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D-Day 80th Anniversar y: 102 year old

Ron Shares His Experiences

Ron Lawrence a resident at Deer Park View in Teddington is a remarkable 102-year-old Normandy veteran whose vivid memories of D-Day have become a source of inspiration and pride for his family and friends

Ron was one of the brave soldiers who got his feet wet during the historic landings on 6th June, 1944 The journey to France began on the evening of 5th June, with Ron and his comrades arriving at daybreak He was in the second wave of men to land on Sword Beach, transported there in a landing craft tank As a member of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) Ron stayed on the beach for several weeks tirelessly repairing vehicles essential to the ongoing operations

Sword Beach was divided into Queen White and Queen Red zones a detail that led to a popular joke among the soldiers: “Red, white and queen ” Despite the seriousness of their mission the soldiers found moments of levity in their shared experiences During his time on the beach, Ron found shelter in captured German dugouts

In the days leading up to the landings while stationed in the south of England Ron and his friends often struggled with hunger One lucky day, they encountered a kind American

GI who shared some tinned peaches with them a small but significant act of kindness Ron didn t stay hungry for long though During the rough crossing to France many soldiers became seasick and couldn t eat their rations However Ron an experienced lighterman like his father was unaffected by the turbulent seas Lightermen were skilled in transferring cargo from ship to dock using engineless crafts that relied on the tide Ron has spoken a bit to me recently about the landings as I’ve been talking to him about the 80th Anniversary It s so important to do this as there aren t many of them left said Ron s daughter Christine Lawrence highlighting the importance of preserving these firsthand accounts

To honour Ron and the 80th anniversary of D-Day, Deer Park View will be hosting a series of commemorative events The highlight will be a special party with special guest

The Mayor of Richmond Councillor Richard Pyne complete with themed food including tinned peaches a tribute to Ron s cherished memory Ron s family is traveling from near and far to join the celebration, eager to share in this significant milestone

D-Day 80: Navy Wife Remembers the Normandy Landings

A newlywed whose husband left their honeymoon to take part in the D-Day offensive has been reminiscing ahead of the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings

Mary Holley revealed her husband Roy s ship was torpedoed during the Allied invasion of northern France which commenced on 6 June 1944 She had married him just a few weeks earlier

The D-Day assault marked the start of the successful campaign to liberate Western Europe from Nazi occupation

Mary 99 now lives at Royal Star & Garter in Surbiton which provides loving compassionate care to veterans and their partners living with disability or dementia The charity also has Homes in Solihull and High Wycombe and runs new services reaching out into the community

Mary had met Roy shortly before the start of WWII The couple were courting for a year before he was called up to the Navy in 1941 Following a three-year posting to the Far East they married in April 1944 after Roy returned home on a week s leave The newlyweds honeymooned in Weston-super-Mare but within days they were separated again

Though she did not know at the time, Mary later learned Roy had left to prepare for D-Day, on the cruiser HMS Frobisher She said: During the Allied invasion his ship bombarded Gold Beach in preparation for the landings However, his vessel was hit by an enemy torpedo, and fearing it would sink, the crew were

Saltburn’s “Knitting Nannas” have been creating woollen soldiers and poppies in support of a tapestry project marking the 80th anniversary of D-Day

The club of elderly knitters at Hazelgrove Court Care Home, on Randolph Street, has been producing the little figures for The Longest Yarn an 80m long knitted tapestry

The project includes 80 panels of knitted scenes from the Second World War Normandy landings with contributions coming from around the world

The finished project is being displayed in the NotreDame Church, in Carentan-les-Marais, north-western France until 1st September 2024

The knitting club at Hazelgrove Court Care Home named “The Knitting Nannas” got involved after the home s activities coordinator learned of The Longest Yarn project on social media

They have sent over 40 knitted poppies and 25 miniature soldiers so far, with a further 25 soldiers still in production

They are being sold on The Longest Yarn Etsy shop to support the project, which will be touring Europe, outreach activities and various veterans charities

Joyce Wooffindin 83 is one of the Knitting Nannas She said: “You have made my life worth living through this project ”

The project was also an opportunity for the care home s residents to share their memories of the War

Joyce added: “I was only three on the D-Day landings and can remember my dad talking about the prisoners of war

Betty Wood, 100, said: “I can remember D-Day I lived in South Africa at the time and remember that two

South African soldiers received the military cross for gallantry in action

Joyce Baxtrum, 93 said: “I remember listening to Eisenhower’s speech on the radio when he talked about

given orders to abandon ship But when the Frobisher remained afloat the men were able to clamber back on board ”

The crew remained in place for several days despite swallowing substantial amounts of oily sea water while in the Channel, and later Roy was one of a party sent ashore to establish a signal station at the strategically important city of Caen

Mary said: “I did not know Roy was involved in the landings at the time but I assumed he was And I stayed positive I didn t fear the worst I expected the best ”

Thankfully Roy did survive D-Day and the war He left the Navy in 1946, and the couple went on to have three children

Looking back on Roy s service during WWII Mary added: When he was called up to the Navy, I felt very proud Everybody was called up so you were no different to everyone else I knew there was a war going on and I would not have seen him again for a long time but that was that All I focussed on was that he was coming home and we were getting married ” The last D-Day veteran cared for at Royal Star & Garter lived at the Surbiton Home and died in November 2023, just a month before his 100th birthday

Wellbeing Teams will be hosting events and activities to mark D-Day in each of its three Homes on 6 June

the landings I’ve loved knitting these little soldiers and poppies every day

Ellen Else, 93, said: “My dad was a vicar and I can remember us praying for all the soldiers It s been lovely doing something so worthwhile with the project ”

The Knitting Nannas received a parcel of French biscuits and a thank you card from the project organisers as a gesture of appreciation for their support

Residents at Hazelgrove Court have also been sending handwritten thank you cards to D-Day veterans via The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society which set up a project called The DDay 80 Thank You Card Drop

They were sent the names of two veterans: Clifford Brown who served on a mine-sweeping ship in the Royal Navy; and Peter Middleton Lovett who served in the 3rd Canadian Infantry which landed on Juno Beach one of five beaches of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France on 6th June 1944

Sheila O Neill 83 wrote to Peter: I want to praise you for being one of the many men who landed on the beaches in Normandy on D-Day 6th June 1944 Your bravery helped liberate our country Thank you very much My prayers will always be with you

Sharon Lewis activities coordinator at Hazelgrove Court Care Home said: “Our Knitting Nannas are absolutely loving this project

It s giving them a huge amount of pleasure but they are aware that it s being done to remember D-Day and has brought up a lot of memories We’ve had lots of discussions around this It s fantastic the residents are taking part in a global project as D-Day involved soldiers from so many different countries

Everyone is so excited when I tell them how popular their knitted soldiers are It s a real labour of love for everyone

Commemorate 80th Anniversar y of D-Day
Saltburn’s “Knitting Nannas” Make Soldiers
Poppies to

Honouring Tony Haynes: A Legacy of Dedication and Ser vice in the RAF

In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day we are celebrating the military service of Anthony 'Tony' John Haynes who has chosen to continue his life’s journey at Heanton Nursing Home His military journey began on 5th January 1971 when he joined the RAF with a desire to follow in the footsteps of his father Flight Lieutenant Walter Haynes a pilot during World War II Tony aspired to become an engineer a goal he achieved with distinction over his 15-year career in the RAF Tony's two older brothers, Roger and Richard, also dedicated their lives to service, spending a combined 60 years in the Royal Navy As an Aircraft Propulsion Technician Tony's expertise took him across five tours of duty at RAF Halton, Valley, Lossiemouth, Coltishall and back to Halton He worked on numerous iconic RAF aircraft and even had the privilege of flying in some Tony s dedication to passing on his knowledge was evident when he transitioned to the role of Technical Instructor mentoring the next generation of aircraft engineers

Tony s achievements were recognised with a promotion to Sergeant in December 1977 a milestone he holds with great pride Beyond his technical skills Tony also competed in show jumping representing the RAF in various competitions In October 1985 Tony and his wife Dorothy (Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Dorothy (Woodcock) Haynes) a

member of the Women s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) were married in a joint forces wedding They

Hatherleigh Nursing Home’s Street Party in Commemoration of D-Day

Okehampton s Hatherleigh Nursing Home commemorated the 80th Anniversary of D-Day which took place on the 3rd June 1944 with a vibrant celebration

Set against the backdrop of vintage charm Hatherleigh Nursing Home’s residents (fondly referred to as Family Members) invited their relatives and team members to unite in this patriotic day

The street party promised a delightful immersion into the era with vintage bone china and ration card menu table decorations

Other historical props included a life-size Winston Churchill and soldiers vintage suitcases and other authentic memorabilia The care home’s way to honour the service and sacrifice of the DDay generation

Evacuee boxes were also handcrafted with care to reflect the resilience and resourcefulness of those who endured the challenges of wartime evacuation Hatherleigh team and family members dressed-up in nostalgic outfits and every corner of the care home was decorated with bunting, banners, and decor reminiscent of wartime Britain creating an ambiance of unity and remembrance

While commemorating the sacrifices of D-Day veterans our street party seeks to evoke the resilience camaraderie that defined that pivotal moment in history " said Ashley Home Manager at Hatherleigh Nursing home We invited everyone to join us for a memorable celebration of remembrance and gratitude

Parley Place Care Home Brings Community Together to

D-Day Landings

and we all know what it meant for our country so we wanted to mark the date it s important to us to include our community in marking this poignant

Andrew Parry, West Parley Parish Councillor said “Today, our Village came together to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day We paid tribute to all the brave military personnel who took part remembering those lost in battle But we also celebrated the freedom they fought for which we are forever in their debt Pam, resident at Parley Place said: “It was such a beautiful afternoon, remembering the sacrifices people made for us It was lovely for us to chat with people from our community and hear the stories of loved ones from the war and how they remembered the events of that day 80 years ago

With the 80th anniversary of D-Day earlier this month (June 6th) residents of Orchard Care Homes have been sharing memories from World War II and homes within the group have been staging their own events to mark the historic event Orchard Care

their married
aircraft Learning was a priority for Tony who earned both an HNC and ONC in Engineering during his time in the RAF and went on to complete a bachelor s degree in 1999 whilst working full time Tony and Dorothy have two supportive children, Adam and Ruth Upon Adam and Ruth leaving home to pursue their own lives and after 27 years in Lancashire Tony and Dorothy retired to North Devon in 2018 Throughout his life Tony has been a caring and loving family man Living with Dementia has been heartbreaking for his family and friends Dorothy Haynes MBE expresses her heartfelt gratitude to the team at Heanton for their exceptional care and support during this difficult time Their dedication to Tony s well-being has been a source of comfort and strength for the Haynes family
met at a
Mess Dinner at RAF Halton They began
life on the Chequers Estate, where Dorothy served as Curator Upon leaving the RAF in June 1986 Tony continued to serve at Halton as a
instructor before moving to Saudi Arabia to instruct and work for BAE Systems on Tornado
of the
Parley Place care home in West Parley marked the 80th anniversary of the D Day Landings by bringing the community together for a perfect mix of remembrance and celebration Staff residents and the community came together in the home with a service lead by Reverend Booth were we remembered the great sacrifices made for all of us to have our freedom Following the formal service we had afternoon tea served on china crockery and enjoyed wonderful entertainment by Nicole Young who sang so beautifully for us Gina Smith General Manager at Parley Place care home said: Many of our residents can remember the D Day Landings
Mark the
Anniversar y
Homes operates 23 homes across the Midlands and the north The group specialises in care for those living with dementia; each home making great efforts to devise events and activities geared around their residents' hobbies and interests to evoke warm memories from their past Many residents within Orchard Care Homes have very clear memories of D-Day the day of the Normandy landings on Tuesday June 4th 1944 which effectively signalled the liberation of France and Western Europe and the eventual end of World War II At Green Lodge Care Home in Billingham Teesside professional singer Sheila will be singing songs from the era dressed elegantly in 1940’s war-time uniform Sheila is well-known locally as she helps host the Stockton-on-Tees Armed Forces Day Over at Eaton Court Care Home in Grimsby, resident Jean Pendergaust, 104 talked about her war-time role at RAF Cosford She said: My job was in the
off all
Wakefield had the locally famous Blue Bird Singers perform
the dance floor and joining in the songs they remember well Lofthouse resident Evelyn Hallas 95 recalled working as part of the Navy Wrens for two years as a 17-year-old The war played a major part in her family history with brother Walter sadly killed during the bombing of HMS Ajax, aged just 17, her older brother in the British Army and serving overseas for four years and younger brother Edward serving in the RAF Another Lofthouse resident Irene Lane 87 also served in the Navy Wrens for four years from the age of 18 as a cook in Wolverhampton She was parked at a bridge when it got bombed narrowly avoiding injury Her father Dennis (or Dennis the Menace as he was nicknamed by family) served in the Royal Navy for 14 years Hayden Knight CEO of Orchard Care Homes said: D-Day was significant in the memories of so many of our residents as it marked the start of better times ahead for everyone For all those who worked as part of the war effort or grew up during that time we are delighted to give them the chance to celebrate what this day means to them – the sense of optimism along with all those family members and friends that were there too It s truly wonderful to see our residents look back fondly on the significance of this day ” D-Day Anniversar y Sparks Memories For Orchard Care Homes Residents As They Celebrate Historic Day
as I was only
teenager I
to send
the false teeth so the men had them ready to go
to war!” Lofthouse Grange and Lodge Care Home in
the hits of the day, with residents taking to

Commemorating D-Day: An Authentic Tribute

As the British flags emerged to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day with patriotism, one event honoured the occasion with authenticity and respect Organised by Sharon the home’s activity coordinator Catherine House Care Home hosted a memorable tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of those who served

On 6th June the care home s residents

(fondly referred to as family members) gathered in the transformed car park of the home to join the team members in a collaborative celebration of D-Day’s heroes Family member Colin Powell who served in the Royal Navy for 24 Years and had participated in the Falkland War A gazebo with camouflage netting was set-up, providing a nod to the historic battlegrounds of World War II Tables were set with period-inspired decor including ration books and gas masks

as table centrepieces alongside tasteful DDay anniversary balloons and banners

Family members of Catherine House could choose to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of wartime solidarity with the distribution of army helmets and the strategic placement of sandbags, creating an ambiance reminiscent of the battlefront In keeping with the theme, a classic lunch was served sandwiches with various fillings blancmange and bread pudding

Danny Jukebox provided musical entertainment offering a selection of songs spanning from the 1920s to the 1960s For many of us music provokes emotions and feelings from times passed us by Family members could enjoy a journey through the decades feeling and experiencing a bygone era

Residents at The Cedars Care Home Welcome Their

New Mayor and Pay their Respects on D-Day

Residents and staff

and to pay our respects to those who lost their lives ”

Horsham Care Home

Westlake House Care Home in Horsham marked the 80th anniversary of the D Day Landings by watching the services that were taking place both in Portsmouth and in France attended by the King and Queen Prince William and many brave veterans who took part in those dangerous missions so many years ago

Staff and residents were interested to see the ceremonies honouring the bravery and telling the stories of those who fought so selflessly to ensure our freedom, attended by those that survived and honouring those that didn t come home

Some of the residents were invited by the West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service who hosted a commemorative ceremony at Platinum House and

joined them in marking the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings attended by World War II veterans, The Horsham Royal British Legion and the Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club In the afternoon Westlake House marked the day with a delicious afternoon tea prepared by their chefs and a singer who sang songs from the 1940’s for all the residents and their loved ones to enjoy

Audrey Chiduku General Manager at Westlake House said:

“Many of our residents can remember the D Day Landings and we all know what it meant for our country so we wanted to mark the date, follow the ceremonies and listen to our residents memories of the war and the experiences they lived through We are grateful for our close connections with our local community and thankful for their invite to join them to mark D Day in such a wonderful way

to Normandy for the D-Day commemorations accompanied by Broughton House s director of care Jane Green and five other veterans Broughton House’s veterans’ mess was decked out in bunting for the party, which featured a buffet of 1940s-style food including spam fritters

gar cake trifle and more The menu was chosen by Broughton House residents and the food was provided by EF-group Singer Les Stevens provided music from the era

Among the guests were Diane Hawkins, who is the Lord-Lieutenant of Greater Manchester Councillor Tanya Burch the Ceremonial Mayor of Salford, Barbara Griffin and Sheila Jones, chair and chief executive of The Booth Charities respectively and representatives of the Manchester branch of the Parachute Regimental Association as well as other service people

Broughton House chief executive Karen Miller said: As a nation we came together to remember and celebrate D-Day, and we are really pleased that Jim and Jane Green our director of care were able to go to France

A number of our residents for various reasons were not able to travel and we felt that having our own celebration to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day would be right and proper as a way of acknowledging their service and sacrifice and to show our pride in what they achieved while also remembering those comrades they lost “When we were thinking about how we would like to mark the occasion our residents were keen to recognise those who are currently serving and continuing their legacy of their service and so we invited people from a number of service organisations and regiments from across the north west ” Peter said: It was overwhelming a marvellous celebration It s good that people choose to remember

at The Cedars Care Home in Bourne paid their respects to soldiers past
present on the 80th celebration
with a visit from Helen Crawford Mayor
Clerk to Bourne Town Council
came to visit our 102 year old Bomber Command veteran,
Priest; and to present him with a silver salver engraved with the words “A tribute to a Local Hero Ron Priest Rear Gunner 149 Squadron Bourne Town Council 6th June 2024” The
a framed picture of a D-Day landing
also thoughtfully baked two Victoria sponges for all the residents to enjoy with their tea Ron was so touched saying “I will treasure these gifts for ever this is too much too much ” Ron, as ever, was dignified, poignant and humble but he wanted to be sure to pass on a message of how important it is that we all remember this day and the sacrifices that were made Rebecca Aldred Senior General Manager at The Cedars said “We have a number of residents with personal ties to the military and we made sure to use the occasion to thank them all for their dedication to the country,
of D-Day
The Mayor
and a beautiful bunch of flowers She had
the 80th Anniversar y of the D-Day Landings Broughton House
D-Day Anniversar y With 1940s-Themed Party
marked the 80th anniversary
a 1940sthemed party for residents civic dignitaries and serving military personnel Among the residents attending the event at Broughton House in Salford was 100-year-old D-Day veteran Peter Belcher, who served in the forces from 1937 until 1949 In June 1944 he was a corporal in the 2nd Battalion Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 6th Airborne Division On D-Day its role was to capture and defend bridges over the River Orne and Caen Canal in Normandy – the latter was later known as Pegasus Bridge – to help protect the eastern flank for those landing on Sword Beach Other World War Two veterans at the party were Joe Jervis, aged 100, who served in the RAF Cliff Butterworth aged 98 who enlisted in the Royal Navy as a volunteer in 1942 when he was 17, and George Evans, also 98, who served in the Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Jim Belcher 98, joined the Royal Marines at 18 and on D-Day served on HMS Glenroy which was one of the first ships to arrive at Gold Beach He was part of a four-man crew on a landing craft responsible for dropping off troops from the Special Boat Squadron so they could access the beach Jim was able to travel
Victory Scotch Eggs Woolton Pie
A veteran care village
of D-Day with

D-Day Landings Remembered and Freedom


at Collingtree Park Care Home

Collingtree Park care home in Northampton marked the 80th anniversary of the D Day Landings by gathering together to remember the day that changed so many lives Many residents recalled family members being part of the war effort not only in the forces but here at home in the factory’s and coal mines

Resident; Nannette remembered cycling 10 miles to school only to be told that it was closed due to the announcement that came on at 10 00am on 6 June 1944 from BBC Home Service presenter John Snagge who said the immortal words: "D-Day has come ” Today we honoured the bravery and sacrifice of all those involved in the D-Day landings Our care home held a special commemoration event to remember this pivotal moment in history Residents shared their memories and stories with one another and we enjoyed a fabu-

lous performance from Miss Catty G the daughter of Peter Giles from Nice N Easy Activity Show Community Group who really got our residents staff and guests in the mood to sing and dance Even Miss Catty's 'Dad Jokes raised a laugh or two!

Chef Jennifer and the homes' hospitality team laid on a magnificent buffet based around the produce available in the 1940s which finished the day of perfectly Nikki Allen General Manager at Collingtree Park said:

Many of our residents can remember the D Day Landings and we all know what it meant for our country so we wanted to mark the date with remembrance and rejoice for the freedom we all have today We will never forget the sacrifice s our forces made on that day Today and always We will remember and give thanks ”

D-Day Commemorated at Camberley Manor

On Thursday 6th June Camberley Manor care home threw residents a celebration to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day

The home welcomed guests to mark the occasion which included a traditional British fish & chip supper served in paper cones, a visit from the “cockleman” live music of old tunes from back in the day and a Mr Whippy ice-cream van!

is particularly

One of the residents included Brenda whose son is a war veteran told us “My son will be so pleased to receive these and I can t wait to show him ”

Home Manager, Girlie Braga, remarked “Today we gathered together in commemoration to appreciate the joys of life and extend our heartfelt thanks to be given the freedom to enjoy life after the sacrifices made Those who fought will not be forgotten ” Business Development Manager Jo Anderson-Woodley said We have thoroughly enjoyed planning and hosting today which has been full of many special moments Many residents remember D-Day and we wanted to recognise the importance of the occasion and hope we did it justice!”

Abbeyfield Care Home Residents Remember D-Day

Anniversar y in Style

Lynn added It was a great day of celebration reflective though and thankfulness never to be forgotten

A Piece of Cake… Telford Care Home Steps Back in Time to Mark

of Westall House a residential care home in Horsted Keynes celebrated the 80yth anniversary of D-Day with a trip down memory lane Westall House is managed by Abbeyfield a charity providing housing care and support to older people through its nationwide network of care homes supported housing schemes and independent living complexes After watching the morning’s memorial service in Normandy on TV together in the lounge the residents were treated to a lunch of spam fritters – a popular school dinner in the 1940s followed by a film showing in the afternoon The film ‘The Great Scaper’ stars Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson and tells the story of a man who escaped from his care home and travelled to Normandy to fin the grave of a friend who was killed in action Westall House activities coordinator Lynn Mayfield said “We all found the film enjoyable and funny We just hope it hasn’t given our residents too many ideas of how to make good their escape! After dinner singer Cheryl King gave a 1940 s-style performance with lots of opportunities for them to sing along, wave flags and cast their minds back to wartime and post-war celebrations that many had lived through On such resident was Mary Grieve who remarked Listening to Cheryl singing took me back to when I was evacuated to Yorkshire and all the happy times I had there
The anniversary
poignant for several residents of Camberley Manor who served in the forces or had a loved one who served The home chose to acknowledge those residents in a ceremony gifting each person with a bouquet of red, white and blue blooms with a handwritten note thanking them for their
Residents of a care home in Shropshire donned their aprons this week to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, with a 1940s themed baking workshop Telford Hall Care Home hosted a 1940s-themed celebration on Friday 7 June with residents friends families and the local community treated to an afternoon filled with fun history and delicious treats D-Day which took place on 6 June 1944 was a pivotal moment in World War II marking the start of the Allied forces mission to liberate Europe Telford Hall celebrated this historic event with a unique twist, bringing the community together through the joy of baking The centrepiece of the event was a heritage baking workshop run by Katie's Kids Kitchen who deliver engaging and educational cooking classes for all ages Attendees rolled up their sleeves and baked up a storm, using traditional recipes that offered a taste of nostalgia The day’s festivities took place to a backdrop of lively wartime music perfect for dancing and reminiscing while history enthusiasts enjoyed viewing a fascinating display of artefacts plus plenty of poppy-themed art to get involved in A poignant audio archive provided a moving soundtrack of stories and memories from the war era This dementia-friendly event was designed to include Telford Hall s residents ensuring everyone could take part in the fun Maria Armstrong Activities Coordinator at Telford Hall Care Home said “Commemorating D-Day is so important to the local community so we wanted to bring everyone together to celebrate the legacy of the heroes who helped end the war with some education entertainment and community spirit Our baking day at Telford Hall brought a smile to our residents faces getting them involved with baking sweet treats typical of the era Plus it was lovely to see family, friends, and local people enjoying the music, learning about history and getting stuck in It was brilliant to see volunteers from Telford Hall s first dementia care workshop in March helping out on the day making it extra special

Personal Memories and Community Events as South Care Homes Honour D-Day

Care home residents in the south have marked the 80th anniversary of D-Day by sharing personal memories and taking part in community commemorations

The historic international occasion prompted events visits and gettogethers at all 21 Colten Care homes in Dorset Hampshire Wiltshire and West Sussex

It was especially poignant for those residents who experienced DDay as young men and women themselves

Jojo Cook, who is 102 and lives at Colten s Brook View home in West Moors Dorset was serving in the Women s Auxiliary Air Force at the time of the Normandy landings

She was one of more than 180 000 members known as WAAFs who spent time at military sites in World War Two performing vital duties that included transport services, parachute packing, analysing reconnaissance photographs wireless communications and interpreting codes and ciphers

Having previously worked in the fashion industry Jojo was initially recruited for a post involving sewing and needlework but it was scrapped by the date of her arrival and she was deployed directly on aircraft maintenance instead

Jojo would apply layers of grease to the mechanical workings of planes along with other procedures to keep them safe ready for the RAF pilots to board and fly

She remembers having to oversee and check the work of a colleague to make doubly sure that everything was done to the highest standard

I recall watching the planes come back in said Jojo The women would count them with fingers crossed and knots in their bellies These were 18- and 19-year-olds going out and losing their lives We d see their mums go through agony ”

Jojo said her own mother was so proud of her WAAF daughter she would walk her into their local village to show her off in uniform

However even to this day Jojo hates wearing hats and would always look forward to getting out of her military attire as soon as she was home from work

Over the years Jojo has attended D-Day commemorations in France four times Accompanied by her son Neil, she has been keen to share memories of her service days with fellow veterans from the UK the Netherlands and other countries

A residents party from Brook View were guests at a community DDay afternoon held at the Pinehurst Chapel in West Moors In Poundbury Dorset 99-year-old Freda Wade laid a wreath on behalf of her fellow residents at Castle View care home

Freda was serving in the Women s Royal Naval Service at the time of D-Day WRNS ratings were known as Wrens and worked as wireless telegraphists electricians mechanics weapons analysts radar plotters and in many other occupations

Freda was proud to wear her Wrens’ medal as she laid the wreath in the Castle View garden near to artworks depicting soldiers and poppies which residents made using recycled materials such as bottle tops

Freda said: I chose to be a volunteer in the navy at the age of 17 due to my family s heritage of serving in the navy

I remember that before the war the youngest volunteers were using broom handles to do drills as the country had not re-armed

“I also remember there was a prisoner of war hut on what is now Poundbury

Joining residents for the commemoration and afternoon tea, and to lay their own wreath were young visitors from the Combined Cadet Force at Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester

Welcoming everyone and helping to turn the clock back members of the Castle View Companionship Team dressed as Land Girls for the occasion

At Braemar Lodge in Salisbury 98-year-old resident and D-Day veteran Commander Douglas Parish was the main speaker at a supper for representatives of the Royal British Legion, fellow veterans and the Salisbury Sea Cadets

Douglas, who is the Cadets’ Salisbury branch vice president, gave a first-hand account of serving in the engine room of HMS Mauritius as a 17-year-old midshipman on D-Day

“We received the actions stations’ order at 11am on D-Day morning ” he said Coming up on deck I d never seen anything like it in my life You could not see the sea for ships

There were all sorts of landing craft some with guns some with rocket batteries, all going off with bangs in all directions

It was incredible the sights and sounds of so many ships in one place at the same time that you could literally step out onto them It’s something you knew you would never see hear or experience again

Douglas recalled his warship being fired on with an enemy shell exploding just 15 yards from the starboard bow

Awarded the Légion d honneur medal for his role in helping to liberate France, Douglas has remained consistently modest about his contribution to D-Day I just did my job I was a very small cog in a very large wheel,” he said

One of the visiting veterans Luke Wood countered the comment by explaining that his regiment the Royal Green Jackets formerly the

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry had been directly assisted by artillery covering fire from HMS Mauritius as they manoeuvred to protect forces coming on land at Sword Beach

Graham Ballard, Companionship Team Leader at Braemar Lodge, said: Douglas s talk was fascinating and everyone was fully engaged

He detailed each element of his experiences hour by hour using his logbook He read out entries he had written from the perspective of his 17-year-old self as

a reminder of the bravery of our armed forces and the loved ones they left behind for the price of our freedom “With many of our residents having service histories themselves and even personal wartime memories it has been a privilege to facilitate events and opportunities to commemorate the 80th anniversary on their behalf

The atmosphere at The DurhamGate Care Home part of Adore

Residents of The DurhamGate Care Home were treated to a spectacular performance by their very own Front of House Manager, Samantha, during a special indoor street party’ celebrating the 80th anniversary of D-Day Samantha who has a professional background as a singer took the stage in authentic 1940s attire evoking memories of the era for the delighted residents Reflecting on the event she said It was an honour to perform for my residents for such a special event and to hear the stories they have to tell about their connections to the day itself back in 1944 ” On her impressive repertoire Samantha added In the past I worked professionally as a singer and performed at a lot of 1940 s events including a gala performance celebrating Vera Lynn s 100th birthday with Scarborough Spa Orchestra, but this is the first time our residents have seen me in my 1940 s outfits it caused quite a stir they loved it!" The event gave residents an opportunity to reminisce about their loved ones who took part in the World War II Operation Overlord One of the residents Norah aged 96 shared a touching story about her cousin who served in the Navy She recalled with pride his vital role in charge of landing a vessel and getting everyone to shore Similarly Renee also 96 remembered her brother who served in the medical corps Although he rarely spoke about the battle, she poignantly remembered him telling their mother I wasn t religious but I prayed that day "

a newly recruited Engineering Officer Guests were invited to ask questions during which Douglas s daughter Alison was able to comment from her perspective of her dad being away at sea for so long
the group commented on how sharp Douglas s memory is to recall the events with such clarity His response was that ‘these experiences were so powerfully emotional that you couldn t possibly forget them’” As well as speaking at the supper Douglas was a guest at an anniversary service at Salisbury War Memorial and a D-Day dinner at Salisbury Guildhall Among other Colten Care homes St Catherines View in Winchester commemorated the 80th anniversary with a street party-style lunch and service followed by a performance from singer Retro Rita Guests included representatives of the Royal British Legion’s Winchester branch Elaine Farrer Colten Care’s Chief Operating Officer said: “D-Day continues to inspire and act as
Care Homes was filled with nostalgia and camaraderie as residents enjoyed an indoor street party The catering team went above and beyond to create a beautiful afternoon tea, a quintessentially British tradition Adding to the authentic wartime ambiance, Samantha dressed up in true 1940 s style One resident Margaret was so impressed by Samantha’s traditional Victory Rolls hairstyle she asked to have her own hair styled the same way Family members also appreciated the event Jill Windsor niece of a resident shared these kind words "That was an absolutely fantastic afternoon and we were over the moon to be part of it The food was beautifully presented and delicious as per usual but the star of the show was Samantha what an incredibly beautiful voice and person she is What a talent Always consistently happy and welcoming ” Samantha s performance was particularly touching for Jill who added My aunt Elizabeth who is suffering with dementia was literally brought to life A joy to see and brought a tear to my eye Thank you to Karen Samantha and all the carers for their hard work and kind natures Durham Care Home Celebrates 80th Anniversar y of D-Day Landing With Special 1940’s-Themed Performance

Derek Tapson’s Remarkable D-Day Stor y

D-Day Veteran Honoured by Dutch Government

David Woodrow one of the last surviving British veterans from World War II will be honoured for his unparalleled service by the Dutch Government and the Norwich Normandy Veterans Association on 19th May 2024 The event will not only commemorate his remarkable contributions but also celebrate his 100th birthday, occurring two days later

David, now residing at Saxlingham Hall Care Home near Norwich, owned by Healthcare Homes has found comfort and support in the compassionate care provided by the facility Despite the passage of time his spirit remains indomitable a testament to the resilience forged in the crucible of war

His journey began on 24th March 1943, when he enlisted in the Royal Air Force (RAF) Following rigorous training he joined the esteemed 652AOP Squadron, C Flight Army/Air Corps Operating Auster planes David and his squadron were tasked with locating enemy targets and directing artillery fire onto them Their vital support aided the 1st Corps with C Flight specifically supporting the 51st Highland Division artillery

One of David's most significant assignments was during the pivotal D-Day operation As part of the advanced landing party he played a crucial role in establishing an airfield at Plumetot enabling planes to

fly from England and provide crucial support By July 20th 1944 in Normandy 652 Squadron had flown 856 sorties conducted 458 shoots and logged 420 hours of flight time Despite facing enemy fighters on twelve occasions, resulting in the loss of four aircraft and the lives of two pilots and one rear observer, Woodrow and his comrades remained steadfast in their mission

Among their many feats was the pursuit of the Seine Turnhout Antwerp canal Esschen Nijmegon, Operation Trojan, Reichwald Forest and Goch - daring battles that stretched from Normandy to the Netherlands and Germany, showcasing their unwavering dedication and bravery

After an illustrious career, David concluded his service on 24th March 1947, leaving behind a legacy of valour and sacrifice

David Woodrow s story is a testament to the courage and resilience of an entire generation The presentation on 19th May will serve as a poignant reminder of his

and a

of his 100th birthday

often referred to as D-Day it is the largest seaborne invasion in history

MHA Norwood offers residential and dementia care for 45 residents

Julie Cosson activity coordinator said: “This is the second time Georgina has come into the home and entertained us all

“The residents had a great time, some of them gave requests, joined in with the singing and the atmosphere on the day was amazing

“We served everyone tea coffee and juice and the lounge was full of residents and you would often get staff popping in and out

The songs triggered some war memories for our residents and you could see how much it meant to them

“Some of the family members stayed on to watch Georginas performance and they were very impressed

“D-Day is a very important day in British history and we wanted to make sure everyone at MHA Norwood understood how important it is ”

D-Day Mini Concert For St Benedicts Residents Residents at Ipswich Home Singalong to War Songs in Memor y of D-Day

Residents at a specialist dementia care home in Glastonbury have been enjoying a sing-along at a mini concert which has taken place at their home to mark the anniversary of the D-Day Landings

The courtyard garden at St Benedict’s rang out with familiar wartime favourites sung by the D-Day Dollies including songs from the Andrews Sisters, Judy Garland, and Dame Vera Lynn, and residents were only too keen to join in William Merivale assistant operations manager for St Benedict’s Nursing Home said: “Many of our residents are living with dementia, but they

have no problem recalling the words to the songs of their youth

The visit by the D-Day Dollies which included some brilliant choreographed routines was a huge hit and a lovely way to pay our respects in remembering the sacrifices made by those involved in the D-Day landings ”

The concert at St Benedict s is part of a busy and varied programme of activities organised by the home for the benefit of residents White Care Group also runs St Cecilia Care Home in Shepton Mallet and The Rectory in Taunton

Introducing remarkable 102 year old D-Day Veteran Derek Tapson Flight Lieutenant of the RAF 197 Typhoon Squadron This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings A series of commemorations are happening in the UK and France to honour the brave personnel who risked their lives for freedom and peace We give tribute and re-tell the remarkable story of our resident Derek Tapson who bravely served on D-Day in Normandy and lives with us at Astell House care home in Cheltenham Derek was trained as an RAF pilot in America In December 1943 he joined 197 Squadron at Tangmere, flying Typhoons and operating against German radar sites shipping and mechanical transport over France From April 1944 he flew from Needs Oar Point bombing radar sites on the French coast On D-Day 6 June 1944 more than 130 000 Allied troops landed in Normandy The largest seaborne invasion in history it laid the groundwork for the liberation of Western Europe and was a major turning point in the Second World War On D-Day Derek flew fighter sweeps in support of troops on the Normandy beaches After D-Day the squadron continued beyond the beachhead giving close support to Canadian troops (using B3 a specially prepared airfield at St Croix sur Mer) Bombing both German positions and their armour in Normandy In July 1944, he joined 84 group Support Unit flying Typhoons and supplies to Normandy beachhead airfields Offensive operations continued over France, then Holland and Germany Derek was shot down on 8 February 1945 was captured and became Prisoner of War in Germany The Battle of Normandy lasted until the end of August as British American French Canadian Polish and other Allied forces pushed German forces beyond the River Seine The Squadron s motto was: Findimus Cealum ( We Cleave the Sky ) and its badge was a sabre held in a lion s paw, a reference to the Napier Sabre engine of the Typhoon 197 Squadron RAF was disbanded in August 1945 www 197typhoon org uk Derek was awarded in 2015 the French Governments Highest Award the Legion D Honneur for his and the Squadrons role in the liberation of France from occupation Here’s a BBC Points West clip of the award presentation: https://www facebook com/watch/?v 893062237455587 Caring for Derek at Astell House for the last 8 years has been
great privilege for all our staff A hero
a gentleman with a very remarkable story
fitting celebration
There was plenty of singing and dancing at Ipswich home in preparation for D-Day MHA Norwood arranged for a singer to come in and entertain residents staff and their family members with war songs The home decorated the lounge area and created a space for all to enjoy the music The Normandy landings were the landing operations and associated airborne operations on Tuesday 6 June 1944 of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II Codenamed Operation Neptune and

Gillingham Community Gathers at Care

Home to Honour 80 Anniversar y of D-Day

Care UK Homes Illuminate to Commemorate

their respects

Homes were also invited to take part in a D-Day cake competition This allowed residents to reminisce with chefs to create a cake to memorialise the occasion Once they had settled on an idea they could help to make or decorate it Most homes shared their cakes at the community events they ran on Thursday 6th June The winning home Hadrian House in Gateshead created a fruitcake inspired by Vera Lynn and the White Cliffs of Dover Andrew Knight CEO of Care UK said “It was a privilege to see our homes across the UK pay their respects and mark the D-Day-80 commemorations in so many ways – most significantly with their Lamp Light of Peace

I know many residents took the opportunity to remember their own loved ones some of whom served in the Armed Forces or contributed to the effort back on the Home Front It was also an opportunity for residents and their families to acknowledge those with loved ones who are currently serving in our Armed Forces at home and overseas I am glad that we were able to support residents families, and the local communi-

ties around our homes in marking this special day of commemoration encouraging everyone to gather and remember the importance of the sacrifices made 80 years ago ”

Bruno Peek said of the initiative: I wanted to ensure that all those in care throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man were provided with the important and equal opportunity of being part of the D-Day 80 commemorations by lighting Lamp Lights of Peace at 9 15pm coinciding with the lighting of the Beacons that night

“I was delighted when Care UK our leading care provider in the sector agreed to light a lamp in their homes with the flame from each representing the ‘light of peace’ that emerged from the dreadful darkness of war 80 years ago

The Lamp Light of Peace will be able to be reused by homes in the future including annually on 11th November as part of their Armistice Day commemorations

Care UK continues to strive for innovative ways to support and honour veterans and military families across their homes Recently Hollins Park care home in Macclesfield achieved the high standards needed to qualify for the Veteran Friendly Framework (VFF)

The aim of the VFF is to better support the practical emotional and social needs of the Armed Forces community in residential care homes across England, by providing training and resources to assess and improve the care they offer It helps to tackle loneliness and has the scope to deliver improved health and wellbeing outcomes for the 25 000 veterans living in care homes in England

In Chingford Ivy Grove care home made the dreams of an RAF veteran come true for his birthday As part of our Wishing Tree initiative which encourages residents to ask for a special experience

The Gillingham community gathered together at a care home to support the residents to honour the 80 anniversary of D-Day Residents at Fern Brook Lodge congregated at the care home s The Brook community space for a special service led by Rev Angus Mayhew of St Mary s Church in Gillingham to honour those who lost their lives on D-Day The Last Post was played on the cornet by Taylor Crowther Senior Care Assistant at Fern Brook Lodge to signal a twominute silence followed by tributes and a poem from the Mayor of Gillingham Cllr Roger Weeks and Claire Davies Deputy Home Manager Afterwards, Annie Kings, a Dementia Champion at Dementia Friendly Gillingham led a number of hymns as well as songs from the era including Bring Back My Bonnie to Me and We ll Meet Again by Dame Vera Lynne Later in the day, the residents enjoyed fish and chips for lunch, followed by live music and entertainment at a garden party in the sunshine with afternoon tea served by the care home team who were dressed in 1940s-style clothing Rosemary, who lives at Fern Brook Lodge, said “I loved the day The songs were thoroughly enjoyable and brought back lots of memories for me Deb Wiltshire Home Manager said: The residents in our care were pleased to welcome some of the Gillingham community into the care home to pay their respects on the 80 anniversary of D-Day It was a very touching and emotional day for the residents many of whom have links to the military as veterans military wives or as relatives of those who served in the forces At Care South we like to honour these special occasions and anniversaries with time to reflect as well as opportunities to lift the residents spirits with music and a singalong ”
126 Care UK homes across England Scotland and Wales lit their Lamp Light of Peace to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day The provider led the way on the Light Lamp of Peace initiative for the sector and joined other settings, including hospital trusts, to pay their respects D-Day 80 of which this campaign is a part was developed by Pageantmaster Bruno Peek CVO OBE OPR He has led Royal and international celebrations for nearly 40 years D-Day 80 has partnered with The Normandy Memorial Trust, The Royal Naval Association, ABF The Soldiers Charity RAF Benevolent Fund and the Merchant Navy Association In addition to illuminating the night with their own Lamp Lights of Peace most homes hosted their own events throughout the day inviting the community in to pay
– no matter how big or small 103-year-old Arthur Clark took to the skies once more just prior to his birthday The home team arranged for Arthur be a passenger in a 1930s Dragon Rapide plane at Classic Wings at Duxford in Cambridge Arthur was a former RAF pilot who served in India and Singapore with the 2896 squadron formed in 1942 was surprised by the care home with a visit to for the special flight on May 10
D-Day Friends Of The Elderly Malvern And Malvern Day Care Ser vice Honour The 80th Anniversar y Of D-Day The care team at charity Friends of the Elderly s Malvernbased Davenham, Perrins House and Bradbury Court the residential, nursing and dementia care homes which are collectively known as Friends of the Elderly Malvern and Malvern Day Care Service transported residents and clients back to June 1944 to honour D-Day s 80th Anniversary The D-Day landings on 6th June 1944 marked the liberation of France and Western Europe It was a massive operation with the invasion including nearly 133 000 troops from the British Commonwealth their Allies and the United States – and 7 000 ships We wanted to honour mark and celebrate the 80th Anniversary of such an important day in history said Jo Bennett, the General Manager at Friends of the Elderly Malvern “Many of our residents, day care clients and respite guests lived through the war years and have vivid recollections of that time and often reminisce about their wartime experiences; so we wanted to commemorate D-Day’s 80th Anniversary in a special way ” The day got off to a hi-di-ho start with the care team donning 1940s costumes “One of our domestic team, Karen Packer, made beautiful textile land girl headscarves for our lady residents with our gentlemen looking smart in classic hats ” continued Jo Clients from Malvern Day Care also looked stunning in patriotic red white and blue garments Visitors
enjoyed musical
by singer Judi B who delighted
songs from the era “The
thoroughly enjoyed Judi s lovely voice
added Tina Ellenton the Activities Coordinator at Davenham, the residential care home at Friends of the Elderly Feet were tapping hands were clapping
day care clients joined in with the singing at every chance they got They had a wonderful time In the afternoon Friends of the Elderly Malvern welcomed some iconic Morgan Cars to the grounds Shirley Bradley Friends of the Elderly’s Head of Day Care Services arranged for the classic cars to pay a visit Morgan has been producing cars in Malvern for over 110 years said Shirley The cars characteristic timeless design is so iconic The residents and day care clients loved seeing the vehicles and enjoyed asking questions about their performance and design The cars visit was a great addition to the D-Day celebrations at Friends of the Elderly Malvern ”
residents and day
everyone with
residents and day
and the
and the

Residents at Hickathrift House Care Home

Honour the Brave on 80th Anniversar y of D-Day


Winchester Dementia Care Home Marks D-Day

Anniversar y with Community Lunch

to facilitate events and opportunities to commemorate the 80th anniversary on their behalf

Parkstone Care Home Honours 80th Anniversar y of D-Day

Members of the Poole community gathered together at a Parkstone care home to enable the care home residents to honour the 80 anniversary of D-Day Residents at Alexandra House care home, on Alexandra Road congregated in the garden for the special event, which was officially opened with a speech from David Squire Poole Town Crier After getting proceedings underway he handed over to Rev Elaine McCourt of St Peter s Church who thanked the residents for

Residents and staff at Hickathrift House Care Home in Marshland St James Wisbech, commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings by sharing personal memories and participating in community events
It was especially poignant for those residents who experienced D-Day Dorothy, a resident at Hickathrift House recalls being in London when Winston Churchill made the announcement and celebrating in the streets with hundreds of others
staff attended the
Summer Fair at Walpole St Andrews Church
few days later
celebration included themed music military
Margaret a resident at Hickathrift House said The military vans bring back several memories from long ago We must keep the memories of those who fought alive and also think about those involved in conflicts around the world today Thank you to the team for preparing such a lovely tribute” Paula Colman General Manager at Hickathrift House said: D-Day is such an important day in history and commemorating the event allows us to think about lives that have been lost and remind us of the people still putting their lives on the line
honour the largest combined land, air and naval operation in history, Hickathrift House Care Home marked the 80 years since the D-Day landings on 6 June 1944 - the start of the campaign to liberate Nazi-occupied northwest Europe - with a special tribute by lighting the lamp of peace The 'Lamp Light Of Peace is a traditional Oil Lantern Its ruby red colouring represents the ultimate sacrifice made by brave men and women across the globe As the General Manager Paula Colman lit the flame the residents and staff took a moment to reflect on their bravery and honour The light represents the light of peace that emerged from the darkness of war The home was decorated in red white and blue and residents and staff dressed up in their 1940s-inspired landgirl outfits and enjoyed a lovely afternoon reminiscing with memorabilia while singing along to Vera Lynn
Residents and
vans fair games like Coconut Shy and refreshments
Residents at a Winchester dementia care home marked the 80th anniversary of D-Day with a street party-style community lunch Joining the diners at Colten Care s St Catherines View were guests including Winchester vicar Chris Whittaker and Councillor Jamie Scott of the city council s St Luke Ward Chris held a brief service to commemorate those who fought and died on D-Day, after which residents, staff and visitors came together to share thoughts and memories The lunch featured classic British fare including gala pies, mini Woolton pies and cheese scones and for dessert trifle and blancmange There was also an opportunity to sing along with wartime tunes performed by visiting entertainer Retro Rita The D-Day anniversary prompted events, visits and get-togethers at all 21 Colten Care homes in Hampshire Dorset Wiltshire and West Sussex Elaine Farrer, Colten Care’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “D-Day continues to inspire and act as a reminder of the bravery of our armed forces and the loved ones they left behind for the price of our freedom With many of our residents having service histories themselves and even personal wartime memories, it was a privilege
a warm welcome before she went on to hold a service in honour of those who lost their lives on D-Day Hymns and songs were sung by the residents led by Rev Elaine McCourt rounded off with the Lord s Prayer Local singer and guitarist, Angus Todd, then played a host of favourites in the sunshine for the residents to sing along to including My Old Man Said Follow the Van Run Rabbit Run The Lambeth Walk and Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag Anne who lives at Alexandra House said: “I can’t sing very well but I enjoyed the D-Day anniversary event The staff are very good and everyone is very nice here ”
who also lives at Alexandra House said “I
the boys
men who lost their lives on DDay deserve for us to remember them All of the staff made a lot of effort to make the home look nice for
our care were pleased to welcome some of the
It was lovely to see them smiling singing and dancing during the musician s performance At Care South we like to honour these special occasions and anniversaries with time to reflect as well as opportunities to lift the residents’ spirits with music and a singalong
us The songs sounded very good and I was looking at other residents faces and everybody was smiling and singing along ” Georgina Powell Home Manager said: The residents in
Poole community into the home to pay their respects on the
anniversary of D-Day
Forces veterans, including those who served during WWII have taken part in events at Royal Star
three Homes to mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings
charity’s Homes in Solihull
took part
two-minute’s silence
to mark the day Residents watched live coverage of the UK national commemorations from the British Normandy Memorial in Ver-sur-Mer and observed the two-minute silence Royal Star & Garter provides loving compassionate care to veterans and their partners living with disability or dementia The charity has also launched new services reaching out into the community Each of its Homes cares for residents who served during WWII Residents also celebrated the D-Day landings for laying the foundations of the Allied victory in WWII, and the courage and heroism of those who took part in it At Solihull, singer Debbie Miles provided live entertainment In Royal Star & Garter in Surbiton residents enjoyed a D-Day street party barbecue, which was also attended by members of the Combined Cadet Force at Southborough High School Music duo Eel Pie Two came in to perform in the afternoon At High Wycombe residents lit a Lamp Light of Peace, to represent the ‘light of peace’ that emerged from the darkness of war Later in the day staff dressed as 1940s service personnel and Land Girls, and there was live music from singer Liza Jazz and a tea party Residents and staff at all three Homes also tucked into delicious D-Day cupcakes made by caterers Signature Dining Shirley Hall Director of Care & Wellbeing at Royal Star & Garter said: “Each of our Homes has residents who served in WWII We also have many more who lived through D-Day and remember the events surrounding that day 80 years ago vividly It is important for our residents and our staff to honour the bravery and sacrifice of those who took part in the D-Day landings I’m glad we were able to do that D-Day 80: WWII Veterans Among Those Marking Normandy Landings at Royal Star & Garter
& Garter’s
Residents at the
Surbiton and
in commemorations which included the lighting of a Lamp Light of
and a
The Homes were specially decked with bunting and decorations

Waterside Court Care Home Marks The 80th

Anniversar y Of The D-Day Landings

Elm Bank Care Home Marks The 80th

Anniversar y Of D-Day

Hazel Lodge Care Home Marks The 80th



Waterside Court Care Home in Wallingford marked the 80th anniversary of the D Day Landings by watching the services that were talking place both in Portsmouth and in France attended by the King and Queen Prince William and many brave veterans who took part in those dangerous missions so many years ago Staff and residents were interested to see the ceremonies honouring the bravery and telling the stories of those who fought so selflessly to ensure our freedom attended by those that survived and honouring those that didn’t come home Staff and residents also got a chance to have a tour of some military trucks displayed outside in the car park of the care home and also had fun sitting it them Local Volunteers were kind enough to allow Waterside Court to have these beautiful military vehicles for staff residents and the community to enjoy for the day Afterward everyone who attended the event got to enjoy some ice cream in the garden Clem Heriman, General Manager at Waterside Court Care Home said: Many of our residents can remember the D Day Landings and we all know what it meant for our country so we wanted to mark the date follow the ceremonies and listen to our residents’ memories of the war and the experiences they lived through ” Terry resident at Waterside Court Care Home said I remember all the family gathering around the radio to listen to the news and hear of the progress our servicemen were making on the beaches in Normandy It was such a pivotal moment in the war and we all knew the importance of how those missions turned out I really can’t believe it is 80 years ago ” Hazel Lodge Care Home in Battle marked the 80th anniversary of the D Day Landings by watching the services that were talking place both in Portsmouth and in France attended by the King and Queen, Prince William and many brave veterans who took part in those dangerous missions so many years ago Staff and residents were interested to see the ceremonies honouring the bravery and telling the stories of those who fought so selflessly to ensure our freedom, attended by those that survived and honouring those that didn’t come home Robert Dura-May Senior General Manager at Hazel Lodge said: Many of our residents can remember the D Day Landings and we all know what it meant for our country so we wanted to mark the date, follow the ceremonies and listen to our residents memories of the war and the experiences they lived through Residents and their families were then treated to an Afternoon Tea with some classic treats like scones and cream and bread & butter pudding made by the Hazel Lodge hospitality team It was a lovely day filled with reflection and celebration
The Oaks Care Home, In Rubery Birmingham celebrated the 80th Anniversary of D-Day this week The event which took place on 7th June aims to honour and commemorate the bravery and sacrifices made by the veterans who fought during World War II The Oaks Care Home is dedicated to creating a supportive and engaging environment for its residents, and organising special events such as the D-Day celebrations is an important part of this commitment The celebrations will include a range of activities and programs that will provide an opportunity for residents to reflect on the significance of D-Day and pay tribute to those who served Residents will be encouraged to share their own stories and experiences from the war all based around providing an inclusive and supportive community spirit The Oaks Care Home will also be hosting a special poetry reading from the era In addition to these activities The Oaks Care Home has partnered with local schools and community organisations to involve the wider community in the celebrations Students will be invited to visit the care home and engage in intergenerational activities, fostering connections between different generations and promoting understanding and appreciation for the sacrifices made by the veterans The Oaks Remembers D-Day with a Commemorative Afternoon Tea Elm Bank care home in Kettering marked the 80TH anniversary of D-Day in style by having an afternoon of music from the fabulous D-Dollies The residents enjoyed the beautiful songs of the past with eyes closed and smiles the residents all sang along Residents reminisced about their memories of the time, sharing stories and enjoying each other s company whilst listening to the wonderful live performance For many residents it was a time in their lives that meant so much being able to share stories was important to all Marvellous Bindura General Manager at Elm Bank said: Many of our residents can remember the time around D-Day and sharing thoughts with each other was a beautiful experience the music was amazing and it certainly got everyone singing Another afternoon of reminisce has already been planned to mark the important day in history Brian a resident at Elm Bank said, “It was wonderful, the music was simply the best the D-Dollies sang all the songs we loved back in the day and still do simply perfect a lovely afternoon ”

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