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Most People Are Receiving Good Care – But Challenges Ahead Say CQC The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published its annual analysis of the quality of health and adult social care in england. This is the first time such a national assessment has been possible following CQC’s introduction of a tough, rigorous ratings system. Key findings include: • Despite increasingly challenging circumstances, the majority of services across health and social care have been rated as good, with some rated outstanding. • However, there is significant variation in quality – and safety continues to be the biggest concern across all the sectors that CQC regulates. • Strong leadership and collaboration is emerging as more crucial than ever to delivering good care. • Evidence increasingly shows that CQC’s work is leading to improvements in care. The number of services rated as either good or outstanding by CQC suggests most people are receiving safe, effective care. Although CQC has not finished inspecting all providers, the ratings published up until the end of May 2015 show more than 80% of GP practices are rated either good or outstanding; in adult social care, nearly six out of ten services are rated good or outstanding; and 38% of hospitals and trusts, including mental health, have been rated good or outstanding. Inspections have, according to the report identified strong leadership as a crucial factor among those providers rated as either good or outstanding. More than nine out of 10 (94%) of the services we have rated as good or outstanding overall are also rated as good or outstanding for their leadership. Similarly over eight out of ten (84%) of the services we have rated as inadequate overall were rated inadequate for leadership. However, alongside these encouraging findings, there remains an unacceptable level of poor care, with 7% of providers of acute, primary medical and adult social care in England rated as inadequate. Safety continues to be the biggest concern across all of the services inspected, with over one in 10 hospitals (13%) and a similar proportion of adult social care providers (10%) as inadequate for safety. In primary medical services, 6% of those we rated were inadequate for safety. Commenting on the findings, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission David Behan, said: “The health and social care sector is facing an unprecedented level of challenge – so it’s encouraging that our findings show that the majority of people are receiving good or outstanding care. We have found dedicated staff working hard to treat people with care, compassion and dignity. “However, we have also found a wide variation in the quality of care people receive. Alongside good care we have seen examples of poor and unacceptable care and we

rated 7% of care as inadequate. A key concern has been the safety of the care – a failure to learn when things go wrong, or not having the right number of staff in place with the right skills. “Where people are not receiving the quality of care they deserve, we will demand action – and we are now able to demonstrate that half of services have improved following re-inspection. Some services may need further support to improve, and we will continue to work with partners to ensure this happens. “The variation in care that we have observed is not just about the money. Good leaders are what make the difference – leaders who engage staff and people who use services and create a culture of continuous quality improvement. Leaders who have a broader vision than the delivery of care within their own organisations, but who work collaboratively with partners to innovate and transform services. What is very clear is that isolated working and incremental changes are not going to be enough to meet the challenges ahead. “CQC’s role is to support innovation, share information that can help leaders to better understand the quality of care that their organisation provides and to benchmark against others and to celebrate great care and great leadership. It is also to highlight poor care and poor leadership where we find it, to demand improvement and to take action to ensure that people receive safe, high quality care.” In response to the report a coalition of more than 80 of the country’s leading charities warned that the results of the report is further evidence of a crisis in social care. The Care and Support Alliance (CSA) believe that this an inevitable result of year on year cuts in social care, which has led to chronic underfunding in the area. Councils have been forced to reduce what they pay to care providers and this has a direct impact on services. Councils in England report that around £4.6bn has been taken out of the social care system since 2010. The CSA is clear that without additional funding social care will get worse. Further providers will exit the market and soon people may find there is no care available of any quality. Chair of the Care and Support Alliance, Vicky McDermott, said: “Over 40% of providers are delivering a poor standard of care and support, which is impacting on the lives of hundreds and thousands of older and disabled people who need support just to do the basics – like getting up or out of the house. We need the Government to make a significant investment in social care at the Spending Review next month. The Chancellor should use that opportunity to address the chronic underfunding in care. Doing nothing is simply not an option if this country is to honour its obligations to older and disabled people, and their carers.”




VIEWPOINT WelCome To the autumn issue of the Carer! a report on our front cover by the Quality Care Commission (CQC) has revealed that most people are receiving “good” care. The press release that we had from the CQC was just that “most People receiving Good Care”, and that is how we have reported it! EDITOR

Contrast that with the headline of a broadsheet daily “Two-thirds of Hospitals Offering Substandard Care”. Again, this is from the report: “Although CQC has not finished inspecting all providers, the ratings published up until the end of May 2015 show more than 80% of GP practices are rated either good or outstanding; in adult social care, nearly six out of ten services are rated good or outstanding; and 38% of hospitals and trusts, including mental health, have been rated good or outstanding”. The report also highlighted “crucial challenges ahead”, and then went on of course to list them, yet the article I am reading in a broadsheet daily has precious little positive points in it, and leads heavily with all the negative points. The article in fact paints an absolutely appalling picture regarding care in this country today. Everyone recognises the care industry faces huge challenges, some in my opinion are , insurmountable, an ageing population living much longer, squeeze on finances, and whilst nobody would begrudge the hard-working people in the industry a decent wage, that too is going to impact significantly on many homes. But I have to say the constant bashing of an overworked and underfunded profession, sometimes it is simply too much to take. There are many positive aspects of the report and it would be nice once in a while to see them given coverage. I get many many stories here at the Carer, with homes and carers going far and above the extra mile to make residents as comfortable and as happy and as at home as possible. We absolutely love reporting on them, from encouraging residents to grow their own food, recreating a pub, engaging with local schools, celebrating events, honouring war heroes, getting married, you name it, we are sent heart-warming stories about it. If we are so are other publishers, and it would be nice just once in a while to pick up a daily newspaper and actually see some good positive news instead of the general industry bashing! We would also take this opportunity to remind you of the forthcoming care show at the NEC in Birmingham in November 3rd & 4th. We are exhibiting on stand H 88, and we very much hope you will pop along and visit us, David Sylvia and me promise you a warm welcome! The show is a wonderful opportunity to see new products and services, many of which are advertised with us on a regular basis, the show is also packed with seminars, workshops with industry leaders sharing their opinion addressing the key challenges the industry faces. We will also very much welcome the opportunity to get your views, the views from the “coalface”, the people who are dealing with dayto-day issues and sometimes never get the opportunity to make their views known. So don’t forget stand H 88 at the care show NEC Birmingham on November 3 and 4

Peter Adams

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One In Three People Born In 2015 Will Develop Dementia, New Analysis Shows One in three people born in 2015 will develop dementia, new analysis shows. The research, commissioned by Alzheimer’s Research UK and carried out by the Office of Health Economics, set out to calculate the number of people born today who could be expected to develop the condition during their lifetime. The analysis took into account life expectancy estimates for people born in 2015, as well as estimates of dementia incidence in men and women of different ages. It estimates that: • 32% of people born in the UK in 2015, or one in three, will develop dementia during their lifetime • 27% of males born in 2015 will develop the condition • 37% of females born in 2015 will develop the condition George McNamara, Head of Policy at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “Dementia is already the biggest health

challenge this country faces. It costs the UK in excess of £26 billion, which equates to £30,000 per person with dementia - more than the cost of either cancer or heart disease. The stark finding should galvanise the Government and us all into action. We urgently need long-term, sustainable research funding that is proportionate to the economic and social impact of the condition, but we must also address the stigma that leads to so many people being shunned and excluded from society when at their most vulnerable. We're asking people to become Dementia Friends today - we must unite together to tackle the condition. “Alzheimer's Society has committed at least £100m to research over the next decade. The quicker we see better investment, the sooner we will get the answers we need to develop treatments, ways of preventing dementia and ultimately a cure.”

Care Home Welcome Green-Fingered Volunteers ST STePhen’S Care home in Sandbach was delighted to welcome a team of volunteers, who recently helped redevelop their gardens. A team of 20 volunteers from Winsford based company Essential Cuisine worked together to transform their gardens into a more accessible and interesting space. St Stephens, which is based in London Road in Elworth, supports 40 people who have age-related health needs or live with dementia. It is part of the national social care charity, Community Integrated Care. The dedicated team overhauled the gardens – painting and fixing fences, tidying their greenhouse and sheds, as well as planting flowers and cutting back

trees. They also added a creative touch, converting a shed to look like a beach hut. The St Stephen’s team have developed plans to further this work, by adding a new patio and installing planters that residents can maintain. This work will help to create a more stimulating and engaging space for residents. Wendy Langley, Manager of St Stephen’s Care Home, says: “This work has transformed the living environment at our home, giving our residents a beautiful space they can enjoy throughout the year. I’d like to thank Essential Cuisine for their hard work, kindness and community spirit. We are excited to continue to build on this work and make our gardens an even better place for our residents.”

Engage And Motivate Your Residents Through Music KC HealtHCare are pleased to introduce Beamz into the UK Care Home Market. Beamz is an interactive music system that enables residents to ‘play light’ with the laser beam controls and is designed to help improve. Cognitive, Physical and Social Skills As we know music is a great contributor for improving overall quality of life. Just listening to music provides great benefits for • Engagement, • Socialization,

• Brain fitness and memory care. By Introducing Beamz into your Care Home, it will provide opportunities for residents to interact and make great sounding music made with movement. The Benefits for overall wellbeing and accelerating therapeutic outcomes are extraordinary. In the words of a care home resident: "it is out of this world!" Medical research has confirmed that consistent, long term participation in cognitive stimulation is associated with a significant reduced risk of Dementia by more than 60%. If you have any questions or would like a FREE demonstration, please contact KC Healthcare on 01202 233463 or visit





New Guidance to Raise Awareness of the Importance of Good Nutritional Care nhS enGland has published new guidance to help ensure patients receive excellent nutrition and hydration care. The guidance has been produced to address the issues raised within ‘Hard Truths’ and the Francis Report; and to the concerns of patient, carers and the public with regard to malnutrition and dehydration. Malnutrition is still a concern for the health service and is more common than many people expect – affecting more than three million people in the UK at any one time. Around 1 in 3 patients admitted to hospital or who are in care homes are malnourished or at risk of becoming so. Poor nutrition and hydration not only harms patients’ health and wellbeing, it can also reduce their ability to recover and leads to increased admissions to hospitals and care homes. The new guidance draws together the most up-to-date evidence based resources and research to support commissioners to develop strategies to help ensure excellent nutrition and hydration care in acute services and the community. It also outlines why commissioners should make this issue a priority – how to tackle the problem, how to assess the impact of commissioned services and highlighting the good work which is already underway. Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England, said: “The link between nutrition and hydration and a

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WiTh Care budgets in the headlines, Clos-omat, Britain’s leading supplier of toilet solutions for elderly and disabled people, is pointing to latest research by age UK to show how that pressure can in part be alleviated. The research highlights that the number of people aged 60+ -already almost 15million people- will rise by 5million/30% in the next 15 years. Among the 1million+ people who received care & support services, almost 70% reported the need was for personal care- including going to the toilet. “For many people, either fitting a toilet lift so they can get on and off the loo unaided, or changing a conventional WC for one that washes & dries them, would eliminate their need for homecare,” observes Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager. “The cost would be amortised in less than a year, and be out of a different budget, thus releasing some care requirement to be allocated to someone else in need. But it gives more than a financial benefit: it gives that person independence and dignity, and so improves their feeling of self-worth, in a very private and personal process. It also helps ensure a consistent level of cleanliness and hygiene, for them and the carer.”

person’s health is a fundamental part of any stage of life, but all the more so for the sick or vulnerable. “Person-focused, quality compassionate care involves looking at what matters to a person as a whole, not only concentrating on their specific medical condition. “The aim of this new guidance is to raise awareness around the need for good nutrition and hydration and recognise we all have a role to play in improving the health and well-being of those in our care.” Dianne Jeffrey, Chair of the Malnutrition Task Force and Chairman of Age UK said: “There are countless reasons why we need to take nutrition and hydration issues seriously. People, particularly older people’ who are malnourished and dehydrated are more likely to become ill, will take longer to recover from surgery and illness and have longer stays in hospital. Yet despite these compelling reasons to take action, recent reports still show nutrition and hydration are not a top priority in many care settings. “So I’m delighted today to see the new guidance from NHS England which puts nutrition and hydration at the heart of good health and care where it belongs, supporting commissioners to deliver compassionate, person-centred and clinically effective nutrition and hydration services. Getting this right for the millions of people at risk of malnutrition and dehydration or who need help with eating and drinking is vital. After all it’s only what we would want for ourselves or a loved one.” A toilet lifter- such as the Aerolet- automatically and gradually lowers and raises the user over the toilet whilst helping them retain their balance maintaining the centre of gravity above the feet. Tilt versions are primarily designed for people with balance issues, enabling them to simply lean against the seat and hold the integral arm supports to operate the unit, whilst vertical lifters are more appropriate for those with limited or no flexion in the hips and knees. A wash-dry toilet looks like, and can be used as, a conventional WC, but has in-built douching and drying. Thus there is no need for the carer to manually clean the user after they have toileted, and the level of cleanliness is to a consistent, high standard. It also means the user does not have to wipe clean, eliminating risk of faecal residue from hand: body contact being passed onwards afterwards. And clients with skin conditions- haemorrhoids, piles, bed sores etc- are cleaned without abrasion. Closo-Mat’s Palma Vita is the brand-leader, and top-selling unit in the sector, largely because of its ability to be easily adapted to the user’s needs as they change over time. Clos-o-Mat is the only company in its sector with full, in-house, support, from design advice to installation, commissioning, and after-sales service & maintenance for toilet adaptations. For further details:-; E:; Tel 0161 969 1199.




Dignified Care For Elderly and Disabled at Risk Due To Lack Of Funding, Councils Warn lOCal gOvernMent leaders and directors of adult social care have warned that the ability of councils to provide dignified care for people in old age or for those with a disability is at risk unless urgent steps are taken to plug the burgeoning gap in social care funding. In a joint submission to the Government’s Spending Review, the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) say part of the solution would be to use money previously earmarked for delayed Care Act proposals to help close the funding gap. However, this still leaves adult social care facing an estimated £1.7 billion funding gap by 2019/20. The current combined pressures of insufficient funding, growing demand and extra costs mean that adult social care is facing a funding gap that is growing by at least £700 million a year, estimated to reach £2.9 billion by the end of the decade, even before the cost of the National Living Wage is taken into account in full. The failure to properly fund services for elderly and disabled people is already leaving councils having to severely strip back or axe other key services. It also means there is less money to properly recruit, train and keep the best staff and risks essential residential and home care providers going out of business if councils can’t afford to pay the cost of the care being provided. Councils are left facing impossible decisions about the types of care services they can afford to provide for the elderly and disabled, the submission warns. Cllr Izzi Seccombe, the LGA’s Community Wellbeing spokesman, said: “Social care is in crisis. We all deserve a social care system which can give our parents or grandparents a dignified and civilised level of care when they need it, but we can’t do this without proper funding for councils. “At the moment, social care and health have a shared ambition, but not a share of the money which is needed to achieve this. It simply doesn’t add up and the Spending Review is the Government’s opportunity to address this. “Pumping money into the NHS but not into social care has to stop. NHS money will not pay for the essential visits from carers that help people to get dressed or washed or the night time call to help someone into bed. It is these services that enable people to live with dignity in the community for longer instead of being forced unnecessarily into hospital beds – at a cost to the NHS and the public

purse. “We need a system which will be there for future generations – and we have ambitions in the Care Act to improve the lives of carers and those that need care – but these continued funding pressures are putting this at serious jeopardy.” Social care and support services keep people independent and well in the community, but continued pressure on funding and the increasing demand of people with more complex needs mean fewer people are receiving state support. Recent ADASS budget survey figures showed that 400,000 fewer people are receiving state social care and support today than in 2009/10. Of those who are still supported, a significant number will be receiving a reduced level of care as budgets tighten. Adult social care also has a vital role to play in alleviating the growing pressure on the NHS, but capacity is running out. In their submission to the Chancellor, the LGA and ADASS are calling for the Government to; • Plug the funding gap in adult social care that is growing by just over £700 million a year. Until the system is stable enough to implement delayed Phase 2 Care Act reforms, using previously earmarked funding into the care service, with the rest of the funding coming from reductions in spending on other government departments. • Fund all additional pressures including Deprivation of Liberty safeguards (DoLs) and the introduction of the National Living Wage. • Allocate £2 billion in each year of this parliament to help the system move more towards prevention, rather than simply fixing problems. • Match local government’s ambition by greater pooling of budgets between health and social care through an expanded Better Care Fund. Last week the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, stated that there is a ‘direct impact on the NHS if there is not a settlement for social care.’ However, while the NHS has had £2 billion committed in each year of this parliament to help plug their funding gap, no similar commitment has been made for social care, despite growing demand. Instead of competing for the limited funds available, the NHS and local authorities need to be able to work together to create a care system which focuses on preventing poor health.


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Western-Style Party Helps Rebecca Get Back In The Saddle a HaMpsHire care home held a surprise country and western-style party to welcome its long-standing manager back from maternity leave. Rebecca Hannam was greeted with a side-slapping ‘yee haw’ chorus from residents, colleagues and friends at Colten Care’s New Milton home, Kingfishers. The happy hoedown featured a barn dance and barbecue with live music from country singer Danny Stone. Party goers dressed up in cowboy

hats, jeans, checked shirts and bandanas and enjoyed refreshments in a temporary saloon. Chefs at the home baked Rebecca a special celebratory cake and among the guests was the New Milton Mayor, Councillor David Hawkins. Rebecca, proud mum of healthy baby girl Chloe, said she was bowled over by the welcome. Rebecca said: “It was a complete surprise and I thank everyone involved. It was a great opportunity to catch up with all the residents and our wider community friends.”

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naTional diSaBled people’s charity revitalise has joined forces with the national accident helpline to launch the British Caregiver award and call for more support for the UK’s 6.5 million unpaid carers. Revitalise is working in partnership with National Accident Helpline on the British Caregiver Award, launching today, and the charity’s CEO, Chris Simmonds, will be sitting on the Award’s judging panel. The charity has also provided a respite holiday at one of its three UK centres as the top prize in the British Caregiver Award. Revitalise is also supporting National Accident Helpline’s ‘Accidental Carers’ campaign and calling for better respite provision for disabled people and carers in order to prevent the breakdown of the caring relationship. The charity is backing up the company’s independent research findings with the results of its own carer surveys. The two organisations’ research paints a stark picture of the daily lives of unpaid family carers and the barriers that are preventing them from accessing essential respite breaks for themselves and their loved ones. Among the many findings on which Revitalise and National Accident Helpline’s research agree completely is that a third of carers have never had any significant time away since they started caring and that for the same proportion, guilt was a huge barrier holding them back. The organisations’ studies found that over a third of carers have passed up on the opportunity for respite due to the feelings of guilt at leaving their loved ones in the care of others. Revitalise is suggesting that this points to a lack of confidence on the part of carers in the quality of respite opportunities currently available. Revitalise and the National Accident Helpline are hopeful that the Awards and Campaign will draw much-needed attention to the selfless work of UK’s army of unpaid carers and the daily challenges they face. In the light of the research, Revitalise is calling for much more to be done to support unpaid family carers, especially in terms of regular respite from caring. The charity is urging social care decision makers to pay more attention to the fundamental issues of quality and choice in respite care in order to alleviate carers’ guilt at taking respite breaks from caring and help prevent the breakdown of the caring relationship. Revitalise Chief Executive Chris Simmonds commented: “We are proud to be partners with the National Accident Helpline on the ‘Accidental Carers’ campaign and the

British Caregiver Award. It’s about time that unpaid carers got the national recognition they so richly deserve. “We must never forget that 6 out of 10 carers do what they do out of love and devotion to the person they care for, but without the lifeline of regular time off from caring, carers – no matter how devoted - risk reaching breaking point. “That’s why we must do all we can to prevent the caring relationship from reaching breaking point. Prevention is always better than cure and it would be a false economy to expect carers to carry on unsupported. Every pound we spend now on supporting carers will prevent a much greater cost to society if we take carers’ devotion for granted and allow relationships to collapse under the strain. “Guilt at letting go is clearly a huge psychological barrier for carers, but we have found that carers’ fears about taking time off can be eased if the focus is on providing high quality care for their loved ones, where they can enjoy the company of others in a dignified, stimulating environment – which is precisely what Revitalise provides. “That’s why we will keep on repeating that access to regular, good quality respite breaks for disabled people and those who care for them should be considered a right, not a luxury.” “I feel privileged to take my place on the judging panel and more than happy to provide a holiday with Revitalise as the prize. We look forward to giving the winners a welldeserved break, but more importantly, to raising awareness about the incredible contribution of the UK’s unpaid carers.” Russell Atkinson, CEO of National Accident Helpline, said: “At National Accident Helpline we hear at first hand every day about the severe impact unforeseen accidents or injuries can have, not just on the injured person but also on their close family, who can find themselves thrust into the position of full-time carer. “Many of these ‘Accidental Carers’ have their own lives and routines transformed by the need to provide care for their loved one, often 24 hours a day, seven days a week, over the course of months and years. “Through the British Caregiver Award, we want to highlight the invaluable contribution made by these unpaid carers throughout the UK and to stress how important it is that they get regular respite from their caring role. “We’re delighted to be working with Revitalise, a great charity which does so much to enrich the lives of the thousands of people who spend time at its centres each year.”

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RNHA Says Care Assistants Deserve More Than The Proposed National Living Wage The reGiSTered nursing home association (rnha) said that, subject to the right level of funding being provided by central government and local authorities, care assistants working in nursing homes should be paid more than the proposed national living wage of £7.20 an hour when it is introduced next april. Commented RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell: “We have believed for many years that care assistants are underpaid for the work they do and for the responsibility they carry in looking after some of the country’s most vulnerable and dependent people. “But the costs of around two thirds of our patients are met by local authorities through government grants. So until or unless those grants are increased and are ringfenced, we shall struggle even to pay the £7.20 figure identified by the Chancellor, let alone any higher figure.”

He added: “If there were any justice, then care workers would be paid around £9 an hour from next April. That, in our opinion, would reflect what they truly deserve. As things stand, however, that is way beyond our budgets. But were the government to reverse its draconian cuts and give local authorities sufficient funds for adult social care, nursing homes would be able to increase staff wages to an appropriate level. “If we could do that, we are confident that the current recruitment problems faced right across the sector would be effectively addressed. Almost certainly we would be able to compete in our local economies and attract people who would like to make social care a long-term career. “Staff turnover would be reduced and we would be better able to retain individuals who have gained a few years’ valuable experience. That, in turn, would have a direct impact on the quality of care being delivered on a daily basis. All these issues are irretrievably inter-connected.”

Dorchester Centenarian Celebrates 105th Birthday STaff and residents at Care South’s maiden Castle house care home in dorchester enjoyed a very special day at the home recently, when one resident celebrated his 105th birthday. Bill March was joined by his friends and fellow residents for a tea party, organised by staff at the home. The lounge was decorated especially and the home’s kitchen team pulled out all the stops to prepare a buffet and a delicious homemade cake. The Mayor of Dorchester, Councillor Robin Potter, also visited the home to wish Bill many happy returns. The day was made extra special by a surprise Skype session with Bill’s daughter, who lives in America, which staff organised for Bill. Bill was born at Salisbury Barracks on 30th August 1910, where his father

APEX Medical Corp aPeX mediCal Corp, a leading player in the Pressure area Care and respiratory Therapy sector, is delighted to announce it has completed its largest acquisition to date in procuring Westmeria healthcare limited (Westmeria) a leading UK provider of Pressure area Care therapy. This acquisition sees Westmeria join the aPeX medical Group in europe forming a new company - aPeX medical ltd, launching at the Care and dementia Show (3rd -4th november 2015) APEX looks to increase its service capabilities and widen its distribution network across the UK; including expanding into the acute sector. Westmeria’s current Dynamic and Static Mattress ranges will benefit from a rebrand to carry APEX’s visual identity.

was serving in the army. After leaving school at 15 years old, he worked as an Under Butler and later worked as a car mechanic and engineer. Bill has seen a great deal of change in the last century, including two world wars, the discovery of penicillin, the first man on the moon and the rise of the digital age. Four different monarchs have ruled the country during his lifetime. Clare Baker Home Manager at Care South’s Maiden Castle House, said: “We were delighted to be able to celebrate Bill’s birthday with him. It was great to be able to surprise him with a Skype call with his daughter and he was very pleased with his visit from the Mayor of Dorchester! At Care South, we work hard to make sure that residents’ birthdays are really special for them. It’s amazing to think how much Bill has seen throughout his lifetime.” APEX will strive to maintain the high standards of service and product development pioneered by Westermeria and will become a market leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of pressure area care equipment, medical beds, and manual handling equipment. Bringing together Westmeria’s extensive knowledge of the UK healthcare market and history of producing innovative service based solutions, enhanced by APEX medical’s experienced manufacturing capability, APEX believes it can deliver the ideal support to clinicians in reducing pressure ulcers throughout the UK. Pressure ulcers are estimated to occur in 4–10% of patients admitted to acute hospitals in the UK, resulting in pressure ulcers costing the NHS £1.4-2.1 billion each year, 4% of the total NHS budget. As a result of the ‘Your Turn’ campaign, a national movement working to reduce the number of pressure ulcers in the UK, APEX’s ultimate aim is to eliminate pressure ulcers in the UK market place. For more information visit:


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Government Austerity Measures Have Created Two-Tier Long Term Care Market Which Is Failing State Supported Residents UK lonG term care for older people is a highly polarised marketplace where at one end those operators with a focus on private pay residents are doing relatively well, while at the opposite end those which cater mainly for government supported residents face becoming the latest financial failures in a sector which is already suffering from a greater annual capacity loss rate than growth rate. Research published in the latest edition of healthcare experts LaingBuisson’s Care of Older People market report has revealed that real terms fee reductions by local authorities, a result of the government’s on-going austerity drive, is now clearly the main driver for falling profits in a service provision market worth an estimated £16 billion per year. With 90% of residential and nursing care services now delivered by independent providers, the report says that more than ever before there is strong evidence of a marketplace where healthy profits (25-30% of revenue) can only be made by those operators focusing on self-pay residents in affluent areas of the country. Meanwhile, those homes catering mainly for publicly paid residents in non-affluent areas have sunk to a worryingly low profit levels hovering around the 15% mark – compared with over 20% five years ago. While new investment for private payers remains strong, investment in new capacity has largely dried up in areas dominated by public pay, in the main part as a result of pressure on fee margins. Latest half yearly figures from October 2014 to March 2015 (derived by LaingBuisson from registrations by CQC and other UK regulatory bodies), show that capacity loss from closures has for the first time exceeded, by 3,000 beds, capacity gain from new openings (see Figure One below). According to LaingBuisson’s report, there were two ‘game changers’ for the care sector in 2015: postponement of Phase 2 of the Care Act; and the National Living Wage (NLW) announcement. The care sector gave a collective sigh of relief when in July the government

announced an unexpected plan to postpone Phase 2 of the Care Act from April 2016 to April 2020, as the measures were set to expose care home operators to further major financial risks. However, the introduction of the NLW swaps out one major challenge for another – which will be especially severe for the financially exposed ‘public pay’ segment. Care of Older People states that it is provisionally estimated that the additional costs expected from roll out of the NLW will mean a fall of about four percentage points in care home operating profits as a percentage of revenue, unless mitigated by higher fees. Where private payers may have the capacity to pay higher fees to prop up this new cost, unless there is an injection of more government funding most local authorities do not. As such ‘public pay’ care home companies face the prospect of operating profits falling to a dangerously low level of around 10%, where even those with modest levels of gearing could face financial failure. According to report author, and LaingBuisson CEO, William Laing, the big question now on the minds of both care company executives and local authority care commissioners is: Will the government make provision in the Comprehensive Spending Review, due in late November, to bale out care providers facing the threat of going underwater? Giving his opinion on the realistic prospects for the ‘public pay’ segment of the care home sector, based on a ‘Capacity shortage’ mechanism for re-establishing market equilibrium, Mr Laing said: “The care home market is subject to a self-righting mechanism like any other market. Investment is curtailed when prices (as now) are insufficient to offer a reasonable return in areas of high public pay. As a result, against a background of rising demand, shortages can be expected to appear. Market power will shift towards providers, prices will rise and public authorities will be forced to find extra resources.

The results of the 2015 Comprehensive Spending Review are set to be published at the end of November 2015: LaingBuisson’s prediction is that some new central government funding will be made available to local authorities in order to help the market to withstand the shock of implementation of the National Living Wage. “Nonetheless, whatever new money is injected it will in all probability be insufficient to re-establish the margins of care home operators with high exposure to public pay at the level they were prior to the 6% real terms reduction in councils’ baseline fee rates since the beginning of public sector austerity in 2011/12. Therefore, the “capacity shortage” scenario as described will in all probability continue to be played out at a variable pace in about 200 council areas’ before some sort of national equilibrium is restored, possibly before 2020.”

Care Home Resident Wins ‘Golden Ticket’ To Board The New Borders Railway new railway. Adventurous Peggy was joined on the train by her daughter, Pearl, and two carers, Jennifer Drummond and Tom Halliday. May McCondichie, General Manager at Archview Lodge said: “We were all absolutely delighted when Peggy received the Golden Ticket! When Peggy reached 100 years old, her birthday wish was to ride the tram in Edinburgh and it was our pleasure to make that wish a reality. Now she has been able to achieve this year’s birthday wish and everyone is really pleased for her!”

PeGGy ClaCher, a resident at Barchester’s archview lodge Care home, had her birthday wish come true when she was given a ‘Golden Ticket’ to travel along the new Borders railway in advance of the official opening by her majesty the Queen. Peggy was nominated to win a ticket by care home staff at Archview Lodge after she had told them on her 101st birthday that she would love to experience the

Snug Positioning Pillows CarinG for different health needs, whilst keeping patients safe and comfortable are the priorities of doctors, nurses and carers. Patients’ mental and physical wellness must be considered alongside medical needs, if the best possible quality of life is to be achieved. Snug Positioning Pillows enhance patients’ comfort and safety, the two important factors that ensure better communication and active interaction between patients and carers. Snug Positioning Pillows empower the carers to deliver better care for effective rehabilitation, faster recoveries and healthier lives for patients. Snug Positioning Pillows are uniquely shaped cush-

ions that secure stable and comfortable patients’ positioning in bed or during armchair rest. Designed to improve lives of chronically ill, frail and disabled with little strength or no mobility, Snug Positioning Pillows redistribute external pressure on patients’ body, helping to prevent pressure related bed sores, painful ulcers and skin irritations. Snug Positioning Pillows are perfect for people in a coma, apallic syndrome victims, dementia sufferers, visually impaired or immobile people, hemiplegics, people at risk of pressure ulcers, frail elderly, terminally ill and more. Durable, washable, flame retardant and available in different designs to meet patients’ needs, the Snug Positioning Pillows improve lives of the most vulnerable adults and children. Call Win Health Ltd on 01835 864866 or visit

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The NACC and Care Sector Honour Excellence in Care Catering The national association of Care Catering (naCC) and the care sector honoured excellence, dedication and inspirational achievements in catering at the naCC awards 2015 this month.


The prestigious awards spotlight the continued exceptional work undertaken by care providers and caterers. Every winner exemplifies true commitment to ensuring that those entrusted to their care receive the very highest standards of catering that meet individual needs, from nutrition and special diets through to social wellbeing, in a respectful manner. The incredible work of individuals and teams was recognised and celebrated in front of 200 peers at a special dinner on Thursday 1 October 2015 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham. Neel Radia, National Chair, NACC comments: “Congratulations to all our winners. Once again, all the finalists demonstrate the fantastic standards of catering within the care sector. Every individual and team has pushed the boundaries to deliver excellence and give service users the very best catering care available. We should all be very proud of the talent within our sector and the intrinsic commitment to doing the best job possible for those in our care. “Catering in care environments demands specific knowledge and skill. From nutrition and hydration to special diets and feeding limitations, care providers and caterers must consistently deliver at all levels, whilst also ensuring the dignity of every individual. Over the past 12 months we have seen incredible examples of catering provision that meets every need and more, and respects the exact requirements and character of each and every person. Catering within the care sector continues to go from strength to strength and the NACC Awards exemplify the great work being carried out by care caterers every day. I am incredibly honoured to be able to highlight and celebrate such fantastic successes with industry peers.” The 2015 NACC Awards winners are: Care Establishment of the Year Award – Sunrise Senior Living of Eastbourne The judges singled out Sunrise Senior Living of Eastbourne as a great example of turning an establishment around to achieve success in the shortest possible time. Community Meals Marketing Award – Monmouthshire Meals Service It was clear to the judges that the increase in meals take up in two years indicates well-directed marketing and this secured the team the Community Meals Marketing award. Catering Team of the Year Award – Four Seasons Health Care – Christine Hamilton and David Richards The judges praised the Four Seasons Health Care catering team for being a very solid team in all respects and for working to sound systems. Sustainability Award – Contract Services London Borough of Tower Hamlets The judges described the London Borough of Tower

Hamlets’ sustainability practices as a model for others to follow. Catering Manager of the Year – David Blackwood, Meallmore Ltd. In a hotly contested category, David Blackwood stood out as the worthy winner. Regional Award – Northern Region With every region demonstrating progressive activity throughout the year, the judges agreed that the Northern region had pulled out all the stops to bring the best value and experience to its members. Pam Rhodes Outstanding Achievement Award – Stuart Long Stuart Long has been an active supporter and friend of the NACC since its launch in 1988 (as the ABSSC) and his outstanding contribution has been honoured with the Pam Rhodes Award. An original instigator of the association and first National Chair, Stuart has supported many events, run regional meetings, held the posts of National Deputy Chair (1993-1995) and South East Chair (1995-1997) and introduced the national circulars, now fondly known as the NACC Yearbook. As an honorary member of the NACC, Stuart Long is well-known as the formidable chair of the NACC Training & Development Forum. The award was created in memory of Pam Rhodes who was a loyal and committed friend to the care catering and wider care sector and a name synonymous with the NACC. Chairman’s Award 2015 – McCullough Moore The special gift of the NACC National Chair for exceptional commitment to the NACC was presented to the specialist events company McCullough Moore, a most popular choice with the audience. McCullough Moore has been instrumental in all NACC operations and events for the past decade, including the successful NACC Training & Development Forum. McCullough Moore was praised for its incredible work, professionalism and unwavering commitment and loyalty to the association. With an intuitive understanding of the association and a progressive, adaptable approach, McCullough Moore has consistently exceeded expectations and delivered excellence in all services to produce outstanding opportunities and outcomes.




Dysphagia: The Growing Issue That Must Not Be Overlooked The naTional association of Care Catering (naCC): dysphagia is prevalent in care homes across the UK and it is a growing problem. a condition that can affect anyone at any time of life, dysphagia primarily affects the elderly and according to nhS england, 60-75% of care home residents may experience difficulty or discomfort with swallowing. People with dysphagia are at greater risk of malnutrition, dehydration, aspiration pneumonia and choking. It is therefore potentially fatal to underestimate or ignore the condition. However, as dysphagia is a not a medicallydiagnosed disease but a secondary condition of other illnesses, not all cases of dysphagia are recognised. It is absolutely crucial that care providers and caterers are aware of the warning signs of dysphagia and react appropriately. Coughing when eating, changes to menu choices and picking at food are all signals of dysphagia and anyone displaying such behaviour should be referred to a speech and language therapist, via the GP, for immediate assessment. Dysphagia can be effectively managed with a texturemodified diet. This minimises the risk of choking, whilst, if executed correctly, ensuring each meal delivers enough nutrients. Liquids should also be thickened where necessary. The speech and language therapist will prescribe the right meal plan for each individual. The national dysphagia diet descriptors are the sector standard for texture modification. Depending on an individual’s needs, food will be prepared

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according to the four key descriptors – B: thin purée; C: thick purée; D: pre-mashed and E: fork mashable. The Care Quality Commission recommends that care homes have available the dysphagia diet textures C and E. Dysphagia is not necessarily a life-long condition and the objective is to always, where possible, return an individual to a solid diet. A real challenge for caterers is that the cooking methods used in texture modification escalate nutrient loss. For example, cooking food for longer to aid the blending process increases vitamin loss, with fibre also lost during blending. Add to this the fact that older people often have a depressed diet and it becomes essential that nutrients are replaced in each dish. This is done by fortification – adding ingredients to enhance the nutritional value of a dish. Chefs need to think carefully and nutritionally about the ingredients and methods used in texture modification. For example, when thinning food it is not just about adding a liquid. It’s about adding a liquid that contains nutrients and much-needed calories, such as a stock or cream. And, when cooking and regenerating food, it is also imperative to remove all choking hazards, such as a formed skin or crust. The best methods are therefore poaching, braising and steaming, with grilling and roasting to be avoided. Well-thought out presentation of texture-modified food is also important in order to protect a resident’s dignity and boost their appetite. Reforming, piping and moulding food to look like the original dish will increase its appeal and naturally encourage eating. After all, we eat with our eyes. For further information, visit or see the Dysphagia feature on page 25 of this issue. The washing of bedding and personal clothing has to be carried out in the correct manner to reduce any possibility of contamination. Whether you opt for thermal or chemical disinfection, products will be on show to overcome these problems. To accommodate the ever-growing number of exhibitors and attendees, the show is moving to the Grandstand. Now all stands will be on the one level, making it easier for visitors to plan their time and take in everything on offer. There will be expert advice, live demonstrations and many special ‘show only’ promotions. From the latest innovations in machinery technology to the many and varied consumable products, launderers, care home operatives and hotels will find something to help make life a little simpler. With FREE admission, FREE parking, FREE seminars, FREE training sessions and FREE entry in to our prize draw it is well worth taking the time to visit this growing event. Visit: to register for your free entry tickets or see the advert on page 10.

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Requests For Adult Social Care Support Approaches Two Million JUST Under two million (1,846,000) requests for adult social care support for new clients were actioned by councils during 2014-15. This equates to an average of 5,000 new requests actioned per day. This figure comes from Community Care Statistics: Social Services Activity, England 2014-15, released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). This report is based on a newnational data collection from councils, which covers short and long term social care and provides new information on the primary reason people need support. Of the 1,846,000 actioned requests for new clients: • 72 per cent (1,327,000) related to adults aged 65 and over and 28 per cent (519,000) related to clients age 18-64. • 31 per cent (575,000) resulted in the client being given a “universal service” or “signposted to other support” • 28 per cent (520,000) had an outcome of “no services provided” • 16 per cent (304,000) saw ongoing low level support provided • 12 per cent (218,000) had short term support provided to maximise independence • 8 per cent (144,000) had an outcome of long term support Looking at both new and existing clients who received support during the year: Long term support • A total of 890,000 adults received long term support from local authorities at some point in 2014-15. • Of these, 74 per cent (659,000) were receiving this support at the year-end on

31 March 2015 and of those, nearly half a million (485,000 or 74 per cent) had received this support for more than a year. • For long term social care users over the age of 65, the most common primary reason for support was personal care (64 per cent or 384,000 in this group ). For those aged 18 to 64 it was learning disability support (43 per cent or 124,000 in this group). Short term support to maximise independence • There were 254,000 completed instances of adults receiving this form of support during the year. • In addition, 29,000 clients were receiving this form of support on 31 March 2015. • For those receiving a completed instance of this form of support, the most common primary reason for support was personal care (70 per cent or 178,000). • After receiving this form of support, 26 per cent (65,000) went on to receive long term support, of which 93 per cent (60,000) received long term support in the community. Responsible statistician Chris Buttery said: “This report provides a new and rich picture of short term and long term social services provided for adults. This is now part of a range of information we produce to enable the sharing of best practice, to understand the views of users and carers and to enable benchmarking between councils. “These data give us more information about the national social care landscape than was available previously. Councils have worked hard to provide the new data, which will be of use for decision making both locally and nationally.”

The Freedom Range from Steelite International

There are approximately 10,000,000 people over the age of 65 in the UK. People over 65 are at a higher risk of choking, with a majority of them not being able to use the standard choking protocol. LifeVac is a revolutionary new product designed to save the lives of people where abdominal thrusts and back slaps are either ineffective or not recommended to be applied. LifeVac is a single suction device, three times more effective than the standard choking protocol. The unit is so easy to use it can be self operated or applied by another.

The LifeVac device has been approved by Police Forces, Fire Departments, Paramedics and Schools in the United States. It has also brought peace of mind to many carers of the elderly and people with neurological diseases. LifeVac has come to Europe and is available now.

Visit our website to watch the testimonies of those it has already benefitted. For more information please email

The freedom range from Steelite international has been specially designed to be easy to use for care home residents. heather lovatt, head of marketing, Steelite international, says “meal times are often one of the few independent pleasures left for those with age-restricted mobility. This range gives patients the confidence to eat unaided and removes the task of assisted feeding for the care-giver.” The plates feature an undercut shoulder which is a clever design that helps get the food onto the fork or spoon. This enables eating without assistance. The wide food area adds stability and helps hold the plate

in place during a meal. The curved rim catches any overspills and prevents foods from slipping off the plate. “The coloured items in the range are designed to look like standard tableware, allowing patients to enjoy meals alongside their family and friends, without feeling isolated or excluded. The colours are also specifically chosen to aid vision and memory stimulation for people with dementia. The range is durable, cost-effective and comes with Steelite International’s lifetime chip warranty. Less breakages will mean that the care home will save money. For more information, visit

Give Someone A Lift To Reduce Strain On Social Care Provision almoST 60% of Britain’s 12million disabled people have an issue with mobility, requiring carer help to perform basic daily tasks. That demand on social care could be alleviated, and control restored to the individual, by use of appropriate assistive technology. Clos-o-Mat’s range of Aerolet toilet lifts fix over the toilet and replicate the natural motion of standing up and sitting down. They gently raise and lower the user to position them accurately over the toilet as required whilst enabling their feet to remain in contact with the floor and maintaining the centre of gravity above the feet for balance. After toileting, the lift can be raised by degrees to ease access for cleansing. The Aerolet Vertical suits people with good upper body strength. Its integral support arms raise and lower with the seat, as the lift lowers and raises the user

whilst giving them the control to lever themselves down onto or up from the unit. The Aerolet Tilt is appropriate for people with strength in, and control over, their legs and knees. The user simply leans against the seat, holding the fixed support arms and bearing their weight on their legs as they operate the unit as it moves them from/to the vertical. Aerolets are part of Clos-o-Mat’s package of assistive technology to restore a person’s control in toileting, and alleviate pressure on social care: equipment includes the brand-leading Palma Vita wash & dry toilet, toilet lifts, hoists and solutions for paediatrics and bariatrics. The company is the only one in its sector with full, in-house, support, from design advice to installation, commissioning, and after-sales service & maintenance for toilet adaptations. Reader enquiries -; e:; Tel 0161 969 1199.

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TV to get everyone talking Sky can bring a lot of benefits. It encourages conversation and inspires activities and engagement relevant to residents’ lives.

I had Sky in my previous home so it’s an added bonus that I can have it here too.

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Call 08442 411 470 Bedknobs and Broomsticks Copyright ©Disney. All rights reserved. For customers signing up to a Care Home Sky Lounge Package and/or Sky In Room Package: You will be billed monthly. Pricing shown is ex VAT. Sky TV minimum term is 12 months. Installation of equipment is not included, please call for more information. Charge of £50 per box (plus VAT) applies if Sky does not install your equipment. Channels available dependant on chosen package and scheduling may be subject to change. Some content/channels unavailable in communal areas. As at the date of print, channels not available in communal areas are: Alibi, G.O.L.D., Watch, Star Gold, Star Life OK and Star Plus. Calls to Sky cost up to 7p per minute plus your provider’s access charge. Oomph! voucher terms & conditions: £500 discount voucher off “Oomph! Training” or “Oomph! Monthly Activity Packs” to care homes purchasing their first Sky Care Home TV Lounge Package. No cash alternative available. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and expires 6 months after date of issue. Voucher is issued by Oomph Wellness Training Limited. Further terms apply - see Correct at the time of supply 16.10.2015.




CQC Announces New Pilot to Build Picture of the Quality of Care in Local Areas

Veteran Reunited With Campaign Medal a reSidenT at rusthall lodge care home in Kent was re-united with a defence medal after his original was lost in a house clearance two years ago. Jim Raven, 92, was presented with the replacement medal by Kent Deputy Lieutenant, Mr. Peter W Blackwell JP DL in a small ceremony at Rusthall Lodge attended by family and staff members. Mr. Raven mentioned the loss of his medal to local historian and keen medal collector Martin Beavis at Rusthall Lodge’s Veterans’ Day event. Touched by Jim’s story, Martin promised he’d try to find a replacement –

Put Your Meals In Safe Hands eSTaBliShed in 2009, Bullseye is the sole european distributor for a range of paper pulp meal trays supplied to care organisations throughout the USa and europe for more than ten years. Initially, the major focus for Bullseye was the supply of the trays into the community meals market where the unique handling capabilities (cool to the touch, even straight from the oven, and non spill) ensured the provision of healthy, hot meals in a safe environment. In addition, being manufactured from paper, the trays are kind to the environment too. Now, many care providers have been taking

and so he did. “It was obvious that Mr. Raven was deeply upset over the loss of his medal, so I was determined to find a replacement. The one I found required a small amount of restoration and is now as good as new. It was wonderful to be able to give something back to a worthy veteran,” said Mr. Beavis. “This is a wonderful surprise. I am really delighted,” said Mr. Raven Sandra Wilmshurst, general manager of Rusthall Lodge Care Home said: “This has been a fitting postscript to our Veteran’s celebrations. It’s been a wonderful team effort recognising the dedication, loyalty and bravery of our residents and we are delighted to see Jim and his medal reunited again” these unique meal trays to provide additional services to their residents. This includes award-winning villages with a mix of 24-hour care households, independent living apartments and a range of leisure amenities to create vibrant communities for older people and the local community in which they serve. They use Bullseye trays and sealing equipment to provide meals for residents who prefer something other than the daily menu options. This is because the Bullseye trays are not only ovenable up to 205°C and microwaveable, but can be chilled or indeed frozen to -40°C, so food can be kept in single portion sizes for that extra level of service and choice To know more about Bullseye visit or see the advert on page 4.







Called ‘Quality of care in a Place’, CQC has selected Greater Manchester – including a more in-depth look at Salford and Tameside – and North Lincolnshire for a special pilot exercise that will test out how well coordinated health and care services are in local areas. By using the results of inspections CQC has carried out, together with other intelligence from local and national organisations, the project will assess whether bringing together knowledge about the quality of care of a whole place can help to encourage providers of health and social care to make improvements locally, and tell people more about how well their local services work together. The pilot will also specifically look at the experiences of the elderly and people needing mental health care to see whether analysis of different population groups is helpful in building a picture of the system as a whole. CQC is committed to looking at ways in which the regulation of health and social care can reflect greater integra-

tion of services. The findings of the ‘Quality of care in a Place’ pilot will feed into the regulator’s strategy for the next five years, which CQC is currently developing. CQC’s Chief Inspector of General Practice and Integrated Care, Professor Steve Field, said: “One of the most important things we can do as a regulator is to be clear and transparent about the picture of health and social care. “We already know what a valuable source of information our published reports with ratings are for members of the public. Our new ‘Quality of care in a Place’ pilot is really about increasing that level of openness even further by building a picture of what the whole quality of care is like for people living in a particular area – including how well services are co-ordinated. “As well as identifying any issues that need to be tackled across different organisations and finding out more about health inequalities, we will also use the pilot to highlight examples of good practice that other areas can learn from. “I’m really pleased we are able to start testing out such an important piece of work that could also tell us more about what impact key issues such as quality of leadership and commissioning have on the quality of care across a local area.”


PeoPle and their families who use a range of different health and social care services could in the future learn more about what the quality of care is like across a whole local area as part of a new pilot project being launched by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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Former Bletchley Park Codebreaker Officially HIV Guidance To Address Knowledge Gap In Care Sector Opens Eighth New Care Home In Suffolk The ComPleTion of the eighth of ten brand new care homes built by Care UK in partnership with Suffolk County Council was marked recently when a very special resident at the home cut the ribbon at a ceremony attended by representatives of a wide range of local organisations. The eighth new home that has just been officially opened is on the site of an old care home, Mills Meadow in Framlingham. The work was completed in two phases with the first phase seeing half of the new home built in the grounds of the old home, then after residents had settled in to their new accommodation, the old home was demolished making way for the phase two of the new home to be completed. The official opening event involved 88 year-old Mills Meadow resident Liz Austin, a former WWII Bletchley Park codebreaker cut the ribbon alongside Councillor Beccy Hopfensperger, Suffolk

County Council’s cabinet member for adult care and Andrew Knight, Care UK’s managing director of Residential Care Services. Andrew Knight said: “We are very pleased to officially open the new Mills Meadow after its complete redevelopment in two stages over the past two years. We would like to thank the residents and their relatives for their patience while the work has been carried out, as well as our construction partner Castleoak, whose team deserves credit for their careful and considerate work during the re-build which enabled residents to continue living in their home throughout. Many of the residents have enjoyed watching the transformation of their home.” Councillor Beccy Hopfensperger, Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Care, said: “Mills Meadow is a fantastic care home with a great team of dedicated and caring staff. The redevelopment looks fantastic and will give residents a home they can be truly proud of.”

Marsden Aim To Make Weighing Bedbound Patients Easier With New Scale marKeTleadinG mediCal scales manufacturer marsden Group has responded to comments and suggestions from customers by introducing a portable weighing scale for bedbound patients. The Class IIIapproved M950 Bed Weighing Scale has been designed with both care homes and hospitals in mind, where movement of beds is restricted. It allows a patient to be accurately weighed whilst still in their bed, using four pads that are placed under the bed’s wheels. Using a Preset Tare function, the weight of the bed is automatically removed from the reading on the scale’s indicator, giving the patient’s weight only. Each weighing pad weighs 5kg and has a carry handle, allowing them to be carried between wards and rooms. Richard Black, Managing Director at Marsden Group, said: “The M950 is an essen-

tial addition to our medical scales range as it means weighing bedbound patients is easier than ever. We’re also very pleased with the price we can sell this at nearly half that of our nearest competitor.” Marsden’s Operation Director Mark Coates added: “The challenge with the M950 was to produce something that could weigh patients whilst they were still in bed, that was lightweight, highly accurate and quick and easy to use. It also needed to accommodate any bed, no matter how low or wide the wheelbase. We have collaborated extensively with two of the UK’s leading bed manufacturers to finalise our design. “The interest we’ve had in the M950 has been so good, we had orders coming in before it was even available!” The M950 is available to order now, and is priced at £2,450. Find out more at

LifeVac - Giving Peace of Mind Whilst Saving Lives lifevaC iS a revolutionary new anti choking device. 99.9% effective, classified as a class1 medical device, mhra approved, fda approved and Ce accredited. Pregnant women, disability, obesity, the elderly, a long with people diagnosed with a Neurological Diseases are just a few reasons for not being able to receive the abdominal thrust and back blows. Sadly choking is the third leading cause of death in children, 2500 people die a year from choking, 15,000 cases are treated each year in A&E and 400

million people world wide with a swallowing difficulty. LifeVac was invented to end these sad cases and give peace of mind. LifeVac has a patented one way valve so when applied does not push the blockage down but when pulled creates three times more pressure than the abdominal thrust and chest compressions with no risk to the casualty. Available in the UK and throughout Europe. Help us save thousands of lives each year.

naT (national aidS Trust) has developed new guidance for care workers on how to support older people living with hiv.

There is an increasingly ageing demographic of people living with HIV. A decade ago one-in-eight people with the virus were over 50, this is now one-in-four. As people with HIV age they face an uncertain future. The full impact of HIV on ageing are still unknown, as are the long-term side effects of medication. What is known is that HIV stigma and discrimination is an unfortunate reality for many people living with HIV and this is often experienced within a healthcare setting. This can be further compounded by racism or homophobic attitudes, as the communities most affected by HIV are gay men and black Africans. So understandably people living with HIV are anxious about what will happen as they age and require more care. Adrian, care home resident living with HIV: “They broke my confidentiality, telling the other residents that they shouldn’t come and see me in my room because I had HIV. The staff didn’t understand how HIV is passed on and so I always got the last bath of the day as they wrongly thought they had to clean everything afterwards. I was lucky though because my social worker helped me move to a new home where things are much better.” Adrian’s experience shows that some parts of the care sector don’t currently have the

knowledge to care appropriately for people living with HIV. Although there is no risk of HIV transmission from caring for someone living with HIV, this is not widely understood. To address this NAT has created a new guide in partnership with Skills for Care and SCIE. It covers the key issues to think about including: • Information about HIV – how it is transmitted, how to care for someone with the virus, infection control, and medication • Confidentiality and rights – not only for people being cared for but also for those people working in care who are HIV positive. • References to how the guidance will help care workers meet the different inspection criteria in the UK. Martin Green, NAT Trustee and Chief Executive of Care England, said: “As people working in the care industry we all want those we support to be happy and well cared for. Living with HIV doesn’t have to get in the way of that. Most aspects of someone’s care will be exactly the same as anyone else’s. However HIV can make some people’s care more complex. Mental health issues and depression are more common amongst people living with HIV, as well as the likelihood of having another long-term condition. This guide gives people all the information they need to be able to support and care for this small but growing group of people.” The guide can be downloaded from the NAT website free of charge at

Incontinence: An Infliction Of The Elderly And Infirm? Think Again, It Affects Young And Old Alike! ConTrary To common belief: incontinence is not a condition that is confined to the elderly and infirm. it’s a fact of life without age discrimination. around one in four people have experienced bowel or bladder weakness at some time during their lives. incontinence is for many a dilapidating condition that can affect and restrict every day life and routine if not managed effectively. Some estimates put the current number of incontinence suffers in the UK as somewhere between 3 million and six million. People with incontinence often worry in silence, preferring not to discuss or consult on the matter -as a consequence they struggle to address the condition effectively loose confidence, and as a consequence can become isolated. But it need not be this way, there is a lot can be done to improve matters. Attends is a market leader with more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of incontinence and skin care products and provides clinical advice via a confidential helpline or online enquiry service. The Attends range is extensive and caters for all types and degrees of incontinence. The latest range of incontinence pads utilise a simple numbering

system to help identify the level of absorbency of each pad – ideal for both professional and home use. We have no ‘basic or premier’ product lines; all our products are of the same high quality, are designed with comfort in mind, using materials that are specially softened to sit as gently as possible on the skin. Products that won’t let you down. The strength of the Attends brand lies in the company’s ability to tailor leading-edge absorbent technologies that provide a quality, effective incontinence solutions: 9 times out of 10 when a leak occurs it has nothing to do with absorbency, but with the fit of the product. Attends products are well tailored, odour protected, and highly absorbent which helps reduce the possibilities of leakage, allowing you to get on with your life. Our aim is simple – to provide quality products for our customers: products that make a difference and improve quality of life - to provide you with solutions to your incontinence problem by delivering products that you can rely on to provide effective dryness, comfort, and to maintain optimum skin health . Browse the full Attends range online, and if you have any questions…drop us an email, we’ll get right back to you: chances are, we have the very thing you’re looking for. Visit or call 0845 6013272 for further details.



RNHA Welcomes Chief Inspector's Comments on Social Care Funding The reGiSTered nursing home association (rnha) has welcomed comments by the Care Quality Commission’s chief inspector of adult social care, andrea Sutcliffe, about the importance of adequate funding in enabling nursing homes and other care providers to deliver good quality care. Said RNHA chief executive officer, Frank Ursell: “Quite rightly, Mrs Sutcliffe has reminded the local authorities who commission social care that they need to understand what the true cost of care is, what true quality looks like and to make sure that providers are given the necessary funding to achieve expected standards. “We, in the nursing home sector, applaud her for saying what needs to be said. Quality costs money. If the responsible public bodies, including central and local government, don’t come up with the money, then providers will always find themselves struggling against the odds to deliver what service users need. In this respect, it is a vicious circle that only the government and local authorities have the power to break.” He added: “Sadly, in recent years the government has

been going in the wrong direction. Central funding for local authority adult social care has been massively cut back. Council budgets have been squeezed like never before. Fees for publicly funded nursing home patients have been frozen or even reduced. Pressures on home owners and managers have escalated. “It is gratifying that Mrs Sutcliffe has felt able to acknowledge the funding crisis we are now facing in the front line of social care. We hope that her words will echo around the corridors of power in Whitehall and Westminster. Ministers and mandarins alike cannot dismiss her views in the same way that they have generally tended to deflect those of care providers. If they have any sense, they will listen and take appropriate action. “They need to reverse the cuts in the current financial year, which Age UK predicted to be responsible for an expenditure shortfall of £3.4 billion, and start treating care for older people as a top priority in what is supposedly one of the most advanced economies of the western world. How a society treats its most vulnerable citizens in their later years tells you a lot about its values. It is about time the government embraced the right values.”


Carer’s Big Heart Makes Brides’ Day a Care WorKer with a heart of gold made dreams come true for two brides on their wedding day. Most daughters want their mum to be a part of one of the most special days of their life...... their wedding day. Alex Atkinson and her sister, Tracy were no exception, for their mum to be at their wedding was something very close to both their hearts. Alex and Tracy's mum, Julie Watson, lives at Stocks Hall Nursing Home, Andrew Smith House, Nelson. Julie was diagnosed with Dementia at quite an early age. The sisters thought their dream of having mum at their weddings was not going to be possible. Senior Carer at Andrew Smith House, Keith Higham, recognised how important it was for the fami-

ly to have their Mum at their weddings and set out to make their dreams come true. Offering his emotional support, practical help, all in his own time, he took Julie to both daughters’ wedding days. Daughter Alex married Mark Atkinson at St. Peter’s Church, Burnley, and Tracy married Ian Selves at Oakwood Hall, Bingley. The celebrations also meant Julie could be with the brides’ brother, Rob, and sister Debbie on the family’s special days. Both brides say having their mum there is something they will always treasure. “We’re sure she had a lovely time,” said Alex. “She won’t remember, but on the day she was beaming. Keith has helped us so much, we can’t praise him enough for ensuring my mum was with us to play a major role on one of the most important days in all our lives.”

Care & Dementia Show Content Programme Confirmed TaKinG PlaCe 3-4 november 2015, Care & dementia Show formerly known as Care Show, Birmingham – will provide two simultaneous, free of charge conference programmes featuring pioneering speakers to address the key issues facing those involved in caring for those with dementia today. The Keynote Theatre at Care & Dementia Show will feature leading speakers from the CQC, National Care Association and Alzheimer’s Society to educate and inspire attendees on topics including: Calculating the market price for care, Integrated care and new care models and Solutions to deal with the staff shortage in the care sector. The event’s Dementia Care Seminar Theatre will feature presentations from the University of Stirling’s Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) covering thought-provoking topics around the challenges of dementia. Speakers include DSDC Director, Professor June Andrews and Head of Learning and Development, Shirley Law with topics including Dementia – the One Stop Guide and Innovations in staff education - The Best Practice Project for care homes. The finalists of this year’s new feature the ‘Start-up Academy’ will showcase their innovative products and services in Care & Dementia Show’s new Start-up Pavilion, The product innovators themselves will also feature within the Dementia Care Seminar Theatre presentations from the Start Up Academy finalists on their product innovations. Among the final-

ists are Happy Days Dementia Workshop, eMARx Solutions Ltd, ReminiScent Ltd and Kinesis Health Technologies. Chris Edwards, Event Director for UBM’s Care & Dementia Show comments: “We are delighted to be able to introduce further innovative dementia care solutions and inspiration to Care & Dementia Show in 2015. We are delighted to be working with the DSDC in facilitating the content within our Dementia Care Seminar Theatre and look forward to welcoming many visitors to what is looking to be a very interesting and thought-provoking event.” Care & Dementia Show 2015 will be the largest event of its kind. Over 250 exhibitors covering sectors including technology, health and safety, uniforms and utilities through to bathing, furniture and professional services will take part. They will offer both practical support and advice to visitors from the care industry, housing providers and associations, specialists in technology, planning and design, local authorities, GPs, CCGs and NHS professionals including occupational therapists and nurses and many more. Care & Dementia Show 2015 will co-locate with a dedicated International Dementia Conference, also coordinated by the DSDC. For full details on who is exhibiting, products at the show and all visitor attractions, plus to register to attend the Care & Dementia Show or the International Dementia Conference, please visit

Incontinence UK’s New iD Fit & Feel Pull Up Pants inConTinenCe UK have recently added some neW discreet disposable incontinence pull up pants with unique ultra-soft texture (cotton feel) and anatomical shaped. The id fit & feel incontinence Pull Up Pants can be worn and taken off like any regular underwear and have a high absorbency and odour control. These pull up pants are easy to pull on and off and are adjustable for comfort and security. Incorporating odour control and Dry Zone technology – which is an acquisition layer that promotes the fast passage of urine

through to a multi-layer absorbent core containing SAP. SAP is designed to absorb and lock urine inside the core of the pad, reducing the risk of leakages. Dermatologically tested and latex free. Incontinence UK also stocks many other brands of incontinence pull up pants including: TENA Pants, MoliCare Mobile, Lille Supreme and Age UK, so we guarantee you will find a type of incontinence pants to suit your needs. For more information on Incontinence UK’s full product range please visit Carer readers please quote CARER15 for 10% discount off your first order.




The Importance of DOC M Packs meeTinG reQUiremenTS for the Government approved document m of the Building regulations 2010 is a moral obligation and should never be a ‘tick box’ exercise, according to Sharon mcKenna, Sales & marketing director of specialist supplier Barwood Products. Passionate about supplying products that meet the needs of disabled users, Sharon believes there can sometimes be a tendency or temptation for contractors and installers to source lower cost products that might compromise the integrity of the Doc M Pack and run the risk of failing to meet the approved document requirements. “The whole point of the practical guidance is about providing public toilet facilities for disabled users that make it as easy for them to go to the loo as it is for non-disabled people. It’s about dignity and there should be no compromise. The Approved Document was made after careful consideration of the user’s needs and exists to protect less mobile people. It can simply be the wrong height/projection of a toilet pan that makes safe transfer from wheelchair to the toilet difficult and potentially stressful.” BS8300 provides more detailed guidance to supplement the Approved Document M and sets out the Code of Practice

Level Access Wet Room Solutions

required for the design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people. BS8300 works in conjunction with BS EN997, which specifically considers the specification of WC pans and WC suites with integral traps. To ensure compliance to this Code of Practice and Building Regulation specifiers should consider the following: • Correct height of toilet pan for wheelchair transference. The top of the seat ring on the WC pan should sit 480 mm from the floor • Correct projection of toilet pan and seat ring for optimum wheelchair positioning. The projection should be 750mm from the back of the wall • Cisterns should have a flushing mechanism positioned on the transfer side of the WC • Hinged drop-down support arm should be located on the open side and should extend 50mm to 100mm beyond the front of the WC • A basin that allows a mixer tap to be positioned closest to the user to eliminate the need to stretch (and potentially fall) to hand wash • Backrest on low- level toilet suites • CE marked sanitaryware with Declaration of Performance (DoP) There are important additional considerations that specifiers should note when selecting a supplier for a Doc M pack: Lateral movement seat buffers that eliminate potential seat slide and further help the safe and steady transfer from wheelchair to WC • Full LABC approval on all products marketed as Doc M • WRAS approval • The availability of spares and parts to ensure continuity of service • The availability of specialist knowledge of the Building Regulation requirements Barwood Products is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bathroom products for the less-abled and special needs market and has specialised in this sector for nearly 20 years. Fully abreast of all the regulatory changes the company constantly tweaks its product portfolio to ensure full compliance. This ensures that customers working on public buildings, including hospitals and care homes, needn’t worry about regulations. As well as providing products that meet commercial buildings regulations Barwood Products offers a range of stylish products for the domestic sector to enable safe and comfortable use of the bathroom within the home. For further information on Barwood, please visit, email or call 01782 561 814.

Saniflo Launches Kineduo 3 Walk-in Bath ● Patented birch ply concealed shower trays ● 18 stock sizes for next day delivery

● Bespoke shapes and sizes in 5-7 days ● Light and easy to handle

● Easy to shape and fit on site ● Half height easy access door configurations

● Environmentally friendly/recyclable

● BSI approved for loads of over 380 kg ● Suitable for all floor types tel: 020 3199 8496

a neW, customisable Kineduo 3 walk-in shower bath by Saniflo has been launched to replace the previous version. Continuously striving to add that something extra special to its collection of bathroom products for the inclusive market, the experts at Saniflo have taken the walk-in bath and given it a contemporary twist with some stunning features. Available in three sizes - 1600 x 750, 1700 x 750 and 1800 x 800 – the Kineduo 3 easy access shower bath is constructed from fully encapsulated acrylic, making it extremely robust and long lasting. It features a unique adjustable feet system and is available in both right and left hand versions making it suitable for almost any bathroom and user. As standard the Kineduo 3 is supplied with a door, a cushioned headrest and pop up plug. But what makes the Kineduo 3 really special is how customers can customize it to suit their needs. Offering more choice to the consumer than ever before, the new Kineduo 3 boasts numerous optional features including a full width fold down seat, a head rest, a glass screen with hinged section, a grab bar, fitted taps with contemporary non-thermostatic water-

fall filler, whirlpool and anti-slip surface. There is even a choice of black or white glass panels which add a real touch of class. If installed on a joisted floor, the trap of the bath can be dropped in to the floor recess and the plinth on the bath can be removed to make the step in even more of a low profile. If fitting on to a solid floor then the plinth is needed for access to the trap area. Saniflo UK Customer Services & Marketing Manager, Ann Boardman, comments: “Kineduo 3 really is the ultimate in safe, luxury bathing. The experts at Saniflo have taken the popular Kineduo walk-in shower bath and created a modern version for today’s changing inclusive market where stylish design and funky features are as important as safety and practicality. The Kineduo 3 looks stunning in even the most contemporary of bathrooms and it’s perfect for all the family. With the Kineduo 3 we’ve given more design control to the consumer. The Kineduo 3 offers a wide range of optional features allowing for a very personal specification. It’s a great addition to our range.” For further details, visit or call 020 8842 0033. Alternatively, see the advert on page 16.

On The Level Bespoke Level Access Wet Rooms many arChiTeCTS, surveyors, local authorities and nursing homes are now familiar with on The level's tried and tested approach to creating safe level access wet rooms using their patented formers in custom made or standard sizes. Our specialists are happy to explain the product and give technical

TR Equipment is specialised in Patient Hygiene and Handling Equipment and has over 25 years of experience in developing,manufacturing and marketing these range of products. TR Equipment’s product range meets all your hygiene and mobility needs, letting you provide better care to your residents with greater staff productivity and flexibility. TR Equipment offers both Hygiene and Mobility Equipment for People in three different user segments: Showering, Bathing and Mobility products. TR Equipment can support your equipment needs on a broad range of Hygiene and Mobility products and offer a two year warranty on our complete range.

TR Equipment Tr eQUiPmenT specialises in Patient hygiene and handling equipment and has over 25 years of experience in deve¬loping, manufacturing and marketing these ranges of products. TR Equipment’s product range meets all your hygiene and mobility needs, letting you provide better care to your residents with greater staff productivity and flexibility. TR Equipment offers both Hygiene and Mobility Equipment for People in three different user segments: Showering, Bathing and Mobility products.

advice, on site if required, to help problem solve and devise solutions for specific projects. On The Level can also recommend and supply ancillary products to complete the shower area including full or half height shower doors, a choice of curtain rails and curtains, seats and grab rails. On The Level formers are BSI approved for a safe load of more than 60 stone (380kg) and suitable for wheelchairs, and their shallow depth of just 24mm allows them to fit flush into most floor types. Contact 01525 373202 or visit TR Equipment offers a wide range of height adjustable bathtubs which all give an ergonomic and efficient treatment and a relaxing bathing experience. TR Equipment also offers a selection of mobile patient lifts, both with chair and stretcher, to use for many purposes such as bathing and transport. TR Equipment offers the widest shower trolley program on the market with several options regarding sizes and weight capacity, both hydraulic and battery operated. TR Equipment offers a two year warranty on our complete range. Contact TR Equipment today and allow us to show you what we can do for your caring equipment needs for the future. E-Mail: Web page: Or call Ian Lester on 07776 498246 or email direct on

Inclusive Bathroom Design inClUSive deSiGn is about meeting a wide variety of practical needs within one design ensuring products meet the needs for the largest possible number of people. James dadd at aKW, explains the advantages of inclusive design and solutions available to single users, families and multi- generational households.

Contact TR Equipment today and allow us to show you what we can do for your caring equipment needs for the future.

E-Mail: Web page: Or call Ian Lester on 07776 498246 or email on

TR EQUIPMENT “Hygiene Equipment Designed for People”

For the disabled, less abled or older person, the bathroom can be a notoriously difficult room to negotiate without suitable modifications. Level access showering solutions and wet rooms are alternative design solutions vastly gaining popularity amongst consumers. As well as adding a more luxurious, hotel-like feel, wet rooms offer a more practical and safer solution to both users and carers. Space is often a major consideration for all households. Wet rooms provide the ability for a user to move freely around the room with any mobility aids they require. In particular, a wet room with a care shower screen is highly practical for wheelchair users, providing adequate space for them, their wheelchair and a carer if required, as well as dispelling the need for lifting aids. AKW wet room formers are specifical-

ly designed to have market leading load capacities of up to 40 stone. This is to cater for the user and if required, a wheelchair and carer as well as to take the point loading for a shower seat if the user is ambulant but wishes to sit whilst showering. Along with a shower seat, carefully positioned grab rails are important at key areas of the bathroom to aid stability and prevent falls. The revival of multi-generational households means there is an urgent need for independent and inclusive living to accommodate the needs of all the members of the household, from child to parent and grandparent. Showers for example, are supposed to be relaxing as well as practical, for some they can be the opposite. AKW’s new care shower, iCare, is the electric shower the care market has demanded and needed for so many years. Sleek, smooth casing, thermostatically controlled temperature, operated via wireless remote control or iPhone app, easy push-button controls and raised tactile symbols are examples of the characteristics that enable this product to achieve unrivalled levels of safety and control without sacrificing style. For further information, please call 01905 823298 or visit




Dysphagia Catering – Training and Equipment iT’S noW getting easier to cater for those with dysphagia. Quality training and state-of-the-art equipment can transform the effort involved in producing wonderful food that meets the needs of all residents. Care catering expert and award winning chef Preston Walker delivers training courses on how to produce beautiful food for dysphagia residents. Preston discovered a kitchen tool called Thermomix which he now uses in all his practical sessions. “I use Thermomix on my dysphagia training courses because it produces the smoothest, most colourful and nutritious purées in the shortest possible time.” Care homes are now establishing Thermomix as a standard in their kitchens. According to

Christopher Dean, Regional Director of Dining and Procurement at Sunrise Senior Living, “Purchasing Thermomix for every site was a no brainer. It enabled us to launch our dysphagia programme throughout Sunrise giving us complete control over food textures. It also helps us manage our smoothies. Thermomix is a very versatile product that is used every day, saving hours of chef time and delivering consistent results.” Contact Lucy at Thermomix on 01344 209 467 to discuss how Thermomix can help you deliver colour, texture and flavour for your residents while saving time, money and effort. She can also introduce you to some staff training options with Preston.

Dealing With Dysphagia - Helping Patients To Take Tablets and Solid Dose Medicines as Intended dySPhaGia, or difficulty in swallowing, is prevalent among the elderly. it is a serious issue that occurs commonly within the 50-80 age range in those who have congenital or degenerative neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple Sclerosis, alzheimer's disease and in those who have suffered from a stroke. When complications arise, the swallowing process can be a traumatic experience for all involved. It can often lead to choking and shortness of breath. The taking of daily medications often brings on a number of challenges for both the patient and the carer to make sure that correct dosages are taken and also taken in the prescribed method. When faced with the pain and discomfort of dysphagia, the taking of solid medicines becomes a more daunting task. To ease the situation, medicines are often crushed or capsules opened and in some cases mixed with food or placed in a drink to aid the swallowing process. This, unfortunately, can lead to complications which the patient may be unaware of, and potentially an overdose of their medication. Tablets designed to be broken down in the body and absorbed at a certain rate are absorbed much faster when crushed, and this can lead to an elevated level of risk when it comes to potential side-effects.

Nutilis Clear from Nutricia modifyinG The texture of fluids can alter their original appearance and taste, which may reduce compliance and fluid intake. fluid intake is notoriously poor in patients requiring thickened fluids, therefore it could be hypothesized that a thickened drink which maintains its original appearance may be more appealing to patients and thus support compliance. With this in mind, Nutricia launched Nutilis Clear; a xanthan gum based thickening powder, which can be used to modify the tex-

Sian Jones, Registered Manager at the Three Roses Home was experiencing a very similar situation. “I have a resident with Dementia and she has swallowing difficulties and as a result she had been spitting out her medication. I had been back to the GP twice to ask for her medication to be provided in liquid form to be told that it was too expensive but he gave us permission to crush her medication.” This situation is occurring more and more frequently when it comes to taking solid medication in patients with dysphagia, there is a very limited range of products available that can help with these circumstances. However, there is now a swallowing gel from the Netherlands that is changing this. Gloup® is a universal jelly that is intended to make solid medicines, such as tablets, lozenges and capsules and also powders, easier to swallow. Gloup® can be used by anyone who struggles to swallow solid medicines; importantly it does not contain gluten or allergens and is sugar-free. By helping to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with dysphagia, coupled with the knowledge that prescribed medications are being taken as intended, Gloup® is having a huge impact on the quality of life for both resident and care staff. For information please call 01270 440360 or visit

ture of both food and fluids. Nutilis Clear is a thickener which produces visibly clear results when mixed according to instructions and is designed to maintain the original appearance of fluids. Nutilis Clear thickens rapidly and does not continue to thicken. Additionally it has amylase resistant features to protect against the action of salivary amylase, which helps to ensure a safer swallow by maintaining correct consistency in the mouth. Incorrect consistency of a thickened product during consumption may result in the patient having poorer control of the bolus putting them at increased risk of aspiration; therefore the amylase resistant features of Nutilis Clear promotes safer swallowing. Reader enquiries - Visit

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Webroster Ltd Demonstrate Their Bee App for Carers Easier Care Home Management at Your Fingertips The Bee app from Webroster ltd will be demonstrated along with the new Bee messaging module and workforce management system on stand l50 at the 2015 Care and dementia Show at the neC in Birmingham on 3rd and 4th november. The new Bee messaging module gives users the ability to send text based messages, notifications and booking enquiries to field staff using the Bee app from is a web based software system widely used within the care industry for workforce scheduling and monitoring. The system is ideal for homecare organisations with a bank of

carers to manage. Bee is an innovative Android app that works alongside that allows staff to access roster information both online and offline and log tasks in real time from their mobile phone. With the new Bee messaging module, messages and booking enquiries can be sent from to the Bee app and managed within the app. Bee Messaging is a cost effective method of sending messages to field staff and to further streamline the process of keeping them up to date with schedule changes. For further information, visit

Prompting New Thinking About Memory Problems BirminGham BaSed software developer memrica is seeking expert testers to feedback on the design of its new app to help people live well with memory problems such as early dementia, mild cognitive impairment, or as a result of stroke or brain injury. The app is aimed at people who regularly use mobile devices and brings information to

the user when they need it most. It also helps family and carers support the user and each other to make the most of each day. Founder Mary Matthews will be giving more details in the Dementia Care Seminar Theatre at 1.30pm on 3rd November or find her in the Start up Academy Zone, Stand SA10. For further information contact or

Survey Reveals Mobile Devices Are Still Under-Utilised Despite the Recognised Benefits The maJoriTy of care workers are still using paper client records, despite 85% recognising that mobile technology is needed in care homes, according to a new survey from advanced health & Care (advanced). The survey of 103 care workers revealed that 79% of organisations are still using paper records and that 73% of workers are spending time at the end of their shift updating them. Respondents to the survey came from a range of small, medium and large sized organisations, and those that reported working over their regular hours were from small (one to three care homes) or medium (four to 39 care homes) size organisations. Despite 92% saying they would be happy to use a mobile device as part of their role and 85% saying they needed mobile technology, most care workers are still not using mobile devices. 86% of those surveyed who do use mobiles felt that it improved their working day, cutting out unnecessary administration and freeing up more time to focus on delivering quality care. George Thaw, Managing Director,

Advanced Health & Care, says, “Mobile technology can deliver significant efficiencies for care workers, enabling administrative tasks to be carried out quickly and easily so that more time can be spent caring for the clients. “It is clear that frontline staff recognise these and the many other benefits that such technology could bring, but the care sector is still lagging behind other industries by not investing in mobile software. However, with an aging population set to create even more demands in the sector this is not a sustainable approach to delivering quality care of the future.” The survey also delves into the reasoning behind the lack of uptake of mobile technology in the care sector and finds that the main considerations when choosing are training, workflow functionality and having the flexibility to manage the features of administration tasks. Advanced Health & Care, a division of Advanced Computer Software Group, is one of the fastest growing suppliers of leading IT solutions, including mobile patient management systems and point of care solutions, for organisations in the NHS, local government, third-sector and private sector. For further information, see the advert on page 26.

CoolCare haS been designed with users in mind, making it an all-inclusive programme covering every aspect of care home management. it includes individual dashboards which are tailored to the needs of each user, whether a Care assistant, marketing manager or Chief executive. Care home management software has never been so user-friendly and comprehensive. Our software is compatible with multiple platforms, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices – you can even access the software remotely, enabling you to use the software on the move, wherever you are. CoolCare is a completely integrated product suite that covers every administrative and recording task in a Care Home. These include client records including assessments and care planning tools, staff records from an HR perspective including training and time and attendance functional-

ity. In addition, various financial tasks such as client billing, private monies and petty cash records are all included along with a host of other useful features. Part of the implementation of each CoolCare installation is its tailoring and configuration for each customer so that it fits in with existing systems and content naturally. This flexibility sets CoolCare apart from other similar systems and enables users to create a solution that suits their needs. With over 1000 sites using CoolCare today we have the experience to help and support each user appropriately It is a completely cloud-based solution with a simple pricing structure that includes training, support, data migration and configuration and is guaranteed to realise ROI in a very short space of time indeed. There has never been such an easy to use, comprehensive care home management platform, and we think you’re going to love it. Call 0113 385 3853, email: or visit

Creating Greater Efficiency Through Technology TaKe a closer look in any organisation and you’ll often find areas of the business that could be more efficient. from processes that ‘have always been done that way’ to new legislation that forces change or simply new opportunities that come along. A prime example is the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) where service providers can obtain value but where manual administration can be quite cumbersome – particularly in larger organisations. The NMDS-SC was set up to establish best practice, with the online database holding information on around 25,000 organisations and 700,000 adult social care workers within England. It informs Government policy and funding, allows local authorities to gain a better understanding of the care providers and the workforce, and it assists employers by allowing them to track their employees training requirements as well as being able to benchmark themselves against other providers. Organisations may feel it’s just another administration

task but there are benefits to keeping the NMDS up-to-date such as access to the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) facilitated by Skills for Care. It means adult social care employers in England can reclaim some of the costs incurred for the ‘qualification units’ that their workforce achieve from within the Qualifications and Credit Framework. Is it worth it, given the amount of administration involved? I’d say yes, particularly if you have the right technology in place to shoulder the burden of updating information. What we did with Access CareBlox, which is a software solution specifically for care homes, was to add an export routine in the exact format required for the NMDS. All changes to every employee record are tracked and so whenever you export, the system automatically pulls everything together ready for uploading to the NMDS website. Call us on 0845 345 3300 or visit:

Reliable Communication, Without Cables aid Call’S newest wireless nurse call solution, The Touchsafe Pro, utilises mesh network technology to ensure a fast and dependable connection is maintained at all times. Wireless systems have many advantages over their hardwired counterparts. They offer quicker and less disruptive installation at a reduced cost, they enable homes to easily position and relocate devices to facilitate changing resident needs and they are expandable into the future. Wireless mesh networking is an emerging technology designed to heighten the power of wireless systems and guarantee the safety of their communications. For Aid

Call’s Touchsafe Pro system, it ensures that all calls travel quickly and safely from the original call device to those notifying the carer/s that need to respond. Each nurse call device acts as a node that transmits data from one another. As well as preventing calls from being dropped, it enables them to travel along the fastest path to their destination. This is the case even in the event of a component failure as the data simply passes to the next available device. Reassurance lights on each call point will allow the user to see that their call has been acknowledged by the system. To find out more visit or call 0800 052 3616 or see the advert on the back cover.




Energy Costs - The Challenges and Solutions The healTh care sector including nursing/residential care homes and hospitals is one of the most intensive users of energy in the commercial sector and has amongst the highest energy costs due to higher room temperatures and better air quality required to maintain the health and comfort of often vulnerable inhabitants. A growing aging population means greater demand for residential care services, so, is the idea of an environmentally sustainable care home realistic? What is the current environmental impact of the residential care sector? Can reducing environmental impact have cost, health and wellbeing co-benefits? These questions are explored in a study, Sustainable Care Homes, carried out by NEP Energy Services, a charityowned social enterprise funded by NHS East Midlands Regional Innovation Fund.

Key findings of the research were: • The residential care sector accounts for at least 3.4 million tonnes of CO2e each year and £1.07 billion in natural resource costs. The social cost of carbon adds a further £76 million in costs to the economy per year. • In 2008/9 energy use in residential homes accounted for around £468.5 million in utility costs and around 2.3 million tonnes of CO2e, representing 0.42% of the 2009 UK carbon footprint (National Statistics, 2012) • In 2008/9 residential homes also accounted for around £505 million in food costs generating around 622,250 tonnes of CO2e. Besides waste, the costs of energy and food are major areas for change and likely to rise significantly. With increasing competition for natural resources, there is clearly a need to prioritise these areas for reasons of both cost and carbon management. The costs of energy used by the healthcare sector are, therefore a constant concern, despite negotiated fixed rates from the larger suppliers. All care and nursing homes should be constantly looking at, and comparing providers of utilities to help reduce costs. The choice has considerably increased and now with the addition of renewable, green options amongst the main suppliers, changing is simply a matter of billing, the supply “infrastructure” remains the same. Managers and staff themselves should also constantly aware of energy costs and methods and practices in reducing them, from lighting to heating, including ventilation and boiler management, and water consumption, there are simple, effective decisions that care home management and staff can take right now. In lighting, residential care home businesses can save up to 85% on their lighting energy costs and a similar amount on their water bills for example. The investment in LED lighting and eco water-saving solutions (like eco showerheads, tap aerators, flow restrictors and efficient taps), is proven in the hospitality environment and the return on that investment is assured within a year. Care Homes that manage its natural environment and its environmental impacts, through a more holistic approach, can benefit residents in terms of wellbeing and home operators in terms of running costs while reducing impacts on the local and global environment. With an aging population and rising natural resource costs, it is essential that this sector is supported and encouraged to take an active role in resource efficiency and carbon reduction. This will be critical in both safeguarding affordable care for vulnerable elderly people, maintaining dignity and social participation in old age and in achieving carbon, waste and energy targets.

Luminos - Where Lighting Doesn’t Cost the Earth lUminoS are the experts when it comes to energy saving lighting. We design and manufacture our products here in the UK around the philosophy of full-life value. Put simply, our luminaires are competitively priced, run at a lower wattage than others and last around 50,000 hours. as a result, they pay for themselves in a very short timescale and end up saving you a small fortune in energy and maintenance costs. Our luminaires use 70% less energy than the lights they are designed to

replace. Furthermore; Luminos LEDs give out around 120 Lumens per Watt meaning our 22 Watt LED Panel produces the same amount of light as an equivalent product running at 30-35+ Watts! Consider this along with the fact that we employ stringent testing processes, ensuring our products perform to the very highest standard in our photometric testing laboratory and the argument for choosing Luminos becomes very compelling! Call 01256 844 685 and quote CARE 2015 today! Alternatively visit or email

Low Surface Temperature Heaters ConSorT manUfaCTUre a variety of low Surface Temperature heaters which provide a high level of safety and controllability. our stylish heaters are designed to minimise the risk of burn injuries as they have a maximum surface temperature of 43oC, complying with department of health Guidelines. Our optional top of the range wireless controlled products are very easy to install and operate, offering efficient con-

trol of one or more heaters, six temperature settings a day, seven days a week, and major energy savings through the reduction of energy consumption as the temperature reaches its set target. The extensive range includes towel rails, panel and fan heaters, well suited for both commercial and domestic use. We also offer a free advisory service to help you prepare your heating scheme. For our latest catalogue or further details, please visit our website, email or contact us on 01646 692172.


VG Energy Has The Right Solution For You looKinG To reduce costs and improve your business green credentials? vG energy has the right turnkey solution for you. The rising price of electricity and heat is often at the forefront of every business owner. Over the last ten years fuel prices have soared and are often unpredictable and costly. VG Energy have worked with many hotels, restaurants and breweries to turn their quarterly overheads in to a profit! By assessing your businesses needs we can find a solution to potentially eliminate your utility bills, or at the very least fix the price for the foreseeable future. In addition to this, the Government is offering generous subsidies which are guaranteed for twenty years, providing many customers will additional income and peace of mind. With over 1200 installations we are recognised as market leaders for Combined Heat and Power Units (CHP), Biomass, Wind Turbines and Solar PV. We bring industry leading capabilities and specialist expertise to fully com-

Sunflow Heating STaTe of the art primary electric heating built in Britain in royal Wootton Bassett. All of our heaters are designed, manufactured and installed exclusively by us. Overseeing the process in this way ensures our high standard and competitive prices are maintained. From initial consultation right through to installation we pride ourselves in unparalleled customer service. Our team of over 40 staff based in Royal Wootton Bassett are ready to help you every step of the way. Our heaters allow a fine degree of temperature control and we are the only British manufacturer of refractory clay heaters. We build them ourselves and take pride in what we do, with every heater passing strict quality assurance measures. We are market leaders in the manufacturing and installation of low input electric heaters. More and more British businessesare turning to refractory clay heaters to heat their premises These slimline heaters function economically using advanced thermostatic con-

plete projects from start to finish with in-house personnel. We offer an obligation free energy assessment followed by a bespoke solution for your business. Renewable technologies don’t need to cost the earth, we work with a number of finance companies to provide you with a solution that wont affect your cash flow. VG Energy has continued to lead the way in the renewable technology industry. We are well known for providing quality products, efficient installation and a high level of aftercare. VG Energy is able to service and maintain any gas, oil or biomass boiler. In addition we can service commercial gas and oil appliances. We have an experienced team of fully qualified service technicians operating UK wide to improve the operational efficiency of your boiler and appliances, saving your business money! VG Energy are currently offering some fantastic servicing packages to suit your business. If you would like any more information please contact us on 01563 829990, or visit our new website

trol and a specially developed heat storage technology. With our own patent pending technology, we ensure the very best in efficient heating design. These modern electric heaters do not rely on a big charge of electricity during the night but deliver constant and economical heating at the times you specify, thoroughly heating your space with no waste. Our heaters deliver on style and are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and finishes. We also offer a range of beautifully crafted fireplace surrounds that work with our heaters and complement any room. Available as commissioned pieces from individual artists, also available in more conventional styles, white or a wide choice of colours. Free brochure 0800 158 8270 Questions call Suzanne 0800 158 8272






BAFE – Helping You To Meet Your Fire Protection Obligations iT iS a legal requirement that all premises have a full and competent fire risk assessment and then implement the fire protection requirements. The ‘responsible person’ has the duty to ensure that they have carried out these obligations – but how can they be sure that they have used competent contractors? There have been a number of fire incidents in care homes and many other business and public establishments which means that the pressure on owners to maintain competent fire protection is ever greater. Under legislation across the UK, it is a requirement to have an adequate and competent fire risk assessment and to ensure that fire protection meets these requirements. BAFE has developed a scheme for companies who carry out Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments

(SP205) which is a vital part of meeting the ‘responsible person’ obligations under fire legislation. Providers are rapidly recognising the value of this scheme and gaining certification. After a number of fatal fires, such as the one at Rosepark Care home in Scotland, there is now specific and, in Northern Ireland, mandatory requirements for fire protection in care homes across the UK. The Fire Risk Assessment is where fire protection starts, so companies need to ensure that it is provided by a competent company with skilled assessors. You can find companies registered to the Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment SP205 scheme at WWW.BAFE.ORG.UK If you want to be sure you are getting your fire protection from companies who are properly assessed search for providers in your area and look for more information at WWW.BAFE.ORG.UK / twitter: @BAFEFIRE

Applications Engineering SinCe oPeninG for business in Uckfield, east Sussex in 1983, applications engineering ltd has become synonymous with the supply of control and instrumentation products.

Please Please mention mention THE THE CARER CARER when when responding responding to to advertising. advertising.

Our impressive array of items offered include; pressure switches, differential pressure switches, pressure transducers, pressure gauges, level switches, level sight indicators, flow switches, flow sensors, float switches, solenoid valves, temperature switches, temperature sensors and vacuum switches. We are also pleased to offer ATEX pressure, flow, level and temperature switches, plastic injection moulded parts, and if you need to clean small bore hose and pipes then we are the UK home for the original and ingenious Jetcleaner. Needless to say, in order to provide our customers with a high level of service that they would naturally expect, we need to be able to offer swift turnaround of their orders. We can do this more often than not on a next day delivery due to the significant stock holding here at our new location in Horsted Square, Uckfield, East Sussex. We are also open for customers to collect direct from us and we would welcome anyone to come and view our facilities and ISO 9001 approved processes. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your control and instrumentation needs, please call us on 01825 764737.




Take the hassle out of buying health care uniforms with our

Mister Uniform Ltd WiTh WinTer on the way many of our clients are on the lookout for warmer winter garments such as cosy fleece and softshell jackets. We are pleased to offer uniforms in a wide range of vibrant colours which complement your corporate colours. We offer one of the widest ranges of both healthcare and winter outerwear in the market place today.

fit your staff perfectly everytime! Why not add your Care Company logo to your brand new garments? Ask us about our hassle free logo design service. Call us now on 0117 32 52 199 we'd be delighted to hear from you! Email us on: View our full range online at:

Free Sample Service


With thoughts also turning to Christmas why not ask us about our huge range of Premier Chefswear which includes a great range of chefs jackets, aprons and trousers. To make ordering easy ask one of our friendly team about our free sample and sizing service which helps ensure your brand new uniforms

Grahame Gardner - Caring for the Carers WorKinG in a care home demands a uniform that’s reliable, comfortable and capable of working as hard as your valued staff do, too. With more than 100 years’ experience working in the healthcare industry, Grahame Gardner Ltd understands this need and is proud to offer one of the largest collections of high-quality uniforms in the UK. By drawing on its wealth of expertise, the team has developed a large selection of garments perfect for care home employees, from vibrant scrubs, fleeces and outerwear through to traditional tunics and trousers – all combining comfort and practicality with style.

Midshires Clothing midShireS CloThinG in Kettering specialises in bespoke orders. Customers can choose their design and fabric colours and embroidered logo to enhance their corporate image. In addition to manufacturing uniforms we act as a one stop shop, also providing polo shirts, chef’s wear, and lots of healthcare uniforms from an extensive stock service. Midshires Clothing is a workers Co-operative based in Kettering, Northamptonshire in the Midlands. It was set up in late 2010 by Lyn

Quality ID Cards Ltd QUALITY ID Cards Ltd was established in March 2010 to provide an unrivalled service to its customers purchasing ID or Loyalty Cards, production systems, maintenance or service. Calling on our 8 years experience in card production we will offer total flexibility that can allow us to design and produce a single card using our own production equipment. We can supply complete card production systems comprising design software, printer and consumables with substantial warranty and support. We can

Organisations can also choose from Grahame Gardner Ltd’s extensive colour palette to create uniforms which represent the identity of their care home or business, and make employees feel proud to be a part of their organisation whenever they put their uniform on. Marketing director at Grahame Gardner Ltd, Katy Brocklehurst, said: “We’ve worked closely with the care home industry for many years now and have built up a great reputation for truly understanding what organisations within the sector want when choosing uniforms for their staff.” To find out more please visit or call 0116 255 6326. Hope to manufacture workwear garments for her retail company Alpha Workwear. At the time there were no suitable alternatives available locally that could manufacture the garments to an acceptable standard. Due to the closure of several local firms there was an abundance of skilled labour in the area. So Midshires clothing was founded. Today it is still going strong and waiting for your order. For further details, call today on 01536 526 476, email: or log onto

provide consultancy, service & maintenance contracts, support and the supply of consumables. We are concerned about the impact plastic cards are having on our environment so will research products that degrade in reasonable timescales when no longer needed. We are investigating and investing in renewable energy, eco friendly transportation and the reduction of our carbon footprint. “We found QIDC to be an excellent company to work with, their pricing is competitive and they keep to deadlines. We are very happy to recommend them to others.” Liz Helling - Director, The Paperchain Partnership Ltd For further details see advert this page.


01202 552333




Prices quoted exclude VAT


TELEPHONE: 0117 32 52 199 EMAIL : WEB:




Girbau UK Appointed Exclusive Distributor of GMP Ironers GirBaU UK has been appointed the sole distributor of GmP roller ironers in the UK. ideal for smaller on-premise laundries in care and nursing homes, GmP ironers offer substantial productivity gains and a high quality professional finish. “GMP ironers complement our existing range of ironers perfectly and offer care and nursing home on-premise laundries the opportunity to automate time-consuming ironing of bedding and tableware for increased efficiency,” says Peter Marsh, managing director of Girbau UK. “We are delighted to have been appointed as the sole distributor of GMP ironers in the UK as they are the ideal complement to our own larger PB Series ironers.” GMP ironers are energy efficient, easy to use, reliable and robust. An accurate twin-sensor temperature control system and enhanced insulation reduce heat dispersion and improve heat distribution evenly across the ironing surface for better ironing, reduced energy loss and improved energy efficiency.

Allsop & Francis here aT allsop & francis, we’ve been supplying, maintaining and repairing commercial laundry and dishwashing appliances for over 24 years, and are proud to be miele Professionals no.1 Partner in the UK and have been now for 10 consecutive years. We are also an approved electrolux partner. Our customers include: • County councils and local authorities • Nursing and residential care homes • Housing associations • Hospitals • Schools • Colleges • Hotels

LPD Commercial Laundry Systems lPd SUPPly a complete range of Commercial laundry systems and services with laundry equipment for industrial and commercial laundries to include washers, dryers, ironers and spare parts for most manufacturers and model ranges.


01202 01202 552333 552333

You can buy, lease or rent commercial laundry equipment from us and our expert knowledge will ensure your laundry machines are installed and maintained professionally. LPD are a leading supplier to the care home market, we offer cost effective solutions to your laundry needs using the latest technology and highly energy efficient equipment. All our laundry machines are fully WRAS

The large control panel is simple and extremely easy to understand and use. Users can easily adjust ironing speed and temperature to suit all types of fabric. Accurate and reliable temperature sensing and control prevent wasteful energy loss and protect laundry from scorching. The range of GMP ironers available from Girbau UK includes the GMP 100.25, GMP 120.25, GMP 140.25, GMP 140.30 and the largest GMP 160.30. The first number of each model denotes the ironing width of the roller (from 1.0 to 1.6 metres), the second number denotes the roller diameter (250mm or 300mm). Larger models offer higher productivity of up to 50kg of ironing per hour while smaller models are more compact and affordable. For larger on-premise laundries the Girbau PB series of ironers offers cylinders ranging in width from 1.5 up to 3.2 metres for even higher capacity and productivity with operating speeds of up to 15 metres per minute. For more information visit: • Restaurants • Charities • Offices • Equestrian centres • Factories and more… We have a dedicated sales team and a fully qualified team of both service and installation engineers who cover the South of England and we have the national backing of our Miele Professional Partners. As well as emergency repairs, we carry out routine servicing and GasSafe gas safety checks. We also provide fixed cost service contracts. We love what we do and we pride ourselves on our very personal approach and many years of experience in assessing and supplying the very best equipment to suit our individual customer’s needs. To ensure you get the right appliances for your specific needs, our sales team is happy to visit you and complete a thorough, free site survey. For further information, please call 01243 555525 or visit approved — to comply with the water bylaws and have built in disinfection programs to health and safety guidelines HSG(95)18 if needed. All our equipment can be connected to Automatic Dosing Equipment to ensure that each wash has the correct level of laundry detergent, conditioner and de-stainer added. Working with customer database in excess of 6000 and a number of the Large Group Operators and Local Authorities — LPD offer a premium quality range packages such as our “Gold Care” — where we take total care of the machines for the whole term. We are also able to offer outright purchase, lease and rental options to suit our customers needs. Whatever package you choose we have the support and resources to ensure your Laundry runs smoothly. For further information or a site visit see advert this page or please contact us at

esemtan® - Effective Skin Cleansing for Residents with Incontinence esemtan® Cleansing foam is a gentle, quick and effective skin cleanser designed particularly for the skincare of incontinent or bedbound residents. Containing antimicrobial active ingredients, esemtan® helps protect the skin from infection, whilst also having a gently moisturising action. esemtan® Cleansing Foam is easy to use and should be sprayed onto the skin, left for 30 seconds, then wiped with a disposable cloth. The foam has a discreet but fresh scent. Says Jan Buckley, Manager of a Surrey Care Home: ‘We always use esemtan Cleansing Foam

to clean the skin of all our incontinent residents; it’s hygienic and discreet to use, gentle on the skin and has a very pleasant fragrance. The foam mousse is very easy to use, particularly at the bedside or where quick and tactful cleaning is required.’ esemtan® 500ml spray is listed on NHS Supply Chain. It can also be ordered from: personal-care/esemtan-skin-cleansing-foam/ prod_4019.html To try a sample, email: schülke UK, 0114 254 3500 /

Evans Vanodine and Hand Hygiene livinG in an environment where bacteria responsible for contagious diseases is becoming ever more resilient to modern antibiotics, hand washing is one of the most important procedures to protect yourself and others from infection. Trigon® Plus and Trigon® Foam Plus are unperfumed, bactericidal hand washes which pass European test methods EN 1499 and EN 1276 and are proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria. They help to reduce the risk of cross contamination, making them an ideal choice for catering and healthcare areas, where hand washing is of the utmost importance. The unique blend of ingredients also provides a soothing and moistur-

Chiltern Water & Environment ChilTern WaTer & environment ltd can help you with your legionella compliance and water hygiene requirements. Chiltern Water & Environment Ltd was established 25 years ago by Chartered Chemist and Biologist Robert Hunt, having gained 25 years of experience in the water industry. Still family owned the company has grown into a team of water industry experts, with significant knowledge and experience supported by industry recognised qualifications. It provides a confidential and independent service in water management and environmental monitoring. Chiltern Water & Environment Ltd offers the following services: • Legionella compliance services, including: • Risk assessments • Designing monitoring schemes, including provision of log-books

Microsan Cleaning Products eXPerTS in essential oil based cleaning products, microsan has a reputation for both its ethical values and quality, sustainable products. Microsan’s product range, when used every day and in all areas of the home environment or office, has the power to potentially eliminate common sickness but is gentle enough to be used by the most vulnerable in society. Endorsed by some of the country’s leading microbiologists, Microsan’s range of essential oil based cleaning products has already successfully bridged the gap between academic and mainstream thinking on the ability of essential

ising effect to help protect the skin, making it an ideal choice where frequent hand washing is necessary. Both products are supplied in a sealed 1 litre cartridge for use in the EVANS EVOLVE cartridge dispensers and in handy 500ml bottles with pump dispensers. Trigon® Plus and Trigon® Foam Plus are manufactured under a procedure which complies with The Cosmetic Products Regulation (123/2009/EC), which ensures all measures have been taken to guarantee the safety of the product and also aims to eliminate misleading product claims. To find out more about this or any other product in the Evans Vanodine range, please contact or visit • Training services • Asset inspections, including tanks and calorifiers • Remedial works, including disinfections • Temperature monitoring • Sampling • Legionella outbreak/contamination management • Hydrotherapy pool testing and sampling • TMV Testing & Servicing • Private water supply risk assessment and sampling • Investigation into specific water quality problems • Leak investigation works • Supply of small-scale treatment equipment and bulk chemicals The company is a member of Constructionline and is working towards membership of the Legionella Control Association and accreditation to ISO 17000. To discuss your requirements please contact David Hunt using the details below. Email: Tel: 01844 3478678

oils in the fight against illnesses. Their latest antimicrobial spray is 99.9% effective if used in every clean and in conjunction with other Microsan products. They have helped educate people as to the unique health benefits their essential oil based products can bring to every man, woman and child. Their years of research and development which have culminated in the antimicrobial airborne defence could quite possibly change the face of cleaning as we know it. Start using their other products already available to buy and join them in the fight against Norovirus, MRSA everything in between. Call 01482 656359 or visit for further details. Please Please mention mentionTHE THE CARER CARER when when responding responding to to advertising. advertising.


Safety, Design And Confidence For Residents with Forbo’s Step Safety And Wetroom Flooring The laTeST addition to forbo’s care sector product offering is their new range of safety and wetroom flooring. a step away from the more traditional safety flooring, the colours and designs demonstrate that there does not need to be any compromise when it comes to combining safety, design and comfort. Step includes softer and more natural inspired designs to help create warmer and more welcoming care environments. Meanwhile the incorporation of the innovative Step Crystals provides guaranteed lifetime slip resistance with a clean, fresh design, easier cleaning and no compromise on performance. Forbo’s advances in technology see revolutionary Step safety crystals embedded throughout the wearlayer, providing a fully slip resistant solution. The entire collection meets with the prevalent UK slip standards. Within the Step collection are two wetroom solutions flooring products, Safestep Aqua and Surestep Laguna. These were developed for continuously wet areas, where water flows frequently and barefoot traffic is

the standard. Safestep Aqua is designed for continuous wet barefoot areas, such as showers and Surestep Laguna was developed specifically for barefoot and soft shoe-wear use in assisted bathrooms. Safestep Aqua features very neutral and pastel shades with a random organic emboss, the beautifully non-directional textured look and feel of Aqua is perfect for wetrooms and hydrotherapy areas. Meanwhile, similar contemporary pastel tones are included in the Surestep Laguna range but with a very fine sand surface structure that provides an extremely comfortable finish to walk on. The range is ideal for the care sector that demands a warmer, less clinical and stark environment. With a wealth of experience working on projects in the aged care sector, Forbo are looking forward to helping care home owners, managers and other specifiers select the appropriate flooring solutions for every area of their facility and help to create a homely and safe environment for residents. For more information and to discuss your requirements further, visit Forbo on stand F62 or visit

Knightsbridge Furniture Expands Furniture Range For Challenging Environments With Lucy And Sierra Extreme Collections folloWinG SiGnifiCanT demand from existing and potential customers, Knightsbridge furniture is set to expand its extreme furniture collection. The extreme range, which has been designed specifically for challenging environments, will be boosted by the additions of extreme lucy and Sierra settees and chairs, improving choice for care homes and hospitals across the country. Made in accordance with the company’s Extreme specification, which includes the provision of reinforced frames, hidden staples and feet with security fittings, the collection will be enhanced by the additions of the Lucy Armchair Extreme, Lucy Two-Seat Settee Extreme, Lucy Three-Seat Settee Extreme, Sierra Armless Chair Extreme and Sierra Armchair Extreme. Furniture from the Lucy Extreme range also includes removable seat cushions to ensure users cannot easily store foreign bodies and contraband between and underneath them. Jason Brown, head of design and development at Knightsbridge Furniture, said: “Following positive feed-

back from a number of customers, we’ve been able to grow our collection of Extreme furniture to better meet the needs and requirements of the healthcare furniture market. The new additions include the necessary practical features needed for use in challenging environments, including safety, durability and ease of cleaning, but have been made with a less institutional appearance. “We understand that some patients try to hide things down the sides of settees and chairs so our new Lucy Extreme collection comes with removable cushions. This option also means the cushions are easily replaceable, minimising the risk of having to upholster the entire item if it gets damaged.” Yorkshire-based Knightsbridge Furniture, which holds Preferred Supplier status with the NHS and Scottish NHS, has been designing and developing quality British products for more than 75 years. For more information on the company’s full range of furniture for the mental health, care and residential, healthcare and hotel and leisure sectors, please call 01274 731442, e-mail or visit






Freephone: 0800 917 7943

Polyflor Flooring Helps Create Stylish Café at Belong Warrington Care Village hiGh deSiGn and high performance expona design luxury vinyl tiles from commercial and residential vinyl flooring manufacturer Polyflor were used to create a modern bistro at the Belong Warrington care village in Cheshire recently.



PO 300





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The £9.5 million state-of-the-art Belong Warrington care village, designed by Pozzoni Architecture Ltd, is a community facility, including village centre amenities, households for residents who require 24 hour dementia and nursing care, and independent living apartments. Since opening, it has been visited by care home owners and designers from all over Europe as an example of excellent care home design. The bistro on the ground floor is open to the public and provides a family friendly environment serving food, drink and snacks. Wood effect Expona Design luxury vinyl tiles in Light Elm were installed in the bistro, reception area, corridors and also in the village exercise studio. This grey toned wood design features authentic swirled grain detail and a textured surface emboss for added realism. Natural material effects are popular flooring choices for care environments as they are familiar and help create a homely rather than clinical look. The use of the same flooring design throughout the ground floor also aid residents in navigating around the building and ensures they perceive the flooring as a continuous surface. David Pointon, Business Support Manager at CLS Care Services commented, “We’re delighted with the finished look of our bistro. With the installation of this beautiful flooring we’ve been able to create a place where our residents will enjoy

spending quality time with their family and friends. The natural look of the flooring is familiar to our residents living with dementia, so it helps to project a relaxing and calming environment, contributing to reduced anxiety levels.“ The Expona Design luxury vinyl tile collection features 28 eye catching wood, stone and effects design options for use in heavy commercial environments. Its 3.0mm gauge and 0.7mm wear layer means that this range is ideal for high traffic spaces such as cafés, bars and restaurants. Expona Design is further enhanced with PUR, Polyflor’s exclusive and robust polyurethane reinforcement which is cross linked and UV cured to provide superior cleaning benefits. Product samples can be ordered free of charge on the Polyflor website or by calling the Polyflor Samples Direct Hotline on 0161 767 2551. Polyflor’s Expona flooring contains recycled material and is 100% recyclable via the Recofloor scheme. As a manufacturer of flooring suitable for dementia care facilities, Polyflor has recently become a member of the Dementia Action Alliance who are committed to transforming the lives of the 800,000 people living with dementia in the UK. Polyflor is also a longstanding partner of the International Dementia Design Network at the University of Salford. Further details of Polyflor’s extensive range of resilient vinyl flooring are available from Polyflor Ltd, Radcliffe New Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 7NR. Tel: 0161 767 1111. Fax: 0161 767 1128. Website: Email:

Victor Manufacturing Limited for movinG, storing, and holding hot and cold foods, UK equipment producer, victor manufacturing can help. With 70 years of manufacturing experience, Victor is able to deliver an extensive range of catering equipment suitable for a wide range of organisations, including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, sporting arenas and educational establishments. The product range includes gas & electric hot cupboards, hot plates, kitchen passes, heated plate dispensers and warmers, counter top servery units, pie heaters,

pasty warmers, heated drawer units, refrigerated salad wells, deli bars & counters, patisserie units, heated tiled, ceramic & glass top carvery counters, bespoke and custom food servery counters, mobile heated and refrigerated servery units as well as a comprehensive range of drop-in gastronorm compatible hot and cold food service modules. The entire range of Victor products are all handled and managed efficiently through the company's comprehensive network of national and local distributors. For further details see advert on page 17.


‘Public / Private’

By Jeremy Stein, British Contract Furnishing Association (BCFA)

a home from home With an increasingly aging population who are perhaps healthier than previous generations the title care home is perhaps a misnomer. Often it isn’t exactly care that the residents need but a sense of belonging, security and companionship. This is why design is so important. Residents are arguably more discerning and design savvy than ever before so the phrase ‘a home from home’ really does need to ring true. It is essential that personal areas, such as bedrooms, offer the comfort, privacy and authenticity synonymous with home and many designers are basing private spaces on a more domestic aesthetic to reach this ideal. As well as offering the ultimate in comfort, quality and functionality, furnishings should also have a unique identity and personality in order to truly recall home. Feature wall papers, accent colours and soft patterns all work to create a comfortable rather than clinical feel and ensuring residents have the freedom to add personal possessions, such as pictures and plants, also helps spaces feel like home. When BCFA member Tina Davies Childs designed and installed the communal areas in Sax House, finishing touches such as vases, flowers, pot pourri, cushions and art work were all incorporated to help create comfortable and familiar surroundings for residents. Including items with links to the past not only adds a domestic feel but can also have a beneficial impact on mental health and designers are increasingly incorporating features such as ‘memory boxes’ and ‘rummage areas’ in to schemes. When Milford Care selected BCFA member Shackletons; specialist care furniture provider, to transform their Ashbourne Lodge care home, a ‘Reminiscence Lounge’ was incorporated for this purpose.

PUBliC SPhere In the areas of care homes where residents socialise with



each other and family and friends who come to visit, interiors modelled on hotels can help create a welcoming and personality-filled area. Not only is this conducive to upbeat and positive interactions, but lively and welcoming communal areas may also encourage residents to socialise more with each other - creating a beneficial sense of community and cohesion. Mixing fabric patterns on seating - plain on the back and patterned on the front for example - is one example of the hotel-like design attributes increasingly being incorporated in to schemes in order to create inviting and comfortable spaces for residents to socialise. Bright, vibrant colours can also be used to create a hotel-like look. When BCFA member Knightsbridge provided furniture for the family rooms and community spaces in Roseberry Park, citrus and berry shades were specified for the upholstery – the lively, zesty shades adding interest and energy. Another member Teal provided furniture for the Sid Watkins Building was also designed to be contemporary and comfortable, and anything but clinical. As well as specifying a bright, contemporary colour palette, dual tone fabrics and bold high and low back chairs with striking silhouettes and button back detailing were also selected. Each public space in care homes should be unique in order to ensure it has its own personality. When Shackletons worked with Olea Homes to create a bespoke design for their Fernlea in Hazel Grove Village care home, varying styles of furniture, textiles and colours were adopted for each area. From the seaside-inspired area in bold Aquamarine to the sophisticated upstairs lounge featuring a chandelier and cosy fireside chairs; each setting was unique yet equally striking. Communal areas of care homes should also incorporate references to specific areas in the public sphere to help develop and maintain day to day cognitive skills and engage and inspire the residents. Spaces which simulate grocery shopping and offices have been added to a number of care home designs and when Tina Davies Childs completed the design and install of Langleigh care scheme in Letchworth, a hair salon for use by residents was included.

FRANKled – LED Solutions for Decorative Lighting franKliTe limiTed have been known for their quality of product and service in the decorative lighting market for 40 years and, over recent years, the Company has built an astonishing reputation for quality led lighting. The Frankled brand is designed, developed and manufactured in Franklites Buckinghamshire factory which ensures complete flexibility with the lighting options available and total quality control throughout production. Frankled products fitted with Eco-disc technology can be supplied with standard non-dimmable LEDs which offer a massive average energy saving of 37% against energy saving CFLs. Further options include dimming, emergency lighting and movement detection can further increase savings and reduce costs! For more decorative luminaires the LED13duo is an integrated, yet replaceable, dedicated LED unit which replaces

the tungsten candle lamp. Whilst not affecting the aesthetics of the fitting, the LED13duo can offer an energy saving of up to 80% without compromising on light output. With a 5 year warranty, these units also negate the need for the constant maintenance involved with traditional tungsten lamps. Franklite's range of quality recessed downlights can also be converted using the LED13duo technology and will offer an equivalent output to a 50W MR16 and is available in 3 beam angles with reduced glare. Remote emergency gear can also be offered with all Frankled recessed downlights. Also covered by a 5 year guarantee, switching to these units saves energy, costs, and maintenance time. Franklite have a team of professional and knowledgeable personnel who can demonstrate Frankled technology and discuss individual requirements. Call 01908 691818, email, visit or See the advert on page 39 for details.

Please Please mention mention THE THE CARER CARER when when responding responding to to advertising. advertising.




TRAIN + PROTECT + CARE Reduce the risk of accidents and injury with Safer Staff Training Courses

Over 30 Safety Training Courses Call the booking hotline 0207 637 7959 to get the right courses for the best prices! Our friendly and experienced team are waiting to help you! Safer Staff training (SStAR) can solve all your training needs... fast! With a comprehensive list of high quality safety training courses you are guaranteed we can provide trainers to meet your needs.

Full list of Safety Training Courses and Prices at

Research Study to Help Shape Future of Dementia Care a STUdy, which will shape the future of education and training around dementia within the nhS, has been launched by health researchers at three yorkshire universities. The research team, led by Claire Surr, Professor of Dementia Studies at Leeds Beckett University, alongside collaborators from the University of Bradford and the University of Leeds, will investigate the most effective approaches to training health and social care staff about dementia. Results from the study will help ensure that money is invested in effective training that supports better care for people with dementia. The study, the ‘What Works? Evaluation’, is funded by the Department of Health’s Policy Research Programme on behalf of Health Education England and is due to be completed in July 2017. Speaking about the launch of the study, Professor Claire Surr said: “Providing high quality care for people with dementia relies on knowledgeable and skilled staff. Research shows that effective education and training can, lead to better quality care. However, we also know not all training is effective, meaning it is wasting time and money. We need to know more about what effective dementia training, looks like and this research will provide the field with good evidence about the ingredients needed for effective dementia training.”

The ‘What Works?’ study will involve a survey to gather data on existing dementia training programmes. The researchers will then conduct more detailed research on selected programmes to look at how effective they are and identify ways they can be improved. They will then work with a number of organisations to implement the best training programmes they have identified to see which produce the best outcomes for people with dementia and provide the best value for money. Professor Jan Oyebode from the University of Bradford added: “Dementia and dementia education finally have the profile and attention they deserve. We are heartened that Health Education England are putting money into this rigorous, in-depth evaluation of training, and at Bradford we are very pleased to be playing a central role in this, along with Professor Surr.” The results of the research study will be used to develop policy and commissioning guidelines for use by the Government, Health Education England and Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs), alongside good practice guidelines for health and social care organisations and education and training providers. David Meads, Associate Professor in Health Economics in the School of Medicine at the University of Leeds, said: “In the future, the research will help us to better understand which aspects of training and education programmes represent value for money. By diverting resources away from less effective programmes and towards more effective ones, the skills of dementia carers will be enhanced and better care and outcomes will follow for people with dementia.”

Connect 2 Care And Hit Training Celebrate ‘Good’ Ofsted Rating naTional Care skills development and training provider Connect 2 Care (C2C) is celebrating after its parent company, hiT Training ltd, received a ‘Good’ rating from ofsted inspectors – the third time running that the company has been given the Grade 2 ranking. The Ofsted report highlighted how learners in health and social care settings showed increased confidence in handling clients with diverse needs, have a high level of health and safety awareness, and understand and meet the dietary and hydration requirements of clients well. Equally importantly, the report recognised that learners ‘on all programmes’ enjoy their training and quickly develop their vocational skills and knowledge. The company also received particular praise for the way in which its apprentices progress, qualify and contribute to

the workplace. The majority of them, Ofsted inspectors said, achieved their qualifications within the planned time and while their contributions to the workplace often exceeded employers’ expectations, the apprentices also made good progress in their careers by gaining promotions or continuing with higher training. “This is confirmation that Connect 2 Care is working effectively to train and prepare our apprentices for careers in the increasingly demanding and challenging care sector,” commented Sara Goldie, Operations Director of C2C. A full version of the 2015 Ofsted report is available to view at or for further information about health and social care apprenticeships, contact Connect 2 Care on 0800 954 2803 or visit

Open College Network West Midlands oPen ColleGe network West midlands is the awarding organisation of choice for employers in the West midlands who are serious about developing and recognising the skills needed for a modern workforce. With over 30 years’ experience in developing vocational qualifications and accredited learning across industry sectors, open College network West midlands has built up a well-earned reputation for understanding the skills that industry actually needs. They offer a range of nationally recognised qualifications, bespoke accreditation and quality mark endorsement services within the Health and Social Care sector including Dignity in Care, Dementia Care and Work Preparation for

Health and Social Care. Open College Network West Midlands have also developed a range of Level 2 accredited on-line elearning courses in Safeguarding with subject specialists on hand for support. Lee Moore is the Director for Business Development at Open College Network West Midlands and is always looking to develop new employer partnerships and says; “Every customer is allocated a dedicated Business Development Manager and Quality Advisor to ensure we deliver a responsive and efficient service, which is one of the reasons why we work with over 400 organisations in the region to deliver outstanding personalised customer service and support.” For further details T. 01902 624 239 E. or W.




ENJOY CAROLS OVER CHRISTMAS Special Christmas Offer The generosity of a benefactor enables Sing For Your Life to reduce the price of the Silver Song Music Box System to ÂŁ720 including VAT - half the normal price. This offer applies to orders received before 30th November 2015. The Silver Song Box can be used with either a TV or Projector. The words of the song are projected on to the screen and are synchronised with the music, eliminating the need for song sheets.

THE SILVER SONG MUSIC BOX system has been developed by Sing For Your Life to enable Day Care Centres, Residential Care Homes and Hospitals to provide participatory singing sessions for older people. Singing brings people together and The Silver Song Music Box provides an inclusive activity that delivers excellent cognitive stimulation therapy and an effective reminiscence experience.

Because no formal musical training is required to operate the Music Box, singing can be provided whenever and as often as required. There more than 250 songs in the library and additional songs are provided free of charge.

The Music Box system is simple to use and does not require any formal musical training to operate. It can be used by any staff member or volunteer at any time and has proved very successful in reducing incidents of challenging behaviour.

For more information go to or call 01303 298546 for an Information Pack

MediEnlist Sees A Dramatic Increase In The Demand For Care Assistants aCCordinG To a recent survey by Christie & Co, Care homes are finding it difficult to recruit staff and vacancy rates are at a staggering 9 percent. Some care home groups have reported an increased use of agency staff of 55 percent over the last two years. This can be crippling to a companies finances, according to the report agency staff can cost 100 percent more per hour than regular staff. of course agency staff are often a necessary short term fix but it does not make financial sense to rely on agencies for long term staffing solutions. Over the past couple of months we have noticed a dramatic increase in the demand for care assistants. I believe this is due in part to the information brought to light by the Christie & Co

Smell & Connect laUnChed ThiS year by reminiScent, Smell & Connect cards are an innovative product, which can be used by activity Coordinators and family members to help connection with older people and those with dementia. The cards carry a scent that has been selected to form topics that have happy associations, for example with holidays, hobbies and childhood.

The Care Certificate for social care support workers and healthcare assistants came into effect in April 2015 SecuriCare have produced online courses and a portfolio version of the learning materials, plus a FULL Assessor’s resource to help organisations implement the Care Certificate the Care Certificate has 15 Standards: 1. Understanding your Role 2. your Personal Development Duty of Care 3. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 4. 5. Working in a Person Centred Way Communication 6. Privacy and Dignity 7. 8. Fluids and Nutrition 9. Dementia and Cognitive Issues 10. Safeguarding Adults 11. Safeguarding Children 12. Basic Life Support 13. Health and Safety 14. Handling Information 15. Control of Infection Additional Bonus Courses: Food Safety 1. 2. moving and Positioning (theory) medication Awareness (theory) 3.

All 15 Courses have been fully mapped against the QCF Diplomas in Health and Social Care Levels 2 and 3 to allow learners to demonstrate they meet the knowledge specifications of all the mandatory Units of the Level 2 and 3 Diplomas.


A smell sensation provides stimulation, a shared experience, something to talk about - all of which

Geopace Training GeoPaCe TraininG is the leading provider of Phlebotomy Training Courses in the UK, delivering excellence in training since 2010. All courses are Nationally Recognised and Accredited with The Open College Network. Corporate clients include NHS Primary Care Trusts, Colleges, Universities and Care Homes, as well as GP Surgery staff and privately funded individuals. Group rates are available for 3 or more delegates attending, or training can be carried out on-site.

survey. Care home operators now realise there are alternatives to paying long term agency fees, the surge in recent enquiries coming through to us at MediEnlist are testament to that.‚Äù - Mark Hewitt, Managing Director of MediEnlist MediEnlist stress they are not an agency, they are recruitment professionals, clients will not be tied into crippling monthly costs and will only pay a one off affordable fee for each candidate successfully employed. Rather than hold a catalogue of CV‚Äôs, staff are sourced on a per role basis. Often, candidates can be sourced, complete the interview process and be ready to start work within a month of the vacancy going live. MediEnlist are a healthcare recruitment company specialising in filling UK nurse and carer vacancies with candidates from a range of European Union partner countries. For further information visit bring pleasure and inclusiveness that helps people to be more content. Comments about the memories and associations with the scents support relationship centred care, which is widely accepted as the best approach to caring for older people and those with dementia. The relevance of sensory therapy, and particularly the use of the sense of smell, to relationship centred care is that the act of sharing a scent experience automatically engages people in joint activity. Even without words, the smile that scent can bring is valuable in maintaining connected relationships, helping people to stay engaged with family and carers, and thus feel happier. ReminiScent is offering a special Show Price to delegates at the Care & Dementia Show 2015. Visit ReminiScent in the Start-Up Academy. Visit for further information. The relax two-day Introduction to Phlebotomy course assumes no prior knowledge of phlebotomy and leads up to the point of live blood draw. Progression courses are available online and include Neonatal & Paediatric Phlebotomy and Advanced Venepuncture & Cannulation. A Phlebotomy Refresher Course, also available online, is also available to update and renew the learner’s past accreditation. For further details Tel: 01525 713377 Website: Email:

Senior Activities from Intimex inTimeX offerS even more activity products for use in care homes and day centres in its latest 40 page catalogue. The range keeps growing with each new issue, the latest version being 50% bigger than the previous one. The products available cover areas such as: Exercise, Games, Mental Stimulation, Reminiscence, Music, Entertainment, DVDs, Spiritual, Sensory Stimulation, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Puzzles, Arts & Crafts and Gardening. There is also a range of resources and equip-

ment to help you and your staff in their day-to-day activities with your residents. These include; Date & Weather board, Giant Write & Wipe Calendar, Border sets to celebrate special occasions or just to brighten up a room, books and even a Geriatric Care Manikin to assist is staff training, allowing you to simulate many of the day to day situations which your staff will experience. To obtain your free copy of the NEW catalogue. Call Intimex on 01202 813500 or email

Polyflor Flooring Creates Uplifting Dementia Care Environment at Cwmgelli Lodge 1700m² of Polyflor’s vinyl flooring was recently used to create a fresh and spacious environment at Cwmgelli lodge care facility in Blackwood, Wales, a flagship facility designed to positively meet the needs of younger people who have been diagnosed with dementia or cognitive impairment. Wood effect Forest fx PUR sheet vinyl in American Oak was installed throughout the Lodge’s communal areas, circulation spaces, café and dining areas as well as bedrooms by Floor Furnishings Ltd of Cardiff. Polysafe Standard PUR safety flooring was also installed to provide sustainable wet slip resistance for residents in en suite bathrooms. Increasing the existing provision for younger people living with dementia, Cwmgelli Lodge provides longer term accommodation for residents, featuring 24 self-contained units split over two floors. Designed by the Seren Group, Cwmgelli Lodge was built in consultation with Andrew Wilson Partnership, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board and The Alzheimer’s Society Review Panel. Forest fx’s realistic light wood tones helped to create a refreshing and non-institutional feel that would contribute to reduced anxiety levels for these younger residents, in an environment far removed from a traditional care setting where older people can be housed. Available in 14 shades, the Forest fx collection includes various wood designs with intricate grains and natural colourways to replicate the beauty of real wood in a practical and durable vinyl sheet format suitable for very heavy commercial installations such as healthcare environments. It is also further enhanced with PUR, Polyflor’s exclusive and robust polyurethane reinforcement which is cross linked and UV cured to provide a low cost, polish-free maintenance regime for the lifetime of the flooring. Stephen Traves, Project Manager at The Seren Group commented, “With dementia rates across Wales predicted to increase by 31% and by as much as 44% in some rural areas, coupled with increased levels of younger people now receiving a diagnosis, there was a clear need for

Cwmgelli to provide a welcoming and modern interior that was a world away from the clinical care environment. The flooring chosen from Polyflor makes a real contribution to the overall space, helping create an airy feel that promotes relaxation and encourages residents to live as independently as possible”. As a manufacturer of flooring suitable for dementia care facilities, Polyflor is a member of local Dementia Action Alliances who are committed to transforming the lives of the 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. Polyflor is also a longstanding partner of the International Dementia Design Network at the University of Salford. Polyflor has also recently launched a brand new specialist care brochure to present some new dementia-friendly flooring principles developed in collaboration with the University of Salford’s School of the Built Environment. These new principles pinpoint how specifiers can select flooring that is dementia friendly and along with suitable lighting and signage can contribute to less stress and anxiety for people living with the condition. The principles have been discussed and agreed with the Salford Institute for Dementia Associates, a group of people living with or caring for someone with dementia. Polyflor’s principles also refer back to the overarching principles laid out in Health Building Note 08-02 issued by the Department of Health. The brochure also features a wealth of case studies where Polyflor flooring has been used in the dementia care sector to contribute to improved wellbeing. Visit the Polyflor website to read online or order your free copy. Product samples can be ordered free of charge on the Polyflor website or by calling the Polyflor Samples Direct Hotline on 0161 767 2551. Polyflor’s flooring contains recycled material and is 100% recyclable via the Recofloor scheme. Further details of Polyflor’s extensive range of resilient vinyl flooring are available from Polyflor Ltd -. Tel: 0161 767 1111. Fax: 0161 767 1128. Website: Email:


Supporting the Care Home Sector ClydeSdale and yorkshire Banks’ strong reputation in the care home sector continues to grow as it expands its commitment to supporting a range of operators. With factors such as a growing population, and people living longer, increasing the pressure on the UK sector, the head of healthcare, Derek Breingan explains, Clydesdale & Yorkshire Banks’ focus is increasingly being placed on two key areas. “We’ve been very successful in being able to position ourselves at the forefront of development finance, providing standalone funding for operators in the market to expand care home infrastructure. “We’re here to help businesses in the sector with ambitions to expand to source the funding they need to grow, to develop new facilities and refurbish or expand their existing premises. “Many providers don’t realise that they may already have access to funding by securing financial support against hidden value in their existing properties. “We can help identify this value, and provide the support necessary for building a facility, from the development stage right through to completion. “The key for operators is to ensure their developments are built on time, on budget and to the highest quality.” In tandem with the provision of development finance to the sector, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks have established a strong niche in the area of specialist care. “Our work with London Care Partnership is typical of our approach. Over the last five years we’ve provided funding support for the development of a number of specialist residential homes for adults with autism and learning dis-

Loan at Base Plus 1.95% nearly £1m over 20 years with a margin at bank base plus 1.95% and just a 1% setting up fee. That was the deal negotiated by Mark Widdows of Global Business Finance for his clients when they wanted to buy the site adjacent to their care home. The clients had made direct enquiries to several banks but, without


UNIQUS Homecare UniQUS® homecare; the solution that virtually eliminates the need for paper and transforms the way you work. Saving time and money. Key points include… • Allocate calls with one click (using rostering tools & live dashboard) • Store documents securely (e.g. training records & data and client documents & evidence) • Manage both ends of finance (e.g. carer activity based pay and client invoice data) • Record locations, times and dates (validation & recording using GPS) • View accurate details of each call (reporting & performance data) • Expand to cope with growth (configuration by you as needed)



abilities. “We recently agreed a funding package with Heathcotes Group, one of the country’s most experienced operators providing high quality care and residential facilities in the heart of the communities it serves. “And we have a longstanding relationship with Home from Home Care, supporting their expansion plans at a number of facilities for adults with learning disabilities and complex support needs. “Specialist care is a complex area but the expertise we can draw on and the track record of support we have for a variety of major developments by leading operators means we see this as an area becoming increasingly important. Derek concluded: “The value the care sector brings to the UK economy should not be underestimated. It makes a major contribution and, despite some challenges, clearly, that is only likely to grow in the years ahead. “The challenge for operators is to be successful in terms of profitability while being able to maintain and enhance quality and deliver the standard of care that people expect. For further information call 0800 032 8544 or visit Alternatively, see the advert on page 19.


01202 552333

the ‘buying power’ of a national broker behind them, were being offered much higher borrowing rates despite only needing a 40% advance. But within three days of engaging with Global as their brokers Mark had negotiated the much lower interest rate and set up a bank meeting. An offer was received by the clients shortly after and a swift legal process led to a quick completion. See Global Business Finance’s advert on this page for further information or call 01242 227172. Alternatively visit Key tasks for all homecare agencies are now made simple avoiding the risks and stress of daily manual shuffles. All care revolves around the client – accurate records are critical so store documents and view them securely online. Carers don’t like paper, it slows them down – introduce new mobile workforce tools and let them see what’s coming up, what’s been earned and what is urgent or needs attention, all in real-time. Regulations validation – record locations, times and dates - all recalled online as a matter of fact. All aspects of UNIQUS® Homecare can be tailored to suit your needs by you, changed when you want to, added to as required, expanded to cope with growth and adapted to deal with change. Take the strain out of the administrative aspects and focus on delivering care. Everything you need – in one place – always accessible – wherever you are. Reader enquiries - Tel: 0844 335 6791 or see us on Stand B20 at The Care Show, NEC Birmingham, 3-4 November 2015.




The Problem and why the Judgement Index

The problem with most organisations' selection systems is that they just aren't thorough enough. When candidates are put through the standard selection process of CV, reference, mandatory checks and interviews you never really see their true values, but we can help you do that.

Why it's the best assessment tool available Because no other assessment tool and support system has over 40 years of clinical research, a Nobel Prize nomination and dedicated support team working in the background to hep you select the best available people.


A guarantee to save you money Contracted!


“We introduced the Judg ement Index as part of our re cruitment processes in Septembe r 2014, and it has made a reall y positive impact in terms of the suitability of our new recruits. Th e outcome of this has been that our staff turnover rates have m oved from above average for the sector to well below, which has in turn allowed us to eliminate agency fees and drive up quality.” CEO of Sonnet Care Homes

For further information on how Judgement Index can help your business, contact us TODAY! or call 08450 958164 or visit




Claim VAT Back On Your Home Even If You Are Not VAT Registered It's true, care providers can reclaim VAT worth about £3,000 per bed for any residents who stayed in your home between 1993 and 2002 paid for by the local authority. You don’t have to be VAT registered to make a claim. We can usually find the information required with minimum disruption to your business. How is this possible? Well in 2002 a care provider called Kingscrest challenged the view held by HM RC and won. There is no cost to you unless we are successful.

Typical claims: 50 beds - £240,000; 40 beds - £170,000; 287 beds - £1.25m. And the best part is that you get the money in your bank account before you pay us. Don’t forget the tax repayment is free of tax - it is extra profit.

Enquiries: Call Howard on 01233 640985 or email:

Need a DBS fast? One of the FASTEST & SIMPLEST Criminal Record checking services available

We are here to help! Offering employers one of the fastest ways to process DBS checks on their employees working in the care sector or to CQC guidelines. 80% of all checks completed within 5 days. No more complicated forms, No more identification worries, No need to submit original documents.

Tel: 01372 860885

Tips On How Care Homes Can Prepare For National Living Wage The ChanCellor recently announced that the Government is to bring in a compulsory living Wage next year, which was welcome news for care home workers and home care workers who are often poorly paid. Many will see their pay per hour increase from the national minimum wage of £6.50 to £7.20 in April 2016, rising up to £9 per hour by 2020. There are nearly a million care workers in the UK and the think-tank, the Resolution Foundation, estimates that currently around two-thirds of care workers are paid below the existing Living Wage of £7.85 per hour (£9.15 in London). However with 60 per cent of care home costs going on staff, Care England, which represents care home providers, has warned that unless the Government puts money into the care sector to fund its new compulsory Living Wage, some care homes could be forced to close. In the wake of this, accountancy firm Baker Tilly has issued advice and guidance on how care home providers can prepare for the introduction of the National Living Wage amid concerns that the new rules could place some care homes in financial distress. Dilip Dattani, restructuring and recovery partner at Baker Tilly said: “Whilst the Government’s Budget announcement to introduce a National Living Wage will be welcomed by many care workers, this move is likely to hit some private care sector providers hard… “While the increase to the

wage bill will be relatively modest in 2016, the rise to £9.00 per hour in 2020 is significant, so care providers will have to plan ahead. In recent years, austerity has affected the funding into local authorities and consequently funding per resident into care services has reduced.This has put significant strain on private care sector providers and although the Government has agreed to review care sector finances in the next Parliament, there is a fear that if significant changes are not made, some good homes may be forced to close.” He added: “I would strongly advise all care home operators to plan ahead and take a full review of their businesses and assess where cost savings could be made.” To prepare for the changes, Baker Tilly is advising the following: Prepare a detailed five year business plan taking into account the likely wage bill for each year • Examine current staff levels to indicate where efficiencies can be made in staff levels and rotas • Review the mix of private and commissioned service users to reduce reliance on local authority funding • Assess current and anticipated establishment costs as an area for financial savings • Prepare contingency plans should sufficient new funding not become available • Build up cash reserves where possible • Keep abreast of any new legislation and ensure that the business remains complaint and up to date with any changes

Care Home Owners Can Get Back Thousands Of Pounds Tax-Free From HMRC Due To Mistakes That They Made TaX ConSUlTanT howard Givney says that there are thousands of pounds available to owners and operators of care or nursing homes between 1993 and 2002. This is due to a mistake that hmrC made when introducing vat in 1993. for the next 9 years they denied owners and operators of care and nursing home to reclaim vat on purchases costing business thousands of pounds. In 2002 Kingscrest Associates Ltd and Montecelo Ltd challenged the HMRC and eventually the case wound up in the high court where the Judges found against HMRC. The upshot is that for anyone who either owned or operated a residential home during that period you can expect a tax repayment of about £3,000 for each bed after fees and costs, some claims are more than this. For a residential care home with 20 beds this means £60,000 extra profit. Larger homes and groups with say 250 beds can expect up to £750,000.

Even if you sold the residential care home, you might still be able to claim so a cheque for something that you have already been paid for might be very welcome. Of course some homes were held by a limited company and sold as part of asset transfer and for those deals the new owner has unknowingly bought a tax claim as well. Imagine buying a residential home for £300,000 and being given a cheque a few weeks later for the purchase pricetax-free! Tax ideas can help you to become richer, and if it can’t, we won’t charge you. In an age where everyone seems to be after your money before they do something Howard says he has a different offer. He will put the money in your bank account before he gives you his bill. It really is a norisk offer. This scheme puts right the mistakes that the courts said HMRC made when they introduced VAT and gives you a useful amount of money tax free. To find out more please call Howard on 01233 640985.

Adapt to the New Care Act with Forrester Associates WiTh The new Care act legislation in force it is time to consider if your business could be improved by offering an alternative category of care. The new Care Act legislation may affect your business by enabling more potential residents to remain living in their own homes. Now may be the time to examine your buildings to see if it is possible to increase the number of occupied beds by offering care in another category for residents unable to remain in their own homes. A reorganization or an extension to provide a new unit to provide care in a use sector new to the home and in local demand may lead to an increase in the numbers of let beds. A Home running full, or near full, or a larger home is in a much better financial position than a smaller home or one with low occupancy levels. To maximise income, Home Owners should examine the type, category, number and quality of their bedrooms and facilities to see if it is possible to provide rooms of a different category, a greater number of bedrooms, or improved rooms more attractive to privately funded users. It may be possible to fill a space in the grounds with a

new ‘wing’ to house residents requiring a type of specialist care, for which there is a high local demand. Such changes can make a real improvement to the fiscal health and value of the home and there is a company willing to assist in a preliminary appraisal of the building free of charge. Forrester Associates is an award winning architectural practice specializing in the care home sector, with over 30 years experience. They are offering a free initial appraisal to see if a home has the potential to boost occupancy and increase profitability by carrying out alterations, extensions or new construction. They are able to advise on the most cost effective ways of changing or enlarging homes to make them more profitable. They offer an optional nationwide full architectural package from initial designs, through planning permission, building approvals, tendering and construction supervision up to CQC approval. Fees are competitive and they are able to point the way towards a finance provider. Call or email Forrester Associates to discuss your home or to arrange an appraisal on 01527 833876 or and see what could be achieved.

Another Conviction – Are Your Policies And Procedures Up To Date?


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a direCTor of a Bristol homecare agency was convicted for continuously failing to provide documentation or register with the CQC earlier this year. Bristol Crown Court was told that she continued to provide care services despite not checking the suitability or skills of the people she employed or keep suitable records. While the manager involved in the case was also refused CQC registration on grounds of a previous criminal record, the recent conviction is a stark reminder that the CQC will take legal action against social care managers operating services

without registration and proper compliance procedures in place. Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) provide free advice for care managers seeking CQC registration and ongoing CQC compliance support in preparation for inspections against the fundamental standards. By managing your policies and compliance with QCS, you can be confident that essential policies are up to date – so you can concentrate on providing the essential care your service users need. Contact the QCS advice line on 0333 405 3333 for help with your CQC compliance management or visit

The Horror of Fixed Rate Loans

The BanKS’ regulator is still dragging its feet over a misselling scandal hundreds of businesses suffer from.

Fixed Rate Loans were marketed eagerly by high street banks to care-homes and other businesses wanting to expand as demand grew. Allegedly they would ‘protect’ borrowers from rising interest rates. Only when rates fell did owners discover the true costs hidden in their loan contracts which often had 10 or 20 year terms. Sometimes these hidden charges came to half the value of the loan! Businesses either had to pay a

huge exit penalty or go on paying excessive interest each month. If you had a fixed rate loan (often called Treasury Loans or Tailored Business Loans) contact Claims (London) Ltd - currently helping many commercial borrowers with complaints against their banks. We show up unfair conditions, reduce monthly payments, win compensation and get exit penalties waived saving business owners a small fortune. If you were sold a Fixed Rate Loan look at our website or phone 0800 0232 973.