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Local Ser vices Face

Local services in particular adult social care is at breaking point with up to half of local authorities facing bankruptcy within the next five years according to two new released manifestoes one by the County Councils Network (CNN) and the other from the local government information unit (LGIU) As the country approaches the general election the care sector is facing a combination of work-related challenges which undermine their capacity (and ultimately the capacity of the state) to adequately provide care with providers citing low pay high pressure and staff burnout as driving care workers out of the profession, or at least leading to high staff turnover Since many local authorities now no longer providing care themselves contracting with private providers, they are seeing increasingly high levels of debt, the knock on effect being that care homes are struggling because of a fall in the amount that councils pay towards fees for residents, and at the same time seeing a rise in costs (CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 )
“Breaking Point”… Without Long-Term Funding and ‘Fundamental’ Reform


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As the general election approaches, it is disheartening to see that none of the main party manifestos have provided sufficient detail on how they will fund adult social care or introduce long-term policies to support it

This is a glaring omission especially given the alarming news in our lead story that up to half of local authorities could face bankruptcy over the next five years some even sooner without additional funding

Social care should have been a central theme in the general election

Whomever ends up in government adult social care will be one of their biggest challenges Since the financial crisis of 2008 the problem of how to provide it to an ageing population has reached a critical level

This past weekend, THE CARER had the opportunity to exhibit at The Alzheimer's & Dementia Show at London's Excel Trade exhibitions like this are invaluable for meeting providers, care workers, organisations, and sector observers, and for gaining crucial feedback This particular show was different, as many visitors were families and "unpaid carers " Last year, a report revealed that unpaid carers contribute around £162 billion per year to the economy which is almost equivalent to a second NHS This staggering contribution is made by individuals giving up their lives amid a declining availability of social care and support

Speaking to many unpaid carers at the show was heartbreaking More than a quarter (27%) of unpaid carers report having bad or very bad mental health a figure that rises to 31% for those caring for more than 50 hours a week or for over 10 years

Among those with poor mental health 84% experience continuous low mood 82% feel hopeless and 71% regularly feel tearful Furthermore 68% live with a sense of fear or dread 79% feel stressed or anxious 49% feel depressed and 50% feel lonely The rising cost of living exacerbates these issues with 65% of carers stating it negatively impacts their physical and mental health Despite feeling they are at breaking point, nearly three-quarters (73%) of carers with bad or very bad mental health continue to provide care

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This is truly outrageous The systemic neglect of unpaid carers who are themselves at risk of needing care due to the immense strain they are under, creates a vicious cycle The time for sticking-plaster fixes is over The show in London opened my eyes to the plight of unpaid carers and underscored the urgent need to reform the system We must ensure that those requiring care receive funded professional care in a safe environment allowing unpaid carers to live their lives become successful taxpayers, and help fund the care system

As we approach the general election it is imperative that all political parties recognize the critical importance of a comprehensive, sustainable plan for adult social care This includes adequate funding fair staff remuneration reducing turnover and enhancing training Only then can we provide the support that carers and those in need of care so desperately require I can be contacted at any time at editor@thecareruk com

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Local Ser vices Face “Breaking Point” Without Long-Term Funding and ‘Fundamental’ Reform


The County Councils Network (CCN) manifesto is calling on the next government to urgently set out how it will fund local authorities and reform council services once in office warning that local services could face a ‘breaking point’ with county authorities facing a £2bn funding black hole over the next two years

With just over two weeks to the general election the network which represents England s largest councils, has launched its Manifesto for Counties It is a blueprint for sustainable county and unitary councils and better local services for residents but the manifesto warns that the incoming government will inherit a situation with council finances ‘extremely precarious’ “BOLD AND BRAVE”

The CCN argues that additional funding alone will not ensure councils are sustainable in the future It says the government must set out a ‘bold and brave’ package of reform in local services that face the biggest financial and demand pressures alongside extra funding

With these 37 county authorities facing a £2bn funding gap over the next two years and predictions of a post-election squeeze on non-protected government departments whoever wins power, the CCN warns that even well-managed authorities of all shapes sizes and political control could reach breaking point

With 68% of the average county authority budget consumed by adult social care and children’s services, councils warn this figure will only grow if there is no uplift in funds in the forthcoming Spending Review If this is the case local authorities will have no alternative but to have an honest discussion with government and carefully consider what services can reasonably be delivered above the statutory minimum

The CCN’s Manifesto for Counties calls on the next government to set out increased and long-term funding for councils in its forthcoming Spending Review But this must be coupled with reform in the services that are under the most pressure currently


In a cross-party County Councils Network statement the leaders of the organisation’s Conservative, Labour Liberal Democrat and Independent groups said: Council services in county areas enhance the lives of 26m people, yet those councils face a funding black hole of £2bn over the next two years Whoever wins power the next government inherits a situation with council finances that are extremely precarious “Without extra funding and fundamental reform, highly valued local services could reach breaking point, and even well-run local authorities could struggle to balance the books The next government must urgently set out how it will fund councils once in office while also adopting our bold and brave agenda for reform ” “Our cross-party Manifesto for Counties does not simply make blank cheque arguments The council services under the most pressure will only become sustainable in the future if they are coupled with root and branch reform Councils want to be key partners in this process: setting out solutions and then leading on implementing reform across a host of areas such as children s services SEND provision and school transport ”

With the public finances tight and non-protected government departments potentially facing a realterms reduction, it is vital that all political parties focus on securing long-term growth Our manifesto sets out how to empower county authorities through new economic powers and devolved funding streams so they can create the prosperity of the future to help fund local public services in the long-term ” FINANCIAL CRISIS

Another manifesto released by the Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) delves into the future for local government and warns of the severe financial difficulties facing local authorities

The LGIU says it welcomes the broad political support for devolution and believes that decisions should be made at the lowest possible level of government, with bespoke devolution deals best equipped to deliver aspirations of residents

However their manifesto analysis reveals that all parties have underestimated the financial crisis in local government and urgent action is needed if we are to avoid hundreds of councils plunging into effective bankruptcy

LGIU research shows more than half of local authorities could declare effective bankruptcy in the next five years and nearly one in ten (9%) within this financial year Earlier this year 19 councils were granted permission to sell local assets worth hundreds of millions of pounds and borrow more to balance the books Without additional funding or the ability to raise their own funds councils will plunge further into debt irrespective of who is in Downing Street

And, it is vital for democracy that trust is rebuilt between citizen and state while manifesto commitments are delivered Recent LGIU research (with Ipsos) has revealed a significant disconnect between citizens and the institutions meant to serve them, with only a quarter of adults aged 18-75 placing their trust in the Government and the national media to act in the best interests of local communities


The LGIU are calling for the next national government to work together to rebuild trust and confidence in our political structures This has to include reform of local government systems

Local authorities must they say, be given the autonomy to shape policy decisions to local circumstances and local needs and be supported by a funding mechanism that means those decisions can be financed effectively and sustainably Only then can we begin to convince people that government and politicians at all levels have the best interests of local communities at heart

Jonathan Carr-West Chief Executive LGIU said: National success has local foundations and the next government needs functioning local authorities to deliver its national mandate

However with half of all councils expected to go bankrupt within the next government s first term none of the parties manifestos adequately address the urgent financial crisis in local government

“Councils are the part of government with the most impact on our daily lives and the places we live Since 2018, eight councils have already gone bust resulting in residents’ council tax doubling while public services are decimated ”

“That is why the LGIU is calling on all parties and candidates in the upcoming 4 July UK general election to commit to saving local government by providing it with sustainable funding ”

The many pressures and challenges facing the next government – from housing to social care to record levels of public distrust – can only be tackled in partnership with a resilient sustainable local government sector

It s time to listen to those who know the sector best Our proposed reforms have been developed from a decade of solutions-focused research and in-depth consultation with leaders and chief executives in UK local government Many of them can be implemented within the first 100 days of a new government All of them are proven to work ”


Social Care Investment: A Message to the Next Government

The General Election will take place on 4th July and whoever forms the next government will face the challenge of overhauling the UK s social care system

In the second of three articles Melanie Weatherley MBE Chair of the Lincolnshire Care Association highlights the need for investment in the social care sector

The past five years have undoubtedly been a challenge for everyone in the UK First there was Brexit then we had a global pandemic then the war in Ukraine all of which was compounded by a mini-Budget which caused financial turmoil and worsened the cost of living crisis

However I would argue that the social care sector has been impacted more than most as care providers have had to deal with local authority funding challenges as well as high interest rates and soaring

inflation at levels not seen for many years

Throughout all this economic hardship and uncertainty care providers in this country have managed to continue to provide quality services to their service users which speaks volumes for their resilience and their dedication to the people they care for

But the financial squeeze on care providers has been intense Those providers that are dependent on local authority and NHS-funded service users – in other words the providers that care for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in society – have had to spend almost all their revenue on covering day-to-day running costs There s means there’s little or no money left in the pot for innovation or improvement


Increased investment in the social care sector will allow us to address once and for all the scourge of low wages Care staff are paid in line with the assumptions used by commissioners when setting fees, which means their pay is normally at or just above the National Living Wage Carers are wonderful people who are totally committed to their service users and they do a fantastic job but increasingly they are leaving the care sector because they simply cannot afford to stay

The time is long overdue for paying our carers a wage which reflects the difficulty of their job and the responsibilities they take on; we must finally recognise the professionalism of our care workers and reward them with significant increases in their pay However, these increases have to be funded by central government because the current tight margins do not allow care providers to significantly invest in wages With increased investment in wages and training social care staff could do even more to support the NHS and help the next government to achieve what will undoubtedly be one of its primary goals – to reduce the waiting lists and bed blocking that are currently blighting our health system


Care workers pay is not the only area that is crying out for more investment In the care sector, as in many other areas, there are exciting opportunities to improve quality and productivity by embracing and harnessing digital technology but again this requires significant strategic investment from the centre

It must be said that there is already some help available for digitisation NHS England has offered care providers a 50% grant towards introducing digital care records, for example But once again the tight margins and the increased costs are hampering progress in this area: those care providers that work mostly with local authority funded customers cannot afford the other 50% as their fee income is too low Care providers supporting self–funding may be able to increase fees but is this fair?

It is instructive to note that GP practices (which are also private independent businesses like care providers) received full funding for the transition to digital working Why should the same support not be extended to care providers?

A combination of cuts to public services and economic turbulence have combined to put

Winchester Care Home’s Craft Fayre

Raises £300 For The Boaz Project

Real Estate Acquires Signature Senior Lifestyle

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NHS which relies on a functioning care sector to operate smoothly I would like to urge the next occupant of 10 Downing Street to put investment in social care at the top of their inbox when the dust has settled after the General Election on 4th July
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PGIM Real Estate is acquiring the real estate and operations of Signature Senior Lifestyle an owner developer and operator of senior housing in the UK The deal is expected to complete by the end of the year The Signature portfolio consists of 13 senior living communities comprising 10 operating properties and three consented development projects in and around Greater London Signature s management team will continue to operate the homes Nabil Mabed senior portfolio manager of European value-add strategy at PGIM Real Estate said: “This is a landmark deal for the UK senior living sector and a hugely attractive growth opportunity for us which strengthens our European value-add portfolio “Working with Elevation, we are confident we can add value to Signature on behalf of our investors Being one of the largest real estate investors globally, we are seeing real estate markets stabilise, and we maintain our conviction in the UK following the reset in valuations over the last two years As a priority, Signature will focus on ensuring all assets are future-proofed through the integration of the latest technologies and standards with the portfolio currently achieving or targeting a BREEAM New Construction rating of Excellent or Very Good A strategy to implement identified opportunities to further improve the environmental sustainability of the operating homes has been identified and will be rolled out across the already high-performing portfolio Simon Webster partner at Elevation said: “We carefully select operating partners who are proven to create best-in-class environments have an excellent record in care and can evidence a positive impact on their respective local communities We re delighted to extend our relationship with Signature who are recognised as one of the premier senior living brands in the UK, and are looking forward to growing the brand “Plans are underway to start construction on three new developments in the Greater London area later this year We are also excited to expand our partnership with PGIM Real Estate and draw from their wealth of institutional and sector expertise to grow the Signature footprint ” Kay Cox CEO of Signature said: PGIM Real Estate and Elevation have a proven track record of supporting operators in the senior living sector This investment is a natural next step in our lifecycle together with the expertise to help us achieve our ambitions and enhance our brand as a market-leading senior living provider With our amazing team and best-in-class assets combined with a strong development pipeline we are well placed for the next stage in our growth We are incredibly excited about what we can achieve together in the years ahead ” PGIM
Residents at a Winchester care home have helped to raise nearly £300 for a disability charity through a craft fayre in one of their lounges Strong community connections brought dozens of visitors to the afternoon event at Colten Care’s Abbotts Barton Residents, staff and community friends sold handmade items including pottery needlecraft, jewellery foods and greeting cards Proceeds are going to the Boaz Project a farm-based therapeutic work community for adults with learning disabilities One resident of the Worthy Road home Rosemary Smale even had her very own stall selling handcrafted stained-glass gifts she has made during a long-standing hobby Rosemary who still enjoys regular arts and crafts sessions said: I m so pleased with how much I sold and it was lovely to see so many people supporting the event ” This is the second year in a row that Abbotts Barton residents have nominated Boaz as their main charity with the fayre just one of several activities in their current campaign Abbotts Barton Home Manager Dee Lovewell said: “Involving our residents in their community is a passion of mine It is made even more special when supporting our local crafters and our charity at the same time We had a fantastic turn out for the fayre with stalls featuring many local craft and food vendors “It was a lovely afternoon full of company, laughter and the chance to buy beautiful crafts We welcomed friends old and new to come and share the event with us

Social Care Must Not Be In The ‘Too Difficult’ Basket Says CPA

Audley Group Gets Active And Raises £14,000 For Charity

THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 198 | PAGE 5 In the run up to the General Election the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) has published its essential actions for any incoming government to develop deliver and sustain an effective care and support system in England Dr Jane Townson Chair of the Care Provider Alliance said: Social care must be at the top of every political party’s agenda – not in the too difficult basket We are the lifeline for over one million people who draw on our services and we employ 1 6 million people – more than the NHS At any given time our sector impacts the lives of 10 million people including those using and work in care, as well as unpaid carers And we are part of the solution to the pressures on the healthcare system The Care Provider Alliance is calling for an inclusive approach to social care reform – one that is focused on the outcomes for all adults with a support need The next government must work in partnership with the sector to shape care and support for all – now and in the future They need to recognise reward and fund care providers and care workers to enable them to deliver effective care that increases independence and wellbeing ” The CPA proposes 6 essential actions to develop deliver and sustain a care and support system which enables people to live independent, fulfilling lives and actively contribute to the wider community: Work together with people who need care family carers, care providers and the care workforce to shape care and support for all Plan and sustain investment in high-quality accessible support now and in the future Recognise support and reward the care workforce and promote care work as an attractive valued career Ensure equal access to care and support especially for marginalised communities Support genuine integration with care providers as equal partners • Invest in digital and data innovations that improve outcomes for people and support the sector to use them safely Read the CPA’s key policy statements at https://careprovideralliance org uk/cpa-key-policy-statements
Last month hundreds of Audley team members property owners and friends and family took on challenges up and down the country to fundraise £14 552 for The Audley Foundation, during Foundation Week which ran from 1st to 19th May rCliff Hasler General Manager at Audley Fairmile took the plunge and skydived from 15,000ft nearly 100 team members enjoyed a lap round the beautiful Blenheim Palace grounds at the Blenheim Palace 7k and numerous events took place across Audley and Mayfield Villages The week saw team members property owners and friends and family take part in sponsored walks mud runs car washes bake offs quiz nights mufti days and various other fitness challenges The fundraising activities are raising money for The Audley Foundation which supports local and national charities to make a lasting difference to the lives of older people John Nettleton Trustee & Chair of the The Audley Foundation commented: “It’s great to see owners and our Audley team get so involved with Foundation Week raising money for a brilliant cause and even taking a leap from a plane 2023 was a hugely successful year which saw the Foundation support 29 charities and I am confident we will surpass this with all the fundraising efforts in 2024 I am blown away by the sheer support and effort from all the teams and look forward to putting the money raised towards the fantastic causes The Audley Foundation supports ”

Fostering a Culture of Safety: Strategies for Effective Employee Training and Engagement

In the care home industry, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents and staff is of utmost importance As care providers we have a responsibility to create a culture of safety that permeates every aspect of our work At the heart of this endeavour lies effective employee training and engagement

We must recognise that staff are the backbone of any care organisation Their dedication skills and commitment to providing exceptional care are what set us apart To foster a culture of safety, we must invest in our staff development and create an environment that encourages open communication, continuous learning, and proactive problem-solving

One of the key strategies to employ is providing comprehensive and engaging training programmes Training sessions should go beyond merely imparting knowledge; they should be designed to be interactive, practical and relatable to the everyday challenges staff face By using real-life scenarios role-playing exercises and hands-on demonstrations, we can help employees internalise safety protocols and develop the confidence to apply them in their daily work

Moreover, it's crucial to understand that training is not a one-time event but an ongoing process Regular refresher courses updates on industry best practices and opportunities for skill enhancement should be integral to any staff development plan By keeping employees informed and equipped with the latest knowledge and tools we empower them to make safety a top priority in every interaction with residents

and colleagues

However, training alone is not enough to create a culture of safety Employee engagement is equally crucial We must strive to create an environment where staff feel valued, heard, and supported Regular team meetings, open-door policies, and anonymous feedback mechanisms provide platforms for employees to voice their concerns, share ideas, and contribute to the continuous improvement of safety practices

The power of positive reinforcement in driving behavioural change cannot be understated By celebrating safety successes, acknowledging employees who go above and beyond in promoting safety, and sharing best practices across care homes, we create a sense of pride and ownership in maintaining a safe environment This recognition not only boosts morale but also encourages others to follow suit, creating a ripple effect of safety-conscious behaviour

Furthermore, leading by example is essential Management teams should actively participate in safety training and regularly engage with staff on safety matters By demonstrating a genuine commitment to safety at all levels of the organisation, a powerful message is sent that safety is not just a slogan but a way of life

In conclusion, fostering a culture of safety requires a multi-faceted approach that combines effective training, employee engagement, and leadership commitment By investing in staff development, creating open communication channels, and leading by example we can create a work environment where safety is not just a priority but a shared responsibility Together, we can ensure that residents receive the highest quality of care in a safe and nurturing environment

At Langdale Care Homes, we are committed to this journey of continuous improvement, and I am proud to be part of a team that puts safety at the forefront of everything we do 4

Rownhams Manor Care Home and St. John’s CE

Primar y School Collaborate On Time Capsule Project



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The six core elements- four identical legs and two identical back sections- quickly and easily click-fit together with no risk of incorrect assembly The occupant is fully supported throughout the process and kept stable and safe with use of the integral adjustable seat belt

“Even conservative estimates put the number of falls in care homes at over 700/day nationwide(1)! observes Peter Wingrave AAT Director This is no reflection of the standard of care given It does leave the resident and care staff exposed to risk in safely getting the resident back up again particularly with the growth in obesity among residents 3

“Only 4% of falls result in injury requiring a visit to hospital Use of equipment such as Raizer II can play a key role in any good moving and handling policy It takes the effort and risk out of the procedure for all involved Raizer is already proven in the market What differentiates it- and usnow is the fact we provide comprehensive service & maintenance, on site So there is none of the worry nor exposure of having to send it away and in the

Homes (www langdalecarehomes co uk)
Ser vice for Fall Recover y: New from AAT More than 700 care home residents fall every day 1) Yet only 4% of falls result in injury 2) Leading elderly mobility innovator
an innovative way to aid fall recovery,
Raizer II mobile lifting chair is a component-based portable and lightweight yet strong system that flat-packs into a convenient carry bag for storage and transportation to where needed It means anyone however slight or petite, can lift even an obese person from the floor They can do so on their own single-handedly safely and without effort Importantly, not only does AAT supply the equipment, and train care staff in its use the company also offers comprehensive ON-SITE service & maintenance As AAT visits your premises to service the Raizer you are never without proven safe fall recovery measures Raizer is assembled
Full Support
AAT has introduced
single-handedly and effortlessly- and with long-term
of mind AAT’s
around the fallen person with minimal disturbance and minimal effort from the operator At the push of a button the battery-motorised seat gently and consistently powers the
not over-elevated
Raizer can safely lift any person up to 150kg/23 5st with each charge
the battery capable of delivering up to 80 lifts All components are designed to be wipe clean for optimum disinfection and hygiene
valuable useful
process be without
equipment that is needed
technology for moving
handling elderly
range which includes Medical Device Class 1-certified stairclimbers
already used by a number of health authorities
blue light organisations up
facilitate safe transfer of fallen people Find out how AAT s Raizer II works by visiting www aatgb com/raizer-lifting-chair/ where you can also book a free virtual or actual assessment and ask any questions via LiveChat Alternatively email sales@aatgb com or telephone 01978 821875 (1) Responding to falls in care homes: two nnovat ons (2) https //tak ng care/blogs/resources-adv ce/elder y-fa ls-and-healthcare-report (3) https //www prestige-nurs ng co uk/d et/obes ty-elderly-grow ng-problem/ Rownhams Manor care home part of Oyster Care Homes recently took part in a project with the students of Rownhams St John’s CE Primary School This special partnership led to the creation of a unique time capsule, filled with the creative work of the students The young pupils wrote letters and crafted beautiful artwork to be preserved in the time capsule The dedicated team at Rownhams Manor Care Home added to the fun by organising a scavenger hunt which the students eagerly completed in record time showcasing their enthusiasm and teamwork The capsule was buried in the care home s gardens and will be opened in 50 years’ time by future team members and residents Sam Squibb General Manager at Rownhams Manor care home said: “It was amazing to see the children from Rownhams St John s CE Primary School so full of energy and creativity Their contributions to the time capsule warmed our hearts, and the excitement during the scavenger hunt was just fantastic We re so lucky to have such wonderful community partners, and we can’t wait to work on more projects together in the future! This collaboration has not only strengthened community ties but also created lasting memories for everyone involved Jo Moroney Child and Family Support Service Rownhams St John s CE Primary School, said: “Our students had a fantastic time participating in the time capsule project at Rownhams Manor It was a great opportunity for the children to learn about preserving memories for future generations The scavenger hunt added an extra element of fun We look forward to the next event ”
AAT has a proven reputation for delivery of quality-engineered dignified
people Raizer II is just part of the company s
posture cushions Raizer is

Charities Call For Urgent Review Of Assessment & Treatment Units

successive governments have failed to prioritise this group

Instead it has allowed this scandal to go unchecked

This combined body of member expertise underlines what we know, which is that most people currently detained in ATUs could be successfully supported in community services Often this support will turn out to be cheaper over time than an ATU placement

The knowledge and expertise to achieve this exists



ATUs not only fail to deliver effective services for individuals, often they fail on their own terms and do not deliver on their core registered purpose Services that are meant to be for assessment treatment and then discharge end up detaining people for years on end VODG asserts that such services should not be rated ‘Good’ by CQC Yet many still are


Assessment & Treatment Units (ATUs)

VODG the membership body representing over 100 organisations within the voluntary sector who work alongside disabled people is working with others in the sector to use the upcoming election to shine a light on the need to urgently reframe commissioning and invest differently

Despite the unacceptable truth that the number of people in these settings remains too high – with the number of autistic people being admitted to ATUs actually increasing in recent years –party manifestos published last week remain almost silent on the topic with only the Liberal Democrats providing a direct commitment to ‘ending inappropriate and costly inpatient placements for people with learning disabilities and autism

Rhidian Hughes VODG Chief Executive says: There are more than 2 000 autistic people and people with learning disabilities currently detained in NHS-funded accommodation against their wishes and against the wishes of their families Often for years, and with no clear release date It is the next Government s responsibility to ensure the right levers and provision is in place to end the inappropriate use of inpatient settings

‘VODG has been engaged in demonstrating the practical solutions that third sector providers can offer for over a decade but

The money is in the wrong place Good commissioning should invest to save over the longer term – resourcing prevention by partnering with community providers and housing suppliers It should draw on the insight of people with lived experience and their families who articulate consistently what they need – wellmanaged transitions between services investment in communitybased services close to people s families and friends skilled staff


There is a large and strong coalition of user-led, special interest and third sector provider and membership bodies who want to see the end of inappropriate detention of autistic people and people with a learning disability – VODG VoiceAbility The Challenging Behaviour Foundation Mencap and The British Association of Social Workers included Further co-ordinated collective action is needed to bring pressure to bear on the Government and government must respond

Hughes adds: ‘2024 marks another chapter in a national scandal that should become a national priority We need a government willing to act not just agree that something needs to be done We have offered practical affordable solutions that expert third sector organisations can deliver yet year-after-year thousands of vulnerable people in the UK remain unnecessarily locked away The current system is not fit for purpose and the impact of this is unconscionable

Fun-Filled Day for Fathers at Chippenham Care Home

THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 198 | PAGE 7 Freephone: 0800 917 7943 www euroser vice-uk com sales@euroser Visit the website at www.euroser to see the full range Manufactured in the UK Euroser vice trolleys are an attractive and prac t cal alternative to clinical a u m i n u m t ro l l e ys gi ve n t h a t antibacter al spray can be used freely to sanitise them Get in touch with our friendly, experienced sales team PROVIDING PRACTICAL AND ST YLISH TROLLEYS TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS Watch your resident's eyes light up when the beautiful tea trolley arrives! Euroser vice trolleys can also be used as a vending trolley or to sell personal care products to residents How about a delicious snack/pastr y trolley or even a drinks trolley for that afternoon tipple? Your lovely trolley could do so much for you and your residents! Residents at Cepen Lodge Care Home in Chippenham enjoyed a garden party in celebration of Father’s Day on June 16 With the lovely warm weather residents were able to enjoy meeting up with loved ones in the home’s garden with some live entertainment from Mini Concerts to add to the occasion Staff and residents enjoyed a special homemade lunch with lots of tasty treats prepared by the home’s talented head chef Nelson before heading out to the garden for a party The home s activity co-ordinator also delivered goodies to the Father s in the morning to celebrate the day Jade Hodge Senior General Manager of the home said “We’ve all had a wonderful day today welcoming friends and family into the home Occasions like Father s Day are so important, it was fantastic to have such a lovely gathering with our residents and their loved ones all together enjoying the sunshine ”
During Learning Disability Week the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) has published a paper highlighting a timeline of broken promises relating to the reduction in the number of autistic people and people with learning disabilities being held in NHS-funded

Labour’s Proposed Social Care Reforms

Welcomed, But Concerns Over “Lack Of Detail”


compassionate care for their friends and families every day – are notable by their absence Vic Rayner OBE, CEO of National Care Forum commented: “Labour’s vision for a National Care Service and Fair Pay Agreements are core ambitions for a future government They provide a central framing for reform which

“Many, particularly smaller providers, are struggling to meet the latest increase in the national living wage and national minimum wage and without more funding will not be able to meet further rises Nuffield

Care Home Resident Touched By Act Of Kindness

We specialise in the sale and purchase of quality used wheelchair accessible vehicles and ambulances
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All buses comply with new legislation
Lease hire and purchase available
Always large stock of accessible vehicles Tel: 01268 521033 Mobile: 07860 894331 Email: sales@hwpickrell co uk Gardiners Lane Nor th, Crays Hills, Billericay, Essex CM11 2XE All current stock available to view at H.W. PIC KRELL H.W. PIC KRELL NEW & USED ACCESSIBLE TR ANSPORT AT AFFORDABLE PRICES Social Care providers have broadly welcomed proposals for sector reform outlined in Labour s manifesto for the General Election But the Independent Care Group (ICG) has warned that the promises lack detail and an urgent timetable for delivery The ICG also says Labour could have been bolder in its reforms and made social care a much higher priority In its manifesto Labour has promised deep reform including a National Care Service and ‘home first’ care to keep people living independently It has also promised greater integration with NHS services and fairer pay terms and conditions to ‘professionalise the workforce The ICG has welcomed the outline proposals but said the manifesto lacked detail ICG Chair Mike Padgham said: “It is refreshing to see promises in writing from Labour on the reform of social care that we have been calling for over the past three decades That excitement has to be tempered by the fact that the reforms are very much broad promises with little detail and no timetable for delivery Social care is in crisis now and we would like to see that these reforms will start on day one if Labour is elected We have heard promises like these before and the challenge now is to see them delivered And we must ensure that funding is properly addressed Many of the reforms and improvements outlined will need investment If for example Labour promises an increase in care workers’ pay then it has to be accompanied by a promise that local authorities – who commission the bulk of
care from providers – will have the funding needed to ensure they pay a rate that enables providers to meet any new pay rate
Trust chief executive
Stein said: “It is good to see a commitment to a set of standards to
consistency in care and the focus on reaching a fair pay agreement for the social care workforce is welcome, but this is overshadowed by the lack of a costed plan for social care, promised by Sir Keir Starmer
seeming lack of recognition of the need for urgent action The ambition of a
care service has little detail isn t well defined and there is no mention of a credible long-term fund-
social care
carers – who deliver high-quality
if implemented could place the needs of people who need care and support the care workforce and the wider sector at the heart of communities However there is real concern that the urgency for reform is not picked up in this manifesto An incoming Labour government should be under no illusion that this is an agenda for the here and now not for a future parliament
Labour leader has made much of his desire to serve others in his pitch to the country about why he should be PM Everyday millions of carers, paid and unpaid, embody the concept of service in the crucial work they carry out Care and support is a powerful tool which supports people back into work prevents illness and sickness promotes independence and empowers people to engage fully with their communities and wider society All of this helps tackle socio-economic inequalities and drive sustainable and fair economic growth “Labour has hinted at their vision but we now need it to come into the light with clear details around implementation and resourcing This must also recognise the vital role that unpaid carers play “If Labour really wants change we need urgent action to create not just a National Care Service but in reality a National Core Service We call on Labour to think social care first because great social care enables people to live the lives that they wish and must be at the heart of any government focused on growth and prosperity for all
just two weeks
and a
ing model for
Brian a resident at Elm Bank care home in Kettering was touched by an act of kindness by a staff member who delighted him with a gift that has truly made him smile We all know that doing something out of kindness for someone is a good thing, even a small act of kindness can go a long way For resident Brian who moved in to Elm Bank care home in 2023 with his wife Pam and a large collection of vinyl records and no record player to play them on it was a touching moment when staff member Dale gifted him one Dale who works at Elm Bank care home was talking to Brian regarding music and discovered that Brian had a huge collection of vinyl records that he had brought with him to the home, only he had nothing to play them on Brian had said to Dale that he wanted to listen to his vinyl and to have a record player would be just perfect Dale touched by Brian’s plight, surprised Brian with a brand new record player Marvellous Bindura General Manager said All our staff at Barchester care deeply for the residents they care for, and this is one of many acts of kindness that happen on a regular basis throughout all our homes It was simply a beautiful act of kindness from Dale and now to see that Brian can play his beloved collection of vinyl in truly heart-warming for all ”

Transitioning Into Care From A Loved One’s Perspective

When someone receives a dementia diagnosis it can be an unsettling upsetting and challenging time not only for them but also for their close family and friends It can change a person s life and affect the way they spend their days

Surrounding the person with the diagnosis is usually close family friends and loved ones who also have their lives turned upside down It’s a perspective that totally differs from the person with a diagnosis and one that isn’t usually spoken about

This case study explores the experience of Cathy whose husband of 50 years John was diagnosed with dementia and moved into St George s Court Care Home in Cambridge We will follow Cathy’s journey as she transitioned from caring for John at home to him living in a care home

When Cathy could no longer care for John at home she and her family began looking into care options It was a difficult time as they adjusted to John s diagnosis but Cathy was determined to find a caring comfortable home for him As she researched local care homes Cathy felt guilty about not being able to care for her husband herself and worried about how he would adjust to a new environment She was concerned that his unique personality and needs might not be fully appreciated by others However recognising these feelings as normal Cathy focused on ensuring John’s new home would be safe, supportive and collaborative; somewhere that truly felt like home to him

Cathy was new to the world of care homes and had only preconceived notions based on internet searches Determined to see the reality she visited care homes unannounced to gain an authentic perspective This approach helped her trust her instincts and she put

her energy into ensuring John s new home would be safe supportive and collaboratively work alongside her and John, to ensure he would continue to live a fulfilled life Cathy said I instantly knew if the care home would be right for my husband It was a gut feeling I got as soon as I walked in

When Cathy was referred to St George s Court Care Home she checked its CQC rating and saw it was rated as ‘Inadequate’ which made her feel anxious However with limited availability and an immediate vacancy, she decided to visit On arrival, she felt comfort and warmth unlike other care homes She observed the team actively engaging with residents and noted their friendly interactions

Meeting Home Manager Jayne further eased Cathy’s concerns Jayne was open honest and transparent about the inspection rating reassuring Cathy of the numerous improvements had been made since her appointment Jayne’s philosophy of “Never leave (your visit) with a problem – come and talk to me!” truly resonated with Cathy, giving her confidence that John would be loved cared for and respected at St George s Court Jayne even asked Cathy for feedback which she appreciated as no other care home had done that Cathy faced a significant decision knowing it would shape the future for her husband of 50 years, so she knew she had to get it right With what she had seen heard and observed at St George’s Court Cathy decided this would be the best place for her husband and shortly after the process started John moved into his new home

After a short time living at St George’s Court Cathy’s decision to choose this home was reaffirmed through the service she received, giving her the confidence that she had made the right decision and eased the initial feelings of guilt she had

Although there were some small concerns and questions Cathy had throughout John s care Cathy found her queries were promptly answered and actioned by a team who truly listened, Jayne’s door was always open and overall it was a very positive experience for both Cathy and John Cathy s advice to people who are looking into care options for themselves or a loved one is “Do not just believe what you see online My whole opinion of St George’s Court was totally transformed when I visited and got a taste what life was like in the home Always visit and always trust your gut instinct as it is usually right

100-year-old Doris’s Walking Challenge to Fundraise at Wiltshire Care Home, Marden Court

place to another If people did not have a bike, they walked ” Debbie Scammell Marden Court s Home Manager said: We are all in awe of Doris by wishing to do this challenge She is an outgoing lady who enjoys her life, despite not being able to see well Doris finds happiness

she recently met PC J Bourke who also enjoyed speaking to Doris He too found Doris a great inspiration and also is trying to raise funds on the Calne police website!

For more details about the challenge and to sponsor Doris visit www justgiving com/campaign/dorissponsoredwalk


Case Study by Excelcare (www excelcareholdings com) Doris Maslen born in July 1923 is celebrating her centenary by walking 100 lengths of the car park at Marden Court to raise funds for the care home s amenities fund Doris moved into Marden Court run by The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) in July 2023 and has lived in Calne and the surrounding area since she was 12 years old The funds raised by Doris s challenge will be used by the care home s amenities fund which is managed by residents A recent initiative funded through the home s amenities fund is a wheelchair accessible raised flower bed which is still in the process of being built and the residents love to see it progress
May which involves walking up to two
has gained a great deal
the local communi-
are supporting her fundraising
West and BBC Radio Wiltshire Doris said: “I wanted to do a sponsored walk because everyone at Marden Court is so kind and I felt like I needed to give something back I have never been a sporty person but I cycled everywhere in my younger years because that was the way from one
using her Amazon Alexa and spending time with everyone in the home! Doris is well loved by many people in the local community she has visitors most days, and she often pops out for a coffee, a trip to church or some shopping Doris is an inspiration to us all On one of her trips into Calne
Since Doris started her challenge in
lengths a
ty including messages of
from the
She has also been interviewed by
Regular visits by pupils of Northgate Primary School in Bridgwater to a neighbouring dementia care home are ‘sparking joy’ all round according to their teachers and the care workers at Avalon Nursing Home
Year 4 visited Avalon
last term enjoying a variety of activities alongside the resi-
including baking craft
pet therapy
contributing to a sensory garden
the home which involves the
something about care
some basic life skills
our regular visits clearly give residents something different to focus on and contribute to their happiness and wellbeing so everybody benefits “Years 5 and 6 will be visiting too this term ” Avalon
Lisa Priddice said: One
our ladies
to work in a school
a teaching assistant
Children from Reception class through to
They are
in the
children in potting plants and painting pebbles and butterflies Northgate headteacher Katie Penny said: While the children are having a lovely time doing a variety of activities alongside residents they absorb an understanding of what it s
and learn
of the
s activities co-ordinator
attends every visit and loves working with the children: it reminds her of her teaching days She will often be seen showing the
dents how to do a task and has a great rapport with
“We also have a resident who used to be a professional football player for Ipswich He loves chatting with the children about his football career – and they find it fascinating and have all been really engaged from the start Watching relationships blossom between the two age groups is a wonderful thing: over the course of their visits residents and students have had some beautiful moments sharing interests and experiences, each learning something from one another Residents often ask when the pupils are coming again - they remember their visits
often look at
at the
made together
And Resident Get-Togethers ‘Sparking Joy’
have been developing a lovely showcase of the children s artwork in
corridor and the residents
with us and marvel
” Pupil

NHS Continues To Face Record Demand

For Ser vices, New Data Shows

NHS staff continue to face significant demand for urgent care, with new figures showing that A&Es in England managed their busiest ever month for attendances in May

New monthly performance data also shows that it was a record April for the number of elective appointments delivered for hundreds of thousands of patients

The latest statistics published today show that more than 2 4 million people (2 416 292) attended A&Es across the country in May – the highest number on record

Across all types of A&E in May there were almost 5% more attendances per day compared with April Type 1 A&Es saw an average of 1,700 more patients per day compared with the month before

It was the second busiest month on record for emergency admissions with 564 693 admitted in May – second only to March 2024 which saw 567 456 emergency admissions

While the overall Covid backlog for routine treatment has increased – to 7 57 million in April, from 7 54 million the previous month – staff carried out a record number of elective procedures appointments and tests for April (1,481,152), more than the previous high for that month of 1,363,439 in April 2019

Data shows for each month over the past 10 months more elective activity has been delivered compared with the same month pre-pandemic

Waits of more than 52 weeks (302 589) are the lowest they have been since August 2021 (295 362) while waits of more than 18 weeks are the lowest in almost a year – 3 161 429 in April 2024 the lowest since 3,091,288 in June 2023

Today s data shows it was the busiest ever April for diagnostic activity with 2 328 986 tests checks and scans carried out – 21% more than same month pre-pandemic (1,917,308 in April 2019)

In April there were 260 108 urgent suspected cancer referrals seen a record for that month and up almost a third (31%) from April 2019 (199,217)

The number of people receiving a cancer diagnosis or having cancer ruled out within four weeks is also a record number for April – 194 504 – despite the increased demand for referrals

The latest figures come as the NHS prepares for more strike action by junior doctors from 7am on Thursday 27 June NHS advice will remain the same – people should continue to use 999 in an emergency and NHS 111 online in the first instance

Professor Sir Stephen Powis NHS National Medical Director, said: “As these figures show demand for NHS services across the country remains high May was a record month for urgent and emergency services, with the highest number of A&E attendances as well as being the busiest May for the most urgent ambulance call-outs while staff delivered a record number of elective appointments for April

This is alongside viruses that are still causing concern including whooping cough Cases have been rising sharply in recent months, and there have sadly been eight infant deaths this year We continue to urge all pregnant women to get vaccinated to help protect their babies in the first few weeks of their life and ensure that their children get protected in the first few months after birth as part of the routine NHS vaccine offer

“We are also encouraging those who are eligible to come forward for their Covid-19 vaccination before the spring booster campaign ends on June 30 This virus can still cause severe illness and hospitalisations in some cases particularly among those most at risk The vaccine gives the best protection against the virus and its different variants, and helps reduce the risk of serious illness

With junior doctors striking for five days starting from the end of June the NHS is preparing for further disruption to services in coming weeks We would remind people to continue to use NHS services in the usual way by using 999 and A&E in an emergency and by using 111 online and community services like GPs and

We Like To Move It, Move It – Care Home Residents Get Moving

pharmacies which are open as usual for help and advice ”
Staff and residents at Barchester’s Beaufort Grange in Cheswick Village are getting moving and putting the ‘fun into fundraising’ with 15 000 steps a day for 7 days to raise money for Barchester s Charitable Foundation Established in 2000 the Foundation does invaluable work supporting older people and other adults living with a disability or mental health problems by helping them to connect or re-connect with others in their local communities Last year the Foundation achieved a donation milestone of £225,000 which enabled the charity to provide vital help to a staggering 160 small groups and charities, plus 87 individuals in one year alone Raji Sunil General Manager at Beaufort Grange said: Everyone at Beaufort Grange is keen to Get Moving to support Barchester s Charitable Foundation it is a great charity that helps many people in need, particularly lonely older people which is a cause very close to our hearts Plus it is great for all our wellbeing to move as much as we can We can’t wait to see how much money we can raise!”

Exploring the Future of Health and Social Care: How Can We Overcome the Current Challenges?


The health and social care sectors in the UK are facing significant challenges in 2024 Ongoing backlogs skilled workforce shortages and increasing service demand are creating a perfect storm With both public and private sectors working tirelessly towards enhancing care quality the question remains: how can we overcome these challenges to ensure and deliver sustainable high-quality care to service users?

Reablement Services

Enhancing Independence and

One of the most critical areas of focus is reablement services These services are essential for supporting individuals particularly the elderly in regaining their independence after a hospital stay Effective reablement can significantly reduce hospital readmissions and the need for long-term care easing pressure on healthcare and social care systems As per the NHS Benchmarking Network’s National Audit of Intermediate Care 93% of individuals who received reablement services in 2018 either improved or maintained their independence Despite its significance reablement services still encounter challenges such as limited resources and operational inefficiencies

Initiatives should aim to enhance the delivery of reablement services across England These efforts should include improving coordination and scheduling to maximise the efficiency of reablement teams allowing them more control and insight into their time management processes Through the use of intelligent data-driven insights, local authorities and private entities can enhance resource allocation ensuring individuals receive timely and appropriate support, while service providers can reduce costs and achieve a more balanced schedule ADDRESSING BACKLOGS AND WORKFORCE STRAINS IN HEALTH SERVICES

The NHS continues to battle substantial backlogs exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing industrial actions These challenges are compounded by workforce shortages particularly in specialist areas such as stroke services Innovative solutions need to be deployed to improve capacity and efficiency in these areas For exam-

ple new initiatives are being launched to enhance stroke service delivery These initiatives focus on increasing the capacity of communitybased stroke support teams ensuring that patients receive continuous care post-discharge By optimising care schedules and leveraging advanced management tools healthcare providers can improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden on hospital services The NHS s Long Term Plan also emphasises the necessity for additional investment and productivity improvements in community health services to achieve effective reablement services potentially freeing up more than a million hospital bed days


Police and ambulance services are also facing significant pressures

According to a recent report by the Police Federation, high-stress environments increased workloads and rigid shift patterns contribute to burnout and high turnover rates among experienced personnel

Addressing these issues requires a dual approach: improving work-life balance and enhancing operational efficiency

Flexible rostering systems should be adopted to provide more adaptable working conditions These systems allow for better management of shifts enabling personnel to have more control over their schedules and time This flexibility is crucial in retaining skilled staff and ensuring the continuous delivery of essential services



Technology plays a pivotal role in modernising workforce management across the health and social care sectors Advanced rostering and scheduling solutions provide organisations with the tools needed to optimise staff deployment and manage workloads effectively These solutions are particularly beneficial in environments like the NHS and private health providers where the ability to predict and plan for staffing needs can significantly impact service delivery

For instance predictive analytics and AI should be integrated into any reporting and planning tools These technologies should have a complete and holistic view of the entire workforce to enable managers to quickly forecast staffing shortages and adjust schedules proactively

However few tech providers offer this complete platform approach which is essential to success By anticipating future needs organisations can take pre-emptive actions such as arranging overtime or sourcing alternative staff thereby avoiding last-minute crises and ensuring consistent care delivery It’s not just tools that technology providers can offer though collaborations with can drive innovation


While improving current workforce management is critical addressing long-term recruitment challenges is equally important Training new staff, whether paramedics, police officers, or healthcare professionals is a time-intensive process Keeping existing staff and reducing turnover rates is a more immediate and cost-effective strategy New efforts should be made to create supportive working environments that encourage staff retention This includes providing opportunities for career development, offering mental health support, and ensuring that staff feel valued and recognised for their contributions Additionally, initiatives that highlight the positive impact of employees work on their communities can enhance job satisfaction and loyalty A PATH FORWARD

The health and social care sectors are at a critical juncture To manage the current landscape it is essential to adopt a multifaceted approach that includes enhancing reablement services improving workforce management, leveraging technology, and fostering strategic partnerships By focusing on these areas we can create a more resilient and efficient system capable of delivering high-quality care in the face of ongoing challenges But is the sector ready to embrace these changes and invest in the future of health and social care? As we move forward, the answer to this question will determine our ability to provide sustainable high-quality care for all

Boxing Legend Welcomes Rising Stars To Cottingham Care Home

new customised approaches to service delivery as well as indepth expertise and knowledge of this vast sector
at Totalmobile (www totalmobile co uk/sectors/health- social- care) Cottingham based care home Magnolia House recently welcomed two rising stars in the world of boxing for a sparring session with local hero Barbara Butterick Barbara Butterick, a resident at Magnolia House and a pioneer in women s boxing was joined by Tallulah Pulling and Lehanna Smith two local boxing stars making waves on the national stage With a legacy to be proud of in 1990 Barbara made history by becoming the first woman inducted into the International Wrestling and Boxing Hall of Fame Her pioneering efforts didn t stop there; in 1993 she founded and became the president of the Women s International Boxing Federation significantly advancing opportunities for female boxers worldwide During the unique boxing experience, Barbara, and other residents spent the afternoon taking part in sparring sessions with the young boxers whilst reflecting on the progress which has been made in women’s boxing over the years Tallulah Pulling aged 18 recently won the National title in the Open Class making her the best in the country for her age and weight category She also recently represented England in the Tri-Nations Championships Lehanna Smith another rising star won the Development Championship last October and recently secured a silver medal in the final of the Open Class Barbara s influence extends beyond the boxing ring In 2017 her remarkable life story inspired the critically acclaimed play “The Mighty Atoms which was performed in Hull She was also a proud spectator at the London 2012 Olympics, where she watched Nicola Adams win gold in the debut of women s boxing at the Games a moment symbolic of Barbara’s legacy and impact on the sport Lindsay
manager at Magnolia House care home said: “Barbara is a true inspiration Her achievements and her spirit continue to motivate us all We are so honoured to have her here with us Life at Magnolia House is about making new memories as well as fondly remembering We’re delighted to have been able to support Barbara to enjoy this experience Barbara Butterick said “I thoroughly enjoyed rolling back the years and taking part in a sparring session with Tallulah and Lehanna “Both of them are incredibly talented and I’m delighted to say that the future of women’s boxing is in safe gloves!” Tallulah Pulling added: it was an honour to meet Barbara who continues to inspire us and other female boxers across the UK Her journey to the top of boxing is remarkable and to do it with the barriers that she faced makes it extra special ”

Growing Pressures on Hospice Sector Could Have Potentially Damaging Consequences

Earlier this year Hospice UK s quarterly financial benchmarking survey revealed that the UK hospice sector which supports 300 000 people annually is facing an estimated collective deficit of £77 million in the financial year 2023-24

Expenditure increases are the main driver behind this crisis Hospices care for people at their most vulnerable times, providing support and comfort to dying people and their families The cost of this is increasing with the cost of paying staff a fair wage becoming a particular problem

The majority of hospice expenditure is spent on staff salaries As vital partners of the NHS, hospices recruit from the same pool of staff This means they need to match NHS pay and conditions to attract and retain skilled staff to care for people at the end of their lives

As Toby Porter, CEO of Hospice UK explains: “Costs for hospices will keep rising, and without a new model for funding end-of-life care the coming years could be devastating for hospice care services particularly for those in economically challenged areas

“Many are already considering halting vital services which will have devastating consequences for patients their families hospice staff local communities and the NHS itself FUNDING

Adult hospices only receive on average around one-third of their funding from the state and children s hospices only receive around one-fifth This means most of the funding for essential hospice services comes from fundraising and charitable donations

Harpreet Sahota, Hospice Account Executive at Towergate Insurance explains: “The hospice sector has been facing a funding gap for several years and has run budget deficits with a significant amount being sustained by legacies which keep them afloat or manage to fill the budget gap

There s a big issue with recruiting and retention of care/nursing staff as well as agency costs increasing when supply staff are required to fill the gaps ”

Earlier this year a report by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Hospice and End of Life Care found that despite a law passed in 2022 the way hospice services are commissioned in England is not fit for


The cross-party group of MPs found that the services hospices provide for dying people and their families and the support they provide to the health system are at risk

St Gemma’s Hospice is just one of dozens of hospices calling for more NHS funding to help provide a more secure future for Hospices across the UK In an interview with the BBC Kerry Jackson chief executive of St Gemma s Hospice said I would absolutely say the money we get from the NHS is not sufficient "If we really wanted to meet the needs of our population today, tomorrow and in future, then we really do need a more sustainable and fair NHS funding model


More people are dying in the UK After decades of a stable slightly declining death rate demographic trends mean that the annual number of deaths - currently approximately 650 000 - is steadily increasing It will reach 780 000 In 2040

Hospice UK’s new strategy discusses how our aging population means more and more people are living with complex long-term conditions such as frailty and dementia which require specialist management

In addition, medical advances mean that more children are being born and are living longer, with life-limiting conditions There is also greater demand for services such as counselling and bereavement care as the importance of these interventions is increasingly understood

There is also growth in demand for hospice care services to be delivered in different locations including hospices homes hospitals care homes and virtually All these contributing factors mean the demand for hospices and their services will only increase in coming years


There is also greater demand being created by pressures on other health and care services which threatens to leave hospices to fill the gaps

Hospices are a vital part of the wider health and care

tor at large hospices are finding it hard to recruit and retain

of hospital services

Paul Hodgkinson Corporate Development Manager at Hospice UK We want to see

and skills around specialist palliative and end-of-life care in general medicine This could be improved by education and training opportunities including those for end-of-life care being open to the entire health and care workforce regardless of employer We want to work with education organisations to design training and attract professionals into the palliative care workforce”

With budgets being stretched and a tough recruitment market many hospices are having to

less staff, making it even more challenging to continue their vital services

The Maples Care Home Celebrates King Charles III’s 75th Birthday

the UK
the health and care sec-
struggling to match the pay
system across
greater awareness
cope with
Dan Blackith head of People and Culture at Milewood has won the prestigious ‘Head of People’ category at this year's Social Care Stars awards The event held to celebrate the dedication and exceptional contributions of social care professionals highlights individuals who go above and beyond to support the most vulnerable members of our society Since joining Milewood earlier this year Dan has made a remarkable impact on both staff and the people it supports As a dedicated People and Culture specialist Dan is known for his approachable nature and unwavering availability to his colleagues One of his notable achievements is the introduction of a comprehensive well-being package that places a strong emphasis on mental health This initiative has been met with great enthusiasm and has been widely utilised by the staff In addition to this Dan has undertaken extensive cultural reviews and has engaged directly with staff to ensure their voices are heard and their needs are met His tireless efforts have not only improved the working environment but have also significantly enhanced the overall quality of care and support provided by Milewood Reflecting on his achievement Dan Blackith said "I am truly honoured to receive this award It has been an incredible journey with Milewood and I am deeply committed to supporting our dedicated staff and the invaluable work they do every day This recognition is a testament to the positive impact we can achieve together " Martyn Heginbotham chief executive of Milewood added: Dan s contributions have been transformative His passion for improving the workplace and ensuring the well-being of our staff has created a more compassionate and effective care environment This award is well-deserved, and we are immensely proud to have Dan as part of the Milewood team " The Social Care Stars awards shine a light on the heroes within the social care sector acknowledging their dedication and commitment to making a difference in the lives of those they care for
as a ‘Social Care Star’ The Maples Care Home is delighted to announce its celebration of King Charles III’s 75th birthday The Oaks Care Home recognises the importance of honouring significant milestones in the lives of all individuals including members of the Royal Family On this joyous occasion The Maples Care Home has organised a special event to commemorate King Charles III’s milestone birthday Residents and team members have come together to create a festive atmosphere, filled with decorations, music and delicious treats The celebration at The Maples Care Home will include a variety of activities and entertainment ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees Residents will have the opportunity to engage in lively discussions about the king’s achievements and contributions to the nation throughout his reign “We are thrilled to celebrate King Charles III s 75th birthday here at The Maples Care Home,” said Kevin Bradley Home Manager
is an honour to pay tribute to such a distinguished member of the royal family Our residents are excited to partake in the festivities and express their well wishes to King Charles III
Dan Blackith of Milewood is Named

NHS Treatment Waiting List Increases For First Time In Seven Months

The waiting list for routine hospital treatment in England has risen for the first time in seven months new figures show, in what will be a fresh blow to Rishi Sunak’s election campaign

An estimated 7 57 million treatments were waiting to be carried out at the end of April relating to 6 33 million patients – up slightly from 7 54 million treatments and 6 29 million patients at the end of March NHS England said

The list hit a record high in September 2023 with 7 77 million treatments and 6 50 million patients

Responding to the figures Rory Deighton, director of the NHS Confederation’s Acute Network, said: “These figures are a stark reminder of the immense pressure the NHS is under with leaders and their teams having to work incredibly hard to care for patients in the face of relentless demand

It is disappointing to see that waiting lists have risen for the first time since October despite the health service managing to increase productivity to above pre-pandemic levels But the rise in productivity is testament to the hard work and planning or NHS leaders and their teams who have been having to manage the pressure of rising demand and ongoing industrial action

A&Es saw a record number of attendances and the second highest number of emergency admissions suggesting that not only is demand continuing to increase but patients are sicker Ambulance response times are also now going back in the wrong direction

“We know that the NHS is in a very difficult position with health systems having to consider cutting clinical and administrative staff to balance their books Trusts are also telling us they are reducing their use of independent sector and in-sourcing services more weekend working and additional sessions

“There is a very real risk that the financial pressures that stem from a decade of underinvestment flat revenue budgets and a lack of capital funding the NHS could jeopardise tackling backlogs and improving performance

If the NHS is going to tackle waiting lists and improve performance it needs the right support and resources to do so That is why we are calling for the next government to invest an extra £6 4 billion a year into capital budgets which our members feel is crucial to unlocking greater productivity ”

Tim Gardner, Assistant Director of Policy at the Health Foundation, said:

With both Labour and the Conservatives promising big improvements in NHS waiting times today’s figures are a stark reminder of the scale of the challenge facing the next government

The waiting list for routine hospital care remains at near record levels at 7 57 million having virtually tripled over the last decade While there has been some progress in recent months there is still a huge mountain to climb with over 300,000 waits of over one year


Social Care Communications Expert Appointed Trustee at The Care Workers' Charity

Nathan Hollow Group Board Director and Head of Health and Social Care at PLMR Group an award-winning public affairs PR corporate digital and crisis communications agency has been appointed a Trustee of The Care Workers Charity (CWC)

The Care Workers' Charity has been at the forefront of aiding current and former care workers facing unforeseen challenges The charity provides mental health support, hardship grants, and political representation for care workers and has disbursed over £6 million in grants since 2020 aiding over 10 000 care workers in need

Nathan brings over a decade of experience and expertise to the role having specialised in health and social care communications for the past 13 years during which time he has carved out an award-winning career advising some of the UK s largest and most influential health and care providers The world s largest membership body, the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) previously named Nathan their “Young Communicator of the Year” and he has also been previously recognised by CorpComms Magazine as one of their Young Achievers and by LaingBuisson as one of their Rising Stars Meanwhile under Nathan s leadership PLMR Group s Health and Social Care Practice has been named HealthInvestor’s Strategic Consultants of the Year and most recently won the Marketing and Creative Services category at the 2023 Care Sector Supplier Awards

on supporting care workers to navigate sustained mental health and financial challenges arising from ongoing cost of living whilst Local Authority funding cuts mean that the wider social security net many could previously have relied on is shrinking

Commenting on his appointment, Nathan Hollow expressed his commitment to the cause stating

"I am honoured to join The Care Workers' Charity as a Trustee, having long admired the work Karolina and her predecessors have done over recent years Having worked as a consultant in the social care field for over 13 years I am also no stranger to the immense challenges facing the care sector and individual care workers and how often their dedication goes unnoticed or unrewarded

The media and political discourse repeatedly undervalues care work at best failing to recognise and reward the skills and passion of carers and at worst actively demonising those who have come here to support some of society’s most vulnerable people

Now more than ever the charity has a vital role to play in supporting care workers through what will undoubtedly be a very tough few years as cost of living pressures and the Covid-19 Inquiry continue I am also eager to contribute to the charity's work to increase the recognition and value wider society places on care work

However, it is his personal experience of the social care sector in Cornwall that motivated Nathan to apply for the position having spent eight years managing home care and care home services for his Grandmother during her dementia journey During this time, he experienced first-hand the extraordinary lengths carers will go to support the people in their care both before and during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the many systemic challenges they face particularly in Local Authority funded care in a rural areas

As a Trustee he will play a crucial role in guiding the strategic direction of the charity working with the wider Board and CEO Karolina Gerlich, ensuring the charity continues to address the evolving needs of care workers in the ever-changing and complicated landscape of healthcare and social services In 2023 the charity witnessed a substantial increase in requests for support from carers faced with rising cost of living pressures which grew to be the largest reason for contacting the charity as well as a growing number of calls from suspected victims of modern slavery In 2024 the charity continues to focus

“From there, I hope we can encourage those whose loved ones benefit the passion of carers – as my family and I have – to give back and donate to the charity expanding the charity s reach and diversifying its funding beyond the sector so it can have a strong future ahead of it ”

Karolina Gerlich Chief Executive Officer of The Care Workers Charity commented

"I am thrilled to welcome Nathan as our newest Trustee at The Care Workers' Charity His extensive experience and dedication to the social care sector makes him an invaluable addition to our leadership team As we face the evolving challenges in the care industry Nathan s insights and strategic guidance will play a pivotal role in pushing our mission forward

The Care Workers Charity has been at the forefront of providing crucial support to care workers and we only want to continue to enhance our impact We are excited about the positive contributions Nathan will bring to our cause and look forward to working collaboratively towards our shared goal of supporting those who dedicate their lives to caring for others "

Diamond Wedding Couple

PAGE 16 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 198 A resident of a local Laindon care home has celebrated his diamond wedding anniversary with his wife in style John Archer who lives at HC-One s Oaklands care home in Laindon Essex and his wife, Doris, got married on the 6th June 1964 – 60 years ago The couple were treated to a romantic lunch for two by the care home staff who converted a training room into an intimate private dining room They were also given a beautiful bouquet of flowers from all of the team at the care home Care Assistant, Jessica Mott, baked an ornately decorated anniversary cake for John and Doris to enjoy who were joined by other residents for a small party afterwards John and Doris were especially delighted to receive a congratulatory card from King Charles and Queen Camilla among their many other cards from friends and loved ones The day was certainly one to remember for John and Doris; speaking afterwards Doris said: We had a wonderful day I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it and John has really enjoyed himself Thank you all, you all work so hard "
Celebrate Magical
Anniversar y at Laindon Care Home
– compared to less than 2,000 before the pandemic The situation in urgent and emergency care is equally dire; more than one in 10 patients now spends over 12 hours in A&E with the four hour waiting time target not met since July 2015
make good on manifesto pledges whoever forms the next government needs to prioritise stable long-term investment in the NHS to keep pace with demand and improve services for the future This includes addressing staff shortages, modernising crumbling buildings, replacing outdated equipment and reforming the social care system
this commitments to substantially cut waiting times are just empty promises

Wes Streeting Wants Labour’s Manifesto Plans

On Social Care To Be “More Ambitious”


Local Care Home Hosts Community Cocktails and Canapes Night

Chas Is One Of The ‘Sur vival Generation’

and everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday He very readily accepted a few glasses of nosecco joking and chatting to everyone before he opened cards and presents Abbeyfield Winnersh staff all chipped in to buy his card and impressive balloon, made by Claire Parrish at local business Balloon Boutique Chas was then joined for a tea party in the home’s summer house by five generations of his family fellow residents and staff where chef Joanna Tokar put on a great spread and served up a delicious birthday cake Chas has led a remarkable life and he had many adventures in the military including a few lucky escapes along with an accomplished career in accounts, a happy marriage and a large family Chas joined the Marines at 17 years of age serving on the HMS London He was onboard for the transportation of refugees from Barcelona to Marseilles during the Spanish Civil War and peacekeeping duties in the Mediterranean before returning to the UK having had an operation for appendicitis When the Second World War broke out, Chas was transferred to the HMS Frobisher He was mainly

tasked as a signal radio operator on the English south coast and regularly had to take shelter from the constant German shelling after the invasion of France

Chas was married to Joan in Portsmouth in 1940 but he was shortly recalled to military duty after they spent only a few weeks as newlyweds They were to remain apart for over three years subsequently and, tragically, their wedding photographs were destroyed in the Portsmouth blitz

Chas had several other narrow escapes whilst serving in the Marines Whilst in Crete in 1941 following the German invasion he was targeted by a dive bomber and blown off his motorbike He also managed to avoid being hit in the midst of continuous bombing during a 50-mile trek through the mountains eventually reaching the coast in time for evacuation to Egypt

After retiring in 1968 he enjoyed travelling the world with Joan and delighted in the company of their son Paul and five generations of his family Joan passed away at the age of 102 after 79 years of happy marriage

Chas eventually settled at Abbeyfield Winnersh Having subsequently battled through pneumonia and COVID, he is held in high esteem by everyone at the home and is a fantastic ambassador for the ‘Survival Generation

Abbeyfield Winnersh activities coordinator Charlotte Richardson, said, “Chas is much loved and a huge presence here I m so glad he enjoyed this amazing milestone with us All our staff here helped make his birthday special and it was a pleasure speaking to his family and learning more about his amazing life ”

Swift Management Ser vices Limited

PAGE 18 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 198 Swift Management Services Limited provide expert support through a network of highly experienced healthcare professionals who have many years of working within the health and social care sector These include nurses care managers Registered Managers Operating Theatre staff & ITU staff The team is able to provide holistic support packages ranging from a short term improvement project to substantial change management programmes including interim staff where required Our innovative action plans which are tailored to your specific service requirements are interactive and are held on our secure server for ease of access These have proven especially popular with CQC as it is easy to evidence progress and improvements through our ‘You said- we Did’ information programme We can deliver training sessions in person or remotely using a variety of platforms that are designed for your service We can support your service through a crisis or on an ongoing basis with our retained consultancy service package providing regular one to one coaching and development quality monitoring reviews mock KLOE inspections unlimited telephone and email support tailored service improvement plans and access to a dedicated care consultant to work in partnership with you to drive sustainable improvements Swift Management Services Limited can create staff friendly bespoke policies and procedures for you as required to help you achieve compliance SERVICES Mock CQC inspections & compliance audits Compliance support Preparation of action plans Enforcement action support • NOP NOD support Factual accuracy responses • Training- face to face or virtual Crisis management Registration support Coaching & mentoring Competency assessments of staff Policies Procedures and Forms Tel: 020 8087 2072 Email: info@swiftmanagement org uk Website: www swiftmanagement org uk
Staff, residents, relatives and the local community came together at Hethersett Hall to enjoy a community cocktails and canapes night that was held in the home The hospitality team at Hethersett Hall served a selection of cocktail favourites including Tequila sunrise which were enjoyed by everyone who came to the event Guests included friends and family to the residents and staff at the home enjoyed fresh cocktails with live music from Peter the classical guitarist as well as our very own butlers before we tucked into some beautifully made canapés Resident Donald said I thoroughly enjoyed the evening surrounded by lots of great people Staff did a great job, not just on the day but organising the event and getting everyone together ” Elena Sandu General Manager at the home said: Staff at Hethersett Hall are dedicated to making sure that the home is a hub of the local community and this event along with all their hard work has definitely paid off It was a resounding success!
Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting has said he would have wanted Labour’s manifesto proposals on social care to be “more ambitious” Speaking to the BBC s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg at the weekend he said to get a policy into Labour s manifesto he had to run a “gauntlet” of whether it was deliverable and affordable suggesting there could be more spending on health than outlined in the manifesto in later years but only if a Labour government was to be voted in and then succeed in its plan for economic growth
also revealed that Labour plans to honour the Conservatives’ pledge for an £86 000 cap on care costs by October 2025 which was not mentioned in the manifesto Adult social care charging reforms including an £86 000 cap on the amount anyone in England has to spend on their personal care over their lifetime had been due to be implemented by the Conservative Government from October 2023 but were delayed by two years Shadow health and social care secretary Wes Streeting was asked whether he could make a firm commitment to bringing in the cap in October 2025 He told BBC Radio Four s Today programme earlier in the week “That’s the plan, as things stand ” When challenged that his comments did not sound like a firm commitment, he responded: “We don’t have any plans to change that situation and that s the certainty and stability I want to give the system at this stage In response, Conservative Mark Harper, the transport secretary, said Mr Streeting had let the cat out the bag that Labour would raise taxes if elected although Mr Streeting denied this
WWII veteran Chas Clegg marks 106th birthday with party at Abbeyfield care home in Winnersh Albert Chas Clegg a former Commando in the Royal Marines has celebrated turning 106 years old with a tea party with family and friends at Abbeyfield Winnersh, the care home where he lives To start the afternoon’s festivities staff and residents raised a toast to Chas

Respite Care Charity Lines Up 129

Deck Chairs Across Trafalgar Square

funding often having to approach her Local Authority on a month-by-month basis Like many others who Revitalise staff have spoken with the Raja family have also experienced being denied access to regular adult social care services due to delays in, or lack of, funding

Muneeba said: You often feel as though you are hitting your head against a brick wall – particularly with the number of emails you send that remain unanswered

If Yusuf s respite care was provided in the first place we could stop some of this stress I feel the pressure on a dayto-day basis as a carer for a young adult with a disability

That’s something you live with and deal with, but the limbo with funding is agony and for no reason it doesn t have to be this way I m not asking for people to feel sorry for me or Yusuf I just need social services to put working solutions into place and create accountability for the countless problems in the system

CEO of Revitalise, Janine Tregelles CBE said: “These 129 deckchairs laid out on Trafalgar Square serve as a stark reminder of the millions of carers in England who are not provided with the means to access respite care

Only 1 in 129 unpaid carers are receiving support and instead of planned intervention to support caring relationships carers are being forced to say they cannot go

Orchard Care Homes Wins Top Accolade

At Stars Of Social Care Awards

Find Happiness in Ever ything says May, 102

Find happiness in everything and always have a smile " says May who recently celebrated her 102nd birthday at Ashlynn Grange Care Home in Peterborough May – who was christened Pearl - is a remarkable lady with a vibrant past and an enduring zest for life She had three children, two of whom she has outlived, and has six grandchildren and eight great grandchildren

Born and raised in Peterborough May lived independently in her own home until the age of 101 showcasing her incredible spirit and resilience

Life at Ashlynn Grange suits her well where she enjoys both the food and the activities offered She particularly relishes a good roast dinner a classic comfort food that brings back fond memories The community at Ashlynn Grange keeps her engaged and entertained with craft activities that remind her of her younger days when she was an avid knitter and also enjoyed crochet

May was married to Albert for more than 60 years and for 20 years of their life together the couple lived in Canada with their daughter and her family before returning to Peterborough in their 70s

was a Royal

and ignited her

passion for creating beautiful garments Her talent extended beyond dressmaking as she also loved cake making and sugar craft She worked an allotment in Peterborough with her husband for many years Her son Pat who is a regular visitor to Ashlynn Grange said “Mum was always a fantastic cook and loved family gatherings – she still does She has an active mind and enjoys being busy as best she can” May s love for crafts hasn t waned She still enjoys participating in the craft activities at Ashlynn Grange a testament to her lifelong creativity and dexterity Music from the 1940s holds a special place in her heart As a young woman in her twenties those tunes provided the soundtrack to some great memories To this day the melodies of that era bring a twinkle to her eye and a smile to her face When it's time to relax May enjoys watching television Two of her favourite shows are Gardeners World and The Repair Shop which she can be found watching along with the other residents On her birthday May enjoyed visits from her family who live locally as well as flowers from family in Canada The kitchen team at Ashlynn Grange prepared a fantastic cake which she shared with her friends at the home
Marine Commando during the war seeing action many times including during D-Day He was shot but survived May worked in a parachute factory while Albert was away and spent many years of her working life as a dressmaker She once worked as a seamstress in a local corset factory a job that honed her skills
National charity Revitalise took over Trafalgar Square this morning laying out 129 deckchairs to reflect that of the 4 7 million unpaid carers in England only 1 in 129 are receiving respite support A timely manoeuvre during Carers Week 2024 and in support of the charity s Give me a Break campaign – 128 striped deckchairs and one unique deckchair were used to depict this statistic Revitalise is the UK’s leading provider of accessible respite breaks and holidays for those requiring 24hour care and is dedicated to enabling individuals with disabilities and their caregivers to experience genuine holidays The Give me a Break campaign aims to raise awareness of the severe challenges facing disabled people and carers and calls for action to provide and protect respite funding Respite care is a statutory right for those who need it but drastic cuts to local authority funding mean that many carers are not getting any breaks A recent survey carried out by Revitalise found that over 60% of carers had not had a break in the past year and over 25% of respondents had never had a break at all Ahead of the upcoming general election the Give me a Break campaign calls on MPs to take heed of the critical state of affairs in the social care sector In particular the significant fall in access to respite support Revitalise s guests and their families have been abandoned by both politicians and policy makers and are at breaking point Muneeba Raja s son Yusuf London is a guest
at Revitalise s Jubilee Lodge in Essex Despite the marked benefits Muneeba and Yusuf both gain from him accessing respite care she continues to struggle to secure
on before respite is offered Our sector has warned successive governments about the dire lack of funding and the intolerable pressure this puts on unpaid carers The silence from policy makers is deafening
the Give me a Break campaign and following the results of the general election Revitalise will be inviting their guests carers and the general public to write to their local MP and ask them to ensure respite is properly funded and that funding receives specific protection
Orchard Care Homes starred at the Stars of Social Care Awards this week winning the trophy for Outstanding Care Home Provider as well as being shortlisted in a further three categories The awards are now in their third year and aim to highlight the most deserving people in the sector – paying tribute to the workforce for their dedication and commitment to care “Orchard Care Homes deserves the Care Home Provider award for their unwavering commitment to personalised inclusive care Through their Reconnect specialist dementia care communities they offer personalised environments that promote independence and well-being By embracing comprehensive training and development programs they ensure staff deliver bespoke care plans resulting in significant improvements in resident outcomes Their collaborative culture and dedication to staff recognition further highlight their excellence in care provision Orchard was also nominated for Inspirational Care Home Manager (North) Care Home Design and Technology and Innovation Hayden Knight CEO of Orchard Care Homes said: “This is very much an award for each and every person who works at Orchard Care Homes The judges said some very complimentary things about the work of colleagues across our homes; this would not be possible without their dedication and commitment towards making sure every resident lives their best possible life with us It s proved to be a successful time for Orchard Care Homes as the company was shortlisted in five categories at the Dementia Care Awards and a further two at the Health Investor Awards

Sona raises £22m to help large Social Care organisations access AI-driven WFM

We are excited to announce this new round of investment and how it will impact large Social Care organisations and their employees

Together with my fellow co-founders, Oli Johnson and Ben Dixon, we’d like to thank Felicis who led the financing with participation from Northzone, Google s AI-fund Gradient, SpeedInvest, Antler, BAG Ventures, and the numerous notable angels who participated in the round

When we founded Sona in 2021, we wanted to solve the unique challenges of frontline work with technology that empowers every employee, on every level of a large organisation

Two years later, Sona is doing just that for over 100,000 people We are grateful to the many organisations who have chosen us to support them on their digital journey, including Community Integrated Care, iVolve, Affinity, Yorkshire Care, Greensleeves Care, Cartrefi Cymru, and Livability, helping them deliver almost 5 million seamless shifts We’d also like to thank our partners who share in our vision for an integrated tech landscape for Care, including Nourish, Radar Healthcare, and Lottie

Some of the most talented and motivated people around have joined us to make this possible, and I’d like to give a particular shout-out to Hayley Horwood and Richard Upshall Together, they have more than 25 years of experience in the Care sector and their insights have guided us every step of the way

This deep involvement has taught us that the complexity associated with multi-location, 1000+ staff operations is coupled with the pressure and responsibility to provide the best care possible Social Care demands a state-ofthe-art solution, built with the kind of technology that isn’t just the latest right now, but that is flexible enough to continue being state-of-the-art ten years from now and later into the future

The financing is a big step on our journey to becoming the go-to WFM for large Social Care groups, but - more importantly - it is an investment in the sector as a whole

Over the past year, we ve seen demand for a nextgeneration solution like Sona increase fourfold Our

partners are looking to make their operations more efficient and reliable, improve staff satisfaction, and become financially sustainable organisations that can easily grow and support more people

The fact that we can confidently say Sona is a solution that pays for itself - and then more! - is something we re incredibly proud of because it provides organisations with a new revenue source they can re-invest into employee wellbeing and a better experience for the people they care for

So, what does this mean for the Care sector?

1. A truly intelligent AI-driven solution

We want to empower Social Care enterprises to forecast their staff needs based on what is best for the people they support with maximum accuracy and automatically tailor their operations accordingly This will help organisations speed up their scheduling, gain real-time views of their shift runs, and encourage growth in a way that tech simply hasn t in the last decade Previously, the focus was mostly on digitising paper-based processes, but as many organisations are now starting a vendor-replacement cycle, we want to provide them with a real nextgeneration solution

2 Automated HR processes

Our HR solution is already closely linked to Scheduling and communicates seamlessly as solutions built to work together from day one should The next step is to bring automation to the HR processes that currently take up the most time and are heavily prone to errors Our goal is to make the data we feed into our Payroll engine as accurate as possible and remove the potential for mistakes to snowball, leading to drops in employee satisfaction, more admin time, and even legal risks down the line

3. User-first technology

One implementation challenge organisations have experienced with legacy software is low tech adoption rates from frontline staff But what oftentimes is seen as fear of change, is actually a natural reaction to employee apps which were not designed to be accessible The Sona mobile app - together with all our interfaces - is built with usability in mind and consumer-grade standards We want to enrich this experience with even more features that make user life more efficient and increase satisfaction, particularly around self-service and onboarding new staff We believe the first impression new employees get of their organisation and its processes is key to their retention

4 High-quality research and contributions to Social Care in the UK

The feedback we’ve received for our industry-leading reports, webinars, and other research activities has always been incredible and we re only looking to add more Social Care is first and foremost about the people and the community We plan to continue reporting on the pulse of the sector, bring together leaders and visionaries to share their insights, and always spotlight the many opportunities Care offers At the same time, we want to expand our existing charitable contributions and make sure that we re always giving back to those on the frontline

committed our Customer Success and Implementation teams are to always going the extra mile, helping them optimise and grow their business We want to make sure that as we grow ourselves, we only improve this experience and provide even more comprehensive support every step of the way For that we ll be on the lookout for the best talent available

Overall, with Sona, I like to think of it as building the “selfdriving car” of running a Care business The last 20 years of workforce management were dominated by legacy point solutions that digitised simple paper processes Sona is building the next generation of WFM with a truly intelligent platform that enables organisational leaders in complex, multi-location enterprises to put the right people, in the right place, at the right time; and to seamlessly manage their workforce end-to-end

We believe we can deliver this because our exponential growth has been driven by tangible factors: speed of product delivery, high configurability, and sector expertise

Unlike legacy platforms, Sona s technology has been built from the ground up for real-time data processing and insights Leveraging the Elixir programming language and large language models - similar to what powers tools like ChatGPT - we offer AI-powered real-time actionable feedback which helps drive intelligent decision making and leads to real workforce productivity gains The trust of our investors so far has yielded a total of £30 millionfunds that we see contributing to the development of the sector as a whole

“We are proud to lead Sona's Series A round and support its mission to empower frontline enterprises with cuttingedge workforce management solutions ” We believe in Sona s potential to redefine how businesses [ ] manage their workforce, and we ' re excited to be part of their journey towards reshaping the future of work Ben, Oli, Steffen and the Sona team have already helped over 100,000 frontline workers schedule shifts, and we know so many more will appreciate smarter software that enables their work ” Niki Pezeshki, General Partner at Felicis

As we continue to innovate, our mission remains clear: to transform the outdated tools that have hindered Care enterprises in the past and usher in a new era of intelligent WFM that drives efficiency, employee wellbeing, and, ultimately, the delivery of exceptional care

Steffen Wulff Petersen Sona CEO and Co-Founder

5. A trustworthy partnership for all our UK customers

Our partners have consistently highlighted how
Sona co-founders Ben Dixon Steffen Wulff Petersen and Oli Johnson

Care Home Residents Celebrate National Beer Day

During her 100th birthday party she

asked what her secret to a long life was She responded: Brandy and lemonade every day

Ethel was joined by family, friends, fellow residents and staff at Bannatyne Lodge Care Home on Manor Way Peterlee for the celebration

Entertainer Joe Armstrong put a show for the guests performing


“We were

Added Value Enterprises - Sustainable Solutions for Social Care

York Care Home Residents Enjoy A Taste Of The Caribbean

PAGE 22 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 198 Added Value Enterprises provide specialist consultancy services that deliver genuine cost savings to our clients As an experienced procurement and consultancy specialist we help over 1000 customers daily by providing solutions to help them operate their day to day business better A dedicated team of real people are committed to delivering the best ingredients at the right price to our clients crafting an ethical diligent and sustainable supply chain specific to your requirements Good purchasing takes time but we get you results fast saving our clients on average 18% against their current costs In addition our food and nutrition team is on hand to get the best out of your teams offering a range of support including tailored recipe portfolios aligned to your supply chain or a complete managed menu solution with access to our online ordering portal Focusing on three pillars of excellence - cost, wellbeing & sustainability we apply real life considerations into our sourcing allowing our clients to make and report on improvements with tools that generate nutrition compliance and sustainability scorecards If you are looking to cut costs without cutting corners and need help with purchasing solutions, food management consultancy or are thinking of moving your catering in-house explore our expertise today at https://a-v-e com/ or reach out to us via email at solutions@a-v-e com or by phone on 03330 705 975
The residents at Elm Bank care home in Kettering truly enjoy their national days of celebration and National Beer Day was no exception Many of us enjoy a good beer every now and then for the residents and at Elm Bank care home it was an afternoon of getting together and sampling beers from around the world National Beer Day in the UK is celebrated annually on the 15th of June it is a significant day as it was also the date that the Magna Carta was sealed in 1215 which mentions ale in Article 35 ‘Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn ’ The residents decided that after their lunch the afternoon would be spent enjoying a good movie of their choice with a nice cold beer Marvellous Bindura General Manager said It is lovely to see our residents enjoying the national celebrations that are important to them and celebrating them how they want to A wonderful selection of cold beer with a movie of their choice was very fitting for the afternoon ”
SANGRIA could help you live to 100 according to a centenarian from Peterlee who said the classic combination of brandy and lemonade was her secret to a long life
was born just five years after the conclusion of
War, claimed the classic cocktail combo – which can be found
sidecar sour to a surfer – helped her to reach a
Ethel May Clark who
the First World
to a
century of
favourite songs,
of Ethel’s
and everyone
a tipple, including Ethel s favourite
what a lovely day it’s been seeing all my family
even got a special card from the King ” Ethel was born 13th June 1924 in Sunderland where she grew up and later met her husband-to-be Tom while working at the city’s Pyrex factory The couple married on Boxing Day 1946 They had three children and now have three grandchildren and four great grandchildren many of whom attended the celebration at Bannatyne Lodge Care Home
said: “Oh
and friends I
over four decades
eventually retiring
July 2022
After leaving Pyrex Ethel worked at a laundrette for
to Bannatyne
Julie Armstrong home manager at Bannatyne Lodge Care Home said: “Ethel had a fantastic birthday party for her 100th
delighted to welcome her friends and family, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the performance from Joe Armstrong, who really made Ethel’s afternoon “Ethel is an amazing lady and everyone at Bannatyne Lodge would like to congratulate her on her 100th birthday ”
Is The Secret, says 100-year-old Ethel Residents and staff were virtually transported to the beaches of the West Indies to enjoy a Caribbean themed day at RMBI Care Co Home Connaught Court in York The Activities Team Steph Taylor and Fran Tagg created classic cocktails for residents to sip including piña colada mojito rum punch and even a signature cocktail of their own The Home s lounge was transformed into a tropical scene with a wall mural of the Caribbean Sea lapping over the white sand, and clear blue skies fringed by palm trees whilst residents wore flower garlands and had fun with novelty glasses For lunch residents tucked into jerk chicken and fish curry served with rice and peas sweet potato fries salad and slaw In the afternoon they enjoyed a fruit tasting session, trying different fruits such as passionfruit, watermelon mango, papaya, coconut and pomegranate Some of the staff who grew up with these fruits in their native countries shared their knowledge including how to grow and harvest them as well as prepare and eat them Activities Coordinators Steph and Fran said: “Our Caribbean themed day allowed our residents to discover and explore tropical flavours some had never experienced before, as well as escape the cooler British weather “We all enjoyed sharing and listening to people’s stories, learning about different cultures and tastes from around the world along with refreshing and thirst quenching tipples ” they added Resident Ted Heely remarked the rum punch was “the real thing ” Carer Lisa Daniel said: I ve never tasted papaya before I ll be giving more of these fruits to my family It’s great to join in with the residents here ”
Brandy and Lemonade

Sustainable solutions for Social Care.

Social care organisations have a lot on their plate without a supply chain review getting in the way We collaborate with social care organisations and care homes across the country, taking care of the time-consuming details, and achieving the good value they deserve

With a robust, ethical, highly traceable supply chain, we deliver expert food, beverage, and non-food purchasing solutions that save time and money That means more time to focus on what matters, like supporting patient wellbeing with exceptional quality produce

Let's achieve new efficiencies today Sustainable sourcing for social care organisations and care homes.

We know how important sourcing is to social care organisations and care homes You need to know where your food, beverages and non-food are coming from, but that often means paying more than you should

At AVE, we don t believe that there should ever be a choice between ethics and value We offer sustainable sourcing that is good for the planet and your bottom line Social care purchasing.

Social care organisations choose us as their partner because we know the particular requirement of this challenging field We deliver a lean robust supply chain that works for your patients and people In a busy market we cut through the obscurity and complicated language to find the deals that matter to you achieving the quality you deserve at prices you didn't know were possible

How's that for a healthy supply chain? Your social care purchasing partner.

Achieve lean, robust food and non-food supply for your social care business or care home Our purchasing experts have spent years working in the social care sector, identifying the particular needs of people in this challenging field and delivering on time every time Sustainable produce, better prices and the quality you deserve Social care food management consultancy. inspire healthcare chefs and catering staff with quality menus and recipes that your patients will love Our food management consultants have worked with health and social care organisations and care homes across the UK, crafting bespoke menus that deliver on price and taste We'll even help you navigate the tricky territory of special diets and allergens with ease Social care in-house catering solutions.

Catering can be tricky to go at alone Why not partner up? Trust us to lend a specialist hand across every aspect of your food operation, and guarantee the best results - safety and sustainability assured

03330 705975 | |

Hospice UK’s Max Watson Recognised In King’s Birthday Honours

Professor Max Watson Director of Project ECHO at Hospice UK has been awarded an MBE for his contribution to palliative care medicine

Alongside his role at Hospice UK, Max is a Palliative Medicine

Consultant at Western Trust Omagh and holds honorary positions at St Margaret’s Hospice, Taunton, St John’s Medical School, Bangalore, Queens University Belfast and Princess Alice Hospice Surrey Max’s clinical work has made huge contributions to the sector At Princess Alice Hospice Max developed the European Certificate in Essential Palliative Care which has now been running for over 20 years and has been completed by more than 20,000 clinicians across the UK and internationally A pioneer of the use of bedside ultrasound in palliative care, he created the Focused Abdominal Sonography Program in palliative care ultrasound which has trained around 400 doctors and nurses

In his current role at Omagh Hospital Max has addressed challenges in consultant recruitment in rural areas developing an Integrated Care Fellowship programme to locally train up consultants in palliative care and care of the elderly medicine The program has been running for eight months and picked up by several areas across the UK facing similar recruitment gaps He has also supported the Hospice Friendly Hospitals program in Dublin improving the delivery of palliative care in acute hospitals across Ireland

Beyond his clinical work Max has edited multiple editions of the Oxford Handbook of Palliative and End of Life Care and published 10 books on palliative care and oncology

His work with universities includes supporting the University of Ulster in their bid to become a medical

school in palliative care teaching and delivering undergraduate teaching on breaking bad news at Queen s University Belfast For 18 years Max was responsible for the mandatory training in palliative care, ethics and breaking bad news for all F2 doctors in Northern Ireland Hospice UK is the national charity for hospice and end of life care Here Max

Hickathrift House Honours Carers For National Carers’ Week

Colangelo had put together a wonderful spread of pastries for everyone to enjoy Before the event residents their loved ones and other staff members created a gratitude tree full of memories and thank-you notes that carers read out at the event Residents also gave thanks by giving handmade cards and raising a glass to the carers

Unlocking Innovation and Collaboration: The Care & Occupational Therapy Show

The Care & Occupational Therapy Show, scheduled for July 17th at Westpoint Exeter is poised to be a pivotal event in the fields of care and occupational therapy With an extensive lineup of CPD-accredited seminars keynote speakers networking opportunities and expert exhibitors this event offers a comprehensive platform for professionals to explore the latest trends exchange ideas and foster collaborations

At the heart of the event are the CPD-accredited seminars and keynote speeches which promise to provide attendees with invaluable insights and knowledge Renowned experts will take the stage to address pressing issues share innovative strategies and discuss emerging trends shaping the future of care and therapy From advancements in assistive technologies to holistic approaches to patient care attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of their professions


expert exhibitors showcasing the latest products services, and solutions

From state-of-the-art assistive devices to innovative therapeutic interventions, attendees have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of offerings from leading industry providers The exhibition serves as a hub for discovering cutting-edge technologies exploring new approaches to patient care and staying abreast of industry developments

Furthermore the event caters to professionals at every stage of their career journey from seasoned practitioners to students and newcomers to the field For students and recent graduates the show offers valuable insights into the profession, career guidance, and networking opportunities to kickstart their careers For established professionals it presents a platform to stay updated on the latest advancements, expand their knowledge base, and connect with peers to drive continuous improvement and innovation in their practice

The Care & Occupational Therapy Show is a must-attend event for professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic fields of care and occupational

structured networking sessions informal discus-
leverage the collective expertise
excellence in their practice
networking aspects the show
a vibrant exhibition floor featuring
lies at the core of The Care & Occupational Therapy Show offering attendees the chance to connect with peers industry leaders and potential collaborators Whether you re seeking to expand your professional network, explore career opportunities, or forge strategic partnerships, the event provides a
ducive environment for meaningful interactions Through
sions, and dedicated meeting spaces, attendees can
and experiences of their peers to drive
In addition to the
therapy By combining CPD-accredited education networking opportunities and expert exhibitors under one roof the event promises to unlock innovation foster collaboration and empower attendees to drive positive change in their practice and the broader healthcare community Mark your calendars for July 17th and join us at Westpoint Exeter for a day of inspiration, education, and networking at the forefront of care and occupational therapy Get your free tickets today using the link below www eventbrite com/e/care-occupational-therapy-show-2024-tickets-875814373367 PAGE 24 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 198 Residents and staff at Hickathrift House care home in Marshland St James Wisbech run by Barchester Healthcare are celebrating National Carers Week which takes place from June 10-16 Residents wanted to thank all the wonderful staff at the home, whose hard work and dedication make a real difference to the lives of those living in their care
Week is an annual event to raise awareness of caring, highlighting the challenges carers face
recognising the contribution they make to our residents families
communities throughout the UK The theme for
year is ‘Putting Carers on the Map ’ - to shine a light on all those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to care for vulnerable people in our communities Staff were treated to a Thank You Event with delicious refreshments and speeches from the General Manager, Paula Colman Head of Activities Kat
as a thank you
our appreciation for all they do Everyone has had such a fantastic day
Bushnell the Resident Ambassador at Hickathrift House com-
“We’ve all had such a lovely time today it is a joy to be able to thank our wonderful carers for all that they do They really are heavensent ” On the 27th of June Hickathrift House Care Home is hosting a Carer s Cafe from 10:30am - 12pm The event is for local carers to visit and discuss care and life enrichment for their loved ones with the specialist team at Hickathrift House Students from the local school Marshland St James VC Primary School & Nursery will be singing several songs as an additional treat for all those who attend
they do Paula Colman General Manager said It is so wonderful to be able to celebrate Carers’ Week and thank our spectacular carers with an afternoon celebration in our cafe We have an incredible team at Hickathrift House and I feel it is very important to share
oversees Project ECHO (a worldwide virtual training movement based on the principal of everyone a teacher everyone a learner) Max has also worked to expand the ECHO movement across the UK resulting in over 400 networks established by the 60 organisations trained in echo methodology Max Watson says There are many unsung people working in Palliative Care and in Project ECHO in the UK and across the world who deserve awards more However I deeply appreciate that colleagues have chosen to nominate me in this way for their affirmation and care The true opportunity that such an award offers is to highlight the commitment and dedication of so many people who day and daily seek to reduce suffering and improve the care of those who are most vulnerable
Porter, CEO of Hospice UK says: “We could not be more delighted that Max’s lifetime of service and dedication to palliative and end of life care have been recognised with an MBE Max is an exceptional
who has dedicated his entire career to individuals in need of palliative care and to those dear to them We could not be more proud to count this skilled and compassionate individual and champion for
and hospice care as our friend and colleague at Hospice UK This award could not be more deserved ”

Patient Hygiene Wipes Promote An Individualised Approach To Cleansing For Those Receiving Care

Unigloves Rebrands Its Derma Shield Workplace Skincare System

PERSONAL HYGIENE PAGE 26 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 198 Providing choices for care receivers in how they are cleansed supports independence and wellbeing NICE advise adoption of an individualised approach to healthcare that is tailored to the patient’s needs and circumstances 1 The Conti® range have been developed with personalised care in mind, we believe that those receiving assistance in bathing should be able to participate in decision making around their personal hygiene by being given a range of cleansing options to best suit their individual needs Conti® offers a complete range of cleansing solutions for those receiving bedbound care Conti® wet wipes provide a selection of rinse free products featuring washcloths and shampoo caps for bed bathing hands and face cleansing wipes and plastic free wipes for post toileting The use of these products replaces the need for soap and water practices by providing a pre-dosed cleansing solution which promotes good practice in personal hygiene and infection prevention Conti® multipurpose dry wipes combine strength softness and absorbency to deliver best practice in hygiene through everyday personal care The range has flushable and maceratable plastic free wipes alongside other super soft kind to skin alternatives used with water Using the Conti® wet and dry wipes can provide the following benefits to care facilities; Eliminate cross-contamination - Products have been developed with singleuse in mind Intended to be used individually with one single-use cloth per anatomical region Save time and cost - Research suggests that a waterless bathing system provides a more efficient bathing process, delivering cost and time savings 2 Remove the risk of reusable - Disposable systems offer an alternative that overcome infection prevention and control limitations posed by reusable alternatives 3 Try the range now – request your free samples samples@vernacare com or visit www vernacare com for more information 1 NICE (2021) 2 Owen J (2015 De ivering t me and cost sav ngs through evaluat on of bed bathing practices IPS poster presentat on 3 Hallam C et a (2020)
Hand Protection specialists Unigloves has rebranded its protective workplace skincare system - Derma Shield https://uk unigloves com/collections/derma-shield Designed to protect the skin against common workplace irritants including chemicals detergents oils and greases helping to control the risk of dermatitis Derma Shield can be used across a wide range of workplace environments Safe to use inside gloves the newly rebranded range includes three different sizes of aerosol mousse – 50ml, 150ml, 500ml - and two sizes of lotion –100ml and 1000ml Manufactured to UK medical standards, Derma Shield contains pharmaceutical-grade moisturisers such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which work rapidly to preserve the skin's natural moisture balance Universally safe with a non-greasy finish once applied it remains on the skin for up to 4 hours despite repeated washing and can be used on all areas of the skin including the face “Derma Shield is a proven and trusted barrier solution helping protect the skin against a wide range of workplace skin irritants keeping it moisturised through the working day We are delighted to have updated the branding across the range in line with our range of industrial gloves ” said Unigloves’ MD Chris Wahlers For more information on Unigloves Derma Shield protective skincare range visit https://uk unigloves com/collections/derma-shield

The Importance of Nutrition and Hydration in a Care Home Setting

assistance with eating and drinking skills as well as the provision of meals

With that in mind, it s essential that you re not only aware of the food and drink regulations in place but how you can build on these to improve your offering and services within a care home environment WHAT HAPPENS IF RESIDENTS DON’T RECEIVE THE RIGHT NUTRITION?

With age malnutrition can become more of a concern It s estimated that around 1 in 10 people over the age of 65 are either malnourished, or at risk Changes that the elderly go through can lead to things like a diminished appetite or even a loss of interest in food not to mention

health conditions or changing health needs that can also impact the amount of nutrition a person receives It s important to remember that residents may be a healthy weight but could still not be getting the right nutrients they need Other signs of malnutrition might include things like muscle weakness feeling tired increased falls or even poor wound healing

What s more older people will find it more difficult to absorb vitamin D through sunlight, and so this must be considered in their diet

Similarly older adults can also be a higher risk of becoming dehydrated as they may not recognise the feeling of thirst the way they used to FOOD AND DRINK REGULATIONS FOR CARE HOMES

The Health and Social Care Act of 2008 was brought in to ensure all care home settings registered with the Care Quality Commission and complied with its requirements It’s deemed to be one of the most significant reforms of social care in decades

In particular, Regulation 14 states that the nutritional and hydration needs of residents must be met WHAT CARE HOMES CAN DO

With that in mind it’s important that care homes have the right measures in place to keep residents as healthy as possible when it comes to nutrition and hydration Here are some tips on how carers and kitchen staff can work together to further improve the system in place

Regular assessments: Every resident will have different needs and so by

carrying out frequent assessments you can determine more accurately whether residents are getting what they need from their current meals and drinks This also gives you the chance to identify

Personalised plans:

to allergies medical conditions and also flavour and texture preferences

• Ongoing education: It’s hugely important to carry out regular


or malnourishment It also means they

to help residents improve their health and wellbeing

Emotional support and reassurance In some cases residents may hold back on eating or drinking because of worries with incontinence It’s absolutely pivotal that carers can give the right emotional support and are able to reassure residents on this topic

Nutrition and Hydration Essential To Residents’ Health and Wellbeing

After the successful launch of its SME scheme last October Bidfood one of the UK’s leading foodservice providers, is proud to announce the initial group of suppliers selected through the Open Doors Programme Aimed at small food and beverage suppliers, the Open Doors Programme identifies the most innovative businesses trying to establish themselves within the industry and raises awareness of their products so they can make their mark in wholesale Despite the recent deceleration in inflation the share of small businesses aspiring to grow this year has significantly decreased during the last six months Small businesses within the food sector have shown the biggest drop in confidence that their business will grow at more than 70% [1] As a result Bidfood s Open Doors Programme has continued on its mission to unlock the potential of emerging suppliers supporting their development journey while also providing its customers with first-hand access to some of the most interesting brands out there Following a three-step development journey to nurture champion and finally accelerate the initiative has resulted in seven brands being officially listed with Bidfood along with a selection of their products: Bio&Me – A B-certified brand Bio&Me has a range of handy on-the-go porridges created to support gut health Bio&Me is also part of the ‘Buy Women Built’ community which shines a light on brands built by women Boundless – Using activated ingredients Boundless snacks support gut health and are free from the top 14 allergens They're also members of the ‘Buy Women Built community Flawsome! – Another B-certified brand Flawsome! produces a variety of juices, sparkling fruit waters and health shots made from wonky and surplus fruits Ninju – A true kitchen table start-up Ninju is a range of fruit and vegetable-based children s drinks packaged in 100% recyclable cartons OGGS – Offering a vegan alternative to eggs OGGS is the third B-certified brand out of the newly listed suppliers and will soon be a part of the ‘Buy Women Built community TeaJoy – Designed to serve the growing demand for bubble tea in the UK, TeaJoy’s products are a quick and easy solution to making bubble tea using authentic Jasmine leaves from Taiwan TRIBE – High protein vegan flapjacks with a strong stance against modern slavery Commenting on the newly listed suppliers Sales and Marketing Director at Bidfood UK Tim Adams said: We have made fantastic progress in the past six months from having our first SME supplier conference in October to hosting dozens of guidance sessions to prospective suppliers Now we have seven amazing and inspiring brands listed with us that can work across a variety of sectors Working with Andrew Allen has allowed us to tailor the Open Doors Programme to suit small food and beverage businesses who are still facing some tough market challenges and making their presence known in wholesale “It coincides perfectly with Bidfood’s vision to be a positive force for change and we will continue to be the voice for underrepresented founder groups with incredible brand stories as well as suppliers who offer excellence in carbon reduction and social value We can’t wait for the next six months and what this will bring for more small businesses ” Cathy Mosely, founder of Boundless added: “Open Doors has done exactly what its name promises; opening doors for small brands like Boundless to thrive under expert guidance, in order to reach levels of distribution otherwise impossible for a start-up Through mentorship and unlocking marketing opportunities normally reserved for big corporations, our projected growth with Bidfood is exponential and we re extremely excited for the next 12 months To learn more about the Open Doors Programme and to sign up for the ODP newsletter visit here: https://www bidfood co uk/about-us/open-doors/ Bidfood Reveals Its First Group of Listed Suppliers on the Path To Acceleration Through its SME scheme, Open Doors Spring has officially sprung! And with the weather getting warmer it won t be long before summer comes knocking at the door But while we look forward to greeting the much beloved warmer months with open arms an element of caution must also be granted within care homes The summer days present new opportunities for residents such as el fresco dining outdoor afternoon tea or simply a few strolls in the fresh air However, to ensure that residents can enjoy these luxuries safely, care operators must make certain considerations Nutrition and hydration are essential to residents health and wellbeing and can help prevent malnutrition and dehydration which if not carefully monitored can occur in hot weather In fact The Food Standards Agency recommends at least 6-8 glasses of fluids every day with evidence suggesting that good hydration can help to prevent falls constipation pressure sores blood pressure problems and headaches Sometimes residents are reluctant to drink or may simply forget meaning care operators need to be on the ball and find other ways to increase fluid intake One way to help residents drink plenty of water and stay hydrated is to bring residents and staff together! Get creative and have some fun whilst helping to address this important topic why not get your residents to make and stick posters around their care home highlighting the importance of staying healthy and reminding others to drink regularly? Or perhaps turn it into a competition encouraging residents to keep a tally on how many glasses of water they can drink throughout the week with a winner announced at the end But it isn t enough to just serve cups of water to your residents throughout the day Incorporating drinks into the activities and social events you have going on in your care home is a great way to support residents with hydration from afternoon tea to happy hour! For an added layer of hydration, do a round of hot and cold drinks in the morning and evening to ensure residents receive their daily fluid intake, with staff always on hand for those who need assistance And don t just stop at the staff in your care home encourage any family or friends visiting to offer and have a drink with their loved one As well as the drinks you re offering it s important to develop a well-balanced but deliciously good menu with an array of dishes that are high in water content The likes of cucumber watermelon celery and lettuce are high in water content and make great salads when tossed in a tasty dressing And for something sweet after why not offer round some jelly or make up a fruit salad for event more water For more on nutrition and hydration as well as our other support tools for the care sector visit this link https://www bidfood co uk/care-homes/
For any of us, maintaining a good, balanced diet is key to maintaining health and general well-being However for the elderly in a care home setting it s absolutely crucial Many residents will be reliant on carers to provide the right amount of nutrition and hydration as part of their holistic care What s more some residents will also require
issues or changes in requirements and address it accordingly
too This can be critical to ensure an enjoyable mealtime and offer a more encouraging environment for residents to eat and drink
at mealtimes: This can be particularly crucial if residents have trouble swallowing
eating, as you’ll need to support and supervise when necessary However it can be helpful even for those who don t experience this This is because you can observe and monitor how they
whether they have any addi-
Being able to offer personalised meal plans means that you’ll be better equipped to meet the residents dietary requirements Not only this but it also means that you can meet their needs in regards
are with using
tional needs that you could assist
better placed
education so that carers can continue to recognise the signs of dehydration
can be


The Importance of Proper Laundr y Practices in Care Environments

Laundry is one of the major cleaning and hygiene challenges for care homes

For care homes maintaining impeccable cleanliness is more than a routine task; it is a vital responsibility The elderly and those with compromised health are particularly susceptible to infections making rigorous hygiene standards essential Professional laundry systems are engineered to meet these stringent requirements ensuring that every piece of linen from bed sheets to residents' clothing is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized

Unlike domestic machines commercial laundry systems are designed to handle large volumes with consistent efficacy They maintain precise water temperatures and use specialized detergents capable of eradicating harmful pathogens This level of thoroughness is crucial in environments where the risk of infection is high MINIMISING INFECTIONS AND CROSS-CONTAMINATION

Infection control is a critical concern in care homes Pathogens such as MRSA E coli and norovirus pose significant threats to residents Professional laundry systems play a key role in mitigating these risks by incorporating advanced features designed to prevent cross-contamination Barrier washers for instance have separate compartments for dirty and clean laundry ensuring that contaminants are contained and do not spread to freshly laundered items

Programmable wash cycles in these systems can be tailored to different textile types and soil levels, optimizing the disinfection process Furthermore innovations like ozone technology enhance sanitization while allowing for lower temperature washes, preserving fabric quality and extending the life of linens THE ROLE OF TRAINING AND SAFETY

Effective laundry management in care homes extends beyond the machines themselves Proper training for staff is critical to ensure that laundry processes are carried out safely and effectively Understanding how to use detergents correctly is a key aspect of this training Professional laundry detergents are formu-

lated to be both powerful against germs and safe for sensitive skin but improper use can diminish their effectiveness or even pose safety hazards

Staff must be trained in the correct handling and dosing of these detergents to maximize their benefits while ensuring safety Additionally, training on the use of laundry equipment helps prevent operational errors and promotes adherence to hygiene protocols


In conclusion the importance of best laundry practices in care homes cannot be overstated By implementing effective laundry procedures care facilities can safeguard the health and well-being of residents maintain a clean and hygienic environment, and ultimately enhance the quality of care provided Prioritising proper laundry practices is a fundamental aspect of upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and ensuring the comfort and safety of individuals in care homes

P&G Professional have a suite of well-known and respected products across the sector for powerful cleaning and lower operational costs

Ariel Professional Washing Powder Antibacterial is a professional detergent specially formulated to deliver excellent stain removal and deep down cleaning at low temperature Ariel Professional delivers unrivalled cleaning and antibacterial protection at low temperatures and with short washing cycles thereby reducing energy and time costs whilst still getting things clean There is also an added benefit in that many P&G Professional products have similar names and smells as their domestic ranges giving a feeling of comfort and familiarity to residents and their families

Hygiene and infection control is vital and at the top of the agenda for care homes but we can be comforted to know we are going into battle with some of the most reliable and scientifically proven products that P&G Professional have developed with their unparalleled experience of engaging with the care sector and with the most comprehensive scientific rigour

Revolutionising Care Home Laundr y: The Genius Choice

PAGE 30 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 198 At Forbes Professional we understand the critical role that dependable laundry facilities play in the daily operations of any care home As a trusted industry partner we provide a reliable multi-award winning support that encompasses both reactive and preventative services for commercial laundry appliances We offer a range of servicing options; whether you opt for our comprehensive Complete Care rental solution or purchase with maintenance or simply a service contract for your existing machines we can accommodate your requirements We understand the importance of ensuring that your care home fully complies with all the relevant industry and health and safety regulations As such we can also offer gas-certification for your existing machines as well as our rented or maintained appliances ensuring that your operation is in accordance with Regulation 35 of the Gas Safety Regulations 1998 As a supplier and service partner for Miele, Primus, SpeedQueen, Heusbsch and many leading brands, we bring you unparalleled expertise and access to genuine parts ensuring that your equipment receives the highest standard of care At Forbes we have an expansive team of in-house qualified electrical and gas engineers allowing us to deliver a consistent level of service With a nationwide network coordinated from our headquarters in Surrey our engineers provide a swift and efficient support All our vans carry key components and spare parts and are tracked to enable us to assign calls according to our engineers proximity to site With our extensive reach across the UK, we ensure that wherever your care home operates our skilled engineers are just a call away Our commitment to a rapid response means minimal downtime for your laundry operations which we know is key to keeping your care home running smoothly Whether you rent lease or purchase laundry equipment it is important to secure a reliable partner for regular machine servicing That not only helps maintain optimal performance of the laundry appliances, it also prolongs the equipment s life expectancy Furthermore proactive and preventative maintenance helps to reduce costly repairs and disruptions as well as reducing waste and minimising your carbon footprint With almost 100 years’ service experience, you can trust Forbes to support your care home and help you maintain stringent hygiene standards www forbespro co uk info@forbes-professional co uk 0345 070 2335 Forbes Professional: Your Trusted Laundr y Ser vices Partner Ensuring clean and comfortable clothes and bedding for care home residents is a fundamental requirement, alongside the imperative of achieving 100% effective laundry disinfection An increasing number of care homes are also choosing to clean and finish staff workwear and uniforms in their on-premise laundry In today s landscape managing operating costs and enhancing sustainability essential necessitating a focus on reducing laundry energy and water consumption While all washing machines may appear similar at first glance, the latest advancements in smart technology have transformed the landscape Girbau s GS7 Genius Internet-enabled washer range sets a new standard for energy efficiency and innovation with capacities ranging from 9 to 32kg The next-generation washers are engineered to minimize water detergent and energy usage while maximizing productivity With a high spin speed capable of achieving up to 450G extract force they ensure remarkable water extraction faster drying and reduced energy consumption For a typical machine completing eight cycles per day the saving can be as much as £725 a year based on an electricity price of 25p per kWh The tangible benefits are significant By reducing drying time by at least 10% and cutting drying energy consumption by up to 30% the Genius GS7018 sets a new benchmark for efficiency Compared to leading competitors it consumes substantially less energy per load cycle translating to substantial annual savings
an optional integral weighing system ensures precise load measurement automatically adjusting programs to optimize cycle time, minimize water and chemical usage, and enhance productivity Durability and programmability are further hallmarks of Genius washers which also offer automatic chemical dosing The innovative Care Plus Drum extends linen life and minimizes tangling while ergonomic design features such as a wide door opening facilitate easier loading and unloading The user-friendly 10-inch colour touch screen is designed to work with gloved hands Girbau's Sapphire remote-control software enables seamless management production reporting and real-time data analysis from any device ensuring operational efficiency and compliance with thermal disinfection protocols essential for care homes For energy efficient drying Girbau s superbly engineered ED series dryers ensure all items are dried safely uniformly efficiently and cost-effectively Their
lower energy costs Cabinet insulation
Tel: 01462 427780 Email: sales uk@girbau com Website: www girbau com
unique Transflow technology combines radial and axial airflow for maximum efficiency, reduced cycle times and
and a double-glazed door also prevent heat escaping


The Transformative Role of Music in Care Communities

In life where memories intertwine with the present there's a profound need for companionship understanding and support – especially for those navigating the complexities of dementia We know that Dementia isn t just a medical condition; it s a complicated journey for over 90 000 people in Scotland today marked by profound emotional upheaval and huge uncertainty As such we believe that approaches to this delicate type of care must transcend clinical protocols and embrace the little things when it comes to human experience For example music!

When the rhythm of life slows to a gentle rhythm in the quiet corridors of care facilities, music can be a powerful force and breathe vibrancy and vitality into the lives of those who need it most What we have found is that for those navigating the complexities of dementia, the role of music

surpasses mere entertainment it becomes a lifeline A conduit for connection and a source of comfort

In my time in my role I personally have witnessed first-hand the great impact of music in nurturing mental physical and emotional wellbeing among the 3 500 people benefiting from our Dementia Day Care Services every year We have all been exposed to music in some way in our lives –whether by listening to recordings playing an instrument attending concerts or dancing From lively sing-alongs to serene music therapy sessions partaking in a symphony of experiences when living with dementia can awaken hidden memories, stir dormant emotions and reignite feelings of joy and camaraderie

In fact a study comparing standard care to regular singing or music listening sessions over 10 weeks in 89 people with dementia (type not specified) music sessions improved general cognition (MMSE score) attention and executive function compared to standard care Singing appeared to evoke personal remote memories by increasing recall of names of children friends and immediate short story recall

One of our flagship programmes the Music Wellbeing Programme stands as a testament to the power of communal music-making Led by talented musicians and dedicated staff members this dementia-inclusive activity serves as a sanctuary where residents and caregivers alike gather to share stories create melodies and forge lasting connections Through familiar tunes, we witness the emergence of radiant smiles, the tapping of feet, and the stirring of long-forgotten memories, as residents reclaim moments of joy and belonging Music really does serve as a universal language for us all overcoming factors such as age cognition and physical ability

Could your centre or service partner with local entertainers or other community organisations to incorporate music within your care community? From lively dance performances to intimate acoustic sessions these

collaborative endeavours create an environment with an infectious energy, lifting spirits and fostering a sense of collective celebration

The Eric Liddell Community stands as a centre of hope, redefining the landscape of dementia care with innovation compassion, and inclusivity Our namesake – a Scottish legend, sports person and missionary – strived to create a world where no one felt isolated or alone Where every individual's journey is met with dignity and respect

Based on the substantial evidence that music offers numerous health benefits we’d highly recommend that your establishment considers introducing music entertainment and community engagement Together we can all create moments of joy connection and meaning for those who need it most

Recreo VR - Bringing a Change of Scener y to Care

Recreo VR’s innovative service has been proven to enhance the mental and social well-being of those living with dementia through person-centered virtual experiences Our headsets are a fun and exciting way to personalize care enhance activities and improve the quality of life of your residents

We partner with the Alzheimer’s Society and our service has been co-designed with those affected by dementia offering an intuitive VR interface for carers to select experiences and environments that are meaningful, engaging, and suitable for residents to enjoy In a recent evaluation of our product with over 100 people living with dementia 97% of residents engaged with our headsets 86% said they enjoyed it and wanted to access VR more in their care Our headsets also helped residents recall memories improved mood and wellbeing over

efficiently calmed distressed residents and de-escalate
VR is
can be really effective during one-to-ones in group sessions alongside themed activities and in reminiscence sessions All headsets come with our full support and training to help integrate VR into your everyday care plans and activities For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact us at info@recreovr co uk or give us a call at 01482 526940 Visit our website at www recreovr co uk to discover the possibilities that Recreo VR can unlock for your care facility
sustained periods of time, and quickly and
challenging behaviors
an impactful activity and
By Paul Drury, Chief Operating Officer at The Eric Liddell Community (

Coordinate Activities For Elderly People and Seniors with Hashtag Quiz


✓ Simplicity Skip the complicated setups No Ethernet cables or equipment authorisation required Just sign in and start playing

✓ Ready-to-Go Entertainment: Access a plethora of quizzes without the last-minute rush to find or produce questions Just search select and play

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and did I mention traditional (and Party) Bingo as well as Play Your Cards Right is included within the software subscription!

Be part of a growing community of quiz lovers in care homes, who've upgraded their game with HQ FM Pub Quiz Software

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Music for Health: Enhancing Lives Through Musical Workshops INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES

Founded in 2001 Music for Health has been making significant strides in improving the well-being of residents in Care Homes and Nursing Homes across England and Wales These workshops are thoughtfully designed to engage participants in a variety of activities including dancing with instruments singalongs and interactive quizzes

The program s multifaceted approach is particularly beneficial for residents suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's Music known for its therapeutic properties provides a stimulating environment that promotes both physical and mental activity Dancing helps improve motor skills and coordination while the rhythmic aspects of music can trigger memory and emotional responses providing a sense of familiarity and comfort

Sing-alongs create a communal atmosphere encouraging social interaction and reducing feelings of isolation The quizzes not only entertain but also stimulate cognitive function challenging the brain and helping to maintain mental acuity

Overall, Music for Health’s workshops offer a holis-

tic approach to care ensuring that elderly residents remain active engaged and socially connected By bringing the joy of music into care homes this initiative continues to make a profound impact on the lives of many fostering a sense of community and wellbeing

To expand our reach and impact Music for Health is currently recruiting more Area Directors to join our team across the United Kingdom If you have a passion for music and a desire to make a difference in the lives of others, we encourage you to contuct us and help us bring the healing power of music to more communities

Contact Carl on 07712 669456, email musicforhealthrecruitment@gmail com or visit www musicforhealthteam co uk

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Activities to Share

Tired of the same old song and dance when it comes to planning engaging activities? Well fear not! Activities to Share is here to sprinkle some excitement into your daily routine

If you ve been feeling like you re stuck in a creative rut we ve got the antidote Picture this a wonderland of activity ideas free downloads that are basically the golden ticket to fun and a treasure trove of products that'll make your heart skip a beat (in a good way)

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The Role Of Memor y Lane Games In Person-Centred Care Planning

Digital therapeutics can be effective and efficient tools to enhance and support care plans in many different ways including intervention and management of physical well-being cognitive stimulation emotional and mental health and clinical monitoring

Memory Lane Games as an example uses therapeutic interventions driven by specialized software that helps those living with dementia and their care teams manage specific needs and improve clinical outcomes through dementia-specific games The app is an adaptive solution which is tailored over time to individual needs More specifically it makes for more effective care delivery in the following ways

Creating Engagement by employing personalised and localised games to not only trigger positive memories but also foster improved socialisation address social isolation and improve communication and understanding of a person s likes dislikes and needs

Supporting health equity with multinational multicultural multi language localised content

Through its ava lability and portab lity the app can be employed at a moment’s notice, when it is most

inspiration? We ve got your back Looking for activities tailored to different abilities? We ve got that covered too! But wait there s more! We ve teamed up with carers and activity coordinators across the land to ensure that every product and idea we offer is top-notch and practically oozing with fun And if you ve got a creative itch that needs scratching we re here to help you bring your unique ideas to life! So don't let boredom sneak in Join us on this adventure of "going the extra smile" because let's face it smiles are the best currency around here See all of the above here at www activitiestoshare co uk
needed such as during periods of agitation or sundowning Operated on Apple and Android tablets and smartphones it doesn t even need an internet connection once set up When connected to a TV it can also be used as a group activity Support for the caregiver in the form of bite-sized guidance videos created by dementia nurses and Speech and Language Therapists are built in and can be accessed anytime Back office data reporting incorporates a Reminiscence Journal for each user This attractive document covering an individual s activity can be emailed to famil es or printed and added to care plans to demonstrate person-centred care and help with introduction of new staff In Clinical Trial: 92% of carers felt the app made them more relaxed & 67% felt it made them happier! If you are interested in learning more about why care facilities dementia programs in-home carers and families around the United Kingdom United States and Canada are using Memory Lanes Games to support personalised care plans please contact us at HereToHelp@MemoryLaneGames com or visit our stand F30 at the Alzheimer s and Dementia Show
For Dementia

Timeless Presents - Enhancing Lives Through Connection and Engagement

After her father s passing from Alzheimer s Sharon Daltrey and her husband Chris founded Timeless Presents a company devoted to encouraging engagement and communication for those living with dementia by promoting cognitive stimulation emotional engagement and sensory assistance Drawing from their personal experiences and informed by the challenges her father faced, Sharon and Chris embarked on a mission to make a difference in the lives of individuals currently living with dementia The Activity Coordinator at Forbury Residential Home had this to say “We won some prizes in a competition and our residents really enjoyed them The Curiosity Box is amazing for one of our residents who continually claps her hands Since having the Curiosity Box she has been occupied with it and engaged in a meaningful way Our residents are also loving the puzzles and coloring books Thank you so much for giving our residents a better quality of life At Timeless Presents Sharon and Chris are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that promote meaningful interaction and enhance quality of life for individuals with dementia By adopting principles discovered during her father s later stages of Alzheimer s and incorporating current research, Timeless Presents designs familiar and accessible activities that inspire reminiscence and positive practices without requiring any training For example their Sentimental Seaside Puzzle’ is a familiar activity that has been adapted to overcome sensory difficulties that those with dementia may have while incorporating a vibrant design that is familiar and may prompt conversation and reminiscence In a significant milestone Timeless Presents recently achieved accredi-

Focus Games - Game Based Training for Ever y Situation

tation from the internationally renowned Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) for three products being the first time that they had assessed any activities This accreditation underscores the company s commitment to creating dementia-inclusive products that meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness They will be exhibiting at stand A16 at The Alzheimer s & Dementia Show on 14-15th June 2024 where you will be able to meet them see their products and get a first look at their Timeless Train Set prototype With a focus on accessibility and impact Timeless Presents aims to empower individuals with dementia and their caregivers to navigate the challenges of dementia with dignity and joy Through their innovative approach and dedication to excellence Timeless Presents is shaping the future of dementia care one meaningful interaction at a time 07936 408

New Award-Winning Seated Dance Activity Programme

ACTIVITIES LEADING THE WAY: Enhancing Lives through connection and engagement 07936 408 941 Accredited by the Dementia Ser vices Design Centre, our designs are engineered to empower individuals facing cognitive and sensor y challenges, to foster meaningful connections and enhance their quality of life
941 connect@timelesspresents com www timelesspresents com
Dancing for Health CIC are offering a FREE 7 day trial of their Award-winning Online Seated Dance Programme This new physical activity programme is specifically suitable for older or disabled people in health and social care settings The programme is a digital intervention with evidence based proven benefits in both physical and mental wellbeing With just a push of a button your staff can access our pre-recorded videos through our website members’ platform All the activity content is included in our programme, which will save your staff time in developing their own content and enable them to offer a new and fun activity that meets clients’ wellbeing needs They only have to join in the routines with the clients to encourage engagement The platform allows unlimited access It is person centred as the sessions can be tailored each time and participants can choose their favourite routines It can be used for individual clients or delivered in a group setting We offer a variety of music genres and different tempos Pick and choose the tracks suitable for your clients New routines are added regularly The programme is affordable and cost effective with prices starting from only £29 99 per month Single and group subscription packages available We also offer staff training options where your staff are supported through our accredited training programme Visit www dancingforhealth org uk Focus Games are the leading game developers focused on education for healthcare staff and patients Game-based learning is an innovative approach to education that leverages the principles of games to create engaging and interactive learning experiences This approach has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to motivate learners and improve retention rates Healthcare staff can benefit significantly from game-based learning, as it can help them acquire new knowledge and skills in a fun and engaging way The key benefits of gamebased learning for all healthcare staff are: 1 Enhanced engagement 2 Improved knowledge retention
Safe learning environment 4 Customizable learning experience 5 Collaborative learning With over 20 years of experience we have developed games aimed at improving knowledge and outcomes and have won numerous awards for our innovative approach Visit our website to learn about over 150 existing games, or get in touch to discuss creating a unique game or simulation to meet your needs We also have a unique commercialisation model which means your game idea can also be a revenue generator Find out more at www focusgames com or see the advert on the front cover of this issue

A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Falls Among Elderly Residents: A Nursing and Operational Perspective

As the Director of Operations and Commissioning at Langdale Care Homes, and a seasoned nurse with over 20 years in the healthcare industry, I have witnessed first-hand the challenges posed by falls among elderly residents It is a subject close to my heart, and I feel it is of utmost importance to share our comprehensive and sensitive approach to this matter

Falls can have devastating effects on the physical, mental, and emotional health of our elderly residents leading to injury hospitalisation and a decline in confidence and independence However they are not an inevitable part of ageing With effective strategies and due diligence we can significantly reduce the risk and impact of falls Our approach is rooted in individualised care Each resident is unique and so too are their risks and vulnerabilities A thorough and personalised risk assessment is the cornerstone of our falls management strategy The assessment covers a wide range of areas from physical health mobility and medication to environmental factors within the home

In terms of physical health we pay keen attention to conditions known to increase fall risk such as poor vision arthritis and neurological impairments Regular health check-ups coupled with personalised exercise programmes to improve strength and balance have proven highly effective Our team works closely with residents ensuring they feel comfortable and confident in performing these exercises

Medication can also significantly influence fall risk As a nurse I understand the complex interactions between various drugs and how they can affect balance and coordination Therefore we regularly review residents'

Fall Savers - Affordable Fall Monitoring Solutions

medication regimes liaising with GPs and Pharmacists to ensure any potential risks are mitigated We also recognise the essential role of the environment in falls prevention Simple adjustments like improving lighting, reducing clutter and installing grab bars can make a significant difference We continuously assess our home's environment to ensure it is as safe and supportive as possible Communication, I believe, is at the heart of successful falls management It involves regular dialogue between our team residents, and their families We encourage our residents to express their fears and concerns regarding falls empowering them to take an active role in their care Education is another pillar of our approach We provide ongoing training to our staff, ensuring they are up to date with the latest evidence-based practices in falls prevention This includes understanding the complex interplay of factors contributing to falls and how to respond effectively when a fall does occur
have actively participated in falls management projects like the Winn Care Cushions and ISTUMBLE pilot These innovative initiatives use advanced technology to prevent falls and minimise their impact enhancing quality of life for residents I have also attended the Derbyshire provider forum trainings on Falls Prevention equipping me with essential knowledge and skills My involvement not only aids in proactive falls prevention but also in providing effective empathetic responses when falls occur This continuous learning and improvement in falls management ensures optimal support and care for our residents Through our robust falls management strategy we have seen a significant reduction in falls alongside an improvement in our residents confidence and quality of life However we never rest on our laurels We continuously strive to learn improve and innovate driven by our commitment to providing the highest quality care to our residents at Langdale Care Homes In conclusion managing falls among elderly residents requires a comprehensive individualised and proactive approach It involves regular risk assessments environmental modifications effective communication and ongoing education As care providers it is our duty to ensure our residents can live their lives with dignity independence and confidence In doing so we not only reduce the risk and impact of falls but also enhance the overall wellbeing of our residents The journey to effective falls management is ongoing but with each step we take we move closer to our goal of a safer happier and healthier home for our elderly residents
- BSN (Band 8): Director of Operations and Commissioning, Langdale Care Homes Group (www langdalecarehomes co uk)
MONITORING Fall Savers® are an experienced market leading healthcare provider of resident safety solutions for over 15 years FALL SAVERS ® WIRELESS MONITOR Eliminate all cables with our new generation falls management solutions! Upgrade your falls programme with the latest technology from Fall Savers® The NEW Fall Savers® Wireless eliminates the cord between the monitor and sensor pad This results in less work for nursing staff improved safety for patients and reduced wear and tear on sensor pads Wireless advantages include the ability to use one monitor with two sensor pads simultaneously and support for many new wireless devices BENEFITS INCLUDE: Safer for patients; less work for staff Bed and chair pads available One monitor works w th two sensor pads Integrates w th most nurse call systems A variety of options including: Call button Pager Floor sensor mat Wireless door/window exit alerts TREADNOUGHT ®FLOOR SENSOR PAD The TreadNought® Floor Sensor Pad is built to last with a durable construction that far out lasts the competition Our anti-bacterial floor sensor pad is compatible with most nurse call systems or can be used with a portable pager to sound an alert when a person steps on to the sensor pad Caregivers typically place the sensor pad at the bedside, in a doorway or other locations to monitor persons at risk for falls or wandering An optional anti-slip mesh reduces the potential for slippage on hard surface floors FEATURES INCLUDE: Connects directly to most nurse call systems High Quality anti-bacterial Floor Sensor Pad Large S ze Pad Measures (L) 91cm x (H) 61cm Options (sold separately): Anti-slip mesh for hard surface floors See the advert on this page for further details or visit www fallsavers co uk
Elena Martin


Reducing Falls with Bide

Dr Tom Adler was a GP for 30 years He often witnessed the devastating effects of accidental falls on the faller their carers and also the resource implications for the NHS and Social Care



“Although there were many innovations

Stay Safe with Smart Wireless Nurse Call




and other more local issues which have driven up the rate of inflation over the last few years The impact of this meant that most manufacturers of electronic products had to increase their prices as costs spiralled This of course has impacted the end user The most dramatic impact has been on the Care Industry An industry that has lacked the support it desperately needs in these trying times

Courtney Thorne at the same time took a strategic decision to take a close look at our core products right down to component level the objective being to make us less vulnerable to future global supply chain issues, and to reduce the cost of each product with the amin of ensuring that we deliver the same high quality product at a cost protected price We had to ensure that this would happen without jeopar-

dising the superb levels of support we provide to our valued customer base

This ground up review involved all departments from Research and Development right through to the Field Service team (and everything in-between) This in-depth collaboration took time as we had to ensure that each and every element was refined perfected and tested to our (and our customers) rigorous requirements Whilst many organisations have limited-time or end of product line offers we are very pleased to announce a price reduction on our core Connect and Connect Health Nurse Call system ranges With flexible terms full integration with Care Apps celebrated service delivery and the most reliable and robust solution now at a new lower price there has never been a better time to talk to us about a new nurse call system For more information email us at: info@c-t co uk or see the advert on this page

Reducing nighttime falls for your loved ones

33% of accidental falls are at night

• Automatically plays voice messages to remind loved ones to take care when they wake up

• Lights up gently to help navigating in the dark

• Suitable for use at home and in care homes


• “David, take your time before you stand up, we love you”

• “Don’t get out of bed Emma Press your buzzer, we’ll come and help you”

Simple installation:

1 Plug into power socket

2. Record up to 5 personalised voice messages

3. Place by bedside

Peace of mind for you, independence for your loved ones.

Tel: 0114 437 1298 Email: hello@getbide com Website:

are most common in our older populations and those living with frailty Falls are also three times more frequent in care homes A third of falls occur at nighttime and in the care
tor, these can be triggered by low blood pressure, medication issues, disorientation, mobility issues, confusion, dementia, and unfamiliarity with surroundings I felt that something had to change!
aimed at detecting falls once they had occurred there was little to prevent the falls in the first place It was at that moment that the idea for Bide was born Bide is our simple to set up and use bedside device aimed to prevent falls and provide user and carer reassurance Light and motion sensors detect that the user is awake then Bide plays prerecorded voice messages from the carer or loved-one encouraging them to stay safer “User feedback has been fantastic and we’re very excited about future opportunities as we scale Bide within the care sector ” www getbide com
have all seen the effects
the post pandemic
of supply chain problems with the invasion of
alarming global factors



Crash Mats Designed to Reduce Injuries from Bed Falls

Blaucomm Ltd - Telecommunications & Networks

Blaucomm’s Nurse Call

Messaging Service (NMS) is the market leading solution to remove the dependency on noisy nurse call panels and pagers, through its intelligent software which delivers the alerts straight to the care staff who need them Care homes are rapidly introducing smartphones for digital care planning and eMarnow the same devices can be used to receive the nurse call alerts they need for the residents under their care

Furthermore Blaucomm NMS is deeply linked into Person Centred Software MCM so call bell data is linked straight to care plans This unlocks a huge benefit to care homes to enhance the staff performance with how they accept and respond to residents which ultimately promotes better response times and visibility for management to audit their performance

The best part is that Blaucomm NMS links into your existing nurse call system - we work with all major

We find Blaucomm is a genuinely fantastic company with a reliable product

One Call Systems have developed one of the most reliable streamlined wireless nurse call systems on the market The rechargeable technology, water-resistant casings, and long-range radio capabilities set us apart

At the heart of the innovative Nursecall system is the One Call Display Panel which runs on an efficient internal radio network Designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability The Display Panel allows staff to view live calls instantly Qualified installers will set up your system quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum benefits

With the ability to connect to the internet you can easily monitor your Home's call records from anywhere The panel is completely configurable from the display allowing you to customize your Home's settings to your preferences Trust our innovative system to provide the safety and efficiency your Home’s needs

The One Call Room Units are designed to withstand the rigours of your busy care environment There are five alternative versions - Pear push lead Pull Cords Out of Bed Door monitor and Leadless Units that you can choose from that best suit your needs

Watertight casings and fitted rechargeable batteries mean that you can rest assured that the units can be easily washed and will provide reliable service for up to 2 years on a single charge

The Call Logging system is designed to meet the safety and care requirements of Care Homes and nursing facilities The digital solution ensures complete and accurate logging of every call to prove evidence of care This invaluable tool ensures the safety of your residents

The Call Logging system is a must-have for any Care Home that wants to ensure they are providing the best possible care

Onecall provides the ability to monitor response times attendance duration and which Carer has attended which call You can be sure that you have complete oversight of your care provision Not only does this system provide valuable evidence of care, but it also helps to motivate and encourage staff to continue providing an exceptional level of care

brands such as Aidcall ARM Courtney Thorne, C-TEC, ENS Intercall, Medicare, SAS and TeleAlarm Care operators are constantly recognising Blaucomm
for its reliability
dependability to their care operations which is why we ve been chosen time and
other solutions
time again over
Head of IT Trudi Harrow at
Care had this to say about Blaucomm NMS
replace expensive
loud nurse call screens!”
out more about Blaucomm NMS visit
blaucomm co uk/healthcare See the advert on the front cover for more details
"We would highly recommend
who wants to
pagers and
those annoyingly
To find
PAGE 40 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 198 Medpage Limited has collaborated with a leading UK manufacturer of crash mats to deliver a cost-effective tool for falls management strategies The inclusion of the new TumbleCare full-length pressure mat sensor ensures that should a patient tumble out of bed an alarm signal is generated to alert care staff to the incident, resulting in a recordable improvement to patient safety and service Crash mats act as a protective barrier absorbing the impact of a fall and reducing the risk of serious injuries when a person tumbles out of bed Beneficial for individuals who are at high risk of falling such as older adults patients recovering from surgery or those with neurological conditions such as epilepsy Falls can pose significant risks especially in healthcare settings and senior care facilities Every year thousands of people suffer injuries due to falls from beds and other furniture To prevent these accidents and ensure the safety of patients and residents, it is essential to implement effective falls and safety management strategies Further details can be obtained by telephoning 01536 264 869 or emailing sales@easylinkuk co uk See the advert on page 2 for details
Please email info@onecallsystems co uk or call 01252 448137 www onecallsystems co uk


Mainteno Facilities Management Software

Envivo Group is at the forefront of care and support sector driving innovation that enables people to live lives full of choices and opportunities They have 202 locations that are now using Mainteno Facilities Management software

“Our experience with Mainteno at TLC/Envivo Group has been really positive already Since its roll-out it has shown real and measurable benefits and has had a marked impact on the workload and assurance of our operations team

"We can now raise issues whether large or minor almost the instant they are spotted We can denote the priority with which they need to be tackled and track the progress of works to rectify them It has reduced almost completely the need to be directly contacting people to resolve issues which was an almost daily occurrence It has been obvious that the streamlined approach that it provides helps in prioritising works for maintenance teams and contractors, gives them plenty of detailed information as to the

exact issue and has given us an evidence base to show that issues are resolved in a consistent and effective timeframe

"The details that are available once a job is logged are invaluable to us as managers to assure ourselves that issues are not forgotten

PASS supports over 1 000 care providers every day giving them access to market leading care management tools hand in hand with unlimited 24/7/365 support from our dedicated and friendly PASS team

Assured by NHS Transformation Directorate PASS provides a secure platform that allows you to plan record and evidence the care you deliver The only assured solution built specifically for the home care sector it provides comprehensive real-time functionality and allows you to share progress against outcomes with customisable exportable reports CARE PLANNING AND ROSTERING FROM A SINGLE PLATFORM

To meet the wider needs of the PASS community

All-in-one PASS has recently been launched bringing advanced rostering functionality to our established digital care planning platform As a result advanced staff scheduling payroll and invoicing functionality is now seamlessly linked with care planning and reporting reducing the technical complexity risk and overhead associated with integrating two separate systems

As a result PASS now provides an all-in-one suite of digital care management tools available from a single platform designed to:

Save you time

• Increase the efficiency of your teams

Improve the quality of care

Deliver better outcomes


Our commitment to the continual evolution of PASS is further illustrated by the addition of GP

Connect The first product of its type to offer this feature PASS is still one of only a handful of digital care management solutions to have completed this NHS Digital integration, and is the only one offering it to the home care market

PASS GP Connect provides authorised social care staff with realtime access to their client s GP records

It makes medical information available when and where it is needed leading to improvements in both care safety and outcomes

Visibility of allergies vaccinations and medications especially useful for clients unable to reliably share their personal information

Using medical information to inform care planning

Ensuring that the right medication is delivered to the right person in the timeliest manner In one case this allowed the administration of antibiotics on a Friday evening aiding the service user s swift recovery from nfection

Available to all PASS users at no additional cost, PASS GP Connect is significantly more efficient than waiting for a GP response It s also a positive step forward on the path to the DHSC s goal for widespread digitally enabled care and is in full alignment with their ambition for joined up care for everyone Get in touch

www everylifetechnologies com hello@everylifetechnoloiges com

We can evidence to regulators etc that there are plans to rectify any outstand-
they may pick up I've been very impressed with the details that are passed back to me
the platform as works are ongoing
to be a valuable
tasks in a logical
a site of our size and complexity especially a toolkit with this level of effectivity and scope has been an incredible help ” Group Facilities Manager sales@redro uk www mainteno com 4 Asset tracking and value reporting 4 Invoice management 4 Add multiple images and documents 4 Detailed analytical reporting 4 Dashboard reporting showing live status of all tasks 4 Management of all planned maintenance schedules 4 Compliance testing and inspections 4 Traffic light detailed reporting for audit purpose 4 Audit reporting 4 Can be used for help desk 4 Vehicle insurance and MOT scheduled reminders 4 Supplier performance management and reporting 4 Warranty and insurance management 4 Can be used on any web enabled device 4 Link tasks to calendar 4 Create check lists for compliance purposes 4 Contractors Quotes and Invoice Management 4 Contractor Login upload function THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 198 | PAGE 41
are completed It's proved
reference to ensure that we are not
up requests working through
way and also to confirm the completion of works
Pass by

Alleviating Pain in Care Homes - Prevalence of Pain in Care Homes

Over 425 000 people live in Care Homes in the UK Many have significant longterm health problems Some 65% have dementia, reduced cognitive functioning, and difficulties with communication Studies estimate that at least one-third of the Care Home population live with, and experience pain

Care Home residents with cognitive and speech disorders are at a higher risk of living with pain and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) that affect muscles bones and joints

The Care Act 2014 emphasises the importance of measuring and improving the wellbeing of social care users However, there is no standard method of measuring quality of life in Care Homes nor are there ways to measure aspects of health such as pain, anxiety, or depression

The consensus is that pain is often under-recognised and under-treated in care homes

However pain is a subjective experience and cannot be adequately measured which is why mainstream approaches rely on self-reporting A key challenge to carers managing these experiences is the high proportion of residents who live with dementia


Thermal imaging or thermography is a non-invasive complementary diagnostic approach that creates a high-definition thermal map of your body (thermogram) Thermograms illustrate temperature patterns consistent with inflammation Inflammation is a vital part of the immune system s response to injury and infec-


The appearance and location of thermal patterns helps to identify regions and sources of pain based on levels and differences in temperature and hence thermography can be used to diagnose pain objectively - invaluable when the resident is unable to communicate effectively

Thermography can also detect the source of pain and inflammation surrounding bone fractures entrapped nerves muscular trigger points and arthritis It enables the early detection of pressure injuries before any visible signs and provides diagnostic information indispensable in helping to arrive at identifying the sources of pain and an accurate diagnosis

Early detection of the source of the problem allows practitioners and residents to design a proactive treatment plan with specific interventions and treatments to mitigate the process of inflammation Thermography is also a highly effective tool for monitoring if a treatment protocol is working

Bunn et al in a meta-analysis of studies in 2020 found that thermography had such high diagnostic utility that they propose thermography as a first line MSD detection tool

By seeing what the human eye cannot see Thermidas thermal imaging solutions can assist carers and clinicians in locating and creating optimal treatment plans and alleviating pain

Stephen Taylor Thermidas UK

Book a free demo at www thermidas fi

Data Protection And Cyber Security: Next Steps For Care Homes

Record numbers of care homes are using the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) to check and improve how they keep information safe Almost 80% currently comply with the self-assessment tool But compliance is one thing – the real challenge is implementation Cyber crime is a real and present danger The real risk however may be closer to home According to the Information Commissioners’ Office most data breaches occur because of human error not as a result of a criminal attack According to the ICO s analysis of data breaches reported by social care since 2019, only 22% were because of cyber concerns 78% were due to non cyber issues – including data being emailed posted or faxed to the wrong recipient, verbal disclosures of data, and the loss or theft of paper records But what can senior care managers do to protect their organisations from malicious criminals and innocent staff? Better Security Better Care – the national support programme on data protection and cyber security at the Digital Care Hub advises care provider to prioritise the following areas: Train your staff: Even with the best tech security in place, a well-intentioned but poorly informed colleague can leak data or admit a cyber criminal into your systems If you haven’t trained them on what to look out for, or you haven t put clear policies in place – you can expect errors to be made and your company is responsible as well as the individual Access free training on data protection and cyber security specifically for care staff Add digital and data to your business continuity plan: Something will go wrong at some stage – that’s just the data-rich world we live in You need to be prepared Use the Digital Care Hub template and guide to create your own plan Review and republish your DSPT at least once a year: Things change: new tech is introduced, care services come and go, and staff turnover is high The DSPT is a comprehensive checklist of issues you need to consider every year The deadline for this year is 30 June 2024 As ever Better Security Better Care offers free expert support to help care providers complete and implement with the DSPT Visit www digitalcarehub co uk/bettersecuritybettercare


CareZips® Classic Adaptive Pants

Caring About Solar For Sustainable Hot Water

Angloplas Dispensers Help Reduce the Risk of Cross Infection

C&S Seating Ltd

ve in Style with Euroser vice Trolleys


Debt Financing and Social Care

Classic are patented easy dressing unisex adaptive pants designed for older and disabled people suffering with problems associated with continence mobility mental function and cognition Suitable for persons living in care institutions, receiving care at home or living independently at home, CareZips® Classic enable people to dress themselves or with assistance from carers CareZips® Classic feature patented 3-zipper system, which opens the front of the pants from the waist to the knees for quicker access during toileting continence pads changes and personal hygiene The forward positioning of the two side zippers lessens pressure on sensitive hip areas helping to eliminate discomfort The third zipper facilitates simple full frontal opening for faster more dignified diaper changes catheter adjustments personal cleansing and hygiene routines CareZips® Classic have many benefits for the older and disabled users and their carers: People dressing themselves enjoy the practical functionality and versatility of the CareZips® Classic all day comfort and easy garment care People dependent on assisted dressing appreciate quick easy dressing process with less stress, embarrassment and greater dignity offered by CareZips® Classic CareZips® Classic offer practical gains to the carers, helping them to provide better care whilst reducing physical efforts and saving valuable time CareZips® Classic are unisex available in 6 sizes and 3 practical colours (i e black charcoal and navy) Tapered fit at the ankles gives a tidy appearance Made from breathable moisturewicking 4-way stretchy crease-free and easy-care durable fabric CareZips® Classic are comfortable practical and conveniently functional For more information contact Win Health Medical Ltd - 01835 864866 - www win-health com See the adverts on the front cover and page 3
From basins to baths and showers catering and wash down hot water is a necessary daily requirement across the care sector It’s also energy intensive which means it can be both expensive and a key contributor to carbon emissions from buildings, especially if running on gas water heating Care homes intending to address existing gas-fired hot water systems with more sustainable technologies as part of a decarbonisation strategy have several choices and solar thermal should be given serious consideration Working to offset existing gas demands and reduce emissions or providing preheat in all-electric replacement systems solar thermal is becoming increasingly attractive again As grid electricity continues to be substantially more expensive than gas (by a factor of 5 51 at the close of 2023) solar thermal currently offers an especially strong return on investment in greener all electric systems Solar thermal systems which are properly installed and serviced have proven to have a long lifespan with low maintenance demands especially flat plate collector systems with drainback technology These systems employ gravity flow to preserve operational qualities of the solar fluid required to transfer solar energy as heat to the hot water application A hot water system deploying solar thermal as a preheat can offset a minimum of 30% of its annual energy For Southern and Westerly UK regions this percentage is much higher and in the summer months the technology could meet nearly all a building’s hot water demands With new high-efficiency robust flat plate collectors and protective drainback cylinders and controls to integrate solar thermal Adveco can support upgrades to existing gas-fired water heating or with an electric boiler transition to full electric water heating with bespoke system design and product supply For care homes that previously invested in solar systems which need renovation or are no longer supported by the original manufacturer Adveco can provide the necessary system elements to resurrect pre-existing solar thermal installations It s a costeffective method for rapidly gaining advantage of energy offsetting as part of a care home s sustainability strategy Visit www adveco co or see the advert on page 5
Watch your resident s eyes light up when the trolley arrives! Euroservice trolleys can also be used as a vending trolley or to sell personal care products to residents How about a delicious snack/pastry trolley or even a drinks trolley for that afternoon tipple? Your lovely trolley could do so much for you and your residents! Visit the website at www euroservice-uk com to see the full range Or see the advert on page 7 Ser
Angloplas are a UK manufacturer who specialise in producing dispensers for the health and hygiene industry Although these are designed to keep the workplace tidy and uncluttered they are, more importantly, built knowing the control of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) are a priority for healthcare providers and who are employing a combination of infection prevention and control strategies, including hand hygiene, cleaning training and the adoption of new technologies to tackle the problem As a result a wide range of infection control products and technologies are emerging on the market including antimicrobial technology Angloplas range of dispensers are produced in the world s first proven Antimicrobial PVC with silver ion technology and which is exclusive to Angloplas This helps reduce the risk of cross infection by stopping the growth of bacteria and mould and works continuously for the lifetime of the product, reducing levels of bacteria such as MRSA E Coli, Legionella, Salmonella and mould by up to 99 99% For non-clinical environments Angloplas has recently launched its new Budget Range of products which are made to the same exacting standards as the antimicrobial protected ones but with lower price tags You can order Angloplas products directly from its website by going to www angloplas co uk See the advert on page 7
C&S Seating Ltd have provided postural control equipment to residential homes hospices medical equipment services and NHS trust hospitals nationwide since 1991 With 9 different sizes of T-Rolls and Log Rolls, in a removable and machine washable Waterproof Titex or Soft Knit material These rolls are used to control posture and position of the body in either supine or side lying Our Knee & Leg support wedges are ava lable in 2 sizes C&S Seating Ltd is the sole manufacturer of the Alternative Pos tioning Support – also available in two sizes which has removable side cushions and middle pommel for when more control of the abducted lower limb is required Our popular and vibrant range of Soft Knit covers in a choice of 5 colours provide a softer alternative ideal for the colder seasons and are designed to fit snug over our waterproof rolls for maximum protection and comfort Contact us on 01424 853331 or visit www candsseating co uk to request or download a brochure pricelist or order form request an individualised quotation speak to an advisor or to place an order 10% OFF our entire catalogue for The Carer readers Use code CARER24 for any purchases ordered online using our order form by email or phone until end of August 2024 See the advert on page 9 excludes carriage Debt financing in the social care sector has come under considerable scrutiny over the past decade thanks in part to the influx of private equity funders and the collapse of Southern Cross in 2012 Despite this Abbey Watkins and Rachel Emmerson accountants at Kreston Reeves say not all debt is bad The demand for nursing and residential care is increasing with the need for beds outstripping supply A recent survey by Knight Frank highlights the scale of the challenge facing the sector, predicting that over the next decade there will be a shortfall of 58 000 beds Independently owned and managed residential care homes are well-placed to pick up some of that shortfall but will need to invest to do so With funding squeezed and cash reserves tight that may leave care providers with little choice but to explore funding growth through debt Debt does however have negative connotations and is seen by many business owners as something to be avoided But there is both good and bad debt Debt borrowing that exists simply to help the business survive is unlikely to be contributing to the future growth or success of a care business Whilst it may be needed it will also be a drag on growth and may not be a sensible option Good debt however is borrowing that is used to invest in the future growth of the business As long as it continues to provide those foundations for growth, exploring debt should not be feared Contrary to what care businesses may read banks and other investors are willing to lend to care businesses with strong growth plans Lenders will expect businesses to be able to demonstrate amongst other things an understanding of their current borrowing and how that will impact the ability to repay future borrowing They will also want a clear and compelling proposal from that business on how funding will be used to contribute towards growth Importantly, independent care providers will need to plan ahead, and that will require forecasting when funding is most likely to be needed It should be remembered that funding may not be needed all in one tranche but drawn down as and when needed It is also important to remember that debt financing is a corporate transaction meaning that it is there for the benefit of both parties Put bluntly debt finance must work for the lender just as much as it must work for the business meaning that not all borrowing requests will be granted It may sound cliched but people do lend to people We see that in the rise of the challenger banks who will often lend where traditional banks will not Relationships of course are not built in a 30-minute meeting so invest time in ensuring your lender understands your vision and plans for the future Banks are in most instances the first place most care providers turn to when looking for borrowing In almost all cases a bank will ask for a personal guarantee Whilst uncomfortable for many business owners they are unavoidable A blended debt financing approach could be explored (CONTINUED ON FOLLOWING PAGE )


Debt Financing and Social Care


There are an increasing number of debt financing options open to care providers from alternative lenders through to grants In Kent for example Kent County Council is offering an interest-free loan to fund capital investment and growth projects Whilst these schemes will often require match-funding or come with a demonstratable job creation requirement they can offer a valuable way to reduce bank funding

Care businesses should always take specialist and independent advice based on their own specific situation before considering which lender to approach for borrowing or taking external investment Rachel Emmerson is a Partner and Abbey Watkins an Accountant in the Funding Team at Kreston Reeves Kreston Reeves offers accountancy, tax and business advice to a wide range of clients Visit www krestonreeves com

In Dire Need Of Experienced Health Care Assistant, Senior Carer Or A Nurse?

JJ Recruitment has the large database of well qualified applicants with experience in the health-care industry such as health care assistants senior carers and nurses from overseas We also have an expert team of solicitors for the necessary legal proceedings and advices WHY JJ? We have very minimal processing fees We assist you to get a sponsorship license Qualified and experienced candidates from overseas Tel: 01704 808227 www jjcarerecruitment co uk admin@jjrecruitment co uk

Care Home Finance from Global Business Finance

Global assists clients throughout the U K who specialise in the healthcare sector to achieve their objectives of purchase development and refinance We have organised over £1 8bn for clients in the past 30 years, providing clients with competitively priced funding to refinance existing debt ease cashflow and develop businesses further

From helping clients make their first purchase through to allowing groups to grow significantly in size we assist at every stage of your business expansion

Every proposal is individual and deserves to be treated that way, so we hope you will allow us to be of assistance to you and call us to chat through your plans and requirements, I am sure we will be able to tailor a facility to your requirements Call us on 01242 227172 or e-mail us at enquiries@globalbusinessfinance net


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