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THE PowEr oF AssoCiATion The Construction Equipment Association represents the UK’s construction equipment industry. A powerful industry demands a powerful voice to promote its members’ interests world-wide. For equipment manufacturers, importers and distributors, component and accessory suppliers, and service providers – the CEA is a valuable partner. Call us today for further information on how CEA membership can help your business.

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The UK ConsTrUCTion eqUipmenT indUsTry

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oV eR T he ho R I Zo n The Construction Products Association is gloomy about prospects for 2013

President nick Ground looks forward to PLAnTWoRX


I n Th e L o b b y more whispers from the Corridors of Power

8- 1 0

T eC h n I C A L bRIeF emissions legislation and the work of the General Technical Committee

12 - 1 3 T h e I n Te RV Ie W We quiz Lord Green on the government help for our industry



membeR s’ T esT I mo nI ALs Why Ashtree Glass and onGrade are CeA members


s u PPLy sI de JCb drivetrain systems’ beginning-to-end driveline offering


yo u R sho u T A-Plant’s Andrew Winlow wants manufacturers to give clearer information about emissions regulations

m e m b e Rs ’ ne Ws A roundup from our membership

17 - 1 9 PL A n TWoRX our PLAnTWoRX preview starts with a look at how it all began


s u P PoRT eRs A nd sPonsoRs Those who have made PLAnTWoRX happen

22 - 2 5 AWARd s WI nne Rs Who won our Innovations Awards and why?

26 - 2 9 d I G Z on e This is where PLAnTWoRX gets dirty and decidedly interesting

30 - 3 3 n o- d I G Zone Where there’s more to construction plant than just shifting soil

34 - 3 5 Th e PAV I LIon Whatever your problem, the Pavilion is the place to find a solution


T RA I n I n G & ed uC ATIon how the future of our industry is being shaped

3 8 - 3 9 s I Te C L e A RA nC e Zone All the latest in the demolition and recycling sector


s e Cu RI Ty V ILLAG e Where keeping machines safe and catching criminals is de rigueur

42 - 4 5 F I n A n Ce using your tax allowances wisely can save thousands of pounds


Roun d u P Trade missions and exhibitions in India, China and saudi Arabia

48 - 5 2 b Aum A uK exhibitors are making their way to bauma

54 - 5 7 C o m I n G uP Improvements in uKTI grants and plenty of trade missions and exhibitions to promote your company


h ARd dATA on the eve of bauma we look at the VdmA’s predictions for the year ahead

2013 April/May

Aug/Sept (tbc)

International business Group CeA Trade mission email to mongolia for details Mongolia

14-16 May

04 September (tbc)

PLAnTWoRX Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

CeA Annual Conference London venue tbc

15 May

04 September (tbc)

CeA AGm Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

General Technical Committee meeting Venue tbc

03-08 June (tbc) CeA Trade mission to brazil Brazil

05-08 June

18-21 September bauma Africa Johannesburg, S Africa

m&T Construction expo san Paulo Brazil

15-18 October

11 June

4 December

bICes Beijing, China

General Technical Committee meeting Tata Steel, Rotherham

General Technical Committee meeting KAB Seating, Northampton

20 June

13 December

CeA management Council meeting Komatsu, Birtley

CeA management Council meeting London



4-8 March


Conexpo Las Vegas, USA

bC India Mumbai, India

25-28 November

20-25 April

bauma China Shanghai, China

Intermat Paris, France



F R O M T H E president C E A M A N AG E M E N T COUNCIL President Nick Ground GKD Technik Ltd

1st vice president Yvette Henshall-Bell JCB Sales Ltd

2nd vice president Nigel Baseley Perkins Engine Co Ltd

Welcome to the third issue of Construction WorX which published on the eve of PLANTWORX - perhaps the CEA’s most ambitious undertaking and one I am delighted to see come to fruition. After two years of planning, PLANTWORX will finally open for business on the 14th May giving the UK construction equipment industry an arena to show off its wares and, most importantly, demonstrate its equipment. It’s a milestone in the history of the CEA. If you are considering visiting there will be plenty to see for users, dealers, distributors and manufacturers alike (see pages 17-40). The show has dedicated areas addressing current issues of skills shortage (the Education and Training Zone) and plant theft (Security Village). Once you’ve seen the live demonstrations please drop by the CEA stand to have a chat. Our team will be happy to give you information about our initiatives and services and to share industry information. Our technical team will be on hand to discuss any aspect of legislation, CE certification or market surveillance, and to explain the mysteries of EU standards. You can also find out how you can get involved with the CEA and ensure our industry continues to have a say in the regulations that affect us all. PLANTWORX has been developed with extensive consultation to reflect what the industry requires and I hope that it fulfils those aims from the off. However, once you have exhibited or visited, I would welcome your views on where we succeeded, and perhaps more importantly, where we can improve. Please feel free to email me on with your thoughts, although any complaints about the weather should be directed to a ‘Higher Authority’. Naturally I will be at the show each day and I’m looking forward to the chance to catch up with customers, colleagues, members and non-members alike as well as viewing the exhibits and demonstrations. We shouldn’t forget that it is often the networking at a trade show that results in business later.

David Redhead BSP International Foundations Ltd Robert Droogleever Caterpillar (UK) Ltd Mike Hawkins CNH Rory Keogh Gomaco International Ltd James Venerus Komatsu UK Ltd Paul Ross Ricardo Plc Faiz Ahmad Terex Construction Keith Dolbear TriMark Europe Ltd Val Ledden Volvo Construction Equipment Ltd

C onstruction WorX is produced by: Editor - Colin Sowman CEA/PLANTWORX correspondent Louise Murphy email: Design and production Duncan Allen email: Advertising - Peter Knott email: Publisher - Rob Oliver email:

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IN THE LOBBY What’s happening in the political world that will affect the construction plant industry and how the CEA is influencing the debate. UK B ud g et Watch The Chancellor’s Budget Statement contained two initiatives which met the construction lobby’s call for greater investment in the built environment. The first was the earmarking of general budget savings for reallocation to infrastructure spend at the rate of £3 billion per annum, starting in 2015. The other was the Help to Buy initiative aimed at stimulating the new build market, with shared equity loans up to 20% of the value of a home. From the manufacturing standpoint the relaxation of the Climate Change Levy in relation to steel production brings it into line with the tax regime enjoyed by EU competitors. The enhancement of the R&D tax credit rules also helps build the case for the UK as a centre for innovation. CEA Chief Executive, Rob Oliver, commented: “CEA members will appreciate the further cut in the Corporation Tax rate, the R&D changes and the £2,000 national insurance holiday for small companies. However, the promised infrastructure investment and housing initiative still have that ‘jam tomorrow’ feeling. We will maintain our vigilance to ensure the investment comes through as quickly as possible.”

In its response to the Heseltine Report, HMG acknowledged that, on skills, ‘It is important to continue to focus on transferring control to employers and maintain a nationally funded apprenticeship system.’ The development of the LEPs in response to the new ‘Single Pot’ funding strategy will be of interest – and feedback to the CEA from members working with their local organisations would be welcome. The LEPs’ predecessors, RDAs, were phased out from 2010.

Rob says: “We understand local communities wanting to protect and enhance their air quality but retrofitting DPFs is not the best solution. Where local concerns exist, we believe stipulating the use of only new machines, meeting the latest standards would be both preferable and practical. To go beyond the standards of the European directives makes nonsense of the single market principle.”

NRMM Emissions Reduction, Regulations 56-75kW / 76-100bhp 10.5 Stage 1 1999 8.3

NOx + HC g/kW-hr

This report envisaged a high degree of localisation of strategy via the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). The CEA was a cosignatory, with other manufacturing bodies, to a letter to the Chancellor warning against the complete devolution of funding on innovation and skills, particularly as good national progress is being made on, for example, apprenticeship strategy.

The CECE’s Technical Commission is compiling a dossier on different national, regional and local air quality requirements. Such requirements have concerned the CEA since the authority in London first considered the retrofitting of diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Elsewhere in Europe some local governments are seeking to go faster than EU legislation. CECE’s task is to show that the construction equipment industry has made great strides in cutting noise, gas and particulate emissions.

Rob Oliver

CEA WarnS of T hreat to Skills Strate g y As foreshadowed in the last Construction WorX, the Government has adopted, in full or in part, 81 of the 89 recommendations in Lord Heseltine’s report No Stone Unturned – in Pursuit of Growth.

S tudy on D ifferin g A ir Quality R eq uirements

“CEA members will appreciate the further cut in the Corporation Tax rate, the R&D changes and the £2,000 national insurance holiday for small companies.”

Stage II 2004


Stage IIIA 2008

3.6 Stage IIIB 2012 0.6

Stage IV 2015 0.025


PM g/kW-hr

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22



technical brief Engine emissions: time to get involved in Stage V

The main arguments are that many EU cities suffer from poor air quality especially with regard to ultra-fine particles... So in January after a series of meetings between the Commission, member states, industry and other stakeholders, the Commission published a consultation document listing topics to be covered in the review and in modifications to the directive. It gives no conclusions although it provides a strong indication of what the Commission believes should be included in a future amending directive. The key topics for construction machinery are extending the scope to include currently unregulated diesel engines of less than 19kW and more than 560kW and to cover petrol engines over 19kW. Also on the agenda are new regulations for constant speed engines, Stage IV limits for engines between 19-37kW which skipped Stage IIIB, and a particle count limit to control ultra-fine particles. Changes to facilitate the introduction of alternative fuels will also be included. In-service emissions conformity checks could also be on the horizon as the consultation document includes the basic

All these items are on the table and other stakeholders will be pushing hard for views, which could be even more severe, to be reflected in the final legislation. The initial consultation ended on 8 April and the debate continues from there. As Construction WorX goes to press, industry groups are working on a response and are likely to demand the European Commission demonstrates the cost-effectiveness, and not just technical feasibility, of any new stages. If four rounds of emissions reductions have not brought about the sought improvement, how will such a small further change to the equivalent of Euro 6 (see chart) make the difference? That is what the Commission will need to prove.

As Construction WorX goes to press industry groups are working on a response and are likely to demand the European Commission demonstrates the costeffectiveness, and not just technical feasibility, of any new stages. Industry also wants a minimum of five years between each new stage and the same interval between publication of the Directive and introduction of any Stage V. Any new EU limits must fall in line with those in America. At each stage of the debate the construction machinery industry must lobby to get our voices heard or risk others having their agenda reflected in the amending directive. So the time to get involved in the debate really is now.

NRMM Emissions Reduction, 75-130kW 160% 140% 120%

Unregulated before 1999 NOx Particulates


100% 80%




20% 1








EURO 6 (on-highway)

Various stakeholders have been lobbying the European Commission for a Stage V round of emission reductions. The main arguments are that many EU cities suffer from poor air quality especially with regard to ultra-fine particles and currently some large, small and stationary engines remain unregulated. What’s more, tried and tested technology is already in use for on-highway engines.

building blocks required. Changes are also envisaged to the rules surrounding the transition from one stage to the next with a time limit for the installation of sell-off engines to prevent stockpiling and the month and year of manufacture marked on the engine plate. While the 20% flexibility will remain, multinationals will not be allowed to make multiple applications.


You may not have finished your Stage IIIB introductions and will still be working Stage IV but it is imperative you engage with the debates over Stage V.



STAGE Successive engine emissions reductions from Stage 1 and the difference between Stage IV and the on-highway Euro 6.

14th - 16th May

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technical brief General Technical Committee (GTC) S tandards The Machinery Directive allows the use of standards (European or International) as a method of demonstrating compliance, so involvement in the development of the standards is crucial to ensure the provisions are appropriate, effective, achievable and cost-effective. GTC/CEA members currently involved in the revision of the EN 474 series which covers most earthmoving machinery; the outcome is critical for plant manufacturers, owners and operators.

The CEA’s General Technical Committee (GTC) works on all technical matters relating to members’ products and engages with the stakeholders to promote the industry’s views. Involvement of the membership is crucial to accomplish this and ensure those views strike home. Here is a flavour of the current GTC topics and what the CEA is doing about them:

E nvironment

Greenhouse g ases

The prospect of Stage V engine emissions regulations is being floated in Europe (see page 8) and may include in-service conformity checks on engines. The GTC and CEA members have been involved in research on the practicalities of in-service testing and their findings will affect whether it is implemented.

Against a background of increasing political focus on CO2 emissions, CECE has established a team to monitor the situation and develop positions.This is a joint project with CEMA, the agricultural machinery association, and has seen the development of the ‘Four Pillar’ approach to CO2 reduction (see Construction WorX January 2013).

Across in Brussels a study is considering bringing the rules on noise emissions into the Machinery Directive. Both the CEA and CECE, our European colleagues, believe this would confuse safety and environmental requirements which currently work in different ways. The Noise Directive specifies test procedures whereas the Machinery Directive refers to voluntary standards. Policing would also require a Europe-wide overhaul as responsibility for safety and noise often rests with different agencies.

S afety The European Commission’s Machinery Working Group (MWG) is currently considering what constitutes lifting with excavators and therefore the necessary protective measures. The outcome will have an impact on machine design and the work of the enforcement agencies which look to the MWG’s opinions for guidance.

On the domestic front, the Greater London Authority has put forward another plan for a Low Emissions Zone for construction plant. While previous schemes have fallen by the wayside, the GTC is maintaining involvement to ensure that any final scheme is not unduly detrimental.

ISO 5006, the standard for visibility requirements, is also under revision with serious questions about the current edition’s adequacy to protect bystanders from being hit by machinery. With CCTV and other aids now able to enhance the operators’ field of vision, the next edition may be very different.

The UK-led work on quick coupler safety has been included in EN 474 and a new ISO standard is nearing completion. Of concern is specifying a sufficiently robust control system that does not require an undue degree of effort and cost. GTC members remain involved in the CEA/CECE campaign for EU-wide harmonisation of technical regulations for using non-road mobile machinery on the road. The European Commission is sympathetic, so we now need to turn that sympathy into action. Input on these matters from machine manufacturers, the GTC and the CEA Secretariat will help to shape the final outcome but if we do not convey our own views effectively and persistently we cannot complain about the results.


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25/8/11 15:29:26


I N T E RV I E W - L O R D G R E E N Construction WorX questioned Lord Green, Conservative Peer and Minister of State for Trade and Investment since 2011, on how the Government sees our industry and what they are doing to help the sector. Below is an abridged version of some of the answers; the full text is available on the CEA website

The construction equipment sector is an important part of the UK’s manufacturing success story, exporting more than 75% of its output. Lord Green What importance does the Government place on the construction plant manufacturing sector in the UK? The manufacturing sector as a whole is a national success story and vital to our economic growth. Manufacturing generated more than half the UK’s export of goods valued at £257 billion in 2011 and provides over 2.5 million jobs. The construction equipment sector is an important part of the UK’s manufacturing success story, exporting more than 75% of its output. Many of these manufacturers are global brands and our aim, in partnership with the sector, is to continue to build on this strong position.

What contribution can trade associations like the CEA make in partnering with UKTI to deliver the Government’s trade agenda, which seeks to radically increase the amount of companies exporting and the value of exports?

BIS and other government departments also have important strategic relationships with TAs covering the domestic and international agenda. The quality and depth of these relationships, notably BIS’ Industrial Strategy, should continue to develop.

The participation of trade associations and other business support organisations is vital to meet the National Export Challenge to more than double international trade to £1trillion by 2020 and to increase the number of exporters by 100,000.

Sometimes the CEA feels the construction equipment sector is seen as just the ‘little brother’ of the automotive sector – and that motor manufacturing gets far more Government attention. Could our sector do more to raise its profile?

More needs to be done with emerging markets, including Brazil, Russia, India and China, to improve the UK’s trading performance and where the potential for UK sales is significant.

UKTI is strengthening its engagement with associations like the CEA through new initiatives including the ‘UKTI Trade Challenge Partner’ programme. This will provide a more effective joint planning process, improved delivery arrangements for events and missions and more certainty for organisations such as CEA that deliver UKTI support.

The Government, through UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and other agencies, and working with trade associations such as the CEA, will continue to focus on introducing more companies to the opportunities in these markets.

UKTI and trade associations can work together on schemes like ‘Business Opportunities’, ‘Open to Export’ and webinars. Trade associations can provide content, driving customers to the services and directly engage SMEs.

On the international stage I am aware that the CEA works hard to promote the UK’s construction equipment sector. Forthcoming sectoral activity includes market visits to Brazil, Mongolia and China, all supported by UKTI. The Prime Minister’s recent visit to India was used to highlight the best in UK manufacturing and CEA members have participated in such visits. Domestically, I know UKTI and BIS work hard to ensure the sector receives the attention it deserves. The Prime Minister, the Chancellor, the Secretary of State for


Business and I have all visited UK based construction equipment manufacturers in the last 14 months. Last year the BIS Headquarters hosted a two week event showcasing products from CEA member companies helping raise the sector’s profile within UKTI and BIS and across Whitehall. CEA members are represented on the Automotive Council and its two key working groups dealing with technology and supply chains.

Neither the regulatory or standardisation activities aim to create the toughest regime but to provide one that protects health, safety and the environment. Many of the standards used in Europe are similar or identical to those in other regions and broadly reflect that which would be seen to be good business practice. While there are global differences in what is an acceptable level of protection with regard to safety, there are moral and corporate social responsibility issues. Many areas of manufacturing need to become more environmentally friendly, as we seek to address issues of climate change and I know that the construction equipment sector has made great progress in this area in recent years. What are the best Governmentsupported schemes for SMEs in our sector wanting to export?

BIS hosted a two week display of UK-built construction equipment. Will UKTI be using the CEA’s PLANTWORX exhibition to help exporters and, if so, how? Absolutely. PLANTWORX provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the UK’s Construction Equipment sector and I commend the CEA for organising the event. UKTI is working closely with the CEA and has invited overseas delegates and potential purchasers. Our representatives from Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mongolia and Canada also plan to attend PLANTWORX and will be available to meet with UK companies to discuss opportunities and the support available. UK and European manufacturers have to meet the world’s toughest regime of health, safety and environmental standards. Doesn’t this put them at a disadvantage against Chinese, and other manufacturers, that don’t build to EU standards, when they are selling into emerging markets (such as Africa)? European Standards take account of international standardisation activity.

For new and inexperienced exporters, the UKTI’s ‘Passport to Export’ provides training, planning advice and ongoing support while for experienced exporters the ‘Gateway for Global Growth’ offers strategic reviews, planning and support to help companies grow their overseas business. Our ‘Tradeshow Access Programme’ (TAP) provides grant support for eligible companies to attend trade shows overseas and I know that CEA makes very effective use of this support. The ‘Overseas Market Introduction Service’ is delivered by UKTI staff in embassies and high commissions around the world and can provide a bespoke service including research, provision of contacts to event organisation and appointment setup. Is the Government thinking of intervening to prevent the spread of Low Emissions Zones in our cities in towns or at least to ensure they are all setting the same standards? Low Emission Zones (LEZs) are one measure to help improve air quality in urban areas and it is important to see they can accelerate progress towards meeting European air quality standards. However, the decision to introduce an LEZ is a matter for each local authority. DEFRA has published guidance on establishing LEZs giving information on selecting implementation methods,

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

Lord Green with JCB’s CEO Alan Blake during a visit to Rocester. practical issues from previous examples and advice on appraising potential costs and benefits. Wouldn’t a more cost effective measure be a ‘scrappage scheme’ which encourages machine owners to sell older and more polluting machines and buy new ones meeting the current Stage 3A or 3B standards? The Vehicle Scrappage Scheme for cars and small vans was a short term boost to industry and drove consumer demand during the economic downturn. It did remove older vehicles from the road and encouraged consumers to invest in new, safer, and potentially more environmentally friendly models – but this was not the main aim. The Government would need to be convinced that any incentive would be effective and also that it was not simply being taken up by those who were planning to buy a new piece of equipment anyway.

PLANTWORX provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the UK’s Construction Equipment sector and I commend the CEA for organising the event.


members ’ news Miller International director honoured with MBE Jacqui Miller, sales and marketing director of North East-based Miller International, has been awarded with an MBE for services to industry and international trade. Jacqui is responsible for all group activities relating to sales and product distribution channels at the engineering firm, as well as setting and executing the company’s marketing strategy. In addition she is a member of the Miller International Board and a shareholder alongside her two siblings. Jacqui Miller, sales and marketing director of Miller International has been awarded an MBE.

Jacqui and the Miller team have recently focussed on developing and seeding the

Miller product range in the emerging markets of India and China and are also pushing the boundaries of other new markets, such as Australia, the Middle East and Russia. She is a keen contributor to business growth in general and is passionate about prosperity within the North East and the UK. Her interest in assisting other SME businesses sees her actively partake in meetings with the UKTI and the CBI, as well as being a member of the Genesis Initiative, a forum established to advise the government on current topics and challenges facing SME businesses.

Onsite power machinery supplier ArcGen Hilta changes name to Morris Site Machinery Following a review of its brand structure, ArcGen Hilta has adopted Morris Site Machinery as its new trading name aligning it more closely with its parent Morris & Company. As a dynamic, fifth generation family business, Morris & Company has a 144 year track record with a strong engineering heritage including Morris Lubricants. Other brands include ArcGen, Denyo, SMC and Hilta, supplying generators, welder generators, lighting towers, water pumps and power washers to a wide range of industries.

Tata Steel takes gold and silver status as Caterpillar supplier Tata Steel has received a Gold and Silver certification in Caterpillar’s Supplier Quality Excellence Programme (SQEP) for its processing and distribution operation in India and Skinningrove in the UK. Designed to recognise companies delivering benchmark levels of service, the Caterpillar SQEPs have become a watchword for efficiency and effectiveness.

Chris Morris, Chief Executive of Morris Site Machinery and part of the fifth generation, said: “As we continue to grow and build our business in existing and new markets, we want to evolve the company to allow us to expand our product range and meet the changing needs of our customers. “After our best trading year to date in 2012, we want to build on this success to ensure we are continuing to foster innovation and progression within Morris Site Machinery, delivering world class products to our customers both in the UK and overseas.”

Peter Gate, Global Account Manager for Caterpillar at Tata Steel, said, “We are overjoyed to once again have received a high level recertification and it demonstrates Tata Steel’s ongoing commitment to working closely with our clients to achieve the best possible results.” Gaining certification means that Tata Steel has met prescribed criteria on quality and delivery performance as well as demonstrating ability to continuously improve processes.

Morris Site Machinery’s commercial director Phil Winnington and CEO Chris Morris (right).

We are overjoyed to once again have received a high level recertification and it demonstrates Tata Steel’s ongoing commitment to working closely with our clients to achieve the best possible results. Peter Gate, Global Account Manager for Caterpillar,Tata Steel

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Available for the first time in Great Britain, join our Volvo Operators Club and get the following amazing benefits: • A personalised membership card • 10% discount on all Volvo merchandise, purchased online or at one of the shows we attend • A unique Operators Club baseball hat and window sticker • Regular e newsletters and a twice yearly copy of the VOICE magazine Join online at Want to sign up in person? Just visit our stand at Plantworx 2013, where you can also take part in our 2013 Operator Club challenge for a chance to win and represent GB in the European finals later this year*

Volvo Construction Equipment Division Volvo Group UK Ltd Duxford, Cambridge CB22 4QX Telephone: 01223 836636 Fax: 01223 832357

C u rre nt a m p io n, T h o m a s cVhog t o f Ge rm a n y

*To take part in our Operator Club Challenge at Plantworx 2013 and win a chance to participate in the European final you must be 18 years or over, based in mainland GB and present proof of a valid operator’s licence. See our website of offline registration form for full terms and conditions.


P L A N T W O R X – C R E AT I N g YO U R S H OW Over two years in the making, the wait for the gates to open on the first PLANTWORX is just about over! The genesis of the show came from CEA member companies and others who had a strong feeling that the UK construction equipment industry wanted, needed and deserved a revamped working equipment showcase. From early planning days, we had the committed support of, and guidance from, the top earthmoving equipment brands – and encouragement from both the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).The Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) has also been a greatly valued supporter since the concept of the show was first mooted. From our original consultation meetings, we soon came up with a set of key criteria for a successful event. We needed to ‘tick the box’ of providing plenty of demonstration facilities – without any major digging restrictions. use of a green field site at Stoneleigh Park provided this opportunity. We also needed a central and accessible show location – again stoneleigh is within 20 minutes of major road and rail networks, and is used to hosting large trade events, particularly for the agricultural sector. our stakeholders also told us that they needed the show to provide the basics well, without too many frills. We are after all in the construction industry and muddy boots don’t go well with red carpets! With this in mind we have been able to keep exhibitor costs in check while still, we hope, providing a good visitor experience. It is over 20 years since the CeA has dipped its toes into the sometimes shark-infested waters of uK trade show organisation. however, we were fortunate in being able to put together an experienced team of organisers to deliver the vision, led by simon Frere-Cook mbe. There has also been a tremendous amount of goodwill for the project from the trade media from the outset – and we owe them a particular debt of gratitude. It would be foolish to imagine that everything will go totally smoothly and it will only be after the doors close on the last day and the final Simon Frere-Cook MBE exhibits are hauled away that will we know what went well and what needs improvement next time. however, the intention is that PLAnTWoRX will take its place on the exhibition calendar, and will run every other year – as requested by exhibitors. It will alternate with the well-established hillhead event, which has a slightly different focus towards heavier equipment used in quarrying applications. so we have done what we can to meet our brief to ensure that PLAnTWoRX will indeed be ‘the show for the industry, by the industry’.

Rob Oliver Chief Executive – Construction Equipment Association Director – Construction Equipment Events Ltd

ISSUE 02 APRIL 2013 - VoLume 22


PLANTWORX – SITE MAP Security Village Layout

Training & Education Layout

70m Myerscough Bridgwater College College

Askham Bryan College

T&E 4

T&E 3

T&E 6

T&E 5

Construction National Reaseheath Construction Plant College Competency College Scheme

North Glasgow College

Stafford College

T&E 7

T&E 8

T&E 9


T&E 10 SV4

Finning UK

Trimark Europe Ltd

Enigma Vehicle Systems



Hospitality Area

Motor Repair Research Centre (Thatcham) SV7

Combined Industries Theft Solutions (CITS) SV8

6m x 6m Tent

6m x 6m Tent

T&E 2



Demonstration Area

Automatrics Ltd SV10


Datatag / CESAR

T&E 11

Demo/Display Area

Outdoor Seating


Bridgend College


Wiltshire College

Cskills Awards T&E 1

Demo/Display Area


Lombard SV11

Datatag / CESAR

T&E 13


OnGarde Ltd



T&E 14


Pavilion Layout No Dig Zone





Johnson Matthey PLC 23 24

MCS Global Filtration Filtration Ltd Ltd Ltd 27 28 29

Cable Detection









LAP Electrical Ltd 33

EarthThomasAuto movers Injection Centre Magazine C16/17 C18

E7/8 Bondioli & Pavesi E5/6

Entrance/Exit Press Office P.A. Thorpe (Vehicle Components) Ltd

NPORS Limited C15 THSP C14

Whotzhot Ltd C3


Hydrokit C12 Plant World Journal C11

Peterson Europe

Astrak UK Contract Lettings UK Ltd A2

Construction Plant News A7







Insphire Ltd 40

Centa Transmissions C5 Apple Ritchie Bros Construction Auctioneers Training Ltd B8 B1

Nobel Fire Systems C6 Webtec C9

National Plant Hire Guide A3

KHL Group A6


Emergency Exit


Nylacast C4

CEA HOSPITALITY SandhillsMarketbook C10


LED Autolamps Europe LLP





JHM Butt & Co Ltd C8

UK Power Networks B7

Spring Masters Ltd C7


Mechanical Line Solutions Route One Publishing Ltd B5/6 B4

Ashtree Vision & Safety Ltd A4



Lighthouse (UK) Ltd B2 Ariba Powercare/ Checkers Industrial Safety Products





Emergency Exit



HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co KG 37

RSL Plant

Ethnet Ltd


247 Lighting

Stauff UK Ltd E3 Bondioli & Pavesi E5/6






Machinery Movers E2



Unitruck Ltd D3


Emergency Exit


Else Solicitors LLP D6

Linde Hydraulics Ltd

Higher Concept Software D2


Trident Hydraulics Ltd D7

Dunlop Protective Footwear E1


Emergency Exit

Mann & Hummel (UK) Ltd D1


Mann & Hummel (UK) Ltd D8




Purus 43









LBW Machines Ltd

C.Scope Ltd











Registration Area



Latest exhibitor list as at 15.04.2013

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22


P L A N T W O R X – AWA R D S P O N S O R S AND ONSITE JUDGES P LANTWO R X or g anisers , the C onstruction Eq uipment Association ( C E A) , would like to thank the following or ganisations for their support of the PL AN T WOR X Awards . I N N OVATI O N AWA R DS SPONSOR S Environmental Innovation – Perkins Engines A leading supplier of off-highway diesel and gas engines to more than 1,000 major international OEMs in the construction, agricultural, power generation, materials handling and defence markets.

Safety Innovation – Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) The CPA is the voice of the UK Hire Industry and has 1,500 hire industry members, ranging from owner-operators with a single machine, right through to the largest hire companies with fleets running to thousands of machines.

Engineering Solution – CEA The CEA (organisers of PLANTWORX) is the trade association that represents the UK construction equipment sector – and is recognised by HM Government as the voice of the construction equipment industry.

Security Innovation – Datatag Datatag deliver the CESAR security and registration scheme on behalf of the CEA. Registering plant acts as a powerful theft deterrent and an invaluable aid in recovery. Over 110,000 pieces of equipment are already protected by CESAR.

The magazine for owners and operators of construction and mining machinery. Keeping readers bang up-to-date with the latest developments in machinery with exclusive first drives, site visits, market guides, technology insights and fleet profiles.

Best Live Demonstration – Machinery Movers Magazine Established in Ireland for more than seven years, Machinery Movers covers construction machinery and equipment, quarry plant and services. The recently re-launched magazine is now available in mainland Britain.

Best Live Demonstration Nick Johnson Nick is well qualified to judge the demonstrations as he has been visiting construction equipment shows since 1963 as a student, plant advisor and member of the construction press.

Best Operator - Nick Drew An experienced plant operator and the man behind the Digger Blog, what Nick doesn’t know about operating plant isn’t worth knowing!

Best Stand Build Safety Mike Coleman and David Quainton

O N SI TE AWAR DS SPONSOR S Best Operator – Earthmovers Magazine


Best Indoor Static – Fuchsia Exhibitions & Conference Services Family-run Fuchsia undertakes stand construction and conferences and is a leading hire base for flagpoles.

Best Stand Build Safety – Showtime Security Guards The official security providers for PLANTWORX, Showtime Security Guards specialise in event security and asset protection.

Best Outdoor Static – Showplace UK Showplace UK is an approved PLANTWORX contractor supplying exhibition trailers, structures and stands. It also offers a unique turn-key management service including 3D design, project consultation and bespoke event solutions. Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

Mike is responsible for the PLANTWORX ‘Build-Up’ and ensuring all operations run smoothly and has more than 30 years of exhibition experience. David is PLANTWORX Health & Safety Advisor with many years’ experience and a familiar face on the exhibition circuit and runs a very tight ship!

Best Indoor Static and Best Outdoor Static - Simon FrereCook and Angela Spink Simon is Exhibition Director for PLANTWORX and has been responsible for appointing contractors and working with exhibitors and Stoneleigh Park to create the infrastructure for the UK’s newest live construction event. As Sales Manager for PLANTWORX, Angela has been involved since the show’s inception, helped shape the event and dealt first hand with all the exhibitors.


P L A N T W O R X – Award winners It may have been the first PLANTWORX Awards but with a gratifying total of 63 entries, the judges launched straight into the biggest category – Efficiency Innovation.

It may have been the first PLANTWORX Awards but with a gratifying total of 63 entries, THE JUDGES GOT STRAIGHT DOWN TO BUSINESS. merits of various technologies and the seriousness of the problem they addressed, the decision went to Ethnet’s Satellite Service. This system allows static and mobile connection even on the most remote site. “Communications can be a real problem for us – especially at remote sites like the hydro electric project in the Scottish Highlands,” Steve said. Richard echoed that view as his company works in equally remote areas.

Efficiency Innovation Winner: Ethnet – Static Broadband Solution

Runner up: JCB – Ecomax Stage IIIB engine

Highly commended: Prolec – Prolec Machine Engine

Entries varied from a supply chain management system and computer systems to an internet connection system and a variety of machinery. Alongside innovation, the judges were considering how widely the various contenders would benefit the

The most involved debates concerned entries in the Green Innovation category, as environmental considerations are a factor across the construction sector. Three of the entries, A-Plant’s Power Cube, OnGarde’s Hybrid Solar Power Station and TCP’s fuel-cell powered lighting tower, concerned electrical generation and storage. On examining the technology it became clear that in terms of innovation TCP’s fuel-cell powered Eco Lite H2 was the best of the trio. However, the other contenders for the top slot were JCB’s Ecomax Engine, Komatsu’s hybrid excavator and TCP’s Fuel-Cell powered lighting tower. While liking the lack of exhaust aftertreatment on JCB’s Stage IIIB engine, the judges felt that other engines also comply with emissions regulations and decided it should be Highly Commended.

construction industry. At times they were frustrated by the quality of some entries, which failed to highlight the key or unique aspects of the product or service. Having considering each entry on its merits, and after much debate about the

JCB’s Ecomax engine vied for the runner-up position with Prolec’s Machine Engine. The Prolec brings a 2D machine positioning and moment indicator into a single module. On the other hand the Ecomax meets Stage 3B emissions regulations without the need for a DPF – a factor much welcomed by the judges. After much discussion the decision went to JCB because its engine can be used in many types of machine.

Environmental Innovation Winner: Komatsu – Hybrid Excavator

Runner up: TCP – Fuel cell lighting tower

Highly commended: JCB – Ecomax Stage IIIB engine

Separating the other two contenders was even more difficult. Komatsu’s system impressed Mike, while Richard said: “It makes a great deal of sense for excavators and saves a quarter of the fuel consumption and consequently CO2 emissions.” While the Fuel-cell used in TCP’s lighting

tower removes all CO2 emissions (the only ‘exhaust’ is water) both Richard and Steve were concerned about deliveries of nitrogen to remote sites. For that reason, and considering the more extensive, year-round use of higher consuming excavators, the Komatsu carried the day.


P L A N T W O R X – Award winners Safety Innovation

Winner: Merlo – Dynamic load control

Runner up: Nobel Fire Systems – Stat-X fire suppressant

Highly commended: Hill Engineering (Tefra quick coupler) and Miller (Miller Mate)

There were 17 entries in the Engineering Innovations category – albeit the judges were already familiar with some of the items as each can be entered in two categories. With the considerations now in terms of engineering innovation, some previously discounted products fared better while earlier winners didn’t make the cut. One of the items the judges particularly liked was Cemo’s Fuel Trolley which overcame several problems associated with refuelling, particularly petrol-engined, machines on site. The wheeled trolley carries up to 95 litres of fuel but the user never supports more than 20kg and has a hand operated pump to dispense the fuel. Inside the carbon filled polymer tank (which disperses static) is brush matting which prevents heat and static build-up. In the event of a fire the unit will burn but will not explode. These attributes led the judges to Highly Commend Cemo’s Fuel Trolley.

Discussions in the Safety Innovations category rather split the judges into two camps, broadly the theoretical and the practical. For instance the 360° vision system entered by Brigade (large roadgoing vehicles) and Spillard (construction plant) appealed to the judges closely associated with site work. On the other hand, Jim said such systems should be only a secondary measure as the primary action is to segregate machines and people. His argument swayed the panel. Opinion was divided even more sharply on the two coupler systems – Miller’s Miller Mate, which takes the operator step-bystep through the coupling and uncoupling process, and Hill’s Tefra which is designed to give a failsafe coupling. While the handson judges liked Miller’s system as it reminds operators of the correct procedure, those taking a more strategic approach favoured Hill’s coupler as it removes the potential for an incorrect or incomplete attachment of a bucket or tool. “The thing about the Hill is that it removes the risk completely, which is right at the

top of the safety hierarchy,” Jim said, while Mike liked Miller’s step-by-step guidance. Eventually the judges accepted each other’s points of view and Highly Commended both products. So the winner had to appeal to all the judges and two candidates stood out: Nobel’s Stat-X fire suppressant and Merlo’s dynamic load control. Nobel’s system is installed in the fire risk area. It can be electrically, manually or thermally activated and dispenses a fine dust which stifles the fire and stays in suspension for up to an hour to prevent re-ignition. While with Merlo’s Dynamic Load Control system the machine ‘recognises’ which OEM attachment has been connected and automatically selects the correct operating parameters in the machine’s control system. Richard liked the fire extinguisher but also said the Merlo system was very clever. Jim favoured the Merlo system as it removes the risk of mistakes; the other judges agreed with his logic and awarded Merlo the prize.

Engineering Innovation Winner: Hill Engineering – Tefra quick coupler

Runner up: Prolec – Prolec Machine Engine

Highly commended: Cemo – Fuel trolley

This left two familiar contenders, Hill’s Tefra coupler and Prolec’s Machine Engine, battling for the top slot. Comparing and contrasting the products the judges noted that a prototype of Hill’s coupler was on display at Hillhead but production versions will be officially launched at PLANTWORX. As the category was Engineering Innovation, the debate moved onto which showed most innovation and did its job most elegantly.

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

Kevin noted that Hill’s coupler has an indicator which signals to the operator that the system has lost hydraulic pressure although the attachment will not detach from the coupler. Richard liked the ease of installation and removal of the Prolec system while Steve felt the Hill gave can’t-get-itwrong confidence. Eventually the Hill held sway to take the top prize with Prolec a creditable runner-up.


P L A N T W O R X – Award winners Security Innovation

Winner: Automatrics – Mtrack Proactive

Runner up: not awarded

Highly commended: OnGarde – Hybrid Solar Power Station

The final category was Security Innovation, where the low number of entries disappointed Mike as he believed other products should have been entered and felt those that had been missed a trick or two. For instance OnGarde’s Hybrid Solar Power Station was good for powering the firm’s CCTV tower in remote locations – but the power station itself had no anti-theft protection. For that reason the judges felt they could Highly Commend the product but no more. In a similar vein Leica’s ICON positioning and measuring system could use its GPS facility to let users know where it was if it went missing but the judges felt impressing on site workers the need to lock the item away would be more effective. As for Higher Concept’s Syrinx PDA, the judges felt the system had merit although not particularly in the security category.

“This ticks all the boxes, it’s got everything,” Mike Revell The entry that did capture their attention was Automatrics’ Mtrack Proactive – a self powered tracking device. The Thatcham Certified re-chargeable tracking system has a two-year battery life and means the device will still transmit its location even if the criminals disconnect the machine’s battery. And unlike other stand-alone systems, there is no need for regular battery replacements. “This ticks all the boxes, it’s got everything,” Mike said. The other judges were equally convinced of the Mtrack Proactive’s merits and in the final vote it was the unanimous winner.

THE JUDGES Mike Revell, group director – plant and transport, at Clancy Docwra lead the debate about the Security Innovation award as he is a tireless campaigner for better security and chairs the board of the Construction Industry Theft Solutions (CITS).

Left to right: Kevin Minton, Jim Senior, Mike Revell, Steve Jarvis and Richard Maclean. To judge the PLANTWORX Awards, we assembled a panel of experts with wide industry experience and in-depth knowledge in one of the categories in order that they could lead the debate in their particular section. Kevin Minton, senior manager with the Construction Plant-hire Association, took the lead in the Engineering Solution category. Beyond his duties at the CPA,

Kevin also sits on, and chairs, several Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group committees. Leading the examination of the Safety Innovations was Jim Senior, UK health and safety manager – construction, at Brookfield Multiplex. Jim’s responsibilities not only cover safety on Brookfield’s construction sites in the UK, he also looks after North America for the group.

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

As general manager of BAM Nuttall Plant, Steve Jarvis is in charge of plant ranging from crawler cranes to dumpers and has covered jobs from ground remediation on the Olympic Park to building hydro electric dams in the Scottish Highlands. With such a breadth of experience, Steve was ideally qualified to lead the discussions in the Efficiency Innovations category. Environmental considerations are always to the fore at Land & Water plant and its director, Richard Maclean, took the lead in the Environmental Innovation category. Land & Water machines are designed to work in, on and around water and Richard is involved in selecting products for use in environmentally sensitive areas.


PLANTWORX – THE DIG ZONE Nick Johnson previews some of the many new machines and products that will be on show in the Dig Zone As the name implies, PLANTWORX’s Dig Zone is an action area where new and interesting machines can be seen working on the demonstration areas and on static display. There will also be opportunities for plant operators with evidence of their proficiency, such as a CPCS card or CMPE CoC, to try out different machines.

Among the new machinery on the Terex stand will be the recently launched TLB890 backhoe loader with a Stage IIIB Perkins engine. Other exhibits will include compact excavators such as the TC10, TC15 and TC19 which weigh in at 1,158kg, 1,679kg and 1,925kg respectively. The latest Doosan Dash 3 excavators, both tracked and wheeled, will be displayed and the 30t class DX300LC-3 will be in the demo area. Doosan’s stand is also home to Bobcat’s new 500 platform compact loaders, the 2,571kg E25 compact excavator and the 3.5t capacity, 7m lift height TL470HF telehandler. And, in the ‘Portable Power’ section, visitors will be able to inspect the latest ‘Tough Top’ Stage IIIB compliant 9/305 large portable compressor and the G100-IIIA Stage IIIA generator.

Volvo will be demonstrating the use of a Steelwrist tiltrotator fitted to one of its latest D series tracked excavators.

The smallest Terex compact excavator is this recently introduced TC10 which weighs just over a tonne.

JCB will highlight its fuel saving Ecomax engine, which meets Stage IIIB limits without external exhaust after treatment or a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This new fuel-saving engine will power several new generation JCB machines including backhoe loaders, Loadall telehandlers and a 13t JS130 excavator. The company will also exhibit its new 20m lift height JCB 540-200 Loadall, the recently revealed 1,461kg operating weight 8014CTS mini excavator and the SD580 pedestrian-controlled single drum vibrating roller.

Volvo Construction Equipment will highlight examples of its Stage IIIB compliant machines. Demonstrations will include a Swedish expert showing how to maximise the mechanical dexterity of a Steelwrist tiltrotator fitted to a D series excavator. Volvo will use PLANTWORX to launch its Operators Club in Great Britain. Machine drivers will be able to join on the stand and there will be the opportunity to enter an Operator Challenge with the winner and runner-up proceeding to the European Final.

A special Recycler version of this New Holland L170C wheel loader equipped for recycling and waste work will be on show.

This 14 tonne DX140W-3 is one of several Doosan Dash 3 excavators getting their UK debut at PLANTWORX. Also having its UK launch at PLANTWORX will be New Holland Construction’s 8.3t short radius tracked midi excavator, the E85C, which is one of the first machines to have a Tier 4 Final compliant engine. Another compact newcomer is its L 230 skid steer loader which has a 67kW engine, a vertical lift ‘SuperBoom’ and a 1,450kg operating capacity. Larger new generation New Holland machines on display will include the 14.2t short radius E140C SR crawler excavator and the 15t wheeled WE150B PRO. The W170 Recycler wheel loader configured for use in waste handling and recycling facilities, will also be on the stand.

JCB will be showing a selection of new generation machines powered by its fuel saving Ecomax engine. At the show Hydrema will launch its two axle 912D MultiChassis which can be fitted with different demountable bodies including a concrete mixer, generator, fuel bowser, water bowser, aerial platform or a lime spreader. The 4WD articulated truck will be shown with a 180° slew, tipping body.


A new rubber tracked demolition robot from Avant Tecno will have its UK launch at PLANTWORX. Called the Avant Robot 185, this electrically-powered, remote control machine weighs 1,850kg and can carry attachments up to 275kg including a hydraulic breaker. Its fully slewing telescopic boom and articulating arm can achieve a maximum vertical reach of 5.2m and a horizontal reach of up to 4.5m.

These include the ARX tandem rollers, Rammax RW157S articulated trench roller (with bolt-on drum extensions), a new 13t ASC130 self-propelled roller and a modified AFT270 tracked paver. A pre-production 2,665kg Yanmar SV compact radius mini excavator will appear in the UK for the first time.

Operators can take part in the Takeuchi Challenge, working an FR series ‘Ultraswing’ model in a confined space. Shindaiwa will not only show its welder generators but also Airman mini excavators and portable air compressors. As the new Airman dealer for the UK and Ireland, Shindaiwa is initially promoting three conventional swing minis - the 1.6t AX16-4, the 1.8t AX18-4 and the 2.8t class AX27-4. The first of the latest Airman compressors - with free air deliveries of 130cfm and 185cfm - are due in the UK just in time for the show.

The new Avant Robot 185 at work with an Avant B220 hydraulic breaker that has an impact rate of 1,900 blows/min. A new Tier 4 Final compliant Case midi excavator, the CX75 SR, will make its UK debut at the show. This 7.5t short radius machine uses cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) to reduce emissions. Case is also exhibiting its new 18t class WX188 wheeled excavator and the latest C series tracked excavator, while an F Series wheel loader will be available for operator appraisal. PLANTWORX will also play host to the UK heat of this year’s European Rodeo challenge.

A new series of ‘eXtra’ performance RTX60 and RTX68 vibratory rammers will be exhibited by Altrad Belle. Altrad Belle’s new compactors include the Honda powered ‘eXtra’ performance RTX60 and RTX68 vibratory rammers and the Yanmar engined 650mm wide DTX650 pedestrian controlled double drum vibrating roller. All will be on display alongside the company’s new concrete mixers including a 5/3½ Road Tow model and a larger hopper fed machine with either a tilting or reversing drum. On its stand Takeuchi will reveal its forthcoming 1.5-1.6 tonne class mini excavators; the TB215R (with canopy) and the TB216 (with cab). A new 9.5t wheeled excavator, the TB295W, may also be on display alongside its tracked counterpart (the 8.5t TB285) which will be demonstrated and available for test drives.

This new 2.6 tonne R25Z-9A zero tail swing mini fills a gap in the Hyundai compact excavator range. A new product from Hyundai is its 2.6t zero tail swing R26Z-9A mini excavator. Powered by a Sage IIIB Mitsubishi engine, the 1,500mm wide machine slots in between the existing R16-9 and R27Z-9 models. The star attraction on Thwaites’ stand will be the new High-Power version of its 9t front tipping site dumper. This model has a 83kW Perkins turbocharged and aftercooled engine – that’s 13kW more than the standard machine.

This F series 444 backhoe loader is one of the new Caterpillar machines set to be seen in the Dig Zone on the Finning stand. Caterpillar has recently launched many machines - a selection of which will be shown by its dealer Finning UK. Exhibits will include an F series backhoe loader and at least one D Series mini excavator. A host of new models will be exhibited and demonstrated by Ammann Equipment.

Visitors to the Takeuchi demonstration area will be able to try out the recently introduced TB285 as well as other models. Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

With its factory just up the road from PLANTWORX showground, Thwaites is exhibiting this new High-Power 9 Tonne dumper.

Construction Plant-hire Association

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Benefits of membership include: • Use of the industry leading CPA contract conditions, which give you peace of mind every hire.

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Construction Plant-hire Association. 27/28 Newbury Street, Barbican, London EC1A 7HU. email:


proximity warning system and Prolec will explain how its Prolec Machine Engine (PME) can enhance machine control and safety. MOBA Mobile Automation will exhibit products designed to improve the operation and accuracy of pavers, rollers and earthmovers, while clever devices from GTK Technik include its ‘Incline Alert’ system aimed at preventing the hazard of overturning plant.

This EZ28 is one of several new zero tail swing mini excavators being introduced this year by Wacker Neuson. New 2013 products from Wacker Neuson include updated floor saws, the LTN 6 LV lighting tower (with new telescopic tower) and the EH100 hand held, electrically powered breaker. Of particular relevance will be the new 1.7t and 2.8t zero tail swing minis (the EZ17 and EZ28) and the latest RTCS2 articulated trench roller with a 560mm wide (820mm with bolt-on extensions) padfoot drums.

RDS Technology will exhibit its all-new Loadmaster 100 on-board weighing system which combines sensor technology and signal processing techniques to give precise and consistent weight information. The product is suitable for use with up to 10 different attachments and can be retrofitted onto wheeled, telescopic and tractor type loaders. Advanced technology will also be displayed by Spillard Safety Systems including the Optronics 360 Surround View camera system. This system combines multiple wide angled images onto one monitor to provide the machine operator with all round vision. TT-UK is using PLANTWORX to introduce its latest range of environmentally-friendly asphalt recyclers. The self-contained machines are designed to recycle milled road surfacing material into usable ‘hot mix’ asphalt. TT-UK will also demonstrate its new generation N range of Grundomat soil displacement hammers and, on a separate stand with RSP, it will show the City 7.5 suction excavator.

Morris Site Machinery has worked in partnership with Vital Technology to produce this SMC Xtend security tower. Having changed its name from ArcGen Hilta to Morris Site Machinery, this company will exhibit three new products - the Softlite HI lighting unit, the 300Amp Weldmaker 330CC/CV welder generator and the SMC Xtend security tower. The latter unit has been produced in partnership with Vital Technology to provide a rapid deployment CCTV and video analytics system. Also recognising the demand for enhanced site security is Towerlight UK which will exhibit its new TL Security Tower developed jointly with security systems partner, Onwatch. Another new Towerlight product is its Smart Dustfighter portable dust suppression system.

The new Hill Compact TEFRA quick coupler introduces what is claimed to be a unique combination of safety features. Hill Engineering will officially launch the production version of its new, Award Winning, Compact TEFRA quick coupler (see page 23). It will demonstrate the clever combination of safety features that include a Smart Valve and an Active Protection System. The coupler is now available for machines from 3t to 120t including backhoe loaders. The members of CETA (the Construction Technology Alliance) will promote and demonstrate their latest machineenhancing products and systems in the Dig Zone. OnGrade will highlight the safety advantages of its Site Zone

Viby Attachment is exhibiting its upgraded Unibucket which features a hydraulically opened rear door to aid materials sorting. Bucket manufacturer Viby Attachment will be highlighting its upgraded Unibucket. Primarily targeted at the demolition market, the Unibucket has a hydraulically opened rear door that facilitates the sifting and sorting of different materials for recycling.

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

This new TL Security Tower has been developed jointly by Towerlight and its security systems partner, Onwatch. New generators being shown around the Dig Zone include the 1,450kVA R1600 from SDMO and a new series being introduced at PLANTWORX by the Italian maker Visa SpA. Dig Zone visitors can also inspect some of the latest engines on the stands of Lombardini and EP Barrus amongst others.


PLANTWORX – NO-DIG ZONE While PLANTWORX will provide qualified operators and equipment buyers the chance to slide behind the controls and get digging, there is far more to the show than just excavating and loading equipment. In the No-Dig Zone there will be everything from access equipment to piling machinery, cabins and containers to innovative electronic safety technology. These are just some of the highlights on offer: French telescopic handler and access manufacturer Manitou is not yet releasing details of exact models for PLANTWORX. However, the company will launch new MRT rotating handlers and three MT rigid-frame telehandlers, both with Stage IIIB engines, at Bauma in April, so expect to see at least some of those models at Stoneleigh. The firm will also be showing two compact tracked loaders from Group company Gehl. The RT175 and RT210 feature a HydraTrac automatic track tensioning system, eliminating the need for manual track adjustment. Italian competitor Merlo will have a full range of telescopic machines on show, from the compact P25.6, with a lift capacity of 2.5t to a maximum height of 6m, up to the heavy duty P120.10MH. This 12t capacity materials handler has a maximum lift height of up to 10m. The company is also introducing its Award-winning M CDC Dynamic Load Control system (see page 23). The electronic system identifies the weight and position of the payload, comparing it to a virtual load chart and calculating a stability index. As that index rises, the operator gets visual and audible warnings, before the machine will hydraulically lock to prevent a forward overturn. Merlo will have a Roto 60.24MCSS rotating upperstructure machine on display too, offering a 6t capacity with a maximum 24m of reach. Though very much digging equipment companies, both Kubota and MarubeniKomatsu have chosen to go with static stands at this year’s show. Kubota will have a range of models from its KX

conventional tailswing, and U Series zero tailswing mini excavator lines. The company will also display the MGX range of groundcare tractors and a selection of its utility vehicles. “With a number of new product introductions planned for 2013, we felt PLANTWORX offers us the ideal platform to launch these products to the market,” says Dave Roberts, general manager of Kubota UK.

If you’re looking for compaction equipment, it will be hard to miss Bomag’s stand, with a 13m inflatable dome housing exhibits and hospitality for customers. The company will be launching a number of machines at Bauma in April with a selection of the lighter models travelling across to PLANTWORX in May. The display will include the BW145 and BW177 lightweight single drum rollers that feature Vario Control automatic vibration amplitude control, telematic fleet management and Ecomode automatic


engine management. The company claims that this system, which features an auto engine stop function, can save customers up to 30% in fuel consumption. The BW120AD-5 tandem roller will also make an appearance and will be available with the optional Economizer system which measures ground compaction beneath the working machine to provide the operator with a clear indication of compaction progress. By reducing overrolling, Bomag claims that the Economizer can save up to 25% in terms of fuel consumption as well as reducing the time taken to achieve compaction. If heavier compaction and piling are of interest, then BSP International Foundations will be showing two piling hammers from its product line. The DX impact piling hammer is designed to drive steel tubular piles to support electrification stanchions, gantries and other rail projects. Built as an attachment for a road/rail excavator, the DX20 and DX25 offer drop weights of 1.5t and 2.0t respectively. Maximum impact energies are 20kNm and 25kNm, while both models have a blow rate of 80bpm. The Ipswich-based company will also show a smaller hammer designed to work with backhoe loaders. The BH120 is suitable for driving small sheet piles, bearing piles and for general post driving. With an operating weight of 750kg, the BH120 has a blow rate of 120-150bpm.

Both Alimak Hek and Geda UK will be demonstrating their latest hoists. Alimak Hek will be launching the TPL2000 twin mast and the TPL1000 single mast materials hoists. The twin mast range can be mounted transversely or parallel to a faรงade, with cage sizes of 1.5m x 3.2m at 2t and up to 4.4m with a 1,800kg capacity. The hoists are designed to be transported fully assembled on a standard 2.4m wide truck, reducing assembly and set-up times on site. The smaller TPL1000 is available with four gate types and three gate positions, to allow multiple configurations to suit the site conditions. The single mast hoists have a much smaller base frame, allowing easy installation in confined spaces. Alimak Hek will also demonstrate the MS2450 mast climbing work platform. Available in single or twin mast configurations, the machine has a capacity of up to 2,300kg. Platform lengths are up to 24m and the machine can be used to heights of 100m. Hot from its success at the Equipment Hire Show earlier in the year, Mace Industries will be showing a range of its materials handling hoists and conveyors too. The No-Dig area will house a number of cabin and welfare unit suppliers, including Boss Cabins and Containex. Boss Cabins will be showing its latest anti-vandal mobile welfare unit, the Big Space. Designed in response to customer

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

feedback, the Big Space can accommodate up to 10 people and has full VCA approval. With a weight below 2,000kg the unit can be easily towed to site and is claimed to be strong enough to withstand the toughest site conditions. Talking of which, Selwood has designed a new range of high head pumps, capable of handling the worst of the British weather. The Selwood H150 is a heavy duty, automatic self-priming pump that can achieve flow rates of up to 460m3/hr. The pump can be used for total heads of up to 124m and is capable of handling up to 38mm solids.

World Class Attachments Come and see for yourself! EARTH DRILLS AUGERS TRENCHERS PALLET FORKS


Hall B3 Stand 323/422 15 - 21 April

AUGER TORQUE EUROPE LTD Cheltenham - United Kingdom - GL54 4DX Phone: +44 (0)1451 861 652 Fax: +44 (0)1451 861 660 Email:


Roof-mounted detection equipment for On Grade’s Site Zone proximity warning system. Powered by a Caterpillar C6.6 diesel engine, the pump is said to offer classleading fuel consumption and it shares the same robust construction as the proven Seltorque solids handling range of pumps. Equipped with the environmentallyfriendly auto self-priming system and mechanical shaft sealing for leak-free running, the H150 is said to be ideal both for contractors and hire companies. “We are very excited about launching the H150 high head pump,” says sales and manufacturing director Mark Page.

“Selwood has committed to designing and manufacturing a range of world-class high head pumps and the H150 is the key pump in the range.” Mark Page manufacturing director, Selwood

“The H150 offers dramatically improved hydraulic efficiency, flow and head capacities and suction characteristics. Selwood has committed to designing and manufacturing a range of world-class high head pumps and the H150 is the key pump in the range.”

working machine the equipment operator receives an audible and visual warning, allowing them to stop work and to warn the pedestrian to step away from the machine. Alerts are recorded for later analysis allowing site managers to alter pedestrian flow through the site to reduce risk.

Technology has always been a big draw at construction equipment shows and this year’s PLANTWORX will be no exception. OnGrade will be showing the latest version of its Site Zone proximity warning system designed to reduce the risk of collisions between machinery and site workers.

One of the latest developments to the system has been the addition of Site Zone Easy Fit, a version of the system that is easily installed on hired-in machinery. Already offered by Flannery Plant and McArdle, the Easy Fit system ensures that every machine on the project can play a part in improved safety on site.

Site Zone provides each person on site with a transponder that is usually carried on their arm. As the transponder nears a

Fellow CETA members GKC Technik, MOBA and Halomec will also be present in the No-Dig exhibition area.

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

Technological advance of a different sort can be found on the Amber Valley stand, where the company will be showing its patented Alarmalight range. Designed to combat the adverse effects of noisy alarms at night time, Alarmalight uses a series of LED flashing lights to highlight warnings. When the audible alarm is muted or reduced, the lights are intensified to provide a warning while not disturbing local residents. A selection of models is available, with speech, bleeps or an Ecolarm version to suit vehicles and equipment. Other stands within the area will include off-highway tyre suppliers RH Claydon and Mitas Tyres, while the hire business will be represented by L Lynch Plant Hire and, in the lifting arena, by Ladybird Crane Hire. Construction industry charity The Lighthouse Club will be present at the show too, and will be pleased to welcome existing and potential new members to its stand. The Lighthouse Club provides essential support to families of construction workers who have fallen ill or been injured at work. Having just undergone a major redesign and rebranding exercise, The Lighthouse Club is now even more determined to carry on its good works in the coming years.


P L A N T W O R X – T he PAV I L I O N The Pavilion will house a vast range of products and services from safety and spare parts to wear parts and computers. Geoff Ashcroft takes a look at what could be there As a covered area within the show, the Pavilion offers the chance to escape any extremes of weather, but is a refuge unlike any other as it houses around 50 exhibitors. Among them visitors will find a wealth of expertise and innovative products and it is the place to visit for those seeking workshop equipment, innovative gadgets, hydraulic systems and security equipment.

Nobel Fire Systems says its Stat-X provides advanced fire protection via automatic, condensed aerosol fire suppression solutions.

Specialist Glazing Services of Halifax will be showing Hammerglass – a Swedish glazing product that is essentially a glass coated polycarbonate claimed to be over 300 times stronger than glass. Designed as a replacement for glass, its coating is said to make the glazed pane impervious to chemical and UV attacks that can often blight traditional polycarbonates. Webtec Products of St Ives, Cambridgeshire, has introduced the HPM4000 series hydraulic data logger. Targeted at users who carry out hydraulic pre-dispatch inspection, preventative maintenance and simple diagnostic faultfinding, the HPM4000 series represents a cost-effective solution. Said to be capable of measuring, displaying and recording a number of hydraulic parameters, its data can be transferred to a computer for further analysis using HPMComm Windows software. The Springmasters Group, incorporating Valley Springs and Belleville Springs, offers a comprehensive range of compression, extension, torsion, disc and flat metal springs as well as hose clamps, circlips and more. The Group offers customers CNC coiling from a wire diameter of 0.1-20mm and lathe coiling up to 50mm diameter. Butts of Bawtry will be showing the latest Accusmart range of Automatic, Electronic and Intelligent battery chargers, available for 12v and 24v systems. Suitable for all types of lead acid batteries including Wet, AGM, Gel and MF types, the Accusmart

Butts of Bawtry will be showing the latest Accusmart range of Automatic, Electronic and Intelligent battery chargers, available for 12v and 24v systems. chargers automatically carry out battery condition diagnosis, recondition, charge, absorption and maintenance functions. Mechanical Line Solutions (MLS) of Oxford is tackling the issue of diesel related breakdowns with its Fuel Purifiner. Designed to remove water and solid particulates from contaminated fuel, the MLS Fuel Purifiner is installed between the fuel tank and the primary fuel filter/ water separator as the first line of defence. It removes particles as small as seven microns using a mechanical, centrifugal filter to throw the contaminants out of the fuel, leaving clean, pure diesel to flow into the primary fuel filter.

equipment industry. The system uses a condensed aerosol fire suppression solution and can be manually, thermally or electrically activated by industry-standard control panels. The Nobel Stat-X system requires no pressure vessels, manifolds, nozzles or pipework – which results in significant installation and maintenance savings, says the company. With the ability to manufacture and machine a wide range of engineering polymers, Nylacast’s custom components range from sheaves, wear pads, hose clamps, bushings and bearings. The company offers assistance with specification, design and testing, material certification and implementation and examples from its latest range will be on display.

The Fuel Purifiner is powered by the fuel being sucked through it and only wiring is for an optional alarm sensor, to warn when the water reservoir is full. Six sizes of Fuel Purifiner are available. Nobel Fire Systems will use PLANTWORX to show its Stat-X fire suppression system which it says is an economic solution for the construction

Nylacast will be showing examples of its engineered polymers in the Pavilion.


The Award winning Ethnet (see page 22) static and mobile satellite broadband solutions to the construction industry can be seen in the Pavilion.

mounting has been engineered for use with Centaflex-K and Centaflex-KE couplings for fitting hydraulic pumps to plant and equipment.

Commercial grade engineering and components allow the system to operate in adverse weather conditions and in the harshest environments, says the company. Its systems can be hard wired or wifi connected, and its SAMS-M1 mobile solution is a self-acquiring, vehicle mounted satellite dish offering rapid deployment and easy relocation.

Whereas traditional pump mounting plates relied on thick heavier steel, the new design is made from much thinner steel plate, but without loss of strength or efficiency, says the company.

Linde Hydraulics will be launching its MPR50 electronically-controlled medium-pressure axialpiston pump at PLANTWORX.

Centa Transmissions is using PLANTWORX to reveal a lightweight twopiece hydraulic pump mounting plate.

of 11-20% being achieved with this technology compared with conventional hydrostatic drives using gear pumps.

Ethnet provides satellite broadband solutions to the construction industry, via static and mobile satellite broadband systems. UK Power Networks distributes power to a third of Britain’s population, through its networks including 65,000km of overhead lines. It constantly raises awareness of the potential dangers of coming into contact with high voltage equipment and works to support safe working practices. Its Public Safety Team will be attending PLANTWORX to provide information on the broad range of proactive measures, to support safe working practices, and to offer advice.

LED Autolamps’ most recent additions include the 95 series round European style lamp range, housed behind a tough polycarbonate lens with an ABS base. It joins the company’s expanding trailer harness system, which incorporates ‘pushand-seal’ connectors, simplifying installation and avoiding the need for specialist tools or training. Centa Transmissions will reveal its lightweight two-piece hydraulic pump mounting plate at the show. Said to be lighter and easier to fit than traditional mounting plate designs, the Twin Plate

KHL Group, a supplier of international construction information through a portfolio of magazines, conferences, events, exhibitions, websites, special reports and other activities, will be distributing its latest magazine editions at PLANTWORX. And free subscriptions will be available to all PLANTWORX visitors. Also new from KHL are iPad editions of several of its magazines, available for free via the Apple News Stand.

Higher Concept Software will use PLANTWORX to display its latest Syrinx technology. Syrinx is a configurable and flexible hire management solution that can work on single PCs or across multi-depots and the latest Syrinx PDA Access. Using wireless and/or 3G networks, PDA access allows employees to carry out fleet service, repairs and inspections, customer service items and sales stock checks with more accuracy and efficiency. Linde Hydraulics will launch its MPR50 at the show. The MPR50 is an electronicallycontrolled medium-pressure axial-piston pump capable of high suction speeds output. Tests have shown fuel savings

LED Autolamps has an expanding trailer harness system, which incorporates ‘push-and-seal’ connectors to simplify installation. Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22


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PLANTWORX – TRAINING Louise Murphy previews the Training and Education Zone at PLANTWORX

Finning is looking to employ and train young people.

With skills shortages so common throughout the construction industry, the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) is hosting a dedicated Training and Education Zone at PLANTWORX. The Zone is aimed at encouraging young people into the construction industry and exhibitors will be eager to discuss the available training and government funding for companies taking on apprentices. Askham Bryan College (York) is launching a new full-time Plant Maintenance course. The college is also promoting its Apprenticeships in Construction Plant Maintenance and Highways Maintenance courses. Bridgend College (South Wales) is raising the profile of its Plant Maintenance department by participating in the Zone. The college has worked with many big name plant companies from all over Wales including Hewden, Speedy, GAP and Holt JCB. Bridgwater College (Somerset) has developed a range of new civil engineering programmes to address the skills and training needs of the proposed nuclear new build at nearby Hinkley Point C. Construction Plant Competency (Nationwide) is promoting the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS). The company delivers CPCS testing at 270 test sites across the UK and visitors to its stand can find out more about

Chanel Littleton is Clee Hill Plant Hire’s first female plant mechanic apprentice.

the CPCS Renewal Test which becomes mandatory from October. Cskills Awards is the awarding organisation of CITB-ConstructionSkills. It offers a diverse portfolio of construction qualifications, comprising a broad range of QCF competence (NVQ) and training qualifications - visit the stand for more information. Finning UK (Staffordshire) is looking to recruit and train young people to be the future of its service division. Its training department provides training for functional skills, technical certificates and NVQ delivery as well as workplace monitoring and assessment. Myerscough College (Preston, Lancashire) has recently opened a new £4m Engineering Centre. At PLANTWORX the college will be promoting its range of mechanisation and plant machinery courses and highlighting its work-based options and apprenticeships. National Construction College has sites in Norfolk, London and Derbyshire where it delivers CITB-ConstructionSkills’ Plant Operations training at all levels (see above). The National Demolition Training Group is inviting visitors to talk with its lead Trainer/Assessor, who will be giving advice on pathways into the demolition industry including apprenticeships, foundation training and the CCDO/CSCS card schemes. Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

North Glasgow College (Glasgow City) is also promoting its training programmes in Construction Plant Maintenance and Repair, which are provided on both a day and block release basis. Successful students are awarded the Scottish Vocational Qualification at levels one to three. Reaseath College (Cheshire) has a dedicated £1m Engineering Skills Academy fitted with a wide range of industry equipment and 18 fully equipped workshops. It focusses on developing practical, multi-skilled engineers. Stafford College (Staffordshire). In addition to construction plant courses, Stafford College is promoting its training for CSCS and fork lift truck operation, apprenticeships, trowel trades, carpentry, leadership and management. The CPA will promote its ‘Stars of the Future’ competition with the inaugural presentation to the winners taking place at PLANTWORX on Tuesday 14th May. A-Plant is a partner sponsor for the annual award to recognise talented youngsters on plant mechanic apprentice schemes. Sixteen colleges are participating and there will be 32 regional winners which are further assessed to identify the National Winner at each level.


P L A N T W O R X – S I T E clearance Colin Sowman previews PLANTWORX’s Site Clearance Zone In 2010 a total of 77.4 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste was sent to landfill. PLANTWORX’s Site Clearance Zone is the place to start reducing that total.

Visitors to ECY’s stand can also view the LaBounty range of shears, the Bulldog BR range of selector grabs and grapples, a selection of VTN concrete pulverisers and Dynaset’s hydraulic magnets.

For instance on its stand, Anross will be demonstrating its Crusha buckets which feature a twin ram design for adjustable product sizing. In action will be the CB25 (for excavators from 2.5t to 4t), CB40 (4t to 8t), CB80 (7t to 14t) and CB100 (9t to 16t).

On its stand Baughan will be showing a new version of its Little B tracked vibrating finger screen which can process up to 30t/hr, handle infeed up to 230mm and perform a two way split. The upper structure of the 2t machine can be swivelled through 90° and if the unit is tracked as it works, it creates two lines of product to avoid double handling. Also on Baughan’s stand will be a Jobber crusher with a 20x20 jaw, a belt feed system and an overband magnet. Product from the tracked machine can be adjusted between 30 and 75mm. If the paint is dry in time, Baughan will exhibit a revised and more streamlined design version of its Hawkfauk crusher bucket featuring product size adjustment.

Anross will have its Crusha Bucket in action at the show. Also in action will be Anross’ SB200 multi-function Selecta Bucket attachment (for 18t to 22t excavators) with which operators can dig, grab, load and grade. Other attachments on display will include Ardent’s S600B and S1402B Selector Grab (for 7t to 10t and 18t to 21t carriers respectively) and Montabert’s Silver Clip breakers including the SC08 (1t to 1.7t), the SC36 (4t to 10t) and a new model for 12-20t machines due for launch at Bauma. ECY Haulmark will demo the OilQuick coupling system which allows operators to rapidly swap between several hydraulicallypowered attachments without leaving the cab. The demonstration will show how quickly and safely hydraulically-actuated attachments can be mounted/dismounted and swapped.

Located on the TCP (Taylor Construction Plant) stand will be the hydrogen fuel-cell powered lighting tower which took runner up in our awards (see page 22). The unit uses BOC’s Hymera fuel cell which combines bottled hydrogen with oxygen from the atmosphere to produce electricity almost silently and with pure water as the only ‘exhaust’. Equipped with four 31W LED lights, the unit is said to

Taylor Construction Plant (TCP) plans to exhibit and demonstrate its hydrogen fuelcell powered lighting tower. produce roughly the same illumination as two traditional 1,000W halogen bulbs and to light a working area of 50m diameter. The unit has a run time of up to 900 hours and sends a text alert when the hydrogen is running low. Fuel costs for the fuel-cell unit are roughly equivalent to TCP’s existing Ecolite T but it requires virtually no servicing. Across in the Dig Zone is hydraulic hire and sales specialist BPH, who will display a selection of hydraulic attachments from hammers to magnets. The company will be displaying a range of ProDem hammers, selector grabs and pulverisers for which it is the sole importer.

BPH will show a range of hydraulic attachments on its stand.


buckets for skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders/excavators between 7t and 12t respectively. The attachments are capable of processing up to 22.5 and 31.5t/hr respectively (depending on the material) and product size can be adjusted between 15mm and 50mm.

ACE Plant DF Smart has a range of up to 13m. BPH will also dedicate a section of its stand to Dynaset’s hydraulic attachments. PLANTWORX visitors will be among the first to see a new portable dust suppression unit from ACE Plant in action in the Dig Zone. Called the DF Smart, the unit is small, highly manoeuvrable and said to be ideal for restricted demolition sites, internal areas and small road and footpath repairs. It weighs 77kg, has a range of 13m in windless conditions and can be tilted between 10° and 50°. Other Dust Fighter models will be displayed on ACE Plant’s stand, as will the company’s Bundie Bowsers.

On Worsley’s demo plot will be examples from Remu’s screening bucket range to fit carriers from 3t to 40t and which, depending on the ‘blades’ selected, can either screen or crush and screen. On static display will be the Rotar range of shears and pulverisers for carriers between 15t and 65t, screening buckets (13t to 30t carriers) and mixing/washing buckets (3t to 30t carriers). A new company, Angry Bear Recycling, will make its world debut at PLANTWORX exhibiting a compact machine that both crushes and shreds material for recycling. Called the Combo 5, the machine is designed to crush general building rubble and shred products such as plasterboard and wood either for re-use or to fill ‘BigBags’ for collection and possible resale. The machine comes as track-, trailer- (600kg) or skid-mounted and can also act as a power pack for breakers, concrete saws and the like. At PLANTWORX Northerntrack will launch a revised version of its CP Series mechanical pulveriser with a new type of bolt-on replaceable tooth. The company will also be highlighting new selector grapples, particularly the NTSG15-HD and NTSG20-HD for carriers between 18t

and 35t while other exhibits will include a WT Series forestry shear and an MK Series multi-kit processor system with interchangeable jaw sets. European Attachments will show and demonstrate the Emicontrol range of dust control turbines on its stand in the Site Clearance Zone. It will have a V12 unit on demonstration which is said to be the first stand-alone, autonomous dust suppression unit. It is fitted with Casella Measurement’s multi agent monitor which locates the source of the dust and will direct the turbine towards the source to suppress the dust. The Italmek range of demolition and scrap rehandling attachments will also feature. Finally, Komatsu’s award-winning (see page 22) hybrid excavator will make its first appearance at a UK exhibition working the stockpiles in the Site Clearance Zone – making the SCZ even more of a must-see part of PLANTWORX.

Komatsu’s Hybrid excavator will be working in the Site Clearance Zone.

The new MB-L160 will join other new products on Worsley’s stand. There are more new products on the Worsley Plant stand including the UK debut of the MB-S10 screening bucket which can salvage wet materials and when used before crushing it can reduce crushing times by up to 60%. Other newcomers on Worsley’s stand will be the MB-L160 and MB-L200 crushing

Northerntrack will launch a new version of its CP pulveriser at PLANTWORX. Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22


PLANTWORX – T H E S ecurity villag e Louise Murphy previews PLANTWORX Security village With an estimated £1 - £1.5 million worth of plant and machinery stolen each week, PLANTWORX’s Security Village, organised in conjunction with CITS (Combined Industries Theft Solutions) and Datatag, has a host of products to foil the criminals. Thatcham, the insurance industry’s research establishment, will highlight its ‘5 Star’ plant security scheme. This provides independent assessment of equipment security in five areas: individual machine identity (CESAR), a unique key, passive immobilisation, perimeter security and equipment tracking. On the stand will be members of Thatcham’s Vehicle Security Steering Group.

CESAR/Datatag will unveil a new version of its distinctive triangular registration plate which now includes a ‘quick response’ (QR) code. CESAR registration now protects over 120,000 pieces of equipment. CESAR is supported by a wide variety of industry bodies, leading insurers and the asset finance industry. Registering machines can also lead to insurance premium discounts of up to 25%. On the third day of the show CESAR/ Datatag is staging a police training conference in the Security Village, which is set to attract 200 senior and specialist police officers.The conference will highlight the current trends in plant theft, how the CESAR scheme works and the latest technology to defeat and detect the criminals.

On the Automatrics stand visitors will be able to see the Mtrack Proactive - the winner of the PLANTWORX Security Innovation Award. The Thatcham Certified device is powered by rechargeable batteries, enabling it to transmit its location even if the criminals have disconnected the machine’s battery. Mtrack claims it has arguably delivered the best international results of any theft recovery tracking system with an average recovery rate between 95-98%.

Enigma Vehicle Systems will show its webbased Skyline system which tracks, traces and monitors mobile assets including trailers, generators and other construction equipment. The company says Skyline is more than just a security system and its fleet management capability can also help businesses increase the environmental performance of their vehicles and plant fleet, and reduce costs. Tracker will display its Thatcham-approved stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and asset tracking solutions on its stand. Its figures show that 68% of plant it recovers happens within 24 hours of the SVR device being activated. For items without access to a power source the company offers the battery-powered Tracker Retrieve. A system that could go a long way to getting insurance premiums down will

be on TriMark Europe’s stand where visitors can see the ‘KeyOnePlus’. This is a mechanical lock and key combination, where the OEM or end user can choose a key or keys from a range of more than 1000 key codes.

On its stand OnGarde will show its new Hybrid Solar Power Station, which has been designed to provide a power management system that runs autonomously. The essence of the Power Station system is to harness the free energy of the sun and to achieve this it uses a solar panel electricity system, capturing the sun’s energy using solar photovoltaic cells. Also on the OnGarde stand is the Rapid Deployment CCTV system. Finally, Lombard will be advising visitors of its wide range of funding packages and the assets it can finance. The company says asset finance provides funding solutions for businesses of all sizes and it can fund assets from £5k to several million pounds.

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F I N A N C E – S M A RT S P E N D I N G N E E D N ’ T B E A TA X I N G P RO B L E M

In December’s Autumn Statement the Chancellor announced a temporary increase in the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) from £25,000 to £250,000 for capital expenditure. This allowance can be claimed for eligible plant and machinery (new or used but not cars) purchased between 1 January 2013 and 1 January 2015. The increase means that capital expenditure under £250,000 can be offset against profits in the first year instead of taking up to 12 years to reclaim. This is particularly attractive in the 2013/2014 tax year as corporation tax rates are being cut from 24% to 21% from April 2014 so acting promptly may generate higher tax relief. The AIA applies to all businesses - so for an unincorporated owner-operator paying 40% or more in income tax, the tax relief could be substantially greater. Expenditure above £250,000 attracts the usual 18% annual Writing Down Allowance in year one with the balance going in to the pool

of allowances for subsequent years. After 1 January 2015 that will be the situation for any purchases of more than £25,000. “The message manufacturers and dealers need to get out to plant owning businesses is act now to make the most of this temporary tax break,” says Nigel Greenaway Marketing Manager with JCB Finance. “Most plant owners concentrate on utilising their equipment for earthmoving or other activities or for hire and give far

“The message manufacturers and dealers need to get out to plant owning businesses is act now to make the most of this temporary tax break.” Nigel Greenaway Marketing Manager with JCB Finance

less thought to the way they acquire the machine and the implications of an ad-hoc purchasing policy on their tax liabilities. Plant manufacturers and distributors are not financial advisers, but they can highlight to customers this opportunity to maximise tax relief by planning a phased purchase programme with due regard for the business’ financial year end,” he adds. In the simplest case, a company with a tax year ending 31 December could spend £250,000 at any time between 1 January and the end of December 2013 and write off the whole amount against the year’s profits. However, for companies with different accounting periods this will result in different amounts and different key periods for expenditure. There are additional and quite complex rules relating to the timing of the capital expenditure and financial advice should be sought before making such purchases. The table on page 45 shows four different financial year end companies and how vital



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ruction sites Access all const fety valves sa f o e g n ra r u o with Safety valve for boom cylinder

Safety valve for dipper cylinder

Safety valve for blade cylinder



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2004 FauN atF80-4 8x6x4 80 toN, 2003 Grove GMK3050 6x6x4 50 toN & 2004 tereX ppM aC 35 4x4x2 35 toN

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it is to spend the right amount within the right periods in order to maximise the tax benefits.

bank to ease any cash-flow hiccups. In the following two years the outlay would be £75,000 per year and the interest element can be written off against that year’s profits.

Nigel gives the following scenario: “Even after claiming all available business expenses, a partnership of a father and his two sons will be showing a profit of £250,000, which would attract the 40% income tax rate. Not having purchased any throughout the year, if the partnership spends £250,000 on eligible machinery, they can claim the full £250,000 AIA.”

However, as the AIA will drop to £25,000 from the start of 2015, next year there will be only £187,500 (9/12ths of £250,000) of AIA available between April and December 2014. In the first three months of 2015 only £6,250 (3/12ths of the £25,000 AIA) can be claimed so purchases should be made in the 2014 calendar year.

He says there are further cash flow benefits to using Hire Purchase: “Instead of paying cash, look at what happens if that company paid a 10% deposit [£25,000] and took out a three year hire purchase agreement for the remaining £225,000. In the first year the outlay would be £100,000 which is equal to the tax saved so, in effect, HMRC has paid the deposit and first year’s HP payments while leaving £225,000 in the

“Dealers and manufacturers should not only be highlighting this to their customers, but also planning to adjust their stock/ production levels to contend with the distortion it will cause. Dealers, and to a lesser extent manufacturers, can themselves take advantage of the £250,000 AIA to purchase equipment they need for their own businesses. Having said that, businesses should not make investment decisions

purely on a tax basis - there should be a compelling business case for the investment,” he says. Once the £250,000 AIA has been spent, companies acquiring moveable assets such as construction plant can look at leasing as the most tax efficient funding method for most businesses. Leasing can also work for businesses not making enough profits to claim the full AIA as it provides considerable cash flow benefits. What is clear is that this temporary opportunity gives businesses contemplating purchasing eligible equipment some strong tax-based and cash flow arguments for making those investments both this year and next.

“Dealers and manufacturers should not only be highlighting this to their customers, but also planning to adjust their stock/ production levels to contend with the distortion it will cause. Dealers, and to a lesser extent manufacturers, can themselves take advantage of the £250,000 AIA to purchase equipment they need for their own businesses.”

Neither Nigel Greenaway nor JCB Finance are tax or financial advisors and as every company’s circumstances are different, businesses should always seek advice from their accountant or finance director.

Nigel Greenaway, Marketing Manager with JCB Finance

£250,000 Annual Investment Allowance

Financial Year End




(Jan-Jun 2013)


(Jul 2013-Jun 2014)


(Jul-Dec 2014)


(Jan-Sept 2013)



Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

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(Jan-March 2013)

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31st March

Amounts and dates for expenditure in order to maximise the potential tax benefit according to a business’ financial year end

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ROUND UP A round up of the CEA’s International Activities bC India – Bigger and Better Sixteen companies exhibited in the UK Pavilion at bC India 2013 and all benefitted from UKTI’s Key Show funding. A number of other UK companies exhibited either in their product segmented area inside the halls or on the outdoor plots. bC India showcases construction and mining equipment and was held in the Bandra Kurla Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India, in February. At 150,000m2 it is the largest such exhibition in India attracting 710 exhibitors (60% of which were from 33 overseas countries) and more than 28,000 visitors.

UK Pavilion at bC India. Picture Chris Slight

The UK Pavilion included a generic UK Company Information Centre promoting the UK’s construction equipment capability. The CEA ran a pre-event media campaign to publicise the UK group at bC India using both traditional and social media to promote the group and also ran a well-attended Networking Reception on the first day of the show.

BAUMA CHINA AND CHINA TRADE MISSION WITH SEMINARS AND PLANT VISITS Last year China accounted for more than 50% of the global demand for construction equipment including 250,000 of earthmoving plant. Off Highway Research China forecasts the volume will double by 2015, taking the value to $46 billion. Chinese manufacturers are increasingly looking to exports but as many of their domestic machines don’t meet recognised standards, they require Western quality components to satisfy legislation and customers in many export markets For those reasons the CEA mounted a major campaign around Bauma China starting with a pre-show trade mission sponsored by UKTI. Nine UK companies participated in the trade mission and were accompanied by representatives from BIS and UKTI. The CEA had been invited by Chinese ‘long line’ manufacturer Shantui to make a return visit to its plant in Shandong Province.

Shantui representatives gave the delegates an extensive factory tour including the foundry, excavator and dozer production lines, paint shop, metallurgy department and the R&D centre. It was very noticeable how much modernisation and automation had taken place since the 2004 visit. A VIP dinner in Jining allowed missioners to meet senior representatives from Shantui, the Shandong Heavy Machinery Group and Strong Excavators. The following day the UK missioners met senior representatives from Shantui and the Shandong Heavy Machinery Group at the plant for presentations from the International, Procurement, Engineering and R&D departments. This was followed by one to one meetings between the host companies and missioners. Bauma China covered 300,000m2, occupying every hall at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

and all the available outside area. There were 2,718 exhibitors (up 46%) from 38 countries, while visitor numbers increased by 16% to 180,000 from 141 countries. At the exhibition the CEA hosted a UK Pavilion with 16 exhibitors and an industry information centre in English and Mandarin. The Pavilion featured UKTI and Union Flag branding for enhanced recognition and compared favourably with other national pavilions. After the exhibition closed, 43 guests attended a successful UKTI sponsored networking dinner. The evening allowed missioners and members of the UK Group to meet with international representatives from the construction equipment sectors in China, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, France and Spain. Louise Colwell from UKTI Shanghai attended as did Alan Woods from BIS in London.



The CEA is pleased to be able to assist 38 companies, listed below, to exhibit at Bauma and 25 of the exhibitors have obtained grants of up to £1,000 from UKTI to help cover their costs.Thirty one of these companies are based in the British Pavilion, hosted by the CEA in Hall A5, while other UK-based companies (including those not receiving a UKTI grant) are located in other halls and outside display areas.

Amber Valley Developments Ltd

Stand A5.414

Amber Valley developments is a specialist manufacturer of reversing safety equipment and will display its latest patented product, Alarmalight, at bauma. The company designs and manufactures bespoke auto electrical equipment and can assist customers with the supply of specific and unusual products.

Ashtree Vision and Safety Ltd

Stand A5.319

Ashtree Vision and safety designs and manufactures mirrors and mirror arms for industrial and commercial vehicles of all types. It supplies high quality mirrors to manufacturers including Caterpillar, JCb and Liebherr and in 2012 it received a Queen’s Award for enterprise in the International Trade category for its overseas sales.

BAV Crushers Ltd

Stand A5.309C

bAV Crushers design and manufacture crushing and screening attachments for excavators. Its product range covers demolition and recycling applications, from on-site processing on small construction sites, to demolition and recycling applications on larger jobs. At bauma it will focus on attachments for compact excavators which make on-site recycling possible on small job sites.

Brendon Powerwashers

Stand C4.506A

Brigade Electronics Plc

likely to be recovered than unregistered machines.

Stand A5.535

Cabcare Products Ltd

Stand A5.412E

Cabcare is a leading manufacturer of vandal guards and provides tailor made window protection to big names such as CAT, Case, doosan, JCb, hitachi, hyundai, Komatsu, new holland, Takeuchi, Volvo and others. The company also provides a range of fully certified FoPs demolition guards, both chassis and cab mounted.

Ceramic Drying Systems Ltd

Stand B1.134

CESAR powered by Datatag

Stand A5.416F

CesAR, the world’s leading machine security and registration scheme, acts as a powerful deterrent against theft and an invaluable aid in recovery. CesAR works by giving each machine a unique and permanent identity using ‘state of the art’ security marking technology including tamper evident plates, RFId tags, dnA and datadots. CesAR registered machines are four times less likely to be stolen and six times more WWW.CONEq.ORg.UK

C. E. Niehoff & Co Ltd

Stand A5.315A

C.e. niehoff is a leader in the design and manufacture of heavy duty brushless alternators for the mining Industry. All are designed to be highly efficient, reliable and maximise availability in arduous duty cycles, delivering the lowest whole life costs. Alternators are designed to match customer’s requirements.

Con Forms Europe

Stand A5.315

Con Forms europe is a division of us-based Construction Forms Inc which specialises in engineering products to satisfy the growing demands of the global concrete pumping market and has operations in the uK, malaysia and brazil.

JCB Finance. Open for business. See us on stand H10 & H12

With cash being so scarce these days, it’s good to know, funding is available at competitive rates from JCB Finance • Award-winning systems for fast flexible finance Finance for all types of plant, new and used • An additional source of funding, independent to your bank • Our ‘Take a Break’ offer allows you to have unscheduled payment holidays - up to six months during a three year term. Talk to the construction plant finance specialists 0800 150 650


AIR 86/K4C High Performance Foundation Equipment HYDRAULIC PILING HAMMERS

Provide an economical and versatile solution for the installation of all types of steel or concrete piles in either land or marine environments. Ram weights from 1.5t to 60t. Impact energy from 20 kNm to 900 kNm.


Operator Comfort and safety at the push of a button Stylish, strong solution for drivers of wheel loaders, dump trucks and large construction vehicles FEATURES

Low frequency air suspension seat with OTR for one touch mid suspension positioning Optional 2, 3 or 4 point belts Air lumbar support Meets EM1, EM3 and EM6

BSP RIC is a dynamic compaction technique that impacts the ground at a rate of 40 to 60 times per minute using 5, 7, 9, 12 or 16t dropweights. Ideal for low cost foundations in granular soils.

BSP INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATIONS LTD Claydon Business Park, Gt Blakenham, Ipswich Suffolk, UK, IP6 0NL

Tel: +44 (0) 1473 830431 Fax: +44 (0) 1473 832019 email:


Tel: 01604 641521 Email: Internet:

Tel: 01908 562191 Fax: 01908 260461



51 Systems and accessories are manufactured to suit all major OEM pumping equipment, both static and vehicle mounted, in a range of materials and specifications.

Construction Equipment Association

Stand A5.411

UK Trade Association representing manufacturers of construction equipment, attachments, components and service providers.

Cranes Today

Stand A5.411

Stand A5.412D

EDGE specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of trammels, shredders, stockpilers, loaders and picking stations used in the recycling, materials handling and quarrying industries. It has exported globally and built a reputation for customer service and product performance.

Friction Marketing Co

Stand A5.309

FMC - Friction Marketing Company is a specialist manufacturer of OE friction discs and manufactures a wide range of clutch, brake and transmission plates in materials including sinter, rubber, paper, cork or carbon materials.

Gate7 Ltd

GKD Technik Ltd

Stand A5.416E

Gate 7 specialises in the supply of vehicle branding, safety, warning and instructional decals to the construction equipment, agricultural and industrial markets with major long-term clients in North America, Europe and Asia. It provides screen print and digital solutions at manufacturing plants in the UK and

Stand A5.416D

GKD will display its SiteGuard proximity warning system for the first time in Europe. SiteGuard protects workers by warning the operator or driver of construction machinery when a pedestrian, or vehicle, enters the danger zone. With data-logging and Internet access to data SiteGuard can also provide safety management statistics to the contractor. Its range of road/rail and civil safety and envelope control systems will also be on show.

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd

Cranes Today is the oldest independent magazine of the international lifting industry, bringing readers an authoritative mix of industry, information, business intelligence and best practice. This year, it will launch a new London conference, Cranes UK 2013.

Edge Innovate (NI) Ltd

USA to cater for rapid prototyping, design engineering, project management and research and development.

Stand A5.411

Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) supplies mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic actuated power take off (PTOs) clutches for engines up to 1,500kW. With mounting for SAE flywheel sizes from 150mm to 530mm, ICP’s PTOs are a convenient way to control engine power.

Kay-Dee Engineering Plastics Ltd

Stand A5.416C

Kaylan high performance polyurethane elastomers have outstanding physical properties and provide the ideal solution to a wide range of engineering problems. These can be supplied in a wide range of hardnesses, resilience and durability to provide lightweight, abrasion-resistant products with an impressive load bearing capacity.

KHL Group

KM Products Europe Ltd


Stand A5.412B

Nylacast engineering polymers are self-lubricating, lightweight (typically 1/7th the weight of steel) and offer many advantages for machines operating in arduous environments including exceptional wear and abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance as well as high impact strength. The company is able to tailor its materials to suit the customer’s projects.

Off-Highway Research

Stand A5.415

Off-Highway Research produces reports and databases on international construction equipment markets. These cover the key markets of Western Europe, China and India, and are available to clients on a subscription basis, while a private client capability is offered through a customised facility. A wide range of studies are available on such markets as Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan and Turkey.

P.F.La Roche & Co Ltd

Stand C3.201

Stand B3.400

Stand A5.412

Under the KMP brand name, KM Products Europe supplies aftermarket replacement parts for earthmoving equipment and heavy duty diesel engines. The company operates on a global scale supplying parts suitable for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Komatsu engines.

MP Filtri UK Ltd

filtration market. It develops, manufactures and supplies a range of filtration, power transmission and ancillary products worldwide. Its UK operation, MP Filtri UK, acts as the fluid condition-monitoring wing both designing and manufacturing high quality instrumentation for portable, in-line and laboratory applications.

Stand A5.412C

MP Filtri Group is an Italian owned company supplying the hydraulic

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

Pioneer Pump Ltd

Stand A5.417

Pioneer Pump is a global manufacturer of high performance, self-priming centrifugal pumps used in construction dewatering, equipment rental and municipal applications. Its vacuumassisted dewatering pump sets offer super performance, low cost of ownership and ease of maintenance and come as open and silent pack designs with electric motors or diesel engines. It has manufacturing locations in Europe, Africa and America and a

52 worldwide support and distributor network.


Stand A5.411

PLANTWORX is a new UK construction equipment exhibition which will run from 14-16 May 2013. Exhibiting will be leading OEMs, attachment and component suppliers and service providers including: JCB, Finning/Caterpillar, Terex, Amman, Volvo, Atlas Copco, Bomag, Case, Doosan, Hatz, Hyundai, Kubota, Linde, Manitou, Merlo, New Holland, Case, Wacker Neuson and many others. Also, from China, CCPIT and BICES will exhibit.

Resale Weekly is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in construction and allied machinery industries. Its latest innovations include the Resale iPhone Application and Resale mobile site as well as the specialist information solution of Resale Weekly.


Stand A5.311/317

Ricardo is a global, UK FTSE listed engineering, niche manufacturing and strategy consultancy that has been delivering value for a century. The company works with the world’s transportation manufacturers and their supply chains, energy and defence organisations, financial institutions and governments. It has a network of more than 2,300 consultant engineers across three continents and in 11 countries.

Rota Engineering Ltd

Rapid EPS

Rayco-Wylie Systems

Stand A2.315

Stand A5.315B

Rayco-Wylie will present its latest rated capacity indicator (RCI), the i4507. Designed to accommodate all types of cranes, the i4507 offers more complete integration with the crane and can monitor advanced operational parameters, such as boom sequencing, outrigger monitoring, range limiting and wind speed. Compliant with EN ISO 13849-1, the system has the capability to centralise the safety information, engine data and camera images on a single 7-inch colour display.

Stand A3.632

Stand A5.309A

Rota Engineering designs and manufactures the smallest, most robust linear transducers for position control/ monitoring of hydraulic cylinders. These sensors have been specifically designed for the mobile hydraulic cylinder market to withstand both physical abuse and exposure to dust, water, etc. In addition to internal sensors, Rota has the technology to externally mount sensors on double rod steering cylinders and long stroke cylinders.

Screen Services (NE) Ltd

Stand A5.412A

Screen Services is a first tier supplier of vehicle livery and safety decals to the construction and agricultural equipment markets. It has just announced the acquisition of North East based Tyne Auto Components which will complement its existing range with automotive rubber products. A new range of Tyne Auto products will be launched at Bauma and sold in parallel to existing product lines.

Southco Manufacturing Ltd

RDS Technology

Stand A5.416

Stand A5.313

Southco offers off-highway access hardware solutions for interior, chassis and entry door applications. The company is a global full-service supplier of engineered access hardware offering intuitive operation and rugged reliability throughout

all areas of a vehicle.

Technical Services (UK) Ltd

Stand A5.416A

Technical Services (UK) is a cooling system component specialist with more than 25 years’ experience supplying OEMs in both the on- and off-highway markets. Based in the UK, the company has recently extended its R&D facilities and now offers an independent and confidential cooling system consultancy service. It operates from a new purpose built manufacturing facility with stock holding and parts distribution.

Vision Alert Automotive Ltd/ECCO Europe

Stand A3.301A

Watson & Hillhouse Ltd

Stand A5.416B

Global piling equipment specialist Watson and Hillhouse will highlight its Kowan Still Worker ZU-100 - a virtually noise and vibration free sheet pile pressing machine. The wireless radio control device works at ground level and can press Z and U sheet piles very close to existing buildings. It is self moving and light, only requiring a small crane for pile pitching, making it ideal for height restricted sites.

Webtec Products Ltd

Stand A5.418

Webtec Products is a British manufacturer of hydraulic components and hydraulic test equipment for the mobile, industrial and agricultural industries. Its test equipment products are used worldwide in R&D facilities and by production and service engineers. At Bauma it will exhibit hydraulic control valves, flow condition monitoring equipment and hydraulic diagnostic test equipment including its latest portable hydraulic data-loggers.

Youngman Group Ltd

Stand A5.309B

Youngman is one of the world’s leading suppliers of BoSS aluminium towers, ladders and steps as well as the new generation of fuel efficient Ecolite lighting towers to rental, retail and resale customers. It delivers its range of light access products alongside the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke access systems for high profile customers including the military, commercial aerospace, rail and petrochemical industries.

PUMP HIRE, SALES & SERVICE Models From 50mm To 300mm Selprime Auto Self-Priming Super Silent From 58db(A) Hydraulic Submersibles Electric Submersibles 24/7 Callout Branches Nationwide


1 o N ire Pump H


Selwood has been manufacturing, hiring and selling pumps for over 60 years. Please call for expert advice on all pumping applications.



08450 733835

13767 Plantworx GP600 LS Ad_Layout 1 22/03/2013 11:46 Page 1

The new GP600 Fusion Mobile Office Welfare Unit Also available

d Standar + n io & Fusnits

> Reduced fuel usage > 60% reduction in generator servicing > Longer generator life > Fewer breakdowns > Significantly reduced noise pollution

The Groundhog GP600 Fusion Mobile Office Welfare Unit is ideal for flexible on-site applications, not only for worker welfare, but office requirements too. The GP600 offers the legendary robustness and ease of use of the standard Groundhog GP360 whilst providing a green environmental solution plus office space.

Water Heater and Sink Drinking Water







Drying Room

Recirculating Toilet

Seating 12 Volt Handwash

The World’s Leading Welfare Accommodation Manufacturer Call Peter Beach on 07825 526461 or 01639 823484 Email

EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval


coming up UKTI Increases Grant Support for Exporters There has recently been good news coming from UKTI, the government body that promotes and supports exports from the UK and inward investment into the UK. In a drive to increase UK exports and to encourage and help new companies into exporting, UKTI announced the following changes to the TAP (Tradeshow Access Programme) grant scheme effective from 1 April 2013. Grant ‘lives’ will be increased to 12 (up from six and still counted from 1 April 2009). However, at least six of these must be taken in the 20 emerging and high growth markets (the CEA has the list of these markets).

Grants in these 20 emerging and high growth markets can be offered at £2,500 for businesses that have not exhibited at that event previously. The requirement for matched funding arrangements will be waived for these particular grants although eligible costs at least equal to the amount of grant will still be required. In addition, UKTI will no longer strictly apply that part of the SME definition which requires a TAP applicant to be no more than 25% owned by a non-SME. This requirement is intended to apply to autonomous businesses and UKTI reserves the right to decline an application from, for example, a business unit of a large company.

CEA Export PODS – Exhibiting Lite! Exhibiting at a big show can be daunting and very time consuming. It can involve your staff in months of form filling and red tape, keeping them away from the allimportant selling they need to do to keep the production lines busy. Taking one of the CEA’s Export Pods at a major show can make the experience so much easier and more productive! The CEA offers Export Pods at all major exhibitions for potential and existing exporters or those companies looking to scope out a new market. Export Pods form an integral part of the CEA stand on the UK Pavilion and are an ideal solution for companies that don’t want the hassle and expense of taking their own stand at an exhibition.

you wish at an extra cost) and brochure distribution. It also allows your company to use the meeting area in the UK Pavilion plus shared use of a host/hostess, an interpreter and light refreshments. If required the CEA can also arrange cleaning, AV, wifi, interpreters, freight and many other things to make what can be a very stressful experience for exhibitors simple. Space in the UK Pavilion is often booked months or even years in advance so don’t wait until the last minute to reserve your space. The CEA is already taking bookings for the UK Pavilions at these upcoming shows:-

The CEA runs government-supported, high profile UK-branded Pavilions at a number of global exhibitions. A stand on a UK Pavilion gives exhibitors a fully fitted stand space and construction including furniture, electricity and lighting for an all-inclusive price. Taking an Export Pod doesn’t only give you one or two full height wall panels to display your company graphics (our stand builders can print and mount these for you if

BAUMA Africa, Johannesburg 18-21 September 2013

BICES, Beijing October 2013

Conexpo, Las Vegas 4-8 March 2014

Bauma, China 25-28 November 2014

bC India February 2015

Intermat, Paris 20-25 April 2015



A T T A C H M E N T S Manufactured in Great Britain


jaw crusher attachments


crusher buckets


screening buckets

Providers of expertise in cooling systems for over 25 years, Technical Services is an established worldwide supplier of viscous fan drives, fan clutches, fans and controls.

Dealers required

| Cool Technology |

Händler benÜtigten

With the commissioning of new comprehensive R&D facilities LQFOXGLQJDLUĆŽRZWHVWLQJZHDOVR RĆŞHUWKHRSWLRQRIDQLQGHSHQGHQW DQGFRQĆŹGHQWLDOFRQVXOWDQF\VHUYLFH to fully develop and optimise existing cooling packages for HĆŻFLHQF\DQGSHUIRUPDQFH

Visit us at bauma 2013: Hall A5, Stand 416A

Nous recherchons des distributeurs Distribuidores requiere



Tech Services.indd 1

07/03/2013 13:01

see us on Stand 309C Hall5

BAV Crushers Limited, Unit 2, Key Point, Towers Business Park, Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 1LH, UNITED KINGDOM t: +44 1889 503029 e:

The ultimate alarm and light warning system.







When the alarm is activated the lights flash in unison with the sound...... .....Probably the most Environmentally Friendly System on the market.









Seatbelt monitoring system





12 Churchill Way, Fleckney Leicestershire LE8 8UD tel +44 (0) 116 240 2968 fax +44 (0) 116 240 2941 C







Kay-Dee Engineering Plastics Ltd.

Few industries put vehicles and machinery through a tougher test than mining and construction. Not only does equipment have to stand up to the rigours of the job, it also needs to stand the test of time. This is where Kaylan® and its unique hard-wearing properties set it apart from other traditional materials.

Outstanding properties of Kaylan® Improved performance, highly resistant to wear and tear, unbreakable and virtually indestructible. Incredibly strong, extremely lightweight and offers impressive load-bearing properties in both tension and compression. Resistance to corrosion, as well as many oils, greases and other potentially harmful chemicals.

High performance plastics. Tough in the extreme. In some of the most demanding conditions imaginable, including high performance under extremes in temperature, Kaylan is available in a wide range of colours and a variety of applications. • Hydraulic-Hose Reels • Wear Strips • Track Pads • Conveyor Scrapers • Wheels

• Drill Guides • Cable Clamps • Mudflaps • Protection Sheets • Tyres

• Buffers • Wire Cable Pulleys • Impact Bars • Flexible Ladder Supports • Suspension Buffers

T: +44 (0)1274 590824 E: W:


Bauma Africa – Already Outgrowing the Venue! The first edition of a new construction equipment exhibition is always a voyage into the unknown. However, Bauma Africa (18-21 September, Johannesburg, South Africa) seems to be steaming ahead and looks set to become a successful addition to the international exhibitions calendar. Bauma Africa is unique in the global fairs programme in securing the support of all the leading global trade associations. It will see national pavilions from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the USA and China as well as, of course, one from the UK. Bauma Africa space applications have already exceeded the organiser’s expectations and a new hall has been added to meet demand. The CEA’s UK

Pavilion at Bauma Africa sold out within the first week, more than meeting the aspirations for this new show in the Bauma stable. The CEA met with the show organisers at bC India and was able to secure more space for the UK Pavilion in Johannesburg, at what looks like being an exceptional new show serving subSaharan Africa. The UK Pavilion at Bauma Africa gives UK exhibitors a fully fitted stand space and construction including furniture, electricity and lighting for an all-inclusive price. As we go to print just one stand remains so contact us now if you are interested.

marketplace, UKTI has increased the level of the TAP Grants to £2,500 per eligible company (up from £1,400). In addition, the grants for developing markets no longer need to be matched funding and exhibitors only need to show that they have spent at least £2,500 on eligible expenses at the exhibition. For application forms visit

In recognition of the increasing importance of the South African

Trade Missions for 2013 This year the CEA will be running UKTI and Foreign Office supported trade missions to three exciting markets. Companies participating in a CEA trade mission can, and have, met key personnel they cannot meet as an individual supplier. These contacts include the likes of major purchasers and manufacturers of construction equipment, distributors, contractors, banks, finance institutions and other funding bodies and government officials.

Included in the itinerary will be meetings in Sao Paulo with some of the major mining companies and contractors including CSN, Odebrecht, Mills Rental, Invest in Sao Paulo Agency, Andrade Gutierrez, Camargo Correia, Gerdau and JCB.

The provisional dates of 3-8 June have been set for a trade mission to Brazil.

There will also be a visit to Belo Horizonte and other regions of Minas

Missioners will be able to attend the M&T Construction Expo (5-8 June) and to visit Brasilia to learn about the Brazilian Army projects and the demand for construction equipment.

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

Gerais where the mining industry is concentrated. A further mission to Mongolia is scheduled for late August or early September 2013. This will also feature a ‘Made in the UK’ seminar that will be run in conjunction with the British Embassy in Ulaanbaatar.

Trade Missions in 2013 Brazil - June 2013 Mongolia - August/September 2013 China - October 2013


hard data Figures from the VDMA for the German construction equipment and building material machinery market forecast a ‘Steady as you go’year in 2013. In 2012 Germany’s construction equipment manufacturers had a combined turnover of €7.9 billion which was a nominal decrease of around one per cent compared with 2011. “Although, on the whole, times are difficult, last year was a good year for our industry”, says Mr. Johann Sailer, VDA chairman, although he does not believe 2013 will see any sales peaks. However, the VDMA says in light of Bauma, confidence amongst plant manufacturers is high. “This event, which takes place every three years, has always inspired new business opportunities. It also is the number one indicator for upcoming market trends”. The number of orders received during the fourth quarter of 2012 does not indicate any growth and figures so far this year have been rather poor. The Association believes an increase in demand is most likely in the second half of the year and will see output this year equal that in 2012. In its forecast the VDMA draws attention to the situation in China as the country’s development will have great influence and impact. Last year China’s domestic market for construction machinery declined by 30%. Yet according to Off-Highway-Research, worldwide sales of mobile construction machinery were worth $100 billion in 2012, with China accounting for almost $30 billion, followed by $22 billion in North America while Europe accounted for only $12 billion.

EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE Within Europe, the VDMA says the future for the construction equipment and building material machinery industry looks less rosy, with the discrepancy between the markets in North and South Europe continuing to increase. It says it is impossible to predict if and when the construction industries in Spain, Portugal and Greece will finally recover. While saying that Germany has been, and probably will remain, a stable market, Johann’s view is that growth will most likely be generated in less traditional markets which many might not yet have considered. He highlights countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, some states of Southern Africa or even Mongolia. These countries have large reserves of raw materials ready to be extracted and an enormous need to improve their infrastructure. Indonesia, this year’s Bauma partner country, is the third fastest growing economy of Asia and one of the 20 largest national economies in the world. In 2007 nearly 7,500 heavy earth-moving machines

The VDMA believes that, as with the automotive industry, China has become an important factor for the production and sales of construction machinery. While the country is currently facing financing problems and surplus capacities in its domestic market, the VDMA believes these problems will be overcome within 18 months. In the long term it says China will remain the biggest market for construction machinery.

“Although, on the whole, times are difficult, last year was a good year for our industry.” Johann Sailer, CECE President

were sold in the country while by 2011 demand had reached 20,000 units. Its government is implementing a $400 billion economic development plan with nearly half to be allocated to infrastructure improvements including 21 priority projects (worth $33.4 billion) to build toll roads, bridges, harbours and water industry facilities.

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O V E R the horizon Milja Keijonen, Economist with the Construction Products Association in the uk, gives a rather bleak outlook for the sector. In March 2011, the coalition launched its ‘Plan for Growth’ with big announcements on the need to rebalance the economy towards exports and private sector. Construction was given a key role to play, but deep cuts to departmental budgets and a weak private sector have continued to weigh on the sector. So, almost two years on, construction output remains 15% lower than the peak in 2007. Since that announcement, work on schools and hospitals has fallen by 28% and is set to decline for another two years. That said, the falls in 2013/14 should be less severe due to an additional £1.3 billion investment in new school places and academies. Social housing has also suffered sharp cuts in the DCLG’s capital budget and a policy of providing affordable rather than social housing. In just two years, social housing output has fallen 22% with further falls ahead.

£725 million of extra funding to roads construction. But, as output almost halved in 2012, the roads sub-sector will take a long time to get back to 2010’s peak levels. The outlook for the rail sub-sector also remains buoyant as framework spending is set to continue and work on Crossrail, the largest construction project in Europe, gathers pace. In energy construction, Ofgem warns that 10% of the current generating stock will go offline in 2013, and with this trend set to continue, the risk of lights going out will increase by 2015. So theoretically demand for new capacity should be there - but the government has delayed policy decisions. The nuclear building programme has been postponed yet again and the uncertainty around EDF’s investment is likely to continue until a minimum ‘strike’ price has been agreed with government. Economic uncertainty has dampened the Dash for Gas revolution with planning

Private sector, the hoped-for engine of growth for construction, has also felt the pain with a flatlining economy and low investor confidence constraining the commercial sector. Work on offices and retail has shrunk by 10% in two years and a further 5.7% fall in output is forecast in 2013 before output plateaus in 2014.

permission currently on hold and Centrica, the country’s biggest energy supplier, postponing all gas construction work until 2017. The Plan for Growth has failed construction and the austerity has seen public work 15% lower than in 2010. Overall, the industry is now 9% smaller than in spring 2011 with a further 2.2% reduction in work predicted in 2013. Growth should return to construction in 2014 but, even if this averages around 3%, the industry will not return to prerecession levels until 2022.

% Change in Construction Output Since Coalition’s Plan for Growth (March 2011) Repair & maintenance Infrastructure

Private housing remains divided with the fortunes of large house builders a stark contrast with SMEs. Large house builders have gradually increased the number of units and are reporting good results driven by rising land values. With an improved economic climate and lending conditions, housing starts are forecast to increase by 6% this year and accelerate to 9% in 2014.


Prospects for infrastructure also provide light on the otherwise gloomy horizon. Roads and rail are forecast to grow in 2013 and the need for investment in electricity generation is imminent. The 2012 Autumn Statement committed

Total output

Commercial Public non-housing Public housing Private housing





Source ONS




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members ’ testimonials ASHTREE BLOSSOMS OVERSEAS UNDER THE CPA’S UMBRELLA Ashtree Vision and Safety is a supplier of mirrors and mirror arms to many leading construction machinery manufacturers including Hydrema, JCB, JLG, Komatsu, Leibherr, Linde, Sennebogen,Terex and Wacker Neuson. The company was founded in 1977 by Alan Roper, managing director, who was joined in 1982 by his son and current sales director John Roper. “When Ashtree began trading 36 years ago we predominantly supplied the truck and bus market,” says John. “Our biggest growth in the last 10 years has been in the construction equipment market, which is why we have recently re-branded to Ashtree Vision and Safety to reflect the growth of the business and the diversity of products we manufacture. “We joined the CEA five years ago as we wanted to get in front of other CEA members, particularly the OEMs, and we were aware of the association’s heavy involvement in overseas trade shows and wanted to draw on their expertise.

“We now export 40% of our products and have achieved an 86% growth in overseas earnings and in April 2012 we received a Queens Award for Enterprise for International Trade.” John concludes: “Winning the award has certainly raised the company profile and awareness of what we do – bringing to the forefront that we design and manufacture all the products we sell rather than buying them in.”

“We have exhibited under the CEA umbrella at overseas shows including Bauma and Intermat and the association has been incredibly helpful. We are thinking of exhibiting in the CEA’s UK pavilion at Conexpo in 2014 and have already added PLANTWORX to our list.

“We have exhibited under the CEA umbrella at overseas shows including Bauma and Intermat and the association has been incredibly helpful.” John Roper, sales director, Ashtree Vision and Safety

Construction WorX talks to TO ONGRADE DIRECTOR GARY ESCOTT Dorset based OnGrade specialises in innovative safety and productivity solutions for mobile plant. The company began trading in 2010 with the launch of the DigPilot and its most recent launch is ‘Site Zone’, a proximity warning system to reduce the risk of vehicle/ personnel collisions. Gary Escott was a founder member along with director and co-owner, Nigel Adams. “I had experience of the CEA from working at Prolec,” says Gary, “When OnGrade was formed in 2010 we joined the CEA.

“There’s a huge buzz in the industry surrounding the show.” Gary Escott, Director, OnGrade

“For us the value in being a CEA member is the networking, the ‘ear to the ground’ to keep us up to date with industry trends and what the OEMs are doing and it also puts OnGrade in front of potential customers.

Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

“The CEA supports not only the ‘big yellow’ but also small accessory suppliers which offer ‘after-market’ products like ours. The CEA’s current leadership (Nick Ground, CEO GKD Technik) is testament to the association’s focus on companies both big and small – one body for everybody. “Another CEA member, JCB, was particularly helpful to OnGrade, and showcased our products at its International Waste Day – support like that puts the small suppliers on the other OEM’s radar.” Gary is also looking forward to exhibiting at PLANTWORX exhibition, “There’s a huge buzz in the industry surrounding the show. We are so impressed with the CEA’s organisation of this event – it picked up the baton and ran with it – creating a show for the industry, by the industry.”


National Rehire and Resale Specialists for Lighting Towers, Engine Driven Welders and Generators

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SUPPLY SIDE - JCB DRIVETRAINS “Customer demands vary widely. For one of our customers we are currently developing a complete driveline meeting some exacting and specific requirements before the rest of the machine has even been designed.” Nigel Harding, general manager, JCB Drivetrain Systems

JCB Drivetrain Systems manufactures transmissions and axles for machines in the 40kW – 200kW range with axle loadings between 2t and 15t and its entire product range is available to third party equipment manufacturers.The products are not only suitable for companies building construction equipment but also for those making agricultural, forestry, mining, aviation and industrial machinery. Nigel Harding, general manager of JCB Drivetrain Systems, says the company is in the unique position of being able to offer a complete drivetrain package, all manufactured in-house. This includes the JCB Dieselmax and Ecomax engine, transmission, axles, cooling pack and induction system and hydraulic cylinders. He says this overcomes many of the control and integration problems experienced when companies use different engine, transmission and axle suppliers. “We work with a number of companies under confidentiality or non disclosure agreements and therefore are sensitive to the individual solutions arrived at for each customer,” he says.

“When a customer comes to us we can sometimes modify existing products to suit their requirement, which gives them the benefit of economies of scale and therefore much lower unit costs.” Nigel Harding

The company manufactures Powershift and SynchroShuttle transmissions with either four or six forward speeds and four reverse for both two or four wheel drive machines. It also produces transfer boxes, steer-drive, dead-steer and rigid-drive axles capable of supporting loads of up to 15t and can supply certain hydraulic components if required. Nigel says: “When a customer comes to us we can sometimes modify existing products to suit their requirement, which gives them the benefit of economies of scale and therefore much lower unit costs. Alternatively, we can design/engineer completely new products for a particular application - in fact we have a number of new products that are not used in any of JCB’s machines. “Customer demands vary widely. For one of our customers we are currently developing a complete driveline meeting some exacting and specific requirements before the rest of the machine has even been designed. Others customers might just want individual components to incorporate in their own products such as a differential. The modularity of our products is a definite advantage and option for our customers.” Depending on the customer’s request, the company can supply 2D and 3D CAD or Issue 02 April 2013 - Volume 22

hard copy drawings and 3D solid models with full installation details to ensure there is no interference between its components and an existing chassis. More in-depth information about the products and control system interfaces is also available if needed. “We have access to all the inherent knowledge in the products, be that the mechanical design or the electronic monitoring and control systems,” says Nigel. Furthermore, at its base in Wrexham, the company is able to help its customers ensure in-service reliability using a range of test rigs including automated rigs on which prototype drivetrains can undergo accelerated endurance testing. Around 90% of the company’s output is exported to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East and is able to tap into JCB’s established brand recognition around the globe. JCB Drivetrain Systems has recently appointed a distributor in China and is in the process of doing the same in South America. Meanwhile JCB Drivetrains Systems is seeking to appoint distributors in Russia and India.


YOUR SHOUT A-Plant’s Andrew Winlow believes that plant users need clearer information about emissions regulations “While we fully support moves to reduce diesel engine emissions to minimise the effect on public health and the environment, when we talk to our customers and manufacturers it’s increasingly apparent that there is widespread confusion over the legislation and concerns about the impact on the construction sector. “From 1996 onwards there have been successive rounds of emission legislation being implemented at different times for different machines depending on their power band and whether they are classified as mobile or static. This legislation is so complex it has created major problems as it’s difficult for the industry to track. Couple this with terminology such as Stage IIIA and Stage IIIB for EU legislation, and Tier 4 Interim and Tier 4 Final for US and Canadian legislation, and it’s no surprise that there’s confusion. “The current Stage IIIB regulations are having the most significant impact on the market with a typical industrial engine needing a 91% reduction in particulate matter (PM) emissions compared with its Stage IIIA counterpart. That’s a huge difference and we question whether it’s fair to demand so much of the machine manufacturers.

The Construction Equipment Association (also trading as CEA) is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 04930967. VAT number 243 3858 54. Registered Office: 1 Bickenhall Mansions, Bickenhall Street, London, W1U 6BP, UK The secretariat of the CEA, Administration Services Ltd (, has been awarded accreditation by the AMC Institute (, the global trade association representing the association management industry.

“We feel for the manufacturers as such drastic reductions demand extensive engineering and development time and no doubt huge additional cost. And all that comes at a time when the construction industries in the UK, Europe and large parts of the world have been hit by a huge recession. “There are a number of technologies to help meet Stage IIIB limits including diesel particulate filters (DPF), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) – and for our average customer that’s nothing short of a minefield. As a rental company and machine owner we also have to consider that this equipment requires a finely tuned engine, ultra-low sulphur diesel and specialist lubricants. New maintenance procedures may also be needed, such as servicing of DPFs. “Again, we have to ask ourselves whether these factors have been effectively communicated to the construction sector? “Stage IIIB emission regulations are having a major impact on pricing in the marketplace and both the initial and operating costs of equipment can vary significantly between different emission technology solutions and manufacturers. Customers may end up paying higher prices for Stage IIIB compliant equipment when they don’t necessarily need it.

Although care has been taken in preparing the information supplied in this publication, the CEA does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy of it. The CEA cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions and accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising. The views do not necessarily represent those of the CEA. Construction WorX is printed by: pb DIGITAL Limited Contact: Paul Bennett Tel: +44 (0)1489 588292 E-mail:

This legislation is so complex it has created major problems as it’s difficult for the industry to track. “So while we wholeheartedly agree that it’s necessary to reduce the emission levels for the sake of human health and the environment, we ask: could the regulations have not been implemented, and communicated, more effectively to make it easier for those needing to buy and use the equipment? We are, after all, the customer and ultimately the end user.” Andrew Winlow is Director of Fleet Management and Purchasing at leading plant and tools hire specialist A-Plant, which has over 100 depots and more than 1,900 employees. A-Plant is part of the Ashtead Group plc, which also comprises Sunbelt Rentals based in the US.

The Construction Equipment Association Airport House, Purley Way Croydon CR0 0XZ United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)20 8253 4502 Fax: +44 (0)20 8253 4510 E-mail:

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Construction WorX - Issue 2 - April 2013  

Construction Worx is the CEA’s quarterly magazine. It has a readership of over 20,000 throughout the UK. Regular features include product i...

Construction WorX - Issue 2 - April 2013  

Construction Worx is the CEA’s quarterly magazine. It has a readership of over 20,000 throughout the UK. Regular features include product i...