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Bay Park Block Party May 31st The Burn Institute, local Bay Park businesses and firefighters from all across San Diego County will be joining together for a smashing showcase of derby cars at the Firefighter Demolition Derby Pre-Rally Block Party.

5 Year Celebration for Local Community Garden by Veronica Doyle



A Dance Teacher for All Ages by Loralee Olejnik

Juanita Franco’s Academia de Baile Espanol continues to serve as a fixture along the Morena Corridor. Adjacent to Bay Park’s restaurant district and Fire Station 25, passersby stop to watch the guitarists and colorful flamenco dancers practice throughout the week.

Photo Courtesy of NPC Community Garden

This family friendly community event will be taking place on Wednesday, May 31st from 5pm-8pm on Ashton Blvd. between Morena and Chicago. The Block Party will feature cuisine from neighboring restaurants including Bay Park Fish Company, Luce and Siesel’s Meats, a craft beer garden from Coronado Brewing Company and Poseidon Project, live music from local band Custard Pie, and a whole lot of family fun! SEE Block Party, page 6

Five years ago this month, a new community garden was born in Clairemont. You’ve certainly seen it as you drive west on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. just before Clairemont Square. It is hard to miss the frenzy of green plants, the colorful columns training grapevines, the tidy rows of boxes spilling over with new growth. Starting with the thrust of a shovel at our groundbreaking in 2012, the Northminster Community Garden has grown into a thriving, vibrant community, where our gardeners SEE Community Garden, page 4

If the studio is a cultural gem in the community, Juanita wears the crown. Not to be fooled by her SEE Dance Teacher, page 5

Horizon Campus, Morena Blvd & Planning Group Many by now know (or may not know) that the Horizon Church/School the former Hale Junior High on Mt Alifan property was sold. The SDUSD sold off this property as well as the other school site in Clairemont, where Stevenson Elementary used to be, on Pocahontas see page (9) for what is now on that site, years ago. Within the last month there has been a lot of chatter as High Tech High (HTH) are the new owners of the site and Horizon has until June 30th to find a new location. The clock is ticking for both the school and the church to find a new location. Within the coming months HTH will be coming to local planning meetings whether it is a Project Review subcommittee or the full planning group meetings to present their plan for their new site. If you want to stay up to date about future meetings and agenda items (such as HTH) the best thing to do is Like the Clairemont Community Planning Group CCPG Page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter they always post meeting agendas 36 hours prior to a meeting. In addition, learn to navigate the city website agendas are also posted. If you know someone not tech savvy spread the word. HTH has a long way to go before the school doors open and they SEE Planning Group, page 13

2 • The Clairemont Times • May 2017

From the Publisher By Chris O’Connell

Happy May & Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms! A lot of interesting things happened in April from losing a lane of traffic on Morena Blvd to the grand opening of Tavara Ridge, the new single family home community in Clairemont (p9). I took a tour of the three model units that are now open and they are something special. A bit out of my price range, but there are some really cool design ideas I will try and borrow/incorporate to our property. Lot of great feedback online about the Little League piece Bill Swank wrote last month, so much so he has a follow up. Which brings me to my Little League error last month and the correction noted below, not sure how you score it at home but Error/Publisher/Editor. A lot of great contributions this month from our regulars and some new submissions. Please keep them coming, which brings me to a piece I wrote about Help Wanted on page 4. This month we have a lot of garden news, I even saw where one of our local librarians will be involved in the Clairemont Garden Tour this year! Also in gardening news we have a 5 year anniversary for a local community garden. And of course you have me and my latest landscaping folly of a

project at my own house. Pretty excited as this month we will once again be hosting a Bike to Work Day Pit Stop (May 18th) for the 5th consecutive year down on Santa Fe St at the intersection of the Rose Canyon Bike Path. This year we will also have the Mid Coast Trolley Contractors MCTC the group building the trolley sharing the space. If you are an early riser stop by say hello, I will be there from 5am-10am. If you are commuting to work by bike be sure and register (see page 6) Please keep in mind this paper is not possible without our advertisers so give them a call tell em you saw their ad in the CT! In closing, this edition is dedicated to all the Moms out there, those that are still with us and those that have passed on and are looking over us. Lastly, a special shout out for a speedy recovery to my man WS up in UC! As always folks, if I can answer any questions, send them along and/or (858) 752-9779.

Chris O’Connell, Publisher


Do You Need A Great Electrician? Expert Troubleshooting Same Day Repair Home Electrical Inspections Senior Citizen Discount

CLD Electric 619.638.0228 1960s North Clairemont Little League team picture

(courtesy Mark Nickell)

Last month I made an error and did not provide the proper photo caption and photo credit for the above picture on page 8. I apologize for the error. Chris O’Connell, Publisher/Editor (Error on the P/E)

20 Years Experience

Community Meetings - Open to the Public CLAIREMONT TOWN COUNCIL




5/4/17 (1st Thurs. of the month) 6:30 PM Cadman Elementary Auditorium 4370 Kamloop Ave, 92117

5/16/17 (3rd Tuesday of the month) 6:30 PM Cadman Elementary Auditorium 4370 Kamloop, 92117

5/18/17 (3rd Thursday of the month) 6:00 PM American Legion Post 731 7245 Linda Vista Rd., 92111

5/22/17 (4th Mon. of the month) 5:30 PM Linda Vista Public Library 2160 Ulric St, 92111

The Clairemont Times • May 2017 • 3

4 • The Clairemont Times • May 2017

Coastal Veterinary Hospital to Become CoastView Veterinary Hospital

Community Garden Continued from page 1

mix and mingle, sharing knowledge, hard work and friendship. When asked what they loved about the garden, the current gardeners flooded my inbox with their thoughts: “Our garden, to me, is an oasis of beauty that soothes and calms me. I love it in the summer especially, when butterflies are EVERYWHERE and it’s pure joy watching and being among them,” shared Gloria, one or our most dedicated members. A new gardener, Rosemary found out quickly that “it is a peaceful place [with] very friendly people.” Simone eloquently summed it up:“The community garden is a place I practice mindfulness. A place to be free of thoughts. A place of calm.” I hope you noticed a common theme in these comments: peace and calm. Our gardeners recognize that in our harried day to day urban life, moments of calm can be few and far between. They embrace the respite that the garden provides. But how did this garden come about? Here is a bit of its history: The garden was started in the spring of 2012 when a generous grant from the SD Presbytery paid for much of the initial labor and supplies. Volunteers did the rest: digging and laying irrigation lines to each bed, building, painting, placing and filling 21 garden beds, constructing a garden shed, and more. By late summer of 2012 the garden was in full swing, with our first harvests in September. We were thrilled to participate in the Clairemont Garden Tour in May 2013 and then again in 2015 after an expansion in 2014 that doubled the garden to its now current 43 beds. For both tours, our gardeners were enthusiastic ambassadors, sharing their love of gardening with like-minded visitors. Today we maintain a waiting list that ebbs and flows, much like the seasons. Our gardeners commit to about an hour of communal work time each month as well as a promise to keep their own beds weed-free and healthy. We have regular events open to the community, from garden

Clairemont Times File Photo, May 2012

speakers to potlucks, canning classes to work parties. Each gardener pays a modest fee to participate, and anyone is welcome to join- no affiliation with the church is required. As the sponsor, Northminster Church’s mission is simple: to spread good will to our neighbors. To that end, we are inviting you, our Clairemont neighbors, to celebrate our 5 year anniversary with us! Mark your calendar for our Garden Celebration. It will be on Sunday, May 21 from 10AM - 2PM . Come enjoy some good food and giveaways, get a tour of our “oasis”, and meet our garden ambassadors. The event begins with a joyful church service at 10 AM after which we will continue the party in the garden from 11-2. Please be our guest! In parting, I will share one last quote from a gardener, Mike, that captures succinctly our garden’s role: “To me the Community Garden is a place to connect with both nature and people. That makes it a very special place. Thank you...” For more photos visit Veronica Doyle is a Clairemont resident who has been involved in the NPC Community Garden since day 1. She kind of likes it there. For information about the garden, contact the church office: 858-490-3995 or visit

Spring Garden Tips for Planting Native If you are looking to plant native plants in your garden whether it is low water, succulents, vines, shrubs or shade trees visit the California Native Plant Society website at They have a really cool tool where you type in your address or your zip

code and the program will provide an instant list of what would be ideal for that specific location and climate. This is a really interesting tool to get you started in the garden, in the yard or maybe even container plantings on a balcony or patio.

In order to set themselves apart from other clinics in San Diego with similar names, Coastal Veterinary Hospital will now be known as CoastView Veterinary Hospital. The name change is effective immediately. However, the updates will be rolled-out over several weeks. “We’re doing everything within our control to ensure a smooth, seamless, and timely transition for all involved,” said veterinarian and business owner Dr. Laura Schultz.“We really want to make sure our clients know everything is still the same; we’re still in the same great Clairemont location, with the same veterinary staff, and we remain steadfast in our same promise to provide the highest quality Fear Free

care for pets, and clear, respectful, and honest communication with our clients,” Dr. Schultz continued. Founded through the vision and hard work of veterinarian Dr. Laura Schultz and her family, along with Dr. Kelly Pizzo and the entire staff at CoastView Veterinary Hospital, Clairemont area pet owners now have a hometown team of experienced veterinary professionals committed to providing a lifetime of exemplary care for their pet dogs and cats. For more information visit or call (858) 914-1934.

Help Wanted

community journalism, I go to meetings, attend events and receive hundreds of press releases a month, but there could be more in each issue and that is where I am looking for some assistance. If you are looking to make a little money I would be more than happy to discuss advertising sales positions and/or account management positions which are available. Make your own hours, work from home or just out and about talking about the neighborhood, talking shop etc. Full time, part time, or spare time the job is pretty open. If you want to earn more, work more. If you need supplemental income, earnings potential are up to you. Right now there is a tight group of people who make each edition possible I am looking to expand the group. I am working on a couple projects now to expand our reach and audience; I am juggling for sure …. hence the call out for help. If any of the above opportunities are of interest, please do not hesitate to call or email. Thank you.

by Chris O’Connell, Owner/Publisher

We are looking to expand and grow and I (we) need help. When I started the Clairemont Times back in 2011 I had no idea what would happen, it was a leap of faith. Then last year I started the Mira Mesa News I am happy to report we are moving forward with both papers. Are their bumps yes, I can look back or I can look ahead just like when each paper launched. I choose to look ahead and grow. Do you want to be involved in your neighborhood newspaper? I would love to be able to find volunteers who would like to walk a street or two and drop a copy of the paper, you know a good old fashioned paper route. Or even just pass this copy along to someone. Are you or someone you know interested in writing? Would you like a column or a monthly blurb? If you have ideas or sample pieces, please send them along to me, I am always open to new ideas. My hope is by next edition we will have a new food writer/blogger details to follow. Both of the newspapers are 100%

See page 17 for details on our one year anniversary celebration. or (858) 752 9779

The Clairemont Times • May 2017 • 5

11 Critical Home Inspection Traps to be Aware of Weeks Before Listing Your Clairemont Area Home for Sale Clairemont Area- According to industry experts, there are over 33 physical problems that will come under scrutiny during a home inspection when your home is for sale. A new report has been prepared which identifies the eleven most common of these problems, and what you should know about them before you list your home for sale. Whether you own an old home or a brand new one, there are a number of things that can fall short of requirements during a home inspection. If not identified and dealt with, any of these 11 items could cost you dearly in terms of repair. That’s why it’s critical that you read this report before you list your home. If you wait until the building inspector flags these issues for you, you will almost certainly experience costly delays in the close of your home sale or, worse, turn prospective buyers away altogether. In most cases, you can make a reasonable pre-inspection

yourself if you know what you’re looking for, and knowing what you’re looking for can help you prevent little problems from growing into costly and unmanageable ones. To help home sellers deal with this issue before their homes are listed, a free report entitled “11 Things You Need to Know to Pass Your Home Inspection” has been compiled which explains the issues involved. To order a Special Report today. To hear a brief recorded message about how to order your FREE copy of this report, call toll-free 1-800-277-3160 and enter 1003. You can call any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get your free special report NOW to learn how to ensure a home inspection doesn’t cost you the sale of your home.

Dance Teacher

across the European continent to Spain. The dance and culture was influenced by the Arabs and Moors they encountered along the way.The Gypsy’s marginalized status in society is reflected in lyrics of melancholy, but it is sharply contrasted by strength, defiance and pride of the people.The power of the dancers shows their determined spirit to keep enduring and thrive. Flamenco is comprised of various elements: Cante, or the voice of the singer; Baile, dance;Toque, or guitar; Palmas, or hand-clapping; and Jaleo, which is audience participation. The more spirited and feisty the audience, the more lively the dancers and musicians perform. Rowdiness is a critical part of the show. Flamenco incorporates various props as well, such as canes (for percussion), fans, castanets, and the costumes themselves, such as the large, heavy ruffled skirts called Bata de Colas. Juanita Franco’s Academia de Baile Espanol offers classes throughout the week, for children, teens and adults. A recently new addition is a parent-child class where they learn the Sevillanas, the most common Flamenco dance of Spain. Franco also teaches the Classico form of flamenco dance, performed with orchestra music.Various instructors, who are professional performers themselves, also teach at the studio.They host a Cajon (percussion) class, the square shaped drum that musicians sit on and play with their hands. Teachers and students dance at various places around San Diego including the House of Spain at Balboa Park and local Spanish tapas restaurants. The studio is located at 4113 Ashton Street, 92110. For more information and schedules visit

Continued from page 1

petite size, she is a larger than life character that at 77 years old, still teaches and dances with the power and fire of dancer just coming into her prime. “I love to dance, it inspires me,” said Franco, sitting in the studio after teaching a 2-hour advanced class.“I would not give it up. I’m 77 and sometimes I forget and try to do things that are for a 40-year old lady, but I don’t care, I try.” Flamenco, contrary to many modern dances, is not just a young person’s game.The flamenco dancer has a longevity not seen in other styles of dance, with a career that can cross the lifespan . Born in Sevilla, Spain, Juanita has been dancing since she was six. She has been a professional performer since the age of 14 and has had a long professional career as a flamenco dancer both abroad and throughout San Diego. The studio, located on Ashton Street at Morena Boulevard, opened in 1997. Dancers from all ages and backgrounds come to learn. Checking in scrubs, textbooks and accounting software at the door at the end of the workday, they don dance gear and learn the traditions of flamenco culture and enjoy an enduring camaraderie. Live professional musicians and singers accompany the classes. “It inspires me to be teaching and is very exciting when you see a student that finally “gets it” and they can dance without watching somebody else,” said Franco. Though versions of the history of Flamenco vary, the origins are traced back to the Gypsies moving from India

This report is courtesy of Mary Fickert BRE# 01192082 - HomeSmart Realty West. Not intended to solicit buyers or sellers currently under contract. Copyright © 2016


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District 7 Councilmember Scott Sherman

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City of SD Pothole & Graffiti Hotline

(619) 527-7500

Trash Collection Environmental Services

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SD County Animal Services (24 hour hotline)

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Clairemont Senior Center

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6 • The Clairemont Times • May 2017

Block Party Continued from page 1

Firefighters will be showing off their customized clunkers before they smash them in the June 3rd Firefighter Demolition Derby, taking place at the San Diego County Fair. Get an up close look at the derby cars and a chance to meet the local heroes who will be driving them. Food and drink tickets will be sold for $5.00 each and 100% of the proceeds will support the Burn Institute, a local non-profit that provides fire and burn prevention education and burn survivor support services.

(Photos courtesy of the Burn Institute)

The Clairemont Times • May 2017 • 7

Clairemont Woman’s Club by Marge Weber

It’s the merry month of May and we are most merry to present a check to the Boys and Girls Club on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. from the proceeds of our March fundraiser “Bunco with a Purpose”. Once again, we thank all who purchased tickets or made donations to the fundraiser. The presentation will be made at our May Luncheon meeting in Mission Valley. At the same time we will install our new officers, initiate a new member and hear the annual report of our accomplishments for the fiscal

year June 2016 - May 2017. Our next general meeting will be Wednesday, June 7th at the Balboa Community Church, 6555 Balboa Avenue to which everyone is invited. Please park around the corner on Mt. Albertine in the church parking lot. The meeting starts at 1 p. m. New officers will start their terms and plans for the New Year will be discussed. Refreshments will be served. Hope to see YOU there!

Residential • Commercial

San Diego’s Home Town Painter Call:


Free Estimates No Job Too Small

For more information about CWC, visit our website at or “like” us on Facebook. You may also call Jackie at (858) 273-7664 or Evelyn at (858) 279-4367 Contact us or attend a meeting to learn more.

License 1000450

Religious Directory Clairemont Lutheran Church 4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117 Sunday Worship Times 8:30, 10:00 (English) & 11:30 am (Spanish) Sunday School for kids 9:45am

Celebrating our 8th Year Together! • • • •

Haircuts, Colors Hi Lights, Perms Blow Dry Styling Oh Yes, We Do Roller Sets!!

We are a Handicap Friendly Salon

We are a Family friendly salon ... Two years to 102 we don’t care as long you have hair.

If you are in a wheelchair and cannot transfer, no problem, we can do you in your chair, all services.

3650 Clairemont Dr. 1A

Holy Cross Lutheran Church 3450 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA 92117 Church (858) 273-2886 Sunday Worship 9:00 am Visit Lifeline Community Outreach on Facebook

Violet’s Hair Design

Please call for an Appointment


St. Jude’s Novena Patron Saint of Desperate Causes May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world, now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. St Jude, helper of the hopeless,

pray for us. (state intention) Pray this novena sincerely nine times a day for eight consecutive days, and promise to publish it or otherwise distribute it to others. It has never been known to fail.

St. Catherine Labouré Catholic Church 4124 Mt. Abraham Ave., San Diego, CA 92111 Phone (858) 277-3133 Weekend Mass Times Saturday 5:30pm Sunday 8:00, 9:30, 11:00am, 1pm/Spanish St. David’s Episcopal Church & Preschool 5050 Milton Street, San Diego CA 92110 Sunday Worship Times: 8am Holy Communion Rite I (Traditional) 9:25am Sunday School & Adult Forum 10:30am Holy Communion Rite II (Contemporary) Childcare available Sunday’s from 9am to Noon For information on advertising your place of worship in the Religious Directory please call or email Chris O’Connell, Publisher (858) 752-9779

8 • The Clairemont Times • May 2017 Nan Sternam, host of the popular gardening series,“A Growing Passion” Squaremont on KPBS-TV, is describing the lush palm gardens of Jim and Lise Wright. She continued,“Jim was so so proud By Bill Swank of his collection of palms and bromeliads. And he was so proud of Lise’s garden and her mosaics. I think of them both as having huge smiles on their faces and a deep love of plants Pictured: Bill Swank outside the Buena Vista Garden Apartments on Cowley Way in 1955, and gardens. It was a strong bond with East Clairemont off in the distance. between them.” Lise Rasmussen-Wright died in 2008. Her husband, Jim Wright, died seven years later in 2015. Their beautiful gardens on Burgener Boulevard will once again be featured on May 6, 2017 during the 21st Annual Clairemont Garden Tour. Jim suffered from a hereditary kidney disease. A kidney transplant extended his life for 15 years. When “I have such wonderful memories he would go into the hospital for of Jim and Lise’s gardens. I remember treatment, friends and neighbors the first time I visited, as I drove down would care for his plants. the street, wondering which house I Jim Wright cultivated friendships. was going to visit, I saw the towering He gave Amanda Ballard the confidence she needed to start her own personal gardening service in Clairemont. Amanda got teary talking about her mentor, but laughed when she recalled one of Jim’s favorite expressions. “Life’s too 2012 television interview with Jim Wright in his palm garden (photo: Bill Swank) short for a crappy plant.” palms in the distance and knew Krista Mills, whose garden is on exactly where to go.” tour, is also a protégé of Jim Wright. They met while gardening and became close friends. Jim bequeathed some of the exotic plants that are now in Krista’s yard. “Jim and I were great friends,” Krista explained.” He knew a lot of people in the plant world and he took me with him to visit them. I called them adventures. He loved palms. They were his passion. The license plate on Jim’s Toyota was SDPALMS.” “He set money aside in his will to cover the cost of an irrigation system for his palms,” Krista added. “Jim used to water all his palms by hand. After he died, friends put in the irrigation and his palms are doing fine.” When tourgoers visit Krista’s garden, they will be impressed by a 20 foot tall aloe tree. “I love aloes. There are over 250 varieties. They all come from South Africa and they love it here Jim Wright’s palm garden (photo: Miles Munson) in San Diego.”

21st Annual Clairemont Garden Tour

Krista Mill’s succulents garden

The twelve gardens on this year’s tour are all inspired by imagination and creativity. They include koi ponds, a chicken coop, a Foo dog, a pizza oven and numerous items of garden art. The Red Rock and Redwood Railway runs around one of the gardens; Rio Beltran meanders through another. Because of the prolonged drought conditions in San Diego, gardeners have adapted with succulents, native and drought tolerant plants. Lawns that once required mowing and constant watering have been replaced with landscaping and drip irrigation systems. Chairperson Lynn Little has a special appreciation for the history of the Claremont Garden Tour. “It occurred to me to count the gardens in our 21 year spreadsheet. Over 200 gardens and I would guess well over 100 committee members in the 21 years of the tour,” she said. “Our gardens have changed greatly over the years.” “It’s a great way to feel more at home in our community,” Lynn enthused. “There are fabulous gardens with great diversity ... small and large, mostly, do-it-yourself and professionally designed. Canyons are creatively landscaped and there are a variety of approaches to saving water.” “The tour wouldn’t be possible

(photo: Miles Munson)

without a lot of help from committee members, volunteers and our generous sponsors,” she said. My wife, Jeri Lynne, is a big fan of the Clairemont Garden Tour. We’ve been cruising Clairemont gardens since 2003. I’m her chauffeur, because she gets lost trying to navigate Claremont’s canyons. The most unforgettable garden in my memory is from 2003. It was raining that day. The address was a modest duplex across from the Square on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard. The resident, an elderly woman with a green thumb, was probably just getting by on her social security check. She planted her garden the old-fashioned way with seeds and apparently every one of them germinated. Her tiny yard was covered with flowers. Although the day was gloomy, I’ve never forgotten how the love this woman had for her flowers brightened my spirits. My wife is more pragmatic.“I like the Clairemont Garden Tour because it’s real. Most of the gardeners do their own work. Their gardens are real. The people taking the tour are real.... This is Clairemont.” For more information on the Clairemont Garden Tour visit Email:

The Red Rock and Redwood Railway in the backyard of Craig and Janice McKinnis

(photo: Miles Munson)

The Clairemont Times • May 2017 • 9

10 • The Clairemont Times • May 2017

Alexander Szeto to Match Donations for New Mesa College Scholarship San Diego Mesa College alumnus Alexander Dieu Szeto will be hosting a donation match fundraiser challenge from April 15 to May 15. All donations that Mesa receives through PayPal donation will be matched up to $10,000. Szeto graduated from Mesa College in 1982 with an Associate Degree in Math before earning a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from California State Polytechnic University Pomona in 1985. He then moved onto San Diego State University, where he earned a Master of Science in

Aerospace Engineering in 1991. Currently working as a systems engineer manager at Northrop Grumman – where he has worked for the past 22 years – Szeto is not new to giving back to the Mesa community. His family started the Tony and Lido Szeto Family Scholarship, which will award $250-1,250 to one deserving Mesa student for the 2017-2018 school year. For more information about the Alex Szeto Match Scholarship fundraiser, contact Jennifer Kearns at (619) 388-2759 or

For more news and information visit:

See answers in next month issue.

The Clairemont Times • May 2017 • 11

Regents Road Bridge – Grand Bargain Commentary Louis Rodolico

Any politician or lobbyist will tell you that to add or remove something like a bridge you have to bring in partners. UTC will soon add thirty to forty thousand daily vehicular “trips” guaranteeing a much higher level of gridlock in UTC, UC and Clairemont. City Councils current strategy is to remove planned roads. Future development projects will have a much more difficult time getting trips and approvals if The Citizens For The Regents Road Bridge are unsuccessful in getting the bridge built. The Regents Road Bridge Grand Bargain has many partners. In 2014 Westfield Mall provided a half million dollars to fund the EIR to remove the bridge. See: Clairemont Times March 2017 Regents Road Bridge & Corporations Page 11 and February 2017 Anti Regents Road Bridge Alliance Page 11. Westfield locked in its entitlements in 2008 and removing the bridge could lock out its competitors by putting a higher priority on trips. The Friends of Rose Canyon (FORC) monetized the existing bridge argument in 2004. FORC provides retirement income for its founder, lobbies extensively and stands ready to sue if the city tries to build the bridge. Two other strategic partners were Councilman Todd Gloria of District 3 and Councilman David Alvarez of District 8. Both of their districts straddle or contain the proposed “I.D.E.A. Zone” which is a direct competitor for UTC high-tech companies. I believe Gloria and Alvarez did not want to see the Regents Road Bridge built in order to help maintain congestion in UTC making the I.D.E.A. Zone a more attractive alternative. I.D.E.A. representatives are at most of our local University Community Planning Group (UCPG) meetings. I am all for the I.D.E.A. zone, I just think that increasing congestion and danger in University is a boneheaded way to go about it. One cannot help but notice how UCPG holds high tech companies’ feet to the fire when it comes to the additional vehicular trips their projects will generate. I am not seeing the same obsession with trips when it comes to other types of projects. Although UCPG has tried they cannot accept cash from developers, all benefits must go through the city. Planning Groups are organs of the city and advisory only. In 2010 Councilman Todd Gloria chaired the Land Use and Housing Subcommittee (SG&LU), which voted 3-1 to stop the bridge, the one dissenting vote was then Councilman Kevin Faulconer. Later in 2015, when

Mayor Falconer saw the ledgers, he switched horses on the bridge issue. Up to 70 million dollars could be transferred from the bridge account to the city pension account. City employees have a direct financial interest in funding their pension, in this case by casting public safety aside. If you go and look at the November 16, 2016 SG&LU subcommittee and December 5, 2016 City Council meetings you will see how hard Councilman Alvarez tried to bring UTC jobs to his district. His logic that the Regents Road Bridge would be over-used because we have cell phones could be used to argue against any road ever built or to be built. He ignored; public safety, ambulance service times, fire service times, conflagration egress, bikes, pedestrians, miles traveled, pollution, the Climate Action Plan etc. Why should he care if these NIMBYS in University do not want this bridge, much of the University money already collected for the bridge will now go into the city general fund which can be used for his district and or his pension. Removing the bridge from the plan also gives the city a precedent to dump more traffic on the interstates which is on the SANDAG budget. Lobbyists are notoriously unpopular, but they stick together, for example; last April 2016 the chair of UCPG, who is a registered lobbyist, announced there was nothing to meet about in April and cancelled the meeting. The next meeting in May was overloaded and guess who was scheduled at the very end, a lobbyist for Westfield Mall. There we are at 11PM on a Tuesday night and Westfield’s lobbyist is threatening to keep those of us left until the wee hours if we want to try and extrude information out of him about the new high-rise tower. Alternate Democracies In 2008 then Council Member Lightner and company knew that the overwhelming majority wanted the bridge so they kept it off the ballot. However, they needed others to believe they had the numbers. To provide cover for city council, they whipped residents to show up, bringing their families and friends. The UCPG elections are whipped the same way. UCPG elections are run by anti-bridge advocates and are much more difficult to vote in then the city elections with a four mile drive up Genesee during rush hours and confusion over voter eligibility. There are no voter signatures and the record evaporates immediately after an election. The results are then advertised as the “Will Of The People”

Although all scientific polling shows that 60% of the community wants the Regents Road Bridge built, UCPG has eliminated anyone from their board who wants the bridge, which effectively bans 60% of our community from our “Community” planning group. Keep in mind that homeowners on the UCPG board see their property value increasing if the Regents Road Bridge is not built. UCPG is a key partner in the Grand Bargain since the city needs the appearance of the will of the people on its side. Since they can and do lock out large segments of a community, Planning Groups like UCPG are advisory only. One of the talking points we hear from the anti-bridge coalition is that we cannot go forward with safety issues in University until the bride issue is resolved. I see this as a form of blackmail to me it says; we will delay public safety improvements until the bridge is taken off the plan, but in the meantime, to protect ourselves we will keep the Fast Response Squad 56 in our West UC private enclave. When Fire Officials and staff are asked privately if the bridge should be built they say yes. But when asked publicly they hedge and deliver an approved talking point, if they state their private assertion their jobs are on the line. Odd, given that 51% of all responder

fatalities are due to extended distances between destinations. They really need to start speaking up for their own wellbeing. Lobbyists, government, businesses and a few citizens looking to make a quick buck made their Grand Bargain to remove the Regents Road Bridge years ago. Will it work, will money trump public safety? Two months ago UCPG had a moment of silence for trees that were removed for the new trolley. What we should have is a moment of silence for all those harmed due to the extended emergency travel times resulting from our uncompleted road system. Louis Rodolico has been a resident of University City since 2001 Links: FORC 2015 tax link: 75221087/1080226.pdf 2010 Land Use and Housing Committee 75221087/2010_vote_to_stop_eir.pdf City Webcasts: p?view_id=31 Public Polling: Introductions and Positions at

12 • The Clairemont Times • May 2017 LoloLovesFilms

This Month:

Born in China The Clairemont Times PO Box 17671 San Diego, CA 92177 (858) 752-9779 Founding Publisher: Chris O’Connell Graphic Designer: Elaine Hall Contributors: Andy Eakes Gary Hyde Susan Lewitt Josh & Lauren Rains Brian Riehm Robert Ross Rob Stone Bill Swank

The Clairemont Times is a free publication published each month and circulated throughout the neighborhoods of Clairemont, Linda Vista, Bay Park & Kearny Mesa. Story ideas, advertising & editorial questions can be sent to The Clairemont Times P.O. Box 17671, San Diego, CA 92177 or Copyright ©2011-17 The Clairemont Times/McSierra Publishing. Reuse of material from this edition or past editions is strictly prohibited without permission from the publisher. The opinions in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of The Clairemont Times/McSierra Publishing but instead, of each individual author/contributor. The Clairemont Times is proud to partner and contribute with:

by Lolo & Big J

A look at the births, deaths, rebirths, and family units in the animals of China. “Born in China” is directed by Chuan Lu and is the latest film in the DisneyNature documentary series. Other titles from the company include “Monkey Kingdom,”“Bears,” and of course, their original venture “Earth.” This particular installment, as one would gather from the title, focuses exclusively on the animals of China, mainly the golden snub-nose monkeys, in particular one named Tao Tao, Dawa the snow leopard and her two cubs, a herd of chiru antelope, and last but not least, a giant panda named Ya Ya and her cub Mei Mei. Being a nature documentary, there is a vast amount of gorgeous, impeccable footage of the many Chinese landscapes where each animal resides, photographed and videoed from spring through winter and back to spring again the next season. In addition, there are extraordinarily beautiful shots of the aforementioned animals and the surrounding critters they encounter as their friends and foes. To go along with this majestic view of the natural world is a tenderhearted narration from John Krasinski. This narration assigns some anthropomorphic qualities to each of the animals, as well as a bit of an inner monologue, kind of like what we do with our dogs on a daily basis. One of the biggest downfalls of this type of narration is that it’s not very informative. Most nature documentaries serve to provide facts about the situations and beings shown on screen.“Born in China,” however, is much more interested in creating a narrative around the family dynamics of each species to keep every potential age group entertained at the cinema from start to finish. Krasinski has a good vocal cadence, but this particular documentary is clearly geared more towards the kids in the crowd than the adults. Of course, we can’t help but squeal at all of the baby animals shown being born and as they learn their way around each of their respective environments in different seasons. How can you not find pure joy in a little baby panda rolling down a hill covered in leaves? If you don’t take pleasure in this, you’re probably a heartless bastard, sorry about it. We learn a little bit about each familial herd, their habits, and the constructed story Disney has set in place for these creatures. We see monkeys flip about; chiru antelope bound around on their new found legs and become reunited with one another after several seasons away, and watch as snow leopards try to pounce on their prey. It’s really fun to watch these types of films, but they are getting really, really geared towards kids the longer they go on. Still, one cannot deny the incredible visual spectacle each of these DisneyNature documentaries beholds as they get better looking

with each passing film. If you have been a fan of these documentaries in the past, chances are, you will enjoy “Born in China” as well. Our rating: 3.5/5 “Born in China” is directed by Chuan Lu. It is rated G, but does contain some thematic elements involving animals hunting for prey. Visit our blog at for more reviews, and follow us @lololovesfilms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for extra content! For inquiries or comments, please email:

Expedited Passport Services Now Available Recently City Clerk Elizabeth Maland announced,“Due to the ongoing success of the Passport Acceptance Facility and the invaluable service it provides to our citizens, we will be expanding our services to include expedite processing.” The San Diego City Clerk- Passport Acceptance Facility is now offering Expedite Services. A routine application takes 4-6 weeks to process, expedite applications will now be processed within 2-3 weeks. U.S. citizens planning international travel may book appointments to apply for their passports at or by calling the Clerk’s Passport Services line at (619) 533-4000. Appointment hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. through 3:30 p.m. The facility is located in the first floor lobby of the City Administration Building at 202 C Street in downtown San Diego. Currently, walk-ins are only taken Tuesday-Thursday 9am- 10am. Passport forms, passport fees, information on how to apply and more can be found on the Department of State’s official website for passport and travel information,

Tecolote Nature Center

5180 Tecolote Road San Diego, CA. 92110 • 858-581-9959 Monday – Closed, Tuesday –Saturday 9:00-4:00, Sunday 9:00-2:00 Wednesday, May 17 1:30 – 3:00 PM Art & Activities for Kids This month’s theme is flowers and pollinators. Learn, create, have fun! Thursday, May 18 10:00-11:30 Nature Adventures! Things with Wings! Birds, Bats, Butterflies, Beetles, Bugs, they all have wings, but all are very different. Do they all lay eggs? Which one is the only flying mammal in the world? What have we learned from birds? Do insects ever help us? Lots of songs to sing, and lots of specimens to see, as well! Saturday, May 20 9:00-11:00 AM – Weed Warriors Spend some time helping out your local canyon! Gloves and tools provided. Wear a hat, long pants and sturdy shoes. Sunday, May 21 9:00 AM Sunday in the Garden Volunteer with Park Ranger Steven Get dirty, have fun, learn about our local habitat Save the Date – June 3 10:00- 2:00 TECOLOTE FAMILY DAY! Activities are posted at of Tecolote Canyon Natural Park and Nature Center Like us on Facebook/Friends of Tecolote Canyon

Potholes in your Neighborhood? Report the Street & Cross Street to City of San Diego Streets & Potholes Division

619 527 7500

The Clairemont Times • May 2017 • 13

Beers by the Bay Mikkellar Brewing – Danish Itinerant Finds a Home in San Diego by Brian Riehm

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego, has a different legacy than the other local breweries reviewed here. The brewery, located at 9366 Cabot Dr. in Miramar, the product of a collaboration by

hopped up as advertised, with plenty of citrus and tropical fruit notes up front. Sensible Sweater was a new style for me, a New England style American Pale Ale, with lemon drops and brewed with Mosaic hops. It was hazy with low bitterness, and a juicy mouth feel. Flip Mode was another new style, a Belgian Amber, brewed in collaboration with Monkey Paw. It was a bit sweet, still hoppy, while retaining coriander spice notes Belgians are known for. The brewery’s flagship IPA is Waves (Bølger), a well carbonated IPA that gives off a nice grapefruit aroma that you taste up

Planning Group Continued from page 1

famous Danish brewer, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, and AleSmith. Mikkeller Brewing San Diego moved into AleSmith’s former location and opened its doors just over a year ago. Bjergsø had previously achieved fame as an “itinerant” brewer, traveling breweries in Europe and America as a guest brewer. Beer Geek Breakfast, an Oatmeal Stout with coffee, garnered international attention in 2006, and put Mikkeller brewing on the map. The tasting room is large and friendly. Wood bench seats and chairs line the long oak-colored tables. I also had plenty of room to stand and walk around. Advertised as dog and kid friendly, there was one baby in a papoose and two small pooches present. Heavy metal rock was on the sound system, but the baby didn’t seem to mind. On my second visit, mellow disco dominated the play list.The PokeCraft food truck was offering up bowls with Ahi, Salmon, in traditional, garlic and spicy varieties. On both trips, the tasting room was comfortably full; filled with customers from their twenties into their sixties. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and low lighting in the main area tasting area. There is also a brighter room to the side of the entrance that catches more sunlight. The beer at Mikkeller is a wide ranging eclectic mix.The menu was lighter on West Coast IPAs. There were 19 beers on tap for my visit; not every variety was sampled, but I did my best. California Dream, a pilsner that was

front. It finishes with a bitter piney aftertaste that lets you know you are drinking a San Diego IPA. The entry into the Double IPA category, is Spells (Filiokus). It had extra malt and alcohol, but not overwhelming bitterness from the grapefruit and lemon hop notes. After the IPAs, I shifted gears to some sweeter beers. Shapes, a Belgian Blonde, was very refreshing. It’s mild honey flavor combined nicely with cinnamon and banana spice notes. Mikkeller collaborated with AleSmith on their porter. It poured very dark and had a nice roasted flavor, with spicy hops for great balance. My last two beers were great for dessert. Wee Sticky Icky, a Wee Heavy (Scotch Ale) with pecan and caramel syrup was like a caramel sundae with malt. The famous Beer Geek Breakfast was delicious, a great stout with lots of coffee flavor, with just a hint of chocolate. Beer Geek Brunch Weasel, Imperial Oatmeal Stout version was also very good.This was a great beer to finish up with, very smooth and rich, lots of lacing on the glass and very thick. The coffee didn’t overwhelm, but was definitely present. Mikkeller has brought European craft brewing to San Diego, expanding the style boundary well beyond West Coast IPAs.They are worth a visit, especially if you love stouts and a relaxed atmosphere. Brian Riehm is a long-time Clairemont resident and follower of the local craft beer scene. You can keep up with all his beer reviews by following @BrianRiehm on Twitter and reading his blog (

will be presenting at the CCPG. The initial reaction from some are concerns about the new school plans, traffic, number of students etc. The best way to get answers is to attend the meetings, ask questions directly to all involved. Morena Blvd who knew people would wake up one day and a lane would be dropped southbound. Apparently SANDAG and the City of San Diego knew, however there was no communication about the when, and why and for how long. Well Morena Blvd southbound will be one lane from the Balboa Ave area to the Tecolote Rd underpass on a “temporary basis” which I was told will be at least 3 years while the trolley is being built. After that, who knows if the lane will come back tbd so I guess get used to it temporarily. Regarding Morena a “workshop” was held last month where City of San Diego staff presented to the Planning Commission. These meetings are videotaped and can be found on the City website or here a link can also be found on and our social media pages. The video is WELL worth watching and depending upon how you feel about density. In a nutshell the planning commission is pushing for density, this is nothing new. With the $1Billion+ Mid Coast Trolley Line coming through,Transit Oriented Development is the focus. More meetings will be held and we will do our best to notify through our website and social media channels. Lastly, as it pertains to the Clairemont Community Planning Group, the members are volunteers, they are your neighbors and they do a tremendous job in looking out for the community. Keep in mind they are an advisory group to the City. Do they

have final say about the outcome of a project absolutely not, but they do have a say. There is a bit of a pecking order when it comes to projects, whether it is a new development, stop signs, school sites, cell towers etc. Every community has a local planning (advisory) group.They are just one stop in the life cycle of a project. But an important part because the community is involved. Projects go to the City, are looked over by City Staff with a laundry list of studies requirements etc. before they can come locally.Then at some point they come to CCPG for community input, they may come multiple times depending upon the project. From there they eventually have to move on they go to the Planning Commission and then City Council. The point being the CCPG could make a recommendation and it could be completely ignored by Planning & City Council or it could be everyone is on the same page. If you want to learn what is happening, see firsthand these projects coming before the CCPG you are strongly encouraged to attend to learn about the future of the neighborhoods. With all that being said, your elected officials; San Diego City Council members are the ones you want answers from and where they ALL stand on issues not just your specific council member. Having your councilperson on your side is great, but not if it means an 8-1 vote. The above does not even scratch the surface of the process, but rather just an idea of the real decision makers. It is great seeing so many people at the local meetings; feedback, involvement, being active, showing up and acting civil are all key to the process. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call or email: (858) 752-9779

14 • The Clairemont Times • May 2017

HEALTH & WELLNESS Join Hands Acupuncture Wellness (858) 568-5628 • Elizabeth Naijia Guo L.Ac

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Earth Day Every Day: Small Steps Big Results by Susan Lewitt

Last month we celebrated Earth Day, which serves as a catalyst to help heal our planet, but caring for our planet is continuous. We continually need breathable air, safe drinking water and uncontaminated soil. The goal of Earth Day is to help us keep our resources and our whole planet healthy. Now is a good time to start, but it can be overwhelming to do it all. It is better to take small steps, adding new habits gradually. Where do we start? That is up to you, but please start, whether it is reducing items you use, recycling more items, donating and downsizing your possessions, driving less and walking and biking more; there are many possibilities. Start with

solutions that you know will work for you and your family. Your first solution may be as simple as always remembering to take shopping bags with you for more than just groceries. When you empty your bags, put them back in your car. Stash some smaller bags into your purse. Wash soiled bags as needed. Once you see how easy it is, you may come up with your own solutions. If you are hungry for more ideas, the public library and internet are good sources for more possibilities. Just don’t give up. We all share this planet together and we need to work together toward solutions that keep all of us healthy, happy and thriving. In future articles, I will cover specific topics such as “What to do with plastics” or “Driving less, enjoying it more”. I will emphasize strategies that I use, and work on improving my own habits. For those who are already helping, and to those who are just starting: Thanks for your efforts to heal our world!

Tune into your heart, body and mind. We welcome All levels to our Clairemont neighborhood studio! Weekly classes & private yoga sessions. Classes include: vinyasa/hatha, yin (restorative), healthy back, & yoga wall. Try our NEW Healthy Back Yoga Walls to reverse the aging process and bring health back into the body and mind!

Healthy Back, Yoga Walls classes are held on Thurs, 5-6 pm & Sat., 10:15-11:15 am. Visit our website for full class schedule & to meet our teachers.

Email for more information or call (619) 952-4957

Yoga in Your Neighborhood “In Rhythms Yoga” Serving Clairemont for 5 years! by Christi Iacono

Beginners are welcome. Yoga is for

everyone. Vinyasa/Hatha - focus on breath, movement and alignment. Hatha yoga builds strength, balance, and flexibility. Move, breathe and find the balance of ease and effort.This class is suitable for beginners to advanced.We give you modifications to meet your needs. Healthy Back Yoga Walls - In this unique class, we focus on spinal health. Learn how habits that we’ve created can either benefit or cause dis-ease in the body. Use the walls to deepen awareness and strength in traditional yoga postures. Hanging on the yoga walls is gentle on the spine, and it feels amazing. Beginners are welcome. Yin yoga - we use props to relax into the pose for 3-5 minutes to receive the benefits of letting go. Find comfort in the body and the mind. If you haven’t tried yin yoga, it is a wonderful tool to

build more joy into your life. A Treat for Mom Mother’s Day Special Yin Class Sunday, May 14, 9:15-10:30 am Join Lisa for an inspiring treat on Mother’s Day.We will focus on taking care of you for a change! Yin Yoga is relaxing, wonderful and healing. In this class the only work being done, is on letting go.We will indulge in our inner creative energy through the 5 senses. Class will include a short guided meditation. Stay for light refreshments after class. Beginners are welcome. We offer weekday and weekend classes, private lessons and private parties. Meditation and awakening workshops are on the schedule in May. Class sizes are small and intimate. Our teachers are qualified and caring. For more information contact Christi: (619) 952-4957 2 blocks from Holmes Elementary 92111

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10 Thumbs

Mexican Feather Grass Flowing in the Wind by Chris O’Connell

Landscaping is a big one. When I told the two guys at the Seeing Mexican Feather Grass nursery I am here to replace my (MFG) all around town I was lured in Mexican Feather Grass, they just by watching it flow in the wind. Two laughed,“good idea” was their years ago, I planted 6 little plants and response. I do not claim to be a they grew, it gave the landscape some landscaper or a landscape architect I scale as my other plantings were am learning as I go hence “10 lower in front and the Thumbs” yeah not MFG swayed in the very original but sad yard….. it actually to say it’s true. looked good. Three months ago The drought has a lot the MFG turned on of us thinking how can me. My first mistake we save water and yet was not doing extra not have boring curb research…. the appeal. Boring to me is downsides. Flowing a bunch of succulents a in the wind oh yeah, it few are ok, but they are flowed little spores not really my thing. As This is #notmyMexicanFeatherGrass all over the place fairly new homeowners although I see it everywhere, I turns out MFG can recently took this photograph at Mt my wife and I are grow in the cracks of Alifan & Mt Acadia in Clairemont. I constantly chipping your sidewalk, inside regret not taking a photo of mine … away at projects. in the recycling bin. potted plants 20’

away, wherever the heck it pleases. (sorry neighbors) You would have thought I danced around my yard just throwing magical MFG pixie dust in the air. That crap took over my landscape, my 6 plants turned into thousands of little new ones and I am still not done finding them. I’ve gone through my stages of anger at myself and MFG now I just laugh when I see new ones pop up, it’s not a funny ha ha laugh either. Last month I talked about how

much I enjoy bark mulch as a ground cover, if you want a ground cover with some scale plant some MFG… be warned looks can be deceiving. (A disclaimer: if you are a fan of MFG that is great I am happy for you if I receive emails or phone calls from pro MFG folks no problem, this is just a satirical landscape opinion piece. It just was not meant to be for me and that MFG.) The next installment of 10 Thumbs will be about a tree dedication.

Follow up to Clairemont’s Long Forgotten Little League Ballfields Article in the April Edition by Bill Swank

Last month’s article about Claremont’s long forgotten Little League ballfields scored a base hit with several of our readers. Bob Hood (Clairemont High School, Class of 1963) confirms that Claremont’s original Little League field was near the top of the grade on Clairemont Drive and he has a memory (singular) of playing Little League baseball. The 1950s were a time before “every kid gets a trophy,” before “every kid gets to play.” Kids were not coddled “in the old days.” If a boy wasn’t good enough to make a Little League team, he was cut. Bobby made the team and even got to bat ... once. “The coach sent me to the plate with instructions to draw a walk,” Hood said.“By the time I got to first, a pinch runner had already taken my place and I was told to coach first base.” He also has an embarrassing memory of PONY League at the North Clairemont Square.“We had a practice scheduled and it was pouring rain. I took the bus from Bay Park to the Square, but nobody was there. I sat in the dugout alone. When I got back home and told my Dad what happened, he told me that I was stupid.” William Blakeslee has fond

memories of his Little League coach.“I remember playing one year of Little League baseball at the Balboa Little League. Jim Harkess was the coach. Jim loved teaching kids how to play baseball. After the season ended, he gave me a game ball with my stats. I will never forget him on how he taught a boy like me with a severe hearing loss to play baseball. “He had so much compassion for kids. Above all, he taught kids that there is more to playing baseball. Two things: if the team loses a game, don’t cry over it. And never boo a player, even though you may not like him.” Blakeslee continued,“Mr. Harkness felt that baseball is a game for all children. He wrote a letter to the Evening Tribune around 1971 after a president of another little league association would not allow a deaf boy to play. The reason, and it gets old, the boy would get hurt. The president relented and allow the boy to play.” Dan Whelan e-mailed,“If memory serves correctly, we had three Little League fields and one Pony League field at the Square. One of the LL fields even had grass the first year (1959). Hazard donated the cinder block for the dugouts. The dugouts were even two steps below ground level. Talk about major league! Besides playing games, we also would volunteer to keep score and then would be rewarded with a $1.00’s worth of treats from the snack shack.”

1956 North Clairemont Little League DeFalco’s Cardinals

Curtis Nygard has two North Clairemont Little League team pictures: 1955 and 1956. The 1956 photo of the DeFalco’s Cardinals (above) includes former major league outfielder Ken Henderson in the back row, second player in from the left. Curtis is in the front row, second in from the left and Charles Swank (no relation) is the second player in from the right. The cute little blond in the bleachers is Curtis’ girlfriend. He also has an individual PONY League picture from 1958, but there is no name on the front of his uniform. “We were called the Unknowns, because we didn’t have a sponsor.” Nygard added a new wrinkle... another forgotten Clairemont ballpark. “In 1957, they built a new Little League field at the northwest end of Merrimac. It was Moore Field and it was named after a child who was

(photo courtesy Curtis Nygard)

either disabled or died. I still remember we stood for a moment of silence during the dedication. I don’t know how long the ballpark was there. Eventually they built houses on the property.” Do any of our readers have knowledge of Moore Field? Email:

16 • The Clairemont Times • May 2017


A recent column in the Union-Tribune cited scientific research which found those of us who engage in “As little as a half-hour a day of book reading had a significant survival advantage over those who did not read.” This information confirms what many of us already intuitively knew: books and the library are good for you! Of course, in addition to books the North Clairemont Branch Library always offers many opportunities to explore for entertainment and enrichment. The ongoing concert series, Second Tuesdays, will feature Dean Ratzman this month. Dean has opened for well know groups and has performed his “Swingin’ with Dean Show” across North America. Come see his highly entertaining show on 5/9 6:30. Additional special programming includes a First Time Home Buyer Seminar 5/30. This presentation will offer many important tips to use as you navigate the home buying process. The Librarian from North Clairemont Library is excited to participate in the Clairemont Garden Tour once again this year on May 6. She will be stationed at one of the beautiful locations and will have informational guides to hand out on the many library materials of interest to gardeners. Hope to see you there viewing the gardens and supporting the Clairemont Community. Ongoing, Always Free, Programs for Adults Include Second Tuesday Concert Series – Dean Ratzman and the “Swingin’ with Dean Show” 5/9 6:30 First Time Home Buyer Seminar 5/30 6pm Scrabble Challenge Club 5/2 5pm Third Tuesday Banned Books Club 5/16 6pm Wednesdays:Chair Yoga 11:30am E-Book Clinic & Basic Computer Skills- various Saturdays 10am Call or come in to sign up. Bargain Book Sale, find lots of high quality books at low, low prices! – 5/13 9:30am-1 Ongoing, Always Free, Children’s Programs Mondays:Sign Language Story Time (Ages 1-5) 10am Tuesdays: Rhythm & Rhyme Story Time (Ages 1-5) 11:45am Wednesdays: Crazy 8 Math Club (Ages 6-12) 4:30pm

Wednesdays: Craft Time (Ages 3-8) 5pm Saturdays: Lego Builders’ Club (Ages 3-8) 2pm 2nd Saturday: Sparkles Reading Party (Ages 3-8) 10:30am Do Your Homework @ the Library – Receive free assistance with your K-8 homework. Mondays through Thursdays only. Will be located at the North Clairemont Recreation Center, 4421 Bannock Avenue, during the branch closure. BALBOA BRANCH 4255 MT. ABERNATHY AVE, 92117 (858) 573-1390

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers in our library community! Visit the Balboa Library and check out a terrific Mother’s Day book. Celebrate Children’s Book Week (May 1-7) Visit the library and complete a raffle ticket with your favorite Children’s title and you may be the winner of a sweet prize. Good luck! Balboa Branch Library will be closed from May 22-June2. This closure will allow for necessary technology upgrades. Book drop will remain open. Hold items will be extended for two weeks after reopening. Special Events Celebrate Free Comic Book Day! 5/6 1-2pm Create a Zine! Grrrl Power programmer provides the instruction, supplies and assistance. Just bring your imagination and have a blast! We will be working in two groups: K-5th grades and 6th –teen. Try something new and bring a friend or two! Everyone will have a zine to bring home. Adult Writer’s Group 5/4 & 5/18 2pm Whether you are a regular or new to the group join us to share your writing talents. D.I.Y. Teen Project 5/17 3:30-4:30 Teens:12-18y/o This month we will be working on Star Wars Metal Earth Puzzles. New! Tech Tutoring 3/3, 3/10, 3/13 & 3/17 12:30-1:30 Are you looking to expand your technology skills? Do you need a hand figuring out your tablet or phone? We’re here to help! Sign-up required. Call or sign-up in person. Recurring Events Children’s Events Wee Reads 5/6, 5/13 & 5/20

10:30am B-5y/o Join us for a fantastic time at the library with stories, rhymes, and songs. Enjoy a special Wee Reads on May 12th and make a sweet Mother’s Day card. Preschool Story Craft with Miss Remi 5/4 & 5/18 10am Pre-5y/o Listen to a terrific story and enjoy creating a related craft. Paws to Read 5/9 6pm K-5th grade Emerging readers, come read to our Love on a Leash certified dogs. They listen to stories as you practice reading in a positive & encouraging environment. Signing Storytime with Miss Jennifer 5/11 10am B-5y/o Miss Jennifer enhances well-loved kid’s stories with signing, then singing & bubbles Chapter Book Storytime with Miss Terri 5/3, 5/10 & 5/17 6pm K-2nd grade Storytime for early readers. Come & listen to an entertaining chapter book while practicing listening skills. Mondays: Lego Club 4-5pm K-6th grade Come build amazing Lego creations Saturdays: Kids Krafternoon 1-2pm Enjoy working on a new craft each week. Bring your creativity and a friend and have fun! Adult Events Chair Yoga for Adults 5/1 & 5/8 11:15-12 Join us for this relaxing fitness program, presented by Lois Schenker. Stitching Circle 5/2 & 5/9 1:30-3 Bring your knitting, crocheting, and other stitching projects for a chance to share ideas and helpful hints with fellow hobbyists. Instruction may be provided. Balboa Branch Library Book Discussion 5/16 11:45 Engage with fellow readers through a new selection every month. This month we will be reading Clara & Mr. Tiffany by Susan Vreeland. CLAIREMONT BRANCH 2920 BURGENER BLVD, 92110 (858) 581-9935

Adults Literary Book Club 5/3 6pm The Book Club will be discussing, “The House of the Spirits” by Isabel Allende. How-To Festival 5/20 11am Now is your chance to tap into the knowledge all around you! People from the community show off their expertise! Learn how to plan financial goals, improve your child’s reading,

relieve stress and more! Check our Facebook page or online for our full list of presenters. Music Concert with the Goliards 5/31 6pm This free concert is sponsored by the Friends of the Clairemont Library. Tweens/Teens Art Class 5/3 4pm Robert Gulli, a local artist presents an art class for kids and teens. All painting supplies are provided. Book Club for Kids! 5/30 4:30pm Book club especially for kids ages 9 and up! This student-run club is a chance for young people to read and discuss their favorite books. Tuesdays: Homework Help 6pm Free help is available for children who are stuck on a particular question or concept or just need assistance with a paper or report. Thursdays: Kids Craft Club 4pm Craft time with volunteer Rod! Something new every time! Saturdays: Button Making 10:30am Express yourself by making your own buttons to decorate your backpack or clothes! Children/Little Ones Sign Language Storytime 5/4 & 5/18 10:30am Children and their caregivers can learn ASL sign language while hearing great stories! Thursdays: Read & Play 5/12 & 5/26 10:30am Joyce leads a fun storytime with stories, songs and play! Fridays: Preschool Storytime with Miss Fran! 10:30am Join Miss Fran as she reads fun picture books and sings songs! All Ages 3D Printer - Clairemont Library’s own 3D printer is available for use by interested young people and adults. We have yet to set up regular open times but those interested in printing something can talk to library staff for details. Designs should be saved as .STL files. To see thousands of pre-made designs go to Prints should take less than two hours.

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Veterinary Hospital

Your Pet Nanny-Annie


Love and care when you can’t be there Annie Ekberg Doggie Day Care • Home Away from Home Boarding Daily Visits for Feeding, Walks and more.

Cooing & Gooing Free of Charge

Call or Text (619) 871-4422


Join the Fun!

Bonded & Insured Lic# B2013066417

Harvey BREED: Black Lab DOB: 5/18/15 (turning 2) Place of Birth: San Diego, CA Likes: Food, hiking, chasing birds, and sleeping Dislikes: Being scolded for eating pizza off the counter, being alone, carrots

Adoptable Pet of the Month

Raffle! e l Valuabkets s Gift Ba

You’re Invited! What: Where:

When: Why: with, but is okay by himself too. He just wants a family to love! Name: Toby Age: 2 years old Gender: Neutered male Breed: Chihuahua mix ID #: 218802 Adoption Fee: $95

Toby, a 2-year-old Chihuahua mix, is looking for a new best friend. After his owners were no longer able to care for him, Toby has entered our care ready to bring love to a new family. Toby is sweet and affectionate and loves to be on his human’s lap. He’s great with small children and enjoys other small mellow dogs to spend time

His adoption fee includes his neuter, permanent microchip identification, current vaccinations, 30 days worry free insurance from Trupanion Insurance and a certificate for a free veterinary exam! Toby is available for adoption at the San Diego Humane Society’s San Diego Campus at 5500 Gaines Street. To learn more about making him part of your family, please call (619) 299-7012. ADOPTION HOURS: 7 DAYS A WEEK 10 A.M. TO 6 P.M.

Spin T he Prize Wheel !

Free Treats, Snacks, Cookies & More!

Treats Pets, tofor o!

Open House & 1-Year Anniversary Party CoastView Veterinary Hospital

(formerly Coastal Veterinary Hospital)

3895 Clairemont Dr. #103 San Diego, CA 92117 Saturday May 20th • 10:00am to 1:00pm To say, “Thank You!” as we Celebrate One-Year in Business & Unveil our New Name

Same great people! Same convenient location! Only the name has changed.

Coastal Veterinary Hospital is now CoastView Veterinary Hospital. Join us on Saturday May 20th from 10:00am to 1:00pm. You can find more information on our new website: or on our Facebook Page.

3895 Clairemont Dr. #103, San Diego 92117 (at Balboa Ave) 858-914-1934

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Lic# 382101

KEEPING YOU SAFE AT HOME Grab Bars • Handrails Bathroom Safety Products

Call Dave • 619.840.7844

Licensed, Insured & ADA Compliant





We are a family business - we do it ourselves.





GRAPHIC DESIGN Bringing Your Vision to Light

With over 30 years experience in the graphic design industry, I can help you present your business, service, or organization in the best possible LIGHT!


Berny Sweeney (619) 244-0496 CSLB 641985


• • • • •

Swimming Pool Remodels Swimming Pool Re-Plaster Repair & Replace Equipment Pool Decking Free Estimates

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Rock Boulder Stone Thad Murwin



(619) 917-HOME (4663)

Cramer Property Management is here to help you with all of your Property Management needs. We strive to provide excellent customer service and a worry free rental process for our clients. You deserve peace of mind.

• Resident of Clairemont • Local References • Fully Insured

We are a family owned/operated business. BRE#01393729


Greg’s Garden & Tree Service Since 2004


Maintenance Clean Ups Landscaping Irrigation Installation/Repair Tree Trimming Stump Removal Hauling Services

Reasonable Rates Free Estimates

POLICE BLOTTER VEHICLE BREAK IN 4600 Dakota Dr. 2200 Morena Blvd. 2200 Ceciloa Terr 3100 Denver St. 3900 Sioux Ave. 3300 Via Benito 4900 Whitehaven Way 1500 Knoxville St. 4000 Huerfano Ave. 5600 Balboa Ave. 1900 Frankfort St. 4400 Mt. Castle Ave. 4000 Datcho Dr.

Potholes in your Neighborhood? Report the Street & Cross Street to City of San Diego Streets & Potholes Division

619 527 7500

RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY 3500 Mt. Laurence Dr. 3100 Chicago St. 6700 Tait St. 2600 Nye St. 2000 Burton St. 2300 Cardinal Dr. 5300 Mt. Alifan Dr.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 2500 Clairemont Dr. 3000 Clairemont Dr. 2300 Ulric St. VEHICLE THEFT 3700 Brandywine St. 5900 Linda Vista Rd. 4800 Almagosa Dr.

BATTERY 3000 Clairemont Dr. 4000 Taylor St. 2800 Presido Dr. 2200 Comstock St. 4200 Quapaw Ave.

“If you do not report it or call us, in our mind it did not happen” San Diego Police Officer Call 911 to report an emergency Non Emergency 24 hours (619)-531-2000 Compiled from info at

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