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We share the outdoors because that’s what you are supposed to do when you’re in love. Take a moment to be small in a big space; remember to forget your responsibilities today. It can be scary at first—to not know about all of the means of measurement that exist in the world—but that doesn’t give us an excuse to ignore the scale. During late nights, it is possible to feel a pull that calls your name but gives you nowhere to go. Instead, follow the person who makes the air you breathe thick with sugar. They will lead you to a bright, dazzling thing, and they will point at it and say, “Without you, this could not exist.”

Dreams are rare because they are true— because truth is a force that can sense a fire. Light a candle to remember a feeling of danger contained and then sleep through the night. Today is a good day to begin something you know you will never finish. Today is a good day to head to the ocean, drop a monitor down into the deep, unknown water and listen to a whale scream, “I love you.” Take a day off from the hours of overtime you put into worrying. Instead, push forward to the better ones. The sun remembers you and who came before, and it tries to keep us all warm, even during a winter night in Chicago.

How can a person begin a conversation without feeling the need to run? The simplest option might be to pull out a map, chart a course and carry the things that matter on your back. Don’t do that, Virgo. The moon’s jaw might be open, but that doesn’t mean she has anything to say, especially at night. It’s a difficult thing to realize; although the moon rises every night and falls every day, we can’t always expect that to just happen on its own. Do you want to remember your dreams, Virgo? Here’s how: Feel the gravity delicately placed around the lake; recognize that you create an edge in any body of water.

Columbia College Chicago ECHO 2017