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The Modern Library – Much More than Books by Eileen Hauser, Branch Manager North Clairemont Branch Library

On August 1, 1981, MTV aired the very first music video “Video Killed the Radio Star.”Yet thirty-four years later, we’re still tuning in our radios to hear our favorite singers. After all, music listening has evolved. First, it was the wind-up Victrola, then the 45 rmp vinyl spinning on record players, cassette mixtapes, cds and now, streaming! More newly written songs are played on the airwaves because there are more radio stations on the air now than ever. As a librarian, I am asked about the future of libraries as the popularity of Google increases. My reply is that the library is actually more relevant. Much of what comes over the Internet lacks verification, but readers peruse sites for information regardless. Websites like WebMD list medical content, yet readers still rely on visits to their doctor. Similarly, legal information like municipal codes and statutes are available online, but citizens need lawyers to interpret legalese. Likewise, librarians are information professionals who help moderate the flood of information and can locate accurate information from authoritative sources. Even the materials found in libraries are carefully selected by librarians, not Google.

Point in History Celebrated at Mesa College

In other words, today’s library has evolved into so much more than a destination to pick up a bestseller. Now it is infused with technology, accessibility and adaptability. Today’s libraries loan not only DVDs but recorded books. Magazines have become increasingly expensive, but libraries help you save money by making these glossy periodicals available to borrow.You can even read magazines online through an app called Zinio found on the San Diego Public library’s website. We also offer BOOKFLIX, a children’s resource that animates and narrates stories, helping to develop early literacy. Indeed, the library has something for everyone. The library staff provides both instruction and classes on topics from how to use electronic tablets or your new smart phone. We even provide one-on-one personalized assistance on how to download library books to your devices. Barriers to after-hours information seeking have been eliminated. Do you need to do research after the library has closed? Rather than waiting for the library to open, log in to sandiegolibrary.org and click “articles and databases” using your library card. Within minutes you can have access to full-text articles from rigorously edited and prestigious SEE Modern Library, page 9

Jason Friend BRE# 01921365

by Lina Heil

San Diego Mesa College made history on August 25, as it started classes with a sparkling cider toast with 32 students who will be the first freshman class to access a bachelor’s degree at Mesa College. “Today is special and it’s a unique activity we are having this morning,” said President Pamela Luster to students enrolled in the introductory class in the health information technology degree program, noting that this was probably the first time that a college class

was greeted with a sparkling cider toast. “This is a point in history,” she said. Mesa College is the first of 15 community colleges in California to launch a bachelor’s degree program, ahead of 14 others in the state pilot program. The four-year health information management degree builds on of Mesa’s current two-year degree in health information technology, which has been offered since 1963. SEE Mesa College, page 4


COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS OF YOUR HOME EXIT Premier Real Estate • 3089 Clairemont Drive #B, San Diego, CA 92117 • (619) 784-3948 • Email: chooseexit@gmail.com

2 • The Clairemont Times • September 2015 before the meeting. They are posted in our local libraries and online as well as Facebook. If you have questions or hear rumors do some research or call or email and I will do my best to either answer questions or lead you in a direction. Too often I hear from people “this is the first I am hearing of A lot of interesting things happensuch and such”. The information is ing in the neighborhoods. I am sure out there. people are sick of me promoting the Questions, calls, emails I have been local planning group meetings, but if taking and what has been on recent agendas. • The current construction project on Denver & Clairemont will be a 7/11 and a car wash. • Morena Blvd, Bayview Plaza what is the future? Well a trolley, parking lots, development for sure. Monthly comHorizon School, formerly Stevenson Elementary on Pocahontas Ave munity meetings are where 52 single family homes are being proposed. being held (see Clairemont you want to know about the future of Community Planning Group (CCPG) & Linda Vista Planning Group (LVPG). your neighborhood take two hours At the meetings thus far the public and attend a meeting. Our local meetoutcry is what we don’t want. Be ings are always published on page 11. involved tell the city, the stakeholders The agendas for the planning group what you DO want. (More info at the meetings & subcommittee meetings Sept CCPG) are usually not posted until 72 hours • The old Jack Lalanne gym on

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www.clairemonttimes.com ed at the LV Planning Group on Friars Clairemont Drive behind the Rd across from Fashion Valley Mall 3 Clairemont Car Wash (p7) a proposed buildings would be demolished and 19 unit apartment rental complex. redeveloped into multiple towers 245 • The former Ranch Catering buildapartments & 70 condominiums. (picing on Mt Acadia a proposed assisted tured) living facility. • The Linda Vista Skate Park has a • When the San Diego Unified tentative construction start date of School District put the Stevenson Elementary (pictured) property up for October 2016 completion date March 2017 sale a developer bought the property and has proposed 52 single family homes. (More info at the Sept CCPG) • Why were the eucalyptus The 3 buildings, on Friars Rd across from the Fashion Valley Mall, proposed to trees cut be demolished and re-developed as apartments and condominiums down in • For the first time in over 50 years Clairemont Town Square, according to USD will play SDSU in football at the a spokesperson from Donahue Qualcomm on 9/5 (On Nov. 18, 1961, Schriber and the property manager, the Aztecs registered a 42-12 triumph the trees were old, a liability and had over the Toreros in Don Coryell's first been causing problems. New trees year as head coach) will be planted • Moraga Avenue is slated for some Lastly, I hope you enjoy this edition potential traffic calming solutions of the paper. If you have questions or (more at the Sept CCPG) suggestions do not hesitate to call or • The 163 & Clairemont Mesa Blvd email 858 752 9779 chris@clairemontwill be a construction site until next times.com our website is updated summer (p12) daily as are our Social Media pages. Linda Vista • The Francis Parker school in Linda Vista will be having a community outreach discussing their campus improvement project Sept 16 at the Chris O’Connell, Publisher Baha’i Faith Center across from FP School on Alcala Knolls Dr. 92111 Photos By Chris O'Connell Clairemont Times • An information item was present-

LETTER TO THE EDITOR In the August edition we printed a Letter to the Editor titled “Using Police for Revenue Gathering”. A reader expressed their disappointment at SDPD issuing tickets at Morena Blvd & Jutland in the rain while its traffic signals were out, power outages etc. I then received this letter in the mail. What was most troubling about this was the very last sentence. Feel free to write in & I will also post the original letter online at www.ClairemontTimes.com to comment if you have a take on this. Dear Editor, The letter on page 2 of the August edition struck a nerve for me. I was also a victim of Jutland Dr., mine was at Jutland Dr. & Jutland Ct (a dead end cul de sac) that has probably less than a dozen cars a day exiting it onto Jutland Dr. I approached the intersection, hit

my brakes & could see nothing coming out of Jutland Ct so I continued through the intersection “safely”. The flashing lights immediately appeared in the rear view mirror. I pulled over & the motorcycle officer came to the side of my car & said “license & registration”, nothing else, ticket book already in hand. I went to the “court” to appeal my case & the whole time I gave my testimony the female judge shuffled papers on her desk. When I was finished she looked up and said “anything else to add?” When I said no she slammed the mallet & said “$275”. That was my first ticket in over 60 years of driving. Up until that incident I had great respect for our police force,“to Serve & Protect” but after that I felt differently. Too bad that our police force has become a fundraiser for the city. Sincerely, If you print this letter please do not use my name. I sincerely fear retaliation.


The Clairemont Times • September 2015 • 3

4 • The Clairemont Times • September 2015


Dear Community Partners and Returning Mentors... by Elizabeth Rush

Linked Learning Academy Coordinator Clairemont High Academy of Business Program Coordinator Do you have an hour a month to make a difference in the life of a teenager? Yes, it's that time again...We are looking for wonderful mentors who want to participate in the Academy of Business Mentoring Program (AOB) at Clairemont High School. We have now 50 slots available for our AOB 11th Grade Mentor Program (one-on-one) and 20 slots available for our 10th Grade Mentor Program (small group). If you are interested, time is short! The application window is now open and will close on Sept. 11th! Please see details below for more info and help us spread the word. Here are a few quick AOB Mentor Program fast facts & dates: • Our academy students are 10th and 11th graders at Clairemont High's Academy of Business who volunteered to be in the program, knowing they would be matched with a mentor. • Mentoring is a one-year commitment from September 2015 – June 2016 » Mentor-student sessions are once per month (pre-scheduled dates) on Mondays. • Mentor-student sessions are held at Clairemont High and last for a duration of 1-2 hours; meeting agendas are already planned. • Mentor-student sessions are held

Mesa College Continued from page 1

“Other colleges will be looking at our college as a role model for how do you select a program, how do you develop a program and how do you welcome students into a program,” said Margie Fritch, Dean of Health Services and Public Services at the event held outside the Allied Health Education and Training Facility, where the degree program will be housed. The state pilot programs have an enrollment limit to 32 students each junior year. Junior level enrollment opportunities to qualified professionals and two-year graduates will begin in the Spring of 2016, with junior classes offered the following fall. “I just want to say how lucky we are to have access to a 4-year degree that we can all afford… and where they care so much about students,” second-year student Alexis Castro told

in the early or late mornings: 10th grade sessions from 8:15 am - 9:30 am and 11th Grade sessions from 11:15 am - 12:30. • The Academy offers two types of mentoring (mentors must choose): one-to-one mentoring (11th gr) and small group mentoring (10th gr). • In order to participate, mentors must (1) apply online (returning mentors have a shortened app), (2) complete a LiveScan fingerprinting, (3) attend orientation (see dates below or on web), and then you will be carefully matched to a mentee student or student group. • The deadline to apply for mentoring during the 2015-16 school year is Fri Sept 11 by 5pm • Mentor Orientations (mandatory for all new mentors and returning that did not mentor in 2014-15) are on Wed Sept 16 or Thur Sept 17 from 8:00 am 9:30 am (choose one to attend) • The first mentor-student session of the 2015-16 school year is Monday Sept 21. For much more detailed information about the program objectives, mentoring guidelines, application process, exact meeting dates and times, and detailed agendas for meeting activities, please visit our Mentorships Page or go to our Academy of Business website www.academyCHS.org and click on the link in the right sidebar. We hope you will consider being a mentor and changing a life this year. All questions can be directed to program coordinator: Liz Rush at this email: erush412@gmail.com her peers. Alexis, who thought a 4-year degree was beyond her reach, said she plans to enroll in the bachelor’s program as soon as she qualifies. The four-year degree cost about $10,500 at Mesa, which will be the only public college or university in the state to offer the degree. The private Loma Linda University is the only other school in California that offers a degree in health information management at a cost of approximately $125,000. Mesa College was one of 15 California community colleges selected to offer a bachelor’s degree in January 2015 as part of the state’s Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program. Made possible by Senate Bill 850, authored by Senator Marty Block and championed by Chancellor Constance M. Carroll, the program allowed community colleges to offer bachelor’s degrees in career technical fields for the first time in history.

For more news and information visit: www.clairemonttimes.com

Now Printin Posters & g Banners up to 96” 4231 Balboa Ave. San Diego, CA 92117 858.483.1909 We’ve Moved Fax: 858.483.1918 Around the Corner from Clairemont Dr. pca226@gmail.com to Balboa Ave. www.postalsandiego.com


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Deborah Gilmour Realtor

858 361- 4519 HS Realty West, CA RE Lic.# 0066918383

Clairemont Woman’s Club by Marge Weber

Welcome back! Clairemont Woman’s Club starts up again on Wednesday Sept. 2 at 1 p.m. We meet at the Balboa Community Church at 6555 Balboa Avenue. Please park around the corner on Mt. Albertine in the church parking lot. Our program will feature Nadine Burington of Sweet Harmony [formerly the Monettes] a woman’s chorus making music for 50 years. She will speak about her organization and what it offers for women and the community. Refreshments will be served. Our two main projects will be the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station here in San Diego and scholarships to a senior girl at Clairemont and Madison High Schools. In addition, we strive to find ways to help our commu-

nity at each meeting. Many of us bring food and toiletries to our meetings that are delivered to a central location here in Clairemont. This is just a brief list of some of our projects. We are also a social bunch-we have a book club and a book exchange, lunch outings, dinner get-togethers, an Up and About section to attend various venues, trips to Viejas Casino and gatherings at each other’s homes. As you can see, we are a busy group. Want to join us and help give back? Come visit us. For more information about CWC, visit our website at www.clairemontwomansclub.com or “like” us on Facebook. You may also call Jackie at (858) 273-7664 or Evelyn at (858) 2794367 Contact us or attend a meeting to learn more.

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SEPTEMBER LIBRARY EVENTS with sign language for children ages 02 and their caregivers On the 2nd, 4th and 5th 10:30 am Storytime with our Youth Services Librarian, Karina. Thursdays: Craft Time 4:00pm For children and their families Fridays 10:30 am Preschool Storytime with Miss Fran.



(858) 581-9935

(858) 573-1390

SPECIAL EVENTS Adult Book Club 9/2 6pm Members will discuss A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, by Anthony Marra. Tales for Tails! 9/5 10:30am Volunteers from the San Diego Humane Society’s Pet-Assisted Therapy program help children improve their reading skills by reading to animals in a fun and relaxing environment. The animals may include guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and sometimes dogs and cats. Appropriate for grades 1-6 Fraud Prevention 9/14 10:30am Learn tips on in this informative presentation based on an AARP handbook. Learn about the latest shopping scams. A list of resources will be shared. The Friends of the Library Monthly Meeting 9/16 4pm The Friends support the library through book sales, volunteering, and planning events. Family Movie Night! 9/16 6pm When a diabolical pirate above the sea steals the secret Krabby Patty formula, SpongeBob and his nemesis Plankton must team up in order to get it back. Duchicela! 9/30 6pm We welcome Based in Los Angeles, this duo will perform “Music with the spirit of the Andean mountains” on various flutes and string instruments, including traditional folk and popular contemporary works. This program is made possible through generous donations from the Friends of the Clairemont Library. All are welcome, and no sign-up is required.

SPECIAL EVENTS Thank you to all our patrons for visiting the Balboa Library this summer and attending our many special programs! We really enjoyed spending our summer with you. Love, The Balboa Library Staff!

RECURRING EVENTS Art Class for Children Ages 6-12 9/2 4pm The class is led by Robert Gulli. Tuesdays: Homework Help 6:30pm For students in grades K-12. Tutors are volunteers & no sign up is required. On the 1st and 3rd Thursday 10:30 am “BabySign Storytime”, a storytime

September is Library Card Sign Up Month! Come to the library during the month of September and sign up for your first library card and you will receive a small treasure. September is Library Fine Discount Month Return overdue books and materials to the library and pay 50% of your fines due and the Library will match the remaining 50%. (Offer does not apply to accounts sent to the Treasurer’s Office, Interlibrary Loans or San Diego Circuit charges.) Visit http://www.sandiego.gov/publiclibrary/ for additional details. Signing Storytime is back! 9/10 & 9/24 10am Miss Jennifer uses sign-language to enhance the reading of well-loved children’s picture books and includes singa-longs and bubbles too! For birth-5y/o with parent/caregiver. Chair Yoga for Adults is back! 9/14 & 9/21 11:15-12 Join us for this relaxing fitness program presented by Lois Schenker. Come and bring a friend. Children’s Book Discussion 9/18 3:45-4:45 Sign up begins 9/1 Join us for a lively book discussion of Holes by Louis Sachar. We look forward to seeing you! RECURRING EVENTS Mondays: Lego Club 4pm (Library closed Monday September 7) We supply the Legos you supply the imagination. Paws to Read 9/8 6pm Therapy dogs provide a positive environment for children to practice reading. They love to listen to your sto-

ries! Brought to us by Love on a Leash. 5th graders and younger Balboa Branch Library Book Club 9/15 11:45 Join us for a lively discussion of Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck. Wednesdays: Best Chapter Book Read Alouds with Miss Terri 6pm Join Miss Terri for this new edition of storytime. She will read terrific chapter book stories for children entering Kindergarten, First and Second Grades with parent/caregiver. Story crafts with Miss Remi 9/3 & 9/17 10am Listen to a terrific story and enjoy creating story crafts. Preschool – 5y/o Fridays: Wee Reads 9/4, 9/11,9/18 10:30am Baby and toddler storytime. Come and enjoy stories, music and rhymes. (First three Fridays of the month) Birth-5y/o with parent/caregiver Drop in & Play 9/25 10:30am Enjoy a relaxed and informal play time with your child and get to know other families in our community. Birth5y/o with parent/caregiver Saturdays: Kids Krafternoon 1-2pm Come and make a fun craft at your library!

Scrabble Night 9/8 5-8pm Join us for our monthly scrabble games whether you are a casual player to the tournament pro! Friends of the Library~Monthly Book Sale 9/12 9:30-1pm Parent Education Classes Steps to Understanding Your Child’s Behavior: 9/14 2pm Behavior specialists from Rady Children’s Hospital will discuss emotional and social development of children. Typical behaviors addressed include sleeping habits, eating habits, aggression, tantrums, and potty training. Parents and caregivers of children ages 0-5. Book Club: 9/22 Read the Book—See the Movie. Read Big Stone Gap and join the discussion. Participants will receive a free pass to the movie opening in October. Challenge Island Science Classes 9/24 4pm Space is limited so sign up for our fun hands-on science and engineering class that promotes creative and critical thinking skills. S.T.E.M. class is geared to 8+ Kids Movie Night 9/30 5:30pm Call the library for movie title.


RECURRING EVENTS Do Your Homework @the Library Mon-Thurs 3-6pm We are offering summer help with assignments.Stop by and receive assistance. This is a free drop-in service. Mondays:Sign-A-Story Circle Time 10 am Join us for a super fun performance that combines American Sign Language with songs, stories, and engaging toys and props! All ages. Tuesdays: Rhythm & Rhyme for Tots 11:45am A special class for babies and toddlers with children’s songs, nursery rhymes, instruments, and books. Babies Under 2 Tuesdays: Kids Crafternoons 3:30pm. Ages 4+ and up. Explore your child’s creative side with crafts. A great way to fine tune motor skills and have fun! All materials provided. Fridays: Toddler & Preschool Storytime Class 10:30am A fun interactive storytime including books, songs, rhymes, movement & bubble Hopscotch Storytime Saturdays 10am 9/12 & 9/26 Listen to some stories and work on a simple craft. This month’s theme is Apple Season Ages 2+

(858) 581-9931 SPECIAL EVENTS Would you like to become a Friend of the Library and help support your neighborhood library? We need help with Monthly Book Sale. Stop in for an application. September First Tuesday Concert: The Benedetti Trio 9/1 6:30pm Mondays: Lego Club 4pm Kids make a Lego creation that will be displayed in the library. Be creative and have fun! No sign-up needed. Appropriate for ages 6+ years. Chair Yoga Wednesdays 11:45 No class 9/30 Chair Yoga promotes stretching, strengthening & improves balance, flexibility & mobility, enhances mental clarity & helps reduce stress & provides peace and relaxation. Wednesdays: Kendama 3:45pm Try your hand at this fun game. Meet other kids to enjoy it also. Learn new tricks and show off your skills. Technology Assistance 9/4, 9/10, 9/18, 9/24 See calendar for exact times Get hands-on assistance with your electronic device.Our iexpert is glad to help you get started.

The Clairemont Times • September 2015 • 7


Peninsula Singers is Looking for a Few Good Men … and Women! pre-register online at www.peninsulasingerssandiego.org. Registration is also available at the first rehearsal. Peninsula Singers is a Community Choir based in Point Loma under the direction of Sarah Suhonen and accompanied by Stewart Simon on piano. A varied repertoire has included music from choral classics to Broadway shows. Peninsula Singers has performed at many venues throughout the community, including U.S.S. Midway, the Point Loma Village Cultural Faire, Southwestern Yacht Club, Point Loma High School, several local libraries, and December Nights in Balboa Park. Established in 2003, Peninsula Singers is a Committee of the nonprofit 501(c)3 Ocean Beach Community Foundation.

Fall season starts 9/14 If you enjoy singing and enjoy people, then Peninsula Singers is for you. Your level of musical ability doesn't matter. Singers are welcome with years of singing experience, as well as those who have never sung in a concert before. No audition is needed. Weekly fall season rehearsals begin Monday, September 14, 5:30-7:30 p.m., in the community room at Point Loma/Hervey Branch Library at 3701 Voltaire Street. The theme for the fall, leading up to December concerts and performances, is “Holiday Songs in the Movies.” Interested singers should visit the website for more information and to

Rummage Sale for Music Scholarships Sweet Harmony, member of the California Women's Chorus, is holding a rummage sale to help fund scholarships for vocal musicians in San Diego.

The sale will be held on Saturday, September 26 from 8-2 in the parking lot of Clairemont Lutheran Church, 4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., 92117

Religious Directory Atonement Lutheran Church www.atonementlutheranchurchsd.com 7250 Eckstrom St (Balboa & 805) San Diego, CA 92111 Phone (858) 278-5556 Sunday Worship Time 9 am, Bible Study 10:30 am Clairemont Lutheran Church www.clairemontlc.org 4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117 Sunday Worship Times 8:30, 10:00 (English) & 11:30 am (Spanish) Sunday School for kids 9:45am Holy Cross Lutheran Church www.holycrossword.com 3450 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA 92117 Church (858) 273-2886 Sunday Worship 9:00 am Christian Science Church and Reading Room www.christianscience.com 3410 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA 92117 Phone (619) 276-5034 Sunday Worship Service and Sunday School: 10:00 am Wednesday Testimony Meetings: Noon

Potholes in your Neighborhood? Report the Street & Cross Street to City of San Diego Streets & Potholes Division

619 527 7500

San Diego Branch Church www.branchsd.org 4833 Doliva Drive, San Diego, CA. 92117 (Madison High Auditorium) Sunday Worship at 9:30am Church Office: 8344 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Suite 100 Phone: 858-384-6788 St. David’s Episcopal Church & Preschool www.saintdavidschurch.com 5050 Milton Street, San Diego CA 92110 Sunday Worship Times: 8:00 am Traditional • 10:30am Contemporary

Clairemont Car Wash 3030 Clairemont Drive Soft Cleaning • Vacuuming Hand Dry Finish Windows Cleaned Inside & Out

8:30 - 5:30 • 7 days




Regular Price $8.99 With coupon only

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church www.stmarksumcsd.org 3502 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA 92117 Church (858) 273-1480 Sunday School & Church Worship 9:30 am For information on advertising your place of worship in the Religious Directory please call or email Chris O’Connell, Publisher (858) 752-9779 chris@clairemonttimes.com

8 • The Clairemont Times • September 2015

Squaremont By Bill Swank

It’s Back to School in Clairemont A history lesson on our local school names How many are old enough to remember that Clairemont High School was originally supposed to be James Madison High School? Angry residents demanded the school be named for the neighborhood. Clairemont’s second high school was named after our fourth president when it opened in 1962. Have you ever wondered how our neighborhood elementary schools got their names? Do they receive a passing or failing grade? There is currently a movement to change the name of Robert E. Lee Elementary in Paradise Hills. Should the names of Clairemont schools be changed to keep up with the times? Since a primary goal of elementary education is learning to read, it is fitting that many Clairemont schools were named after wordsmiths: author Louisa May Alcott, Little Women; author Hans Christian Andersen, Fairy Tales; musical composer Charles Wakefield Cadman,“From the Land of Sky Blue Waters”; children’s poet Eugene Field,“Wynken, Blynken and Nod”; author Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter; poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,“The Song of Hiawatha”; children’s poet James Whitcomb Riley,“Little Orphan Annie”; author Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island; poet Walt Whitman, “Leaves of Grass”; poet John Greenleaf Whittier,“Dear Lord and Father of Mankind.” (Andersen and Stevenson Elementary Schools have been closed.) The great American humorist Mark Twain described a “classic” as “a book which people praise and don’t read.” Most people have heard of Little Women, The Scarlet Letter and some might remember “the land of sky blue waters” from an old beer jingle. They associate “Orphan Annie” with a Broadway musical, but what about the rest? Are these respected writers from the past relevant today? Perhaps the most appropriately named school in Clairemont is Sequoia Elementary, but it flunks geography

and spelling. Many of the streets in West Clairemont are named after Native-American tribes, but Sequoia Elementary is located east and north of the “Mount” streets. Furthermore, Sequoia is misspelled. The great Indian chief Sequoyah created the Cherokee syllabary/alphabet in the early 19th century. His people achieved a significantly higher literacy rate than their white neighbors. He was an exceptional thinker and educator. Contrary to legend that the giant trees and national park are named after Sequoyah, the word sequoia was more likely an attempt by Austrian biologist Stephan Endicher to make “sequence” sound Latin. The distinction was not widely known when the school opened in 1960. William P. Toler Elementary is named after San Diego’s first teacher. Ironically, he was fired in 1851 for introducing bilingual education to his students. Bay Park certainly makes sense for a school that serves the Bay Park community, but alumnus Walter Anderson points out the school is actually situated in what was historically the Morena District. Mount Everest Academy is located among the “Mount” streets, but it originally was Kate Douglas Wiggin Elementary. This impressive woman was an educator and author (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm) who started the first free San Francisco kindergarten in 1878 and dedicated her life to the welfare of children. In my opinion, the name of the school never should have been changed. Other Clairemont elementary schools are named in honor of supreme court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Revolutionary War hero Marquis de Lafayette and aviator Charles A. Lindbergh. Sunshine Elementary opened in 1935 on 35th Street to bring sunshine to handicapped students. In 1959, the campus moved to a new facility in East Clairemont. The name was changed in 1971 to commemorate humanitarian and medical missionary Albert Schweitzer. Since the schools were next-door neighbors, LindberghSchweitzer consolidated in 1990-1991. In 2004, the San Diego Unified School District created a list of suggested names for future schools which include, among others: John Ames, Henry Batchelder, Thad Black, Samuel T. Black, Ellen Breen, Florence Brewer, T. Malcolm Brown, Katherine Cox, Margaret Erdt, Samuel L. Gravely, Jr., Robert Gregg, Donald Hanson, Walter Hepner, Grace Hopper, Clyde Hufbauer, Paul Eugene Klein, Fred Lindley, May Scott Marcy, Clarence McGrew, James McMullen, Julia Morgan, Kenneth R. Rearwin, Norma Sullivan, John Swett, Charles O. Taylor, Maria Theodore, Forrest Warren,


82% Reduction in Dementia? With all the talk these days about Dementia you could be forgiven for thinking it’s an infectious disease. Don’t laugh … I actually had a client ask me if it was! The thing is, in years past everyone knew some older person who was a bit ‘senile’ but now it seems hardly a day goes by without hearing of a friend, family member or some famous person with Dementia. Much of the research points to the simple fact that people are simply living longer, which is great, but who wants to be around and have the most important part of your body failing miserably? Naturally this begs the question of ‘What can I do to minimize my chances of getting the disease?” In a recent 10 year study by the

Institute of Public Health at Cambridge University they have established that regular exercise can reduce your risk of Dementia by up to 82%. So what do they mean by ‘regular exercise’? Here’s what they recommend: 3 x a week of vigorous exercise for 20 minutes with examples including jogging and swimming. 5 x a week of moderate activity for 30 minutes and the best example of this is walking. Can it really be that simple? Yes, ‘but’ other key contributors are smoking and being obese, so it really is a combination of lifestyle factors but clearly the most important consideration is getting some exercise! Your thoughts? Let me know at ssmith@comforcare.com

Richard B. Woolley and Beverly Yip. This question is not meant to disparage anyone, but who are these people? If the school board decides to change the name of Robert E. Lee Elementary, I hope they will heed the San Diego Black Police Officers

Association and rename the school in honor of fallen SDPD officer Archie Buggs who was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop in 1978. Email: Bill@ClairemontTimes.com Pictured: Bill Swank outside the Buena Vista Garden Apartments on Cowley Way in 1955, with East Clairemont off in the distance.

For more news and information visit: www.clairemonttimes.com

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journals and send them directly to your personal email. Trying to fix your shortwave radio or other contraption? You can access SAMS Technical Repair Manuals online which has been providing reliable, consistent repair data for electronics repair technicians, antique electronics restorers, and hobbyists for almost 70 years. Did you want to learn a new language? Connect to Rosetta Stone via the library’s website and get started.You can even take an online course with your library card or earn your high school degree through the San Diego Public library’s Career Online High School. Your library card is a powerful tool. Additionally, Mayor Faulconer’s DO YOUR HOMEWORK AT THE LIBRARY Program at ten SDPL branches provides free homework assistance Monday through Thursday after school to help students with their assignments. Just between the three libraries in Clairemont alone, there is a wide variety of cultural programs and classes. We’ve planned concerts, parenting classes, seminars, crafts, Lego Clubs, storytimes, science classes, book discussions and more.The library is a place where people of all ages can come together to learn, connect and exchange ideas. Can’t think of a good book to read? Just ask a librarian. We are a part of your community and we want to talk

with you and understand your information needs. Did a page fall out of your favorite cookbook and you can’t find the recipe anywhere? Ask the librarian! Are you traveling overseas? Borrow some travel books or DVDs to enhance your experience and help you plan. Have a road trip coming up? Borrow or download a “talking book” which to listen to on the way—the time in the car will pass quickly. Need a place with free wifi to get some work done or apply for a job? Try the library’s new comfortable study chairs provided by Councilman Chris Cate. Is your printer broken? Come on in and use our computers to print your documents. If you have been avoiding the library due to some incidental fines, the library will discount half of your fines during the month of September 2015.* MTV has reinvented and rebranded itself, and so has the public library. No matter who you are, the library is a place where you can get comfortable and connect with the information you need, utilize technology, learn something new or have a discussion about some good books or movies. The Internet has not eliminated the need for a library or librarians, we are here to stay, and we hope to see you soon! *Some exclusions apply-check with your local librarian. For more information on the discount library fine program and Fine Discount Month visit: www.sandiego.gov/publiclibrary/pdf/2015/1509discountmonthflyer.pdf

10 • The Clairemont Times • September 2015

Out and About in Clairemont by Chris Cate, District 6

about priorities in their individual neighborhoods as well as common

On Saturday, August 1, Councilmember Lorie Zapf & I recognized Ray Hahn as the Lifetime of Community Service honoree at Clairemont Family Day. It was great to see all of the Clairemont families out and about,

goals for all neighborhoods in the District.

enjoying the nice day. http://www.clairemontfamilyday.com/ On Thursday, August 6, I spoke at the Clairemont Town Council. I provided district and city updates and fielded question regarding water and infrastructure.The majority of my time was spent discussing the Neighborhoods First Coalition.The Neighborhoods First Coalition (NFC) brings together members of each neighborhood in City Council District 6.The NFC advises me

Can YOU help? It has been brought to my attention that the Clairemont Girl’s Fastpitch Softball League’s storage shed was broken into. “In addition to the softball gear, there was also a utility cart, a weed whacker, a leaf blower, and other gardening tools stolen. In total, approximately $8000 worth of equipment was taken, including about $1500 worth of equipment that was purchased last year,” said the San Diego Reader.The softball league is currently fundraising for new equipment. If you can help, please visit their website http://cgfp.org/ and make a donation.


City Council Adopts Zero Waste Plan to Divert All Waste by 2040 by Scott Sherman, District 7 Councilmember

Last month, the City Council voted to approve an innovative plan that calls for reducing all of the City’s trash to zero by the year 2040. The plan, called “Zero Waste” lays out a list of strategies that will achieve a 75 percent trash diversion rate by 2020, a 90 percent rate by 2035, and a zero waste by 2040. Our current rate of diversion stands at 67 percent. Not only is this good for the environment but the plan is also a good deal for San Diego taxpayers. The Zero Waste plan will help prolong the life of the Miramar Landfill which is nearing capacity. Instead of using taxpayer dollars to build a new landfill, we can instead reduce and

reuse. To reach the 75 percent diversion rate, the City would need to reduce, reuse, and recycle an additional 332,000 tons of waste annually. This will be done by: • Diverting fibrous yard trimmings, 18,000 tons a year • Require franchise haulers to reach a 50 percent diversion rate by 2020, 94,000 tons per year. • Organics diversion to comply with AB 1826, 120,000 tons per year • Revisions to the City’s recycling ordinance, 13,000 tons per year • Creation of a Resource Recovery Center at Miramar Landfill to assist nonfranchise haulers to divert much of their material for reuse, 80,000 tons per year I am very excited to see this plan implemented. As always, I would like to hear your feedback and ideas on how we can improve. Please feel free to contact my office at 619-236-6677 or email me at ScottSherman@SanDiego.Gov.

Long-Time Linda Vista Resident Recognized at City Hall

Email: chriscate@sandiego.gov • Phone: (619) 236-6616 Website: http://www.sandiego.gov/citycouncil/cd6/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/D6ChrisCate Twitter: https://twitter.com/chrisjcate Mailing Address: 202 C Street, 10th Floor, San Diego, CA 92101

Maria’s Psychic Readings $



True Advice on All Life Matters Specializing in Love Problems Will Guide you through Life to Happiness Palm & Tarot Card Readings Call Maria at (831) 261-3477 Clairemont Resident

Sherman Honored Linda Vista Resident Margarita Castro With Citywide Proclamation on August 4th Councilmember Scott Sherman declared August 4th “Margarita Castro Day” in recognition of her contribution to the Linda Vista community for nearly 50 years. Margarita served as an Attendance Clerk and Truant Officer for 31 years at Linda Vista Elementary School, Hamilton Elementary, and Kimbrough Elementary. Margarita Castro positively impacted the youth of Linda Vista through

actively dedicating her time to Linda Vista youth sports, being a batting coach and players’ agent, and was one of the first female umpires for the Little League Baseball Association. In addition to serving on a number of community groups, Margarita is deeply committed to the betterment of the community in Linda Vista as seen through her contribution to the development of a number of Linda Vista landmarks. Margarita continues to remain a dedicated volunteer to the Linda Vista community and an advocate for improving their quality of life.

The Clairemont Times • September 2015 • 11


Daniel Smiechowski


Why the Chargers Should Stay in San Diego

How culture and society shape our view on sports America’s philosopher John Dewey found little need in religious dogma despite having been brought up in a church going family. The professor from the University of Chicago understood the significance of the divine upon culture and society. To those who say we do not need the San Diego Chargers football team consider the big picture through the lens of social-psychology and Dr. Dewey’s stance on the merits of religion upon the masses. We ought to all recognize the concept of public good in keeping the Bolts in our town. Much has been written about the power of the purse and a taxpayer revolt but there has been scant mention of the emotional and psychological import of losing a professional sports franchise. Just as Professor Dewey understood the value of organized religion within the common man, we ought to recognize the social need of maintaining a professional sports team and what it brings to a community. America is an athletically driven nation. Most little boys and girls for that matter grow up on sports. I still remember the 1963 Milwaukee Braves starting lineup fifty years later. That shows how emotionally close kids become to their sports teams. Many adults also find solace in bonding with and following their local sports team. Dare I say that this relationship is

almost religious in nature, complete with rituals such as tailgating, flag waving, face painting and other types of mutual adulation. Understanding that not everyone likes football and recalcitrant taxpayers, it is by keeping the Bolts in San Diego that we promote the greater good. When the Major League Braves left the City of Milwaukee in 1965 it devastated the morale of children and adults alike. When the NBA San Diego Rockets moved to Houston in 1971 it likewise affected our City by casting a pall over many sports enthusiasts. Mayor Faulconer is knee deep in an untenable situation. San Diego Charger’s ownership however is playing by the rules of our free market. The National Football League is a business and we live in a capitalist economy. This is our culture and society, yet some of the same people benefiting from its very inherent qualities rail against wealthy ownership of professional sports teams. Perhaps we should equate the extra taxes as earmarked for a public park, which essentially is true, except one pays a fee for entertainment. There will be some long faces in San Diego if the Chargers decide to bolt. Be nice, do good deeds and don’t be stranger as we at the Clairemont Times value your participation. Daniel J Smiechowski has been a resident of Clairemont since 1967 and can be reached at smiechowskid@aol.com or 858 220 4613

Community Meetings Open to the Public CLAIREMONT TOWN COUNCIL 9/3/15 • (1st Thurs. of the month) 6:30 PM Cadman Elementary Auditorium • 4370 Kamloop Ave, 92117 CLAIREMONT COMMUNITY PLANNING GROUP 9/15/15 • (3rd Tuesday of the month) Cadman Elementary Auditorium • 4370 Kamloop, 92117 LINDA VISTA TOWN COUNCIL 9/17/15 • (3rd Thursday of the month) Baha’i Faith Center • 6545 Alcala Knolls, 92111 LINDA VISTA PLANNING GROUP 9/28/15 • (4th Mon. of the month)5:30 PM Linda Vista Public Library • 2160 Ulric St, 92111 MARIAN BEAR REC COUNCIL 9/9/15 • (2nd Wed.of the month) 6:00PM North Clairemont Recreation Center 4425 Bannock Avenue, San Diego CA 92117

Clairemont Town Council News Hey, Clairemont Times readers! Sad news to start off with this month: longtime Clairemont Garden Tour participant, winner, and supporter Jim Wright passed away in early August. If you ever had the pleasure of touring his property during Garden Tour, or had the pleasure of knowing Jim personally, you knew he was a real community treasure. His passion was gardening, and his palm trees are legendary. Jim, our dear friend, you will be missed. As reported in the news, our Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball League was raided by thieves who stole several thousand dollars worth of equipment and materials -- much of which was recently purchased. If you can spare a few bucks to pitch in (no pun intended), to help our girls recoup some of their lost items, please consider donating via their website: www.cgfp.org Our next meeting is Thursday, September 3rd at 6:30pm inside Cadman Elementary. Congressman Scott Peters will be joining us to update on federal issues, and we’ll hear a presentation from County Animal Control representatives since there’s been a rise in animal bites in our

neighborhoods. We will also vote to approve some updated sections to our Bylaws, and those proposals can be found on our website: ClairemontOnline.com Armstrong Garden Centers is looking at relocating into Clairemont at the current site of Southwest Boulder & Stone. In order to relocate, the property site needs to be rezoned -- from industrial to commercial -- and they’ve asked CTC for support. As an action item on our agenda, we will be recommending a vote on a letter of support for Armstrong Garden Centers. Please visit our website for more information. Finally, CTC Board elections are coming up in November and nominations are open for the following offices: President, Vice President, Secretary, Director North, Director South, and two Director-at-Large seats. If you’d like more information, or would to run for a position on the Board, please contact Elections Chair Cory Lacy at Elections@ClairemontOnline.com Working for you, Clairemont! Ryan Trabuco President, Clairemont Town Council president@clairemontonline.com 858.480.9430

12 • The Clairemont Times • September 2015


Clairemont Mesa Blvd & 163 Construction Project

The Clairemont Times PO Box 17671 San Diego, CA 92177 (858) 752-9779 Founding Publisher: Chris O’Connell Graphic Designer: Elaine Hall Clairemont Mesa Blvd west of 163 looking South.

According to a fact sheet by Caltrans the goal of the project is to: “increase capacity to accommodate forecasted traffic volumes”,“improve bicycle and pedestrian access” and “eliminate traffic weaving issues at the ramps on 163”. This project will reconstruct the westbound Clairemont Mesa Boulevard (CMB) on-ramp to the Southbound 163, mirroring the east side configuration which was complet-

Clairemont Mesa Blvd west of 163 looking North.

ed in 2007. CMB will be widened from four to six lanes between the bridge and Kearny Mesa Road. The Southbound 163 loop off-ramp to westbound CMB will be removed and replaced with a four-lane ramp and a signalized intersection. The interchange improvements will assist the city in its redevelopment plan to make the area a mixed-use business and residential district. The average traffic volume for this

area is about 138,000 vehicles a day. That number is expected to increase to 217,000 vehicles by 2030. Extensive residential and commercial traffic development within the project area has increased traffic demand at this intersection causing traffic delays. Seasonal activities at Fashion Valley Mall and events at Qualcomm Stadium further worsen these conditions. Since vehicles typically move slowly in this area to accommodate the high traffic volumes and weaving issues, queue lengths often extend and create unstable traffic flows. The estimated cost for the second phase is $11 million and is funded by the city of San Diego. Caltrans provides construction oversight. Construction will begin this spring with completion in summer 2016. Special thanks to Jim McCoy at Raven Helicopters (www.RavenHelicopters.com)

Linda Vista Skatepark Update

Contributors: Mike Baehr Kevin Casillo Paul Fischer Gary Hyde Susan Lewitt Daniel J. Smiechowski Bartley Stratton Rob Stone Bill Swank The Clairemont Times is a free publication published each month and circulated throughout the neighborhoods of Clairemont, Linda Vista, Bay Park & Kearny Mesa. Story ideas, advertising & editorial questions can be sent to The Clairemont Times P.O. Box 17671, San Diego, CA 92177 or chris@clairemonttimes.com Copyright ©2011-15 The Clairemont Times/McSierra Publishing. Reuse of material from this edition or past editions is strictly prohibited without permission from the publisher. The opinions in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of The Clairemont Times/McSierra Publishing but instead, of each individual author/contributor.

by Chris Limon

The Linda Vista Skatepark Project ID is S15008 on the Capital Improvements Project website at www.sandiego.gov/cip/ The project goes to bid later this year for prospective construction firms to submit applications to be considered for hire. The construction schedule has a Start Date: October 2016- Finish Date: March 2017. That is the latest. Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/LVskatepark

For more news and information visit: www.clairemonttimes.com

The Clairemont Times is proud to partner and contribute with:

The Clairemont Times • September 2015 • 13


Sycamores in Tecolote Canyon by Trent Robertson, Tecolote Canyon Volunteer

Clairemont is divided by a series of canyons that have been set aside as dedicated open space.They serve as a natural drainage for a small watershed that sits between the San Diego River and Rose Creek. San Diego’s normal rainfall isn’t enough to support the growth of large trees except along the drainage courses of our local canyons.This is where you find ribbons of oaks, sycamores and willow trees.The tree that requires the most moisture is the Western Sycamore.You can see a very nice stand of sycamores in San Clemente Canyon on the south side of State Route 52. In Tecolote Canyon the presence of Western Sycamores is much more intermittent.The most common trees here are the Coast Live Oaks and Arroyo Willows. One section of the canyon that is wide enough and moist enough to support the growth of sycamores runs

east from the golf course to Genesee Avenue. The Tecolote Canyon Interpretive Group has scheduled a hike in this portion of the canyon on Saturday, September 12 at 9:00 a.m.The trail is fairly wide and involves only gradual elevation changes. It meanders back and forth across the stream course and much of it is under the shade of the Coast Live Oak trees.The large amount of rain we received in July has encouraged some plants to bloom out of season.Volunteer trail guides will be on hand to identify native birds, plants, reptiles and insects. We will meet at the southern end of Mt. Carol Street by the signed entrance to Tecolote Canyon.There are no facilities at this neighborhood entrance and parking is on the street. Please bring water, sunscreen and sturdy hiking or walking shoes. For more information contact the Tecolote Nature Center at 858-581-9959.

Tecolote Nature Center 5180 Tecolote Road San Diego, CA. 92110 858-581-9959 Sunday, September 6 • 8:00am California Native Plant Society Walk Learn about the plants that thrive in Tecolote Canyon. Saturday, September 12 • 9:00am Mount Carol Canyon Walk The Tecolote Canyon Interpretive Group (TCIG) has scheduled a hike on a portion of this trail to introduce residents to some of the canyon’s lesser known access points. We will meet at the southern end of Mt. Carol Drive by the signed entrance to Tecolote Canyon. Saturday, September 19 • 9:00am -11:00am Weed Warriors Clean up the canyon with Park Ranger Janice. Wear sturdy shoes and long pants. *gloves and tools provided* Sunday, September 20 • 9:00am – 12:00pm Sunday in the Garden Volunteer with Park Ranger Steven in our native plant garden. Get dirty, have fun, help out your community! *gloves and tools provided* Saturday, September 26 • 8:00am Audubon Society Birding Walk Did you know that Tecolote Canyon is a hot birding spot? People come from all over the world to see and hear the birds in our canyon. No experience? No problem! Plenty of helpful birders on this walk.


Good Bye Grass and Water Thirsty Plants, Hello Natives: Learn more at CNPS Seminar by Susan Lewitt

Are you tired of watching your water bill climb and seeing all your money go into that thirsty lawn that

Garden Scene from 2015 Garden Native Tour

doesn’t give anything back? Artificial grass is an option, but it is plastic and unlike trees and shrubs, does not return oxygen to the atmosphere. Lawns do make nice play areas, but if you have a front lawn area, there is a good chance it isn’t used for play. If you are thinking of putting in an artificial turf play area, injuries are a potential problem. What should you have instead of that thirsty lawn? Succulents including cactus are very water efficient, but not everyone fancies a desert landscape. I chose native succulents for my front area. My native plant selections include Dudleyas, Beavertail Cactus, Cholas,

Barrel Cactus, plus a non-native endangered plant of southern Mexico, the Golden Barrel Cactus. Another option is native trees shrubs and ground cover.There are vast choices of beautiful flowering plants that give back in several ways. They are far less thirsty than lawns, they attract native fauna including birds and butterflies, and they give back more oxygen than a lawn. Edible natives are an option, also. You think natives are an option but where do you begin? Come learn about native landscaping through The Native Photo by Susan Lewitt Landscaping Seminar presented by the California Native Plant Society, September 19th from 8am-3:30pm, at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s Sumner Auditorium. The seminar will cover “native plant landscape, design basics, symbiotic relationship between natives, edible gardens, and how to ditch your lawn.” The cost is $35 for the entire day. Email Mike Gonzales (mgonzales@mbakerintl.com) for information. Next Month: Native plants verses Invasive plants with information on the CNPS Native Plant sale, Oct 17 and CAL-IPC’s Invasive plant symposium the end of October.

For more information call 858-581-9959. Updated activities are posted at www.meetup.com/Friends of Tecolote Canyon Natural Park and Nature Center Or Like us on Facebook – Friends of Tecolote Canyon Activities are free of charge. Donations to the Friends of Tecolote Canyon are always appreciated!

Water Authority Launches Mobile App to Help Report and Fix Water Waste Countywide App sends photos or videos of water waste straight to local agencies for follow-up The San Diego County Water Authority on Tuesday launched a smartphone app that enables users across the region to report water waste such as broken sprinklers, excess irrigation and potential violations of local water-use rules with the option of including a photo or video. The Water Authority developed the app – “When in Drought, Report Waste” – in partnership with its 24 member water agencies to help inform property owners, meet state water-use reduction targets and avoid state fines. The Water Authority’s member agencies are responsible for responding to water waste reports generated for their service areas. The app is free and available for both iPhone and Android devices through their respective app stores. There also is a link to the app on the Water Authority’s website, www.sdcwa.org/when-in-droughtreport-waste-mobile-app After downloading the app, users can report waste by either entering an address, or using the geolocation fea-

ture to pinpoint the location of the problem. Users then select from a list of common problems and have the option to enter more detailed information. Users also may include a video or photo of the problem. The app includes other features such as links to online water conservation resources and rebates, a local water agency map and locator, and additional information about local and state restrictions. It can be used across all areas of the county served by the Water Authority’s member agencies. Over the past three months, San Diego County residents have saved large volumes of water, which is being stored in the newly expanded San Vicente Reservoir in case the drought continues into 2016 or beyond. Urban potable water use across the region fell by approximately 32 percent in July 2015 compared to July 2013. That follows a decrease of 26 percent in June compared to June 2013 and a 30 percent decline in May. The regional average target set by the state is 20 percent. For more information about the drought, including water conservation resources, go to www.whenindrought.org

14 • The Clairemont Times • September 2015


Friend-ly Real Estate Advice Importance of listing your home, based on market value by Jason Friend

Determining the market value and the list price of your home is both an art and a science. One of the most common questions home sellers have is “What’s my home worth?” Many sellers will try to assess this by looking on syndicated websites to see the list prices of homes in the current market. The problem with this approach is that list prices and actual sale prices are traditionally considerably different. It’s important to know the competing inventory (active listings) pricing, but knowing the actual sales prices of recently sold similar homes (square footage, bedrooms, age) and Pending Sales within the area is a significantly more accurate market value indicator. Professional home appraisers do not factor in competing inventory pricing, they rely on actual recent sales prices, among other factors.

Fair market value pricing attracts buyers, while overpricing never does. Overpricing your home prevents the very buyers who are eligible to buy your home from ever seeing it. For a home seller, it can be a much more lucrative proposition to have multiple buyers interested in your home, which can create a bidding war situation, and in turn, a probable sales price that is well above your market value range list price. The alternative could result in having your home sit on the market with no serious inquiries, requiring a significant price reduction, and by that time, most of the current active buyer pool boat has sailed. Many active buyers and buyers’ agents are on listing alerts in which new listings get sent to their email in their desired price range. Price reductions aren’t included in new listing alerts. Allow me to conduct a FREE Professional Comparative Market Analysis of your home so you don’t have to guesstimate – Jason Friend (619) 784-3948.

Clairemont Family Day 2015 Images from the Clairemont Times booth at Clairemont Family Day 8/1/15

of retired role a picture Rick shows Ca was Miss ho w l Fleming SDPD officer Jil . 75 Clairemont 19

Rick Carlsen (SDPD retired), Carole McDowell and Bill Swank.

Former Miss Clairemont 1956 Carole Gribbons McDowell signs autographs of the front page picture. Yam Lee and Bill Swank makes the "square" sign.

For more news and information visit: www.clairemonttimes.com

Bill Swan k, Squaremo nt Columnis t, inside the Squaremo nt Cubicle a nd Publisher Chris O'Connell

The Clairemont Times • September 2015 • 15 Sponsored By


Neighborhood Beat

Local Music Trivia Quiz by Gary Hyde

Back in the July edition we printed this music trivia quiz, we had a good response although no one answered all the questions correctly. Give it a shot, see how well you do. The answers are on page 17. 1. Who wrote the liner notes for the first 2 KGB Homegrown albums? 2. What was the name of the dances held at the North Clairemont Rec. in the early 1970’s? 3. San Diego’s most famous bass player? 4. Name the music store at the

Clairemont Quad in the 1960’s? 5. Where did the members of the local band Listen go to school? 6. Where were chart topper Gary Puckett and the Union Gap the house band at? 7. Who wrote “Clairemont Mesa” from Homegrown 1? 8. What club did Iron Butterfly play before they were famous? 9. What Clairemont/RB guitar legend wrote a song recorded by Yvonne Elliman? 10. Where did the Beatles play in San Diego? Email:gary@clairemonttimes.com

Small Business Workshop 2. City of San Diego Small Local Business Enterprise Program 3. City of San Diego Economic The City of San Diego Council Development Service Division District 2 is proud to sponsor an 4. City of San Diego Business exciting and important event Certification Specialist designed to help small local business5. City of San es grow and sucDiego Small ceed in San Business Diego. Co-hosted This is a great opportunity for Ambassador by the Mission our local small businesses 6. California Bay Business State Board of Network Group interested in doing business and the Morena with the City of San Diego ... Equalization 7. Prime Business Contract Vendors: Association. Representatives Thursday, from Xerox, Napa, Grainger, Gray Bar, September 24th, from 10:00am – Atos, Waxie, Wesco. CGI etc. have been 1:00pm, at Edward Jones (site host) 5375 Napa Street – Conference Room, invited. This is a great opportunity for our local small businesses will have a local small businesses interested in chance to learn about services, local doing business with the City of San and state resources, certifications and Diego and/or with corporations who opportunities with the City of San have existing contracts with the city. Diego and the business community. This is a free event but attendees Meet experts from the public and are encouraged to register ahead of private sector and find out how your time. For more information please businesses can succeed in San Diego. contact: Enavarro@SanDiego.Gov Participating organizations include: (619) 236-6992 Limited space available RSVP now 1. City of San Diego Purchasing & Hope to see you there. Contracting Dear Small Business Owners,

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Kayaks, Bikes, SUP & Paddleboats BUY 1 hr GET the 2nd hr FREE Mon-Fri Only (not valid on holidays)


TWO LOCATIONS Campland on the Bay 2211 Pacific Beach Dr. San Diego CA 92109 858-581-9300 The Dana Hotel 1710 W. Mission Bay Dr. San Diego CA 92109 619-226-8611

Don’t just play Guitar Hero, Be one! TAKE A RISK FREE TRIAL. THE FIRST LESSON IS FREE! • Learn Solid fundamentals • Master the entire fretboard • Build control, accuracy and speed • Understand music theory • Learn chord, scales, rhythm and lead

Call John Wise at (858)382-4531 or email jwmwise@att.net

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CLASH AT CLAIREMONT 9 Raffle to be held Sept. 19th at 1 pm

$1 Per Ticket

Will be Divided Equally All Proceeds from Tickets Sales CA Krause Family between the Mission Valley YM e, an Organization Bike/Skate Park & Grind for Lif With Cancer Dedicated to Helping People the Skate Park Tickets can be purchased at Diego, CA 92117 3401 Clairemont Drive, San


Back-to-School Safety Reminders With the new school year beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 8, it is important for students, parents and the public to remember to they need to exercise additional caution on or around school campuses. To ensure maximum safety for all students, the San Diego Unified School District suggests students and parents abide by the following guidelines set by the National Safe Kids Campaign. WALKING TO SCHOOL Pedestrian injuries are the second leading cause of unintentional injuryrelated deaths among children ages 5-14. To avoid injury: • Never let children under age 10 cross the street alone. • Teach children to recognize and obey traffic signals and pavement markings. • Choose the safest route between home and school and practice walking it with children until they can demonstrate traffic safety awareness. Remind kids to: • Cross streets only in crosswalks; never enter streets from between parked cars or from behind shrubbery. • Always look both ways before crossing the street. • Walk—don't run—across intersections. • A flashing "walk" signal does not mean it's safe to cross. • Use the same route every day and avoid shortcuts. • Don't speak to strangers; if a stranger approaches, tell a trusted adult such as a parent or teacher. RIDING THE BUS More than 11,000 district students take the bus each day. Although bus travel is one of the safest ways to get to and from school, injuries can still occur, and most of them take place when children are getting on or off the bus. Some safety tips for riding the bus are: • Arrive at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus. • Stay out of the street and don't horseplay while waiting. • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting on or off.

• Remain seated and keep head and arms inside the bus at all times. • Do not shout or distract the driver. • Do not walk in the driver's "blind spot" -- the area from the front of the bus to about 12 feet in front of the bus. RIDING BICYCLES Bicycles are associated with more childhood injuries than any other consumer product except the car. To make sure children are safe when riding bicycles to school: • Check with your school principal to make sure bicycles are allowed. Some schools do not allow them. • Wear a helmet! State law requires it, and failure to wear one could result in a traffic citation. More importantly, helmets can reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 85 percent. • Obey rules of the road; the rules are the same for all vehicles, including bicycles. • Stay on the right-hand side of the road and ride in the same direction as traffic. • Know and use appropriate hand signals. • Choose the safest route between home and school and practice it with children until they can demonstrate traffic safety awareness. DRIVING Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths among children age 14 and under. To reduce the risk of injury: • Always use child safety seats and safety belts correctly when driving or riding in a car. • Arrive early—especially the first few weeks of school—and use the school's designated student drop-off and pick-up zone. • Do not double park or make u-turns in front of the school. Police officers are issuing citations for traffic violations and there is no warning or grace period. • Children should enter and leave the car on its curb side. • NEVER TEXT WHILE DRIVING. It’s the law. It is important for parents to remember to always set a good example for children, whether walking, riding or driving.

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USD Toreros Hunt Down NC State Wolfpack, Barely Lose to UCLA Bruins

The University of San Diego (USD) Lady Toreros defeated the North Carolina State Lady Wolfpack by a final score of 2-1 in a season-opening nonconference women’s soccer matchup played at Torero Stadium on Friday evening, August 21. Five-foot-ten-inch Lady Toreros junior forward Victoria Walker scored a goal at the beginning of the second half, knotting up the contest at 1-1. At 55:04 of the second half, Walker struck again with another score that would prove to be the game-winner for USD. Five-foot-eight-inch senior goalkeeper Michelle Craft had two saves and 5-foot-4-inch junior midfielder Rachel Conners and 5-foot-5-inch junior defender midfielder Jacqueline Altschuld each added an assist for the

Lady Toreros. Two nights later, USD suffered a tough 1-0 double-overtime loss to the fourth-ranked UCLA Lady Bruins before an announced attendance of 1,012 spectators in the championship game of the Torero Classic on Sunday evening, August 23. Craft had a season-high seven saves in the losing effort for USD. Rob Stone is a life-long resident of the San Diego area and is also a certified talent scout through Sports Management Worldwide. Rob has been working with and helping to assist sports agents in getting their clients signed to contracts. If you would like a professional scouting report written up on your favorite athlete, you can feel free to contact Mr. Stone directly. He may be reached at: 1 (619) 2416516, rstone@smww.com, Sportsguyrob@att.net, http://www.smwwscout.com/scout/robstone, orhttp://www.rsscouting.blogspot.com.

St. Mark’s to Hold Blessing of the Animals by Karen Scanlon

It seems there are no strangers among keepers of creatures! People with their pets will again process the aisles of the glorious sanctuary of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church on Sunday, October 4 at 9:30 A.M. Everyone is welcome at this second, annual Blessing of the Animals, remembering the life of St. Francis of Assisi. Francis was born into a family of silk merchants in Assisi, Italy, in 1181, and lived to the age of 45. He rollicked with the rich, for a time, but renounced his wealth at age 25, making a vow of poverty after working with lepers and paupers in Rome. A stint as a soldier, an audience with the Pope, and a vision from God led Francis to, among other things, form religious orders for women and men. Today the Franciscan Order continues to adhere to the teachings and spiritual disciplines of St. Francis. Francis was proclaimed a saint— patron saint of animals—two years after his death. According to Jon M. Sweeney in his recent book, When Saint Francis Saved the Church,“Saint Francis was unique in his ability to connect with animals and birds, and he showed himself gentle and quiet enough to be nonthreatening to even

Gary Hyde Trivia Answers from Page 15 1. Cameron Crowe 2. The Happening 3. Nathan East 4. Apex Music

the tenderest of creatures… he heard angels’ voices in the chickadee’s chant and the mockingbird’s caw.” The October 4 St. Mark’s animal event begins with the soft chime of a bell and a procession into the sanctuary, followed by a shortened worship and communion service. Don’t miss the comedy of dogs’ paws, noses, rumps, and tails spilling into the aisles, or the occasional howl of one, then another. It’s an orderly exercise of animal affection. Stations are set up outside where St. Mark’s clergy offer the all-important blessings, one animal at a time. Cats, dogs, ducks, birds, chickens, turtles, lizards, and all animals are welcome including stuffed toy cuddlies. For safety, and respect for all, please keep animals on leash or in pet carriers. What is it about animals that draw out the best in their humans? No stranger exists of a newcomer or host at the Blessing of the Animals because everyone enjoys the commonality of living creatures. St. Francis believed that all creatures were connected. It may just be that the same is true for people. Find St. Mark’s at 3502 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA 92117, by phone 858 273-1480, or on the web at www.stmarksumcsd.org. 5. Kearny High 6. The Quad Room at Clairemont Bowl 7. Gary Hyde 8. The Palace 9. Tom Kosta 10. Balboa Stadium.

San Diego Mesa College 2015 Football Schedule Date 9/5 9/12 9/19 9/26 10/3 10/10 10/17 10/24 10/31 11/7 11/14

Opponent L.A. Valley College L.A. Southwest College Palomar College College of the Desert Southwestern College BYE Mt. San Jacinto College San Bernardino College HOMECOMING GAME East L.A. College Compton College Victor Valley College

Place Valley Glen, CA HOME San Marcos, CA HOME Chula Vista, CA

Time 7pm 6pm 6pm 1pm 6pm

San Jacinto, CA HOME

1pm 1pm


1pm 1pm 1pm

7250 Mesa College Drive, San Diego, CA 92111 For more information on San Diego Mesa College Athletics visit: www.GoSdMesa.com

Good Food! Good Fun! Good Cause! JOIN US for a night of FUN at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine Hotel! Labrador Rescuers is having our 11th Annual Lab Amore Event, and it is our biggest fundraiser of the year! The event will be held on September 19, 2015. Ticket price includes a delicious dinner, drinks, and more! Exciting silent and live auction items to be won! We are honored to have Miles Himmel as our MC for the Evening. For tickets and/or more information, please visit our website at www.labrescuers.org Be prepared to have a good time!!!!

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History Made at Mesa College, San Diego Public Library, St Mark's Blessing of the Animals, Back to School Safety Reminders, Friend-ly Real...

Clairemont times September 2015  

History Made at Mesa College, San Diego Public Library, St Mark's Blessing of the Animals, Back to School Safety Reminders, Friend-ly Real...