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Women’s River Salt Jacket Built with waterproof/breathable H2No® Performance Standard wader fabric. Female anglers endure the same tough conditions to chase the same challenging fish, and they need purpose-built gear that’s up to the task. Naturally contoured to the body, our Women’s River Salt Jacket is made from new, extra-tough wader fabric. Two large, streamlined front pockets hold fly boxes, and watertight cuffs and a fully adjustable hood keep the elements on the outside where they belong. Imported.

Women’s River Salt Jacket $349.00 I 81887 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 530 g (18.7 oz)

Women’s Nano-Air® Jacket $249.00 I 84255 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 292 g (10.3 oz)

Women’s Spring River Waders $399.00 I 82081 I XS-XL + LM, MS I 1,197 g (42.2 oz) petite and full also available

Form follows fishing. If there’s one sure thing in fly fishing, it’s that gear goes through the wringer. Anglers are going farther to explore untouched fisheries, as well as pushing off the beaten path closer to home. But no matter where they go, man or woman, they need gear that straight-up works: waders that fit, boots that stick, and technical clothing that keeps the weather out or the sun off—durable and high-performing products whose form follows fishing. We believe the best equipment is shaped by the specific demands of its environment, standing up to every challenge while letting you forget the elements and focus on the fish. Simply building great products isn’t enough, however, so we do everything we can to help preserve and restore the waters and resources we love. This includes supporting conservation efforts through our World Trout Initiative and providing grants to a wide range of grassroots environmental groups. To date, we’ve given over $13 million to nonprofits defending wild fish and the habitats they depend on for survival. In the following pages, you’ll find a selection of pinnacle products from our complete, head-to-toe fly fishing offerings. These key f irst pieces exemplify Patagonia’s function-­ philosophy—and our dedication to designing and building the best fishing products for the most dedicated anglers.

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Men’s Minimalist Wading Jacket $199.00 I 81831 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 303 g (10.7 oz)

Men’s R1® Pullover $129.00 I 40109 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 337 g (11.9 oz)

Lightest and most packable

Function first. There’s no need to fancy it up. The most accomplished designs, from our point of view, are the most utilitarian ones—and when it comes to fishing jackets, that means designs that keep you dry and comfortable, work as a part of an intuitive layering system and move effortlessly with your body when you’re casting, rowing or shimmying through deadfall on the way to secluded water. Our waterproof/ breathable Minimalist Wading Jacket is just one example of our function-focused approach: Made of durable H2No®


Performance Standard 2.5-layer, 100% recycled nylon ripstop, it has all the features of a technical wading jacket at a fraction of the weight, letting you go lighter and faster in iffy weather. The rest of our jacket and insulation lineup allows anglers to customize their kits across a comprehensive range of cold-weather conditions: The SST and River Salt Jackets are all made of highly durable wader fabric with H2No® Performance Standard waterproof/breathable technology, designed with motion-friendly fits. Imported.

Next: Sometimes fish tales are true: An acrobatic rainbow has Oggy Fox on the run after a long hike in the Patagonia backcountry. Las Pampas, Argentina. BRYAN GREGSON

2 Men’s 3-in-1 River Salt Jacket

1 Women’s River Salt Jacket

Tough and durable with a women-specific fit

River Salt Jacket with snap-out Nano Puff® Hoody for warmth

3 Men’s SST Jacket

4 Men’s River Salt Jacket

Fine-tuned for traditionalists

1 Women’s River Salt Jacket

2 Men’s 3-in-1 River Salt Jacket

Toughest and most durable

3 Men’s SST Jacket

4 Men’s River Salt Jacket

$349.00 I 81887 I XS-XL I

$589.00 I 81807 I XS-XXL I

$449.00 I 81863 I XS-XXL I

$349.00 I 81892 I XS-XXL I

Regular fit I 530 g (18.7 oz)

Regular fit I 1,048 g (37 oz)

Regular fit I 518 g (18.3 oz)

Regular fit I 680 g (24 oz)

Women’s Nano-Air® Jacket $249.00 I 84255 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 292 g (10.3 oz)

Men’s Capilene® Midweight Zip-Neck

Men’s Long-Sleeved R1® Field 1/4-Zip

$69.00 I 44445 I XS-XXL I

$169.00 I 52720 I XS-XXL I

Slim fit I 195 g (6.9 oz)

Regular fit I 467 g (16.5 oz)

Men’s Nano-Air® Hoody $299.00 I 84260 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 385 g (13.6 oz)


Engineered versatility.


Rio Gallegos Waders

Rio Azul Waders

Highest-performing, most durable and feature-rich

Lightweight, superpackable performance for warm weather and travel

Engineered for the most demanding situations, these are the toughest, most puncture-resistant waders in our line. EZ-Lock suspenders allow easy conversion to waist height; articulated legs for freedom of movement; poly-grid lined 4mm booties for superior warmth.

On the road or fishing warmer water, you need waders that are lighter and more packable without sacrificing performance or durability. Supple fabric handles summer temperatures and folds in easily when space is at a premium; buckle suspenders allow easy wear as pants; 4mm booties.

Men’s Rio Gallegos Zip-Front Waders

Men’s Rio Azul Waders

$599.00 I 82806 I XS-XL I 1,315 g (46.4 oz)

$249.00 I 82186 I XS-XL I 878 g (31 oz)

non-zip, shor t, long and king also available

shor t, long and king also available

Waders are the most technical product we make, and we’ve meticulously refined our line to offer the most reliable performance across a full spectrum of wading situations. All feature our tested and proven 4-layer H2No® Performance Standard waterproof/ breathable construction with streamlined, motion-oriented fits; single-seam construction that routes seams away from highwear areas; fast-draining, abrasion-resistant flat panel gravel guards; and well-placed organizational features that keep your go-to tools close at hand. Imported.

Skeena River Waders

Women’s Spring River Waders

Midweight comfort and versatility for the widest range of conditions

Versatile midweight comfort for female anglers

Thriving in steelhead rivers or mountain creeks, the Skeena Rivers prove that toughness and ease of movement aren’t mutually exclusive. EZ-Lock suspenders for fast conversion to waist height; articulated legs for scrambling down banks or hopping over gunwales; 4mm booties.

We took the features, construction and go-anywhere functionality of our midweight waders and paired them with natural, women-specific patterning. The innovative drop-seat design with rear buckle allows easy relief; poly-grid lined 4mm booties for warmer feet on chilly days.

Men’s Skeena River Waders

Women’s Spring River Waders

$399.00 I 82306 I XS-XL I 1,051 g (37.1 oz)

$399.00 I 82081 I XS-XL I 1,197 g (42.2 oz)

shor t, long and king also available

petite and full also available


Evolve and adapt.

Evolution mostly moves at a slow crawl, but it sometimes leaps forward in a single bound. Our award-winning Foot Tractor Wading Boots are a case of the latter. By introducing aluminum bar technology into the primordial soup of wading footwear, we drew on our tradition of hands-on design to develop truly innovative fishing boots that mow through slime and keep a staunch grip on even the greasiest cobble. Imported.

Foot Tractor Wading Boots Unequaled grip Perfectly adapted to their environment, the Foot Tractors have aluminum bars that bite through muck and conform to rock, keeping you sure-footed on all but sheet ice, slate or shale. Uppers are durable synthetic leather with mesh panels for fast drainage.

Foot Tractor Wading Boots $279.00 I 79150 I 5-14/whole sizes I 1,899 g (67 oz)

Ultralight Wading Boots Multipurpose traction and stability These lightweight wading boots offer all-purpose stability, durability and foot protection. The synthetic leather uppers dry fast and flex easily; mesh paneling drains excess water; external rand and reinforced toe box protect the feet. Felt or sticky rubber soles.

Ultralight Wading Boots - Felt $189.00 I 79306 I 5-14/whole sizes I 1,077 g (38 oz) Ultralight Wading Boots - Sticky also available

Women’s Ultralight Wading Boots Multipurpose traction for female anglers Completing our head-to-toe selection of women’s fly fishing equipment, the new Women’s Ultralight Wading Boots pair all-season comfort, stability and durability with a women-specific fit. The soles are long-wearing sticky rubber.

Women’s Ultralight Wading Boots - Sticky $189.00 I 79290 I 6-10/whole sizes I 1,020 g (36 oz)


Just like sticks or frisbees: Chase, catch, release, repeat. Butch watches and waits while Eric Paulson gets after it on a winter day in Montana. EZRA OLSON

“I designed our tenkara rods and line to handle big Western rivers and larger fish. Fifty percent of the time I fish for trout, I fish with a tenkara rod. I do it not as a novelty, but as a truly effective way to catch fish.” — Yvon Chouinard

When less means more. Some anglers think more gear means more fish. But too much gear can distract from achieving mastery of simple, fish-catching technique: imparting lifelike action to a well-placed fly. For experts and new anglers alike, our back-to-basics Simple Fly Fishing system includes everything needed to make the most direct connection to the fly fishing experience. Designed in collaboration with Temple Fork Outfitters, our tenkara rods feel familiar to cast and have enough heft to move big fish. The level floating line, codeveloped with Cortland, casts better in the wind than furled or monofilament lines—and can handle heavier flies, too. The kit includes a quick-setup guide, instructional book and a box of one dozen soft hackle flies. Imported. Simple Fly Fishing Tenkara Fly Rod 10'6" $225.00 I 12011 I 187 g (6.6 oz) 8'6" & 11'6" also available

Simple Fly Fishing Kit for 10'6" and 11'6" Rods $74.85 I 12033 kit for 8'6" also available Tools of the maestro: Yvon Chouinard’s personal soft-​ hackle box with one of our tenkara rods. TIM DAVIS


Stealth Atom Sling Built to move An alternative to vests, this versatile sling pack offers functional performance when you’re covering ground. With 15-liter capacity, organizational pockets and a drop-down work panel, it hauls a day’s worth of gear that keeps you in the chase.

Stealth Atom Sling $119.00 I 48326 I 623 g (22 oz)

Vest Front Sling 2-in-1 organization At-the-ready organization of a pocket vest in front, with the additional storage of a sling pack in the back. The design easily swings around the body for easy access to the pack, which also has internal organization pockets. Capacity is 8 liters.

Vest Front Sling $89.00 I 48155 I 433 g (15.3 oz)

Stealth Hip Pack Minimalist functionality Made from tough, highly water-resistant ballistic nylon, this 10-liter pack provides simple and uncluttered on-water organization. Main compartment holds two fly boxes; other features include drop-down panel and internal storage pockets.

Stealth Hip Pack $119.00 I 48141 I 623 g (22 oz)

all styles imported


Keep gear dry in a Stormfront. Our redesigned waterproof Stormfront® bags meet three non-negotiable requirements: They protect your gear and equipment in the wettest surroundings; they’re comfortable enough to carry for hours on end; and they hold up to all kinds of use and abuse while fishing, traveling and exploring. Imported.

Stormfront® Sling Low-profile waterproof protection Close-to-body design for moving in tight quarters; welded waterproof construction; waterproof TIZIP® closure; exterior lash points; 20-liter capacity.

Stormfront® Sling $229.00 I 49241 I 657 g (23.2 oz)

Stormfront® Pack Ultrasimple waterproof protection Roomy main compartment; welded waterproof construction; waterproof TIZIP® closure; rod tube holders and exterior lash points; 30-liter capacity.

Stormfront® Pack $299.00 I 49154 I 822 g (29 oz)


Stormfront® Wet/Dry Duffel Burly and water-resistant Fully welded, nonsubmersible construction for foul-weather protection; floating divider separates wet and dry gear; 65-liter capacity.

Stormfront® Wet/Dry Duffel $249.00 I 49129 I 1,244 g (43.9 oz)

Above: GTs = Good Times. Jasper Pääkkönen and Rickard Sjöberg with a giant trevally doubleheader in Lakshadweep, India. STEPHAN GIAN DOMBAJ


Men’s Sunshade Technical Hoody


$79.00 I 52657 I XS-3XL I Relaxed fit I 212 g (7.5 oz)

Wearable shade. An average tourist might regard a trip to the tropics as an


on the grill. We chose ultralight, 3.5-oz polyester for its 50+

easygoing escape, but those who have fried on the deck of a

UPF sun protection and cool, airy feel and then added thumb-

flats skiff know that heat and sun are just as unforgiving as

holes to protect the hands, a vertical zip pocket for small

cold or rain. We build our sun-protection clothing with the

essentials and a relaxed hood that fits easily over a cap. From

same rigorous engineering as our waders and jackets—be-

shirts and shorts to hats and masks, all of our hot-weather

cause we’ve learned from experience that wherever you are

designs are made from lightweight and fast-drying fabrics

in the world, your gear can either make or break your trip.

that have also proven themselves indispensable for Indian

The Sunshade Technical Hoody is a trusty companion piece

summer in trout country or for stalking in the grass on a

that keeps you fishing longer without sizzling like a shrimp

good flood tide. Imported.

Patagonia clothes with rated UPF protection are tested to meet Australia/New Zealand or AATCC protocols. A rating of 25-39 earns a product a rating of “very good”; a rating of 40-50+ earns a product a rating of “excellent.” These products have been tested in accordance with Australian/New Zealand test methods AS/NZS 4399 or AATCC 183 or EN 13758. Only covered areas are protected. The protection offered by these items may be reduced with use or if stretched or wet.









1 Men’s Tropic Comfort Hoody II


6 Men’s Guidewater II Pants

$59.00 I 52123 I XS-3XL I Relaxed fit I 235 g (8.3 oz)

2 Fitz Roy Tarpon LoPro Trucker Hat


$45.00 I 81730 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 39 g (1.4 oz)

3 Tech Sun Booney

8 Men’s Technical Stretch Shorts

$55.00 I 33355 I S/M,L /XL I 76 g (2.7 oz)

$79.00 I 82050 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 170 g (6 oz)


9 Men’s Sandy Cay Shorts - 8"

$29.00 I 28736 I One size I 51 g (1.8 oz)

5 Men’s Long-Sleeved Sun Stretch Shirt


$79.00 I 82101 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 286 g (10.1 oz)

7 Technical Sun Gloves

$29.00 I 38007 I One size I 85 g (3.2 oz)

4 Sun Mask



$69.00 I 82126 I XS-XXL I Regular Fit I 178 g (6.3 oz)


$99.00 I 52197 I XS-3XL I Relaxed fit I 198 g (7 oz)

all styles imported


Cool and collected.

Essential pieces of equipment for the sweltering exposure of the bays, cays and atolls, our women’s sun-protection styles are designed for cool-wearing comfort and breathability in the hottest climes. With refined patterning and fits, their lightweight, technical fabrics give you plenty of room to move and work flawlessly when the mercury—or adrenaline—really starts to rise. Imported.


1 2





1 Sun Gloves


5 Women’s Sunshade Hoody

$29.00 I 81735 I XS-XL I 28 g (1 oz)

2 Sun Mask


6 Stormfront® Hip Pack

$29.00 I 28736 I One size I 51 g (1.8 oz)

$199.00 I 48147 I 564 g (19.9 oz)

3 Eat Local Upstream LoPro Trucker Hat

7 Women’s Tech Fishing Skort

$29.00 I 38180 I One size I 85 g (3 oz)

4 Women’s Long-Sleeved Sol


$69.00 I 52660 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 172 g (6.1 oz)



$59.00 I 82150 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 201 g (7.1 oz)


$89.00 I 84261 I XS-XL I Relaxed fit I 155 g (5.5 oz)


The boat home is four days late, but who’s complaining? Millie Paini cashes in on some bonus time in the Indian Ocean. Cargados Carajos Shoals, Mauritius. RICH PAINI

patagonia, inc.

Cover: Mauro Mazzo lets it all hang out with a perfect loop in the Italian Alps. ALESSANDRO BELLUSCIO

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Now or Neverglades The lack of fresh water flowing south from Lake Okeechobee through the River of Grass has caused extensive damage, including a massive seagrass die-off in Florida Bay—the crown jewel of Everglades National Park and the heart of the Florida Keys flats fishery. Immediate steps must be taken to restore natural flow, reduce damaging discharges into the Caloosahatchee River and St. Lucie River estuaries, and safeguard the drinking water of over 8 million Floridians. Learn more and take action. Sign the #NOWORNEVERGLADES Declaration. A pair of tarpon pushing down the flats near Marathon, Florida. TOSH BROWN

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Patagonia Fly Fishing Catalog 2017 (U.S.)  

Anglers are going farther to explore untouched fisheries, as well as pushing off the beaten path closer to home. But no matter where they go...

Patagonia Fly Fishing Catalog 2017 (U.S.)  

Anglers are going farther to explore untouched fisheries, as well as pushing off the beaten path closer to home. But no matter where they go...