Saint Rose Commencement: Class of 2022

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Commencement Ceremony Saturday, May 14, 2022 MVP Arena, Albany, New York

Congratulations, Graduates! There is no place like Saint Rose.

WELCOME, CLASS OF 2022! The College of Saint Rose is proud of you. Today you become part of a vast international community of Saint Rose alumni more than 47,000 strong. You will transform lives by teaching, leading organizations, influencing public policy, writing novels, reporting the news, creating art or music, building IT systems, conducting groundbreaking scientific research, or running your own companies. Be fearless, trust your instincts, learn to laugh, and savor each moment as you did at Saint Rose. You are now all proud Saint Rose alumni.

History of the College

Mission Statement

The College of Saint Rose was founded in 1920 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet as a

The College of Saint Rose community engages highly motivated undergraduate and graduate

Roman Catholic college for women. Its founders selected the name of Saint Rose to honor the

students in rigorous educational experiences. In the progressive tradition of the founding

first canonized saint in the Americas. The primary academic purpose of the College was the

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, we welcome men and women from all religious and cultural

full development of the person through a strong liberal arts curriculum. Initially, emphasis was

backgrounds. In addition to developing their intellectual capacities, students have the opportunity

placed on the professional training of teachers, and this emphasis was later expanded to include

to cultivate their creative and spiritual gifts in a diverse learning community that fosters integrity,

preparation for business and other professions.

interdependence, and mutual respect. The College delivers distinctive and comprehensive liberal arts and professional programs that inspire our graduates to be productive adults, critical thinkers,

As needs in the Albany area increased, the College revised its programs to meet those needs.

and motivated, caring citizens. Our engagement with the urban environment expands the setting

An evening division was developed in 1946 to support World War II veterans and reinstituted

for educational opportunities and encourages the Saint Rose community’s energetic involvement

in 1974 to provide for continuing education. In 1949, a graduate school was added to provide

and effective leadership in society.

master’s degree programs. Men were admitted to both the original evening and the graduate division and, in 1969, the College became fully coeducational. In 1970, the Board of Trustees was expanded to include laypersons in addition to the Sisters of

Integrity Statement

St. Joseph. With the formal transfer of control to this Board, The College of Saint Rose became an

Honesty, trust, respect, fairness, responsibility, and the free exchange of ideas form the foundation

independent college sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Albany Province.

of integrity that supports the entire community at The College of Saint Rose. Faculty, staff, administrators, and students embrace these ideals in all their interactions and communications. Members of the Saint Rose community are committed to developing and implementing clear and fair institutional policies, standards, and practices, applied equitably and humanely. In keeping with its mission, The College of Saint Rose creates a culture that continually fosters the development of personal integrity and promotes ethical behavior throughout the larger society.

Statement of Values The College of Saint Rose values an environment which: Promotes academic excellence; Nurtures respect for, and commitment to, lifelong learning; Strives to achieve a caring, diverse community; Fosters the development of the whole person; Empowers individuals to improve themselves and the world around them; and Reveres its Catholic history, heritage and respect for other traditions.

In tuo lumine videbimus lumen

In thy light we shall see light

Commencement Ceremony WELCOME Marcia J. White ’00, President

INVOCATION Joan Horgan ’79, Director of Spiritual Life

GRAND MARSHALS Ahmed Lakrafli ’23, President, Student Association Mary Ann McLoughlin, Ph.D. ’63, Senior Faculty Member, Professor of Mathematics Angelina Maloney, Ed.D. ’96, President, Alumni Association National Board of Directors


MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Marcia J. White ’00, President

Doctor of Humane Letters Sanjay Shrestha ’97

Performed by: Rachael Devernoe ’22



Star Spangled Banner, F. Scott Key, arr. by Jack Stamp

Sanjay Shrestha ’97

Performed by: Tyjohnna Snow-Brown ’22, voice Harsh Pingle ’22, guitar Maria Carvajal ’22, voice Olivia Montagno ’22, trumpet Penelope Sierra ’24, voice Andrew McKenna Lee, Ph.D., guitar Sean McClowry, Ph.D., double bass

MUSICAL INTERLUDE Fight Song, Rachel Platten

Presenter: Daniel P. Nolan H’14, Trustee Reader: Yu-Jung Avis, Ph.D., Professor of Finance

Lift Every Voice and Sing, J. Rosamond Johnson and James Weldon Johnson

Marcia J. White ’00, President Margaret T. McLane, Ph.D. G’78, G’93, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Michelle Borisenok ’80, First Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees Yolanda Caldwell, Chief Diversity Officer Rajarshi Aroskar, Ph.D., Dean, Huether School of Business Gerald Lorentz, Ph.D., Dean, School of Arts and Humanities Ian MacDonald, Ph.D., Dean, School of Mathematics and Sciences Theresa Ward, Ed.D., Interim Dean, Thelma P. Lally School of Education


Pomp and Circumstance Op. 39, No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, arr. by Clare Grundman

Performed by: Penelope Sierra ’24


PRESENTATION OF CANDIDATES FOR THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATES Marcia J. White ’00, President Margaret T. McLane, Ph.D. G’78, G’93, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Amazing Grace, hymn by E. O. Excell and John Newton

PRESENTATION OF CANDIDATES AND CONFERRING OF DUAL AND GRADUATE DEGREES Marcia J. White ’00, President Margaret T. McLane, Ph.D. G’78, G’93, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Michelle Borisenok ’80, First Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees Yolanda Caldwell, Chief Diversity Officer Rajarshi Aroskar, Ph.D., Dean, Huether School of Business Gerald Lorentz, Ph.D., Dean, School of Arts and Humanities Ian MacDonald, Ph.D., Dean, School of Mathematics and Sciences Theresa Ward, Ed.D., Interim Dean, Thelma P. Lally School of Education

THE TURNING OF THE TASSELS Margaret T. McLane and the graduates

Michelle Borisenok ’80, First Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees Theresa Ward, Ed.D., Interim Dean, Thelma P. Lally School of Education

The audience is requested to remain in place until all the participants in the Academic Recession have left the MVP Arena. Download a free copy of the 2022 Commencement Video Video will be available at

Board of Trustees CHAIR

Jeffrey D. Stone


Sr. Miriam Ukeritis, CSJ, Ph.D. ’69 Sr. J. Elizabeth Van Deusen, CSJ ’84

Michelle Borisenok ’80

Marcia J. White* ’00


Harold L. Williams



Sharon M. Duker G’15

Sr. Diane Zigo, CSJ, Ph.D. ’80

Paul Cavanugh  James J. Barba

Rhea P. Clark

Sr. Danielle Bonetti, CSJ

John Dunne 

Rita B. Crotty ’70

Joanne Esposito ’69, G’82

Denise DiNoto ’95, G’96

Sr. Mary Kevin Ford, CSJ ‘41, H’79 

Sr. Margaret M. Edic, CSJ ’72

Richard J. Huether 

Ryan P. Halliday ’99

Sr. Margaret M. Keeshan, CSJ H’83 

Sr. Katherine Hanley, CSJ, Ph.D. ’61, H’16

Kenneth T. Lally 

George R. Hearst III

Kevin G. Langan H’89 

Sr. Joan Lescinski, CSJ, Ph.D. ’70, G’74

Thomas A. Manion H’98 

Hai Ling ’93

Donald A. McKay 

I. Norman Massry

Kathleen M. Picotte ’34 

Julie Massry Knox G’04

Victor J. Riley H’83 

Matthew H. Mataraso H’99

Margaret D. Sandman ’40 

Lee A. McElroy Jr., Ed.D.

Robert H. Sloan H’90 

Daniel P. Nolan H’14

Hon. Ronald B. Stafford H’89 

Kevin O’Connor

Carl E. Touhey H’01 

Michael O’Hanlon ’77

Hon. Leonard B. Weiss H’92

Kathleen S. Ricker, Ph.D. ’70 James J. Sandman H’13 Sr. Patricia A. St. John, CSJ, Ph.D. ’79


 Deceased


Carl Enox McDonald

Yana Luckine Phanord

Nathaniel David Swiecicki*

Miranda Lea McGrath

Justin T. Runge*

Julia M. McLaughlin,** magna cum laude

Gavriella Vittoria Rutigliano

Kylie M. Thalheimer, magna cum laude

Dareena Corine Bernina Saint Amand**

Nicholas K. Thomas

Tyreiq Mohamed Ben Ahmad Morton

Alexia Noelle Savignano

Duvon Rhakim Turmon

Donna Emily Mousouroulis**

Victoria Autumn Scaringe, cum laude

Bobbi Le’ Rae Valentin, magna cum laude

Zachary Shane Shaw*

Cheyenne Marie Wallace, magna cum laude

Jordann Bastiani

Megan Justiniano

Andrew John Reisigl

Abigail Joy Censabella

Jaron Kooy

Alix Ross

Alexandra Faith Mulligan, magna cum laude

Catherine Chinery

Zachary Lerman

Kendall Fay Saelens

Brendan Patrick O’Dwyer

Ivy Clark

Jacob Lesch

Anna R. Santiago

Naishly Marie Ortiz,* magna cum laude

Christopher Curren

Caesaré Lewis-Harris

Cameron Santos

Robert Shawn Czubay

Anthony Loughlin

Michael Anthony Servino

Sonia Elisabeth DeByle

Kaylee Mackey

Luke Miller Stevens

Robert E. Feeney

Bridget Catherine Mulligan

Malasha Denise Thomas-Desmond

Molly Fortin

Jack Timothy O’Shea

Tiffany Weiler

Anthony Thomas Goetke

Harry Perlman

Dylan Wilk


Rachel Elizabeth Sickler

Meggie Marie Parascandola,* magna cum laude

Alexis Eileen Gardner Stephenson*

John David Pemrick*

Liliana Rose Surgent,* magna cum laude

Marcos Xavier Perez

Shamim Nasimyu Wambere** Emma Ruth Woods

BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Maggie Kathryn Burak, magna cum laude

Jordan Maurice Jenkins

Meghan Reilly O’Brien

Victoria A. Johnston

Abigayle Margaret Garrand

Nicholas Anthony Lepore

Emily Elisabeth Roztocil, magna cum laude

Stephanie Nicole Glidden

Isabella M. Lotano, cum laude

Sofia Shaul, magna cum laude

Timothy Hussner*

Brian Patrick Maiello, magna cum laude

Brooke Ashley Tuttle

Henry A. Jamin

Gerald Lorentz, Ph.D, Dean

Christian Antonio Shear, magna cum laude

Rebecca Elizabeth Townes

Hannah Kathleen Willging, cum laude



Rachael Marie Devernoe,* summa cum laude

Thomas Andrew Odell, summa cum laude

Kati Marie Abel,* cum laude

Alexis Fernandez Estevez

Sanghai Kamara**

Alexandria Katherine August*

Mariana Fedchyshyn,* cum laude

Brian R. Karsberg

Andrew Stephen Beditz

Lydia G. Flynn,* magna cum laude

Payton Michael Brophy

Emma Grace Foley

Brianna C. Kelly, summa cum laude

Matthew Thomas Casey

Kyra Lynn Fragale*

Kameron Vincent Kelly*

Brianna Casserly*

Megan Catherine Frederick, magna cum laude

Maida Marina Khan*

Zehra Aktas, magna cum laude

Andy Coyotl*

Maia Denise Kirk

Elizabeth Cheyenne French,* magna cum laude

Demetrious Donald Knox

Lauren Kate Anasky,* summa cum laude

Elizabeth Diaz Sartillo, summa cum laude

Peter W. Galica

Madylaine Lysandra Barona, summa cum laude

Megan Elizabeth Gallucci,* magna cum laude

Rachel Ciara Lambert*

Kaseem Shallah Gomez

Courtland G. Daverne

Cheyenne Haemmerle, magna cum laude

Ethan John Lawrence, magna cum laude

Mackenzie M. Gehrke,* magna cum laude

Olivia Rose Montagno, cum laude

James Michael Coover

Ryan Joseph Baxter, magna cum laude

Patrick R. Hughes

Stephanie Catherine Lawrence

Samantha Elaine Bream, magna cum laude

Maxwell Steven Harris*

Christina Jean Kelly, cum laude

Breanne Oline Morrissey, magna cum laude

Burke Layden

Henry Seamus Burke

Jada Anique Hart

John Wallace Loughlin

Maria Jose Carvajal, cum laude

Mikenzie Rae Matheson, magna cum laude

Brianna Marie Moss, magna cum laude

Aiesha M. Hemeda*

Camden Reed Malone,* summa cum laude

Kayla Cedeno

Justin Matthews, cum laude

Mario A. Corradi III

Stephen Hunter McClain

Laura Anne Nickel, magna cum laude

Gabriela Emmanuel Clarke Tyler Michele Cody Jehlani Nasira Commander, cum laude

Felix A. Day,* cum laude Tyana Marie Diaz* Jesse M. Doan, magna cum laude Gama Droiville Mark Edidiong Edem, summa cum laude

Rayven Kahlil Holmes* Scott Anthony Jones, magna cum laude

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022

Destiney Alexsis Knuckles**

Paroma Jaya Lahiri,* summa cum laude


Alicia Yolanda Mason*

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022

Paige Erin Menneci, summa cum laude Rosemary Elizabeth Kee Ja Michaud, magna cum laude Gianna Lynn Montagno Lillian Madison Morgan*

Molly Elizabeth O’Hara,* summa cum laude

Madeline P. Sharkey, magna cum laude

Sara Elizabeth Parisi, magna cum laude

Joshua Steven Shultz,* magna cum laude

Andrew Joseph Pelrine, cum laude

Edward M. Skawinski

Harsh Diwakar Pingle

Olivia Payge Straub

Michael Leon Sanchez,* cum laude

Eyobed Mengistu Tadesse**

Thelma P. Lally School of Education

Natalie Anne Wajda, magna cum laude


Jillian Marie Sedran

Tyjohnna Bri’Che Snow Brown

Tyler Lee Duane Weaver

Isaiah Jet Vallejos

Christian Edward Welch**

Wentao Xu

Amanda Patricia Wedel, magna cum laude

John Matthew Van der Veer

Ella Mackenzie Wolfe, summa cum laude

Abby R. Zarakovich, cum laude

Makayla Dominique Willocks, cum laude Gabrielle Jordan Wissman,* magna cum laude

AnnMarie Velaidam Miranda Vogel, cum laude

Theresa Ward, Ed.D., Interim Dean

Michael Anthony Abare, cum laude

Huether School of Business Rajarshi Aroskar, Ph.D., Dean

Maria DeNardo Andrew


Kelly Brianna Angell

Joelianice Marie Feliciano Rivera,** cum laude

Lisbeth Arias

Eric Romero Gomez, magna cum laude

Liliana Battibulli,* summa cum laude

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Zheina Alyssa Asencio*

Taylor Ann Kirk

Daniel Dominic Owen**

Justin Baisy,** summa cum laude

Rhianna Knight**

Derek James Baldwin

Grace E. LaFountain

Jacob Palladino, magna cum laude

Nicholas Francis Brown,* cum laude

Nadia L. Lau, cum laude

Ethan James Burgos** Joshua Dianjay Campbell Jordan Robert Cartwright Fernando Acevedo Carvalho Genesis Casildo** Sean Patrick Dadey, magna cum laude

Simran Maan-Arjune,* cum laude Jose Armando Maceda Leslie Ann Marcelino Torres Kevin Joctavio Martin,** cum laude Megan A. Mayer, summa cum laude

Ellis Pemrick Devon Kaien Truth Ponds* Jason Portes** Michael Peter Purvey Kenisha Ann Redmond-Wilson, cum laude

Trevor R. Goodemote, summa cum laude Lexi Mariah Green Karsen Nicole Hallas,* summa cum laude Jeffery T. Hayner Keyshawn Vernon Hill

Juvonte Errol McLean Kevin William Miller, magna cum laude Sean A. Moran, magna cum laude Riley J. Nagle Trang H. Nguyen,** cum laude Payton O’Hara, magna cum laude Tyler A. Osborne

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022

Celine Victoria Gustas, cum laude Kaylee Marie Hampton, summa cum laude Riley Tangerine Hansbury Katelyn Russelley Harrington,* summa cum laude Brooke Paige Haviland Nia Imani Hodnett** Emily A. Hogan, summa cum laude

Nickola Aslama Moody, cum laude Alejandra Victoria Morillo Allison Catherine Moser Maya Celine Nakkoul, cum laude Kateryna Louise Otruba,* magna cum laude Lauren Jane Owens, summa cum laude Jenna Marie Peragallo, magna cum laude Jenna Marie Piscitella, magna cum laude Frank Joseph Pizzo*

Erin Kathleen Burns, summa cum laude

Gwendolyn June Klein

Alyssa N. Rivera, cum laude

Jenna Marie Coutant-Walker, magna cum laude

Lindsay Marie Krause,* magna cum laude

Michaela Morgan Rust, magna cum laude

Kyla Nadine Javier De Castro, magna cum laude

Katelyn Rose Kwiatkowski

Christopher Robert Ryan, magna cum laude

Brianna Danielle Lee, cum laude

Carson Scott Stewart

Ashley H. De Kraai, summa cum laude

Carly Alexandra Schott,** magna cum laude

Briana A. Dean,* cum laude

Julia B. Lettrick, magna cum laude

Brian Thomas Stricos

Serafina Rose Shaner*

Daniel Suarez

Shelby E. Dopp,* magna cum laude

Bailey Morgan MacTavish

Veronica M. Sickler

Megan Elizabeth Maloney*

Cassidy L. Smith, summa cum laude

Jack Mitchell McDonald

Madelyn Pastora Garcia*

Kylee C. Brand, magna cum laude

Emily K. Goldup, summa cum laude

Samantha N. Rioux,* summa cum laude

Steve Stenio Descollines**

Patrick John O’Neill McHugh

Belle Ann Bourke,* magna cum laude

Carly R. Gill*

Camryn J. Meca, summa cum laude

Trevor J. Kitchen

Jevon Devon Schmitz, summa cum laude

Julia Nancy Esoldi,* magna cum laude

Ashanti’ H. Bishop, magna cum laude

Samantha Noel Giambrone

Khadija Khan, magna cum laude

Madelyn Michelle McCarthy

Marley Ann McGrellis*

Alyssa Nicole Bierwirth,* magna cum laude

Erin Mary McLoughlin, summa cum laude

Vanessa Fulmore, cum laude

Sophia Francesca Burger, cum laude

Sophia Isabel Rijo, cum laude

Alicia Danny

Cameron Edwards

Madeline R. Benevento,* cum laude

Jessica Marcus, magna cum laude

Alyssa Kay Enlow*

Laura Elizabeth Hogan**

Kailey Diane Root

Joshua Michael McGettigan

Cassidy Bender,* magna um laude

Set-Elbnat Dafalla Eltayeb*

Carolyn M. Brussel, summa cum laude

Jared James Restmeyer

Donovan Denzel Mayers*

Taylor James Dugan**

Jacqueline Marie Wright

Sarah M. Sharkey Mingma Sherpa, cum laude A’vian A’yanna Smiley** Harry Folke Walter Soederlind, summa cum laude

Kenneth Symeral Sumter Zachary Allen Swanger Grace Almanda Thomas

Ashley Ellen Eaves, summa cum laude

Myia Elizabeth Hulbert

Mackenzie Helene Labate**

Sarah E. Manfred,* magna cum laude

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022

Kayleigh Elizabeth Rhodes, cum laude

Bena Ann Solomon,* summa

cum laude Anthony Roy Terribile* Sophia Rose Testo,* magna cum laude Mackenzie Mae Tompkins,* magna cum laude

Kiera Elizabeth VanWormer, summa cum laude

Alexa Karryne Westgate, magna cum laude

Emily Maureeen Velasquez*

Emilie Rose Whalen*

Rebecca Jean Viall,* cum laude

Sarah N. Zonca, magna cum laude

Emily Grace Warmt, summa cum laude

Cameron Lee Flynn Mariah Rose Fuentes Elizabeth Sophie Gallagher** William Lee Gardner, cum laude Anna Gasienica,* cum laude Noelle Paige Gaska Shane S. George, summa cum laude

School of Mathematics and Sciences

Daniel Patrick Gleason

Ian MacDonald, Ph.D., Dean

Daria Gorska


Jerrod Graham*

Penelope M. Alequin

Redjon Fero*

Kayla Shannen Richards

Sasha D’anni Griffin

Sabrina Beaucicot*

Danielle Rose Flint

Kathleen Ringler

Colin Coughlin Griswold

Rocio Loriana Berroa

Noelia Suheily Lagos

Emma Jane Bogart, summa cum laude

Tatiana Kathleen Leggiero, cum laude

Jaylin Donielle Roundtree, summa cum laude

Abigail Elizabeth Guenther, summa cum laude

Colin P. Sherlock**

Erika Faith Hall

Ashley Ann Bottone*

Kyia M. Lloyd**

Mia Sara Shulman

Jalen A. Harvey

Caroline Contessa,** cum laude

Gabrielle Martinez

Clarice Octavia St.Clair

Luke A. Hayner

Amanda L. Cuccinello**

Jordynn Kelly O’Kane

David Anthony Henry

Rachel Marie Curtis

Thalia Aaliyah Ralph

Aidan Carrick Sullivan,** summa cum laude

Aeryn Julia Fahl

Aciea Rasouly

Efraisa N. Felix Gonzalez

Keddren Noel Reid

Rafael Manuel Vega** Oshinque Williams

Hallie Allen Remington Isaac Almarante Kaitlin Michelle Anderson, cum laude Dilara Aslan, cum laude Amala Arianna Bernard Kiley Rose Bishop,* magna cum laude Tiara Monei Boone** Shelandah Brissett* Anthonie Robert Rutherford Brito, cum laude Kaelyn E. Britt Empress Elizabeth Brown* Cali Marie Buxton-Pham Miguel Calderon,* summa cum laude

Sarah B. Homsey, cum laude Therese Jasmin Howell, cum laude Olivia Kinga Idzikowski, magna cum laude

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Ahmed Tarig Abdu, summa cum laude

Najah M. Holland

Abigail T. Charmant Kindra Renee Chiappinelli Kyleigh Nicole Chriss,* magna cum laude Emilie Ann Cisneros Victoria M. Clary Marlene Cameron Clouden Amy R. Coll**

Maya Rose DeFazio,* magna cum laude

Isabel Malanie Jayasinghe, magna cum laude

Jennifer Nicole Demizio

Lia Kenya Jones**

Rebecca Gabrielle Devernoe,* cum laude

Valentina Andrea Julien

Janna Laura Dicent Ortiz

Jackee M. Karagosian,** magna cum laude

Cassidy Rose Dill, summa cum laude

Daniel Kelley, summa cum laude Eithar AbdElmuneim Khalafalla

Essence Janine Coxum

Elena L. Dochak, magna cum laude

Crysta Lynn Coy**

Breana Lynn Doherty*

JoAnna R. Craft

Katherine Lyn Drogo

Melissa Ann Kollar, summa cum laude

Katherine Marie Cummings, cum laude

Brendan J. Earl, cum laude

Analiz Lebron

Tori B. Edwards**

Rosemary Lebron

Anthony J. Erno

Jordan E. Lichtenberger, cum laude

James Patrick Cunniffe, cum laude Janna Marie Daniels, magna cum laude Jada Ashley Davis, magna cum laude Connor James Dearbeck

Nicalina Marie Cappillino

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022

Raffaele Esposito,** summa cum laude Julia Grace Fikar

Daniel Raymond Francis Klein,* summa cum laude

Christian Tyon Lindsey

Jeffrey Jon-Kit Louie, summa cum laude Andrew J. Lule,* magna cum laude Ciera Dawn Lundy,* cum laude

Trisona Kiana Pottinger Alec J. Price,** magna cum laude Kayla Donna Quick, summa cum laude

Niva Maharjan,* magna cum laude

Hannah Leigh Rainer, summa cum laude

Gabrielle Marie Martin

Matthew Kingsley Raupach

Kimberly Maryann Martinez**

Ghaida Eisa M. Rdaian

Sarah Elizabeth McMullan,* summa cum laude

Maya Sinclair Reid, magna cum laude

Keara Mary Merges, cum laude

Alexsander Risenhoover, summa cum laude

Emily A. Meyer,* magna cum laude Rebecca Anne Mielnicki Emily Ann Miles Nikolaus A. Miller Kayla Jasmine Mitchell,** cum laude Shania Aaliyah Mohammed** Kayleen Adele Monroe,** cum laude Berleinie Lisvett Montero, magna cum laude

Joseph Daniel Rizzo Maeve Meg Laural Rochester,** cum laude Janice Madelyn Rodriguez Shirley J. Ross, magna cum laude Celine Ehab Roushdy Meghan L. Ruff Binta Sabally Ally M. Schultz,* cum laude Na-eelah Elaine Shackelford

Jenna R. Muckle,* magna cum laude

John Slay*

Jared Michael Murray, magna cum laude

Garret Michael Smith

Danielle M. Smith

Megan Kathleen Nervina, magna cum laude

John Altidor Smith

Alexandria Leigh Nichols

Kurt Alan Spellman, cum laude

Leigh-Ann Norberg

Marielle Livia St. Aubin, summa cum laude

Molli Opramolla, magna cum laude Brianna R. O’Reilly, cum laude Mercedes Ava Marie Kareena Ortiz*

Logan Julia Smith

Dana Elizabeth Stewart** Eric Christopher Szillus II,* cum laude Mishal Tarik*

Heather Palazzo*

Molly Catherine Tasber

Matthew J. Papandrea, cum laude

Olga Susana Tejada

Maggie-Foster Patrie, magna cum laude

Kumarie Tejsingh, cum laude

Makenna Rose Peruzzi

Madisen L. Thibodeau, magna cum laude

Ashley L. Peter,* magna cum laude

Scieszon Thompson

Julia Plumadore,* cum laude

Elizabeth Nicole Flores, magna cum laude

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022

Gabriella Tilaj, cum laude

Alexis Renee Till, magna cum laude Alysa M. Travis,** magna cum laude Timothy Aidan Turner Amanda Rae Upton Camryn Michelle Van Hoesen, magna cum laude Andrea Roxanne Velasquez, magna cum laude

Dontay Jermain Walker

Caroline N. White*

Stephanie Lyn Walkowiak,* magna cum laude

Hailey Wilcox

Charles Jared Ward Revah Rebecca Ward* Kylie K. Washington Kaylee Lynn Webb

Ti’Yanna R. Wilkins-Kelley Dashea Rovenia Williams Victoria-Anne Wilson**

Rajarshi Aroskar, Ph.D., Dean


Madison B. Zaretz

Wedad Aleedan*

Giovanni Carlo Holmquist*

Kosisochukwu Oraka

Samantha Shafay Tusaneza Webb

Gregory T. Allard**

Brian Christopher Hupe**

Bonnie Sue Pampinella

Rebecca Michele Welsh, cum laude

Oskar Åström

Karen Jones

Sharleen Quartararo**

Jason Alan Barkley*

Natalie Leanne Joseph**

Grace Ellen Shumway

Kimberly A. Bingenheimer

Michelle Miller Kalinsky**

Marianne Sivak**

William Hunter Boardman V

Ayhan Kaya

Ryan M. Smith

James Michael Calcado

Garrett A. Klahr*

Alvaro G. Sosa-Suarez

Mark D. Connor**

Karilyn Korec**

Matthew W Stevens*

Allison DellaPorte

Savanna Marie Liverio-Tyler

Heidi J. Tyler

Nicole Maryam DeSousa*

Kevin Joctavio Martin**

Miranda Vogel

Ngoc Truong Bich Dinh

Megan A. Mayer**

Kimberly Joy Walch*

Meghan Divirgilio*

Michael Martin Frederick Medina*

Kylee Warner*

Nina Angela Fedullo

Shannon M. Moore*

Lucy Jacqueline Williams*

Jeremy A. Glazer

Kelly Kanoelani Nevin*

Ella Mackenzie Wolfe**

Karsen Nicole Hallas**

Joshua C. Okpala**


Katherine Louise Rice,* summa cum laude

Huether School of Business

Karlee Rae Wood*


Emily Marie Paolicelli, summa cum laude


Maria Frances Rice Rachel Anne Richmond, cum laude


Christopher Jacob Skinner, cum laude

Matthew J. Keenan*

Anna Konstantinovna Sokolova


MASTER OF SCIENCE Ashish Kariyalil Mathew*

Keana Breigh Reed*

Zachery Paul Deakin

Matthew D. Peters, cum laude

Patrick Joseph McGrath*

Nana Yaw Sekyere-Boamah*

Jasmine Melaine Franqui

Colleen Quaglia, summa cum laude

Jacob Lawrence Palladino**

Darshan Gautamkumar Shah

Kellie Grace Shields, cum laude


Iliana N. Montalvo, cum laude Nicholas James Moore, cum laude Cameron Joseph Mulvey


William Hunter Boardman V

Jeremy A. Glazer*

Nicholas James Moore

Ngoc Truong Bich Dinh

John Robert Graham

Ryan M. Smith

Meghan Divirgilio*

Timothy Joseph Metzler

Cameron Ann Regan,** magna cum laude

Bayly E. Lammon,** summa cum laude

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022

Rupesh Shakya

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022

Thelma P. Lally School of Education Theresa Ward, Ed.D., Interim Dean


Magda M. Kane-Maysonet*

Shermaine R. Moore-Boakye**

Tiana Nicole Ruiz

Jennevieve Kay Keenan-Fenson**

Theresa Patricia Mulvey

Dianna Valerie Rumpf

Theresa Denise Kelly*

Dywantie A. Munoz*

Shannon Ruzzo

Kerri Theresa Kenyon**

Elliott Robert Murphy*

Katrina Hanna Sadlowski*

Evelyn Margaret Agar*

Nodia Aretha Chambers**

Jenna G. Frank

Jessica Lynn Kessler-Rizzo

Lindsay Mikayla Nazak

Brianna Ashley Salce

Arleen Vanessa Alava*

Alex Chandler*

Sarah Elizabeth Franzken

Tabitha King*

Corin Marie Noga**

Patricia Ann Sarles*

Mohammed-Faltihi Ali**

Chantall K. Charles-Alleyne

Liana Nicole Frauenberger

Jamie Christine Komoroske*

Emma Sue Norcross

Amber Rose Scattareggia**

Joseph H. Allegretto**

Marisa Lim Cioffi

Minerva Freyssinier*

Celene Marie Koperek

Nora Kaitlyn O’Hanlon*

Kevin James Schlicht**

Dawn N. Alvarez

Rachel C. Clement*

Bridget A. Gaitor*

Kristin Danielle Kotarski

Kathryn Okonji*

Rebecca M. Scorzella*

Marianna Anastasiou

Rachel E. Cody*

Cathleen Aureliana Gallo*

Brooke Gabrielle Laflair*

Leslie M. Ortiz*

Sandra Sharbash*

Gabrielle Marie Andrea*

Ioana Cojocaru**

Carol Garcia

Lauren Jamie LaMantia*

Samantha Dara Osorio

Sonna Shelton*

John P. Angerame**

Julianne Elizabeth Colby**

Stephanie Garcia*

Michaella Denae Lamont*

Kerry Kathleen O’Sullivan*

Kristina Shevlin*

Lydia Violet Bakowski**

Dylan Laird Conklin*

Jennifer Gardy

Mikayla Adele LaPorte**

Matthew M. Owens*

Sarah C. Shomo*

Amanda Veronica Balsamo*

Rachel Good Cooper**

Kyle Robert Garrigan*

Michaila L. Larsen*

Nicole Aimee Panetta

Sarika Michelle Singh

Alyssa Stephanie Barratt

Deborah Corbin

Jenna Marie Gelormino

Sinead Roberta Lavery*

Danielle Lucy Patterson

Cassidy L. Smith**

Noah T. Bates

Erin Nicole Croce*

Alexis Victoria Ginder

Asha Dayanna Layeni-Gardner*

Nicole L. Pellman*

Catherine M. Smith*

Liliana Battibulli**

Sarah E. Culver**

Tiberiu Gireada**

Kelly Lorena Lemos*

Bridget T. Pelton**

Elizabeth Smith

Witness Joseph Bazar**

Joseph Anthony Cupo*

Teresa F. Goggin

Julia Alexandra LeVan**

Melissa M. Pentangelo

Jolie Simner Smith

Michael Harmon Bellizzi

Jenna Taylor Czub

Kimberly A. Graham**

Joann Rose Lomonte

Jerry A. Perez

Megan T. St. Clair*

Carly Christina Benedict*

Dajhanae D. Dade

Jocelyn B. Grant*

Melissa R. Longendyke*

Paige Elizabeth Phelan*

Desiree Michael St. John

Alexis Sarah Bentley

Jamie L. Daley*

Megan Arielle Grosmark*

Kevin T. Lynch**

Dominique Suzanne Pickering

Samantha R. Staley

Morisa M. Berroa*

Alexandra Lynne Del Vecchio

Kimberly Guillen*

Emily A. Malings*

Helen Pindiak

Ashley Lynne Starbuck

Fiana Odessa Bess*

Riley Case Denaker

Kathryn Marie Hacker*

James P. Mallia

Florely Sucet Pizano*

Sarah K. Suters*

Ashley P. Blakely

Jenna Elizabeth Devino

Katelyn Russelley Harrington**

Julianna Kay Mangano*

Elizabeth Jean Potter**

Shanika A. Sweeney

Lori Anne Blosser*

Sierra Nicole Devlin**

Joelle Hammond Hartshorne**

Alicia Marie Manguso

Emily Nicole Powers*

Alexis Kim Tama**

Amanda Elizabeth Bobel*

Kristen Dietz

Danielle M. Heidcamp*

Michaela J. Marotta**

Emily Margaret Priamo*

Hannah M. Taranto**

Tracy M. Bollers*

Ashlie Mae Dolphin

Michaela Marie Hemming*

Elyse Nicole Mauriello**

Sarah Prieto

Tiffany E. Tate*

Carol Marie Bolte*

Sage Duff**

Sapphira R. Hendrix*

Victoria F. Marzano

Kayleigh Anne Puliafico*

James L. Taveras*

Caterina Bondi*

Stephen Perry Dukenski*

Erin M. Hill-Lewis

Samantha Matthews**

Saneddy Quezada

Alyssa Megan Taylor

Brianna Leigh Boone**

Morgan Grace Dunkle

James Daniel Hoffman

Ileana Rose Maturo**

Matthew Lawrence Quinn

William E. Tinglin*

Dera Nicole Boone

Tracy L. Holland*

Alexis Taylor McCarthy*

Timothy John Quinn

Elizabeth Mary Tornatore

Alla Borukhov

Sharon Rosemarie EdwardsGrant*

Emma N. Homsey*

Gabrielle Quinones*

Taylorann Rachel Torre

Lauren Nicole Bostwick

Ashley Brooke Egerter*

Leigh Anna McCormick

Natalie Sabine Howk

Christina Marie Quintana

Lorice Jo-Anne Townsend*

Anishbell Hidalgo Brennan**

Julia Catherine Engster

Meagan Elizabeth McGuiness

Kelsey Lynn Hudgins-Shelton*

Rachel Linda Raguso

Ashley M. Traider*

Amma Abenaa Serwaa Brown**

Sierra Ann Everson*

Cheryl L. Meenagh*

Mikayla Jean Hunt*

Erica Ramos Cruz

Theodora Anna Tsakopiakos

Lauren Michael Bullock*

Emily M. Falanga

Richard Stephen Messier*

Shanya Dean Hunter

Nicole Jocelyn Rebello**

Christiana M. Vasquez*

Alicia Ortiz Cabassa*

Lauren D. Farr*

Michelle J. Miles*

Mercedes Elizabeth Hutchings*

Nakea D. Reed

Nickolas R. Villano*

Melissa Rose Caeners

Shannon Elizabeth Faulkner*

Maya Lin Millar

Zachary T. Hutson*

Anna Paula Ribeiro**

Kristen C. Wade*

Laritza Teresa Caizachana*

Hannah M. Feldman*

Kristen M. Miller**

Evan M. Ireland*

Ashley M. Richardson**

Heather Anne Waller

Cassandra Lena Capriglione**

David Fikhman*

Joshua E. Moeckel

Moneca Sharall Jackson*

Alison Rider

Laura Suzanne Walters*

Chelsea Anne Carbone*

Lauren Noelle Finke**

Karrie A. Moffo

Karena A. Jenkins**

Charles William Bernard Romano*

Anthony J. Webber**

Jayme May Casey**

Staci M. Fisher*

Jacintha Allison Mondesir

Brittany Nichole Jones*

Amanda Cassata*

Marinna S. Flagg

Gina M. Kalage*

Meagan Catherine Forrest* *Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022

Sarah Christine Webber

Abbey Janelle Wicklund

Peter Michael Di Nuovo

Jamie Ganzhorn

Erin Mary Hill-Lewis

Ciara K. Wells**

Raven G. Wilhelm

Anny C. Diaz

Alicia M. Garcia*

Ayanna Adanna Hinds-Marshall

Sarah E. White*

Raegan Taylor Woodcock**

Amanda DiBenedetto

Carol Garcia

Peyton Olivia Hnyla

Megan Marlene Wiacek**

Victoria Zhushma

Sara DiCandia**






Gamaliel Garcia

Ngozi Awele Hodder*

Jennifer Dickerson

Yekaterina Garmash**

James Daniel Hoffman Tracy L. Holland





John E. DiFrisco

Gabrielle R. Genna

Akram Abdelaziz

Christopher J. Bonacorsa

Nodia Aretha Chambers

Kirsha F. Dillon*

Kyle Robert Garrigan

Kayla N. Hughes*

Jacqueline Acritelli-Hunt

Caterina Bondi

Emily Chang*

Mark Dinovitser**

Jollanna L. Gilham

Michael Robert Humphrey

Nicole Aellis

Heather D. Bonham

Mariel Ashton Chase

Maria C. Dixon

Alexis Victoria Ginder

Shanya Dean Hunter

Loreli Aguiar

Victor L. Bonini

Tiberiu Gireada

Francesca Maria Ingargiola








Travis D. Alexander






Gabriela L. Chiarizia-Mineo

Sheryl P. Dixon

Rashmee Boodram

Winsome J. Christie

Deirdre M. Donohue

Corinne N. Girgis

Monica Boutros

Nannette Clancy









Margaret Tropper Hyams



Karl D. Dubash*

Felicia Jeanine Giunta

Vanessa Ann Clay-Williams

Morgan Grace Dunkle

Anwar Barrow Gladden

Keona E. Jackson

Robin KiRondi Branch*

Phillip C. Coard

Joseph M. Dunne-Jaffe

Shaina E. Golub

Moneca Sharall Jackson*

Joseph H. Allegretto

Katelynn A. Brandow

Dominique Cocklin

Alyssa R. Dyer

Gerard Gomez

Nasreen Jawaid*

Sarah Almanzar

Loren M. Braxton**

Toniann Coladonato**

Arianne Edmund

Jillian M. Gonch

Y. Jean-Toussaint

Lalaena S. Alfredsson


Mohammed-Faltihi Ali

Marsha Boyea**

Shazima Ali











Sarah-beth Miriam Ingber






Anishbell Hidalgo Brennan

Dina L. Colon

Heather Edwards*

Adam R. Gordon*

Karena A. Jenkins

Marianna Anastasiou

Jade D. Britto

Christopher Thomas Colt

William Palmer Ehrenfeld*

Jessica Graf

Desiree Johnson*

Christina Marie Anderson

Amma Abenaa Serwaa Brown

Victoria Comerford

Karen Lee Esdelle*

Kathy Grandchamps

Federico Anderson

Lisa C. Brown

Kali Council*

Sophia L. Estrella

Shauna-Kay Antoinette Grant

Archangelo Joseph

Renuka R. Andrew

Shanell C. Brown**

Peter Cozeolino

Rossella Failla

Anthony Michael Grasso

George Kaliampos

Fatbardha Avdiu

Brittany Bugge

Erin Nicole Croce*

Kelly V. Fairclough*

Alicia Green

Jacquelyn L. Kane

Robert Russell Burton**

Claire Fitzpatrick Crosier

Emily M. Falanga

Heather E. Green Tanya K. Gresh

Connie Marie Karr**

Steven J. Guarini*

Deirdre Kenna

Dawn N. Alvarez













Ashley Marie Johnston +




Stephanie A. Avila








Sonia Karmily



Holly Rachel Babbin

Steven Buslovich

Denise Cruz*

Lorraine R. Farrauto

Renee L. Bacchus*

Alicia Ortiz Cabassa

Joi Culler*

Michelle P. Fearon

Paige Ashley Barnaby

Kathleen Caccamo

Michael R. Curley*

Kristen A. Fehr-Thompson

Jennifer Mary Guernsey*

Patrick Vincent Kennedy

Marie Barry

Jesus J. Caceres*

Lisa D. Cusumano*

Benjamin J. Ferder*

Kevin Guzman

Lisa Kernahan

Ernesto A. Batista

Danielle Rosina Camarata

Thalita C. Da Silva

Stephanie Marie Ferreira

Efua Akyinba Hagan

Antonia Batsilas

Monica Campagna

Jennifer Daddino-Masa*

Jennifer Figueroa

Amanda Hope Hamerman

Rezaul A. Khan

Maureen Baxter-Chiverton*

Shaqwaya Idesha Campbell*

Dajhanae D. Dade

Jessica Finnerty

Yadira Hans*

Angela Kowalsky*

Kathaleen M. Beattie

Jennifer Cantatore

Jesse Correne Dancy

Franca Fiorentino*

Alexandra N. Hansen

Theresa M. Koxha

Jennifer Belliveau*

Christopher J. Carballo

Travis Michael Davey*

Joshua M. Fishman

Charkena Harris

Ari L. Kramer

Vianca K. Beltran

Janeese Renee Carter

Emory L. Davis

Kevin Joseph Flores

Erin M. Bennett

Patricia Marie Caruso

Malisa Davis

AnnaMarie K. Bertrand

Nicole Casey

Fiana Odessa Bess

Trina L. Casselli*

Cindy Betancourt

Lissette Marie Castillo

Christine Biggs

Jenniffer Castillo

Kimberly A. Bingenheimer

Dorca Casseus

James Bishop

Adriana Angela Catalano

Timothy Blackford

Terence Caufield

Destiny M. Delva

Keishia M. Blake*

Jennifer J. Cepeda

Royce Denis

Ashley P. Blakely

Angela Cerreta

Aditya Joseph Dhara
















Jessica L. Harris

Layla Kraus

Meagan Catherine Forrest

Sheryl A. Harris

Kristyn Marie Kreutziger

Donna E. Dawson

Alayna Corinne Foy

Diana L Harrison

Alicia De Leon

Kelly Marie Freeborn

Luke J. Havranek

Lynette Marie Laverty

Briana M. Delbuono

Bridget A. Gaitor

Jeremy Haye*

Meghan Elizabeth Leddick

Theresa M. DeMatteo

Anmarie Gallo

Tashena A. Heath*

Katherine Yoonsun Lee

Peter Dellegrazie

Jessica Ann Gallo

William Isaac Herman

Jisun Lee

Nathalie Deller

Michael Raymond Galotti

Kathleen McGill Hernandez

Charles Leech

Daniel T. Gannon*

Diana Herrera

Michael L. Lembo












Lauren Jamie LaMantia










Shehnaz Khalfan-Washington*






















*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022 + Completed or anticipating completion of more than one Certificate of Advanced Study between December 2021, May 2022 and August 2022.

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022 + Completed or anticipating completion of more than one Certificate of Advanced Study between December 2021, May 2022 and August 2022.

Kelly Lorena Lemos*

Alicia Melendez

Fernando A. Osorio

Eric W. Robinson*

Candice J. Simmons*

Argyro I. Vatougios

Lina M. Lenis

Amanda E. Mercado

Patricia L. Osterwalder

Pietra F. Rocco*

Esther M. Simon

Vanessa Josephine Vega**

Matthew Leon**

Christina Marie Messina**

Matthew M. Owens

Claribel Rodriguez-Whitter*

Vinny Singh**

Llilian S. Vera

Lauren D. Levy

Jason Rogers

Cynthia Smith





Scott J. Milczewski

Valerie Page

Melissa A. Lewis

Darlene Miller

Arlette Alana Palmer

Anthony Roldan

Michael Francis Lewis

Cheryl S. Mills-Haigler

Ryan J. Palmer*

Yndrhis Romero

Victoria M. Lewis

Karina Minchuk

Amanda Palmieri*

Matthew John Roth

Tina M. Lewis-Elserafy

Deon Andrea Mitchell

Nicole Alexandra Palmieri

Alexandra M. Russell

Tracie Sharon Libonati

Joshua E. Moeckel

Rahulkumar N. Patel

Rachel Lindsey

Karrie A. Moffo

Dominick J. Lisi*









Shannon Johanna Vigh


Elizabeth Smith


Angela Y. Vigueras**


Samantha Smith

Karen Villacres*

Seetalie Sookhwa

Jennifer M. Villani

Caroline Sourial*

Nickolas R. Villano

Rosemary Rutigliano

Tina Sparacino*

Jaclyn C. Vives*

Taylor V. Patwell*

Kristen Saffo

Desiree Michael St. John

Cori Wagner

Dena Ahmed Moharrem**

Magdalena Pena*

Kristina Sair

Derek F. Stampone*

Bailey M. Walker

Joann Rose Lomonte*

Danielle Monock

Rosalie Pena

Khadene Lahrone Salmon

Dilys Stanislaus Blache Afful*

Heather Anne Waller

Chanzhu Lu

Mikal Moore*

Melissa M. Pentangelo

Jesse Sanchez

Racquel D. Stephenson

Damian A. Walsh

Dinh Lu-Berio*

Laura E. Morel*

Carolina P. Perez

Kimberly J. Sanchez-Romero

Nicole C. Strandberg

Kathleen B. Ward

Lexy Kendall Lynch

Colin R. Morrell*

Jerry A. Perez

Jose Santos

Nataliya Suarez**

Leroy Watson

Eric Michael MacDonald

Mackenzie Marie Morrison

Victoria M. Persico

Christopher Michael Sasso

Kiera Sullivan

Rachael L. Weiner

Anapaula Macedo
































Donna M. Moscicki*

Jennifer O. Picco

Judy A. Schaming

Katherine Staulters Suppes

Christine L. Wheeler

Kerry Maguire Phelan

Sabrina C. Motta

Guerlene Pierre-Louis

Sarah Scheffler

Shanika A. Sweeney

Raven G. Wilhelm

Jaclyn N. Mahnken

Vicki M. Muccigrosso

Danielle Pignataro

Beth A. Schloicka

Alexi Elizabeth Taranto

Barkee Wilkes*

James P. Mallia

Daniel Michael Muccio*

Maria A. Pinto

Daniel C. Schneider

Tiffany E. Tate

Betty Onita Wiltshire

Alicia Marie Manguso

James Arthur Muller

Bernadette Pizarro

Elijah Joseph Schreiner

James L. Taveras

Demar Manradgh*

Laurie Mullins

Rebecka Plavnik Reyes*

Jamell Scott

Massiel Tejeda-Brown




















Caneia Monica Wise**


Madelynn R. Wisnowski**

Giuseppe Marchica

Joan Mullins-Palmer

Melissa Lauren Powell

Sue Seccafico*

Nadine V. Telesford

Gregory Michael Marino*

Caitlin Murphy

Ariel Nicole Prato*

Tina R. Seidita

Elizabeth Smith Thielemann

Miranda Young

Gisela T. Marrero

Matthew P. Murphy

Teresita Prieto*

Maria Sena**

Alexandria L. Timoll

Franco A. Zagari

Marc Martorana*

Valerie Bonapart Murphy

Saneddy Quezada

Stephanie J. Shapiro

Philip M. Torregrosa

Frank Zito

Kleoneke Masouridis

Marlena Catherine Nadler

Christina Marie Quintana

Susannah M. Sheehan

Dashana Torrence

Danielle Zoldak

Nicole C. Zurita










Hera Yoon*




Jasmine Kaur Nijjar

Erica Ramos Cruz

Rachel Shipper

Samantha Blake Tuchfeld

Theresa R. Mayerhofer

Alexandra DeForest Nizolek

Beth Ann Randazzo*

Yelena L. Shtyrkalo*

Jacqulyn Dignum Vandenburgh**

Tracy L. McCarthy-Norr*

Erin Nastri

Michelle Reed*

Alicia Sigvartsen**

Brendaliz Vargas

Luz Elena McCaw

Vida Nazemian

Nakea D. Reed

Seanna Silver

Alexa Varriano

Leigh Anna McCormick

Kurt Noel**

Danielle Ann McCoy

Elizabeth O’Brien

Adriane Lee Reyes

Amanda Lynn Mcfee*

Heather A. O’Connell

Niko Reyes

Ashley B. McGowan*

Sheena O’Connor

Christina Ivette Richards*

Christoff L. McGuire

Bryan T. Offermann

Tricia S. McIntosh*

Tara T. OGrady

Laurene Marie McKenna-Menges

Adesuwa Christiania Ohunwu

Thomas S. Riley

Kevin McManaway

Kathryn Okonji

Heather-Lee N. Riley Kamit*

Elyse Nicole Mauriello







Meghan Reidy +





Teneise Mamie-marie Richardson




Joseph A. Ritacco

Amanda L. McNeal

Kelly B. Onorato

Leslie J. Rivera*

Kaitlin Meier

Josephine Orlando*

Heather A. Roberts

Tracy C. Ortiz

AnaLiese Ashley Robinson

Juanarie Mejia



Kenneth Richards







Abimbola T. Olusoji





Jessica R. McNamara





*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022 + Completed or anticipating completion of more than one Certificate of Advanced Study between December 2021, May 2022 and August 2022.

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022 Completed or anticipating completion of more than one Certificate of Advanced Study between December 2021, May 2022 and August 2022.


Commencement Speaker

School of Mathematics and Sciences Ian MacDonald, Ph.D., Dean


Although Shrestha graduated with a degree in finance,

Mubarak Abdelazim Abdella*

Jessica Anne Goldberg

Lisa Anne Newsome

he spent a lot of time auditing classes from other

Madhuri Bandla**

Muhammad Sameen Ul Hassan**

Kaitlyn Marie Phillips

departments, including marketing and computer

Alexsander Risenhoover

science. While taking a diverse slate of classes certainly

Leanne Lidia Barnard Aileen K. Burke Miguel Calderon* Pamela Marie Collins Valerie Ann Curcio Bethany A. Czernicki Gabrielle L. DelBrocco Kerry DelTosta Gianna M. Di Gregorio Alexa A. DiBiase Amanda Eggleston Aeryn J. Fahl Gabriella R. Flint** Afonso Paixão Diniz Garrido

Joshua A. Heller

Shrestha credits the College’s internship program for

Jahnavi Sadu**

John Wesley Jakovic II* Odeline Marie Joseph** Daniel Kelley

giving him a taste of the “real world of finance” rather

Elizabeth R. Schneider**

than what is taught in the classroom.

Sadaf Guman Shaikh*

Since graduating from Saint Rose, Shrestha has

Sahar Shakeel

Daniel Raymond Francis Klein*

dedicated his career to helping the growing energy

Jessica Marie Sokol

industry evolve by implementing clean technologies

Peggy Ann Spano

Angeli T. Lillman**

wherever he works. Over the last two decades, he

Tina L. Turbiasz**

Ellis P. Linnen* Christine T. Lockwood Grace C. Magee Sai Veda Prakash Masetty* Alissa Lauren McGee

has brought his passion for creating a healthier

Carli Lynn Voellm Taylor Marie West Zoe D. Zuelsdorf Jessica Gabrielle Zych

Biraja Prasad Nanda*

Sanjay Shrestha ’97

Priyanka Reddy Baddam

environment to a number of businesses, including First Albany Capital, Lazard Capital Markets, FBR Capital Markets, and Sky Capital America. In 2019, Shrestha

General Manager of Energy Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer, Plug Power

2021, he was named Strategist of the Year by the

Sanjay Shrestha is the general manager of energy

Albany Business Review for his work there.

solutions and chief strategy officer at Plug Power, a


helped round out his education in a more holistic way,

Elizabeth Claire Rolle

Allison M. House

Capital Region-based company focused on building a global green hydrogen economy. Shrestha holds a BS in Finance from The College of Saint Rose. Shrestha, who was born and raised in Nepal, was inspired to continue his education in the United States by his fascination for Wall Street and broader stock

joined the leadership team of Plug Power. In November

Ultimately, it is Shrestha’s desire to leave the world in a better place for future generations that drives him in his work with Plug Power. “We’ve been able to do something that I think is a matter of such pride,” he says. “I can’t think of doing something other than what I’m doing right now.”

markets. In 1993, he moved to the Capital Region to study at The College of Saint Rose. IN RECOGNITION Sanjay Shrestha, you have dedicated your career to evolving the renewable energy industry so that the world is a healthier habitat for us all. Your passion for the green hydrogen and fuel cell industry demonstrates your insatiable curiosity, exploring challenges and potential solutions from all angles. As an international student at Saint Rose from Nepal, you embraced your American and Saint Rose educational experience, diving deeply into your finance major as well as taking courses in marketing and computer science and pursuing internships to gain broad perspective. You are a model for our students to follow, encouraging them to be creative problemsolvers and use their gifts to make a lasting impact on the world. You are a champion in the climate change crisis, recognizing that one of the most important challenges today is the decarbonization of the global economy. You have taught us that green hydrogen isn’t just the fuel of the future. It’s the fuel of the present. For your pursuit of bold new answers to the global climate crisis, The College of Saint Rose is pleased to confer upon you, Sanjay Shrestha, the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters honoris causa, with all its rights and privileges.

*Graduated December 2021 **Anticipating completion of graduation requirements August 2022

Honorary Degree Recipients 1971

Laman H. Bruner Jr.

Sr. Catherine Francis Soulier, CSJ 

Sr. Therese Lynch, CSJ 

Samuel E. Aronowitz

Elizabeth Sewell

Edward J. Mortola  1981 1974

William J. Donlon

Harold C. Martin 

Sr. Dorothy Ann Kelly, OSU 

Patricia Hayes

Millard Dean Fuller 

Rev. Joseph A. O’Hare, SJ

Kati Haycock

Dolores D. Wharton

The Honorable Loretta A. Preska ’70

Carl E. Touhey

2010 Maria Bartiromo

Erastus Corning II 

Jack Smith

Clifton R. Wharton Jr.

Lee Shaw 

Dr. Jeremiah Lowney Jr.

Albert Hessberg II 

Rosalyn S. Yalow 

Antoinette O. Bosco ’50

Gail Deegan ’68




Frederick T. Allen

Ernest L. Boyer 

The Rev. Matthew T. Conlin, OFM 

Sr. Margaret M. Keeshan, CSJ  Victor J. Riley Jr.  Richard M. Krasno 1984 Sr. Serena Branson


The Most Rev. Edward J. Maginn, DD 

The Rev. Peter G. Young

Raphael F. Simches 

Dr. Frances Fox Piven

Irving Kirsch 

Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC 


Kevin G. Langan 

The Honorable Raymond W. Kelly

Michael R. Bloomberg

The Honorable Ronald B. Stafford 

Mervyn L. Alphonso ’75

James P. Menzies



Joy S. Emery

Sr. Maureen Joyce, RSM 

H. Carl McCall

Charles Osgood

Grace Corcoran Kennedy ’37 

Robert H. Sloan 

George J. Mitchell

1991 Sir Michael Tippett 

Joseph A. Califano Jr.

Sr. Mary Kevin Ford, CSJ  Henry D. Paley

Thelma P. Lally 

The Honorable Michael R. McNulty

Matthew H. Mataraso

William Kennedy

The Honorable Leonard A. Weiss

John Hume

The Honorable Richard J. Conners 

Mary Jane Smith ’63, G ’68

Timothy J. Russert 

Roland W. Schmitt

The Honorable Joseph L. Bruno 


The Honorable Joseph W. Bellacosa


The Honorable Thomas M. Whalen III 

Margaret B. Furlong Maloy Warren F. Beer Sr. Mary Seraphine Meaney, CSJ  Reverend Timothy S. Healy, SJ

 Deceased

The Honorable Sol Wachtler Eoin McKiernan  Christo and Jeanne-Claude 

James J. Sandman J. Spencer Standish 


Sr. Karen M. Kennelly, CSJ


Daniel P. Nolan

Sr. Mary Rose McGeady

Frank Foster

R. Mark Sullivan, Ed.D.

Dr. Carol Warenchak Denicole ’56 



Kathleen Sullivan

Morris Massry 


Pauline K. Winkler 

First Lady Libby Pataki



Rev. Hugh F. Hines, OFM

Ambassador Rinaldo Petrignani


Michelle Rhee

Elaine Houston


William R. Pulleyblank


Thomas A. Manion 

Herbert L. Shuttleworth II 


John Joseph Zogby

1996 2002


Jimmy Fallon ’09

Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ

Dr. Frank H.T. Rhodes

Rev. James C. Finlay, SJ 

The Honorable Daniel P. Moynihan

2009 

Louis C. Vaccaro

Ronald S. Berman

Aloysius A. Mazewski  Ann D. Muehleck

Joseph James Bulmer 

The Honorable Hugh L. Carey

Helen A. Warren

Gov. David Paterson

Jeay Ling Koo 

Sr. Catherine T. McNamee, CSJ

James S. Smoot


Linda Caldwell Fuller

Vivienne Anderson 

Gerald and Patricia M. Mische

The Most Rev. Howard J. Hubbard, DD

Patricia Brady-Danzig ’53, G’56

Leon Golub 





Toni Morrison


Dorothy B. Baker  The Honorable Samuel S. Stratton 


The Honorable Inder Kumar Gujral

Luz B. Allende

Tadesse Wuhib, M.D. ’87

Ernest (Ernie) Tetrault

Rev. Leo J. O’Donovan, SJ



First Lady Matilda R. Cuomo

His Eminence Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy 

Dr. Antonia Coello Novello


Patricia Hunter Standish ’50, G’57

Harry M. Rosenfeld 

Mary Beth O’Brien


Lawrence M. Small

Timothy John Fenton

The Honorable Gerald D. Jennings 2016 2006

Sr. Katherine Hanley CSJ, Ph.D. ’61

Dr. Billy Taylor  Joseph J. Plumeri


Gerardine Fitzgerald Ferlins ’70

Eve Burton



Chuck Close 

Parisa Khosravi

Dr. Gregory Peter Maguire Denise E. O’Donnell, J.D.


The Honorable Elizabeth O’Connor Little ’62

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson

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Academic Programs and Degrees

education for the completion of a four-year curriculum in the visual arts.

The College Experience Program

Bachelor of Music (BM)

In partnership with The College of Saint Rose

The degree conferred by institutions of higher

and Living Resources, the College Experience

education for the completion of a four-year

Program is a two-year certificate program for

curriculum in a professional field of music.

individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The curriculum is designed to foster

Bachelor of Science (BS)

independence and encourage students with

The degree conferred by institutions of higher

developmental disabilities to explore areas of

education for the completion of a four-year

interest both professionally and socially.

curriculum with emphasis on science, or for the

The program’s main goal is for each student

completion of a four-year curriculum in certain

to be prepared to enjoy independent living

technical or professional fields.

and working (with or without assistance) upon

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science (MS), Master of Science in Education (MS in Ed)

The degree conferred by institutions of higher

The degree of advanced character, usually a

education for the completion of a four-year

second degree, ranking above the bachelor’s

curriculum in liberal arts, originally with emphasis

degree and below the Ph.D., Ed.D. or other

on the humanities, but more recently without

equivalent doctoral degrees.

completion of the program.

regard to a special field of emphasis.

Certificate of Advanced Study

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

A credential issued by institutions in recognition

The degree conferred by institutions of higher

of the completion of a curriculum other than one

education for the completion of a four-year

leading to a degree. The College of Saint Rose offers

curriculum in one or more areas of business.

both post-bachelor’s and post-master’s Certificates of Advanced Study.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) The degree conferred by institutions of higher

Academic Heraldry The history of academic dress reaches back to the days of the oldest European and British universities. From the basic design of this attire, the American colleges devised a suitable symbolism for academic apparel. The bachelor’s gown has long pointed sleeves, whereas the master’s gown is distinguished by long oblong sleeves; the doctor’s gown is faced along the front with broad velvet panels and has full bell-shaped sleeves, each bearing three horizontal bars of velvet. It is the hood that gives color to the academic costume and identifies the degree awarded. The hood is silklined with the colors of the institution conferring the degree. Gold and white are the official colors of The College of Saint Rose. The hood is bordered with velvet of a prescribed width and color to signify respective fields of learning. For example, white for bachelor and master of arts, and golden yellow for bachelor and master of science. Caps worn with bachelor’s and master’s gowns generally have black tassels.

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