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Most of what shapes a breaking wave happens beneath the surface. Every spitting barrel or symmetrical A-frame is formed by an array of factors that often go unseen from shore: the speed of the swell, the shape and slope of the seafloor, the push or pull of tide or current. It’s not something most surfers think about much—especially not when we’re taking a brief glimpse at the water and then suiting up as fast as

we can. But being aware of those hidden forces has some real and practical benefit: Once they’re out in the water, the people on the waves of the day are usually the ones who understand what’s taking place below the bright sheen of the surface. They’re not only watching sets stand up on the horizon, but also staying constantly attuned to where they are on the reef and how the water is moving around their feet.

Beneath the Surface In the world of commerce, there’s a similar divide between above and below. From tap-to-pay systems in stores to monetized social media that can lead you to a checkout option in seconds, we’re conditioned to act on surface image and split-second impulse, with little thought given to what shaped or formed the product we’re purchasing. Even a T-shirt or a pair of boardshorts has a longer backstory to it, however, and most of the details tend to be kept well out of sight. At Patagonia, the buy-more-thinkless paradigm is something that we’re working to challenge and change.


We think it’s important for people to look deeper and ask questions about what they’re buying: What’s it made of? Who made it and were those people treated fairly? Where are the profits going? Will it fall apart or will it last for years? Behind the scenes, we’re always striving to build the best and most innovative products we can. For Patagonia Surf, that means durable, purposeful gear that performs flawlessly in the ocean. But how those products were manufactured is just as important, and we hope our approach inspires our customers—and other companies—to look beneath the surface whenever they can.

Cover: A temporary sculpture in King Neptune’s gallery of the sea. New South Wales, Australia. Ray Collins Right: Perspective is everything: Dan Ross slotted in the crystal waters of Cloudbreak, Fiji. Al Mackinnon


Trusted Trunks Now made from 100% recycled nylon with 50+ UPF sun protection, our Wavefarer® Boardshorts are light, quick-drying and tough enough to take a run-in with the reef. Imported.

We make all of our boardshorts and bikinis in Fair Trade Certified™ facilities. It’s one of the ways we’re helping change our industry for the better while supporting the workers who build our gear. Learn more at

Patch Pocket Wavefarer® Boardshorts - 20"

Wavefarer® Boardshorts - 19"

$69.00 I 86661 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

$69.00 I 86622 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

There’s a right tool for every job. Reo Stevens racks up tube time on a wind-whipped morning at Cloudbreak, Fiji. Stu Johnson


Stretch Boardshorts Fine-tuned for comfort and freedom of movement, our stretch trunks are built with durable, lightweight fabrics that thrive in the water and dry fast between surfs. All styles except the Volley Shorts offer 50+ UPF sun protection. Imported.

Most Technical Our highest-performance boardshorts; made from superlight 100% recycled polyester with low-drag waistband, pocket and hem Stretch Hydro Planing Boardshorts - 21" $89.00 I 86563 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

Most Versatile An all-around performance design for surfing, bodysurfing and warm-weather wear; made from superlight 100% recycled polyester Stretch Planing Boardshorts - 20" $79.00 I 86611 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

Most Minimal Our most stripped-down boardshorts, designed for travel and bodysurfing; made from superlight 100% recycled polyester Light & VariableÂŽ Boardshorts - 18" $59.00 I 86690 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit


The Classic with Stretch A stretchier version of our classic Wavefarer® Boardshorts; made from 95% nylon (65% recycled)/5% spandex Stretch Wavefarer® Boardshorts - 21" $69.00 I 86543 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

The Classic with Curve Influenced by designs of decades past, with a scalloped hem for ease of motion through the leg; made from 95% nylon (65% recycled)/5% spandex Scallop Hem Stretch Wavefarer® Boardshorts - 18" $69.00 I 86731 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

The Classic Volley Our adaptable Wavefarer® fabric in an unlined volley-shorts design; made from 95% nylon (65% recycled)/5% spandex Stretch Wavefarer® Volley Shorts - 17" $69.00 I 86510 I XS-XXL I Regular fit


Stretch Hydro Planing Boardshorts - 21"

Stretch Planing Boardshorts - 20"

$89.00 I 86563

$79.00 I 86611

Stretch Wavefarer速 Volley Shorts - 17" $69.00 I 86510

Stretch Planing Boardshorts - 20"

Stretch Planing Boardshorts - 20"

$79.00 I 86611

$79.00 I 86611

Wavefarer速 Boardshorts - 19" $69.00 I 86622

Patch Pocket Wavefarer速 Boardshorts - 20"

Stretch Planing Boardshorts - 20"

$69.00 I 86661

$79.00 I 86611

Wavefarer速 Boardshorts - 19" $69.00 I 86622


A diverse range of lengths and styles for Patch Pocket Wavefarer® Boardshorts - 20" $69.00 I 86661

almost any ocean activity, all Fair Trade Certified™ sewn.

Stretch Hydro Planing Boardshorts - 21" $89.00 I 86563

Light & Variable® Boardshorts - 18" $59.00 I 86690

Stretch Wavefarer® Volley Shorts - 17"

Scallop Hem Stretch Wavefarer ® Boardshorts - 18"

$69.00 I 86510

$69.00 I 86731

Stretch Wavefarer® Boardshorts - 21" $69.00 I 86543

Stretch Planing Boardshorts - 20"

Patch Pocket Wavefarer® Boardshorts - 20"

$79.00 I 86611

$69.00 I 86661

all styles imported


“This is a remote and fickle sandbank that comes and goes,” says Greg Long, “and pursuing its perfect moments can be a frustrating endeavor, as they’re so fleeting. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. We wouldn’t have the full capacity to enjoy something had we never experienced the opposite at some point. This wasn’t the biggest or best barrel of my life, but it’s one that will be etched into my memory forever.” Ant Fox



Hybrid Shorts Our multifunctional hybrids fuse lightweight boardshort fabrics with walk-short outlines for all-day wear, letting them move effortlessly from salt water to solid ground. Imported.

Fair Trade Certified™ sewn means we pay a premium directly to workers for every garment made. The premiums can be allocated as cash, used for a collective social investment, or both.


Wavefarer® Stand Up Shorts® - 20"

Stretch Wavefarer® Walk Shorts - 20"

MOC Hybrid Shorts - 21"

$69.00 I 86587 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 Regular fit

$69.00 I 86641 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 Regular fit

$79.00 I 86740 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 Regular fit

You go your way, I’ll go mine. Reo Stevens and a blacktip reef shark cross paths in French Polynesia. Melissa Mahoney


Line Logo Badge LoPro Trucker Hat

RØ® Long-Sleeved Sun Hoody

$29.00 I 38181 I Low crown

$69.00 I 86160 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

R1® Lite Yulex® Long-Sleeved Top

Stretch All-Wear Hybrid Shorts - 18"

$129.00 I 88463 I S-XXL I Formfitting

$69.00 I 86735 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

Stretch Planing Boardshorts - 20" $79.00 I 86611 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit


Fitz Roy Bear Trucker Hat

Stretch Terre Planing Hoody

$29.00 I 38200 I Mid crown

$119.00 I 86186 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

RØ® Sun Tee

Limited Edition Opihi Man Organic Pocket T-Shirt

$45.00 I 86175 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

$39.00 I 39196 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

Hybrid Pocket Responsibili-Tee®

Stretch Hydro Planing Boardshorts - 21"

$39.00 I 52675 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

$89.00 I 86563 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

Scallop Hem Stretch


Boardshorts - 18"

$69.00 I 86731 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

all styles imported


Tide Ride Lightweight Crew Sweatshirt

Up & Out Roger That Hat

$49.00 I 39532 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

$29.00 I 38205 I Mid crown

Flying Fish Organic T-Shirt

Tezzeron Jacket

$35.00 I 39145 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

$129.00 I 27786 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit

Baggiesâ„¢ Shorts - 5"

Squeaky Clean Polo

$55.00 I 57021 I XS-XXL I Relaxed fit

$59.00 I 52776 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

all styles imported

All-Wear Shorts - 8" $59.00 I 57675 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit


Fitz Roy Scope Lightweight Full-Zip Hoody

Shop Sticker Patch LoPro Trucker Hat

$89.00 I 39529 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

$29.00 I 38182 I Low crown

Line Logo Badge


$35.00 I 39045 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

Malihini Pataloha® Shirt $89.00 I 52561 I XXS-XXL I Slim fit

Baggies™ Naturals

Lightweight All-Wear Hemp Shorts - 6"

$59.00 I 58055 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

$59.00 I 57756 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

Arbor Pack 26L $99.00 I 47956 I 618 g (1 lb 5.8 oz)



“I’ve always especially liked surfing on cloudy, overcast days,” remembers Léa Brassy of this session in French Polynesia. “Often, in those quiet sessions, the two worlds of air and water tend to become one, and the surface becomes a more penetrable boundary. Those days I open my eyes underwater and clearly see the motion of the waves and the relief of the coral beneath.” Ben Thouard


Strong Suit Using innovative stay-put linings that offer outstanding slip resistance, we developed our Nanogrip bikinis for pinnacle performance in breaking surf. Imported.

High neckline for additional coverage; interlaced back straps rest away from the neck and can be cinched down tight

Soft and durable body fabric is made from 83% recycled polyester with 17% spandex for stretch Low-rise, banded waist sits straight across the hips for a secure fit

Blended microfiber lining holds snug to the skin when wet and helps keep the suit in place in turbulent water

Choosing Fair Trade sends more money back to factory workers, but it goes beyond that: It ensures that factories adhere to Fair Trade USA’s comprehensive standards for safe and healthy working conditions. See for more.


Nanogrip Nireta Top

Nanogrip Nireta Bottoms

$75.00 I 77285 I XS-XL

$69.00 I 72230 I XXS-XL

When up and over is the only way out: LĂŠa Brassy ejects from the end section over a shallow French Polynesian reef. Vincent Colliard


We started making Fair Trade Certified™ swimwear a year ago, with almost 1,000 workers benefiting to date. It’s a small but significant part of our larger Fair Trade initiative, which has now grown to include over 500 styles and impacts over 32,000 workers in eight countries who receive support beyond their regular wages.


Kupala Top

Reversible Seaglass Bay Bottoms

$65.00 I 77192 I XS-XL

$59.00 I 72235 I XXS-XL

Reversible Seaglass Bay Top $65.00 I 77290 I XS-XL

Paries Bottoms

Bottom Turn Top

Nanogrip Side Tie Bottoms

$59.00 I 77232 I XXS-XL

$65.00 I 77198 I XS-XL

$69.00 I 72201 I XXS-XL

Nanogrip Triangle Top

Side Tie Bottoms

Reversible Cutback Top

$75.00 I 77265 I XS-XL

$59.00 I 72225 I XXS-XL

$65.00 I 77241 I XS-XL

Reversible Cutback Bottoms

Reversible Cutback Top

Sunamee Bottoms

$59.00 I 72220 I XXS-XL

$65.00 I 77241 I XS-XL

$59.00 I 72157 I XXS-XL

Nanogrip Nireta Top

Solid Sunamee Bottoms

Solid Nanogrip Top

$75.00 I 77285 I XS-XL

$55.00 I 72142 I XXS-XL

$69.00 I 77256 I XS-XL

Sunamee Bottoms

Solid Kupala Top

Nanogrip Bottoms

$59.00 I 72157 I XXS-XL

$55.00 I 77187 I XS-XL

$69.00 I 72215 I XXS-XL

all styles imported


Surf and Swim From mix-and-match bikinis to playful yet secure one-pieces, all of our women’s swimsuits are made to meet the many demands of an ocean-focused life. Imported.

At its heart, Fair Trade is about taking practical steps to build a more equitable global economy—one in which every member of the human family is treated with respect. We were the first company to make all of our boardshorts and swimsuits in Fair Trade Certified™ facilities, and we’ve now invested to help 15 separate factories earn the certification—making it easier for other companies to join in. One-Piece Nireta Swimsuit $149.00 I 77310 I XS-XL


Looking for fun and “eeling” groovy: Léa Brassy explores a freshwater spring in French Polynesia. Vincent Colliard


Just Gotta Commit Excerpted from Liz Clark’s memoir, Swell: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening

Offshore winds rip over the stacked swell lines, blowing water droplets off the wave faces into hovering rainbows as the lips pitch and arc into glorious indigo barrels. My eyes bulge as the quiet girl with long, brown hair and a slender, athletic body drives gracefully through another deep tube and shoots out right in front of me.

“Yew!” I holler from the shoulder. “That was unreal!” She shrugs it off. “Thanks,” she says softly, “but you can totally do it, too. You surf well. You just gotta commit early and swoop in behind it.” “I don’t know,” I mumble, following her back up the reef. I have tried hard to master tube­ riding, but I’m still inconsistent. I have moments when everything comes together but I lack confidence, which often makes the difference between making the drop or getting pitched over the falls. I have learned a lot about falling, though—like how to “starfish” underwater, cover my head, and just relax to decrease my chances of hitting the sharp coral. I can’t count how many times I’ve hit the reef. My legs, feet, and back are scarred with reminders. I paddle for my next wave, get in early, and do some turns, but when it warps into a hollow section with jagged exposed reef sticking up only feet from the impact zone, I kick out like usual. Frustrated, I paddle back toward the lineup again, knowing I’m still missing out on the holy grail of surfing. 26

The hard work pays off: Liz threads through a playful South Pacific reef pass right. Tahui Tufaimea

Kepi is a natural—smooth, powerful, stylish, and poised. She uproots my prior ideas of what a woman is capable of doing on a wave. Her reserve intimidated me when I first arrived in the bay, but since we both surf in the early mornings before the crowds, we’ve gotten to know each other. She was raised in California and Kauai, chose this South Pacific paradise over a high-profile surfing career, married a local surfer, and has two beautiful kids. I dig her simple, unassuming style. The swell keeps pouring in over the next week. Not too big, not too small, offshore winds, and just the right angle to produce flawless wave cylinders. I have no excuses not to step it up. We meet at the peak after she drops her kids at school. I study her every movement. Little by little I gain more confidence. “Go!” my tube guru encourages. “Are you sure? I’m not too deep?” I hesitate. “No, you’re good. You got it. Just paddle,” she affirms. Finally, it happens: a breakthrough. I start trusting myself and the wave. Instead of jumping into the face or closing my eyes when it looks like it’s going to close out, I hold my line. I get clipped here and there, but falling inside the tube isn’t as scary as I had imagined. I start to feel where to slow down, find the pocket, and then all I have to do is hang on while the lip falls around me and I shoot for the light. “See?” Kepi cheers as I come flying out of one. “You’ve got it!”


Lightweight Responsibili-Tee™ Cover-Up

Micro Swell Rashguard

$45.00 I 58350 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$85.00 I 71871 I XS-XL I Formfit ting

Solid Nanogrip Triangle Top

Solid Sunamee Bottoms

$69.00 I 77260 I XS-XL I Formfit ting

$55.00 I 72142 I XXS-XL I Formfit ting

Reversible Cutback Bottoms

Wavefarer® Boardshorts - 5"

$59.00 I 72220 I XXS-XL I Formfit ting

$59.00 I 76598 I 0-14/even I Regular fit

Market Tote $29.00 I 59280


Pastel P-6 Label Midweight Crew Sweatshirt

Pastel P-6 Label Layback Trucker Hat

$59.00 I 39535 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$29.00 I 38198 I Low crown

Skeg Set Organic Scoop T-Shirt (back view shown)

Lost Wildflower Dress

$35.00 I 39190 I XS-XL I Slim fit

$129.00 I 58395 I XS-XL I Slim fit

Ahnya Shorts

all styles imported

$45.00 I 57895 I XS-XL I Regular fit


Bajadas Hoody

June Lake Dress

$129.00 I 27280 I XS-XL I Slim fit

$99.00 I 58390 I XS-XL I Regular fit

Shallow Seas 3/4-Sleeved Top

Tallowood Top

$59.00 I 53070 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$65.00 I 77275 I XS-XL I Formfit ting

Island Hemp Baggies™ Shorts

Reversible Cutback Bottoms

$39.00 I 57030 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$59.00 I 72220 I XXS-XL I Formfit ting

all styles imported


Lightweight A/C® Tee

P-6 Logo LoPro Trucker Hat

$49.00 I 54350 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$29.00 I 38016 I Low crown

Low Tide Sweater

Mainstay Tee

$89.00 I 50690 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$39.00 I 52980 I XS-XL I Regular fit

Edge Win Joggers

Stand Up Shorts®

$119.00 I 55715 I 0-14/even I Regular fit

$59.00 I 58160 I 0-14/even I Regular fit

Limited Edition Pataloha™ Market Tote $29.00 I 59285


Along for the Ride We place the same demands on our everyday basics as we do on our most technical styles: They should last for years, feel good to wear and help you get after the fun wherever it might be found. Imported.

Our much-loved Baggies are now made with recycled nylon. Like polyester, nylon is a petroleum product—so by shifting to a recycled fabric, we can reduce emissions and lessen our use of petroleum to make raw materials.


Tide Ride Organic Tank

Barely Baggies™ Shorts

Flying Fish Organic Scoop T-Shirt

Baggies™ Shorts

$29.00 I 39193 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$55.00 I 57043 I XXS-XL I Slim fit

$35.00 I 39189 I XS-XL I Slim fit

$55.00 I 57058 I XXS-XL I Relaxed fit

Fun is highly infectious and often transmitted through seawater. Belinda Baggs catches a bad case somewhere along the Great Ocean Road. Victoria, Australia. Jarrah Lynch



Men’s and Women’s Tees T-shirts are some of the simplest items in your travel pack, but that doesn’t make them any less essential. From daylong missions to blue-water crossings, they’re staple equipment on any trip that’s worth its salt. Imported.

The ocean is always downstream, and that’s one of the reasons we’ve used only organic cotton in our cotton products since 1996. Unlike conventional cotton farming that relies on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, organic farming uses nature-based solutions to manage pests and build healthy soil.

Men’s Flying Fish Organic T-Shirt $35.00 I 39145 I Slim fit

Women’s Fitz Roy Bear Organic Scoop T-Shirt $35.00 I 39188 I Slim fit

Men’s Up & Out Organic T-Shirt $35.00 I 39156 I Slim fit

Women’s Skeg Set Organic Scoop T-Shirt (back view shown) $35.00 I 39190 I Slim fit

Men’s Repair Is Radical Organic T-Shirt $35.00 I 39153 I Slim fit

Women’s Pastel P-6 Logo Organic Crew T-Shirt $35.00 I 39079 I Regular fit

Men’s Tide Ride Organic T-Shirt $35.00 I 39155 I Slim fit

Women’s Live Simply ® Sleeping Out Organic V-Neck T-Shirt $35.00 I 39185 I Regular fit

Liz Clark tunes up Swell’s motor before heading out on a stormy, three-day passage in French Polynesia. Jianca Lazarus



“I often paddle this zone when it’s smaller, so it was good to be out amongst it with some size,” Ben Wilkinson notes of this photo from the North Shore of O’ahu, Hawai’i. “When I was out there the swell was building rapidly, but the conditions were just beautiful. Being out in a one-man canoe in waves like that is a real rush—one mistake and you can say bye-bye to your canoe, and then it’s a long swim in.” Rusty Russell


What’s in a Name? Our new limited edition Pataloha print began with Rell Sunn’s nickname for Yvon Chouinard—Opihi Man. Featuring images of intertidal life framed by fishing and climbing rope, it celebrates our origins as climbers, surfers and nomadic travelers who drew sustenance from both land and sea. Imported.

“Opihi Man” was a reference to the Hawaiian delicacy Rell and Yvon both loved to eat, and to Yvon’s penchant for clinging to steep rocks just as opihi cling to wave-swept shores. In giving him the nickname, she was also giving an affectionate nod to the Ka’au Crater Boys song of the same name.


Men’s Limited Edition Pataloha® Shirt

Women’s Limited Edition Pataloha® Dress

$129.00 I 52550 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit

$99.00 I 58360 I XS-XL I Regular fit

In the islands, aloha shirts are appropriate attire in pretty much any situation. Reo Stevens at home on the North Shore, O’ahu, Hawai’i. Stephen Whitesell



The Pataloha Family Influenced by Hawaiiana but far from traditional, our Pataloha designs celebrate the many colorful places we’ve passed through on our tropical travels. This season, we’ve also added a few new styles for the groms. To see the whole collection, go to Imported.

Through our 1% for the Planet® program, we’ve given over $89 million to grassroots environmental groups working to creative positive change in their own backyards. Now, Patagonia Action Works allows you to connect with our grantees that are active in your local area and to find out what you can do to support their efforts. Go to to get involved.

Men’s Pataloha® Shirt $119.00 I 52566 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit

Girls’ Pataloha® Dress $65.00 I 67245 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

Women’s Pataloha® Dress $129.00 I 59051 I 0-14/even I Slim fit

Baby Pataloha™ Romper $45.00 I 60450 I 6M-5T I Regular fit

Seven-year-old Skai Suitt swings the day away on O’ahu, Hawai’i. Spencer Suitt


Kids’ Surf When you’re 3 feet tall, it’s almost always overhead. So it’s no wonder the smaller shredders want to be at the beach all day long—and comfy, well-built gear helps keep them stoked and smiling till the sun goes down. Imported.

There’s only one world, and it’s not disposable. To us, being a responsible company means we should build things that aren’t disposable, either—in fact, they should be tough enough to be handed down time and again. We work hard to make high-quality products that last for years, and they’re all fully backed by our Ironclad Guarantee.

Kids’ Trucker Hat

Boys’ Capilene® Silkweight Graphic Tee

Kids’ Interstate Hat

$25.00 I 66032 I Adjustable fit

$29.00 I 62452 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

$25.00 I 66010 I Adjustable fit

Girls’ Long-Sleeved Silkweight Rashguard

Boys’ Wavefarer® Boardshorts

Kids’ R2® Yulex® Front-Zip Full Suit

$39.00 I 66320 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

$49.00 I 67817 I 8-18/even I Regular fit

$299.00 I 68900 I 6-14/even Formfit ting

Girls’ Costa Rica



$35.00 I 67087 I XS-XXL I Regular fit


To each his own: Kohl Christensen and Stone Suitt swap surfcraft on the North Shore, O’ahu, Hawai’i. Spencer Suitt




StormfrontÂŽ Roll Top Pack $149.00 I 49226 I 1,171 g (2 lbs 9.3 oz)



Comfortable Carry Fully adjustable, low-profile padded shoulder harness and removable waistbelt; also has haul handle on top


Easy Access Roll-down design with a wide opening for quick packing and unpacking; zippered interior mesh pocket for smaller essentials


Exterior Storage Lash points, rod tube holders and utility cording for attaching additional gear

Keep Gear Dry in a Stormfront There’s always a decent chance of a soaking when you’re out chasing waves or fish. Add in tropical downpours or an hour of beating into chop in an open boat, and getting doused becomes a near certainty. With its fully welded seams and burly 100% nylon fabric, our capable Stormfront® Roll Top Pack is engineered to keep your essential gear dry and secure when you’re out on the hunt. A single-side TPU coating and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish bolster its

weatherproof package, and the simple but effective roll-down design provides easy access to the interior. (A minimum of three rolls provides 100% waterproof protection.) The pack’s 45-liter volume provides ample room for a day’s worth of clothes, food, a camera and other standard-issue gear. Imported. See the full range of Stormfront styles at



“This was at first light at Pe’ahi on Maui,” Ian Walsh says. “The day before was one of the biggest swells I’ve ever seen there, and my brother D.K. hurt his neck badly. We spent a good chunk of the night with him in the hospital. After a few hours of sleep the wind was still good and the swell hadn’t dropped much, so we loaded up in the dark and headed back out with headlamps on. I wanted to ease back into it after the day before, but as soon as I inched toward the peak this set stood up. Those two days were some of the most beautiful big waves I’ve seen—but more importantly—D.K. had a full recovery and is back to surfing his best.” Fred Pompermayer


PSI Vest Our patented PSI (Personal Surf Inflation) Vest was developed to help promote safety in the heaviest and most hazardous surf that the oceans can offer.

Two molded pull handles are easily accessed when needed; CO2 canisters can be activated individually or two at a time for maximum buoyancy

Inflation bladder contours to the body and is reinforced with hightenacity nylon for additional strength

(shown inflated)

We were granted a U.S. patent for the PSI Vest’s innovative technology, and we’ve made its design advances available to other companies in exchange for licensing fees that we’re donating to help preserve threatened breaks. The first licensing sum of $150,000 went to help the Fundación Punta de Lobos acquire and protect land at Punta de Lobos in Chile. The PSI Vest is exclusive to the Patagonia Hale‘iwa store and FCD Surfboards in Ventura, California. See


Four marine-grade inflators (two in front, two in back) hold 25-gram CO2 canisters, allowing multiple inflations in a single session

Dump valve (upper back) quickly deflates the vest; this extends a session by allowing the surfer to keep riding waves after an inflation

(shown deflated)

Working with many of the world’s best big-wave riders, our R&D team spent over five years developing and testing the PSI Vest. Enabling multiple inflations in a single session, it’s a piece of purpose-built equipment that helps reduce the risks that are inherent to bigwave surfing. Designed to be worn under a wetsuit, the vest’s low profile provides the freedom of motion needed to paddle into very large, fast-moving waves. When the

inevitable wipeout happens, the vest’s bladder can be easily inflated to provide supplemental flotation while being held down. Available to surfers who have been certified by the Big Wave Risk Assessment Group, the PSI Vest is just one component of the evolving big-wave safety protocol that helps pioneering athletes set new standards of performance in the most challenging ocean conditions. Imported.


For All, Forever This past fall, a crowd of surfers, activists, philanthropists and community members stood together on the cliff top at Punta de Lobos in Chile. They were there to celebrate an unprecedented dual success: the transfer of the iconic Mirador property to the locally based Fundación Punta de Lobos and the dedication of Lobos as a World Surfing Reserve. Known as one of the world’s best left-hand points at any size, Lobos has been home to a small fishing community for generations. But like many other coastal communities around the world, its traditional way of life is threatened by shortsighted development. So when a group of local activists—including Patagonia ambassador Ramón Navarro— began a campaign to protect Lobos and its surrounding environment, we started looking for ways to help. Working with Save The Waves Coalition, the Marisla Foundation, the Packard Foundation, the Waitt Foundation and over 900 individual donors from 28 countries, we supported a crowdfunding campaign that gathered small donations from surfers far and wide, with the goal of purchasing properties along the point for conservation. We matched the first $100,000 in donations, and added another $150,000 from our PSI Vest licensing program, to help establish the nonprofit Fundación Punta de Lobos and make the first purchase possible. On November 16, 2017, the Mirador property—which had been held in trust by a local philanthropist—was transferred to the Fundación, safeguarding community access and forever saving it from development. But the work to protect the entire Lobos shoreline is still far from done, and the Fundación is continuing in its mission to acquire and preserve adjoining properties. It’s been a long and challenging road, but this first milestone shows what can happen when communities come together to defend the places they love. At the dedication ceremony, Ramón probably said it best: “For me, this is a dream come true.” Learn more at The point at sunset—Ramón Navarro pauses on the cliff to admire a view that’s now preserved forever. Punta de Lobos, Chile. Scott Soens



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Embarking on a life of freedom and exploration that most only dream about, Liz Clark set sail for the South Pacific as captain of her 40-foot sailboat, Swell. More than 10 years and 20,000 miles later, she’s still out there. Sharing tales of wind, waves and the learning that lies beyond the horizon, this book tells the story of Liz’s voyage in her own words. To read an excerpt from the book, go to page 26.


Swell: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening

Patagonia Surf Catalog 2018  

At Patagonia, the buy-more-think less paradigm is something that we’re working to challenge and change. We think it’s important for people t...

Patagonia Surf Catalog 2018  

At Patagonia, the buy-more-think less paradigm is something that we’re working to challenge and change. We think it’s important for people t...