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Harnessing the power of new media in your ministry By Lisa Hendey & Matthew Warner

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New horizons are now open that were until recently unimaginable; they stir our wonder at the possibilities offered by these new media and, at the same time, urgently demand a serious reflection on the significance of communication in the digital age. - 45th World Communications Day

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• Truth • Proclamation • Authenticity of Life

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• Silence and Word: Path of Evangelization • Value of silent reflection • Necessity of finding quiet in an increasingly busy world

Vatican Blogger Meeting

Current Trends – “Reality” • 80% of Americans use social media • 79% of all adults use the internet (95% of young adults) • 80% of Americans use email • 68% of churchgoers want to connect with their Church via social media

Current Trends – “Reality” • 71% of online Americans use video-sharing sites • The average teenager sends out 50 txt msgs / day • 85% of adults use cell phones & 35% use smartphones • e-Readership doubled in 6 months - to 12% in May 2011 (tablets = 8%) Pew Internet Data

Stickiness: SNS Frequency of Use

Pew Internet June 2011

Current Trends – Millennial Catholics • 22% have read diocesan newspaper (only 4% online) • 70% have no awareness of print Catholic magazines & newspapers • 43% self report as “Catholic” on social networking sites • 8% read religious or spiritual blogs Catholic Media Use in the US, CARA 8/11

5 New Media Rules of Ministry Communication

Rule #1 The parishioner is in control

Respect their time & attention

Make it easy for them

to connect

Speak to people in the ways

they want to listen …which means using new media.

Listen more than you talk.

Rule #2 Your website matters

Your website matters • Leaves lasting first impression of your parish • Avoid committing “deadly sins” • Website is your New Media home base – Information resource – Connection to community

Your website matters • Invest in a great website presence • Have multiple authors involved • Observe USCCB guidelines • Offer online registration & tithing • Tell your parish story • Reach out to inquirers & fallen-away

What parishioners want • Priestly presence

• Bulletin online early

• Ministry schedule information

• Mobile version

• Homilies available online

• Online Forms and registration

• Q & A with Pastor • Photos, photos, photos

• Active Facebook presence for wired parishioners and teens

• Religious education resources

• Online stewardship

• Opt-in text reminders

• Ride sharing resources

Rule #3

Reach people where they already are

Being present is

not enough

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Social Network

WEB 2.0 Broadcasting -> Monologue -> Talking AT -> Informing ->

Engaging Dialogue Talking WITH Listening and


How? How NOT to...

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If you shoot for quantity at the expense of quality, you’ll end up with neither.

Build your social network upon

meaningful relationships

Social Network =

Connection + Content

Connection How the conversation happens Content

The occasion for the conversation

5 Quick Tips for Building Connections

#1 Use other social networks

#2 Don’t forget email

Examples: & (for blogs) Constant Contact & Mailchimp (email marketing) (Catholic parishes, dioceses, orgs)

#3 Use text messaging

#4 Encourage social commenting

#5 Use multimedia

Rule #4 Don’t give up

Don’t give up • “Be not afraid” • Tap into local and diocesan talent & resources • Explore affordable cloud-based solutions: Wordpress, Drupal, Google

Rule #5 Engage their hearts first

3 Reasons for lack of participation

• People aren’t inspired • We’re in maintenance mode • Parishioners don’t trust us

Technology is not going to bring people back to the church. You are. People are. And through building meaningful relationships.


Best Practices Panel • • • • • •

Craig Berry – The Catholic Spirit Emily Klinker – Guardian Angels Chaska Caren Hansen – BSM Jr. / Sr. High School Sue Kerr – Carondolet Grade School Adrian Flores – Net Ministries Stephanie Veatch – Basilica of St. Mary


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