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61 • September 30, 2013

13-09-30 2:32 PM

pr e s i d e n t ’s b lu r b s

Editor’s Note Wherever we stood, there was a fire at our feer.


‘One day this will destroy us,’ you said, your lips like tongs, moving the burning parts of me. But I wondered how it could destroy us when it was us? We had become this love. We were not lovers. We were love.


a wo r d f ro m o u r s a pr e s i d e n t

President’s Blurbs

A Word From Our SA President

- Jeanette Winterson

All of a sudden, it’s autumn. That nip is in the air, and soon it will become a sure chill. I wish I could write poetry about being cold but there is no romance in it for me. All I crave for on the regular is heat


Noteworthy Notes


And a Good Day It is.

Eyes Wide Shut

8 Campus Happenings WISE Week 9

breaking bread

don’t act so distant. Move in a little closer. Let’s cozy up -- being warm works best when you’re not alone.


Raise your voice

Reach out and around you, draw people in.




You’ve got a warmth only you can distribute. There are persons, individuals, that are cold. Not the kind of cold that a hot shower can vanquish but a cold that nobody should have to feel. No man is an island and this place that we all call home doesn’t have to feel like a cellar but rather a hearth.


Shirley Chisholm

what we’re listening to Behold, There Is a Band of Merry Minstrels

13 The Listener

I’m just going to write what’s been impressed upon my heart and hope that you are listening. There’s something different about us: it is the fact that we are an Adventist institution, but I think we tend to forget what an Adventist institution is. Yes, we have our doctrines. Yes, we have our belief system. Yes, we have our religion. Despite all of those three true statements, I don’t believe that’s what makes us different.

The two greatest commandments given to us are: love God and love your neighbor (Matthew 22:35-39). We have so many examples of what love is: John 3:16; 1 Corinthians 13:4-8; 1 John 4:7-19; 2 Timothy 1:7; Ro15 submissions mans 12:9-10; Romans 13:8-10. Look them up. All those That heat? That warmth inside of you? It is love. verses speak to what God’s concept of love is: a com munity that understands we are all different, yet we Send your kindling my way. are still able to respect that we are different. Once we Sapphire w. acknowledge God’s concept of love, we become a student body that can discuss ideas, broaden horizons, and lisTo submit questions, response, art, or an article: ten to each other. Once we learn to listen to each other - with love then it becomes easier to learn from each - sachronicles@gmailcom other, be around each other, support each other and do The content of this newspaper represents the views, opinions and interests of the students on the Aurora Chronicles (The Inquirer) Editorial Team. Readers should not assume that what they find in this things with each other.

14 The Honest Traveler

What makes university such an amazing place is the fact that we are all here to learn. What makes an Adventist university such an amazing place is that we have been given the ultimate example of love. By putting these two things together, we have the perfect formula for a strong community. No one knows more than the other; no one is an expert at anything. Keeping that in mind along with our example of love, we can create an environment of open communication and enriching opportunities. What unites us as a student body is not the idea that we are all the same. What unites us as a student body is acknowledging the fact that we all have something to bring to the table that someone else cannot bring: a piece of the mosaic that makes it complete. God gave us each our own special talent, skill, personality, experiences, etc. What unites us as a student body is the ability to know the differences, but we still love each other regardless. So, feel free to speak. Speak what’s on your heart and what’s on your mind. We’re listening.

newspaper is automatically endorsed or supported by the CUC Student Association, Canadian University College, its Administration or its employees. What you find here may very well be one student writer’s opinion. While we, the Editorial Team, do our best to ensure that the information provided is correct, mistakes do occur and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the material. If you do notice any mistakes or you disagree with the appropriateness of any of the content please contact the editorial team directly at

Septemeber 30, 2013

SeptB.indd 2-3

The Inquirer

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13-09-30 2:32 PM

noteworthy notes

PROPOSAL FOR SA & C M LIAISON The Student Association Executive (SA Exec) cabinet of 2013-

So, I know what you’re thinking:

2014 is excited for the new academic year. It is our collective goal to

What makes them think I’m about to read this long article anyways?

amplify student voice on campus in hopes of creating a sense of unity and community among the student body population. Considering

The answer is simple:

this goal, we have concluded that it would be highly advantageous

Because it includes all the updates you could possibly imagine that

to work with other organizations on campus that may contribute

affect YOU. It’s about time someone answered all the questions you’re asking or even the questions you didn’t think of asking. It’s a new school year, which means that there are a lot of new things. I just want to give you an update as to what your Student Association is up to. Keywords will be bolded in hopes of capturing your attention. Below are things that

date. The Social VP is looking for creative people who can come up with cool ideas for events and/or help set the atmosphere of an event by decorating. The Director of Student Life is in need of students interested in being a part of the many committees on campus: Computer Services; Academic Planning; Spiritual Life Committee. If you’re interested in any of the aforementioned, feel free to send us an email!

1. We have improved the Director of Religious Affairs position. You can read our proposal on the following pages. Let us know if you agree or not! 2. We have also improved on our SA Office Hours. We have agreed that we will not be sitting in an office during our office hours. Starting next week, we will be in the more populated areas of campus (cafeteria, library, dorm, etc.) in order to interact with the student body. We will strike up a conversation with you or you can strike up a conversation with us about absolutely anything. We don’t have to always talk business; we’re people too. :) For at least an hour everyday, you will see one of your SA officers and you will be able to speak with them. This hour is dedicated to you. 3. We have created a hashtag (#cucaurora14) for all social networking sites. Tag all your pictures, posts, and statuses that has ANYTHING to do with your life here on campus. By using this hashtag, we will create a gigantic story about our year. The Yearbook and Newspaper will be taking pictures and posts from this hashtag for their respective publications, so you never know, you might see your tweet, facebook status, or instagram photo published for the whole world to see! 4. We are creating mini-teams! The SA Exec does not want to do any of this alone; we need your help. There are a number of committees to join that range over a broad number of subjects. The Communications VP is looking for a photographer who will take photos for every event, a videographer who will take different videos that we need, and a webmaster who can make sure our soon-to-come SA website is up-toSeptemeber 30, 2013

SeptB.indd 4-5

5. We are currently working with some students to create a weekly podcast that students can download and your parents can download as well. It is a means to keep students informed of what’s happening on campus, as well as a way for students to voice their opinion about different things.

8. The Snack Shop will be open soon! Please bear with us. We are working with Student Services to make the Snack Shop into a SA zone: a place where you can find everything SA! Do you have any suggestions as to what should be changed/added to the Snack Shop? Come talk to one of us and let us know your ideas.

Revenue from Fees # of Students Fee/Student

509 $82.00 $41,738.00 $62,933.50

wish to create an effective and meaningful relationship with is the

Description of Fee Allocation

Campus Ministries (CM) team. We believe Ammmishaddaih Flores,


the president for the school year 2012-2013, was on the right path in trying to bring a spiritual aspect to the Student Association and bridging the gap between the two organizations by creating the the SA Exec has reviewed the position, as well as spoken to the CM Director and sponsors. After careful consideration, we propose the following: the position of Director of Religious Affairs becomes null and void and affirm the Campus Ministries director as an ex-officio member of the SA Exec.

Mandatory Expenses Carry Over Buffer for 13/14 AIA Fees

5% of Gen. Budget $0.60/student

$3,146.68 $305.40 $3,452.08


$750.00 $750.00 $1,000.00 $2,000.00 $750.00 $500.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $12,000.00 $3,000.00 $250.00 $1,000.00

Handshake Hill Top Drop Pep Rally Octoburfest Amateur Hour I Amateur Hour II SA Christmas Party Welcome Back Party Dodgeball Tournament Banquet Club Event Stipends Surprise Event CUC Olympics TOTAL SOCIAL EXPENSES BUDGETED


life: administration, academic, social, and communication. We are missing representation in the spiritual aspect of campus. When we discuss solutions to student dilemmas or issues, we have perspectives from a social view, an academic view, and an administrative view, but we lack the specific perspective from a spiritual point of view, which is vital to an Adventist-based institution. We would

7. We are in the process of talking with the businesses in town about student discounts! Do you happen to have a place in mind that you wouldn’t mind getting a student discount from? Let us know on our Facebook page; we’ve asked the question and all you have to do is click on your response.


rounded by. One of the primary impact groups on campus that we

The positions on the SA Exec cover most aspects of a student’s

6. We are in the process of getting a SA website up and running for your viewing pleasure. This will be an avenue for you to submit your concerns/suggestions, to find out what’s happening around campus, to see the collage we are creating with our hashtag, and much more.

4 General Account Opening Balance

to the overall environment that our students find themselves sur-

position “Director of Religious Affairs.” Throughout the summer

we have worked on or we are currently working on.

St u d e n t a s s o c i at i o n b u d g e t 2013-2014

like to have someone represent this fundamental aspect of campus in our votes and in our discussions so that we are not only growing socially or academically, but we are also growing spiritually as a

Communication Printer Charges/Office Supplies Staff Cameraman $20/video Photographer $10/event Webmaster TOTAL COMMUNICATION EXPENSES BUDGETED Academic Senate Stipends Senate Chief Secretary Stipends $50/bill Senate Purchases TOTAL ACADEMIC EXPENSES BUDGETED

$800.00 40 videos 20 events

$800.00 $200.00 $800.00 $1,800.00

8 bills

$500.00 $200.00 $400.00 $1,200.00 $2,300.00


How It Will Work An ex-officio member is a member of a body (a board, committee, council, etc.) who is part of it by virtue of holding another office. As an ex-officio member, the Campus Ministries Director will attend Student Association Executive cabinet meetings on an invitation basis, be included in the discussion during those meetings, and

There are a number of things we hope to work on throughout the year, but the list above is the things we are currently working on. I just really want to emphasize that we are trying our very best to work on your concerns/suggestions/needs/ wants…just everything. We want this to become your campus: a campus that you can be proud of and a campus that makes you happy. We want to become more than a campus: we want to become a community.

have a vote on the matters discussed if he or she so chooses. This will also work vice versa where the Campus Ministries team can invite the Student Association President to any meeting they deem necessary. Each team will still function as their own entity, but this crossover from time to time will allow for constant communication and a united front with two organizations who play a big role in the life on campus.

Notes: Keep up to date on campus news, announcements, and other details via the CUC Student Association Facebook page or the President, Mark Haynal’s Blog:

The Inquirer

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13-09-30 2:32 PM

and a good day it is. by c h a n ta l j a n l eotau d

eyes wide shut

Have you ever been robbed? This summer they took my Lululemon duffle bag, dress clothes, work shoes, lipstick, and my driver’s license. I was so numb to it at the time that I jumped into the vehicle, shoved the broken window to the other seat and drove to my dad’s house and went to sleep. The Crypturellus Soui or Little Tinamou loves treading on the forest floor. They have the sweetest rump resembling that of an agouti. I have not yet seen a Little Tinamou but I have had a conversation or two from afar with the unique seal brown, terrestrial insect and palm fruit eater. They are more secretive than hermit birds. The Little Tinamou finds its home in South America, Central America and a few islands in the Caribbean Sea. These birds tread so softly that it is almost impossible to hear them walk over the crunchy mulch and undergrowth. They lay their eggs in nests that they make in little depressions on the forest floor. The male Little Tinamou sits on the eggs from daytime into the night, turning and shifting the one or two eggs every few hours during incubation. If you get too close to him while he is on the eggs, he would drop his head into his feathers and raise his rump to reveal the eggs. No one is sure why he does this. If you get too close to him still, he would vanish into the forest and return a few moments after, with his wings hunched down and vibrating while deliberately passing close to you. They do not pick at you either. Septemeber 30, 2013

SeptB.indd 6-7

The Little Tinamou is hardly aggressive but, rather, distracts you as a defense. I too would have been confused and thought twice if I should get too close, had I seen it reveal its eggs. You might imagine its predators (like the falcon, vampire bat, giant anteater, and snakes) having a go at the eggs. This is why they remain secretive. Hardly seen and echo sad, depressive, whinny whistles through the forest and leaves you with no clue which direction it came from or is going, the Little Tinamou remains a mystery to me. Not all mysteries need to be solved. The ones who committed larceny and broke my window may remain a mystery. Had I approached the street corner to get a glimpse of the vehicle while I was passing by, I might have had my eyes stolen as well. I let them block the road and I kept walking to the other street. Like the Little Tinamou, I shook my feathery wings and hoped my eggs were still there and they were. I still had a vehicle to jump into and drive away. All was not lost. Sometimes it is good to avoid danger. People may say that avoiding some issues are cowardly and even stupid. Perhaps some would suggest fighting for what means most to you. I pose an argument in respect to the Little Tinamou. Sometimes it is best to ruffle your feathers and make deliberate steps back to your space so that the intruder gets the message. Although this may not be the best strategy for every situation, like they say, “Pick your battles.”

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love. Mother Teresa The Inquirer

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13-09-30 2:32 PM

campus happenings

- WISE week

Breaking Bread by R a p t u r e

by S a n d r a Co n way

A big thank you to Pastor Greg Taylor and all of the students who made first semester’s WISE week a beautiful experience.

Septemeber 30, 2013

SeptB.indd 8-9

When I first came to Canada I had misconceptions of CUC students. I felt they were spoilt (not all, but most) because some people thought that manual registration was too much work though it only took one day. In Babcock University Nigeria our registration lasted a minimum of one week and a maximum of a few months depending on how many setbacks one had. Because with the way the system worked, anyone could have setbacks at a given point in time during registration. So remembering what me and my sister went through, I felt CUC students were not appreciative enough also considering we had to deal with our own problems in College there and accept if we were treated unfairly by staff there instead of belting out our problems like people can freely do here. In fact, the only problems that were reported were the ones committed by student to student. Trust me when I say I thought wrong. I got to thinking…”Babcock is a Christian institution and so is CUC, Isn’t it the mission of Christians as well as Christian institutions to help those in need? That’s what “Christ” did and his mission inevitably becomes ours as “Christ“ians. I may be sounding preachy because you probably all know this. But I feel if this problem of unfairness is to be solved, we need to start from the root of our faith, Christ. So, my heart is heavy to observe this same pattern through college both from Adventist schools nonetheless. What can I do? I’m only human; I can only voice my opinion through the newspaper and pray for this institution. Only God can change the heart of a man. At the end of the day, it is an individual decision to truly accept Jesus into our lives or not, it is only then that change can take place. On coming to CUC I have not experienced any unfair treatment from the staff or management yet (none that I know of), so I will confess that CUC is a tad bit better than Babcock. With that, I’m going to say something a little bit controversial. I urge you students to be appreciative of what you had because you sure have it better than us when we were in Babcock. The worst thing that has happened to me in CUC so far was when a Dean that I thought I was becoming friends with denied me and my sister a room in Riverton and made up stories about us. But of course God turned it into good

The Inquirer

because we ended up getting our own place, so no problems there. So again back to my point. Outside CUC people have it so much worse like in Babcock people are treated like animals. Again, back to the subject of registration. Staff talked to students in callous manners when the students would ask for help. If a student wanted to get their ID card it was a struggle. Not nice Canadian standing in line. I remember vividly when I was almost pushed down from a three story building just because kids wanted to get their ID’s. And…Cafeteria, yes, Cafeteria. I dreaded that one, we struggled for food as well, plus people were constantly cutting in line. Sometimes the food finished and some people went back to the hostel hungry. Yet I hear some students complaining how they had to wait in line at the Cafeteria. All you have to do is wait. And trust me, food will not finish out on you because people are not pushing you out of the line or cutting in. I’ll conclude by saying, instead of seeing the bad things, why not concentrate on the good things because there are obviously more than like say some schools. I mean, good things came out of Babcock as well, my next best friend till date ( first being my sister) came from there. And I’ll admit that he academics are much easier with Babcock’s Nigerian system than they are here. Moving on. God brought you to CUC for a reason so while you’re here why not make the most of it. Try to help others that are in the same situation, perhaps you can both learn from each other. Also try to grow in your walk with Christ because only he will give you peace in the midst of these trials, because that is what you’re going through is. Who knows he is probably allowing it for the best Romans 8:28 “All things work together for good to them that love God.” I know that me and my sister gained a lot from our experience. Don’t worry, its not like your going to be in CUC forever. And lastly, I will leave you with this “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven;” Matthew 5:44-45 a.

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13-09-30 2:32 PM

Raise your voice


T u r n d i s c u s s i o n i n to c h a n g e The Inquirer: How long have you been attending CUC? - I am in my second year at CUC

TI: Who were your previous employers on cam pus? How do you feel about your relationship with previous employers on campus?

TI: What are some of the positive aspects of CUC you’ve experienced?

Clyde Hannebury. The best boss you can ever have. He is a nice man.

F e at u r i n g wo m e n w h o h av e c h a n g e d t h e wo r l d.

Deans/Student deans at LVH. I feel that the rela- I have met some amazing people that have contributed - tionship lasted for the time being, that I was working for positively to my life. them and that was it. There is no relationship now. TI: What are some issues you find interfere with the positivity at CUC? - Here at CUC I think there are issues with how faculty, deans, Student Deans or staff members treat students of color. Also, forcing older students (21 and up) to live at LVH when clearly, they will save money, and grow in many ways if they lived off campus. Forcing these students to live at LVH goes against the CUC’s vision and mis sion statement. TI: What are some negative experiences you’ve experienced? - At CUC I have seen and heard of incidents where many of the workers at LVH were students of color and they were treated unfairly and employers did not abide by the rules of the contract. TI: What were the causes for some of these issues? Lack of professionalism Miscommunication Lack of kindness towards fellow man TI: How do you feel about your relationship with professors? - I think my relationships with my professors are re spectful and encouraging. TI: How do you feel about your relationship with faculty/staff? I believe they are alright. Septemeber 30, 2013

SeptB.indd 10-11

She served in the state legislature until 1968 when she decided to run for a seat in the U.S. Congress. The 12th Congressional District was created after the Westberry v. Sanders decision stated that election districts must be roughly equal in population. Chisholm won the seat with the use of her “independent spirit” and her campaign slogan, “Unbought and Unbossed.” Chisholm’s win made her the 1st African American woman in Congress.

TI: Do you feel as though you have the ability to openly express your concerns and issues with figures of authority on campus? (includes previ ous employers, professors, faculty/staff) - No. TI: If you do not feel like you can express issues and concerns, why do you think that is? - I feel as though I have no right to do so. I also feel as though nothing will change or be done. I feel as though there is a small, very small handful of faculty, staff members who would genuinely listen and take action. TI: If you knew that someone would hear your concerns and actively attempt to rectify those issues, what would say would fix these issues? - Have the president, faculty and staff members make the first move to make it real to the students and community, publicly in front of everyone admit that “Yes, there is a problem, and we have been denying it for too long. It is 2013 and we still have issues with people who do things differently than we do, or look dif ferent than we do.” TI: Would you encourage friends or family mem bers to attend CUC with these issues in mind? - Yes, only because I know that if God wants you here at CUC, it’s a good place to go for Him to break you down with His own people in order to build you up with His love, Him.

Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm was a woman who was known for her moral character and her relentless ability to stand up for her community and what she believed. A child to immigrant parents, she learned from an early age the importance of an education and the value of hard work, both of which she applied to her political career and her accomplishments while serving as a Congresswoman. Chisholm attended Brooklyn College where a blind political science professor, Louis Warsoff, encouraged Chisholm to consider politics based on her “quick mind and debating skills.” She reminded The Inquirer

him that she had a “double handicap” when it came to politics—she was black and a woman. Chisholm joined the debate team and after African-American students were denied admittance to a social club at the college, she started her own club called Ipothia—In Pursuit of the Highest In All. Shirley graduated with honors in 1946 and worked as a nursery school aide and teacher while she attended evening classes at Columbia University’s Teachers College. She received her masters degree in early childhood education in 1951, and eventually became a consultant to the New York City Division of Day Care in 1960.

Chisholm served a total of 14 years in the Congress and made numerous contributions before she made the decision to retire in 1982. During her time in office she was one of the four founders of the National Women’s Political Caucus in 1971, was appointed to the “powerful” House Rules Committee in 1977 and introduced more than 50 pieces of legislation. President William J. Clinton nominated Chisholm to be the U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica, but she declined due to ill health. Chisholm went on to teach college and co-founded the National Political Congress of Black Women, which represented black women’s concerns. When asked how she wanted to be remembered, Chisholm said, “When I die, I want to be remembered as a woman who lived in the 20th century and who dared to be a catalyst of change. I don’t want to be remembered as the first black woman who went to Congress. And I don’t even want to be remembered as the first woman who happened to be black to make the bid for the presidency. I want to be remembered as a woman who fought for change in the 20th century. That’s what I want.” Note: Article taken from the National Women’s History Museum shirley-anita-chisholm/ Page 11

13-09-30 2:32 PM

what we’re listening to

the listener

B e h o l d, T h e r e i s a Ba n d o f M e r ry M i n st r e l s

“E lephant ” - H annah G eorges Ever felt the presence of an elephant in the room within your own self? Can everyone see my thoughts, you wonder. Can any-

I’m going to start with a disclaimer: If you hear the phrase “folk revival” in reference to any current band, always use quotation marks. This “folk revival” isn’t truly a revival since folk music hasn’t really died since it’s true comeback in the sixties, but the neo-folk movement can’t really be called a trend, either. In recent years we’ve seen a thunderous uprising of bearded, foot-stomping, banjototing minstrels covering a spectrum of sounds from the pop sensibilities of The Lumineers to the psychedelic aesthetic Of Monsters And Men subtly carries, and these sounds have bled out far beyond their set paradigms. If indie folk as we know it isn’t here to stay, the impact it’s already making will. I like to credit the “folk revival” to Sufjan Stevens, but that’s mostly because I have an unhealthy obsession with the sufjanic and because I enjoy turning up my fat pretentious nose at real, legitimate folk fans who sincerely believe that Mumford & Sons have come to save us from our musical transgressions and to usher in a new era of “hey-ing” and “ho-ing” for millennia to come. And the chances are very good that they’re right. The impact of Sufjan Stevens’ Seven Swans on the music scene is actually quite limited when compared to the mass of neo-folk bands sprouting from the seeds planted by Sigh No More, and with good reason, too; the holy quadrinity of modern folk have a knack for making the old relevant again and for writing a catchy tune or two or twenty. I’ve got to be honest with myself here, the only single from 2009 that gets more time on my playlist than “Little Lion Man” is Animal Collective’s “My Girls” (even so, if you enjoyed Sigh No More then I urge you to stalk every record store in Alberta until you find Seven Swans; maybe I’ll even permit you to purchase it from iTunes). But I’m actually not here to talk about Mumford & Sons or Sufjan Stevens or even about banjos. I’m actually currently wrapped up in a remarkable band that has a knack for applying these “folk revival” tendencies to introspective indie rock. Imagine replacing a folk group’s banjos with double-picking ambient guitar work and crossing Septemeber 30, 2013

SeptB.indd 12-13

w h at ’s o n

west-coast indie melodies with folk harmonies and you’ve got Reuben and the Dark. Reuben and the Dark is actually a reincarnation of Reuben Bullock’s debut record, Pulling Up Arrows. Reuben’s debut album is a quiet exploration of self with a whimsical nature that brings to mind a less produced version of Anchor & Braille. “Paper Trail” is a standout from Pulling Up Arrows, making use of fluttering string parts with a la Sleeping At Last. For the second album, Bullock found himself three more like-minded gents and released Man Made Lakes using the name Reuben and the Dark for the first time, incorporating signature double-picking riffs. If you pick up Man Made Lakes, check out “Bow and Arrow,” “Broken Cheek,” and “Avails of Loneliness. And do it soon. Reuben and the Dark are coming to Calgary and Edmonton later this month, supported by Paper Kites. Reuben and company play Edmonton’s Starlight Room on October 29 before skipping over to Calgary on the 30th for a gig at SAIT. More information can be found on their site. One more reason to check out the show (as if incredible music alone isn’t reason enough) – Distance Bullock actually attended PAA. Mark this one on your calendars. You’ve been given plenty of notice. No one has any excuse not to be there. Yes, I’m trying to guilt you into going. Feel guilty.

one see the love that I long for. Can everyone just breathe.

“I F ollow R ivers ” - L ykke L i Do you find yourself chasing rivers? Your dreams flow so far ahead of you. Can you keep up? Risk slipping in? Don’t risk it, jump in with your dreams and flow with your longings, following them into the sea of opportunity.

“R eflektor ” - T he A rcade F ire

“B roken C heek ” - R euben

and the

D ark

“J ust D ropped I n (T o S ee W hat C ondi tion M y C ondition I s I n )” - K enny R og ers and the F irst E dition “I’ m in a H urry (A nd D on ’ t K now W hy )” - F lorida G eorgia L ine “N ight

on the

S un ” - M odest M ouse

“A in ’ t N o T elling ” - T he T emperance M ovement “M ercy ” - TV O n T he R adio

“M y B ody I s



C age ” - T he A rcade F ire

First of all, go YouTube this song. I’ll wait... *waiting*. K, so that ORGAN at 2:09!!! Pounding any demons that I may have harboured into high heaven is what that organ does to me. Transcendentally inside floats out. I know Win Butler is begging for his body to set free, but I don’t think he knows what he does to my soul. When this track begins, I’m definitely not caged.

“W e A re


O nes ( resevoir

poetry )”-

S had

I used to have this friend. Well, we may very well still be friends, but the last time I saw him. Like, really SAW him was maybe two years ago during the summer when I was living in Edmonton. He came to visit me and on a rainy Sunday morning, I asked him to make me a playlist that I would never forget. I like to fantasize about me a poet -- you know, deep. Good with words. Skilful with phrases. My friend knows this and put this song on that playlist I speak to you about now. So, whenever I’m

I guess I’ve been feeling restless these past few days (a restlessness that surely manifests itself in my playlist). I haven’t been to a show in forever, and I’ve got to make it out to this one. I hope to see you there.

trying to get inspired to write poetry, I listen to that playlist, get in touch with that rhythmn, and ride the beat. Of course, I’m not the same as I was before. Neither is my friend. “And you are the ones we will never be now.” I also met Shad in real life. -S.W.

Find Richard’s current playlist on page 13. The Inquirer

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T h e HO n e st T r av e l e r

To travel is a dream many people keep tucked away in their minds for those bad days when they really want to just get away from it all – school, family, work, responsibility and stress. As a young person, I had always felt that traveling was just the things for me – that if I could just travel and forget about every day life, that my life would be a bit more complete, and that somehow out there, things would be different for me.

leges Abroad (ACA) institution there, the Campus Adventiste du Salève. My summer experience there was incomparable to any other travel experience I had before then. Getting off the plane, I felt like even the first breath of air I took in was going to change my life (unfortunately, landing in Europe meant it was almost all comprised of cigarette smoke). I was confronted with many things I hadn’t fully expected. Although I created a basic budget, it proved to be useless. I also hadn’t accounted for being ripped-off because I was a tourist (and all I had to do to reThings out there are different, from cultures and veal my tourist identity was speak, even though my languages to landscapes and food, the world is a huge French was fluent). From taxi rides and hotel room to place that many of us have only had a small taste airplane tickets, money was being drained from my of experience from, if any. There are new opportunibudget. Another student who traveled with me was ties all over the world for students and teachers to on his 10th credit card, number 10 being devoted just open their eyes to the world and experience the curto this trip. After experiences like almost being separent globalization of our world with their own bodies. rated in an airport from a 16 year old entrusted to When I found out there was a major at CUC where travel with us, to realizing on a train that you bought you can not only study languages, world cultures, the wrong ticket (and getting caught and forced to business, speech and many other interesting courses pay again), the high stress of traveling was the main but also required you to study abroad for one sumthing that caught me off guard. But was seeing the mer, I figured I would study the world and prepare to Mona Lisa with my naked eyes and jumping off a cliff work abroad afterwards; as most people are already into the Mediterranean Sea worth it? My answer in sold on traveling, I figured being paid to do it would the end was inevitably yes. be even more of a dream. The truth is, travel can become real part of your life. The downfall is that any part of life is indeed reality. And everything in reality has its ups and downs. That was demonstrated to me when my time came to study abroad. My country of choice was France, so naturally I looked at the Adventist ColSeptemeber 30, 2013

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The filthiness of it The way it grinds into clothes and skin Staining the soul with proof of positie of labour and, in the truest sense, connection with one’s r o o t s These that go down into the dirt Frighten those of silken gloves The knowledge they harvest from the ground is too profound for dinner parties. The ground speaks through life and the potential of a seed, in all its forms, Gives thanks for its fertile soil.

C.M. Matty

This year, this column is dedicated to honest travel experience. With students from other ACA programs putting in their personal and current experiences, what I hope for you is that you can take these lessons and apply them to your own travel decisions, interests, and hopefully soon, your reality.

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Septemeber 30, 2013

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Vol. 61 Issue 2