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The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

CONTENT Letter from the Editor …………………………………………………………………………………… 3 FEATURED | What the Matrix Teaches us About Adventures ………….……………………………… 4 STUDENT ARTICLE | Keeping Promises to Self ………………………………………………………… 6 COACHING TOOL | Meta Dynamics Methodology in Coaching .……………………………………… 7 CELEBRATING SUCCESS | “I Have Come Alive at TCI. Let Me Tell You How…” …………………… 10 SPOTLIGHT | The 90 Day Challenge Update …………………………………………………………… 11 MASTERMIND | MasterMind Business Success Summit ………………………………………………… 12 EDITORIAL | Is the Mission Worth It? …………………………………………………………………… 15 SHARE YOUR STORY | Camino de Santiago …………………………………………………………… 16 WORD FROM THE WOWS | The Importance of Making This Journey Your Own …………………… 19 STUDENT ARTICLE | 2 Quick Steps to Automate Your Financial Success …………………………… 20 Coach & Connect ………………………………………………………………………………………… 21 Webinar Highlights …………………………..…………………………………………………………… 22 Events Highlights ………………………………………………………………………………………… 24

Feel free to share this publication with your friends, family, colleague… anyone who might find its content useful


Feel free to share this with your friends, family, colleague… anyone who might find its content useful

LETTER from the Editor It’s that time of year again… The time for presents and celebrations, for friends and family and fun in the sun. For me, and perhaps for you too, it’s also the time to ask

the hard

questions, to make the big decisions, to dust up those

dreams and decide that yes, I’m going to make it happen.

So, what is it for you? What are you making happen in 2014? Here at The Coaching Institute, we have decided that we’re going to take it up a notch… and then a few more! We did a lot of growing up this year… We created new programs and advanced new coaching methodologies with Meta Dynamics, we gained new international recognition with the International Coach Guild and the Association for Coaching, we built a brand new website for those interested in coaching, building a brand new members site for those already in love and pursuing excellence as a coach… and we couldn’t have done any of it without your trust and your support.

It’s all the way up from here! And we trust you’re gonna be coming along for the ride!

Here’s to you! Elysium Nguyen


The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

What the Matrix


Teaches us about


AUTHOR SHARON PEARSON, Trainer and Founder of The Coaching Institute There’s a moment in the movie, The Matrix, when Morpheus says to Neo… THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KNOWING THE PATH AND WALKING THE PATH. Thematically, the movies we connect deeply with have this idea throughout that the hero’s journey is a journey within ourselves. True heroism is not the conquering of our environment or a foe, but the conquering of our own limits so we can take the journey. The battle is won when we accept the truth of this. In coaching, a client will think their ‘battle’ is with a history of lack, a missing opportunity, a success not achieved. The truth is, the ‘battle’ is with their own minds. When the client realizes the journey was always


within them, and that knowing what has to change is not the same as the actual moment of action, then everything is resolved.

‘Knowing’ the path is easy. There are countless books, You Tube videos, classes and speeches on the content required for a great life, for success, for happiness. The recipe for whatever we can conceive of already exists for the learning.

Learning is not enough. If it were, what possible problem could there be left on this planet that we don’t know how to resolve, beyond the still incurable? It’s never the information that causes change. Our knowledge is not power. It is our willingness to act on that knowledge.

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The greatest adventure is not knowing what it takes; in fact, ‘knowing’ what it takes to achieve something without having done it is defeating.

How many times has someone known all the steps and not done anything because of the fear all those steps triggered within them?

How many times has knowing the steps made someone unbearably superior, as they ‘Armchair Critic’ their way through someone else’s endeavours?

How many times has the ‘walking encyclopaedia’ mistaken having heard something with ‘knowing’ it, and backed it up with ignorant or naïve observations?

Knowing is overrated and simply one step of many for true transformation. A COACH CONTENT TO ‘KNOW’ AND NOT ACT IS GOING TO UNDERESTIMATE WHAT IT WILL TAKE FOR A CLIENT TO SUCCEED. A COACH CONTENT TO ‘KNOW’ AND NOT ACT IS GOING TO FEEL DISAPPOINTED WITH THEMSELVES AND WONDER WHY. If the true endeavour of life coaching is transformation, then we have to wave bye bye to Kansas and embrace the unexplored path. Only to realize that the path was already walked the moment we conquered our fears and embraced our true potential.


The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013



Promises to Self

A Powerful Road Worth Travelling… AUTHOR KATE HINDMARSH, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student If you feel like you put everyone else before yourself and this just isn’t working for you anymore… Well, there is a better way to a life of fulfilment, meaning and love. Yes we are all doing the best we can with the resources we have. Though, sometimes people are in search for more - perhaps a better way, a purpose, a deeper connection… Well the list goes on and on and at the core of this search lays self-truth. That’s how it was for me, and as Ghandi said,

“Your life is your message.” It was over a seven year period of consciously and unconsciously searching, learning, implementing, growing and surrendering that I came to a point of finally hearing my “message” loud and clear. The journey to this point was significant and I can’t imagine what lay ahead to actually live it out. TO LIVE OUT MY MESSAGE THERE WAS OBVIOUSLY SOME WORK TO BE DONE ON A DEEP LEVEL. Instead of fumbling around in the dark I equipped myself with proven tools from those that had already walked the path and in my eyes succeeded. Up until this point life felt serious and heavy, where I was just “getting through life.” It wasn’t all doom and gloom there were plenty of good times and beautiful friendships made along the way.


Trusting those that had walked the path to a fulfilled life and following their beautiful and at times confronting guidance was absolutely instrumental in me discovering first-hand the infinite potential and power that lay within. AN ENDLESS SOURCE OF LOVE, JOY, PEACE THAT RADIATES FROM WITHIN. A PLACE OF SELFLESSNESS WHERE EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. It is from this place of infinite potential that I pledge to keep my promise to myself to live my message. Once again I have no idea of what lays ahead all I can share is, it is so worth it. So I encourage you to shed and let go of the layers that on the surface appear to keep you safe and find the strength and courage to rid all limiting beliefs, self- sabotage, self-destructive behaviours and negative emotions until you find the infinite potential within. It is such a startling and overwhelming place there will be no question about when you have found it. From this point there is no turning back. Then you are home. Right now, keep a promise to yourself to find and live your self-truth no matter what it takes, believing it is possible and that you are worth it. Then you will be able to serve others and the greater good from a place of abundance and infinite possibility.

Take the journey home.

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Meta Dynamics


Methodology in Coaching AUTHOR SHARON PEARSON, Trainer and Founder of The Coaching Institute I see coaches often ‘circling’ the issue with their client, or not knowing the next question that will move their client forward. Progress is not a conversation; it’s the change that needs to occur, even if the change is simply a change in our thinking. The challenge is in knowing what to do instead of ‘circling’ or seeking more information. META DYNAMICS IS THE METHODOLOGY WHICH ENABLES US TO DEVELOP OUR ABILITY TO ‘READ’ WHICH WAY TO TAKE THE CONVERSATION. It’s based on six main ‘Dimensions of Thinking, which once we become familiar with we can guide the client much faster towards a desired outcome. It helps us understand how our client sees the world and how they think the world sees them.

How we see the world is not with our eyes, we see with our minds. We cannot ‘see’ anything in the world that does not fit into what we are looking for. For example, someone who is convinced everyone is mean and that no one can be trusted will ‘see’ meanness in the person who gets out of the elevator before them, or who pushes in front of them in the queue. They won’t ‘see’ the crying baby, or the harried look on the person’s face. If you chat with a client and realise that their primary desire is to connect, ahead of anything else, they will perceive a room of people differently to someone who is driven by the desire to contribute. The first person will look to ‘fit in’, the second will seek to assist others. The next piece of this is to realise that certain drivers and preferences will lead to certain experiences.

The Dimensions of Thinking


The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

Given we’re working with someone who prefers to connect over all else, they will experience a different reality than someone driven by results. They will seek experiences that correspond to this view. They will seek out people who want to connect ahead of all else. They will not see the contributions of others except for how that helps them fit in with the values and culture of the group they belong to.

If someone is putting ‘Control’ ahead of ‘Creating’ you can question them about their need for control and show them the benefits of focusing on creating and on results.

And anything that challenges or threatens this world view will be rejected, labelled or will not be seen.

One of the models within Meta Dynamics is getting clear on the ‘poundage’ that words have. Words create reality. A ‘low level’ word will create a different perception than a ‘high level’ word.

And this will perpetuate their world view and cause them to remain where they are. SO NOW, LET’S GO TO A COACHING SESSION WITH THIS CLIENT. They say they want to experience more joy in their life. You could coach them on experiencing joy. Or… you could learn that the driver of connection is causing them to sacrifice any drive for success. They are not progressing or growing because they keep putting the group ahead of their desire to get results. They aren’t growing personally and feel empty because of it, but don’t see how staying in a group that plays a small game is the reason for this. SO YOU COULD COACH THEM ON ‘JOY’. OR YOU COULD HELP THEM SEE THAT THEY’RE READY TO REBEL A LITTLE FROM THE GROUP. The joy would be a challenge to experience given their life situation remains unchanged. Once you know the patterns of experience to look and listen for in your client, you can then know the ‘challenge’ to give them in the form of a question or a statement.


They will now progress and grow.

Hierarchy of Experience

For example, ‘survival’ is a much lower word on the Hierarchy of Experience than ‘thriving’. ‘Control’ is a much lower word than ‘Exploration’. The lower the word on the hierarchy, the smaller the perception of the client – smaller, as in, lacking in a functional, useful perception. Their ‘world view’ is limited by the scope of their language.

The ‘bigger’ the language, the


the experience can be.

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LOW LEVEL WORDS      

Control Limits Frozen Static Lack Take


Exploration Forgiveness Creation Possibilities Bring along

BY DOING THIS, YOU HAVE TREMENDOUS INSIGHTS INTO HOW YOUR CLIENT ‘SEES’ THEIR WORLD AND THEREFORE EXPERIENCES IT. By changing their language, you can change their experience of the world, and thus their world view changes. With this change they are now free to experience a different world, of their own creation. Each level of word brings with it different challenges and different opportunities. By helping the client move through the levels, they begin to expand their world view, and become more functional, capable and giving then they were. You are effectively helping them raise their standards.


Take Get Gained Received Provided Given Offered Shared Experienced

WITH THE RISING OF THEIR LANGUAGE, SO RISES THE EMOTIONS THAT ARE ACCESSIBLE. If we look once again at the example of the client who says they want to experience more ‘joy’. At a low level of ‘survival’ this would be a considerable challenge. But if you are able to assist them in moving through the hierarchy from the low level of survival to a higher level word, they will begin to have a higher level of experience of the world – they will ‘see’ a different world – and thus be more able to access different feelings. Meta Dynamics is looking behind the request at what is missing or lacking within the client’s perceptions, helping them to notice the up-untilnow missing piece, expand on it and explore it, until it’s theirs.

This expands their map, which expands their world

Welcome to Meta Dynamics! 9

The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

“I have come alive


with TCI. Let me tell you how…” AUTHOR MICHELLE FURTADO, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

Life coaching never seemed to me like a legitimate career. I always liked the idea but didn’t think it was a way to make decent money. Even though I knew life coaches help people and provide amazing service, I couldn’t see how I could make a living from it. Until I stumbled across TCI. I got to the point with my current job where I started thinking

But also understand that being a unique and different creature, every piece of advice might not work. I modelled my teachers, Joe, Johnnie and Sharon. I modelled my heros, Marie Forleo, Gabriel Bernstein, Tony Robbins. I modelled other TCI students. Some things have worked and others haven’t.


The beauty of modelling is that I can accelerate my own success through learning how the greats have made it. And I believe my results can speak for themselves.

I investigated a few different things and life coaching seemed to stick. So after looking at the various different coaching courses, I rang TCI. I had the most amazing discussion with Katie – in the space of an hour, I signed up to the Advanced Practioner course and enrolled in the Foundations of Success weekend happening in a few days time.

Since my intake in May, I have had two pro-bono clients, started my own coaching business, built up a network with a local BNI chapter, spoke about my business to a local Chamber of Commerce, received referrals AND now have my first paying client. All the while still working full time AND planning a wedding!

So I literally went from undecided to enrolled and immersed in the space of four days.

What’s next for me is organising a seminar for a group of ladies around my local area. I’m also concentrating on more speaking engagements – it’s the best way to spread the good word.

At my intake weekend, I upgraded to a Diploma. Realising the huge value I would get out of the Diploma course but also believing in my own abilities to make a comfortable lifestyle as a coach meant that upgrading was an easy decision. I had the support of my fiancé, my family and my friends – as well as the full support of the TCI community. I believe that you should listen to and absorb all the information and advice you can. If it’s worked for someone else, it might work for you.


Without a doubt, TCI has changed my life. They have shown me the door, given me the key and support me all the way. I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved on my journey so far and I know that it’s just the beginning.

Think big, take action and be successful.

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So many coaches these days are amazingly passionate about what they do. And if you are reading this, you are too! To really succeed as a coach, ‘coaching’ becomes a part of who you are. What that means is that you are continuously committed to your own personal development and through that, you are the light to show others how to do the same. One of the best personal development journeys you can go on is one of running your own business. Who we must become, to see value in ourselves so that someone else can see value in themselves, is nothing short of amazing. And what better product to sell than an experience that changes someone’s life for the better! In the 90 day challenge we have put together the steps that are needed for you to succeed. Once you have the steps, the only thing standing in-between you and your success… is you ;) Join the challenge by emailing your goals and why you are awesome to the

Here’s to your success! Matt ( Mr Movember) Lavars from the WOW Team (Student Support)


The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

MasterMind Business Success Summit MASTERMIND MATTERS

AUTHOR NATASHA POMFRET, MasterMind Mentor What a massive week the Masterinders had with a truly stellar gathering of such a diverse array of brilliant entrepreneurs.

Twelve world class thinkers from such varied backgrounds, all coming together to share their insights, learnings and successes with us thanks to Sharon. I truly love the high quality challenges I get as a Mastermind mentor. This month's challenge, condense 40 hours of sensational content into one article. I thought I typed a lot, well heartfelt thanks to Chantelle Duffield for her 43 pages of summary notes she shared with the group!!!


Along with an additional 8 pages of posts of gratitude and thanks and what other Masterminders took from the week and I'm set to write a thesis! SO FOR THE HIGH D'S THAT LIKE TO GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT; I'LL KEEP IT SHORT, "GET IN THE F#KING ROOM!" For those that care to read on, may I share my gratitude to my fellow Masterminders for so beautifully sharing their key takeouts each day for the rest of the group, I humbly love and appreciate how you share Sharon's ethos of paying it forward. That's what we're all about right? Teach someone to teach someone else and the ripples will flow abundantly!

Feel free to share this with your friends, family, colleague… anyone who might find its content useful

If you can articulate it you can own it, if you keep your knowledge within you've learnt nothing. Thanks to my MasterMind buddies and their posts, I thought I'd share a couple of examples of the conversations that go on in the private Mastermind page for those curious about joining the Mastermind Round Table Program. There's only 50 places available, well it looks like over half of the places have already been taken (I bagged #1!) THESE ARE THE TYPE OF CONVERSATIONS AND CONTRIBUTIONS WE LIVE FOR. Seriously no fence sitters, beautiful souls, high quality conversations filled with gratitude and intense curiosity at what more can we bring. My thanks to all who shared, apologies I couldn’t include them all!

Deborah Kleinert “I had the privilege of attending all five days and bought along a BNI colleague for days 4 and 5. I loved how the summit covered every key aspect of a business, from Mindset (Sharon, Peter, Genevieve & others), Marketing (Bernadette) Branding (Ilse), Sales (Sharon, Fiona & Kerwin), Product (Emma & Tom and Carolyn), Strategy (Sarina), Leadership (Alison & Sharon) Culture and Innovation (Sharon), Technology (Adam), Wealth (Julio) and the list goes on…

The five days has provided me with further clarity on what I need to improve (the gaps) and focus on in my business for 2014.

KEY TAKE-OUTS ARE:  Tips on how to headline in your copy from Bernadette,  Julio’s wealth tips – STOP CHASING INCOME, START CHASING ASSETS, take responsibility for asking better questions, always hire people better than you, every success you have celebrate hard, look for certainty NOT from those that don’t know.  Loved Peter’s project 365 – every day showing up to the best version of me and to focus on the little things – knowing people’s names and how well do you know the people that work for you.  Fiona – Train every day to bridge the gap and develop the muscle of giving feedback to ourselves; DON’T SHRINK THE SIZE OF DREAMS TO MATCH REALITY.  Ilse – don’t build a business, build a brand, respect your brand and there is power in grace, experience, talents, gifts and service – Key resources (Moments of Truth by Jan Carlzon) and New Ideas from Dead CEO’s by Jod G Buchholz).  Sales (Sharon) - ALWAYS KNOW WHERE THE CONVERSATION IS ON THE HIERARCHY OF IDEAS and respond appropriately using the models (don’t get caught up in the details).  Kerwin – Loved the Psychology behind 'herd mentality' and how this relates to Sales and the system for eliciting the prospects core problem and ideal result. Absolute Gold!  Sarina – Keep your emotions in check and never compromise your values and principles, engage partners who share the dream, LISTEN HARD TO THE CUSTOMER.  Genevieve’s key mindset tips – embrace uncertainty, gratitude and appreciation, say yes and work out how, just do that, come from heart space, give not get, think not remember, learn, do, teach, no failure only feedback, perspective, my certainty must exceed my doubt, daily intention to move forwards.”


The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

Peter Berketa "Absolutely fantastic Summit. Thank you Sharon, Ananda, Sentha and crew for everything you did for the Masterminders that attended. The amazing speakers were all different with their own stories but the messages were the same as Sharon has been repeating to us every time we have met – CLARITY OF VISION, STICKING TO YOUR VALUES NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENING AND ENSURING YOUR EMPLOYEES HAVE SAME VALUES, PERSISTENCE, RESILIENCE, SAYING "NO" WHEN PEOPLE TRY TO CHANGE YOUR VISION AND THE QUICKER YOU MAKE YOUR MISTAKES THE SOONER YOU'LL BECOME SUCCESSFUL. Anyone who didn't attend missed an incredible opportunity to hear and learn from the great sessions over the last 5 days. I'm very grateful to TCI for allowing me and fellow Masterminders to attend this summit. Thank you again to all those at TCI that made this happen." Absolute heartfelt gratitude and thanks to SP for rocking the cosmos, Ananda for selecting such fine presenters, Diego, Ross and Andrew for crewing and of course our magnificent facilitator Sentha.

Really appreciate how much time, love and effort goes into putting on an event like this . Beautiful!


“What an amazing week of incredible value. Value to us all attending and sharing together, and the ripple effect and flow on to all we serve will amplify the impact of this far beyond the Mastermind room. I feel privileged to have been in the room and I cannot express in words my thanks to Sharon and the TCI team.” SIMON DONOHOE “As a guest experiencing TCI for the first time, this Mastermind Summit has been an absolutely awesome experience. Being a student of a fantastically gifted TCI coach has greatly enhanced the take-out from the speakers and I’m super charged to go back and step up as a leader for my team and clients. Can’t wait to share the knowledge and give this gift to others and encourage everyone to be the best they can be, every day. Thank you!” SHARON HILL “A huge thank you to SP and her team for organising a most inspiring and awesome five days of Mastermind Summit. The choice of presenters was fantastic, providing their wealth of knowledge and experience in living their lives as business entrepreneurs. They were all great evidence of how the opportunity for everyone is available if passion, persistence and integrity are present. I am very grateful and appreciate the opportunity to be in the room. Thank you!” CAROL VELARDO

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Is the


Mission worth it? AUTHOR KYLE BIRKET from the Dream Team (Marketing)

Firstly let’s just get this straight; the mission is always worth it. Always has. Always will. IT’S WORTH ALL THE HARD WORK. IT’S WORTH ALL THE TEARS. IT’S WORTH THE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. Have you ever tried approaching a project without a clear mission? I’m sure that you quickly came to a point where a difficult decision had to be made. What criteria did you make that decision on? Was it a simple whim? Or was it the easiest option? I hope that it was on the best possible outcome for the vision and the mission, incorporating sustainability, longevity and scalability. But unfortunately most of the time it isn’t... As coaches, mentors and leaders we are undoubtedly passionate people. This is a job and a life of love. We do this because we care about our clients and we dedicate our lives to creating amazing outcomes for other people. But a life built on love can be difficult to sustain, the main reason I find is that you can’t possibly love “mediocrely”. It’s not possible and it certainly isn’t a “sometimes” state. For this reason we must be switched on and “turned up” at all times, bringing consistency and unbiased love to every person we meet. Now for some this is a challenge, but for others it’s easy to maintain… It’s these people that we should model. Achieving clarity on your vision and mission is not always easy. But if you follow structures and systems you can share the importance of a values driven culture and the structures used to uphold that.

Let’s look at Sharon’s ESIP model.



ENVIRONMENT The outcome we want to achieve; the purpose of the outcome; the thinking; the mindset; the standards and the attitude we need to bring to achieve the outcome.

STRUCTURE What we need to achieve the outcome in terms of systems, repetitive behaviours; categories of focus; and what the benchmark of success would be.

IMPLEMENTATION The actions we need to take to achieve the outcome; how this compares to the ideal benchmark we have established, so we can constantly track, check and adjust our trajectory.

PEOPLE Who needs to be involved; how they need to be involved; how they are developing themselves with their coach to achieve the desired outcome.


The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

Starting every conversation and basing every decision on the Environment becomes so much easier when the other three categories are taken care of. Sure structure is developed to increase the flow of implementation but most importantly it’s to ensure that the Environment it taken care of. Without the certainty that structure provides, the environment cannot be consistent. WITH A GREAT CULTURE AND A STABLE ENVIRONMENT COMES POSSIBILITY. Possibility emerges when people have time and the mental capacity to expand on the current situation. Possibility is what creates the perfect hum and the devotion to growth. If there is no environment for possibility, why would people improve, why would they seek out a better way. Over the last couple of months TCI has learnt this the hard way - there is always a better way, but we were unable to see it because we weren’t searching for possibility. Once we took a step back, ignored the day-to-day and brought ourselves back up to “mission” it was astounding the number of possibilities that presented. This is why the mission is so important. Once you realize it there’s no ignoring its effect on your success. Now that I know this I will always fight for the possibility and turn it into my amazing reality.


AUTHOR TANYA STEWART Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

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In May this year my partner David & I walked the Camino de Santiago. It was around the same time I started my coaching journey. Reflecting back I wonder if the Camino helped my coaching or did my coaching help my Camino journey. Below are some extracts from my journal… FRESH FACED AND SO NAIVE What is the difference between a walking holiday and a pilgrimage? The answer is very personal and is different for everyone but you will know when your walking holiday changes into a pilgrimage. The change may be small- a lightness of step, or large - a fundamental shift in how you perceive the world. But I think it would be impossible to walk the Camino and come away unchanged. Let go of the safety of the familiar and dive into the unknown. DAY ONE Day one done and dusted and I can honestly say I have never been so grateful to see a church. The Monastery at Roncesvalles was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. Lots of doubt and questioning over what propelled us to take on this journey. Was it an inner voice questioning our purpose or was it for ‘shits and giggles’? One thing is certain after the journey things will never be the same!!!! How many people have walked before us, what was their motivation; will we find what we are searching for. The path in front of us is like life, it changes daily, sometimes easy, sometimes hard, but always stretching out in front offering possibilities, challenges, rewards and obstacles. DAY THREE Inspiration comes in many forms. For David and me, meeting an amazing couple from Constance in Germany was ours. Both 70 years of age, they spend half their year in India finding children in need of sponsorship and the other half of the year raising the sponsorship money. They inspired us to be better, to be more, to give more and to demand more of ourselves. DAY TEN There has been many discussions on the weight of peoples backpack and what's in them. And like in life everyone wants and needs are different. But it makes you think......Is there "stuff" weighing you down, "stuff that you could get rid of to make your journey lighter? Life Lesson!! Get rid of anything that no longer serves you; it will way you down and eventually break you… DAY SIXTEEN We are half way! OMG I can’t believe it we are half way. What a feeling! To be really honest, up to now I didn't know how I would make it. I just knew I would walk into Santiago after 5 weeks with David and bask in the glory of having achieved something amazing together.


The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

DAY TWENTY SEVEN Breaking point today. I walked on by will power alone. We walked 32km. So what makes you walk on? Fear of failure? The need to succeed? To push yourself beyond where you have been before? I don’t the answer I can only say though I threw a tanty and told David I couldn't go on but at no point did I think of giving up. In my mind was Santiago and even if I had to crawl into Santiago I was going to make it. It wasn't about being brave or courageous it was about knowing in every fibre of my body that if I didn't complete the pilgrimage I would never believe in myself… DAY THIRTY TWO Nearly there. The Camino may come to an end at Santiago but what we have learnt has changed us and will stay with us for a life time. “The Way” is said to mimic life. The symbolisation of the arrows - your direction; your back pack - the emotional baggage you carry; and the blisters - the events or circumstances that test you… On the path of life which arrows do you follow? To whom or what do we look for orientation? Do you follow random arrows or do you follow someone else's arrows? Or do you paint your own arrows, setting your own path? Listen to your heart it knows the way, have courage to follow the path until the next arrow appears. DAY THIRTY FOUR Epic day...... planned to walk a simple 20km creeping up on Santiago instead the plan was slightly amended and we pushed through to complete 36km to leave ourselves 4km tomorrow to skip into Santiag.... I say the learning is in the journey not the destination… We have shared the load of the journey and have supported and encouraged each other to ensure that we both run, skip and dance our way into Santiago tomorrow. We have met some amazing people with equally amazing stories. We have made some lifelong friends... I would like to say thank you to our friends for their support and words of encouragement along the way. Lastly I hope we have inspired you to chase whatever dream you have… I urge anyone reading this to take time to discover what's important for you in life and then run with it. DAY THIRTY NINE Well after 35 days on the Camino and 4 days and nights in various airports we made it back home… and the next part of our journey begins. Taking what we learnt and discovered about ourselves and each other we hope to create a business and life that will assist others to dream, discover and excel. Buen Camino!


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The Importance


of Making this Journey Your Own AUTHOR DARCY SMYTH from the WOW Team (Student Support)

From the youngest of ages you were destined to follow. The first people you copied and modelled were likely your parents or caretakers, and they provided for you a compass on how to interact with the amazing world that surrounded you (and still does, by the way). This is perhaps the most well-drilled strategy you ran before you realised that there is in fact a different way to be, and that not all people grow up in the same environment with access to similar resources. Up until this fact is realised, I can honestly say it is not only acceptable, but recommended that you followed those around you. They taught you how to be and assisted to nurture you into something that closely resembles their depiction of appropriate human behaviour, but there comes a time when you must break the shackles of relying on others beliefs, limits and values to shape the vision for our own future. THERE COMES A TIME WHEN YOU MUST CHALLENGE YOUR OWN MAP AROUND SUCCESS AND WHO YOU MODELLED THESE BELIEFS FROM. THERE COMES A TIME WHEN YOU MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON. THERE COMES A TIME WHEN YOU TRULY REALISE THE IMPORTANCE OF MAKING THIS JOURNEY YOUR OWN.

Decide now what it is that you truly want, and if this is difficult for you then you are most likely living someone else’s dream for them. The greatest advice I ever received was that…

‘you might as well be yourself, because everyone else is already taken’ …and after hearing this results in all areas of my life became so much more positive. I chose to create my own vision, I chose to decide what it was I really wanted, I chose to make this journey my own.



The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

Money Moments


2 Quick Steps to Automate Your Financial Success AUTHOR MICHELLE CRONER, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student If you are anything like me, one of the big reasons you signed up with TCI was the possibility of amassing great sums of wealth. CERTAINLY, MAKING MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE AND NEVER HAVING TO HAVE A JOB AGAIN WOULD APPEAL TO MOST PEOPLE AND HERE AT TCI THERE ARE A NUMBER OF US WHO ARE REALLY LIVING THAT DREAM. BUT HOW DO WE ENSURE THAT OUR NEWFOUND WEALTH IS GOING TO SERVE US LONG INTO THE FUTURE? Even when we are just starting out, I know that some of the, yes perhaps more mundane, decisions we need to make is what do we do with our money when we do get a paying client or two.

The reality is that we need a plan. Without a plan for what to do with our finances, our human behaviour tends to default to one of three things. We either  Spend too much,  Spend too little, or  Spend all we have. If our pay goes up substantially, something in our brain goes click and all of a sudden, our lifestyles have improved to take up the slack.


There’s an old English proverb which states,

“If money be not thy servant,

it will be thy master.” So in amongst all of your readings on success and coaching and mindset and business, to really prepare for your success, it is absolutely essential to reserve some of your brainwork for thinking about money. Here’s a few simple things that you can do straight off the bat to begin to prepare for your financial success. If you do these things now, then part of your business will already be automated. This means that every time you get a pay rise, you will already have a system for making sure that your money is going where it should.

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HERE’S WHAT TO DO: STEP 1 Open up a new bank account from which to run your business. You can usually add another account to your existing account without incurring extra account-keeping fees by making it interest-only. The reason that you want to do this is so that you can keep your personal income and expenses separate from your business income and expenses. When you are making a lot of money you will need to have this in place for your accountant. Until you are getting paid, just transfer some money into this account periodically and pay all business-related expenses out of this one. Another benefit of this is that it makes it really easy to keep track of how much you are spending on your business because all of the information will be on the bank statement. STEP 2 Begin the habit of spending less than you earn. You can’t become wealthy with either of the other habits, and you can begin this now regardless of the financial situation you find yourself in. Here’s how to do it. Open up another separate bank account and regularly deposit a set amount of money into it and never ever spend it. When you have accumulated about $20 000 or so then you’ll need a book on investment. But until then, don’t spend it even on something you have been wanting for ages because that will just dump you right back into the category of spending what you earn. To determine how much to put into the account, the general rule is to make it 10% of your income. If you don’t think that is possible right now, then pick a number because you can always increase it later. The important thing is the habit so set up a periodic direct deposit and away you go. Now that you have these two things automated in your business, you are free to go and play with all of the coaching stuff and spend less time worrying


Coach and Connect is our renowned collaboration space for coaches and mentors alike. Every month the coaches of each state get together and share experiences and insights focussing around a guest speaker. This month Melbourne is in for a TREAT! JOE PANE - Much loved senior trainer for TCI, will be hosting December’s Coach and Connect! He’ll be presenting “Life is not Personal How to Get Over Yourself Fast” Which as the name suggests is perfect for anyone struggling to take the next step and dive head first past Mini Me (Ego).

VENUE: The Coaching Institute HQ, Suite 40, 37-39 Albert Rd, Melbourne, VIC 3004. DATE: 16th December 2013, networking from 6:30pm and Joe Pane from 7:00pm. Register today to reserve your seat! Email

Check the Calendar for our other Coach & Connect Events throughout Australia: HTTP://WWW.THECOACHINGINSTITUTE. COM.AU/COURSE-SCHEDULES

about the money side of things – enjoy!


The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

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The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013

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The Successful Coach Magazine | Issue #2 | December 2013


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