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inning the Intramurals isn’t easy. More so, winning it four times in a row. But defenders of four-peat territory, the Engineering Warriors, have practically made it tradition to wave maroon banners as they claim the title once again. New and familiar faces alike have brought victory to the college, staining top spots in the scoreboards with maroon. Yet one thing stays the same: the face of a Warrior remains to be the face of a winner. Words by Samantha Isabelle H. Bagayas Photo by Jinky Mejica Design by Jayson Elvie G. Ty

The official student publication of Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017

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A show of sportsmanship

ith promotions for the University seen in both the campus and its online platforms, it’s difficult to miss its key slogan: “Experience Excellence”. For all its talk of providing a topnotch experience in the institution, this still remains as a foreign concept to some, especially for the athletes that carry the name of the University in local and national competitions. Even with the consideration of financial constraints brought by current cost-cutting initiatives, the University has long since put a low priority on sports. This seems to be further emphasized in the dissolution of a number of varsity teams in the University due to major budget cuts in the University Athletics Office (UAO). This later trickled on to affect the largest sports competition in the University, The Xavier Cup 2017, as the UAO could not provide subsidies to the colleges.

Regardless of intention, The Xavier Cup occurring simultaneously with scheduled retreat periods, Mission and Ministry Week 2017 events, and classes only divided the students’ attention in fully participating in the Intramurals. Though this could be easily misconstrued, it’s difficult to look past the fact that the timing of all these events seems to be a manifestation of the University’s low outlook on sports. To reiterate XU’s advertising slogan, “Experience Excellence” is not limited to academic standards or University facilities; it also deals with holistic education and personal development–things that can be achieved through sports. It might do well to give the much needed reminder about the theory of multiple intelligences. That is to say, people have strengths of their own that may not subscribe to standard academic tests. Similar to how some students can excel within the classroom, some will find their niche in the courts or on the field. It would only be fair to acknowledge the impact of sports development and recreation within the University, and tap that potential to celebrate the players who consistently bring honor to XU. The medals acquired in local and national sports tournaments are just as important as the awards received by top academic individuals in representing the University across various competitions and board exams.

Illustration by June Benedict C. Laplana

The dissolution of certain varsity teams in the University alone showcases how the sports department remains undervalued in the institution. Last year’s budget cuts prompted a reduction in full- and half-tuition scholarships, and limited participation in tournaments where expenses will be shouldered by the University– benefits which could make all the difference for the players. While other universities provide numerous benefits that range from full-tuition scholarships to substantial financial allowances, this year’s UAO budget cut could most likely lessen the already meager benefits offered to varsity students.

For now, sports-related activities and events seem to simply be a show of sportsmanship of the University–keyword being: show. Unless tangible efforts to enhance the sports department of the University are made, “Experience Excellence” at least in the context of athletic development remain just for show. C





Becoming an Atenean



ost of my friends study in Xavier University for the name of the school, thinking it will be an edge in landing a job. Some are led by their friends’ influence. Others can just afford to do so. Ateneo sports a colorful range of students with different aspirations and characteristics. Yet, beyond dense “rich kid” assumptions, is there still something else to strive for in being an Atenean? Just an hour prior to my class one morning, I went to the comfort room of the Agriculture building. Three people were inside: a utility personnel who was cleaning the sink, and two students. A few minutes later, one of the girls shouted an expletive, adding, “Paghinay daw!” Quickly, I went out of the cubicle. The soap that was used to clean the sink accidentally spilled into the student’s bag. The owner of the bag, fuming mad, grabbed it and shoved it to the face of the utility

personnel. “Taronga nag limpyo akong bag, ga danghag ka lang!” She could have just talked politely without stepping on the personnel’s dignity. I can’t believe how some students could treat our utility workers so cruelly. I thought scenes like that only exist in teleseryes. No, ladies and gentlemen, it is also seen inside our institution where values are spotlighted. To people who could even dare to disrespect those striving to attain an honest living, you’ve tainted the reputation and identity of XU. Being an Atenean is more than striving for excellence within the walls of the classroom; we actually have a responsibility to realize what we’ve learned. Similar to how an idea can’t stand on its own without action, XU’s values are personified through every student. Are we still worthy to be called “Ateneans” if we do not possess even the barest minimum of “respect” to our personnel?C

By Merryane Rose S. Bacud


Lionheart By Rizalyka Joanne M. Waminal


Don’t look down

s excellence only about having outstanding quality? It’s a commonly encountered word yet rarely, truly realized. Despite the University being a high-quality institution, people still have misconceptions about certain programs or courses. “B.A. ra,” some people would say. Somehow, there’s a preconceived notion that a large fraction of Business Administration (BA) students are shiftees from other “harder” courses such as Accountancy, Engineering, Nursing and Computer Studies. Upon asking why some students take a business course, they would reply, “Wala’y choice” “mao raman jud ang ma-credit”, and other similar reasons. With this thinking, one can easily devalue the course and feel as if people enroll in the program for the sake of having a college degree. Others would also say that “Chill ra gyud kaayo ning mga B.A ba. Daming time…” along with other negative perceptions. Though partly true, this doesn’t change the fact that people in the business world play a vital role in the economy, and manage businesses and corporations where accountants, engineers, nurses, and other employees work. Management of such scale requires the kind of training every BA graduate is equipped with.

Topping the charts at number 1 in ignorance is the notorious “Dili naman na kinahanglan tun-an ang business. Common sense raman na,” said no properly educated person ever. Can people from other courses compute for the rate of return for each shareholder in a company? Can they predict when’s the best time to invest in the stock market? Do they even know how to interpret the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEI)? No, they probably won’t even bother to understand the intricacies and dynamics of the economy – the very reason we can buy anything at all. Truth is, no course or program is ever easy. Specialization exists because everyone has different roles to play in society. While BS BA people tend to be stereotyped and devalued during their undergraduate years, they have no problem landing corporate jobs or gaining respect in the professional world. To every BA Eagle out there, fight for what you chose. We have different backgrounds and reasons to explain how we entered this program. Always remember what our business and economics classes taught us, “The higher the risk, the higher the return”. Let no one stop you from achieving excellence.C

Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017


Missing Out


Pocket Strategist



with one’s own faith, students can only be sports fans - gathered under their college banner - once a year, and athletes can only play for that banner just as frequently. Furthermore, this was the last Intramurals for the Seniors - literally nearly half the population of undergrad students this year. Second, it forces athletes to reschedule their retreats and attend one later in the school year with strangers and people from different courses. More importantly, they might miss classes for one or two days unlike the rest of their classmates who attended their retreat as a section. Athletes don’t have to face these situations. Would it be more inconvenient to simply avoid scheduling retreats during The Xavier Cup? Lastly, it’s redundant to schedule retreats on holidays. While the fact remains that it wasn’t a regular one, retreatees effectively lose an extra day of freedom, which means a lot to anyone, really. Student or worker, we all love and need our holidays. In a way, the Intramurals is a retreat in itself - not one that reconnects with spirituality but one that ignites college spirit, teamwork, competition, and a sense of unity within a group. It would be inefficient and purpose-defeating to stack one on top of the other.C

Photos by Jean E. Abarquez

By Lorenzo A. Botavara

o the inconvenience of some athletes this Intramurals, their Seniors’ and Juniors’ Retreats fell on crucial game days such as September 12 - the crossover and championship dates for team sports such as softball, and one of only two study holidays given by the University that week for playing sports, spectating, and supporting. The conflicting schedules caused quite a burden not just on the players but on their respective teams as well. The presence of certain key players who opted to prioritize their retreats could have indirectly altered the results of a number of matches, possibly even the rankings in some sports. Perhaps the Campus Ministries Office could consider not scheduling retreats during the Intramurals week next year for a number of reasons, apart from the fact that it has only inconvenienced a lot of people. First, if it isn’t obvious enough yet, the timing is simply not ideal. Students are hyped up and hungry for action during Intrams week. Put two days of tranquility and meditation smack in the middle of a week full of adrenaline, and you get preoccupied students who can’t wait to get their phones back and get updated on the scores and standings. It’s worse for athletes: they didn’t undergo hard months of training to discern and look back on their lives and memories during game day; they prepared themselves to make memories themselves: championships to remember, the thrill and enjoyment, the glory of the game. While I myself believe in the glory of God and the importance of reconnecting



s if to symbolize the Intramurals aiming for new heights this year, the cheerdance competition kicked off The Xavier Cup 2017 on September 9 at the XU Gymnasium. With its enthralling display of daring throws and stunts, the annual competition spotlighted five contenders vying for the top title. While other colleges were perfecting their routine as early as the start of the semester, only three teams were primed to compete at the onset of the planning, as lack of financial support from the University Athletics Office (UAO) forced other cheer squads to back out. A small student population in some of these colleges also prompted their initial decision to withdraw from the competition. Featuring a first in the history of the XU Cheerdance Competition, the Center for Integrated Technologies (CIT), College of Nursing, College of Computer Studies, and the School of Education banded together to form their own cheer squad. Aptly named, “Legion” the new cheer squad pooled each college’s set of cheerdance members and resources to vie for the trophy. With a new contender thrown into the mix, five cheer squads rose to take on the ultimate challenge of winning the 2017 Cheerdance Competition. The fall of the Warriors With their entire bodies covered in blue, and faces painted in red and white for the men, the Engineering Cheerwarriors’ extraterrestrial humanoid appearance quickly captured the attention and applause of the audience. The College of Engineering wasn’t shy in showing their support as well, as trumpets boomed and cheers practically became the intro music of the cheer squad. The Cheerwarriors kicked things off by yelling the Atenean chant paired with a tribal themed floor routine. Unfortunately, the first casualty came on their very first arabesque when one female performer being held up high by two bases failed to execute the stunt. After that, a succession of errors and mishaps plagued the College of Engineering’s stunts and routines from then on, ultimately affecting their standing in the competition. Though their performance on the ground was solid, unlike the Na’vi people from Avatar, the Cheerwarriors seemed to fall short in reaching for the trophy. Thus, the College of Engineering rested in 5th, placing last among all the teams with a score of 70.8 points.

On the move Bounding across the mats in their black and white tuxedos and knee high socks, the new contenders of the competition appeared like spies in disguise. Primed for attack, the Legion started its routine with a strong show of camaraderie, as flyers raised banners of the CIT Knights, Nursing Pythons, CompStud Wizards, and SOE Phoenixes to the tunes of the Ateneo chant. As the music slowed to a complete stop, the Legion dominated the mats with their heads bowed before a flyer triggered an explosive series of team stunts with a heel stretch pyramid. With team cupies and team bow and arrows coloring their routine, the new contenders showed off daring tumbles as dismounts, eager to prove that they were out to fulfil their mission of winning the title. The Legion showcased nonstop action on the mats, as they did stunt after stunt to snappy bullet shots, and James Bond’s iconic theme. Despite the creative mounts and an explosive dance segment, the Legion found themselves bounding to fourth place with 76.2 points.

stunt before going straight to a series of team heel stretches. Almost giddy to be back on the mats as defending champions, the SBM All-Stars flyers transitioned from one stunt to another with a short dance. Though a majority of the routine was comprised of team heel stretches, the defending champions added more flair to their performance with creative mounts and organized motions. Nearly halfway into the routine, the SBM All-Stars flyers showed a team toe touch, and did nonstop movement on the mats with front handsprings and vivacious dance moves. At some point, a segment ensued of the SBM All-Stars going all out with daring throws

Shooting Stars Even with 10 seconds left in the countdown to the performance, cheerdance powerhouse SBM All-Stars were already poised for a a n d spectacular routine in their black yellow bodysuits. The defending champions stayed true to their “Laban o bawi” slogan, as they powered the Ateneo chant with snappy motions. This segment seemed to only serve in the routine for formality’s sake, as flyers tumbled to mount their first

By Samantha Isabelle H. Bagayas & Ho 4

Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017

and dismounts. As if to brand the routine truly theirs, the cheer squad made an iconic star as select flyers held it taut. Yet not even organized stunts and fast-paced motions can save the glow of the SBM Eagles’ reign in the cheerdance competition, as they fell to third place with 85.683 points.

Bullwhippers w e r e n ’ t scattered across the mats with their own motions, they were off to do a series of

The crowning point Taking inspiration from Polynesian culture in their garments, routine and choice of music, the Tigers Supreme Coed spearheaded their way to glory in this year’s Cheerdance Competition. The reigning champions started out on a high note by executing an elevator. With hardly a tremble from the flyers, the Tigers Supreme Coed seemed to prove it was used to being on top, as they showcased ease and balance in their stunts and dismounts. Their floor routine started a trend of clean flips, scales and arabesques on and off the ground. Compared to the other performers, the Tigers Supreme Coed’s well-synchronized floor routine packed with energetic motions and panache quickly captured the crowd’s undivided attention. Cheers grew stronger by the minute as soon as the Polynesian themed music from popular Disney movie Moana graced their clean routine. From perfect high flying aerial routines to complex back handsprings, the Tigers Supreme Coed proved that a simple yet synchronous performance triumphs over a discomposed and wild routine. In the end, the ArtScies’ acrobatic somersault in the air topped with their nearly flawless execution on the floor cemented their place on top. Regaining their title as champions after three years, the Tigers Supreme Coed made their triumphant comeback with a whopping score of 90.133 points. *** Though cheerdancing has always been seen as a challenging and exciting sport, this year’s competition had more than its fair share of surprises. Some rose to great heights while others stumbled to great lows. Yet most notable is this year’s first in gluing various colleges to perform as one team. With this year marking the Tigers Supreme Coed’s return to the throne, will this serve as the first of many years for the cheerdance powerhouse? C

ayas & Houie Sixto Abeth R. Lalanto II The



Design by Jayson Elvie G. Ty

Fear the whip Following a Bohemian theme, the Aggie Bullwhippers were clad in green outfits with orange sashes for a performance that quickly became a crowd favorite. Though the routine was off to a bad start as its star flyer nearly fell during the team’s Ateneo chant, the Aggie Bullwhippers made up for the blunder with a clean team bow and arrow, matched with Bohemian-inspired motions in half extension. Almost unstoppable in their takedown to the throne, daring throws as dismounts mixed with a number of kick tosses, team cupies, and strong motions in full extension dotted their vivacious performance. Unafraid and brimming with confidence, the Aggie Bullwhippers were a blur of green energy on the mats, hardly ever stopping in their routine riddled with challenging pyramids, team scorpions, arabesques, and basket tosses. Halfway into the routine, the crowd was already roaring for their champions in the Bullwhippers’ dynamic segment of Bohemian motions. If the

astonishing stunts. Near the end, as the music hyped up, and the motions became more fastpaced, male Aggie Bullwhippers took out their drums, as the performance closed with a yellow cloth falling to show Aggie’s pride in their ultimate Bohemian element. Despite an adventurous routine, the Aggie Bullwhippers reign—almost hesitantly— in second place with 86.25 points.


Tigers, Warriors dominate split softball territory By Lorenzo A. Botavara & Nikki Gay Louise P. Amores


n the process of claiming their fourth straight overall championship this year, the Engineering Warriors took dominion over the men’s softball pitch from Aggies. However, the defending champs in green made the maroon jerseys work for the title. With the score tied at 9 in the final inning, an erratic catch from the Bull’s first base granted two bases to Warrior Dierie Amper, who was already at second base, and the Warriors literally walked away with the win on September 12 at XU Soccer Field. “Ang rules sa softball is if mulahos sa 25-foot line ang bola awarded two bases ang runner if any... so naa man siya (Amper) sa second [base] ato na time so siya ang winning run,” explains Warrior Team Captian Samuel Joesph Norca. Despite the anticlimactic conclusion, the match was a nail-biter all throughout as both teams wrestled each other to the ground to establish control. The Warriors’ defense started out shaky in the first inning, which the Bulls’ strong batting lineup was quick to take advantage of as they scored five runs. Engineering responded with a safe offensive

approach – a combination of bunting and batting – which also paid off against the Aggie defense. The Warriors’ fast runners ensured bases with every bunt, slowly but surely making progress until they ended the inning on equal ground with Aggies, 5-5. By the second inning, the Tribe’s defense tightened and held the Bulls to just two points while scoring four on offense, 9-7. Aggies also failed to take the lead in the crucial third inning, only managing two more points to tie the game, 9-9. By then, the Warriors only needed one run to secure the trophy. An equally tight match also took place for the bronze medal as the SBM Eagles nipped the Artscies Tigers, 12-11. In women’s softball, the Arts and Sciences Tigers claimed territory for the second time after allowing no one – save for a lone Medicine Wolf – to reach home base, 9-1. Establishing a wide lead since the early start of the game, the Tigers made it close to impossible for the Wolves to conjure up any sort of comeback.

Batting first, Medicine, resolute to tilt the game in their favor, made their first and only run in the opening inning. Reading the Wolves’ defense perfectly, the Tigers successfully froze the opponent’s score while stealthily scoring five runs of their own to end the first inning with a 5-1 advantage. Intent on changing the fate of the game, the Pack was more focused and determined this time. Despite the Pack’s aggression and feistiness, the Tigers remained unstoppable, and scored four consecutive runs, leaving the Wolves scoreless, and closing the round with 9-1 score. The Wolves, exhausted from trying to mount a comeback in the second inning, trudged through the third inning with less energy. ArtScies’ superior pitching, combined with a determined defense, ultimately doused whatever fire remained in the wolves. In the end, it was the Tigers that howled in joy as they completed their second consecutive year as queens of the softball field, as the Wolves settle for second place. Meanwhile, the Warriors climbed the rankings, and eventually reached third place.C

Tigers, Eagles dethrone Warriors in Swimming By Nikki Gay Louise P. Amores

Coloring the water with yellow paint this year, Lady Eagles Kristina Lim, Willdith Buquis, Shaine Siy, and Alyanna Concepcion established a supremacy over the 50m Backstroke, 50m Butterfly, 50m Breast Stroke, and 50m Freestyle, respectively. Buquis also nabbed RACE OVER WATERS. Contenders of the swimming competition race golds in 100m using powerful backstrokes to win the competition. [J.ABARQUEZ] Backstroke and 100m Butterfly with the he three-year reign of the Engineering fastest time records, while Lim owned the 100m Warriors in women’s swimming was Freestyle with a time difference of 23.84 seconds brought to an end by the Lady Eagles between her and Warrior Chesna Torres. The Lady Eagles did not only excel on September 10 at Don Gregorio Pelaez Sports Complex. The Eagles snatched a total of ten individually but their flawless teamwork has also golds, three silvers, and four bronzes with flair and granted them golds in 4x50m Medley Relay, speed; securing for the Yellow Army dominion 4x100m Freestyle Relay, and 4x100m Medley Relay. They were, however, only 0.12 milliseconds over aquatic territory.



away from dominating the 4x50m Free Relay in a close race against the ArtScies Tigers; finishing their laps with a silver, and the Tigers with gold. The ArtScies Tigers came in second with seven golds, seven silvers, and six bronzes. They particularly stood out in the men’s arena with the coordination and teamwork of Tigers Martin Torres, JP Tamparong, Geno Sambaan, Sixto Lalanto, and Ansel Abansado—all of whom helped secure the golds wherein they secured all of the golds in 4x50m Free Relay, 4x50m Medley Relay, 4x100m Freestyle Relay, and 4x100m Medley Relay. Torres also earned gold in 50m and 100m Butterfly categories. Most of the individual categories were close battles between the Tigers and last year’s champions, Engineering. Warriors Loise Ching and Adams Lomoya were only a few seconds away from the Tigers’ time records. Nonetheless, the Warriors settled in third place with five golds, nine silvers, and three bronzes; two spots below their rank last year. The Nursing Pythons and Medicine Wolves also earned themselves one gold medal each.C Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017


Warriors run at full speed, claim first place in Athletics By Mary Therese P. Mole

FULL SPEED. Runners sprint towards the finish line in the 200-meter dash athletics competition. [J.ABARQUEZ]


ll geared up and ready for the sprint, the Engineering Warriors pioneered the 4x100m relay in both categories, garnering a record of 49.33 seconds in men’s division, and 1.03 minutes and 77 nanoseconds in women’s division. This contributed greatly to the Tribe’s victory of five gold medals overall, en route to a back-to-back championship in Athletics. Coming in second were the School of Education Phoenixes with two gold and four bronze medals, while the Aggie Bulls trailed at third place with a gold, three silver, and two bronze medals. The Athletics competition was held at Don Gregorio Pelaez Sports Complex on September 10.

Aggie Bull Andrey Ardo took over the men’s category 100-meter dash, finishing the race in 11.74 seconds. Ardo was then followed by Medicine Wolf Mikhail Labuntog and Phoenix Jonathan Luna who finished in 12.21 seconds, and 12.60 seconds, respectively. Warrior Jameson Lim outran his competitors in 400-meter dash with a 1.02 minute and 97 nanoseconds finish, followed by the CIT Knights in second place, and Medicine Wolves in third. The Warriors were unstoppable with Warrior Cheli Manulat slaying the 200-meter dash with the shortest record of 25.61 seconds, leaving the CompStud Wizards and Aggie Bulls, in that order, behind him.

In women’s athletics, Phoenix Nelbei Saberola finished the 100-meter dash first in 14.61 seconds. The ArtScies Tigers followed 47 nanoseconds later. Meanwhile, the Wolves grab third place with a record of 15.55 seconds. The 400-meter dash was led by Warrior Gab Libetario’s 1.19 minute and 55 nanosecond finish. Keeping up at full speed were the Aggie Bulls at 1.20 minutes and 17 nanoseconds. The bronze was secured by the Phoenixes, who finished the race 6.33 seconds later. The Phoenixes took flight and conquered the 200-meter dash with Rosette Paderanga completing the run in 33.73 seconds. The Eagles and Bulls followed closely in second and third place, respectively.C

Warriors claim second XU Major title By Lorenzo A. Botavara


ontending as defending champions of the first DOTA 2 Xavier Major held last year, the Engineering Warriors swept the ArtScies Tigers, 2-0, in the best-of-three finals series on September 14. The tournament’s venue, formerly Xtreme Gaming Hub - Velez, was changed to iPlay Cybersquare - Corrales this year. In the opening game, ArtScies drafted for early to midgame aggression and ganking with a midlane Tiny while Engineering employed a 4-protect-1 strategy with a carry Morphling surrounded by teamfighting and turtling heroes. The Warriors played around their Enigma ult timings, and rushed BKB on the hero so ArtScies could only cancel it unreliably with a Slardar Bash. This created enough space for the Morphling to farm up. Ultimately, the game was won after two crucial Black Holes from



Enigma - one after the Tigers failed to burst down the carry Morphling, and another with an Arcane Rune at bottom - opened up the high ground for the farmed and nearly un-killable Morph. Game 2 was a battle of pushing strats: Engineering with Drow Ranger and Arts with Broodmother. Arts claimed a slight advantage with bottom barracks claimed by the split-pushing Brood, but a poorly taken fight by the Tigers resulted in their base being sieged by the ranged artillery of Engineering. The Warriors’ physical damage proved too much in late game teamfights for the BKB Brood, who melted in seconds upon encountering a teamfight in the middle lane. Desperation buybacks from Arts could not stop the siege train, and the Warriors took the title once again. Both games lasted around 40 minutes. Fourteen teams from five different colleges participated in the event: one team from Aggies, two

SECURE THE LANE. Warriors focus on individual lanes to secure early game advantage.[S.ABSHIRE] from the School of Medicine, four from the School of Business and Management and College of Engineering, and three from the College of Arts and Sciences.C



Wizards, Warriors snag gold medal in Sepak Takraw By Nikki Gay Louise P. Amores


ager to break their first runner-up curse, two-time sepak takraw finalists Aggie Bulls squared off against the College of Computer Studies on September 12 at the XU Covered Courts. The Bulls eventually came up short again this year after a series of communication breakdowns. In an intense third set, CompStud Wizard Jasper Bago’s powerful header scored the winning point for the razzle dazzle Wizards, closing the match with a 2-1 (21-14, 20-22, 23-21) score. The Bulls had a slow start to the opening set, which the Wizards took advantage of. Wizard Allen Gipulla scored the set’s first point, and the Wizards took off from there while the Bulls scrambled to find their footing. Nervousness and misreads on defense got the better of the Bulls as they dropped the first set to the Wizards, 21-14. In set two, the Bulls bounced back as Ken Mark Catubig’s inside kick secured the team’s first point. Meanwhile, Wizards anticipated and returned whatever the Bulls seemed to throw at them to keep the race tight. The set reached a standstill after both teams scored 20. In a nerve-

wracking play, Bull Juede Sabaldana ended the round with a 22-20 score, with tricky and accurate ball placement forcing a do-or-die third set. The deciding salvo began with the Bulls establishing a 6-point lead, 8-2. The Wizards’ offensive spells were no longer enchanting as the Bulls read them DEFEND THE TERRITORY: Aggie Bull gives a powerful hit as a like a book until the Compstud Wizard anticipates the attack. [G.VERONA] score was 20-12 – match point for Aggies. In an unexpected turnaround, the Bulls to handle. CompStud went on another the Wizards picked up the pace and found their 3-0 run to secure the third set and the title, 23-21. In women’s division, Engineering Warriors magic once more. In a final, desperate surge of momentum they scored eight straight points and owned the title against Nursing Pythons after found themselves tied with the Bulls at 20. Caught winning two consecutive sets with 21-15 score in off guard, the Bulls tried to answer back with the first one and a 21-16 score standing in second another inside kick, giving the set a 21-20 score set. Throwing accurate inside kicks towards their but still failing to secure the title after the Wizards opponents, the tribe quickly finished every set built too much momentum and confidence for with ease.C

Warriors savor four-year rule in Karate-Do By Nikki Gay Louise P. Amores


categories in Individual Kumite women. arnering close to a hundred Lady Justice started out strong with points, the Engineering golds in men’s division of Individual Kata Warriors are were once again and Team Kata categories. However, royalties in the arena of the popular the Warriors stole the spotlight when Japanese martial art. Nine golds, two Warriors Tom Abao and Kyle Reonal silvers, and two bronzes, sealed their secured golds in 55kgs class and 60kgs four-peat reign this year with a ki(ss)ck. class in Individual Kumite men. The thrilling and intense With heated attempts and power competition among the colleges added behind every kick, Justin Gabor of to the already humid atmosphere at the the Lady Justice owned the Individual XU Covered Courts on September 16. Kumite 70kgs class against Python Karl Eager, but falling short in ending the METICULOUS MOVES. A contender in Karate-do performs Kata with Gayloa in the final round. Nevertheless, Warriors’ winning streak, the Medicine discipline and poise. [C. VITOR] the realm of Individual Kumite men Wolves with 44 points, and College of remained under the control of the Law with 35 points landed first and Warriors as Christian Varias snatched another Eagles with bronze. second runners- ups, respectively. Coming back to their senses, the Warriors gold in the open class category. Bouncing back, Not their first rodeo in the sport, the lady Warriors reigned over the women’s division with came back with Jyssa Cozo bagging gold in the College of Law ended their game with gold in six golds—, two of whichthese are from the Individual Kumite -50kg class after scoring Team Kumite men. The Wolves accumulated three silvers Team Kata and Team Kumite women categories. consecutive hits against Python Dubhe Orlanes However, the Individual Kata women was despite her swollen leg. Warriors Julien Cozo, and three bronzes, while theand Lady Justices dominated by SOE Phoenix Mikee de la Torre Gabrielle Libetario, and Christine Varias also had three golds and one bronze in the overall with gold, Nursing Pythons with silver, and SBM snagged golds in the 55kg, 60kg, and open class rankings.C


Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017


Aggie Bulls end seven-year drought in women’s Football

By Harmony Kristel D. Balino with reports from Jesse S. Pagcaliwagan


he sturdy Bulls rammed the Nursing Pythons out of championship contention on September 16 at the XU Soccer field, with Carmella Quirog scoring the lone goal for Aggies off a free kick. The opposing teams wrestled in the first half, as they exploited weak spots in each other’s barriers. The Bulls took heed in the openings presented by Midfielder and Team Captain Carmella Quirog whose skillful snatch tactics earned prolonged possession of the ball. Despite opponent midfielder Danes Deceda’s attempt to reclaim possession, Carmella was already one step ahead of the defense and was backed up by wingers Bernadette Batucan and Libby Namoc. As the Bulls charged forward, Python defenders Chang Abellana, Jhezel Arafol, and Arra Talian were positioned in anticipation of the attack. Quirog’s herd trailed behind for backup, not too far off to leave their side of the field vulnerable. A close-range struggle for possession at the left corner ensued. As both teams jumped into the incomprehensible scramble for possession, Quirog herself surprisingly broke loose and drove the ball from the outside line. This was accidentally touched by Python goalkeeper Jack Piolino and was called for a foul. Consequently, the lady Bulls

were awarded a free kick which Quirog swiftly delivered herself, scoring the first – and eventually, only – goal of the game. By halftime, the Pythons were forced into a new game plan with Python Neriza Macana subbing in as defender. At the start of the second half, possession was dominated by the Pythons, who aimed to finish the match with a tie. By then, the Bulls were heightening defense led by Rosario Bulan whose interceptions rid the Bulls’ inner box of Python presence. Forward Gabrielle Torres took charge of the ball and led it across field, just through Bull defenders, hoping to deliver a netsecuring kick. As Bull defenses began to swarm her, she delivered an accurate pass to Macana, who weaved through the horns and struck hard in the direction of the net. However, Bull goalkeeper Kimberly Laina was able to swat away the attempt, and prevent a tie and penalty shootout. Just minutes away from the end of the second half, the Pythons, sensing the urgency of the situation, went all-out on offense but the Bulls kept their aggression in check and were eventually heralded champions after seven long years. The School of Business and Management Eagles emerged in third place after a thrilling battle against the Engineering Warriors.C

Eagles make history, dominate first Game of the Generals tournament

By Ar-Raffi C. Macaumbos


n September 12, the Magis Student Complex was packed with competitors aiming to grab the top title of the first Game of the Generals. Everyone fell prey to the mighty talons of the Eagles, which almost made a clean sweep of the tournament save for one tied match point against the College of Computer Studies Wizards in men’s category. Taking over the first half of the domination, the lady Eagles did not lose to a single team – gaining 10 out of 19 total match points . The Wizards and the unyielding Engineering Warriors put up a good fight but came up short. Both teams shared 2nd place in men’s and women’s categories, respectively, while the Aggie Bulls and Medicine Wolves earned bronze. Being a highly strategic board game, the Game of the Generals is the newest addition to The Xavier Cup. The game used the Round Robin system, which allowed every team to face off with every other contender. A good number of teams were forfeited due to absences in matches, easing the road for the remaining competitors. As this tournament marks history for the Eagles, hungry eyes are set on the crown. Still, the ferocious Eagles will be perched high up their post, ready to defend their title as the best military strategists.C

Warriors, Eagles oust board opponents, take top spot in Chess By Winona Roselle Serra


ifferent colleges gathered at the Magis Canteen on September 12 and 14 to conquer the boards in an all-out Round Robin match, with each team vying to

gain the upper hand in the chess competition of The Xavier Cup. Delivering checkmate after checkmate, and scoring 17 match points and 32 game points, Engineering Warriors John Corl Beron, Froilan Acut, Joseph Parba, Jehlo Tutor, and Dj Rozal, emerge on top in men's category. Closely behind them were the Aggie Bulls with the same number of match points and 31.5 game points. In 3rd place, Lady Justice reaped 13 match points and 26 game points. In the women's category, School of Business and Management Eagles Angelica Ann Mahawan, Mary Annaren Suico, Jasmin Flores, and Riolyn Crissa Malapad pinned down their opponents with 16 match points and 30 game points. The

KICK FAST. Aggie Bull tries to secure the ball in a match that would later lead the College of Agriculture to the finals. [J.MEJICA] The


Warriors also scored 16 match points but only 27 game points, leaving them in 2nd place. Meanwhile, the Aggie Bulls place 3rd with 13 match points and 26 game points.C



Warriors go neck and neck with Eagles, secure three-peat championship

By Merryane Rose S. Bacud


with the varying shifts in momentum. he Engineering Warriors played The Eagles scored the last point of the with resilience and heart against quarter off a single free throw to take a the SBM Eagles in the women’s 12-13 halftime lead. basketball finals on September 14 at the SBM pulled away, however, in the XU Gymnasium, edging off their winged third quarter as the Warriors could not rivals in a thrilling 23-22 overtime victory. score a field goal within a frustrating Warrior Jyssa Cozo sank the winning eight-minute stretch. The Eagles were free throw with 14 seconds left in the quick to swoop down on the vulnerable extra period, and the score tied at 22. defense, outscoring the Warriors by five As expected, the overtime period was for a 13-19 lead entering the fourth. action-packed as both teams struggled Engineering mounted a comeback to find just the slightest edge over their of their own, digging deep and giving opponent. Frantic scrambles for loose the Eagles a dose of their own medicine. balls under each team’s basket happened FOR THE WIN. An Eagle and Warrior fight to steal the ball during This time, it was SBM’s turn to lose the several times, reflective of how it could the championship match. [A.DAYATA] offensive spark as the Warriors managed have been anyone’s game down to the very to tie the score at 21 at the end of the end. A close fight ensued in the second quarter with fourth quarter and force an overtime period. The The Warriors jumped right at the Eagles as the game began, scoring five early points. However, both teams trading baskets. Engineering went on Maroon Tribe went on to win by a single point, the Tribe failed to maintain their early advantage a small run in the final minute of the quarter to maintaining the Warriors’ winning streak and as Eagle Samara Alberto did not take too long to widen their lead. Refusing to relent to the Warriors, nabbing their hard-won three-peat championship score consecutive layups, securing a one-point lead Eagle Alberto fought back and tied the game at in this year’s Intramurals. C 12. By this point, the tension grew more palpable to close the first quarter, 8-9.

Tigers exhaust Eagles in men’s Basketball, end season with 64-55 win

By Merryane Rose S. Bacud

for a 64-55 victory. Minutes into the first quarter, both teams were still warming up and mirroring each other’s moves while scrutinizing the game play of the other. The game had a calm start until Tigers committed early fouls which granted a momentary lead VICTORIOUS. An Artscies Tiger gets the winning shot during the to the Eagles. The championship match against SBM Eagles on September 14. [G. VERONA] Yellow Army then jam-packed XU Gymnasium bore witness began taking over the quarter mid-game with to the ArtScies Tigers’ redemption: their suave teamwork and Ace shooter Kalinawan beating the School of Business and scoring buckets. Letting their own offense play Management Eagles in a much anticipated and out, the Tigers answered back with perfect team expected matchup. The Eagles, who notably beat coordination, scoring four more points with only the Tigers earlier in the tournament on a half-court 25 seconds left on the clock. Not backing down, the buzzer-beater from Sean Kalinawan, were kept at Eagles halted the opponent’s advances by shooting bay throughout the fourth quarter, as the Tigers six points of their own, closing the quarter in their maintained a comfortable lead until time ran out favor with a 14-12 score standing.



The trend continued in the second quarter as both teams exchanged buckets. Pacana hit a pair of free throws to tie the score late into the game, but a series of well-executed plays from the Eagles landed them a one-point lead at halftime, 25-24. ArtScies had a different approach to the second half, employing man-to-man defense and pressuring the backcourt. The Eagles’, meanwhile, stumbled on offense, as their defense went downhill altogether after numerous fouls. This paved way for Tigers to sink in a series of free throws. The Tigers broke the game wide open as they pulled away in the crucial third quarter with hustle and fastbreak plays, 44-34. The Tigers were content to exchange baskets for the rest of the game thereafter, so long as they prevented the Eagles from gaining momentum. ArtScies locked down their jaws on the struggling Eagles with Dario Piatti crashing the boards and the collective hustle of Wellmax Sario, Earl Areola, and the rest of the team. Meanwhile, fighting for third finished with Aggie Bulls ousting the Engineering Warriors off the ranks, claiming the third spot.C Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017


Warriors hit four-year streak in Taekwondo By Winona Roselle Serra

respectively. However, Eagle Joshua Barros’ kicks merited gold in Finweight, leaving the Maroon Tribe with silver while both Tigers and Bulls settled for bronze. Competing in women’s division, Warriors Iona Kae Macarambon in Finweight, Sheira April Egam in Featherweight, and Clarice Sabado in Welterweight, collected three golds with confident execution. Also, Bull Patricia Glema snagged gold in Flyweight, with SWIFT KICK. A Warrior delivers a strong kick against a Warriors lagging behind with silver and Medicine Wolf in the finweight category. [C.VITOR] Eagles claiming bronze. Catching up to their rivals, Medicine Wolves ccumulating 14 medals for both men and women categories, the Engineering brought honor to the pack with three golds and Warriors brought instantaneous glory for six silvers overall in Taekwando. Wolves Diana the Tribe at the XU Covered Courts on September Talian in Bantamweight, Ana Monica Tan in Lightweight, and Branch Bacal in Middleweight, 16. Warriors Kirk Cyril Fabria, Dennis Harvey seized the team’s gold medals in women’s division. Timbal, Dan Jegger Soria, and Arthur Tristan The Lady Wolves finished their game with silver Callao dominated the mats in men’s division after medals in Finweight and Featherweight categories. securing gold medals in Flyweight, Featherweight, Meanwhile, Medicine athletes Ryan Tan in Middleweight, and Heavyweight divisions, Bantamweight, Clark Sta. Elena in Lightweight,


Noel Ruita in Welterweight, and Franz Donasco in Heavyweight battled their way for silver in men’s division. Coming in third was the herd of Bulls, who knocked down their opponents and scored one gold, two silvers, and two bronzes. From women’s division, Aleah Acebedo in Finweight claimed bronze, while Patrick Biña in Flyweight and Randolph Lacro in Middleweight grabbed silvers in the men’s division. Following them were the School of Business and Management Eagles, Arts and Sciences Tigers, and Nursing Pythons – all landing in 4th place with three medals each for both categories. Representing the flock, Eagle Lightweight Vance Trimidal decorated their nest with a bronze medal. Meanwhile, Tigers JR Barroso clutched gold in Bantamweight category, and Jaycee Mulawan in Featherweight held onto silver. Finally, Pythons Rey Juwen Algodon in Lightweight, and Zeus Bondoc in Welterweight slithered away with gold while fellow Python Michael Gemeniano was awarded bronze in Bantamweight.C

Lady Justice hits closest to bull’s eye, nabs top spot in Darts By Ana Patrizia Pilar R. Arcayera


ontending as first timers, the College of Law stood firm inside the XU Gymnasium, as they took the most of the top titles in Darts men on September 12. Nine teams faced off to compete for the title. In men’s singles category, College of Law athlete Patrick Roa’s more precise hits carried the Lady Justices to victory against College of Arts and Sciences Tiger Marc De Los Reyes, sealing the top title for the Lady Justices. Meanwhile, Engineering Warrior Terrence Saab won bronze in ON POINT. Readying his throw, a Darts athlete focuses on the board. men’s singles. With Roa also participating in the men’s doubles category, he sustained his Ilogon, however, brought home third place. In women’s singles, Lady Wizard Blayce accuracy with partner Rikki Cabanlet. By the end of the game, the Lady Justices penetrated through Malaya whizzed her way into the category’s top the Center for Integrated Technologies Knights’ spot, besting Lady Justice Mara Ramos for the armor, later nabbing the title in men’s doubles. gold. At the heels of the Lady Justices, Artscies Aggie Bulls Mark John Pocong and Josiah John Tiger Jessica Ranes took third place.



Meanwhile, law athletes Mara Lorraine Ramos and Renelyn Magallon avenged the Lady Justice’s loss in women’s singles, and made quick work of the competition against Compstud Wizards Christiana Paglinawan, and Princes Emano, en route to a championship in the women’s doubles category. Engineering Warriors Pamela Heraña and Mary Ejercito stood their ground and garnered [S.ABSHIRE] third place. Interestingly enough, despite being known as underdogs in darts, Aggie Bull Pocong snatched victory from Lady Justices Roa and Magallon in mixed doubles, cutting the College of Law’s winning streak. Compstud Wizards soon followed afterwards, landing in third place.C


By Merryane Rose S. Bacud, Samantha Isabelle H. Bagayas & Mary Therese P. Mole


hen a warrior falls in battle without surrendering, his valor grows stronger, and that indeed is the typical game tactic of a defensive, goal-driven member of the Tribe. After amassing a total of 687.50 points in the overall tally of The Xavier Cup, the College of Engineering Warriors have tucked away their fourth straight trophy and are now ready for another year of supremacy in their throne. Battle plan Lording over the colleges as the ultimate victors of The Xavier Cup for four years now, the Engineering Warriors have branded the Intramurals’ top titles with their iconic maroon time and time again, yet the Warriors’ swift takeover lies heavily in the people mapping the assault. To ensure a smooth transition of power, the incoming Sports Committee Head is chosen from the roster of the committee’s


Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017

cover story

Support wins games This year, the sports committee was adamant on investing heavily in athlete support for the Intramurals. An ACES volunteer is assigned to provide cold water and Gatorade to players during breaks or timeouts for each sport. “Ang amoa lang, makagive mi sa service na kailangan sa athletes kay dili man kami mismo gadula, so ang amo lang mahatag is the support: kana sa ilang food, sa ilang Gatorade, and everything. It’s the least that we could do as a council para sa ilaha,” shares ACES President



Shaira Betonio. Meals and snacks are also given to players under the College of Engineering throughout the course of the Intramurals. ACES also ensured that spectators were present in every game to provide moral support. “As we all know, lahi lang gyud mahatag sa support kada dula busa gina-make sure nga naa magsupport,” says Betonio. While the Engineering Warriors have no concrete strategy in winning games, Betonio shares that the main priority was to fill up the spots in all sports, especially for the new sport event, Game of the Generals, to acquire points regardless of whether they place in the finals. “The rest is initiative na sa player na buhaton ilang best,” adds Betonio. With no subsidy from the University Athletics Office (UAO) to sustain their operations for the Intramurals, the Engineering Warriors gathered solicitations and donations from alumni. A majority of the Warriors’ budget is comprised of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) donation, as agreed upon during the PTA General Assembly, where a proposal was raised to increase the PTA fee to make way for the Intramurals budget. The alumni have also provided full financial support to a number of teams under banner of the Tribe. Drawbacks The road to claiming their fourth championship was no walk in the park. The Warriors also experienced a couple of setbacks. However, their maroon blood proves they are stronger than their obstacles. One of the challenges they faced was dealing with an injured ace player in swimming, who faced an accident prior to the competition. Though the Warrior swimmer was able to compete, she wasn’t up to her usual standard. Still, the Maroon Tribe was able to brand the swimming results with their signature maroon.

Defending a Warrior’s honor Having only a trifling number of undergraduate students for the next academic year, Betonio believes in the potential of Senior High School (SHS) to continue the Maroon Tribe’s dominion in the Intramurals. “Hopefully daghan gyud mi’g makuha from them na mag play so sugdan gyud siguro sa recruitment like sa enrollment pa lang or during OrSem,” she shares. Having learned from their challenges in budgeting this year, Betonio hopes to garner a bigger allocation through the help of their With only a small amount to shoulder the necessities of the players this year, Betonio hopes to have a good allocation next year through the help of their PTA, and alumni. *** Reigning as four-peat champions in The Xavier Cup, the strong and bold Warriors have proven the Intramurals will learn to grow familiar to the sight of maroon banners. The Warriors have had a target on their backs for four years now, and have reveled in their role as hunters-turnedhunted. Thrived in it, even. For yet another year, the skies over the Intramurals landscape will bleed maroon. C


Design by Jayson Elvie G. Ty and Lynette L. Tuvilla

members the previous year. This assures that the person in charge is familiar with handling Intramurals preparations, especially after undergoing training and supervision from the former head. This year, however, the original Sports Committee Head set to take the position transferred schools due to academic problems and concerns, leaving the department scrambling for a replacement in June. Former Associate Head and Sports Committee staff member Marie Brunio took the helm instead. She would later go on to lead the Engineering Warriors to victory in The Xavier Cup 2017, keeping the Warriors’ winning tradition alive. As a student athlete herself, communication between the department and the athletes was effortlessly smooth, as both parties were familiar with dealing with each other in games. With preparations made as early as summer, the XU Association of College Engineering Students (XU-ACES) prioritized discussions tackling Intramurals budgeting, and concerns of team captains. Tryouts for the Cheerwarriors were also underway to allow ample time for preparations and training, especially considering that most of its star cheerdancers have graduated. As Brunio took hold of the department in June, the Intramurals budget required a revamp in light of the committee’s shift of priorities.

In the partial tabulation of scores released on September 14, the Maroon Tribe reigned at the top, leading by only one point against the Artscies Tigers. With the increasing pressure from teachers and students to keep a 4-peat title, complacency in the games was not an option—even for longtime holders of the throne. Competing athletes doubled their efforts, intent to keep a wider margin between the Warriors and their rivals. Believe it or not, effort alone doesn’t keep a title. For the Warriors, they stand by one winning formula: fun mixed with all-out training. It helps loosen up tense minds and muscles, and is an effective remedy for overthinking and other distracting thoughts. Aside from the fact that it prepares them for the games ahead, it also strengthens their camaraderie and team spirit.

Design by Karla Mae H. Romero


Lady Warriors dominate championship battle against Tigers, 3-0 By Harmony Kristel D. Balino


ictory cries from the College of Engineering resounded at the XU Gymnasium after the Warriors swept the College of Arts and Sciences Tigers in three sets on September 14. The first set kicked off with a slow start, as the Warriors stood slightly in the lead. Behind two points at a 4-6 score, the Tigers feigned a spike and dropped the ball gently over the net, leaving the spike-expecting Warriors unable to return ball. No longer after the Tigers delivered the serve, Warrior Jezeil Quipit retaliated with a real spike and drove the ball right down a narrow, unguarded spot. After both teams reached a 14-point deadlock, a newly-rejuvenated Warriors team stepped up their game, and outscored ArtScies in an 8-2 stretch to make it 20-16. Tricking the Tigers into delivering a hard spike, Warrior setter Freyzelle Micabalo set the ball in grace for spiker Maui Fernandez, who led the ball into the unguarded and unmanned right side of the court. From then on, the Warriors’ offensive execution was close to flawless, only handing the Tigresses occasional error points. The set ended with a 25-21 score in favor of the Warriors.

A faster-paced second set took place as both teams warmed up and got comfortable with the court. Another 14-point tie occurred before the Tigers miscommunicated PERSPECTIVE: Warriors shake hands with Tigers under the net after an on defense, leaving a intense match. [G.VERONA] wide-open space in the midcourt which Engineering immediately took Warrior’s service error. With a commanding 9-2 advantage of. ArtScies regained aggression by lead, Fernandez began another Warrior onslaught quickening the pace of the receive-return cycle, by again shocking the Tigers with the set’s first momentarily disassembling the Warrior formation thunderous spike. Warrior Kate Seriña followed to gain a slight momentum, leading by three, 16- another surprising spike by returning ball in an 19, and forcing the Warriors to call timeout. This open, unpredicted direction, and the Warriors proved to be a good decision as Engineering were in the driver’s seat with a 14-3 lead. Since the were locked in after the team huddle, blitzing point wherein ArtScies put together a small run the Tigresses with nine straight points to storm to make it 16-19 in the second set, the Warriors outscored the Tigers, 23-3 – a stretch spanning the through the second set, 25-19. The Tigresses’ woes carried on in the third second and third sets. ArtScies called for a timeout set as the second set breakdown appeared to have and narrowed the lead to six in a last-ditch effort, taken the fight out of the Felines. The Tribe was 9-15, but the Warriors erased all possibility of a quick to oblige by taking the first 6 points of the comeback, and went on to win all sets, the game, set. The Tigresses earned their first point from a and the title comfortably. C

Phoenixes step up in Dance Sport competition

By Mary Therese P. Mole


ll prepped up and ready for the show, the School of Education Phoenixes swayed their hips on the way to the top in this year’s Dance Sport competition on September 16 at XU Covered Courts. The College of Engineering, School of Medicine, School of Business and Management, and College of Agriculture also performed exhilarating moves on the dance floor. Eventually, the neat choreography and lithe routines of the Phoenix pair wooed the judges and the audience. Displaying synchrony and finesse, the participants danced to the rhythm of Chacha, Rumba, and Jive with their own unique choreography. The criteria for judging included coordination, mastery of the dance, artistry, and gracefulness. The five pairs’ sequences of lifts, twirls, glides, and sways hyped the spectators coming from different colleges. The participating pairs


performed simultaneously during the first round until they were down to only three pairs. Showing flawless dance skills, the Wolves, Warriors, and Phoenixes gracefully claimed the three coveted spots, ousting the Bulls and Eagles in the elimination round preceding the finals. The top three pairs danced simultaneously in the final round; this time with more thrilling routines and elegance as they vied for the top spot. Proven to have shown savvy and style, Phoenixes Carmela Hamodiong and Jason Jandayan bagged the crown, while Wolves Charmaine Tubongbanua and Felros Simbajon Cuizon came in second, and Warriors Allona River Sambaan and Aljame Sabang finished third.C

SAVE THE LAST DANCE. Phoenixes fight for the championship title during the final round. [S.ABSHIRE]

Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017


Wolves, Eagles triumph in Badminton By James Edgar T. Sia


espite facing fierce competition from the Wolves, the Eagles soared high during the badminton finals on September 12. After losing top spot from the Engineering Warriors last year, SBM managed to take the gold in men’s singles and doubles, while the Wolves came out on top in women’s singles and doubles. The Warriors, refusing to be completely beaten, managed to take first place in the mixed doubles division. In the men’s division, Phoenix Jeremiah Kiamko kept smashing opponent after opponent until his encounter with Eagle Randy Kenth Rafisura dealt him a sound defeat through a highly-guarded defense and swift offense. Kiamko put up a good fight but in the end, Rafisura proved to be the better player, effortlessly batting back whatever Kiamko threw at him while maintaining a wide lead, soundly defeating him, 21-17. Wolf Arianne Claire Alvarez took home

the gold in the women’s division the same day. Warrior Kresha Mae Duarte did all she could to keep Alvarez from bagging yet another win this year, but wasn’t unable to halt Alvarez’s winning streak – a source of pride and joy for her fellow Wolves. In WINNING MOVE. At the end of the game, Medicine Wolves touch rackets the end, Wolf howled over with Engineering Warriors as a show of sportsmanship. [J.ABARQUEZ] Tiger, 21-16. All was not lost for the Warriors, however, Eagles, Wolves, and Warriors dominated in both men’s and women’s as they took gold in mixed doubles. Warriors doubles divisions. Unfortunately overall victors Christian Varias and Chesna Torres managed to of last year’s badminton games, the Warriors, hold their own against the Eagles and the Wolves, were unable to maintain their winning streak. who wound up as the first and second runners-up, Ultimately, it was the Eagles who landed first in respectively. In the final mixed doubles match, the men’s doubles while the Wolves triumphed in Warriors squared off against the Eagles and won, 21-14.C women’s doubles.

Bulls ram Warriors in men’s volleyball, 3-1

By Harmony Kristel D. Balino


Libero Alvin Tamse successfully and calmly nitially held by the Engineering anticipated most of the Warrior offenses Warriors, the Aggie Bulls took with digs and good reads. The Bulls emerged over the volleyball championships victorious in the second set, 25-20. in the men’s division, winning three Just a minute into the fourth set, Embudo consecutive sets after losing the first spiced up the crowd with a swift spike to the on September 14 at the XU Gym. opponent’s weak side. The Warrior gameplay The first set began with an gradually adjusted to the Bulls’ offense, which equal defense-offense ratio from the showed signs of cooling down. However, Warriors. Despite scoring the first errors began plaguing the Warriors as they point two minutes into the game, it gave away a few casual points to the Bulls. was evident that getting past Warrior Regaining their composure, Engineering let defenses required extra Bull power. out what seemed to be their final ounces of Humphrey Bobadilla and BJ Pitogo strength: Yray led the Warrior offense with teamed up numerous times for quick BEYOND DEFENSE. Warriors score with a spike despite the Bulls’ plays to the delight of the Warrior defenses in the volleyball men championship game. [J.ABARQUEZ] quick spikes and careful shots. Despite the following Yray-Embudo spike showdown, faithful. With this, Samuel Miñoza reading every Aggie attack and Ray-an Yray a stalemate at 24 apiece – furthering the required the Bulls remained ahead of the race, giving the delivering offense with sharp returns and spikes winning score to 26. The Bulls took charge and Warriors a slim chance of catching up. Just as the Warriors were trailing by a single set-up by Warrior setter BJ Pitogo, the Tribe paralyzed the Warriors by scoring two quick hits, 26-24, to break even in sets with Engineering, 1-1. point at the 19-20 juncture, Embudo dug deep claimed the opener in convincing fashion, 25-16. Anticipation peaked in the crucial third set in for another powerful, steep-angled spike to send In the second set, the Bulls were eager to get even with their opponents. The hype heightened which either team’s progress meant a step closer the Aggie supporters in a frenzy. This seemed to when Aggie setter Joe Dumago prepped the ball to the championship title. This time, the Warriors drain the fight out of the Warriors, as they did towards spiker Pegie Embudo, who drove the were forced to take the defensive backseat as the not score another point, until victory inevitably ball deep into the enemy court undisturbed. The Bulls continued to surge on offense. Though the settled in the hands of Aggies, 25-20. C provoked Warriors claimed the next point, making Miñoza-led defenses were high up and alert, the the set a toe-to-toe race until both teams reached Aggie Bulls’ firepower pulled through. Aggie





Wolves, Tigers smash opponents in Table Tennis By Winona Roselle Serra


and hungry Tigers. In return, the he Arts and Sciences Eagles fought and threw their own Tigers pounced fickle hits. The set, however, did not on the School and end in their favor, 9-12. Business Management Eagles The Tigers remain unfazed and in an exhilarating match, regrouped, as their improved game overthrowing the Eagles’ plan pierced through opponent three-year supremacy in men’s defences, immediately advancing 6 division. A heated battle of points in the fourth set. Not falling speed and body coordination back, SBM retaliated with a series put spectators at the edge of of well-placed smashes. These were their seats on September 12 at not enough, however, as the Tigers the XU Covered Courts. pulled away with the win. The tieIn the men’s arena, Tigers breaker set ended, 11-7. A series Aldrin Joseph Cabahug and of miscalculations from the Eagles Erlington Valmoria seemed PREPPING THE HIT. A Medicine Wolf readies her paddle in anticipation of denied them the four-peat win. to be immune to the Yellow the Aggie Bull’s attack.  [J. ABARQUEZ] In women’s division, Medicine Army’s advances as they strongly returned the smashes of their opponents. settled, a 1-1 standoff forced the teams to a Wolves Arianne Claire Alvarez and AC Engracia Wanting to keep the title to themselves, the Eagles doubles match. In a disorganized start, the Tigers trounced the Warriors in singles, dealing two swift threw hit after hit in an attempt to disorient the scored not more than 4 points in the first set death blows in a 2-0 shutdown. The Warriors and Phoenixes landed third in Tiger defenses, only to lose the title after a player of men’s doubles which the Eagles made sure to exploit. However, the Yellow Army failed to men’s and women’s divisions, respectively.C error, 2-1 in favor of the red jerseys. Both teams went all-out against each other subdue the red team’s comeback in the second set, to kickstart the singles division. When the dust scoring just three points against the determined

Bulls reclaim reign in men’s football By Harmony Kristel D. Balino After losing the chance at a four-peat and settling for bronze last year, the Aggie Bulls returned to the XU Soccer Field and snatched back the championship title from CIT Knights, 2-0, on September 16. The match kicked off with every possession being hotly contested as both teams fought to dominate the ball. Their inability to keep the ball in their control resulted in a level-off as both teams could not set up their offense. With heightened defense, the Center for Integrated Technologies (CIT) Knights successfully staved off the Bulls’ aggression. Knight goalkeeper Andrew Celis successfully shielded the goal from two open attacks from the Bulls in the first half. In the second half, a shift of playstyle saw the Knights maintaining their guard while striving to keep up with the Bull’s offense. Knight Rey Tablang led the offense while his teammates attempted to elude Aggie Alhirt Bahala, whose game sense and composure began prolonging the Bulls’ possessions with his accurate passing. By the end of the second half, Celis had his hands full as he successfully blocked two more strikes from the Bulls while Aggie goalkeeper Timothy Jayson stopped what 18

would have been an on-target shot from the Knights. Despite the rise in action, the end of the second half still harbored a scoreless match, calling for the need of a penalty shootout – not an uncommon sight in the finals. During the penalty shootout, Tablang honored the first goal to the Knights while Aggie John Arbon followed with the second match goal. In a tension-filled exchange of points, successful goals were delivered by DEFINING GAME. Aggie Bulls huddle as they ready themselves Jazz Ganas, Kent Pelvera, Francis for the championship game against CIT Knights. [J.ABARQUEZ] Aranado, Alhirt Bahala, Justine Zabala, Bryan Abucayon, Andrew Celis, and Antonio Tan, as Celis braced for impact, but the ball sailed past Jr. Right after Tan’s shot found the back of the net, the goalkeeper’s reach and into the net’s embrace. the Knights sent in Earl Ragay. Despite a potent Sabaldana’s precise net-ripping kick sealed the Bull’s startup, Ragay’s kick flew within Jayson’s grasp, victory over the CIT Knights, reigning as this year’s kings of the football field. handing an advantage to the Bulls. The Knights still found themselves in the same The following kick was a thriller as it determined the fate of the match; the goal could seal an Aggie position as last year– going home as silver medalists. victory, while a miss would call for the shootout to The School of Business and Management Eagles continue. It was entirely up to Juede Sabaldana, who scorched third place after disarming the Engineering was faced with a fiercely protective Celis. Exhaling Warriors.C deeply, Sabaldana positioned to end the suspense Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017


Warriors conquer tough Eagles, uphold four-peat Ultimate win By Jc Marie E. Salas & Nikki Gaye Louise P. Amores


coach,” explained Warrior Team Captain BJ n a familiar championship match Kent Pitogo. After their coach changed the episode, the Engineering Warriors team’s line-up, the Warriors regained their cemented their spot at the top this footing, scoring point after point. Mid-game, year against four-year rival SBM Eagles the Warriors broke away and dominated the in an unnerving face-off on September round, 13-7. 14 at the XU Soccer Field. Trying to find their balance once more, The Eagles’ measured attempts the Eagles took a different direction and in relieving their opponent of the title scored three more points, giving the Warriors did not work even after reforming their a run for their money, 13-10. The Tribe, battle plan. Meanwhile, the Warriors however, regained their composure and closed off the season with a victory directed their focus more on strengthening dance after a 15-10 game score. defense. “Basically, our main strategy was The competition kicked off with to keep our pacing until the end of the the Eagles soaring up towards the STRONG THROW. Engineering Warriors focus on signal cues game and enjoy the game we love,” Pitogo leading front, 0-2. Seemingly, the Tribe’s as their strategy in passing the disk. [J.MEJICA] expressed. disorganized start had made them draw In the final round, the Warriors paralyzed It was not until the Eagles reached seven the short straw, putting them at a disadvantage. They tried to answer back by scoring a point of points when the Warriors decided to shift their the Eagles at ten points while they scored two their own but they were then immediately halted strategy. “Nag-lisod gyud mi sa early part sa game. consecutive points – concluding their match with by the Eagles, 1-3 still with the Yellow Army in the Lisod ang pag-adjust because it was raining. But a 15-10 finish. In a consistent ranking, the Eagles hinay-hinay na-kuha namo among rhythm sa team and landed in second with the Aggie Bulls still in third lead. that time na-execute namo kung unsa’y ipa-execute sa place—standings reminiscent of last year’s.C

Medicine Wolves, four-peat Warriors stake claim to top spots in Lawn Tennis By Samantha Isabelle H. Bagayas


utshining even the sun’s grueling rays at the Barangay 40 Tennis Court, the Engineering Warriors bested the Medicine Wolves for an astounding four-peat win in men’s division on September 15. Though familiar to the women’s division throne, the School of Business and Management Eagles fell short of nabbing a seventh straight championship as the Medicine Wolves snatched the territory and dominated the courts. In women’s singles, Lady Eagle Raven Jan Lee contended against Medicine Wolf Ariane Alvarez, on the way to the School of Business and Management’s familiar ascent to the title. With an 8-5 result, the Eagles seemed to perch confidently in their spot at the top. Yet, in an interesting turn of events, Medicine Wolves Alvarez and Katrina Chaves took the lead from Lady Eagles Lee and Bea Acdal in women’s doubles, balancing the current standing and prompting a deciding singles match, 8-3. With team captain Chaves at the helm against Lady Eagle Acdal, the two squared off in a match that would define the continuity of a longstanding



winning tradition. Breaking through the defenses of the SBM Eagles, Medicine Wolves became the new faces of the champions in women’s division with an 8-2 final score – a rare sight since the Eagles took hold of the throne for a good six years. Meanwhile, there were no hitches in maintaining the Engineering Warriors’ winning streak in men’s division. Well-known veterans of the sport, Warriors Aljon Apaap SET IN MOTION. A Warrior starts the set with a powerful shot as his and Kent Malalis set the partner braces fot the counterattack. [J.ABARQUEZ] tone for the finals match against Medicine Wolves Francis Alcantara and Sam Ducto battled against Medicine Wolf Ian Fritz Montemayor. With constant exchange of hits Fernandez with full maximization of the court, 8-3. between the two, the Medicine Wolves prevailed in On the other hand, SBM Eagles and Aggie a close match, 8-5. Further sealing the four-peat Bulls took home bronze in men’s and women’s victory for the College of Engineering, Warrior divisions respectively.C


Badminton isn’t just a sport to Kresha; to her, it is something closer to love. Badminton sporther to Kresha; How could itisn’t notjust be awhen inspiration to happens her, it isto something closer to love. be her father, a former coach How it not “I be love whenplaying her inspiration in could the sport? badminton happens to itbekeeps her father, a former because me active. It givescoach me the in the sport? “Ito love badminton opportunity bondplaying with my friends and because it keeps me active. It gives family,” she says. Not only that,me shethe adds opportunity to bond with my friends and that she always looks forward to competing family,” she says. Notmatches—both only that, she adds in intercollegiate to see thatwhat she always looksof forward competing she’s made and tototurn rivals into in lifelong intercollegiate matches—both to see friends as well.C what she’s made of and to turn rivals into lifelong friends as well.C

This junior law student’s firm interest in the sport runs in his blood as he started playing with his cousins when he was 20 years old. Despite his late training, Patrick won local tournaments during his college years. His focus and determination paved way for the Lady Justices to win their very first darts championship title during their first entry in the competition. “You won’t excel if you don’t practice. Every time I throw a pin, it gives me a scenario that shows plenty of possibilities on how to win the game.” C

Despite being a beginner in the sport, the tenacity of this senior Civil Engineering student is palpable in the arena. Wilvemae challenged herself to compete in this year’s Intramurals. Her consistent ballreceive, steady inside kicks, and head spikes gave her the upper hand against her opponents during the championship. Aside from Takraw, she is also a football player. This feisty student-athlete proved how a good beginning can make a good end as Wilvemae offered her hard work to her college. C

Design by Aleina C.. Buenavista and Ryan Christian C. Atis

Born a runner, Junior Civil Engineering student Jameson Lim conquered the 400m dash with agility and unscathed passion. Jameson started running as a child, further sharpening his skills upon joining the triathlon junior year of high school. Aside from running, Jameson is also a swimmer and a badminton player, though he decided to direct his focus on athletics for 2017. His goal for every game is to beat his personal record, not his opponent. “Next year, it would be a motivation for me to even do better,” Jameson remarks. C

Prompted by the strong influence of basketball in his childhood and hometown playground, Senior AB English Language Student Gabriel Pacana began dribbling at 10 years old. Emerging as one of the Tigers’ Midfielder most reliable Alhirt, Shooting a junior BSGuard, Agriculture Gabriel let the ball playing slip swiftly student, started footballthrough since first the grade, ring multiple times the won and has since thenthroughout participated and championship. passion for is in PalarongHis Pambansa and basketball MILO National essentially the Treating reason that him Olympics. everykeeps match as going. a battle to “I keep playing because at the heart of it be won, he never underestimates his opponents. all, IInstead, really do love the game brings he equips himself withand the it right discipline out the in me,” he shares. and best steady determination to Chone his passing skills and game sense. The result? A top-class midfielder who passes with finesse. He sees the sport not only as a way to promote leadership and teamwork, but also as a means to develop mental attributes such as concentration and persistence. He shares that the experience is “a blast for Midfielder Alhirt,alike.”C a junior BS beginners and experts

Agriculture student, started playing football since first grade, and has since then participated and won in Palarong Pambansa and MILO National Olympics. Treating every match as a battle to be won, he never underestimates his opponents. Instead, he equips himself with the right discipline and steady determination to hone his passing skills and game sense. The result? A topclass midfielder who passes with finesse. He sees the sport not only as a way to promote leadership and teamwork, but also as a means to develop mental attributes such as concentration and persistence. He shares that the experience is “a blast for beginners and experts alike.”C

Junior Industrial Engineering student Jyssa Cozo started playing basketball in high school. Little did she know she’d be running as the Maroon Tribe’s star player in offense at the championships, and leading the team to victory. With a minute left to the final quarter, Jyssa dominated the ball and drove it through the ring, locking possession over the entire match. “They were amazed because it was my first time to join in this sport, and they congratulated me because of my winning shot that led us [to] defend our championship title,” she enthuses.C

Urged by his teacher, Allen started playing Takraw in grade school when he and his classmates had to represent their year level in the Intramurals. After winning second place that day, he realized how much he wanted to excel in the sport. This Middle Player has joined various competitions, molding him into the athlete he is now. His unparalleled determination and attitude during the games boosted the morale of his team. With their coach as their inspiration, they finished their game with a victory dance. C

With strong hits and swift footwork on the courts, sophomore Medicine student Katrina seems like a longtime player in lawn tennis. Yet the lawn tennis team captain has only played for two years. Still, this hardly stopped the neophyte from catapulting the Wolves to the top spot in lawn tennis. Despite having a grueling study schedule, Katrina juggled four other sports in this year’s Intramurals: football, softball, sepak takraw, and volleyball. Indeed, this Medicine Wolf is one of the forefronts in leading the pack to victory.C

“Swimming is a unique sport, you don’t see it evezryday; but when you do, it’s amazing and makes you want to say ‘gusto sad ko mu-swim!’,” Martin shares. Evidently, his interest in the sport is palpable thanks to the influence of his friends. “I love it because it has that excitement factor in it, [that] makes the adrenaline pump up faster.” This two-time Palarong Pambansa swimmer started out at an early age in a learn-to-swim program and particularly stood out in the Butterfly stroke category. With his speed, you won’t even see this Tiger swim past you. C

“Be fast or be last,” these five words repeat in Chemical Engineering student Princess Gabrielle Libetario’s mind right before every competition. This young and athletic Warrior scoured the tracks by bagging two gold medals in Athletics – one in relay, and another in the 400m dash. Right in shape, Gabrielle played a total of four sports in this year’s Intramurals: karate, softball, football, and athletics. In addition to that,Treating Gabriellethe remains in her sportpoised more both as a “hobby” studies sports. She dedicates her to win to than and a “passion” is Randy’s secret staying hercool, tribe,much family,toand who as herBut thefriends chagrin of serve his rivals. inspiration. C be misunderstood—he’s still in it’s not to the game to win it, as evidenced by his notoriously powerful smashes and tactical smarts. The wins he keeps racking up aren’t just for himself, though; what makes him Treating the when sport more as as a “hobby” even happier soaring an Eagle than a “passion” is Randy’s secret yet to staying is his having given the SBM another cool, much chagrin But reason to to be the proud. Not of badhis forrivals. a hobby.C it’s not to be misunderstood—he’s still in the game to win it, as evidenced by his notoriously powerful smashes and tactical smarts. The wins he keeps racking up aren’t just for himself, though; what makes him even happier when soaring as an Eagle is his having given the SBM yet another reason to be proud. Not bad for a hobby.C

Junior law student Mara traces her fondness of the sport from way back to when her dad personally taught and trained her. “It is not really my sport, but my father inspired me to play the game,” she expresses. Playing darts is her getaway from all academic pressures and her way of de-stressing. With her strength and focus, she managed to maintain her calm and dedication throughout her games. “I want to show my fellow students that it’s not really all about books; we can also compete.” C

Reaction time, arm strength, and speed make for a mechanically sound softball athlete. Kent Malalis has all these and more. The Engineering shortstop’s fielding was a major asset to the Warriors’ defense, making countless crucial catches throughout the Intramurals. On offense, he is also known for his deep-driven hits and running speed. The reliable and balanced Malalis embraces the pressure of a sport in which the slightest miscalculation from one player can cost the game for the entire team. “Take in the pressure and make it as your strength and confidence,” he advises.C

While Clarice was originally into the dynamics brought about by team sports, taekwondo’s aggressiveness captured her full attention. She started playing the sport to complete her high school team’s lineup. Now this junior Civil Engineering student eagerly represents her college every year. Using her flexibility as an advantage, she strives to kick her opponents in the head whenever possible - gaining more points along the way. She dedicates her games to the Association of the College of Engineering Students (ACES), which never ceases to support the team.C

Dominating as four-peat champions in lawn tennis, 4th year Civil Engineering student Sam Ducto has helped claim the title for the Warriors since the start of their reign. Though he also plays basketball, volleyball, and badminton in his spare time, nothing beats lawn tennis. With four years of catching hits on the courts with his racket, Sam has become a wellknown player in lawn tennis for the Engineering Warriors. He first started playing the sport in grade 1 because of his uncle. Years later, Sam still dominates the courts. “Secret kibali kay i-love ang sport para ma-enjoy nimo. [...] Diha na ka mudaog. Dili sa prize na imong madawat,” he says.C

To her surprise, she was chosen as a representative in interschool swimming competitions during grade school. Kristina trained hard from then on to learn the different strokes and techniques of the sport. She realized that was the exact moment when she fell in love with swimming. This senior Business Administration student thinks of swimming as a way to further develop herself. “In swimming, the only opponent you have is yourself. The only thing you need to beat is yourself,” she remarks. True enough, her skill and speed were on full display as she led the Eagles to aquatic victory.C

Dennis Timbal has consistently brought the tribe gold since his freshman year. Now in his 4th winning streak for The Xavier Cup, he has come a long way since his brother first introduced him to the sport in 4th grade. With an indomitable spirit, he has also gained scholarships in high school through his exemplary skill in Taekwondo. Dennis’ love for the sport and its changing gameplay keep him thirsting for action on the mats. He serves as a reminder to all that even individual victories have great impact.C

ArtScies Team Captain Aldrin has developed the habit of aiming for Service Aces and Third-Ball Attacks whenever he serves. Backed by his regional meets experiences, he has played Table Tennis since high school, which manifested most evidently in their hard won championship. He also emphasizes how his team’s victories are not his efforts alone but also that of his teammate, Erlington. “Dako gyud akong pasalamat kay without him, dili namo maachieve ang victory,” Aldrin expresses. Indeed, talent can win the game, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.C

Angelica’s skill in Financial Management is as sharp as a Bishop in an Italian opening. It started as fun and games when her father introduced her to the sport in 5th grade. Eventually, she developed a fondness for the Queen, and the noble act of sacrifice for the King’s safety in the game. This later brought the Business Administration student to great triumphs in regional meets, COSAA, and the Milo Olympics as a member of her alma mater’s varsity team.C

“Ang naa sa akong mind always is the killer instinct, and of course i-enjoy ang game,” 5th year Civil Engineering student and Ultimate team captain BJ Pitogo shares. BJ led the tribe into battle against the SBM Eagles in the championships and brought home gold. Despite having to juggle three major sports, he never backed down and was at the forefront of the Warriors’ ascent in Ultimate. “We don’t have a motto, but we always keep in mind kung asa mi ga-belong: Warriors!”C

John, the team captain, always knew chess was a perfect fit for his personality. This junior Chemical Engineering student takes extra precautionary steps to avoid blunders, and firmly moves his Queen to help him control the game. Having been trained since high school, he remains unafraid of battles. He led the team, confident in their abilities, despite the absence of a coach or regular training. He reminded his teammates of only one thing as they surged into battle: “Tinabanga lang gyud.”C

“She has been the strongest member of the team since.” This first year Medicine student has been recognized multiple times for her discipline, talent, and skills in the sport. She received the Athlete of the Year Award when she was a nursing student in Central Mindanao University. Although new to the pack, the same can’t be said for this Medicine Wolf. Through the influence of her friends, her love for the sport dates back to fifth grade. With years of training and experience in the regionals, she isn’t one to be messed with in table tennis.C

“I was just there to try it, and eventually, just like a drug, I got addicted to it. [From] then on, my love for soccer blossomed more and more every time I played.” What started out as a simple attempt at a sport for a 12 year old Carmella Quirog at that time, brought her to being the present Aggie Bulls Team Captain. Carmella led offense on most matches with kicks that predictively flew past the goalkeepers. Constantly reiterated by Carmella herself, she reminds her teammates their so-called 11th Commandment: “Thou shall not kompyans: always focus, and never slack off.”C

Encouraged by her high school Physical Education teacher, Michelle formally started her softball training way back in her high school years after her budding potential in the sport was recognized. Since then, she has been participating in PRISAA and COSAA competitions with her teammates. Through composure and consistent communication, they played every game with confidence and discipline. Balancing her time between being an academic half-scholar and going to softball practices, it is needless to say that this Junior Psychology student’s time management skills are on point.C

It was in grade school when Junior Civil Engineering student Maui Fernandez was introduced to volleyball. Recognized for the budding skill she acquired at a young age, she was chosen as one of the varsity players of her elementary school, and the title never left. She now plays as open spiker for the Crusaders Women’s Volleyball team. Starting as a middle blocker, Maui discovered her ability in being an open spiker in early high school – which she grew renowned at the championships for liberally delivering a few of her booming hard spikes against the Tigers.C

“I fell in love with volleyball because it gave, and still gives me so much joy when playing, but it still remains challenging,” Senior Foodtech student Pegie Embudo reveals. Being the Aggie Bulls Open Hitter, Pegie’s carefully practiced spikes collapsed the Engineering Warriors’ defenses during the championship games. He also plays as Middle Blocker of the Crusaders Men Varsity Team. “I believe the best gifts the sport has given me are the friendships and memories that will last forever. Every game is a new experience, and every team has different characteristics where you learn from. My team becomes a family.” C

For national athlete Christine, first love never dies. Between Karate and Badminton, she fell in love with Karate and trained since first grade together with her brothers, who are also national athletes now. Driven by how her brothers excel in the sport, this fifth year Industrial Engineering student furthered her skills through time by competing in various local and national tournaments. This overachiever also believes that a player’s attitude in every game is more important than winning. Quickly finishing her rounds in just a few minutes during the Intramurals, Christine helped bring the tribe to victory.C

Representing the school and the city, freshman law student Justin stood as a silver medalist in sparring during the Iwabuchi Cup, as well as a national championship title in Team Kata with his teammates. His agility and immeasurable strength granted him winning hits in this year’s Xavier Cup. With Bruce Lee as his iconic influence, Justin formally started his training when he was ten years old. During his free time, he teaches kids Karate. The sport’s competitive nature and the adrenaline pump he gets in every game draw him into Karate.C


By Maria Franchesca Louise P. Fajemolin & Tat


he decreased population in XU college students has yet again brought rise to new issues in the University. It has pushed the 2017 Intramural Games to deviate from the usual with new rules and a tighter watch on expenses. How has this changed the playing field? The game plan For the University Athletics Office (UAO), preparations for the Intramurals begin right at the end of the previous one’s. It starts with an evaluation of events, an arrangement of initial discussions on making improvements, and will proceed with formal meetings during the summer. Specific guidelines and events in the Intramurals are organized with the Central Student Government (CSG), UAO, a group of varsity students, and stakeholders. “It’s really a multi-organizational committee that handles the ground rules and helps us in the planning of the Intrams,” UAO Director Vincent Padilla describes. Sports committee representatives from each student council are also invited in these meetings.

only Php 400,000 for the implementation of the Intramurals. This year, the UAO had to assign varsity students as officials in some of the games. It also stopped handing out council subsides and sacrificed the awarding of medals due to budget constraints. Resolute to give students what they clamor for, CSG also tried to raise money for the Intramurals. This had many challenges in itself. According to CSG President Ian Ceazar Abadies, companies in the city were not very responsive to sponsorship requests. “Dili parehas sa Luzon or sa metropolitan areas na grabe gyud ang sponsorships. Diri kay dili gyud sila gaka-get sa mga offers, [and] it’s XU biya,” he says.

Amid the cuts Next year, financial resources are expected to plummet even further as an additional 20 percent will be deducted off UAO’s budget. Despite this, Padilla says that the Intramurals had been successful in terms of allowing the students to participate in physical activities. In fact, student participation has increased because of new non-sports games such as the Trivia, and Poetry Nights, as well as the improvement of previous events such as Larong Pinoy. Padilla points out that this would have been impossible without the various organizations that helped redefine

Redefining the budget The budget constraints, however, forced numerous adjustments. From about an overall budget of Php 800,000, The Xavier Cup 2017 budget was cut by nearly 50 percent, leaving






Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017


olin & Tatiana L. Maligro

excellence throughout the Intramurals. He also thanks the students for continuing to play despite the evident changes, as the Intramurals would have been meaningless without them. On Scheduling Although the study holidays were originally scheduled on the 11th and 12th, Abadies proposed to the Academic Council to have it on Tuesday and Thursday of the Intramurals week. “Ang tendency is if long weekend, kay mo uli jod sila sa provinces,” explains Abadies. He further explains that if a number of students leave the

the varsity women [basketball] clarified na they are technically not varsity players.” Additionally, the list circulating among colleges was an outdated one from last year. “Na receive sad sa uban colleges ang memo with that list. So of course, everyone believed that list,” says Abadies. The damage, however, was already done. “The School of Medicine was not informed that they are not supposed to be treated as varsity players,” says Padilla. Fortunately, Padilla reports that the two colleges’ councils managed to settle the issue through a meeting, “We had to explain to them through a meeting, and they understood.”

city for the long vacation, there will be lesser students to actively participate in the intramurals. New players, new issues One notable issue during this year’s Intramurals is a conflict between the School of Business and Management (SBM) Eagles and Medicine Wolves during a basketball women’s championship game. The Wolves cried foul over the Eagles’ lineup for the game, since most of their players were listed as varsity players for women’s basketball. However, Padilla clarifies that, “the coach of









Design by Karla Mae Romero

*** With the University’s dynamic changes, the feel of the Intramurals seemed to have lost a bit of its usual thrill. From the decreased population to cost-cutting measures, one can say that this year’s Intramurals was different from its successors. Despite student dissatisfaction this year, Padilla affirms that some recent changes such as the merging of two or more colleges during the Cheerdance Competition brought back the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie to the games. “The idea is we will be playing as friends,” he adds. As the college banners are withdrawn for another year, credit is due to the office for achieving what they set out to do in the Intrams, albeit with room for improvement.C


and parents bawling their eyes out somewhere in the audience. “May we call on Ms. Cora Contrabida, our Class Valedictorian, to give her valedictory speech.” Then the crowd goes wild, screaming “KOH-RA! KOH-RA! KOH-RA!” I’ll walk up the stage, with a trophy in my left hand, and a bunch of medals hanging around my neck. Here it is, finally: my ultimate winning moment. Surely, it’s the kind of shot that would be used in CruTv’s videos for years. I reach the principal’s office and politely knock on his door. No response. I wait a few minutes and knock again. I’m so excited to change programs; I decided to enter the office to submit the proposal. Dressed in his Silver State Warriors jersey, numbered 96, Fr. Tacasan practices dribbling an invisible basketball to the other end of his office, where he set up a makeshift ring made of paper mache. I can hear him whisper to himself, “Top of the key, Tacasan evaluates the defense, drives in aggressively, splits two defenders. The sidestep! The spin-move! Ohhhh, he finishes with a left-handed reverse layup!” He raises his fists in victory, running in circles, chanting his name over and over, still unaware of my presence. I was worried he wouldn’t like my proposal, but clearly that wouldn’t be a problem anymore. “Excuse me, Fr. Tacasan…” He stops dead in his tracks, as an awkward silence filled the room. I imagine his whole world crashing down on him. He slowly turns to face me, and I can see his face seemed to resemble that of a deer in headlights. I let myself in, and place my proposal on his desk. I catch a glimpse of some memorabilia on the

cabinet behind his desk: an old team photo of the 1975 Ateneo Blue Eagles basketball varsity, a deflated football, a tennis racket snapped in half, a broken baseball bat… is that a broken Logitech G903 Chaos Spectrum gaming mouse?! I guess Fr. Tacasan should just stick to basketball. He clears his throat, and asks me to leave. I politely offer to be the scorekeeper in his next match against his imaginary opponent, hoping I could get plus points when I shifted to BS Xavier Cup, but he wouldn’t let me. Was he just reliving his varsity days in Ateneo? I might never know. Whatever, at least I know he’s into sports, right?C Design by Lynette L. Tuvilla

Illustration by Rizalyka Joanne M. Waminal


walk to the Office of the Academic Vice President with my Arial 12, single-spaced, hundred-page proposal in hand titled, “Bachelor of Science in Xavier Cup as an Undergraduate Program”. I mean, I know I’ve considered shifting about fifty times but once this is approved, this is it for me. Since the University seems to be worried about balancing studies and the Intramurals, why not just make an actual sports program? It’s a win-win situation. Imagine finally getting A’s for knowing about each college’s feuds through XCUP01: Xavier Cup’s History! Who knows? I might even top our tests on trash talking and strategizing to literally bring opponents down through XCUP25: Basic Self Defense. Can you imagine our On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program, XCUP40? The next thing you know: I’ll be coaching Ligas Pilipinas for a whole semester! Cross your fingers that Fr. Tacasan approves of this. There’s a list attached to the proposal, enumerating teachers who would hate to allow us to cheat (our diets!) in preparation for one of our Midterm exams, the ever undying Color Run that seems to pop up in the University every now and then. I’m also very confident that I’ll get straight A’s in our new Grading System. Here’s a look at my proposed breakdown: 50% for major sports, 25% for minor sports, and 25% for dance competitions. No sport gets left behind. And to make sure we don’t forget to place bets on our teams, I suggested that we have a one-absence policy for each class. I can see it now: bright lights, sweaty undergraduates awaiting for their turn on stage,

Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017

Design by Lynette L. Tuvilla






mga tinaguan na joke, komik, o Kung naa kay


hirit line draa, oras na nimo para mubida amigo/ amiga! Kay niana ang inyung ginahulat-hulat

ni rizal

mga hi-gala! Ug kung ikaw ang palarang mapil-

Joke Mo, Komik Ko!

ian, imong gisend kay buhatan namo ug komik!

Ug ikaw kay makadawat ug gagmay nga pahalipay! Isend lang sa jokemokomikDOWN 2 Dota 2 tournament’s venue o isulat sa SHORT BP kauban imong kompleto na pangalan ug kurso ug ihatag sa STC 302, TheCrusader Publication office!!

4 “A show of ___________” 5 Dance Sport competition champion 8 A of ACES 11 The Xavier Cup 2017 budget

ACROSS 1 The new cheer squad who joined XU Intramurals 2017 3 UAO Director 6 ArtScies inspiration in their garments, routine and choice of music 7 CIT Knights, Nursing Pythons, CompStud _______ 9 A of ACES 10 New non-sports game 12 She took home the gold in the women’s division 13 Four consecutive championship or contest wins 14 Score of ArtScies in cheerdance competition 15 XU key slogan: “Experience ________”

To join: Photocopy this Kurisearch with your answers and submit your entry to TheCrusader Publication office at StC 302 with your fullname and contact number. Lucky participants will receive limited edition collectables.


Vol. 44 No. 3 October 2017



Aquarius (ang tawoong sa katambok mura nag buros) Nalibog gyud ka sa mga panghitabo sa imong pagiskwela ug sa imong kinabuhi, ako sad sa akong kinabuhi bitaw. Health tips: Muriatic acid ato imnon, wa nako KASABOT! Wahhhhh

Aries (ang tawong nanimahong patis) Ikaw ang tawo nga magwaras kung mawalaan ug butang, halaka, kuyaw ka kung uyab na magwagtang. Health tips: Bes, tubig, aron daghan ka maluha kung naa na say mawala

Cancer (ang tawong ang dughan murag pader ) Ikaw ang tawo nga gahigugma sa uban ug ayo, pero wala gyuy nibalik as imoha. All you have to do is… padayon! Para sa kalambuan sa uban!

Health tips: Eat something sweet, aron padaun ka nga nay kusog ug pagkasweet.

Capricorn (ang tawong bungol-bungol kung tawagon) Ika…. Ang taw… nga pu… kulan….. sa…. Pandungo……. Ambo……… ad…… Health tips: …..ayyy….ambo……t……….ni….mo………….

Gemini (ang tawong gakatambok kanunay) Ikaw daw ang tawo nga pirme gaka “left out”, alangan gakatambok na lage ka bes! Mahabilin gyud ka pirme kay hinay kaayu ka mulakaw. Health tips: Unsa pa man di ay, dili pa pangka? Paniwang oy!

Leo (ang tawong ang grades hapit na ma-K.O.)

Ikaw ang tawong gina-yagayagaan nalang, alangan imong nawong mura nag ka-ang.

Health tips: Hilam-os2x sad ta panagsa uy, mao nay solusyon bes aron mahamis.

Libra (ang tawong gwapo/gwapa pero inggitera) Feel nimo dili ka accepted, but you know what I know? I don’t know. Health tips: Memo-plus Gold ta bes, apil k okay gakalimot nasad ko. Yayaks!

Pisces (ang tawong murag galon ang lawas) Mali ang mga ingon sa tawo sa imoha. Be strong! Ayaw palupig!


Health tips: P1000.00 para sa membership sa gym, tapos weigh protein aron makusgan pa kag ayo!

Taurus (ang tawo nga ang kalungat ga uros-uros) Gaka sad ka kay feel nimo dili ka appreciated sa imo friends, feeling ra jud na nimo, feeling rana nimo nga naa kay friends! Aw joke. Health tips: Bes, iwasan ang fatty foods, aside sa makatambok, maka samot na sa depression.

Virgo (Ang tao nga way ligo-ligo) Feel nimo dili ka sapat para sa imong mga barkada, you are all they need kay naa ka prime kwarta. Ay sorry! Peace! Health tips: Wala koy i-recommend kay gasto, naa apa kay barkada librehan.

Sagittarius (ang tawong ang nawong wala nahipos) Feel nimo naa tanan sa imo ang problema sa kalibutan, don’t worry sugdan natog ayo imong nawong. Health tips: Boil water to 105°c, ihumol ang nawong for 2 hours.

Scorpio (ang tawong ang nawong mapiko-piko sa kamao) Ikaw ang tawo nga gi-betray sa imong friends, ikaw daw kuno naay ing-ana nga nawong, ouch! Teeyaa


Health tips: 881-3456, number ni tita Vicky Belo, schedule daw ninyo sa face operation this October 32,2017

The Crusader Sports Magazine 2017  

The Crusader Sports Magazine 2017 Vol. 44 No. 3

The Crusader Sports Magazine 2017  

The Crusader Sports Magazine 2017 Vol. 44 No. 3