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SESSION #3 SEEING THE BIGGER PICTURE This could become several coaching sessions… Introduction… •

We are all doing the best we can with the resources available to us

We are all worried about whether we are good enough

Living our full potential means firstly having self-awareness...

We must help our clients become aware of… Are they at cause? Do they take 100% responsibility for their results? Do they say what they mean and mean what they say? Do they risk making mistakes or only want to get it ‘right’?

The questions you’re about to ask are designed… To have your client get rid of their excuses, face where they need to grow and become aware of where they can improve… Quiz questions to ask your client… (1) •

I take full responsibility for what happens to me in my life

I know I always have a choice

I have a positive attitude towards life

Where appropriate I am willing to take risks

I am honest and truthful with myself

I don’t lie nor am I deceptive in my dealings with others

I never do something because I feel I should or ought to

I believe that my life can change as a I change my attitudes and beliefs

I’m courageous and have plenty of inner strength

I have a clear sense of who I am and what I believe in


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Quiz questions to ask your client… (2) •

I hold myself accountable and keep my word 99% of the time

I’m able to sit back when necessary and see the bigger picture of my life

I realise I’m only human and accept my weaknesses as well as my strengths

I open myself up to new opportunities and am ready for the unexpected

I’m willing and able to trust my own intuition

I don’t undermine my own worth by comparing myself to others

I’m willing to learn from the lessons of the past

I don’t give up just because of a setback

Quiz questions to ask your client… (3) •

The actions I take demonstrate my commitment and this is obvious to those around me

I am trusted by others

I mean what I say and say what I mean

I can always be counted on to follow through and to meet my agreements, even if it’s inconvenient to me

* Adapted from “Transform Your Life” by Carole Gaskell p29 What you now do… •

Discuss these questions and ideas with your client

Discuss with them what it would mean to them if they were answer ‘yes’ for all the answers, or at least 90% of them...

Questions to ask you clients… •

What would it mean if you had this in your life?

What would it take to have these qualities in you?

What would need to change?

What would you need to give up?

What would you have to stop tolerating?


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What are you tolerating?

What excuses do you to justify not being fully responsible?

What would it take for the excuse to stop?

If you never spoke about the reasons you can’t, what would you talk about instead?

What else you can do… •

Explain ‘at cause’

Explain 100% responsibility for our results and non-results

Explain about focus equalling results

Your ability and willingness to live at cause and to take 100% responsibility for your results and non-results will assist with this


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Your%20first%20six%20coaching%20sessions%20 %20session%203%20seeing%20the%20bigger%20picture  

Your%20first%20six%20coaching%20sessions%20 %20session%203%20seeing%20the%20bigger%20picture