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B.A. in Spanish B.A. in Spanish/Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12) B.A. in Spanish/Adolescence Education/M.S. in Special Education (Grades 7-12) M.S. in Adolescence Education/Spanish (Grades 7-12) M.S. in Adolescence Education/Special Education/Spanish (Grades 7-12) Minor in French Minor in Latino Studies Minor in Spanish Certificate for Heritage Speakers of Spanish International Spanish Certificate Certificate of Advanced Study in Adolescence Education/Spanish




Undergraduate Programs: Spanish The focus of language study at Saint Rose is on outcomes: ensuring that students develop proficiency in Spanish as quickly as possible. Courses are designed to promote fluidity of expression and prepare students for a professional career or graduate study. And because each language expresses a specific culture, students gain thorough knowledge of that culture — by practicing the tango, perhaps, or shopping at a bodega. Meanwhile, the Spanish/Adolescence Education program prepares future teachers according to the standards of ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), the standards used by language teachers in middle and high school classrooms. Certificate for Heritage Speakers of Spanish For students who grew up in a Spanish-speaking home, the Certificate for Heritage Speakers of Spanish enables them to capitalize on their knowledge and expand it beyond their culture of origin. In the process, they will bring their Spanish to a nationally recognized level of competence — and position themselves for even better career opportunities.

Undergraduate Programs: Other Languages If students know French, they can increase their proficiency by completing a minor, with courses from Intermediate French I to Advanced Conversation. Studies in Arabic, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian are also available.

Graduate Programs: Spanish The master’s program in Adolescence Education/Spanish enables students to earn their initial teaching certification to teach Spanish in grades 7 through 12. They may also earn their master’s in




Adolescence Education/Special Education/Spanish so they will be certified to teach in inclusive classroom settings.

Faculty Fully 100% of our World Languages and Cultures full-time faculty have their Ph.D.

Internships and Field Experiences Students majoring in Spanish spend time in an affiliated academic immersion setting in Spanish — either abroad or in the United States. Adolescence Education majors also take courses in teacher preparation, culminating in a semester of supervised student teaching at both the middle and high school levels. All of the College’s Adolescence Education programs are accredited by NCATE (the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education).

Remarkable Outcomes The world’s largest NGOs (non-governmental organizations) actively recruit language majors for a wide range of career opportunities. So does the U.S. government, which seeks language majors for positions

Study abroad in Spain, Argentina, or another country as part of your major.

in intelligence, language training, translation, and other fields. Moreover, with the rise in Spanish offerings in middle and high schools nationwide, qualified Spanish teachers are always in demand.

Study Abroad All Spanish and Spanish/Adolescence Education majors are required to complete an immersion experience in a Spanishspeaking culture. Saint Rose offers study-abroad opportunities in 26 countries, including Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, India, Morocco, Peru, South Africa, and others. Many options and scholarships are available to fit a student’s schedule and budget.

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WHY DOESN’T SPANISH HAVE A WORD FOR PRIVACY? At Saint Rose, you’ll learn the answer to this and many other questions about the culture behind the language.

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Living on Campus Saint Rose offers guaranteed housing for four years for all undergraduate students and limited College-owned apartments for graduate students.

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World Languages & Cultures at The College of Saint Rose  

The U.S. government, the world's largest NGOs, and schools across the nation actively recruit language majors. Saint Rose equips those major...

World Languages & Cultures at The College of Saint Rose  

The U.S. government, the world's largest NGOs, and schools across the nation actively recruit language majors. Saint Rose equips those major...