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In the Lineup Since 1982 Baggiesâ„¢ Shorts are now made with recycled nylon.


Limited Edition Fun Hog Print To celebrate 36 years of Baggies, this print commemorates a 1968 California-to-Argentina van trip taken by Yvon Chouinard and a group of friends. This surfing/climbing “Viva Los Fun Hogs” trip was what inspired Yvon to name his new company Patagonia.

On the morning of July 16, 1968, Yvon Chouinard, Doug Tompkins, Lito TejadaFlores, Chris Jones and Dick Dorworth set out from Ventura, California, in a 1965 Ford Econoline van loaded with skis, surfboards and climbing gear.

While camping in Guatemala, the group woke up to soldiers bearing automatic weapons.

While driving through Central America, they found some good surf spots and moderate swells in Panama.

They skied down the Llaima volcano near Temuco, Chile, but first put their arms in the smoke billowing out of the crater before making the descent.

The first time the group set eyes on the entire Fitz Roy massif, they agreed that Fitz Roy was the “undisputed king.” They eventually reached the summit after spending 31 days in snow caves.


Baggies Prints & Colors


From studying the varying colors of granite to admiring the shape of a plumeria blossom, we’ve always been inspired by the colors and patterns found in nature. This season we looked back at our roots in climbing and surfing, and found an abundance of sources—from the mountains to the sea. Imported.

Baby Baggies™ Shorts $29.00 I 60278 I 6M, 12M, 18M, 2T-5T I Regular fit

Girls’ Baggies™ Shorts $39.00 I 67066 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

Boys’ Baggies™ Shorts $39.00 I 67052 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

Women’s Barely Baggies™ Shorts $55.00 I 57043 I XXS-XL I Slim fit



Shorts - 5" $55.00 I 57021 I XS-XXL I Relaxed fit

Women’s Baggies™ Shorts $55.00 I 57058 I XXS-XL I Relaxed fit


#WhatsInYourBaggies If it’s been done, it’s probably been done in a pair of Baggies. Tag your favorite Baggies photos #WhatsInYourBaggies and celebrate 36 years of fun-hogging with us.



Photos, clockwise from top left: Pete Swart, Forest Woodward, Greg Epperson, Andrew Burr, John Russell, Chris Brown, John Russell, Andrew Burr, Braden Gunem



What’s in Your Baggies? Baggies are the original multisport shorts, made for putting on and running wild. But a pair of shorts is only as good as what’s in them—and what’s not. Take a look inside our new Baggies, now made with recycled nylon, which has less impact on the environment.

18% less equivalent carbon dioxide (CO2e)* 52% less water usage* 92% less virgin nylon *Compared

to Baggies™ Shorts made with conventional nylon.



Rugby Shirt & Stand Up Shorts®

If you were a Yosemite climber in the ’60s and ’70s, it’s likely you wore clothes that got shredded at the end of a multiday climb, which is why our Rugby Shirt and Stand Up Shorts® were readily adopted for valley ascents. The shirt’s collar protected climbers’ necks from sling abrasion, and the shorts held up to ground-in grit, with double-fabric reinforcements in the seat. Imported.

The Rugby Shirt and Stand Up Shorts® are made from 100% organic cotton. Learn more at patagonia.com/organiccotton.

Men’s Long-Sleeved Lightweight Rugby Shirt

Men’s Stand Up Shorts® - 7"

$89.00 I 53860 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

$59.00 I 57227 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit Previous: Tried and true. Costa Rica. Thomas Enderlin Adam Baxter stacks the odds in his favor on Big Boy. Indian Creek, Utah. Austin Siadak



Fleece Pullovers

Our fleece pullovers have been in the line long enough for our children to steal them. Not only are they iconic Patagonia products, but they also represent changes we’ve gone through as we’ve become more aware of the environmental and social impacts of our products. In response to how much raw materials we use, in 1993 we began making fleece from postconsumer recycled plastic soda bottles. Today, as we strive toward improved conditions for factory workers, we make our men’s and women’s Snap-T styles (and a growing number of other products) in Fair Trade Certified™ factories. Learn more at patagonia.com/fairtrade. Imported.

Men’s Lightweight Synchilla® Snap-T® Pullover $119.00 I 25580 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit

Van stuck. Luckily A.J. Frye picks up the phone. A.J.’s always up for a challenge. Carbondale, Colorado. Carl Zoch

Women’s Lightweight Synchilla® Snap-T® Pullover $119.00 I 25455 I XXS-XL I Regular fit

Girls’ Re-Tool



$99.00 I 65586 I XS-XXL I Regular fit


Next: Timmy O’Neill takes a break in Carretera Austral, Patagonia. James Q Martin




Men’s Surf Travel light with boardshorts that pull double duty, whether you’re waiting for the next set or the next customs agent. Our Surf collection fabrics are suited to wet, dry and in-between conditions, and natural fabrics—like hemp and organic cotton—are blended with synthetics when it makes sense to utilize their breathable/moisture-wicking performance properties. See the whole collection at patagonia.com/shop/surfing. Imported.


Haul Aboard Organic T-Shirt $35.00

Fezzman Shirt $59.00

Line Logo Badge LoPro Trucker Hat $29.00

39149 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

53964 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit

38181 I Low crown

Up & Out Midweight Crew Sweatshirt $59.00

Flying Fish Organic T-Shirt $35.00

Pataloha® Shirt $119.00

39511 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

39145 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

52566 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit



Boardshorts - 21" $69.00

86543 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

Stretch All-Wear Hybrid Shorts - 18" $69.00

Stretch Wavefarer® Walk Shorts - 20" $69.00

86735 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

86641 I 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit

Refugio Pack 28L $89.00 I 47912


Men’s Shirts

Just because it’s 92 degrees in the shade doesn’t mean you have to lose your cool. When dressing for hot and humid climes, go au naturel, or go with natural fabrics, like these 100% organic cotton shirts. Imported.

Malihini Pataloha® Shirt (left) Inspired by Hawaiiana but far from traditional, this fun-loving Pataloha® shirt blends the spirit of the islands with our own surfing, climbing and fishing heritage. With a trimmer design, it’s made from 2.2-oz 100% organic cotton plain weave for featherweight comfort in warmer climes.

Malihini Pataloha® Shirt $89.00 I 52561 I XXS-XXL I Slim fit Belwe Pique Polo $59.00 I 52381 I XXS-3XL I Regular fit Steersman Shirt $69.00 I 52931 I XXS-XXL I Slim fit Squeaky Clean Polo $59.00 I 52776 I XS-XXL I Regular fit Andy Jacobsen enjoys a Thin Slice before lightning strikes shut down the day. City of Rocks, Idaho. Jeremiah Watt



Free the Rivers An artist’s fight to save Bosnia’s wild rivers by Molly Baker Croatian photographer Luka Tomac is standing in his sleeveless wetsuit instructing a few close friends to cover the edges of his billboard-sized canvas that they’ve just submerged in the shallowest part of the upper Neretva River. They’re knee-deep in the river, outside of Konjic, a town in northern Herzegovina about 50 kilometers southwest of Sarajevo. The Neretva flows from its source at the base of nearby Jabuka mountain—and is known for being some of the coldest and cleanest drinking water in the world—to the Adriatic Sea. The slight current of the river ripples over the photo of a woman’s face—a fellow activist from Zagreb, Croatia—as his friends crawl around with river stones, blending the image into the rocky bottom of the river. A small raft floats by the temporary installation, confirming what Luka hoped for—a location that many boaters will see during the spring-melt rafting season, spreading the message he wants to convey: Bosnia’s rivers are in danger. More than 3,000 hydropower dams and diversions are either proposed or in the process of being built on the wild rivers of the Balkans—with almost half intended within protected areas—at a moment when dams are being decommissioned and removed throughout much of the developed world. The planned Balkan dams will cause severe damage to an ecological landscape that no longer exists anywhere else on the European continent. The global community will lose another ecological treasure at the hands of financial gain for international developers hiding behind the facade of “green hydropower energy.”

Luka understands that while nonprofits like Friends of the Earth, Riverwatch, scientists and supporting organizations are critical to protecting rivers in the Balkans, their outlets can be limited. Collaborating with NGOs, he has used nonconventional platforms—murals, books and galleries—to influence public opinion. Art coalesced with activism is the nucleus of Luka’s inspiration, and his installations are meant to impact, persuade and start important conversations among locals, media and governments. “I’ve always struggled with separating my art and activism,” says Luka. “But it is the responsibility of artists to help tell these complicated stories.” Another of Luka’s installations, a larger-than-life mural of a river activist swinging a sledgehammer toward an actual hole in the Idbar Dam, stands tall on the nearby Bašćica River. Built in 1959 in the valley below Prenj mountain near Konjic, the Idbar Dam cracked soon after its construction. Investors and construction crews had ignored multiple warnings from the locals not to underestimate the force of the Bašćica, a river known to be unpredictable and fast-flowing. Idbar was decommissioned soon after it was constructed, when the river began fracturing the dam, allowing the Bašćica to flow freely again. Luka’s 15-meter mural is a powerful statement about the fight to keep Bosnia’s rivers flowing. Since its creation, the old dam site has been crowded with people coming to see the woman who represents their own sentiments. Next to the hole in the dam it reads: Sloboda Rijekama!, or “Freedom to the Rivers!”

Protect the Blue Heart of Europe For more on Patagonia’s efforts to help protect the Blue Heart of Europe—a truly pristine network of thousands of kilometers of the continent’s last untouched waterways in the Balkans—visit patagonia.com/blueheart. To connect with groups working to protect free-flowing rivers, remove dams and seek truly sustainable energy sources in your region, visit our Action Works site at patagonia.com/actionworks. 20

See the Blue Heart film Blue Heart documents the battle for Albania’s Vjosa River, the effort to save the Balkan lynx in Macedonia, and the women of Kruščica, Bosnia, who are protesting to protect their community’s only source of drinking water. Visit patagonia.com/blueheart for film release dates and screenings.

Top: The Idbar Dam installation has become a powerful symbol of freedom for Bosnia’s rivers. Bottom left: Molly Baker assists Luka and friends sink the Neretva River installation. Bottom right: Artist/ activist Luka Tomac inspects his latest installation on the Neretva River. Andrew Burr


Mindflow Tank & Centered Tights

Whether you’re out on the trails or in the studio, this versatile duo provides the range of movement and comfort needed for both. With a built-in seamless bra, the Mindflow Tank is made from recycled polyester and naturally wicking hemp. Our breathable Centered Tights are made from moisture-wicking fabric and retain their shape after multiple seasons. Both are sewn in Fair Trade Certified™ factories. Imported.

• Naturally wicking hemp is blended with recycled polyester for moisture-wicking performance • Internal seamless bra provides low- to mid-impact support • Loose-fitting for freedom of movement

• High-performance recycled polyester/ spandex knit fabric provides a compression fit • Wide waistband features hidden half-inch elastic to keep tights in place • Contoured side seams placed for ease of movement

Mindflow Tank $69.00 23485 I XXS-XL I Regular fit

Centered Tights $79.00 21961 I XS-XL I Formfitting


If you don’t eat, it won’t happen. Diana Wendt fuels up for a day of climbing. Yosemite Valley, California. Drew Smith Next: Baby Naia Luna likes to be under the sea, especially when it’s with her mama. O‘ahu, Hawai‘i. Dave Homcy


Women’s Surf Planning a water-bound sabbatical? Consider unpacking before you go and leave with the fewest possible pieces. Our surf gear welcomes hot temps and unplanned days with fabrics designed to breathe and protect, yet capture the slightest cooling breeze. See the whole collection at patagonia.com/shop/surfing. Imported.


Micro Swell Rashguard $85.00 I 71871 I XS-XL I Formfitting

Solid Sunamee Bottoms $55.00 I 72142 I XXS-XL I Formfitting

WavefarerÂŽ Boardshorts - 5" $59.00 I 76598 I 0-14/even I Regular fit

Lightweight A/C® Tee

Pastel P-6 Label Midweight Crew Sweatshirt

Pastel P-6 Label Layback Trucker Hat

$49.00 I 54350 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$59.00 I 39535 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$29.00 I 38198 I Low crown

Nanogrip Triangle Top

Skeg Set Organic Scoop T-Shirt (back view shown)

Amber Dawn Dress

$75.00 I 77265 I XS-XL I Formfitting

$35.00 I 39190 I XS-XL I Slim fit

$59.00 I 59085 I XS-XL I Slim fit


Reversible Seaglass Bay Bottoms

Island Hemp

$59.00 I 72235 I XXS-XL I Formfitting

$39.00 I 57030 I XS-XL I Regular fit


Stand Up Shorts® $59.00 I 58160 I 0-14/even I Regular fit 27


Out of the Woods Our new ReCircle™ collection is made from industrychanging fabric with Refibra™ fibers (80% wood/20% recycled cotton scraps). By using sustainably harvested wood and recycled cotton scraps, we’re moving away from petroleum-based fabrics. This is an important step toward creating a circular economy in the apparel industry, where

we incrementally lessen the demand for raw materials and produce less waste. The entire collection is designed with simplicity in mind; the soft, lustrous fabric moves and feels like washed silk. And because the fabric is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, it’s ideal for travel and everyday wear. Imported.

Women’s ReCircle™ Bomber Jacket $129.00 I 27885 I XS-XL I Regular fit Women’s ReCircle™ Tank $59.00 I 52845 I XS-XL I Regular fit Women’s ReCircle™ Cropped Pants $99.00 I 55235 I XS-XL I Regular fit

The water pressure sucks, but the view is first-rate. Refugio La Roca, La Mesa de los Santos, Colombia. Andrew Burr


Women’s Dresses

91% recycled polyester/9% spandex


Our newest collection of summer dresses is made of either soft TENCEL® lyocell—which is produced in a closed-loop system—or recycled fabric blends. Feminine and flattering, these dresses look good, feel good and move us one step closer to a no-waste clothing industry. Imported.

100% TENCEL® lyocell

Fleetwith Dress

June Lake Dress

$75.00 I 58335 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$99.00 I 58390 I XS-XL I Regular fit

85% recycled polyester/15% spandex

100% TENCEL® lyocell

Sliding Rock Dress

Lost Wildflower Dress

$75.00 I 58325 I XS-XL I Slim fit

$129.00 I 58395 I XS-XL I Slim fit


The Value of Our Last Wild Places The complexities of modern conservation in Tasmania’s Tarkine by Meaghen Brown


Timber extraction is acutely sensory. Blue fl agging tape fl aps in the wind, marking the boundaries of future logging coups. Yellow gates block the entrances to dirt roads cut through the trees. There are enormous muddy tire marks and slivers of old growth that look like matted hair. Wind whistles through the splinters. The clearfell is a fresh wound through the existing rainforest. There’s no warning: forest and then nothing. It’s like that feeling of walking down a set of stairs in complete darkness and miscounting the last one, so that you actually find yourself stepping into empty space instead of solid ground. The island of Tasmania is home to one of the last Gondwanan rainforests in the world, meaning it’s remained largely intact since a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. This area, known as the Tarkine, or takayna in the aboriginal language palawa kani, sweeps across 447,000 hectares in the northwestern corner of the island. Mist eddies through the canopies like the first drops of milk in a cup of coffee. There are mushrooms that look like transparent jellyfish and others the color of safety cones, and everything smells wet and alive. There are pepper berries that taste like cloves and a cadence of names—myrtle,

turned into building materials or plywood. The surplus is sold to exporters and added to the global pulpwood supply as wood chips or pulp for tissue paper. In drier eucalyptus forests, sections of trees are cut and harvested in a pattern designed to mimic the way a forest would naturally regenerate. In wet forests, which have thicker understories, the entire ecosystem is felled, bombed with napalm, burned and replanted with species that germinate quickly. Stories circulate of industry personnel leaving carrots soaked in poison around the perimeter of these newly planted areas to kill wallabies and wombats who graze on the seedlings. The Tasmanian government recently reversed a moratorium on logging old-growth forests, making places previously earmarked as reserves, including the Tarkine, now available for extraction. Conservationists, including an organization called the Bob Brown Foundation, have fought since the 1960s for enhanced protection of the Tarkine—ideally as a World Heritage site—but the government continues to push back. Yet, forestry is struggling. “It’s a dying industry,” said a man in the small town of Marrawah, just on the fringe of the Tarkine. He does contract work for the government logging

blackwood, sassafras, leatherwood, celery-topped pine. More than 60 rare, vulnerable or endangered species live here. Tasmania’s forests aren’t just remarkable for their age and biodiversity, they’re also the foundation of an entrenched and complicated timber industry that’s been active on the island since the mid-1800s. The practice of clearfelling is perhaps the most obvious illustration of the vulnerability of these primordial trees. Clearfelling starts with chainsaws and ends with neatly maintained monoculture plantations and forests managed like nurseries. Massive old-growth trees are cut into sawlogs, which get bought by mills across the state and

company Sustainable Timber Tasmania, but cares deeply about the land where he’s spent his entire life. “I’ll retire in 10 years, and I reckon there won’t be any forestry left.” This conversation is part of a familiar conflict that plays out in different regions around the globe—one that pits rural communities against environmentalists, and economic self-interest against a more sustainable future, despite the fact that the shared values between these distinct groups are often greater than the divisions. But trees are indisputable markers of time, fires and floods—before humans and after. As circumstances evolve, the future of this place will be recounted in tree rings.

For more on the efforts to protect takayna / Tarkine as a World Heritage area, visit patagonia.com/takayna.

Industrial-scale logging in the Tarkine poses a serious threat to more than 60 rare and endangered species. Krystle Wright

See the takayna film: Weaving together the conflicting narratives of activists, locals and aboriginal communities—and told through the experience of a trail running doctor—takayna unpacks the complexities of modern conservation and challenges us to consider the importance of our last truly wild places. Visit patagonia.com/takayna for film release dates and screenings. 33


The Way There Why we create and seek out trails by Meaghen Brown It starts with the focal beam of a headlamp. Sunrise is more than an hour away and it’s pouring rain. Hands tucked into the sleeves of a jacket, and the pace already quick through the sharp Tasmanian buttongrass—trying to stay warm. There is an urgency to understand this threatened place, to know the Tarkine as intimately as possible while its future remains in question—to know what the absence would feel like if it disappeared. Australia is a place that compels long-distance travel, and the species that live there have evolved to do it well. Kangaroos have been recorded traveling 200 miles in under 10 hours; they store fat in their tails to be used when resources are scarce. Tasmanian devils can cover over 18 miles in a single night in search of food. This perpetual movement of species creates a system of trails that is both physically and historically recorded on earth’s landscape. Scientists in Newfoundland are studying the fossil records of 565 million-year-old animal trails, which are thought to be evidence of the earliest form of locomotion. Humans, too, write their patterns on the landscape. The aboriginal Australians believe that the world was sung into existence and thus holds a system of paths across the land, called songlines, which are learned through the repetition of words. By repeating these songs in the appropriate order, it is possible to traverse vast distances across the continent without ever having known the way. As author Robert Moor wrote in his book On Trails, “The land grows to contain not just resources, but stories.” There are songlines across the Tarkine and an ancient history that resonates across the landscape. On this trail, it’s felt and learned with every step. What is this impulse to cover great distances?

Biologists will tell you that the individual decision to move is based primarily on immediate needs—food, escape, sex, learning, not necessarily in that order. From the caribou to the Arctic tern, some species aspire to go farther, whether it’s to find a mate or simply see what is beyond the next mountain range. Why do certain species move in familiar patterns? The more familiar the pattern, the less energy is expended in pursuit of these resources. And the ability to move only increases the odds of achievement. According to writer Bruce Chatwin, a salmon knows the taste of its ancestral river, and birds that fly at night can determine the contours of the ground below by bouncing their calls down to earth and catching the echo on the way back. This familiarity is the connection that gets passed on through generations. The aboriginal Australians are not alone in their intricate relationship to landscape and movement. The Cherokee once chose guides from members of their tribe who were tasked with finding the best paths through the landscape. The Blackfeet made sacred journeys from Canada to Mexico along “the backbone of the world,” or the modern-day Continental Divide. Tendai Buddhist monks still run 1,000 marathons in 1,000 days around Mount Hiei in order to achieve enlightenment. These are the journeys that extend beyond basic need to a spiritual and metaphorical connection with movement and with land. It’s been hours now. The rain has stopped, and the early spring sun is warm on exposed skin. A few land leeches cling on, picked up somewhere along the trail. The trails through the Tarkine are still at risk. But the suspended reality of being here extends well beyond the pause for breath and the return home. Movement through a landscape is the best way to learn a place. And knowing that landscape, falling in love with it, only intensifies the desire to protect it.

Top: Professional orienteer and wilderness advocate Hanny Allston runs near one of the entry points to the region. Bottom: takayna / Tarkine contains Australia’s largest remaining single tract of temperate rainforest. Mikey Schaefer




Strider Pro Shorts - 2½" Extra waistband pockets hold calories and necessities for the long haul

Women’s Trail Running We could list the reasons why good trail-running shorts matter, but if you’ve ever spent multiple hours in a pair, you know them intimately. We took all those considerations into question—all of them—and designed a line of shorts to service your needs, from the most casual minimalist to longer outings. Imported. 38

Previous: Meaghen Brown pilots her way through the takayna / Tarkine wilderness in Tasmania. Mikey Schaefer

Strider Shorts - 3"

Nine Trails Shorts

Minimalist option for shorter outings on hotter days

Durable and versatile, for when the miles add up

CapileneÂŽ Lightweight Tank

Nine Trails Tank

Slope Runner Tank

$29.00 I 45675 I XS-XL I Slim fit

$35.00 I 23496 I XS-XL I Slim fit

$49.00 I 23980 I XS-XL I Slim fit

Switchback Sports Bra

Switchback Sports Bra

Cross Beta Sports Bra

$49.00 I 32095 I XS-XL I Formfitting

$49.00 I 32095 I XS-XL I Formfitting

$45.00 I 32090 I XS-XL I Formfitting

Strider Pro Shorts - 2½"

Strider Shorts - 3"

Nine Trails Shorts

$65.00 I 24656 I XXS-XL I Regular fit

$49.00 I 24653 I XXS-XL I Regular fit

$65.00 I 57622 I XS-XL I Regular fit


Strider Shorts - 7" Elastic waistband with internal drawcord for adjustable comfort as the miles add up

Men’s Trail Running It’s hot. Chafe potential is high, even without the humidity. That’s why we’ve designed a collection to get you through insufferable heat and long hours, with pockets to carry all the essentials—whether you need one shot of sugar or an emergency layering kit. Imported. 40

Next: Trailing light. Janne Tjärnström rides above the town of Saint-Luc in Val d’Anniviers, Switzerland. Mattias Fredriksson

Strider Pro Shorts - 5"

Terrebonne Shorts

Shorter inseam, with breathable mesh panels for ventilation

Good for trails; awesome for adapting to a range of conditions

CapileneÂŽ Lightweight T-Shirt

Short-Sleeved Windchaser Shirt

Short-Sleeved Nine Trails Shirt

$39.00 I 45651 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

$59.00 I 23370 I XS-XL I Slim fit

$45.00 I 23470 I XS-XL I Slim fit

Strider Shorts - 7"

Strider Pro Shorts - 5"

Terrebonne Shorts

$55.00 I 24648 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$65.00 I 24632 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$65.00 I 24690 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

Fore Runner Vest 10L $129.00 I 49505 I S/M, L/XL




Mountain Biking

Long rides are hard enough without having to struggle with gear that’s overbuilt or underengineered. Simple, smart and rugged, our mountain bike clothing and gear are made for big days in the saddle. Imported.

Nine Trails Bike Jersey Longer hem for ridingposition fit and coverage

Switchback Sports Bra Cross-back straps provide compression and support

Dirt Craft Bike Shorts Removable liner with chamois pad under the shorts

Nine Trails Pack 14L Includes a 2-liter HydraPak® reservoir and space to organize layers


Women’s Nine Trails Bike Jersey

Women’s Dirt Craft Bike Shorts

$59.00 I 24425 I XS-XL I Regular fit

$149.00 I 24587 I 0-14/even I Regular fit

Women’s Switchback Sports Bra

Nine Trails Pack 14L

$49.00 I 32095 I XS-XL I Formfitting

$139.00 I 48411 I S/M, L/XL

Nine Trails Bike Jersey Zippered lower-back pocket secures small, important stuff

Endless Ride Liner Shorts Superbreathable mesh panels keep you cool

Dirt Roamer Bike Shorts Welded seams and 4-way stretch fabric for total range of motion

Men’s Nine Trails Bike Jersey

Nine Trails Pack 14L

$59.00 I 24420 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

$139.00 I 48411 I S/M, L/XL

Men’s Dirt Roamer Bike Shorts

Men’s Endless Ride Liner Shorts

$99.00 I 24721 I 28-40/even + 31, 33 I Regular fit

$79.00 I 24675 I XS-XXL I Formfitting


Trail Packs


When you embrace clean lines and minimalist efficiency, you can’t hide behind unnecessary bells and whistles. Our new Trail Pack collection questioned every detail and cut away the nonessential elements, resulting in a line of packs that focuses on function. Because when the design is right, you don’t need as much as you think. Imported.

This pack’s pocket positioning and volume accommodate essentials for a short day hike.

For day missions on the trail with just enough room for food, layers and hydration.

For quick day missions, hikes and scrambles where all you need is extra layers, hydration and a few essentials.

Nine Trails Pack 14L

Women’s Nine Trails Pack 18L

Nine Trails Pack 20L

$139.00 I 48411 I S/M, L/XL

$129.00 I 48436 I S/M, L/XL

$129.00 I 48421 I S/M, L/XL

610 g (1 lb 5.5 oz)

650 g (1 lb 6.9 oz)

840 g (1 lb 13.6 oz)

Our largest women’s daypack, built for ultralight overnighters or gear-intensive backcountry days.

A trail pack for longer torso lengths that accommodates ultralight overnighters and backcountry days.

Our largest trail pack, intended for light overnighters or gearintensive backcountry days.

Women’s Nine Trails Pack 26L

Nine Trails Pack 28L

Nine Trails Pack 36L

$159.00 I 48440 I S/M, L/XL

$159.00 I 48425 I S/M, L/XL

$199.00 I 48430 I S/M, L/XL

910 g (2 lbs)

1,000 g (2 lbs 3.3 oz)

1,357 g (3 lbs)


Trail Packs: Unisex and Women’s Fits

For day hikes, boulder scrambling, mountain biking and fast-and-light overhead missions, our collection of trail packs was designed to do it all. Their all-day performance isn’t achieved through loads of special widgets, straps and systems, but through engineered simplicity. Imported.

Women’s-specific trail pack • Fits torso lengths from 16" to 19" • Narrow shoulder straps with a straighter cut and more taper to fit a woman’s form • Women’s-specific back panel prevents moisture buildup and provides excellent airflow

Women’s Nine Trails Pack 26L $159.00 I 48440 I S/M, L/XL I 910 g (2 lbs)

Unisex trail pack • Fits torso lengths from 19" to 22" • Longer, wider shoulder straps with increased curvature to fit a man’s form • Longer torso length for taller women

Nine Trails Pack 28L $159.00 I 48425 I S/M, L/XL I 1,000 g (2 lbs 3.3 oz)

Caroline Gleich momentarily towers over Little Cottonwood Canyon on the south ridge of Mount Superior. Wasatch Mountains, Utah. Andrew Burr



Women’s Shirts

Shirts are a matter of preference. While some dig the airiness of a tank, others prefer the shoulder protection of short sleeves or a more tailored look when they’re in town to pick up supplies. This technical trio illustrates some of our hike options; all employ moisture-managing fabrics and quick dry times if you get caught out in an afternoon squall. Imported.

Glorya Tank This polyester/TENCEL® lyocell/spandex tank is a committed rule breaker—refusing to wrinkle and providing 24/7 comfort no matter what.

Glorya Tank $45.00 I 54821 I XS-XL I Regular fit Short-Sleeved Nine Trails Shirt $45.00 I 23477 I XS-XL I Slim fit Long-Sleeved Havasu Shirt $99.00 I 53540 I XS-XL I Slim fit Wilma (right) likes her rivers shaken, not stirred. Isfjorden, Romsdal, Norway. Mattias Fredriksson



Women’s Hike Pants

We began reworking our hike pants offering in the spring of 2016, hiking the trails near Courmayeur and Chamonix, then the Sierra and the UK’s Lake District. After logging many miles, talking with fellow hikers, sketching while on the trail, creating multiple prototypes and two rounds of ambassador field testing, we’re able to offer some wellconsidered options. Choose what’s best for you based on location, weather conditions and how often they’ll need to pull double duty as travel pants. Imported.

Built for mobility on the trail and beyond, these are made of recycled polyester ripstop with 4-way stretch. Flexible cuffs can be worn at the ankles or higher up the legs. Regular fit.

A lightweight blend of polyester/ spandex with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish and 50+ UPF sun protection, these versatile pants feature 4-way stretch. A hidden drawstring customizes the fit. Regular fit.

These stretchy, multipurpose pants have a slimmer leg profile and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. Made of nylon/spandex with 4-way stretch, they feature zippered leg openings that accommodate hiking boots. Slim fit.

High Spy Joggers

Happy Hike Cropped Pants

Skyline Traveler Pants

$79.00 I 55695 I XS-XL

$65.00 I 21236 I 0-14/even

$89.00 I 55650 I 0-14/even Short inseam available online


Multifunctional, all-season pants made of stretch-woven nylon (65% recycled)/spandex with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish and 50+ UPF sun protection. The lowprofile waistband has belt loops and a hidden drawcord. Regular fit.

Organic cotton/polyester/spandex blend with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish and enough stretch for high-stepping. The convertible pant legs roll up with a tab-andbutton closure. Regular fit.

Made of recycled polyester ripstop with 4-way mechanical stretch, these are extremely lightweight, quickdrying and perfect for warmer weather. A partially elasticized waistband customizes the fit. Regular fit.

Quandary Pants

Granite Park Pants

High Spy Pants

$79.00 I 55416 I 0-14/even

$89.00 I 55470 I 0-14/even

$89.00 I 55685 I 0-14/even

Short inseam available online


Men’s Shirts

Sometimes traveling to mountains can be as arduous as hiking in mountains. Made from technical performance fabrics that move moisture and dry quickly, these shirts readily adapt to changes in travel itineraries, as well as changes in altitude and weather conditions, so you can enjoy the whole journey. Imported.

Gallegos Shirt $89.00 I 54285 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit

Cactusflats Polo $65.00 I 52860 I XXS-XXL I Slim fit

Long-Sleeved Gallegos Shirt available online

Long-Sleeved High Moss Shirt $89.00 I 54035 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

Long-Sleeved Skiddore Shirt $110.00 I 53430 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

High Moss Shirt (short-sleeved) available online

Skiddore Shirt (short-sleeved) available online

No shirt? No problem. Dustin Wise explores the Subway slot canyon in Zion National Park, Utah. Chris Burkard



Men’s Hike Pants

Our men’s hike pants are a study in austerity, made possible by an exhaustive process that started with exploring the concept of hike pants in general. No detail is too small, right down to the stitching, the seams and even the pockets. How deep does a pocket need to be? Should it hold a cell phone? If so, then should it have bellows? These are just some of the questions our designers asked while developing this exquisitely detailed yet pared-down collection. Imported.

• Made of 95% nylon (67% recycled to lessen the environmental impact) and 5% spandex • Integrated webbing belt for a personalized fit • Glued seams reduce weight/bulk • Zippered pockets secure small items • Side-leg bellows pocket holds a phone; lies flat when empty • Gusseted crotch and articulated knees for full range of motion • Zippered bottom cuffs with expandable gussets for boot compatibility

Technical trail pants with an engineered fit and finessed details for multiday hikes. Slim fit.

Causey Pike Pants $119.00 I 55635 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35


Everyday, hard-wearing pants for travel, light hiking and general outdoor use. Made from durable organic cotton/polyester stretch-woven canvas; with a drawcord-adjustable hem that seals out scree. Slim fit.

Lightweight, everyday pants for travel and trail adventures. Made from quick-drying, stretch-woven nylon (65% recycled)/spandex with 50+ UPF sun protection. A zippered pocket secures small items. Slim fit.

Hard-wearing, everyday pants built for trail, travel and general outdoor use. Made of nylon/spandex with 4-way stretch and 40-UPF sun protection. An internal adjustable waistband personalizes the fit. Slim fit.

Performance Gi IV Pants

Quandary Pants

Stonycroft Pants

$89.00 I 55316 I XXS-XXL

$79.00 I 55181 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35

$89.00 I 55585 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35

Performance Gi IV Shorts available online

Short and long inseams available online, Quandary Shorts available online

Short and long inseams available online, Stonycroft Shorts available online


High-Output Shells


Hiking, biking and running in the mountains require mental readiness and minimal gear. The stretchy Airshed Pullover is a favorite among athletes for delivering on-the-go breathability while buffering wind. The Houdini® Jacket is up for anything in the mountains and features a full-zip entry and roll-up hood. Both stuff into an integrated zippered chest pocket, ready to be deployed when weather moves in. Imported.

Women’s Airshed Pullover

Men’s Airshed Pullover

$119.00 I 24195 I XXS-XL I Slim fit

$119.00 I 24190 I XS-XL I Slim fit

Women’s Houdini® Jacket

Men’s Houdini® Jacket

$99.00 I 24146 I XS-XL I Slim fit

$99.00 I 24141 I XS-XL I Slim fit


Sleeping Bags

Camp in the portaledge or in your car: Our 850 Down Sleeping Bag does it all. Inspired by the bag Yvon Chouinard built for himself 45 years ago, today’s version is an elegant, real-world design that’s exceptionally warm, ultracompressible and holds up to multiple seasons of use. Also available in short and long, and hybrid options. See the whole collection at patagonia.com/sleepingbags. Imported.

• Low-profile hood is designed to move with you and minimize twisting; it fits securely around your shoulders and head with lightweight cording and concealed cord locks

• Ultralight 100% nylon ripstop creates a shell that’s nearly half the weight and twice the strength of our other down shell fabrics

• 850-fill-power Advanced Global Traceable Down (goose down certified by NSF International from parent farm to apparel factory to help ensure the birds that supply it are not force-fed or live-plucked) for exceptional heattrapping warmth, seasonafter-season durability and ultracompressibility

• State-of-the-art differential baffle construction eliminates sewnthrough seams to banish cold spots and make sure the down stays lofted regardless of your sleep position

• Custom foot box has a fully baffled, differentially cut pattern to eliminate any dead spaces, maximize warmth and allow ample room for movement

Logan Hamilton enjoys some domestic bliss near one of his favorite hot springs. Eastern Sierra, California. Jeff Johnson Next: Low on essential supplies (tequila and toilet paper), Jeff Scholl and David Marx float the Colorado on a 28-day winter trip. Grand Canyon, Arizona. Forest Woodward

850 Down Sleeping Bag 19°F / -7°C


850 Down Sleeping Bag 30°F / -1°C

$499.00 I 70015 I 913 g (32.2 oz)

$399.00 I 70025 I 734 g (25.9 oz)

Short and long available online

Short and long available online




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Start ‘em young in Baggies. A little kid

Baby Capilene® Silkweight Crew $29.00

Baby Sun Bucket Hat $29.00

near a big ocean will learn respect for

60017 I 6M, 12M, 18M, 2T-5T I Regular fit

66076 I 3M, 6M, 12M, 24M, 5T I Regular fit

waves, an appreciation for nature and

Baby Baggies™ Shorts $29.00

Baby Baggies™ Two-Piece $35.00

grounded confidence that can’t be

60278 I 6M, 12M, 18M, 2T-5T I Regular fit

60445 I 6M, 12M, 18M, 2T-5T I Regular fit

learned through books. Imported.

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