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“Many people need to up their social skills related to business, and having an established program and shared commitment can encourage employees to be positive when dealing with customers.”

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– Billy Mitchell, president, MLT Creative

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August 2011



Can’t We All Just Get Along

Prestone Printing Announces Expansion of Large Format Capabilities to Meet Growing Needs of Clients

Publisher’s Thoughts

People News


Mobilize Your Content

Hopkins Printing Named a Top 50 Small Company Workplace in America

5 Reasons to Do It Now!


The 3 Drivers of Revenue... and the 4 Tips for Getting Focused on Them


Jayme Wisely Joins GLS as Executive Vice President

The Corner Office Tech Corner: Predatory Pricing — Fact or Fiction?

Denver-Area Print Provider Recognized with Sappi Fine Paper’s 14th North American Printers of the Year Award

Print in the Mix Fast Facts: The Influence of Print, Digital and Social in the Purchase Decision

BPGraphics, a Phoenix-Based Signage and Graphics Printing Company, Installs a New, High-Volume HP Scitex FB7500 Printer

CMO Council Marketing Insights

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Communication 5 Characteristics of a Consistent Leader



New E-Publisihing Conference for Creatives Announced for Graph Expo 2011

The Influence of Packing in the Buying Decision

A new iPAD app for those with a love for letterpress

Product Spotlight

Out of the Box

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Vertis Communications “Flexes” Custom Packaging Muscle with Installation of High Definition Flexographic Technology

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Book Recommendation Bold How to be Brave in Business and Win



End to End

How to Sell More Big Deals

Satisfying your customers’ needs means taking their projects from idea to execution— and beyond. Are you up to the challenge?


Saving Face


Email Action 7 Steps to Getting Prospects to Open, Read and Act on Your Email

Tips for Customer-Centric Customer Facing


Can’t We All Just Get Along Last month, President Obama ruffled some feathers in our industry. In an effort to make a point about wasteful spending, he called for the elimination of printing the Federal Register. His video message


included comments that likened the Federal Register to a stack of ‘expensive doorstops’ that nobody reads. Although the president referenced a great deal of other wasteful spending, including meaningless websites, the Printing Industries of America took some issue with the message. Many of you may have heard about the debate that took place and may have possibly participated

in an effort to defend print. I have been a big supporter of the printed word and believe that print can

Publisher’s thoughts

be an amazingly powerful vehicle. It may even be more impactful in the electronic age than it was years ago. However, I contend that the debate is a poor use of our time. Individuals taking issue with the PIA for defending our honor are just looking for a fight. Subse-

quently, the individuals defending print are just wasting their time. People will debate that being defensive about print is almost like an admittance of guilt. As an example, I can remember when I got in trouble when I was a kid and passionately defended myself. My mother used to tell me that I must be guilty if I am making such a big fuss about my innocence.

“Let me say that again— we don’t need to support print; we need to support the people who print!” On the other hand, the people taking the time to brow beat us into letting go of print, come off as intellectual bullies, and nobody likes a bully. The fact is that print is a great tool as are social networks and smartphones. We have lots of great vehicles at our disposal, and print is most certainly in the mix. But the leaders of this industry should not be focusing on supporting print or debating its value. Our time and efforts need to be focused on supporting “Those that print.” Let me say that again—we don’t need to support print; we need to support the people who print! An industry is not defined by product. It is defined by the people and the organizations that participate. I could argue that our industry is actually not shrinking. It may, believe it or not, be growing through transformation and redefinition. The idea that printers are to become more than they are today is not rooted in the amount of products they can sell. It is based on our customer facing strategies and the markets we serve. So, while certain organizations continue to debate the merits of print, we are focused on creating content that helps the people who print adapt and prosper. Our cover story, Saving Face, highlights the best customer-facing strategies that small businesses can implement to succeed. In addition, our friends at Oce, were kind enough to sponsor End to End, an introspective article that details what needs to be done behind the scenes to sell new solutions. Look, CANVAS loves print. But, we love the people who print more. The world is getting redefined, and rather than waste our time getting immersed in arguments, we aspire to connect with the thoughtful people from our industry and aide their success. In fact, look for MSP this fall. Not only will we be providing you thought-leading perspectives, but we will put answers right at your fingertips. In the meantime, can’t we all just get along! Warmest regards,

Mark Potter Publisher


CANVAS August 2011

Meet the game-changer. The world makeready champion, ROLAND 700 DirectDrive For zero-time plate changes, nothing out-performs the ROLAND 700 DirectDrive press. With directly driven plate cylinders, all plates can be changed simultaneously and easily during the same time the impression and blanket cylinders are being washed. For even more speed, QuickChange modules allow you to automatically pre-select all makeready steps, and print length correction on-the-fly allows you to correct while the press is in operation. The ROLAND 700 DirectDrive’s speed, quality, and efficiency make it the bridge between offset and digital for short-run printing. Truly, changing the game.

Mobile media Mobilize Your Content 5 Reasons to Do It Now!

By John Foley

Mobile is the next big thing in marketing, and it is here now. Why should you mobilize your content? Here are five reasons!

1. QR Codes on Direct Mailers When you mobilize your content, you should have QR codes for people to scan. Using QR Codes on direct mailers has become a popular trend, because now you can encourage people to take further steps towards using your products or services. With your direct mailer QR Code, you can send people to all types of mobilized content John P. Foley, Jr. is the CEO and CMO of Grow Socially ( For more information call John at 800-948-0113 or e-mail him at

that will give them more incentive to take action. Offer a mobilized coupon, event registration form, survey or a mobilized purchase form. QR Codes that send people to mobilized landing pages allows your audience to take these actions quickly and easily from their phone. By using a straightforward, mobilized format for your content, it will spike response rates and impress your audience.

2. Interactive Marketing Opportunities Having mobilized content allows for users to interact directly with your company and submit information right to your database. Offer incentives for customers to supply their email address, or give surveys that can be easily taken right from a phone. You can add these opportunities on any type of printed piece—tradeshow posters, direct mailers, brochures and more. Use your mobilized content as a tool to compile information and better service for the needs of your consumers.

3. Smartphone Prominence

Having mobilized content allows for users to interact directly with your company and submit information right to your database.

You have seen the statistics by now. Smartphone numbers are through the roof. There will be nearly 100 million smartphones in the U.S. by the end of 2011, and projections say more smartphones will be sold than PC’s in 2012. Mobile marketing isn’t a niche anymore; it is a massive segment of the population.

4. No More Zooming and Scrolling Smartphone website viewing can be a hassle. Zooming in to read microscopic text and then scrolling left to right to read just one line is awkward and unpleasant. Having mobile optimized websites, landing pages and content alleviates this problem. A mobile optimized site is designed to be read on a smartphone with minimal scrolling and no zooming necessary. Give your eyes a break!

5. Get the Word Out! A mobile website is a great way to get out all the information you want to bring to your potential customers. And a mobile website also allows you to have additional pages, or sites, devoted specifically to particular services or products. Different QR codes can lead customers to different pages. Be creative! The possibilities are endless.


CANVAS August 2011

A c t i o n

The 3 Drivers of Revenue… and the 4 Tips for Getting Focused on Them

By Paul Castain

If we were to break down our activities as sales professionals, I’m sure we’d all agree that there are three things that drive our business: 1. New Account Acquisition (hunting for new business) 2. Account Development (growing existing business) 3. Account Retention (preserving the business)

Sounds reasonable enough but . . . This is the printing industry…and we have deadlines, administrative activities and even fires to

Paul Castain is the vice

put out!

president of Jedi Mastery

So if the bulk of our time is spent responding to things. How do we get out of “response” mode and get our focus back on the things that help drive revenue?

at Castain Training Systems. Paul’s career spans more than 25 years, during which he

Perhaps these four tips can help you liberate your day!

has trained more than 3,000

1. Identify The Things That Continually Interrupt Your Activities! Research from BASEX tells us that we lose 2.1 hours per day to office interruptions. Those interruptions can be

sales and sales leadership professionals.

anything from coworkers to email (and you know you have to check it immediately or the world will end) to your phone and yes, even clients.

Action: Track your time for the next two weeks making note of all the interruptions you encounter. Assess how many hours a day you’re losing. Challenge yourself to free up one hour a day and then use that time to focus on your revenue drivers!

Note: Do the math on this. One hour per day is over 200 hours per year. Imagine if your boss wrote you a bonus check, each year for 200 hours of your time? Would you turn it down?

2. Invert Your Thinking! Most of us will get to the three drivers of revenue only if there’s time left over after responding and administrative activities. Try doing the opposite by scheduling everything else around your three drivers! 3. Respect Yourself! Pop Quiz: Would you break an appointment with a client or prospect? Perhaps it’s time you give yourself the same respect? From this point on, don’t let anything short of an emergency interrupt time you’ve scheduled for the three drivers. Get selfish with your time! 4. Perform Continual “Reality Checks.” Get in the habit of asking yourself, “Is what I’m doing, right now either bringing in a new account, growing my business at an existing account or helping me retain business? If the answer is “No,” then adjust

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your course immediately! Note: Bad years don’t happen on New Year’s Eve! Bad months don’t happen on the 30th. Bad weeks don’t happen on Friday, and bad days don’t happen at 4:55. They all have a starting point. Your mission is to stop yourself the minute you go off course.


Co Th Of rn e fic er e

Tech Corner

Predatory Pricing— Fact or Fiction? By Howie Fenton


recent article in Forbes entitled, Apple Gets Predatory with Lion OS Pricing, May Bite into Ballmer’s Bottom Line, reminded me of an ongoing controversy about print pricing. The article talked about how Apple was undercutting the price of Windows 7 to try to steal market share from Microsoft. But the controversy about print pricing, which always seems to rear its ugly head during recessions, suggested that printers use “predatory pricing” to drive other companies out of business. According to Wikipedia, predatory pricing is, “the pricing of

goods or services at such a low level that other suppliers cannot

have the same staff levels or equipment they had five years ago?

compete, and are forced to leave the market.” It is illegal and

Then there are the companies that never

discussed in Section 2 of the Sherman Act. While there are laws

created their own BHRs; they simply bought the

and allegations about predatory pricing, legal cases are rarely

NAPL Blue Book Budgeted Hourly Rate Cost

tried, and the courts are skeptical that this strategy exists. But the

Studies and used those as their own BHRs. The

question remains: Is Predatory Pricing a strategy in our industry?

Blue Books are meant to be used as a tool, with a

After years of analyzing costs using budgeted hourly rates (BHR) and performing competitive pricing analysis, I can’t deny that there

company plugging in its own real numbers, not to be used as one-size-fits-all costs.

are companies that position themselves as low-cost providers. And as any print buyer will tell you, there are always companies offering to do work at what seems like costs. In our industry, the idea of predatory pricing seems to make intuitive sense, and the controversy is fueled when you learn how much another company bid and discover that their price was lower than your paper costs. But low bids alone are not necessarily predatory. But when I get quotes from several companies and one is much lower

And last, but not least, are the

There are three typical costing mistakes we see. Most often it’s a result of companies not having updated their budgeted hourly rates in years.

or higher than the rest, I call and ask

license” to reduce their BHRs to keep pricing competitive by assuming they have higher utilization rates, which also can create inappropriate costs. Of course, as noted above, just because a price is below cost does not make it “predatory.” It may simply mean that someone made a mistake in job costs. The closet thing to predatory pricing I have seen occurred in the last few years when some companies bid work at cost with

them if that price is accurate because it is much different than the others.

the expectation that they could nickel-and-dime

Nine out of 10 times, the call results in another, more accurate quote.

customers with fees for file repairs, rush changes,

There are three typical costing mistakes we see. Most often it’s

or extra proofs. I don’t think this is predatory pric-

a result of companies not having updated their budgeted hourly

ing as much as not playing fair with the customer.

rates in years. By itself, that does not always result in completely

Considering that most companies struggle to

out-of-line costing. If staff levels and equipment are the same, costs

make 2-3 percent profit each year, I can’t imagine

might not remain fairly uniform. But let’s face it: What companies

any company surviving using predatory pricing.

Howie Fenton is an NAPL consultant who focuses on resolving production concerns, providing sales training, and helping companies sell more value-added digital services. To contact Howie, call 800-642-6275, Ext. 6328, or e-mail


companies that use “creative

CANVAS August 2011

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Tango Advantage ®

STURDIER PAPER DRIVES SALES Paper selection matters. It’s true. Research shows that consumers prefer promotional items printed on sturdier cover stock. It conveys a higher level of quality. And it can actually increase purchase intent for the advertised product – your client’s product.* Tango Advantage is 80% sturdier at the same weight. Tango 12 pt/100# is more than 80% sturdier than competitive 100# coated covers – without adding a pound of weight!** So how do you deliver greater value to your customers to keep them coming back to you? By making them aware that by simply switching to Tango they can enhance their brand image and their sales results. Need proof? Visit and get a free demonstration kit so you can feel the difference for yourself – and then demonstrate the difference for your customers. Tango Advantage C1S Cover Tango Advantage C2S Cover Tango Advantage Digital C1S Cover Tango Advantage Digital C2S Cover Tango Blanks C1S

*Source: MWV proprietary research, April 2010. Reflects 18% from total sample group that said the strength and sturdiness of their preferred unmarked sample (Tango Advantage) would Definitely or Probably impact their likelihood to purchase the product advertised. Advertised lift could be higher or lower depending on the category advertised.

**Sturdiness based on comparison of cross direction Taber stiffness testing of Tango Advantage 12 pt/100# cover vs. competitive 100# covers. ©2011 MeadWestvaco Corporation. All rights reserved worldwide.

Co Th Of rn e fic er e

Print in the Mix Fast Facts For additional information go to

The Influence of Print, Digital and Social in the Purchase Decision Shopper Sciences, IPG Mediabrands’ research and shopper

The research divided potential forms of influence into three areas:

marketing consultancy, conducted a national study commis-

1. Stimulus—marketing efforts that spark the

sioned by Google to explore how the changing world of

consumer’s awareness and familiarity with a

media is influencing shoppers’ move from undecided to

product or service;

decided as they move along the path to purchase. Conducted in April 2011 among 5,000 U.S. shoppers

2. The Zero Moment of Truth—research and fact-

across 12 diverse shopping categories, from groceries to

finding activities about a product or service directly

cars to financial products, the research analyzed the role of

undertaken by consumers;

more than 50 different media sources—including traditional advertising, Internet search and display, mobile, online social

3. The Final Moment of Truth—the moment at

and retail store channels.

the shelf, before purchase, in the retail store.

According to the study, today’s shoppers are digging up more information, from more sources, before they buy. The survey reveals that the average shopper uses 10.4 sources of information to make a decision in 2011, up from 5.3 sources in 2010. Those 10.4 sources range from TV commercials and magazine articles, to recommendations from friends and family, to websites, ratings and blogs online. Survey participants were asked, “When you were considering purchasing [PRODUCT] what sources of information did you seek out to help with your decision?” The top marketing sources delivered by the three forms of influence mentioned above:

TV commercial Direct mail or catalog from brand/manufacturer Newspaper ad/newspaper insert Newspaper article/review/information Magazine article/review/information Magazine advertisement Email received from a brand/manufacturer Online ads noticed while browsing Direct mail or catalog from store/retailer TV show featured a product Billboard ad

1. Top Stimulus Sources Used By Shoppers When Making Purchase Decisions By Type (top defined as those above a 17% source usage average)

37% 31% 29% 28% 27% 24% 23% 22% 22% 21% 16%

N=5,003 Source: Google/Shopper Sciences, Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study, April 2011. • Analysis shows that 82 percent of 18-34 year olds cited stimulus mediums on the path to purchase, roughly 5 percent higher than 35-49 year olds (77 percent), and 10 percent higher than 50-plus year olds (72 percent).

2. Top Zero Moment of Truth Sources Used By Shoppers When Making Purchase Decisions By Type (top defined as those above a 17% source usage average

Online search engine


Talked with friends/family


Comparison shopped products online


Information from a brand/ manufacturer website


Online product reviews or endorsements


Information from a retailer/store website


Online comments following an article/opinion piece


Became a follower/”liked” a brand


N=5,003 Source: Google/Shopper Sciences, Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study, April 2011. • Nine out of 10 (91 percent) 18-34 year olds turned to research and fact finding (Zero Moment of Truth) mediums on the path to purchase, compared to 85 percent of 35-49 year olds, and 79 percent of 50-plus year olds.


CANVAS August 2011

3. Top Final Moment of Truth Sources Used By Shoppers When Making Purchase Decisions By Type (top defined as those above a 17 percent source usage average) See “Out of the Box” on page 12

much confined to big-ticket items like cars, or expensive

“Pre-shopping before buying has become a huge,

buy today,” Bob Thacker, Gravitytank strategic advisor

huge part of customer behavior. In the past, it was pretty

electronics or homes. Now people engage in discovery before shopping on very small things. It’s crossed all categories of shopping behavior. It’s just the way people and former CMO of OfficeMax, is quoted as saying.

Source: Google, ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth by Jim Lecinski, accessed July 6, 2011.

CMO Council: Marketing Insights • Overall, the most popular

•O  ver 13 million consumers

• Mobile retail users tend

• Comscore Data shows the

activity among mobile users

accessed retail content

to be more affluent than

number of mobile display

was mobile web search.

on their mobile phone in

the total mobile audience;

advertisers has risen

Nine in 10 mobile users

a given month; 2.2 million

conduct searches on their

accessed some sort of

Ranked by income, the

mobile handsets

retail content almost


every day.


94% France

93% U.S.

bracket is the leading

93% UK

13 Million Consumers

demographic for mobile retail users.

The last 24 months

Looking for membership ID cards for applications ranging from financial and healthcare cards to insurance and alumni cards? FormStore manufactures an entire family of affixed and integrated ID cards and magnets. Let FormStore help you identify more membership ID card opportunities in 2011. Scan the QR code to learn about our card and magnet products, request samples or have an Account Manager call to discuss your ID card projects.

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Co Th Of rn e fic er e


5 Characteristics of a Consistent Leader


By Ryan T. Sauers

he word leadership is discussed all the time. As I

and inconsistency as the erratic (speed up/slow

am doing doctoral work in Organizational Leader-

down) pace of a short distance runner. Here are

ship, I have read more definitions of leadership than

five important things to ponder when thinking

any human being should ever have to read. With

about the importance of consistency as it relates

that said, one characteristic that I see many leaders

to leadership.

share is consistency. Consistency in actions and behavior is one of the most favor-

1. Consistent leaders tell the truth. They do

able characteristics that leaders have in common. In the dictionary,

not need to remember what “partial truth/

consistency is defined as being marked by harmony, regularity, or

falsehood” they might have told. The truth is

steady continuity and free from variation or contradiction; and show-

so much easier to remember. So be honest in

ing steady conformity to character, profession, belief or custom.

what you say – and do it each day.

Try to think of consistency as being the steady and methodical pace of a marathon runner.

2. Consistent leaders are loyal to their employers and/or employees. This means they look at the big picture and do not simply react in an emotional manner to one event. 3.  Consistent leaders are well rounded and maintain a healthy balance in all aspects of their lives. They know who they are and what’s important. They do what is right (whether people are looking or not) and they do this daily. 4. Consistent leaders set goals and track them to be sure they are growing in all areas (mental, physical, social, and spiritual) of life.

Here is what this means to you. As a leader, your actions (what you say, what you do, where you spend your time, what you deem

5. Consistent leaders are ones that we recog-

important, the decisions you make etc.) are constantly being

nize as having great integrity when their

analyzed and thus demand consistency. This way, the people who

name is mentioned. They are never too high

follow you will not be confused, surprised or caught off guard.

or too low – but even keel and level headed.

I am not suggesting that consistency means that a leader should be boring. To the contrary, consistency in leadership allows for predict-

In short, and there are so many more examples...

able behaviors—and makes it easier for followers—“to follow.”

it is all about consistency. Again, consistency does

In contrast, erratic leadership (lacking in consistency) creates

not mean that a leader is boring, but instead that

ineffectiveness and hurts the leadership process.

the leader is solid, reliable and well rounded.

So, here is a word picture to consider. Try to think of consistency as being the steady and methodical pace of a marathon runner,

Are you a consistent leader?

Ryan T. Sauers is president of Sauers Consulting Strategies with nearly 20 years experience leading printed communications companies. He has a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership; is a Certified Meyers Briggs Practitioner; and is a Certified Marketing Executive. Sauers Consulting Strategies is in the business of growing small business. For more information, please visit

P10 CANVAS August 2011

See Printing in a New Light The Next Generation Press: Speedmaster CX 102

Innovation inspires innovation. The new Speedmaster CX 102 combines the innovative technical solutions of Speedmaster XL 105 technology with the successful platform of the Speedmaster CD 102. The result is an ultramodern press whose much shorter makeready times and top production speeds of 16,500 sheets per hour make it ideally equipped for today’s tough markets. Curious? Find out more at

Heidelberg USA, Inc. Phone 888-472-9655 • E-Mail •

The Influence of Packaging in the Buying Decision


he opportunities for selling packaging solutions are well documented. Understanding client behavior and the reasons for packaging are critical to success. Environmental concerns are prevalent and cost reduction dominates all categories. However, the biggest factor for marketers in creating and presenting packaging is what may be called the “Final Moment of Truth. According to the national study by Shopper

Sciences, IPG Mediabrands’, referenced in our

Top “Final Moment of Truth” Sources Used By Shoppers When Making Purchase Decisions By Type (top defined as those above a 17% source usage average)

Corner Office section, the changing world of

Product packaging


media is influencing shoppers’ move from “unde-

Brochure/pamphlet read in store


to purchase. The study concluded that packaging

Talked with a salesperson or associate


is the single most important factor in The “Final

Product signage/display


Phone call with a customer service representative


Sampled/experienced the product in a store


cided” to “decided” as they move along the path

Moment of Truth”. The study data showed that 81 percent of 18-34 year olds relied on “at the shelf” (Final Moment of Truth) mediums before purchase, compared to threequarters of 35-49 year olds and 50-plus year olds.

N=5,003 Source: Google/Shopper Sciences, Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study, April 2011.

Source: Google, ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth by Jim Lecinski, accessed July 6, 2011.

In Praise of Packaging Solutions • Packaging protects – ten times more energy goes into the

• As well as protecting and preserving goods, pack-

production of the food and goods it contains than into the

aging carries vital information on ingredients, keeps

packaging itself.

hazardous products away from children, and ensures

• Packaging makes modern lifestyles possible.

goods are safe (where packaging cannot be opened

• When you buy an undamaged carton or tin in a shop, remember

without showing evidence of tampering).

that the boxes and crates that carried them securely on lorries and in warehouses are as vital as the cartons and tins themselves

Putting packaging in perspective

in getting the product to you.

• Packaging attracts a lot of media attention –

• The packaging industry continues to rise to the challenge of

disproportionately so given its relatively small

being responsible and innovative – glass containers are on aver-

environmental impact. For example, packaging

age 30 percent lighter than in 1980, the weight of cans has fallen

uses only a fraction of the energy that is expended

by a similar figure in the last twenty years and carrier bags are 45

in driving a car. Just 3 percent of a household’s

percent lighter than in 1990.

annual energy use is taken up by packaging.

• The industry has driven innovations such as anti-litter retained ring-pulls and readily open-able / re-sealable cartons.

• If you were to drive one less mile a day – or to turn your thermostat down by two degrees -

• Industry continues to make packaging easier to use and more

you’d save as much energy as is used to make

convenient for consumers, while providing better protection

the packaging for an average household’s

using less material and generating less waste.

whole year’s supply of packaged goods.

Source: INCPEN - Industry Council for Packaging & the Environment, Soane Point, 6-8 Market Place, Reading, Berkshire RG1 2EG Tel: +44 (0) 118 925 5991 Fax +44 (0) 118 925 5993 Email: Website:

P12 CANVAS August 2011

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I print therefore I am.

No other medium brings the power and emotion of the printed image.

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er, Dear CANVAS Read e are challenging communications, thes int pr of rld wo e th For many in ars ago can no ted only a very few ye an gr r fo en tak re we at times. Things th cil, we have rs from the Print Coun te let ws ne nt ce re In longer be assured. . out the Postal Service provided grim news ab length partners for ustry have been arm’s ind ing int pr the d an The USPS a true partner ly have been considered rd ha uld co PS US the e many years. Whil on intenis essentially a distributi int Pr ry. ssa ce ne s wa it for most of its history, r of print tion’s largest distributo na the is d an s wa PS der sive industry and the US ss mail - the profit lea cla t firs of ne cli de id the rap communication. With ubt and unfortuthe system is in real do of ity bil via l cia an fin e for the USPS -th Congress. use as nately is in the hands of en introduced in the Ho be s ha on ati isl leg o, As of a few weeks ag dressing postal ills and approaches to ad ls bil e th d an te, na Se well as the l viability of the veral years, the financia se r Fo t. en fer dif re could not be mo or t summar y, l pension issues. In sh sta po g sin es dr ad on USPS has hinged e federal funded its share of th er ov s ha PS US e th at studies have shown th facing a challenge to at the same time it is ile wh n pla ion ns pe employee ram. its retiree medical prog to ts en ym pa epr ry make mandato e future fundover funding to pay th e th e us to is ion lut One obvious so solution flow is resolved. This sh ca in ar ye a n lio t is ing and about $5 bil Carper and Collins bu rs to na Se of ls bil te na is contained in the Se House Oversight e bill introduced by us Ho e th in d se es not even addr funding does s view is that the over Hi a. Iss ll rre Da n ma Committee Chair e federal ment of funds from th ve mo y an at th d an not exist in current law Frankly, repaid by taxpayers. be to ve ha uld wo nd employee pension fu es. nd in these approach there is no middle grou keep in mind. By some critical dates to are re he , try us ind For the printing ry payment default on its mandato to ve ha ll wi PS US the September 30, 2011, make its nounced that it cannot an dy ea alr s ha It n. to its retiree medical pla nt System. In midral Employee Retireme de Fe the to t en ym obligated pa compensation ke mandatory workers ma to le ab un be ely October, it will lik will run out of cash. July 2012 (or earlier), it of d en the By ts. en proxipaym are quite serious. Ap ns tio ica un mm co int The implications for pr well as about 65% ll delivered by mail as sti are als dic rio pe of mately 87% mail. These are int is intended for the pr all of % 60 t ou Ab s. of greeting card tistics. ress is only a few of the key sta so since no one in Cong ve lie be e W d? lve so So, will the issue be re very dif ferent busihowever, we will see a e; ps lla co PS US e th willing to let dust settles. ness partner when the With Regards, Ben Cooper, Executive

P14 CANVAS August 2011

Direc tor


– THE INCA ONSET FAMILY OF UV FLATBED PRINTERS – Top quality print, reliability and cost savings – the wide-format market is quickly evolving with faster and higher-quality production presses. Don’t wait. The machine you need is here ... now.

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People News Prestone Printing Announces Expansion of Large Format Capabilities to Meet Growing Needs of Clients

Hopkins Printing Named a Top 50 Small Company Workplace in America

Prestone Printing has expanded their digital

of the 50 Top Small Company Workplaces for 2011. The Top Small

large format capabilities through the acqui-

Company Workplaces competition is an annual contest that has recog-

sition of new equipment. As a full-service

nized the nation’s best small and mid-sized company work environ-

printer and one of the ten largest printers in

ments since 2003.

Inc. magazine and Winning Workplaces named Hopkins Printing one

the NY area, Prestone has purchased two HP

Winning Workplaces and Inc. received nearly 350 completed appli-

5500 large format ink jet printers (indoor and

cations for the 2011 contest. A national panel of experts in leadership

outdoor), a Roland Solvent Jet (outdoor), a

and small to mid-sized business judged finalists on employee engage-

large format laminator (hot and cold lamina-

ment and development, company mission, rewards and recognition,

tion), an AGFA Anapurna M 2050 - 8 Color

management effectiveness, and benefits.

Hybrid printer, and a Kongsberg i-XL-24 ICut.

“These firms represent some of the finest privately held companies in

The new equipment enables Prestone

the world,” states Bob LaPointe, president of Inc. “Their stories, appear-

to print directly on rigid substrates such as

ing in the June issue of Inc., clearly demonstrate that taking an innovative

foam core, gator board and styrene; as well

approach to creating the right culture—one in which human capital is

as paper, vinyl and canvas. Additionally, Prestone will have the capability to fulfill requests for banners, vehicle and building wraps, step and repeat banners, signage and specialty die-cut applications. “We have always seen the value in investing in new machinery and technology to satisfy the growing needs of our customers,” says Rob Adler, president of Prestone Printing. “The decision to expand our digital and large and grand format capabilities is just the latest way we try to provide our clients with everything they need under one roof.” Reducing waste, driving down costs, increasing production speeds and maintain-

embedded in a company’s value proposition—can create real competitive leadership. Each of these Top Small Company Workplaces offers an environment in which people flourish and, as a result, profit follows.”

ing superior quality were top of mind when

Hopkins Printing is committed to creating an environment where

making the decision about which new equip-

employees can thrive, and one way they do so is through a “three-

ment to purchase. In particular, the addition

deep” training agenda. About 75 percent of all positions are trained

of the Agfa Anapurna M 2050 satisfied all

“three-deep” at Hopkins, which means that at any one time three

the company’s requirements. As a top qual-

people are capable of operating a particular piece of equipment or

ity wide format inkjet printer for indoor and

covering for a certain position. Cross-training of all employees to cover

outdoor applications, the Anapurna provides

other positions increases productivity, creates flexibility, and allows

direct to substrate printing, has a white print-

employees to become knowledgeable authorities in multiple areas of

ing function and can switch between rigid

business and production.

and roll media instantaneously.   

“It is a true honor to be named one of the best small workplaces in

“It is our number one goal to make the

the nation and a greater surprise to have Hopkins as one of the featured

lives of our customers’ easier,” continues

companies in the Inc. magazine article. Winning Workplaces reviewed

Adler. “And the addition of these new

each of our programs, policies, and benefits before they surveyed all

machines is a prime example of how we

of our employees. It was a thorough process and we’re pleased that

continually improve to do that.”

everyone was able to contribute their thoughts. Hopkins employees care about the success of our company and together we all make it

For more information about Prestone

a great place to work!” says Michelle Waterhouse, HR director for

Printing, visit

Hopkins Printing.

P16 CANVAS August 2011

Vertis Communications “Flexes” Custom Packaging Muscle with Installation of High Definition Flexographic Technology Vertis Communications, a results-driven marketing communications company that delivers inventive advertising, direct marketing and interactive solutions to prominent brands across North America, has upgraded its best-in-class flexographic platemaking system, establishing a new standard of excellence for companies and brands that rely on Vertis for the highest quality plates for custom package printing. The new EskoArtwork HD Flexo enables Vertis to deliver custom plates that can help clients such as Hershey Company, Tyson Foods and Mission Foods create eye-catching product packaging that hits the shelves faster and delivers greater ROI. The addition of HD Flexo 2.0 technology at Vertis’ packaging facilities boosts its position as an established leader in flexographic platemaking that delivers specialized premedia to consumer packaged goods companies and brand owners. With the new upgraded system, Vertis affords its customers a range of benefits including:    Better Print Quality and Consistency: Gravure-quality images provide greater print consistency, higher resolution, improved richness and contrast, and a greater color gamut that accurately represent the brand regardless of printer or substrate. Reduced Costs and Time to Market: Greater run lengths and less ink result in measurable cost savings while reduced file prep time, accelerated setup and more efficient digital workflow enable more rapid production and faster speed-to-market. Greater Sustainability: Fewer washing cycles enable optimal use, and energy and CO2 emissions reduced by as much as 50 percent when compared to gravure printing.

For more information about Vertis’ integrated marketing capabilities, please contact Amy Bowman with

“Product packaging has a major influence on consumer buying behaviors, and leading consumer brands rely on Vertis to deliver best-in-class

Stanton Communications at

packaging solutions that make their products stand out on the shelf,” says

For more information on EskoArtwork’s

Gerald Sokol Jr., president and CEO, Interim, Vertis Communications.

hardware, software and solution services

“Our investment in HD Flexo 2.0 provides our clients with advanced tech-

and the new EskoArtwork HD Flexo

nology that yields outstanding package design while containing costs and

technology visit

increasing speed-to-market.”

Jayme Wisely Joins GLS as Executive Vice President GLS Companies, a leading Minnesota

solutions that can be directly tied to client

marketing services provider, is pleased

success. I am excited to be in the GLS family

to welcome Jayme Wisely as executive

and join such a talented organization.”

vice president.

In his role as executive vice president, Wisely

Jayme comes to GLS with more than 27

will lead the GLS senior executive team and be

years of experience in leading sales teams

responsible for the company’s day-to-day oper-

and organizational development initia-

ating activities, including revenue and sales

tives. He was attracted to GLS because

growth; expenses, cost and margin control;

of its customer approach as a complete

and monthly, quarterly and annual financial

communications solution provider. “GLS

goal management; while providing feed-

has a strong reputation in the industry to meet and exceed their customer’s expectations using a wide range of capa-

back to the CEO. His leadership will continue Jayme Wisely

to position GLS Companies as a leading Minnesota marketing services provider.

bilities,” he says. “I was attracted by the

GLS Companies is a privately held provider of Integrated Communications

depth of the company’s character and

SolutionsTM including full-service digital, sheet-fed and web printing, creative,

the strong values that it is built upon. GLS

promotional product, mailing and distribution services, with facilities in

is well known for providing end-to-end

Brooklyn Park, and Saint Paul, Minnesota.


People News Denver-Area Print Provider Recognized with Sappi Fine Paper’s 14th North American Printers of the Year Award Vision Graphics Inc., a Denver and Loveland based print and

Vision Graphics Inc. “To have our name associated with

marketing communications provider, has received a Silver Award

industry giants like Sappi and Spyder Active Sports makes

in Sappi Fine Paper’s 14th North American Printers of the Year

it a double honor. The entire Vision Graphics’ team works

Competition for its Best Catalogue




entry. Vision Graphics was recog-

ing work for our clients—we

nized for its 2011 Dealer Workbook

are extremely proud that our

with Spyder Active Sports, a Boul-


der-based ski apparel company.

of excellence. ”




Sappi’s Printers of the Year compe-

As a 2011 Silver award winner,

tition recognizes print excellence

Vision Graphics Inc. is automati-

and innovation produced on Sappi

cally entered to compete for the

papers. All entries were judged by

Gold Award. Only 58 of 2,100

a panel of highly regarded print professionals on the overall

entries were recognized as Silver Sappi Printers of the Year

impact of the piece, degree of difficulty in the printing tech-

winners. Award recipients are listed on Sappi’s website at

niques used, and technical excellence., and winners will also receive a

“It is always an honor to have our work recognized by our peers,” says Mark Steputis, CEO and president of

framed award, as well as the use of the official Printers of the Year logo.

BPGraphics, a Phoenix-Based Signage and Graphics Printing Company, Installs a New, High-Volume HP Scitex FB7500 Printer BPGraphics is successfully transitioning more of its analog screen-printing work to efficient, high-quality UV digital printing with the installation of an HP Scitex FB7500 Printer.

such as a recent job for 500 point-ofpurchase standees that were efficiently produced, with more accurate proofing, on the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer.

The Phoenix-based company—a large-

using one operator instead of two—all

The printer also helps BP Graph-

volume customer that owns 11 HP Scitex

on a device that offers excellent quality

ics better serve a growing number of

printers—also is working to streamline

on the same substrates we use on our

customers who, instead of purchasing

color management across its digital

screen printer,” says Curt Carpenter,

500 copies of a specific design, are likely

production platforms as a beta user of

president, BPGraphics.

to prefer a versioned run—100 copies

the new version of ColorServer Suite

The HP Scitex FB7500 Printer also

of five different designs, for example—

from GMG GmbH & Co. that is custom-

gives the company distinct advantages

as a way to customize and improve

ized for use with HP Scitex printers.

in proofing for longer-run signage and


point-of-purchase jobs that once ran on

and versioned work can prove impracti-

its analog technology.

cal for a screen printing device because

The new printer and color management software offer a number of benefits




that can substantially improve produc-

“We can do one-off proofs on the

of the numerous screen change, set-up

tivity at BPGraphics. With its 65x126-

printer using the actual substrate for the

and make ready costs they incur. Digi-

inch media capacity and print speeds

final job, make any changes that custom-

tal devices like BPGraphics’ fleet of HP

that reach 5,380 sq.ft./hr., the HP Scitex

ers request, and then print the entire job,”

Scitex equipment, however, can profitably

FB7500 Printer quickly and affordably

says Carpenter. “Proofing on the actual

accommodate those versioning requests.

produces longer-run jobs—works that

production device gives us confidence

The HP Scitex FB7500 Printer, with

the company previously completed

that we are giving customers exactly what

its extensive rigid media capabili-

using an analog screen printer.

they want when we are printing a job.”

ties, complements a pair of HP Scitex

“The HP Scitex FB7500 Printer’s

BPGraphics has recently transitioned

TJ8300 Printers that extend BPGraph-

biggest advantage for us is its ability

longer-run jobs that were once consid-

ics’ high-volume, high-end offering to

to do short runs as well as long runs,

ered analog-only to digital printing,

flexible media graphics applications.

P18 CANVAS August 2011


electronic publishing issues. Sessions address all the questions

to Provide Conference on Electronic Publishing, Specifically

that graphic communications professionals might have on elec-

for Creative Professionals

tronic publishing, including what’s new with online publishing,

Reston, VA - The Graphic Arts Show Co. (GASC) has part-

where it is slated to go in the future, how printers can make

nered with MOGO Media, a producer of training events and

money with it, and what challenges creative professionals will

conferences for the design community, to provide an educa-

face going forward.

tional conference during GRAPH EXPO 2011 specifically for

“We’re excited to be at GRAPH EXPO 2011 with the ePub-

creative professionals interested in electronic publishing. The

lishing Conference, as our bread and butter over the years has

ePublishing Conference scheduled for September 13-14, 2011

been the traditional print publishing community,” said Barry

will be held during GRAPH EXPO 2011, the year’s premier

Anderson, president and owner of MOGO Media. “E-publish-

graphic communications exhibition and educational confer-

ing is one of the big growth areas in the industry, but a lot of

ence, which will take place September 11-14, 2011, in Chicago’s

people don’t know how to do it. This conference will help with

McCormick Place.

that transition; attendees will be able to see what book and

Featuring three tracks-digital magazines; e-books, newspa-

magazine publishers are doing with electronic publishing. The

pers and HTML; and interactive and print-on-demand PDFs-

conference is a great place for all these people to gather and

the two-day ePublishing Conference is dedicated solely to

talk and share resources.”

Highlights of the conference will include: • A keynote session on the state of digital publishing, with commentary on everything from providing on-demand print files rich in layout to searchable, swipeable, video-enabled documents that work across multiple devices • An overview of the different approaches to digital magazine publishing • How to create dynamically generated PDFs from your website • Creating a digital magazine for today’s tablet devices • Step-by-step how-to on incorporating interactivity to PDF files, including Flash movies and video, and • Instruction on how to create your own e-publication, complete with animation and video. “In the past few years, multimedia has taken on a greater role

2011. For more information or to register for the ePublishing

in the graphic communications service provider’s repertoire,

Conference, visit:

and with the popularity of tablet devices, clearly e-publishing


is only going to continue to grow,” said Ralph Nappi, President

Recognized as the commercial printing, publishing, mailing and

of the Graphic Arts Show Company (GASC). “MOGO Media

transactional exposition for the Americas, GRAPH EXPO 2011

brings a lot of expertise to the graphic design and e-publishing

themed, “Embrace Technology,” has been designed to offer a

arena, and hosting this conference in conjunction with them

customized show-going experience for a diverse spectrum of

allows us to bring valuable instruction on an area that is still very

attendees from 11 key market segments. The exhibition will offer

new to many graphic communications professionals.”

the latest graphic communications technologies, live equipment demonstrations on the show floor, plus education on the most

Interested GRAPH EXPO attendees can register for a one- or

in-demand products and profit-making opportunities. Attendees

two-day pass to the ePublishing Conference which includes:

will find nine special interest sections on the show floor. These

• Admission to all sessions for the day (or for both days,

include the 2011 debut of the Marketing Pavilion, offering educa-

depending on the pass)

tion, resources and networking opportunities for today’s market-

• Online access to recordings of all the sessions

ers; News Print pavilion, which returns by attendee demand for

• A one-month, all-access subscription to, a

a second year at GRAPH EXPO 2011 and answers the call from

website that offers online software training videos for

newspaper printers and production executives for a dedicated

Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and more (a $25 value), plus

show floor section; PackPrint, covering package printing; Future

• Entry for door prizes and giveaways.

Print, featuring Printed Electronics and RFID; the Mailing & Fulfillment Center, the industry’s largest mailing event anywhere in the

Until August 26, 2011, attendees can purchase a two-day pass

Americas; the third annual GREENspace, a showcase dedicated to

to the ePublishing Conference for $495 and a one-day pass for

sustainability and eco-friendly products and services; the Prepress/

$299. Those already registered for GRAPH EXPO 2011 qualify

Software/Workflow and Press/Finishing sections; and, Education

for a conference discount; people who only register for the

Main Street for attendees seeking well-educated, talented indus-

ePublishing Conference will receive free entry to GRAPH EXPO

try newcomers to augment their company’s workforce.

For more information or to register for GRAPH EXPO 2011, visit:

P20 CANVAS August 2011

Product Spotlight ««

A new iPad app for those with a love for letterpress

Discover the WOW! Factor

It’s built-in coolness. Hand-type-

has a compilation of on demand webinars, thought leading white papers, and inter-

setting, printing press action, color

views with industry leaders. As an

inks, paper color choices, sharing via

extension from their live WOW

email and Facebook, and other eye-

events, Océ is dedicated to provid-

popping capabilities. Experience

ing the perspectives and data

selecting and placing the wood type

needed to succeed beyond the

and carved block imagery on the

box. Océ believes that the “WOW

press bed, mixing your colors, and

Factor” is captured in emerging

the delight of “hand-cranking” the

applications, the sharing of informa-

vintage Vandercook letterpress to

tion, and the building of a commu-

print upon the printed page.

nity around the Océ family. To expe-

Océ is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new site that will inspire, motivate, and aid the transition that many print service providers are making.

rience the WOW Factor scan the QR code today!

Visit to: Download InfoTrends White Papers: • The Next Wave for Cross-Media Communications Neenah Paper is proud to sponsor the launch of the new LetterMpressTM app. For more information and a video demo, visit

• WorkFlow Automation Initiatives Revealed • Digital vs. Print: A Tipping Point for Publishing

P22 CANVAS August 2011

Satisfying your customers’ needs means taking their projects from idea to execution—and beyond. Are you up to the challenge?


o your client has the ultimate marketing piece. An “award-winning-customerswill-knock-themselves-out-of-eachother’s-way-to-get-to-their-product” message that’s just sitting in the queue

waiting for somebody to say, “Go.” He called you looking for guidance. He has ideas. He wants high quality, four-color marketing collaterals printed in 24 hours. He’d also like to email out a digital piece that features audio and video links of product testimonials and instructional sound bites. And he wants to be able to track his customers’ response rates and archive who’s interested in what and why from each geographical region.

He wants all of this—and so much more. And he wants it now. As your customers continue to customize their breadth of offerings, it’s time for you to start thinking outside the box for solutions (if you haven’t already). Why? This is what we know about today’s ever-evolving print industry. Press runs are getting shorter. The demand for quality is getting higher. Speed is of the essence. And with all those technological upgrades out there (think continual new equipment and software updates), you must stay on top of your game just to survive.

“To solve any problem, there are three questions to ask yourself: First, what could I do? Second, what could I read? And third, whom could I ask?” – Jim Rohn

by Michael J. Pallerino

Sponsored by


End to End

Solutions. Solutions. Solutions. That’s what our

“You know you need a powerful press engine to get the job done,”

industry is all about today. Every print service

says Gerrit Terlouw, senior vice president of Technology Service and

provider promotes the idea of providing the

Support (TSS) for Océ North America, a Canon Group Company. “But

ultimate solution for their customers’ needs. But

you are constantly challenged to think ‘outside the box.’ The key is

what does it mean? At the end of the day, how

in those powerful modules and components that work together with

do you truly measure the success of the solutions

your press. This is what provides the full solution. There are other

you offered your customers?

considerations available to you to make it work, including workflow

In today’s fast-paced, the project-must-

efficiencies and service—factors that can really help you customize

be-done-now climate, you must be able to

your solutions. We know the press is vital. But these other factors are

provide your customers with an “end to end”

equally important in today’s environment.”

solution to get the job done.

One of the key areas in the solutions footprint

Commit that to memory. The

is workflow and associated efficiencies. Accord-

“end to end” solution is what

ing to research by InfoTrends, more than half



the cost of producing print communications can

expect — from you. It’s being


be attributed to the processes and workflows



that occur before and after print production.

spectrum of the workflow—



While these costs have dropped over the past

from equipment, to software,

decade, print service providers continue to






engage in a number of initiatives to automate



business and production processes so they can

manner. Simply put, your “end

increase efficiency, rein in costs and leverage

to end” solution includes the

staff time more effectively.


box (your powerful press engine to get the

Just how far has the industry come? A 2001 InfoTrends’ Cost of

job done), programming (all that innovative

Business Communications study found that 86 percent of produc-



tion costs were associated with overhead such as job submission,

customer service (including both preventative

prepress, planning and fulfillment, while the remaining 14 percent

and troubleshooting measures).

could be attributed to the print process itself. When InfoTrends




Where “end to end” solutions could make a difference Recent results from InfoTrends’ Info Production Software Investment Outlook show that just over 60 percent of print service providers who responded to its survey are currently placing some level of priority on print production workflow automation, with around 22 percent placing a high priority on this initiative. The priority levels from the survey identified the following: • Low Priority: Not a priority within the next 12 months; no plans for dedicating resources and/or budget

• Medium Priority: Not a top priority, but considering dedicating resources and/or budget in the next 12 months

• High Priority: Among company’s top three priorities; dedicated resources and/or budget today Overall, the survey showed that a significant number of responding companies are currently dedicating or planning to dedicate resources, a budget or both to print production workflow automation in the coming year. At the same time, over one-third of respondents indicated that automation was a low priority within the next year. Over 60 percent of print service provider respondents currently are placing some level of priority on print production workflow automation.

P24 CANVAS August 2011

revisited the study, it found that this overhead had decreased to just over half of production costs, which were directly attributed to the increased adoption of workflow automation. If you can build a workflow solution that saves your customers a few cents on each piece they mail, it will translate into significant dollar savings. How you build these kinds of custom solutions is what makes you successful.

The Way of the Zebra Imagine the pressure of trying to turn around a job in 24 hours with the understanding that one defect in a thousand is one too many. Zebra president Patrick DiLeonardo knows the feeling. The full-service print provider, which specializes in comprehensive logistical support and rapid delivery of complex, high-volume marketing and training materials, in the fast growing and technologically affluent Research Triangle Park area is an ideal example of a commercial printer that was willing to revamp its offerings to provide a wider choice of services. “We needed a hardware and software solution that would help us achieve the right balance of both,” Patrick says. “Our goal was simple: help our customers succeed, improve processes, and leverage advanced technologies to improve accuracy and productivity.” Zebra attributes its successful track record to three factors: understanding its customers’ business objectives and market conditions to help them succeed, continually improving process efficiency and focusing on accuracy. “We earn our customers’ loyalty by developing complete, customized solutions and turning

“Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet.”

End to End

complex jobs around quickly with quality, accu-

pre-press workflow software that would further automate

racy and reliability,” says Zebra CEO Charlotte

production. Rapid, responsive service was a must, as was an

DiLeonardo. “We document every job that goes

affordable price point.

through our operation based on whether it was

Today, in addition to a sophisticated mix of digital and offset

delivered on time, late or redone. Last year we

devices, the 17,000-square-foot facility produces between two

completed more than 99.8 percent of jobs on

and four million black and white impressions per month. “It takes

time. This year, we’re tracking at more than 99.9

less equipment to do the job, and the printers are much more

percent. As you can imagine, our focus on process

energy-efficient,” Patrick says. “So our electric bills are lower.

efficiency is pretty intense, and our expectations

We’re experiencing greater uptime, more productivity and the

for equipment reliability are very high.”

operators love them. What it all comes down to is this: We don’t

When its previous vendor’s equipment and service organization failed to meet expecta-

want to be an adequate print provider. We want to be a wonderful solutions provider.”

“Limitation lives only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”

– Jamie Paolinetti

tions, Zebra turned to Océ. The Zebra team

A New Way of Doing Business

knew that it was time to modernize its print

While digital print was still in its infancy, John Yurchak Jr. had a

infrastructure and search for a more respon-

tremendous vision for what it could do for his company. His vision

sive technology partner. “We wanted a faster,

was to offer high-quality, short-run digital book manufacturing

more efficient solution that would enable us

services to the publishing industry, manufacturing and service

to deliver better quality faster with a higher

companies, professional associations, government agencies, and

degree of reliability,” Patrick says. “Our exist-

colleges and universities. Yurchak Printing, which he founded

ing equipment was old and down too often. We

in 1998 in Landisville, Pa., sought to provide a service portfolio

had issues running coated stock and preprinted

that managed the document lifecycle and extended the value of

media, which caused production backlogs.

the publications.

And we were trapped in a proprietary world.

And then it happened. The end-users of hardcopy—colleges,

We wanted to partner with a company that

universities, accounting firms, attorneys and the medical field—

would help us take our print operation to the

wanted to print smaller quantities on demand to eliminate costly

next level.”

storage. But they also needed to keep their content up to date,

Zebra’s criteria were simple. It wanted

which required continual content modifications and shorter runs.

powerful presses that would improve uptime

“Even with all the information available on the Internet, there

and reliability and deliver excellent quality with

is a niche market for quantities ranging from 10 to 1,000 that

robust throughput and faster speed. It wanted

require a short turnaround time,” says Yurchak, who also serves

software that would simplify the conversion of

as CEO. “People want loose-leaf, hard-bound, and perfect bound

hundreds of Xerox RDO files. And it wanted

reference materials.”

P26 CANVAS August 2011

approach. The move translated into fewer errors,

“Even with all the information available on the Internet, there is a niche market for quantities ranging from 10 to 1,000 that require a short turnaround time.”

less manual handling, greater service consistency

– John Yurchak Jr., Yurchak Printing

So Yurchak partnered with Océ to build a new flexible and powerful workflow that would enable quick delivery on a variety of jobs. Océ automated Yurchak’s book production software capabilities and provided the printer with a freer, lower-cost

and more accurate monitoring. “We were looking for a partner for a number of reasons,” Yurchak says. “We needed hardware and software solutions that could help us remain relevant in the highly competitive world of digital publishing. With our focus on reference materials, printing on lightweight paper has become our specialty. That partnership made this possible.” By creating innovative solutions, Yurchak Printing has become a leader in digital short-run book manufacturing, specializing in solutions for the production of directories, periodicals, journals, reference books, fine edition books, illustrated books, Bibles, children’s books, bound galleys and university press books. Today, the print services provider deals with run lengths from 1 to 1,500.

For more information on Oce’s imagePress series, visit


Tips for CustomerCentric Customer Facing

By Lorrie Bryan

“Customer service is just a day in, day out ongoing, never ending, unremitting, persevering, compassionate, type of activity.”

– Leon Gorman, CEO L.L.Bean

Which of the following is not a customer-facing opportunity? • handshake • voice mail message • website, blogs, tweets and emails

If you astutely recognized that all of these things are customer-facing tools, then congratulations! Contrary to what many business managers and owners think, customer facing is not confined to specific personnel at designated times, and it transcends the limits of physical proximity. It doesn’t have to be a face-to-face event to be a meaningful

• custom publication

and successful customer-facing function. You should, in fact, consider any point of contact

• speech presented at an industry event • none of the above

P28 CANVAS August 2011

that you or an employee has with a current or potential customer a customer-facing opportunity, an opportunity to engage your customer and enrich your relationship with them.


Saving Face

“Customer facing happens everywhere—

through your entire process with their best interests in mind,”

distilled to its simplest form, it’s anything you

suggests Mitchell. “Do this as often as you can to keep your program

do that anyone else sees,” affirms Scott Dubois,

dynamic and constantly improving.”

president of pidalia, an agency providing

So while you are walking through your operations and processes

clients with solutions to advertising, software

wearing your customer’s shoes, and looking for areas to improve your

design and business process management.

customer facing, here are a few CUSTOMER-based factors to consider:

And Dubois also thinks it’s not just

C onsistency

what customers see, but also what they hear. “We took a critical look at our customer experience and decided that we should hire professional voice talent to record all of the components for our phone system. This enhances the experience for our customer,” he explains Billy Mitchell, president of MLT Creative, an innovative B2B marketing company, concurs. “Customer facing also relates to everything from phone reception to printed and



Even your invoices are examples of

“It’s the shared voice of all customer facing representatives that best deliver any brand’s promise.”

customer-facing interaction.” In essence, customer centricity lies at the heart of successful customer facing




in your customer’s shoes and walk

P30 CANVAS August 2011

After they reviewed their customer facing interactions, pidalia’s president felt that it was important for his customers and potential customers to be greeted by a pleasant professional voice when they called. It was equally important that the message be consistent with the company’s brand, that the quality of the phone service be consistently high and that calls are consistently handled with efficiency and care. “Consistency is one of the hardest things to achieve,” says Dubois. “But it’s one of the most important. It’s imperative that you are consistent with your brand, and that you nurture a company culture that lives and breathes your brand, and that your customer facing reflects your

– John Carr, director of Sales and Marketing, Solo Printing, Inc.

brand consistently.” John Carr, director of Sales and Marketing at Solo Printing Inc., emphasizes that the most effective and consistent customer facing isn’t

Saving Face

Customer-facing [kuhs-tuh-mer] [fey-sing] -adj. interacting or communicating directly with customers: good customer-facing skills

commitment can encourage employees to be positive when dealing with customers.”

U nhappy Customers = Opportunity!

Although nobody endeavors to make customers unhappy, it happens, usually as a consequence of inconsistent customer facing or poor judgment. But rather than dismissing unhappy customers, look at them as a unique opportunity to showcase your company’s commitment to exceptional customer service , particularly in this age of instant widespread outrage. Following a national Facebook and Twitter outcry regarding Delta’s exorbitant baggage charges for military personnel returning from deployment in Afghanistan, Delta Air Lines (and other airlines) changed their policy for military travelers to allow for about utilizing particular tools or strategies.

four free bags. But the real winner in this scenario was AirTran. They

“It’s the result of a company having a shared

one-upped Delta and everyone else by changing their policy for

culture of customer centricity. It’s the shared

military travelers and becoming the most military friendly airlines.

voice of all customer facing representatives

AirTran declared that they would begin handling ALL baggage for

that best deliver any brand’s promise.”

military personnel travelling on orders for free.

To maintain consistency, it’s important that your

Likewise, Dubois urges that all customer complaints be handled

company culture is reflected beyond the front-

as if they are front-page news. “One bad tweet appropriately

line and throughout your company. “Define your

placed can hurt you.”

company’s culture, develop your story and build your program on individual buy-in from every-

S uccessful Strategy

one in the company – not just your frontline,”

There is a major difference between a “solid” customer facing

urges Mitchell. “Instilling a customer-first culture

strategy and a “successful” strategy that connects to and engages

is especially important as part of a company’s

the marketplace, Carr explains. “Anyone can have a web presence,

on-boarding with new employees. Many people

participate in email blasts, drip campaigns and have Facebook and

need to up their social skills related to business,

Tweeter accounts. These can constitute a “solid” stratetgy but if

and having an established program and shared

they are not interactive—if they don’t convey a message, meet a

P32 CANVAS August 2011

“Many people need to up their social skills related to business, and having an established program and shared commitment can encourage employees to be positive when dealing with customers.” – Billy Mitchell, president, MLT Creative

need or compel one to take action—it is worthless. It is not merely about how many people can be reached, but about the quality of the experience and the ability to create a human moment. It can be easy to have a strategy, but is very hard to make a connection that leads to or enhances a relationship.

T op of Mind Awareness As Mitchell has noted, it is important to walk in your customer’s shoes and see things from their perspectives. For Susan Ishmael, vice president at Master Print Group, making the customer a priority has ensured successful customer facing and helped her company make the transition to marketing services provider. “To be successful, you must make it a priority to keep top of mind awareness of your customers—know their pain and their joy, their challenges and their triumphs. This becomes a constant state of mind as you build your personal relationships with your customers.

Gigante Vaz & Partners Advertising

gv115544a_1 Proof 2

Saving Face

The success of your customer becomes your

is only limited by your imagination. Regardless of the form, the

priority, and you want to provide them the

function is to engage potential customer or strengthen existing

marketing options they need to succeed. We are

relationships. The key to success is that the touch must be recip-

genuinely committed to our customers, so we

rocal. Building relationships is never a one-way street,” Carr says.

are training up, exploring all avenues and helping them develop strategy on a deeper level.”

O rganization

“Besides traditional networking and advertising opportunities, which are still very viable, there are countless ways to use the Internet and electronic media. The most successful approach incorporates all mediums. The goal is to communicate to your prospects

With so much customer interfacing on so many fronts,

in a manner, time and place of their choosing. Regardless of the

it is more important than ever to have a customer

medium, it must be interactive and one should never lose sight of

relationship management program in place.

the human element,” Carr affirms.

“Every touch point with a customer, even prior

Ishmael reminds that there is no substitute for personal contact.

to any transactions, is an opportunity to make a

“Regardless of the tool, you need to back up the encounter with personal

positive impression and an entry in a customer

contact. We utilize multiple tools to touch—our approach is changing frequently— and following up with a

Every touch point with a customer is an opportunity for a positive impression, an opportunity to share and engage with the customer.

personal conversation really sets us apart.”

E ngagement So what’s essential to turn a customer interaction into a successful engagement? Ishmael says she looks at each customer interaction as an opportunity to bring value to the relationship. “Your presence needs to be relevant and exciting so that you are bringing value to the relationship and thereby engag-

data base, so customer relationship manage-

ing your customer. One way you can do that is by offering them

ment is increasingly important,” Mitchell asserts.

relevant and useful information through e-blasts, blogs or custom

“There are several software programs that help

publications. It goes back to that personal relationship—knowing

support and organize customer engagement—

what their problems are and offering them solutions.” is a leading example. Some companies we work with have created custom-

R eal Customer Centricity

ized programs for this purpose.”

Mitchell stresses that a good honest culture that is real is easier

M ultiple Mediums

to sustain than one that is based on platitudes and policies. “Your policies and guidelines for customer engagement need to be

These days, a touch, a customer interaction,

based on honesty and a sincere interest in meeting your custom-

can take many forms. “It can be as literal as a

ers’ needs. Just as importantly, your day-to-day culture needs to

handshake or take the form of a tweet, blog, or

be true to your brand promise.”

interactive experience utilizing QR codes. The

He cites the example of Zappos shoes as told by Zappos’

means to reach ones prospects and customers

CEO Tony Hseih in his book “Delivering Happiness.” “Although

P34 CANVAS August 2011

Zappos is a B2C business, their culture is built on great customer

culture, then there is a natural wellspring of

service and a shared passion for making each customer’s experi-

customer service, and that positive impres-

ence positive beyond their expectations. Their approach carries

sion will be authentic, organic and inherently

over to their vendor relationships and strategic partnerships too,

more powerful.

so they set a great example for B2B also. Tony Hseih reinvented the lowly job of selling shoes and made it a job where a young person working all day on the phone with Zappos’ customers believes they’re making the world a better place.” Every touch point with a customer is an opportunity for a positive impression, an opportunity to share and engage

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with the customer. If a company nurtures a customer- centric

Gigante Vaz & Partners Advertising

gv115544a_2 Proof 1

©2011 Ricoh Americas Corp.

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Driving the future of digital production workflow

How to Sell More Big Deals -------By Linda Bishop

P36 CANVAS August 2011


ill stepped into Kevin’s office, closing the door behind her. “I just ran into Tom,” she announced. “He said he turned in his notice. Can you believe it? Until the downturn, he was always one of the top salespeople around here.”

--Jill was an account executive at BigPrintCo. A trim blond in her late 30s, she had been selling printing for more than a decade. Kevin was the company’s top salesperson. He was in his mid-50s, but looked younger, with sharp brown eyes that missed very little. Jill plopped into the brown leather chair in front of Kevin’s desk. “Tom told me selling isn’t fun for him anymore.” She sighed. “I confess I’ve been thinking the same thing. Too many customers don’t seem to care about anything except a low price.”


How to Sell More Big Deals

Kevin shrugged. “I’ve been selling for more than 30 years now. There have always been customers who bought on price. The best salespeople recognize price equates to value. When you find a way to give a customer more value, you command a higher price.” “How do I do that?” Jill frowned. “We’re better

manage the data and will print all the catalogs. The dollar volume

than the competition, but customers will settle

Roger’s Sportswear spends with me will go up, so I’m happy. And

for less.”

the client is happy, too, because the way the deal was structured,

“Customers buy because we solve problems

their total budget went down.”

for them.” Kevin leaned forward. “Look for

Jill’s blue eyes opened wide. “I have a customer with the same

bigger problems to solve. When I solve a bigger

problem.” She jumped out of the chair and headed for the door.

problem, I provide more value, get a better price

“I’m calling them right now to see if they’re interested in the same

and it’s a bigger deal as well.”

type of solution.”

The wheels starting turning inside Jill’s head. “You close more big sales than anyone else at

Kevin watched her go with a grin…

BigPrintCo.” Her tone was thoughtful. “I always

An opportunity for a big deal is lurking in your account base. Find-

wondered how you did it.”

ing it may not be easy, but it could be very lucrative when you focus on these six areas:

To structure a big deal, you need big problems, because clients will only make major changes when they can significantly improve their circumstances.

1. K  now exactly what you sell. Big deals are built by bundling products and services into a single highvalue solution. To identify winning combinations, hone your expertise on all the products and services your company offers. Sell on your strengths. Understand your weaknesses and be prepared to answer related objections. To close big deals requires more demonstrated knowledge about the solution you’re selling. Buyers who are willing to take a chance with a






“I’m always looking for big opportunities,”

brochure job won’t buy a complex print-on-demand online store-

Kevin said. “And I found one at Roger’s Sports-

front from sales reps who can’t confidently and competently

wear not long ago. We have printed their cata-

answer questions.

logs for years, but it was always a bid situation. A couple of months ago, I learned they were

2. Know why customers buy.

looking for ways to reduce their printing budget.

Both Starbucks and McDonald’s sell coffee. Beyond price consid-

I started asking questions and discovered their

erations, there are many reasons why some buyers prefer Star-

mailing list was a mess. It was tough for market-

bucks while others prefer McDonald’s. McDonald’s has more lunch

ing to maintain good data quality because their

choices on its fast-food menu and caters to kids. Starbucks, with

team is short-staffed. Once I understood the pain

its upscale coffee-shop vibe, is more likely to be the destination of

points, I constructed a new solution. We now

choice for business people meeting for coffee.

P38 CANVAS August 2011

How to Sell More Big Deals

nerally, bigger problems are solved Gewith a bundled offering providing an end-to-end solution.

You know why you prefer Starbucks or McDon-

3. Identify your customer’s big problems.

ald’s. To sell big deals you need to know why

Big deals come about because smart salespeople eliminate big

customers prefer you.

problems related to:

What value do you provide? Starbucks attracts

• Inefficient processes

a business clientele because customers can

• Low productivity

linger over coffee, and that benefit compounds

• Excessive cost.

Starbuck’s value with their customers.

• Missed opportunities for higher

What substitutes are available? McDonald’s

revenues or increased profit

added coffee bars because top management believed a significant percentage of coffee-

When hunting for big deals, remember you’re always selling

drinkers would opt for a less expensive cup of

against the status quo. To structure a big deal, you need big prob-

coffee if it was easily available. They were right.

lems, because clients will only make major changes when they can

What competitive advantage gives you an

significantly improve their circumstances.

edge? Both Starbucks and McDonald’s offer a variety of coffee drinks, but Starbucks has a

4. Which big problems can you solve?

competitive edge when it comes to the magni-

To sell a big deal, you need to find a match between the customer’s

tude of choices.

problems and your company’s products and services. Generally, bigger problems are solved with a bundled offering providing an end-to-end solution. Selling an established solution is easier than selling a brand new concept. Prior sales offer proof of your expertise, making it easier to open doors and start conversations with potential customers.

5. Put one big deal under the microscope. Many years ago, I sold a single-sourcing arrangement to a large consumer optical products company. This big deal was worth more than $2 million in annual sales. At that time, the client had several vendors, but I was the preferred partner. One of my primary contacts was in purchasing. One day at lunch, she confided her department was going to be restructured, and she was going to lose a staff member. She was worried because that person handled many administrative tasks including routing proofs, issuing PO’s, and bidding projects. Everyone else on the team was very busy, and she saw no easy way to reallocate tasks. This turn of events opened a door for me. I asked if her company would ever consider a single-sourcing agreement. In return for the larger volume of business, I could provide preferential pricing plus an on-site customer service person to handle administrative tasks. At that point in time, I was bidding on all the projects and receiving more than 50 percent of the total volume of work. It was well established that my pricing was competitive and fair. My company delivered consistent quality, and we had demonstrated our

P40 CANVAS August 2011

New Technology Introductions Live Demonstrations Education Opportunities September 11-14, 2011 Networking McCormick Place South | Chicago, IL USA

Print Sales and Marketing Executives

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How to Sell More Big Deals

willingness to go the extra mile many times. The customer knew she could count on us.

Don’t get discouraged about selling big deals to prospects simply because you don’t have a prior relationship. Plenty of prospects

My client was very interested, but she wasn’t

purchase innovative solutions as long as the salesperson proves the

the decision-maker. She arranged for me to meet

benefits, puts fears to rest and offers value at a fair and reasonable price.

her boss, the vice president of Purchasing. We discussed and negotiated, and they finally agreed

Unfortunately, there will be times when the deck is stacked against

to buy.

you, so watch for these warning signs: • The customer requires complex pricing or an elaborate

The timeframe from the first conversation until the contract was signed was about six months. It was a great deal for the customer and a fantastic deal for me. I closed this sale because:

proposal, but refuses to engage in any real discussion about the opportunity, either face-to-face or on the phone. • Prospects agree to meet, but it quickly becomes obvious that they’re just going through the motions—either so they can

Plenty of prospects purchase innovative

solutions as long as the salesperson proves the benefits, puts fears to rest and offers value at a fair and reasonable price. • The customer solved a major problem.

say they did their due diligence or to appease their boss—not

• The benefits I offered were high in value.

because they’re honestly interested in a potential partnership

• Pricing was perceived to be fair.

with you as a vendor.

• I was able to talk to the decision-maker. • Since my company was a known entity and

• The specifications have an obvious slant and you can tell they were written to benefit one particular vendor.

the preferred vendor, the customer considered the risks of a deeper relationship to be low.

When you have concerns about the opportunity being a waste of time, you may want to push the matter and have a heart-to-heart talk with the prospect and ask, “Do we have a real opportunity to

6. W  hat if you’re not the incumbent?

win this business?”

When you’re selling to a customer, you have

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn

an advantage because you have established a

around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or

prior relationship. Customers already trust you

work around it.” That’s good advice for any selling situation, but

and are aware of your expertise. When you’re

it’s particularly apt when you’re working on elephant-sized deals.

Michael Jordon, basketball star and fierce competitor, said,

selling to a prospect, they are more concerned

Big opportunities exist for sales professionals who know how to

about risks, particularly when the sale qualifies

eliminate the customer’s biggest problems—sales professionals

as a big deal.

like you.

Linda Bishop has spent more than 20 years in sales and marketing. In 2005, she started Thought Transformation, a national firm dedicated to helping clients add sales dollars by developing an educated and professional sales force.

P42 CANVAS August 2011

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Email Action 7 Steps to Getting Prospects to Open, Read and Act on Your Email

By Brian Sullivan


heck your email right now. How many do you have sitting in your Inbox from salespeople and marketers trying to get your business? And what separates the ones you open versus the ones that get sent to your Junk Mail abyss? Let’s face it; none of us have enough hours in the day, so we are forced to make hard decisions about where each minute goes. And our sales prospects feel the same.

So the art of creating a sales email that creates curiosity and urgency is a talent that you need to have if you are going to regularly find new prospects‌ as well as get current ones to act. So when writing that email, think about what it would have to say for YOU to be eager to open it.

P44 CANVAS August 2011

Email Action

Start with a testimonial in the body. People believe the opinions of peers using your solution more than the person selling it.

So what is the difference between an email

“Two years ago we switched our print to ABC Print and Market-

that gets opened and one that doesn’t? First,

ing. We believe that we are adding as many as 10 clients a year

people open, read and act on emails that they

as a result of how it helps us better communicate

can respond to quickly—which means you need

among departments.” – John Doe, Big Brand Inc.

to make every word count. They also are immediately skeptical, regardless of how great your solution is.

“I recommend ABC Marketing Services to all of my colleagues. No company better understands how to diagnose our issues and

Below are some tips that will get your email

provide answers to our client management challenges.” – Ad Agency exec

opened, read and acted on more often: 1. Have an Objective. A good

4.  State the Problem. Before you

email objective is what you want


the reader to do as a result of

general terms what your company





reading it. It is not to deliver

or solution does, you first have to

information. Think about the

“add a little salt to the wound.” Tell

action you want at the end…

them some of the common prob-

before you start typing.

lems that similar decision-makers have faced. For example:

2.  Create a subject line that creates curiosity. Treat it like

We have identified a common prob-

the title of a book but don’t get

lem in many print managment prac-

too “cutesy.” For example, if you

tices. Many are unaware of the latest

recently sold a product or service

technologies in the marketplace that

that benefited a current customer

can increase revenue by as much as

in a big way, and have little doubt

20 percent or more while improving

it can do the same for your pros-

customer relationships.

pect, try something like: 5. Tell them briefly what your company

• Ad Agency Increases Monthly revenue

does. But keep it brief and casual. If

by 22 percent.

it sounds like it came off a corporate

• Local Marketer Saves

brochure they will tune you out.

10 Clients in 2010 • Popular Brand Believes I Can Help

“At ABC Print, we seek out the premier campaign management systems in the marketing industry, break down the financial and

3. Start with a testimonial in the body. People believe the opinions of peers using your solu-

client benefits of each, then help identify the perfect technologies for the perfect practices.”

tion more than the person selling it. Make the testimonial match the subject line. For example:

6. Tell them the BIG BENEFIT. And get to the point. Also make it as specific as possible.

“Since ABC Printer introduced some of the latest campaign management technology to us, not

“By matching marketers like you with premier technologies from the

only are our clients happier, we have been able

graphic arts industry, we not only believe we can make campaign

to increase our monthly revenue by 22 percent.”

management more profitable, but we also believe we can help

– XYX Marketing

P46 CANVAS August 2011

attract clients.”

7. Ask for something, then give something “If you think it’s worth a few minutes, I can make myself available for a quick phone call or visit, and do a quick assessment of your business. Right now I have Monday at 1 p.m.or Tuesday at 9 a.m. open if you’re interested in a “consult.” (Notice

After writing your email, read it with the eye of a customer.

the words, “make myself available.” It says you are a busy professional in high demand!)” In the meantime, I am attaching a recently published article by Keith Borglum entitled How to Improve the Financial Position of Your Brand. Some great tips in there! Thanks a ton!” After writing your email, read it with the eye of a customer. Would it make you curious, interested and eager to respond? If it did, go ahead and press that SEND button. And the next time you check your Inbox, avoid all those lame sales emails sent to you, and go right to the ones from prospect’s who are dying to hear more about your value.

Brian is author of the book, “20 Days to the Top-How the PRECISE Selling Formula Will Make You Your Company’s Top Sales Performer in 20 Days or Less.” To sign up for free sales training modules on getting to the top, go to Or drop Brian an email at

Book Recommendation


How to be Brave in Business and Win

»» By Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan


old companies stand up, stand out, and stand firm. According to authors Shaun Smith and

Andy Milligan, the ultimate winners in this difficult environment will be the companies and people who challenge conventional wisdom

and put purpose before profit. A best seller in the U.K. since April 1st, “Bold: How to Be

Brave in Business and Win,” provides amazing insight from 14 of the most popular brands in the world. The perspectives provided by these brands are as motivational as they are educational. Bold is the perfect manuscript for an industry like ours. It demonstrates how having the guts to stand out and challenge the rules are marks of a winner. In every industry, some

Being bold is not easy and takes a remarkable commitment to a bigger purpose.

brands stand out from the crowd because of their distinct way of doing things. The companies referenced in this book challenged conventional wisdom and industry norms to win in their markets. They see their customers and employees as members of a like-minded community, deliver unique and remarkable customer experiences, and are able to create an almost cult-like following around their brand. “Bold” is what the print-

ing and marketing services industry needs. However, make no mistake. Being bold is not easy and takes a remarkable commitment to a bigger purpose. The current climate and the foreseeable future will not reward tradition, cost cutting, and status quo. According to Smith and Milligan, the future belongs to visionaries. It isn’t always easy to be bold, but the greatest brands and the most successful people in the world do exactly that. CANVAS highly recommends this book and encourages you all to start being bold!

P48 CANVAS August 2011

he ave te h e w can pes go th i str r way? othe

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