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Soaring Dementia Care Costs Reach

£42 Billion And Set to Rise to £90 Billion by 2040 Dementia care costs could soar to £90billion-a-year by 2040 without urgent government action, new research has revealed The Alzheimer s Society has warned the figure has already hit £42billion and is calling on the Government to make dementia a priority and urgently fix diagnosis as just 1 4% of dementia healthcare costs are spent on diagnosis and treatment, with families shouldering 63% of the costs The charity commissioned one of the largest UK studies on the economic impact of dementia The research was undertaken by CF (Carnall Farrar Ltd) using the records of 26 000 people dating back seven years It revealed that people living with dementia and their families are shouldering 63% of all dementia costs and that as the disease progresses, total costs increase significantly, rising from £29 000 per year for mild dementia to £81 000 for severe dementia (CONTINUED ON PAGE 3...) ...


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The recent report by the Alzheimer's Society (lead story) revealing that the annual cost of dementia care has soared to a staggering £42 billion with a projected increase to £90 billion by 2040 should serve as a stark wake-up call to policymakers and society at large

The implications of these figures are not just financial but also represent a profound societal challenge that demands urgent and sustained action

The current trajectory of dementia care costs is simply unsustainable

The immediate need for increased funding to address this crisis must be followed by comprehensive long-term planning and difficult decisions The burden of dementia care is not confined to the realm of direct financial expenditure but extends deeply into the fabric of families communities and our healthcare system

Direct costs associated with dementia care encompass a wide spectrum from pharmacological treatments and hospital stays to residential and home care services These expenses are formidable on their own but pale in comparison to the often overlooked indirect costs Family caregivers overwhelmingly unpaid face emotional physical and financial strain as they juggle care responsibilities with work and personal lives If these caregivers were compensated for their time the financial burden would likely exceed what our healthcare system can bear

Furthermore, the broader social community shoulders significant costs in providing support services and awareness campaigns These expenditures, though less tangible, are vital in maintaining a compassionate and functional society

We are living in an era where the elderly population grows and dementia cases multiply, and the need for decisive action becomes imperative

I suspect we are just months away from a General Election and any incoming government must confront this challenge head-on even if the solutions are politically unpalatable Long-term planning must consider sustainable funding models innovative care approaches and robust support systems for caregivers

Ignoring or postponing action on dementia care would be a disservice not only to those directly affected but to the very fabric of our social contract We must recognize that addressing this crisis requires a collective commitment and a willingness

to make difficult choices for the greater good

However I further suspect that we will hear precious little in the lead up to the election adult social care remains to political hot potato or to put more simply a can to be kicked further down the road

Possibly the most difficult job for any incoming government is to sell the concept of planning for the future to the public In 2017 then Prime Minister Theresa May came in for huge criticism when their party manifesto social care plans were rejected by the electorate and announced by the media as a “dementia tax”

It was in my humble opinion a PR disaster! And call it what you may but sooner or later the concept of a levy to prepare for care in old age will be introduced and will have to be sold to the public in such a way that they support it

I remember during the pandemic commenting on adult social care costs in other countries highlighting that Germany has a comparatively generous system that seeks to spread much of the cost of care across society but care is not free at the point of use All adults pay into a mandatory national long-term care (LTC) social insurance scheme (essentially a strictly ring-fenced tax) On requiring care people are then able to draw a benefit proportionate to their level of need to cover part of their costs The remainder of their care bill is covered by the person themselves from their own pocket

I have yet to hear a proposal for long-term care however once again my own tenpenneth is given the political difficulties that have arisen finding a funding solution a cross-party commission to agree an acceptable funding measure may be the best way forward

A commission involving all parties coming together with stakeholders on providers coming together to address an issue on which there is already broad consensus, that being the current system is broken and unsustainable

I would very much welcome your views on this so please feel free to contact us particularly as we lead into a general election where we hope to keep a little pressure on those hoping for our votes!

Once again we have this week had some wonderful uplifting and heartwarming stories from care homes throughout the UK, so please do keep them coming I can also be contacted at any time at editor@thecareruk com

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Soaring Dementia Care Costs Reach £42 Billion



Dementia is the UK s biggest killer and almost one million people are living with the condition yet it is estimated that a third of people affected have not received a diagnosis Despite the evidence of benefits of an early and accurate dementia diagnosis spending on diagnosis makes up less than 1 4% of the total health care expenditure The majority of costs come from social care (40%) and unpaid care (50%) The charity says the lack of an early diagnosis means that families are left to pick up the pieces and results in catastrophic costs further down the line

The charity reports that an ageing population means the number of the UK population with dementia will increase by 43% by 2040 with the biggest increases (51%) in Northern Ireland and London (53%) and that urgent action is needed

The study revealed that in line with increasing numbers of people living with dementia the need for unpaid care often provided by loved ones or friends will grow significantly by 2040 with 43% more people expected to require unpaid care This is a major concern when already a third of unpaid carers spend more than 100 hours caring per week and 16% had to give up work to care


Further research by Walnut Unlimited also found that only 1% of people affected by dementia didn t see the benefit of a diagnosis The charity says a timely and accurate diagnosis gives people with dementia access to the vital care support and treatment they need However lack of awareness fragmented health and social care systems and workforce issues remain barriers to diagnosis Alzheimer’s Society is calling on the Government to increase access to early and accurate dementia diagnosis to help families avoid reaching costly avoidable crisis point


Kate Lee Alzheimer s Society CEO said: One in three people born today will develop dementia It s the biggest health and care issue of our time yet it isn’t the priority it should be amongst decision-makers We wouldn’t accept this for any other terminal disease we shouldn’t accept this for dementia

One in three people with dementia do not have a diagnosis They are facing dementia alone without access the vital care support and treatments If we don’t address diagnosis we have no hope of addressing the major dementia challenges we face and reducing the cost to the health service and wider economy

Dementia s devastating impact is colossal – on the lives of those it affects on the healthcare system and on the economy Now is the time to prioritise dementia and that starts with getting more people diagnosed ” “NO-ONES LISTENING”

Paul Kemp (57) from Kent whose wife Sandy (55) lives with early-onset dementia said: Sandy was so kind and gentle Her smile lit up the room wherever she went but dementia has stripped that away She can barely talk and can t comprehend the world around her anymore She’s increasingly aggressive and agitated and is regressing quickly - I feel so helpless and isolated

Sandy s diagnosis journey was not easy either We first spotted dementia symptoms in 2018 and at first the doctors thought it was depression but we knew this wasn’t right and challenged their assumptions It wasn’t until July 2020 that a formal diagnosis of Alzheimer’s was given Two years felt like an agonising lifetime to wait when we knew something wasn t right If an early and accurate diagnosis was given we could have accessed the right support, but we’ve been robbed of that precious time

“I’ve had to give up work to become a full-time carer for Sandy and my mother and sell personal items to pay for care and buy essentials I feel that no-one in government understands the financial pressures carers face especially when trying to claim for benefits is like screaming into the wind – no one s listening ”


Vicky McClure MBE actor and Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador said: “More needs to be done now to support people in getting a dementia diagnosis Dementia can absolutely devastate families in so many ways but receiving an early diagnosis can be a lifeline for people to access the vital treatment and care they desperately need ”

People showing signs of dementia those now living with the condition and the people that love and care for them are being forgotten – it has become the UK’s forgotten crisis despite dementia being the UK’s biggest killer ” I ve seen first-hand the challenges families face before and after a diagnosis and having supported Alzheimer s Society to push for change for many years it breaks my heart that we re stuck in the same place with hundreds of thousands of people still undiagnosed ”


Professor Martin Green OBE Chief Executive of Care England Today s Alzheimer s Society report for instance shows that the cost of dementia in the UK will more than double to £90 billion by 2040 unless urgent action is taken An ageing population, with increasingly complex care needs, requires a skilled and resilient adult social care workforce to keep up with rising demand Without delivering a pay rise to the sector s 1 5 million staff that simply will not materialise leaving people without the care they need

A Department of Health and Social Care spokeswoman said: “Timely diagnosis of dementia is vital, which is why we’re working to identify and treat more people and provide potential new treatments as they become available We re also doubling funding for dementia research to £160 million a year by the end of 2024/25 and dementia is one of six major conditions included in our upcoming Major Conditions Strategy ”


The Digitalisation of Health and Its Impact on Cyber Security in the Care Industr y

The huge increase in demand for digital healthcare is expanding beyond the NHS and personal health apps into the space occupied by care providers

Technology can help care providers book and track appointments seamlessly transfer patient information between care staff and increase efficiency in administration It also provides patients with access to healthcare information and in some circumstances a healthcare expert, if they find themselves needing to do so outside their regular hours of care

The digitalisation of healthcare does not however come without risk; and a greater awareness of cyber-crime and security measures is important to minimise such risk CARE PROVIDERS CAN LEARN FROM NHS CYBER SECURITY STRATEGY

To put it simply cyber security is a combination of measures taken to mitigate or prevent a cyber-attack If technology and data storage was your home cyber security would be the locks on your door the burglar alarm and the security cameras In the healthcare industry cyber security is critical to protecting patient confidentiality ensuring clinical outcomes and safeguarding financial resources

The NHS’ cyber security strategy for 2030 focuses on the identification of threats and the five-pillar approach to dealing with them It emphasises the necessity for cyber security and data protection to combat the threats to a significantly more digitalised healthcare system

The wider care sector can learn from this approach Strict access controls on data device protection and the NHS Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET) all contribute to the cyber-safety of devices and data

NHS PET is a tool that audits who has accessed data and for what purpose When combined with strict access controls, this means that no healthcare worker or manager can access a patient’s data without being authorised to do so and a record of the access happening

NHS care providers will be familiar with this and private care providers may deem it wise to implement a similar – yet private – resource


For care providers, the first port of call is to install antivirus software, keep all software up to date with security patches and updates use encryption on files where it is necessary to do so and impose personal security measures proportionate to the scale and scope of the organisation

Staff should be aware of the everyday online safety tips such as being wary of scams and online links and maintaining strong passwords

One of the golden rules of maintaining strong cyber security within an organisation is to regularly provide training to all levels of staff A small-scale sharing of knowledge can prevent a large-scale cyber-attack

Alongside the sharing of knowledge an “action plan” is a necessary organisational feature When created by a cyber security expert an action plan can be an easy point of reference for anyone within an organisation to spot a cyber-breach, report it to the relevant member of staff and commence the behaviour necessary to mitigate any further harm

Cyber-attacks can have significant financial consequences for care providers including the loss of revenue and the cost of repairing damage caused by the attack If an organisation’s security arrangements are inadequate there is also the risk of civil claims and regulatory fines imposed by the Information

Commissioner’s Office

A few important actions can safeguard financial resources Purchasing cyber insurance can protect against financial losses caused by cyber-attacks

Conducting regular risk assessments will identify potential vulnerabilities and will allow an organisation to develop plans to mitigate risks

Developing a business continuity plan that outlines how to continue operations in the event of a cyberattack will streamline the aftermath ; after all cyber-attacks are constantly becoming more of a when than an “if”

Plans like this focus on the who when and how to get back to business in a safe and timely manner

A good business continuity plan will ensure necessary communication with any data subjects who have fallen victim to the breach


In summary good cyber security is essential to prevent business disruption safeguard the services provided to patients and residents, and minimise the risk of financial losses

At the same time providers that do not



Care Homes Celebrate Nursing Strength On International Nurses Day

PAGE 4 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 Rise and Shine is a game which was created to encourage a fun approach to physical activity on older person s inpatient wards and care homes Focus Games is giving away 100 copies of the game See our advert on the cover page or visit www riseandshinegame com The aim of Rise and Shine was to develop an activity so everyone has an opportunity to take part in some physical activity (when they are ready clinically and personally) to prevent Hospital Acquired Deconditioning (HAD) in a fun sociable way It is primarily aimed at older hospital inpatients and care home residents The initial idea for Rise and Shine came from international artist and sculptor Bob Olley who also designed the unique characters on each of the cards With mobility issues affecting our elderly population nationwide the solution was a card game that encourages players to move physically By engaging in this fun and social activity hospital inpatients and members of the care community can become more active Not only does this enhance their mobility but it also motivates patients to get out of bed, get dressed, and ultimately enhances their overall experience Developed in partnership with South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS FT and Health Innovation North East and North Cumbria Read the full case study at https://innovationlibrarynenc org uk/result/rise-and-shine-game/ 100 FREE copies of Rise and Shine for Carer Readers
significant risk
being left behind
will be at
in the market
social care services
business efficien-
technologies are continually being integrated into the provision of
and the use of such technologies are vital to both increasing health outcomes and driving
Apprentice in the public law team at UK and Ireland law firm Browne Jacobson (www brownejacobson com) Some of the UK’s oldest retired nurses have celebrated an official day honouring their profession Dozens of former nurses who live at Colten Care s 21 homes in the south joined fellow residents and care team members to mark International Nurses Day Cards, gifts cakes and good wishes were all exchanged to thank current nursing practitioners for all they do and to remember nursing from years gone by Nurses Day is celebrated each year on 12 May the birthday of Florence Nightingale who earned her famous title of the Lady with the Lamp nursing wounded soldiers in the Crimean War of 1853 to 1856 At Avon Cliff care home in Bournemouth, 103-year-old Barbara Binding recalled her years as a children s nurse looking at photos of herself in uniform just after qualification And fellow resident Betty Nelms 96 a former TB nurse who qualified around the same time as Barbara in the 1940s said: I used to go door-to-door to treat people and I loved the job My work has long finished and I’m just happy to be part of this commemoration ” Betty s sentiments were shared by ex-nurses Wendy Golding and Sue McPhee who live at Colten Care s Kingfishers in New Milton Wendy said Nurses Day is a fantastic way to celebrate the dedication and compassion that nurses bring to their work, reminding us all of the vital role they play in our community ” Sue said: Thank you to everyone who made the day extra special All Colten Care’s homes in Hampshire Dorset Wiltshire and West Sussex are registered to provide professional nursing care and all take part in the annual celebration of Nurses Day by presenting gifts, cards and chocolates to the in-house nursing team Several homes, including Abbotts Barton in Winchester, Avon Reach in Mudeford and Belmore Lodge in Lymington organised trips out so that residents could present gifts and cards to nurses working at local GP surgeries and hospitals In a further example of community outreach a party from Woodpeckers in Brockenhurst led by Home Manager Priya Joseph and Companionship Team Leader Jane Bunker travelled to Oakhaven Hospice in Lymington with a cake specially baked for the nurses there Elaine Farrer Colten Care’s Chief Operating Officer and a registered nurse herself said Nurses are at the very heart of our homes giving residents and their families the reassurance of comprehensive person-centred care from the moment they start their care journeys with us Our strength in nursing is a key reason we have such consistently high ratings from independent bodies such as the public review site Carehome co uk and the sector regulator the Care Quality Commission Indeed seven of our homes are rated Outstanding by the CQC with the rest all rated Good “It’s a great privilege to care for so many residents who were themselves nurses in their professional lives and who now entrust us with responsibilities for their wellbeing in later life

“Deliver Pay Rises” As Report Warns Of Economic “Negative Impact”

Care Home Celebrates ‘World Cocktail Day’

THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 | PAGE 5 WE NOW SUPPLY A WIDE RANGE OF FURNITURE The first detailed study of new plans for “Fair Pay Agreements”- published by Policy Exchange finds that the policy could cost taxpayers £4 2bn per year in social care alone, £21bn over a parliament while failing to improve many beneficiaries living standards The plans part of Labour’s New Deal for Working People have been little noticed so far but are potentially among the New Deal s most far-reaching elements Policy Exchange reveals that in social care the first sector to be covered the cost could be £9 9bn per year £4 2bn of this would fall on taxpayers equivalent to an extra £225 per year – 10 9 per cent – on average Band D council taxes and examines the implications of a £15 minimum wage for care workers, warning that the potential for negative impacts on the economy is significant In response Professor Martin Green OBE Chief Executive of Care England says: “Since the Prime Minister promised to ‘fix social care once and for all’ in 2019 the situation facing our sector has worsened dramatically The Government has abandoned many of its key pledges and failed to significantly shift the dial on the workforce crisis in adult social care “Against this backdrop, it is incumbent upon the next Government to finally deliver meaningful workforce reforms and make social care a truly attractive destination for staff While there may be considerable upfront cost involved in doing this it pales in comparison to the cost we will bear as a society if we continue to kick the can down the road Today s Alzheimer s Society report for instance shows that the cost of dementia in the UK will more than double to £90 billion by 2040 unless urgent action is taken An ageing population with increasingly complex care needs requires a skilled and resilient adult social care workforce to keep up with rising demand Without delivering a pay rise to the sector’s 1 5 million staff that simply will not materialise leaving people without the care they need Rewarding care workers is a sensible economic investment for our country Not only would it support a vital public service but boost England’s economy through higher tax returns to the Treasury reduced in-work benefits and additional consumer spending Care England implores the next Government to recognise this and finally give the adult social care sector the funding so desperately needs ”
World Cocktail Day is a global celebration of cocktails the date marks the publication of the first recorded definition of a cocktail on May 13 in 1806 as a stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind sugar water and bitters World Cocktail Day invites everyone to try something new, and perhaps a little exotic this special occasion is celebrated by cocktail lovers worldwide World Cocktail Day has something for everyone It was certainly a day of fun-filled tastings for the staff and residents at Collingtree Park care home in Northampton To mark the day the hospitality team made a variety of healthy cocktails for staff and residents to try, they enjoyed Pina Coladas fruit punch and fresh fruit filled Smoothies all served with Hawaiian vibe courtesy of some leis! Resident Pam said to Activities Coordinator; Skye I didn t think you were serious when you offered me a Pina Colada, you really do think of everything! Nikki Allen, General Manager at Collingtree Park said: “We have all had so much fun today trying the variety of mock cocktails on offer Our residents loved soaking up some early summer sun and sipping their favourite cocktail recipes ”

How Can Care Managers Navigate New Immigration Rules?

The past four months have brought a series of significant changes to UK immigration law – developments that will have a direct impact on overseas workers within the UK care sector, and for the businesses employing them

Here, we explore some of the recent changes and discuss the steps care sector management should be considering now to ensure their businesses remain compliant with the law to effectively support their workforce

Dependent rules: removing the ability to bring spouses and children

The immigration development that will perhaps have the largest impact is a tightening of the rules around who overseas care workers can bring to live in the UK with them

As of March new migrant care workers and senior care workers (occupation codes 6135 and 6136) are no longer allowed to bring dependents – their partners or their children – on their visa This won’t apply to those who were in the route before 11 March 2024 – they can still apply for their partners or their children to join them

As well as considering how this may affect their ability to meet their ongoing staffing needs care sector businesses will need to be mindful of the potential impact on workers who choose to still work in the UK sponsored under these occupation codes The fact that they may be separated from support – such as a spouse – may increase their financial vulnerability in the UK and have a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing

This is an issue that sector businesses must take seriously Employers have a legal duty of care to their staff that requires them to do all they reasonably can to support their employees’ health, safety and wellbeing and mental health is just as important as physical health in this regard

In certain cases, poor mental health may be considered a disability under the Equality Act, which would require employers to make reasonable adjustments for the worker in question

But beyond their legal obligations creating a supportive compassionate environment is simply the right thing to do Management teams should be taking the opportunity now to review the systems they have in place for spotting signs of vulnerability or poor mental health and what resources they have available to help affected staff Here they may benefit from specialist external help – such as mental health professionals and/or legal specialists in this area – or delivering training for their teams particularly those with line management responsibilities







Two further changes are also now in force that increase immigration compliance responsibilities and potential cost of breaches for care organisations

As of February any business that is found to have employed an individual without the appropriate immigration permission in the UK may pay a penalty up to £15,000 per person found to be employed unlawfully for a first offence triple the previous fine

For repeat breaches the penalty has also risen three-fold: climbing from £20 000 to £60 000 per person

This makes it even more important that care sector businesses have the right procedures in place to ensure their compliance with relevant employment and right to work legislation

This might include regular audits of records or conducting internal spot checks’ to ensure that a business is consistently complying with its duties as a sponsor of an overseas worker

Companies should also make sure that the responsibility for compliance is a whole business effort –shared across staff and not just its most senior members As with mental health support care businesses may benefit from giving line managers – those who are perhaps closest to day-to-day operations – specific training on sponsor duties so they can flag any instances where a worker may not be working in a legal capacity for example taking unauthorised leave or working in a role outside of their visa s scope These are all easy areas to miss if you are not aware of the compliance pitfalls

Additionally, as of March, care providers in England are unable to sponsor new care workers under the Skilled Worker route, unless they are registered with the Care Quality Commission (“CQC”)

This could have a significant impact on care sector business recruitment strategies if – until now – they relied on overseas staff and are not a business providing regulated activities and therefore have not required CQC registration

These firms now face a choice: to try and source the staff they need elsewhere, or to proceed with CQC registration

The latter route can be a lengthy and resource-intensive process If this is an option that firms are considering or feel they need to pursue it s advised they seek advice from legal experts specialising in healthcare to help minimise delays and cost


In a general election year it remains to be seen what further changes to immigration policy could be on the horizon

For now care sector businesses should make sure they are fully abreast of recent developments and that they bolster and safeguard compliance protocols in their business to effectively support their staff

In a sector with a near 10% vacancy rate many businesses are likely to continue to view immigration as an important avenue for meeting their staffing needs

The right approach can ensure that businesses maximise their chances of fulfilling these requirements in line with the law and of creating a safe responsible working environment that helps both attract and retain all staff

• Energy and utilities procurement

• Energy survey to identify savings

• Carbon footprinting, net zero strategy and sustainability

• Building services management

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Bowie, principal associate in the business
firm Weightmans (
By Carolyn
immigration team at

NHS App Messaging Saved NHS

More Than £1 million in Last Year

Messages sent to millions of patients via the NHS App have saved the NHS £1 1 million on the cost of previously sending the information via text message

During 2023/24 22 5 million messages were sent through the NHS App which would have previously been sent as a text message or letter

The average cost of sending a text message is around 5p, which represents a saving of at least £1 1 million

People who switch on notifications in the NHS App have their messages automatically sent through the app

This avoids the cost of sending a text message is more secure and puts all patient NHS messages in one place THE MESSAGING SERVICES AVAILABLE IN THE NHS APP DEPENDS ON A PATIENT’S GP SURGERY OR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER, BUT MANY USERS CAN NOW:

view messages from their NHS healthcare services (through the NHS App Messaging service)

• view responses from their GP practice or follow up on things like test results (sometimes called an online consultation)

• view messages to their healthcare provider (such as specialist doctors at a hospital)

Dr Vin Diwakar, National Transformation Director at NHS England said: When we talk about the benefits of

NHS App we

focus on patient convenience or the admin time saved for frontline staff – but the NHS App is also saving the NHS significant amounts of money on text messages and postal

Dovehaven Acquires Callands Care Home

stamps and these savings will only get larger as more features are added to the app in the future “By encouraging more people to use the NHS App, with notifications switched on we can really start to reduce the estimated £450 million per year that is currently spent on communicating with patients ” The NHS App now has more than 34 million registered users, which is around three quarters of the adult population in England Since the beginning of this year the average number of NHS App logins per weekday is nearly 1 2 million Monthly logins rose by 69% in the last year from 18 7 million in March 2023 to 31 5 million in March 2024 Health Minister Andrew Stephenson said: More than 34 million of us are now using the NHS App which allows people in England to access health services like ordering repeat prescriptions and booking appointments quickly and easily online, while saving the NHS millions of pounds and freeing up time As we announced in the Budget we are investing £3 4 billion in upgrading and enhancing technology in the NHS as part of our plan to make our healthcare system faster simpler and fairer so that doctors and nurses can spend more time with patients and less time on admin THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 | PAGE 7
Dovehaven Care Homes has completed the acquisition of Callands Care Home in Warrington The newest addition Callands Care Home, will become the largest care home within the Dovehaven Group boasting 120 registered beds This latest addition marks Dovehaven s third acquisition in the last two months solidifying their commitment to growth and exceptional care in the region The group has previously purchased Avonleigh Gardens Care Home in Oldham little over one month ago Soon after Dovehaven completed on their purchase of Ashton View nursing home in Wigan also acquiring this home from HC-One Jenny Davies CEO of Dovehaven Care Homes said: “We are delighted to welcome Callands Care Home to the Dovehaven family Whilst we recognise the work needed to improve the home s CQC rating, we are confident in our ability to deliver the transformative changes Callands deserves We are committed to investing in the care facility employee training and resident well-being programmes to ensure Callands thrives once again We are excited to embark on this journey with the dedicated Callands team and residents, and we look forward to building a bright future together

UK Homecare Leaders Demand Urgent Social Care Reform Amidst Growing Crisis

Recent developments highlighted by The Guardian, including systemic failures and the resignation of the UK government s dementia adviser over the prosecution of carers, have brought critical issues within the UK’s adult social care sector back into the spotlight Leaders from Personal Care Specialists are now calling for immediate and comprehensive reforms

Helen Cook from Personal Care Specialists stresses the severe financial strains from delayed payments a result of consistent government underfunding to councils and the social care sector Providers often wait up to 60 days for payments, causing significant cash flow issues, especially for smaller agencies

This chronic underfunding has left local authorities with insufficient resources pushing the burden of financial management onto the providers themselves and severely impacting their ability to maintain quality care and timely staff payments

Peju A from A&A Homecare Ltd adds that minimal funding increases from local authorities do not match rising wages stressing finances and morale Additionally, the commissioning of 15 minute calls continues, despite ample evidence against this practice

Amanda Gaunt of Alpha Care Services points out that recruitment is further challenged by low wages high job demands poor industry perception and the impacts of Brexit They note that financial discrepancies where councils fail to match necessary wage increases are pushing many care agencies towards financial crises

Allie Barnes from AliMo Care raises concerns about the exploitation of overseas workers and the practice of many local authorities accepting the lowest bids for care contracts which often leads to compromised care quality The heavy reliance on migrant workers, exacerbated by recruitment challenges, subjects them to substandard working conditions This situation poses risks to their welfare and affects the quality of care raising alarms about potential modern slavery within the sector

Furthermore a recent Guardian article has highlighted that numerous unproven care providers were swift-

ly granted licenses to sponsor workers from abroad, despite lacking thorough checks by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Moreover the CQC has been criticised for registering an excessive number of providers without assessing if there is a local demand for more services rather than staff This oversight has led to an oversaturated market causing staff to move between providers and increasing operational costs which has forced some to close

Additionally, recent government policy changes, preventing partners of sponsored workers from entering the UK have intensified the staffing crisis Established providers with strong CQC ratings find it increasingly difficult to secure the necessary sponsorship licenses to meet demand These providers cannot match the higher wages offered by others who are supplementing their income through the questionable practice of charging overseas workers for their visas further undermining the integrity of the care provided

There are serious concerns about the financial and operational challenges threatening the survival of smaller providers These challenges push such businesses to either cease operations or shift towards the competitive private adult domiciliary homecare sector This shift requires significant investment in brand awareness to compete with larger national providers a necessity driven by the lowering of financial thresholds for state support and chronic government underfunding over




Join Us at the Care & Occupational Therapy Show 2024

the last decade
move toward privatisation intensifies competition in a market increasingly dominated by larger corporations risking the reduction of smaller community-focused home care services This could lead to a decline in both the quality and variety of care available impacting particularly those most in need of personalised care solutions
adult social care assessments impose significant strain on resource-limited local
providers highlighting the urgent need for more support to manage these new standards
authorities and
voices to advocate for reforms
ensure timely payments better support
unpaid carers
sustainable funding model
prioritises the welfare of service users over financial
emphasise the urgent need for attention to prevent the collapse of an already fragile system
are uniting their
and a
metrics They
We re excited to invite you to join us at The Care & Occupational Therapy Show on July 17th at Westpoint Exeter At The Carer we re dedicated to revolutionising the Care industries through innovative technologies and management techniques We believe that by staying at the forefront of advancements we can empower healthcare professionals like you to enhance patient outcomes and improve quality of life This event offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends, connect with industry experts and discover cutting-edge solutions that can transform your practice From CPD-accredited seminars to networking opportunities and expert exhibitors there s something for everyone at The Care & Occupational Therapy Show We d love for you to join us as we unlock innovation and drive positive change in the field of care and occupational therapy Register now to secure your spot at this must-attend event!

Living Life With Dementia at Lilian Faithfull Care

advice to loved ones in Gloucestershire

We look after remarkable people living with dementia at every stage of their care journey across all our six care homes and day hub in Cheltenham and Stroud

Our charity have expanded the dementia care services we provide and adapted the spaces in our care homes, to cater for the rise in demand for dementia care in Gloucestershire These include; a community day care hub a new young onset dementia group and new dementia care suites LIVING WITH DEMENTIA IN THE COMMUNITY

At the heart of the Suffolk s in Cheltenham our Secret Garden Hub has become a real beacon of hope for people living with dementia in the community and also helping combat loneliness and isolation

The Secret Garden Hub has been offering tailored adult day care for over seven years Located in the gardens of our Faithfull House care home its warm and happy vibe is infectious

Roger Morris visits the Hub twice a week and told about his life living with dementia and his visits

“Dementia - it’s a horrible thing to have as you don’t trust yourself You don t know if you are thinking correctly I have to write lots of notes, things like that, to lead a fairly normal life I come to meet people because I lost all my confidence and I hardly dare go out on my own It’s a peculiar thing really as I used to be very sociable

Roger used to play rugby for Northampton as wing threequarter (and had a trial for England) he continued “Coming here it s the camaraderie chatting and talking to people which is the most important thing "

From a family s perspective a day guest s son John Herlihy shared, It is a great reassurance to us that the service can be provided as is the fact that she seems to get such a boost from the antics of staff guests and visitors weekly The Secret Garden appears to have developed a secret magic formula for early and mid-stage dementia care!”


Our Secret Garden hub has recently set up a unique opportunity for younger people living with dementia to get together supporting those typically aged 40-65

The days are fun and fulfilling with varied activities trips entertainment and fresh hot meals and the companionship of others who are also adapting to living life with dementia at a young age

The small welcoming group means people quickly feel at home and the experienced staff adapt the day to suit in a safe and supportive environment


We now have three dedicated dementia care suites across two of our residential care homes One suite at Faithfull House in Suffolk Square and two at Royal Court in Fiddlers Green Cheltenham

Residents share a family sized lounge and dining room with their own bedrooms which offer familiarity and peace to those who might otherwise feel lost or overwhelmed in a larger or vibrant home environment

Activities are on a one to one and group basis and include gentle exercise trips out music therapy art and cookery Activities will also include doing day to day tasks which give residents a sense of purpose and routine which those living with dementia really benefit from Suzanne Booker Director of Care explains

We opened our first dementia care suite over 5 years ago and we are continuing to expand the number we offer as we ve seen so many positive benefits for those living with us Residents gain reassurance from the calm quiet environment and having a dedicated staff team At Royal Court residents have their own apartments within the suite and safe access to a garden which can give a feeling of wellbeing and stimulate memories with physical activity ” Care Team Leader Cherie Thomas works in one of our specialised dementia care suites at Royal Court care home and understands dementia not only professionally but personally so has particular empathy with families considering care;

“My mum had dementia so it’s always a worry that you don t want to feel like you are letting them down It is not an easy illness to deal with being a family member but you have to do what s in your family s best interest

When you start becoming a carer your family orientation goes – you lose being a son or daughter Bringing them into a setting like this means that you can go back to being a son or daughter You can visit, have coffee tea and cake, take them out and enjoy those moments ”


Carer Wendy Heeks has worked at St Faith’s nursing home for 45 years and remembers what it was like back then I started when I was seventeen years old and dementia was not spoken about it was just explained as ‘confused’ ”

Now all our staff receive dementia training so that they can work with skill and confidence to assist those living with dementia Our dementia care leads’ and teams of ‘dementia link workers ensure that our staff are up to date with the latest training and understanding of dementia

Our day hubs and care homes are subtly adjusted to ease common practical challenges when living with dementia such as suitable signage use of colours and appropriate tableware peace and familiarity - all to give a secure safe and stress free environment

We are very privileged to care for the remarkable people who live with or visit us We believe people should have every opportunity to live their lives with dignity and respect And we should never forget our older generation have helped form our way of life and have given so much to society as we know it

To find out more about dementia care and support across our Lilian Faithfull Care charity visit our dementia care page at www lilianfaithfull co uk/our-care/dementia-care

Hampshire Care Home Launches Monthly Choir Group For People Living With Dementia


and supporters Research


enhance emotional wellbeing improve social connectedness and even boost verbal flexibility for some individuals

Pippa Mafunga General Manager at Portsdown View comments: “Portsdown s new choir group is far more than just a place for people to learn to sing! By bringing residents together with a common purpose in mind we want to create a genuine sense of community where everyone can connect through

Important - Health and Safety Matters

PAGE 10 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 The National Association for Safety and Health in Care Services (NASHiCS) focuses on all Health and Safety matters affecting the social care sector The association has gone from strength to strength since its inception and has a growing membership across many care providers and organisations covering the UK Keeping up to date regarding Health and Safety matters is vital The more you know, the more you can plan and the more you plan the less you are susceptible in turbulent times to both internal and external risks Through the association you can Network with colleagues responsible for Health and Safety share your own best practice experiences and hear how others have overcome challenges Source dedicated events on health and safety in the sector and participate in national and local Networkers, Conferences, Seminars, in-person or virtual webinars Advertise job vacancies and benefit from favourable member offers and rates from suppliers of goods, services and equipment Receive regular update emails covering latest developments and safety alerts/news; while giving access to current information links on key safety topics; and monthly our highly praised e-News Matters covered range from fire safety training infection control lone working falls prevention, first aid to stress, legionella, case law, regulation, people moving people and mock courts to mention just a few See our website for information on past as well as future events – www nashics org We have developed national links with other organisations government bodies regulators and enforcement agencies Our aim is to promote and improve safety and health in care practice by providing a sharing and networking forum for debate and discussion Joining NASHiCS is a great and easy way to keep informed and aware Health and Safety is an essential element in the workplace and matters to everyone involved with social care now and in the future Find out more – administrator@nashics org www nashics org 07840 160 030
Throughout our charity Lilian Faithfull Care we re focused on offering the practical care and emotional support for people living with dementia and giving ongoing
Portsdown View has recently launched ‘The Portsdown Memory Choir Aimed at improving the lives of people living with dementia participants will gather every month to sing, learn new songs, develop musical skills
even perform at events across the county
group has been
The Memory Choir
connect all
condition families
organised in conjunction with
(TMC) Hampshire; a
organisation designed to
people living with dementia including those experiencing the
and friends
singing can
those residents living
others because of their condition Dementia is a growing problem which impacts over 700 000 people across the UK With this number expected to reach 1 million by 2030, many care professionals are under pressure to find new therapeutic interventions to help deal with the condition Staff at Portsdown View and The Memory Choir (TMC) believe music-based therapies could play a valuable role in improving dementia care across the country By stimulating parts of the brain associated with autobiographical memory it can help reinforce a sense of identity and help people connect with those around them
the Memory Choir project will
into the benefits
Memory Choir we can create this feeling of connection
fulfilment on a regular basis for residents
need it most
music This is especially
with dementia who may struggle to communicate and connect with
The results of
of musical
Pippa Mafunga again: Music has this amazing ability to reach parts of the
that other kinds of activity cannot Time and again, we see how songs from childhood can help residents rediscover moments from the
and hence
connect with the present Hopefully through the

The National Association Of Care Catering Launches Awards for 2024

The prestigious awards welcome nominations from across the care catering sector to recognise and celebrate teams and individuals that go above and beyond in their field – from care homes to community services such as Meals on Wheels and Lunch Clubs

The NACC Awards 2024 are officially open for entries with a deadline Monday 24 June 2024 The judges will be looking for examples of innovation, excellence and dedication that create tangible benefits for residents, clients and colleagues in the following categories Care Establishment of the Year Award sponsored by allmanhall

Meals on Wheels Award sponsored by apetito Catering Team of the Year, sponsored by Hobart UK Catering Manager of the Year Award sponsored by Unilever Food Solutions

• Our Care Catering Hero Award sponsored by Bidfood

• The Bev Puxley Award sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Cooks

The shortlist will be announced in August with the winners being honoured later in the year at a gala awards dinner where the recipients of the Pam Rhodes Outstanding Achievement Award sponsored by Winterhalter and the National Chairman’s Award will also be revealed as well as the hotlycontested NACC Region of the Year Award sponsored by Meiko

The NACC Awards 2024 nomination brochure with full category details and entry requirements can be downloaded at www thenacc co uk/events/nacc-national-awards-2024

Neel Radia National Chair of the NACC comments:

“This is one of the highlights of my year when we

can call upon our members to recognise excellence, innovation and dedication within care catering We have so many unsung heroes and this is our chance to turn the spotlight on some of them and give them the recognition they deserve

“For a long time, the social care sector – be that in care homes or in the community – has been undervalued and the NACC is here to change that perception With today s inflationary landscape care caterers go to extraordinary lengths to ensure those they care for receive the right nutrition and hydration in an appropriate and enjoyable way that generates a positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing

“We very much look forward to coming together with members colleagues and friends later in the year to celebrate the exceptional achievements within our sector and the teams and individuals that encapsulate the very best of the best We know these continue to be challenging times for our members but we urge them to enter the NACC Awards 2024 and ensure the hard work and brilliance of their team members do not go unrecognised

Entry to the NACC Awards is open to members of the NACC For more information about how to become a member visit www thenacc co uk


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£25 per month See
Plans starting from

Empowering Caregivers, Protecting Residents:

The Tech Revolution in Care Homes

In the ever-evolving landscape of care provision, embracing technology has become more than just a trend; it's a necessity The integration of innovative solutions not only streamlines administrative tasks but also enhances the quality of person-centred care within care homes

In this article we will delve into how technology and innovation are revolutionising care practices, focusing on two crucial aspects: food safety and temperature monitoring


Ensuring food safety is paramount in care homes, where residents vulnerability to foodborne illnesses is heightened Eating unsafe food can result in even the fit and well experiencing a range of unpleasant symptoms but for those who have weakened immune systems it can be much more serious and can lead to complications of other health problems

Compliance with the Food Safety Act 1990 is not just a regulatory requirement; it's a cornerstone of responsible caregiving Unfortunately however it s not uncommon to see care homes hitting the mainstream news due to inadequate procedures or failings Earlier this year, a Leicestershire care home made the news after it was branded unsafe by inspectors for the second visit in a row

A simple but effective solution care settings can take is to go from paper trails to digital checklists From food storage checks to residents dietary requirements these customisable checklists streamline daily operations Assigning tasks tracking completion and ensuring adherence to safety protocols become effortless with the click of a button By digitising food safety practices care homes can uphold rigorous standards while alleviating the burden on caregiving teams enabling them to focus more on the residents well-being Instead of paper-based resident dietary requirement sheets, the integration of digital platforms for man-

aging residents’ dietary requirements, including their IDDSI needs, is paramount By digitising these records, updates can be made instantaneously ensuring accessibility from any location at any time This proactive approach guarantees that residents consistently receive meals tailored to their specific needs regardless of the staffing or meal service provider on duty


Maintaining compliant temperatures for both food and medicine storage is another critical aspect of care home operations The traditional manual monitoring of temperatures not only consumes valuable time but also poses risks of oversight or human error To enhance safety and efficiency care homes are embracing automated temperature monitoring systems

Smart sensors deployed in fridges and freezers continuously monitor temperatures providing real-time data and alerts This proactive approach minimises the risk of temperature deviations - which may occur if someone accidentally leaves the fridge door open ajar - ensuring the integrity of stored items Certain fridges can even take stock of expiry dates allowing care home staff to plan meals ahead of time and avoid food wastage and the accidental consumption of out-of-date products BEST PRACTICES SHOULD BE SOLIDIFIED THROUGH STAFF TRAINING

With the continual advancements in AI it s only a matter of time before care homes have even more technologies at their disposal allowing staff to create a safer more personalised dining experience for their residents

Caregivers must understand the benefits of any new technologies or processes brought into their setting and receive thorough instruction on how they work Management should also ensure that even those with minimal contact with food have Level 1 Food Safety Training in place This covers the basics of safety, namely cleaning and disinfection techniques, personal hygiene when handling food and common food hazards IN CONCLUSION

The synergy between technology and care provision in care homes is

Bournemouth Care Home Celebrates Global Intergenerational Week With School Visit

Off To University For 81-Year-Old Care Home Resident Brian

Tanya was among the activities coordinators at the forum She said:

“Brian absolutely

undeniable From digitised safety checklists to automated temperature monitoring, these innovations empower care teams to deliver exemplary standards of care while safeguarding residents wellbeing As we embrace digital transformation let us continue to harness technology's potential to transform and elevate the quality of care in our communities
and Environmental Health Expert, Navitas Safety ( School children visited residents in a Bournemouth care home to read books and enjoy afternoon tea Residents at Talbot View care home on Ensbury Avenue were thrilled to see secondary school pupils from Glenmoor and Winton Academies come in to talk about their favourite books The schoolchildren also chatted about what they have been learning at school before rounding off the after-school session with tea and cake The Bournemouth-based care home organised the activity as part of Global Intergenerational Week which took place from 24 to 30 April 2024 The national campaign promotes the benefits of older and younger people socialising together including boosting mental wellbeing and selfconfidence building bonds across communities reducing ageism towards younger and older people and forming friendships and social connections School pupil Darisha said: “It was really nice to meet the residents I loved it If they would like us to visit again I would like to come back to the care home Sebastian Wiencelewski, Home Manager at Talbot View, said: It was lovely to hear the home filled with chatter between the care home residents and the schoolchildren who were so excited to visit the home Some great friendships have already been made as a result of this visit At Care South we regularly welcome children to our care homes as we are keen to foster connections between the different generations for the benefit of the residents in our care
Higher education called for 81-year-old care home resident Brian Hodgson – when he spent time with students at Durham University Brian who lives at Mandale House Care Home on Acklam Road Thornaby, was invited to the University’s Queen’s Campus, on University Blvd for a special event Accompanied by the care home s activities coordinator, Tanya Spence, Brian enjoyed afternoon tea and board games with several students from the International Study Centre (ISC) The students who are attending the university from as far afield as Japan China Thailand and Canada volunteered to spend time with residents from care homes across Stockton-on-Tees As well as sharing a meal and playing games the group listened to music together shared stories and enjoyed discussing their families hobbies and studies Law student Khadija Jawwad 21 from Canada said: “I love talking to elderly people finding out their stories and life experiences It was great talking about their lives The idea for the intergenerational event came from a Stockton-on-Tees care home activities coordinator forum which was held at Queen’s Campus Participants suggested elderly residents would enjoy spending time with young people from different parts of the world and Durham University staff members, Peri Anderson and Rachael King, agreed there would be benefits for both parties and put a plan into motion
loved going on the outing to Queen’s Campus in Teesdale While he is mostly unable to speak his smile said it all
which he won
he played a few hard
international students
thank Peri Anderson, Rachael King, Demi-Leigh Thompson, and the students enough for their kindness and patience “The afternoon tea was just lovely and we look forward to meeting up with the young people again ” Peri Anderson assistant facility manager at Durham University said: “Finding local opportunities for the students to engage in is very important to the International Study Centre “Volunteering allows students to learn new skills, network in the area and give something back “The link with local cares home has been lovely to develop and as our international students live far away from their own families that intergenerational mix is something they really wanted to support “So not only does it hopefully have a positive effect on the residents but our students also gain so much We all thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon tea event and look forward to our next one Rachael King, student enrichment officer at Durham University, added: “We are incredibly proud of all of our students who work tirelessly to make a positive difference both on a national and international scale
“He loved playing afternoon
fought games of dominoes with the
“I can’t

1 In 5 Data Breaches In 2023 Were In The Health Sector, New Data Reveals

span the health sector remains at the top of the list year on year at almost 1 in 5 cases from 2019 to 2023

The education and childcare sector came 2nd place last year, making up almost 1 in 7 cases The finance insurance and credit sector came 3rd, making up over 1 in 10 cases

Hayes Connor also analysed the types of data that had been breached within each sector The research found that in 2023 basic personal identifiable data was the most common type of data being breached within health sector data breaches In fact, this made up 73 21% of data breaches The second highest form of data breaches involved health data at 61 66%

Concerningly, almost 1 in 5 of total data breaches in 2023 involved children s data This is particularly sensitive due to the fact children are less aware of the safeguards consequences, and risks regarding personal data processing

In the health sector last year 142 cases involved children s data making up 7 36% of health incident

The findings also showed the different incident types behind the data breaches The number one reason behind data breaches within the health sector was through unauthorised access, which made up 18 70% of the health data breach cases in 2023

“Despite regulatory advancements and the introduction of stricter compliance mechanisms the rate of data breaches remains a serious concern The recent ICO trends portray a continuous need for vigilance and updated compliance strategies from businesses especially in how they manage and protect personal data against emerging cyber threats and human error

The health sector are frequent violators coming in 1st place for data breaches in 2023 OVERALL, THE TOP 10 OFFENDERS, AND THE PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL INCIDENTS EACH SECTOR WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR IN THE LAST YEAR, WERE AS FOLLOWS:

Data emailed to the wrong recipent showed up as the second most common incident type for this sector at 16 22% This demonstrates how human error plays a huge role in many data breach cases in the UK, and thus the importance of internal business training

It is important to bear in mind that part of the 2018 GDPR regulations require businesses to report a data breach within 72 hours Failure to notify a breach when required to do so can result in a significant fine of up to £18m or 4 per cent of your global turnover

Concerningly, in the health sector, it’s taking over 72 hours to report 43 88% of their data breaches This is leaving the sector vulnerable to large fines

Hayes Connor’s study found that the health sector made up around 1 in 5 reported data breach cases last year On average across the 5-year

Richard Forest Legal Director at Hayes Connor says “Another year, another representation of how many organisations across all sectors are still failing to implement effective security protocols leaving personal data vulnerable to breaches which have significant legal and financial repercussions for the entities involved

New findings by data breach experts reveal ongoing compliance challenges within the health sector highlighting the continual need for businesses to train their staff on basic data handling practices Since
tracking reported data breaches
data leading UK data breach solicitors Hayes Connor, highlights which
last year and beyond
2019 the ICO has been
Taking a deep dive into the
sectors experienced the most
Health - 17 42% • Education and childcare - 14 44% Finance insurance and credit - 10 93% • Local government - 9 90% Retail and manufacture - 9 76% Legal - 7 31% Charitable and voluntary -
63% Land or property services - 4 31% Transport and leisure -
58% Online Technology and
Telecoms - 2 92%

Obtaining CHC for a Person with Dementia

Amongst the headlines from the research for the

Societythat saw records analysed of 26 000 people dating back seven years - is that dementia costs £42 billion per year in the UK and that figure is set to rise to £90 billion by 2040 The majority (63%) of this cost is being shouldered by people living with dementia and their families As dementia progresses, total costs increase from £29,000 per year to £81 000 HOW FAMILIES ARE BEING IMPACTED BY THE COSTS OF DEMENTIA CARE

Paul Kemp (57), from Kent, whose wife, Sandy (55), lives with earlyonset dementia told the Alzheimer s Society I ve had to give up work to become a full-time carer for Sandy and my mother and sell personal items to pay for care and buy essentials I feel that no-one in government understands the financial pressures carers face, especially when trying to claim for benefits is like screaming into the wind – no one s listening



When you need professional dementia care either to fully support a person living with dementia or to provide supplementary care alongside a family carer, this is means tested Care Choices have an excellent guide that looks at care funding which details the threshold for local authority support and what happens to people who have assets above the threshold and are therefore deemed ‘self funders’

However another option known as NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is something that should also be considered CHC is a means of fully funding dementia care through the NHS for a person who is considered to have a ‘primary health need’ This is different from the majority of people s needs which are classed as social care needs and are therefore met through adult social care services (via your local authority)

To obtain CHC a person needs to go through an assessment process which has proven to be complex and extremely difficult for many people living with dementia and their families This often results in individuals and families missing out on this funding, leaving many people in a desperate situation DEMENTIA UK’S ‘FIX THE FUNDING’ CAMPAIGN TO URGE THE GOVERNMENT TO REVIEW CHC

In 2023 Dementia UK recognised the immense struggles many families were facing when trying to access CHC funding and launched their Fix the Funding campaign to urge the government to review the CHC process which Dementia UK have described as flawed’ and ‘not recognising the unique and challenging needs of people with dementia They recently took their campaign to parliament to raise its profile and call

for urgent action

I spoke to Paul Edwards, Chief Nursing Officer at Dementia UK, to find out more:

NHS continuing healthcare can be a lifeline for many families living with dementia However the system is causing huge distress for families Our ‘Fix the funding’ campaign calls on the government to urgently review how continuing healthcare is awarded to ensure a fairer and more consistent process recognises the long-term complex health needs faced by people living with dementia

Advice if you are considering, or currently involved, in the CHC assessment process

I asked Paul what he would advise families who are looking to begin a CHC funding application or who are currently involved in the CHC system Paul said:

When applying for CHC funding there are a number of steps you can take to ensure you are well pre-

pared These include:

• Consider using an advocate who has specialist knowledge of dementia and CHC applications

Contact the coordinating assessor to confirm when the assessment is happening and what they require from you If possible, it’s best to attend in person

Tell the assessor which professionals are involved in the person s care so they can be consulted

Familiarise yourself with the DST forms and think of specific examples of the person’s needs in each area You can download these forms from the website of the local NHS body responsible for CHC funding

Gather as much evidence as possible about the person’s needs – you could keep notes or even record short video clips of them Ask family friends and others involved in the person’s care for their views too

Focus on describing the person s needs on a bad day – not a good or average day or the day of the assessment

Be specific and give examples of changed behaviour

Ask for clarification if there is anything you don’t understand

If something occurs to you after the assessment which you think you should have mentioned follow up with the coordinating assessor ”

Dementia UK have more tips and guidance for navigating the CHC application and assessment process here

If you have been impacted by the cost of dementia care or struggled with the CHC process you may wish to join Dementia UK’s Fix the Funding campaign


Alzheimer’s Society – What is NHS Continuing Healthcare?

Alzheimer’s Society – Tips on preparing your case for NHS Continuing Healthcare Care to be Different – Free Guides Care to be Different – My dad has dementia so will he automatically qualify for CHC funding? Compass - Continuing Healthcare and Dementia

New Care Home Team Engage with Local Parkinson’s Support Group Ahead of Grand Opening

Leaders from the soon-to-open Copperfield Court, part of Oyster Care Homes participated in a vibrant and musical gathering at the local Parkinson’s support group on 3rd May, from 13 30 to 15:30 The event was held at Union Church in Margate a longstanding venue that has welcomed the Parkinson’s group for nearly three decades General Manager Eve Balcombe Deputy Manager Jade Hammond and Senior Healthcare Assistant Kathryn Waller attended the event which featured a performance by Charlie from Music for Health Charlie s live guitar session not only entertained but also served an important therapeutic role, encouraging participants to sing along This activity is known to assist with common Parkinson s symptoms such as tremors and posture issues and is a testament to the power of music and community in enhancing the quality of


Magnolia Court Care Home Hosts Community

and Wine Event

PAGE 14 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 Magnolia Court care home in Hampstead hosted a Cheese and Wine afternoon and invited local people from the community that might otherwise be isolated The events brought together residents staff and members of the community for an afternoon of musical and entertainment and a delicious selection of cheese and wine There was much fun and laughter in the room as well as singing The Reverend Robin Sims-Williams with some of the congregation from All Saints' Church Child s Hill and Labour s Parliamentary Candidate for Finchley & Golders Green Sarah Sackman joined in for a joy filled afternoon and a chance to meet up with old friends and make new ones Head Chef Maricica - Asica and her team arranged a beautiful spread of delicious chesses and delicious wine Magnolia Courts life style team Tamie and Mimi hosted the afternoon and arranged musical entertainment For many this gathering marked a long-awaited reunion With hugs and smiles aplenty there was an undeniable sense of gratitude for the opportunity to be together once more As glasses were raised and memories recounted, it became clear that these moments were cherished "We are thrilled with the success of our Cheese and Wine Event " said Lenie General Manager at Magnolia Court Care Home It was heart-warming to see our residents and the community come together to enjoy an afternoon of good food and great company We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us and made the event so memorable We look forward to inviting you again soon "
Who cannot fail to be shocked by the
Alzheimer s Society have shared this Dementia Action Week showing the staggering cost of dementia care for UK
carechoices co uk) highlight the growing challenge of funding dementia care and speaks to Dementia UK for advice on NHS Continuing Healthcare funding
Content creator Beth Britton and Care Choices (www
Manager of Copperfield Court care home, said: Visiting the Parkinson s group was an enlightening experience It was truly heartwarming to see the joy
spirit alive in the room At
life for those living with the condition
Balcombe, General
Copperfield Court we believe in building
porting our residents in every aspect of
wellbeing Engaging with groups like this is just
glimpse of how we intend to integrate and contribute positively to the local community
the organiser of the event, described the group as “a perky, optimistic bunch of individuals who live life to the fullest despite their Parkinson’s diagnoses
The visit was part of a series of community engagement activities planned by Copperfield Court ahead of its grand opening on 16th May The care home aims to establish strong links with local groups and services to foster an environment of support and inclusivity for its residents

What Are The Legal Obligations For Fire Safety In Care Homes?

Care homes are the residency of our most vulnerable society members, and are a place people turn to for help keeping their loved ones safe yet a report by London Fire Brigade suggests that residents may not be as safe as people think

The 2019 report found that 57% of the 177 care homes across London had "serious fire safety failures”, including one in three premises with inadequate or poorly maintained fire doors, widespread confusion about fire evacuation strategies and fire risk assessments being carried out by people without the proper skills and experience

While there is no nationwide data it remains a worry that if there were the state of fire safety in care homes across the UK would paint a similar picture

Ian Poole Head of Sales at Firechief® (www firechiefglobal com), with 15 years of experience in the care sector, reminds care homes about the legal obligations they need to uphold and the staff training that should be in place to ensure a safe environment for all residents


Poole said: The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005) states that every workplace - including care homesshould have an established fire safety plan which is recorded and every staff member is made aware of

Recognising varying dependency levels among residents a person-centred approach ensures effective arrangements, including suitable staff levels and personalised evacuation plans ”

A risk assessment should begin by examining the materials used in the construction of the building Legislation under the Care Home Regulations Act (2001) states that it’s illegal for the property owner or manager not to ensure the building is compliant and adherent to fire safety regulations

Poole said: Recent fires reveal the repercussions of weak regulations as care homes increasingly opt for cost-effective lightweight construction materials While immediate evacuation may be achieved the aftermath may result in extensive damage or building loss

“Limiting the use of combustible building materials and identifying the materials used in construction aids in understanding potential fire spread risks and forms the foundation of effective fire safety

According to the Government's guide for fire risk assessment in residential care premises, providers should have a plan to ensure all care home residents can be evacuated and assisted by staff to a place of safety in under 2 ½ minutes to avoid risk to life

Several fire safety signs should be in place in the care home to provide information on emergency exits where fire equipment is located and how to raise the alarm in order to make evacuation as effective as possible

Fire safety signs fall into one of four categories each with its own distinctive colour associated with a

respective area of fire safety

Red signs should signify the location of firefighting equipment and allow for easy identification in an emergency which includes fire extinguishers fire blankets fire hoses and fire buckets Green signals the location of doors and escape routes and yellow should be used to indicate dangerous substances in the vicinity Blue provides notice of instructions relating to fire safety including what to do in the event of a fire Additionally, a sign with a diagonal cross through it outlines what not to do in that area, such as a no-smoking sign

Poole said The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005) highlights that a responsible person should oversee and take charge of fire safety measures within a commercial premises, including ensuring the proper fire safety signage is in place Failure to do so will not only endanger lives but leave you liable to legal action being taken against you


Poole said “It’s a legal requirement for care homes to have a fire alarm system installed which should be tested every week and serviced by a fire safety engineer every 6 months in accordance with the British Standard BS 5839-1:2019: Fire detection and fire alarm systems in buildings

“Care homes are also required by law to have regularly maintained fire extinguishers on the premises and should ensure that staff are trained in how to use them in the event of a fire

The types of fire extinguishers that should be present in care homes will depend on the identified risks; staff should be trained on how to use all types present which may include water foam and dry powder extinguishers

It s also incredibly important that fire doors are correctly fitted and never blocked - these are essential escape routes and specifically designed to prevent fire and smoke from spreading from one area into another London Fire Brigade reported that one in three care homes were not properly maintaining their fire doors

“Equipping yourself with the right evacuation materials such as mats and chairs that will assist the safe evacuation of your most vulnerable residents is also a must STAFF TRAINING SHOULD BE PRIORITISED

Poole said “Staff turnover rates are persistently high in the care home sector ranging from around 28% to over 39% in 2021/22 With new staff being onboarded all the time, fire safety training has to be a priority

Fire safety training for all staff should include fire safety responsibilities fire prevention evacuation procedures and the use of fire extinguishers as well as how to spot hazards and prevent potential risks

“Care homes are classed as high-risk premises because not only do people sleep there, but residents are elderly or vulnerable people who are likely to have mobility issues slower reactions and sight and hearing impairment creating more complexities around evacuation

“In such a high-risk environment, all staff should receive basic fire safety training during their inductionespecially staff working night shifts as there tends to be reduced staffing levels - and should receive a refresher every 6 months

‘By prioritising fire safety and working collaboratively we can create a safer environment for the most vulnerable members of our society Even the most well-designed fire safety plan is only as effective as its implementation By committing to continuous improvement we can ensure that care homes are truly safe havens for all residents ”

Resident at Altrincham Home ‘Danced The Night Away’ at The Mavericks Concert

Yvonne McAlister watched The Mavericks at The Bridgewater Hall

A resident at an Altrincham home got her groove on as she went to see one of her favourite bands

Yvonne McAlister lives at MHA Handsworth and had agreed to go with her sister-inlaw to watch American country music band The Mavericks

The Mavericks are an American country music band from Miami Florida

The band consists of Raul Malo Paul Deakin, Eddie Perez, and Jerry Dale McFadden Malo and Deakin founded the band in 1989 along with Robert Reynolds and Ben Peeler

Due to other commitments Yvonne s sister-in-law was unable to go but that didn t deter her, and she went to watch them at The Bridgewater Hall with activity coordinator Charlotte Fowke

MHA Handsworth provides residential care for 43 residents

Charlotte said “Yvonne is originally from Ireland and moved to Altrincham two years ago to be closer to her family

She watched The Mavericks in Belfast around 10 years and is a huge fan of their music

She was really looking forward to seeing them and was talking about the show for weeks

“She was really excited, and we talked about what she was going to wear, Yvonne sung and danced to her favourite song danced the night away and had a great time “Some of the music they performed was new so she didn t know all of the songs but she did say the lead singer performed exactly how she remembered him Both

From Drug Discover y to Treatment to Care: The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Show 2024

of dementia takes away your ability to speak, see, hear and move your body and is the first experiential course specifically designed to simulate the communication needs of people living with dementia It forces you to find new ways to communicate and recognise how to better understand living with dementia

The CQC will be

Fire safety expert Ian Poole speaks about the legislation that is currently in place
of us really enjoyed the evening
couldn t stop smiling
and Yvonne
Now in its 11th year The Alzheimer s & Dementia Show is the UK s leading event for care providers healthcare professionals families and carers This is an unmissable event for those wanting to learn from leading experts find practical advice and support resources help and information develop a better understanding of dementia and further professional skills Taking place at London ExCel on 14 - 15 June the show features a fully accredited CPD conference programme with talks from leading experts, family carers and people living with dementia alongside professional advice clinics dementia and care exhibitors and unique individual training opportunities you won’t find at any other event EXHIBITION HIGHLIGHTS Exhibitors include organisations offering a range of products and services including care at home, care homes, living aids, reminiscence therapy, funding, training telecare assistive technology charity research legal education and finance EXCLUSIVELY TO THE ALZHEIMER’S & DEMENTIA SHOW 2024: The Virtual Dementia Tour & Training Experience is for anyone working in any form of dementia care or living with someone with dementia It offers a greater knowledge and understanding of how to improve the lives of those with dementia by experiencing an immersive tour taking eight minutes followed by a tailored 75 minute individual debriefing and training session Dementia Interpreters – learning the ‘language’
running an ‘inspector hub’ on stand C26 All show attendees are invited to come and speak to a CQC inspector or registration manager to discuss any queries they may have; local inspectors will be able to answer any questions as well as dealing with registration advice This year’s Alzheimer’s & Dementia Show will for the first time include a Drugs Discovery Summit for GPs nurses and community carers providing insights into the latest advancements in research and treatment options as well as practical tools to guide and support patients and Chaired by Professor Fiona Ducotterd Nigel Ward, the show’s founder and organiser said: “Over the last 11 years our annual event has strived to deliver practical help and expert guidance to care professionals as well as unpaid members of the public caring for those with dementia In the continuing absence of more robust financial support both persons living with dementia and their carers desperately need and deserve all the help and reassurance they can get Under one roof with straightforward access to products and information from trusted suppliers and CPD accredited experts visitors can increase their knowledge and confidence which in turn benefits the quality of care they provide Book your tickets today – www alzheimersshow co uk

Care Home’s Deputy Manager and Clinical Lead Shares Her Nursing Journey

At Bernard Sunley the Woking-based residential nursing and dementia care home run by charity Friends of the Elderly Ester Manlubatan the care home s Deputy Manager and Clinical Lead has been honouring this month’s International Nurses Day by sharing her own Nursing journey Ester has been with Friends of the Elderly and at Bernard Sunley since January 2003 When Ester first joined the Charity, she started as an Adaptation Nurse to meet UK s nursing standards regulations and FotE s care practices Ester then progressed and became a Qualified Nurse and was promoted to a Team Leader Ester then advanced further to become a Clinical Lead alongside her current role as Deputy Manager “I was born and raised

Bidfood Launches Industr y First With The Interactive Care Home, Featuring Over 75 Support Functions For Care Customers


Care Launches its Mobile Dental Care

PAGE 18 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 With care homes across the UK facing staff shortages and skill challenges Bidfood one of the UK’s leading wholesalers has provided an all-in-one immersive support platform through the launch of its Interactive Care Home This digital initiative spotlights innovation and solutions for the six key areas found in UK care homes, empowering Bidfood’s customers to navigate challenges and thrive in what is an everchanging sector There are over 16 000 care homes in the UK,[1] most of which are operating with tight budgets, rising food costs and limited resources Bidfood s Interactive Care Home has been designed with this in mind delivering a unique easy-to-use platform that clearly demonstrates how the wholesaler s services expertise and relevant ranges seamlessly integrate within a care home all in one place A collaboration between Bidfood s Chef Development Marketing E-commerce and Technical Service teams The Interactive Care Home places these experts at the forefront as they talk through topics from resident dining experiences to menu planning food waste and more Users can explore each room watching a range of videos where one of Bidfood s experts will offer their professional advice on various areas including nutrition creating innovative and delicious dishes as well as how to shop and save time using their multi-award-winning e-commerce site Bidfood Direct With over 75 interactive elements to discover users are also able to access support tools on specialist diets, product guides and increase their knowledge via Bidfood’s free e-learning site, Caterers Campus Business Development Controller for Education & Healthcare Gavin Squires said: “We are thrilled to have launched this latest campaign for the sector Our aspiration is for this platform to become the go-to industry source where all care homes can access a comprehensive overview of the support readily available for their care home from Bidfood We aim for it to be a place for thought leadership product innovation and trailblazing content The Interactive Care Home has been developed to become an integral tool for our customers as well as an innovative showcase to all care homes To enter The Interactive Care Home simply click here: https://view bidfood co uk/the-interactive-care-home/?page=1
From their first operational centre in Hampton Hill Lura Care will be in a position to provide dental services to centres located in London South East and part of East England Lura Care a company specialising in dental care services for care homes and day centres, has opened its first operational centre in the United Kingdom in Hampton Hill London Their objective is to break the mobility barrier to care for dependent people or people with mobility problems who due to their condition cannot access the oral health services they need Lura Care has developed an innovative model of mobile dental services that adapts to the specific needs of its patients whereby its specialised and highly skilled teams carry out the treatments on-site to avoid inconvenient transfers to clinics wherever possible The company, who are registered with the Care Quality Commission, also carry out free no-obligation initial assessments on-site to evaluate the oral health condition of residents and their dental care needs as well as training activities in care homes to help promote preventative health and healthy habits As a social impact company, Lura Care is committed to advancing towards the Sustainable Development Goals by promoting of good health and well-being (SDG 3) the reduction of inequalities (SDG 10) and the impulse of partnerships to achieve goals (SDG 17), as well as fighting the phenomenon of ageism that relegates millions of older people and restricts their rights to enjoy a full life with an optimal quality of life With this objective the company offers flexible and interest-free financing options for treatments so that no person is left without the care they need for financial reasons and reinvests a portion of the revenue back into the centres through bonuses to help improve their services Founded in Barcelona Spain and also at present in Italy Lura Care has provided their services to more than 1,000 care homes and day centres and has attended to more than 100 000 patients since the company was founded in 2015 From their first operational centre in Hampton Hill they will be in a position to provide dental services to centres located in London South East and part of East England Lura Care is registered with the Care Quality Commission For more information about the company please visit www luracare co uk See the advert on the facing page for details
for Care
Ser vices
Homes and
in The Philippines and actually Nursing was not my first career choice said Ester I originally wanted to be a Teacher but my late parents really wanted me to pursue a career in Nursing, so that s the route I took When I started my student training I was exposed to, and dealt with, many sick and unwell people of all ages It was at that point that I felt I could do so much more for others as a Nurse To be able to care support and look after people became my calling – I totally fell in love with Nursing and caring for others ” Ester studied at the first university exclusively for women in the Philippines – The Philippine Women s
recognised in 1932 Its core values are fostered
character formation cultural and national heritage preservation
17 years as a Surgical Nurse at two hospitals one of which was The Northwest Armed Forces Hospital in Tabuk in Saudi Arabia I also nursed Prisoners of War who were caught on the border of Saudi Arabia in The Gulf War Ester added “My day-to-day role at Bernard Sunley is extremely varied and full of multi-tasking Ester continued I attend handover meetings and hold briefing sessions with our Nurses and Carers of the day, where we discuss pertinent issues and our residents wellbeing I then make sure I spend time with any families who have questions or need help with anything As our Clinical Lead I am also on hand whenever I m needed Most importantly at Bernard Sunley every day we work as a team to make each day a good day for each resident ” To ensure she keeps up-to-date with any changes updates or advancements within the nursing profession, Ester is in constant communication with her co-nurses and gets regular updates from The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Ester also attends internal and external training courses to add to her already wide range of skills Friends of the Elderly has 12 Registered Nurses working throughout its care home and day care services who all have an unwavering commitment to make a difference to older people s daily lives supporting them to live well in later life I love being a part of such a caring team that devotes each hour of every day to keeping our residents motivated, engaged and safe Bernard Sunley is their home and, as such, I work in their home My role gives me 100% fulfilment every day so I can t ask for more than that concluded Ester
University (PWU) The PWU was formed in
and officially
through a curriculum centered on holistic
family solidarity, ethical professionalism, and service to the
During my nursing career I worked for

St George's Court Residents Show Their Appreciation for International Nurses Day

The people living at St George s Court Care Home celebrated International Nurses Day by showing appreciation to the people who go above and beyond to care for them every day

Residents of St George s Court were keen to celebrate International Nurses and share gifts with the nurses working in their home, not only to thank them for the support they provide but to ensure they were recognised during this International Day of Celebration

Ahead of International Nurses Day Lifestyle Coordinator Joao supported the people living at St George's to create cardboard signs and cards containing messages of appreciation for the Nursing team As well as hand-making items to thank the Nurses they also purchased some flowers and wrote down messages of appreciation

Residents were excited to celebrate International Nurses Day and couldn't wait to give the team their gifts They started by making their way around the home

These included:


Family Care Business Celebrates Prestigious Award Win

Added Value Enterprises - Sustainable Solutions for Social Care


Look around and you ll see plenty of companies offering to get the right suppliers for your business What we bring to the table is a friendly personal approach rooted in proven experience and expertise We don t just deal in services – we build connections between people At Added Value Enterprises, we re a committed team with a passion for connecting businesses with the right suppliers Partner with us and we ll seek out the best options for your business in a dynamic and crowded marketplace We’ll also review your existing supply chain, gaining you immediate savings and new efficiencies as well as supporting you with PURCHASING SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTHCARE

Social care organisations have a lot on their plate without a supply chain review getting in the way We collaborate with social care organisations and care homes across the country, taking care of the timeconsuming details and achieving the good value they deserve With a robust ethical highly traceable supply chain we deliver


Social care organisations choose us as their partner because we know the requirements of this challenging field We deliver a lean robust supply chain that works for your patients and people In a busy market, we cut through the obscurity and complicated lapartner to find the deals that matter to you achieving the quality you deserve at a price you didn t know were possible How

than you should At AVE we don t believe there should ever be a choice between ethics and value We offer sustainable sourcing that is good for the planet, and your bottom line TAILORED RECIPE PORTFOLIO

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expert food beverage and non-food purchasing solutions that save time and money That means more time to focus on what matters like supporting patient wellbeing
with exceptional quality produce Let s achieve new efficiencies today YOUR
s that for a
important sourcing is to social care organisations and
need to know where your food beverages and non-
that often means paying more
healthy supply chain? SUSTAINABLE SOURCING FOR
AND CARE HOMES We know how
food are coming from but
recipe portfolio solution allows you to submit your recipespartner to input into our database
can review your menu and check for compliance against appropriate industry criteria, providing you with fully costed menus, nutritionally analysed dishes
bespoke recipe books
managed menu solution provides you with a complete menu solution inclusive of compliance check nutrition improvement recommendations and commercial opportunities with optional access to our online ordering portal maximising savings potential recipe portfolio solution allows you to submit your recipes to using your menu and check for compliance against appropriate industry criteria, 03330 705975 | www a-v-e com | solutions@a-v-e com
Menu Solution Our
and when they saw a nurse they held up the signs they had made and wished the team ‘Happy International Nurses Day It was a wonderful surprise for the Nurses at St George's and one that raised smiles on all their faces Seeing the effort that residents had put in the Nursing team gathered to thank them
for their thoughtful actions The surprises weren t over though as residents then gave the team the flowers they had purchased and members of the Lifestyle Team read out the heartfelt messages that residents had written for them
“We appreciate everything you have done for us, especially for our medications every day
thank the nurses for everything they have done for us believe me they are all wonderful no one can deny it no one can dispute it Nurses make a difference I believe they nurture understand reason show sensitivity and encourage When problems are experienced they comfort and console Hearing these words from the people who live at St George's Court had a real impact on the nursing team and you could see a few joyful tears around the room The nursing team appreciated everything that had been made written and gifted to them – the thoughtful actions of the people living at St George's made International Nurses Day wholesome and memorable for all
Horizon Care, a Yorkshire-based family owned and run care provider proudly announces its recent Family Business award win at the Federation of Small Business Awards The award recognises Horizon’s outstanding contributions to the social care sector and embodies the values of trust reliability and empathy which have been integral to its success and reputation in the care sector The awards are a renowned platform that honours the achievements and excellence of small and medium-sized enterprises across various industries This year s regional event showcased the resilience innovation and dedication of businesses like Horizon Care, which have made significant impacts on their communities and industries All regional winners will be grouped to a final national award ceremony on 9 May in Blackpool, Horizon Care wish all the regional winners the best of luck! Andrew Paul Managing Director of Horizon Care said “This recognition is a tribute to the hard work dedication and family values that have guided Horizon Care throughout the years We are immensely grateful to our team members clients, and community for their unwavering support which has been instrumental in our journey
A care provider on the verge of opening a state-ofthe-art EMI home has cut the ribbon on an information hub, giving stakeholders a first look at its bespoke interior Langtree Care Home, to be opened in Autumn 2024, will be based in Standish Wigan The home is part of the Millennium Care Group and will join two other homes on the same site completing the Standish Care Village The care village will be the first of its kind in the North West providing a continuity like no other as it caters for all levels of elderly care Langtree Care Home will specialise in EMI dementia care while its same-site sister homes Lakeside and Worthington Lake Care Home support respite, residential, dementia and nursing care The Standish Care Village Information Hub has been set up to provide a clear understanding of the new home’s style, focusing on the bespoke interior design that takes inspiration from heritage in the North West Beth Brydges Executive Assistant at Millennium Care said: “We’re thrilled to have reached another milestone for Langtree Care Home and the Standish Care Village As well as being a stateof-the-art EMI care home the new hub shows just how beautiful the build will be At Millennium Care we want to break the institutionalised nature of care homes we want our residents to feel at home and happy in spaces that positively engage their senses ” State-Of-The-Art Care Home Opens Information Hub

Sustainable solutions for Social Care.

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Sustainable sourcing for social care organisations and care homes.
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care purchasing.
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HC-One Sponsors EF-Group’s ‘Yorkshire

Beast’ Challenge In Aid Of Alzheimer’s

which is raising awareness and money for the funding of dementia research at Alzheimer’s Society

EF-group is one of HC-One s main suppliers EF-group have joined forces with the Ultra6 World Record Race Team consisting of Martin Mansell Ben Wood and Andy North who is EF-group’s Commercial Director

The Ultra6 team is a group of courageously talented extreme cyclists, runners and sporting enthusiasts who enjoy pushing themselves to their limits to raise awareness and funds for invaluable causes

The Yorkshire Beast is taking place from 28th June – 1st July 2024 The event starts near Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales where cyclists will begin their 450-mile journey which will take two to four days to complete whilst ascending 29 000 feet – the equivalent of scaling the height of Mount Everest

Participants will take on the challenge to raise funds for EF-group and the Ultra 6 team s chosen charity for this year, the Alzheimer’s Society

The racing team’s cycling kit and pre-launch shirts will feature EF-group and HC-One branding showcasing the partnership of the two organisations in raising awareness and funds for a worthy cause

Michael Robson Support Services Programme Director at HC-One said: “HC-One are delighted to be a headline sponsor of EF-group’s Yorkshire Beast challenge and to help raise funds for the Alzheimer s Society The challenge is a meaningful opportunity to create change and have a positive impact on lives by contributing to the funding of an incredible charity which facilitates advancements in dementia and Alzheimer s research

Supporting this cause is crucial for further research and progressing initiatives to find successful treatments and preventive measures As the global population ages cases of dementia are increasing making it more important than ever before to invest in resources that can help to lessen the societal and economic impacts of dementia

We hope that by supporting organisations such as

Care Home Manager Participates In London

Half Marathon For Independent Age

Nicolas Kee Mew, Home Manager

Elm Bank Care Home Residents Adapt Carpet Bowls To Garden Bowls

The residents at Elm Bank care home in Kettering got creative with adapting their game of carpet bowls to garden bowls The sun was out and the sun hats were on, with competition being fierce it was a brilliant game We all understand the importance of life enriching activities that help keep our mind and our bodies active Many of the residents at Elm Bank care home enjoy a good game of carpet bowls now that the sun is shining the game was adapted to be played on the grass in the homes beautiful grounds After a few tense rounds it was ice lollies all round with a good old chat of days past It was a truly enjoyable spring afternoon Jill a resident at Elm Bank said It is nice to be outside it was more difficult but it was great fun ” Brenda a resident said "it is nice to be enjoying the outdoors and having fun at the same time Marvellous Bindura, General Manager said, “It is lovely to see our residents enjoying activities that enrich their lives adapting their favourite game to make the most of the sunshine is lovely The residents were all smiling and it was great to see the competitive side of them all the lollies certainly kept them cool ”
is a headline sponsor of EF-group’s ‘The Yorkshire Beast’ cycling challenge
the Alzheimer s Society to advance research
that this will help improve the lives of those affected
dementia both now
in the future ”
of Frank Foster House care home in Theydon Bois led the way through the streets of London on the 7th of April 2024, as he took on the challenge of the Half Marathon for Independent Age The residents and staff of Frank Foster House rallied together demonstrating their unwavering support and commitment to raising funds for Independent Age a charity devoted to enriching the lives of older people across the UK “The opportunity to participate in the Half Marathon for the third time and raise funds for Independent Age was both a personal challenge and a profound privilege I have been fundraising for independent age for more than thirteen years,” shared Nicolas Kee Mew To have the support of the residents and staff of Frank Foster House was truly humbling Together, we embarked on this journey not only to raise funds but also to champion the dignity and well-being of older individuals in our society ” Resident Joan expressed immense pride in Nicolas Kee Mew’s efforts stating “We are very proud of Nicolas ” Her words encapsulate the admiration and support felt by all within Frank Foster House and Runwood Homes group
A long-standing dream of care home resident Alec Smith finally came true after he was sent a signed photograph and invited by Rangers Football Club to visit Ibrox stadium When Alec told HC-One Scotland’s The Beeches Care Home wellbeing team about his love for Rangers Football Club they wanted to do something special for him This month Alec was thrilled after receiving a signed photo and invitation to visit the Ibrox Football Stadium in Glasgow on Friday June 7 Alec who turns 72-years-old in June has lived at the nursing and nursing dementia home in Dunfermline since June 2022 Alec and his wife Mary have been together for 50-years and married for 21-years They have three children – Alec, Scott, and Laura Alec has loved Rangers Football Club all of his life and he knew Mary s uncle George Niven who played for Rangers as a goalkeeper from 1951 to 1962 Last month The Beeches Care Home held their regular Goldfish activity where residents are asked to make three wishes Colleagues subsequently worked together to help grant Alec s wish for a signed photo from Rangers Football Club Kerry Knox Wellbeing Coordinator wrote to Rangers Football Club to request if they could send him a signed photo or a small piece of memorabilia To everyone s surprise not only did he receive the signed photo but Alec and his family have been invited along for a tour of the stadium Kerry Knox Wellbeing Coordinator at The Beeches Care Home commented Alec has dementia but recognises his favourite team and loves to watch them on TV and we are so pleased we could help him make this dream come true! Angela Parnell Home Manager at The Beeches Care Home added: “Our ‘Goldfish’ initiative has been so successful in making our residents wishes come true I am so thrilled that Alec can visit his favourite team alongside his family ” Rangers FC
Make Care Home Resident’s Dreams Come True With Invite To Visit Ibrox

Age UK Launches Walking Tennis Programme

of all abilities The rules of the game include no running or jumping allowing the ball to bounce twice and the option to play on a smaller court with modified equipment Walking Tennis provides a fantastic way to stay active while enjoying the social benefits of being part of a tennis community The sessions are open to everyone, for those who have a backhand like Novak Djokovic or can hit a serve as fast as Serena Williams, as well as those who’ve never played before, or anyone who is simply seeking a more relaxed pace of play!

The Walking Tennis sessions will start being delivered at eight local Age UKs from Spring 2024 These local Age UKs which include Age UK Shropshire Telford and Wrekin Lincoln and South Lincolnshire Devon Sutton Calderdale and Kirklees Waltham Forest Blackburn with Darwen and South Kent Coast will implement and oversee the running and long-term viability of the Walking Tennis Programme

Findings from


Paul Farmer CEO at Age UK said:

“We re delighted to have received funding from the LTA Tennis Foundation to set up Age UK s new Walking Tennis programme

We know that keeping active can improve confidence and wellbeing, help older people to live independently for longer and reduce isolation and loneliness

The Walking Tennis programme will be a

nis, and we are looking forward to seeing the development and impact of The Walking Tennis programmes in the communities they are delivered in

VE Day Celebration at Cambridge Manor Care Home

On Wednesday 8th May, Cambridge Manor Care Home took a step back in time to honour the heroes of yesteryears and commemorate the 79th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day right here in our garden! Residents at Cambridge Manor Care Home came together for a heartwarming garden party filled with laughter joy and a whole lot of nostalgia The party included residents from the home their loved ones and some special faces from the local community

Decked out in their finest vintage attire residents relived the spirit of post-war jubilation sharing stories and memories that spanned generations From tales of resilience to moments of sheer joy, each anecdote painted a vivid picture of the remarkable journey our country has undertaken

Underneath the beautiful blue skies which we were blessed to enjoy amidst blooming flowers and fluttering flags we sang along to timeless wartime melodies and indulged in delicious treats fit for a

of days and into the light of freedom

But the celebrations didn t stop there! Our residents put their knowledge to the test with a special VE Day quiz showcasing their keen wit and unwavering spirit It was a testament to the resilience and camaraderie that defined an era reminding us of all of the sacrifices made for the peace and prosperity we enjoy today

As the sun set on this memorable day we couldn't help but feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to honour our past while cherishing the present A simply wonderful afternoon shared together celebrating a very special day

John Resident at Cambridge Manor Care Home said Today was such a special day and to be able to celebrate this day with my friends here at the home made it even more special The flags and sunshine made it a day to remember The team did very well and I thank them a lot”

Here s to the heroes who paved the way for our freedom and to the spirit of unity and resilience that continues to guide us forward”

H.W.Pickrell Ltd Best prices paid all ages & condition Large stock of new & used accessible minibuses Gardiners Lane North, Crays Hill, Billericay, Essex, CM11 2XE Mobile: 07860 894 331 • email: Telephone: (01268) 521033 Freephone: 0800 917 7943 www euroser vice-uk com sales@euroser vice-uk com Visit the website at www.euroser to see the full range Manufactured in the UK PROVIDING PRACTICAL AND ST YLISH TROLLEYS TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS Watch your resident's eyes light up when the beautiful tea trolley arrives! Euroser vice trolleys can also be used as a vending trolley or to sell personal care products to residents How about a delicious snack/pastr y trolley or even a drinks trolley for that afternoon tipple? Your lovely trolley could do so much for you and your residents! Euroser vice trolleys are an attractive and practical alternative to clinical aluminium trolleys given that antibacter al spray can be used freely to sanitise them Get in touch with our friendly, experienced sales team THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 | PAGE 23 Age UK with funding from the LTA Tennis Foundation has launched its new initiative for older people The Walking Tennis programme which will take place in communities across England over the next two years The walking version of the much-loved sport is designed to be a gentle and inclusive game and provides a supportive environment for older people
Sport England’s survey underscore the significance of initiatives such as Walking Tennis, as, over half (51%) of people aged 55 and over who have done no physical activity in the
28 days have also done nothing throughout the year and 70% of those
85 and over do no physical activity at all
older people, physical activity confers benefits for the following health outcomes lower overall death rates reduced deaths from heart diseases, fewer cases of high blood pressure, decreased risk of certain cancers reduced instances of type-2 diabetes better mental health (less anxiety and depression) enhanced brain function and improved sleep quality
to get active try
the LTA Tennis
have awarded Age UK funding through our grant making programme
improve lives through ten-
great opportunity for older people
something new socialise and above all have fun!
Gibbins Head of
Foundation said: “We are pleased to
Foundation s mission is to
Laughter echoed through the air as we raised a pimms toast to the indomitable spirit that saw us through the darkest

Care UK: Leading The Way In Person-Centred Dementia Care

As part of Dementia Action Week Care UK is celebrating some of the innovative sector-leading practices used by our teams to support residents their loved ones and local communities following a diagnosis of dementia

This year s Dementia Action Week runs from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th May Created by the Alzheimer’s Society this week is centred around raising awareness of dementia and encouraging those living with the condition to receive the support they need A selection of Care UK homes are currently undertaking the internal Care Fit for VIPs accreditation The internal accreditation follows the ‘Care Fit for VIPs’ model, which was initially created by Emeritus Professor Dawn Brooker at the Association of Dementia Studies (ADS) at the University of Worcester ‘Care Fit for VIPs’ is embedded within the NICE guidelines for person-centred care

Suzanne Mumford QN Care UK s head of Nursing Care and Dementia, explains “The Care Fit for VIPs framework has been transformational for the homes who have completed it and received their internal Care UK accreditation We will continue to enrol homes onto this programme so that we know without a doubt we are delivering the gold-standard of person-centred dementia care across our homes The Care Fit for VIPs approach centres around four key aspects:

valuing those living with dementia treating everyone as an individual showing empathy towards those living with the condition and recognising the need for a stimulating social environment We know that our homes abide by these values in their day-to-day care of residents but it has been crucial to reaffirm Care UK’s dedication to person-centred care particularly for those living with dementia

“By refocusing on supporting residents through activities, creativity and exercise we have been able to reduce Care UK s use of antipsychotic drugs for those living with dementia Where residents do not have an accompanying psychotic illness these additional methods of support have enabled us to safely decrease prescriptions of antipsychotics by 15 percentage points in the past year ”

Dr Shirley Evans Director of the Association for Dementia Studies University of Worcester, said “Care Fit for VIPS uses the internationally recognised VIPS Framework developed by the Association for Dementia Studies led by Emeritus Professor Dawn Brooker MBE at the University of Worcester ADS recognises the commitment of Care UK in embracing the framework and incorporating it into their annual reaccreditation and continuous improvement cycle ”

The first Care UK home to be awarded the internal accreditation was Field Lodge in St Ives, Cambridgeshire With the majority of the home’s residents living with dementia Home Manager Linda Martinez knew it was important to continue to innovate and improve their care offering

She said: We ensure residents of Field Lodge are as independent as possible – they do everything from collecting newspapers to helping in the kitchen Our job is to support them to continue to live their life in the most meaningful way possible whilst providing outstanding source of care

We regularly deliver Namaste care in the home – both in group settings and as a one-to-one activity This is particularly comforting for those living with advanced dementia as it s a sensory experience which allows them to relax

Our Dementia Care Coach Keri has also shared Namaste care with our local dementia group It’s important for us to support those in our local area who may need it regardless of whether or not they live at Field Lodge We want to share any knowledge that would bring some-

one comfort at a challenging time ”

Since Linda s home was awarded the certificate in January 2023 nine more homes have followed in Field Lodge’s footsteps – most recently, Weald Heights in Sevenoaks Echelforde in Ashford and Whitebourne in Frimley have received the accreditation A further four homes are also due to be internally inspected later this year *

Activities and creativity are crucial in supporting the needs of residents, including those living with dementia At Field Lodge, for example the activities team helped a resident to swim again at the local pool

It’s not just Care UK residents who benefit from our teams’ expertise – local communities do too Most of our homes run dementia cafes which offer help and advice in living with or supporting someone living with the condition Homes also open their doors for community events year-round - whether it’s Field Lodge sharing Namaste with their local community the team at Appleby House in Epsom opening their annual musical gala night to the community or rolling out the red carpet for their very own ‘Tate’ art gallery, or Colne View in Halstead creating a monthly dementia cinema session and a separate dementia choir – our colleagues want to ensure that everyone is supported when it comes to living with dementia

At Care UK we know that discussions around dementia need to be bold, and that loved ones also need to feel supported post-diagnosis That s why we launched The Big Dementia Conversation in early 2024 with the help of broadcaster and Strictly Come Dancing star Angela Rippon

With The Big Dementia Conversation we want to get the nation talking about dementia and some of the most difficult topics associated with the condition Our online advice hub features conversations with real families sharing their experiences, and expert advice from dementia specialists on how to navigate these topics – ranging from changes in personality to obsessive compulsive behaviours walking with purpose and loss of inhibitions

You can find out more about The Big Dementia Conversation including all-important advice from our teams and key questions from loved ones with lived experience of dementia on our website: https://www careuk com/company/care-uk-campaigns/the-bigdementia-conversation

To read more about Dementia Action Week please visit the Alzheimer's Society website: https://www alzheimers org uk/getinvolved/dementia-action-week

The full l st of Care UK homes to rece ve the internal Care Fit for VIPs accreditation is as follows: Appleby House in Epsom Surrey; Carpathia Grange n Hythe Hampshire; Echleforde in Ashford Surrey Field Lodge in St Ives Cambr dgesh re Lauder Lodge and Murrayside both in Edinburgh Metchley Manor in Edgbaston West M dlands; Weald Heights in Sevenoaks Kent and Wh tebourne in Fr mley Surrey

Charming Owls Bring Joy To Berkshire Care Home Residents

To bring wildlife closer residents at RMBI Care Co Home Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Court, in Wokingham, have recently enjoyed a visit from a group of friendly owls A handler from The Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre led the owls all around the Home s grounds and introduced

Buzzers All Round For Orchards Got Talent!

As Dementia Action Week starts (May 13-19th) Orchard Care Homes has proved its residents have a breadth of skills that would put a TV talent show to shame!

Dementia Action Week is an awareness-raising campaign where individuals and organisations across the UK are encouraged to do their bit for those living with the diagnosis This year the campaign focuses on dementia diagnosis and calls on the Government and the NHS to prioritise dementia in policy and decision-making

Orchard Care Homes which runs 23 homes in the north and Midlands pointed out that so many of their residents are highly talented people with achievements and skills galore Orchard Care Homes takes great care those living with dementia are offered surroundings that reflect their past and what is familiar to them and their skills are encouraged and utilised on a day-to-day basis through meaningful engagement and individual choice

Here is a summary of how Orchard s Got Talent : Elizabeth Brown 76 She moved into Cherry Trees Care Home in Rotherham in 2022 and has written her own poetry since she was a child Even with her dementia diagnosis, she can remember every word of one of her childhood poems Gordon Hooley, 89 also lives at Cherry Trees He is a poet, writer and singer and self-published a book covering 10 years of his childhood life

Taking time to get the content right the book was bound and ready to be sold in 2009

Alan Hardy lives at Lofthouse Grange and Lodge in Wakefield He is the author of Queen Victoria Was Amused published in 1976 A copy was eventually sent to King Charles for his review; the King liked the book hugely, saying it was so true to her He invited Alan and his wife for an audience at Buckingham Palace - a memory he will cherish forever King Charles’ review was also published within the book

John Sykes 85 also lives at Lofthouse Grange He played professional rugby all his life for Bradford Bulls, Hunslet RLFC and later coached Leeds Rhinos in 1961-62

Princess Baldwin, 70, lives at Castleford Lodge Care Home in Castleford She is a first-class pianist and singer and is registered blind Joseph Lloyd, 80, also lives at Castleford Lodge He is a qualified pilot and amazingly built his own aircraft in France

Hayden Knight CEO of Orchard Care Homes said: We are so proud of our residents and as we start Dementia Action Week we felt it was important to tell everyone these are people who have lived and continue to live full meaningful lives

They had and still have amazing skills and talents; we hope and believe that society will treat them as such Certainly within Orchard Care Homes, we love and respect them dearly

them to residents The residents were delighted to meet the calm animals who were happy to be petted
was a hoot hoot of an afternoon that made us all smile!”
resident Les
a wide
to learn
difficult to spot them
a natural environment
about the birds
lucky to have in this country ” he adds
beautiful birds
to my visual impairment being able to touch these amazing animals which are so tactile
relaxed was wonderful A really calming effect! The moonshaped face and delicate body was lovely to be up close
and to touch it gently with my hands helped me visu-
Langley, who took
in the
smile It was a very interesting experience
more about owls in
a close proximity, as it s
because I
we are so
Resident Michael Holdstock says: “I can’t believe I had a hands-on experience with such
Sharon Fletcher one of Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Court s Activities Coordinators says:
“The Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre s visit has been tremendous Seeing the residents enjoy the experience of the birds was an absolute pleasure to witness The handler s patience and individual conversations with each resident gave them the opportunity to truly be part of an owl’s life – and the owls brought joy and calmness to our residents which is wonderful for their mental health and wellbeing ”

Dementia Action Week: Care Home

Residents Become Dementia Friends

19 May

Residents at a care home in Surbiton have been learning about the effects of dementia and how best to support people living with the syndrome

The talk was organised by staff at Royal Star & Garter in Surbiton, to enable residents there who are not living with dementia to offer more support to residents who are

The Dementia Friends talk took place ahead of Dementia Action Week, which is running from 13-

Royal Star & Garter is a charity which provides loving compassionate care to veterans and their partners living with disability or dementia from Homes in Solihull Surbiton and High Wycombe It has also launched new services reaching into the community

Dementia Action Week is an awareness-raising campaign run by Alzheimer s Society

Staff came up with the idea for the talk because residents in the Home both those who live with dementia and those who don’t, often socialise together when taking part in activities and events It was delivered by Dementia Friends Ambassador Sylvie who is also a volunteer at the Home Staff and relatives also attended the Dementia Friends talk in which Sylvie explained how simple actions

can raise awareness and understanding Afterwards, residents tried on sensory perception equipment which replicate the physical hardships people living with dementia endure

Among those who attended and became a Dementia Friend was resident Rosemary Her husband Bob also lives at the Home with dementia Rosemary said: “I could relate to what was said because of Bob I found it really interesting and very relevant And fellow resident Derek said: I think it is important that the Home has done this so that residents staff and relatives have a better understanding of what living with dementia is like and what we can do to make life a little easier for them ”

Dementia Friends Ambassador Sylvie said These important sessions raise awareness and help change attitudes You can live incredibly well with dementia if people around you understand you ” Events and activities will take place in each of Royal Star & Garter s three Homes to mark Dementia Action Week In Solihull, this will include memory and music sessions and sensory day trips, while in High Wycombe there will be arts and crafts activities and a visit from the mobile zoo Ark Farm

Freemasons Donate Art Therapy Books to RMBI

living with dementia ” says David Barton an Essex Freemason who is behind the art therapy initiative David set up ‘Get Started Art ’ a community interest company (CIC) in 2023 to provide free arts and crafts materials to groups supporting disadvantaged children and vulnerable adults primarily within the Essex

and the MCF over 20 000 art therapy books are being donated to care homes hospitals and dementia charities across the UK including RMBI Care Co Homes

Receiving their books, Sophie George, Activities Coordinator at Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court in Braintree Essex said: We ve seen first-hand the positive impact art therapy can have on our residents’ health and wellbeing Creative activities can help to calm the mind allowing a person to focus on the present and participate fully in the task at hand

greases helping to control the risk of dermatitis Derma Shield can be used across a wide range of workplace environments Safe to use inside gloves the newly
range includes three different
– 50ml 150ml 500ml -
two sizes of lotion – 100ml
medical standards Derma Shield
to preserve the skin's natural moisture balance Universally safe with a non-greasy finish once applied it remains on the skin for up to 4 hours despite repeated washing and can be used on all areas of the skin including the face Derma Shield is a proven and trusted barrier solution helping protect the skin against a wide range of workplace skin irritants, keeping it moisturised through the working day We are delighted to have updated the branding across the range in line with our range of industrial gloves ” said Unigloves’ MD Chris Wahlers For more information on Unigloves Derma Shield protective skincare range visit https://uk unigloves com/collections/derma-shield Unigloves Rebrands Its Derma Shield Workplace Skincare System
Hand Protection specialists Unigloves has rebranded its protective workplace skincare system - Derma Shield https://uk unigloves com/collections/dermashield
against common
irritants including chemicals detergents
sizes of
and 1000ml
to UK
contains pharmaceutical-grade moisturisers such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, which work rapidly
According to Alzheimer s Research UK an estimated 944 000 people are living with dementia in the UK and this is expected to increase to over 1 million by 2030 Dementia was the leading cause of death in 2022 accounting for over 11% of deaths However research suggests up to 40% of dementia cases can be prevented *
Week 2024 between 13-19 May RMBI Care Co has teamed up with the United Grand Lodge of England
the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) to provide art therapy books to residents in its 17 care homes for older people
to raise awareness
provide practical support for peo-
area Art therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that involves creative pursuits Some noticeable benefits have been stimulating memory boosting mood and communication skills We hope our books will engage residents and help ease any symptoms of anxiety or stress ” adds David With the additional support from UGLE
Care Co. Residents for Dementia Action Week
Dementia Action
(UGLE) and
We want
Orchard Blythe Care Home located in Coleshill hosted a 1950s community event on April 30 2024 that whisked attendees away to a bygone era The care home was transformed into a scene straight out of the 1950s as staff donned period-appropriate attire creating an immersive experience for all Residents families, friends, and even the local fire brigade came together to partake in the festivities filling the air with laughter and joy Adding to the ambiance was the soulful performance by singer Paul Shakespear who serenaded guests with timeless classics from the 1950s The aroma of freshly brewed tea delectable cakes and retro sweets further enhanced the atmosphere evoking fond memories More than just a nostalgic trip the event exemplified Orchard Blythe’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and inclusion By involving families and friends the care home not only showcased its warm environment but also provided residents with an opportunity to reminisce and relive cherished moments from their youth The home manager Hayley remarked “It was an absolutely amazing day; it was so nice to see everyone involved and having so much fun The overwhelmingly positive response from attendees underscores the success of the event in bringing joy to all who participated Orchard Blythe’s 1950s Community Event Takes Residents On A Nostalgic Journey

Food Procurement Experts, allmanhall are

Nutrition and Hydration Week was earlier this month

Food procurement experts, allmanhall s dietitian Tess

Warnes shares a menu of ideas for year-round inspiration


Including protein in breakfast can help our increased protein requirements as we get older:

Pancakes (add protein powder to the mix) with fruit, Greek yoghurt and flaked almonds

Porridge topped with Greek yoghurt chia seeds and berries

Tofu scrambled on toast

Breakfast burrito wrap with beans egg avocado


Especially if appetite is generally low make things available throughout the day to encourage consumption of a wider range of nutrients Nutritious snack ideas could include • Cheese scones Cheese and crackers

• Hummus with pitta bread

Peanut better on toast

• Avocado on oat cakes

Savoury muffins

• Greek yoghurt with fruit •


Dried fru t and nuts Including more fruit is important to increase fibre and prevent constipation as well as contributing important nutrients in the diet Fruit kebabs are another fun snack!
Mild dehydration can impact balance concentration and energy levels Longer term dehydration can lead to urinary tract infections, renal disease and kidney stones As we get older we might not recognise the thirst in the same way To encourage residents to drink more: Use a drinks trolley giving plenty of choice • Encourage keeping a bottle or cup nearby All fluids count including those containing caffeine • Smoothies are great for increasing nutrients as well as fluid Try adding ingredients to boost energy and protein such as Greek yoghurt Remember that fluid can be taken through foods with higher water level contents such as fruit & vegetables Read my blog to find out more about hydration allmanhall are proud partners of the NACC and award-winning experts when it comes to food procurement and consultative support Find out more https://allmanhall co uk
Supporting Nutrition and Hydration in Care Homes Moor Coffee Ltd. Our Independent coffee company specialises in coffee machines coffee beans brewing equipment throughout the UK With over 25 years experience in the beverage vending industry We understand that choosing a new coffee machines can be difficult - bean to cup - instant machine what is right for you? That is where our dedicated team can offer help & advice with our knowledge gained by our time in the industry we can guide you to finding the right solution for your care home enabling you to supply quality drinks for your clients visitors and staff Machine accessories can be added to create a complete model and once you have chosen your machine we will deliver install and train you and your staff After-sales support is taken seriously so we provide you with a comprehensive back-up service with regular customer contact a range of point-of-sale material and a fully equipped service department We can offer a range of purchase options Call us now on 01409 231166 or visit www moorcoffee co uk SUPPLYING PREMIUM COFFEE MACHINES & PRODUCTS WWW.MOORCOFFEE.CO.UK 01409 231166 MOOR COFFEE LTD One Touch Machines for Ease of Use PLEASE MENTION THE CARER WHEN RESPONDING TO ADVERTISING PAGE 28 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194


Swift Response Ltd

Swift Response Ltd is leading the way in the heating industry across England and Wales offering bespoke care plans tailored to meet the needs of both commercial and domestic clients Central to Swift Response's ethos is providing a 'worry-free' maintenance experience marked by

free from the usual worries associated with heating maintenance and repair

Website www swiftresponseltd co uk Phone number 0800 577 0026

Email swiftresponseltd@gmail com See page 11

C&S Seating Ltd

Blueleaf Care Launches the Integra-Mat Mattress to Alleviate and Prevent All Grades of Pressure Sores


step-down mattress system the Integra-Mat can be used as a static mattress or it can be stepped-up to support the active prevention or treatment of painful pressure sores and ensure residents who do experience them remain as comfortable as possible Over 700 000 people in the UK suffer from pressure sores almost all of which (95%) are avoidable with the right care and equipment For residents requiring Grade 1 pressure care the air mattress fully inflates in static mode with the foam mattress on the top surface under the cover; for Grades 2, 3 and 4 the

Dignified Dining

cells or air pockets, fully inflate and deflate around the pressure sore in dynamic alternating mode This action mimics residents natural sleep movements to optimise the flow of blood and air to the affected area The integral foam mattress can be stowed underneath the cells if needed for Grades 3 and 4 to create a full mattress system with maximum therapeutic hyperaemia

Additional features include: Auto Weight which automatically weighs the patient and adjusts pressure accordingly removing the need for manual intervention; Auto Upright which automatically optimises pressure when the patient is sitting up; and Auto Firm which adjusts

MOWOOT II - a revolutionary non-invasive solution to chronic constipation

Consort Claudgen s innovation in the electric heating industry takes another leap forward by introducing Wi-Fienabled heaters to their low surface temperature (LST) range These cutting-edge heaters offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency The heaters connect directly to WiFi, enabling users to control heating through the digital control panel on the heater or via the Consort Connect app With a comprehensive 7-day timer which allows 24 individual heating periods per day and features such as a lock function open window detection and custom automation users can tailor their heating needs to their preferences Adding to the ease of use users can view the energy consumption statistics of all connected heaters providing insights into usage patterns and potential savings The LST heaters with Wi-Fi and occupancy sensors have a self-learning control ability They utilise in-built occupancy sensors to detect and learn a user s weekly presence in a room, creating an intuitive heating schedule When the space is unoccupied, the heater conserves energy by switching to a setback temperature or frost protection mode BIM (Building Information Modelling) objects for the heaters are available for download from Consort s website 01646 692172 | sales@consortepl com | www consortepl com See the advert on page 7 Consort Claudgen
Wi-Fi Enabled Heaters to LST Range
reliability and affordability with prices starting from a modest £25 per month The firm is celebrated for its cost-effective solutions designed to ease the financial strain on its clientele This approach not only renders essential heating services more accessible to a wider audience but also offers peace of mind to customers reassured by the transparency of costs Swift Response sets itself apart with a commitment to personalised service Acknowledging the distinct needs of each customer Swift Response delivers tailor-made solutions that ensure maximum heating efficiency and comfort This personalised touch not only enhances the customer experience but also ensures more and efficient problem resolution by offering individual account managers for commercial clients In essence Swift Response is redefining heating maintenance across England and Wales with its clientfocused plans By combining affordable pricing starting at £25 per month a pledge to hassle-free service and a customised approach to customer care Swift Response guarantees its clients a warm comfortable environment
Developed by doctors and other healthcare professionals the MOWOOT II mechanically performs gentle abdominal massage that speeds up intestinal transit in people suffering w ic constipation Clinically proven, effective, sa ing and easy to apply, the MOW Abdominal Massage Therapy Sy relieves troublesome constipatio the sufferers the freedom and enjoyment of a healthy life Comfortable when used the MOWOOT II treats and manages chronic constipation in people with spinal cord injuries multiple sclerosis and Parkinson s Disease Gentle abdominal massage with MOWOOT II helps the menopausal and post-menopausal women and the older and elderly people experiencing idiopathic chronic constipation In clinical studies the MOWOOT II was found to increase evacuation frequency soften stools improve regularity reduce gasses and bloating and relieve abdominal discomfort Just 10 to 20 minutes per day of relaxing abdominal massage therapy with the MOWOOT II produces evident improvement Significant results are experienced few days after the first treatment Regular usage of the MOWOOT II ensures lasting relief and better quality of life MOWOOT II for simple safe and effective relief from chronic constipation! Win Health Medical Ltd - 01835 864866 –nfo@win-health com - www win-health com See the adverts on page 3 and the front cover
C&S Seating Ltd have prov ded postural control equipment to residential homes hospices medical equipment services and NHS trust hospitals nationwide since 1991 With 9 different sizes of T-Rolls and Log Rolls, in a removable and machine washable Waterproof Titex or Soft Knit material These rolls are used to control posture and position of the body in either supine or side lying Our Knee & Leg support wedges are available in 2 sizes C&S Seating Ltd is the sole manufacturer of the Alternative Pos tioning Support – also available in two sizes which has removable side cushions and middle pommel for when more control of the abducted lower limb is required Our popular and vibrant range of Soft Knit covers in a choice of 5 colours provide a softer alternative ideal for the colder seasons and are designed to fit snug over our waterproof rolls for maximum protection and comfort Contact us on 01424 853331 or visit www cands-seating co uk to request or download a brochure pricelist or order form request an individualised quotation speak to an advisor or to place an order See the advert on page 6 MOWOOT II for Constipation-Free Life The range exclusive to Grahame Gardner incorporates cutting-edge technology Micro-Fresh® to help keep healthcare workers safe whilst maintaining unrivalled comfort The garment fabric which is 65 per cent polyester and 35 per cent cotton is incorporated with innovative Micro-fresh® technology at point of manufacture The antimicrobial technology not only kills 99 9 per cent of bacteria beyond 50 washes but is also proven to reduce the spread of human coronavirus by 99 2 per cent With wash resistant antibacterial protection Micro-Fresh® also boasts odour prevention providing longer lasting freshness for the wearer The scrubs are hypoallergenic gentle on skin and vegan friendly The exclusive scrubs are available in two fits – unisex and female – the scrub top is available in six colourways: Oasis, Navy Eau de Nil, Bottle, Smoke Grey and Blue 18 each with a classic contrasting white trim the trousers are available in core colours Navy Bottle and Black Grahame Gardner also offer all six scrub colours in their Made to Order range with a bespoke choice of trim colour The scrub top design features multiple pockets including two waterproof chest pockets and a wearers right hand hip pocket which also has a pen divide and an elastic loop for a clip-on hand sanitiser The trousers have a drawstring waist and also side and a back pockets The range is exclusively available to purchase here: www grahamegardner co uk/healthcare/ microfresh-scrubs html www grahamegardner co uk info@grahamegardner co uk See the advert on page 5 for further details Exclusive Antimicrobial Scrub Technology by Grahame Gardner and Micro-Fresh® SecuriCare For over 30 years SecuriCare has been supporting Care organisations and the people they care for by providing consultancy and training to help prevent and manage behaviours that challenge service delivery Our training is a blend of online and classroom-based sessions that provides a bespoke person-centred approach focused on reducing incidents of challenging behaviour and the use of restrictive interventions SecuriCare is a British Institute of Learning Disabilities-Association of Certified Training (BILD-ACT) Approved Restraint Reduction training provider an Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) Quality Award Centre; and an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation Our training programmes are developed following an extensive training needs analysis to ensure we fully meet your organisation’s training needs SecuriCare also offers training to manage incidents that require clinical holding to assist with administering care and medical interventions The SecuriCare Soft Mitt System provides a safe and secure alternative to prolonged physical intervention and can also help prevent self-harm SecuriCare now offers a Franchise opportunity to those working in care As a SecuriCare Franchisee you will be your own boss and we will provide you with the training mentoring and resources to enable you to deliver the SecuriCare product range You will be fully supported in your career as an expert trainer in this exciting and rewarding area of work For more information or to discuss your training needs, please contact us for a free and no-obligation training need analysis: E: trainers@securicare com T: 01904 492 442 W: www securicare com or see page 7 for details Watch your resident s eyes light up when the trolley arrives! Euroservice trolleys can also be used as a vending trolley or to sell personal care products to residents How about a delicious snack/pastry trolley or even a drinks trolley for that afternoon tipple? Your lovely trolley could do so much for you and your residents! Visit the website at www euroservice-uk com to see the full range Or see the advert on page 23 Ser ve in Style with Euroser vice Trolleys
Care, the nationwide business that helps care homes deliver better outcomes has launched a new pressure care mattress suitable for all pressure sores from Grades 1 to 4 and can be used as a static or a fully dynamic alternating therapy mattress for high-quality care The Integra-Mat which is available to care homes exclusively through Blueleaf Care and augments the company’s existing Universal Therapy System (UTS) is a therapeutic support system which provides the best in comfort function efficiency and clinical excellence in line with best practice guidelines Described as a hybrid step-up
air mattress
ultra-rapid CPR
more about the Integra-Mat please visit https://store blueleafcare com/product/pr766266integra-mat-auto-dynamic-mattress-system
the system to
maximum inflation to allow for nursing and care procedures Importantly there are no external pumps hanging from the
that can hinder carers and an
(cardiopulmonary resuscitation) valve readies the
compressions To discover
Make sure everyone is looking stylish dignified and elegant at mealtimes Care Designs smart range of adult clothing protectors incorporate the waterproofing functionality of a bib but with the style of fashionable clothing accessories They are soft-feel highly absorbent waterproof quick drying and are available in a wide range of colours Our Tabard Style Adult Bibs with pockets are made with our professional grade PRO80TM fabric which is strong long-lasting waterproof and washable up to 60OC Get 15% off now by using code CARDESIGNS15 at our web-shop check-out! (Offer ends 1st June) Website www bibetta com E-mail enquiries@bibetta com Tel: 01223 840236 See the advert on page 13 PAGE 30 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194

• No obligation Site Survey

• 5 year Parts & Labour Warranty* (*Machines

• No obligation Sluice Room Design

• Purchase options available

◦ Outright Purchase

◦ Klarna Pay

◦ Lease options

◦ Fully comprehensive packages

• Try before you buy available (experience

need to be serviced by a Meiko approved Service Partner)
the Meiko equipment in your facility before
commit) Call 24 Hours 03452 999 999 CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS


How To Maximise Sluice Room Performance And ROI

Why Using A Machine To Clean Bedpans Is Better Than Manual Cleaning



PAGE 32 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 CUT COSTS WITH A STRATEGIC APPROACH Sluice rooms are the front line defence against infections (HCAIs) in care homes But buying the right sluice equipment and getting optimum performance from it requires a strategic approach Balancing sluice room performance and costs should never mean compromising – not when safety is at stake There is also the matter of CQC ratings Refurbishing sluice rooms replacing machines or creating new facilities should be part of an all-encompassing strategy that maximises machine reliability and minimises expenditure That means factoring in costs for the whole operational life of the equipment not just the initial purchase price and ad hoc repairs Think about the lifetime cost of running each machine This strategic approach means working with a world-class manufacturer – such as DDC Dolphin – that can: Recommend the best bedpan washer disinfectors and medical pulp macerators for your requirements Customise machine software to reduce energy consumption and improve performance Offer complete sluice room builds and refurbishments, including hospital-grade flooring and wall cladding –replacing older materials that could pose an infection risk Provide robust 304 and 316 stainless steel sluice room furniture for easier cleaning and improved hygiene Cut the cost of repairs (and fix machines faster) with planned preventative maintenance Proper servicing extends machine life saving money Reduce energy bills by preventing limescale build-up in machines – 1 mm of limescale can increase energy usage by 11% Offer chemical plans that cut the cost of bedpan washer/scale inhibitor and macerator disinfectant by up to 15% Maintain all sluice machines not just their own models – cutting the cost of callouts and reducing the time spent waiting for engineers Give you full visibility of the condition and requirements of all your sluice room assets 24/7 with a unique online portal This also reduces time spent on CQC compliance TRUE COST OF SLUICE MACHINE BREAKDOWNS Decades of experience tell us that the true cost of a machine breakdown averages £633 (assuming there is no service contract in place) This average cost is based on: call out charge £217 labour £116/hour parts £300 With proper planned preventative maintenance delivered through a pre-agreed service contract the cost of a sluice machine breakdown can be cut to just £347 – a 45% reduction in cost And the machine will be fixed faster – within 24 hours rather than 72 hours That’s a crucial consideration because the objective is to maximise uptime so the machine can do what it does best – protecting everyone in the care home and wider community from infections Use of scale inhibitor and proper servicing/maintenance will extend the operational life of the machine A well maintained bedpan washer disinfector will last much longer – at least 10 years – compared with around seven years for a machine that has been serviced less regularly And the poorly maintained machine will inevitably have had more breakdowns Both these factors will have a substantial impact on a machine s whole of life costs Contact DDC Dolphin for more information 01202 731555, info@ddcdolphin com, www ddcdolphin com
With over 30 years of experience, CWE can help you provide safe water systems for your care home, including: • Water sampling • Legionella compliance • Asset inspection – tanks, calorifiers etc • Remedial works • Swimming and spa pool testing Tel: 01844 347678 Email: Angloplas
of Cross
Angloplas are a UK manufacturer who specialise in producing dispensers for the health and hygiene industry Although these are designed to keep the workplace tidy and uncluttered they are more importantly, built knowing the control of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) are a priority for healthcare providers and who are employing a combination of infection prevention and control strategies including hand hygiene cleaning training and the adoption of new technologies to tackle the problem As a result a wide range of infection control products and technologies are emerging on the market including antimicrobial technology Angloplas range of dispensers are produced in the world s first proven Antimicrobial PVC with silver ion technology and which is exclusive to Angloplas This helps reduce the risk of cross infection by stopping the growth of bacteria and mould and works continuously for the lifetime of the product, reducing levels of bacteria such as MRSA, E Coli Legionella, Salmonella and mould by up to 99 99% For non-clinical environments Angloplas has recently launched its new Budget Range of products which are made to the same exacting standards as the antimicrobial protected ones but
Chiltern Water & Environment was established in 1991 by Robert Hunt after gaining 25 years' experience as an operational and analytical scientist in the water supply industry The company gained engineering and further management knowledge when David Hunt joined in 2012 Since then other water industry professionals have added to the breadth of knowledge and experience within the company
have always provided high-quality consultancy, testing and remedial services in a professional but personable manner Our steady growth has reflected our clients trust in our services Our current clients include large housing associations pharmaceutical companies and facilities management companies as well as individual landlords and small businesses We ensure all our customers receive the same level of care and attention to detail Duty Holders of all commercial and public building premises are legally required to assess the risk from legionella to anyone using the water systems and put in place legionella control measures if required The HSE has produced ACoP L8 and HSG274 as guidance for Duty Holders obligations We have clients throughout the South East, London and the Midlands and carry out water tests nationally and internationally We currently provide regular water sampling and testing for over 500 sites Tel: 01844 347678 Email: info@chilternwater co uk www chilternwater co uk Expert
Sampling Ser vices Throughout The UK
Reduce the Risk
with lower price tags You can order Angloplas products directly from its website by going to www angloplas co uk
The greater the number of tasks you carry out by hand the higher the risk of contamination with germs From moving a bedpan emptying it and storing it everything argues in favour of machine cleaning for bedpans wherever they are used Risks of contamination – a direct comparison The risk of contamination is present wherever a bedpan is handled whether that is during its transport emptying or storage The greater the number of tasks that are carried out by hand the higher the risk Not so with a bedpan washer-disinfector from MEIKO! The machine empties the contents of the bedpan automatically hygienically and safely into the appliance only after you close the door This is important because bodily fluids carry high levels of infectious substances so it requires an extreme level of care and attention and the highest safety standards in disposing of them BEDPAN WASHER-DISINFECTORS Packed with tremendously powerful technology MEIKO washerdisinfectors aim to eliminate the risk of infections stemming from hospital dirty utility rooms
cutting-edge technology provides the guaranteed hygiene standards that patients expect No steam can escape from the machine so care staff have the reassurance of a safe working environment Fast cleaning and disinfection process thanks to short wash cycles (built-in steam generator/water tank)
flexibility due to freely selectable A0 value (60 600 3,000) and multifunctional holder concept
Advantages Patented
reprocessing thanks to multi-purpose racks and holders for different care utensils
and more hygienic thanks to air drying and cooling with filtered air and disinfection of all the water-carrying lines in the system to prevent recontamination
management of the disinfection process is easy thanks to the temperature sensors and data analysis by the control software Meiko washer-disinfectors are available from 24 NRG Group with multiple purchase options and the chance to try before you buy For details see the advert on the previous page or visit www 24nrggroup com

Never A Cross-Word At New Copford Place

Care Home’s Residents Are Definitely Not Clue -Less When It Comes To Their Daily Puzzles

Recreo VR - Bringing a Change of Scener y to Care INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY




Other benefits of puzzles include helping relaxation as by immersing yourself in a puzzle it can serve as an exercise in mindfulness and help to relieve stress For the elderly in particular the act of picking up puzzle pieces turning them over and fitting them together can sometimes but quite a challenge However puzzles are a great way to exercise the small muscles in fingers and eyes

“One of our residents told me that jigsaws can be traced back to the 18th Century when European map makers put their maps on to wood and cut them into small pieces They did this to create learning tools to teach geography – so really interactive puzzles

At Friend of the Elderly s Colchester-based residential care home New Copford Place residents have been celebrating this year’s National Puzzle Day by talking about and engaging with their favourite traditional and application puzzles Whether it’s number puzzles word searches Scrabble matching and memory puzzles or giant classic Jigsaws, residents enjoy a range of daily brain teasers Puzzles are part of New Copford Place s wide and varied daily activities “We tailor all our activities to meet each individual’s likes preferences hobbies and interests and puzzles are a firm favourite said Daniel Sabau the Registered Manager at New Copford Place Our residents thoroughly enjoy all types of puzzles; whether they are played in groups individually on our large electronic interactive Tiny Tablet or sat comfortably around a table there s always some puzzling puzzle mystery taking place ” New Copford Place s interactive activity Tiny Tablet enables residents to enjoy experience and benefit from a wide catalogue of engaging applications It is a large easy to use device with a touchscreen not too dissimilar to an iPad or smart phone but on a much larger scale The ‘Tiny Tablet’ is fully mobile and accessible and can be moved to a standing upright position or turned flat into a table top style “For National Puzzle Day we thought it would be fun to find out our residents’ top three all time favourite puzzles added Chelsey Leather New Copford Place s Activities Coordinator After having a chat the residents decided that they had more than a top three Their favourites – in no particular order – are Word Searches Scrabble Number Puzzles Matching Puzzles and Memory Puzzles Chelsey continued “When it comes to a classic traditional jigsaw some of our residents enjoy doing the Relish Jigsaws which have been created for those living with dementia They are designed to stimulate minds and evoke happy mem-
which are inspired by real experiences and are full of vibrant colours
a couple of our residents really enjoy tackling more challenging jigsaws I’m so impressed with how brilliantly they complete them; I certainly couldn t do as well as they do added Chelsey
are a very good pastime for
our residents as they can improve mental speed and thought processes – and they are also a positive activity for improving short-term memory They can, of course be an individual activity but they are also a great group activity which creates opportunities for engaging with others chatting and conversations and making friends Daniel continued
have been around for quite a few
something new from our residents every day
hundred years Daniel continued I really do learn
provide exceptional standards of quality
can join in
part in the group activities or use it on
own It’s
them – they can do what they want to do when they want to do it ” Chelsey concluded For more information on the Tiny Tablet see the advert on the facing page
VR headsets help improve the mental
social wellbeing
those you support
person-centered VR experiences Our fully managed service is a fun and exciting way to personalise care enhance activities and improve the quality of life of your residents Our service has been designed for the care sector with an intuitive app which does not use controllers or difficult operating systems Our library of incredible experiences means there will be something for everyone! The headsets even work offline which is brilliant for domiciliary care and for those rooms where wifi doesn t reach VR is an impactful activity and can be really effective during one-to-ones in group sessions alongside themed activities, and in reminiscence sessions for people living with dementia Our headsets and experiences have been co-designed with people living with dementia and Alzheimer s Society and have been shown to improve wellbeing and help recall memories All headsets come with our full support and training to help integrate VR into your everyday care plans and activities For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact us at info@recreovr co uk or give us a call at 01482 526940 Visit our website at www recreovr co uk to discover the possibilities that Recreo VR can unlock for your care facility
“Our interactive Tiny Tablet is another example of our commitment to
care through person-centred care as all our residents
and take
up to

Can AI Ease Loneliness for Adults in Care?

By 2030 one in six people in the world will be aged over 60 (including me!) The WHO now outlines loneliness as a key risk factor for the wellbeing of people in later life As a potential solution we’re increasingly seeing AI companions championed for being virtual friends who will listen and talk to individuals With loneliness and feelings of isolation rife amongst the elderly and vulnerable it begs the question: could AI chatbots be beneficial in care?

In short we would argue no Here s why


Complex issues such as loneliness cannot be solved by technology alone AI chatbots may seem like a promising solution but they cannot replace the human element of companionship and care that is so essential especially for those who are vulnerable and have complex needs

Carers play a vital role in providing not only basic physical care but also emotional support and understanding This is especially important for individuals with disabilities who may feel isolated due to their condition or those with cognitive challenges and degenerative conditions such as Dementia

Chatbots are not suitable for everyone And in such cases human empathy is necessary to interpret the needs and communicate effectively with the patient Empower carers and patients through technologies

The use of technologies such as AI in care must be evaluated to ensure it complements and enhances human connection rather than replacing it This means there must be careful consideration when proposing how to fit technology into the roles of those who may be the people patients see and talk to most as well as how it can be used to make the care journey better for patients

Although chatbots cannot replace human carers a combined approach of AI and other technologies can help care providers and facilitators

For example currently a typical caring schedule often includes three in-person visits per day for each patient However, due to time constraints, caregivers may have to rush these visits In this case, we would argue, that

technology can be used to allow carers to perform a more thorough in-person visit and follow up with two video check-ins based on the patient's needs (these video care calls can even of course be instigated from overseas)

Remote intelligent monitoring and predictive analytics can also be used by carers to capture an accurate overall picture of a patient s well-being to design better care programmes in advance rather than spending too much time during an in-person appointment on data capture

As well as improving patient-centricity, AI has the potential to streamline services for care facilitators by taking on mundane tasks and freeing up the caregiver's time and talent for creativity and innovation For example the administrative work involved in the daily operation of care providers and facilitators AI can handle emails user inquiries and information requests enabling users to access information quickly so management can focus on solving more complex issues efficiently


Ultimately the current care system is dealing with legacy and complex technology which has held back much-needed innovation While AI can be a potential solution many care providers see AI as a cost-cutting solution without first addressing the underlying issue of an inadequate care model

Digital transformation within the care sector should instead prioritise the needs of patients and carers rather than simply implementing technology for the sake of it Technology should add value to the care journey for example making it safer by vetting carers ID and training documents with banking-standard technology or reducing the time carers spend doing admin so they can focus on their vocation Similarly it should enable patients to access care easily and quickly so that they aren t stuck in the hospital and have better care outcomes


The successful implementation of AI in the care sector requires careful consideration of how it can meet the needs of patients And for that reason it’s not an effective way of combatting the loneliness of people in care AI cannot replace the crucial interpersonal relationships between carers and patients that build trust safety and companionship

However it can help ensure carers have more time to put the needs of patients at the heart of their work The key to successful AI implementation in the care sector is putting the patient first

Care UK s luxurious new Oat Hill Mews care home in Leicestershire gets the latest in Smart TV and digital signage technology from Boltonbased TVC Technology Solutions in time for its recent opening Oat Hill Mews is a stunning new development by Care UK offering the best in assisted living on-site care health and wellbeing for residents Designed as a showcase of Care UK s portfolio the Market Harborough venue boasts luxury accommodation an on-site hair and beauty salon a dedicated café an on-site cinema multiple lounges and a fully equipped bar To complete this high-tech luxury venue Care UK asked long-term audio visual and domestic appliance supplier partner TVC Technology Solutions to furnish the luxurious bedrooms resident common areas and cafes with the latest in Smart TV technology Maintaining the cuttingedge theme Care UK wanted the latest in digital signage throughout the main areas enabling them to show various guest information restaurant menus and entertainment schedules With Oat Hill Mews officially opening at the start of 2024 the complete AV and digital signage systems were specified installed and tested well in advance Early visitors have already been impressed by the neat hightech and luxurious feel of Oat Hill Mews from the reception area with its HD digital signage to every bedroom featuring a 43in Smart TV on either articulating or swivel wall brackets to provide the best viewing experience to its residents Heading up the TV-technology TVC specified its own-brand Mitchell & Brown Smart TVs in 43in screen size for every room These fully featured Freeview Play catch-up TVs with all of the apps for streaming services such as Netflix Amazon Prime Disney+ and Apple TV offer Full HD picture quality and are backed by Mitchell & Brown’s UK-based customer help desk A key factor for Care UK in specifying Mitchell & Brown TVs was the brands famous seven-year warranty on every model in its range which has enabled it to become Britain s favourite UK TV brand In the reception area, alongside a large Smart TV screen, TVC provided an industry-leading commercial digital signage media player with MySign content management software The system can be managed by staff at Oat Hill Mews to show a host of information including where residents are situated for their incoming guests display upcoming trips and events on-site staff and activities or simply display local weather and current events from around the world MySign s cloud-based software has the functionality for members of staff at Oat Hill Mews and remotely from Care UK s main offices to easily schedule modify or update the content with minimal fuss As a default time-based templates provide information on meal times current and five-day weather forecasts Comments TVC s Andy Greaves Sales Director With a longstanding relationship spanning over 15 years with Care UK the association trusts us to supply install and maintain a whole host of audio and visual solutions alongside small domestic appliances and white goods in both new build properties and their existing homes Oat Hill Mews is a stand-out luxury care home venue that boasts cutting-edge Smart TV technology for residents alongside the very latest in flexible digital signage in the reception area We are very proud to be a trusted supplier and partner to Care UK with Oat Hill Mews giving us the opportunity to deliver a classleading AV solution for the care home sector ” Oat Hill Mews celebrated its official opening earlier this year with Care UK inviting prospective customers to come along and sample the live entertainment try out the chef’s menus take a tour of the facilities and join in a range of activities For more information on Care UK www careuk com For more information on TVC Technology Solutions: https://tvc uk com/ https://tvc uk com/case-studies/care-uk-oat-hill-mews/ Care UK’s Latest Care Home Opens in Style Thanks to TVC Technology Solutions PAGE 36 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY Lovett Care Introduces Alfred – The New Robotic Team Member at their Flagship Home - Fairfax Manor Growing Northwest care provider Lovett Care (www lovettcare co uk) has collaborated with Bear Robotics and introduced Servi+ to their new home in Harrogate The innovative robot helps support residents with maintaining independence and providing an additional “team member” in a fun and interactive environment Alfred, as named by the home, can be seen weaving his way through the home s Orangery or Dining areas where residents and team members can return cups and plates back to another part of the home or even send a cup of tea to a bedroom Recent visitors to the home have received a demonstration of this cutting-edge technology and the home has shared the benefits of how this will enhance resident s time in the home Chief Operating Officer Debbie Baker said “As a forward-thinking organisation we remain committed to continuously enhancing our services through the adoption of innovative technologies that improve the quality of care and support for our residents” Head of Sales Emea for Bear Robotics, Malachy Ryan said We understand the importance of helping care home residents live their lives to the fullest That is why we have worked so hard in developing smart solutions to enhance the quality of communal senior living experiences a Servi + is our state-of-the-art foodservice solution to help make any dining experience exceptional Fairfax Manor in Harrogate acquired from Angela Swift Developments in 2023 and will shortly be open to new residents The home has been thoughtfully designed to offer an exceptional living environment with a range of outstanding facilities The newly recruited team are in place ready to warmly welcome new residents Lovett Care also has homes under construction in St Helen s South Manchester and Kent With the growing demand for quality elderly care these will all be welcome additions to their local communities For further information visit www lovettcare co uk or www bearrobotics ai


Stay Safe with Smart Wireless Nurse Call

Blaucomm Ltd - Telecommunications & Networks In the post pandemic world we have all seen the effects of supply chain problems with the invasion of Ukraine and other alarming global factors ever increasing costs of living and other more local issues which have driven up the rate of inflation over the last few years The impact of this meant that most manufacturers of electronic products had to increase their prices as costs spiralled This, of course, has impacted the end user The most dramatic impact has been on the Care Industry An industry that has lacked the support it desperately needs in these trying times Courtney Thorne at the same time took a strategic decision to take a close look at our core products right down to component level the objective being to make us less vulnerable to future global supply chain issues and to reduce the cost of each product with the amin of ensuring that we deliver the same high quality product at a cost protected price We had to ensure that this would happen without jeopardising the superb levels of support we provide to our valued customer base This ground up review involved all departments from Research and Development right through to the Field Service team (and everything inbetween) This in-depth collaboration took time as we had to ensure that each and every element was refined, perfected and tested to our (and our customers) rigorous requirements Whilst many organisations have limited-time or end of product line offers, we are very pleased to announce a price reduction on our core Connect and Connect Health Nurse Call system ranges With flexible terms full integration with Care Apps celebrated service delivery and the most reliable and robust solution now at a new lower price there has never been a better time to talk to us about a new nurse call system For more information email us at: info@c-t co uk or see the advert on this page
MONITORING THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 | PAGE 37 Blaucomm s Nurse Call Messaging Service (NMS) is the market leading solution to remove the dependency on noisy nurse call panels and pagers through its intelligent software which delivers the alerts straight to the care staff who need them Care homes are rapidly introducing smartphones for digital care planning and eMar - now, the same devices can be used to receive the nurse call alerts they need for the residents under their care Furthermore Blaucomm NMS is deeply linked into Person Centred Software MCM so call bell data is linked straight to care plans This unlocks a huge benefit to care homes to enhance the staff performance with how they accept and respond to residents, which ultimately promotes better response times and visibility for management to audit their performance The best part is that Blaucomm NMS links into your existing nurse call system - we work with all major brands such as Aidcall ARM Courtney Thorne C-TEC ENS Intercall Medicare, SAS and TeleAlarm Care operators are constantly recognising Blaucomm NMS for its reliability and dependability to their care operations, which is why we’ve been chosen time and time again over other solutions Head of IT Trudi Harrow at WCS Care had this to say about Blaucomm NMS: We find Blaucomm is a genuinely fantastic company with a reliable product We would highly recommend this to anybody who wants to replace expensive pagers and silence those annoyingly loud nurse call screens!” To find out more about Blaucomm NMS visit www blaucomm co uk/healthcare See the advert on the front cover for more details


Fall Savers - Affordable Fall Monitoring Solutions

Crash Mats Designed to Reduce Injuries from Bed Falls

MONITORING Fall Savers® are an experienced market leading healthcare provider of resident safety solutions for over 15 years FALL SAVERS ® WIRELESS MONITOR Eliminate all cables with our new generation falls management solutions! Upgrade your falls programme with the latest technology from Fall Savers® The NEW Fall Savers® Wireless eliminates the cord between the monitor and sensor pad This results in less work for nursing staff improved safety for patients and reduced wear and tear on sensor pads Wireless advantages include the ability to use one monitor with two sensor pads simultaneously and support for many new wireless devices BENEFITS INCLUDE: Safer for patients; less work for staff Bed and chair pads available One monitor works with two sensor pads Integrates with most nurse call systems A variety of options including: Call button Pager Floor sensor mat Wireless door/window exit alerts TREADNOUGHT ®FLOOR SENSOR PAD The TreadNought® Floor Sensor Pad is built to last with a durable construction that far out lasts the competition Our anti-bacterial floor sensor pad is compatible with most nurse call systems or can be used with a portable pager to sound an alert when a person steps on to the sensor pad Caregivers typically place the sensor pad at the bedside, in a doorway or other locations to monitor persons at risk for falls or wandering An optional anti-slip mesh reduces the potential for slippage on hard surface floors FEATURES INCLUDE: Connects directly to most nurse call systems High Quality anti-bacterial Floor Sensor Pad Large Size Pad: Measures (L) 91cm x (H) 61cm Options (sold separately) Anti-slip mesh for hard surface floors See the advert on this page for further details or visit www fallsavers co uk
Medpage Limited has collaborated with a leading UK manufacturer of crash mats to deliver a cost-effective tool for falls management strategies The inclusion of the new TumbleCare full-length pressure mat sensor ensures that should a patient tumble out of bed an alarm signal is generated to alert care staff to the incident resulting in a recordable improvement to patient safety and service Crash mats act as a protective barrier absorbing the impact of a fall and reducing the risk of serious injuries when a person tumbles out of bed Beneficial for individuals who are at high risk of falling such as older adults patients recovering from surgery, or those with neurological conditions such as epilepsy Falls can pose significant risks especially in healthcare settings and senior care facilities Every year thousands of people suffer injuries due to falls from beds and other furniture To prevent these accidents and ensure the safety of patients and residents, it is essential to implement effective falls and safety management strategies Further details can be obtained by telephoning 01536 264 869 or emailing sales@easylinkuk co uk

Frequency PrecisionSensors and Pressure Mats to Monitor

Those in Care

NURSE CALL AND FALLS MONITORING THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 | PAGE 39 Technology has made people more connected with the world around them and the revolution in assistive care devices has made it possible for the elderly to spend their last years in a comfortable and familiar environment These devices have also made it easier for home carers to provide quality care for their loved ones while managing their own lives They allow you to care for your elderly whether they are travelling in the city for errands staying alone at home or staying in the same home as you They are also helping nursing homes provide better care for them with discrete monitoring and quick responses to emergencies If you re looking for these kinds of assistive care devices for your loved ones or nursing home Frequency Precision produce some of the best systems available to help you with elderly care and mobility monitoring ranging from bed chair and floor sensor mats through fall monitoring and GPS tracking to fully integrated nurse call plug or wireless systems Phone: 01837 810590 Email: contact@frequencyprecision com Website: www frequencyprecision com


How to Manage the Threat of New Viruses

Early last year Norovirus cases among people over 65 in England reached the highest level in over a decade In the week ending on the 26th March the United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) identified that there had been 665 cases within a two-week period

Norovirus is particularly horrible results in severe vomiting and can have serious consequences for older people It is particularly devastating for care homes, and if an outbreak occurs, it can easily be transmitted and may affect many residents It has also led many care homes to go into lockdown and restrict visiting admissions and community activities

During the Covid-19 pandemic care homes became very good at delivering infection control measures and ensuring that communicable diseases did not enter care homes because we were cognizant of the tragic impact Covid-19 could have on care home residents However now that the Covid-19 pandemic no longer constitutes a global health emergency , and we are seeing care homes opening and returning to a more ‘normal life’ this does create a danger that other infections such as Norovirus and flu may reassert themselves and enter care settings

The World Health Organisation has now ended the global emergency status for Covid-19, three years after its original declaration but despite the pandemic being officially over it is vitally important that care homes are aware of the continuing threat of other infections

During the Covid pandemic we saw a real focus on managing viruses and care home hygiene and infection control routines were prioritised as never before What also became apparent was the need for products that assured hygiene and infection control to residents their families and staff The sector understood the importance of getting this right and having the right products that were both reliable and easy to use

We are fortunate that P&G Professional have a suite of well-known and respected products across the sector and scientifically proven to give the best protection against many viruses Flash Professional Disinfecting Multi-surface Cleaner is proven to kill flu viruses and SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid19) As well as being scientifically proven products developed by P&G Professional are easy-to-use so that housekeeping and care staff can quickly get the

Commercial Kitchen and Laundr y Solutions (CKLS)

job done and ensure the safety of residents Laundry is one of the major cleaning and hygiene challenges for care homes Ariel Professional Washing Powder Antibacterial is a professional detergent specially formulated to deliver excellent stain removal and deep down cleaning at low temperature Ariel Professional delivers unrivalled cleaning and antibacterial protection at low temperatures and with short washing cycles thereby reducing energy and time costs whilst still getting things clean There is also an added benefit in that many P&G Professional products have similar names and smells as their domestic ranges giving a feeling of comfort and familiarity to residents and their families Hygiene and infection control is vital and at the top of the agenda for care homes but we can be comforted to know we are going into battle with some of the most reliable and scientifically proven products that P&G Professional have developed with their unparalleled experience of engaging with the care sector and with the most comprehensive scientific rigour
Professor Martin Green OBE is an Expert Advisory Council member for P&G Professional and the Chief Executive of Care England Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Solutions (CKLS) are one of the UK s leading suppliers of commercial kitchen and laundry equipment Whether you are a small sized residential home or large scale nursing home group CKLS has the expertise and equipment you need to keep your operations running smoothly At CKLS we understand that the success of your business depends on the quality of the equipment you use That's why we've made it our mission to provide businesses across the UK with the highest quality commercial laundry and kitchen equipment available We work with only the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure that our customers get the most reliable and efficient equipment possible Our commitment to our customers doesn t end with the sale of our equipment At CKLS we know that maintenance and repairs are crucial to keeping your equipment functioning at its best That's why we offer a full range of maintenance and repair services to our customers including emergency repair services available 24 hours a day 7 days a week We believe that our success as a company is measured by the success of our customers That s why we re constantly striving to provide better products and services to help our customers achieve their goals We're proud to say that our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as the go-to provider of commercial laundry and kitchen equipment in the UK So if you re looking for reliable high-quality commercial laundry and kitchen equipment look no further than CKLS With our extensive range of products and services, we're confident that we can help you find the right equipment to meet your needs and keep your business running smoothly for years to come Visit our website www ckls co uk, contact by phone on 01200 411914 or email at sales@ckls co uk See the advert on page 22

Transform Laundr y Management Within

Your Care Home with Forbes Professional

Laundr y Specialists Lavamac Receive Sustainability Award

In the demanding environment of any care home the reliability and efficiency of laundry appliances is paramount Yet all too often care homes find themselves grappling with the challenges of appliance repair and maintenance resorting to third-party engineers and facing costly and disruptive downtime Forbes Professional recognises these challenges and is proud to offer solutions that revolutionise laundry management for care homes In addition to rental solutions Forbes offers reactive service contracts to care homes whose existing machines breakdown This grants care operators swift access to a nationwide network of qualified engineers when the in-situ laundry equipment is not beyond economical repair or due an imminent upgrade Forbes Professional s multi-award winning service support enables care homes to rest assured knowing that any issues with their laundry appliances will be promptly addressed by expert technicians With sustainability and client satisfaction at the core of their operation Forbes are always committed to prolonging product life span and minimising downtime and disruption to daily operations When the time comes to upgrade existing laundry equipment Forbes rental solution includes a same/next day engineer response at no extra cost for the duration of the contract Aside from the logistical benefits a key advantage in renting Miele’s highly efficient and reliable commercial laundry appliances from Forbes is the elimination of costly upfront capital outlay Avoiding substantial investments in purchasing equipment enables care homes to allocate their resources more efficiently focusing on delivering exceptional care to residents Whether choosing Forbes Professional for a maintenance contract or a rental solution care homes can optimise their laundry management processes and enhance operational efficiency With their commitment to reliability performance and customer satisfaction Forbes is proud to support care homes in delivering excellence in care while ensuring a seamless and hassle-free laundry experience www forbespro co uk info@forbes-professional co uk 0345 070 2335
Chester based Laundry professionals Lavamac Ltd official distributor of Lavamac industrial laundry equipment has received the prestigious Bronze Sustaibnability award in recognition of their policies and procedures based commitment to maintain a sustainable business for ourselves or customers and the environment The three main points Lavamac have been recognised for are 1 Air source heat pump dryers connected load 3kw as opposed to 30Kw for a 16kg electric dryer and 25-30 kw for Gas clean efficient and saving the planet available from £10995 fully refurbished to £16995 00 new both with 24 months parts and labour warranty and the option to extend and cost effective annual premium?
Refurbished Equipment we completely rebuild any current model of Primus Lavamac or Ipso washers dryers and ironers I full ground up restoration leaves these machines as good ( if not better than ) New ! sold rented of leased these machines are between 40-50% of cost of their new equivalent with a warranty as new 24 months parts and labour ( see attached literature on our product range ) 3 Intelligent washings machines ( In conjunction with our partners www countrywidehealthcare co uk ) we can potentially reduce chemical usage by up to 35% and labour by 30 % A delighted Jeremy Hartigan CEO of Lavamac Ltd said: “I am extremely proud to announce that Lavamac have been awarded a prestigious Bronze Sustainability Award by the UK Groundworks Trust This award demonstrates our commitment to promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility within the sector This award is renowned for honouring businesses that demonstrate exceptional dedication and innovation, and we are thrilled to be recognised for our resolute focus on offering sustainable products and services while raising awareness about the importance of environmental concerns within the sector” See the advert on this page for further information on Lavamac


Get Your Bathroom Ready For When You Return From Hospital

Omnicare Digital Shower for Level Access Bathrooms

After a stay in hospital it s wonderful to hear the words you can go home But if your physical needs have changed it s important that you can live at home safely and without any struggle This might mean organising equipment or renovations before you come home At AHM Installations we are used to installing bathrooms for people coming home from hospital Here s our guide to getting it right: Take note of what the professionals say A doctor nurse or occupational therapist may recommend what activities you need help with For example if you need a walking frame or wheelchair as your bathroom supplier we d need to know what size it is Know the difference between independent and assisted bathing If your goal is to remain independent we d need to know whether you can sit down and stand up unaided and how your mobility is likely to change over time If a carer is going to help then products such as bath-lifts may need to be considered Ask a fam ly member or close fr end to help Take the pressure off and involve someone you trust in making the decisions Use a bathroom company you can trust Some companies focus on selling bathroom products without understanding your needs At AHM our priority is quality of life – we think there s no point having a product unless it makes things safer and easier for you You re welcome to call us on 0800 731 6495 just for advice – there s always someone at the end of the phone We offer a Price Match Guarantee and discounts for military veterans Triton has unveiled its new Omnicare Digital solution designed for safer showering in level access bathrooms Expanding its industryleading collection of Omnicare electric care showers, the latest launch from Britain’s leading shower manufacturer has Bluetooth compatibility enabling it to automatically pair with a Whale Instant Match pump evacuating wastewater from showers where gravity cannot do so Ideal for both new build and retrofit applications the product joins Triton s existing Omnicare Omnicare Ultra and Omnicare Design products to form a complete range of inclusive thermostatic showering solutions Packed with innovative features the Omnicare Digital switches off instantly if power to the pump is cut for any reason preventing flooding Quiet in operation the unit controls the pump s speed based on flow rates so gulley suction noise is minimised With a small footprint, the pump can be installed in various locations, including bathrooms, airing cupboards and other accessible locations –making it easier and faster for contractors to fit and maintain A 7m pairing distance through Bluetooth wireless technology also offers flexibility for the pump to be sited outside the bathroom area For more information about Triton s Omnicare range please visit: www tritonshowers co uk/care-showers Contact details: Call: 02476 324 776 Email: specification@tritonshowers co uk

Powering the World of Care

PASS Becomes First and Only NHS Assured Solution to Achieve

Standards and Sets Industr

GP Connect for instant access to GP patient records, and ongoing enhancements to our best-in-class digital care planning software

For more details about PASS and its digital social care solutions, visit https://www everylifetechnologies com/

To get a deeper understanding of the NHS Digital Social Care Records Standards and their importance in care provision visit: https://nhse-dsic atlassian net/wiki/spaces/DSCR/overview?homepageId=11971330147

Consort Claudgen Introduces

Enabled Heaters to LST Range

TECHNOLOGY AND SOFTWARE For over two decades Advanced has supported care organisations with innovative software which makes a vital contribution to managing workflows managing costs and achieving regulatory compliance OUR SUITE OF SOLUTIONS We provide a suite of software solutions for care organisations in residential domiciliary and supported living settings including: Care Business Management: A comprehensive toolkit that equips you to manage your care business anytime anywhere ensuring smooth and efficient operations
Management: Streamline your financial processes with tools designed to simplify the complexities of care finances making it straightforward and stress-free People Management: From recruitment to retaining valuable staff our solutions make managing your team not just easier but more effective • Governance and Risk Management Stay ahead of the curve with our integrated software ensuring compliance in your operations and effective risk management • Workforce Management: Maximise your team s potential through intelligent rota and shift planning ensuring the right people are in the right places at the right times OUR PROMISE TO YOU When you choose Advanced you re not just selecting a software provider; you're partnering with someone who genuinely cares about your success Here s what sets us apart: Customer-Centric Approach: We build our software with your needs at the heart From the design to deployment your success is our priority Simplicity and Clarity: Our tools are intuitive and user-friendly designed to bring clarity and efficiency to your operations without the confusion of complex jargon Empowerment
Support Beyond offering solutions, we're here to support you every step of the way with robust customer service and resources to help you get the most out of our products Designed for You Our suite of products is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of residential, domiciliary providers, supported living, or any other type of care We offer not just tools but solutions that bring real measurable change to your organisation For more information, to arrange a call or demonstration visit www oneadvanced com See the advert on the back cover of this issue
In a landmark achievement PASS by everyLIFE Technologies has officially become the UK s most compliant care management solution being the first and only software to meet all 14 NHS Digital Social Care Records Standards The news highlights PASS's commitment to data security, seamless sharing, and putting people at the centre of care setting a new benchmark in social care The 14 standards covering areas such as Data security Clinical Safety and Interoperability ensure care providers have solutions that meet the strictest care management requirements Compliance with each of the Standards is also a condition to be listed as an NHS Assured Solution Commenting on the achievement Taffy Gatawa Chief Information and Compliance Officer at PASS said Seeing PASS meet all 14 NHS Digital Social Care Records Standards is a huge achievement This milestone reflects our team s hard work and our steady commitment to pushing care standards higher Setting this new standard is a win for our customers and the people they care for guaranteeing the highest levels of data security and care management We re not just at the forefront; we re redefining compliance in the care sector " Working closely with care providers and regulators, PASS continues to lead the way in the digital social care space since launching a decade ago This includes the rollout of Roster, our smart care scheduling system,
All 14
Benchmark THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 | PAGE 45 Consort Claudgen’s innovation in the electric heating industry takes another leap forward by introducing Wi-Fienabled heaters to their low surface temperature (LST) range These cutting-edge heaters offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency The heaters connect directly to WiFi enabling users to control heating through the digital control panel on the heater or via the Consort Connect app With a comprehensive 7-day timer which allows 24 individual heating periods per day and features such as a lock function open window detection and custom automation users can tailor their heating needs to their preferences Adding to the ease of use users can view the energy consumption statistics of all connected heaters providing insights into usage patterns and potential savings The LST heaters with Wi-Fi and occupancy sensors have a self-learning control ability They utilise in-built occupancy sensors to detect and learn a user s weekly presence in a room creating an intuitive heating schedule When the space is unoccupied the heater conserves energy by switching to a setback temperature or frost protection mode BIM (Building Information Modelling) objects for the heaters are available for download from Consort s website 01646 692172 | sales@consortepl com | www consortepl com See the advert on page 7


Behaviour Smart

It records not just the de-escalation techniques used, but also their effectiveness This data is exported to a welldesigned behaviour plan, or ‘Smart Plan Our customers have experienced significant reductions in behaviour incidents, with some reporting over an 80% reduction after using Behaviour Smart for just one year

Dean Cotton, Director, Behaviour Smart info@behavioursmart co uk www behavioursmart co uk

Pass Profile 2023


Intelligent | Efficient | Safe Behaviour Smart Ltd 5 Cavendish Road Sheffield S11 9BH 07498219287 www behavioursmart co uk Get your FREE trial or book a demo! Behaviour Smart is a behaviour support and incident recording system that produces accurate incident reports and smart behaviour plans that improve behaviour and consistency 10% DISCOUNT FOR ALL READERS OF THE CARER
As a Behaviour Consultant I was frustrated with the inefficiency of behaviour incident recording in schools, children s homes and care settings The data collected was often filed away rarely analysed and only revisited in case of allegations Existing systems were not designed to improve behaviour This led me to conceive Behaviour Smart a system designed to enhance behaviour management However the high cost of software development deterred me Despite my wife s encouragement and discussions about re-mortgaging the house taking loans or seeking investors I decided against it My wife believed in Behaviour Smart but in 2019 she unfortunately passed away from cancer She requested that I use the life insurance money to develop Behaviour Smart Honouring her wish I proceeded with the project Behaviour Smart works by encouraging staff to reflect on incidents through structured reports It features a dedicated post-incident learning page which is based on extensive research to improve outcomes for individuals and staff
supports over 1 000 care providers every day giving them access to market leading care management tools hand in hand with unlimited 24/7/365 support from our dedicated and friendly PASS team Assured by NHS Transformation Directorate PASS provides a secure platform that allows you to plan record and evidence the care you deliver The only assured solution built specifically for the home care sector, it provides comprehensive real-time functionality and allows you to share progress against outcomes with customisable, exportable reports CARE PLANNING AND ROSTERING FROM A SINGLE PLATFORM
meet the wider needs of the PASS community All-in-one PASS has recently been launched bringing advanced rostering functionality to our established digital care planning platform As a result advanced staff scheduling payroll and invoicing functionality is now seamlessly linked with care planning and reporting reducing the technical complexity risk and overhead associated with integrating two separate systems As a result PASS now provides an all-in-one suite of digital care management tools available from a single platform designed to: Save you time Increase the efficiency of your teams Improve the quality of care Deliver better outcomes INTEGRATED HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Our commitment to the continual evolution of PASS is further illustrated by the addition of GP Connect The first product of its type to offer this feature PASS is still one of only a handful of digital care management solutions to have completed this NHS Digital integration and is the only one offering it to the home care market PASS GP Connect provides authorised social care staff with realtime access to their client s GP records It makes medical information available when and where it is needed leading to improvements in both care safety and outcomes Visibility of allergies vaccinations and medications especially useful for clients unable to reliably share their personal information Using medical information to inform care planning Ensuring that the right medication is delivered to the right person in the timeliest manner In one case this allowed the administration of antibiotics on a Friday evening aiding the service user s swift recovery from infection Available to all PASS users at no additional cost PASS GP Connect is significantly more efficient than waiting for a GP response It’s also a positive step forward on the path to the DHSC s goal for widespread digitally enabled care and is in full alignment with their ambition for joined up care for everyone Get in touch www everylifetechnologies com hello@everylifetechnoloiges com

Cloud Doing Good: Award Winning Care Accounting Software for Care Homes

Like it or not, financial accounting is crucial to the operations of your care home Without accurate reports, you cannot make proper forecasts, build accurate budgets, get paid on time by multiple funders and keep bed occupancy at optimal levels

Unfortunately, many care homes don’t have the time or budget to invest in powerful, care home accounting software This results in a vicious cycle where financial teams are so busy running manual tasks that they cannot take the time to improve their accounting systems, only to find each year they are farther and farther behind the technology their care home will need in order to thrive in the long term

Cloud Doing Good, a licensed partner of Oracle NetSuite, is here to stop that vicious cycle We believe care homes should have access to enterprise-level software without ballooning their budgets, so we donate the base software with up to three users to qualifying non-profit care homes

Why Care Home Accounting is So Complex

You know better than anyone that care home management is complex, and we know better than anyone that care home accounting gets complicated fast Balancing income for each resident from Councils, private sources, and family members requires detailed billing practices Add on top of that multiple legal entities, multiple care homes, the need for timely occupancy tracking and your finance team quickly becomes bogged down in repetitive, manual, and frustrating work

To make it worse, most accounting software are designed for slick enterprises (and priced for slick enterprise budgets) That leaves too many care home finance teams battling spreadsheets and duplicate reports to accomplish basic care home accounting tasks

How Cloud Doing Good Makes It Simple

Cloud Doing Good partners with care homes to

implement Oracle NetSuite’s enterprise-grade accounting software at as low a price as possible Here’s how Cloud Doing Good simplifies your care home’s accounting:

Single Source of Truth

Pull all your financial data into a single platform Even with multiple legal entities, multiple care homes, complex billing structures, bed occupancy tracking, resident admissions and departures and additional unique needs, our system aggregates all the pieces of information into a single repository

Robust Reporting

Whether you need to get an overview of last year’s spending or forecast income, you can run the necessary reports in a matter of clicks This makes it simpler for your team to build forecasts, track spending, track bed occupancy and the financial implications in real time, and manage billing and collecting resident payments easily

Implemented By Experienced Accountants

When it comes to your financial systems, you need financial experts not call centre IT to set you up for success After all, with cloud software the IT should be pre-built and proven With pre-built base software, we

match our experienced system accountants with your project to make sure it reflects your accounts, your finances, and your people So you get not just powerful accounting software, but confident end users within as little as 15 chargeable days From the start of the project through your first month’s ends, you will have a team of system accountants on call to walk you through doing the day job on the new system

Donated to Qualifying Care Homes

Cloud Doing Good’s mission is to bring streamlined accounting management to organisations that deserve it, so we keep it simple For qualifying non-profit care homes, we donate the base Oracle NetSuite software, including up to 3 users and unlimited UK entities This way, you can upgrade to enterprise-level accounting management without ballooning your budget

Keeping Your Data and Care Home Secure with Oracle NetSuite

When you partner with Cloud Doing Good, you get access Oracle NetSuite’s award-winning accounting management software 25+ years of investment and trusted by over 1 million users, Oracle NetSuite safeguards your data in a cloud network with the latest security protocols and automatic updates to protect against breaches We’ll also integrate the platform into your existing data security structure for smooth, uninterrupted, and safe operations as needed This way, you can focus on your care and let us worry about cybersecurity Don’t risk your data and care home on a solution running small numbers of customers: Oracle NetSuite is powering 38,000+ organisations

Find Out If You Qualify

We stand ready to simplify your care home’s accounting. Reach out to discuss your needs: Iain Goldmann, Director Mobile: 447404354865

LinkedIN: www linkedin com/in/iaingoldmann/

Curam Forges New Partnership with Doctify to Advance Patient-centric Feedback in the UK Care Market

Curam (www curamcare com) the largest care worker marketplace and home-care technology platform in the UK today announces a strategic partnership with Doctify (www doctify com/uk) the leading global platform for patient reviews of health and social care, to power enhanced trust and transparency in the UK care sector through patient verified reviews when choosing carers

The partnership will address the critical need to improve patient experiences where only 14% of households are satisfied with care services Providing more choice confidence and quality of care for patients and their families is therefore essential – and that



Separation of sponsor and service user responsibilities permits unlimited sponsor/service user relationships and as any number of charge codes may be defined this allows complete flexibility of service user/sponsor /charge code definition

one outstanding application package

SFIncS r/3 - A Fee Income System especially for Residential and Nursing Care Homes Designed to deliver simplicity and ease of use coupled with speed flexibility and accuracy SFIncS r/3 (Simple Fee Income System release 3) has a proven track record of over 12 years in use
prototyped as an MS Access database, since 2017 SFIncS r/3 has lived entirely on the cloud so is available 24/7
from anywhere in the
a completely bespoke package, born of necessity and collaboration between seasoned software consultants with ties to the care industry, SFIncS r/3 offers innovations and capabilities not found in any other system
cashbox module are available for incidental expenses (either or both can be used) Use of the balance forward accounting principle (which makes unnecessary invoice matching a thing of the past - though invoicing is included) plus super quick receipts entry using just six clicks makes SFIncS r/3 almost effortless to use Paula who owns and operates Monkstone House Residential Home in Porthcawl testifies to it s incredible prowess: “With 41 partly private and partly sponsored service users some of whom are multiply funded it takes me only 30 to 40 minutes per week to keep both my accounts and fee income up to date! More importantly I never need to worry about underpaid or overpaid fees - everything is always spot on And the invoices and statements produced let me present the polished and professional image I need SFIncS r/3 integrates easily with any accounting package, can be used by any type of care home and by single or multiple home operators alike For more information email benjones@intracare co SFIncS r/3 - A Fee Income System Especially for Residential and Nursing Care Homes Better by Design: A Fee Income System especially for Residential and Nursing Care Homes SFIncS r/3 is the ultimate fee income management and control system • Unlimited sponsor and charge code assignments allow complete flexibility of service user billing profiles • Perfect for all types of care homes - Nursing, Residential, Mixed, Specialist Unique continuous billing functionality provides the most efficient charge definition possible Only charge start points need to be maintained and all sponsor charges for each service user (including historic) are shown on just one screen Completely flexible invoicing Invoice any sponsor at any time for any charges for any service user for any period of time • Super fast receipt entry including Six clicks copy functionality • Balance forward accounting means you can forget laborious invoice matching • Ad hoc charges functionality • Cashbox module included Works for multiple or single home operators • Integrates with any accounting system • Plus all the reports, views and graphs you’ll ever need In use for over 12 years • Free training and help with system set up Historic data loading option available (charges may apply) • 30 day free trial For a demo, free trial or for further information please email or visit We've analysed every aspect of fee income processing to the nth degree and developed a bespoke solution that delivers simplicity and ease of use coupled with speed, flexibility and accuracy – all in
Its unique continuous billing function is the most efficient means possible of defining recurring charges (an entry is only required when a change occurs) and both an ad
charge function and a
s exactly the goal of the Curam and Doctify partnership Doctify gives patients quick access to genuine independent and verified reviews of carers to find the best carer to suit their needs for at-home care These are anonymised based on the experiences of other patients and cover aspects such as the quality of specialists
their services and treatments
carer selec-
self-employed carers are also able to earn around 50% more than they would in traditional care agencies Patrick Wallace director of Curam said The cornerstone of care is the patient But the UK’s care sector currently doesn’t reflect that, with the demand for fast high-quality care far outweighing the supply We re on a mission to transform care into a sector that’s truly patient-centric and offers more rewarding careers for carers too With our partnership with Doctify we are providing even more transparency and confidence to patients and their families that they are receiving quality personalised care ” Patient experience expectations continue to rise in the care sector The sector must prioritise trust and transparency by putting the patient at the centre We work with 32 000 healthcare providers to achieve this and are delighted to join forces with Curam Through our partnership, we ensure that carers have access to meaningful feedback strengthening their understanding of patient needs and improving their experiences while patients can find carers they feel confident in said Subhash Mishra VP Business Development at Doctify Contact client@curamcare com or 01387 730 766
can then click through to Curam to connect with the carers with the
that they need in real time Not only does this ensure that patients have complete control
tion and the opportunity to form consistent trusting relationships but Curam’s


Encanto and Cuba – Fabrics for Well-designed Contract Interiors

meets IMO standards with the added benefit of the MED wheelmark, confirming suitability for marine/cruise-line interiors Available immediately with short lead-times for larger order quantities, Skopos are pleased to add this collection into their Accents range For a copy of our Encanto shade-card pls contact our customer service team: sales@skopos co uk or for

Adding to the family of impervious contract upholstery solutions from Skopos Encanto provides a burst of colour and texture into commercial spaces Marrying the key attributes antimicrobial impervious soil and stain resist the 3 designs offer amazing performance without compromising on style Following in the footsteps of Chamonix Moritz and most recently Chamonix Deuxième the choice within the collection is designed to compliment a range of different interior choices With 38 new Skus each design works beautifully alone or in combination to create simple contemporary and stylish contract furniture pieces The fractured herringbone Onda injects a familiar yet unique texture alongside a flexible small-scale check and our familiar Cuba linen design The palette provides pops of colour or a choice of classical neutrals The three designs are provided are Halogen-free, Oeke-tex 100 compliant, with Crib 5 Flame Retardant backing with 50 000 Martindale rubs offering a beautiful choice for any contract interiors whether office education care or highend hospitality and cruise interiors Along with many other Skopos upholstery fabrics this collection comes under the Skopos Protect+ banner Perfect for flagship interiors with colours that compliment Skopos drapery and bedding designs view the full palette on-line and order a shade-card The collection meets the requirements for Flame Retardancy standards across the UK and Europe, and
visit our website:
organisation in 2023 working towards PAS2060 status as part
towards a more sustainable future For further information please visit our website Skopos is an ISO9001 accredited company and has more than 50 years specialist experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance FR contract fabrics for the hospitality sector Images show Marmotte Magenta and Slalom Olive/ Orelle Elm provided by Barons Furniture PAGE 50 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194
free samples of our collections
Skopos are looking to become a Carbon Neutral
of our drive
Firstlight Products are award winning market leaders in contemporary, classical and contract lighting We have over 40 years of experience in the lighting industry supplying both UK and overseas customers We pride ourselves in our comprehensive range of products for both Interior and Exterior use Our lighting products are of the very latest designs and can help your Care Home look attractive and up to date The importance of selecting the correct lighting solution is greatly underappreciated It is so important to consider the correct items as this can help create warmth and coziness Selecting incorrectly and areas can be cold and clinical Our lighting categories include decorative ranges ceiling fittings wall lights table & floor bathroom spotlights track and an extensive range of outdoor We have lighting solutions for bedrooms bathrooms open living areas as well as garden and outdoor security We have friendly Technical support available at the end of the telephone or email to help with any questions or queries you may have on the products in our range In 2022 we were awarded for our Quality Assurance processes by the Lighting Industry Association which allows customers complete confidence when selecting their products You can view Firstlight s entire range at our comprehensive website which includes product specification sheets of every product to help you select and choose your preferred option For more information about Firstlight and how we can help you please call one of our team on 01908 310221 or email flp@firstlight-products co uk Our comprehensive website can be found at www firstlight-products co uk Please see our advertisement on page 9 Firstlight Have the Lighting Range to Help Illuminate Your Care Home with Style
Mr Trax Curtain & Blind Solutions aims to provide a first class service across a wide range of products and bespoke fittings thanks to its two decades of experience with many previous clients in the care sector Mr Trax has a range of NHS compliant fabrics for use in care homes including ‘blackout’ They can supply and fit a wide range of flame retardant curtains and blinds in various fabrics to be made to your sizes and fitted using heavy duty fittings and rails Curtains can normally be made and installed within four weeks and blinds in two weeks Fire retardant blinds on heavy weight systems are readily available and can be manually controlled or electrically operated They also have antimicrobial options as well all at varying prices all normally available in two-three weeks Faster times are available on some products The company is affiliated with Checkatrade where you can see customer reviews including this recent comment: Douglas did a fantastic job fitting our shutters and curtain rail He even fitted an extra rail for us which we had bought ourselves! Friendly and efficient service plus great looking results Very pleasedwould definitely recommend! Based in Hailsham East Sussex and owned and run by Doug and Carol Coe the firm also provides a number of corded and motorised options for blinds as well as curtains and offers a comprehensive range of shutters Doug says: “We stock two ranges of silent gliss corded curtain tracks and two ranges of silent gliss uncorded curtain tracks the fitted prices for which are available on this website All of the aluminium silent gliss tracks stock can be shaped and fitted into bay windows, as can some of the poles We also have ready access to many more ranges of both tracks and poles, most of which we can get in one working day “To read more of what our customers say about us please do look us up on Checkatrade: checkatrade com/mrtrax Call now to speak to one of our team on 0800 3345114 or 07968 242004 email us at: doug@mrtrax co uk Mr Trax Curtain & Blind Solutions

New Qualification To Boost Care Sector



Policies and Procedures Within Social Care

Excellence Through Training: The Health & Safety Group’s Commitment to Exceptional Care

At The Health & Safety Group, we understand that the process of getting your care workers through their Care Certification can be pretty demanding So we ve made it our mission is to make the training process as flexible and accessible as possible without increasing your costs or sacrificing the quality of our courses

We recognise that some prefer traditional classroom learning for the benefits of immediate instructor feedback hands-on skills practice and connecting with likeminded professionals However if committing to fixed schedules and locations proves difficult staff may favour the unmatched flexibility of e-learning Our online courses allow caregivers to learn at

Our Care Certificate Training Course designed specifically for care workers healthcare assistants and social care support workers is just one of our high-impact training courses available both face-to-face and online through our e-learning platform Mapped to the ‘Skills for Care’ Care Certificate standards this course equips caregivers with the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of their roles empowering them to deliver comprehensive

A new accredited qualification for care workers will help to improve perceptions of the sector and will boost retention
opinion of a Lesley O Connor Head
Strategic Development at Realise a leading training provider which offers numerous qualifications in the sector Lesley welcomed the Government s £75m investment to help people progress in their Heath & Social Care careers
Government recently set out plans for a new accredited qualification and a national career structure for the adult social care workforce
qualification will benefit around 37 000 workers within the sector while the defined career pathway will help people plan their future progression
Lesley said while the funding package would make adult social care a more attractive proposition, it would likely only make a small differ-
to the 152 000 vacancies within the sector
Government investment to add accreditation to the Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate is very welcome and it will give the qualification additional value said Lesley
clearly defined career pathway is also something I have championed for a long time and it offers people a clear route to progress their careers
will also help to improve perceptions of adult social care as a whole People still think of adult social care as looking after old people and everything that goes with that but the opportunities are far more varied including helping young people with disabilities and assisting with treatment and recovery from addiction
school leavers to consider adult social care as
than a stopgap It will undoubtedly help to raise the profile of the sector and will give people with limited qualifications the chance to build their skills “It’s well-known that people stay longer at places where training is available ” People in adult social care jobs will be able to enrol on the new Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate qualification between June this year and March 2025 There will be other training initiatives available, including a new digital leadership qualification to help managers in the sector with the implementation of technology But Lesley warned that this funding must be followed up with decisive Government action to plug the gap in care sector vacancies She said “There is a bigger conversation to be had at a time when there are 152 000 vacancies within adult social care It is predicted we will need 440 000 care workers by 2035 “While this is a good starting point the Government must pledge future funding to support the long-term sustainability of the sector to attract many more people into roles at all levels If decisive action is not taken soon we could be facing unimaginable consequences over the next decade Valuing the current workforce and giving them opportunities to upskill is important but ultimately pay and conditions need to improve to attract new blood into the sector rather than going into retail or hospitality Realise is one of the country s leading training providers working with more than 1 000 employers and more than 10 000 learners a year throughout apprenticeships and adult education courses For more information visit https://bit ly/realisetraining
“I hope it will encourage
a viable skilled career with progression opportunities rather
The delivery of safe care is the paramount responsibility of social care providers Central to achieving this is the governance framework adopted by service providers And at the core of this framework are policies and procedures These enable the provider to comply – and evidence compliance – with relevant legislation and regulations as well as facilitating best practices supporting business needs and assisting in recognising and managing risks Providers have a legal duty of care to the people they employ Policies and procedures should provide clear guidelines to staff on how the organisation operates as well as informing them of best practices and processes to be followed Policies should be reviewed annually as a minimum to ensure they are still fit for purpose and align with legal and regulatory requirements They should be reviewed not only by employees of the business but also by experts in various subject matters (e g infection control or medicines management) For many small- to medium-sized providers there may not be the in-house skills knowledge and experience to complete such a robust annual review Many choose instead to purchase their policies and procedures from a reputable provider like W&P Compliance & Training who will also complete reviews and ensure their policies and procedures remain up to date This way a provider not only ensures they remain compliant; they also benefit from best practice policies and procedures that provide a solid foundation for safe working practices and – ultimately – protect and support service users and staff Ben Erskine – Director at W&P Compliance & Training www wandptraining co uk | Tel: 01305 767104 See the advert on page 2 for further information
their own pace, fitting training around their commitments while benefitting from rich multimedia resources However you learn HSG offers the best of both worlds With classroom courses available nationwide 6 days a week we provide exceptional accessibility for face-to-face training Our dedicated e-learning platform ensures flexibility enhanced by our Training Team s support for any queries
Catheter Care, all courses
industry experts, ensuring that training prepares staff for real-world situations using practical skills
compassionate care Get
me today at beth@hsg-group com to learn more about our training options We re committed to tailoring training to your needs so you can focus on delivering outstanding care!
From Medical Administration to Safeguarding


Recruiting Success with CVMinder ATS

Care recruiting is currently challenging So why is CVMinder ATS a great choice for Care Providers? Stuart Haddow MD suggests that its Ambassador Customers make the biggest difference Ambassadors include senior HR leaders from the Care sector “They have proven to be great at overcoming recruiting
says Stuart CVMinder s Ambassador
also guide CVMinder product improvement programme
that great guidance delivers a competitive advantage for all CVMinder Care customers Jack
of Local Solutions agrees “CVMinder has made the process as smooth and as streamlined as possible That’s is critical when recruiting in a demanding sector like care It gives us central control of everything and the management information we generate from CVMinder has helped to improve our recruiting approach Without CVMinder our recruiting costs would be much higher and good candidates would be lost in the administration clutter Donna Newell of The Kent Autistic Trust says “CVMinder ensures that we are being responsive to applicants and the demands of our managers Having a one stop shop means that we can post and update jobs at the touch of a button Receiving all applications online and using filter questions enables our recruiters to shortlist batches of applicants swiftly ” T: 01634 202 101 E: enquiries@cvminder co uk W: cvminder co uk/care
JJ Recruitment has the large database of well qualified applicants with experience in the health-care industry, such as health care assistants, senior carers, and nurses from overseas We also have an expert team of solicitors for the necessary legal proceedings and advices WHY JJ? We have very minimal processing fees We assist you to get a sponsorship license Qualified and experienced candidates from overseas Tel: 01704 808227 www jjcarerecruitment co uk admin@jjrecruitment co uk In Dire Need Of Experienced Health Care Assistant, Senior Carer Or A Nurse? Global assists clients throughout the U K who specialise in the healthcare sector to achieve their objectives of purchase, development and refinance We have organised over £1 8bn for clients in the past 30 years providing clients with competitively priced funding to refinance existing debt ease cashflow and develop businesses further From helping clients make their first purchase through to allowing groups to grow significantly in size we assist at every stage of your business expansion Every proposal is individual and deserves to be treated that way so we hope you will allow us to be of assistance to you and call us to chat through your plans and requirements, I am sure we will be able to tailor a facility to your requirements Call us on 01242 227172 or e-mail us at enquiries@globalbusinessfinance net Care Home Finance from Global Business Finance

Introducing The Carer Recruitment

Quality Care Group, the largest independent Insurance Broker to the Care Sector proudly announces its victory in the prestigious National Insurance Awards 2024 The gala event held at the illustrious London Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square Mayfair London saw Quality Care Group clinch the coveted title of 'Commercial Lines Specialist Broker of the Year ' The National Insurance Awards recognise excellence and innovation within the insurance industry, celebrating outstanding achievements and contributions across various categories Quality Care Group s win in the Commercial Lines Specialist Broker of the Year category underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering bespoke insurance solutions and unparalleled service to the Care Sector
receiving the award, Managing Director Darren Pollard expressed his gratitude and pride, stating, "We are thrilled and honoured to be recognised as the Commercial Lines Specialist Broker of the Year at the National Insurance Awards 2024 This prestigious accolade is a testament to our team s dedication expertise, and relentless pursuit of excellence in serving the unique needs of the Care Sector " Quality Care Group has established itself as a trailblazer in the insurance industry renowned for its innovative insurance and wider business solutions, client-centric approach, and commitment to superior customer service The company s comprehensive range of services tailored specifically for the Care Sector has set new standards of excellence and earned the trust of clients nationwide As the largest independent Insurance Broker to the Care Sector Quality Care Group continues to lead the way in providing tailored insurance solutions proactive risk management strategies and unparalleled support to care businesses across the UK For further information on Quality Care Group visit www qcaregroup co uk How you can help your clients pay for care? Lifetimemortgages info is a trading style of The Later L fe Lending Network which is an Appointed Representat ve of The Right Mortgage Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Registered in England and Wales no 09832887 Registered address 70 St Johns Close Knowle Solihull West Midlands B93 0NH If they are over 55 and a homeowner then a lifetime mortgage might be the answer to paying for care It can release cash from their homes and use it to pay for care They could have extra visits or services they can’t presently afford, or install stair-lifts, hoists, wet-rooms etc to make life easier Ideally suited to domicillary care but can be used to fund the needs of one party living in care Best of all clients keep ownership of their home What’s in it for you? More money! More services, longer care periods To find out if it could work for you contact: 07789 885611 or e-mail money@lifetimemortgages info Quality Care Group Triumphs at National Insurance Awards 2024 RECRUITMENT & PROFESSIONAL SERVICES THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 194 | PAGE 53 RECRUITMENT.THECARERUK.COM ARE YOU LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO FILL YOUR VACANCY? WE CAN HELP! MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO PEOPLE'S LIVES WITH A CAREER IN ADULT SOCIAL CARE WELCOME TO THE NEW CARER RECRUITMENT WEBSITE USER-FRIENDLY AFFORDABLE FAST & EFFICIENT
Your Premier Destination for A dult Social Care Hiring Solutions! We are thrilled to announce the launch of THE CARER Recruitment, the latest addition to our growing portfolio! As the leading UK residential and nursing care/adult social care publication, we understand the pressing need for effective recruitment solutions in the face of ongoing challenges within the sector WHY THE CARER RECRUITMENT? Unparalleled Reach: THE CARER stands as the UK’s popular and must read adult social care publication boasting a vast offline and online readership With our new recruitment platform, we extend our reach even further, ensuring your vacancies are seen by a targeted audience consistently across print digital, website, and social media channels Tailored Solutions Say goodbye to recruitment headaches! Our userfriendly platform offers cost-effective solutions tailored to meet your hiring needs Whether you're a small care home or a large healthcare organization we ve got you covered Seamless Interaction: At THE CARER, we pride ourselves on our exceptional relationship with our readership With THE CARER Recruitment expect seamless interaction and support throughout the hiring process ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment journey for both employers and candidates alike In the face of the ongoing crisis in adult social care recruitment The Carer offers a streamlined and cost effective solution to meet your staffing needs Join us in revolutionizing the way you hire in the adult social care sector! Visit our website now to learn more and get started Together let s shape the future of adult social care recruitment! Warm regards, The Carer Team recruitment thecareruk com

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