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The College of Westchester

104th Commencement Ceremony

Saturday, August 22, 2020 #CWGRAD20

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Dear Graduates: Congratulations! You did not put your education on hold and here you are! You are a graduate participating in CW’s 104th Commencement Ceremony, and CW’s first virtual ceremony! We all celebrate with you! Thank you for choosing The College of Westchester. Through focus and persistence, you have acquired valuable skills and knowledge to advance or obtain a rewarding career. You will always be a part of our CW family. We all know that this has been a particularly unusual and trying year, where we all had to rethink how we learn, how we teach, how we interact with each other, and new ways to reach out and make connections with loved ones, friends, colleagues, and even when interviewing and working. Let’s take a moment while reading this to reflect on the loved ones we have lost during this time. Meanwhile, the future is still upon us. You persevered and have graduated, an amazing accomplishment! You can still envision and create the future you want for yourself. Be deliberate in creating your future. Even though the world has changed so much since you first started classes at the college, there are many options. Think about what you want and create it; what type of career, how you might want to be there for your family, for friends and how to pay it forward with others. Whether you will be entering the workforce for the first time or have attended The College of Westchester to improve your skills for career advancement and promotion, CW’s Career Services Team is available to assist, and can help you navigate virtual and face-to-face interviews and connect with employers who are hiring now. Graduates continue to grow in their careers and gain further success in the workforce, and we continue to be available to you to assist in those negotiations and searches. We are proud that our college has been able to continually change lives and impact students and grads in meaningful ways for more than 100 years. It is our pleasure to be associated with you and this most special 2020 graduating class. Please consider sharing your experience with a family member or friend who could benefit from a CW education. You know firsthand of CW’s “students come first” philosophy which extends beyond the classroom into every facet of our institution; this is truly what makes CW unique. We will miss you and hope you will stay in touch with us! Best wishes for abundant continued health, success and joy in your personal and professional life. Sincerely,

Mary Beth Del Balzo, LCSW President & CEO

Keynote Speaker Mike Spano Mayor of Yonkers A lifelong Yonkers resident, husband, father of three, and former State Assembly Member, Mayor Mike Spano has dedicated his life to standing up for Yonkers families. Elected in 1992 as the youngest member of the State Assembly, Spano proudly represented Yonkers for two decades, fighting for students, protecting taxpayers and supporting economic growth. He led the Task Force on Sex Crimes Against Children and Women (SAVE New York), fought for the passage of Megan’s Law, and secured legislation to protect children across the state. He also wrote the language enabling Yonkers to receive a direct portion of revenue from video lottery terminals at Empire City Casino. It was an enormous victory for Yonkers and its public schools, providing $20 million in direct aid annually for education in the city. Spano helped create the New York State School Tax Relief (STAR) program and Enhanced STAR, and worked with Governor Cuomo to pass New York’s property tax cap, bringing government in line with what taxpayers can afford. He also fought to pass some of the toughest state laws in the nation to protect children against dangerous sex offenders and violent criminals. Since taking office as Yonkers’ chief executive in 2012, Mayor Mike Spano has led the passage of balanced, bi-partisan budgets, without cuts to services, while leading the charge in rebuilding Yonkers Public Schools. Mayor Spano also launched one of the most ambitious and comprehensive energy plans of any city in the state – Yonkers Green City – saving taxpayers millions of dollars in energy costs, while protecting the environment. With a strong focus on job creation and economic development, Mayor Spano is leading Yonkers’ $3.8 billion revitalization efforts with innovative new projects that are transforming Yonkers’ growing waterfront, attracting new businesses, tech companies and the arts, and creating hundreds of new jobs across the city. Today, Yonkers is the fastest growing city in the state outside New York City, sales revenues are up, home sales are up and property values are on the rise. Yonkers has recently been ranked the safest city of its size in America and in the Top 100 Best Cities in which to live. Mayor Mike Spano is committed to securing a strong financial future for Yonkers and building upon its greatest strengths – its location, its history, its pride and its people.

Order of Exercises WELCOME Dr. Warren Rosenberg Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs OPENING REMARKS Mary Beth Del Balzo, LCSW President and Chief Executive Officer INTRODUCTION OF KEYNOTE SPEAKER Mary Beth Del Balzo, LCSW President and Chief Executive Officer COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS Mike Spano Mayor of Yonkers INTRODUCTION OF STUDENT SPEAKERS Maria Gangi Vice President of Student Services and Retention STUDENT SPEAKERS Tania Londono-Rivera BBA Degree Online Graduate Representative

Neserine Rose-Pitters BBA Degree Adult Graduate Representative

PRESENTATION OF AWARDS Dr. Erica Schacht Dean of First Year Experience and Senior Chairperson Noel D’Allacco Chairperson and Professor of The School of Business Dr. Shamva Wright Chairperson and Professor of The School of Health Professions Dr. Grace Bonanno Chairperson and Professor of The School of Information Technology Maria Gangi Vice President of Student Services and Retention


The John F. Sterling Award in Business Administration Jade Daniels, AAS – Day College Angelica Clerkin, AAS – Adult College Daybelis Lantiqua, BBA – Day College Desiree Acey, BBA – Adult College Andrea C. Ariza Santiago, BBA –Online College The John F. Sterling Award was established in 1986. This award recognizes outstanding Business Administration-Management/Marketing graduates in honor of Mr. Sterling. John F. Sterling is the former regional Vice President of South-Western Publishing Company and a long time friend of The College of Westchester. Throughout the years, Mr. Sterling made valuable contributions to the college. The College respects him as an individual with qualities that set him apart from the crowd. The student selected for this award must have the characteristics exemplified by Mr. Sterling: academic excellence in marketing, effective communication skills and an orientation toward sales.

The Marc Polcek Memorial Accounting Award Yohanna Baez, AAS – Adult College Nicole Kotash, BBA – Day College Danielle Dealoe, BBA – Adult College The Marc Polcek Memorial Accounting Award was established in 1999. This award recognizes outstanding Accounting graduates. The award is named in honor of Mr. Marc Polcek, a respected Accounting instructor and Chairperson who taught at The College of Westchester from 1976 to 1999. The student selected for this award must have the characteristics exemplified by Mr. Polcek: academic excellence in accounting, overall commitment to the college and to other students, and student leadership and/or community service.

The Excellence in Digital Media Award Chaz Marshall, BS – Day College The Excellence in Digital Media Award was established in 2004. This award recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding creativity, initiative, and commitment, while excelling beyond course and curriculum requirements. The recipients of this award also exhibit a genuine commitment to the College, as well as to other students and the community.

The Health Professions Award Nicholas Mullings, AAS – Day College Tariana Torres, AOS – Adult College Marlene Vazquez, AOS – Online College Yanilda Ceballos Recio, BBA – Day College Carlos A. Marte Torres, BBA – Adult College Amit LeFler, BBA – Online College This award recognizes outstanding graduates in the associate or bachelor’s degree in the Health Professions. The students selected for this award, in addition to demonstrating academic excellence, must also demonstrate that they have positively impacted the lives of other students on campus and people they have interacted with in their community.

The Information Technology Award Vishal Paryag, BS – Day College Aisha Tyese LeBlanc, BS – Adult College This award recognizes outstanding Computer Network Administration Associate degree and Information Technology Bachelor degree graduates. The recipients are selected according to the following criteria: academic achievement and exceptional work ethic, overall service to the college, accomplishment of information technology certifications, attainment of relevant information about current industry issues, learning opportunities, best practices and standards, and insight that focuses on staying engaged and ahead in the IT industry.


The Dr. Milton E. Cagan Memorial Awards Dominique Edwards, AAS – Day College Claude Laviscount, AAS – Adult College Joseph Gonzalez, BBA – Day College Ardita Lufaj, BBA – Adult College Matthew Stephens, BBA – Online College Every academic year selected graduates receive the Dr. Milton E. Cagan Award in memory of the former President of The College of Westchester. The recipients are selected according to the following criteria: academic achievement, overall service to the college, its student body and society in general, and attitudes and characteristics exemplifying the desire to succeed in college, at work and in social life.

PRESENTATION OF THE CW CHARITABLE FOUNDATION SCHOLAR’S AWARD Mary Beth Del Balzo, LCSW President and Chief Executive Officer Trustee of The College of Westchester Charitable Foundation Kevin C. Santiago Day College – BS Degree This award recognizes an outstanding graduate who is an acknowledged CWCF Scholar. The CW Charitable Foundation bestows scholarships to deserving students based on need and talent. The student selected for this award, in addition to being a scholarship recipient, will have demonstrated academic excellence, student leadership and a commitment to the college and to other students. SPECIAL AWARDS EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR Katie Dorelian Career Services and Employer Relations Coordinator FACULTY OF THE YEAR Maximino Torres Associate Chairperson and Professor of The School of Business ALUMNI ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Damara Wright Class of 2016 AWARDING OF CERTIFICATES AND DEGREES Warren Rosenberg, Ph.D. Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs CONFERRAL OF DEGREES MOVING OF THE TASSEL Mary Beth Del Balzo, LCSW President and Chief Executive Officer

Candidates For Certificates DIGITAL MEDIA SPECIALIST Karel Ullner** MEDICAL OFFICE SPECIALIST Kay Powell-Philp*

Candidates For Associate Degrees ACCOUNTING (AAS) Yohanna Baez ** Φ

Melany E. Jon Medina * Φ

Susana Rivera *

Jesse Bermejo Romero

Claude Laviscount *** Φ

Shane Young

Amal Hassanen **

Christopher Menjivar


Awa Diop

Safiya Nangle ** Φ

Gustavo Almeida * Φ

Imani Elting

Koranjaly Ramirez

Lucreshiachari M. Amory

Caitlyn Felder

Venise Ray

Ellen P. Brooks

Rusheene Folkes

Naesha Rodriguez

Reina Cartagena

Natalie Galasso

Melissa Darlene Rojas * Φ

Angelica Clerkin ** Φ

Kelly Genao B

Dorlisa St. Jean *

Howard A. Coke

Sasha Javier

Nasir Thomas

Lori Beth Cruz

Ashley La Vine

Jacqueline Toribio

Jade Daniels *** Φ

Dwight Lamptey

July Candy Torres Φ

Diamond Davis Φ

Natalie Luciano

LiRonda Williams

Cesar Diaz Vasquez

Bersania Moore

Angelo Zagreda

– Online Studies Φ – Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Σ – Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society H – Honors Program h – Baccalaureate Honors *** 3.90 – 4.00 Summa Cum Laude ** 3.70 – 3.89 Magna Cum Laude * 3.50 – 3.69 Cum Laude

B – Veteran


Domingo Fernandez

Dannie Lennard

Emerson Barrios Reyes

Karla Maria Herrera

Roberto Martinez *

Marcus Billups

Kawsu M. Jabbi

Akeilah T. Sturkey Φ

Kiara Fabian


Michael Agyepong

Georgina Joanne Luongo

Giovanni Ricley

Jennifer Asare

Evelyn Martinez ** Φ

Miriam Rivas

Jenifer Aucatoma *

Dondre Mclean

Jessica Ryan ***

Halei Aviles

Seedner Michaud

Rebecca Saberon

Eileen Barajas

Olga Molina

Trinity Sanchez * Φ

Alexie Bryan *** Φ

Caridad Morales **

Omairy Santana Φ

Ivana Cabada *

Shimona Morgan

Melesha Tavares * Φ

Amanda Camacho *

Nicholas Mullings ** Φ

Darleny Taveras Santana

Lesley Coyt

Danasia Needam *

Nayadey Michelle Vargas

Dominique Edwards *** Φ

Mary S. Okeyo * Φ

Noely Vargas *

Shyier Foster

Ashley Oquendo

Sasha Varon

Elloris Francis ** Φ

Manuel Patrocinio **

Jenna Wangenstein ** Φ

Veronika Frohlich *

Rolando Ariel Perez

Jamila White

Moises Garcia Vargas

Brus Ponce Φ

Addie Witt* Φ

Saray Gonzalez

Carmen Quinde

Dezrine Jackson Smith Φ

Yexsi Ramos Alonzo ** Φ


Patricia Griffin

Trishaun Segree

Ebony Blount

Simone Harrison

Raquel Serrano B

Michelle Breese *

Laquetta Jackson

Bridgette Steadman

Francesca Camacho *

Shakira Lemonius ** Φ

Natalee Stewart ** Φ

Dayana Ceja Bautista

Faith McManus *** Φ

Tariana Torres ** Φ

Crystal Cordova

Marcia Minott-Morris

Dominique Van Norden

Lineda Dufresne-Paul

Latoya Morton

Marlene Vazquez ** Φ

Heather Fairweather *

Hajira Naveed

Lizzette Wright* Φ

Tanya Freckleton Φ

Remaine Ralls *

Sasha Wright* Φ

Shelly-Ann Goulbourne

Alodia Ruiz * Φ

– Online Studies Φ – Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Σ – Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society H – Honors Program h – Baccalaureate Honors *** 3.90 – 4.00 Summa Cum Laude ** 3.70 – 3.89 Magna Cum Laude * 3.50 – 3.69 Cum Laude

B – Veteran

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees ACCOUNTING (BBA) Carlos Barrezueta Φ

Julia Hudson *** Σ

Kimberly Marie Riccio Φ

Danielle Dealoe** Σ

Nicole Kotash *** Σ

Alex Nathaniel Rodriguez **

Matthew William Flamio *** Σ

Erika Labanda

Amit Shamid **

Ledina Gjeta Φ

Gricelda Licea h

Stacia Smith ** Σ

Joseph Gonzalez *** Σ h

Wilmer S. Linares Noguera*** Tracy Villanueva

Marcello Greenidge

Kimberly Persaud Φ


LaKeisha Elliott Σ

Jean Carlos Minier *

Deberal Allison * Φ

Dawn Monique Felder ** Σ

Uriel Pablo Φ

Maria Arcos * Σ

Elida Garcia *** Φ Σ

Kevin Perez

Andrea C. Ariza Santiago ** Σ

Alyssa Garon *

Clara Polanco

Pierre Stephane Banga *

Deja Grant **

Rodolfo Polanco

Jacqueline Ann Bowser

Hassan Sharif Heard

Jorge Reyes

Juliesa Brown

Elisbet Herrera

Fabio Rodriguez

Nick Cafagna

Nicole Hutchinson ** Σ

Mia Scott-Brown Σ

Gorgeous Clarke ** Σ

Daybelis Lantigua * Σ

Matthew Stephens ***

Christopher Cole ** Σ

Patricia Lee

Luxury Stevens

Jocelyn Diaz

Marie Leshaj

Steven Vargas

Michael Dibuono

Karen Mateo

Jaime Velez-Arpi

– Online Studies Φ – Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Σ – Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society H – Honors Program h – Baccalaureate Honors *** 3.90 – 4.00 Summa Cum Laude ** 3.70 – 3.89 Magna Cum Laude * 3.50 – 3.69 Cum Laude

B – Veteran


Dayhana Guzman Moscoso*** Yvemene Pierrette ** Σ

Marjorie Bonny * Σ

April Hunter

Angel Reji ** Σ

Beverly Bonsu

Tameka Lee Σ

Lisa Nicole Robinson *

Franklin Caracundo

Amit Lefler **

Ana Rodriguez *

Anna Catanzariti

Lataisha N. LeNoir

Neserine Rose-Pitters **

Yanilda Ceballos Recio ** Σ

Tania Londono-Rivera **

Danay Ross ** Σ

Debbie A.Freeman *** Σ B

Ardita Lufaj *** Σ

Delphine Semenyo

Lisaura Garcia

Carlos A. Marte Torres *** Σ

Tracy Smith

Karla M.Gilling Σ

Jennifer Morocho

Kimberly Thompson * Φ

Marvalie Gordon **

Dieynaba Ndiaye

Rebecca Washington ** Σ

Natalie Gordon ** Σ

Jazmin Padilla


Elisha Hernaiz

Kevin C. Santiago ** Σ

James Agyeman * Φ

Carlos Huanca *

Robert Storer

Janet Cordova

Chaz Marshall *** Σ

Ozzie Velez

Fernando Godoy

Damian Otero

Anthony Whitaker


Matthew Godelsky ** Σ

Jonathan Romano ** Σ

Cameron Battiste ** Σ

Aisha Tyese LeBlanc ** Σ

Stephen Tady *

Ryan Bierman *

Benjamin Merino

Luke Warmbrand

Dylan Brown

Vishal Paryag *** Σ

Chaune Weekes

Jorry Dorelian

Elanny Rodriguez

John Zelaya O’Brien

– Online Studies Φ – Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Σ – Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society H – Honors Program h – Baccalaureate Honors *** 3.90 – 4.00 Summa Cum Laude ** 3.70 – 3.89 Magna Cum Laude * 3.50 – 3.69 Cum Laude

B – Veteran

Board of Trustees

President’s Cabinet

Ann Conetta Umstead, MBA

Mary Beth Del Balzo, LCSW


President and Chief Executive Officer

Karen J. Smith, MBA

Louis Commisso, D.M.

Vice Chair

Barbara Boyington, MBA Trustee

Salvatore Corda, Ph.D. Trustee

Director of Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Matt Curtis, MBA Vice President, Enrollment Management

Maria Gangi, MS

John D’Agostino

Vice President of Student Services and Retention

Trustee Emeritus

Carol Ann DeGrella, RN

Warren Rosenberg, Ph.D.


Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Br. Richard DeMaria

Michael Sandick, MS

Trustee Emeritus

Mary Beth Del Balzo, LCSW

Vice President, Institutional Research and Data Analysis

Ex-Officio Member of the Board

Dale T. Smith, BS

Suzanne Nappi, BS

Vice President, Special Projects

Secretary/Treasurer of the Board, Trustee

Nancy Trim

Susan Pusz Trustee

Vincent Siegfried Trustee

2020 Commencement Committee Mary Bennett Co-Chair Esperanza Cruz Co-Chair Alyssa McDermott, Co-Chair Maria Gangi Terence Keyes Dr. Warren Rosenberg Julie Schuler A special thank you to all those who made this virtual commencement possible.

Vice President of Marketing and Media Resources

Kelly Walsh, MBA Chief Information Officer Chief Information Security Officer

Nancy Trim Trustee

THE ACADEMIC PROCESSION The centuries-old pageantry procession comes from ancient tradition, rooted in the early universities. The solemn procession before you this evening is the College’s way of giving depth and distinction to the commencement of these men and women.   Academic caps, gowns and hoods date back to the twelfth century, developing gradually from the long flowing robes that the teachers wore to protect themselves from the cold of the medieval buildings. Since the scholars of the time were usually clerics, their robes differed little from those used by the church orders. Slowly, certain styles were designated for the universities and these, with minor modifications, are the costumes worn today. Hoods were originally fashioned after the monk’s cowl; the mortarboard cap, with its tassels, evolved from the skull caps of the scholar-monks.   In France, where the degree program probably began, wearing the cap and gown marked the formal admission of the “licentiate” to the body of masters. In our country, caps and gowns have been used since colonial times. Columbia University, or Kings College, as it was then called, began this custom at an early date. New York University, the University of Pennsylvania and others followed, and in 1984 a commission representing the leading American colleges met to discuss academic ceremonies. A year later, the intercollegiate code was adopted. Today, more than 700 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Turkey and others follow this code. Standard styles in caps, gowns, and hoods for Doctors, Masters and Bachelors were established.   In recent years, distinctively colored gowns have been authorized for specific schools. For example, the Columbia gown is slate gray, the New York University gown is violet, the Yale gown is blue, the Harvard gown is crimson and The City University of New York gown is navy blue. The hoods, over the shoulders and down the backs of the members of the faculty and administration, reveal the degrees and institutions of the wearers. The velvet binding or edging is distinctive of the subject to which the degree pertains. The lining of the hood, in silk, gives the color or colors of the institution granting the degree. The shortest hood is the Bachelor’s; the longest and broadest is the Doctor’s; and the Master’s is midway between these in size. In the colors of the colleges, there is much duplication and it would be useless to identify them. However, there is a standard color for the subject and the degree, indicated by the velvet edging which shows in front and over the shoulders, and the most common of these are given below: COLOR CODE FOR HOODS Arts, Letters, Humanities.......White Commerce, Business...............Drab Economics...............................Copper Education.................................Light Blue Engineering..............................Orange Fine Arts...................................Brown Law...........................................Purple Library Science........................Lemon Medicine...................................Green

Music........................................Silver Gray Pharmacy..................................Olive Green Philosophy...............................Dark Blue Physical Education..................Sage Green Public Administration.............Peacock Blue Science.....................................Golden Yellow Social Work..............................Citron Theology...................................Scarlet

CW Honors Program CW Honors Program offers an enriched course of study for exceptional students. Eligibility is based upon performance in high school or college and a personal essay. A grade point average of 3.0 grants and maintains membership in the Honors Program. Students accepted into the Honors Program will complete three Honors Projects while pursuing their degree. A special project, paper, or other research beyond the regular coursework outlined in the course syllabus or participation in community service can be rewarding Honors Projects. Those students who complete the Honors Program will be recognized as Honors Scholars upon graduation. Scholars will earn and are awarded a special stole to wear at commencement and receive this fine distinction on their transcript. Having completed an Honors Program course of study is an excellent distinction on a resume as well. Being recognized as an Honors Scholar indicates intelligence, determination, and creativity, all of which are assets in achieving personal and professional goals.

Baccalaureate Honors (The Honors Research Seminar) This honors seminar is designed to introduce high-achieving bachelor-level students to research. This credit-bearing course provides select students with an opportunity to conduct original research under the supervision of a faculty researcher. Bachelor-level students will learn about the academic research process through presentations, guest lectures and research assignments. At the conclusion of the seminar, student researchers will showcase their research projects at college sponsored colloquia. Eligibility includes junior status, a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average, demonstrated research ability, and recommendations from bachelor-level faculty. Successful completion of this course will culminate in distinction at graduation.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society ΦΘΚ Phi Theta Kappa is not only recognized as the official honor society for two-year colleges by the American Association of Community Colleges but also is the largest honor society in American higher education. Beta Pi Gamma, The College of Westchester’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, inducts members semi-annually, and eligibility is based on outstanding academic achievement with a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is a valuable addition to the college experience.

Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society ΣΒΛ The intent of Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society is to encourage and recognize achievement among students of business, management and administration, and to encourage and promote personal and professional improvement. Membership in Sigma Beta Delta is the highest international recognition a business student can receive at a college or university with a Sigma Beta Delta chapter. To be eligible for membership, a business student must rank in the upper 20 percent of the junior or senior class and be invited to membership by the faculty officers. Members are eligible to compete for the Society’s various annual fellowship awards.

The College of Westchester Charitable Foundation The College of Westchester Charitable Foundation (CWCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to raise scholarships for students. If not for the CWCF, worthy students, who are in need of a way to supplement their tuition costs, might not realize their educational goals. The success of CWCF is the result of the commitment from our corporate community, local employers, CW employees, alumni, families, and friends. Thank you! The following list represents the 2020 CW Scholarship Recipients. Kerian Adams

Joseph Gonzalez

Nicholas Mullings

Doris Metzger Miller Datakey Scholarship Phi Theta Kappa AAS, Health Information Management Class of 2021

Sterling National Bank Scholarship Phi Theta Kappa Sigma Beta Delta i3 Scholar BBA, Accounting Class of 2020

Honors Program Scholarship Phi Theta Kappa AAS, Medical Assistant Management Class of 2020

Chantal Dawkins Jeanne Sutkowski Scholarship Sigma Beta Delta BBA, Healthcare Services Administration Class of 2021

Olivia Fleck Entergy Powers Diversity Scholarship Phi Theta Kappa Sigma Beta Delta BS, Interactive Digital Media and Marketing Class of 2021

Erika Labanda Dr. William R. Papallo Scholarship BBA, Accounting Class of 2020

Zyh’Ana Moody Mayor Joseph Delfino Scholarship BBA, Accounting Class of 2021

Vishal Paryag John Nunes Technology Scholarship Sigma Beta Delta BS, Information Technology Class of 2020

Kevin C. Santiago Radford Quesada Scholarship Phi Theta Kappa Sigma Beta Delta BS, Interactive Digital Media and Marketing Class of 2020

Giving back as alumni provides amazing benefits to current students, other graduates, The College community and you. Alumni find it enormously rewarding to give back and help others. Many are actively serving on the alumni steering committee, speaking to The College of Westchester classes, hiring CW interns and graduates, mentoring students and much more. To find out more about the College of Westchester Charitable Foundation, visit

Giving the gift of a college education will last a lifetime.

C W. E D U / C W C F - S C H O L A R S H I P FA C E B O O K . CO M / C W F O U N D AT I O N 325 Central Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606 (P) 914.831.0343 (F) 914.948.5441

STAY connected! Alumni Association As a graduate of The College of Westchester, you are automatically a part of the CW Alumni Association. You’ll have access to many valuable benefits and services. You'll also be given opportunities to give back to CW and current students.

Alumni Association Benefits & Services

• • • • • • • • •

Stay connected with former classmates, friends and the CW community FREE access to CW's Career Services Department FREE access to online career resource OPTIMAL RESUME – Network with employers through CW career fairs and events Enjoy many professional, social activities and events Discounted professional development and refresher classes Speaker Series Workshops and other campus events Access to hire CW interns or recent graduates for your employer Promote your business to current students, staff, faculty, and graduates

Alumni Ambassadors Program Sign up and become part of the Ambassadors program. Return to CW to share your experiences, expertise, and professional perspectives with current CW students.

Alumni Workplace Visitors Program Welcome a visit from current students in a major related to your business so you can provide them an authentic experience in your professional environment.



CW Receives Online Excellence Award CW was the 2015 recipient of the prestigious Quality Matters (QM) “Making a Difference for Students� Award for online excellence in teaching, training, online observation, and online pedagogy and andragogy.

CW Receives Recognition for Phi Theta Kappa Chapters REACH Program The College of Westchester received recognition in 2018 for the Phi Theta Kappa Chapters Worldwide REACH program (Recognizing Excellence in Acceptance and Completion with Honors). In 2016, CW Beta Pi Gamma was one of the top 25 chapters that received recognition as a member of the President’s List of Phi Theta Kappa.

CW Student, Receives Fellowship Award CW Student, Garwayne McGregor Receives the Dr. Quiester Craig Fellowship Award from Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society. Out of the 475 chapters worldwide, The Sigma Beta Delta (SBD) Fellowship Program awarded 30 fellowships to qualifying members in 2018.

CW Students Selected as Prestigious i3 Scholars Since 2012, CW has had 15 students accepted to participate in the i3 Scholar Undergraduate Research Program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences. Only 25 students from across the country are selected each year!

CW Students Participate in The Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism The Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism (CISC), has selected 11 CW students over the past five years to participate in its annual conference for undergraduate and graduate students at Clemson University. CISC is America’s first and only University-based teaching and research center dedicated to exploring the moral foundations of capitalism.

CW Accounting Students in Top 5% Available to only the top 5% of accounting students in the nation at their respective schools, 11 Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) scholarships have been awarded to CW accounting students over the past four years.

CW Enactus Team is Rookie of the Year Participating for the very first time in 2016, The CW Enactus team was awarded “Rookie of the Year� at the “United States National Exposition� regional competition in Washington, D.C.

CW Student Makes Cisco Dream Team David Ortiz, Computer Network Administration graduate, was selected as one of only 30 students in the country to join the 2015 NBA/Cisco Dream Team. The College of Westchester is an official Cisco Networking Academy site in partnership with the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Overall Mobility Index: CW Rankings The College of Westchester (CW) ranks in the top 15%; 10th out of 76 in four-year for-profit colleges in Overall Mobility Index*. Compared to New York Colleges, CW ranks in the top 20% at 27th and in the top 6% at 140th in total colleges. *This measure reflects both access and outcomes, representing the likelihood that a student at The College of Westchester moved up two or more income quintiles Source: January 2017,

CW in BCW Hall of Fame The College of Westchester was the 2016 recipient of the Family Owned Business Award and entered into the Hall of Fame of the Business Council of Westchester.

CW Awarded by Yonkers CTE Advisory Council CW received Business Partner of the Year Award in 2017 from the Yonkers Career and Technical Education Advisory Council for its work with Roosevelt High School and its Early College Studies. The dual enrollment program serves RHS-ECS students on CW’s campus in credit-bearing Jump Start courses, and works closely with RHS-ECS faculty and students in its Business and Media Communications Studies program on a marketing campaign.

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