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Long-Term Solution Needed to Fix The “Fundamental Mismatch” in Social Care Leaders of england’s county authorities have warned that there is a ‘fundamental mismatch’ between funding and demand for social care, with counties now at a ‘significant crossroads’ that will determine whether life critical services are sustainable in the long term. Calling for a long-term solution which included “genuinely new funding” they argued that measures to front-load the social care precept and redirect a small proportion of New Homes Bonus (NHB) provide only short-term relief. In its Local Government Finance Settlement (LGFS) submission, the County Councils Network (CCN) highlighted that the precept will only have a ‘nominal effect’ meaning many county authorities would be reluctant to implement the 3% increase. In addition, some counties would be financially worse off by 2020 if they amended original plans to raise council tax by 2%, placing further burdens on rural residents to contribute to a ‘national crisis’. But this use of reserves, or the precept, was not the long-term solution and would still leave councils reducing services next year, CCN argues, especially as counties remain underfunded compared to other local authorities, and face a 93% drop in core grants by 2020. County residents already face a ‘disproportionate’ council tax burden due to underfunding of social care, meaning that many counties are set to use already stretched reserves to dampen the impact of funding reductions next year with a view to a long-term solution. The submission welcomed the re-routing of a small proportion of NHB but called for targeted transitional measures for upper-tier councils facing a reduction in funding in order to safeguard frontline life-critical services. In the absence of new funding, they said the change was a logical step with DCLG recognising the immediate pressures in social care and impact on elderly and vulnerable people. CCN rejected claims of a ‘trade off’ between a crisis facing social care and the need to deliver more homes, highlighting that Government is looking to incentivise housing through targeted investment and reforms to the planning system. The submission cited evidence by the Government’s own review which had shown that the 80/20 funding spilt in two-tier areas had negatively impacted on county councils and had not delivered on its key objective of being spent on local community projects. Looking ahead, counties urged the Government to use the March Budget to

provide genuinely new and additional funding if counties are to meet rising demand and provide a sustainable platform to integrate services, stabilise care markets and revisit proposals for a cap on care CCN said it supported the Government’s adult social care review and look forward to engaging with it. County leaders argue that addressing the unfairness and inequities currently in the system will be key to any social care solution. Over half the country’s elderly population live in counties, and they will grow at the fastest rate – rising 2% every year from 2015 up to 2020. Yet despite this high level of demand, counties receive the lowest per head funding for over 65s, with local taxpayers increasingly picking up the bill for this shortfall. Because of these significant pressures, CCN is calling for the Government to accelerate the timetable for completion of its needs-based review, which will examine the manner in which local authorities are funded. Bringing it forward and rebalancing the inequalities will go a long way to ensuring social care is sustainable and to help design a business rates retention system that works. Failing to address the need for a long-term solution will bring into sharp focus whether services can be sustained without councils raiding their reserves or placing a disproportionate burden on rural taxpayers. Cllr Paul Carter, County Councils Network chairman, said: “There is a fundamental mismatch between the funding counties receive for social care and the extreme demand we face for high-quality care services. While rerouting some New Homes Bonus money is a logical step and a recognition of the immediacy of the crisis’ impact on elderly residents, the measures announced provide minimal support to those under greatest pressure, leaving upper-tier authorities at a significant crossroads. “Unless we have genuinely new funding, services the sick, elderly, and vulnerable depend on will continue to have a question mark hanging over them. Fresh resource will provide a platform to integrate services, stabilise care markets, and to revisit the cap on care. Equally, the gross underfunding of counties, coupled with a 37% realterms reduction in government funding since 2010, must be rebalanced to ensure the sustainability of social care. “Empowered county authorities must play a key part in fixing the social care funding crisis. They must be trusted to lead the integration drive, and government must build upon counties’ expertise, financial prudence, and size to deliver fundamental reform as part of a long-term solution.”




VIEWPOINT a very belated Happy New Year to you all! We have enclosed a 2017 year planner with all the important dates for the coming year for the care industry and we very much hope you will find it useful. Since our last issue social care has very much been the hot potato once again. It is of course all about the funding, and we have had many press releases and comments from industry organisations and leaders highlighting the chronic underEDITOR funding. It is probably the most contentious issue facing us now. A couple of stories we have in this issue took my eye - one was the British public being unprepared for the financial cost of care (page 13). A survey revealed that almost ¾ of people expect that either they themselves or another close family member will need social care in the next 10 years. However, one in three have absolutely no idea how their care will be paid for and just over a quarter believe that they will be able to pick and choose whatever care they need without having to worry about the cost. The article further goes on to list the services which people would be willing to pay for if they need them. Taxis, gardeners, cleaners and lawyers all featuring on the list that people are willing/prepared to pay. However, being prepared to pay for care only features mid-table - 59% of people believe that care worker services should be available to the public free and only 41% said that they would be willing to pay for the services of care workers if they need them. Although it does not help in the short term I genuinely believe longterm solution to care costs will be preparation. We will, I believe, be forced by law to prepare to fund either all or a significant part of our future care. Which brings me onto an article on page 3. Property, according to the article, is the most practical solution for funding care later in life. New rules introduced in 2014 oblige councils in England to offer deferred payment schemes for those going into care homes, which are effectively loans repaid from the sale of a property at a later date. The article states that only 6% of people surveyed over the age of 45 have included care costs in financial planning. Which also leads on to another article. Mike Padgham chair of the Independent Care Group who has called for a countrywide referendum on social care, saying recently that “We need a referendum on social care and ask the country if it wants to pay a little more so that our older citizens can have some proper care later in years.” I do think it is time to involve the wider public. We have to educate ourselves to the fact that we have to prepare more. We need a fair and balanced system that is not a burden on a younger generation who may be forced not only to put aside money for their own care, but to fund the care costs for others that don’t. I would also take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful stories we receive. We have some great new stories in this issue, awards, a delightful story of an elderly couple (95 and 75) getting married, and stories of World War II heroes being awarded medals of honour for their bravery. Please keep the stories coming - we are absolutely delighted to print them. As delighted, I am sure, as those involved. Once again best wishes for 2017, from all at The Carer

Peter Adams

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Property “Only Practical Solution” For Meeting Care Costs – Survey Reveals ProPerty is set to remain the most practical solution for funding care in later life with the majority of over-45s now agreeing taxpayers should not cover care costs if people could pay for themselves by selling their homes. The 5th Care Index from Partnership reveals that more than half of over-45s (53%) agree that those needing to pay care costs in later life should not rely on State funding if they have a property asset to sell, the highest number since the research began in 2012. Many are taking a realistic attitude with more than one in four expecting to use the value tied up in their own homes to pay for care costs, either by selling the property or renting it out. Expect to Use Housing Assets: And despite assurances that new care funding legislation means “no one need face unlimited care costs or the prospect of selling their home in their lifetime”, most over45s remain sceptical with two-thirds believing people can be forced to sell their home to pay for care. Only 6% of over-45s have included care costs in their financial planning, a number that is rising but remains worrying low. If they needed to pay for residential care – a cost that on average could be up to £2,900 a month and often much higher – one in five (20%) said they would sell their home and a further 6% said they would rent it out. Someone selling the average property In England (valued at £223,876) could fund residential care for 7.3 years and nursing care for 5.4 years although it varies widely according to location. In the North East, the average house worth £118,821 would cover just 4.3 years residential care, while in London the £469,485 average house price would be enough to fund 14 years (see table below for full details). Stephen Lowe, group communications director at Just Retirement, said: “This 5th Care Index shows that people are becoming more realistic about the potential high costs they may face if they do need to pay for care either in their own home or in a residential home.

“But there’s still not a lot of evidence that people are taking action now to prepare for those costs. If they do need to generate cash then many are expecting to fall back on the value tied up in their homes along with pension income and any savings they have. “Where the home is someone’s biggest asset, tapping into that wealth is likely to be the only practical solution if they need to go into a residential or nursing home costing tens of thousands each year.” Deferred Payment Schemes: Under means-testing, the council will take into account the value of a home when deciding whether to provide funding, unless it is lived in by someone else such as a spouse, partner or elderly relative. New rules introduced by the Care Act 2014 have obliged councils in England to offer deferred payment schemes for those going into care homes – effectively loans repaid from the sale of a property at a later date – but only for those with less than £23,250 in savings. Only one-infive (19%) said they had heard of deferred payment schemes although one in three (33%) said they had not heard of them but would like to know more. The report also found that nearly one-third (32%) planned to move in with their children if they needed care, but only 4% had mentioned the possibility to them. Stephen Lowe said the research showed people did not have good knowledge of the care system and were failing to plan which could cause difficulties in later life. “We all have an idea about the kind of care we might like, but very few people are making plans to meet those aspirations,” he said. “These days more people are retiring with mortgages and some are seeing their property as a way to boost their pension income too, perhaps by downsizing. But the value in property can only be used once. “We are still waiting to see if the Government will complete its reforms by introducing a cap on care costs. At the moment people have no idea how many years care costs they may need to cover so relying on the finite value of a property is always going to leave people vulnerable.”

Corbyn Pledges To Nationalise Failing Care Homes A LABOUR government would take failing care homes into public ownership to protect social care provision, Jeremy Corbyn has pledged. In a speech to the Fabian Society new year conference, the Labour leader will warn that the social care system is at “serious risk of breakdown” unless more money is invested in it, adding that rising costs and falling contributions from councils had seen 380 care home businesses dissolving since 2010. Corbyn will set out one of the key planks of his reforms of big business putting private care homes on notice that they must raise

their standards. “Labour will not let the elderly down people who’ve worked all their lives, paid their taxes and made a massive contribution to society… “Last year, the Care Quality Commission found that one in five nursing homes did not have enough staff on duty to ensure people received good, safe care. “It’s an outrage. So a Labour Government would give social care the funding it needs and give a firm commitment to take failed private care homes into public ownership to maintain social care protection. It’s the least we can do to guarantee dignity for people who’ve given so much to our country.





25% of Care Homes At Risk Of Failure Due To Government Underfunding over a quarter of care homes at risk of failure due to government underfunding, according to new research. The new report by Opus Business Services, based on research carried out using the database and methodology of the financial health monitoring specialists, Company Watch, reveals a number of key financial problems affecting care home operators, which at best will lead to compromises in care standards and at worst threatens a substantial number of homes with closure or new ownership Opus reviewed the finances of 6,178 care home operators, who collectively run 96% of the UK’s residential care homes, caring for approximately 300,000 people, of these 28% of care home operators (1,718 in all) are considered to be so financially vulnerable that they face the risk of insolvency. This means that approximately 6,000 of the UK’s 21,000 care homes might be forced to close unless they can be rescued. Furthermore according to the report, 12% of operators are ‘zombie’ companies with higher debts than the value of their assets. Business Risk Advisor, Nick Hood comments:

“Every part of the UK adult care system is in crisis. Private sector operators are withdrawing from contracts for domiciliary care services. The NHS is facing an unprecedented bed blocking issue because there is insufficient domiciliary and residential care capacity to deal with patients leaving hospital. “Care home operators are refusing to accept local authority funded residents because the fees are well below the cost of providing care. Sooner or later, privately-funded residents and their relatives will revolt against having to pay sky high fees to cross-subsidise publically funded residents. “The residential care sector, which looks after the most vulnerable in society, was barely profitable, even before the impact of the National Living Wage. Our research shows that far too many operators face a serious risk of failure and a deeply worrying number are in negative financial equity. Debt levels for those who borrow are far too high. “In the Autumn Statement, the Government missed its chance to tackle the residential care crisis and restore the £2bn funding it took away to help plug its deficit. Right now, the UK is sleep walking into a full blown residential care crisis.”

Thank You Georgina, Says Nursing Home a LoNg-serviNg staff member at a Bristol nursing home said an emotional goodbye to her friends and colleagues as she retired.

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Georgina Harriman, Riversway’s quality and performance and training manager, bowed out after a 19-year career with the home. One of the first staff members to join Riversway when it first opened, Georgina, of Hanham in Bristol, helped to establish the home and its reputation for high quality care in her role as a care

Awareness Of Key Patient Safeguarding Legislation In The UK Is Low To Average, Report Health And Social Care Professionals a surveY of health and social care professionals in england and Wales has discovered shortfalls in adhering to key legislation designed to protect vulnerable patients.

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assistant. Working her way up to senior carer, Georgina then joined Riversway’s management team. During her career she made many friends and was a highly respected member of staff. Riversway general manager Jan Wilkins said: “Everyone who met her loved her. There were plenty of tears at her leaving do, and so many gifts and cards. “Georgina really was overwhelmed with the attention and even though we’re all sorry to see her go we wish her all the best for her retirement.”

Over half (56%) consider awareness and application levels of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005 to be low to average. An additional 89% state that they would like a better understanding of how to work with patients under the MCA. Desuto, a provider of online decision support and report writing tools for health and social care professionals, carried out the survey* to establish industry attitudes and opinions on implementation of

the Act. Mike Hostick, CEO of Desuto states, “Protecting the rights of patients is paramount to health and social care professionals. Our survey demonstrates, however, that to do so the industry needs more information on hand to help with decision-making. This is matched by an eagerness from professionals to meet their obligations as fully as possible – with the right education and support. A number of barriers are preventing professionals from feeling fully confident in practice which in turn could adversely affect patient care.” For further information visit today.




Government to Abolish Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Inquests Duty Coroners Will no longer be required to hold an inquest for anyone who dies while subject to the Deprivation of liberty safeguards (Dols), following an amendment to the law. The amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill will mean that a person who dies while subject to a DoLS order will no longer be considered to have died in state detention. In doing so it will remove an automatic requirement for coroners to hold an inquest. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards are designed to keep people safe, but they have long been a bone of contention with the care home sector and families owing to the unintended consequence meaning if someone is subject to a Dols their death must be investigated. This means that older people with dementia, whose deaths are expected, are frequently subjected to investigations after death. Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England says: “Baroness Finlay’s amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill is extremely welcome. Care homes need to be a place of safety, but our members have reported uniformed police officers attending care homes under their legal duties to investigate a death of a resident making it a crime

scene even when the death was expected. This is extremely upsetting for families, care home staff and fellow residents. Investigations into deaths under DoLs take needless time which prevents families from being able to mourn and proceed with funeral arrangements. This does not allow for the calm and dignified death that most people and their families want”. Baroness Finlay of Llandaff, Chair of National Capacity Forum, spoke at Care England’s conference, her amendment, supported by the Government, amends the meaning of state detention in Section 48 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009. The Law Commission is due to report on DoLS early next month and it will be interesting to see whether they make further comment on this process. Baroness Finlay of Llandaff says: “I am delighted that the Government have accepted this change, initially proposed by Ann Coffey MP, which should come into force early next year. It will save a great deal of distress to the bereaved. Last year alone there were over six and a half thousand unnecessary inquests. When someone subject to DoLS dies of natural causes and the death was expected, an inquest will no longer be required. But of course if there are any unusual circumstances, then the coroner must be informed.”

Activties Co-Ordinator Crowned Winner At The National Care Awards Belong Warrington activities Co-ordinator, lisa Mclaughlin, has been named ‘activity Coordinator of the year’ at the prestigious national Care awards, receiving her trophy from Boyzone singer Keith Duffy at a gala night at the Hilton london Metropole Hotel. The award celebrates a person working within a care home service who has made an exceptional contribution to the quality of life, health and happiness of the people they support through the activities they provide. Commenting on Lisa’s impact on the village, competition judges said that “Lisa’s ability to create a whole team approach to deliver personalised activity provision is exceptional, and her inter-generational approach to dementia awareness as a cham-

pion, demonstrated through her local school links, set her apart in a strong field.” Lisa is known within the Belong care village for being a true ‘people person,’ with an enthusiasm for providing a diverse and inclusive programme of events and activities tailored to the needs and interests of individual people. She is also active in the wider community, working with local schools and scout groups, training almost 450 Dementia Friends to improve awareness and understanding of living with dementia. Belong Warrington General Manager, Janine Curwell said: “I am delighted that Lisa’s hard work has been recognised by being named ‘Activity Co-ordinator of the year’ by industry expert judges. She is sensitive and aware of people’s needs and moods, and resourceful in adapting her activities and strategies to cater for these.”


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CQC Launches Consultation on Its Next Phase of Regulation The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is inviting people to give their views on its plans to deliver a more targeted, responsive and collaborative approach to regulation across health and adult social care in England. Having carried out a comprehensive inspection of every NHS trust in England at least once, CQC has a more detailed understanding of the quality of NHS care than ever before. The quality regulator plans to use that understanding, together with improved systems for gathering intelligence, to move towards smaller and more targeted inspections for NHS trusts, while still being focused on what matters most to patients – whether services are safe, caring, effective, responsive to their needs and well-led. These inspections will be based on inspection findings and ratings, as well as wider intelligence about the quality of care gathered through improved monitoring activity. The proposals describe how CQC intends to develop its ‘next phase’ of regulation for all health and adult social care services, with a particular focus at this stage to the way it will monitor, inspect, rate and report on NHS trusts and adapt its approach in response to emerging new care models. CQC plans to work with changing care models as they develop, and ensure close alignment with other regulators to minimise unnecessary burden for providers. CQC’s inspections have shown that good leadership is critical in ensuring that people receive safe and high-quality care and in driving improvement. With this in mind, CQC plans to carry out an assessment focused the trust’s leadership. As well as this, CQC intends to carry out an unannounced inspection of at least one ‘core service’ (such as urgent and emergency or child and adolescent mental health wards) of a NHS trust. The core services inspected will be chosen based on previous inspection findings and ratings, as well as wider intelligence that indicate either risk or improvement. Also, CQC’s consultation outlines proposals to strengthen and simplify the assessment frameworks and ‘key lines of enquiry’ across health and adult social care, which inform its judgements. This will make it easier for providers to know what is expected of them and to allow greater consistency in how quality is measured. Alongside this consultation, CQC is consulting jointly with NHS Improvement on the approach to leadership and ‘use of resources’, recognising that effective use of

resources is fundamental to enable trusts to deliver and sustain high quality services for patients. The plans in these consultations build on what CQC outlined in its five year strategy for regulation (2016 to 2021), Shaping the future. David Behan, chief executive of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) said: “People tell us that they want to receive care that is high quality and safe. This consultation is about evolving our existing approach using what we have learnt from our comprehensive inspections to help drive further improvement in the quality and safety of care, while adapting to changes in the way services are being provided. “Our proposals for NHS trusts are designed to enable us to be more responsive to risk and improvement while at the same time being more efficient and effective. By working more closely with partner organisations, we will reduce duplication and unnecessary burden for providers. “We want to simplify our assessments, but also strengthen them using what we have learned over the last three years to make sure they continue to highlight best practice, identify concerns and where necessary, to take appropriate action whilst supporting inadequate providers to improve their quality and safety in the interests of people who use their services.” CQC is seeking views on a number proposals set out in its consultation document, including for all providers it regulates: • Updates to the frameworks inspectors use to make judgements about the quality of care. This includes reducing the number of assessment from 11 to two – one for health services, and one for adult social care. This will reduce complexity and better align the questions inspectors ask of different sectors. Servicespecific material and prompts will still be used to inform inspections of core services. • A set of principles to guide our approach to regulating in a changing landscape of care provision, including new care models and complex providers. • Updated guidance for registering learning disability services which makes clear the expectation on providers to ensure their models of support are built on evidence-based care and in line with national policy. The consultation is open for eight weeks and will close on 14 February 2017. CQC expects to formally respond to the feedback from the consultation in Spring 2017.


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Premier League Players Swap Football for Bingo Balls at Teesside Care Home MiDDlesBroUgH Football Club players swapped a football for bingo balls when they visited a teesside care home. The Premier League aces called the numbers at Mandale House Care Home, in Stockton on Tees, to spread the festive cheer. George Friend, Jordan Rhodes, Antonio Barragan and Bernardo Espinosa were given a demo by activities coordinator Pearl Robinson before they took turns with the draw. The Boro players also signed posters of the first team for residents and donated a signed shirt.

Christine Reason, Home Manager at Mandale House Care Home, on Acklam Road, Thornaby, said: “The players spent an hour at the home, playing games and chatting with the residents. “We can’t thank them enough for visiting and calling the numbers at the Christmas bingo game. It was great fun seeing them swap the football for bingo balls.” Christine added: “We have been working closely with the Middlesbrough Football Club Community Foundation throughout the year and a huge thank you goes to them for organising the visit.

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Spokesman Seeks Referendum on Social Care Crisis a LeadiNg spokesman has called for the country to hold a referendum on social care amidst a crisis in the way the country looks after older and vulnerable adults.

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Mike Padgham, chair of the Independent Care Group, also told social care providers that it is time for action on a crisis that is harming social care and heaping further strain on the NHS. Speaking to a conference’s delegates in Harrogate, Mr Padgham said: “Can we have a referendum on social care and ask the country if it wants to pay a little more so that our older citizens – and that will include all of us soon enough – can have some proper care in our later years?” Across the country care homes are closing and homecare providers are handing back contracts as the financial squeeze on social care providers continues. Bodies, including the inspection body the Care Quality Commission and Association of Director of Social Services (ADASS) are warning that social care is at “tipping point”. Latest statistics make grim reading: 1m people are now living with unmet care needs; social care spending has been cut by £5bn+ since 2009-10; and 26% fewer people are getting the help they need. A £2.8bn funding gap is predicted by 2019-20 and in domiciliary care alone a £500m funding gap has been identified. Between 2009 and 2015 the number of people receiving local authority-funded domiciliary care fell by 20%. The UKHCA and ADASS both report providers handing back “unsustainable” contracts.

On care homes, a quarter of homes in the UK – some 5,000 – are said to be in danger of going out of business, after 3,000 homes closed in the six months up to Sept 2015. The Number of nursing homes fell from 4,697 to 4,633 in 2015-2016 – the first decline in five years. Mr Padgham added: “Who takes the blame for the mess social care is in and the consequent huge burden it is adding to NHS healthcare? “The Prime Minister for failing to address social care? Should it be the Government Minister for failing to speak up for the cause? Should it be council officers and councillors? Do we all share some of the blame for failing to care for the country’s most vulnerable?” The Independent Care Group is calling for the sector to make more noise and for more funding to be put into social care, for greater use to be made of independent providers and for social care to be merged with NHS care, to ensure proper ‘cradle to grave’ care provision. In recent weeks there have been growing warnings about the future of social care, with former Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb warning: “The NHS and social care face an existential crisis. Demand for services continues to rise year on year but funding is failing to keep up. The position in social care is perhaps even more serious. Growing pressures on services are so severe that all parties must come together to fundamentally re-think how we can guarantee the future of the NHS and social care services.” And David Behan, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission, warned: “The evidence suggests we may be approaching a tipping point.”

Elsie, 95, and Tony, 75, Prove “It’s Never Too Late” elsie, 95, and tony, 75, who are both residents at Care uK’s Broadwater Lodge care home, surprised everyone by announcing their engagement and then agreeing to share it with the nation via a BBC News film. When a 95-year old widow moved into a care home in Surrey two years ago, she really wasn’t expecting to find herself falling in love again. But that’s exactly what happened when love blossomed at Broadwater Lodge for Elsie Bradbury and her fiancé Tony Frogley. 75-year old Tony moved to the Care UK-run Broadwater Lodge home following a long stay in hospital earlier this year. At first, he preferred to spend his time alone in his room as he didn’t think he would have much in common with the other residents. Carers working at the home eventually persuaded him to venture out of his room to one of the sunny lounges overlooking a garden where he was introduced to Elsie. Within a few days the care home

team noticed Elsie and Tony deep in conversation and within weeks they had become inseparable. It was only when home manager Angie Bookham noticed them whispering and holding hands that she realised she had a real-life love story unfolding in her home. Angie said: “Elsie has a wicked sense of humour and I think she was just the tonic Tony needed after he had been poorly for so long. Several times I walked into the lounge and saw them holding hands and giggling like teenagers so I knew they were growing very close. However it was a bit of a surprise last month when they announced that they had decided to get engaged and asked us to help them choose rings and arrange an engagement party for their family and friends.” The happy couple have also found themselves in the limelight after the BBC digital team came down to make a heart-warming short film about their romance which has already been viewed nearly 120,000 times on Facebook.




New Figures Show Dementia Is Leading Cause of Death in England And Wales

NeW figures released by the office of National statistics show that for the first time, alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are the leading cause of death for england and Wales. of the 529,655 deaths registered during 2015, dementia accounted for 61,686 (11.6%). The report shows that since 2010, mortality rates for Alzheimer’s and other dementias have increased. In contrast, the other top four leading causes of death in 2015 – ischaemic heart diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, chronic lower respiratory diseases and lung cancer – have all seen falling mortality rates in the last 15 years. The ONS highlights a number of reasons for this trend, including longer life expectancy, improved treatments for other conditions, and improvements in the diagnosis rate for dementia. Hilary Evans, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: “These figures once again call attention to the uncomfortable reality

that currently, no-one survives a diagnosis of dementia. Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Christmas awareness campaign, launching on Wednesday, recognises this truth, that dementia is affecting increasing numbers of people and turning lives upside down. “Some of the increase can be explained by a rise in diagnosis rates and a change in the way dementia is recorded on death certificates, offering a more accurate picture of the impact of dementia. With growing numbers of people living with dementia, we urgently need treatments that can stop or slow the diseases that drive this devastating condition. “This report shows the potential for medical research and public policy to make a positive impact on the health of our nation. Thanks to better treatments and prevention programmes, deaths from many other serious conditions have been steadily dropping: now we must do the same for dementia. Dementia is not an inevitable part of ageing, it’s caused by diseases that can be fought through research, and we must bring all our efforts to bear on what is now our greatest medical challenge.”

Could Art in Care Homes Help Reduce Loneliness? researCHers at anglia ruskin university will work with essex County Council to see if performance art can help ease loneliness and improve social relationships in care homes, thanks to a £125,000 grant from the arts Council. The two-year project will involve three in-depth case studies in care homes as well as a survey of all care homes and day care centres in Essex. Residents of the selected homes will take part in activities such as music, dance and reminiscence arts – a form of memory therapy. The project will examine how these activities provide opportunities for older people to interact with each other and engage with the wider community. It will also examine how the activities influence the caring relationships between older people and those who work in the care homes. According to the Campaign to End Loneliness, lacking social connections can be as harmful to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. The campaign also estimates that about 10% of the general population aged over 65 is lonely most or all of the time.

Despite being in the presence of other residents within care homes, loneliness is still a problem. According to Age UK, care home residents may not appear to be physically isolated, but their relationship with the people they live with may not be enough to ward off loneliness, particularly when the death of friends and loved ones takes away the companionship they need. The study is being carried out by joint investigators Professor Carol Munn-Giddings and Dr Hilary Bungay of Anglia Ruskin University. Professor Munn-Giddings said: “Studies have shown that participation in the arts can improve social interaction, and as such could strengthen relationships among older people living in care homes, some of whom may be suffering from loneliness or mental health issues.” Dr Bungay added: “Faced with an ageing population, this is an important project that could improve the wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable members of society. We are delighted that the Arts Council agrees and has provided the funding for this study.” The research will be carried out in partnership with Essex County Council’s Art Development Unit.

Petworth Resident Awarded Highest French Military Order a PetWortH man has been awarded the highest possible french order of merit for his involvement in the liberation of france during World War ii. George Goodchild, 95, originally from Wisborough Green, celebrated the honour of receiving the title of Chevalier and the Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur medal at a special event at Rotherlea care home in Petworth, surrounded by his friends, family, residents and staff members. Speaking at the event, George's daughter Sheila said: “Dad was thrilled to receive the medal and was so excited to share the good news with us and everyone else at the home. “He truly is an incredible man who has survived the horrors of war and lived to tell the tale. We’re all glad that he has been recognised in such a prestigious manner and it only felt right that we all came together to mark this important honour for Dad. Three generations were at the party to

present him with the medal, which proved to be the icing on the cake for him, saying that the memory will ‘last him a lifetime’.” George enlisted on 24th April, 1941 and joined the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. He was posted at several barracks in London before volunteering for oversees duty and boarded a train to Southampton in 1943 to begin his journey across the Channel to Arromanches, Normandy, or ‘Gold Beach’ as it was code-named. Gold Beach was one of the five areas of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France during the Second World War, as part of Operation Overlord. British casualties at Gold Beach are estimated at 1,000 – 1,100 men. Debbie Embleton, manager at Rotherlea care home, said: “We were all astonished when we found out that George was the recipient of such a prestigious military honour. He is a fantastic gentleman and we are all really proud to be a part of his special day to recognise his achievement.”

Accro Services

aCCro serviCes is an established company providing scheduled servicing and maintenance support for medical devices, pressure care products and patient lifting equipment within the healthcare sector. We assist hospitals, nursing homes and other care groups nationwide. Our network of engineers enables us to support nursing and care home operators, to provide a consistent level of scheduled maintenance and a rapid response to equipment breakdowns. Engineers are trained to a high standard through in-house training and specific product training provided by

equipment manufacturers. Accro Services is dedicated to providing an honest customer service, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free maintenance program and breakdown support all year round. Our service includes: • Scheduled Servicing of medical devices and equipment • LOLER Testing of lifting equipment • Pressure Care Mattress decontamination • Equipment spares and repairs Telephone: 01243865855 Email: Website: LinkedIn: Or see the advert on the facing page for details.




Enter the Care Chef of the Year Competition 2017 TODAY! What is it? This competition continually challenges passionate chefs who operate in the care sector to devise new and exciting recipes and to excel in their day to day catering environments. Contestants are required to produce a main course and dessert, suitable for service users in a care setting. The food cost should be no more than £2.25 per head. It should be nutritionally balanced and incorporate one of the Premier Food brands as listed in the competition rules #9 and here.

Who can take part? Entries are sought from all sectors of the care market. Both NACC members and non-members are welcome to take part. This competition aims to raise the profile of the service locally and nationally.

deadline and how to enter! Entries must be submitted by the 3rd February 2017. To download the nomination form visit Deadline for entries is: 3rd February 2017 For any questions, please call 0870 748 0180 or email

Boiler Hire Prevents Care Home Closure a KeNt residential care home suffering complete boiler failure following periods of sporadic malfunctions faced the prospect of closure without the intervention of andrews Boiler Hire. andrews engineering team quickly responded to assist the care home maintain comfortable standards by suppling and installing a highly efficiency portable oil-fire boiler solution, restoring warmth and hot water facilities to all areas of the home including all 22 bedrooms and community social areas. Whilst new permanent boiler replacements were sourced and installed managers at the care home turned to Andrews Specialist Hire to supply a temporary heating solution from the Andrews Boiler Hire division. They had previous experience of working with Andrews and valued their expert advice and fast response, hence they were the preferred supplier to avert a potentially disastrous situation at the care home. A full site survey and risk assessment was carried out by specialists from Andrews Boiler Hire to achieve the best solution to the problem, ensuring that the temporary boiler would be supplied and installed in a manner with no risk to the care home residence. Andrews Boiler Hire, part of the Andrews Sykes group, is ideally suited to providing a fast response to organisations suffering heating issues.  With more than 25 depots strategically positioned across the country; a dedicated team providing true 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days service, Andrews Boiler Hire has gained a reputation for delivering expert tailored solu-

tions in less than 4 hours. For the residential care home failure to introduce a temporary heating solution would have resulted in the home having to close, all 50 residence needing round-theclock attention would have to be relocated, causing them unnecessary stress. To resolve the issues being experienced, by Andrews Boiler Hire supplied a 250kW oil fired boiler, a 3000 litre fully bunded fuel tank, temporary boiler hoses and BSP connections. Although the boiler was positioned adjacent to the main entrance of the home, thoughtfulness given to installation meant that full pedestrian access was maintained, no resident had access to any of the hoses or other parts of the boiler.  The fuel tank was also protected from access by non-authorised personnel. The temporary flow and return pipework was run at a safe, high level into the existing boiler room via access hoses drilled through the wall; hoses were then connected to BSP connections already installed.  Successful commissioning meant that the system was able to restore heating and hot water to the home. With heating restored to all areas, staff and residence all commented on how warm the home and centre is, they had been without adequate heating for so long they said they had forgotten how nice it was to be lovely and warm. The impact of not installing a temporary boiler unit would have resulted in the closure of the nursing home, a stressful time for residences being relocated and an additional cost to the NHS. Contact Andrews Sykes Hire Limited on Tel: 0800 211 611, Email: or Web:




95-Year-Old War Veteran Receives Prestigious Military Award 95-Year-oLd resident, Mr. allan Norman, celebrated with friends and family as he received the Legion d’honneur (Legion of Honour) award at his care home, sussexdown in storrington. First established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, the Legion of Honour is an award for excellent military conduct presented by the French Government. Allan Norman, formerly of the RAF Bomber Command Squadron, received the honour in recognition of his service efforts landing on the beaches of Normandy the day after D-Day and then throughout the Second World War in France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Germany. Allan signed up to the Air and Sea Rescue Unit in Newhaven, before joining the RAF regiment as a Sergeant. The Legion of Honour rewards him for his actions as Sergeant leading his team through the Normandy beaches to defend the airfields of Normandy. Allan’s team were also responsible for rearming and refuelling aircraft and later in the war, assisting in the liberation of the Belsen concentration camp. Allan served in the RAF until 1948. Allan was joined at Care South’s Sussexdown by Captain François Jean,

Burlington Uniforms BUrlington UniForMs ltd is a privately owned company which specialises in supplying corporate uniforms for all industries and business sectors and has been doing so for nearly 40 years. We provide a one-stop shopping experience for clients engaged in any kind of activity in the private or public sectors. Our private clients include blue chip companies, well-known private companies and professional firms. Our public sector clients include government departments and agencies, legislative and judicial bodies, local authorities, emergency services, and some of the world's most famous museums. We provide the highest standard of service and customer support. This

French Honorary Consul who had the honour presenting the medal to him. Several members of Allan’s family also attended the presentation to celebrate his recognition, including his son and daughter in-law and two granddaughters who joined in the afternoon celebrations. Captain François Jean presented Allan with the award, after which family, visitors and fellow residents enjoyed a light buffet lunch together – prepared and served especially by the home’s kitchen team. Captain Francois Jean, French Consul, commented: “It must have been a very frightening experience for all involved. The Battle of Normandy went on for three months after D-Day and Allan would have certainly been right in the middle of it. It’s a tremendous honour to be celebrating this award with Allan and his family.” Heather Rogers, Home Manager of Care South’s Sussexdown, said: “We are delighted that Allan has been recognised for his bravery and the part he played in the Second World War. I’m very grateful to the staff at Sussexdown and all our guests for taking the time to make this day as special as possible for Allan, his family and everyone at the home.” combined with our commitment to research, develop and supply clothing of style and quality at competitive prices has been the key to our success since 1974. Our head office is based in Enfield and this also serves as our distribution hub and warehouse. We also have a manufacturing and distribution centre in south Wales, where we produce our own corporate wear ranges of suiting, shirts and blouses, and accessories. We are one of the only UK based manufacturers left and this unique feature gives us a substantial advantage over our competitors in turns of having direct control over production and bespoke capabilities. We are independently accredited with both ISO9001 (Quality Management) and ISO14001 (Environmental Management) standards, and are a Crown Commercial Service Supplier. For further details see the advert on page 9.

The Cost of Pressure Sores

Pressure uLCer treatment in the uK costs approximately of £1.4–£2.1 billion each year and over 180,000 pressure ulcers develop each year. Pressure ulcers are not only a significant health risk but a costly burden to care homes worldwide. With an increasingly aging population, this extreme cost is only set to rise in the future. the tragedy is that most pressure ulcers are preventable and advanced pressure relief devices are available to help prevent and treat them. One of the most effective ways to prevent a pressure ulcer is to reduce or

relieve pressure on areas at risk of developing pressure ulcers, this is done by redistributing pressure. Pressure relief mattresses are designed to redistribute pressure and provide patients with therapeutic pressure care. Pressure mattresses are technologically adapted to prevent pressure sores from forming or increasing in severity. Beaucare® Medical stock a wide range of pressure relief devices that are designed to support patients from stages I to stage IV of ulceration. Beaucare provides effective pressure relief solutions that also work to greatly relieve the cost burden that pressure ulcers represent to the care sector. Call 01423 816000 or email for further information.

We are now reading news reports nearly every day of people choking to death in residential care homes. The new LifeVac is changing this and has already saved three lives in the past four months in care homes. LifeVac is a novel non-invasive, single suction anti-choking device. LifeVac has a one-way patented valve, which means when applied it does not force any air through the mask, but when pulled creates three times more pressure than the abdominal thrust and chest compressions as trained in First Aid, with no risk to the casualty. In all testing LifeVac has dislodged an obstruction of the airway 98% of the time on the first application (reports available). LifeVac is ideal for disabled people, wheelchair bound, obese, the frail and the Dysphagia community. LifeVac is FDA registered, MHRA registered as a class one medical device and CE accredited. The device has undergone many clinical tests. If you wish to see more details of independent testing and information please let us know. LifeVac has been equipped in over 350 care homes already across the UK by both small and large prestigious care companies. Also many more people in the UK such as schools, restaurants, pharmacies and in the home.

For more information or to place an order please visit, email or call 01271 883977. Carnanton, King Street, Combe Martin, Devon. EX34 0AD








British Public Unprepared for Financial Cost of Care Crisis fiNaNCiaL Pressures threaten to block a majority of uK adults from a choice of social care services to suit their individual needs, according to new research from national homecare provider Prestige Nursing + Care which sheds new light on the extent of the escalating care funding crisis in the uK. Stark reality of a lack of choice Nearly three quarters (72%) of people who expect that either they or a close family member will need social care in the next ten years are resigned to having to make do with whatever they can afford, even if it is not what they would prefer or best suited to their health requirements. One in three (30%) who expect to need care have no idea how they will pay for it. Barely a quarter (27%) believe they will be able to pick and choose from care services without worrying about the cost. Only one in three (33%) believe the government will provide for them or a family member if they require care in the next decade: significantly lower than the 51% of current care recipients and their families who say they currently receive government funding. The contrast highlights the fact that, while state-funded care services are already stretched, the future prospects look even starker in light of the UK’s ageing population and continuing pressures on public spending. Among current recipients of care and their families, the majority (69%) feel the care they receive is good value for money, yet 42% report that it is insufficient for their needs and that they simply cannot afford more. More than one in ten (13%) feel that the care they or their family member receives is not delivered how or where they want it to be. Care costs still seen as a government responsibility Despite doubts over the availability of government funding, Prestige’s findings show that the majority of UK adults retain the view that social care funding should be provided by the state. Half (51%) feel this should be universal while 36% support means tested care depending on individual needs. Barely one in ten people (11%) believe they should have to use their own savings and assets or that family or friends should have to help out with paying for care. Similarly, nearly three in five (59%) believe that care workers’ services should be available to the public free of charge, with just 41% saying they would be willing to pay if they needed them. The findings suggest that people are less willing to fund their own care needs than a variety of other services, including taxi drivers, gardeners, cleaners, personal shoppers and lawyers. Only doctors, dentists, surgeons and physiotherapists have fewer people willing to pay for their services. Table: Which of the following services would you be willing to pay for if you needed them? Taxi driver 88%

86% Gardener 83% Cleaner 79% Personal shopper Lawyer 72% Counsellor/therapist/life coach 51% 41% Care worker Physiotherapist 34% 34% Dentist Surgeon 16% Doctor/GP 15% However, the reality of the care crisis facing the UK is that many people will find themselves having to pay for their own care. People with more than £23,500 in savings and assets have to fund their own social care in England. Plans to raise this threshold have been shelved until 2020 as the Government struggles with care provision for growing numbers of vulnerable elderly people. Recent research from Age UK also suggests that cuts to care funding mean that 1.2 million elderly people don’t receive the care that they need: an increase of 48% since 2010. Despite the fact that a growing number of people face having to fund their care privately, many are unprepared to do so. Nearly two in five (38%) people say it is not realistic to save up and pay for care while also saving for retirement, and a further 40% say the same while raising a family. Jonathan Bruce, managing director of Prestige Nursing + Care commented on the findings; “It is worrying to see that so many people do not know how they will pay for care and that a majority do not want to pay for a carer. The expectation that care is free at the point of use for everyone is understandable, but the reality is that the sector is under severe financial pressure, and more and more people are likely to have to fund care privately without relying on Government support. The inconvenient truth is that, in order to receive the quality of care we all desire, it is becoming increasingly necessary to make a significant contribution towards it. “It’s equally troubling that so many people say they will be left having to make do with whatever level of care they can afford, as getting the right care makes an enormous difference to a person’s wellbeing. If the model of UK care provision is going to become increasingly reliant on self-funding, it is hugely important that people are made aware of these costs early on and supported to make adequate provisions. “Good quality care rests on skilled professionals to deliver it, and without sufficient funds, it will be impossible to attract the workers needed to meet the growing demand for staff. There is a skewed sense of value at play when it comes to paying for professional services, and as a society, we also need to reappraise attitudes towards the vital services that care workers provide.”

Services for the Less Able

our serviCe has been built to provide our Clients in both Nursing Home and Private home locations, with a service second to none. so should the need arise for you to call upon us for our specialised service you can be sure that the service we provide will be carried out quickly and efficiently, giving full customer satisfaction and peace of mind. S & T Services is a small group of Engineers who are all factory trained, as well as their expert knowledge and experience in servicing and repairing products from leading Manufacturers of Specialist Bathing and Lifting equip-

Hippychick Bed Protectors Hippychick Bed Protectors are high quality, discreet, breathable and 100% waterproof – something so practical rarely feels so luxurious and they truly have to be seen to be believed! the protectors are available in both tencel and cotton, with a wide range of sizes in fitted and flat sheet designs. For those of you who aren’t aware, tencel is a naturally hygienic fibre made from 100% biodegradable, sustainable wood pulp cellulose. It is as cool as linen,

ment such as Chiltern Invadex, Arjo, Huntleigh, BHM, Invacare, Reval, Oxford, Sunrise Medical and Parker Baths. With access to several manufacturers’, we are able to advise & recommend equipment most suitable to the individual needs for both the resident & carer! We are also able to source both new & refurbished equipment such as baths, hoists, beds, wheelchairs and other equipment associated with special needs with warranties at competitive prices. For further information call 01386 765877, email: or visit soft as silk and even more absorbent than cotton. Tencel’s unique moisture absorbent capacity draws away moisture and helps keep the bed cool, and without moisture the growth of bacteria is inhibited preventing unwanted mould and mites. Hippychick’s Bed Protectors take a much needed, but also much maligned product and transforms it into a comfortable, soft, undetectable piece of bedding. They are soft, breathable, absorbent and waterproof – a great natural alternative to sweaty plastic undersheets. To see the full range and to receive 20% off your purchase with code CARER16, please visit or phone 01278 434440. See ad on page 16.

Please Please mention mention THE THE CARER CARER when when responding responding to to advertising. advertising.




Double Award-Winner Meg Named National Care Personality a Carer at a family-owned dorset dementia home has won two coveted awards in the space of a week. Meg Austin, a Healthcare Assistant at The Aldbury in Parkstone, Poole, has been named Care Personality of the Year at the National Dementia Care Awards. Nominated by colleagues at Colten Care and residents’ relatives, she was presented with her award by astrologer, broadcaster and author Russell Grant at a gala ceremony at the Brighton Centre. The award recognises active promotion of excellence in care, peace of mind for relatives and a happy working environment. It is made to “someone whose personality and energy has made a difference in ways that are truly inspiring and memorable.” In their citation, judges said Meg demonstrates “exceptional warmth and consideration for people living

with dementia. She inspires others around her by drawing on her own personal attributes and values. Meg appreciates every worker’s contribution to delivering outstanding dementia care.” Just a few days later, Meg was in Bristol to hear she had won the Dignity in Care Award for the south west region at the Great British Care Awards. The criterion there was to “demonstrate the significance of maximising client independence and choice, whilst respecting and maintaining privacy and dignity at all times.” Meg, who lives in West Moors, said: “I chose the combination because it’s ideal for focusing on dementia care. I am passionate that people with dementia are treated as they should be, compassionately and holistically. I really push that approach at The Aldbury and help others in the home to follow it too.”

Freedor - The Safe And Legal Way To Hold Fire Doors Open oNe of the most contentious health and safety issues that care and residential homes face is that surrounding fire doors. Carers want to allow residents free independent movement; however the way this is achieved can often result in fire regulations being breeched. Freedor, a wireless overhead door closer, takes all the resistance out of your fire door, allowing it to swing freely at any angle. Residents can easily push fire doors open without needing assistance. Doors can be left ajar at night, giving ill or nervous residents peace of mind. On hearing the fire alarm Freedor will activate and automatically close the fire door, preventing the spread of fire within your building. Encouraging residents to move around your care setting independently will improve their self-esteem and their general wellbeing. Residents don’t always like to trouble staff to assist them to walk from

one room to another and having the ability to just get up and go can be very empowering. Many residents comment that they feel as though they have lost their independence when they go into a care setting. So much is done for them, meals prepared, medication handed, so that enabling the residents to move freely without assistance is a small but important change to improve residents’ independence. Not only will Freedor allow you to improve the free movement of your residents, installing them will also give you peace of mind that fire doors within your care setting are not being held open illegally with door wedges and other objects. Wedging fire doors open is an illegal offense and as the manager you could be held responsible and could face a heavy fine or even a prison sentence. For more information about Freedor visit Alternatively see the advert on page 12.

DermaSaver Skin Protectors for People with Fragile Skin


derMasavers are breathable wearable garment-like protectors for elderly and disabled people with fragile and thin skin. dermasaver skin Protectors protect the skin from damage caused by friction, rubbing, abrasion, shear and external pressure, leading to skin breakdowns, lacerations, bruising, sores and ulcers. DermaSaver Skin Protectors are made from soft 3D medical textile that replaces foam, gel and fleece. Superior moisture wicking properties and breathability of DermaSavers keep the skin dry, cool, healthy and protected from damage.

DermaSaver Skin Protectors are loose, non-constricting and comfortable for 24-hour wearing – when sleeping, sitting or walking. Fully machine washable, DermaSavers are hygienic and compatible with ointments and medicated creams. Easy to apply and self-supporting with constant ventilation reaching the skin, DermaSavers overcome the inconvenience and expense of frequent redressing and re-bandaging. Most popular DermaSavers are shin protectors, heel protectors, knee protectors, forearm protectors, elbow protectors and hand mitts. Available from Win Health Medical - call 01835 864866 or visit




Happiness Holds the Key to Committed Care Workers iN a challenging sector where payment is often in kind, showing appreciation for care staff has never been more important. reward and recognition ensures qualified carers not only stay committed to working for your organisation, but also stay committed to working in an industry afflicted by an alarming talent deficit. Of course, the myriad problems that the care sector faces are more than just ‘happiness’ related. Constricted by underfunding, care organisations have been forced to think laterally about resolving the industry’s long-standing issues of poor labour retention and talent acquisition in a way that does not hurt the bottom line. Our line of work has seen us consult with a number of care organisations in the UK who are beginning to understand that employee engagement might just hold the key to addressing a resourcing problem that, if not urgently tackled, could soon snowball into a crisis as our aging population grows. Carers, of course, aren’t in the job for the money but are driven by a sense of purpose in providing both physical and emotional support to those who need it the most, and there is much satisfaction to be derived from that.

Sourcing rare individuals who possess this natural interpersonal flair to deliver outstanding care is, to say the least, tricky. So it’s rather astounding to find that organisations generally have done little to ensure that their assets remain incentivised to continue doing the great work they do in an industry that so desperately needs them. With unsociable working hours, uncompetitive pay and dealing with the on-going physical and emotional challenges that comes with the daily grind of the job, how might care businesses encourage long-term commitment from staff when so much is expected of them and for so little in return? Funding is an issue but until a career in the care profession achieves the same credibility it deserves in line with other social and healthcare disciplines, and until the sector diversifies and ‘defeminises’ to attract more talent from eclectic backgrounds, organisations can do much to create a positive and supportive work culture for its staff. Instilling a sense of appreciation, value and worth for carers at the basic level costs nothing. Quite simply, a straightforward ‘Thank You’ can resonate much more than even a monetary reward. Alex Handley, recruitment manager at Next Stage – a service that provides residential, practical and emotional support to vulnerable people with the aim of helping them lead independent lives – says that improved investment in staff can circumvent the retention and recruitment issue and improve the outcomes for individuals they support. Prior to enlisting a company benefits and employee engagement scheme to address the problem, staff attrition rate at Next Stage stood at an underwhelming 58%; a both costly and hugely disruptive issue for an

organisation of 144 staff. Initially it surveyed employees to find a solution relevant to the lives of their diverse workforce, all of whom are at different stages in life with varying responsibilities and personal interests. They discovered that 40% of staff were parents who could benefit from childcare vouchers; half expressed an interest in a cycle-to-work scheme, and nearly half said that access to a 24/7 telephone counselling service could benefit them in the long run. To implement both a benefits and reward & recognition infrastructure, Next Stage enlisted employee benefits provider Perkbox as a cost-effective means of satisfying these demands and providing perks that staff could redeem throughout the year via a simple app. This was especially helpful for its non desk-based workers. Over two-hundred practical, recreational and salary-sacrifice benefits – from cheap cinema tickets, spa days, savings on groceries and travel to free mobile phone insurance, subsided gym membership, cycle-to-work schemes and childcare vouchers form part of the package. Meanwhile, its integrated rewards & recognition facility is designed to enhance financial, emotional and physical wellbeing (for example, staff may access exclusive content to online videos showing them how they may exercise or meditate at their desks or on the go). Peers and managers may reward employees for a job well done through the application’s badge awards system, with accolades displayed via a company-wide leader board. This allows staff to achieve reward & recognition in real time, with the added bonus of having covetable rewards (like champagne, shopping vouchers and even adventure experiences) attachable to the badges.

Since implementation, a significant reduction in attrition rate in six months has been achieved. Now just 14% of new starters leave (down from 58% the previous year) – a phenomenal achievement in a sector that sees many qualified workers churn within a year. Its newly launched employee referral scheme resulted in 38% new hires since January 2016, while its partnership with Perkbox has seen cultural shifts in the work environment. The business, which runs breakfast and lunch clubs, has given the company more options and variations to run other team building activities cost effectively. Its 144 staff have also since redeemed 665 benefits via the platform, equating to a saving of nearly £40K. In short, care organisations must take collective responsibility for elevating their work culture and rewards programme to new levels. Leading by example and setting a new benchmark for employee happiness will catalyse positive change. Carers make an invaluable contribution to the quality of life of the elderly people under their care, and demand for this service will only increase. The disturbing repercussions of this talent deficit looms. It’s about time all organisations that operate in care start paying closer attention to their own strategy for attaining this; not only for the good of their business but for the sector as a whole.

saurav Chopra is Ceo of employee benefits provider Perkbox (

Please Please mention mention THE THE CARER CARER when when responding responding to to advertising. advertising.




Buying Or Selling A Care Home? Care Home Raises Money for The Homeless as Manager Sleeps Rough for the Night Make Sure You Consider The Legal Necessities a Care home manager has spent a night sleeping rough in Preston town centre as part of a move to raise awareness and money for the homeless as we enter the coldest season of the year. Kim Horton, General Manager at Barchester’s Sherwood Court Care Home joined a group of 5 local people in December sleeping on the streets of Preston to fundraise. She took Barchy Bear along with her too, the mascot for Barchester’s Charitable Foundation. The idea for the ‘sponsored allnighter’ came from Kim’s friend, Stephanie Jones, also from Preston, who wanted to do more to help the homeless and to break the stigma surrounding the issue. So far the group of local men and women who took part have raised

C & S Seating We at C & s are proud to be the national supplier of 24 hour postural management and control products for over 25 years. Initially developed by the Company founders and a consultant specialist physiotherapist, using on-going feedback from health care professionals we now have a wide selection of positioning equipment available to purchase directly from our website. We manufacture and supply 9 different sizes of T-Rolls and Log Rolls (rang-

over £600, which will be spent on essential items, such as sleeping bags, jumpers and socks to give away. Any remaining money or items will be donated to the Foxton Centre in Preston to be distributed by the charity. Residents of Sherwood Court Care Home and their relatives have shown huge support for the cause, donating generously and giving food, helping Kim to raise £130 and a large hamper of food. Kim Horton said: “This experience was very humbling and made me appreciate how lucky I am to be able to come home to a warm bed. We are all so pleased with the support and sponsorship we received and the money raised will be used to support those in need at this very difficult and cold time of year.” ing from paediatric to adult) along with small and large Alternative Positioning Supports and Leg/Knee Supports. Our new popular Soft Knit range of covers in a variety of colours provide a softer alternative that can be placed easily over our standard waterproof rolls which are both removable and washable. Ask our team about our inflatable T-Rolls that are designed for short term use and ideal for holidays and aqua therapy aid. All fabrics meet the UK Flammability standards and carry a CE mark. Members of the BHTA, ISO 9001 registered and are happy to provide individual care provider quotations. Contact us on 01424 853331 or to place your order or to request a brochure.

Agrippa Fire Door Closers Easing The Way At Care Home agriPPa fire door closers have played a key role in ensuring fire compliance at ard Cuan residential Home in Northern ireland, eliminating the need to hard wire in a system to the building. The care home, based in Portaferry, required the door closers to be installed to ease access whilst protecting elderly residents in the event of a fire. Billy McClintock, joint owner of Ard Cuan Residential Home had a total of twelve Agrippa fire door closers installed into the care home, where 17 residents are currently living. He said: “Having just installed a new fire alarm system we were informed by our fire engineer that we had to install door closers on every bedroom door. It looked as though we would have to install magnetic closers which would have necessitated additional wiring for each closer. It was then I came across the Agrippa closer which operates by battery, acoustically and also allows the door to be held open fully or at any point between fully open and closed. They were easy to install and we were able to program them ourselves. “I would have no hesitation in rec-

ommending the Agrippa fire door closer. I would also say we found the staff at Geofire very helpful and understanding.” The Agrippa fire door closer has been particularly successful within the care home industry due to its quick installation. The device can be installed with minimal disruption to the building and its residents. Fire door activation devices have been recently recommended by the Care Quality Commission, and are installed to internal fire doors so that in the event of a fire, the spread of smoke and fire is contained rather than spreading throughout the building. The door closer is part of a range of Agrippa products that ‘listen and learn’ the sound of a building’s specific fire alarm significantly reducing false activations. The range also includes an acoustic door holder and pillow alarm. The Agrippa range is one of many electromagnetic fire door products designed and manufactured in the UK by British manufacturer Geofire. Further information: +44 (0)1388 770 360,,

by Faisal Dhalla, Partner, Hempsons

BuYiNg or selling a care home requires input from specialist legal advisors to ensure that you do not fall foul of the various regulatory hurdles you will need to overcome. it is essential to ensure that you appoint lawyers who understand the health and social care regulations which apply to the sale and purchase process. if you are about to embark on a care home sale or purchase, you should carefully consider the following: structure Care homes are often operated by their owners through limited companies. Therefore, you need to consider at the outset whether the transaction should be undertaken by way of a sale of the shares in the company or by way of a sale of the business and assets of the company. Much will depend on tax. As a buyer, you would pay 0.5% stamp duty on a purchase of shares, whereas a business and asset purchase is likely to result in a greater stamp duty liability. A seller will be keen to consider the implications of things such as entrepreneurs’ relief and capital gains tax.

CqC The buyer will need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission before they can take over the care home. This process can take several weeks and will need to be factored into the timing of the transaction. However, if the purchase will be undertaken by way of a share purchase of the seller’s company which operates the care home, the company should already be registered with the CQC. As a

result, the process is easier as the buyer will not require a separate registration. The buyer will simply be stepping into the shoes of the company's existing registration.

Local authority funding Are any of the residents of the care home funded by the local authority? If so, as a buyer, are you familiar with the local authority’s contract with the care home? If you are buying the shares in the company which operates the care home, is there a 'change of control' clause in the local authority contract which needs to be addressed?

employees As a buyer, are you familiar with the terms and conditions of employment of the employees at the care home? Do they fit in with the terms and conditions you wish to adopt? If you are buying the business and assets of the care home, TUPE will apply. TUPE is the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006. The purpose of TUPE is to safeguard the employment relationship and contracts of employment of employees, if the business which they are in changes from one owner to another. Both buyer and seller have several obligations to comply with under TUPE. Do you understand what those obligations are and what the consequences would be if you fail to comply?

due diligence As a buyer, have you undertaken sufficient 'due diligence' on the care home? Have you looked at critical things such as whether the care home has a satisfactory CQC report or whether the care home has been the subject of any litigation or major investigations? Are you satisfied that the care home has been complying with regulatory requirements? As a seller, you need to make sure your ‘house is in order' i.e. that you have to hand all the necessary paperwork which the buyer is likely to ask for.

Brass Band Honour Stowmarket Care Home Resident PLaYers froM the east anglian Brass Band association surprised Cedrus House care home resident, dianne Hastings, with a certificate to honour over 40 years’ contribution to music. The Stowmarket care home resident, Dianne Hastings, aged 79, was awarded the certificate in recognition of her contribution to the East Anglian Brass Band Association and the brass band movement through 42 years as the association’s secretary. The musicians hosted a special performance at Care UK’s Cedrus House, on Creeting Road East, to thank Dianne for her length of service. Dianne’s daughter, Christine, played the tenor horn during the performance, and has taken over the position of secretary from her mother. Her son-in-law, Stephen, is also involved in the association as treasurer. Michelle Webster, home manager

at Cedrus House, said: “It was brilliant to have the sound of a brass band filling the care home at this special time of year. Residents enjoyed the performance and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to celebrate Dianne’s achievements and her 42 years of service. “We were thrilled to help the East Anglian Brass Band Association with the surprise presentation, and we hope they will return for another performance soon.” Dianne Hastings was delighted to have the players come and perform at Cedrus House. It was a lovely surprise for her to be recognised for the contribution she has made to brass music and the association. Dianne has never played an instrument, but has always had a passion for brass music, and her late husband, Brian, played in local brass bands in Suffolk and Norwich for over 60 years, and was president and chairman of the East Anglian Brass Band Association.




Ontex - Personal Hygiene Solutions oNtex is a leading international producer of disposable personal hygiene solutions for all generations. offering a comprehensive range of continence products, supported by a dedicated team of professionals providing leading levels of customer service. Recognising the importance of face-to face contact with customers, Ontex have invested in a large team of qualified nurses who offer and training and support (on

their iD and Lille branded products) to Care Homes and the NHS. Ontex is a key supplier to over 300 NHS organisations and is currently NHS Scotland’s preferred supplier Their quality, value-for-money products are also distributed in more than 110 countries through retailer private labels and leading brands including iD Expert and Lille. | | Or see the advert on page 8

Integrating Effective Hand Hygiene Into The Everyday Running Of Your Care Home rigorous HaNd hygiene is crucial to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria – and prevent infections. Paul Jakeway, Marketing director at skin care specialist deb, explains how care home providers can raise levels of staff compliance, and improve the skin condition of employees at the same time. Care homes can be hotbeds for the spread of infections. To protect residents, providers need to take hand hygiene seriously. But with institutions being asked to do ever more with ever fewer resources, the integration of effective hand hygiene – in a way that doesn’t hinder the everyday running of a home – can be a challenge. According to the Department of Health, hand hygiene should happen after each and every “episode” of caring – immediately before and after there has been direct contact with a person, as well as after any other activity that might have contaminated hands. How can care home providers make sure this is the case? Make sure you have the right facilities As the Department of Health stresses: accessible hand hygiene facilities are a crucial first step in any effort to increase hand hygiene compliance. If they do not exist, staff should bring this to the attention of the care home management immediately. If they do, care home providers should ask themselves: are our facilities at their most effective? Does their location make sense? How accessible are they? What stands in the way of staff using them as frequently as they should to assure maximum compliance? Modern dispenser design allows for much more flexibility when it comes to the location of hand hygiene opportunities. Rather than to have one centrally located facility, which might require staff to walk through the building to have access, dispensers can be strategically placed throughout a care home, for instance at the exit or entry point to a resident’s room. This makes it much more likely for staff to use them regularly. Educate and train your staff The Department of Health, the Care Quality Commission and the WHO all agree that ongoing staff education and training are absolutely crucial. Care home staff need to know not only when or how often to wash their hands – but how. When are alcohol sanitisers appropriate, and when not? When should a soap product be used? Alcohol sanitisers, for example, are not suitable for use on hands that are dirty, contaminated and soiled (e.g. faeces, bodily fluids) or during outbreaks of diarrhoeal illness (e.g. norovirus or Clostridium difficile). In such cases, washing hands with soap and water is necessary. The WHO says that quite often techniques are inappropriate even where compliance is high. Lack of knowledge, says the organisation, is one of the greatest barriers to better hand hygiene practices. The guidance the WHO publishes on this is known as the ‘Five Moments for Hand Hygiene’. It is one the highest clinical standards care providers can aspire to. This approach – which was developed based on the most comprehensive evidence-based document available on hand hygiene – aims for hand hygiene to be performed at the correct moments, and at the correct location, within the flow of care delivery. Innovative approaches might be rewarded. Easy-to-use training and educational kits are widely available these days, and they can help with demonstrations of hand washing techniques and the right use of products. E-Learning programmes are increasingly being used by hospitals, and could become popular with care home providers too. Training should not be a one-off event, but an ongoing conversation

between employers and employees. Regular refreshers and constant updates on infection prevention and control can help to achieve this aim, as can easily accessible information materials, such as leaflets or brochures. Large-scale posters have proven effective in keeping awareness at the level it needs to be. Monitoring plays an important role too. The WHO recommends for healthcare providers to closely monitor their practices – as well as their infrastructure. Are we equipped to meet our challenges and meet our responsibilities? Are there problems in our infrastructure that stand in the way of better compliance? How could we make life easier for our staff? Choose the right products Choosing the right hand hygiene products is crucial. The WHO admits that this can be a very difficult task indeed. Cooperation between hand hygiene product suppliers and healthcare institutions has shown that an ongoing conversation can benefit both sides. Suppliers can provide cutting edge innovation, while healthcare providers report back what works and what does not work for them, as well as what their needs might be in the future. Hand washing with soap is a fundamental step in hand hygiene practice. Apart from removing any visible soilings from hands, a good hand washing technique will remove high levels of bacteria and viruses also present on the skin. Perfume-free and dye-free foam hand wash have proven to be good products for this. Hand sanitising is very useful in reducing microbial counts on visibly clean hands when access to running water is inconvenient. In care environments, alcohol is the preferred active biocide for skin sanitising without the need for rinsing. Effective hand sanitisers can kill up to 99.999% of common germs. Sanitisers can be provided through dispensers, or in personal issue packs so staff can carry around with them. Think skin health While hand washing and sanitising are the most important steps, there is a third element to a fully thought-through skin care programme: restore creams. Frequent hand washing makes it necessary to regularly replenish the natural oils and secretions lost from the skin, preventing it to become sore, chapped or dry. Restore creams have been formulated to help maintain the skin in a healthy condition by keeping it soft and supple. They provide hydration properties, enhance elasticity, and soothe the skin. Special conditioning and moisturising formulas help the skin’s own production of barrier lipids and support cell renewal. For care home employees, maintaining good skin condition is vital to both their own long term health and the health of those in their care. That’s why restore creams should be applied at the end of the working day and at lunch breaks. Cooperate The implementation of a hand hygiene programme works best if it is done in cooperation – with care home providers, skin care suppliers, and organisations offering help and guidance all working together. If care home providers provide strategically placed, accessible facilities, offer ongoing staff education and training, and choose the right skin care products, they can integrate a hand hygiene programme into the everyday running of their institutions that assures the spread of germs and bacteria is kept to a minimum, and the skin health of their employees remains a priority.

Touch-less Disinfection Services “Only this week the United Nations produced a declaration signed by 193 countries to specifically formulate an action plan for dealing with drug resistant infections and super bugs. In the UK a target has been set to reduce the incidence of high risk bacterial infections in hospitals by 50% by 2020 and this will not be achieved using traditional manual cleaning techniques.

Sanondaf is the only decontamination franchise in the UK specialising in the disinfection and decontamination markets using revolutionary and completely touch-less disinfection technologies. Their extremely advanced touchless disinfection system actively kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould. Although the company is just 2 years old in the UK, they have achieved national coverage with 30 operational territories covering all parts of the UK and Ireland. As well as this, their international growth is also substantial, as they have now commenced operations in Central and South America, Singapore and Thailand, and are due to launch in South Africa in December. “The Sanondaf method is completely universal and can be used by any customer as emergency treatment dealing with an outbreak or an infection but also as a preventative treatment,”commented Director Stuart White. “We have positioned ourselves in the market as specialist disinfection and decontamination providers with a system that is affordable, cost-effective and readily accessible through our UK wide team of technicians.” The eco-friendly, touch-less disinfection solution from Sanondaf involves the application of a dry disinfectant mist which has been utilised in many

different environments such as care homes, hospitals, nurseries, veterinary centres, funeral parlours, laboratories, food production facilities, operating theatres, offices, restaurants and kitchens. Disinfectant fogging provides certainty that an entire environment, room or space has been treated and this includes all surfaces, difficult to reach areas and of course the air itself which can contain airborne pathogens, this is the gold standard of disinfectant techniques and eliminates manual error from this vital task of protecting people's health. Unsurprisingly, the great functionality of the group’s touch-less disinfection solutions hasn’t gone unnoticed. Over the past 18 months Sanondaf has been credited with 4 important business awards: a Company of the Year title and the Industrial Excellence 2015 award from Best Practice, Best Company at Show from Solutions UK and selected Best New Business at the Lanarkshire Business Excellence Awards. “Interest in touch less disinfection is at an alltime high as more evidence emerges from the hospital sector about the inefficiency of manual cleaning when trying to combat the ever increasing threat of infections and in particular antibiotic resistant infections which ultimately can result in the loss of life,” Stuart explained.

“Viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi can be harmful to human health and Sanondaf would challenge any UK business to review any plans they have in place for dealing with infections and outbreaks which can cause a danger to clients, staff and suppliers. Emergency plans can go out of date very quickly and I would ask any business to consider Sanondaf as an emergency response or maintenance provider to deal with bio-burden.” The company is pleased to run ‘The Sanondaf Challenge,’ a free-of-charge service involving the collation of environmental swabs to identify hygiene levels in different settings. Please get in touch with the group today or check out the client testimonials and videos online for further information. Contact T +44 (0)1236 702028

Kill Bacteria In 30 Seconds, Gives Protection For 30 Days tWo services are an independent, family run business who are celebrating 30 years as cleaning and maintenance specialists for the facilities management and catering industries. We cover the whole of the uK including scotland, ireland and Wales. Our services are predominantly focused on the deep clean and maintenance of commercial kitchen facilities and ductwork, but we also provide specialist services such as sterile fumigation or ‘fogging. This service is particularly useful for care homes where bacteria and viruses can have devastating effects. Even with daily cleaning and disinfection regimes, preventing the spread of airborne and surface viruses like Norovirus, C-difficile, MRSA and E.coli, is a constant battle. Fortunately, there's a quick and easy way to stop them in their tracks. Our specialist, sterile fumigation process, uses a unique disinfecting agent to ‘fog’ specified rooms and areas. It kills bacteria in 30 seconds, eradicating 99.9% of

both airborne and surface-based germs, leaving barrier protection on surfaces for 30 days, even with subsequent cleaning. Independently tested to BSEN Standards, it is harmless to humans and animals, but deadly to bugs and has been used in care homes, schools, kitchens & operating theatres across the country. TWO Services’ General Manager, Margarita Dickson says, “The beauty is that it is safe, affordable and can be carried out with minimal disruption. In just 15 minutes, it quickly and effectively leaves surfaces and other hard to clean areas such as ceiling tiles, disinfected. The rooms can be used shortly afterwards, as unlike chlorine based agents, the chemical is completely non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive. Certain bacteria actually thrive on the alcohol used in some sterilisation products, so this is the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs.” To find out more about fogging or any of our cleaning and maintenance services: Visit, Email: Call: 0800 22 44 33 Twitter @TWO_Services LinkedIn:

Sanondaf Touch-Less Disinfection SANONDAF TOUCH-LESS Disinfection are specialists in the Care sector dealing in advanced Infection Control and Prevention in emergency situations when infections start to spread but also as a preventative treatment built into a routine maintenance schedule. Our specialist service kills 99.99% of all hazardous viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould leaving you with a healthy and hygienic Care setting to help your residents, visitors and staff live and work in a safe environment, our process also saves time allowing staff to concentrate and focus on their care duties with a typical response and treatment time of 6 hours. The Sanondaf process is undertaken by fully qualified Sanondaf technicians and is carried out with minimum disruption to your everyday activities. This can prove to be a highly cost effective solution compared to traditional labour intensive disinfection and offers an enhanced infection control regime providing a safer working environment. Benefits of sanondaf: • Disinfects in a highly efficient, effective and environ-

mentally friendly manner with no waste product. • Full Spectrum bactericide, virucide, fungicide and sporicide. No danger of bacterial resistance. • Uniform disinfection of all surfaces at any location including electrics, electronics, soft furnishings and fabrics, lifting devices, beds and mobility aids. • More cost effective than traditional cleaning methods and is safe to use on all surfaces and areas. • Hospital Grade Disinfectant with no need to rinse after application and also helps remove odours. Every Care setting is vulnerable to the spread of infection and this can quickly work its way through an entire facility affecting residents and staff causing frustration if visiting has to be restricted. Infections include Norovirus, Flu, MRSA, C-Diff and can all be treated by Sanondaf to get your facility back to normal operations as quickly as possible. Contact us now to find out more about our services and provide your residents, staff and visitors a safer environment. 01236 702028

iVo - Innovation Unleashed IVO GROUP launches Crebisol in the UK. A new generation biocidal solution, that is both an extremely effective cleaner, and is certified to kill MRSA, Norovirus and C-Diff. Log 8+ reduction against MRSA, fully effective against Norovirus spores, and the creation of a 72 hour active film kill zone, makes this the most effective biocidal product

that also cleans extremely impressively. As one user put it – “I’ve never seen a solution clean so well, and on top of that it gives such incredible protection from cross-contamination – up to 72 hours!” A very cost effective system to implement, Crebisol deserves your attention. 08450 340150

BioCote Protected Dispensers Help Reduce the Risk of Cross Infection ®

aNgLoPLas are a uK manufacturer who specialise in producing dispensers for the health and hygiene industry. although these are designed to keep the workplace tidy and uncluttered they are, more importantly, built knowing the control of healthcare-associated infections (HCais) are a priority for healthcare providers, and who are employing a combination of infection prevention and control strategies, including hand hygiene, cleaning, training and the adoption of new technologies, to tackle the problem. As a result, a wide range of infection control products and technologies are emerging on the market, including antimicrobial technology. With this in mind, during the summer of 2011 Angloplas became an official partner of BioCote® which allowed it to transfer production of

its dispensers, originally produced in a standard PVC material to the the world's first independently proven antimicrobial PVC with BioCote® silver ion technology. For non-clinical environments Angloplas has recently launched its new Budget Range of products which are made to the same exacting standards as the antimicrobial protected ones but with lower price tags. You can order Angloplas products directly from its website by going to and clicking Hospital, Health and Hygiene or by using the Quick Response code. There you can use the easy online shopping system, or alternatively if you are NHS or an account customer, via an emailed or faxed purchase order. You can also view and/or download the latest catalogue and price list.

Cairn Care Launches Online Training Hub for Care Homes iNfeCtioN CoNtroL product specialist, Cairn Care, has launched an online training hub to help care home staff to learn about effective infection control, continence care and health and safety. Packed with a bank of training materials, it aims to provide a useful resource for managers looking to create a proactive working environment. Accessible free of charge and available 24/7, it offers downloadable easy-to-follow cleaning schedules, infection control plans, advice posters, and basic workplace training tools. In addition, it contains useful information to help care home customers use Cairn Care’s products correctly and effectively. This is because the training hub forms only part of Cairn Care’s new website,, which also comprises of a new online store dedicated to the UK residential care sector in the UK. The website store has been developed in response to sustained growth in both the care home industry and ecommerce sector and will sell premium, hospital grade infection control products, continence care and other healthcare consumables. Offering secure online ordering via credit/debit card and PayPal, will allow busy care home staff to place orders quickly and simply. With individual account logins, customers will also be able to see earlier orders, helping them to identify previously used products and order quantities, as well as to place repeat orders at the click of a button. Marketing Manager, Donna Bedford said: “We have been supplying the care home sector with premium incontinence and cutting-edge cleaning products for many years, so our long-term relationships give us an insight into the demands of the industry. As such, we saw that training and information is crucial to support our care home customers. “In addition, there is a definite move towards care homes wanting to order consumables online. This is partly because time is at a premium for care home managers and staff and online ordering means that they are no longer restricted to office hours. “What’s more, as payment details are held securely, any team member can place orders online with the option to replicate past orders for ease. This all makes online ordering so convenient that we are anticipating the ecommerce function to quickly overtake telephone ordering.” To see Cairn Care’s training hub or to view and order their products online please visit:



Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017 it does not seem possible that Nutrition and Hydration Week 2017 is just around the corner and it is incredible to think that Nutrition and Hydration Week is approaching its sixth year becoming a well-established annual event across health and social care setting around the world. so what’s Nutrition and Hydration Week about…. Caroline Lecko of Nutrition and Hydration Week explains: "Well basically it’s a global social movement to improve the provision of nutrition and hydration. We try to do this by focusing lots of energy and activity on nutrition and hydration to our patients and residents. "Nutrition and Hydration Week is also about sharing all of the positive things that organisations and individuals are currently doing or that they do as part of the week – we believe that by sharing examples and stories we can inspire others to both become involved in Nutrition and Hydration Week and to look at how they provide nutrition and hydration within their organisation. In a nutshell we celebrate all of the amazing things that individuals and organisations do…..

so what happens during the week? "Lots of different things really. "Some organisations will have different themed events all through the week. For example, they focus on improving hydration and will have mocktail parties and look at different ways of encouraging fluid intake. One of my favourites was some beautiful melon jellies!!! "Other people will put on training events for their staff looking at specific areas of care, such as, dysphagia or nutritional screening. "The main event of the week is the ‘Global Tea Party’ which is held on the Wednesday – it is fun and a great way of getting just a few more calories and little hydration to our patients and residents. "The key thing to remember is that you can do what you like as part of Nutrition and Hydration Week. If it’s

important to you, your organisation and your residents then it’s the right thing to do. "You will find some great ideas on the Nutrition and Hydration Week Events webpage

so what can you do? "We would love you to join us so please get involved but most importantly let us know what you are planning. It is your ideas and plans that inspire others and to ultimately make a difference. "Without you and your support we would not have Nutrition and Hydration Week so please, please tell us what you doing at "We, at Nutrition and Hydration Week, personally thank you for all of your support over the years but especially thank you for making a difference you make to all of your patients, residents and service users – you are truly amazing – and we hope that your support will continue for 2017". Neel Radia, National Chair, National Association of Care Catering, adds: “Good nutrition and hydration are at the core of safe, quality care in all health and social care settings. As people age their dietary needs change, and recognising and catering for a wide variety of special diets to uphold good nutrition and hydration is a fundamental part of care provision. “Malnutrition and dehydration are preventable and as a sector we have a responsibility to provide the elderly and vulnerable, whether in care homes or in the community, with excellent and appropriate nutritional care. “The National Association of Care Catering is committed to supporting its members and the care sector with information, recipes, guidance and best practice examples to ensure that good nutrition and hydration are always top of the care catering agenda. We also welcome and support awareness campaigns and events that promote this, such as Nutrition & Hydration Week. “Nutrition & Hydration Week has become an established event on the health and social care catering calendar and a great platform for spotlighting the absolute need for good nutrition and hydration in care environments and sharing best practice. We encourage all care providers to get involved and we look forward to seeing what our members have planned to celebrate the week and make a positive difference.”

See the feature on Food and Hydration on Page 28


Calls for Cross-Party Agreement on Funding three House of Commons select Committee members have written to Prime Minister theresa May asking for a cross-party agreement to be reached on the future of health and social care funding. The three Chairs Sarah Wollaston MP, Chair of the Health Committee, Meg Hillier MP, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, and Clive Betts MP, Chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee have sent a letter to the Prime Minister, in which they say that a ‘political consensus’ is needed to address the ‘pressing social care challenges facing the country’ and that it must also include the NHS. In the letter they call on the Prime Minister to invite all parties to participate in a review, covering the health and social care systems. The committee chairs say that a “political consensus” is needed to tackle the “pressing social care challenges facing the country”, and that said concensus must also include the NHS. They call on the prime minister to invite all parties to take part in an urgent review, covering the health and social care systems. The letter follows the Prime Ministers appearance

before the House of Commons Liaison Committee on December 20, when she answered questions on health and social care funding. The letter reads: “We were encouraged by your recognition at the Liaison Committee that everyone has a part to play in finding a sustainable way of ensuring social care provision in the future. You also accepted the need for a review to find a way of funding social care sustainably for the long term. “We believe that can best be achieved if there is crossparty consensus, and therefore urge you to invite all parties to become involved in a review, which should begin as soon as possible. Given the scale of rising demand, this immense challenge will face whichever party is in government over the coming decades.” The committee chairs argue that the consensus should be reached swiftly so that the agreed approach can be reflected in the next round of government spending. “We also feel that the ongoing separation of health and social care is creating difficulties for individuals and avoidable barriers and inefficiencies. Any review should cover the two systems”, the MPs add.

How Will Technology Trends Help You To Improve Security, Efficiencies And Hygiene? as tHe tech revolution continues at a rapid pace, a report by service Works group (sWg) has identified ways in which the management of facilities will change in 2017 and beyond. from the internet of things to wearable technology, processes and equipment used throughout the industry is likely to change as health care centres and care homes become more responsive to patient needs. A free-to-attend seminar session at the Cleaning Show (14-16 March, ExCeL London) which include a debate on the Future of FM chaired by Dennis Flower, editor of PFM and including Martin Pickard, the FM Guru and a presentation on Robotics within the cleaning industry by Darren Marston, Executive Chairman, ICE. The seminar programme will also offer advice on: • Health and safety within the workplace in a session held in association with the Health & Safety Executive featuring preventing slips and trips, protecting vulnerable workers and preventing musculoskeletal disorders • HR: A workforce to be proud of - covering the national minimum wage, apprenticeship schemes and ensuring your workforce is legal • Developing your business - marketing and business advice relevant for all SMEs The Cleaning Show, 14-16 March at

ExCeL London, is the UK’s largest Cleaning and Hygiene exhibition and is completely free to attend. It’s a chance for businesses large or small to source and try-out cleaning equipment, technology and products that will ensure that your staff can create a clean and germ-free environment. Other features include: Innovation Awards – The Cleaning Show Innovation Award winners will be announced at the event for the most innovative products and services in several different categories. Visitors can see all of the shortlisted entries and the winners of the awards at the show, plus demonstrations and hands-on experience. The Management Systems Zone – a new technology zone will be unveiled at the show this year and will comprise of a number of companies providing technology to create an effective workforce and financial control systems. The Green Zone – This area within the exhibition will feature cleaning products that are sensitive to the environment whilst still maintaining high levels of hygiene. Organised by the British Cleaning Council and the publishers of Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine, the exhibition will see over 100 companies with thousands of products to offer. Register for your pass now at See the ad on page 9 for details.







Eight Simple Steps To Laundry Cycle Management WitH CoNtaMiNated linen carrying the main risk of an infection outbreak within the majority of healthcare environments, laundry hygiene is a key part of the quality process. Here, amanda dufrane, Care segment Manager at electrolux Professional, explains the best practice guidelines for proper Laundry Cycle Management. Given that bacteria and viruses can remain active in linen for long periods of time, paying due care and attention to laundry processes is absolutely vital in the fight against infection. Each stage of the journey must be effectively controlled, and Laundry Cycle Management is a validationbased system that helps care staff to do just that. Electrolux Professional has developed the system to ensure that, no matter whether they are washing bedsheets or bath towels, carers can follow these eight simple steps and be confident that they are minimising the risk of infection. 1. Cleaning operatives should first pre-sort dirty linen, ensuring that items can be washed effectively with programmes appropriate to their textile type. 2. Linen should then be transported using dedicated trolleys and routes established to avoid contaminating the surrounding environment.

3. The next stage of the process is sorting, during which cleaning operatives should check for sharp devices and waste products that may risk damaging the linen. 4. Items are then washed. Operators must ensure the appropriate temperature and chemicals are used based on the fabric type of the items. 5. The drying and ironing of items should be performed as soon as possible after washing to prevent recontamination. This also provides a further level of thermal disinfection for added peace of mind. 6. Then, clean items should be packed and stowed in appropriate trolleys or areas of the laundry. Again, this reduces the risk of linen being re-contaminated once washed. 7. This clean linen must be then transported post-wash. Again, this should be via pre-established ‘clean’ routes. 8. The final storage of linen is vital to ensuring linen remains hygienic. Wood shelving should be replaced with metal or plastic to keep growth of micro-organisms to a minimum, whilst linen which has been stowed away for the longest should be used first. The demands placed on healthcare professionals are constant when it comes to preventing infection, but the aim of Laundry Cycle Management is to reduce this strain where laundry is concerned. Ultimately, following these simple principles could be the difference between working in aesthetically clean environment and a hygienically clean one. For more information on Electrolux Professional’s leading range of laundry solutions, visit

FowlerUK - Commercial Laundry & Catering Equipment tHe origiNs of fowleruK go back to 1966 when the father of the present managing director, david fowler, set up a business to supply and service white goods in the local community. in 2005 david took over the running of the business and decided to focus exclusively on the supply and maintenance of commercial laundry and catering equipment. the business continued to trade on family values such as reliability, care for others and trustworthiness. The secret to FowlerUK’s success lies in building a personal connection with each customer. The most important element in this is recruiting people who fit with the company values, and who demonstrate these to customers

and colleagues on a daily basis. FowlerUK is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of commercial laundry and catering facilities in the Care Industry, supplying and maintaining equipment in care homes and hospitals nationwide. The product range that FowlerUK has made available is extensive and varies through different specialist requirements specific to each industry. FowlerUK are constantly searching the markets for new technological developments to assist in saving their customers money as well as providing the same fantastic results. The results of FowlerUk’s determination to stay true to its family roots are impressive; the business has seen annual turnover double in the last four years. FowlerUK is undoubtedly a local business making a national impact. For further information call 0800 619 9337 or visit

PFC Re-Equip Laundry At Great Yarmouth Care Home st edMuNds Care Home is situated right on the cliff top at gorleston on the outskirts of great Yarmouth, with stunning views straight out to sea. it consists of 40 single en-suite rooms offering respite and convalescent care as well as long term accommodation for residents who are not quite able, or do not choose to look after themselves. Until recently the laundry was done in a rather dingy store room but earlier this year Eastern decided to upgrade the laundry facilities. Dave Ward, who acts as a consultant to Eastern on building and safety matters, identified a suitable room and was responsible for all the necessary building work which included widening the doorway, putting in new plumbing, gas pipes and flooring. For the equipment Dave contacted Armstrong dealer PFC Commercial Laundry of Norwich. They installed two Amazon high spin free standing 11kg washers and a Huebsch stacked tumble dryer with

Girbau’s Energy-saving ED Series Dryers Believed to be the most energy efficient conventional tumble dryers available, girbau ed series eco dryers help care and nursing home laundries to cut energy bills. they feature traNsfLoW technology, a combination of both radial and axial airflow for maximum efficiency and drying throughout the drum, reduced cycle times and lower energy consumption. The highly reliable and accurate built-in humidity control system automatically senses when clothes are dry and activates the cool down process maximising energy efficiency and assuring the best textile care. The unique Care Touch drum also prolongs fabric life. Cabinet insulation and a doubleglazed door further optimise energy efficiency and prevent heat escaping to the laundry. Large opening doors make

loading and unloading easy and the high capacity lint filter is very quick and easy to access and clean. ED Series dryers have intuitive and easy to use controls. There are 10 preset programs catering for most commonly laundered fabrics. Three short-cut functions, Eco, Soft and Half-Load are ideal for day-to-day adjustment and can be used in combination. ED Series dryers also offer the durability and low-maintenance for which Girbau has a long-established reputation. Girbau’s exclusive G-drive system manages the operation of the inverter and motor controlling drum speed so that programs precisely match the drying needs of each different type of fabric while also ensuring the dryer delivers optimal efficiency, longer life and the lowest possible total cost of ownership. For more information on the Girbau ED dryers visit:

New Build Care Home Chooses Miele Professional’s Dryers and Saves up to 60% on Energy Costs. sustaiNaBiLitY aNd environmental management programmes are becoming increasingly important for care operators as they strive to develop practical solutions to make their operations more ‘green.’ forbes Professional can help clients achieve these targets not only with our energy efficient laundry machines but also with our innovative auto-dosing pumps, which ensure that there is no unnecessary detergent waste. We were recently awarded the commercial laundry contract for a new build care home in Yorkshire. The client was looking for the latest Miele Professional laundry equipment for their laundry operation. The inclusion of the revolutionary heat pump dryer PT8337 WP with its 325 litre drum and 13-16kg load capacity will enable the care facility to achieve an impressive

60% saving on energy costs, compared to a standard dryer. The heat pump technology precludes any requirement for costly ventilation ducting, making it the ideal choice where no external ducting is possible. Miele’s commercial laundry range is exquisitely engineered to provide the optimum end result, whilst achieving impressive water and energy efficiency. Forbes’ experienced commercial team advise on all necessary WRAS and CQC guidelines and can devise an end-to-end solution for each specific environment. With our Complete Care package installation, commissioning, user training and a comprehensive same day/ next day service response are fully inclusive. For further information call 0345 070 2335, email: or visit

each section providing 13.5kg capacity. The laundry handles everything from the home – bedding, kitchen and dining room items as well as all the residents’ personal washing and is in operation pretty well all day every day. It is operated by three domestic staff who are fully trained in the use of the machines. Dave is quite adamant – “if they’re not trained they don’t use the equipment”. The new machines are working really well and the staff are very happy with them. Dave told us he had worked with Paul Cullum, managing director of PFC over many years. “They’re one of the best companies around,” he told us. “They look after the maintenance of all our laundry equipment. I know that if I ever need to call them out they’ll come quickly and do whatever needs doing exactly as I want it done.” For more information contact PFC Commercial Laundry on 01603 747836 or or visit

Medpac - Practical Bags MEDPAC – PRACTICAL bags specifically designed for carrying and storing prescribed and emergency medicines with personal photo identification. Medpac lets you store and transport medicines safely, allows you to easily identify the correct medicine for the correct person and saves time for staff by clearly displaying expiry dates of medicines. Every Medpac comes complete with a Medpac Photo ID and a Medpac Treatment Card to enable you to write clear instructions on how to use the medication, a treatment plan and additional emergency phone numbers.

Ideal for all medications including diabetic medication. In summary Medpac is designed to: • Store medicines safely and efficiently • Easily identify correct medicine for correct person • Save vital time in an emergency • Display expiry dates to save time for staff Ideal for outings, hospital visits both planned and emergency and respite care. Medpac Wristbands are also available, waterproof and latex free they help to highlight wearer is carrying emergency medication. To discover more about this innovative range of products visit and see how Medpac could change the way you store the medicines in your care home. You can order online at or please email or call 0845 0739430 to discuss bulk buying discounts.

Medicines Management Guide from Rosemont A GUIDE to medicines management and older people is available from Rosemont Pharmaceuticals. Called ‘Medicines management and older people – a guide for healthcare professionals’, the booklet aims to help healthcare professionals learn more about how medication works, how the ageing process affects medicines, common adverse drug reactions, the definitions of compliance and concordance as well as to give an overview of some of the legal aspects of medicines management.

The content of the guide is based on current best practice and the most up to date evidence about medication management. The focus is on the care of older people, who have a higher prevalence of illness and take around 50% of all prescribed medicines (Kelly 2011). Four in five people over 75 take at least one prescribed medicine, with 36% taking four or more medicines (NSF 2001). To receive a free copy of ‘Medicines management and older people – a guide for healthcare professionals’, just email:, call (0)113 244 1999 or visit

PRODUCTS & SERVICES Incontinence UK Bed & Chair Products – Your One Stop Shop! The Key Safe Company Unlocks Support For Care Industry tHe CoNstaNt need to be changing bed linen and trying to protect beds from incontinence leakages can be a depressing and draining aspect of incontinence conditions. fortunately the wide range of disposable or washable incontinence products now available from incontinence uK with high performing absorbency and waterproof layers mean that work and distress can be significantly reduced. So don’t just focus on incontinence pants and pads – consider how incontinence products can help at bedtime too. Some of our best-selling bed & chair incontinence products include: • Disposable Bed Pads from Lille, TENA and

Age UK • Washable Bedsheets from Kylie, Sonoma, Senset and Brolly Sheet to keep both the user dry and protects bedding. With tuck in flaps and available in single or double. • Mattress and Duvet Protectors from Eva Dry and Premium Protect a Bed • Washable Seat/Chair Pads to help keep your chair nice and dry • PVC Waterproof Bedding & Mattress Protection making it easy to care for, simple wash or wipe down with disinfectant solution. For more information on the full Incontinence UK’s Product Range including bed & chair products please visit Carer readers please quote CARER17 for 10% discount off your first order.

Space Saving, Safe Surface Temperature Radiators From Autron With a wall to front face depth of only 75mm, autron’s slenderline is one of the slimmest Low surface temperature (Lst) radiators on the uK market. this makes them ideal for environments including care home corridors where space is at a premium, but safe and effective heating is a must. All standard Autron radiators use innovative heat emitters that contain far less water than typical conventional flat panel radiators, producing the same heat output. This means they can heat up and transfer heat far more quickly, and in a more controllable manner than both panel radiators and

underfloor heating systems. As Autron LSTs heat up faster, the heating can be turned on later saving on energy costs, whilst maintaining a comfortable environment – an important consideration in care homes. A new case study detailing the installation of Slenderline radiators at Elmhurst care home in Cumbria, is now available to read and download from the Autron website. Visit to read the case study and learn more about this innovative range of heaters. Call Autron on 01952 290498 or mail us on for more information on the full Autron LST radiator range.

NEW Adaptawear Winter Clothing Products Available! adaPtaWear Have some NeW winter adapted clothing products that is now available. Lovely and warm NeW men’s pyjamas, non-slip bed socks or a nice cosy new warm ladies bed jacket or open back polo shirt – sound good? We have got you covered. • Slenderella Stitch Detail Coral Fleece Bed Jacket - fleecy warm luxury button up bed jacket with 3/4 sleeves and collar. 4 buttons down the front and stitch detail to collar and cuffs. • Walker Reid Men’s Pure Cotton Flannel Pyjamas - luxury men’s long sleeve 100% brushed pure cotton flannel pyjamas. Button through tailored pyjama with open cuff with single chest pocket and long trouser.

• Non Slip Sole Bed Socks - bootee type thick knitted slipper bed socks with a non-slip sole to stop you having an unnecessary fall. • Luxury Striped Chenille Socks - soft chenille socks to help keep your feet nice and warm this winter. These socks are perfect for keeping your feet warm and toasty and are a great alternative to chunky slippers. • Petal Back Ladies Polo Shirts – stylish open back ladies polo shirts available in long or short sleeve in choice of prints and sizes to aid dressing for both individual and carer. For more information on Adaptawear’s Product Range please visit Carer readers please quote TC141 for 10% discount off your first order.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure...

With nHs interest in prevention rather than probable eventual hospitalisation, physiotherapists in adult care and hospital trusts are recommending that care homes and families buy small hand devices for exercise to prevent hand closure and protect against skin breakdown. Fingers bending towards the palm can be painful to move, if at all possible, and can result in skin deterioration between the fingers and in many cases total closure will lead to skin damage from nails to the palm of the hand. It is beneficial to have a strap over the back of the hand or the thumb to secure the hand grip in place, unlike in years past

when a rolled flannel or bandage was deemed sufficient. Hand grips are available in sheepskin, nylon, terry fabric, and velour covered micro-beads at a cost of less than £20. But sheepskin can become hard and rough after washing, nylon is often too hot causing the palms to sweat, and terry fabric takes longer to dry. Soft microbead hand grips and finger separators can also be used as ‘comforters’ in end of life care and as a diversion for individuals prone to pull at feeding or IV tubes. Micro-beads are cool and easily laundered, quick drying and very comfortable. For more information contact MEDORIS on 01608 819 219 or look at their website – or see page 3.

tHe KeY safe Company is the market leader of mechanical security access products, having revolutionised the way in which people can access properties safely and securely. Its leading Supra C500 is a locked metal box, which provides a secure method of externally storing keys to the exterior of a property. The Supra C500 can hold up to five keys and is regularly used by carers, relatives and healthcare professionals to gain access to a home. The product allows householders to maintain an independent lifestyle and can ensure healthcare professionals are able to deliver scheduled care and gain access in the event of an emergency, without encountering restricted access to the home. The Supra C500 allows householders to guarantee access to care givers, providing a crucial service if they struggle to answer the door themselves.

The Flex-Lift by Ergolet The Flex-Lift by Ergolet is the first truly portable folding hoist aimed at the disabled traveller. Although the provision of hoists and other equipment at travel destination venues is constantly getting better with time, there is still a long way to go before the tourism industry catches up. Ergolet’s new Flex-Lift hoist has been designed with all aspects of portability in mind and will enable the user to travel to places previously off-limits

The product is secured with a single code mechanical locking system, and the code can be changed at any time. The UK’s only mechanical police approved key safe that has accredited certification from The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the leading international Certification Body in the fields of security and fire protection, the Supra C500 is recognised by Secured By Design as well as leading home insurance companies. The product has undergone rigorous tests devised by security experts to demonstrate a comparable attack resistance to a front door. Already used by the majority local authorities and thousands of UK householders, the Supra C500 can be used to allow access to care teams, occupational therapists and other support staff, without the need to carry sets of keys, allowing more time to be spent with patients. For more information about the Supra C500 visit

due to lack of facilities. The Flex-Lift goes into two wheeled holdall bags that will fit into the back of your car or you can even check it in as airline baggage, making longer distance travel possible. When not in use, it folds up flat against a wall or in a cupboard – ideal for when space is tight, such as in a hotel room. When in use, the Flex-Lift doesn’t compromise and is every bit a working hoist with a respectable lifting capacity of 130kg – ample for general use. Assembly is simplicity itself and takes just a couple of minutes. The Flex-Lift requires no tools too – so there is nothing that can get lost in transit. For more information, please contact Ergolet UK on 0161 477 7900 or email us via or see the advert on page 4.

Hebden Nursing Care Beds Match Dementia Care Challenges WitH tHe focus on safety, flexibility and performance, sidhil’s Hebden range of nursing and residential care home beds has been developed specifically to meet the individual and clinical needs of the care home environment, with particular attention to the requirements of dementia patients and dementia care. The design of Sidhil’s fully profiling Hebden nursing care beds recognises the challenges faced by dementia sufferers and their carers. Smooth and easy electrically operated bed movements facilitate moving and handling processes and patient transfers, with integral siderails conforming to all safety and gapping requirements and playing an important role in preventing falls.

The kneebreak section matches current dementia care recommendations in terms of assisting movement from lying down to sitting on the edge of the bed, enabling carers to ensure patients begin the process lying with knees bent to simplify this action. Bed height adjustment is quick and safe, and sleeping positions infinitely variable to suit individual needs. Padded head and foot ends can reduce the risk of injury, and are also available in bright, contrasting colour options which can help with visual identification and sensory stimulation. All models feature a plain wood grain with no strong patterns in a choice of finishes, avoiding visual confusion and giving an attractive domestic appearance. For further information, please contact Sidhil Ltd Tel: 01422 233 000 Email:

Snug Positioning Pillows - Improving Wellbeing of Vulnerable Patients CariNg for different health needs, whilst keeping patients safe and comfortable are the priorities of doctors, nurses and carers. safety, comfort and a stimulating environment speed up recoveries, enhance convalescence and contribute to greater quality of life during illness. Snug Positioning Pillows are uniquely shaped cushions that secure patients’ stable and comfortable positioning in beds and armchairs. Designed to improve lives of chronically ill, frail and disabled with little strength and compromised mobility, Snug Positioning Pillows redistribute external pressure on patients’ body, helping to prevent pressure related bed sores, painful ulcerations and skin breakdowns. Furthermore, Snug Positioning Pillows enhance interaction and improve communication

between patients and their carers, helping the carers to address patients’ needs more effectively. Designed for adults and children and perfect for hospitals, care homes and home care, Snug Positioning Pillows help people in a coma, victims of apallic syndrome, dementia sufferers, visually impaired and immobile people, hemiplegics, people at risk of pressure ulcers, frail elderly, terminally ill and more. Comfortable, practical, durable, washable, flame retardant and made in several designs for different patients’ needs, Snug Positioning Pillows improve standards of care, thus greatly improving lives and wellbeing of the most vulnerable adults and children. Supplied by Win Health Medical Ltd. Call 01835 864866 or visit the website at or see the advert on page 7.

Nursecall Shop tHe NurseCaLL shop brings you everything from accessories to complete systems for all your Nursecall needs. Whether you are looking for an accessory for your existing system or a complete new solution. Proving popular is the new DIY, i2 Wireless Nurse Call System designed for small, inde-

Lotus Care Technology the Nursealert pressure mat has been one of the most successful floor pressure mats due to it being non slip and carpeted which makes it feel very natural under a residents foot. Lotus Care technology Ltd have many other fall saving devices that can give you peace of

Nurse Call from Aid Call NO MORE PRESSURE MATS

aid CaLL’s newest nurse call solution, the touchsafe Pro, has been developed in response to the changing needs of the healthcare sector and recognises the growing prevalence of alzheimers and dementia amongst our aging population. Our nurse call systems are designed to reduce response times to emergency calls, improve the standard of these responses by increasing the amount of information available to carers and to facilitate the care of those with more complex care needs. It encourages better communication

pendent Care Homes. The i2 system provides a fully featured professional Nursecall System at an affordable price. Using an innovative approach, by removing the need of an expensive central controller and giving each call point full control, the result is a system that is not only more affordable but also more robust. Each time a Call Point on the i2 System is activated, it transmits the message, containing all the necessary information, directly to a Pager or Display. One Call Point and One Pager is all it takes to start a system! Use code Carer15 for a 15% discount. See for full details.

mind whilst caring for this at risk of falls. Having many years of experience in fitting and maintaining Nurse Call Systems helps the guys at Lotus Care Technology understand that every home is different and has different needs. They can specify not only the best system for the enviromental factors in the home but also take into consideration the best products that will make your carers and nurses jobs that little bit easier. For a site consultation or friendly advice call them free on 0800 8499 121 or local 01822 613258. and reassures residents, and their families, that help is always nearby. Features such as the dementia clock and easy-to-use reminder calls can assist more vulnerable residents and an all-encompassing call logging system will monitor staff performance. We also offer a silent paging system which has proven to be of huge benefit on dementia wings, where loud alarms can cause undue distress. Additionally, the systems’ peripheral devices and assistive technology help carers to support falls management, learning difficulties and dementia. They facilitate greater independence, provide preventative as well as reactive care and mean the system benefits those without the necessary cognitive ability to utilise a conventional nurse call system. For more information visit or contact or see the advert on the front cover.

Wireless Infra Red Movement Sensor from Bennett tHe MoveMeNt sensor came about when a handyman at a care home complained about pressure mats short life span and how easily damaged they are, also more worrying was that some residents know that if they stand on them a nurse arrives so try to step over them sometimes falling in the process.

This wireless infra red movement sensor is a far safer way to monitor your wanderers. There are no cables to trip over, It is discreet, robust cost effective and can cover both sides of the bed or the whole room if required. It works with Nurse Call systems from Intercall, Caresafe and Quantec with more in development to follow. If you do not have Infra red call points they can be easily replaced by myself, your handyman or usual supplier. If your system is not suitable for Infra red call points we can supply wired ones which will work with most systems. These sensors are hand made and covered by a one year warranty.

For further information please email or visit

Bennett Security Ltd Lynkyla, Old Inn Road Findon Aberdeenshire AB12 3RL


My background is not only in nurse call but intruder alarms as well so I decided to build a small discrete sensor that covered both sides of the bed. The first ones were wired to a nurse call point and worked well but one of the drawbacks of the pressure mat also applied to the sensor, it could be unplugged! So I started work on a battery operated wireless sensor that sends an infra red signal to a compatible call point, and over a period of six months it was tested in a local care home and refined with feedback from the handyman and nurses. It has been over a year now since I started selling them and the feedback is all good. That care home is part of a national group of homes and I have now sold to many of their homes with repeat orders coming soon after. Frequently asked questions How long do the batteries last? Minimum 4 months if left on permanently  What type of batteries? 4 x AA & 1 x LR23 What is the range? Approx 6 metres and 110 degrees Is it suitable for any nurse call system? At the moment it is suitable for Intercall, Caresafe & Quantec systems with infra red call points. If I have one of the Intercall, Caresafe or Quantec systems with standard call points can I change them?

Intercall and Caresafe points are easily changed by your handyman, Quantec will need an engineer. What is the auxiliary jack for? Anything you can plug in to your call point can be connected to the sensor and the signal will be transmitted to the call point. If your resident wants to sit at the other side of the room from the call point a pear push can be connected without the use of long leads. How much do they cost? Standard sensor £165 + Vat. Sensor with Auxiliary jack £175 + Vat. (Inc postage) This sensor is designed to alert staff of movement within a room fitted with an infra red nurse call point. It can be positioned on the floor or on bedside furniture. It is self resetting - you need only reset the nurse call system. The auxiliary socket may be used for anything that can be plugged in to the wall socket without having to use long leads I.e. pear pushes, pressure mats etc. Specification Detection Angle: 100° Detection Range: 6-8 metres Batteries: 4 x AA Energizer Lithium and 1 x LR23 transmitter Output: Infra red transmission Working Temperature: -10°C to +40°C Working Humidity: < 93 % RH Dimensions: 150 x 65 x 40 mm Weight: ± 250g These movement sensors are covered by a one year guarantee against defective materials or workmanship. It does not apply in cases of damage, wear and tear, unauthorised modification or adjustment. For further information visit


The Internet Of Things tHe iNterNet has changed the way we live our lives, mostly for the better. We have more and more dependence on the internet as we order our shopping, do our banking and socialise with people all over the world. The internet can offer so much more, like our new range of Wi-Fi

connecting sensors. Our door sensor for example, can inform you anywhere via your Smartphone of the time and date a door is opened and closed with a message and alarm. Ideal for families with special needs children. Can even be used on a fridge. wi-fi-door-window-sensor

Mental Capacity Act Decision - Making Process Set To Be Transformed with First of its Kind Online Support Tool desuto, a leader in health and social care decision-support, has launched a unique new tool designed to transform the decision-making process for health and social care professionals across the uK. Targeted at those responsible for making complex decisions when caring for vulnerable people in society, the solution has already generated over 10,000 reports while in trial phase in the NHS and care home sector. Following the success of the trial, Desuto has announced the tool will be made available to all health and social care professionals. The tool is designed to provide vital decision-support related to the Mental Capacity Act (MCA), assuring compliance with law and best

practice standards to ensure positive outcomes. Mike Hostick, CEO of Desuto states, “The Desuto team is made up of medical practitioners from the fields of health and social care that understand the needs of patients and professionals. This has allowed us to develop an intelligent solution that is aimed at the services providing care to individuals with conditions such as learning disabilities, dementia or mental health problems. It ensures that the correct decisions are made and provides users with the confidence that they will be able to apply the guidance in real life situations.” For further information on Desuto’s software solution please visit or call us on +44 (0) 208 123 6426

Cura Systems - Solutions for the Long-term Care Sector Cura MaKes providing care more meaningful, more engaging and more valuable. take a giant leap for your home today! • We offer the most comprehensive solution for your demanding needs • We are incredibly responsive to your needs • We focus on simplifying your workflow • We know we cannot succeed without you • Our service is personal to you • We create valuable relationships with our customers

• Security of your data is of utmost importance to us Our team come from a range of backgrounds, bringing together a wealth of technical and managerial expertise, alongside experience of the healthcare sectors. The Cura family of products were designed from the ground up in consultation with Care Homes, and continue to evolve in response to our clients’ needs. We listen to our customers’ needs and preferences, and are committed to providing a complete care management system that truly benefits all involved in the provision of care. For further information see the advert on this page.






Workforce Scheduling Solutions WorKforCe sCHeduLiNg solutions developers and staff have been in the business of time Management for over 20 years delivering time & attendance systems worldwide using the latest face recognition technology. They have a vast experience in software development including fingerprint and face recognition identification. However fingerprint was not well received by the Care Industry with members of staff resenting their fingerprints being taken, so they developed “Face Recognition” as an alternative to ensure that each member of staff can only book themselves on and off duty. Roy Ferris Sales Manager says “Face Recognition is not expensive and we have many customers using this technology very successfully. It has the advantage of not requiring any interaction by the staff, no cards that can be lost and their face is discreetly recorded each time, so no mistakes!!”

DutyHours™ and TimeCap™ are easy to use applications and will dramatically reduce time and costs to produce staff payroll. It is suitable for a single home or for organisations that have multiple homes and centralized payroll. Last minute changes to employee schedules are handled fast and efficiently and it will dramatically reduce pay queries. Staff simply clock in/out with their unique PIN and they can look up their time sheets showing work done or work planned in the future. The system creates an electronic timesheet of which job, where, when, which department and accurately calculates and controls pay hours including Bank Holidays, Vacation, Sickness and other absence. It will identify allowances such as overtime, weekend and night shift working and export the hours for your payroll or for your accountant. Call Workforce Group on 03333 444 562 for more information and a demonstration of the system

Alarm Radio Monitoring arM is the uK's premier wireless Nurse Call & staff alarm system designer, manufacturer, supplier and installer, offering a comprehensive range of Nurse Call, staff alarm, Lone Worker, fire alarm, door access and telephony bespoke systems. With over 30 years experience in the design & development of wireless Nurse Call & staff alarm/Lone Worker systems, alarm radio Monitoring has established itself as a key player within the wireless solutions market to the public & private healthcare sectors. Wireless Solutions are ideal for environments that do not lend themselves to running in cables, for example listed buildings or busy environments, whereby closing as area of a building is not deemed financially viable. Wireless systems also offer the flexibility & ease for

Please Please mention mentionTHE THE CARER CARER when when responding responding to to advertising. advertising.

future expansion. Our new HTM 08-03 Nurse Call system is the only fully HTM 08-03 compliant wireless Nurse Call Asystem. The new wireless HTM 08-03 version of our Nurse Call system is ideal for replacing old hardwired Patient Call Systems in Hospitals with minimal disruption to both Patients & Staff. No need to replace the whole Bed Head services, the ARM HTM 08-03 compliant wireless Nurse Call system can be fitted on to the existing Bed Head Services panel. For more information contact our sales team or click here. Every system comes with a full 12 month manufacturer's warranty and FREE 24/7 Engineer manned telephone support, no need for an expensive maintenance contract to be taken out. Take the ongoing cost out of your operation with our unique return to base service exchange policy and low cost of ownership/leasing options. For further call 01568 610016 or email




Hydration Care Concept Aims To Improve Hydration Levels In The Care Sector CritiCaLLY, tHe key to increasing residents’ hydration is to offer an appealing concept. very few elderly people like drinking water. However, some homes are making huge strides in improving hydration levels in residents, by adopting an integrated approach. The Oranka Juice Solutions Care Concept advocates using a variety of fruit juices and beverages combined with different dispensing options. These elements create a complete solution to join up seamlessly with your catering operation. The key is making appealing drinks and juices more readily accessible to encourage increased drinking. Formats include the Eskimo Dispenser placed in dining areas, activity areas and lounges, which also work well alongside Oranka jugs, such as the Fill Line Jug for table service or in rooms. With over 70 high quality juices (including a choice of 16 types of orange juice alone) and the specially developed Hydration and Hydration Juice Plus range, there is huge variety. Not to mention freshly pressed, not from concentrate juices through to smoothies with a higher calorific value, ice

teas and multi-vitamin drinks. Most have no artificial additives, added sugar and are low in sugar, so suitable for diabetics. As Troy Smith, MD of Oranka Juice Solutions highlights; “This integrated approach delivers all the vital elements for encouraging residents to drink more. By providing choice, flavour variety and accessibility through a range of dispensing options there is noticeable health improvements and an increase in residents’ activity levels. Operationally, the dispensers are simple and easy to use, so staff are able to devote more time to patient care.” The entire Oranka Hydration Care Concept ensures residents and visitors have an increased availability and visibility of drink options and are therefore more encouraged to drink. The result; fewer dehydration related conditions, such as UTIs, falls, incontinence and constipation, which ultimately means a reduction in the cost of care and healthier, happier residents. For further information contact Oranka Juice Solutions on 0330 998 0555 or visit

Nutilis Clear from Nutricia ModifYiNg tHe texture of fluids can alter their original appearance and taste, which may reduce compliance and fluid intake1,2. fluid intake is notoriously poor in patients requiring thickened fluids3, therefore it could be hypothesized that a thickened drink which maintains its original appearance may be more appealing to patients and thus support compliance.

DairyLink UK Ltd works with local farmers, processors and distributors in the UK to offer a sustainable procurement solution to all their customers.

OUR AIMS ARE: To source local milk To reduce carbon footprint and food miles To ensure a fresher product To offer a first class dedicated support service for our customers

For a Sustainable Procurement Solution – DairyLink – a One Stop Shop For further information please contact Barbara Griffiths on 01785 286823 or email and please visit the website –

With this in mind, Nutricia launched Nutilis Clear; a xanthan gum based thickening powder, which can be used to modify the texture of both food and fluids. Nutilis Clear is a thickener which produces visibly clear results when mixed according to instructions and is designed to maintain the original appearance of fluids.

DairyLink UK Ltd dairyLink uK Ltd works with local farmers, processors and distributors in the uK by linking the supply chain to offer a sustainable procurement solution to all their customers, offering local supply wherever possible, and reducing food miles, carbon footprint and thus giving a local service. Many small milk distributors offer an excellent delivery service but sometimes cannot, for many reasons, seek out larger shares of business because bigger companies could hold the relevant contracts or can offer better prices. dairyLink work with these small local businesses to support and sustain their livelihood, whilst supporting the local economy and community. We work on a national level, but with local suppliers, offering a one stop shop to larger customers thus reducing the number of invoices, administration and other costs that they may otherwise incur by having to deal with individual suppliers. This in turn offers added value to the distributors

References 1. Matta Z et al. J Am Diet Assoc. 2006; 106(7):1049-1054. 2. Macqueen C et al. Dysphagia. 2003; 18:46-52. 3. Leibovitz A et al. Gerontology. 2007;53:179-183. 4. Oudhuis L, Vallons K. Presented at ESSD 2011. Data on File. 5. Oudhuis L et al. Clin Nutr Suppl. 2011; 6(1): 18(OP043). 6. Garcia MJ et al. J Clin Nurs, 2010; 19: 1618-1624

reducing any administration burden for them enabling them to focus on the service and delivery to the sites. Via our sales order processing system, we offer: • EDI (electronic invoicing) • Consolidated invoices • Management summary statistics • Invoice requirements tailored to suit customer needs Our staff has over 45 years of experience in the dairy industry and we offer a hands on approach, someone available throughout the whole working day to deal with order amendments, issues, general enquiries whereas many depots cut off at around 2/3pm. If you are part of/or own a nursing home group and would seek to deal with one company but with locally sourced product and distribution, Dairy Link can assist you in achieving this. For you, the customer, this could help you meet required targets of sustainability, less carbon emission locally, less food miles, therefore achieving a fresher product and have less impact on the environment by running your business in a responsible way whilst supporting the local industry. For further information, please contact Barbara Griffiths on 01785 286823 or email and please visit the website –

New Dysphagic Meal Cubes, Giving You Versatility For Your Residents

With over 40 years experience as specialists in procurement within the Foodservice industry Offering a specialist dedicated service to ensure our members business' benefit from the supplier relationships and purchasing power that we have negotiated from our supplier partners. We aim to give you the best prices on the products you want to use, whilst ensuring supplier service is not compromised.

Join us today completely FREE of charge and start enjoying the many benefits IPP can bring you!

We cover a range of products and services from local and national suppliers at competitive pricing in the following areas of Foodservice procurement:

• Ambient, Frozen and Chilled Food • Dairy • Fresh meat and poultry • Fresh fish • Fresh fruit

Nutilis Clear thickens rapidly and does not continue to thicken4. Additionally it has amylase resistant features to protect against the action of salivary amylase, which helps to ensure a safer swallow by maintaining correct consistency in the mouth5. Incorrect consistency of a thickened product during consumption may result in the patient having poorer control of the bolus putting them at increased risk of aspiration6; therefore the amylase resistant features of Nutilis Clear promotes safer swallowing. For further information see the full page on page 27.

• Fresh vegetables • Catering Equipment • Cleaning Products and Chemical Dispensing Systems • Non Food Disposables

We are proud to work closely with the ever growing list of Supply Partners and Brands.

01628 854 794

difficulty with swallowing in the elderly is common place, almost any condition that produces any muscle weakness or any condition that is associated with a neurological impairment of the swallowing mechanism can produce a swallowing disorder. difficulty with swallowing is most often a symptom of an underlying condition rather than a primary disorder. One of the major consquences of dysphagia is malnutrition. The inability to coordinate the complex mechancism of swallowing, which slows down eating and can result in food being left in the mouth, or a meal being unfinished and therefore a reduction in all relevant nourishment from food and fluid. Consistency of product texture therefore is of paramount importance to ensure safety and to prevent choking. Nourish is a new brand of dysphagic food that not only gives you a consistent quality and nutrient density but allows a flexibility with the dysphagic consumer, that hasn’t been offered before into the Care Home Sector, and developed by our own trained Dietitian. The product comes to you as 25gm portions (12 cubes would give you a 300gm meal), each recipe is delivered in an individual resealable pouch. You have the flexibility to create the meal

size that is appropriate for your consumer. It is a frozen product and can be served from the freezer to the consumer within minutes, preparation is swift and uncomplicated. This flexibility allows you to serve a dysphagic meal with any combination of accompaniments and also reduces wastage. Only serve what you believe the consumer will eat. There are 12 protein recipes including meat, fish and vegetarian options; 8 vegetables including peas, broccoli, baked beans and butternut squash; and 2 carbohydrates, mashed potato and rice hash. We are also happy to work with the industry to produce snacks, puddings and drinks. Nourish is kind to your budget, produced by Nourisher Food & Drinks Ltd, in a BRC AA grade factory in Southampton with the best quality ingredients, serve only what your resident needs, no fancy packaging and straight from the freezer to the plate. It is simple, economical and reduces the requirement for expensive and skilled labour. It’s competetive pricing plays an enormous advantage on the strict budget of the care home sector and improves the offering to the consumer; increasing the day to day menu choice and reducing menu fatigue. Contact Jane Stobie 07710 400467 / 02380 664100.

Independent Power Purchasing as specialists in procurement within the foodservice industry and with over 40 years experience in obtaining the right terms for customers, independent Power Purchasing offer a specialist dedicated service to ensure our members business' benefit from the supplier relationships and purchasing power that we have negotiated from our supplier partners. IPP offers our members a 7 point promise: • A FREE of charge service to all of our members. • A dedicated point of contact that will work with and for you to ensure you benefit from the best deal for you and your business. • Regular reports so you can see your savings and expenditure. • Price checking and monitoring, making sure that you have the flexibility to change as the market does.

• All our suppliers are vetted and due diligence has been carried out to ensure that you receive the highest quality products at the lowest price possible. • In addition to the savings retrospective discount on your spend is available* • You pay suppliers directly, giving you control of your budget, but take advantage of IPP's negotiated terms. The first step to enjoy these terms is to contact IPP today to begin the process of increasing profits to your business. One of our team will respond to you to start your journey. We cover a range of products and services from local and national suppliers at competitive pricing in all areas of Foodservice procurement. Join us today completely FREE of charge and start enjoying the many benefits IPP can bring you. Call today on 01628 854 794 *Terms and Conditions Apply

Read all about Nutrition & Hydration Week on page 20










Enabling Independent Living... aHM installations are specialists in providing bathroom and kitchens that have a unique difference. the firm, based in Lincoln and Newark, specialises in creating rooms to facilitate independent living... Being able to live independently is a vital part of dignity in later life. That’s why Lincoln and Newark based AHM Installations has spend over 25 years perfecting the design of rooms to facilitate independent living in later life, or those with mobility problems. The firm’s specialism means that AHM Installations are wellplaced to provide advice with unprecedented expertise and product knowledge. But moreover, its team of in-house fitters and specialised tradespeople provide a trustworthy service that facilitate the same peace-of-mind during the design and installation process as you’ll experience after the creation of each new room. In addition to complete kitchens and bathrooms, the firm can also provide heating solutions, and can install stairlifts for mobility over different floors. AHM Installation have more than a few ideas

for making life easy, whether you’re looking to configure a kitchen or bathroom for independent living... BATHROOMS • Walk-in baths, baths with integral seats or those with door entry, make independent bathing easier. • Wetrooms facilitate easy access for wheelchair users, whilst slip-proofstools provide better safety. • Height adjustable baths make entry and exit easier and safer. • Non-slip materials can be utilisedwhich are easy to clean and safe. KITCHENS • Height adjustable worktops can be lowered for easier access. • Cabinets can be raised from the floor, to enable wheelchair footplates to pass underneath, giving better access to work surfaces and cabinets. • Different drawer options andhinged wide-doors provide easier access to storage. For more information on AHM Installation’s bespoke kitchens and bathrooms for independent living, call 01522 500288 or 01636 821443 or see

AKW Releases Stroke Survivor Care Home Design Guide a NeW guide that aims to help care homes build the ideal personal space for stroke survivors has been released by aKW. Produced with expert knowledge from senior occupational therapy Lecturer terri grant from the university of Worcester, the guide called “Creating care homes that aid stroke rehabilitation” outlines the best practice design principles for bathroom and bedroom suites, and offers comprehensive advice to both nursing and residential homes. With approximately 8,000 people being discharged from hospital to a care home after stroke every year in the UK, the guide highlights the importance of creating suitable accommodation that puts stroke survivors on the road to

rehabilitation. It has been developed as a reference point for care home staff, plumbers and builders, and, as half of all survivors have a disability, the guide aims to further improve the facilities available for those who have survived and subsequently live with the impact of stroke. Free to download through the AKW website, the guide gives an insight into the different types of stroke, the impact it can have on people’s lives and the challenges that survivors commonly face in the home environment. It then goes on to provide advice on designing areas that encourage rehabilitation and wellbeing, and offers specification guidance for essential equipment, such as showers, toilets and basins The AKW guide to creating care homes that aid stroke rehabilitation can be downloaded stroke-bathroom-guide/

‘Life-Changing’ Assistive Technology Raises Independence tHe terM ‘life-changing’ is probably overused nowadays but in this case it is accurate”: so says andrew Watkins, talking about his toilet lifter. He elaborates, “My Aerolet Vertical Toilet Lift has changed my life as it has given me back my independence, privacy and dignity. I can now manage all my toileting needs on my own.” The Aerolet toilet lift, supplied by Clos-o-Mat, can fit over most WCs. It gently raises and lowers the user over the lavatory. The unit replicates the natural motion of sitting down and standing up, automatically and smoothly lowering the user over and onto the toilet and then raising them to standing whilst ensuring their centre of gravity and thus balance remains stable. The Aerolet’s operation is all controlled by the push of a button via integral arm supports, which simultaneously provide additional bracing for the user. Vertical and Tilt options are available, the Vertical benefitting people with upper body strength but who cannot bend their knees whilst the Tilt suits users with control over their lower limbs who may lack upper body strength. Andrew, aged 42, from Portadown, cannot stand from a seated position without assistance, in his case as a result of muscle wasting disorder, Spinal

Muscular Atrophy Type III. He already uses various lifting aids, including a vertically rising recliner chair, office chair and bed. For Andrew’s intimate care, his Occupational Therapist had devised a modified, raised toilet frame to help him, but it was unsafe, and had to be removed every time anyone else needed to use the toilet. “With my disability I need my legs locked straight to stand- I need a seat height of 81cm to get my legs straight and stand unaided. With the toilet frame I had been using, I kept getting stuck, and needing help, and even fell off it! I needed to find an alternative. I came across the Clos-o-Mat website searching online and the extensive information there helped me confirm the Aerolet was well-suited to my requirements, as it is able to go higher than I need. “Clos-o-Mat was able to demonstrate it at my home; after trying it just once, I knew it was perfect and ordered one straight away! It is probably the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased to help with my daily needsand I have purchased a lot! It means a normal part of daily living is made so much easier and safer,” he says. Details of the Clos-o-Mat’s assistive toilet care offerings, plus further case studies from real-life users, can be found on Clos-o-Mat’s website

A Problem Solved

WHeN We received a call from Mrs Barker we knew she had a distinctive problem but not one we couldn’t help with. Her husband was wheelchair bound and getting heavier as the days went by. He now weighed 28st and Mrs Barker couldn’t help lift or move him on her own. Mr Barker really wanted a bath to be able to soak away his aches and pains. The problem was getting in and out, up and down and also finding a bath deep enough to cover him in hot water. We offered him our Oakham 75 Special which is wider than most walk in baths

and also could take up to a 35 stone person in a sitting position. The full width opening door meant he could wheel up to the side and easily transfer across onto the seat using the grab bars. The Oakham Special comes fitted with a spa jet massaging system which was great for soothing his aching joints etc. Two months on; Mr Barker is enjoying the benefits of being able to have a relaxing hot bath and the independence it brings. Essential Bathing have a large range of walk in baths to fit most situations and can be contacted on 01664474603 speak to David or take a look at the web site


If so, then call local company Safer Bathing who can offer over 55 years of combined experience in helping you choose the right solutions to fit the space.

Please call on 01480 218116 or email us at We guarantee you won't be disappointed


Ask About Our 5

Web: www.christoph

Super C The Best Selling Environmen Available in Light Oak Medallion From £139 + VAT

Large range of Oak Furniture

Ascot Florence From £169 + VAT

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Jemma £139 +

We carry a vast range of curtain the highest quality but delivere prices in the country. We have a country with bedroom displays, displays. If you are thinking of not hesitate to book an appointm a 7 day turnaround on chairs.

Christopher Guy Interiors Units 2&3 GB Business Park, Culter Bradford, BD4 9HZ Tel: 01274 660123 Email: enquiries@ Website: www.christopherguyinterior


New build turnkey available Lamps Mirrors Flower Displays Artificial Plants Landscape Live Olive Trees Palm Trees Holly Bushes Garden Seating Statues Conservatory Furniture Interior Lighting Highest Quality Wallpaper

5 Year Guarantee

Chelsea ntal Friendly Bedroom Suite k, Walnut and Beech

rom T

Vast range of accessories to achieve the most beautiful care home possible at 30% less than our competitors

Notting Hill From £169 + VAT

Queen Anne The Guild Of Master Craftsmen Corporate Member

Highest Quality Bedroom Sets. Solid Oak, Latest Designs

Coffee Tables From £69 + VAT

a From + VAT

n and coordinating chair fabrics of ed to you at the lowest possible a show van going throughout the lounge displays and dining room a new build or refurbishment do ment with no obligation. We offer

r Heights Lane,

500 Queen Anne Chairs To Clear In Top Quality Vinyl 10 Colourways From £119

Large Range of Dining Furniture, Sideboards and Chairs

Christopher Guy Interiors now offer a completely free interior design service for new builds and home refurbishments, offering curtain design and manufacture, the highest quality wallpapers, feature wall art and one of the best ranges of accessories in the country, featuring flower displays, paintings, pictures, chandeliers, garden furniture and silk flower displays, giving your home the highest possible standard on furnishings and offering you a complete one stop shop at 30% less than our competitors.




Silentflor – Design Led Acoustic Flooring from Polyflor PoLYfLor is pleased to announce the launch of silentflor Pur, a collection of heavy commercial sheet vinyl flooring with acoustic properties, available in a variety of high design wood, concrete and abstract effects. Silentflor is a robust, beautifully designed collection that achieves 19dB impact sound reduction and has been expertly created for a wide range of commercial interiors, such as the healthcare sector. Made in the UK, this flooring range includes 36 stunning designs in a 3.7mm gauge and 0.65mm wear layer sheet format. Skilfully portraying the natural beauty of timber planks, the 16 Silentflor wood effect designs replicate a variety of stunning wood species and grains including oak and ash patterns, chevron design floors and limed wood effects. The collection’s 8 contemporary concrete and 12 abstract designs have been specifically developed to achieve a modern on-trend look. The variety of shades available include subtle neutral tones and stronger accent colours to create an appealing floor covering that is both fun and functional. The Silentflor range can assist in improving the acoustic properties within busy hospitals, care homes and other healthcare environments where excessive noise can be detrimental to patients, residents, staff and visitors. The product’s acoustic layer provides warmth and cushioning underfoot as well as reducing the effects of impact sound travelling through a building, such as the slamming of doors and footsteps from upper levels. Tom Rollo, Polyflor’s Marketing Manager commented, “With Silentflor we

are proud to be able to offer our customers a fresh, new acoustic flooring product which delivers on aesthetics, performance and practicality. This is an ideal choice for those looking to improve the acoustic performance of a healthcare facility and want to make an interior design statement.” The Silentflor collection is enhanced with Polyflor PUR, Polyflor’s exclusive and robust polyurethane reinforcement which is cross linked and UV cured to provide superior cleaning benefits. This PUR enhancement offers a cost effective, low maintenance regime that is both environmentally friendly and ensures longevity as poor maintenance can impair performance, shorten floor life and create hygiene problems in critical areas. The new Silentflor collection is beautifully presented within a sampling package which includes a 40-page brochure, a comprehensive presenter and shadecard. Sampling can be ordered free of charge on the Polyflor website or by calling the Polyflor Samples Direct Hotline on 0161 767 2551. Silentflor’s environmental credentials are impressive, achieving a BRE A+ rating in major use areas and Indoor Air Comfort Gold, assuring that VOC emissions are below any globally determined levels. Silentflor is 100% recyclable via the Recofloor recycling scheme and also contains recycled content. Further details of Polyflor’s extensive range of resilient vinyl flooring are available from Polyflor Ltd, Radcliffe New Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 7NR. Tel: 0161 767 1111. Fax: 0161 767 1128. Website: Email:

Freephone: 0800 917 7943



PO 300





MattressMaN is one of the leading suppliers of mattresses and beds in the uK. We have been in the mattress trade for over 10 years; this experience ensures a service of the highest quality & the lowest prices in the UK. Our dedicated trade sales team believe in putting the customer first, giving exceptional levels of customer services which is renowned among our customers. Mattressman has the largest selection of contract mattresses, divans and beds from Britain’s leading industry brands. All of our mattresses are made in the UK in our very own factory based in Norwich, from the

Beautifully Designed | Professionally Made | Carefully Installed at reNraY we have been producing high quality healthcare and medical furniture for 50 years and are one of the uK’s largest and leading suppliers to the healthcare sector. Whether you require just a fast efficient delivery of quality furniture or a full turnkey installation and fitting service, we have the experience and resources to handle your project. We understand that you are purchasing healthcare furniture that is fit for purpose, stylish and will continue to perform well into the future, which is why we design and build our furniture with you in mind. • Manufacturing high quality furniture since 1966

BZ 006

• UK and European design and manufacturing operations • Largest in-house turnkey operator in the UK • In house logistics with weekly delivery service to mainland UK and Ireland • Experienced uniformed drivers and installation teams • Free room placement unpacking and packaging removal • Furniture and furnishings compliant to approved British Standards • 5 year warranties on curtains, frames and bedroom furniture If you would like a free consultation or advice from one of our highly trained consultants, please call: 01606 593 456 or visit or see the advert on page 17.

New Year . New Look . New Designs By Christopher Guy Interiors

at tHis time of year many care home owners are thinking of giving their properties a face lift and bring a new look to their caring environment. Christopher guy interiors are specialists in their field of contract furnishings and interiors, whether you need to replace tired looking chairs in your dining areas or looking at the bigger picture and refurbishing the whole building (including wall art and the little things like pictures floral arrangements) they can take care of everything with their free interior design service.


simplest guest mattress to the highest luxury mattress; Mattressman has an extensive range of beds to suit all needs. All of our contract mattresses comply with BS7177 fire retardant standard (Crib 5 / Source 5) which makes them ideal for businesses which require a higher standard of flame retardancy above standard domestic. Zip & Link and special sizes beds & mattresses are also available on request. For the Care home industry we have a Special Contract waterproof mattress. We also have a huge range of bed frames, guest beds & accessories available on our website for fast free delivery. Quantity discounts available, please call our contract sales team to get a quote today on 0800 567 7625 or visit our website

Christopher Guy Interiors completed 19 New Builds by the close of

2016 and are now looking at an even greater number in 2017. There are many new fabric ranges being launched this month and Christopher Guy have included them in their 2017 design portfolio, so all your furnishing needs will be covered in the very latest fabric designs from the UK and Europe to give your home the “Premier Look” Every piece of upholstered furniture is made in house “In Yorkshire” and delivered to you on their dedicated transport for extra piece of mind. Christopher Guy Interiors are traditionally 30% cheaper than their competitors and with extra special deals on selected products throuout January there's no better time to buy. Ring their customer care team for details Tel: 01274 660 123.




SING FOR YOUR LIFE Opens a New Centre in Middlesborough to Support Clients in Yorkshire & North East England N.I.C.E. Guidance NG32 strongly recommended singing to be a beneficial and cost effective activity to support the Independence and Mental Wellbeing of older people. NICE Quality Standard QS137 also advises NHS service providers "to ensure that a range of activities are in place for older people most at risk of a decline in their independence and mental well being to build or maintain their social participation" - Singing programmes are at the top of the list.

To support this, Sing For Your Life has opened new centres in Reading and Glasgow which will provide training and support to users of the unique Silver Song Music Box System which is now being used by more than 200 Community Centres, Care Homes and NHS Dementia Units.

The Silver Song Music Box provides an inclusive activity that delivers excellent cognitive therapy and stimulates reminiscence.

THE SILVER SONG MUSIC BOX system has been developed by Sing For Your Life to enable Day Care Centres, Residential Care Homes and Hospitals to provide participatory singing sessions for older people. Singing brings people together and The Silver Song Music Box provides an inclusive activity that delivers excellent cognitive stimulation therapy and an effective reminiscence experience.

The Silver Song Box can be used with either a TV or Projector. The words of the song are projected on to the screen and are synchronised with the music, eliminating the need for song sheets.

The system is can be purchased or rented and can be operated by a carer who has not had formal musical training. Singing is therefore available whenever and as often as it is needed. Contacts: South West England Hampshire, Thames Valley East Anglia Scotland Yorkshire & NE England All other areas

For more information go to or call 01303 298546 for an Information Pack

"A song a day keeps the doctor away."


Anchorage Residents Enjoy their SPA Sessions! Liz sMitH is an enthusiastic activity provider at the anchorage care home, Pulborough (rhymecare Ltd) and since attending revitalyz seated Physical activity (sPa) training her residents are reaping the rewards. “Having been a professional performer for many years which involved attending many classes in dance, movement and singing I actually attended the ReVitalyz training workshop with a sceptical attitude but how wrong was I? Tony Duke was our trainer and he was immediately in full command of a mixed and varied group of learners (including activity providers like myself) and in my opinion this was due to one simple reason; Tony knows his subject 100%. I understand why NAPA have recognised ReVitalyz as a CPD Provider as the training was clear, precise, immensely informative and has certainly given me the confidence to provide SPA sessions for

my residents. The training was thorough, clearly delivered and the practical learning aids such as the glasses adapted to replicate many sight problems provide a simple, effective way of giving us an idea of what it is like living with various disabilities. The information and backup provided after the course has been excellent and it is also very simple to purchase the products used during the workshop, if required. I’m delighted to say that attendance to my SPA sessions has increased from 7 to 14 and I now deliver double the amount of sessions thanks to their popularity. I love providing this activity and know my residents are getting enjoyment and laughter at every session plus their mobility is improving too.” ReVitalyz deliver training to many care providers plus hosting a number of open workshops to enable staff from individual Homes to attend. Dates and details are on the website or please contact Zoe

Dementia Product Solutions for Every Care Setting at we source high quality specialist dementia products and daily living aids from leading suppliers and offer them online at competitive prices. our range has been carefully selected to improve the quality of life and prolong independence for people with dementia in care homes, nursing homes and other care settings. Care home residents with dementia or sight problems can now benefit from our range of high visibility signs, purpose designed for all the most important locations. These will help them to find their own way to the toilet

Geopace Training geoPaCe traiNiNg is the uK’s leading provider of Phlebotomy training Courses delivering accredited and nationally recognised training to the highest of professional standards. All courses adhere to CHS132 – the National Occupational Standard for Phlebotomy and to Skills for Health guidelines HSC376 as well as follow-

and bathroom or identify their own bedroom without feelings of stress. Directional and personalised signs are also available. For memory loss, a main symptom of dementia, products such as memory boxes can aid room recognition and provide a conversation starter for care home staff. We also have a reminiscence range to stimulate the brain and help people to reconnect with their past. Eating and drinking properly is essential to maintain health but eating habits can change with dementia. Consider using purpose designed plates and cups to reduce spillage and make mealtimes a more pleasurable experience. Visit to see the full range or call 0800 999 6659. ing WHO guidelines. Courses are available as classroom, eLearning or Blended Learning (hybrid) and cover all levels of experience from novice through to experienced phlebotomist. Geopace Training have developed a reputation for excellence in training, delivered to a wide and varied audience of students and organisations including Colleges and Universities, Hospitals, Care Homes and GP Practices as well as individuals. Group training on-site provides a very cost effective method for staff education and CPD. For further details Tel: 01525 713377, Website: Email:

Effective, Affordable Care Certificate Training tHe Care Certificate game is an enjoyable and effective group learning and assessment tool for care providers implementing the Care Certificate. Care Certificate training requires an element of group work, and the game allows staff to work as a group and consolidate what they've learned from eLearning and workbooks. The game is easy to manage so assessors have the time and space to observe how well individual players have understood the basic requirements.

First Aid for Life Skills first aid at Work and emergency first aid at Work are considered by many to be vital life skills. However, for many Carers these are sometimes seen as unnecessary, particularly when caring for a bed-bound person or someone who is not a candidate for resuscitation.

This engaging board game presents players with over 100 questions & scenarios covering key Care Certificate standards. Two teams compete to discuss and answer the questions, allowing them to share their knowledge and ideas and demonstrate competence. Make training something that staff want to do – use a board game! Website: Email:

This, of course, forgets that these skills are applicable at home, at play as well as at work. Indeed, one is more likely to use them to help a relative, friend or colleague. So perhaps they should be seen, not as first aid AT WORK skills, rather FIRST AID for life skills. uk / Email: Telephone no: 0207 637 7959

TRN (Train) Specialists in Health and Social Care Training trN (traiN) are a National training Provider established over 15 years ago with a grade 2 good ofsted report. Benefitting from the experience of a team which have backgrounds as diverse as Nurses, Care Home Managers, Child Care Specialists, Team Leaders and Children and Young People Specialists TRN (Train) can deliver higher clinical skills to upskill your existing staff to healthcare practitioners giving valuable support to your existing nurses. TRN (Train) work with a maximum of 35 learners per assessor. This guarantees quality training on a more personal one to one level than can be expected from other training providers with higher case loads. With over 100 e-learning CPD courses available, including over 40 e-learning courses specifically aimed at the

Health and Social Care sector, you can keep your staff compliant and satisfy regulatory or legislative requirements at the time and place that best suits you. Staff can be allocated training which can be completed on PC’s or mobile devices with an internet connection. More importantly, there is no need to arrange groups of your workforce to take time away from their primary duties to attend training together. The user friendly step-by-step online courses have been developed to give cost effective comprehensive training using todays technology to bring the classroom to you. TRN (Train) offer the majority of their e-Learning CPD courses at only £14.99 each, with only one or two qualification courses costing slightly more. For further details call TRN (Train) now on 0191 477 0840 or visit their website at






With The Uncertainty Caused By Brexit It Is Even More Important To Ensure That Each Home Is Achieving Its Full Potential MaNY Care Home owners are finding it difficult to achieve the full potential of their building assets partly due to the current emphasis on promoting care within the users own home. specialist care, however would normally be provided by a Care Home licensed to provide the necessary specialised care, either in the entire building or within a specifically identified wing or section of a general care home. It might be possible to increase the number of occupants by offering care in another category. Residents with a requirement for care that cannot be provided in their own homes will tend to be looked after in a specialized unit, such as a dementia wing in a local Nursing Home. In many instances there may be potential to increase the number of occupied beds in a Home by carrying out a reorganization of rooms or an extension or new wing in the grounds to create a new unit to provide care in a use sector new to the home. A Home running full, or near full, or a larger home is in a much better financial position than a smaller home or one with low occupancy levels. It is worth Home Owners examining the type, category, number and

quality of their bedrooms and facilities to see if it is possible to provide rooms of a different category, a greater number of bedrooms, or improved rooms more attractive to privately funded users. It may be possible to fill a space in the grounds with a new ‘wing’ to house residents requiring a type of specialist care, for which there is a high local demand. Forrester Associates is an award winning architectural practice specializing in the care home sector, with over 30 years experience. They are offering a free initial appraisal to see if a home has the potential to boost occupancy and increase profitability by carrying out alterations, extensions or new construction. They are able to advise on the most cost effective ways of changing or enlarging homes to make them more profitable. They offer an optional nationwide full architectural package from initial designs, through planning permission, building approvals, tendering and construction supervision up to CQC approval. Fees are competitive and they are able to point the way towards a finance provider. Call or email Forrester Associates to discuss your home or to arrange an appraisal on 01527 833876 or and see what could be achieved.

Do You Need Nurses / Healthcare Assistants? MediEnlist Recruit Healthcare Staff From The EU For Care Providers In The UK MedieNList provide cost effective permanent and temporary recruitment solutions for the health and social care sector. their health care recruitment process is far more than matching Cvs to job vacancies. Medienlist aim to reduce the amount of time you spend sifting through Cvs. With a wealth of experience in both nursing and the health care recruitment sectors the Medienlist team of dedicated professionals work together with your company to ensure the best possible candidates are put forward for your selection process. With their head office based in the UK, satellite offices based across the EU and the help of strategic partners MediEnlist are able to source Qualified Nurses and Healthcare Assistants for positions within the United Kingdom. MediEnlist consists of two divisions. ‘MediEnlist

Anglian Archives aNgLiaN arCHives are archiving specialists and, for over 25 years we have cared for sensitive documents for those working in the care sector and those working in the clinicaland medical fields. We provide secure off site document and file storage in a fire resistant environment. Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind as we can retrieve your docu-

Caught in a Legal Web residential Care and the Court of Protection Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, where a person (P) does not have the capacity to make a decision for themselves, a decision will be made on the basis of what is in their best interests. Those involved in identifying what is in P’s bests interests will include close family and potentially friends, professionals involved with P’s care and, if P resides at a residential home, members of staff from the home. In most cases, those closely involved with P’s life will agree about what is in P’s best interests. However, if agreement cannot be reached the Court of Protection is the final decision maker. Where Court of Protection proceedings are needed, the residential home will find itself caught up in the process, to a greater or lesser extent.

Staffing’ offering permanent staffing recruitment solutions. Pay only an affordable one off fee for each candidate successfully employed and ‘MediEnlist Locums’ offering temporary staffing solutions at highly competitive rates. MediEnlist have always graded the English language skills of their candidates, ensuring that communication is never an issue. However, the new NMC English language Competence controls for candidates from within the EU are rigorous and it would be surprising if candidates did not require any additional training. In anticipation of the new controls, MediEnlist have gathered resources and partnered with English language schools to assist candidates prior to sitting the IELTS test. With a combination of initial assessment, e-learning and face to face tuition MediEnlist candidates can feel confident when faced with IELTS. Visit or call 0191 337 1234 for further information. ments or files for you and deliver them or post or scan and email them to you. We understand you work in a sensitive area so, to give you peace of mind all our staff are enhanced DBS checked and sign a confidentiality agreement. A lot of our clients have a statutory requirement to retain hard copies of records for many years and this is what we specialise in. Our customers often see us as an extension to their business, an additional department if you like; part of the team. Let us become part of your team and improve your working environment. For further information contact 01604 670 964. or email The primary route for the residential home to provide and receive information will be through the relevant LA or CCG.

the actual and hidden costs If you are a party and have legal representation, or if you consult your own lawyers anyway, you will have to pay your lawyer’s costs. It is very rare for any party to be ordered to pay the costs of another party in the Court of Protection, so you may not have to pay for anyone else but you probably will not get your costs back. However, the main costs are not financial. A lot of time is likely to be involved around documentation and communication.

Best practice for care home providers

There are a number of ways in which the care home provider can ensure things go as smoothly as possible: 1. Make sure care plans are up to date The parties in a Court of Protection case will always want to see P’s care plan and it is very important that there is an up-to-date care plan to give Common issues that arise them. A detailed, up-to-date care plan shows that the patient’s needs are Many cases involve one or more of the following issues: being assessed and met on an ongoing basis. • Whether the care delivered at the residential home meets the needs of P 2. Keep good records • Whether P should be living somewhere else, most often ‘at home’ More generally, make sure that detailed records are being kept about • Safeguarding concerns, particularly around contact with family or property patients. Regular records detailing how much P weighs and how much and • Whether P is deprived of liberty. In most cases this will be dealt with under what they are eating show that P is being carefully monitored. the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS), but it can be an issue in itself or 3. Be responsive aspects of the DOLS assessments may be challenged as a way of raising other The residential home will invariably be ordered by the Court to produce issues. all records relating to P. It helps everybody if you provide the documents as the role of the residential home quickly as you are able. It is not very common for a residential home to be a direct party in Court 4. Communicate with the care co-ordinator of Protection proceedings. Typically the main parties will be the statutory This is vital. Key steps to take are: body funding the placement (LA or CCG); P, represented by an appropriate • Establish a clear point of contact at the earliest possible stage for both routine independent person (often an IMCA or the Official Solicitor, sometimes a and urgent communication family member with no conflicting interest). • Be clear about what decisions or changes can or cannot now be made by the However, the residential home is actually residential home or others involved with P’s care, such as the GP. Normally there caring for P and will be asked to supply will be no problem with the delivery of care as set out in the care plan, but if there information and will need to take account of are to be significant changes they may need to be approved by the Court of any Orders from the Court of Protection Protection before being implemented (although never let this prevent you from takspecifying P’s best interests. ing any steps needed to provide care urgently needed by P) • Keep your contact informed of any problems you are having with P, others, or in meeting any requirements of the Court • Find out who else is involved in the case and what Eddie Dribble - the best known name in the you can and cannot say to othprivate care industry ers, and what they can or cannot do in relation to P Valuations undertaken - Nursing • Document all interactions about the case and Residential Homes always • Make sure you are aware wanted for sale nationwide of any relevant part of any Court order and if you do not understand what you are supposed to do, or not do, ask Reduced commission rates for Fiona Easton-Lawrence owners replying through this and Stephen Evans, emanuel a Dribble advertisement Hempsons 26 Arthur Road Fiona is an expert in conNew Malden tentious healthcare and Reduced commission rates mental health law. Stephen Surrey KT3 6LX specialises in dispute resofor RNHA members tel/Fax 020 8942 0852 lution and has a Master’s Degree in mental health law.


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