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The College of Westchester graduates individuals who have completed transformative and purposeful educational experiences that provide the foundation for successful, relevant professional careers. As an academically student-centered, culturally diverse college, CW is committed to providing the highest quality of education for all career and entrepreneurial-minded students through the delivery of a carefully constructed and focused curriculum, informed by regional employers. The College supports and encourages academic excellence, career advancement, professional integrity, financial responsibility, and good citizenship through a distinctive and highly personal campus environment.

President’s Corner Mary Beth Del Balzo Executive Office


appy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season with family and friends, and had time to be with the ones we love, enjoyed the downtime, relaxed a bit and took care of ourselves. This rejuvenation is so important as everyone works so hard all year, and for that I am truly grateful. At this time, I would like to wish all of you much happiness, health and success in this New Year. In our office, and throughout the college, much of our focus in 2017 was preparing for and hosting the Middle States Re-Accreditation Visit, and while we look forward to the Commission’s formal response in March, I couldn’t be more proud of the stellar results from the visit. The results just reaffirm what I already knew – we have a fantastic, dedicated team. In the February Adult term and the May Day semester we will be launching our newest program, Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology. We also look forward to creating new LPN and RN nursing programs. We recently concluded our 2018-2020 strategic planning development, which was approved by the CW Board of Trustees. As we launch the plan, we will continue to keep you informed and many of you will be a part of the continued process. If you wish to see a copy of the plan, please be in touch with me. Coffee with the President was very successful and I look forward to continuing this initiative. It’s a great forum and opportunity for me to chat with you. I have heard many of you present great ideas, asked questions in a small environment, and just 2 | Q1 REVIEW

get to know each other a little better. Thank you to all of you who have participated so far. I learned many new things and we have implemented some initiatives based on these valuable conversations. Many faculty members hosted me as I visited 52 classes in 52 weeks. This was also a very valuable effort for me, and I hope to continue to visit with more of you in the New Year. Thank you to all faculty members who welcomed me and made me feel like a part of your class. Our students were wonderful. To them I was just another visitor, which was great. Academics 2017 Accomplishment • Planning, implementation and early positive reviews for the Student Services Center and Concierge function • Approval of the B.S. in Information Technology and early development work on the L.P.N. Certificate and R.N. A.A.S. Degree programs • Affirmation of CW’s Curriculum, Faculty, and Student Support Services by the MSCHE Evaluation Team 2018 Goals: • Implement the new Moodle Theme and ensure that all courses in all shifts present students with a uniform, CW-branded look, ease of navigation, and compliance with all institutional and regulatory requirements • Continue work on Curriculum Development as guided by the CAC, BDS, and towards the development of new programs in areas of employment demand; and the updating of

existing programs to ensure contemporary continued to be collected through the entire year. content and learning goals and the increased use • Online College - enrollment reached a total of 37 of Open Educational Resources students as of Fall Term II, matching a 15-month • Remain focused on assisting with new student high. recruitment, growing Online enrollment, and 2018 Goals & Initiatives: improving the retention of enrolled students • Achieve CW college goals for new student Business Office/HR/Bookstore enrollment. 2017 Accomplishments: • In conjunction with the Dean of \Academic • Deliver CW Info Sessions to 60 regional high Services, Title IX training was provided online to school guidance counselors. all staff, faculty and students. • 25 CW CNA Alumni to return for the BS in • Launched a new online benefits enrollment Information Technology platform, E-Navigator. • Taking on the Immunization Records • Installed a new Bookstore payment and inventory responsibility and continue to be in full system. compliance with New York State requirements. 2018 Goals: • Admissions reception area TV showcasing CW • Continuation of Title IX training for staff, faculty related content. and students. • Electronic Records Initiative: Implement • Implementation of Diversity Training for staff, electronic process to replace paper on two new faculty and students. student documents estimated to reduce 1,500 sheets of paper per year and reduce 175 hours of Admissions scanning/uploading labor. 2017 Highlights • New event hosted in June 2017 called Junior Career Services Career Expo. We had 114 regional high school 2017 Accomplishments: juniors come to CW to explore various career • Achieved an overall 88.76% in field Placement options in the student center. Visitors were able Rate to engage with our current student, faculty, • Average Bachelor in field starting salary increased and staff to learn about careers, and take a by 13.6% over the prior year from $38,777 to personality test to identify possible career paths $44,000 for themselves. • Successfully prepared, placed and tracked 131 • Electronic Records Initiative: Steps taken and internship students guiding all but three to have reduced paper storage and file storage of completion and graduation over 5,000 sheets of paper and 1,000 manila file 2018 Goals: folders. • Meet and/or exceed Placement Rate of 89% • Hosted two CW events mixing new applicants • Continue to coordinate and hold career with CW Club students who had the opportunity workshops, fairs, cafés and Portfolio Review to show their CW pride to prospective students, Days which offer students and recent grads the including the “Movie Night Bonfire” in the CW opportunity to find successful careers parking lot and “Bowling with the CW Warriors” events. • Focused effort on obtaining both internship and career opportunities for our new BS Degrees • In April hosted a Skills for Women Seminar #SorrryNotSorry drew over 100 current and Facilities/Safety/Security prospective students in the student center to 2017 Accomplishments: hear inspiring stories from CW faculty and staff. • Restroom renovations • Carry On Popcorn and Rookies Cookies – • Successful renegotiations, of five facility and served as activities which were the genesis for safety vendor, contracts with a focus on monetary student referrals of prospective students, which terms, conditions and customer service. Q1 REVIEW |


• Renovation of Student Services area, relocation of IT Testing Center, establishment of a new Admissions 2017 Accomplishments: Suite. • 2018 – 2020 Strategic Technology Plan developed and published • Continuation of Emergency Preparedness Training Program: Training provided to all new students, • Technology refresh completed in computer Day and Adult, in their Transformative Learning classrooms and for most staff and faculty classes. • Computer Security Awareness Training 2018 Goals: Workshop #2 (Personally Identifiable & Sensitive • Plan for the changes needed to support the new Information) develop, live sessions delivered Medical programs to be launched in early 2019. 2018 Goals: • Develop a timeline and requirements needed • “CW Everywhere”: New, Personalized Mobile App to support the instructional needs for the new - vendor selection, development, and roll out programs. • “Secure and Aware”: Computer Security • Complete the installation of new classroom Governance review and planning, and ongoing signage. security awareness training • Replacement of boiler. • Campus Nexus transition “Phase 1” (new user • Install and calibrate new controller for air mix on interface, reporting tools) the 4th floor. Media Resources • Provide ongoing emergency preparedness 2017 Accomplishments: training for all employees and students. • Increased conversion rate from online inquiry sources • Continue to implement recommendations of Emergency Preparedness consultant’s report. • Enhanced user website experience for visitors • Continue to train contract security guards and maintenance staff on Title IX, diversity and sexual harassment policies. IR 2017 Accomplishments: • Improved efficiencies in revising, overseeing and maintaining institutional compliance calendar • Made significant progress in centralizing data collection and analysis within IR • All government reporting fully compliant 2018 Goals: • Continue to centralize data collection/analysis to the IR dept for validation and oversight • Educate the CW community about the amount and type of fluid data collected and available • Keep regular and open communication with all college departments to assess what processes currently in place could be improved with IR assistance • Following Middle States recommendations, develop a centralized data collection, analysis and dissemination process to serve and inform the college community along the entire student lifecycle 4 | Q1 REVIEW

with vision disabilities

• Successfully launched new version of Student Voices Magazine 2018 Goals: • Complete mobile friendly redesign to the CW website • Launch online article campaign to increase CW website SEO results • Support new programs and existing programs Student Financial Services 2017 Accomplishments: • Successfully implemented Education Partners Software for the Federal Student Aid Verification process for Title IV aid. This software will enhance overall improvement to the federal verification process for students and staff. • Successfully submitted the SEVIS recertification documents for CW. SEVIS is the federal Student & Exchange Information System for the Dept. of Homeland Security. • Successful completion of the Annual SFS Audit resulting in zero findings, 100% compliance. • Successful completion of USDOE Recertification

process. This process allows institutions that are presently certified to participate in the Federal Student Aid programs to apply to have its participation extended beyond the expiration date of its current agreement. The next expiration for CW’s recertification process is 2023. 2018 Goals: • Timely re-filing of students’ FAFSA for the 201819 award year. • Completion of Annual FSA Audit, under new regulations, with minimal to no findings. • Improvements to the verification process, by the continued use of the Education Partners software and other strategies. • Continued professional growth for staff as it relates to the Title IV and State Regulatory environments.

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401(k) Limits for 2018 T

he IRS has announced that for the calendar year 2018 the elective deferral (contribution) limit for employees participating in a 401(k) plan will remain unchanged from last year at $18,000 per year. The catch-up limit for employees age 50 and over will remain at $6,000. If you are currently participating in CW’s 401(k) plan and would like to make a change to your contribution amount, please complete a “401(k) Plan Change Form” and return it to Anna Bravo. That form can be found on the HR page on Campus Cruiser and must be completed to activate a contribution change – contribution changes cannot be processed online.

Please contact Anna at ext. 353 with any questions.

CW Way Corner WE ARE ONE

I think everyone who attended the December 1st Employee Appreciation Event will agree that it was a wonderful evening. It’s always nice to take some time out from our busy schedules, relax and celebrate together as a community. But not everyone may know how much work behind the scenes it takes to make that event so successful. Besides the obvious weeks of planning, so many members of the CW family work together every year to ensure a great time is had by all. From all the planning and coordination and set-up done by Krissy Frano and Annette Casserly in the Executive Office, to the video slide show, photo booth set-up ad photography done by Mary Bennett, Dawn Olivier and Kevin Zuniga in Media Resources, to the room set-ups done by Roberto Carvajal, Hector Cardenales and Carlos Lupercio on our Facilities team, with the help of Sean Capossela and Tracia Best in IT, to Charlie Boklan who arranged for the party’s bartender and security coverage, to all of the employees who bought, borrowed or made ugly sweaters in order to participate in our fun contest, to the employees who stayed on after the event to help clean-up and ALL of the other people who assisted in various other ways (please forgive any omissions!). The evening was truly an example of The CW Way in action and the great things we can accomplish when we all work together as a team! Stories like this are always so inspiring to hear! Do you have a CW Way Story to share? Please share your thoughts and stories with the CW Community by emailing them to Jessica Muller for inclusion in a future CW Way Corner!! 6 | Q3 REVIEW

Astroturfing: How They’ve Been Using the Web to Manipulate us The term may not be familiar, but the fact that people want to influence how we think is nothing new. By K. Walsh, CIO


’m not trying to be a fear monger here. I’m an outspoken fan of many of the capabilities, tools, and new ways of doing things that the Internet and digital technologies have enabled. But we’re utterly fooling ourselves if we choose not to be aware of some of the unfortunate ways in which this modern miracle is leveraged. And I am not just referring to criminal activity. Never before in the history of mankind has it been easier for those with money and intent to manipulate the messages being heard by the masses, and to muddy the source of those missives. Media has always provided a powerful means of misinformation, deception, and manipulation, and the Internet has turned the volume to 11. The web and social media can be used to spread ideas at blinding speed, fanning the flames of falsehoods and fabrications into a soaring bonfire of BS.

schools are not talking more about how to help our learners be more aware of the way their eyes, ears, and minds can be targeted online. Astroturfing Wikipedia defines Astroturfing as: “… the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization (e.g., political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by a grassroots participant(s). It is a practice intended to give the statements or organizations credibility by withholding information about the source’s financial connection. The term astroturfing is derived from AstroTurf, a brand of synthetic carpeting designed to resemble natural grass, as a play on the word “grassroots.”

So, organized groups pretend to be people they are not, in order to spread misinformation. Great. So, how prevalent is this practice? There are dozens and dozens of examples, organized into groups like “Government Shills”, “Private Sector”, “Shill Bots”, etc., in a great collection of links on Reddit. Come on out to https://emergingedtech. com/astroturfing to access to get a closer look at this very real and disturbing dark use of the Web.

Add to that the fact that younger people are heavy consumers of digital media, and it’s a wonder to me that Q1 REVIEW |


Preparing for Healthy Weight Week: It’s not about a number

8 9 6 8 4 3 12 5 7

Dr. Shamva Wright-Shingler, Assistant Chairperson, Allied Health


uring the holiday season many of us were guilty of over eating. Thankfully, there is an established “Healthy Weight Week” the 3rd week of January, but you can start your health weight week anytime. Healthy Weight Week is a time to celebrate healthy diet-free living habits that last a lifetime and prevent eating and weight problems. Our bodies cannot be shaped at will. But we can all be accepting, healthy and happy at our natural weights.

eventful life. I, myself have struggled with the same issues. It wasn’t until I took the focus off of the weight issue and placed more emphasis on a healthy lifestyle that I began to see some results. Fit-woman, a Women’s Health Group, helped me to realize that the scale can actually do more harm than good. How you may ask? I’ll break it down for you the way they did for me.

Scenario 1:

The Healthy Weight Network’s Motto is: Live Healthy; Diet- Free.

• You step on the scale. ( You are discouraged because you do not weigh what you want)

Healthy Weight Week was established as an educational event to help change public’s perception that weight determines health and that dieting is the only health solution. “Dieting has led women astray by making their struggles with weight worse, negatively affecting their health, and keeping them from living the lives they want.” Healthy Weight Week encourages women/men to improve healthy habits in ways that will last; such as eating well without dieting, living a nonsedentary lifestyle and feeling good about you. Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, co-owner and president of Green Mountain, stated that

• You ignore hunger cues (body produces more ghrelin-hormone for hunger)

• You start dieting and restrict eating

• You get too hungry

• You start to eat faster (fast foods)

• You eat more rich food ( foods that hit the spot; made mostly of sugar) • The stage is now set for overeating and weight-gain

Scenario 2: •

You step on the scale. ( You are discouraged because you do not weigh what you want)

The pursuit of weight loss has become an obsession in this country,

You start dieting and restrict eating

Your body now resides in a chronic low-level stress regarding weight and

Do you agree? There are studies that show that children, teens and young adults are so afraid of becoming fat that they will partake in restricted eating and other unhealthy practices to prevent it. Unfortunately, these practices end up causing weight gain, eating disorders, and poor health. There is a simple solution to this problem. We must first change the focus from weight to health, and support our peers in living a healthy, happy and

Your Cortisol and Insulin levels increase causing your body to store fat and interfere with muscle building.


• The stage is now set for overeating and weight-gain

In conclusion, I’d like to summarize Marsha Hudnall’s: 5 Steps to Find Your Healthy Weight.

8 1 67 9 2 4 3 5 Scenario 3: •

You step on the scale. ( You are discouraged because you do not weigh what you want)

ou start dieting and restrictive eating

After a while you start to think and obsess about food more.

Finally, you stop depriving yourself and then you over eat.

The stage is now set for overeating and weight-gain

Eating according to internal cues for hunger and satisfaction.

Enjoy a mix of foods that leaves you feeling well.

Become physically active with a goal of well-being rather than weight loss.

Accept the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes.

Statistics shows that 95% of dieters regain the weight lost and sometimes more within 3 years. Most of our weight are gained during holidays. I myself do not want to fall back into that category. We must break that predicable cycle. We must get rid of the dieter’s mentality. You know that mentality where you start a diet that restricts certain foods and limits our caloric intake. Then after a while, you say forget it and start indulging. After indulging you start feeling guilty and start the diet over again. Just to let the same thing happen again. Yes, that’s the one I’m speaking of. I’ve learned that the restriction is a set up for a guarantee defeat. Once we overcome that hurdle, we are much better at making healthy lifestyle choices such as eating regular balanced meals that will help manage our hunger. Sugar and Carbs are not our friends. Eating vegetables that grows in the ground does not help either. Researching and finding the right foods to eat is the best starting point for beginning a healthy lifestyle. There is also a book I would like to recommend. It’s called “Eat right for your type.” It gives a list of foods that matches your blood type. You can’t go wrong there.



MSCHE SELF-STUDY UPDATE Stacy Larson & Joann Mulqueen, Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL ON A SUCCESSFUL VISIT! As you all know, from October 15 through October 18, CW hosted an evaluation Team Visit with colleagues who represented MSCHE. Previous articles and presentations have outlined who the Team Members were and what the visit would entail. The big news is that on Wednesday of the visit (October 18), the Team Chair, Dr. Cyphers, read the entire Team Report which summarized their findings. It was a truly positive and uplifting report to hear!

WHAT WERE THE RESULTS? • We received 18 commendations, noting many of CW’s strengths including the clarity and strength of our Mission, the campuswide evidence of a student-centered culture, a strong and focused curriculum, an outstanding level of commitment to a diverse and inclusive culture of student support and success, a dedicated and talented group of faculty members, a strong strategic planning, budgeting and institutional assessment processes, and a highly engaged Board of Trustees. • Several suggestions (considered collegial advice) were offered, many of which coincided with CW’s own findings. The Team believed we would benefit, for example, by increasing our efforts to create a more diverse faculty and staff, to consider additional mechanisms for ensuring students obtain competence in multi-cultural and global perspectives, and to consider re-examining the workload among personnel. • Only 4 recommendations were given – these actions must be undertaken – having to do with centralizing data, assessments, reporting and the dissemination of information, creating one, unified assessment plan for student services outcomes, assessing the communications loops, and strengthening the board of trustees’ conflict of interest policy.

10 | Q 1 R E V I E W

NEXT STEPS: • MSCHE Evaluation Committee meets in January to review all recent team visits. • Their conclusions are presented to the Middle States Commission at their March 2018 meeting. • CW will be notified in writing of the “Accreditation Action” and whether any follow-up will be required.


The Campus Intervention Team


he Campus Intervention Team (CIT) is a subcommittee of the Academic Standards and Student Life committee. The mission of CIT is to coordinate information and concerns from a variety of departments in order to develop institutional responses to promote campus safety. This committee is intended to be proactive in identifying potential threats or crises on campus and to assure faculty and staff are made aware of current policies, as well as provide information on any pertinent issues that may arise. Megan Richardson, Counselor and Charles Boklan, Director of Security are the co-chairs of The Campus Intervention Team. The team is comprised of staff from Student Services, Academic Affairs, Retention, Student Financial Services, and Advising.


It is imperative that all faculty and staff are aware of the existence of this committee to serve as an additional resource available here on campus. Any faculty or staff are allowed and are encouraged to communicate concerns they may have that relate to safety and student behavior or wellbeing. Staff are directed to go to Megan Richardson directly if there is a concern, who then can bring the issue to the committee to discuss, if appropriate. During the CIT meeting in December, Charles Boklan highlighted that as per the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Department of Education, the majority of active shooter incidents that occur in schools, someone had some piece of information that if shared could have helped staff to be proactive in creating a safety

plan and/or helping a student get connected to appropriate supports. People often hesitate to share information, usually due to being concerned that it will impact the relationship and trust they have with that person, or second guessing the seriousness of the issue. However, it is essential that we all do our part to ensure we keep The College of Westchester safe. The Campus Intervention Team plans to provide additional information, training, and resources in the upcoming New Year.

By Jessica Muller, Manager of Business Operations

How to Register for iPay: 1. Go to 2. Click on “First Time User Register Here” lease be reminded that 3. Click on “Register Now” through ADP, our payroll 4. Enter the Self Service Registration Pass Code which is: provider, all employees THECOLLEGW-914 (case sensitive) are able to access bi-weekly pay 5. Click Next statements and W-2 forms 24 6. Enter the requested information on the ‘Verify your Identity” screen. hours per day, 7 days a week. If Please enter your name as it appears on your most recent pay you haven’t yet registered for statement. access, please see the instructions 7. Click next below: 8. Enter your contact information In addition, you can make changes 9. Click next directly to your W-4 online. Simply 10. You will be asked to “Enter Security Information” 11. Click next type in your changes, print the 12. You will be assigned your User ID and asked to create your password form, sign it and forward it to me 13. Click submit for processing. 14. Click log on. You can now long onto the Workforce Now to view your If you have any questions, please pay statement by selecting the Myself>Pay>Pay Statements contact me at ext. 408.




2017 EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION AWARDS Congratulations to the following CW employees for their years of employment!

5 Years of Employment

John Jurgens

Felyluz Laguio

Colleen Mcnicholas

Warren Rosenberg

Camilio Foster

Alexa Ferreira

Vilma Nikaj

Not photographed: Seloi Beckford

10 Years of Employment

Nellie Capellan

Estelle Coffino

15 Years of Employment

Patricia Lyon

Jessica Muller

20 Years of Employment Faculty of the Year

Grace Bonanno

David Lambert

Not photographed: Michael Bruen

Not photographed: Anne Bikofsky

30 Years of Employment

Employee of the Year

Ugly Sweater Contest Winner

Roselle Glick

Shamva Wright-Shingler

Julie Schuler 12 | Q 1 R E V I E W

John Strange

Q1 Highlights Hispanic Heritage

The Hispanic Heritage month is a time for celebrating the culture, art, and achievements of Hispanic people. CW joined the celebrations by providing traditional food from Latin America, as well as a performance by the Just Dance Crew.

Halloween Party

It was a lovely event for the evening students as they enjoyed some burgers and hotdogs before going to class.

Thanksgiving Lunchon

The CW family enjoyed a very happy Thanksgiving Day!

Toys for Tots

CW delivered toys contributed for this year’s Toys for Tots to the Marine Corps Reserve.

Honors Ceremony Event

CW honored and inducted 24 students from Phi Theta Kappa, 18 students from Sigma Beta Delta, and 7 students from the CW BBA Honors Program



Q1 2018 CW Review  
Q1 2018 CW Review