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F O R N U R S I N G A N D R E S I D E N T I A L C A R E H O M E S W W W. T H E C A R E R U K . C O M THECARERUK THECARERUK Issue 163 THECARER UK Britain Needs New Labour Market Reforms and A 'Better Deal For Care Workers' Major reforms are needed to tackle low standards unsafe working conditions and minimal progression opportunities that affect too many of Britain’s 34 million workers beginning Britain s 1 7 million care workers and the focus should be on innovative new sector-specific ‘Good Work Agreements’, according to major new Resolution Foundation research Innovation Nation – the 41st report from The Economy 2030 Inquiry funded by the Nuffield Foundation – examines how the UK’s labour market institutions can be reformed to help deliver shared prosperity for workers maintaining the benefits of Britain’s flexible labour market, while solving the problems that remain (CONTINUED ON PAGE 3...)

Welcome to the latest edition of The Carer Digital!

Have you ever walked into an environment and taken absolutely no notice whatsoever?

We have probably all done that at some stage

However last night (Tuesday the 12th) I attended a very interesting launch from one of the world s leading paint companies, who were launching their colour of the year

(See page 14 for details)

During the launch we were treated to a very interesting seminar surrounding the use of colours

The seminar discussed in particular, the use of colours within residential and nursing care settings particularly those housing dementia patients

As editor here at THE CARER, I have over the years seen and reported on many changes within the sector; initiatives technology catering equipment furnishingsbasically all things surrounding residential and nursing care Colour and decoration relative to the care sector is for me a rather new experience

The seminar has taught me that colours have a profound impact on our emotions mood, and overall sense of well-being, and they play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for residents in care settings and I took away the following:

• Emotional Connection: Colours have the power to evoke emotions and memories For individuals with dementia who often struggle with memory loss the strategic use of familiar and comforting colours can help create a sense of security and connection to their past Warm soft colours like blues and greens can promote a soothing atmosphere while brighter cheerful tones can stimulate positive feelings

Orientation and Wayfinding: Dementia can lead to confusion and disorientation

Carefully chosen colours can aid residents in wayfinding making it easier for them to navigate through their environment Using contrasting colours for doors and walls for instance can help residents identify different areas and rooms within the facility

Calming and Reducing Agitation: Dementia can also lead to restlessness and agitation Calming colours such as pastels or muted earth tones can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation These colours can be incorporated into the decor and furnishings to create a serene ambiance

Stimulation and Engagement: Colours can be used to stimulate cognitive function and engage residents Art therapy and color-coded activities can provide opportunities for mental stimulation and social interaction Vibrant contrasting colours in common areas can encourage residents to engage with their surroundings and fellow residents

Personalization and Identity: Personalization is crucial in care and nursing homes

Allowing residents to have some control over the colour choices in their personal spaces such as bedrooms can foster a sense of ownership and identity It can also be a source of comfort and familiarity

Enhancing Dining Experiences: Mealtimes are significant social events in care facilities Using colourful tableware and dining room decor can make dining more appealing and appetizing for residents with dementia, enhancing their overall dining experience

I came away enlightened that the thoughtful use of colours in care and nursing homes is not just a matter of aesthetics; it's a vital element in promoting the wellbeing comfort and quality of life for residents particularly those with dementia And this is something we certainly hope to elaborate on in the near future so please do watch out for some insight on this topic

On a separate note we are delighted to reproduce Sir Michael Palin's interview on behalf of Age UK Camden (see page 4)

I am of the era who grew up with Monty Python and much of his other works one thing really struck out in his interview which I would wholeheartedly concur Google doesn t have all the answers and there is much to learn from the older generation”!

We are always delighted to publish some delightful stories from various homes around the country, from birthdays to fund raising, from baking to growing vegetables, anything you would like to share please do send it to me at editor@thecareruk com

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Britain Needs New Labour Market Reforms and A 'Better Deal For Care Workers'


The report notes that national employment protections, such as the minimum wage play a critical role in delivering stronger pay growth and better conditions for workers



But national regulation alone struggles to address some of the deeply entrenched problems facing workers in specific sectors or roles such as the record number of people on zero-hours contracts, or the fact that three-in-four workers received no training aimed at building skills or progression in the past year

New sector-focused institutions therefore need to be set up to complement our existing national frameworks says the Foundation This would require policy makers to rediscover the appetite for innovation that led to the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage

widely regarded as a key policy success of recent decades, with George Osborne’s creation of the National Living Wage based on Resolution Foundation proposals They can also learn from successful reforms in similarly flexible labour markets like New Zealand and Ireland


The report proposes the creation of new Good Work Agreements (GWAs) that bring together worker and employer representatives to collaborate and solve problems within challenging sectors These agreements would then be enforced on the same statutory basis as existing labour market regulation in order to give the agreements legal teeth

While it would largely be up to those representatives to apply to the government for new GWAs, the Foundation says that a trailblazer agreement should be started in social care to enhance protections for the UK s 1 7 million care workers

Social care is blighted by poor pay – likely illegally so for domiciliary workers once travel time is factored in – unsafe working conditions in understaffed care homes and inadequate training and progression across the sector all of which contribute to an acute shortage of workers

These sector-specific issues are ripe for addressing in GWAs says the Foundation because they can t be addressed via the more traditional one-size-fits-all national regulation A social care GWA alone could bring bigger pay rises better training opportunities and more security for care workers across the sector – and would have wider benefits for the quality and availability of care by tackling staff shortages


The report adds that some of the overly burdensome rules governing union recruitment and recognition should also be modernised given their contribution to the decline in union membership from 52 per cent in 1980 to 22 per cent in 2022

Hannah Slaughter Senior Economist at the Resolution Foundation said: Britain has seen national labour market regulations improve the quality of work in recent decades – most radically via a fast-rising minimum wage But many of our most deeply entrenched problems in the world of work are specific to particular sectors and roles

“We now need a new focus on innovative ‘Good Work Agreements’, bringing together worker and employer representatives in the most challenging sectors to set new legally-enforced minimum standards and improve the quality of work

There is no better place to start solving these problems than social care – where unlawfully low pay and unsafe working conditions have left damaging worker shortages and a care system close to collapse


This latest demand for reform follows a report by The Trades Union Congress (TUC) in August which called for a new care workforce strategy to tackle the staffing crisis facing both childcare and social care

The trade union body said that social care sector faces a staffing crisis stemming from widespread low pay and insecure work which impacts their female workforces predominantly

It is reported that the demand for care is rapidly growing while the sector grapples with critical challenges such as recruitment and retention issues We share the TUC s concern that many individuals are currently unable to access the care they urgently need and we are deeply alarmed by the statistic that 2 6 million adults over the age of 50 in England are living with unmet care needs as a result

TUC General Secretary Paul Nowak said: We will all rely on care at some point in our lives whether that s childcare for our kids or social care for ourselves or our family members

The care our loved ones get must be of the highest standard But that s only possible if jobs in care are decent and paid well enough to attract and keep the right people

“Childcare and social care must stop being Cinderella sectors Demand for care is rising Caring is skilled work and the overwhelmingly female workforce deserves decent pay and conditions

“Ministers must urgently introduce a £15 an hour minimum wage for childcare and social care workers

They also need to bring in sector collective bargaining and establish new sector partnership arrangements to up skill care workers and stop the race to the bottom on pay and conditions And ministers should require employers to end the use of zero-hours contracts and pay decent sick pay to all workers


Karolina Gerlich CEO of The Care Workers Charity said: We are not shocked by these figures We know that care workers struggles have been consistently worsening for years Current funding and therefore, pay and working conditions in social care are unacceptable and we will continue to advocate for social care reform with care workers and people who draw on social care at its centre Care workers are highly skilled professionals who deserve to work in a sector with a robust policy and a sensible funding model so they can deliver outstanding care to everybody ”

“One of the most encouraging aspects of the report is its direct collaboration with care workers and their trade unions during its development This approach ensures that the strategy s recommendations are firmly rooted in the real-world experiences of those who provide care daily ”

Whilst we are pleased to see this report we are left wondering if our government will listen and support the changes that are so desperately needed in the care sector ”


‘Stay Curious And Keep Your Sense Of Humour’ Is Key To Old Age says Sir Michael Palin in Exclusive Inter view in Support of Age UK Camden

Award-winning comedian TV presenter and traveller Sir Michael Palin is a proud supporter of independent charity Age UK Camden (www ageuk org uk/camden) and a longstanding local resident He sat down with his daughter TV producer and Age UK Camden Trustee Rachel Palin, to share his thoughts and experiences on growing older and what his phenomenal travels and comedy journey has taught him about ageing

This interview was first published in the event programme for an exclusive sell-out show Sir Michael Palin performed at Cecil Sharp House London on 7th September 2023 to raise funds for Age UK Camden

Thank you for agreeing to do 'An evening with...' in suppor t of Age UK Camden. This isn't the first time you've been to Cecil Sharp House is it?

No, I've been a few times, but most recently in 2014, when we were rehearsing for the Monty Python reunion at the O2 Arena and the earliest rehearsals we had were at Cecil Sharp House That’s the first time I'd seen all the Pythons together for a very long time and that's where we had our read through It was then that we knew whether it was worth doing the show or not whether it was funny or not whether we could still be funny and they turned out to be very very good sessions at Cecil Sharp House

I watched your Hell's Grannies Python sketch again the other day when you were 'senile delinquents' beating up young men Did you think about getting older back then?

We just thought people were really funny and I think the idea then of course was that any grannies were considered very old people and you could put them in certain situations where it would be funny And Hell s Grannies instead of Hell s Angels it s a wonderful situation to put older people in That made the joke and then you could play on it and have them swaggering up the street pushing the young people off the pavement and chewing gum and generally twirling their handbags around and all that, which I thought really was a great vision of what older people could do Maybe not what they should do, but what they could do, so it was a sign of confidence in age, I think

And on your travels, I think you recently told Ber tie, your grandson, that you'd been to 98 countries Did you notice a dif ference in how dif ferent cultures treat their older population?

I mean, generally speaking, the poorer the country, the more they need the whole family to pitch in all the time and as a result I think older people the grandparents have to take more of a part in daily life Their knowledge and their experience and their wisdom is very important it s fed back into the community so a lot of the traditions and a lot of the ways people live is handed down from generation to generation

So I would find in a lot of countries especially the poorer countries old people are not seen as redundant at all they re seen as very very important elements in the life of that society Family units are important

I think there’s an idea that the internet has in some ways replaced the wisdom of the old because you don't have to find someone to ask, you can just Google it, can't you?

I think that s the problem with digital media anyway You feel you can answer every question just by getting onto the right website but you can't really A lot of the questions you want to ask have come from direct contact with whoever you're talking to because life isn't linear, you don't sort of sit down and say, I want to talk about X, Y and Z Part of the enjoyment of conversation and teaching is that you both exchange ideas and sometimes ideas are very unusual, they’re different or they're not the obvious connection that you would get if you went to a website I think it's very good that people are distracted and diverted every now and then from just getting the right answer

You must have met some wise and wonder ful older characters on your travels?

Yes and now I am one! The Dalai Lama of course comes to mind He was remarkable really because he was such a direct and friendly man and yet he was seen as sort of the centre of Tibetan Buddhist religion a very important almost godlike figure The way he interacted with people was to treat each person as an individual human being with their own characteristics and he was completely - despite having people all around him - himself; very straightforward and unpretentious

and he would hug people and he really felt like someone who was a kindly figure and projecting that idea of kindness into the religion which he led

You’re still full of energy and engaged with the world you're blessed with good health and you're still working. What do you think has been the key?

You have to have an appetite for life you have to enjoy every day as much as you can you know Whatever the weather is whatever you're going to do, whatever you’re going to read, whoever you're going to see, whatever meal you're going to share, try and make each day a new fresh experience Also, just to be curious I think that's really, really important That's been the key thing in my life is just wanting to know about the world around me and the people in that world and why they think the way they think or why they are the way they are There is a danger that as you grow older you think you re going to fall behind and think oh I can t do this I can t do that Whereas each day in some way shape or form however small it might be you can have a different experience if you re curious and want to learn something - we live in a great society for that and we can find out a lot of information Curiosity is the thing

Do you feel that technology is quite geared towards the young? Age UK Camden of fers digital inclusion and computer training for older people, and I know it’s one of the things that, we as your children, help you out with the most Does the world of technology make you feel isolated?

Yes, I need a lot of help I'm lucky I have you all to help me with difficult technical problems because I think we live at a very very pivotal time at the moment Technology is moving so fast and has the ability to not just help you think but think what you think and select what you see and what you do It s sort of becoming so sophisticated that you re in danger of being left behind I mean I m 80 so for seventy odd years of my life we haven t had this sophisticated digital world so most of my experience is based on a different slightly slower way of life Now all the possibilities for a technical change are there and in some ways it improves our lifestyle enormously In other ways I think there are very bad problems stored up for us Older people will be left behind because they don't have the knowledge or the ability to take advantage of the digital world the way the young can - they just seem to automatically be able to work their iPhones and all that sort of thing In your older age, do you still find the same things funny?

Oh yeah I do I mean sense of humour; I think that s quite an important thing to maintain and in my case I had a rather inflated sense of humour When I could first remember looking at life, I was just fascinated by people and how they behave and human behaviour which very often is very funny, that s what humour is all about I think if you have the ability to laugh, not only is it something that brings people together, it's a very very important tool that also just relieves the pressure sometimes I think if you can find something funny you re better off than someone who would find it absolutely ghastly so it s a positive help humour

And so, you're not retiring anytime soon obviously, so what's on the agenda?

No I m not retiring I ve got a book coming out in September which is a family history about a great uncle great Uncle Harry who died on the Somme That s been quite a bit of interesting work because I ve had to really find out about someone for whom little was known apart from his war career it s been fascinating It s been like a detective story in a way but also it s finding out something about your family and especially someone who was not considered interesting enough and I hope I ve made him interesting I feel quite close to him in an odd way And then I should be doing some travelling hopefully in October doing another travel series in Africa

Do you still find travelling a pleasure now you’re older?

The actual being in a foreign country I find terrific; I still enjoy that because again this is curiosity x 100 Everything is different in some places and because history and geography were my favourite subjects I m learning a bit about the history of a country I didn t know and learning about how it looks so that s all important I think moving around the world now travel itself is becoming quite difficult especially if you re older Insurance companies charge enormous amounts to insure you you re not encouraged to travel around the world but then I think of some of the wonderful eccentrics of British travelling and exploration they wouldn t be put off by a few bits of paper But it is getting a little more difficult the procedure of travel whereas the experience of travel I still love it

Age UK Camden was established in 1965, of fering a range of ser vices to help older people in the borough I know you don't like being reminded too often that you recently turned 80, but how do you feel about ageing?

I think it does have its problems Part of it is you re slightly deluded because you think you re still 27 A lot of people of my age 80 or whatever still think that mentally they are in their twenties and then they think they're perhaps physically in their twenties - and then you get a lot of surprises that you can't actually move with such agility as you did before And of course all sorts of little problems occur as the body begins to say 'well I've served you well for 80 years and now bits are beginning to wear out' So, I think part of me is very pleased to be 80 and still reasonably fit and to take advantage of all the wonderful things in the world to see and do and eat But I know it's not long to go really and you kind of think back a lot, which is not a bad thing, but it slightly slows you down

But are there some good things about getting older?

Yes I think there are good things about getting old One is just you have a sort of breadth of life you ve been taught lots of different things I think by the time you get to 80 you know all the mistakes you ve made and you hopefully will try and avoid them again You have a broader spectrum of experience And also if you re lucky enough to be reasonably fit at the age of 80 or something you get enormous satisfaction from just doing simple things like going for a walk or a short swim or even bicycling up the road You don t have to do much to give you a real feeling that you ve achieved something And how do you feel about spending your later years in Camden? Have you ever been tempted to retire out of the city and live somewhere quiet and peaceful?

No, actually I think apart from the odd day or so, I've been quite happy living in Camden, and I'm lucky that we found a house which we liked It was in an area we liked, a community we liked and that hasn't changed really, and that's a very, very important thing Plus, there's Hampstead Heath, the most wonderful asset, which I never, ever get tired of and still use every day Camden's just out of the centre of London, but very quick to get into London and I think there's a lot of vitality in Camden I just like the fact that it seems to be a borough that is open to change and diversity it's not blinkered and it s not totally kind of mono-cultural at all There s a lot going on And as a traveller I appreciate the fact that there are many many people in Camden from different lands and different places and I find that quite stimulating

Age UK Camden is a local independent charity and we are dependent on support for a significant proportion of our income If you would like to donate to Age UK Camden donations can be made via our websitewww ageukcamden org uk - or by text To donate £10 text AUCP10 to 70460 or to donate £20 text AUCP20 to 70460 Texts will cost the donation amount plus one standard network rate message

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!!!

Residents of Barchesters Ashcombe House Worting road Basingstoke enjoyed a day out at the seaside Residents were all aboard the homes minibus for a trip to Southsea Portsmouth The day started at the boating lake with nets and buckets for a spot of Crabbing residents caught small fishes and a rather large crab which had the staff screaming much to the delight of everyone around them The sun was beaming as they then headed towards the south pier for a fish & chips lunch Enjoyed a stroll along the promenade before stopping for a whippy ice cream Resident
home to be nearer family
be back at
sea Gerry said it s been a truly fantastic day I ve enjoyed every minute and it’s nice to be back home!’ Activities coordinator Michelle Martin said to take a resident back to his hometown and be by the seaside when he never thought he would have the chance again has made this simply the best day thoroughly enjoyed by all Ashcombe prides itself on enriching the lives of our residents and delivering person centred care
S r Michael Palin – photographer credit John Swannell
Gerry Godden who lived in
for over 90 years was
to be back in his home town, Gerry moved into the
and never
he would

Health and Social Care Sector-Highest Growing Industr y in UK, Report Reveals

The business experts at Forbes Advisor have analysed the most recent UK business demography statistics to reveal the most thriving industries in 2023 so far Findings indicate a notable improvement in business survival rates on the InterDepartmental Business Register (IDBR) in Quarter 2 (April to June) 2023 compared to the same period in 2023 However the number of businesses added to IDBR has fallen by 14% All but two of sixteen sectors analysed experienced a decline in business births; The health and social care sector and real estate

The Health and Social Care sector witnessed 3,400 new business registrations in Q2 2023 vs 3 125 in Q2 2022 (+8%) making it the best performing industry in terms of new business growth

The Real Estate sector also witnessed a modest rise in new business registers marking a slight increase (+0 6%) from 3 090 businesses registered in Q2 2022 compared with 3 110 in Q2 2023

Following that the Professional Scientific and Technical industries experienced a small decline compared to the previous year, with a marginal decrease (-0 7%) from 12,455 in Q2 2022 to 12,360 in Q2 2023

The sectors which recorded the greatest decrease in business births were those in Transportation and storage which saw a 59% plummet from 8,950 in Q2 2022, to 3,665 in Q2 2023 This was followed by agriculture forestry and fishing which saw a 23% decrease from 1 030 in Q2 2022 to just 785 in Q2 2023 Finance and insurance saw a 12% fall from 1 015 in Q2 2022 vs 885 in Q2 2023


The data shows a 15% decrease in business closures year-on-year during Q2 2023 In total 84,150 busi-

Childminders Bring Joy To

nesses were removed from the IDBR, compared to 99,440 closures recorded in Q2 2022

The Agricultural, Forestry and Fishing industry recorded the highest business survival rate Overall there were 42% fewer business closures within the sector in Q2 2023 compared to Q2 2022 (1 710 vs 2 970)

This was followed by both the Transportation and Storage and Professional, Scientific and Technical sectors The two industries experienced a 25% decrease in business closures (10 105 in 2022 vs 7,560 in 2023 and 16,760 in 2022 vs 12,575 in 2023 respectively)

Contrastingly findings revealed that the Accommodation and Food Services industry faced the most significant business closures A total of 7 035 businesses shutdown in Q2 2023 compared with 6 865 in Q2 2022 (a rise of 2%)

Kevin Pratt business commentator at Forbes Advisor says: “The 15% improvement in business survival rates is a sign of resilience in the face of economic challenges Businesses must remain vigilant and seek out new opportunities and adapt to the changing market to maintain growth and stay competitive

Cost pressures will remain a thorn in the side of all businesses as the figures from the Accommodation and Food Services Sector show Labour shortages and associated upward pressure on wages, raw material costs sky-high energy bills and weak consumer demand have clearly taken their toll

“But elsewhere the signs are more positive The improved survival rate in Agriculture Forestry and Fishing perhaps suggests improved conditions for those at the head of the supply chain And Health and Social Care will only assume greater importance as our population ages and more people need such services

Oadby Care Home Residents

A couple of kind-hearted childminders have brought joy to residents at RMBI Care Co Home Devonshire Court, in Oadby, Leicester, by bringing their children to visit The beautiful partnership between the childminders and the residents at the Home has been running successfully for almost a year

Research has shown that for older people, engaging with babies and young children can help to increase wellbeing and reduce loneliness and depression The benefits for young children are also

increasingly being recognised Childcare providers report increased confidence less anxiety and better communication skills

It also thought that introducing intergenerational interaction at an early age helps shape more positive attitudes toward ageing and older people among children their parents and families

Fiona Collins, one of the Home’s Activities Coordinators says: “Our residents can’t wait for the children to visit so they can play with them and spend time chatting to the childminders

Best prices paid all ages & condition Large stock of new & used accessible minibuses Gardiners Lane North, Crays Hill, Billericay, Essex, CM11 2XE Mobile: 07860 894 331 • email: Telephone: (01268) 521033
H.W.Pickrell Ltd

The Vital Role of Volunteers in Care

Volunteers can play a vital role in enriching the lives of people living in care and easing pressure on care home professionals

The Volunteer Responders programme which was originally created to support NHS colleagues and services in England during the pandemic has recently extended its reach to adult social care Since its creation, the programme has responded to over 2 5 million requests for help to support approximately 200,000 people The pandemic truly highlighted the critical role of volunteers

Today NHS and Care Volunteer Responders is a free flexible and easy-to-use volunteering programme supporting the NHS and adult social care across England The programme is built on a digital platform and links an available pool of volunteers to local live tasks through the GoodSAM app

ID checks are carried out for all volunteers and some roles require additional checks such as a DBS check

Volunteers also receive a Getting You Started Guide and have access to a trained Safeguarding Team working 8am to 8pm 7 days a week

Volunteers are available to support with a range of services They offer friendly telephone support to help with the emotional wellbeing and mental health of care recipients perhaps those with fewer visitors or family members to call for example

There are also practical services that volunteers can support with, including grocery and essential shopping delivery for individuals and collection and delivery of medical equipment

These services can support care home residents wellbeing and contribute to improved quality of life

Volunteers will not undertake any of the duties of care colleagues but will complement the existing workforce allowing care and health staff to focus on providing quality care to those who need it most

Research conducted by Royal Voluntary Service found that volunteer support improved and enriched people s experiences of care in care home settings The evidence highlighted further benefits for care recip-

ients including improved mood enhanced cognitive functions and general improvements in care service quality

The evidence also showed a public interest in care sector volunteering with 43% planning or considering offering their time What Volunteer Responders aims to do is make it as straightforward as possible for busy care colleagues to tap into this valuable resource of willing volunteers

It s quick and simple for care professionals to refer in-need individuals for support from volunteers Requests for support can be made at a moment’s notice

Since the expansion of Volunteer Responders care professionals have begun utilising the programme to support care recipients adding value and boosting people s experiences of care Samantha Aylott Specialist Advisor in Adult Social Care has been making referrals to the programmes Check In and Chat telephone support services and is encouraging care colleagues to do the same She said: “It’s immensely helpful to be able to offer people emotional wellbeing support and the opportunity to have a friendly phone call as part of their care package Having someone to chat to can mean a lot to the adults we work with; it’s about knowing someone cares and is interested in them

I would recommend the programme to other social care providers it s quick and easy to use

Personal testimonies reveal the profound impact of volunteer phone calls on the lives of those in receipt of care David Fielden receives regular phone calls as part of the programme

He said: I can t express how grateful I am for the volunteer phone calls I receive Being largely housebound and living with a chronic illness can make you feel so isolated and it s easy to fall into a state of loneliness These phone calls have truly become the high point of my day Without [them] my days would be much more difficult and lonelier I am forever grateful to the volunteers who selflessly give their time to make a difference in the lives of others ”

Volunteer Responders support is available seven days a week and comes with comprehensive support and assurance There is a helpline safeguarding team and problem-solving team available between 8am –8pm every day Regional Relationship Managers are available in each region to answer questions about the programme, the volunteer support available and how to make a referral

We want more care providers to make full use of the programme It s incredibly straightforward to request volunteer support and I urge anyone interested in exploring this additional service to visit www nhscarevolunteerresponders org or call our Support Team on 0808 196 3382 to find out more information or to make a referral

Free Pay Benchmarking Data For Providers In Adult Social Care - Take Part in Sur vey

For many employers in the adult social care sector, rising operating costs are compounding existing pressures posed by limited local authority funding and staff shortages A new survey being undertaken by independent analysts at Incomes Data Research (IDR) looks at the labour market pressures currently faced by providers It also aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of pay and conditions for staff working in the adult social care sector in England covering some 26 roles across residential and domiciliary care nursing and allied health professions and community care

The survey is being undertaken on behalf of the trade union UNISON as part of work to underpin its campaign for a National Care Service in England: a nationally recognised institution that would bring about consistent standards of care for older and disabled people, and consistent terms and conditions for the workforce Wes Streeting the Shadow Health Secretary, has also expressed his intention to explore the prospect of implementing such a service with the ultimate long-term aim of providing free care at the point of use ‘With a General Election due before the end of next year and the prospect of a new adminis-

tration, this survey offers providers across the adult social care sector in England a real opportunity to feed into proposals that could start taking shape at least in terms of uniform care standards and pay and conditions in the foreseeable future says


As a ‘thank you’ for taking part all respondents to the survey will receive a free detailed summary report with an overview of pay and benefits provision in the sector, as well as the steps providers have taken to address recruitment and retention difficulties ‘None of the pay data that individual respondents provide will be shared with UNISON or directly linked to them in the final report – we will just be reporting aggregate results such as median and average pay rates across the wider sample Heffernan explains The survey looks quite long at first sight given the number of jobs we are benchmarking but participants can easily skip over any questions that aren t relevant to their setting My colleagues and I are also very happy to talk through survey questions in person if preferred – our contact details are in the survey

The survey which is open throughout September can be accessed here

GOJO Recognised As A Key Partner To The NHS

GOJO THE INVENTOR OF PURELL™ is proud to be a brand showcased in an official publication commemorating the NHS, entitled ‘NHS 75: Celebrating 75 Years of the National Health Service This accolade demonstrates the key role played by the skin and hygiene specialist, who has now been a partner to the organisation for over 30 years Widely used in the NHS PURELL® is a trusted brand in healthcare facilities around the world As a market leader of hand hygiene within the UK’s health service it has been instrumental in helping core NHS metrics to be achieved such as reductions in the number of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) Its solutions encompass fast-active effective formulas that care for skin state of the art dispensers, and dedicated support such as the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) accredited training

Launching at the Cloisters in Westminster Abbey on 6th September 2023, ‘NHS 75: Celebrating 75 Years of the National Health Service is a beautifully presented hardback book that has been produced in partnership with leading publisher St James’s House and written by a team of academics and industry experts Exploring the origins history and impact of the NHS the fully illustrated publication marks the 75th anniversary of the service and the people and policies that have shaped it

Chris Wakefield V P European Marketing and Managing Director UK & Ireland GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd comments: ‘The NHS is one of the country’s most recognised and cherished organisations – here to improve our health and wellbeing support us to keep mentally and physically well and to help us get better

when we are ill The GOJO purpose of saving lives and making life better through wellbeing solutions’ very much aligns with these values, and it is what drives our innovation in hygiene

‘We are extremely proud to play a major role in helping prevent infection and improve public health and are thrilled to be included in this prestigious book celebrating 75 years of the wonderful NHS ’

As well as being the ideal partner to healthcare trusts and facilities GOJO is passionate about developing sustainable products that both clean and care for hands in a variety of sectors These include education, hospitality, leisure, retail, catering, food processing, offices manufacturing and more From soaps and hygienic hand rubs that can be used repeatedly throughout a busy shift in hospitals to specialist hand cleaners that remove tough soils from the hands of heavy-industry workers GOJO has an effective solution to remove germs and dirt whilst protecting skin health

Backed by a wealth of scientific expertise and specialist formulations GOJO is committed to developing sustainable products that deliver results and maintain skin health

PURELL remains the market leader thanks to its focus on formulation without compromise

For more information, call +44 (0)1908 588444 email CustomerExperienceUK@GOJO com, or visit https://www gojo eu/uk


UK Care Homes Sector At Crossroads

As Post-Pandemic Pressures Pile Up

The UK care home sector is at a crossroads wards Blair Milne, a restructuring and insolvency partner with accountancy firm Azets due to postpandemic financial pressures, including shortfalls in local authority funding

“Government needs to grasp the nettle over funding reforms however unpalatable to taxpayers or we could see a significant number of business failures in the care sector because they can no longer make ends meet,” said Mr Milne

The last 40 years or so the care home industry can be summarised by expansion and consolidation and now, sadly, contraction ”

According to industry data the UK has 17 100 care homes including nursing homes looking after 408 000-plus elderly

Mr Milne added: “Britain s care homes sector is at a crossroads following the pandemic with a long list of problems exacerbated by local authorities not paying the true costs of care for residents placed in care homes, with better-off residents effectively subsiding them with higher fees of up to 40% for the same service

Handling a number of administrations in relation to care homes, he highlights the strong headwinds facing the sector

“There are many common challenges facing the care sector in the post-pandemic world It was already a sector under pressure before Covid-19 demonstrated by the closure of 1 578 care homes between 2015 and 2020 Many of those were well run homes with good ratings from the Care Quality Commission

“By way of illustration based on a report from the National Audit Office the public spending watchdog government funding for local authorities in England fell by more than half in 2019-20 when compared to 2010-11, a 29% reduction in real terms, and funding continues to be under significant financial pressure

Many larger for-profit care homes were reporting a return on investment of less than 5% back in 2019 just before the pandemic hit – occupancy levels then fell from 90% to 80% in February 2021

Fast forward to this year staff shortages are a huge problem in an industry where high staff turnover is endemic and expensive – 28 5% is the average Recruitment and retention are now difficult in a sector which

reportedly employs 752,000 people

It is estimated that the shortfall in care home staff is around 170 000 nationwide and, as we are living longer, an extra 500,000 care workers will be needed by 2035

“Given that there are more than a million job vacancies in the UK as a whole it is clear that care home workers can apply for other less demanding roles for either the same or more money

“Care homes lost a lot of staff for various reasons – Brexit is a factor and Covid-19 resulted in a lot of long-term sickness and in extreme cases staff have been traumatised by their experiences, by what they saw and had to deal with for two dreadful years working behind face coverings

“In turn staff shortages have led to care homes becoming increasingly reliant on agency workers where the rates being charged are at record levels due to the economics of supply and demand

“To keep running, care homes have little option but to pay far more than they would for permanent and part-time staff further piling on the relentless financial pressures

“Which takes us to the political aspect of fixed rates for local authority-funded residents

The success of care homes is about ensuring high levels of occupancy and getting the right mix of privately funded residents and local authority funded residents – those rates from the public purse have not been able to keep up with decades-high inflation

With recent record-high energy and food bills profit margins have been under further attack

“Adding to these financial burdens is the rise in health and safety and compliance requirements to be met in the post-Covid world which operators cannot recover unless they put up rates for private clients

“It is a sobering thought that there will be 8 3 million people aged 75 or over in less than four Parliament terms away with many requiring accommodation in care homes

“Indeed, the UK has reached close to breakpoint with the care home sector – governments must grasp the nettle and bring in funding reforms to help a distressed industry where many of us and our loved ones will end our lives ”

Fighting Loneliness With Letters For Kirklees Care Home Residents

Over a hundred letters have been arriving from all over the world for elderly residents living at a Huddersfield care home

Residents at Thornhill Care Home on Thornhill Road Edgerton have been receiving art crafts poetry and friendly messages from as far away as Australia after signing up to scheme aimed at reducing loneliness

The Give A Few Words community interest company, based in Kirklees was set up during the Covid-19 pandemic to support care home residents in the area during lockdown

Following the success of the initiative the company has continued to distribute letters and packages it receives from all over the world to care homes across Kirklees

Thornhill Care Home has so far received 166 letters which have included words, embroidery, art, clay decorations and more

They have been sent from all over Kirklees and the wider Yorkshire region, as well as London, Inverness, and Sydney, Australia, to name a few

Give A Few Words receives the letters from college students those taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award retirees carers families businesses and community organisations among others

Sharron Wilkinson from Give A Few Words contacted Thornhill Care Home activities coordinator Ilona

Ruttle earlier this year to see if residents would be interested in receiving letters

Ilona said: “I didn’t know what to expect but was totally amazed by the wonderful letters that arrived for the residents

Sharron from Give A Few Words, visited Thornhill Care Home to deliver a batch of letters in person as well as a gift bag for the staff

She said: “Give A Few Words came about at the beginning of lockdown in 2020 in response to a Huddersfield based care home whose residents were feeling isolated and unable to see their family and friends

Since then we have sent over 1 500 letters per year for care home residents charities and for people isolated across the community

“Not just words but people normally receive at least five letters which includes personalised post matched to hobbies and interests crafts art such as water colour paintings, clay decorations, poetry and lots more We quite often can t believe what falls out of envelopes

“These are written by the kindest and most wonderful volunteers the width and breadth of the country and overseas too

“It is a genuine pleasure working on this project and I feel very humble and privileged to see the best of humanity

every single
Unveils Extensive Modernisation Surrey-based maritime charity The Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society has opened the doors on its newly refurbished and updated care home Belvedere House after an extensive programme of modernisation Its latest programme of refurbishment has seen significant investment to upgrade all facilities including adding en-suite wet rooms and air conditioning to each of its 68 bedrooms and a new lounge overlooking the home’s extensive 14 acre grounds Commander Brian Boxall-Hunt CEO at The Royal Alfred Seafarers Society said When the COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges for the care sector we took the time to think about how we could improve our already excellent facilities for residents for many years to come with minimal disruption to our residents Working with architects and builders we were able to cleverly structure parts of our existing building and invest in extensive renovations to make Belvedere House an even more comfortable place for the residents who call it home It ensures we can offer the very best care to residents for the next 25 years ” As part of the opening of the newly refurbished home Councillor Eddy Humphreys The Mayor of the Borough of Reigate and Banstead visited The Royal Alfred Seafarers’ Society meeting with staff and residents alike to discuss changes to the homes and how they will benefit all parties
Open for
Maritime Charity

How Care Providers Can Help to Improve Employee Safety

A landmark study conducted into perceptions of personal safety at work revealed that alarmingly 6 8 million employees worry about their safety on a weekly basis While concerns for safety were expressed industry wide some sectors – particularly public facing roles – experienced higher levels of aggression and anxiety In the healthcare sector specifically 1 in 4 employees were found to worry about their safety at least once every week, with health and care workers 94% more likely to worry about their safety than those in white-collar jobs Sadly public-facing industries – including healthcare retail and hospitality – are facing increased aggression from those they deal with on a daily basis whether it s angry customers or frustrated patients and their family members A disturbing 74% of health and care workers, including doctors nurses carers and social workers are worried about aggressive behaviour from patients while 44% say they have received verbal or physical abuse from a member of the public

A certain level of security or at least safety in numbers is provided in healthcare establishments such as hospitals and doctor’s surgeries; however, for lone workers or those in the community, the risk of violence and abuse is even greater 59% of care workers are concerned about the dangers of entering the home of a member of the public – a common social care requirement In fact hybrid workers ranked as the category of employee feeling the most unsafe with nearly three-quarters reporting safety concerns

Not only are these growing concerns a huge issue for employees but this also has a knock-on effect for employers Unsurprisingly negative experiences involving safety issues often contribute to decisions to

change career with 1 in 4 having left a job due to a safety concern in the last 5 years Furthermore results show that those who experience a negative work-related event have lower overall job satisfaction across every aspect of their role, not just wellbeing

With one in ten NHS jobs currently vacant these stark concerns around safety provide a bleak incentive for the frontline care roles currently facing a recruitment and retention challenge Even more worrying many employers either underestimate the level of concern or are unaware of it completely

Reviewing safety concerns and putting solutions in place to improve protection increases job satisfaction employer brand and staff retention – invaluable to overcoming the current staffing crisis Compliant employers follow the rules but it’s the smartest employers that take the extra step, understanding that going beyond the basic level of compliance is what will result in a happy healthy workforce – one that feels truly safe and appreciated

So how can healthcare providers do more to protect their workforce?

Harking back to public-facing industries just this week Tesco followed in the footsteps of John Lewis and Sainsburys, announcing that it would be offering all its staff body cameras This comes amid a disturbing rise in violent attacks – with staff experiencing an increase in physical assaults by a third in the past year Where CCTV systems may cost thousands of pounds some personal safety alarms and other solutions are now the price of a cup of coffee – a small price to pay for instant peace of mind

By supporting owners and operators to act in the best interests of their employees we must shift the dial on the importance of employee safety and are calling on more employers and the Government to work together Taking action to protect employees both in and out of the workplace, 24/7, Crimestoppers has partnered with Peoplesafe, to encourage people to ‘Step Up Stay Safe – calling on all UK employers to act

While some care providers already have and are going beyond the basic legal duty of care if more were to commit to providing greater protection and peace of mind through recognised standards across the board the UK healthcare sector would find itself in a much safer place

www peoplesafe com

Poetr y Lovers Celebrate First Wedding Anniversar y At Nor wich Home

Two residents who met at a Norwich home celebrated their first wedding anniversary

Bill and Pauline Capp got married in September 2022 after meeting one another at MHA Cromwell House Bill (99) moved into the home in July 2020 and Pauline (88) in February 2021

The pair started off as friends after taking part in various activities and events at the home and it was their mutual love of poetry which played a part in turning their friendship into marriage

To mark the occasion the home arranged for an anniversary party where residents and staff joined in with the celebrations

Speaking after the party Pauline said: “The home did a great job in making sure we had a great time

“Our activities coordinator Angie and chef Adriana deserve a huge amount of credit as they worked very hard

“There comes a point in many people’s lives when they are no longer able to care for themselves and they must look for somewhere to spend their time

We are very different people and have led very different lives so there are times when we find ourselves at crossroads, but when we don’t it s all tickety boo

“We are both very fortunate to have found each other at MHA Cromwell House and everyone at the home does an amazing job

It s great to share the ups and downs with someone at our age and we are both very happy ”

Turner Price Strengthens Position in Care Home Sector Though NACC Premier Partnership

to the health and social care sector and we look forward to working more closely with Turner Price in the future ”

Naz Dossa, CEO of Peoplesafe and BSIA Chair of the Lone Working Group, highlights the risks for those working in the healthcare sector and discusses how care providers can improve employee safety
Turner Price have announced a new partnership
Partner and will become an active member of the North and Midlands branches as well as contributing at a national level Jason Watkins Head of Sales at Turner Price has a long connection with the NACC and says the new relationship will further strengthen the wholesalers’ position with the care sector He said “We are proud of our history of supplying care caterers, something that our business has been built on for over 30 years Across the North and the Midlands we service independent and care home groups hospices meals on wheels rehabilitation centres and hospitals This new partnership with the NACC will mean we can offer more support to our existing caterers as well as showcase our trusted service to new potential care providers The NACC are hugely respected, and we look forward to exhibiting at the Training & Development Forum event in October and working closely with the association over the coming years ” The National Chair of the NACC Sue Cawthray also welcomes the news of Turner Price becoming a Premier Partner She said: The NACC is delighted to welcome Turner Price as a new Premier Partner, who provide a vital contribution to the work of the Associations This is certainly a time when we need all our partners working within Care Catering to show their commitment
Turner Price is a large delivered foodservice wholesaler who supplies over 2 500 businesses across large parts of the UK Turner Price customers includes coffee shops QSR operators pubs hotels restaurants
National Association of Care Catering
The Yorkshire based foodservice provider has officially become a Premier

Calls For Clarity On Holiday Pay

Six months since the consultation on calculating holiday entitlement for part-year and irregular hours workers closed the Government has yet to publish its response

Amidst this lack of clarity new data shows high levels of confusion among employees when it comes to holiday pay

According to Deputy’s annual State of Shift Work report which surveys UK workers more than a third (38%) of care workers are not sure about their legal entitlement for paid annual leave and many believe they could be missing out on holiday pay according to Deputy’s global study, which surveyed 3809 shift workers including 1166 from the UK

The study revealed that 29% of UK care workers are not clear on the details of their legal entitlements for paid annual leave and 9% have no idea at all Less than half (49%) were very confident that they are getting all the paid annual leave they are entitled to with 31% less confident, 13% unsure 4% not confident at all and 3% believing they re not entitled to any paid leave

Many young workers were completely unaware of their holiday pay entitlements, with 14% of Gen Z workers believing they re not entitled to any paid annual leave

Deputy is calling for clarity from the Government

Jon Wilson SVP at Deputy said: Our State of Shift Work report highlights the high levels of confusion that exist when it comes to holiday pay

The Government consultation was launched in response to the Harpur Trust v Brazel Supreme Court Judgment in July 2022 The holiday pay calculation

set out by the Supreme Court was ‘average weekly pay from the previous 52 weeks excluding weeks not worked multiplied by 5 6 weeks’

Jon Wilson said: “The practical implementation of this has been challenging for employers across the country, especially when calculating holiday pay for new starters and those with highly irregular hours

Businesses like ours have now built this into our technology to automate the process for our customers which solves the practical administrative challenges but the calculation has also been challenged as unfair to those with different working patterns The purpose of the Government consultation was to address this point

“In the meantime, some employers who might be waiting for the findings of the consultation may not have introduced the new calculation yet If that’s the case their staff are missing out on their holiday pay and the employers are at risk of tribunal claims for unlawful deduction of wages We urgently need clarity from the Government for the sake of both workers and employers ”

HICA Group Acquires Prestigious Care Home In Harrogate

A Yorkshire-based social care group has acquired a care home in Harrogate as the organisation grows a portfolio of personalised services to meet the changing needs of users

Hull-based HICA Group has purchased Hampden House on Duchy Road, Harrogate from Elizabeth Finn Homes for an undisclosed sum

Hampden House is a 66-bed purpose-built nursing home located within the Duchy Estate The home provides the highest level of facilities and services from personal and nursing care shortstays and end-of-life care

The employment of all 70 plus staff has been secured in the handover to new ownership and general manager Jane Hooren continues to lead the team

Terry Peel, HICA CEO, said: “This new venture marks a significant milestone for us as we expand our commitment to delivering exceptional care and support services to our community

As we extend our care footprint with the introduction of Hampden House into the HICA portfolio, we are excited about the opportunities it brings to enrich the lives of our residents and their families This expansion reflects our commitment to raising the bar in care provision offering comfort quality and a genuine sense of home for those we serve

He explained that Hampden House isn t just a care facility, it's a haven of comfort and compan-

ionship With en-suite rooms overlooking beautifully landscaped gardens and well-kept courtyards residents can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere

Terry Peel added: “We are excited about the possibilities Hampden House presents as part of our expansion strategy and look forward to fostering a warm and welcoming environment that reflects the highest standards of care, compassion, and community

Elizabeth Finn Homes is a wholly owned subsidiary of the charity Turn2us Dr Olivia Curno CEO of Elizabeth Finn Homes said: We considered a range of potential new owners, but it was HICA’s culture leadership and ethical approach that led us to choose them We are confident that they will continue the warm person-centred and professional standard of care that we uphold at Elizabeth Finn Homes


The Widening Wealth Gap Between Generations

Share of wealth held by under-40s has plummeted over the past decade – from £7 53 in every £100 to only £3 98

Future generations of retirees are likely to be poorer than those of today as new data published by the International Longevity Centre (ILC) the UK s leading authority on demographic change reveals a startling decline in the share of wealth held by those under 40 Analysis of ONS population data shows that in 2010/11 people under 40 made up just over half (50 6%) of the total population but held just £7 53 of every £100 of wealth A decade later the proportion of under 40s slightly declined to 49 5% but their share of wealth plummeted to just £3 98

ILC s “Financially secure?” briefing published today is the first to be released as part of work to develop a new Longevity White Paper highlighting the solutions needed to capitalise on the opportunities of an ageing society The ILC is inviting solutions for addressing income inequalities and supporting people to make savings and access good advice right across our longer lives

The spectre of growing pensioner poverty has been looming for many years For example in 2017 the ILC revealed that to achieve the same level of retirement income as current retirees younger people would need to save up to 20% of their earnings each year The increase in savings that has come because of autoenrolment will not be sufficient to close this intergenerational savings gap

But it is not just younger generations that need to save more ILC research in 2021 showed that Generation X who make up one-fifth of the UK s population save on average just £200 into their pension pots each month, and one-third of this group is at high risk of retiring with insufficient incomes


• The number of private renters aged 65 years and above is projected to double by 2046 reaching 12% of all households of this age

• There are 8 9 million economically inactive adults under 65 in the UK with over 2 5 million who are long-

term sick and others forced to leave the workforce earlier than planned due to caring responsibilities

David Sinclair Chief Executive at the International Longevity Centre UK said “Younger people are already not saving enough to enjoy a decent lifestyle as they age and our latest analysis shows that younger generations will have even fewer assets available With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis exerting further pressure on savings the need for new ideas is clear

Pensioner poverty is already a significant issue and it will grow if we don’t act now We know that future retirees won t be able to rely on housing wealth and many will need to spend money on rent into retirement

It is crucial that we address these challenges head-on and develop comprehensive strategies to ensure that every generation has the support they need to be financially secure right across their lives

“We’re pulling together the best minds to come up with new ideas for better lives in an ageing society

We ll be publishing our thinking in the coming months and urging action for a more hopeful future

Aviva is supporting the ILC s research into longevity Doug Brown CEO of Aviva UK & Ireland Life said “Financial pressures are growing and affecting all generations; however the youngest workers are in a particularly vulnerable position when it comes to saving for their retirement

With lower overall wealth today than the equivalent generation had a decade ago, this is concerning At the same time rising cost-of-living pressures are impacting younger workers making it even more difficult for people to set aside enough money for their retirement

It s clear we need considered and multi-faceted solutions to tackle these intergenerational wealth inequality challenges so that everyone can realistically aspire to having financial security throughout their lives Our partnership with the ILC and leading thinkers on demographic issues will help to develop and put forward ideas to improve individuals financial wellbeing and futures

Fun Dog Show Returns To West Sussex Care Home

Canines competed for glory as a Chichester care home staged its second annual woofs and wags dog show


Care s Wellington Grange laid on the Cruftsstyle fun so four-legged competitors could vie for the honour of winning across eleven categories

They included ‘Cutest Pup’, ‘Golden Oldie , ‘Musical Sit Best Dressed Best Party Trick Best Rescue and ‘Waggiest Tail

Taking part in the home’s garden sunshine were more than a dozen pooches owned by residents families and team members

The fun began with an introduction to each dog by Companionship Team Leader Heather Pearce

A resident was assigned as the judge for each round to make sure all was fair and there was no favouritism

Wellington Grange gardener Emily Trueman whose dog Dewey took part said: It was a pleasure to be part of such a fun dog show, made special by being able to do it at my workplace and seeing the residents reaction to all the dogs ”

Heather added: The show was back by popular demand after its success last year and we had another fantastic turnout

“Everyone wanted a clear view of the lawn where the action took place It was so much fun, with lots of laughter in the air

“The Prettiest Girl’ and Most Handsome Boy’ categories were voted for beforehand by our residents based on submitted photos

Residents also spent time in a craft session to make the rosettes that were presented to all the winners

“This meant that everyone at Wellington Grange was able to take part in some way even if they couldn t join us in the garden on the day

As well as their rosettes, each winning dog received a certificate and a little treat cone

At the end of the proceedings Best in Show was declared to be Bernie a terrier owned by Mariana Mason, granddaughter of resident Barbara Garrett

Unique Care Sector Recruitment Ser vice Launches

Quality Care Group (QCG) the leading providers of insurance and business solutions to the UK care sector, has announced the launch of a brand-new recruitment service for care businesses who require key senior hires to grow their organisations

This new recruitment service is the company’s response to many years of listening to the market s needs and requirements for a recruitment partner understanding the unique challenges of the care sector and why finding the right senior talent is the cornerstone to a successful business

This service will be led by Mike Tait who joins the team as Head of Care Recruitment With nearly two decades of experience in healthcare staffing and recruitment he aims to help care organisations find and hire their key senior personnel who can drive the growth and performance of their business

cial positions Mike then went onto say: I am delighted to join QCG as we share a passion and ethos of what we believe in This is a unique opportunity to develop this shared mindset we have for driving higher quality and better value outcomes and solutions for

currently facing the

QCG's Managing Director Darren Pollard said "We are very excited to launch this new recruitment service for the care sector We believe that this service will complement our existing business solutions and add further value for our clients We are ready to help our clients find and hire the best people to work at the top of their organisations

Editors are encouraged to contact Alan Ford at Quality Care Group for further information interviews or media inquiries 01273 424904

About Quality Care Group: Quality Care Group is a leading provider of comprehensive business solutions specialising in Insurance risk control and compliance With a commitment to excellence and innovation the company aims to support care business owners in providing safe and outstanding care

For more information, visit https://www qcaregroup co uk/

our clients I believe we have a fantastic opportunity to deliver something quite unique in the care sector and further strengthen our relationships by working in partnership, offering a market leading recruitment solution to one of the biggest problems
Mike had this to say on this exciting unique new service: Having spent considerable time within the healthcare recruitment sector, observing the growing frustration among providers grappling to secure suitable leaders for their organisations, it's clear that a significant demand exists and a solution is required for elevated service quality and standards By doing so we not only enhance value for service providers but also deliver improved outcomes The prevalent approach of enlisting a multitude of agencies each shouldering numerous roles has regrettably eroded confidence in the standard of fulfilment of crusector ”
Partnering closely and exclusively on specific roles with business owners hiring managers and care organisations their focus lies in identifying and fulfilling crucial senior positions in the care sector
Demand has never been greater for skilled and experienced professionals in senior roles within the care industry and with this new service Quality Care Recruit aims to bring a fresh perspective by matching the varied and individual requirements of care businesses across the country with the right senior candidates
Pensioner Poverty

Technology Is Key To Transforming Care


But Not In The Way You May Think

Historically the care sector has been slow to embrace technology However attitudes are shifting and awareness of the positive impacts of technology in care homes – from wearable devices to robotics – are growing When talking about this topic, it s just as vital to consider the less visible back-end technologies as this is what truly holds the key to delivering an alternative model of care

These transformative technologies include everything from digital software that reduces the administrative burden platforms that quickly link up carers to those who need them and online portals where care needs can be managed digitally from a single location

The unprecedented pressures on care homes to source carers at speed at scale and within tight budgets show no signs of abating meaning that the role of tech to support and grow the industry is more critical than ever before Technology is already providing answers to some of these most urgent problems and we are seeing forward-thinking care homes beginning to embrace tech-led solutions and witnessing a host of benefits as a result


The traditional way of hiring carers requires time-consuming manual procedures – making it a slow and costly process Technology can help to streamline processes by allowing staff to easily locate and contact potential carers as well as simplifying the onboarding process

When it comes to hiring, the vetting process is another contributor to administrative overload The government s recent removal of the hourly cap per week on overseas students working in the care sector has exacerbated this problem by creating an avalanche of enthusiastic applicants with little-to-no experience, serving to increase the importance of the vetting further still

Technology now has the capability to automate vetting processes – by detecting fraudulent documents

with ease and recognising and verifying critical documents such as bank-level IDs DBS and relevant carer qualifications


The strain on care home staff is being compounded by the very real problem of carer turnover – every year over a third (36%) of carers leave their roles This problem has worsened due to the cost of living crisis which has pushed many workers out of the caring profession due to unsustainably low wages This is also creating an additional recruitment requirement that is not only increasing workloads but is also impacting on the continuity of care for those vulnerable people in care homes

We are increasingly seeing that online platforms are stepping into the fold to help solve this challenge Digital tools are empowering care businesses to post a job and arrange care within minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks These platforms are therefore playing an invaluable role in helping care homes fill vacancies for both last-minute care or longer-term regular shifts


We need to always remember that care cannot be delivered by robots and that humans are, and will always be at the very heart of the caring industry

It is therefore critical that carers are well-looked after, and by that I mean well-paid, well-trained and safeguarded Only in this way will we be able to create a workforce that is more engaged and less transient Again technology is already making a difference here By using digital tools to reduce the administrative burden care homes can reduce overheads meaning that the care worker can earn more Technology is also emerging that can streamline and improve safeguarding and training processes helping to upskill and better support the carer population


We often hear about the need for increased Government spending to help solve the challenges facing our industry And while this would certainly be welcome it is far from being the panacea The truth is that the industry has long relied on outmoded processes and legacy systems that have created inefficiencies

Digital tools hold the key to improving worker earnings increasing the availability of care and stretching care budgets It is only through technology that the industry will be able to transform to deliver an alternative model of care

Residents At Local Care Home Lend Their Ears To Live Music Performance

Residents and guests at Austen House Care Home in Lower Earley, Reading enjoyed an afternoon of grins with a live music performance that took place at the home Local group Reading West Choir performed a selection of Gospel songs/Hymns that they regularly perform in the Seventh – Day Adventist Church

It was a magical hour of singing from our local community choir who treated our residents to their huge repertoire of music

With lots of chatting and laughter to accompany the music it left everyone

happy and smiling into the weekend

Jack, leader of the Reading West Choir said “it has been a great pleasure to meet so many people having an opportunity to chat with the residents following our singing performance; our group always look forward to coming to the home ”

General Manager Joseph Patterson said Our residents and guests had a wonderful day singing along with the wonderful performers We do our best to provide a wide range of activities and entertainment at Austen House as part of the lifestyle enrichment programme for residents and this was one was one of our favourites ”

What To Consider When Choosing A Staff Attack System For Care Settings

With reports revealing up to 85% of care workers experience abuse each year and thousands of serious attacks on carers recorded the need for reliable, efficient staff attack systems in care settings has never been greater

Protecting care workers is vital for staff morale and productivity but also patient care and long-term treatment outcomes

Choosing the right staff alarm system therefore requires careful consideration, and the weighing up of the following factors


Quick intervention is crucial when preventing a violent attack In care settings patients may become aggressive suddenly with little to no warning

The most effective staff attack systems work rapidly allowing employees to summon assistance quickly and easily should they face abusive behaviour from a service user


Equally, the accuracy of a staff safety system is a key consideration

When an alarm is triggered the response team should be informed of the exact location of the call – allowing for rapid intervention and thus prevention of harm

This is particularly true for large facilities with multiple floors and rooms and in cases where multiple alarms have been activated simultaneously Pinpoint s latest P2 Graphical Display Unit for example clearly demonstrates the call level and precise location of incidents on rotation enabling responders to allocate support as required


Staff alarm systems for care workers should be simple-to-use and easily accessible In the face of hostili-

ty or violence carers should be able to activate their personal alarm quickly and without alerting the aggressor

This was a key factor in the development of Pinpoint’s new P2 System which benefits from a more sophisticated discreet design Worn on the staff member’s uniform, the P2 personal alarm is lightweight and easy to use Employees simply press a button on the device to call for assistance and in more high-risk situations where a service user is becoming aggressive, the worker pulls a pin from the bottom of the device to sound an emergency alarm


Vandalism of safety systems is not uncommon in high-risk work settings, as service users can tamper with or abuse the devices out of frustration Choosing a robust safety system is therefore an important and cost-effective measure for care homes


When looking into staff attack systems it s wise to consider how much follow-up support is offered by the provider, the length of the warranty period available, and whether repairs or assistance with maintenance issues is available Doing this from the outset will prevent problems later down the line! As rates of violence toward staff in Care settings increase so too does the need for powerful efficient staff safety systems Choosing the right system will depend on the environment in question the security needs of the staff and the threat posed by service users Keeping the above factors in mind will serve as useful

guidance for facilities looking to make the best choice for the safety of their employees Interested in learning more about Pinpoint s P2 System? Visit www pinpoint ltd uk/staff-safety-system
largest online care platform
UK working with care homes nationwide
in the

HealthTech and AI – The Current Legal Landscape

Rishi Sunak the UK’s Prime Minister, has called for greater innovation in public services including healthcare A particular focus is on AI and the government has announced funding to roll out AI across the NHS At the same time the UK has recognised that the opportunities need to be addressed as well as the risks, planning the first major global summit on AI safety HealthTech regulations are one way to both help realise the opportunities of AI whilst managing the risks; regulate to innovate Here we summarise the key regulation on the horizon and what those in HealthTech can do to navigate those regulations

The HealthTech industry needs to be aware of the UK s approach to AI regulation changes to existing regulation and in any event regulatory intervention into types of AI used by but not specific to HealthTech


The UK s framework for regulating AI was published in March 2023 (also known as ‘the White Paper’) (see our flowchart to navigate the UK s position) In short: no AI-specific regulator and no AI-specific regulations instead, existing regulators will consider what changes are required to existing regulations (if any) the White Paper sets out five principles to guide and inform the responsible development and use of AI in all sectors of the economy safety, security and robustness; appropriate transparency and explainability; fairness; accountability and governance; contestability and redress Regulators are expected to publish guidance on how those principles apply within their remit

The UK takes a context-specific approach regulating based on the outcomes AI is likely to generate in particular applications (rather than regulating the technology) What those principles look like in practice will differ between sectors The White Paper recognises that an AI chatbot in fashion retail requires a different regulatory approach to an AI chatbot in medical diagnosis

What the principles look like in practice will also differ within each sector Take as an example appropriate explainability Explainability is the extent to which it is possible for relevant parties to access interpret and understand the decision-making processes of an AI system What is appropriate should be proportionate to the risk(s) of an AI system and some consider that an increase in explainability reduces an AI system s performance Those risks will be different for different groups within the healthcare sector For example a patient may prioritise an AI system’s accuracy in diagnosing a serious illness over understanding how it reached its decision In contrast medical staff may want to increase explainability (at a potential decrease to performance) to ensure they understand the AI output in order to integrate factors into their other decision-making processes


Changes to existing regulation relevant to HealthTech are expected in any event The MHRA has revealed a roadmap for regulatory reform of Software and AI as a medical device The roadmap gives Tech and Healthcare companies details of the steps MHRA intends to take to make the UK a more attractive global destination for Software and AI medical devices This includes producing clarification of and guidance on existing regulation for example principles of good machine learning and on effective explainability

Regulators focus on AI technology used by but not specific to HealthTech

HealthTech providers may look at using large language models (LLMs) as part of generative AI systems such as that enabled by GPT-4 For example, generative AI could help address administrative tasks, such as quickly writing-up a patient interaction into clinical records for review and approval by the clinician The White Paper confirms that the UK is looking at how (and whether) those LLMs should be regulated

Individual regulators have set their sights on LLMs For example the Competition and Markets Authority

has launched a review into LLMs to consider ‘what are the likely implications of the development of AI foundation models for competition and consumer protection? The outcomes may impact how when and where HealthTech providers use LLMs


The HealthTech industry should also be aware that the EU is taking a different approach to the UK on AI regulation

In short, the EU looks set to: enact AI-specific regulations (see our flowchart for navigating the EU AI Act and post on the AI Liability Directive) and regulators tasked with enforcing those regulations

• use a risk-based approach AI systems which pose unacceptable risks will be prohibited whilst obligations will be imposed on different actors in the AI value chain for high-risk AI systems

• potentially impose other obligations may such as ensuring minimum levels of transparency to persons affected by AI systems even if an AI system is not considered high-risk

The EU’s approach is relevant to those operating in the UK Those looking to sell or deploy their AI systems into the EU market need to comply with the EU s regulations

Further, developing AI systems often involves many different parties – including system design model design and development data collection training and validation – some of those parties may be subject to EU regulations and have to adapt their practices

In any event the market may move towards complying with EU regulations which may be seen as the gold standard for AI regulations globally This is one of the EU s ambitions for its AI regulations

Many are concerned with understanding whether and to what extent EU regulations may affect them

The AI Act is expected to be passed late 2023/early 2024 with a subsequent transition period Many will recall the length of time it took to prepare for compliance with the EU s data protection regulations (GDPR)

The complexity of AI systems value chains means and potentially HealthTech business models means that any changes in response to regulation can take a long time to implement And there are potentially significant consequences of breaching the EU AI Act AI systems may have to be withdrawn from the market and there is the potential for fines of up to €40m or 7% of global turnover for the most serious breaches


Developers and users of AI systems in HealthTech may find it difficult to know what regulations apply to a specific technology Here are a few things that can help

Identify and consult regulatory resources UK regulators have launched the Artificial Intelligence and Digital Regulations Service to help developers and adopters of AI and digital technologies in health and social care understand their regulatory obligations

The service aims to provide a checklist for both Health Tech companies and care providers to ensure they are doing the right things in the right order to meet their obligations under law and in accordance with best practice guidelines It has been established to create a central resource collating the relevant legislation guidelines and best practice guidance covering the steps from developing products and bringing them to market to ongoing evaluation and monitoring of health and care services This should be seen in the wider context of the UK s AI strategy including the launch of other useful resources such as the UK AI Standards Hub

Engage early The UK EU and many other jurisdictions have made the direction of travel clear – expect AI-specific regulations and/or guidance in the near future (1-3 years) Understand what AI systems are being used currently are intended for the future in your organisation and by third party suppliers Also , consider what regulations are coming and what impact they may have

Engage with the relevant stakeholders AI systems may not fall within one part of an organisation so multiple internal and external stakeholders may need to be part of the preparations Consider who is involved in the AI value chain – who internally and which third parties are necessary to the success of your AI systems?

If you want to discuss any issues with developing regulating or buying Health Tech products please contact the Health Tech team at Burges Salmon

Dulux Unveils Sweet Embrace™ As Its Colour Of The Year 2024

Sweet Embrace™

Dulux has announced its Colour of the Year for 2024

The colour is a delicate optimistic and modern tone that is understated and comforting and brings a sense of stability and softness to a space To complement Sweet Embrace™ Dulux is also launching three versatile colour palettes to provide architects, specifiers and designers with a wealth of colour inspiration when creating beautiful spaces in any sector

For 21 years the Dulux Colour of the Year has been decided based on extensive trends research conducted by Dulux colour experts and international design professionals Dulux s Colour of the Year for 2024 reflects people’s need for simplicity meaning and a sense of belonging whatever the environment Sweet Embrace™ - named by Dulux for its delicate welcoming and soothing qualities – can be used by architects and specifiers for projects across all sectors

In addition to Sweet Embrace™, architects, specifiers and designers can also draw inspiration from the three supporting Dulux Colour Futures™ palettes:

A Warm palette for comforting spaces – these global earth tones help create spaces that feel familiar and embracing They are ideal for layering to create a comforting backdrop and work well in the residential or hospitality sectors where people want to come together and relax

A Calm palette for quiet spaces – fluid greens and blues have a naturally clarifying effect and bring a feeling of serenity They are perfect for offices where people need peace for focused tasks These tones can also be used in healthcare settings to help patients, visitors and staff feel at ease

An Uplifting palette to create friendly spaces – a mix of modern yellows with soft lilacs this palette has a positive uplifting mood The colours can enliven a scheme and bring energy – perfect for education and

hospitality spaces where people need a friendly creative and inclusive feel

Dawn Scott Dulux Trade Senior Colour Designer said: The Colour of the Year 2024 and its accompanying palettes can be used to evoke a wide range of emotions for building occupants and are suitable for use across a wide range of sectors Whether you are looking for bright colours to inspire the younger generation at school or help those living with dementia maintain their independence by making critical surfaces more visible with saturated deeper tones Sweet Embrace™ and the Warm Calm and Uplifting palettes are the ideal solution

Marianne Shillingford Colour Expert and Creative Director at Dulux explains: What is so wonderful about Sweet Embrace™ is its soothing subtlety While being a beautiful standalone colour, it’s a hue that matches perfectly with so many other shades so it can be used as a backdrop to build a totally individual space upon A shade as versatile as Sweet Embrace™ encourages us to get creative and fashion spaces that allow occupants to feel completely at home

To support specifiers and provide additional guidance on the use of Sweet Embrace™ Dulux has created the Dulux Trade Colour of the Year 2024 Specifier Brochure which includes mood boards that can be used to help create the perfect space across any sector Architects specifiers and designers can also use the Dulux Trade Colour Schemer for colour inspiration or to create specifications for projects They can also speak with the Dulux Commercial Colour Services team for additional advice on how to use the Colour of the Year 2024

To download the Dulux Colour of the Year 2024 Specifier Brochure and for more information visit www duluxtrade co uk/CF24 and follow #CF24 on social media


Vulnerable Urged To Take Up Covid Vaccine

A social care leader has urged older and vulnerable adults to take up the new covid vaccine as well as having their flu jabs this autumn

Mike Padgham said people should not risk getting sick this winter, particularly as a new Covid-19 variant is currently causing some concern

A covid booster vaccine is available now and Mr Padgham has urged those eligible to have it as well as the flu jab

We don t want to see people getting sick again this winter and as the covid vaccine and flu jabs become available I would urge everyone who can to have both as soon as they can,” he said

“The last thing we need is a new strain of covid getting a hold in the community Don’t let covid back in

The NHS is doing a fantastic job in bringing forward the covid booster in light of reports of the new strain and the least everyone can do is take up

what is offered to them to help everyone stay as well as possible this winter ”

According to the NHS, the covid vaccine helps:

reduce your risk of getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19 reduce your risk of catching and spreading COVID-19 • protect against different strains (variants) of COVID-19

Residents in care and nursing homes and those most at risk will be offered the vaccine first followed by carers pregnant women health and social care staff and adults aged over 65

Meanwhile the ICG is reminding its members of the importance of following government guidelines to protect residents and service users from the risk of covid in terms of preventative measures and what to do when there are cases

Care Home Team's 18-Mile Adventure Raises An Impressive £1,000

Residents at a Thetford care home are set to enjoy a rejuvenated garden after staff raised £1 000 during a sponsored walk

Alexander Court Care Home’s team undertook an 18-mile sponsored walk to raise money for new garden furniture and a gazebo creating a new environment for all to enjoy not matter the weather Although the outdoor space is lovely the staff wanted to go the extra mile to make it even better

A dozen members of staff spent the day on foot starting at the care home in Thetford and ending their travels in the ancient town of Brandon, walking

through the dense forests and crossing over the river Little Ouse

Pat Collins manager at Alexander Court care home said: The 18-mile walk was an unforgettable adventure but it is all worthwhile to enrich the lives of our residents

It s great to see how many members of the team took part and it highlights how much we care about the wellbeing of the people we look after I look forward to see how the outdoor space will be transformed and see how much our residents and their families enjoy it ”

Pay Increase for Scotland’s Social Care Staff, says First Minister

Private and voluntary sector staff working in Adult Social Care (ASC), Children’s Services (CS) and those who deliver funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) will receive at least £12 an hour under a new pledge made by the First Minister This uplift announced in the First Minister s first Programme for Government will mean an increase of more than £2 000 a year for some staff in April 2024

The £12 minimum pay rate represents an increase of 10 1% from the £10 90 minimum rate that was introduced in April 2023 for eligible staff in ASC and ELC

For workers in CS who previously received National Minimum Wage this increase will represent a minimum increase in pay of 15 2% compared to April 2023

First Minister Humza Yousaf said:

It’s Your “Turn”

& Marketing Director, Wellell UK Limited

Pressure Ulcers can be serious and lead to life threatening complications such as blood poisoning and gangrene So knowing that this can happen what are the necessary steps to help prevent these and what obstacles do care home managers encounter that can give rise to these occurrences?

A simple understanding of how pressure ulcers occur and who is most likely to get them is important and equally how can they be prevented through appropriate equipment and turning regimes


Pressure ulcers can happen when an area of skin and the tissues underneath it are damaged by being under such pressure that the blood supply is reduced commonly tending to occur when people spend long periods in a bed or chair

Anyone living in a care home can develop a pressure ulcer but some factors make it more likely

Risk factors include

Limited mobility or being unable to change position without help

A loss of feeling in part of the body

Having had a pressure ulcer before or having one now

Not having eaten well for a period of time and/or being dehydrated

• Thin dry or fragile skin

A significant cognitive impairment


For people living in care homes who have one or more risk factors and who have been referred to the community nurse a pressure ulcer risk assessment should be carried out and documented on their first visit

Make a written care plan for anyone assessed as being at high risk of developing a pressure ulcer and review it regularly The plan should focus on the actions needed to help prevent a pressure ulcer from developing, taking into


“Up to 100,000 workers will benefit from this policy They fulfil a vital role in society and we are immensely grateful for the contribution they make Pay and conditions are of great importance in the wellbeing and retention of the social care workforce and that is why we are committing to make sure staff in these vital services are paid at least £12 per hour

“Four out of five people who will benefit from this uplift in pay are female Increasing pay not only helps the workforce in question but will also help achieve our wider priorities on child poverty, fair work, and post-Covid recovery in the health and care sector

• The results of the risk and skin assessment

The need for any extra pressure relief for example a high-specification mattress and/or cushion

• The person s mobility and ability to change position unaided

Any other conditions

The person s own views and wishes, including whether they are able to understand the risks and make an informed decision If not use of the Mental Capacity Act may be necessary



The care home manager once faced with a client suffering a pressure ulcer is potentially exposed to a long process of nursing intervention to manage the PU (PI – Pressure Injury now in more widespread use) to get to a stage where it has fully healed Subject to the risk assessment carried out the care plan will identify what actions need to take place and regular turning on a suitable mattress is one of the critical factors in PI management and importantly prevention

Sometimes the added difficulty faced by the home is that of cost and staffing levels all of which can be managed more effectively by introducing suitable equipment to effect regular turning – both automatically and continuously in cycles that can be identified in the Risk assessment needs and included in the care plan to be put into place

Wellell UK Limited a longstanding medical device manufacturer designed and introduced the cutting edge lateral turning mattress system, Optima Turn With its multiple settings it can be used in step up and step down therapy to meet the needs of each client requiring the mattress and help either prevent or eradicate any newly acquired or historical PI whilst offering efficiency improvements enhanced care reduced staff moving and handling injuries and greater dignity to the client especially when in a palliative state Why not ask us to demonstrate the product to you and even trial it and see how we can prove not only its clinical credibility but also the huge cost savings that it can bring to each care home After all more efficient equipment means healthier clients reduced stress levels on staff and happier family members of those clients in your care If you would like more information please contact us via our website: https://uk wellell com/en/how-can-we-help or call on 01905 774 695

See advert on back cover for further details

Wide Awake: The UK’s Sleep Epidemic Continues…

Nuffield Health’s 2023 ‘Healthier Nation Index’ – a survey of 8,000 UK adults - has highlighted that poor sleep is still a huge issue across the nation On average Brits are only getting 5 91 hours of sleep a night, this is down from 6 11 in 2022 and 6 19 in 2021

Of those surveyed only 36 per cent said their sleep was ‘good’ with the average healthy adult needing between 7 5 – 8 5 hours per night equating to five sleep cycles

This means that the remaining 65 percent of those questioned feel that they are not getting good quality sleep Good quality of sleep is about having the right balance of deep, slow-wave sleep and shallow, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep – where dreaming occurs

This is especially concerning given 11 percent of respondents only get between 2-4 hours of sleep per night and 36 percent only sleep between 4-6 hours a day Only 8 percent of us get more than the recommended 8 hours per night

The study reveals those in the 45-54-year age bracket claim to have the worst sleep with only 29 percent saying theirs is good and with most averaging only 5 72 hours a night The industries with the worst sleep and least likely to rate theirs as ‘good’ are Retail (32%) and those in HR (34%)

Industries that rated their sleep as the best are I T (48%) and Finance (44%) but noticeably for both industries the statistics are still under half

These findings are especially pertinent during September s ‘Sleeptember’, which focuses on promoting better sleep quality

The results suggest poor sleep quality reduces employee productivity 37 percent said they were less productive after a poor night s sleep

It also negatively impacts mental health especially so in women 55 percent said poor sleep had a negative impact on their emotional wellbeing compared to just 41 percent of men

When examining the different age brackets it was 35–44-year-olds emotional wellbeing, which was most affected by poor sleep 57 percent said not getting enough was having a negative impact on their mental health

The industries whose mental health was most affected by poor sleep include Architecture, Engineering & Building (56%), Education (55%) Retail (53%) and Healthcare (54%)

The relationship between mental health and sleep isn t entirely understood but according to neurochemistry studies an adequate night s sleep helps enhance mental and emotional resilience equally

Chronic sleep disruptions might generate negative thinking and emotional sensitivity and research suggests poor sleep makes us twice as responsive to stress It’s also thought treating insomnia may help alleviate the symptoms associated with anxiety and vice versa

The study suggests there is also a link between sleep and financial wellbeing As salary increases so does the percentage of those who rate their sleep as ‘good’

However interestingly there is a drop in one of the salary brackets 40 percent of those earning between £45-55K reported their sleep as good but this rating decreased to 36 percent for those earing in the

£55-65 000 salary bracket before increasing again

Luke Cousins Physiology Regional Lead at Nuffield Health commented:

There still exists a vital need for employers to be more attuned to the sleep needs of their staff and the potential role it has in improving employee physical and emotional wellbeing if businesses prioritise its importance

Companies should collaboratively engage with their healthcare partners to bolster sleep education, and the relevant employee benefits needed to support those struggling

“Taking a holistic view on health – including offering interventions that cover the full range of risks – is the only way to get back to maximum wellbeing and create a healthier nation

Luke offers advice on how employers can play their part in creating holistic health interventions to enhance sleep quality among their workforces


We know that poor sleep impacts our teams but it has a negative effect on leadership styles too Lack of sleep hinders your ability to employ self-control and makes it more likely you ll overreact to difficult situations

Inspiring the teams we lead is important but perceived charisma of leaders decreases by 13 percent when they lose just two hours of sleep

Leaders can have a negative indirect impact on teamwork through sleep devaluation This is when managers demonstrate behaviours like sending emails late at night boasting about working late or praising others that do the same

The effect this has on our teams is huge Employees pay attention to these signals and may match their behaviour accordingly Managers need to lead from the top down here and ensure they are sending the right messages to their teams Try not to stay late and openly address the myths surrounding sleep and productivity

Employees should also be encouraged to work around their natural

sleep patterns where possible, for example, avoiding scheduling earlymorning or late-evening calls


Discuss with HR and other senior departments how to prioritise sleep management in your current health and wellbeing strategies, to complement other elements like nutrition and exercise

Employees may not even realise they are having difficulties due to their poor sleep so line managers should receive the right training to recognise the signs and offer support when required This creates an open dialogue around sleep concerns and shows a discussion about sleep is both welcomed and expected in the workplace and support plans can be created


Where signs of emotional difficulty are identified employers should signpost individuals towards the relevant emotional wellbeing support available to them As suggested by our study stress from outside the world of work - like finances, addiction, or family problems - can negatively impact sleep 36 percent and 35 percent of individuals said stress and anxiety was keeping them awake at night These were the two biggest factors to impact sleep followed by financial concerns (21%)

Businesses should provide wellbeing support through external services Cognitive behavioural therapy is an effective therapeutic therapy to treat insomnia The treatment is referred to as CBT-I and can be used instead of sleeping tablets and basic sleep hygiene techniques

CBT-I considers how your thoughts and beliefs about sleep may be influencing your sleep behaviours CBT will look at your behaviours and habits around sleep and introduce techniques like relaxation and sleep restriction

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) or counselling can also offer direct, confidential contact with experts who can support individuals who feel their mental health is impacted by poor sleep


Responsible businesses should try to find ways to encourage lifestyle changes outside of work to help boost the effects of the internal employee benefits they offer

For example, emphasising the benefits of exercise in regulating sleep patterns just not right before bed as we remain in an ‘activated’ mode for a while after exercising making it difficult to sleep

Suggesting an outdoor run or power walk during lunch hours not only gets employees away from their desks but exposes them to natural daylight, promoting healthy sleep hormone cycles

Running internal talks and inviting health experts to discuss the impact of poor sleep and how to support those experiencing poor sleep can be beneficial For example you could run a session on sleep hygiene which focuses on simple habits staff can adopt to improve the quality of their sleep like establishing a non-negotiable bedtime routine and limiting their use of electronics when the working day is over

Award-Winning Accounting Software Set To Reduce Stress And Save Time For Care

Award-winning cloud accounting platform iplicit is launching in the care homes secto with a pledge to drastically simplify finance tasks and free up large amounts of staff time

iplicit was designed for users who are outgrowing entry-level finance software and for those who have found themselves stuck with outdated on-premise systems but cannot afford the expense and disruption required by the likes of Netsuite Intacct or Dynamics – products that are typically focused on much larger corporations iplicit has already won acclaim from thousands of users in other commercial sectors with their specialist offerings

Due to be unveiled at the Care Show at Birmingham s NEC on October 11-12 (Stand C64) iplicit’s offering for care home groups has been over a decade in the making and i now ready to address the needs of thousands of finance teams in the care sector iplicit CEO Lyndon Stickley said

“Running the finance function for a care home group can be painfully complicated Many of the team behind iplicit are qualified accountants so we understand that all too well “We realised iplicit was ideally placed to save large amounts of time and reduce overwhelming workloads in the care home sector in the same way that has won it an army of devoted fans with other vertical markets and nonprofit organisations ”

“Our market intel indicates that many care home groups are either stuck with an entry-level cloud accounting system which no longer meets their needs or with legacy on-premise accounting software that is unable to connect with other systems in the business and is cumbersome to work with Many are forced to undertake numerous manual and paper-based processes to produce any useful financial information – which is invariably untimely because of the work it takes to produce it ” iplicit offers a simple and affordable way to all the benefits that come from a powerful yet intuitive cloud accounting solution, including the confidence that highly sensitive data is securely stored on UK servers iplicit s thousands of users can testify to the fact that it can save days of labour every month for the typical finance team ”

Even more importantly, it provides users with the accurate, real-time financial data that acilitates more effective decision making for the business

Tim Bryars, iplicit’s Business Development Manager in the care homes sector, said:

Many care home groups consist of multiple legal entities all currently using separate copies of software that is either basic or outdated Bringing together all the data from those systems is a monthly ordeal for the finance team ”

The fact that an individual resident s care can be funded from multiple sources –including the state, insurers and family members – can present a serious accounting headache Another complication is the need for suppliers to send invoices that relate to services provided to multiple residents in different homes or different entities in the business These are just some of the burdens on finance departments in a sector where margins are tight ” plicit is uniquely placed to solve challenges like these and free up staff time to focus on the higher-value work that aids profitability and improves the business

Among iplicit s strengths for care home groups are:

It provides a single source of truth for a multi-entity organisation allowing the finance team to see all care homes within the group through one central application

It allows for resident accounts to accommodate multiple sponsors for individual service users

It smooths intercompany allocations so that bills and payments for multiple service users can be easily split and entered into the books correctly

Cost control becomes easier thanks to constant real-time data

Automation takes the labour out of routine tasks such as processing invoices and approval workflows

The system has an open API facilitating integration with the likes of EpicCare patient records system and Fusion Care Home Management software, along with many other systems used in the business

Data is stored securely on servers in the UK with security updates installed smoothly in the background

To find out more about iplicit and how it can help your care home group visit the iplicit stand C64 at the Care Show or get in touch to arrange a demonstration

For more information go to the website at www iplicit com


Navigating Nursing Shortages: Legal Responsibilities & Recruitment Strategies


The care sector is facing an unprecedented recruitment challenge which is being compounded by high staff turnover (31%) and increasing vacancies (currently 8%) While UK employers are increasingly relying on overseas workers, this is not enough

It is unlikely that the NHS or government will be able to solve this issue themselves In this blog we focus on employers their legal duties towards nursing staff and how they can potentially increase the recruitment and retention of nurses


There are many factors that have influenced the nursing shortage The Covid-19 pandemic put immense pressure on the healthcare system ramping up nurse demand This resulted in significantly heavier workloads burnout and mental health issues

When you couple these poor working conditions with the severely low pay one can understand why these professionals are choosing to leave the healthcare sector or not enter it at all


UK employers are legally required to adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 In terms of the nursing sector employers must do everything in their power to ensure a safe working environment for nurses

This includes assessing risks (such as patient handling use of equipment and exposure to infectious diseases) and implementing preventative measures Additionally, nurses must be supplied with the correct personal protective equipment as this will prevent exposure to harmful pathogens


Employment contracts should be fair to both parties Something that has been increasingly seen in nurses' employment contracts is restrictive covenants which are more commonly known as non-compete claus-

With these clauses, an employee agrees to refrain from competing against the employer, poaching colleagues or inducing customers away from the employer Often these clauses also stipulate a geographical area where nurses may not work Employers should take care when including such clauses as they should aim to protect the interests of the business while still being fair to the employee and any future work opportunities they may be presented with


During a crisis such as this it can be difficult for employers to navigate the way forward Should employers be dealing with issues like poor performance more leniently? And should the criteria for nursing recruitment change?

Ideally, employers should always strive to attract and retain top talent One of the first courses of action you should take is to conduct a background check on your nurses This will help you determine whether they are fit to work with vulnerable adults and other groups

Additionally you should ensure they are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council) and hold a relevant associate or bachelor's degree

During the duration of the employment contract it s also essential that you conduct appraisals with your nursing staff This will help you to determine if they are still performing at a satisfactory level If not you should use the opportunity to understand why this is the case and provide the training and support needed to improve a nurse's performance


Many nursing staff have left their jobs in the past year citing reasons such as anxiety stress depression and other mental health issues As an employer you have a duty of care towards your nursing staff and apart from ensuring their health and safety you should also take steps to support their welfare Providing mental health support as well as training can assist nurses with the skills needed to work in such a taxing environment


The nursing shortage is a crisis for the UK sector and in such a climate employers are faced with the challenges of attracting and retaining skilled nurses while still ensuring legal compliance

Providing employment contracts that are fair to both employer and employee can help with attracting and retaining skilled nurses Additionally employers should look to support staff welfare through mental health assistance and training

Aylesbur y Care Home Celebrates Its First Birthday

Chartwell Manor a flagship newly built Maria Mallaband Care Group in Aylesbury is marking its first anniversary hosting a party for those living and working in the home family members and friends from the local community

The 61-bed luxury care home is rolling out the red carpet for this special milestone with Cllr Steven Lambert the Mayor of Aylesbury among the invited guests for the celebration taking place at the home at 4 Nimrod Street on Saturday 7th October from midday

Balloons and banners, a delicious spread of freshly prepared food from the home’s head chef, live music and entertainment will help everyone at the £10m luxury care home mark this special occasion

Care Home Manager Hazel Greenway said:

“This is a big milestone for all of us at Chartwell Manor – one year since we opened our doors and began our journey here In that time we have built a warm and happy community had the warmest welcome from the people of Aylesbury and the surrounding area and created many wonderful memories already

This birthday celebration is an opportunity to celebrate the community we ve built and say a big thank you to our friends and partners in the wider community too – we hope as many as possible will come along and help us mark this special occasion ”

Chartwell Manor first opened its doors in September It offers 61 ensuite bedrooms with impressive accommodation including a variety of lounges and a bar and bistro wellness suite, movement room, hair salon and cinema, and staff to complete the package of 24-hour personalised support on offer

Chartwell Manor has sought to become an asset to the community it serves taking part in an array of charity and community events, as well as creating new jobs

Adds Hazel Greenway:

Aylesbury is a brilliant place to be and we are so proud to serve this community We hope that our anniversary party will also be an opportunity for some of those who have yet to get to know us to come along and find out what Chartwell Manor is all about We can t wait to celebrate!

Case Study: Bathing Cushion Has Enabled Carers To Bathe A Man Who Was Previously Afraid Of Water

Staff at a Yorkshire assisted living complex can deliver dignified safe supported personal hygiene to a man with dementia via Aqua Liberty- a unique bathing support system

The gentleman lives in supported accommodation and receives 24 hr care

He has recently been diagnosed with dementia and has complex mental and physical disabilities He is non-verbal and is hoisted for all transfers He has high muscle tone in his arms and legs which mean he benefits from being immersed in water He previously enjoyed baths when he lived at home and this is something his family told the care team that he loved

Since moving into supported accommodation and being diagnosed with dementia staff had been unable to support him to shower as he became distressed when the water hit his body

He would hit out at the people supporting him Staff tried to lower him into the bath via the ceiling track hoist but as soon as his body contacted the water, he became distressed Staff had therefore been strip washing daily on the bed which was also distressing for this man due to the number of movements required whilst he was lying on the bed

The Occupational Therapist involved in the man’s case Julie Snowden from Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust felt that there were some issues with proprioception and him feeling unsafe and disorientated when he didn t know where his body was in space He also needed postural support as his core stability was poor and he benefited greatly from the feeling of being safe and cocooned Julie suggested trying AAT s Aqua Liberty vacuum posture support system hoisting him slowly into the bath

with the bath cushion already in place

Aqua Liberty is the only vacuum support cushion system that fits any bath and any user It is also unique in being developed in the UK in partnership with individuals with a disability and Occupational Therapists

The lightweight adjustable system comprises a central flexible backpiece that fits any bath It is quick and easy to secure into position and to remove Any of a range of mix and match vacuum posture cushions is then easily attached to the backpiece to provide infinitely remouldable adjustable pressure-free support for the bather

In this case a Comfortable Plus cushions was used Combining a corset and and seat in one the Comfortable Plus Duo delivers correct torso and pelvis positioning stabilising her vertically and laterally holding her in place without pressure By making use of vacuum technology, the cushion can be precisely altered by carers to deliver optimal comfort as needed without pressure points

Commented Julie: “Although he initially became slightly worried once his body came into contact with the bath cushion and he was sitting in it he became visibly relaxed Staff were able to support him to bathe for the first time! Bathing with the Aqua Liberty is now an essential part of his routine; a bath helps him to relax reduces muscle tone aids digestion and is something he now thoroughly enjoys ”

To find out more about the Aqua Liberty system including booking of free no obligation assessments visit https://www aatgb com/aqua-liberty/ On AAT s website www aatgb com you can also arrange a free trial of the system and ask any questions via LiveChat

Brendan Wincott is the managing director of Guardian Support, an HR , Employment Law and Health and Safety consultancy (

British Air ways And Alzheimer’s Society Announce New Partnership

British Airways has announced a new partnership with Alzheimer’s Society (AS) to raise funds and support customers travelling with dementia

For someone living with dementia, travel can seem like an impossible challenge, and British Airways (BA) is working with the Alzheimer s Society through the airline’s BA Better World Community Fund in a new three-year partnership

Symptoms – including disorientation memory loss and difficulties in planning – can mean losing track of your surroundings and getting lost even in familiar places but improvements in understanding support and accessibility can help transform the travel experience for those living with dementia

The airline will be working to become a more dementia-aware airline – and fundraising – to support people like Maggie and Rashmi Paun

Maggie and Rashmi have always been keen travellers However, since Rashmi was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2017, their travel plans have had to change slightly to more familiar destinations

Rashmi said: ‘We’ve been around the world We ve also visited India many times, where my parents came

from, and I still have relatives ’

Maggie added: ‘I think it’s great that British Airways is partnering with Alzheimer’s Society through the BA Better World Community Fund ’

More than half a million customers who require additional assistance fly with British Airways each year

The airline is working hard to help people affected by dementia feel more confident when they travel by giving its colleagues the training and knowledge they need to support those who need additional assistance

Sean Doyle British Airways Chairman and CEO said: Through this partnership we continue our commitment to make travel accessible for everyone while raising awareness and funds for the vital work this fantastic charity does

Kate Lee, Alzheimer’s Society CEO, said ‘We are delighted to be working with British Airways to help improve the travel experience for people affected by the condition We’re looking forward to being part of the journey ’

Basking in the Sun: Nursing Home Visits Weymouth Beach

Catherine House Care Home in Frome Somerset embarked on a delightful excursion to Weymouth beach over the weekend Residents who are fondly referred to as family members equipped with hats sunscreen buckets and spades, were chauffeured in style by the care home’s dedicated minibus for a seaside rendezvous

As the day unfolded, family members engaged in sandcastle building, basking in the sunshine eating ice-cream and dipping their toes in the water along the shoreline This not only brought them closer to the joys of nature but also allowed them to connect with each other in a different setting fostering companionship and camaraderie For elderly individuals these interactions hold immense therapeutic value promoting social engagement emotional wellbeing and a continued sense of vitality aligning perfectly with Catherine House

Care Home's ethos of enriching lives

For many, the seaside trip was a nostalgic journey back to their youth as they breathed in the fresh sea air and felt the sand beneath their feet stirring fain echoes of their past The day was topped off with a trip to the fish and chip shop (of course) and family members thoroughly enjoyed tucking into bags of chips before they set off back to home in Frome

This day out exemplifies the philosophy of Catherine House Care Home, which believes that residents should continue to embrace life s experiences even while living in a care home The excursion provided a refreshing change of surroundings along with valuable therapeutic advantages ensuring that everyone had a positive and enriching experience


Watch your resident's eyes light up when the beautiful tea trolley arrives! Euroser vice trolleys can also be used as a vending trolley or to sell personal care produc ts to residents How about a delicious snack/pastr y trolley or even a drinks trolley for that afternoon tipple?

Your lovely trolley could do so much for you and your residents!

Freephone: 0800 917 7943 w w w.euroser sales@euroser Visit the website at w w w.euros er to see the full range. Manufac tured in the UK Euroser vice trolleys are an attrac tive and prac tical alternative to clinical aluminium trolleys given that antibacterial spray can be used freely to sanitise them Get in touch with our friendly, experienced sales team

Winter Vaccination Programme Roll-Out Kicks Off With Care Homes In Surrey

Residents of older adult care homes and people who are housebound will begin receiving their COVID-19 and flu vaccinations as of this week, as the NHS kickstarts its winter vaccinations campaign

The adult COVID-19 and flu vaccination programme which has been brought forward in line with expert advice due to the risks presented by a new covid variant is prioritising those at greatest risk

Following on from the roll-out to care homes and people who are housebound from Monday 11 September other eligible groups will begin to be invited to get their top up protection ahead of winter

NHS staff across Surrey have been working hard to prepare for the earlier start of the programme with more sites expected to take part in the campaign this year to make it as easy as possible for people to get protection

From 18 September, people will be able to book their COVID-19 vaccination through the National Booking Service (NBS) the NHS App or by calling 119 Equally people will be

able to use NBS to book their flu jabs from 2 October

Eligible groups may be offered a vaccination sooner by GP surgeries or other local NHS services

People are being encouraged to get both vaccinations as soon as they can and not delay due to the risk of the new COVID-19 variant and ahead of the winter period

Last year, the NHS faced the twindemic’ of flu and covid with high occupancy in hospitals and record pressure on staff and plans for this winter are already underway

Joe Todd Managing Director for Glenlyn Medical Centre whose team have begun to administer vaccinations at care homes today said: “We are delighted to be part of the launch of the autumn/winter covid-19 vaccination programme which begins this week

“Over the coming days and weeks, we will be visiting a number of other care homes as well as vaccinating those most at risk

Charity Enters Exclusivity Agreement For £28m Care Facility

A CHARITY with ambitious plans to create a flagship £28 million complex-needs facility has signed an exclusivity agreement for land at Bertha Park Village, delivered by leading home builder, Springfield

Disability charity Capability Scotland has moved a step closer in building its new Bertha Park facility replacing the existing Upper Springland development in Perth

The agreement sets out a joint responsibility to negotiate a development plan to construct the facility

It marks a key milestone in the venture – which has been named Our Inclusive Community Project (OICP) The development will look beyond simply building new housing but will develop facilities and initiatives that give residents and wider service users greater opportunities to participate and flourish as part of a growing, new community

Springfield– which recently became the first UK housebuilder to complete the Next Generation Core Sustainability Benchmarking Initiative

has grand ambitions for the site

Innes Smith Springfield Chief Executive said: Our vision for Bertha Park has always been to include everything a community needs to thrive It is already home to around 500 houses across a range of tenures a Microsoft flagship high school a local shop and destination playpark The village has been recognised for a prestigious national sustainability award and has been named the best development in Scotland

Now working with the great team at Capability Scotland it s our shared plan to introduce one of the most sophisticated care sites in the entire country to the Bertha Park community

Already we have had a number of ideas for the care facility and we hope to secure an agreement very soon to take this project to the next step

It’s hoped that once a development plan has been successfully negotiated ownership of the site will transfer to Capability Scotland upon handover of the completed site by Springfield

The partnership aims to submit a planning application to the local council by the end of this year

Brian Logan Capability Scotland Chief Executive said:

Agreeing to sign this land exclusivity agreement is a significant milestone in making OICP at Bertha Park a reality for Capability

Scotland and the people we support

“There is much work ahead of us as we move towards a detailed planning application but it is great to have this piece of the jigsaw in place

Such opportunities to develop services and facilities from a blank canvas are rare and we look forward to the next steps working with the people we support their families our colleagues and our strategic partners to bring about an exemplar facility which will deliver first-class care and support for disabled people

Residents from Capability Scotland’s existing facility at Upper Springland – all of whom will be relocated to the new site at Bertha Park – attended workshops alongside family members staff and the wider community to co-produce how the facility will look and what it will offer to its service users

Aside from integrating disabled people into their local communities, other strong concepts identified in the workshops included: accessibility greater deployment of assistive technologies to enhance people s lives, more training and staff development, creating useable outdoor spaces and the importance of good natural light air quality and temperature

Renowned Scottish architects Anderson Bell + Christie launched their vision for Bertha Park last month sharing the progress made to date and unveiling the masterplan for the exciting new facility

The Upper Springland campus on Isla Road has three registered care homes and offers residential and respite care to 60 adults with physical disabilities and learning disabilities There is also a day service – as well as a hydrotherapy pool theatre and walled gardens

Located just over four miles from Upper Springland, Bertha Park is a major expansion of Perth, with new homes community facilities workplaces landscaped open ground and integrated infrastructure including footpaths and cycle routes

Capability Scotland is a charity delivering care support and education for disabled children and adults across Scotland It has a range of facilities and services across the country which helps its customers achieve the best outcomes in their lives no matter their needs

Springfield recently picked up two accolades at The WhatHouse? Awards for its flagship villages in Perth and Dundee

TSA Organises Benchmarking Care Home Laundr y Trip

Currently 90% of Europe’s care homes outsource their laundry In the UK most care homes process their laundry in-house The pandemic highlighted the importance of maintaining the strictest hygienic standards in care homes Outsourcing is more efficient more sustainable and it ensures that laundering complies with appropriate standards BS EN 14065 and HTM-01-04 So why don’t more UK care homes make use of commercial laundry services?

The TSA (Textile Services Association) is investigating the conundrum It commissioned the large care home survey, in partnership with De Montfort University (DMU) which clearly demonstrates that care homes need support to ensure a hygienic laundry solution The TSA is working with DMU to ensure that training support and knowledge sharing are developed in partnership for both in-house and outsourced solutions The objective is for the care home sector to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to laundry operations

Following the research, the TSA has organised a trip for its members to Belgium There they will visit a world-leading care home processing laundry CLOVA, and have presentations from laundries specialising in the sector from Germany, Holland and Belgium In addition the results of the survey will be presented and there are sessions planned on the UK

care home sector and the supply chain challenges

Using commercial laundries provides a simple solution for care homes ensuring standards are met ” says David Stevens CEO of the TSA “Outsourcing can also help alleviate the problems of staff shortages in the sector – and it means care home staff have more time for residents Coupled with their ability to maintain the highest hygiene standards, commercial laundries are also highly efficient and use less resources than the alternative On average, a typical in-house care home laundry machine will use 20 to 30 litres of water and consume 3 to 3 5kwh for each kg of washing A typical commercial laundry uses 3 litres of water and 1 1kwh of power

Commercial laundries already look after a significant proportion of the NHS s needs says Stevens The care home sector is five times the size of the NHS so it represents a huge potential market for our members ” The trip to Brussels takes place on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th October The TSA is the trade association for the textile care services industry The

large multi-national
www tsa-uk org for
represents commercial laundry and textile
ranges from family-run
ations through to
companies Visit
more information
Join the conversation: #CareShow2023 @CareShow@CareShows/Care-Show Scan to register for free Organised by: Celebrate care! The social care event of the year is back, bringing you new products, services, and inspiration to support you in improving the lives of those in your care and assist you in running your care business. 11-12 October 2023 NEC Birmingham Building a better future for care For any questions call us on +44 (0)203 978 1661 f B ure ut Buildin c or r f g b n are ter t ett et e re f or r f r te egis o r re t to r nSca ca o sup t br Ce u i o t y ssis d a n e a ar m n i u i o t y por o w p e u n o g y ingin e s h ! T are e c elebrat r r c ou g y unnin n r u ive e l g th mprovin vice er , s ts crodu w ve e e ar l c ocia usiness e b arc ou n y e i os f th s o e onnspirati d i n , a s s b r i ea e y f th t o n r n ack, s r r Fo 11 s c ion t ues y q n r a o r 2 beto c 2 O -1 4 ( 4 l us on + l a Bir EC N 023 r w w w 661 8 1 7 3 9 0)20 4 am gh min ir w.chow. res re tcukk/tc /t co.u @CareShow @CareShows /Care-Show

Celebrating A Centur y Of Grace & Tenacity: Lily Read’s Remarkable Journey

At an awe-inspiring 101 years young Lily Read born in Plymouth in 1922 has lived a truly extraordinary life Residing contentedly at Hatherleigh Nursing Home she continues to lead an active and independent lifestyle that inspires everyone around her

Lily s journey began as a young live-in nanny for a doctor in Harrow Barrow near Gunnislake after completing her schooling Lily later tied the knot with the love of her life Doug however shortly after the matrimony devastation hit not only with the start of World War II and Doug being drafted to serve in the Navy but also because they were expecting their first child Now living on her own and with-child another challenge was faced when the doctor s family that Lily worked for moved away from Plymouth due to bombing concerns so Lily found an alternative path and secured a position at an ammunition factory Merciless and heart-wrenching destiny's cruel hand struck once more as her husband s ship was ruthlessly torn apart by a torrid torpedo and Doug sadly lost his life before ever having the chance to meet his daughter Jean

With Plymouth being a high target and not safe the Navy made the move for expectant naval wives to move out of the County and turned a stately home called Pentillie Castle in Saltash into a maternity unit where Lily gave birth to daughter Jean

After giving birth, Lily and Jean relocated to Okehampton, where her mother resided Lily required substantial assistance in her endeavour to re-enter the workforce and support her family She secured positions in both a dairy and a school canteen working during lunchtimes and evenings to ensure a stable income

Amidst her adversities, Lily s remarkable resilience and resourcefulness illumi-

nated her path Now a grandmother she taught herself the art of dressmaking attending night school in the 70 s to master embroidery Over time Lily s sewing prowess flourished adorning not only herself but also others including her cherished granddaughter Tracey

Upon reaching 60 after decades marked by selfless dedication to both her craft and family Lily embraced the well-earned reprieve of retirement A bond formed with a circle of fellow widows kindred spirits who found solace in one another s company Coffee mornings and day trips out became cherished activities a canvas for reminiscing and weaving shared memories

In March 2022 the loving embrace of Hatherleigh Nursing Home welcomed Lily into its fold where she has since found comfort and friendship Still wanting to keep her independence Lily delights in keeping busy around her home which is a continuation of her accustomed lifestyle This consistency is essential for sustaining overall well-being Lily's matter-of-fact approach to keeping herself occupied and contributing to the well-being of others highlights the significance of household chores

Hatherleigh Nursing Home believes that everyone needs support in unique and different ways, and by understanding one’s life history, these simple yet meaningful actions, she derives a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and continues to lead a fulfilling life within her environment without any noticeable change from her previous life at home

Lily Read's life journey is an inspiring tale of determination, resilience, and selflessness Her remarkable story reminds us all of the indomitable human spirit and the strength that lies within each one of us

Residents Of Macclesfield Care Home Welcome Some Unusual Visitors

Macclesfield’s Rowans Care Centre had an afternoon of fun with two ponies trotting into the home

The ponies spent the morning receiving love from residents and staff and enjoyed being petted both in the garden and in residents rooms for those who were unable to go outside

Animal therapy such as interacting with ponies offers a wide range of benefits contributing to improved physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing This includes reducing stress enhancing relaxation uplifting mood and fostering social interaction

Sandra Senior care centre manager said: “Our goal is to consistently

plan delightful activities for our residents and the ponies visit has proved to be an extraordinary triumph

“It was great to see the ponies bring laughter and smiles to our residents faces it shows the profound impact of animals and the benefits and joy they bring to our residents "

One resident said: The ponies visit was a marvellous experience!

“Being able to pet and interact with these magnificent creatures was truly brilliant

“The ponies' calm and friendly nature made it even more special and I’m looking forward to their next visit ”

Blueleaf the nationwide business that helps care homes deliver better outcomes, has launched Stock 7, an updated range of bedroom refit solutions that can be delivered quickly from UK stock to help care providers avoid the cost of empty rooms

The new range comprises eight different bedroom schemes to match different tastes and budgets They include not only beds and mattresses wardrobes and other associated furniture, but also matching curtains soft furnishings and linen The schemes also include ancillary items such as crash mats and overbed tables Paints and finishes are also recommended for each of the designs

The launch of Stock 7 addresses one of the principal issues that every care home faces – the need to maintain 100% occupancy levels wherever possible Rather than having to wait up to three months for a new suite to be delivered Stock 7 can be delivered

and installed within seven working days anywhere in the UK If time and situation permits, the speed of delivery enables a care home to consult with the families of a new guest and the guest themselves on the style and colours that would suit them best Taking an inclusive approach, and the feeling of shared ownership, can be a significant benefit in making the resident feel comfortable from the start The choice of eight pre-designed schemes – carefully created by a team of visionary designers who specialise in care design – also significantly eases the buying process and ensures the rooms are compliant with industry regulation and entirely fit for purpose It takes the burden of responsibility for the interior design away from the care home manager and puts it into the hands of experts more skilled in the role Ellen Brown, Sales and Marketing Director of Blueleaf says Stock 7 is yet another example of how the business is delivering on its mission to help care home providers deliver exceptional outcomes: With Stock 7 we are giving care homes a refurbishment option that offers a fast turnaround comprehensive styling and a quick return on investment Whether a care home is looking to refit an individual room to welcome a new guest or is undertaking a home-wide refurbishment programme, we have the quality designs to reflect your brand and the quality of care you provide For more information, visit: www blueleafcare com/ Blueleaf Launches New Bedroom Range with Faster Deliver y Times FOR ALL THE LATEST SOCIAL CARE SECTOR NEWS VISIT WWW.THECARERUK.COM

NHS Releases Report on Dependency Forming Medicines

NHS Business Service Authority's (NHSBSA) 'Dependency Forming Medicines - England 2015/16 to 2022/23 report shows that in 2022/23 the cost of prescribed dependency forming medicines was £380 million This was a 51% decrease from 2015/16 when the cost was £780 million

The report includes data on four categories of medicines including Opioid pain medicine Gabapentinoids (antiepileptic agents commonly used to treat neuropathic pain) Benzodiazepines (sedative medication) and ‘Z drugs (commonly used as sleeping aids) Some analysis also includes antidepressants Full definitions are available in section 3 of the publication

The key findings of the report also show that

In 2022/23 there were 67 million items for dependency forming medicines prescribed in England a 1% decrease from 2015/16

• Opioid drugs were the most prescribed dependency forming medicines in England in 2022/23 with 39 million

items at a cost of £280 million

The total cost of opioid drugs has decreased by 33% since 2015/16 from £420 million

There were 7 1 million identified patients that were prescribed dependency forming medicines in England in 2022/23 This was a 12% decrease from 8 1 million identified patients in 2015/16

The most common group to receive prescribing for dependency forming medicines in 2022/23 was female patients aged 55 to 59 with 410 000 identified patients

Areas of greater deprivation had the highest number of identified patients who were being prescribed dependency forming medication in 2022/23, with 56% more patients receiving prescribing in the most deprived areas of the country compared to the least deprived

To read the full report go to:

www nhsbsa nhs uk/statistical-collections/dependency-forming-medicines-england

Combined Ser vice of 35 Years at Lytham St Annes Home for Three Colleagues

Three colleagues at a Lytham St Annes home were rewarded for their services which combined to a total of 35 years

Janette Caplin Ping Holgate and Monika Liberda all work at MHA Starr Hills and received a certificate of achievement and flowers from the home manager, Phillipa Green

Janette has been working at the home for 20 years with Monika celebrating 10 years and Ping celebrating 5

Speaking after the presentation Janette who started off as a care assistant and worked her way up to admin manager said: “I came to the home on an open day looking for an office job and there was nothing available at the time

“I started off as a care assistant, then senior carer before moving into an admin assistant role before becoming an admin manager in 2017 “20 years later, there was no way I thought I would be here that long, but I

am very happy in what I do and I really enjoy working at the home

“It's a lovely place to work and I will carry on working here for as long as I can Monika, who worked as a domestic assistant added: “ My husband told me about the job and I have always been a domestic assistant

“It's a steady job with lovely people and I enjoy the fact I am helping people every day

I love working at MHA Starr Hill and I have no plans to change that Ping works as a chef and said ” The home is only 30 mins away from where I live and I find my job very rewarding

“There is a great team ethic at the home, and we all support each other Five years have gone by very quickly and I m hoping to be here for at least another five "

Nourish Care and CoolCare Integrate Their Platforms

Two software specialists for the care sector have announced an upcoming integration

streamlining administrative process for improved efficiencies

Care home administration software provider CoolCare and digital care management software, Nourish partner to make the administrative side of care easier and more user-friendly The new functionality will see the two platforms easily share information back and forth, reducing the workload for care staff and removing duplicate tasks

For CoolCare Managing Director Fiona Hale the partnership with Nourish was an obvious choice She said: “There is a real working affinity between CoolCare and Nourish which made them a natural fit for our ongoing integration programme We both want to make the administrative side of care easier for those on the frontline while helping to build stronger care businesses and a more prosperous care sector ”

Steve Lawrence Head of Product at Nourish added: It is true for many working in care that they chose this career path as a way to connect with and help people By streamlining essential working processes there is more time available to do just this helping raise care standards and give staff greater satisfaction in their role Our integration with CoolCare will allow providers already using both platforms to make time savings, making the day-to-day role of man-

aging and working in care that little bit easier ”

The integration will see the two platforms able to share data meaning that from an initial enquiry through to receiving day-to-day care as a resident the records are linked and there is no need to re-input data onto the systems separately Any relevant updates made in CoolCare will then also reflect in Nourish making the flow of information between the businessside and the care delivery smoother and easier for all

Fiona adds Headlines have positioned our care sector as understaffed and underfunded at the detriment of recognising the incredible work that is happening to strengthen care businesses Adopting digital tools gives many care providers greater stability and the visibility within the business to be able to plan, prepare and continue to deliver the best quality care to residents

Care services using both CoolCare and Nourish can link up their platforms straight away for free!

For more information on CoolCare please visit https://coolcare co uk/ and for more information on Nourish visit https://nourishcare co uk/

Ashcombes Summer Fete Brings The Local Community Together

Staff residents relatives and the local community came together at Ashcombe House on Worting road Basingstoke to enjoy the end of summer showdown Fete that was held in the home s grounds on Sunday 10th September

After what was one of the hottest weeks of the year everything was set up in the homes grounds before the heavens opened and the rain came down in bucketful s !! residents were amused to see staff running around to bring everything indoors

Ashcombe hosted a variety of activities throughout the day, including a BBQ, knitted crafts stall, Bric a Brac, Tombola, and guest singer Tony Allgood who never fails to get the crowd going with some sing a long favourites A grand prize raffle with donations from families and local businesses was drawn by volunteer of the home Lola Johnson aged 13 Resident Josie Horton was over the moon to win the star prize of a huge Husky teddy Staff at Ashcombe made everyone feel welcome and were delighted to see different generations having fun together Families past and present friends and It was lovely to see our neighbours from Westdeane Court retirement housing Visitors enjoyed plenty of refreshments BBQ Chicken burgers and sausages potato salads all homemade and prepared by the Homes Chef Symon and his catering team who were hard at work making sure that a great time was had by all – it really was a team effort! Louise Lambert, General Manager at the home, said “We won’t let the weather spoil any fun for our residents Staff at Ashcombe are dedicated to making sure that the home is a hub of the local community and this event along with all their hard work has definitely paid off It was a resounding success!”


Southern Contracts - Commercial Laundr y & Catering Appliances

SOUTHERN Contracts is one of the UK s leading suppliers of industrial laundry, catering and commercial cleaning equipment

We work with many local and national care and nursing homes hotels restaurants, holiday parks, cruise lines, offshore platforms, marine companies and local authorities the NHS the MoD as well as schools and colleges

Founded in 1964 to initially supply and maintain commercial laundry equipment we are now in our third generation and still very much a family run business We are proud to have become a global supplier of not only laundry equipment, but with knowledge gleaned over the years, we are also a go-to company for professional kitchen appliances and commercial cleaning equipment,

keeping disruption to a minimum for our clients, whilst covering all aspects of delivery installation customer training ongoing maintenance service and repair

We hold many accreditations for safety and service excellence, providing peace of mind to our existing and potential customers

For more information regarding our services for :

Forbes Receives High Profile Recognition for their Sustainable Rental Solutions

Forbes Professional has recently garnered high-profile recognition for their commitment to sustainability and exceptional customer service A national provider of sustainable rental options for commercial laundry provision, Forbes Professional has been honoured with the prestigious Best Independent Retailer - Sustainability Award at the IER (Independent Electrical Retailer) Awards Forbes also received high commendation for its dedication to customer service, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry

In an era where environmental responsibility is paramount rental presents itself as a more sustainable procurement solution than outright purchase supporting the circular economy and enabling multi-phase product cycles Forbes consultants work with clients

Girbau UK Launches Under Counter Washer and Dr yer Models

Well known for its robust commercial and industrial laundry equipment Girbau UK has launched its first professional grade Under Counter washers and dryers that fit underneath standard 900mm height counters Both machines combine energy efficiency ease of use and compact size with high quality durable construction making them ideal for a wide range of applications including care and nursing homes

The new Under Counter washer s strong stainless steel Active Drum™ design has hourglass lifters that guide loads to gentler central areas for better load balance and reduced wear on delicate items A 180-degree open-

ing door makes the machine easier to load and unload from a basket It is available with a choice of 6kg or 8kg capacity with either a pump or gravity drain

Quiet long-life operation is assured thanks to the washer s sturdy Quattro™ construction with durable shock absorbers that allow virtually vibration-free high-speed spinning Rather than cheap concrete counterweights the washer features cast iron stabilisers for higher spin speeds better water extraction and increased spin efficiency

The washer features an easy-to-use liquid crystal display user interface It features 28 flexible programs three of which are customisable as well as disinfection mop microfibre and allergy settings It also comes with in-built service diagnostics The delayed start function can be used to plan ahead and set machines to run off-peak to optimise use of cheaper energy tariffs

The new Under Counter dryer can also be stacked on top of the washer to save floor space The 6kg capacity model is available in both condenser and vented versions and the 8kg capacity model is vented The Sensi Dry system automatically determines the right drying time saving energy and assuring fabric care Its convenient auto programs save energy as the running time is automatically adjusted according to load size and the required dryness

Butterfly drying ™ tumbling in a figure of eight movement non-stop in one direction stops clothes from bundling and ensures long life durability of the motor and belt The efficient lint filter has an automatic indicator to remind users to clean it for optimum energy efficiency and safety

The dryer’s memory function remembers the last program used including any chosen settings so if nothing needs to change, you can simply press start for the next load

The new Girbau under counter washer and dryer are now available to order from Girbau UK www girbau com

Preser ving Identity and Preventing Loss:

Cash's Apparel Solutions' Centur y-Long Legacy

Cash's Apparel Solutions has been at the forefront of manufacturing woven nametapes for over a century, serving the nursing home sector and beyond Their nametapes have become synonymous with preserving identity, preventing lost garments and delivering personalised identity items and gifts

Preserving dignity Cash s woven nametapes provide a simple yet effective solution to labelling clothing in nursing homes minimising distress caused by lost garments, fostering an environment where residents are seen and respected for who they are Cash s has earned a global reputation for reliability and quality Their woven nametapes are sold and utilised worldwide serving as a testament to their effectiveness

In addition, Cash s Apparel Solutions goes beyond their renowned nametapes Their expertise in weaving and personalisation allows them to create a diverse range of identity items and gifts From personalized badges to custom keyrings and promotional products Cash s demonstrates their versatility in

meeting unique customer needs By offering tailored solutions, they celebrate individuality, making a significant contribution to the spirit of personalisation and fostering a sense of belonging

A Century of Excellence: Cash s century-long presence in the industry showcases their enduring commitment to excellence They have adapted and innovated, embracing modern technology and evolving customer demands Cash s unwavering dedication to their craft and the nursing home sector demonstrates their genuine concern for residents well-being and comfort

In conclusion, Cash s has established itself as a leader in manufacturing woven nametapes, personalised identity items and gifts With their century-long legacy of quality, reliability, and attention to detail Cash s continues to make a significant impact in the nursing home sector and beyond By preserving identity preventing loss, and embracing personalisation, Cash s Apparel Solutions truly embodies their commitment to enhancing safety dignity and individuality in care facilities worldwide

Visit www cashslabels com

to our clients – many of whom are internationally acclaimed We our knowledge of cross market products we pride ourselves on delivering the very best solutions and service to our customers By stocking the leading commercial washing machines industrial tumble dryers cleaning equipment HEPA vacuum and catering equipment we can offer independent and unbiased advice to ensure your purchase precisely meets your requirement and budget; our expert team of technical staff are on hand to ensure your business is supported through every aspect of your purchase From initial advice on current government standards (eg infection control for commercial washing machines and meeting government legislation for kitchen appliances) we understand the importance of
Industrial laundry equipment - Commercial kitchen appliances and warewashing - Commercial cleaning equ pment Check out our website at southerncontracts co uk and see previous projects we ve worked on and our enviable testimonials received from happy clients Contact us now on 03301 222888 Follow us on : Facebook Twitter Instagram and LinkedIn
to help them choose energy and water efficient machines; reducing their environmental footprint whilst maintaining the highest standards of service provision and infection control Forbes understands that the care industry often faces challenges related to laundry management maintenance and consumption so they present solutions that minimize resource consumption eliminate upfront costs and ensure a first-class service response Their recent high profile award serves as a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to sustainability extending beyond its product offerings Forbes actively promotes education and awareness; empowering organisations to make informed decisions regarding their laundry practices In addition to its sustainable initiatives, Forbes Professional has also been highly commended for their customer service at the IER Awards Their customercentric approach is characterised by responsive support prompt maintenance services and personalised solutions tailored to the unique needs of each individual client After 97 years of operation Forbes delivers exceptional industry expertise and provides ongoing support and guidance to enable a seamless and stress-free laundry process This dedication to customer service truly sets them apart as a trusted partner in the care industry www forbespro co uk | info@forbes-professional co uk | 0345 070 2335


Food Cost Savings During High Inflation? allmanhall Make It Possible.

Taylor & Taylor a group of family-owned residential care homes approached food procurement experts allmanhall looking to achieve scalable cost savings and efficiencies to support their growth They needed to ensure no detrimental impact to the excellent quality of their food offering and their residents’ dining pleasure

Their desire was to achieve a 5% food cost saving and to ensure ongoing effective management of catering budgets and invoicing Operationally, access to reports and insights were key as was ease of ordering and management of stock and deliveries

allmanhall undertook a like-for-like benchmark and identified food cost savings of 11 4% - more than double the initial objective! A few months into the contract allmanhall undertook further analysis and the real-life saving is actually 18% On the multi-temp category allmanhall have in fact delivered savings of 21 4% in a time of 17%+ food inflation!

Proactive buy right recommendations from allmanhall will deliver an extra 2 9% saving Protein savings and an ABL have also been proposed to drive further value

allmanhall have implemented industry-leading catering controls technology providing the homes with tools such as stock taking and standing orders Central billing is also a big win with allmanhall consolidating all supplier invoices into just one invoice per month, per home

From the start everything has been expertly managed and the transition has been fully supported:

I would wholeheartedly recommend allmanhall s services to others in the care sector and I look forward to continuing to grow our offering and provide outstanding food for our residents – Chris Rees, Group Executive Chef Why not let allmanhall support your food procurement? They will deliver savings reassurance and efficiencies allmanhall will give you more time to focus on your residents and on addressing labour challenges See

The NACC Care Chef of the Year 2023 Finalists Announced

After some particularly challenging heats the line-up of care chefs set to compete in the national final of the National Association of Care Catering (NACC) Care Chef of the Year 2023 competition has been announced

In June, regional heats were held across the NACC Regions –Midlands, South East Scotland, North, South West and Wales – with care chefs demonstrating that they can compete with the best when it comes to culinary skills The prize is to represent their region in the national final scheduled to take place on 3rd October 2023

Once again this year s lead judge was Steve Munkley Vice President of Craft Guild of Chefs who attended each region to ensure continuity The chefs had to demonstrate to the judges their full understanding of the meals they are providing for their residents whilst introducing their own flair through contemporary flavours

The finalists who intend to impress the judges one more time include:

• Nigel Cooke – Eastcote Park Cinnamon Care Collection

Alex Millichamp – Chandler Court Care UK

• Chris Mattinson – Sycamore Court, Caterplus/Elior

Brian Preston – RBL Lister House – Royal British Legion

• Jessica Vreede – Guthrie House, Four Seasons Health Care

Graham Watson – Lauder Lodge Care UK

• Kasia Hab-Bialkowska – Highmarket House Care Home, Care UK

Chris Mitchley – St John’s House, Castlemeadow Care

Darren Nelson – Trymview Hall Care Home Care UK

Daniel Bree Hartwood House Cinnamon Care

Alex Connell Vegetarian for Life

Dav d Sharp Signature for Barnet Signature Care

The ninety-minute regional heat focused on the importance of food nutrition and positive mealtime experiences as part of quality care entrants are challenged to create an appealing and delicious twocourse menu (main and dessert) appropriate for people in a care setting The combined food cost for both courses should be no more than £3 50 per head based on three portions and it must be nutritionally balanced The menu must also feature at least one product from Unilever Food Solutions’ sector-relevant catering range

Lead Judge Steve Munkley said: “I have been incredibly pleased with the standards I have seen so far

This is a really important competition that shows highlights the skills within the care sector ”

Sue Cawthray National Chair of the NACC said Congratulations to the finalists of the NACC Care Chef of the Year competition 2023! The calibre of entries for this competition continues to be incredibly high and we have seen exceptional dishes created and served by chefs across the regional heats The finalists should be immensely proud of their efforts so far I know that they will want to impress the judges in October

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allmanhall achieves Gold Accreditation

Independent food procurement specialist allmanhall is delighted to announce it has been awarded the Investors in People Gold Accreditation

For the first time in its 17-year history allmanhall underwent an assessment by Investors in People (IIP) They concluded that allmahall is meeting the very high standards needed to be awarded with the prestigious ‘We invest in People Gold Accreditation’ allmanhall has always put people first the team its clients and suppliers with strong relationships and outstanding support This Investors in People Gold Accreditation is testament to the culture and care that has been born out of this ethos and of the sincerity of allmanhall’s strong core values

Only 26% of organisations achieve Investors in People Gold a great deal fewer achieve it in their very first assessment It means that every single person in the team is involved in supporting each other and is doing their utmost to make work better choosing to bring the best version of themselves to work each day

On receiving this accreditation Jo Hall Communications and Development Director and a co-owner of allmanhall commented This achievement belongs to every single one

of our team We are a family company and we genuinely care – it is so humbling to see this recognised by a global accreditation like Investors in People and to join the small number of organisations to have met the requirements for Gold standard and to do it on our first time of being assessed no less!

Our mission as an employer is to invest in our team’s well-being and development so they could go and shine anywhere but choose to be a positive part of allmanhall Our team is growing by the day and we are so lucky to get to work with such people ”

The Gold accreditation recognises allmanhall’s commitment to encouraging and empowering everyone at allmanhall to make a positive difference, whilst also demonstrating the caring, supportive and trusting environment that has never wavered as this family-founded owned and managed business has grown and evolved over the last 17 years

With recommendations taken on board allmanhall now have an action plan with the goal of achieving the Platinum Accreditation by 2027 Aspirational inclusive passionately focussed on inspiring improvement but then that has always been the allmanhall way!

Anglia Crown - Popular Dishes for Ever yone

Anglia Crown offer a wide range of hot and cold desserts that are ideal for a well-balanced nutritional diet including choices that do not contain gluten Our Crown Choice and Advantage ranges include some fifty-eight dishes including our new warming Ginger Chocolate Chip Sponge and delicious comforting custard that goes with almost any hot dessert

Our Crown Choice cold dessert includes the perennial favourites such as Chocolate Cake whilst our Crown Advantage range also offer reduced sugar’ desserts All individual Crown Advantage desserts come in packs of eighteen whilst the Crown Choice desserts come in packs of 3 and 6 allowing accurate portioning and cutting down on any potential waste

Many of the Anglia Crown dishes can be teamed up with fresh fruit allowing for additional choice Items such as our Carrot Cake or Vanilla Cheesecake can be accompanied by whipped cream garnished with seasonal fresh fruit

Our hot desserts are high in energy our hot portions of 170kcal and

above provide energy and protein dense options and when served with custard provide over 250 kcal per serving Our cold desserts of 250 kcal and above also meet the energy guidelines in the British Dietetic Association (BDA) Nutrition and Hydration Digest (2017) requirements


At Anglia Crown we pride ourselves with the array of vegetarian and gluten free dishes that we offer including an impressive range of desserts This was recognised with us being named at the Vegetarian Wholesaler of the Year 2022 at the VfL Awards for Excellence in Veg*n Care Catering

All the Anglia Crown hot desserts are suitable for vegetarians Most of the Anglia Crown vegan products have been registered with the Vegan Society including some thirteen of the dessert dishes Anglia Crown are here to help take the strain out of your menus throughout the year

Visit www angliacrown co uk for further details



Cytolax Barrier Spray

Cytolax is a range of health and wellbeing products that interacts with human cells bringing them to life so as to improve physiological outcomes Manufactured in ISO certified medical factories every formulation is developed to offer premium solutions that encompasses products for home self-use as well as for the medical profession

The barrier skin protection range is made up of Wipes Creams and Spray to prevent and protect skin from moisture maceration and pressure sores

Cytolax Barrier Spray is a 100% Silicone alcohol free solution that forms a transparent protective and breathable layer between the skin and the air or surface that the skin may come in con-

Angloplas Dispensers Help Reduce the Risk of Cross Infection

tact with Hypoallergenic and quick drying formula ensures no irritation or burning sensation

- 100% Silicone

- Upto 72 hours protection

- Unique formula allows it to be used with adhesive dressings and protects skin from medical adhesives

- Transparent and Permeable solution

- No Stinging or burning sensation - Alcohol Free - Non Cytotoxic

Quick Drying - 50ml

Contact 0141 778 6017 sales@cytolax co uk or visit www cytolax co uk Follow: www linkedin com/company/cytolax/

Angloplas are a UK manufacturer who specialise in producing dispensers for the health and hygiene industry Although these are designed to keep the workplace tidy and uncluttered they are more importantly, built knowing the control of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) are a priority for healthcare providers and who are employing a combination of infection prevention and control strategies including hand hygiene cleaning training and the adoption of new technologies to tackle the problem

As a result a wide range of infection control products and technologies are emerging on the market including antimicrobial technology Angloplas’ range of dispensers are produced in the

world s first proven Antimicrobial PVC with silver ion technology and which is exclusive to Angloplas This helps reduce the risk of cross infection by stopping the growth of bacteria and mould and works continuously for the lifetime of the product reducing levels of bacteria such as MRSA, E Coli, Legionella Salmonella and mould by up to 99 99%

For non-clinical environments Angloplas has recently launched its new Budget Range of products which are made to the same exacting standards as the antimicrobial protected ones but with lower price tags

You can order Angloplas products directly from its website by going to www angloplas co uk

Swiftclean Support for Care Homes

Running a care home

these are the industry standards which are recognised as key in each specialist area

With all our services excellent work is only half the story In the event of an inspection you will need to be able to demonstrate that your care home is compliant; it won’t be enough for you to know that it is We provide all the required documentation including before and after photographs and post clean and maintenance reports so you can be sure that your service users are safe and you are protected from any liability for negligence

for water management; TR19®

Grease for kitchen extract fire safety cleaning; and BS 9999 for fire dampers;

presents plenty of challenges some of which it is wise to outsource to an experienced and reputable specialist Swiftclean is a family owned nationwide business We specialise in air and water hygiene compliance with a particular emphasis on ventilation duct cleaning kitchen extract fire safety cleaning fire damper drop testing laundry extract cleaning and commercial building water systems Swiftclean has been and continues to be invaluable to general managers and facilities managers of care homes and can provide a package of services giving you peace of mind and value for money Our specialist teams work in accordance with BSEN15780 and TR19® for ventilation cleaning; L8 and HTM-04-01
Contact us now to book in your free care home assessment on 0800 243 471 or email info@swiftclean co uk www swiftclean co uk


Wipertec - Hygenic Wipes for Care

With over 25 years experience of manufacturing both dry wipes and wet wipes to ISO9001 standards, Wipertec offer both our own established brands and customer own private label

At Wipertic we recognise that if there’s one thing that is vital in care home environments it’s cleanliness!

Elderly residents become more prone to infection and illness and are not as resilient as they once were, which is why they are more disposed to the spread of infections

Furthermore a clean hygienic care home is not only vital for resident safety but also important in terms of aesthetic appeal a clean environment helps to foster a positive caring environment where residents feels safe and their loved ones assured With respect to residents personal hygiene one of the most crucial responsibilities that care home staff perform is ensuring and maintaining the personal cleanliness of residents

Correct cleaning minimises the danger of illness and infection enhances the resident’s overall health and wellbeing helping to keep them happier by increasing their sense of pride and dignity When bathing patients wipes are among the most regularly used items for incontinence care or general cleansing assisting in the safe and complete cleaning of residents in a comfortable manner

We at Wipertec can provide an extensive range of formats such as single sachet individual wipes packs canisters and buckets

Our products can be seen globally across a wide variety of sectors such as healthcare industrial retail education and many more

With the efficient service we provide, we like to think of ourselves as another valued member of your own team!

We would love to hear from you!

For any further information you require and to see our comprehensive range please visit us at www wipertecltd co uk

edencleen from Cleenol

Over the course of our history we at Cleenol have always produced products that offer a perfect balance between cleaning performance and efficiency with an attention to reducing the environmental impact that our products may carry edencleen, our latest brand, reaffirms our commitment to our credentials for environmental guardianship and represents an evolution of what has been an integral part of our DNA Edencleen has been designed to reflect in part our vision for a cleaner safer world that touches not only the environmental aspects of sustainability, but has as an aim, a social ambition to leave the planet in the safe care of and for future generations As such with edencleen, Cleenol looks to ensure transparency in our approach which may on occasion result in some counter intuitive elements

The range covers the essential needs to cover 80% of daily cleaning and include: a washroom cleaner and toilet gel cleaner and urinal deodoriser, an all-purpose surface sanitiser, a degreaser and a washing up liquid a no rinse floor degreaser a window cleaner and a laundry detergent and fabric softener edencleen products have been developed around the following principles and ingredients

• RSPO certified palm oil derivatives

No animal derived products

• Cruelty free

• Minimal petrochemical derived products

No parabens formaldehyde CMI/MIT triclosan phosphates chlorine bleaches optical brighteners quaternary ammonium compounds

VOC free and phosphate EDTA NTA free

Recyclable / recycled packaging

• 100% bio-based surfactant - made by using bio-based ethylene oxide which is manufactured from biomass ethanol

• Bioethanol, naturally derived acids, sugar-based surfactants, bio-based solvents low impact preservatives

Combining carefully formulated products, with appropriate packaging using recycled material or recyclable componentry the range’s mostly colourless liquid and low fragrance usage are designed to convey a transparency and straightforwardness of our approach which will be a hallmark of all edencleen products and associated services

Careful use of enzymatic formulations and more traditional chemistry brings a portfolio of products that’s finely attuned to delivering effective cleaning which when used as instructed helps maintain a neutral environmental impact edencleen s new range represents just the start to a fully refreshed solution to meet the most demanding of customers expectations

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CHSA’s Half Year Report Shows Members

High Levels of Compliance with Accreditation Scheme Specifications

The 2023 half year report produced by the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s Independent Inspector shows high levels of compliance amongst CHSA Accreditation Scheme members

By 30 June, the Inspector had completed 83 audits, just over half the total scheduled for 2023

During the inspections approximately 1,000 labels have been checked to make sure they accurately represent the content of the packaging guaranteeing ‘what’s on the box is what’s in the box’ Approximately 2,700 individual products have been checked, making sure they meet the specifications of the relevant Accreditation Scheme standard For distributor members the Independent Inspector has checked approximately 24,000 stock lines

While the full year results for 2023 will be published in January 2024, the interim results indicate high levels of compliance

“The integrity of our Accreditation Schemes is at the heart of all we do,” explained Lorcan Mekitarian, Chair of the CHSA People must be able to trust the CHSA mark wherever they see it, reccognising the Accreditation Scheme logo as a guarantee of quality The interim audit results for 2023 provide the evidence buyers need to know our members continue to maintain standards

Our advice to buyers is to look first for the Accreditation

Scheme logo to guarantee quality ”

The CHSA operates six Accreditation Schemes They are for manufacturers of paper-based products, plastic-based products, cotton-based products, and cleaning chemicals, for general manufacturers and for distributors of cleaning and hygiene products

During the auditing process the Independent Inspector checks the labels contain the required information and that the product is as stated on the label Depending on the product this involves checking the sheet count, width, duty, weight and or performance of the product He also assesses the member’s quality assurance procedures For distributors he confirms if product is from a CHSA Accredited Manufacturer and where it is not, that it conforms to the specification of the relevant scheme

Committed to the integrity of the Schemes, the CHSA s governing Council will expel any Scheme member who, despite being offered the guidance required to correct issues, consistently fails to conform to the relevant Scheme Standard

Members of CHSA Accreditation Scheme for Cleaning Chemicals sign commitment to ethical marketing

The members of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s (CHSA) Accreditation Scheme for Cleaning Chemicals have signed a commitment to ethical marketing

The commitment states members adhere to four ethical principles:

1 All statements and claims are truthful

2 Supporting evidence, such as data sheets, reports and certificates, are available on request to substantiate all product and service claims

3. All statements and claims are transparent For example, it is clearly indicated if the claim applies to the product the packaging or both

4 All statements and claims are meaningful For example, the term eco-friendly must be defined in relation to all aspects of the product and substantiated across the full lifecycle

This formal commitment to ethical marketing was developed to address the growing problem of spurious misleading and unsubstantiated claims being made about cleaning chemicals Typical claims that lack supporting evidence relate to the efficacy of the products and many environmental credentials are little more than greenwashing

All members of the CHSA adhere to the requirements of the relevant Accreditation and have signed the Association s rigorous Code of Practice which incorporates the Competition & Markets Authority’s Green Claims Code It means CHSA members:

• Trade ethically and sustainably;

Provide supporting information for claims made;

• Provide quality, fit for purpose products; and

• Make sure what s on the box is what s in the box
‘Our Standards. Your Guarantee.’


New Lines Added To Our Favourite Chamonix Designs

Skopos has more than 50 years’ specialist experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance FR contract fabrics for the care sector

As a key part of many care-home schemes our Chamonix upholstery fabrics provide a durable and stylish solution to contract furniture in demanding environments For 2023 we are launching our follow-on collection: Chamonix Deuxième brings a new colour story to contract upholstery A fresh influx of these three well-loved upholstery fabric designs Chamonix Deuxième provides even greater choice With 38 new Skus each design works beautifully alone or in combination, to create simple, contemporary and stylish contract

C&S Seating Ltd

C&S Seating Ltd have provided postural control equipment to residential homes hospices medical equipment services and NHS trust hospitals nationwide since 1991

With 9 different sizes of T-Rolls and Log Rolls in a removable and machine washable Waterproof Titex or Soft Knit material These rolls are used to control posture and position of the body in either supine or side lying Our Knee & Leg support wedges are available in 2 sizes

C&S Seating Ltd is the sole manufacturer of the Alternative Positioning Support – also available in two sizes which has removable side cushions and


middle pommel for when more control of the abducted lower limb is required

Our popular and vibrant range of Soft Knit covers in a choice of 5 colours provide a softer alternative ideal for the colder seasons and are designed to fit snug over our waterproof rolls for maximum protection and comfort

Contact us on 01424 853331 or visit www candsseating co uk to request or download a brochure pricelist or order form request an individualised quotation speak to an advisor or to place an order See the advert on page 5

MOWOOT II for Life Free from Constipation

MOWOOT II is a groundbreaking non-invasive and non-pharmacological solution to chronic constipation

Developed by a team of doctors and other healthcare professionals, the MOWOOT II performs gentle abdominal massage that speeds up intestinal transit in people suffering with chronic constipation

Clinically proven safe and effective easy to use relaxing and side-effects free the MOWOOT II Abdominal Massage Therapy System combats constipation allowing the sufferers to enjoy the freedom of a healthy life

Easy to use and comfortable MOWOOT II treats and manages chronic constipation in people with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson s Disease patients and when constipation is caused by drugs and pharmacological interventions MOWOOT II also helps people combat idiopathic chronic constipa-

tion such as suffered by menopausal and postmenopausal women and the older and elderly people

In clinical studies

MOWOOT II was found to increase evacuation frequency, soften stools, improve regularity reduce gasses and bloating and relieve abdominal discomfort

Just 10 to 20 minutes per day of relaxing abdominal massage therapy with MOWOOT II produces noticeable improvements Significant results are experienced few days after the first treatment Regular applications ensure lasting improvements and better quality of life

MOWOOT II – the effective solution to chronic constipation and the way to a healthier life!

For more information, contact Win Health Medical Ltd - 01835 864866 - www win-health com

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furniture pieces In an extensive palette ranging from staple neutrals to fashion-led brights colours can be selected and combined to fit with any chosen project scheme Orelle Marmotte and Slalom are provided with Crib 5 Flame Retardant backing soil and stain resist finish and a waterproof layer and meet the requirements for severe contract situations with 50 000 Martindale rubs offering a beautiful choice for any contract interior

The collection meets the requirements for Flame Retardancy standards across the UK and Europe, and meets IMO standards with the added benefit of the MED wheelmark for marine/cruise-line interiors Available immediately with short lead-times for larger order quantities Skopos are pleased to add this collection into their Accents range For a copy of our Chamonix Deuxième shade-card pls contact our customer service team: sales@skopos co uk or for free samples of Chamonix Deuxième or any of our collections, visit our website www skoposfabrics com or see page 5 for details

Cold Therapy Gels for Drug-Free Pain Relief

BIOFROST® Cold Therapy

Gels are natural drug-free topical cold therapy gels for muscular and joint pain chronic arthritic pain postactivity muscle tension, general aches and overuse disorders Easy to use and fast acting, BIOFROST® Cold Therapy Gels relieve pain, reduce inflammation

BIOFROST® Relief provides instant pain relief and activates body’s own healing through an optimal combination of natural ingredients, including ethanol, menthol, eucalyptus, peppermint and

MSM Reported benefits of BIOFROST® Relief include lasting pain relief, improved joint movements comfort during sleep fewer cramps calmed nerve pain reduced joint and muscle discomfort and faster post-activity recoveries

T: 01835 864864866 / E: info@win-health com


W: www win-health com

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Yeoman Shield Fire Door Ser vices Taking the Guess Work out of Fire Doors

Fire Doors are an imperative part of fire safety and are considerations of the design and maintenance of any building but especially residential Article 17 –RRFSO states fire safety provisions (includes fire doors) must be maintained in a suitable condition order

If you are the Responsible Person, it s imperative you appoint a competent person to assist in meeting your duties under the fire safety order to ensure fire safety measures including fire doors are kept in working order Yeoman Shield’s Fire Door Services can help to take the guess work out of fire door maintenance by providing fire door inspections condition reports remedial work and fire door installation all carried out by FDIS and/or FIRAS accredited team members

Having a good maintenance routine will dispel some needs of fire door replacement therefore being more cost effective

ation of Yeoman Shield Fire ction products can also be in the long term financially beneficial by halting impact damage from the start eliminating many repairs in the future and again will extend door lifecycles Installing Yeoman Shield door protection products such as door protection panels, door edge protectors and PVCu glazing bead units will not affect the integrity of the fire door as all products have been tested, in situ to the current standard required Vulnerable frames and architraves can also be protected from impact with Yeoman Shield to prevent dangerous splintering and splitting as well as abolishing the time-consuming repetitive need for repainting

For a complete repair and protect service contact the team today frdp@yeomanshield com or visit www yeomanshield com or see the advert page 10

B-Sure Recycling Launches Waste Management Company


B-Sure Installations a leading UK installation company for the care home and healthcare sector in the UK

The Leicestershire-based company has recently invested over £70k to launch a new waste management company B-Sure Recycling

The new enterprise helps customers many of which include residential care homes reach mounting waste management targets by providing a complete collection and recycling service of all types of business waste

How we manage waste is a huge environmental and business concern for the healthcare sector Reaching recycling targets through circular economy solutions are a significant part of environmental goals for the care industry explains Ross

Chambers Managing Director B-Sure Installations


facilities Metal waste is collated wood-based waste is broken down and separated and plastic waste is granulated and bagged The recycled materials are then provided to B-Sure partners who create it into new products such as mats play areas PVC windows toys and many more new products Some items such as office furniture if they are in good condition are refurbished or resized so that they can be reused placing them back into the circular economy


B-Sure experts can provide an outline of the recycling process end to end and businesses who want to book the recycling

We provide all the tools equipment and advice of how to make the most of the new service for the benefit of the business and the environment with minimal disruption and mess https://bsureinstallations com/

WASTE MANAGEMENT PROCESS All types of waste items including paper towels, furniture and electrical equipment can be recycled at the B-Sure recycling site where the company has installed two compactors and a high-tech granulator B-Sure Recycling provides the complete management of the waste recycling process Care homes and hospitals are provided with bins and cages to collect waste at their sites When these are full customers can either book a collection using an on line portal or arrange for a regular collection to be made by the B-Sure recycling team Once collected then the waste transported back to B-Sure Recycling
service can do so via an online system The B-Sure team take care of the whole process enabling customers to focus on their own important business whilst ensuring that their waste management targets are being met and their operations are working sustainably We can now offer a complete circular economy recycling solution for all of our customers to reach their waste management targets adds Ross Chambers BSure Recycling can enable its health care and care home customers to complete its waste circle saving them money time and inconvenience within the manufacturing process whilst supporting the much needed expansion of the business waste recycling infrastructure across the country ” WELFARE IS A PRIORITY Family-owned B-Sure has grown over the last 15 years to be a major installation company in the UK B-Sure specialises in maintenance and installation projects and property maintenance across all types of businesses from care homes to offices hospitals to shopping centres All B-Sure staff are trained to work with care and respect to specific customer needs “The welfare and well-being of everyone at a customer’s site s is paramount for every project Our teams are trained not just in the practical skills but also how to show care and consideration towards people – and this approach is extended to B-Sure recycling service
and swelling without drugs and drug-related side-effects BIOFROST® Gels: •
® Relief Cold Gel for pain relieving cold therapy •
Cold Gel with Heat Sensation combining cold with natural heat effects
to treat back pain


and intuitive touchscreens these tables offer an inclusive and accessible platform for individuals of all abilities to engage in various activities

2. MENTAL HEALTH AND SENSORY STIMULATION: Engaging residents in interactive entertainment not only stimulates their minds but also contributes significantly to their mental health and emotional well-being Interactive tables provide opportunities for sensory stimulation as residents can explore vibrant visual displays listen to soothing music, and interact with tactile elements Such immersive experiences have been shown to alleviate stress reduce feelings of isolation and improve overall mood

player games or group activities residents can connect with others foster meaningful relationships, and form a sense of belonging within the care home community

In today s fast-paced world the role of technology in improving the quality of life for individuals of all ages cannot be underestimated This is especially true in the context of adult social care where the integration of interactive entertainment has proven to be a game-changer for resident well-being mental health and sensory stimulation Care and nursing homes across the UK have recognized the immense benefits of incorporating interactive tables into their facilities revolutionizing the way residents engage with technology foster cognitive skills promote exercise, and create an atmosphere of fun, laughter, and enjoyment for both staff and residents

1 TECHNOLOGY AS A GATEWAY TO RESIDENT WELLBEING: Gone are the days when technology was seen as a barrier to socialization and human connection Interactive tables have emerged as a powerful tool in bridging the digital divide and enhancing the overall well-being of care home residents With easy-to-use interfaces

3. IMPROVING COGNITIVE SKILLS: Interactive entertainment offers an exciting and interactive way to boost residents cognitive skills Games and applications specifically designed for older adults help enhance memory problem-solving abilities and critical thinking From brain teasers to puzzles residents can engage in intellectually stimulating activities that keep their minds sharp and active The versatility of interactive tables allows for the easy customization and introduction of new applications as residents' needs evolve


Physical activity is an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age Interactive tables can play a vital role in encouraging residents to engage in light exercises and movements Through games that involve physical gestures or virtual fitness classes residents can enjoy a fun and interactive way to stay active and improve their physical well-being

5. COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT: Loneliness and social isolation are significant challenges faced by many care home residents Interactive tables can help combat these issues by providing a platform for communication and social engagement Whether through video calls with loved ones interactive multi-

Safe & Sound Music & Movement+

The ‘Safe & Sound Music & Movement+’ chair-based exercise programme is winning awards as it helps maturing adults to become and stay physically and mentally fitter, healthier & cognisant

The programme has been in development for over twelve years and in 2019 & 2021 they were awarded ‘Best Holistic Health & Fitness Provider for Southern England in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical awards

Utilising sitting standing & transitional movements the classes are

open to everyone regardless of their present abilities with adaptions to cater for all helping everyone to improve over time covering the whole of the body from head to toe

The plus in the title refers to all the other elements not normally covered in your run of the mill exercise class with interventions covering arthritis heart problems Parkinson s balance fall prevention mobility, flexibility, strength, diabetes and dementia as well as general mental & physical health & wellbeing

6 VERSATILITY AND FUN FOR ALL: One of the greatest advantages of interactive tables is their versatility They can be customized to suit the diverse interests and preferences of residents From interactive music sessions and sing-alongs to trivia nights and art workshops, the possibilities are endless The element of fun, laughter, and enjoyment is not limited to residents alone; staff members also benefit from witnessing the positive impact of interactive entertainment on residents lives creating a more fulfilling and rewarding work environment

As the adult social care landscape continues to evolve, integrating interactive entertainment into care and nursing homes is a forwardthinking approach that prioritizes resident well-being, mental health sensory stimulation, cognitive skills, and physical exercise Interactive tables have proven to be invaluable tools providing a versatile platform for a wide range of activities fostering social connections and enriching the lives of both residents and staff members alike By embracing these advancements care homes can create a vibrant and inclusive environment where joy, engagement, and fulfillment thrive

Frank Markham founder said

“We are leading the way, enabling people to become and stay physically & mentally fit, active and independent for longer

Although based in Dorset we are also developing an online training course to enable activity co-ordinators to provide the programme to their own care home s nationally

For further information call 07960 990771 or visit www holisticbodytraining co uk



TV That Creates Connection And Conversation

Is Your Care Setting Using My Life TV?

My Life TV offers a unique solution for care homes and care providers supporting staff to deliver high quality, person-centred care The on demand wellbeing and care tool available on any internet connected device is specifically designed for people living with dementia and those who care for them It contains over 170 hours of content created and curated to meet the cognitive needs of people living with dementia

There is a rich mix of content from stimulating activities for individuals or groups including sing-a-longs quizzes chair yoga and art classes through to relevant reminiscence programmes and joyful entertainment, all accessible at any time of day and night From Bryce Forsyth s Generation Game to Gardener s World, Blue Peter and Delia, there are favourites taken from the nation’s archives There s an abundance of content to help continue people s personal interests and hobbies - and to spark new ones - from nature wildlife and animals to painting and poetry ballroom dancing to birdwatching cookery to crafts cars and cross stitch through to travel sports and music Subscribers can find something that is perfect for the moment the mood and the situation

The platform supports and enables reminiscence - so important for the elderly and for individuals living

with dementia - taking people back to recollect fond memories and times gone by There is a wealth of content, from Reminiscence with Jan, to historic programmes like A Year to Remember taking in key moments including the Queen’s coronation and England winning the world cup, as well as other stimulus to provoke memories and create conversation Your staff may not remember or understand how life was in the past but users often comment that My Life TV enables staff to get to know their residents better as well as helping families to enjoy time with their loved ones creating new memories and inspiring conversations

My Life TV works with trusted expert partners including Alzheimer s Society BBC Archive, National Trust, BFI and NAPA (National Activity Providers Association) as well as engaging with subscribers and users to ensure the platform adds real value is dementia-centred and grounded in supporting best practice care It is one of the reasons My Life TV has been cited as supporting outstanding care delivery by CQC (Care Quality Commission) Find out more about My Life TV at www mylifefilms org

‘Happiness is Our Forte’ – Musical Moments’

Musical Moments sessions are fun energetic, and fully accessible, involving lots of sensory props movement and singing – all of course to great music Director Maggie says “Music brings such joy and a sense of togetherness for people – something that we all really need ”

Every member of the Musical Moments team is passionate about the therapeutic benefits of music for groups and individuals with physical and mental disabilities people with dementia and other conditions as well as with care home residents The sessions are carefully designed to be fully interactive and inclusive so as to stimulate and include everyone in the room all while developing cognitive skills gross and fine motor skills and increasing social interactions

It s not just participants who benefit from these activities – they re also appreciated by carers staff and family members The pandemic has reignited public appreciation for those who’ve looked after vulnerable members of society and the Musical Moments team are passion-

ate about providing some light relief for caring staff, families and friends Family members can spend time with a relative in these sessions without the pressure of conversation – instead they can simply enjoy the activities together

Musical Moments work with consultants including an adaptive movement specialist and a Music Therapist who endorse their sessions and ensure they provide the greatest physical and mental health benefits for their participants All team members have full insurance safeguarding training and DBS checks

Above all, the Musical Moments team cares about bringing joy to the lives of others through music – something that really strikes a chord in a post-pandemic world

Currently operating in: North Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Essex, Leeds Liverpool and Solent areas

For more information to book a session or even join the team please see our website www musical-moments co uk or email: hello@musical-moments co uk See the advert on page 33



Magic Table

The Magic Table® from Little Islands® takes the market leading Tiny Tablet and then launches it to a completely new level by building in a high quality sound system that allows everyone to join in the FUN!


• Communication

• Story Telling

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Immersive Music Experiences for Care Homes

Music can be an incredible tool for enhancing the quality of life and for evoking memories in people living with dementia and sensory impairments At Silent Memories we provide wireless headset packages for care homes providing a completely unique sensory audio experience for residents


Create a fully immersive experience through the power of headsets helping develop a deeper sense of coherence communication and stimulation The headsets contain 3 channels meaning 3 different types of music can be set up at the same time to cater for a range of musical tastes Think meandering along to Mozart on channel 1 swinging to Vera Lynn on channel 2 or rocking out to Elvis Presley on channel 3!

By playing familiar tracks through headsets memories and feelings can be stimulated Music can be carefully chosen by loved ones and care workers to really enhance the experience for residents KEEP ON MOVING!

Care homes using Silent Memories have noted a distinct increase in engagement animation and stimulation amongst residents Using headsets allows them to opt in or out of the sessions The sessions can be taking place in a communal area and anyone not taking part won t be distracted by the activity With a long transmission range it also allows patients with limited mobility to take part in their own rooms


I have been astounded by the positive affects holding a ‘Silent Disco’ has had on my clients Silent Memories have played within our care home setting and we have been surprised at the way in which the impact of intimate personal music especially tailored to clients, has engaged the most static, distant clients and really ‘brought them back to life and brought obvious pleasure and joy to many others Briony Sloan - Homecroft, Bradford Please contact the team at Silent Noize to find out how we can help improve the quality of living for your residents info@silentnoizeevents com call 0203 727 5382 or visit www silentnoizeevents com

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Fall Savers® are an experienced market leading healthcare provider of resident safety solutions for over 15 years


Eliminate all cables with our new generation falls management solutions!

Upgrade your falls programme with the latest technology from Fall Savers® The NEW Fall Savers® Wireless eliminates the cord between the monitor and sensor pad This results in less work for nursing staff improved safety for patients and reduced wear and tear on sensor pads Wireless advantages include the ability to use one monitor with two sensor pads simultaneously and support for many new wireless devices


Safer for pat ents; less work for staff Bed and cha r pads available One monitor works with two sensor pads Integrates with most nurse call systems

A variety of options including: Call button Pager

Floor sensor mat

Wireless door/window exit alerts


Lotus Care Technology

The NurseAlert pressure mat has been one of the most successful floor pressure mats due to it being non slip and carpeted which makes it feel very natural under a residents foot Lotus Care Technology Ltd have many other fall saving devices that can give you peace of mind whilst caring for this at risk of falls

Having many years of experience in fitting and maintaining

Nurse Call Systems helps the guys at Lotus Care Technology understand that every home is different and has different needs They can specify not only the best system for the environmental factors in the home but also take into consideration the best products that will make your carers and nurses jobs that little bit easier

Visit www lctuk com for details

SENSOR PAD The TreadNought® Floor Sensor Pad is built to last with a durable construction that far out lasts the competition Our antibacterial floor sensor pad is compatible with most nurse call systems or can be used with a portable pager to sound an alert when a person steps on to the sensor pad Caregivers typically place the sensor pad at the bedside in a doorway or other locations to monitor persons at risk for falls or wandering An optional anti-slip mesh reduces the potential for slippage on hard surface floors FEATURES INCLUDE: Connects directly to most nurse call systems High Quality ant -bacterial Floor Sensor Pad Large Size Pad: Measures (L) 91cm x (H) 61cm Options (sold separately): Anti-slip mesh for hard surface floors See the advert on this page for further details or visit www fallsavers co uk Fall Savers - Affordable Fall Monitoring Solutions • Nurse Call Systems • Fire Alarm Systems • Door Access • Staff Attack • CCTV • Infection Control • Dementia Care • Electrical Contracting w w w. L C T U K . c o m 0 8 0 0 8 4 9 9 1 2 1 s a l e s @ l c t u k . c o m Designed to combat the problem of residents who are inclined to walk undetected the Nurse Alert Mat can help protect residents especially at night that are at risk of falls and accidents When connected to a Nurse Call system or the mobile Floor Sentry Monitor it will then alert staff sounding the alarm with a small amount of pressure thus enabling staff to investigate INCLUDES A 12 MONTH GUARANTEE Nurse Alert Mats In addition The Floor Pressure Mat has a heavy non slip backing It comes professionally sealed so can easily be cleaned for liquid spills and is fully serviceable NURSE CALL AND FALLS MANAGEMENT PLEASE MENTION THE CARER WHEN RESPONDING TO ADVERTISING PAGE 40 | THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 163


Cumbria Care Home Embraces AI Technology To Support Care Staff By Preventing and Detecting Falls

Futuristic technology that can detect and even predict and prevent falls is being tested at one of Abbeyfield s residential care homes in Cumbria The technology also eliminates the risk of life-threatening ‘long lies’ where a person falls typically during the night and can remain on the floor for an extended period

The pilot involving the installation of intelligent AI-powered Nobi smart lamps in residents’ bedrooms, is taking place at Hartland House, which is managed by the Abbeyfield Lakeland Extra Care Society part of the worldwide Abbeyfield group Abbeyfield s network of care homes sheltered living schemes and independent living complexes support 6,000 older people in eight countries to live happy, independent lives in a safe and stimulating environment with values of companionship and community at its core

If a resident falls the smart lamp detects this immediately and speaks to the resident, asking if they are okay In the event of no response or a call for help the intelligent lamp is pre-programmed to send an alert to care staff plus a computer-generated outline image to show where and how the fall has occurred

As well as ensuring no-one is left on the floor following a fall (the alert to care staff will ensure attendance within minutes) the lamp also helps to prevent falls from occurring When a resident sits upright in bed at night the lamp will shine soft light upwards to gently illuminate the room and if they then stand up to go to the bathroom for example the smart lamp will illuminate the entire room

The AI technology built into the Nobi smart lamp is even able to predict certain falls Changes in walking pace, length of stride and even the resident s posture when sitting will be detected and can be used to alert caregivers of a potential risk

The pilot is being funded by NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB) which organises health and care services across the region

Asim Patel chief digital officer at NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB said We are really interested in how technology can be harnessed to predict and prevent falls in the future and how it can be used to support our care workforce

“Falls are the biggest reason for hospital admissions in our region and this puts huge pressure on care staff and the NHS Piloting this new type of technology is really exciting because not only could it

reduce hospital admissions significantly but it could prevent some of our more vulnerable older people from seriously injuring themselves when they fall

Speaking about the lamps Leanne Scrogham Registered Manager of Hartland House said One of the added benefits of the lamps is that they help us to understand falls that occur

When a resident falls they typically can t remember how or why they fell but the clever Nobi lamps are able to show us a period of 15 seconds before and 15 seconds after a fall as well as sending us a still image of the person on the floor

“This sort of information is invaluable giving us a far better understanding of the incident and how it can be prevented in the future

“Use of the lamps also makes our care team more efficient as the need for unnecessary checks is eliminated This means that our carers can spend more time with the residents who need their help At the same time we are bringing added peace of mind to families so it really is a win-win situation ”

Around a third of people aged 65 and over and around half of all people aged 80 and over, fall at least once a year Being unattended following a fall is life-threatening and the length of time they are on the floor has a significant impact on the person’s recovery following a fall Fast assistance after a fall is therefore crucial in terms of saving lives improving recovery, reducing hospital stays, and decreasing care needs after hospitalisation

For more information about Abbeyfield, visit www abbeyfield com

Or for information on Nobi visit www nobi life

4 Reflections on Technology in Care: The Past, Present and the Exciting Future

condition and comfort These tools can help ease the workload of staff and provide them with digestible and accessible real-time information allowing them to focus on what matters most


We stand at a crossroads for the future of care

The sector has been in the spotlight much over the last few years and not often for positive reasons

Social care has become an increasingly political subject, and there is much discussion around the sector pertaining to Covid rules funding staffing levels and its uncertain future

One certainty is that our people are our most important asset It is they who set the tone and direction of the industry and are the beating pulse of its workings However, they have seen great challenges over the past 2 years and as a result we need to look to new ways to protect support and empower them

As we look at the next 5 and 10 years for the industry, we should look to face the problems of the sector head-on Whilst funding and policy are integral parts of the solution we must also look to generate solutions from within the industry itself

Increasingly technology has become an accessible and widespread tool in care and something that should be embraced as part of care s future


Over the past few years staff across the industry have provided outstanding care amidst highly challenging circumstances However, as demand for care increases the pressure on staff does too

We need to look to means to support staff in their work, and to enable them to focus on delivering hands on high-quality human care

New technology can allow for remote monitoring analysis and diagnosis of key needs Audible cues can detect signs and symptoms of a possible fall, and mattress management technology can pick up possible incontinence AI-enabled paincheck facial analysis can assist in analysing patient

The safety of our patients must be paramount, and technology is certainly a great tool to aid that Electronic patient care records are becoming more commonplace in healthcare settings and should be embraced in care settings too Software can monitor medication dosing help track a patient s condition over time, and flag things requiring immediate attention Digitally enabled mattresses can detect and alert to changes in physiology such as abnormal vital signs These technologies can also allow for better continuation of care throughout the care pathways ensuring that a patient is not a nameless folded sheet of paper but instead a holistic individual with records to match


Care needs are becoming both more complex and more understood Technology can, and has, enabled a breadth of new therapies for some of the more complex conditions For those suffering with dementia it has unlocked a new realm of possibility in memory care such as the use of virtual reality sensory enhancement chambers and movement/motion therapy chairs


Arguably, dignity is one of the most important, and most overlooked aspects in developing the future of the care industry Dignity in care goes beyond how we direct interactions with patients –but must be at the core of their experience, through every aspect of their day-to-day Technology, when used correctly, is a greater enabler of a proud holistic patient care experience

Direct care alarms linking individual residents to portable devices held by staff can make alerts discreet Applications can keep family members abreast of a resident’s routine and day from afar Medication can be dispensed personally and in privacy All these developments allow ‘patients’ to reclaim their sense of person and to have their care be a subtle addition as opposed to an overt fact

Times are changing, and we as a sector must change with them Care has sat in the shadows for too, and it is time, with the help of the blossoming care technology field to bring it to the light



A Technology Enabled Response to Elderly Falls in the Community

Falls among the elderly are increasingly common and are a large driver of urgent and at times emergency community response

They are also a major cause of a decrease in quality of life loss of independence and when left without response for over an hour associated with hospital admission and long-term moves into care as a result

Every year, at least one fall will be experienced by:

1 in 3 adults over 65

Half of people over 80

Recent government modelling predicts that changes to activity levels will result in an increase to these numbers with:

110 000 more elderly adult fallers

• An additional cost of £211 million to the NHS as a result

However, not all falls result in serious injury and can be responded to by community-based falls services


Ambulance services are usually called to respond to people who have fallen in the community Some ambulance services have recognised the need to reduce callouts for uninjured falls and have delivered training sessions and issued equipment for social care providers to support elderly fallers in the community Programs from North East Ambulance Service & the Welsh Ambulance Service Trusts have seen results including 87% increase in in-house falls response

• Lifting equipment used in 56% of cases

A 32% reduction in calls to 999 from 115 care homes


The Raizer is a portable, electric lifting chair that allows a carer to provide rapid response for a non-injurious fall An intuitive design means the Raizer can be set up in under a minute and requires no staff training to use

A single carer can complete a remote-controlled mechanical patient lift in just 30 seconds once the chair is assembled

A Raizer lifting chair can help to:

Free up carers time: The process can take as little as 5 minutes from set up to lifting

Reduce long-lie times: Carers can respond to non-injurious falls quickly

Alleviate ambulance stress: Reduce the number of ambulances calls for non-injurious falls



The NHS Long-Term Plan aims to shift demand from acute hospital care into social care by offering joined up health and care services where appropriate

In practice this means an increase of community-based falls response teams as well as social care providers and emergency services working together to provide faster falls response to uninjured fallers

These teams respond to non-injurious falls that do not require ambulances and crucially reduce the number of long-lies on the ground for over an hour This is particularly important for the oldest residents a recent study showed:

• 59% of all over 90s have been found on the floor at some stage 88% of those who fell were unable to get up 33% of over 90s spent over one hour on the ground before receiving assistance


Social care providers must explore innovative solutions that will allow ambulances to redirect their focus to the most urgent emergencies

Government services should focus on community-based falls response to alleviate system pressures by establishing a home-first approach to care that sees the healthcare support offered in a person s place of residence

Appropriate tech-enabled falls response equipment such as the Raizer Lifting Chair and falls responder training can address the over reliance on emergency services to respond to non-injurious community falls and contribute to a more efficient and effective emergency response system

For more information on the Raizer Lifting Chair

ww vivid care

Phone: 01423 799 960

Email: enquiries@vivid care



Medpage Falls Management Products

Medpage Limited has been at the forefront in patient care product innovation for almost four decades During this time we have invented alarm clocks to wake deaf people, monitors for people with epilepsy to detect night-time seizures and alerting carers by radio pager Calendar

Clocks with memory prompting for people with dementia bed and chair leaving alarms with pager warnings for a carer and a vast array of electronic sensors

Our philosophy is always to produce products that people can afford, not just dream of Certainly the way world has been for the past few years that philosophy makes more sense today Our latest range of bed and chair sensor alarms for example cost a fraction more than they did 10 years ago Mainly due to the good old microprocessor replacing a bucket load of analogue components Does anyone remember op-amps and transistors?

There are close to 100 Medpage branded products to aid care of people who may be; a falls risk live with epilepsy suffer from stroke are a full-time carer professional healthcare worker, living with dementia Our products are designed, manufactured, and distributed governed by an audited quality management system You can trust us to delivery on every count

People generally these days are not so concerned with the past mainly what can we have today and what could we have tomorrow Simple

answer Today you could visit our website and explore the vast array of Independent Living Aids, Hospital Discharge Patient Home Support product packages

Domestic and Professional Carer Support products

Better planning today will bring better outcomes for tomorrow Take a look at www easylinkuk co uk

See the advert on page 7 for further details

Frequency Precision - Sensors and Pressure Mats to Monitor Those in Care

Technology has made people more connected with the world around them and the revolution in assistive care devices has made it possible for the elderly to spend their last years in a comfortable and familiar environment These devices have also made it easier for home carers to provide quality care for their loved ones while managing their own lives They allow you to care for your elderly whether they are travelling in the city for errands staying alone at home or staying in the same home as you They are also helping nursing homes provide better care for them with discrete monitoring and quick responses to emergencies

If you re looking for these kinds of assistive care devices for your loved ones or nursing home Frequency Precision produce some of the best systems available to help you with elderly care and mobility monitoring, ranging from bed, chair and floor

sensor mats through fall monitoring and GPS tracking to fully integrated nurse call plug or wireless systems

Contact us or come and see us at the COTS on Stand 36

Phone: 01837 810590

Email: contact@frequencyprecision com

Website: www frequencyprecision com

Silent Running - Tranquility in Care Homes

Quiet and calm care homes ensure that residents are able to live in a more relaxing and pleasant home environment Similarly carers and staff find that they too benefit from reduced stress when working in a home where noise levels are kept to a minimum There are many environmental factors that can affect those sensitive to their surroundings, particularly those suffering from dementia these can be fluctuations in ambient temperature light and of course noise Repetitive and high levels of noise can originate from a number of internal and external sources for example telephones ringing loud conversations in corridors and call bells sounding often one of the largest contributors to increasing the levels of stress and discomfort in residents

A published study by the University of Stirling stated that unanswered Nurse Call (Call Bell) alarms can be one of the most common causes of stress in dementia sufferers The University recommends fitting call

alarms which alert nurses but do not resonate throughout the whole building Alarms can be particularly disconcerting as they may encourage the person with dementia to respond or investigate what the matter is At the very least the loss of sleep will compromise a person’s ability to concentrate It can affect their attention levels and capacity to cope as well as being detrimental to their overall state of wellbeing Personal paging systems are preferable to bells and buzzers ” Modern Nurse Call systems can incorporate a number of methods to reduce their impact in a care home These include zoning whereby there are separate alarm types used depending upon the location of the call In these circumstances dementia sufferers and those vulnerable to noise can be located in one zone whist less vulnerable residents live in an alternative zone Each zone can operate different call tones warning lights or other methods to alert when help is required Reducing noise levels is essential to create a tranquil environment for

residents Pagers have been around for many years are a relatively simple and cost-effective measure in reducing the levels of noise and can be added to most Nurse Call systems Smart Mobile Devices are now becoming more commonplace for care home staff and hold a variety of apps for care planning e-medication etc Many Courtney Thorne clients are now utilising the Go app with their Nurse Call system With the Go app nurse call alarms are delivered immediately and silently straight to the handsets alerting the individual carers to all Nurse call alarms without creating any general alarm sound and rarely disturbing the rest of the residents in the home

Calmer residents ultimately means that staff are less stressed also this creates a happier workplace where morale is greatly improved staff are retained and CQC ratings improve Clearly the positive ramifications of a quiet Care Home run deep Get in touch today to find out how we can help your home become a quieter calmer and more tranquil environment

For more information email us at info@c-t co uk or see the facing page



“We Need To Have A Mandator y Place For Social Care Providers At The Table”

Vic Rayner CEO of the National Care Forum, joined Access HSC s Redefining Care podcast for its inaugural episode

It was my pleasure to be a guest on the first episode of Redefining Care and talk about the leadership role that notfor-profit care providers are taking in understanding how technology can transform care and the ways the National Care Forum (NCF) have supported fundamental agendas around recognition of the workforce and ensuring that the journey towards greater integration values the strategic role of care providers

We began by talking about the ever present ambition for meaningful integration between health and social care and what needs to change for this to create improved outcomes for patients and carers This is a topic NCF have centred on, producing a wide range of resources available for the whole sector, and bringing together system leaders from across health and care in a roundtable to coincide with the first anniversary of Integrated Care Systems As a result The Nuffield Trust produced a long read recommending more streamlined working and communications between health and social care The integration of workforces and the beneficial effect this could have on wider strategic planning and joint learning was a valuable thread explored

Racing on (there was a lot to talk about!) we pivoted into how shared care records could deliver an improved experience for those receiving care and delivering it Advancements in the use of technology in social care is of course a hot topic I have a great personal interest in this agenda, alongside being steeped in

the policy perspective of this through my role as Chair of the government’s Digital Social Care Advisory Group my leadership role in Digital Social Care and work with the Better Security Better Care programme It was good to touch on how we can learn from innovations taking place in other parts of the world in robotics and sensor-based technology for example There s a lot for us to do in the UK to embed these technologies that could enable more people to live independently for longer in their own homes as well as have application in care settings The not-for-profit sector has taken a leadership role here and in order to make a real impact on the sector more needs to be done on a larger scale faster and in partnership with the people who are receiving care and support

AI is a topic I have been watching closely so it was good to discuss where I believe the sector is at with this technology and where we could go with it Most important is to establish what we want AI to do for us and understand how regulators might be planning to implement it in regulation methods Where AI might be used for example to develop new care plans careful consideration will be needed on how a regulator also using AI might analyse and assess elements such as quality and staffing A word of warning on this though; with different schools of thought in play around the potential damage AI could cause we need to move quickly to harness the good it can bring to our sector

A few thoughts around workforce to end on One area that I think is particularly important is linked to the recent rapid expansion of frameworks and resources to support delegate health and care tasks to social care workers but where those same workers are not being paid fairly in recognition of the senior skills they are learning and practicing Finally the challenge of workforce recruitment and retention desperately need attention With vacancy levels of 152 000 in a workforce of 1 6m we are still in a very urgent situation which requires additional funding to allow providers to pay their staff fairly We know as a country that we are not alone here Social care is a global issue and matters to us all, and we need to make the most of opportunities that enable us to learn from each other

You can listen to the podcast on: https://redefiningcare buzzsprout com/share

Why We Must Keep Taking Data-Driven Steps For ward

John Lanyon, Co -Founder of KareInn (, reviews the Government ’s updated roadmap for better data for adult social care and discusses how data is helping care homes meet their Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework objectives

The Government recently updated its roadmap for better data for adult social care describing the plan as an important step in addressing transformation

In the updated roadmap the Minister of State for Care said that while some care providers local authorities and other organisations are trailblazers in the use of data digital tools and technology overall adult social care as a sector lags behind healthcare “while we have come a long way in improving the data that we collect and use there is still much more to do”

We are seeing every day how tech in care homes is helping to improve resident satisfaction and maximise operational efficiency From improved communication enhanced resident safety and wellbeing streamlined operations and a facility for data-driven decision-making the sector is slowly but surely seeing the benefits of digital But to keep up with the pace of change any transformation needs to align with the important targets care homes must reach


The Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) measures how well care and support services achieve the outcomes that matter most to people The framework plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality, transparency, and accountability of adult social care services

By setting clear objectives measuring performance and providing a framework for evaluation the ASCOF encourages care providers to identify areas for improvement, implement changes, and monitor the impact of their interventions This drives a culture of learning and innovation ultimately leading to better outcomes for service users

If we break down the benefits of digital and specifically data driven decision-making we can see just how it supports care homes in reaching their ASCOF targets and how it will help them along the Government s data roadmap


We re seeing digital care records enable care homes to capture and store comprehensive information about each resident s needs preferences and goals This information can be used to develop personalised care plans and ensure that care is tailored to individual requirements By leveraging digital care

records effectively care homes can improve care planning documentation communication and monitoring of outcomes This in turn supports the objectives of the ASCOF promoting person-centred care accountability quality improvement and the overall wellbeing of residents

Digital care records allow care homes to track and monitor outcomes related to the ASCOF measures By recording and analysing data on service user feedback quality of life indicators and other relevant metrics care homes can evaluate the effectiveness of their interventions and make evidence-based improvements to their care practices


Digital care plans help care homes meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate compliance with relevant standards These records provide a documented audit trail of care interventions ensuring transparency, accountability, and adherence to best practices in care provision

Digital can also streamline the documentation process by providing a centralised platform for recording care interventions assessments and outcomes This ensures that documents are completed efficiently and accurately supporting effective communication among care teams and ensuring the continuity of care


Crucially digital care records facilitate efficient and secure information sharing among care professionals residents and their families Individuals can access up-to-date information about a resident's care plan medications, allergies, and other relevant details, enhancing communication and collaboration across the care team

The wealth of data that is created by digital care planning can be analysed to identify patterns trends and areas for improvement Care homes can generate reports and dashboards based on this data enabling them to monitor performance measure progress and identify areas where they can enhance the quality of care and outcomes

Data and the insights they provide are fundamental to ensuring that people who draw on care and support can access high quality care and achieve the outcomes that matter to them Digital care records play a significant role in helping care homes meet the objectives of the ASCOF

As the Government s roadmap states we are embarking on far-reaching reforms But we as a sector must continue to champion data and its benefits to drive social care forward at the right pace We must continue to champion evidence-based digital technology and its ability to deliver end-of-life altering care and personalised services that address persistent unmet needs across residential care



Pass Profile 2023

PASS supports over 1 000 care providers every day giving them access to market leading care management tools hand in hand with unlimited 24/7/365 support from our dedicated and friendly PASS team

• Improve the quality of care

Deliver better outcomes


Assured by NHS Transformation Directorate PASS provides a secure platform that allows you to plan record and evidence the care you deliver

To meet the wider needs of the PASS community All-in-one PASS has recently been launched bringing advanced rostering functionality to our established digital care planning platform As a result advanced staff scheduling, payroll and invoicing functionality is now seamlessly linked with care planning and reporting, reducing the technical complexity, risk and overhead associated with integrating two separate systems As a result PASS now provides an all-in-one suite of digital care management tools available from a single platform, designed to

Save you time

Increase the efficiency of your teams

Our commitment to the continual evolution of PASS is further illustrated by the addition of GP Connect The first product of its type to offer this feature PASS is still one of only a handful of digital care management solutions to have completed this NHS Digital integration, and is the only one offering it to the home care market PASS GP Connect provides authorised social care staff with realtime access to their client s GP records It makes medical information available when and where it is needed leading to improvements in both care safety and outcomes:

Visibility of allergies vaccinations and medications especially useful for clients unable to reliably share their personal information

• Using medical information to inform care planning

Ensuring that the right medication is delivered to the right person in the timeliest manner In one case this allowed the administration of antibiotics on a Friday evening aiding the service user s swift recovery from infection

Available to all PASS users at no additional cost, PASS GP Connect is significantly more efficient than waiting for a GP response It s also a positive step forward on the path to the DHSC s goal for widespread digitally enabled care and is in full alignment with their ambition for joined up care for everyone

Get in touch:

www everylifetechnologies com

hello@everylifetechnoloiges com

Blaucomm Ltd - Telecommunications & Networks

Blaucomm s Nurse Call Messaging Service (NMS) is the market leading solution to remove the dependency on noisy nurse call panels and pagers, through its intelligent software which delivers the alerts straight to the care staff who need them

Care homes are rapidly introducing smartphones for digital care planning and eMar - now the same devices can be used to receive the nurse call alerts they need for the residents under their care

Furthermore Blaucomm NMS is deeply linked into Person Centred Software MCM, so call bell data is linked straight to care plans This unlocks a huge benefit to care homes to enhance the staff performance with how they accept and respond to residents which ultimately promotes better response times and visibility for management to audit their performance

The best part is that Blaucomm NMS links into your existing nurse call system - we work with all major brands such as Aidcall, ARM, Courtney Thorne, C-TEC ENS, Intercall, Medicare, SAS and TeleAlarm

Care operators are constantly recognising Blaucomm NMS for its reliability and dependability to their care operations, which is why we’ve been chosen time and time again over other solutions

Head of IT Trudi Harrow at WCS Care had this to say about Blaucomm


We find Blaucomm is a genuinely fantastic company with a reliable product

We have a range of nurse call systems at different sites and the NMS system integrates to them and allows us to compare response times between sites In addition the integration to Person Centred Software is revolutionary We would highly recommend this to anybody who wants to replace expensive pagers and silence those annoyingly loud nurse call screens!”

To find out more about Blaucomm NMS visit www blaucomm co uk/healthcare

Ssee the advert on the front cover for more details

The only assured solution built specifically for the home care sector, it provides comprehensive real-time functionality and allows you to share progress against outcomes with customisable exportable reports CARE

Autumna Increases Enquiries For Care Homes Using Digital Mapping TECHNOLOGY AND SOFTWARE

to its impressive pedigree and how accessible the software was

"Plotting providers and care seekers from the last four years on the same map instantly gave us a clear picture of demand hotspots along with hotspots for the type and cost of care being sought It’s a different way of looking at our data and creates new insights which we ve been able to share with customers The approach eliminates a lot of risk for them by revealing which of their locations are best suited to invest in a premium profile so helps create a more reliable relationship with us

Four Seasons Health Care Group upgraded a single listing to the premium level and saw a 40% increase in enquiries As a result it decided to look at other areas and increased the number of upgraded listings to 40 homes and the number of enquiries generated more than doubled

“Seeing where demand is coming from on a map instantly reveals where we should invest in more premium profiles which helps maximise our marketing investment ” said Tessa Matthews Head of

Marketing and Digital, Four Seasons Health Care Group

Autumna the UK s largest directory of care home and retirement living providers is using digital mapping software from Esri UK to help its customers market their properties more effectively and increase queries from care seekers

Using spatial analysis to identify where most care seeker queries are coming from Autumna is able to tell care providers which properties are best suited to promote on its platform using premium profiles One care provider Four Seasons Health Care Group has seen queries from care seekers more than double across 40 care homes since using the service

The new mapping solution from Esri UK replaces manual processes using spreadsheets and static PDF reports By visualising query traffic on an interactive map dashboard the data is validated as users can see it is real Autumna introduced the new mapping technology as it wanted to understand the impact of location on searches for care homes and help care providers achieve the best ROI on their marketing spend

We needed to examine which care homes in the country were in the best location to receive the largest number of enquiries possible and we could only do this with geospatial technology ” explained Debbie Harris founder of Autumna We chose to work with Esri UK due

Leading digital social care records provider Nourish has partnered with Maldaba, whose Hear Me Now app enables people to capture and share information about themselves to support the delivery and tracking of high-quality, complex, personalised care

Hear Me Now allows those with learning disabilities to play a more active role in the planning and implementation of their care and well-being The app has been live since 2016 (originally known as My Health Guide) and was designed with and for people with learning disabilities It has since enabled groups such as those with autism dementia and other cognitive challenges to have more control over their care

People with learning disabilities die on average 20 years younger than the general population, and this technology aims to address inequalities in care in line with the LeDeR review and national agenda for service improvement for people with learning disabilities and autism

Combining Hear Me Now and Nourish’s expertise in digital care planning will bring benefits to service users their families and care providers alike and improve outcomes across the board

Esri geospatial technology is also being used to support Autumna’s recently launched Dashboard for Accelerated Discharge tool (D A D ) By automating the currently manual process of searching for care D A D works with discharge teams and care providers to identify available appropriate care within 60 minutes of a search request being performed Esri technology enables users to forecast how the demand versus availability is going to change in the future

Future plans include using the demand data to advise providers where is best to open a new care home Autumna is also planning to feed census and other demographic data into the system to understand population changes and trends over time which might impact the industry

The use of spatial analysis in the care sector is relatively new continued Debbie “We began working with Esri UK and experimenting with its geospatial software over a year ago and it s now integrated into our business We knew we had a lot of data that we weren’t using properly and location is perhaps the most important part of a search for care and very difficult to analyse without a map Now we can easily demonstrate where care requirements are coming from along with budget hotspots The geospatial approach lets us understand the care seeker better and the more we understand them, the more we can improve our processes

About Esri UK

Founded in 1969 Esri is the global market leader in Geographic Information System (GIS) software mapping and spatial analysis and today has 4 000 staff in 73 countries Esri UK customers include UK Health Security Agency, Public Health Scotland and NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit

Website: www esriuk com/health

Email: healthcare@esriuk com

Tel: 01296 745599

At Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust Hear Me Now allowed for a 30% reduction in service use which created space for reducing waiting lists and pressure on other areas of the service National care provider Hft were able to re-use 243 contact hours at a single service within a one-year period enabling greater independence in daily activities for people they support There are other efficiency benefits for staff as they are able to enter information alongside the person they are supporting in a more engaging way Lorenzo Gordon Director Maldaba Ltd comments: Partnering with Nourish is an important step in joining-up data so that it is entered only once and flows to the right people at the right time At Maldaba we see this as crucial to providing appropriate correct and timely support to vulnerable people and are delighted to be working with a provider such as Nourish who shares this vision

Denise Tack, Director of Partnerships, Nourish Care adds: “,The Nourish Partnership Programme is designed around partnerships such as the one with Maldaba with the impact on the end-user always being the core focus Now is the time for care-sector technologies to work together in partnership, ending the reliance on pilots and siloed solutions Digital transformation of our sector at scale can only truly happen if done collaboratively We are proud to be partnering with such a like-minded organisation and look forward to seeing the positive benefits for our customers and individuals receiving support ”

For further information on Nourish Care visit


www nourishcare co uk Nourish Care Partners with Maldaba to Improve Personalised Care Deliver y for People with Learning Disabilities With communication being such a pivotal part of delivering the best outcomes for patients it s clear that driving effective communication is one of the most important pieces to the NHS’s organisational puzzle At Mid Cheshire one of the core challenges was establishing a system through which IT could quickly and easily alert all staff regardless of whether they are in front of a device and regularly looking at emails and messages Clinicians and other staff who are not desk-based often find it difficult to closely monitor their emails, as at best they only intermittently have time to sit in front of a computer This means that important messages can be missed The advantage of mass notifications systems is that these messages are displayed on a wide range of devices even those that are locked or include digital signage - bringing them immediately to the attention of the intended recipient (CONTINUED ON FOLLOWING PAGE )
Chris Thomas, Infrastructure Manager at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, shares insights into why and how to adopt mass notification systems in your care settings
Managing Vital Communications:
Notification Systems In Healthcare Settings


Managing Vital Communications: Mass Notification Systems In Healthcare Settings


By introducing a mass notification system in addition to our standard communication channels we can communicate efficiently with staff about network maintenance system maintenance critical infrastructure updates IT system failures and emergency planning This system has helped to reduce the impact to the IT Service Desk by not overwhelming them with calls and tickets raised by staff discovering problems during a maintenance window or problems we are already aware of Instead as a team we can focus on resolving outages as quickly as possible

Mass notification systems also offer advantages in terms of supporting emergency and lockdown procedures with some even offering pre-set “emergency response” alerts triggered by a hot-key combination to facilitate their use in time-sensitive situations Routine alerts – such as fire drills – can be automatically scheduled in advance Additionally, in situations where a mass response is required from staff – such as major trauma – staff can be notified instantaneously giving staff as much precious time as possible to prepare Mass notifications can also support forward planning for staff giving them advance notice of system

outages and technical upgrades

As with adopting any amendments to protocol, bringing staff along with you is crucial to ensuring a smooth implementation It s likely that there will be an appetite amongst your colleagues for adopting such a system; at Mid Cheshire colleagues were extremely receptive and co-operative due to the evident need to improve communication delivery

Having a clear chain of prioritisation of messages additionally will allow the system to work most efficiently Allowing too many people to access the system or issuing messages too regularly dilutes its effectiveness as the service should be reserved for critical messaging An overload of messages is likely to result in people not taking notice in the messages themselves rendering the service less effective Mass notification systems, available in many forms are a readily available tool to help you create clear lines of communication in a care setting By streamlining the transmission of key messages you can alleviate pressures on your colleagues at all levels ultimately allowing you to deliver the best care outcomes to clients and patients

Innovative care home software solutions from Ablyss

“It’s not just about what we do it’s about what we can do for you”!

There will be big changes over the next 12 months in the residential and nursing care sector With around 50% of homes still using paper systems to plan and record their care the NHS Transformation Directorate have big ideas which, whilst exciting, might seem daunting to those without the proper tools to make these ideas a reality

So where to begin? Well we here at Ablyss have 20 years of experience developing software for the care Industry We know how difficult running a care home can be at the best of times and we have drawn on our knowledge and experience to build a duo of care management offerings:

• Blyssful, our award winning cloud-based care management system for new and existing customers, making the system easily accessible from anywhere and by anyone with permission to do so

• Ablyss CMS, our on-premises solution can help you to plan and evidence the care that you provide, supporting you to achieve compliance within your business

The emphasis is on care management, recording, and analysis, and both solutions have been designed with the management carers and residents of the care home in mind The result is time saved admin simplified and safe and personalised provision of care, so you can focus more on those in need

With a fully UK based team, our care consultants are always on hand to provide training and answer your questions whilst our support team will help you to customise your system set up integrations with your other systems, and ensure your software is always up to date

Don t just take our word for it, here s a small selection of our many satisfied customers:

“It s not technology for technology’s sake Irrefutably, it helps us to deliver a much better service to our clients Elizabeth & Roberta House

“We invested in Ablyss CMS a number of years ago and it has proved to be one of the very best decisions we have made ” Prospect House We believe we can create a better way to manage and connect your care Seeing is believing so why not arrange a demo with one of our product specialists Visit

Technology Enabled Care: The Next Generation of Care Provision TECHNOLOGY AND SOFTWARE

At The Access Group we are aware of the challenges of maintaining quality care facing the care industry It is estimated that there are 1 98 million social care requests made every year and with limiting budgets and staff recruitment at a all time high it is getting increasingly difficult to ensure care providers are constantly delivering better person-centred care

We are delighted to announce our latest solution which will sit within our Workspace for Care Access Assure Our Assure ecosystem will sit at the centre of our care offering to prevent, monitor, and react to social care needs as they change Here our technology enabled care and digital telecare goes further than just a digital social alarm We combine both traditional reactive alarm functionality with proactive digital monitoring to deliver better proactive and preventative care

Our digital monitoring tools allows for continuous data capture and analysis for care providers and clinical consultants aggregating the data collected and transforming it into actionable insight In just a matter of 14

days our Assure ecosystem can learn individual daily routines to notify care providers and loved ones of any changes before something more critical takes place

The Assure ecosystem supports people recover across the care continuum to prolong independence provide reassurance, delay future care needs, and reduce hospital discharge delays to help budgets stretch further and help reach the demand easier

Technology Enabled Care is more than just a single component or sensor it s the combined sum of all its parts To enable this Assure integrates with 3rd party sensors and devices and a variety of our other care solutions This ensures we can deliver a level of intelligence and can help join up data to provide insight on wellbeing to deliver a preventative approach to care and improve care planning, care management, and care delivery to give individuals the freedom to do more

To find out more about how our digital telecare helps deliver better proactive and preventative care contact us today at www theaccessgroup com/en-gb/health-social-care/form/digital-telecare-demo-contact-form/

Syncurio: An Innovative Solution Unleashed Through Collaboration

In an industry where ticking clocks are as daunting as eroding margins the quest for comprehensive care home management software that reflects bespoke operational needs can resemble a significant endeavour Sensing a gap in the market a network of care home operators pooled their insights birthing Syncurio, a paradigm-shifting software, purpose-built for their unique sector

The genesis of Syncurio can be traced back to collective frustration Hindered by existing software options operators grappled with recurring challenges from managing absenteeism to accurate billing and budgeting Observing the domino effect these issues were having on business performance this network of industry stalwarts took the bull by the horns

The strength of unity proved encouraging as this network pooled their knowledge and insights Their objective: to counteract their shared pain points through collaboration culminating in the creation of Syncurio This comprehensive care management software is a product of firsthand industry knowledge catering to the distinct needs of care home operators Sarah a member of IT services at a major care home group commented The Syncurio team have been a pleasure to deal with - always eager to hear and act on feedback and suggestions for improvement ”

Syncurio is a product meticulously tailored to remove operator frustrations Its features include userfriendly interfaces intuitive scheduling tools a state-of-the-art clocking in mechanism and enhanced billing functions The software s robust data analytics capabilities offer operators invaluable insights into

resident care resource allocation and staff performance By leveraging cuttingedge technology Syncurio is upping the ante in the care home industry

The software’s user-friendly interfaces promote operational efficiency, allowing staff to navigate the system seamlessly optimising their time and enabling them to focus on providing quality care Operations Director, Jennifer said of Syncurio Being able to manage staffing budgets and rosters alongside resident fee data has enabled us to get the balance right between high levels of care and financial sustainability ”

Despite being a relative newcomer Syncurio is generating considerable market interest As word spreads about this trailblazing software, care home operators of varied backgrounds are expressing interest in signing up Syncurio s burgeoning success is inspiring for operators grappling with similar challenges and accentuates the benefits of this ground-breaking solution

Syncurio stands as an exemplar of the transformative potential of collaboration and innovation Within a short period it has proven itself as a game-changer surmounting the limitations of existing care management software and heralding an era of streamlined operations and enhanced communication The success story of Syncurio serves as a timely reminder of the catalytic results of industry-wide collaboration As Syncurio gains traction the care home industry is poised for significant advancements fuelled by the spirit of collaboration and the pursuit of quality care

To find out more give us a call on 020 4525 0299 | Email us at info@syncurio co uk


Staying Ahead in Care: Navigating the Tightened Immigration Compliance Landscape

the entire 2022 The message is unequivocal for care providers

While the financial repercussions are large there's an equally pressing concern the reputational damage disruptions in caregiving and jeopardising of sponsor licenses For care establishments with sponsor licenses the scrutiny intensifies With the Home Office keen on escalating actions against non-compliant licensed institutions maintaining flawless operations becomes non-negotiable

How can care organisations remain compliant?

We've devised a five-step action plan tailored for the UK care sector:

Considering the UK's evolving immigration policies, the care sector is urged more than ever to uphold rigorous compliance With our nation heavily relying on this sector, the implications of non-compliance are not just regulatory but fundamentally touch upon the wellbeing of our communities

The Minister for Immigration Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP recently highlighted this urgency On 7th August 2023 he conveyed the steepest rise in civil penalties for employers housing illegal workers since 2014 Initial fines will now attract a £45 000 penalty per illegal worker up from £15,000 Repeat contraventions see a spike from £20 000 to £60 000 Jenrick shared that starting from 2018 the civil penalties imposed on employers totalled £88 4 million Moreover 2023's arrest rate from immigration enforcement teams has already passed that of

1 Routine Audits: Periodically scrutinise employment documentation ensuring every staff member is legally employed Employ mock audits replicating Home Office s compliance checks catching potential oversights before they catch you

2 Sponsor Management System (SMS): Possession of a sponsor licence demands effective management It’s imperative to understand and fulfil the obligations accompanying this privilege Establish and reinforce systems ensuring these obligations are met

3 Ongoing Training: Equip your HR and recruitment units with current knowledge on immigration regulations A sound hiring mechanism stands as the primary safeguard against compliance breaches

4 Consultation with Experts: Engage regularly with immigration specialists ensuring your practices align with the fluid landscape of immigration laws

5 Stay Updated: Subscriptions to Home Office updates or expert

newsletters keep you a step ahead mitigating unintentional missteps

By adhering to this plan care providers not only avoid adverse actions but also position themselves as attractive employers for global caregivers thus capitalising on a diverse caregiving staff and plugging shortages

Should you require navigation through the intricacies of the UK s immigration maze, Immtell is poised to assist We're committed to ensuring compliance is seamlessly integrated into your daily operations Reach out to us at info@immtell com or explore our services at www immtell com

Care Home Finance from Global Business Finance

Global assists clients throughout the U K who specialise in the healthcare sector to achieve their objectives of purchase development and refinance

We have organised over £1 8bn for clients in the past 30 years providing clients with competitively priced funding to refinance existing debt ease cashflow and develop businesses further

From helping clients make their first purchase through to allowing groups to grow significantly in size

we assist at every stage of your business expansion Every proposal is individual and deserves to be treated that way so we hope you will allow us to be of assistance to you and call us to chat through your plans and requirements I am sure we will be able to tailor a facility to your requirements Call us on 01242 227172 or e-mail us at enquiries@globalbusinessfinance net


New RoSPA Qualifications-Certified Dementia Course Launches

As dementia rates rise, the importance of upskilling those working in the care sector on the condition has never been greater That s why leading qualifications provider, RoSPA Qualifications, has teamed up with EDGE Services a specialist people handling training provider to develop an innovative new qualification to help care workers understand the debilitating condition

The Dementia Care Key Trainer’s Certificate that runs as a two-day course provides delegates with the knowledge skills and confidence to train others in dementia awareness including how to spot symptoms, challenges it can present and how to work effectively Upon completion of the course delegates receive a certificate of achievement which is valid for two years

By the end of the course professionals will have learnt:

What is meant by the term dementia

• The different types of dementia and potential their causes

The risk factors signs and symptoms of dementia

• The current and projected statistics about the incidence of dementia including on the individual and those living with or caring for them

The main challenges facing those working with dementia

Effective strategies to assist staff working with people with dementia to reduce the impact of the challenges faced and how to improve quality of life

• The importance of record-keeping and documentation

A knowledge of the legal issues involved in working effectively with people with dementia

RoSPA Qualifications is an awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) that designs develops and certifies a range of vocationally related qualifications

EDGE Services is already a recognised RoSPA Qualification Centre, which enables it to deliver a suite of customised awards

Debbie Clueit, RoSPA Qualifications’ External Verifier, said: “We were delighted that RoSPA Qualifications was able to help develop EDGE Services’ Dementia Care Key Trainer’s Certificate – a highly important course for anyone working with adults with dementia

“As an intensive two-day course it covers a wide range of important topics from spotting the signs of dementia through to dealing with challenging behaviour and beyond Those who complete the course achieve a RoSPA Qualifications-approved certificate that is valid for two years

“We worked with EDGE Services to ensure the course was accessible and that it met the Level 4 Ofqual descriptors along with developing the learning outcomes content and assessment process ”

Ruth Hewitt Operations Manager at EDGE Services said “The course is aimed at those whose staff may work with adults who live with dementia - both in the health care sector and beyond It provides delegates with the expertise to train others in awareness of dementia that can be adopted to deal with symptoms, challenges and how to work effectively

For further information on RoSPA Qualifications please visit www rospa com/health-and-safety-qualifications

For further information on The Dementia Care Key Trainer’s Certificate please visit www edgeservices co uk/courses/dementia-awareness-key-trainer-certificate/

Policies and Procedures Within Social Care

The delivery of safe care is the paramount responsibility of social care providers Central to achieving this is the governance framework adopted by service providers And at the core of this framework are policies and procedures These enable the provider to comply – and evidence compliance – with relevant legislation and regulations as well as facilitating best practices supporting business needs and assisting in recognising and managing risks

Good governance care itself is an integral part of health and social regulation, Regulation 17 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities)

Regulations 2014 stipulates that care providers must have systems and processes in place that ensure they can meet the requirements of Regulations

4 to 20A Policies and procedures not only ensure that providers are compliant with this regulation and working within the law; they also enable providers to drive improvement and protect the people who access services and receive care

Providers also have a legal duty of care to the people they employ Policies and procedures should provide clear guidelines to staff on how the organisation operates as well as informing them of best practices and processes to be followed

Policies should be reviewed annually as a minimum to ensure they are still fit for purpose and align with legal and regulatory requirements They should be reviewed not only by employees of the business but also by experts in various subject matters (e g infection control or medicines management)

For many small- to medium-sized providers there may not be the in-house skills knowledge and experience to complete such a robust annual review Many choose instead to purchase their policies and procedures from a reputable provider like W&P Compliance & Training, who will also complete reviews and ensure their policies and procedures remain up to date This way a provider not only ensures they remain compliant; they also benefit from best practice policies and procedures that provide a solid foundation for safe working practices and – ultimately – protect and support service users and staff Ben Erskine – Director at W&P Compliance & Training www wandptraining co uk | Tel: 01305 767104 See the advert on page 2 for further information

The roll-out of a free new e-learning module on healthcare waste - set up by Health Education England - is set to bring major benefits to the care home sector says leading independent healthcare waste management company Anenta

care sector

Created with the help of Anenta the new 30-45 minute training module available here is accessible free of charge via the Health Education England online portal

It outlines what waste should go into which waste stream, correct segregation practices, and other important waste related guidance This helps prevent low-risk items, which should cost £300-£500 per tonne for disposal as offensive waste from being disposed of as infectious waste costing upwards of £800 per tonne

Vitally the training also helps avoid the risk of waste contractors refusing to make collections from care homes due to their non-compliance which could put care services at risk of disruption This is avoided through the correct completion of a Pre-Acceptance Audit (PAA) which in the case of most care homes needs to be undertaken every five years - unless waste produced on site changes in its nature

Where a care home produces more than five tonnes of clinical waste annually a PAA will need to be undertaken every 12 months remaining valid until renewal date or unless waste types undeclared in the pre-acceptance audit are discovered

Commenting on the roll-out of the new free training, Graham Flynn, Director at Anenta, said: “We ve worked hard on the development of the new e-learning train-

The training - developed in association with Anenta to help all healthcare professionals - is seen as key to building better understanding of waste management in care homes which have long struggled with managing healthcare waste effectively This is backed up by detailed compositional audits of care home waste undertaken both by Anenta and separately by the EA which have proven that a significant amount of contamination exists in the various waste streams produced by care homes Worryingly, the findings show that 70% of care home waste is consistently put in the wrong waste channels including 90% of clinical waste and 35% of offensive waste which is regularly contaminated with recyclable materials Further analysis of over 2 500 primary care Duty of Care audits by Anenta has also shown that 58% of healthcare professionals with responsibility for waste management are unfamiliar with the Healthcare Technical Memorandum the latest iteration of which came out in March 2023 This has resulted in inadequate training and waste management policies contributing to poor segregation and spiralling levels of waste being incorrectly disposed of costing the care home sector heavily and hampering sustainable waste targets The new e-training module aims to address this and is being provided free to remove all barriers and gaps in understanding that currently exist within care homes and the primary
ing module alongside NHSE IPC Local Commissioners, and industry experts The result is a course that’s accessible by all and a risk assessment that can be used by all care homes to inform the way in which their waste is segregated “The adoption of the training and correct segregation is critical if the care home sector is to cut costs and achieve Net Zero targets Changing waste disposal habits and practices prevents the unnecessary and expensive disposal of waste via inappropriate and environmentally damaging waste streams such as incineration; instead ensuring that the majority of clinical waste is disposed of using either alternative treatments or energy from waste processes that render healthcare waste safe Graham Flynn added On average care homes are wasting £8 000 every year through poor waste management process and procurement The training will play a big part in cutting that figure by improving waste management among staff Importantly it will also help care homes with their PAA audit without which their healthcare waste cannot be collected potentially resulting in enforcement action by the Environment Agency For more information about Anenta, and its care home audit app, which g ves care homes the ability to conduct compulsory clinical waste pre-acceptance and duty of care audits without the need for third-party on-site visits, in just 40 minutes visit www anentawaste com or call 033 0122 2143 Care Homes Set To Save Thousands Of Pounds Thanks To Free Training From Health Education England Anenta p lays key role in develop ing healthcare waste training module THE CARER DIGITAL | ISSUE 163 | PAGE 51

Rising to the Challenge of Recruitment and Retention

The shortage of staff across the care and nursing sectors is no secret But with creativity and determination organisations are working around the challenges by maximising the resources they do have, while attracting new staff to fill vacant roles Here Jackie Tritton Chief Clinical Officer at Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care tells us how her teams are recruiting, retaining and repurposing staff to ensure the charity can not only maintain services but grow them during a merger

“When the trustees of Peace Hospice Care and Rennie Grove Hospice Care announced their intention to merge last June it was with the ambition of serving a growing population of people living with progressive life-limiting illnesses reaching more people who need our support and strengthening our services This is all playing out against a backdrop of staff shortages across the entire sector that have blighted all care settings for years We knew that in order to deliver expanded services to our new larger patch we would need to think creatively about recruitment challenges

“In addition to the national challenges relating to the economy, NHS and the Covid-19 pandemic, our location in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire brings with it unique challenges These include proximity to a number of hospitals, including the big London hospitals, and specialist palliative care (SPC) providers, meaning there is a huge amount of employee choice in our area

“Over the past year we have been working hard on retaining our existing staff – through reviewing everything about salary progression pensions and benefits as well as working closely with employees to manage team morale and culture

“Despite this recruitment of new staff remains a challenge and we have a 31% vacancy rate in our clinical teams

Care As a Career

For us it has therefore been vital to focus on creativity in the way we work with existing staff and resources One example of this has been our nurse associate role By supporting our senior health care assistants to progress to registered nurse roles we can nurture existing talent and close recruitment gaps while rewarding the loyalty and hard work of our dedicated HCA workforce

We have also created Community Senior staff nurse roles to expand our Palliative care Response (PRT) teams These are highly skilled nurses who can support patients in the community during an emergency or sudden deterioration as well as supporting earlier discharges from hospital through intensive intervention to meet patients’ wishes

Other new roles – such as Allied Health Professional (AHP) assistant practitioners nurse consultants and paramedics are allowing us to expand the team and recruit new colleagues without relying on the existing pool of traditional registered nurses which we know is finite in number and much sought after across the board

“As well as upskilling our own staff we are actively working with partner organisations to share knowledge and develop the local workforce to meet the needs of local people with progressive life-limiting illnesses This includes rotational posts with organisations such as our local hospital and community trusts residential homes By supporting staff from these partner organisations to complete secondments or placements in our Inpatient Unit, we can support them in developing their palliative care skills, which enables them to care for more patients in their own setting reducing the needs for reliance on in-patient care either in an acute hospital or a hospice

Broadening the types and range of roles within our teams has been hugely beneficial to our organisation It allows us to make sure that the right person with the right skills is seeing each patient at the right time Identifying patients needs and matching them with the most relevant professional in the team is ensuring we have a multidisciplinary approach with a wide range of skills to support patient-centred holistic care This has reduced our reliance on registered nurses making up the majority of our clinical workforce and allowed us to continue delivering our vital services while setting out our ambitions for growing and strengthening services in the years to come ”

Not a Stepping Stone

‘Creating a Sustainable Skills Pipeline for Care’

At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious there is a serious staffing shortage in care This is being exacerbated by increased Government scrutiny over the recruitment of migrant workers not enough high quality new entrants to the profession and by high staff turnover with many older, experienced workers deciding that enough is enough and quitting

A pervasive culture of low-pay and low value placed on care workers isn t helping It is no surprise that according to Advanced’s Care Providers Trends Report 97% of care providers say they have problems recruiting staff and 98% have trouble with employee retention

It isn t a job for just anyone During the hiring process 60% of employers in our survey said they received high numbers of applications from unsuitable candidates It is imperative that care providers can find ways to reverse these trends drive more applications from suitable candidates attract more high-quality talent and hold onto those people nurturing their skills and commitment for the long-term Many skills can be taught and developed but the best carers have caring hardwired into their DNA These are the people we want working in the care sector as we try to ensure a sustainable safe future for users and employees

One of the solutions may lie in the Government’s push to phase out paper record-keeping and encourage the implementation of digital records within the adult social care sector The aim is to achieve 80% compliance within the year by March 2024 with full compliance as soon as possible afterwards These will improve outcomes for those receiving care minimise safety risks allow staff to respond to needs more quickly and to share important information quickly and securely

This drive is part of a greater need to digitalise processes within care provision organisations There is a need to attract more school and college leavers into the sector to start what will ideally become a long and fulfilling career This digital-native generation expects to use technology in their working lives, so it makes complete sense that employers who have already implemented the latest software that helps people do their jobs more effectively will attract the best of that new talent

It is also crucial that employers look after their existing staff ensuring continuity of care for their clients and retaining experienced mentors for new recruits These employees have a wealth of knowledge skills and experience that is vital for ensuring the delivery of high-quality care all clients deserve Disillusionment cannot be allowed to take root here

documents can’t be mislaid or lost keeping the data within secure and making it easy for staff to refer to specific care plans record diet and hydration information and other details for more joined-up and seamless processes Digital records also offer more protection for staff when things go wrong as there is an irrefutable evidence trail that shows all procedures were followed correctly Demonstrating compliance for CQC and others is crucial in such a highly-regulated sector

Implementing a Learning and Development (L&D) programme for each employee not only ensures compliance with CQC requirements and those of other bodies but also demonstrates to employees that each of them is valued accordingly If we want people to look at care as a career not just a stepping stone we much ensure that long-term prospects and new opportunities are visible and attainable Performance management can be a headache for managers dealing with staff working on different shifts, or a largely remote and mobile domiciliary team Two-way conversations on digital platforms around targets for quality and delivery of care, recording and rewarding achievements as well as flagging any need for further training or support make it easier to monitor and manage individual performance

We need to take care of the carers Many are attracted to the sector because it allows them to have more flexibility with shifts and days worked so it is crucial that employers maintain staffing levels enabling people to work the hours they want Persistent understaffing impacts heavily on the remaining team, putting them under increased pressure and at greater risk of burnout Managers are affected too and 62% of care provider managers told us they felt stressed and unable to cope all or some of the time 36% of these said they would have to take time off sick in order to be able to cope The last thing a short-staffed care provider needs is management absence, piling even more pressure onto others

Digital solutions can transform rostering challenges helping manage unexpected sickness or late requests for unspent leave more effectively Sector-specific technology can also improve the problems with void management experienced by 95% of care providing organisations giving them better visibility over crucial occupancy rates 58% of the respondents in our survey have developed their own manual processes including spreadsheets to help give them advanced visibility of the business These tools provide out-dated information for inaccurate decision-making while Cloud-based technology could give them instant access to accommodation and occupancy in real time

Employers can use the data contained in their technology platforms to help them manage many of the day-to-day tasks more efficiently supporting more effective recruitment and higher retention rates Employee data can be a powerful tool in gaining deeper workforce insights, helping employers identify trends that can help them make better decisions This might be identifying the hardest-to-fill shifts and then making recruitment for those a priority Or it may shine a light on the circumstances that lead to higher rates of sickness absence helping leaders to locate specific problems and make changes to reduce them

Digital transformation is the key to improving the employee experience

Specifically-designed care sector technology can massively reduce time spent on paperwork digitalising processes so repetitive sections of forms can be completed automatically This gives staff more time to deliver care to clients Digital

In conclusion technology can help elevate the status of the care delivery role improving employee experience and developing talent for a sustainable pipeline of career-care providers www oneadvanced com/campaign/new/health-and-care/advanced-care-trends-report-2023/



Recruiting Success with CVMinder ATS

Care recruiting is currently challenging So why is CVMinder ATS a great choice for Care Providers?

Stuart Haddow MD suggests that its Ambassador Customers make the biggest difference Ambassadors include senior HR leaders from the Care sector “They have proven to be great at overcoming recruiting headwinds says Stuart CVMinder’s Ambassador Customers also guide CVMinder product improvement programme

Using that great guidance delivers a competitive advantage for all CVMinder Care customers Jack Morgan of Local Solutions agrees CVMinder has made the process as smooth and as streamlined as possible That s is critical when recruiting in a

demanding sector like care It gives us central control of everything and the management information we generate from CVMinder has helped to improve our recruiting approach Without CVMinder our recruiting costs would be much higher and good candidates would be lost in the administration clutter ”

Donna Newell of The Kent Autistic Trust says “CVMinder ensures that we are being responsive to applicants and the demands of our managers Having a one stop shop means that we can post and update jobs at the touch of a button Receiving all applications online and using filter questions enables our recruiters to shortlist batches of applicants swiftly ”

T: 01634 202 101

E: enquiries@cvminder co uk

W: cvminder co uk/care

In Dire Need Of Experienced Health Care Assistant, Senior Carer Or A Nurse?

JJ Recruitment has the large database of well qualified applicants with experience in the healthcare industry such as health care assistants senior carers and nurses from overseas We also have an expert team of solicitors for the necessary legal proceedings and advices


• We have very minimal processing fees

We assist you to get a sponsorship license

Qualified and experienced candidates from

overseas Tel: 01704 808227

www jjcarerecruitment co uk

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