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Cuba Libre With travel restrictions being eased, Americans are flocking to this island nation



8th Annual Linda Vista Family Reunion Saturday, August 6th at the Linda Vista Rec Center 11am-7pm 7064 Levant St. San Diego, 92111 (858) 213 5706 or (858) 573-1343 Come join the fun and activities including: Booths, Raffles, Jumps, Cha Cha Contest, Face Painting, Live Music & Food for Sale Please support this worthwhile event to benefit the Linda Vista Rec Center Youth Programs

Data Data & More Data Mayor Faulconer Makes Dozens of Public Data Sets Available Online to Increase Transparency

Bob & Ingrid alongside a typical older American car in Cuba

by Robert Ross

“A revolution is not a bed of roses. A revolution is a struggle between the future and the past.” — Fidel Castro The U.S. and Cuba have recently agreed to reestablish political and economic relations.This

normalization will take time; time to bring Cuba into the 21st century. Cuba is struggling with a worn-out and unworkable revolutionary vision. Struggling economically, partly due to a U.S. imposed trade embargo and partial travel ban, and struggling with their own political identity in a world that SEE Cuba, page 4

In a major step to creating a more open and transparent city government, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer recently announced a new open data portal ( that will give the public and software developers easy access to frequently-requested information. Have you ever wondered about Police Calls or Fire Incidents or Special Event Permits or how many rooftops have solar panels? The data is all there, what you want to do with it is up to you. It can be a little tricky navigating the new website at first, however there is a tutorial and if you are proficient at using the Excel spreadsheet program, one can do a lot of

research. Some key features of the data portal: • The data you want. Public input was a significant factor in deciding which datasets should be prioritized and released first. • Not just for nerds. The City provides context using visualizations and “data dictionaries” that act as a key for datasets to make it easier for everyone to understand what they are looking at. • Open by default. Automated updates mean that datasets are refreshed monthly, weekly or daily depending on the kind of information they provide. SEE Data, page 10

2 • The Clairemont Times • August 2016

From the Publisher By Chris O’Connell

Both pieces July and this month are interesting reads if you are a green thumb or an aspiring green thumb.

August? Wow

Where is this?

The days of what seemed like summer lasting forever are so far in the rear view mirror … then again this is San Diego. Looking back and forward is a theme in this edition. For some who attended a local elementary school it is the end of an era. Looking forward well there’s always Morena Blvd and the new trolley, and that is something to look forward to no? Opinions vary. University of San Diego is holding two open houses and the public are invited and encouraged to attend. In addition they have provided links to online documents for review. This month Susan Lewitt wrote part 2 her follow up to Plant This Not That.

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The answer is on page 21? I hope you enjoy this edition and learn something new. Thank you to all the readers please share and/or recycle this paper. An extra special thanks to all the advertisers who make this paper possible.

Do You Need A Great Electrician? Expert Troubleshooting Same Day Repair Home Electrical Inspections Senior Citizen Discount

CLD Electric 619.638.0228 20 Years Experience Weekly Job Fairs Now Being Held at 99 Ranch Market The Ranch 99 Market is holding job fairs every weekend until they fill the need of hiring roughly 120 people for their new store on Balboa Ave (the former Albertsons/Haggen). Interviews are being held every weekend at their Clairemont Mesa Blvd location Friday-Sunday 12-5pm. New hires will begin training

Interview location: Ranch 99 Market 7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92111 Every Friday-Sunday 12-5 pm

immediately at the Clairemont Mesa Blvd location and then transfer to the Balboa store for the grand opening. There is no definitive grand opening set date however projections are late August early September.

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The Clairemont Times • August 2016 • 3

4 • The Clairemont Times • August 2016

Cuba Continued from page 1

Che Guevara Mural Memorialized on a Building

has shrugged off the Communist ideology of the 1950’s. As a result, visiting Cuba is like no other experience in the world. In 1956 Fidel and Raul Castro, Che Guevara and a handful of revolutionaries landed on a remote beach in Cuba. For three years, they fought the army of the brutal dictator Juan Batista. On January 1, 1959, revolutionary forces led by Fidel Castro enter Havana greeted by cheering mobs. Initially, Fidel nationalizes some companies and land reform is put in place, giving title to two hundred thousand peasants. But, when Fidel reveals his true revolutionary vision, the door closes on U.S. Cuba relations. Americans can travel to Cuba, legally, via a sanctioned “people-to-people” educational program.This can be done on one’s own or in a tour group. We chose Friendly Planet’s Colors of Cuba nine-day tour. We visited a medical clinic, organic farm, school, senior citizen home, national park, Che Guevara’s memorial, and the cities of Havana, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad. We explored Ernest Hemingway’s home, a synagogue and ... had some unexpected surprises along the way. Entering old Havana felt like a dream. This can’t be real. We were greeted by mildew-covered old colonial-style buildings everywhere, untouched, cleaned or repaired in a half a century. Balconies with rusted wrought iron rails, cracks in virtually every structure, rotted wooden shutters, and clothes hanging to dry from windows and doorways were pervasive. It felt like a scene from an old Mad Max movie, in

which the civilized world had come to an end, leaving pockets of people to scramble, to make do with what they had. ‘Make do’ is exactly what Cubans have been doing, starting with old American cars left behind when relations between the U.S. and Cuba came to a screeching halt. Plymouths, Studebakers, DeSotos, Packards, Chevy Bel Airs from the 1950’s are everywhere. Our Cuban tour guide, Norberto, met us at Havana’s International Airport. The airport was, as all things are in Cuba, a throwback to the 1950’s. Its sparsely-decorated interior and low-voltage fluorescent lighting said, in so many words,“Bienvenidos a Cuba,” the land that time forgot. In his early forties, with short black hair, and wearing an over-washed, over-worn, reddish orange polo shirt, a shirt that would be his trademark for the next nine days, Norberto ushered us toward our bus for an initial tour of Havana. Nor, as we called him, spoke perfect English, had several college degrees and most importantly possessed a sense of humor, which would come in handy as we negotiated our way through Cuban culture in the following days. In Havana, we dropped by an elementary school, an artist’s production studio, and centuries-old fortresses. We ate at government-run restaurants for lunch and dinner. Cuban food in the U.S. has developed a reputation as a flavorful fusion of Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisines. So it was a bit of shock to find out that Cuban food in Cuba is anything but flavorful. It’s on the bland side. A typical meal might be chicken and rice with a green vegetable. Norberto explained that the hotels and restaurants were owned by the government which helped to explain the lack of imaginative dishes. We would though, in the coming days, be treated to some Paladars, privately-owned restaurants, which serve a variety of flavorful dishes. Havana, with a population of two-and-a-half-million people is actually two cities – the old city or “old Havana,” with its original colonial architecture, and the suburbs with newer structures. In spite of the deteriorating physical state of old Havana, UNESCO deemed it a World Heritage site in 1982 because of its colonial architecture and historic fortifications. In the suburbs we saw the

influence of the former Soviet Union, ugly concrete-grey public housing buildings everywhere without balconies, blackened with mildew stains and of course, laundry hanging from windows and doorways. When Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba he wrote “this land is the most beautiful that the human eye has ever seen.”The ride from Havana to the cities of Trinidad and Cienfuegos, five hours south, introduced us to Columbus’ view - a patchwork of lush green valleys, rising up in the distance to form small mountains. Good roads, little traffic, it was all so peaceful and serene on the way to Trinidad; hard to imagine an area so picturesque was, not so long ago, caught up in an insurrection which would determine Cuba’s fate for the next half century. Cuban politics give new meaning to the word contradiction. On one hand, everyone has food, with the help of their ration card, and everyone has a free education and free health care. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for doctors to drive taxi cabs to supplement their income. In fact, according to Nor, most Cubans supplement their incomes. On our government-approved tour, the Cubans we saw seemed to be okay with their lot in life, enjoying music and sports, and they apparently have live bands wherever they go. On a trip to a national park, we pulled up at 10:00 a.m., were treated to Mojitos and a live salsa band. After twenty minutes or so, another tourist bus pulled up, free Mojitos and free band. However, no Cubans in old DeSotos pulled up for their free breakfast cocktail. Back in Havana, we went to a “pairing” event. In the U.S., pairing is

normally associated a certain food combined with a certain wine. But in this case it was a pairing of Cuban coffee, Cuban rum and a Cuban cigar. And of course, there was a salsa band. The event turned out to be great fun, even though I’m sure most in the group were not cigar smokers.They all gave it a few puffs, took photos and laughed a lot. That evening, it was off to salsa dance lessons and a farewell dinner party.The restaurant was a Paladar, so the food was plentiful and tasty. As we boarded the bus for our trip to the airport, Nor answered a few remaining questions. Everyone in our group knew Cuba is on the cusp of some rather dramatic changes. Nor confirmed this stating:“You’re lucky to see Cuba now, at the beginning of this great change.” He went on to explain how the trade embargo was hindering Cuba’s development, but the country would move forward in spite of these restrictions. With a nation dependent on food rationing, free education and free medical services, this change will have to be well managed, because Cuba is worn thin, teetering between the promises of revolutionary rhetoric and the somber need for a higher standard of living. Once through security, I turned around for a last glimpse of this fascinating country, and there was Nor, big smile, waving – wearing that same over-washed, over-worn, reddish orange shirt. Robert Ross is a long time resident of Clairemont. When not writing or exercising, he enjoys travel and classical guitar. He can be reached at

The Clairemont Times • August 2016 • 5

Off the Cuff Updates by Chris O’Connell

End of the Elementary School Era It will not be long before (if not already) the old Stevenson Elementary School/Horizon Christian Academy on Pocahontas Ave in Clairemont will meet the wrecking ball. In its place on the 15 acre site will be 52 single family homes ranging from 3,592 to 3,894 sq ft with buyers having 3 choices of design plans. Back in 2015 the developer, Ryland Homes, presented to the Clairemont Community Planning Group (CCPG) and estimated sales prices were going to be in the $700-800k per range time and economy will tell. As work progresses we’ll provide more details, timelines etc. Balboa Ave Delineators At a recent presentation at the CCPG, City of San Diego staff informed the board and the public the traffic delineators installed on Balboa Ave were supposed to withstand 70 mph impacts according to the manufacturer. Well the City was either sold a bill of goods or people are going WAY to fast on Eastbound Balboa Ave between Clairemont Dr & Mt Culebra Ave. The broken units will be replaced with a more quality product. When the funding $$$’s come in the same units will be installed Westbound along the same stretch of Balboa along with street lights. Safe to say this will be an ongoing issue, as always, stay tuned. Interesting note from City Staff when it was brought up by a member of the public,“What if I break down or there is an accident?”The answer, “Well, they are designed to be driven into/run over so if you break down, it’s ok.” Chicken Causes a Frenzy Clairemont has way too many fast food restaurants! This seems to be the sentiment of many online, and on social media when it was announced Chick-fil-A had expressed interest in rebuilding at the old Coco’s Bakery site on Balboa Ave. Really? The public is drawing the line at fast food wars now? A lot of the arguments are that we need nice “family restaurants”, last

I heard the restaurant business is a tough tough job. A nice family restaurant I am not sure has the kind of high dollar deep pockets to a) either remodel a CoCo’s or b) tear down an existing structure and build new. The chicken chain plans to come in, tear down and build from scratch a new modern looking building. Granted, this will not be an indoor sit down restaurant (this location will only be a vehicle drive thru and a walk up outdoor counter along with a patio seating area). I have never had Chik-fil-A but I say bring on the chicken, I see a company coming in investing in the community, making improvements and creating jobs. If you don’t like Chik-fil-A or fast food move along. I5 East At times it seems that is what Morena Blvd can be Interstate 5. Speeding on that road is an understatement. If you don’t know by now changes are going to happen to Morena Blvd with the Mid-Coast Trolley coming soon (expect construction, detours, big heavy equipment to appear sometime in September from Old Town all the way up through LV, BP CLMT ending at UTC for roughly 5 years, this project will not start at one end and work its way it will be all along the route throughout). With that being said the City of SD has been holding sub committee meetings for well over a year. The latest agenda item at the meeting was keep Morena as is: 2 lanes north 2 south. Or remove a south lane and keep 2 north and lastly make Morena 1 lane north 1 south. The vote and the overall majority public comment was to remove 1 southbound lane and keep 2 lanes north (this is for an area just North of Clairemont Dr & Morena and South to Tecolote Rd Bridge area. Is this 100% set in stone yes & no. Yes, that was the recommendation, however studies could prove otherwise. To learn more about the future of Morena Blvd in this area visit: ommunity/profiles/clairemontmesa For more information on all these updates, visit or I can be reached directly at (858) 752-9779

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Squaremont By Bill Swank

Photos Courtesy of Bill Swank

Old Aches and Pains My father was from the Southside of Chicago. His favorite baseball player was Luke Appling who frustrated the penurious Comiskey family by hitting foul balls into the stands. The team

Luke Appling

determined Appling averaged 15 foul balls a game which reportedly cost the White Sox $2,300 a year. The following excerpt is from his Hall of Fame plaque in Cooperstown: “A two-time American League batting champion, he topped the .300 mark 14 times. His ability to foul pitches became his trademark at the plate. Appling was known as ‘Old Aches and Pains’ because of his frequent ailments.” During a 1982 old-timers game at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C.,“Old Aches and Pains,” at age 75, hit a home run into the stands off Warren Spahn. He considered the home run one of the highlights of his life. In 1980, I was asked to play over-the-line. Our team won a preliminary tournament and, later that year, advanced to the quarterfinals in the Canardly Division at the OMBAC OTL World Championship. I had never played OTL before. Because I hadn’t mastered the golf stroke to place dinks “over the line,” I took a full swing for

home runs. We won several games by the “eleven run” mercy rule. Then, in my early forties, I was diagnosed with Reiter’s Disease, which rendered me unable to ever play competitive OTL again. Time passed ... My red beard turned white, my waistline expanded. I have been Santa Claus at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park during “December Nights” since 2002. At 63, I had the good fortune to play second base as Santa for the original House of David baseball team out of Benton Harbor, Michigan. HOD players “Would it make any difference?” I Richard and wear long hair Helen also believe thought about having my and beards as granddaughter, Clara, who pitches for Santa should be part of their Olympian High School, toss some skinny. religious beliefs. balls, but was concerned I’d injure my I support their They became back before the first game. goal, but I’m famous “Old Aches and Pains” Luke Appling hardly a poster barnstorming child for a healthy hit a home run when he was 75. against Negro Could Baseball Santa possibly diet. I told League teams Richard that I put duplicate the feat? We all have our during the 1930s dreams. sauerkraut on my and 40s. Satchel Or would it be: Polish sausage at Paige called “...somewhere men are laughing, Costco and he them,“The Jesus said that qualified and somewhere children shout; Boys.”The but their is no joy in Mudville as a vegetable. He Harlem Mighty Santa has struck out.” was impressed Globetrotters I came up twice in the first game that the House of fashioned their and got two solid hits. In the field, one David members “Sweet Georgia ball was hit to me. I caught it, but my were vegetarians. Brown” opening wife was right. I hurt my back with My wife, Jeri, act after the my second swing and became too stiff thinks I’m a House of David and sore to continue. hypocrite, but pepper game “Old Aches and Pains” said,“Baseball Richard routine. is a game to keep old people young.” I convinced her In addition to was in pain, but felt young again. I that it isn’t easy playing high didn’t hit a home run like Luke to find old Santas Kristin Francy, 2015 Miss Emerson and Bill level baseball, who can still play Appling, but I didn’t embarrass myself “Baseball Santa” Swank. HOD players either. ball. were accomplished showmen and entertainers. Former Clairemont resident Eddie Deal was a catcher for House of David from 1929 until 1942. When asked if the secret of his longevity was,“No smoking, no drinking, no meat, no sex,” Eddie smiled and replied,“You could say that.” Before his death at age 98, he taught me the “hidden-ball-in-the-beard” trick. I successfully pulled it off in a 2003 exhibition game in Geneva, Illinois that was written up in the Chicago Tribune. I also played for HOD in 2006 and 2008, but could barely get to first base after I hit. Colony leader Ron Taylor confirmed that I am the only Santa Claus to ever play for House of David. Santa Marv, Santa Bill and Santa Richard with healthy eating fans. A year ago, Richard Eckfield (AKA: Sustainable Santa), asked me to play Real Santa’s United won second Jeri considered me too crippled to for his over-the-line team: Real Santa’s place in the uniform contest and it compete and worried I’d hurt my United to End Childhood Obesity. was an honor to play on Richard and back. Of course, she was right, but Sustainable Santa, a member of the Helen’s team. Their message for the how many men get recruited to play International Brotherhood of Real kids of America is good. ball when they’re 76 years old? Bearded Santas, and his wife, Helen Eat healthy. Besides, I’m known as “Baseball Santa,” Nielsen, are committed to healthy These are my food rules. Put so had to give it one more try. diets for kids. Richard visits farmers sauerkraut on your Polish sausage at Sustainable Santa asked his markets in the North County and gives counselor, Santa Marv, if we should Costco. Don’t be a hot dog. Don’t use carrots to kids instead of candy canes. too much mustard. have a practice. Marv’s response,

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Religious Directory Atonement Lutheran Church 7250 Eckstrom St (Balboa & 805) San Diego, CA 92111 Phone (858) 278-5556 Sunday Worship Time 9 am, Bible Study 10:30 am

Clairemont Womens Club Save the Date by Marge Weber

The club was dark in July and will be in August as well. Please put Wednesday, September 7 on your calendar for our next meeting. We are proud of our accomplishments for the fiscal year 2015-2016. Our major projects were the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station [$2350 donation] and two $1000 scholarships to Clairemont and Madison High schools to be presented this month. We also raised monies for Pennies for Pines, the Heifer Project, and March of Dimes. We gave of our time to help at the Clairemont Community Services Association in addition to donating clothes and food,

Meals on Wheels, and Box Tops for Education at Cadman Elementary School. But we are not all work and no play. Our social activities included a trip to the Viejas Casino, a monthly book club, and Out and About group on local excursions, Daytime Gourmets to various restaurants and get togethers at our homes. We all hope you are having a great summer and hope to see old and new faces on Wednesday, September 7th at 1pm. Balboa Community Church 6555 Balboa Ave. Please park around the corner on Mt. Albertine in the church parking lot.

Clairemont Lutheran Church 4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117 Sunday Worship Times 8:30, 10:00 (English) & 11:30 am (Spanish) Sunday School for kids 9:45am Holy Cross Lutheran Church 3450 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA 92117 Church (858) 273-2886 Sunday Worship 9:00 am Visit Lifeline Community Outreach on Facebook

Northminster Presbyterian Church 4324 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92117 (858) 490-3995 Sunday Worship Time 10:00 a.m. Northminster Preschool (858) 270-3760

For more information about CWC, visit our website at or “like” us on Facebook. You may also call Jackie at (858) 273-7664 or Evelyn at (858) 279-4367 Contact us or attend a meeting to learn more.

St. Catherine Labouré Catholic Church 4124 Mt. Abraham Ave., San Diego, CA 92111 Phone (858) 277-3133 Weekend Mass Times Saturday 5:30 pm, Sunday 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 am St. David’s Episcopal Church & Preschool 5050 Milton Street, San Diego CA 92110 Sunday Worship Times: NEW THIS SUMMER! ONE SERVICE ONLY AT 9:30am (July 3-Aug 28)

Celebrating our 8th Year Together! • • • • We are a Handicap Friendly Salon If you are in a wheelchair and cannot transfer, no problem, we can do you in your chair, all services.

Haircuts, Colors Hi Lights, Perms Blow Dry Styling Oh Yes, We Do Roller Sets!!

We are a Family friendly salon ... Two years to 102 we don’t care as long you have hair.

Violet’s Hair Design

Please call for an Appointment

3650 Clairemont Dr. 1A


For more news and information visit:

For information on advertising your place of worship in the Religious Directory please call or email Chris O’Connell, Publisher (858) 752-9779

Clairemont Car Wash FULL SERVICE • Vacuum • Soft Cleaning • Hand Dry Finish • Windows Cleaned Inside & Out

8:30 - 5:30 • 7 days


6.99 Regular Price $9.99 With coupon only

3030 Clairemont Drive @ Burgener Blvd

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IN G T EE M NO CLAIREMONT COMMUNITY PLANNING G PMGROUP N I (3rd Tuesday of the month) 6:30 T EAuditorium E Cadman Elementary M 92117 4370 Kamloop, O N CLAIREMONT TOWN COUNCIL (1st Thurs. of the month) 6:30 PM Cadman Elementary Auditorium 4370 Kamloop Ave, 92117

Real Estate Loans

LINDA VISTA TOWN COUNCIL 8/18/16 (3rd Thursday of the month) 6:30 PM Baha’i Faith Center 6545 Alcala Knolls, 92111

We offer Commercial, SBA, Residential Fast response. Fast Funding Purchase – Refinance- Cash-out Flexible “Portfolio” underwriting

LINDA VISTA PLANNING GROUP 8/22/16 (4th Mon. of the month) 5:30 PM Linda Vista Public Library 2160 Ulric St, 92111

Annual Percentage Yield effective as of July 25, 2016. No minimum balance is required to earn the stated annual percentage yield. Minimum balance to open is $100. Minimum daily balance of $2500/ Business Account, or $500/ Personal Account is necessary to avoid the monthly service charge. Deposited funds must be new to Home Bank of California and may not be transferred from existing Home Bank of California accounts. Rates are subject to change without notice. Fees may reduce earnings.

MARIAN BEAR REC COUNCIL Please visit our website at or our Facebook page at Marian Bear Natural Park Recreation Council for meeting dates and locations

Clairemont Summer Night’s Concert and Movies Under the Stars CELEBRATE THE SPIRIT OF OUR COMMUNITY WITH TASTY FOOD, GREAT MUSIC & A MOVIE MADISON HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL FIELD FRIDAY AUGUST 12 (EVENT STARTS AT 5PM) 5:30 - 6:00 - Victims of Authority 6:00 - 7:00 - Pomerado Community Concert Band 7:00 - 8:00 - Michele Lundeen "The Queen of Steam" Blues ensemble Movie - 8:15 - TBA

CLAIREMONT HIGH SCHOOL FRIDAY SEPT 10 (EVENT STARTS AT 6PM) 6:00 - 7:00 - Jazz Ensemble 7:00 - 8:00 - Bayou Brothers - Southern Blues Movie - 8:15 - Rudy

Event starts at 6pm / Movie at 8:15pm Bring g your y beach bea ach chairs!

ELAINE HALL HALL GRAPHIC DESIGN Bringing Y Your o our Vision Vision i to Light

The Clairemont Times • August 2016 • 9

10 • The Clairemont Times • August 2016

All Star Weekend 2016 MLB All Star Game from Sunny San Diego by Andy Eakes

The month of July this year was unlike any other in recent memory here. Aside from exceptionally outstanding weather and the celebration of our nation’s independence, San Diego was host to the 2016 Major League Baseball All Star Game for the first time in nearly 25 years. The Padres first hosted the all-star game in 1978 and again in 1992. I, unfortunately, wasn’t alive for either of them so I felt the need to attend everything I possibly could this year. What was once just a game has rapidly become five days of spectacles and unforgettable fan experiences. All-star weekend kicked off Jul. 8 with MLB Fanfest and ended with the actual game on the 12. Fanfest, held at the Convention Center, gave fans of all MLB teams the opportunity to interact with current and former players, including Wil Myers, David Wells, Ferguson Jenkins, Luis Tiant, and many others. Other activities throughout the week consisted of the Minor League Futures All Star Game, Legends and Celebrity Softball game, concerts at the park and the homerun derby. Arguably the most impressive performance of the weekend came from the homerun derby. Miami Marlin’s outfielder Giancarlo Stanton and Baltimore Orioles outfielder Mark Trumbo battled it out in the finals, hitting homeruns that may still be flying around downtown San Diego. Stanton was the ultimate winner hitting a total of 61 homeruns, 20 more than the previous derby record. As a Padres fan, what I appreciated the most about the whole thing was how much San Diego was

Data Continued from page 1

• Quality is a priority. Each dataset in the portal has undergone a lengthy process to ensure that values are accurate, naming conventions are consistent and that plain-speak is used in place of bureaucratic jargon. • Easy to use. Datasets are broken up into smaller files and can be downloaded in common digital file formats that are easy to work with and analyze such as CSV, XML and JSON. • Supports customer service. City employees can use these data as a new tool to serve San Diego residents,

incorporated into each event and how well it was represented. Former Padres closer Trevor Hoffman took the role of skipper for the USA minor league all-star game. Hoffman’s starting pitcher was San Diego born and Triple-A pitching prospect for the Houston Astros Joey Musgrove. Jerseys worn by each player in the events leading up to final game paid tribute to the brown and yellow ones sported by the Padres in the 1970’s. A very touching moment occurred when Padres announcer Dick Enberg and baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the renaming of two awards beginning at the conclusion of this season. From now on the American League Batting Title will be called the Rod Carew Award. As for the National League Batting Title, it was decided “Mr. Padre” himself, Tony Gwynn’s name will forever be used for the honor. As Commissioner Manfred gave replicas of each award to the Carew and Gwynn families I realized what had been missing all weekend. That was Tony Gwynn. Seeing former Padre greats such as Hoffman, Rollie Fingers, Randy Jones, Dave Winfield, Ozzie Smith and others is always nice but they’re not Gwynn. In a sports world fueled by high paying contracts, the chance of getting a player with the loyalty Gwynn had to his team, this city and the game is rare, almost non-existent. Two years after his passing, Gwynn’s spirit was rejuvenated and honored in a way only his name could, the National League Batting Title, an award he won eight times. Ultimately the American League once again topped the National League 4-2. Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer took home the MVP after a two hit, two RBI game with a homerun in the first inning ending a historic weekend in San Diego.

helping them to respond to questions and provide solutions faster than ever before. • Open source. The City of San Diego is one of the first cities in the nation to build its data portal using an open source platform, which means it can consistently incorporate feedback to continuously make the portal more user friendly. More datasets will be made available in the coming months and users can sign up to receive updates when new data become available at Developers are encouraged to share their apps or visualizations so the City can highlight their work.

Build the Regents Rd. Bridge!


CITIZENS FOR THE REGENTS ROAD BRIDGE is a grassroots organization in the University City, UTC, Clairemont, Mira Mesa, La Jolla, Miramar, Kearny Mesa, and Tierrasanta areas of San Diego. Our organization believes in the importance of effective action to improve safety, relieve traffic congestion, and improve multimodal transportation in these communities. A city plan drawn up over 50 years ago detailed two major north-south surface street arteries serving these communities. One of them, the Clairemont Mesa Blvd/Regents Rd collector road, is still incomplete because of a number of lengthy delays in constructing a four lane bridge to transit Rose Canyon on Regents Road. For more info and/or to donate visit: Citizens for the Regents Rd Bridge 4079 Governor Drive #165 • San Diego CA 92122 Donations are NOT tax deductible; CFRRB is a 501(c)(4) corp

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Beers by the Bay by Brian Riehm

Dan Lawrence at the Helm – Helms Brewing A little over 3 years ago, four San Diego shipbuilders brought their

passion for beer together and opened Helms Brewing in Kearney Mesa. As a Navy man myself, I wanted to make sure that Helms was one of the first few breweries I reviewed for the Clairemont Times. My brother Dean and I made a mid-week trip to the tasting room and brewery and talked to Dan Lawrence, Head Brewer. Dan came to Helms about two years ago, after the operation was up and running, from Ellicott Mills Brewing in Maryland. Dan keeps busy with a very full line up of beers at Helms. In spite of their small size, they currently have 16 different beers on offer at their Ocean Beach tasting room. He said that the variety and number of beers in their lineup is what sets Helms apart. He also said that the atmosphere here is much more competitive than back east, due to the large number of excellent breweries nearby. Helms is looking into expansion in the near future, with their beers currently shipping all over America, including the east coast. (They are often locally available at Keil’s foods.) I asked Dan what presented the most challenge to him as a brewer. It is the Low Tide Blonde, because it is lighter, it is less forgiving of error. The brewery itself is set in an industrial park at 5640 Kearney Mesa Rd. 92111 not far from Societe, reviewed two months ago. Once you walk past the fermenting tanks, the nautical theme takes over. There are some great ship photos on the wall, as well as the longest panoramic view of San Diego harbor I have ever seen. The names of the beers feature nautical

themes as well. No pretensions here, with sports on TV and chips for sale to go with your beer. Most importantly, Helms is brewing some excellent beer. I tried a flight of five 4 oz. samplers for $10. I started off with Summer Equinox IPA. This is

called a Session IPA, due to its lower alcohol content, allowing one to drink a few beers in a “session.” Beer Advocate has a nice article on the origin of this term. This IPA was crisp but plenty hoppy, a great way to start our session. I went with another lighter beer, a collaboration with Monkey Paw brewing, Ninja Monkey Pirate. This is a well hopped Saison, which retained the great flavor and character of a Saison even with the extra hops. Dan explained that this was due to the dry hopping, which limited the hop exposure of the beer. He also pointed out that Saison’s in general are a French farmhouse styles that get a unique flavor from Brettanomyces, a type of yeast. Next up were two flagship beers Wicked as Sin and Hop the RIPA. Wicked is a very floral IPA that I really liked, also because it is different from the normal West Coast IPA. Hop the RIPA is a Hoppy Red that is the beer that I think Stone’s Arrogant Bastard should be more like. The underlying red ale base isn’t covered up by the hops. I ended the flight with Dark Waters, strong Belgian Dark ale. It didn’t disappoint. Even though it had 9.5 % alcohol, it wasn’t boozy. There was a little smokiness to this ale that balanced nicely with the Belgian spices. Helms Brewing is doing great work across a wide variety of beer styles, with something for everyone. Brian Riehm is a long-time Clairemont resident and follower of the local craft beer scene. You can keep up with all his beer reviews by following @BrianRiehm on Twitter and reading his blog (

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Please Join Councilmember Chris Cate for a Corn Hole Tournament Benefiting the San Diego Police Foundation and the San Diego Fire Rescue Foundation

Chris Cate, District 6

Saturday, August 20, 2016 11:00 a.m.— 4:00 p.m. | Player Registration at 10:00 a.m. Mira Mesa Community Park (Corner of Mira Mesa Blvd. and New Salem St.) Free and open to the public! $25 entry fee per two-person team ***Sponsorship Opportunities Available*** Food Trucks | Beer Garden | Bounce House | Police Dog Demonstration | Fire Safety Demonstration For more information contact Jenna Harris at or (619) 533-6463 Website: Email: Phone: (619) 236-6616

Daniel Smiechowski


The Road of Cycling is Paved with Good Intentions

Bicycle Lanes in Clairemont Sorely Underused

As a participating triathlete since the Seventies with a second home in France, I am always cognizant of the exceptions to the rule. Having said that, there are just too few cyclists in

Sherman Urges Residents to Prepare for Wildfire Season by Scott Sherman, District 7 Councilmember

With wildfire season fast approaching, it is important that all residents take the proper precautions to ensure that their property and family are safe. As a life-long San Diegan, I fully remember the devastating fires in 2003, and 2007 that wreaked havoc in our region. As recently as 2014, over 90 acres in Mission Trails Regional Park was destroyed from a wildfire. Now is the time to take the proper steps to look over your home to ensure it is protected from embers and sparks. Some steps include: Address: Make sure your address is clearly visible from the road. Vents: All vents should be covered with 1/8 inch metal mesh. DO NOT

USE fiberglass or plastic mesh. Rain Gutters: Screen or enclose rain gutters to prevent accumulation of plant debris. Windows: Install double paned windows with the exterior pane of tempered glass to reduce the chance of breakage in a fire. Garage: Install weather stripping around and under doors to prevent embers from getting inside. For more tips, please visit the Fire-Rescue’s website at www.SanDiego.Gov/Fire It is also important to remember that wildfire danger isn’t just near Canyonlands. In the 2007 fires, houses were burning when the fire front was 89 minutes away. Flying embers have been known to travel over five miles from a wildfire. It is important that we all work together to ensure a safe San Diego. Email: Phone: (619) 236-6616

Learn More About the Balboa Avenue Trolley Station Take the survey, share your ideas, share your vision for the area

Mayor Faulconer’s climate action plan which includes the incremental usage of mass transportation and bicycle usage during the ensuing years is a step in the right direction. However, the recently installed bicycle lanes in Clairemont are virtually deserted at any hour of the day. The community of Clairemont and its current demographic is not culturally suited for pedaling a bicycle.

Clairemont to match the City’s expenditures in promoting self-propelled two wheeled transportation in this provincial community. For the most part, this section of San Diego is a stodgy mix of retired folks, families and others attached to their cars as a baby to mother’s milk. While everyone has a bike in their garage few have a bike

under their legs. Instead of a top down approach to untying our dependency on the automobile, we ought to start by educating those in elementary, middle and high schools on the benefits of riding a bicycle. Cycling clubs and competition should be promoted in our public schools. Every effort should be made in creating a more car free community. The current plan of taking the cart before the horse is futile and frankly just stupid. A recent Grand Jury report has deemed San Diego’s bike sharing system as inefficient. This is obvious. Without the participation of private enterprise, including all or most local bike shops this experiment will fail. Riding a bicycle takes personal energy. The human condition is such that most people will cut a tangent in regard to how difficult the task. This is natural. It’s just easier to drive a car. As

a triathlete and former Ironman, I am witness to how many folks have the discipline and will power to even walk around the block let alone swim, bike and run 140.60 miles at a stretch in one day. If anyone needs more evidence, take a look at the three major shopping hubs in Clairemont. On any given day, there are thousands of cars dutifully parked in these parking lots with only a few bicycles in sight if any at all. While I applaud the Mayor’s effort and give him an A for intent, the result is just not in the cards. We need a different approach in promoting the use of bicycles in our community. Be nice, do good deeds and don’t be a stranger as we at the Clairemont Times value your participation. Daniel J Smiechowski has been a resident of Clairemont since 1967 and can be reached at or 858.220.4613

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Planned Roads are Being Removed but Construction Continues Unabated How and why Regents Road Bridge promises were broken to UTC, UC and Clairemont taxpayers

the phone fast enough. The EIR was riddled with errors, it was not stamped, or signed by the engineer, the long awaited Existing Conditions EIR was a position paper, it has no legal standing. The Draft PEIR was by Louis Rodolico recently released and this document clearly supports the construction of How is the Regents Road the Regents Road Bridge, see the Bridge or any new infrastructure impact synopsis on Table ES-1. City paid for? Council is scheduled to vote on the The city of San Diego collects bridge on December 6th. Development Impact Fees (DIF) as it Property owners, near the bridge approves additional development. site, seek to improve their properties Developers paid DIF’s in the 60’s to marketability & views by not building build the Regents Road Bridge. There the Regents Road Bridge. Westfield is a bitter community dispute over would benefit if Genesee was the only completing the Bridge. While the two north south feeder and eventually factions in the University Community widened to bring in more shoppers. square off like the Hatfield’s and Westfield is paying a half million McCoy’s, projects like the Westfield dollars to fund removing the bridge Mall expansion continue unabated. from the plan, see Resolution This particular expansion also R-309237 10/14/2014. Not building includes a new 22 story 300 unit the bridge leaves over 30,000 apartment tower at Nobel and residents in UTC, UC and Clairemont Genesee, one of the most congested at elevated mortal risk due to longer intersections in the region. Costa emergency travel times. Like other Verde is expanding and building communities with uncompleted roads several new residential towers and ambulances are delayed. When an UCSD recently announced a new Ambulance arrives on the scene and phase of expansion. There is a rush to finds a patient without a pulse, they get the bridge off the plan before may have to wait until they get to an several thousand of these new “trips” Emergency room to revive the patient, hit our community. but when the roads are not available How can we expand so much many patients, including children, have and eliminate planned roads at expired in route as a the same time? direct result of the In 2008 each UTC delay. I doubt that this property had been ... By the time details the marketing image assigned a specific Westfield wants. of projects come to number of vehicular Let’s look at what “trips”. Westfield light they’re shovel could happen if the acquired an ready and too late for Regents Road Bridge entitlement (City is taken off the plan. community input. Or Approval) in 2008, to Eventually the expand their mall, but bulldozers just appear existing bridge that was before there abutments would be without anyone being was any proposal to removed and the area remove the Regents informed. These “Dark rezoned residential. Road Bridge from the Projects” are New homes would be plan so their trips built, eliminating any becoming the norm, were grandfathered in possibility of a bridge at that time. We are not the exception. in the future. At some keeping our promise future point after to Westfield, but not that, traffic will be to those who paid for and who were much greater than it is now. A new promised the Regents Road Bridge. We (Westfield financed?) The EIR will are removing roads, but we are not likely show a need for 6 or 8 lanes on correspondingly lowering trips. Ergo, Genesee between Westfield and we get the unplanned excessive Clairemont. Genesee Avenue traffic with its added: Why was the blue trolley line deaths, injuries, extended emergency designed to terminate at travel times, noise, greenhouse gas & Westfield? property losses. Granted for years the improvised What is the bridge status now? Westfield transportation center has The Existing Conditions EIR was been on Genesee, but not because it is released in December, 2015. When I the best location, it was there because called the engineer who was the Genesee was the only one of the 3 author of the EIR he could not get off north south roads that was completed.

The obvious solution to mass transit is to complete the regional rail system by placing the Coaster and Surfliner just east of I-5 at UTC. This would allow for a transit center at Nobel and or Voigt. The Coaster and Surfliner would be super green by bringing in commuters from downtown to north of Los Angeles. Rerouting the Coaster/Surfliner shortens the current route, requires 3.3 miles of new double track, but utilizes existing; trains, power systems & employees. In stark contrast SANDAG’s new blue trolley line section requires we pay for new 11 mile double tracks, bridges, tunnels, new trolleys, extended power systems and all the additional equipment and employees necessary to run the extended line. SANDAG has managed to keep me in the dark on my questions. This November SANDAG will be asking for additional taxes. I for one try and keep myself informed on what is going on in my community, but all too often by the time I get a description of a project it is already too late to have any discussion. Like the blue trolley line, the UTC residential towers and possibly the University Fire Station locations. By the time details of projects come to light they’re shovel ready and too late for community input. Or bulldozers just appear without anyone being informed. These

“Dark Projects” are becoming the norm, not the exception. Who has time to be on every committee? That simply is not realistic. Westfield, SANDAG and others have been at work for decades and reveal unsavory project specifics to the public when it is too late for the public to have a say. Links: Existing Conditions EIR e_2016.01.28_-_existing_conditions_report_v4.pdf Draft PEIR See: June 17, 2016 PDF University Community Plan Amendment / Project No. 480286 / Draft PEIR Resolution R-309237 pa_initiation.pdf Coaster and Surfliner just east of I-5 929874_orig.jpg Fire Station locations e-fire-station-or-two/ Louis Rodolico has been a resident of University City since 2001 Links: Transportation Element Amendment p_transportation_element_cpa_06.09.16.pdf Draft PEIR 6_ucp_draft_peir.pdf draping vegetation 75221087/2026254_orig.jpg

14 • The Clairemont Times • August 2016 LoloLovesFilms

This Month:

Hunt for the Wilderpeople The Clairemont Times PO Box 17671 San Diego, CA 92177 (858) 752-9779 Founding Publisher: Chris O’Connell Graphic Designer: Elaine Hall Contributors: Kevin Casillo Andy Eakes Gary Hyde Susan Lewitt Josh & Lauren Rains Brian Riehm Robert Ross Daniel J. Smiechowski Rob Stone Bill Swank The Clairemont Times is a free publication published each month and circulated throughout the neighborhoods of Clairemont, Linda Vista, Bay Park & Kearny Mesa. Story ideas, advertising & editorial questions can be sent to The Clairemont Times P.O. Box 17671, San Diego, CA 92177 or Copyright ©2015-16 The Clairemont Times/McSierra Publishing. Reuse of material from this edition or past editions is strictly prohibited without permission from the publisher. The opinions in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of The Clairemont Times/McSierra Publishing but instead, of each individual author/contributor. The Clairemont Times is proud to partner and contribute with:

by Lolo & Big J

Foster child Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison) is a bit of a ‘bad egg.’ He has been unable to find suitable foster care, that is, until he is taken in by Bella (Rima Te Wiata) and her husband Hec (Sam Neill). Ricky finds himself in a loving home for the first time in his young life.When tragedy strikes, this situation changes, and now child services wants to take Ricky back. Not wanting to end up in juvie, Ricky runs away into the bush. Hec heads out after him, but after suffering an injury, he and Ricky are stranded until Hec heals. Child services assumes Hec has kidnapped Ricky, and a massive manhunt is unleashed to find the two. Written and directed by Taika Waititi, who is the mastermind behind the wonderful vampire comedy “What We Do in the Shadows,”“Hunt for the Wilderpeople” is an utterly fantastic adventure dramedy about previously unwanted people finding a connection and finding their place in the world. It stars Julian Dennison as Ricky Baker, a 13-year-old kid who has been bounced from foster home to foster home due to his rebellious nature; it also doesn’t help that Ricky envisions and presents himself as a bit of a gangster. His last hope for a permanent home before ‘juvie’ is with Bella and Hec, a married couple living off the grid, played by Rima Te Wiata and Sam Neill.This pair live on a rural farm right outside the vast New Zealand bush. After a short time and a few attempts at running away, Bella and Ricky start to connect and he finally begins to feel at home with her. Hec is another story altogether. He keeps to himself and would rather be left alone. After tragedy strikes, Ricky is told he has to be returned to child services. In response to this, Ricky tries to fake his death and running away one final time. Hec follows Ricky into the bush, and after a few unfortunate incidents that prolong their stay in the wilderness, child services begins a massive countrywide manhunt for Ricky and Hec, who they now believe has kidnapped Ricky. We are extremely impressed by “Hunt for the Wilderpeople.”This is a truly spectacular film. From the moment it started, we knew we were in for an absolute treat from a visual, written, directorial, auditory, and acting standpoint. We have to give Julian Dennison props first and foremost. Dennison, a newcomer to the acting game, is excellent. Despite his character Ricky’s attempts at seeming like a hardcore gangster, Dennison manages to be wholly endearing and totally hilarious. We root for Ricky because he is clearly so adorable, and we get the sense early on because of his inconsistent upbringing, he just wants to be loved by someone. As for Sam Neill, he puts on a great performance as well. His character Hec is a grizzled old survivalist and just wants to be left alone in life. He and Ricky couldn’t be more different, but through their adventure and after being thrust apart when their lives get turned upside down, they start to reach a mutual understanding and have mutual respect for one another despite their differences.There are some stellar smaller performances as well. Rima Te Wiata is quite good in her more limited capacity as Bella, and Rachel House is fantastic as the persistent and determined Paula. House and Oscar Kightley, who plays Andy, have a ton of funny back and forth bantering sessions as they look for Hec and Ricky. Lastly, Rhys Darby, a Taika Waititi mainstay, plays a survivalist named Psycho Sam, who has lived in the bush for 15 years and is, well, a little psycho about the government. All in all, this cast comes together to make one magnificent team. “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” is a movie that made us laugh heaps, but

it’s not just a comedy. It’s a compassionate, heartfelt drama, too, and it made us cry without ever feeling sappy or forced. Its message is tender and sweet, but it’s still able to maintain a balance between jokes and feels.This is due in large part to Waititi’s attention to detail in his well-crafted script, and in his movements behind the camera. This film will keep you completely engaged, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final product.This is one of our favorite movies of 2016. People need to know and become familiar with the name Taika Waititi because he is a tremendous filmmaker. He is quickly becoming one of our favorite directors, and if his last couple of movies are any indication of his capabilities, we cannot wait to see what he has in store for “Thor: Ragnarok.” Our rating: 5/5. “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” is directed by Taika Waititi and stars Julian Dennison and Sam Neill. It is rated PG-13 for some language and some violent imagery. LoloLovesFilms is comprised of Lauren and Josh Rains, lifelong San Diegans and current residents of Clairemont. As avid cinephiles, they began their quest to see and review as many movies as possible in 2013, and can often be found at any one of San Diego’s fine cinemas watching newly released films each week. Visit our blog: follow us on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @lololovesfilms

ADVANCED PODIATRY WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH Walter Jolley, D.P.M 5222 Balboa Avenue, Suite 41 San Diego, CA 92117 858-560-0390 • Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgery • Serving Clairemont for 30 Years • Treating all Painful Foot Conditions • Toenails to Major Deformities

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The POWER of the PHOTO WE’RE CELEBRATING! My husband, Darin, is home from his 11 month deployment to the Middle East. We would like you to come celebrate with us! As a thank you to all of our customers who have supported us with kind words, charitable acts, and just their patronage during this last year, Postal Connections is giving away a FREE 13x19 glossy photo of your choice. Bring in a thumb drive or email a photo to and then come in to see us. Let us help you preserve your memories even as we make happy new ones of our own.


4231 Balboa Ave @Clairemont Drive, San Diego, 92117 (858) 483-1909

Coastal Veterinary Hospital Staff – Fear FreeSM Certified Professionals In celebration of the human-animal bond through improved veterinary care, Coastal Veterinary Hospital staff members are following the Fear Free Initiative and are now Fear Free Certified Professionals. Developed by “America’s Veterinarian,” Dr. Marty Becker, the Fear Free Initiative aims to “take the ‘pet’ out of petrified” by removal, or substantial reduction, of the known triggers that can cause pets to feel anxious, stressed, or fearful. These methods and protocols create an experience which is more rewarding and much safer for all involved; the pets, the pet owners, and the veterinary healthcare team. “I am so excited to have completed my Fear Free certification courses,” said veterinarian and business owner Dr. Laura Schultz. Dr. Schultz, along with the veterinary hospital office manager, Diane Ledford, are among the very first to be certified as Fear Free Professionals in the Clairemont.“These methods are a great way to approach just about any animal, but they are particularly effective with the canine companions and feline friends we see every day here at our veterinary

hospital.” Although the official individual certification program was just recently launched on March 31, 2016, the entire staff at Coastal made the commitment months earlier as Dr. Schultz had previously attended Dr. Becker’s live seminars. Thus, she had material and several pages of notes to use as a solid foundation. Today, all staff members are enrolled in the official course curriculum and each soon will be completing their own individual certification. “We’ve already received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our clients,” said Dr. Schultz.“And reading through our online reviews has totally validated what we knew in our hearts; it’s the right thing to do and it just makes sense.” For more information about the Fear Free Initiative or the hospital in general, please visit the hospital website: or call (858) 914-1934 or stop by 3895 Clairemont Drive #103 (at Balboa Ave), San Diego 92117

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Rock Boulder Stone




Thad Murwin 619-252-0522 Resident of Clairemont • Local References • Fully Insured

Jersey Mike’s More than Just Subs The corporate slogan for Jersey Mike’s is “a sub above”, with the emphasis on quality ingredients and each sub meticulously created for the customer. Above and beyond is what the owners of the local franchises in Clairemont, Kearny Mesa and Serra Mesa provide locally by giving back. Christy Paul and Fred Downey are hands-on franchise owners at their 5 locations. On any given day, either of them can be found at their respective shops, Christy at the 2 Clairemont Mesa Blvd locations and Fred at his Balboa Ave/Genesee, Murphy Canyon Rd. or Mission Gorge location. Giving back to the community is a major ingredient in the business model of all the owners. When a new shop opens, 10,000 free sub cards are handed out prior to the always-Wednesday grand openings. Throughout the country every store in March has the “Day of Giving” where 100% of proceeds from every sub sold is given to a charity of choice for the owner. This past March locally, it was Rady Children’s Hospital. Since opening locally in 2009 the Jersey Mike’s owners have blazed a path in supporting local causes. They are a major sponsor of the Clairemont Summer Night’s Concert Series and Movies Under the Stars, as well as working with the Clairemont Education Foundation at different

events throughout the year. Christy and Fred are helping to support the 19 local elementary, middle and high schools with generous portions of sales going back to the Foundation and in turn the neighborhood schools. There is no doubt Jersey Mike’s is a partner in the community, from the Clairemont Hilltoppers Little League to the Clairemont Girls Fastpitch Softball League, proceeds also have helped the Clairemont High School Football team as well as the Toby Wells YMCA and the Burn Institute. The list goes on but I think the point is clear; giving back is a core part of the business model. The sub and the events held at their locations is the physical piece of the equation ….. the causes they support and partner with is where the difference is being made. If you are interested in partnering for fundraising for your local group or organization Christy and Fred encourage you to stop into of the 5 locations and inquire within. 5657 Balboa Ave, 92111 7420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, 92111 9211 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, 92123 3755 Murphy Canyon Rd, 92123 6545 Mission Gorge Rd., 92123

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Dolores M. Shoemaker Dolores Marie Shoemaker passed away peacefully at home July 11, 2016. She is survived by her husband of 67 years, George Shoemaker, her grown children, Leroy Shoemaker and his wife Leal, Georgia Shoemaker, Marilyn Jordan and her husband Larry, Robert Reed and his wife Cindy as well as her five grandchildren, Philip Jordan and his wife Amy, Daniel Jordan, Jillian Reed, Todd Reed, and Felicia Collins and her husband Nate. Dolores was a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, friend and long-time resident of Clairemont. She loved to travel, loved her family and loved to serve others. After raising her children, she started a career as a school secretary for the San Diego Unified City School District. She helped to open Miller Elementary School, which was the largest elementary school in the State at the time with over 1,000 students. After 30 years of service, she retired from Terra Santa Elementary School at age 70. Dolores devoted her life to serving others. She was President and a Life Member of Longfellow Elementary PTA, Marston Jr. High PTA, and Clairemont High PTA. Active in Little League, she and George were leaders in the development of the Tecolote Community Park. Dolores volunteered at CCSA (Community Christian Service Assn.), and Kaiser Hospital for over 15 years. However, the passion of her life was

the Sunday Night Ministry she and George started at the Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church in 1990. For over 28 years, they loved, served, cared for and fed the homeless community in Pacific Beach, providing clean clothes, toiletries, hot meals and the Word of God to literally thousands in need. Dolores created a network of area churches in Pacific Beach so today anyone in need can get a hot meal every night of the week. She also coordinated area grocery stores from which she and George picked up surplus food 3 to 7 days every week. They would then distribute the food throughout the church network and to the U.S.O. This was her heart and she faithfully served until her health failed just a few months ago. Dolores has always loved God, her family, friends, and San Diego. She was the happiest when she was serving others and will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her. A Celebration of Life service was held at the Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church on Saturday, July 30th at 1:30 p.m. This would have been their 67th wedding anniversary. In lieu of flowers, the family is asking that you please send donations in her honor to the Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church, 1675 Garnet Ave., San Diego, CA 92109 - ATTN: Dolores Shoemaker Endowment Fund – Sunday Night Ministry.

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VEHICLE BREAK-IN 5200 Mt. Alifan Dr. 7700 Linda Vista Rd. 7700 Balboa Ave. 3600 Jemez Dr. 6300 Mt. Ackerman Dr. 3600 Cameo Lane 4700 Chateau Dr. 6700 Beadnell Way 2700 Morena Blvd. 6700 Barnhurst Dr. 4400 Genesee Ave. VEHICLE THEFT 4700 Clairemont Dr. 2900 Cowley Way 3900 Mt. Albertine Ave. 7300 Ronson Rd. 5000 Santa Fe St. 6000 Balboa Ave. 2900 Cowley Way 4100 Conrad Ave. RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY 3400 Park West Lane 3400 Armstrong St. 3800 Camto Aguilar 5000 Genesee Ave. 3200 Chicago St. 3800 Camto Aguilar VANDALISM 4300 Mt. Abernathy Ave. 3400 Del Rey St.

5800 Mt. Alifan Dr. 4300 Mt. Abernathy Ave. 7000 Balboa Ave. BATTERY 4200 Balboa Ave. 3000 Armstrong St. 4100 Amoroso St. 3200 Ashford St. 5800 Mt. Alifan Dr. FRAUD 6300 Beadnell Way 5200 Barstow St. 4600 Lyric Lane COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 5000 Santa Fe St. 6700 Forum St. ASSAULT 2100 Ulric St. “If you do not report it or call us, in our mind it did not happen” – San Diego Police Officer Call 911 to report an emergency Non Emergency 24 hours (619)-531-2000 Compiled from info at

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Part II: Plant This, Not That, More Native Trees Means More Native Pollinators and Less Water Usage by Susan Lewiitt

and desert transition areas. The Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus) and Red Gum Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) from Australia, imported for railroad ties, became invasive, never

Trees are important because they provide shade, fruit, and soil stabilization, plus they exchange carbon for oxygen. They provide materials for houses, furniture and more. They provide beauty in our landscapes and places for animals to hide and raise their young. San Diego with its high biodiversity has 112 native tree species; many of which are suitable for drought tolerant landscaping, but there are also non-natives in the mix causing harm. The iconic Mexican Fan Palm (Washingtonia Robusta) seen on postcards is invasive.There is a native, California Fan Palm Mexican Fan Palm seedlings are easier to remove at this stage of growth, when they are small. (Washingtonia filifera) but it occurs in San Diego’s desert working as railroad ties.The ‘California’ pepper trees from South America are the Peruvian Pepper Tree (Schinus molle), the Brazilian Pepper Tree (Schinus molle) and the Hardee Pepper Tree (Schinus terebinthifolius).The first two are invasive. What are the problems with these invasive trees? The Mexican fan palm spreads seedlings everywhere with a flammable skirt that is home to unwanted pests such as rats.The roots of pepper trees grown too close to your house may damage your foundation. Pepper trees and Eucalyptus trees are messy dropping leaves, bark and berries everywhere. Both are toxic. If you cut down and stump grind pepper trees, the remaining roots will produce new shoots. Each time a shoot appears, dig it up, roots and all. In about three years, it should be gone. Fill in the space with native trees or shrubs. It will be worth Left with a leafy skirt, the Mexican Fan the effort because with the pepper tree Palm is a fire hazard and home to unwanted pests.

Tecolote Nature Center

5180 Tecolote Road San Diego, CA. 92110 • 858-581-9959 Nature Center hours Tuesday – Sat 9:00-4:00 Sun 9:00-2:00

Temporary Intermittent Closure of the TNC The Tecolote Nature Center will be closed intermittently beginning on or around August 1st for several months while the facility’s roof is replaced. The roof was identified by the City for replacement during a recent facilities assessment inspection. All work shall be completed within fifty-five working days from the date of issuance of a Notice to Proceed. The existing roof, and the skylights at the main entrance and in the atrium area will be replaced to fix poor drainage and numerous leaks around the facility. Our annual Native American event, Baskets & Botany, scheduled for Saturday October 8th, will still be going ahead as planned. Thanks for your patience as we make improvements to your nature center. Sunday, August 14 8:00-11:00 • Nature Walk – Mount Etna Entrance Tecolote Canyon Interpretive Group (TCIG) will lead this easy walk into one of Tecolote Canyon Natural Park’s finger canyons. Oak trees provide shade on this 1 mile round trip walk. Walking speed will be fairly slow as we will stop often to examine and talk about plants and animals we find along the trail. Directions: From Genesee Avenue, turn West at the stop light at Mount Etna Drive. Follow Mount Etna Drive for about 0.5 miles to the far edge of the park where the parking lot is located. The parking lot is below street level, not overly obvious from Mount Etna. If you get to the elementary school (John Muir), you’ve gone too far. Look for our sign. Wednesday, August 17 1:30-3:00 • Art & Activities for Kids – TNC This month’s theme is the beach! This activity may be held at the Tecolote Recreation Center. Please call ahead of time or check Facebook and to confirm location. TNC = Tecolote Nature Center entrance Updated schedules are posted at of Tecolote Canyon Natural Park and Nature Center Like us on Facebook/Friends of Tecolote Canyon

gone and the native plants there, such as the ones that follow, you will encourage much needed native pollinators. How about the following? Inland Scrub Oak (Quercus berberidifolia) will grow taller in warm sheltered areas, but in cool exposed areas, it is more shrub-like. Avoid summer watering, which promotes disease and use oak leaf mulch and rocks by its base. This Toyon that is about to bloom will have flowers Laurel Sumac (Malosma laurina) followed by red berries and Lemonade Berry (Rhus integrifolia) are shrubs that get to be the watering once a month and they attract wildlife including butterflies.The Tecate size of small spreading trees. Lemonade berry is good for making ‘lemonade’, and Cypress is the only host plan for the rare only needs monthly summer watering in Thorne’s Hairstreak butterfly (Callophrys gryneus thornei).Mountain fire prone areas. Many insects enjoy Mahogany tolerates clay soil, grows to 8 Laurel sumac without harming the leaves. Both are sensitive to frost, but are feet tall, and attracts birds. Include other plants from the coastal green year round. sage scrub community with these Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia) plants. If you have solar panels, place about 6 to 8 feet tall can grow taller with lots of red berries,With good trees where they won’t shade the panels drainage, it tolerates some summer when fully grown or keep trees and watering and is fairly fire resistant. It shrubs below the house’s roofline. CNPS prefers full sun, but some shade works Calscape has more information on and it’s adaptable to many soil types. It is landscape suitable native plants: great for bird and butterfly gardens.The uncooked berries are not safe to eat. CNPS Dates: meetings: September 20 Mountain Mahogany (Cercocarpus & October 18, 6:30 pm Casa Del Prado, minutiflorus), which does well with Balboa Park, room 101;Workshop: Toyon, Honey Mesquite (Prosopis September 10, Girl Scout Headquarters, glandulosa), the Tecate Cypress Balboa Park; Native plant Sale: October (Cupressus forbesii) and Pinon Pine 15. CNPS San Diego website: (Pinus sabiniana) may need summer

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USD Alum Named Head Coach Former University of San Diego (USD) Toreros men’s basketball player and assistant coach David Fizdale was recently named as the new head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association (NBA). A three-year starter at point guard while playing for the Toreros, Fizdale was selected to the All-West Coast Conference team during after his senior season in 1996. After concluding his collegiate playing career and spending one season as the Miami Heat’s video intern in 1997-98, Fizdale began his coaching career with a four-year stint (1998-2002) as an assistant coach at his alma mater, USD. During his final season with the Toreros, Fizdale was the top assistant for head coach Brad Holland. After four years at USD, Fizdale spent one season (2002-03) as an

assistant coach at Fresno State University. Fizdale began his NBA coaching career as an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors for one season (2003-04) and spent four seasons (2004-08) as an assistant coach with the Atlanta Hawks. Fizdale comes to Memphis after spending eight years with the Miami Heat under head coach Erik Spoelstra. His partnership with Spoelstra has included two NBA championships (2012 & 2013). Fizdale, 41, becomes the fifth former Toreros basketball player to be named an NBA head coach. He follows in the footsteps of Bernie Bickerstaff (Seattle, Denver, Washington, Charlotte, and Los Angeles - interim), Eric Musselman (Golden State & Sacramento), Mike Brown (Cleveland & Los Angeles), and James Borrego (Orlando - interim). Rob Stone is a lifelong resident of the San Diego area and is also a certified talent scout through Sports Management Worldwide. Rob has been working with and helping to assist sports agents in getting their clients signed to contracts. If you would like a professional scouting report written up on your favorite athlete, contact Mr. Stone directly. He may be reached at: (858) 262 3966,,,, or

BROOKSTONE MORTGAGE is your neighborhood specialist in traditional and reverse mortgages as well as helping those with credit problems. Visit our website at to start an application or to speak with a loan officer today. You can also reach us at: Lisa Delgado Direct: 858-722-3206 Office: 858-866-1493 Email:

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Chapman Chatter Six months of Real Estate Activity in 2016 is history! As usual the Real Estate Market has been a mixture of good news and bad news! The inventory of homes for sale has been low. Sellers have been receiving multiple offers. PRICES have increased. The Buyers have had historical low interest rates, last quoted 3.45% interest for a 30 year fixed loan by an article in the San Diego Union Tribune. The Buyers are expecting the homes they make offers on to be in top shape. First impressions are always important – CURB APPEAL! Buyers are looking for yards looking good with low maintenance and water saving landscape.

The homes with remodeled kitchens and bathrooms bring Buyers to the table with offers. Homes with updated energy efficiency appliances and heating/cooling systems are helping the appraisals to come in at contract price. Staging a home for sale has become a large selling point. Staged homes sell for more money in less time. LAST but not least the building of new construction in San Diego appears to be multi-family developments consisting of condominiums and apartment homes. For more information or to answer any Real Estate questions you may have please feel free to call us, the Chapman Team at First Choice Properties Bobbie, Diana & Amory (619) 208-9430.

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SPECIAL EVENTS Read for the Win! Calling all Summer Reading Program 2016 Read for the Win participants! As we near the end of summer and the SRP please keep reading and entering your 10 titles or 10 hours. When you have completed this come to the Balboa Library to claim the wonderful finishing prizes waiting for you including your chance to win a raffle prize. Thank you for reading with us this summer! Enjoy our special Summer Reading Programs Thursdays @ 10:00 SRP USA Jump Stars 8/4 10am Come and jump rope with the USA Jump Stars and have fun learning new skills. SRP Twinkle Time! 8/11 10am Join us for our super special closing program. Listen to Twinkle and friends’ catchy tunes and learn and grow through magical lessons! Pajama Signing Storytime with Ms. Jennifer 8/2 & 8/16 6pm Come in your jammies and enjoy Ms. Jennifer’s reading of well-loved children’s books using sign language. Includes songs and bubbles too! Birth-5y/o RECURRING EVENTS FOR CHILDREN Mondays: Lego Club 8/1, 8/8, 8/15 & 8/22 4pm We supply the Legos and you bring your imagination. Can you create a beach scene or an incredible vegetable garden with Legos? Paws to Read 8/9 6pm Children can practice reading aloud to gentle dogs in a positive environment. They love to hear your stories! Kindergarten-6th grade. Wednesdays: Chapter Book Storytime with Ms. Terri 8/3, 8/10, 8/17 & 8/24 6pm Enjoy stories read by Ms. Terri. Kindergarten-2nd Graders Fridays: Wee Reads 8/5, 8/19 & 8/26 10:30 Baby & Toddler Storytime Come and enjoy stories, music and rhymes. Birth-5y/o August 5th will include a sweet summer craft. Drop in & Play 8/12 10:30am Enjoy a relaxed and informal play time with your child while getting to know other families in the community. Birth-5y/o Saturdays: Kids Krafternoon 1-2pm

Come and make a fun craft at your library. Teen DIY 8/17 3:30-4:30 Edible Water Balls! Come and work on this cool project and learn the science behind making this happen. Grades 8th – 12th RECURRING EVENTS FOR ADULTS Tuesdays: ESL Language Coach for Adults 12-3pm Martha Henderson will assist adults with various ESL needs such as reading, writing and speaking in everyday life. Balboa Book Discussion Club 8/16 11:45 Join us for a lively book discussion of The Girl on the Train.

NORTH CLAIREMONT BRANCH 4616 CLAIREMONT DR. 92117 (858) 581-9931 The Summer Reading Program has been so much fun this year and there is still plenty of time to sign up to “Read for the Win!” before the August 15th end date. Please give us a call or ask next time you visit the branch and we will happily show you how to complete the easy sign-up process. Remember, North Clairemont Library with the generous support of the North Clairemont Friends of the library is proud to offer programs and performances for all ages, from babies to adults and, it being summer it is all in the spirit of fun! Performances this August include Sol E Mar playing a fusion of popular and traditional forms from Brazil and Cuba with modern American and Latin American styles on Tuesday, August 2nd at 6:30 p.m. and the wacky Mad Science folks with the “Science of Sport” on Wednesday August 3rd at 4 p.m.. Remember to mark your calendar to join us for the End of Summer Reading Finale Party on Wednesday, August 10th at 4 p.m. There will be games, refreshments, face painting and lots of fun. Also, line up early on Saturday, August 13th for the Friends of the Library Gigantic Bargain Book Sale. The community has been very generous with abundant donations of gently used books and these items will be on sale beginning promptly at 9:30 a.m. All programs are sponsored by the generous support of the Friends of the North Clairemont Library and as always, are free and open to all ages. Thank you for visiting us at the library! Summer Programs for All The 2016 Summer Reading Program

(SRP), Fun and Prizes for Babies, Children, Teens and Adults – Through August 15 Adult Program – Sign up online through August 15. Pick up a Review Card at the North Clairemont Library and for each title read, submit a one line review on the card and you will receive an entry into the Summer Reading raffle for a gift card! These reviews will be displayed for all to enjoy. Submit as many reviews as you like. Raffle will be held the beginning of September. Babies, Children, Teen Program – Sign up online through August 15 and receive registration prizes. Log in your books as you read and receive prizes for reaching your goal of 10 books or 10 hours. After you reach your goal, continue reading because for each 10 additional units you log, you will receive an entry into the Summer Reading raffle for more prizes! Raffle will be held after August 15.

Ongoing, Always Free, Programs for Adults First Tuesday Concert Series, Latin Inspired Performance with Sol E Mar 8/2 6:30 pm Wednesdays: Chair Yoga 11:45 a.m. 2nd & 4th Thursdays: e-Reader Tech Help 10:00 am Gigantic, Bargain Book Sale, lots of high quality books at low, low prices! 8/13 9:30-1pm Ongoing, Always Free, Children’s Programs 1st, 3rd & 5th Mondays:Sign Language Storytime (recommended for ages 2-5 years) 10:00am 2nd & 4th Mondays: Song and Movement Storytime (recommended for ages 2-5 years) 10am Wednesdays:Craft Time (ages 3-8 years) 5pm Thursdays: Lego Club (ages 3-8 years) 4pm

Additional Library News After a long wait the North Clairemont Branch Library at (4616 Clairemont Drive) will be receiving a new parking lot. Demolition/ Construction was slated to begin the last week of July. In total this will be if all goes according to plan a 3 week start to finish project. Expect some potential issues, please use caution around the heavy equipment and use extra caution if you are parking on Clairemont Drive. Did you know there is a wonderful outdoor relaxing patio area at the Balboa Branch Library (4255 Mt. Abernathy Ave)? It would seem to be a well-kept secret however on a recent visit I met with Ann Gomez the Branch Manager and all of a sudden out a door and there a quiet partly shaded partly sunny outdoor area. Check it out. Also Ann informed me once the window coverings are installed (in the coming weeks) the branch will begin showing movies during the day and possibly afternoon hours. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming shows.

Last but not least District 2 San Diego City Councilmember Lorie Zapf donated a 3D Printer and Computer to the Clairemont Branch Library (2920 Burgener Ave). A ribbon cutting was held with local dignitaries as well kids from the Boys & Girls Club. Bill Mallory the Branch Manager proclaimed this piece of technology “will inspire kids, adults, really all ages … to print your ideas.” To see this awesome piece of machinery in action stop by the branch. For more on the 3D Printer itself the company is based out of La Jolla, USA 3D Store (858) 551-8266 or

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S.O.M.E Recycling Center Greg’s Garden Recycling & Giving Back to Those in Need Cash Paid for All CRV Bottles & Cans Located in the parking lot behind Keil’s Supermarket 3015 Clairemont Drive 92117 Another Center

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