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Meet Jarred! What made you choose your major?

“Choosing Business Administration was not hard because when I was in High School I invented a clothing store for young adults who weren’t fortunate enough to provide for themselves. Once I realized I invented something useful, I then knew business was my foundation and I’m determined to make a difference. Money is not my top priority; changing lives and leading individuals into the right direction are my two main objectives.” What’s your favorite thing about The College of Westchester? “The College of Westchester is full of support and everyone is willing to work hard and achieve their goals no matter what the circumstances are. Even though The College of Westchester is not a big campus, I’m surrounded by nothing but positive energy. Professors are supporitve and willing to help you if you’re willing to help yourself.”

What would you say is the most challenging part of your major? “The most challenging part of my major is trying to solve everything by myself. This is a challenge I’ve been facing since middle school. I feel I have the courage and ambition to solve problems on my own. However, in the business world you have to work with your business partners and have each others’ back. That’s why I surround myself with people who have similar goals and dreams.” Are there any lessons/advice you would give your past self (freshman coming into school)? “Don’t be nervous and remain self motivated at all times. Quitting should never be an option.Make sure you remain focused and avoid distractions in order to achieve your dreams. Remember you’re here to make a difference and move onto the next level.” What inspired you to pursue higher education? “I will be the first member in my family to recieve a bachelor’s degree in business. We live in a world where a high school diploma will not get you far. In order to be successful, you must network with the right people and always set high standards for yourself. This degree is more than a piece of paper, it’s my golden ticket to start my empire.” What’s your favorite class and why? “My favorite class is Business Law taught by Prof. Torres. Business Law is teaching me how the world operates and when you enter the business world there are rules and regulations you must follow. This class also taught me you must be patient and always remain humble no matter what.” Jarred Smith / Business Administration/ Day College


Meet Kerian! What made you choose your major?


“A change in my career choice, was one of the major factors that influenced the beginning of this new journey, which I hope to complete within two years in order to pursue a Bachelor’s degree program in Health Information Management. After enrolling at Westchester Community College, I realized that I would be in school for a few years doing prerequisite studies, before being able to enroll in the associate program. Having reviewed and evaluated my past places of employment, I realized that most of my previous roles were administrative positions, which I thoroughly enjoyed, hence the reason I chose to enroll in Health Information Management as my new career path. I will complete the program in two years and I will have gained the necessary skills needed to be gainfully employed at completion.” What’s your favorite thing about The College of Westchester? “My choice to attend The College of Westchester, was based on ending my meandering from community college, to liberal arts college then to state university to narrowing my selection to attend an institution where staff, advisors, and professors are student focused and very personal. They constantly encouraged me from the registration process through orientation. The support I experienced made the greatest impression on me from day one, when I interacted with the staff, the fact that they remembered you and addressed you by name spoke volumes. Secondly, the class sizes are smaller, the professors are personable and always take the time to respond to your inquiries via emails. Thirdly, the courses are career oriented which facilitates a working adult and mother to earn a degree in a timely manner.”

What would you say is the most challenging part of your major? “I aim to do my best at all times but, unfortunately I am not a good exam taker which sometimes leave me in limbo trying to be a straight “A” student. My most challenging part was really trying to stay on the president’s list for all my semester. I try effortlessly to do all my assignments ahead of time so challenge was not a big issue. Once you know what is required of you, you will be able to achieve.”

Are there any lessons/advice you would give your past self (freshman coming into school)? “My advice to freshmen, and to myself, is to stay focused, be dedicated, determined, self-motivated work hard and do not procrastinate. Don’t get distracted, do all your assignment before or on the due date, read and be prepare for all your classes. If in doubt, seek help and never give up. One of my “mantras” is “the sky is the limit, never give up, fight the fight.” Hard work pays off and only the best should be good enough. Please use all the resources available and keep in contact with all your professors.”

What inspired you to pursue higher education? “Despite the fact not all jobs require a degree, Employers are looking for the most qualified candidate, and I desire to be that person. My degree in Health Information Management will give me a competitive advantage in the job market. My work experience combined with my higher education will demonstrate to my future employers, my potential, motivation and determination to succeed, to make my dreams possible. Attending The College of Westchester, has given me confidence, provided and exposed me to a variety of topics and opinions. I want to secure my future, and I strongly believe that people with higher levels of education tend to have better job opportunities, are more marketable and successful in a competitive world.” What is your favorite class and why? “In all fairness, l love all the classes I have recently participated in, but my favorite I have to say was Financial Accounting. As a little child growing up I always liked to save my money, I’d constantly count it then hide it from myself, I would then take it to the bank. Now that I am an adult, the same rules applies. That attitude follows me throughout life, and being that most of my previous job, I held the positions of accounting clerk. I love to balance figures and finding errors is so much fun to me. Just counting and balancing figures help to keep your brain active.” Kerian Adams / Health Infromation Management / Adult College

Spring 2020

To celebrate Black history month, The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) at The College of Westchester chose to invite a team of well rounded-role models to share their success stories. The panel included the Mayor of Peekskill Andre Rainy, Editor of The Black Westchester Newspaper AJ Woodson and Michelle A. Nicholas the Executive director of Girls INC. In attendance (130 students and faculty) had the opportunity to be inspired by each guest who expressed wisdom and clarity pertaining to gaining leadership.

Stories that each guest shared not only inspired us, but it motivated us not to never give up on our dreams. Challenges and obstacles, we face in life are key tactics to keep going and never giving up.

Each guest mentioned their darkest moments and how they faced their challenges to become successful in life. The number one rule to success is to be “patient" and to do a lot of “reading.” It’s not every day that someone gets to communicate with successful personnel and we’re grateful for the fact that each member of the panel took the time out of their busy schedule to educate future business owners, doctors, accountants etc. As members of a black community we are determined to make a difference, with the help of our guests we have no doubt of succeeding.

Written by: Shahine Clarke and Jarred Smith

A triptych (/tr_pt_k/ TRIP-tik; from the Greek adjective τρίπτυχον "triptukhon" ("three-fold"), from tri, i.e., "three" and ptysso, i.e., "to fold" or ptyx, i.e., "fold")[1][2] is a work of art (usually a panel painting) that is divided into three sections, or three carved panels that are hinged together and can be folded shut or displayed open. It is therefore a type of polyptych, the term for all multi-panel works. The middle panel is typically the largest and it is flanked by two smaller related works, although there are triptychs of equal-sized panels.

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2020 Scholarship Recipients Sterling National Bank Scholarship Joseph Gonzalez BBA, Accounting

Jeanne Sutkowski Scholarship Chantal Dawkins

BBA, Healthcare Services Administration

Entergy Powers Diversity Scholarships Olivia Fleck BS, Interactive Digital Media and Marketing

Zyh'Ana Moody

Doris Metzger Miller Datakey Scholarship

Kerian Adams

AAS, Health Information Management Honors Program Scholarship Nicholas Mullings

AAS, Medical Assistant Management

Vishal Paryag

BS, Information Technology

BBA, Accounting

Radford Quesada Scholarship Kevin Santiago BS, Interactive Digital Media and Marketing

William R. Papallo Scholarship Erika LaBanda

2020 COMMENCEMENT AWARDS GENERAL EXCELLENCE AWARD The Dr. Milton E. Cagan Memorial Award Dominique Edwards, AAS – Day College Claude Laviscount, AAS – Adult College Joseph Gonzalez, BBA – Day College Ardita Lufaj, BBA – Adult College Matthew Stephens, BBA – Online College DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS The Marc Polcek Memorial Accounting Award Yohanna Baez, AAS – Adult College Nicole Kotash, BBA – Day College Danielle Dealoe, BBA – Adult College The Health Professions Award Nicholas Mullings, AAS – Day College Tariana Torres, AOS – Adult College Marlene Vazquez, AOS -- Online College Yanilda Ceballos Recio, BBA – Day College Carlos A. Marte Torres, BBA – Adult College Amit LeFler, BBA -- Online College The John F. Sterling Business Administration Award Jade Daniels, AAS – Day College Angelica Clerkin, AAS – Adult College Daybelis Lantiqua, BBA – Day College Desiree Acey, BBA – Adult College Andrea C. Ariza Santiago, BBA –Online College The Information Technology Award Vishal Paryag, BS – Day College Aisha LeBlanc, BS – Adult College The Excellence in Digital Media Award Chaz Marshall, BS – Day College The CWCF Scholar's Award Kevin C. Santiago, BS - Day College

Thank You! To our CW Graduates out there on the front lines

While We Were Out: Helping Open Door Medical Center We all know how much medical facilities are in need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and when we read an article in The White Plains Patch of one in dire need, we knew we had to help. Especially one who sees their primary mission as keeping the people of Westchester and Putnam Counties healthy and strong, regardless of their ability to pay. Supplies including exam gloves, face shields, goggles, alcohol and antiseptic wipes, disposable digital thermometers and sleeves and antibacterial soap were gathered and sent to Open Arms Family Medical Center in Ossining. Open Door Medical Center Director of Purchasing, Glenn Delau, accepted the supplies from Charles Boklan, Director of Security at CW who dropped them off. A message from Jane Levy, Manager of Volunteer Programs & Open Door Foundation:

“We are overwhelmed by the generous donation. Open Door was one of the original COVID-19 testing sites in Westchester and Putnam Counties. We have just passed a milestone for our organization and have now tested over 1,600 people. In a country that is heavily criticized for not being able to administer tests, no one can say that about us. Open Door is punching well above our size. Charlie did an amazing job of selecting every item and had a real sense of the items we needed. AND, we appreciate that he took the time to deliver to us. He is great! Thank you for helping to keep our Clinical Care Team and community healthy. I look forward to continuing this partnership after this crisis.�

To help Open Door, call 914-502-1391 or visit the website. About Open Door Family Medical Center: The Westchester County-based federally qualified medical center offers medical, dental, pediatric, women's, podiatry and behavioral health care in Ossining, Port Chester, Sleepy Hollow, Mount Kisco, Brewster, and Mamaroneck, runs a dental practice in Saugerties, and runs eight school-based health services.

We are warrior strong

Editor in

Quarantine What a winter semester this has been. Going into my last semester here at The College of Westchester, I had the pleasure of landing an internship with the Marketing and Media Resources department of the school. Welcomed with very open arms, prilimary paper work and introductions, I was off to work right away. Starting out doing basketball flyers for our school’s Warriors basketball team (which you may have seen via our school’s social media handles), then shifting to the bread and butter of the internship, this newsletter. I never considered myself much of a graphic designer, so my skills were definitely put to the test. Luckily my two bosses, Mary Bennett and Kevin Zuniga were confident enough in me to get the job done. As all of you know, the COVID-19 situation forced our semester in class to come to an abrupt end, then continue remotely. Being the art person that I am, I had access to the Adobe suite at home, which gave me the opportunity to continue this project at home. Challenging to say the least, as I have two kids (one of whom had school work to do as well) while also maintaining my own school work plus the internship. But I along with my fellow students prevailed. Let me just say I absolutely enjoyed this internship in every aspect. From the anxieties to getting designs approved, to being worried I wouldn’t finish on time. This internship showed me, or at least gave me a glimpse as to what it’s like to work in the professional design world where you’re meeting deadlines, submitting work for approval, to reworking designs sometimes two, three even four more times. But it showed me to be confident in myself, my skills and to keep pushing forward, even when it was so easy to give up once we all went remote. Thank you to Mary Bennett for your kindness and giving me a chance and trusting me with work the entire school was going to see. And thank you to Kevin Zuniga my office mate/Jedi design master to my padawon self for taking the time to answer a plethora of questions, giving me feedback,staying positive even though we were both new to this and for helping me get through this. You guys are the best. Good luck to whomever takes the internship next! You have.......Medium sized shoes to fill. -Kevin Santiago/ Day Student/ BBS Digital Media and Marketing

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