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Here’s the First Step

Submitted by Lorraine Fetherman, L.E., C.P.E. problem big. Our treatment will help PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). of these issues up While Some your child was catching on lost is too small or tooEmail Effect: Your child to the inability to grasp certain usand at uninhibited. can be addressed through medication and a doctor’s Licensed and Certified Electrologist you feel clean, carefree, self-confident skills, your child did not learn the new skills loses some of the information. advice. However, that doesn’t mean your hair issue will needed to be a proficient reader. Take advantage of the free consultation. o, you information noticed alearned few hairs can learn you Cause: to understand exactly how YOU end. We canwas help you inwith that. how to use your strengths We will explain in detail Information that stored for more how theinformation. process works for Analogy: An athlete joinsItheyour teamindividual again growing on your chin, cheeks during the school year. to your advantage. perceive all the events your life. wasAreas Hair Removal memory during theinschool year not and at a weaknesses needs. Everyone is unique in his or her Good news, ladies, after a long-term injury. Thetoteam membersbut we are all the same when it comes to the assessment, not Yourmastery perception life Electrolysis is defined be use applied to most facial and body level.ofTherefore, muchby ofcan it was attitudinal and/orA upper lip. memory situation, Cause: child’s working there’s actually a template whobut continued working already waywe want: permanent hair removal. label you, to identify what are color the color of lenses you are looking results isWHY!? not being utilized, which prevents Analogy: Anparts, athleteincluding: was ready to break Get a are looking through so that Now, in all• fairness, the color lenses you •ahead. Abdomen for lifeinformation that will help guide Eyebrows certain from reaching long- through. a personal record but took some time off. And maybe the hair on your head isofthinning, too? you can• change the you want these lenses were •developed by all 75% OFF COUPON linecolorofiflearning Chin today! term towards memory. Mastery occurs only when few hours during Call 732-477-9040 you happiness and athlete has to outcomes rebuild the skills and he startABikini The entertainment is endless with our bodies; it’sthe just responding to life’s events yourNow past experiences and • Legs for assessment and diagnosis • Upper lip information long-term memory. summer will enrich yourthis sheencountered. originally worked hard to build. fulfillment! Mention not all goodreaches entertainment. instead the of just reacting to them. Once you or have But imagine for of face ($195 value for $48.75) • Jawline & sides Permanent Hair Removal Analogy: Athletes need to continue child’s experiences the you realize you have a choice to during viewarticle a moment a life filled withwill less&stress, Life is meant to bethe an adventurous Hormones are answer Effect: Your score lower •child Breasts underarms and receive PRODUCING SUBSTANTIAL POSITIVE BENEFITS ON READING ACHIEVEMENT developing their athletic skills or they will world and the events in it through success (on your experience, NOT an existence! school year. Whether it is just an increase, a decline or more an off-balance, onhappiness, standardized tests the the As wellduring as the ears, parts of the nose, fingers, Monmouth/Brick different colored lenses, you can then terms), lose their full potential. Just of othersdoing moms today’s it islike yourtons hormones theintrick. As you know,love, gratitude, forgiveness, school year. toes, feet,Itetc. ELECTROLYSIS We have with: start success to play the game of life byyour yourfirst treatment, can men and women, many timesfind throughoutcompassion, our lives, goand fulfillment! Learning Press, LLC fast-paced world you probably PATHWAYS TO Effect: When your child returns We understand the embarrassment, selfwith a free Yourchoose child needed catch-up time throughon “changes” such of as puberty, breastown rules! all beCause: yours if you to break yourself the treadmill life, goingchildbirth, THE 21502 Locations: Hwy 35, Ste. 250 •and Dyslexics consultation. consciousness discomfort that comes to school, your child will start feeding, perimenopause, aging, etc. during the beginning of the dueRemember, lifewith is and will Cannot through the limiting beliefs youschool have year around and around at the menopause, same speed simple 2510 Belmar Blvd. 522 Brick Blvd. be combined Sea Girt, NJ 08750 hair. If summer. it is just cleaning your •theADD/ADHD Also, there affect hair off with a are lowcountless self-esteem to the information during with any other offer. By continue to up be whatever you choose And then unwanted youlost could design all day long, hardly able tomedications keepdue up. thatadopted. Wall, NJ 07719 Brick, NJ 08723 eyebrows or • clearing a beard, webe. can help. No hair appointment only. Either growth hair lossofasjust well, and health issues such for it to the life youashave always wanted! But whatand if, instead keeping CAPD location. Exp. 2/29/16 PRODUCING SUBSTANTIAL POSITIVE BENEFITS ON READING ACHIEVEMENT Mary Beth D’Antoni up, you could go at your own pace, every year in the United States, keeping up with the I amstep…accept Lorraine Fetherman, L.E.,•C.P.E. Undiagnosed challenged readers First yourself, owner of Learning Press LLC, of excited “Pathways thecelebrated Mind,”myEducator, Speaker stopping when Business you want to explore, constant changes in the health and beauty world. I amAuthor proud and to say Itojust 20th We have success with: Learning Press, LLC WHOis ARE WE?expert who Mary Bethyou D’Antoni a reading has been active Stop in in theMarch field of education for thirty years. She year as an Electrologist 2015. I love what I your whole self! comparing slowing down because can, and 2150 Hwy 35, Ste. 250 • L.E., Dyslexics do. I ama one of the of lucky who looks forwardandinformation, holds a NJ K-12l-rteaching certificate. She earned Bachelor Artspeople Degree inFor Psychology a Master’s Debbie Matusas, C.P.E. more please visit: yourself to other people and begin to speeding up because you want to! Fetherman, “It’s a butterfly Sea NJ 08750 Lorraine • ADD/ADHD to going to work. I get to peopleReading feel better about Adjunct Melissa Epstein Girt,effect...” One of my two associates, she has been an Electrologist Degree in Education. She worked as a seventh grade Language Artshelp Teacher, Teacher, appreciate the gifts you have and then A lot of moms go through their themselves, feel more confident and less inhibited. I for over 17 years. She is a great asset to our practice and L.E., C.P.E. Serving Monmouth • CAPD Professor of Reading and is author of “Pathways to the Mind, “a reading program for students who have difficulty learning CPC, ELI-MP Licensed CertifiedCounties Electrologists: am passionate about what I do the people I help. & &Ocean her hear wonderful feedback all the give permission to be YOU. days rushed, 732-359-0241 fromfeeling traditional methods.exhausted, Her educational experience hasyourself involved concentrated work inand remedial, developmental andclients love her.•I Undiagnosed challenged readers Lorraine Fetherman I am always looking to learn more. I will be attending Debbie Matusas, time. She is very accommodating to our clients’ needs, know youD’Antoni have heard about enrichment areas for and kindergarten through Ms. has done extensive independent research frustrated, guilty, uninspired tocollege level Istudents. Debbie Matusas a 3-day Electrolysis Symposium in Quebec City this offering her services days, nights and weekends at our L.E., C.P.E. to students withthan learning Her program “Pathways to the Mind “is based on her in experience, and 732-766-5462 more information, please For also please visit: visit: personality assessments and the dorelated anything other the disabilities. “same old, Barbara Stoll August for many lectures and workshops our field. findings Brick location. Debbie continues her education, research on the of reading skills and has beenIrecognized throughout counties.attending workshops, seminars and lectures every year. also several lectures, workshops andOcean seminars Serving Monmouth benefits ofattend taking them soMonmouth that youand same old.” Butdevelopment this template allows & Ocean Counties




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732-359-0241 732.477.9040

L.E., C.P.E.

L.E., C.P.E.

Learning Press LLC provides comprehensive reading instruction to students in grades K-6 who are struggling with reading.

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