little bit of have an exponential effect. What started out as a course for an improvement. There is a 50 now has a waiting list of over Now for the good news. (There downside to this though. The 500 with more signing up every jar could get broken. It would is some good news!) This day. If this sounds like it would be a huge waste rendering your be good for you, you’ll need a Hound does not test for MMJ entire stash unusable. I would you used last week’ it’s not like bachelor’s degree, a resume a blood or piss test, it only tests for what’s influencing your ability to drive right now. According to the company, it is fair to the driver, the police and the other drivers on the roads. Storage and why it matters Plastic Zip-lock bags, not the best for storing your weed. Although it will work in a pinch, it will not keep your stash safe for long. If you wind up with a

cannabis culture and three letters from people who like you. We signed up our Big Boss Man, Darrell Briggs, but they just sighed and hung up. And now the number has been changed. Huh. If you are serious about doing big things in the marijuana industry, put your marijuana where your mouth is and learn all the facts you can. We need scientists to change peoples’ misconceptions.

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a bit of indifference to what we want where some (or most) things are concerned. It’s our job to watch them and throw them to the curb when they do not do as we have asked. When we still have people being arrested for minor marijuana infractions, we need to look at a bigger picture. By voting to only take care of your immediate needs, you miss so much. These same politicians are likely to make your OMMA card invalid tomorrow (and your freedom).

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did not plan, black market and persistent poverty (to name only a few issues) have made some politicians yearn for the good old days where we locked everyone away. There are non-violent offenders still in the Oklahoma prison system for weed. Only just

over 400 inmates have been released as of mid-November (3,000 was Stitt’s promise). Marijuana arrests have INCREASED nationwide, including Oklahoma. That’s right, the profitability of prisons overrides your right to have marijuana. Don’t get indifferent now.

Your vote: it REALLY matters We keep beating this drum (made out of dead horse) yet so many still don’t get it. If all you do is show up to vote on MMJ/ MJ-specific bills or laws, you are SO missing the point. Our elected leaders have developed

We have a pretty big national debt. If we stopped spending right now, every person in the country would owe over $70,000 to get the bill down. I ain’t got it, do you? Marijuana is a good bet, but crop yields, over-taxing, dispensaries who






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