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We’re going to focus on… Discovering your ideal self Introduction •

Each of us has an ‘ideal’ self that we would like to be

Most of your clients will never have thought about what their ideal self would be

Most of your clients don’t know how to identify who that is, or how to achieve their ideal self

Your client… •

Your client’s life is made up of moment to moment decisions and experiences

They feel ‘life is...’ based on these decisions and experiences

They don’t tend to create decisions or experiences ‘consciously – as in, ‘life happens to them

This session… •

Is about getting clear on what your client wants

It’s way better than goal setting

Most people think life is about ‘getting’ and ‘having’... ie ‘I’ll be happy when...’

But it’s really about moments of experience

This session… •

Will focus on... –

How they spend time with their family

What adventures they have

How they create their day

How they experience their world

And as a result of this... As they look at what they are experiencing... Asking themselves ... ‘Is this my Ideal Day?’

Your client has two versions of themselves… •

They have their surface self –

The self that goes about living day to day without questions their experiences

They have their ‘core’ self –

This is the self that wants to break free and live a fulfilling life, filled with meaningful experiences

The questions to ask your client… •

...are designed to get your client back to their ‘core’ self where life has meaning because they have meaningful experiences

You start out by explaining what you mean by ‘Ideal Average Day’ – the day, that if you were to live it every day, would always be healthy for you, sustainable, and you’d love to experience...

This is not… •

...the opportunity to brainstorm a lifetime of holidays on the beach, drinking and watching sunsets – not only is this not sustainable, it’s boring, and can be harmful, not healthy

It’s what they would want to experience every day of their AVERAGE days...

The questions… •

If you were living your Ideal Average Day every day...

Where would you live?

What would your house look like?

What would you have for breakfast?

What’s the view like?

What’s the conversation?

Who are you with?

What does the mundane stuff look like?

What would you spend the first half of your day doing?

What would you do for lunch? What do you eat? Who do you eat with? What do you discuss?

Who are your friends?

What do you do all day?

What do you talk about?

Who are your clients? What do you discuss with them? What do they value?

What do you have for dinner?

What do you do for personal fulfilment?

What life purpose are your striving towards?

What legacy will you leave?

Remember… •

The answer can’t be ‘on the beach’ – this is not sustainable for a lifetime and is not describing their ideal AVERAGE day

Avoiding responsibility for life through extending breaks and holidays is not healthy

Once the holiday is done... What then?

The ideal is for you to have done this exercise for yourself in detail before you share it with your first client... If you do this exercise, you will take between 12 months and five years to achieve it... Maybe even longer... You can’t be put off because it’s not ‘instant’ If you do this exercise, you will take between 12 months and five years to achieve it... Maybe even longer... You can’t be put off because it’s not ‘instant’

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Your First 6 Coaching Sessions - 1 Discover Your Ideal Self  
Your First 6 Coaching Sessions - 1 Discover Your Ideal Self