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Wow! As Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge would say. A massive 20,045.32€ has been raised and handed over to ACCM, the breast cancer campaign, at the final event, which was held last month in Sioux City. Marisa, President of the charity was clearly speechless at the amount the British community raised and was all smiles as she was presented with the cheque.

It was thought at the beginning of the campaign, that if the target of 5,000€ was reached then everyone could be really pleased with themselves. Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine four times this amount!We promised our readers a full report on the event, and as you can see from the photos, a good time was had by all.

The evening started slightly later than anticipated, 7.30pm, but everyone was in good spirits and many had come dressed as cowboys, sheriffs, salon girls and of course the ‘good ole baddies’. Continued on page 6 ...

The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

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Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News

Banks Re-Open Lending to Tourism La Caixa close agreement with employers to fund hotel renovations.

will help lift the crisis,” said regional director of La Caixa, Andres Orozco.

Something is changing in the banking sector. For many months the most repeated complaints by entrepreneurs has been the lack of credit.

The president of Fehta, Fernando Fraile, recognized the positive turnaround as being the arrival of financing agreements with banks. “Today [on Thursday] we will take the first step to providing [restored credit] facilities and nobody can claim their renewal is being stifled because of lack of funding,” he said.

At the same time bear in mind the fact that banks want to lend, since this is a good part of their business. It seems they just needed a sign that it is time to gradually return to the pre-crisis scheme of things. And the recovery of tourism on these islands is at last evident after sustained growth throughout the first half of 2011 the banks have become more willing to put back on the table some of the funding employers require to make a success of their business. La Caixa this week signed an agreement with the Employers Federation of Hotel and Tourism (Fehta) which will offer increased credit to the sector. “There is no limit. The aim is to be on the side of those in the Canary Islands who

For his part, Orozco made no effort to hide that La Caixa’s signature on the agreement “is a real position” a tangible effort to support the sector that is leading the economic recovery in the archipelago. In addition to the renewal of facilities, the agreement in its financial section includes provision for the modernization of labour conditions and for marketing. On the other side of the agreement, La Caixa will help entrepreneurs to incorporate into their staff workers with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion.

Local News 3

Canaries Received 4m Tourists Since January Representing an increase of 20.53 percent over the first quarter of 2010 More than four million tourists in the first financial quarter came to the Canary Islands. This represents a total increase of 20.53 per cent in foreign and domestic tourist arrivals, significantly up from the 3,443,194 of 2010 to 4,150,144 so far in 2011, according to the Government of the Canary Islands’ Deputy Ministry of Tourism. Of these 3,686,813 were foreign visitors, especially Europeans, 680,226 more than in the comparable period of 2010, an increase of 22.62 percent, and 463,331 were Spanish nationals, an increase over the same period 2010 of 6.12% or 26,724 more domestic tourists.

April record In addition to this, the Canary Islands recorded 1,042,213 foreign tourists in April over double the numbers for same month of 2010, a huge increase on last year’s figures. With regard to domestic tourism, the islands received 129,451 visitors last month, 5,047 more than the same month of 2010, an increase of 4.06. The Government of the Canary Islands’ Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ricardo Fernandez de la Puente, emphasised the increase of more than 50 percent in foreign tourism and 4.06 percent domestically in the month of April. He stressed the need for further work in the domestic market with promotional activities for the summer, so that the sector can continue to drive the turnaround in the battered economy of these islands and to strengthen the trend.

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BRITISH RESIDENTS IN SPAIN URGED TO PERSUADE GUESTS TO TAKE OUT TRAVEL INSURANCE Overstaying their welcome? Drinking all your beer? Not paying for meals? Hosting friends and family from overseas can always cause stress, but potentially more serious and costly problems are avoidable – if residents remind guests to make simple travel preparations. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office called on British expats in Spain to urge their visitors to take out comprehensive travel insurance before they come to stay. The call comes as new research reveals that young people are more likely to spend their money on a present for their host than take out a travel insurance policy. A survey commissioned by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office shows that a third of people failed to take out travel insurance the last time they stayed with family and friends overseas. More than three quarters (77%) of those saying they are visiting friends and family this year said that saving money is a key factor in their decision. However, a lack of comprehensive travel insurance cover is a false economy and guests could face serious financial difficulty if they need medical treatment or lose valuable possessions. Over a third (39%) of British guests have relied on their hosts when things have gone wrong during their trip. British expats hosting visitors have faced a range of problems from taking guests to hospital when they fall ill to providing financial help. Maria Leng, British Consul in the Canary Islands said: “When friends or family visit, it’s natural for them to feel at ease and not prepare in the same way as they would for other holidays. But things can quickly become very stressful if your guests end up in a tricky situation and lack travel insurance. So if you’re asking guests to bring out your favourite teabags or newspaper, ask them to get travel insurance as well, and save yourself and them from what can otherwise be difficult and expensive situations.” Residents can tell guests to visit or the ‘UKinSpain’ website for more information.

The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

4 News

Tourist Spending Shot Up to 894m

The rush of visitors caused an increase despite each tourist spending less than the same period last year

Foreign tourists who came to the archipelago in April spent €894 million, 36.1% more than the same month of 2010. This figure represents an injection of €596 million directly into the Canary Islands, the rest went elsewhere. The Canaries Autonomous Community raised most of the €4.217 million invested in foreign travel to Spain as a whole last month, according to the Tourism Expenditure Survey (Egatur) released this week by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. The ministry was careful to point out the differences in comparison between the months of April, in 2010 and 2011, the the latter starting with two big advantages: the traditional Easter break was one of the busiest and there was no closure of airspace as occurred in 2010 with the

eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

Not all data was equally positive. The average expenditure of each visitor coming to the islands was estimated at €980, which represents a reduction of 10.8% compared to April 2010. It was most likely due to the runaway increase in foreign arrivals - more than double in April 2011 than in April 2010 – so though each of them was spending less money, the overall result was highly positive. In the first four months of the year, tourists visiting the Islands on their travels represented an investment of €3.765 million, of which €2,500m was disbursed on arrival. Again in this section, the archipelago led the ranking of Spanish regions. The rise over the first quarter of 2010 is 17.2%.Tourist spending improved partially by longer stays during the first four months of the year. The total average cost of each

The ‘Outraged’ Remain in San Telmo More than a thousand people protesting against a political cacerolada and economic class The hundred or so members of the Movement 15-M, camping for almost two weeks in the park of San Telmo in the capital of Gran Canaria, have not dis-assembled their booths and will continue to campaign at least until next Sunday. “They will return to decide whether to continue with their protest in the centre of the capital” said Begoña Vega, a component of Communication commission, earlier this week. Those attending the meeting held to decide voted to continue their protests from the main square, which has become the hub of the ‘angry’, over the last couple of weeks. They also reported that next Monday at 18.30 there will be an “important meeting” at which they will “decide the strategy to be followed” and where they will unveil the future of the movement, said Vega.

Before the meeting started, some 1,300 people listened to their anger against current political and economic life while enjoying a hearty casserole. A banner that read ‘The fight is on the street’ towered over the protest, which was described as a success by members. The event toured the park of San Telmo and at the end a sculpture was displayed representing the movement that was donated by the artist Agustin Bolanos. Key day Elsewhere, members of the 15-M Movement in the rest of Spain held a similar meeting to that which took place among the ‘outraged’ de Gran Canaria, to decide what strategy to follow: whether to continue the demonstrations, as has occurred in the capital of Gran Canaria, or to decentralize to the districts or indeed if they should end them.

PUERTO RICO Tlf: +34 928 561667

visit however was set at around €1,000, representing a decrease of 4.4% over the same period in 2010.

all” and attributed the rise to improving economies in the countries of origin sending tourists.

Also low in April 2011 was the average daily spend for each tourist. Though in the first quarter as a whole every foreign visitor spent on average €96 for each day of their stay, in April that number was reduced to €91. The average daily spend nationally was €94, both for the past month and during the first quarter of this year.For his part, President of the Tourist Board of Gran Canaria, Roberto Moreno, estimated that €4million a day was spent by all the tourists who came to this island during the first three months of the year, according to reports. “This expenditure does not count the cost of tickets and accommodation,” Moreno said. “Highlighting the importance of the increasing money that is now in circulation,” Moreno noted that although not all entrepreneurs have benefited equally it is “good news for

The United Kingdom was a primary source market for Spain, for total spending by tourists in April. The British brought in on their travels €878 million, more than a third of the total tourism spend in the country as a whole. Increased spending of British tourists was noticeable especially in the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. It deserves particular attention to note that visitors from the Nordic countries were responsible for almost all of the remainder of the total tourist expenditure in Spain. The Canaries were the main recipient of these tourists. The Nordic market was the first to ask their guests to relocate to the archipelago at the start of the current political problems in North Africa.

The Jury of 2016 Evaluate The City The European Union commission will reach the capital on Saturday

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will have just nine hours to convince the jury that it deserves to be European Capital of Culture 2016. The four examiners will visit the capital next weekend on a whirlwind tour during which ten stops are planned throughout the main city. The route has been kept in the utmost secrecy by the organization, who prefer not to reveal any details yet. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will be the last of the candidates visited by this delegation, which began its tour of Spain last Monday. The first was Zaragoza, San Sebastian followed then Burgos, Segovia and Cordoba. The delegation, which includes, in addition to the jury, a representative of the European Commission for Culture and five members of the Ministry of Culture, will arrive on Saturday

to the capital. The first thing they will see upon entering the south will be the Triton sculpture on the beach of La Laja and decorated walls of the old Tivoli amusement park. The organization wants the visit to take place with the greatest ease. That is, although there is an established program, jurors will be able to talk to and compare ideas with representatives of various neighbourhood groups, both cultural and business. They will also have the opportunity to meet with public officials at a dinner to be held on Saturday night. The aim is for the jury to leave with the clear idea that the nomination of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has the general support of all sectors involved. Between 27th and 28th June the six finalist cities will present their projects in Madrid. On the second of those days the jury will finally reveal which of the six Spanish applicants will take the title of European Capital of Culture 2016.

PUERTO DE MOGAN PLAYA DEL INGLES LAS PALMAS Tlf: + 34 928 565162 Tlf: + 34 928 760155 Tlf: + 34 928 373033

Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News

Local News 5

Meloneras Loses 511 Blue Flag Spanish Beaches Its Blue Flag The Canary Islands have 35 awards granted by the European Union highlighting the quality of services and water in the bathing areas - the coast achieved two distinctions in Telde

Meloneras beach, which boasts several of the most luxurious resorts on the island of Gran Canaria, will not raise the coveted blue flag this year after the Association of Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC) from the European Union gave notice last week of the Spanish beaches that will receive the award this season. Excluded from the published list, which accounts for a total of 35 blue flag awards, were well known beaches at Meloneras in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, and La Laja in the capital of Gran Canaria. The area councillor in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Carlos Alamo, only discovered the downgrading when he read it in Canarian daily newspaper La Provincia and said he did not know why Meloneras, much of which has recently enjoyed refurbishment to its public facilities and promenade, has not been able to renew its grading. The southern municipality confirmed that the council had requested renewal of the classification after sending the mandatory documentation, and that they expected to have more details sent to them shortly. The lowering of blue flag status in the area, achieved just six years ago, could well lead to a decline in the influx of tourists and visitors to the high-class resort. “This is a real problem that could affect us in the medium term” said the president of the Employers Federation of Hotels and Tourism (Fehta), Fernando Fraile, who, reportedly, also seemed to

have been caught off guard by the news. In the absence of further information, Fraile could do little more than suggest the possible causes as being due to a bureaucratic error in the processing of the application or the fact that problems in accessibility to the shore have developed over recent months due to sand having been washed away, and much of the beach having become rocky, since the winter storms.

The awards granted by the ADEAC take into account the existence of basic services like cleaning, first aid and safety. Ten beaches in Gran Canaria (see graphic attached) in 2011 will sport the blue flag. Throughout the community, the figure rises to 35, an increase over 2010. List The latest published list includes four new Gran Canaria beaches (Las Canteras, Confital, Hoya del Pozo and Salinetas), while in Tenerife Playa Jardín (Puerto de la Cruz), Leocadio Machado (Granadilla) and El Socorro (Los Realejos) have also lost the standard. On balance two Blue Flag beaches, which together with those that were renewed - San Agustin, Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles, Amadores Mogan, Gran Canaria, leaves twelve. Councilman Telde Beaches, David Halaby, was particularly pleased by the achievement of two new flags, Hoya del Pozo and Salinetas. Especially the latter, which has been working for years to improve infrastructure in the popular cove area. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Canteras recovered their blue flag after having suffered pollution problems and La Laja lost theirs for similar reasons.

The Islands Lose €600,000 in Cucumber Crisis FedEx (the Horticultural Export Federation) claims that a village cooperative may have to close The so-called “cucumber crisis” has resulted in a loss of €600,000 in the Canaries, having forced the Coagrisan company, Gran Canaria, to destroy a million and a half kilos of the product after transport to the European continent ceased, according to reports from FedEx this week. Roberto Goiriz, a spokesman for FedEx, the Horticultural Export Federation in the province of Las Palmas, said that because of these

losses, Coagrisan, a cooperative in the municipality of La Aldea, could even be forced to close down its operations for this season, or at least to the end of June, as it will lose a whole month’s income. The Federation has approached the Government of the Canary Islands’ Ministry of Agriculture, to seek their protection and to seek ways to compensate the company for its losses, emphasizing that the employer understands that FedEx may ultimately have to go to The European Union to seek reparations from those responsible for what happened.

Spain gets two flags less than 2010 but maintains its global leadership

Spain has obtained 603 ‘blue flags’ (511 beaches and 92 marinas) in 2011, staying ahead of the 36 countries participating in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that one in six flags of the total 3,554 awarded will fly in Spain. Thus, Spain receives two less flags than in 2010, having lost ten awards in mainland beaches, and this was offset by the addition of eight ports to the Spanish list, which are “very good results” and the beaches “are better than ever”, said José R. Sánchez the president of the Association of Environmental and Consumer Education (FEE ADEAC) responsible for the distinctions,.

The Secretary General of Tourism and Domestic Trade, Joan Mesquida, emphasised that the coast is “the main asset of Spanish tourism,” as in 2010 82% of total tourist spending in Spain was recorded on the islands and in coastal areas of the country. In addition, Mesquida reported that 83% of foreign visitors came to Spain last year for a ‘sun and beach’ holiday, half of Spanish holiday makers chose the coasts for their vacations for exactly the same reason. The Canary Islands faired very well with 35 beaches in total awarded the distinction comprising of just under 12km of blue flag coast line meaning that this tiny archipelago can boast nearly 7% of the total awarded to Spain as a whole. A huge achievement.

The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

6 Local News

Oh, What A Night!

... continued from front page. Graham Tate and Andreina Barbella opened the show with a comedy sketch and then continued to act as main hosts for the rest of the evening – Andreina translating into Spanish for our Canarian guests. The Sparkles Showgirls (and boys) were first on stage and gave one of their slightly risqué but great performances. Their costumes were stunning as usual and the crowd was entertained by the hilarious antics of all three performers.

It was time to introduce our Stars of the Show, the fabulous burlesque girls from Puerto Rico. These lovely ladies, as reported in our last edition, worked their little socks off, and spearheaded by their unrelenting task mistress Kimberley, performed their now infamous routine, ending with a track from Annie Get Your Gun, Whip, crack, away. They brought the house down and as they left the stage the ‘Full Monty’ boys came on and performed YMCA.

A change in tempo followed, as we welcomed the lovely Stacy Mae with her outstanding mellow voice. You could hear a pin drop as the audience listened enthralled by her rendition of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. The final applause was richly deserved – and I would imagine we shall be seeing and hearing a lot more from this very special lady, with the very big voice.

It was just hilarious, as Graham our host for the evening, didn’t have time to collect the costumes, so the boys true to form improvised, with Steve, Kimberley’s husband, borrowing a long black wig, moustache, sunglasses, a huge cowboy overcoat and boots borrowed from Zandra of KISS Canaries FM. Throwing caution to the wind they each interpreted the song in their own way, often turning the wrong way, raising their arms at the wrong time – it was just so funny!

Graham then introduced Genna, owner of The Canary News, who reminded us of the unbelievable generosity shown by the British community, and she also told us that the campaign was one of the most widely publicised and successful campaigns ever seen on Gran Canaria; something which has both delighted and surprised the Spanish people and media.

Then came the serious part of the evening, boosting the fund even further by the auction. Once again the generosity of our advertisers, reporters and readers of The Canary News came to the fore. A truly amazing list of items were freely donated and auctioned off by Edward Timon, Editor of The Canary News. So many gifts were donated that some had to

be held back and later given to Kimberley for her future fund raising raffles. After a quick totalling of the additional funds by Jacky, it was time to present the final cheque to ACCM. Called on stage was Marisa, Genna, the burlesque girls, Gillian representing Clinica Roca and of course Jacky representing GLAY. The cheque was presented to ACCM, followed by a moving speech in English by Marisa, who was clearly overwhelmed. The second half of the evening continued with performances by the lovely Sinead, who sang at Gay Pride this year, and finally we were treated to the powerful and spectacular voice of Steve, Kimberley’s husband. Such was his performance, that Graham our host passed his hat around pleading with each and everyone to give a further one euro for the cancer fund to hear another song. The audience gladly

Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News

Local News 7

obliged and Steve ended the show. Everyone partied on, photographs were taken of the cheque presentation and also of the award presented to The Canary News and Friends of Puerto for the part they played in this wonderful campaign. Let’s also not forget the team at Sioux City who enabled the event to take place by kindly allowing us to use their unique setting, to Jayne from Tui, who managed to obtain the coaches at a very low price, and to the unflappable Gary of KISS Canaries FM radio station, who made sure the right backing music was played at the right time. What a truly amazing and highly successful night! Our thanks go to each and every one of you who has either been involved, or contributed in any way, to what is a very worthy cause. Please take a bow, you deserve it!

The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

8 Your Questions Answered

‘The Canarian Lawyer’ To disconnect the telephone line

I have asked my telephone company to disconnect the telephone line but they have ignored me completely. Can I stop paying the bills? Yes. They are not allowed to charge you after two days from when you request the disconnection. You can prove this with the reference number they should give you on telephone during the request of disconnection. Article 7 of the Spanish Royal Decree 899/2009 from the 22 of May, by means of which they approved the Bill of user’s rights related to services of electronic communication, establishes that “the operator must refrain from invoicing or charging any generated amount due, not attributable to the user, after two days from which the disconnection is to take effect”. Giving information and responding to opinion polls by telephone I received a call from someone supposedly who works for my bank asking me if I got my new credit card. I answered that I didn’t obtain it and

they told me my credit card number to verify that I was the credit card’s owner. I confirmed that the number was correct and then, they told me, in order to assure my identity, to dial in my PIN-number using the telephone keys. I did so and eventually, they told me they would send me my new credit card. I asked my bank and they denied having called me or carrying out any kind of process like this. My account is alright but I am concerned. It is urgent that you go back to your bank and cancel this credit card because the personal details you gave verified can be used against you. Someone appears to be waiting until your balance is high enough to steal your money. There are criminal organizations who are dedicated to looking through letter-boxes in order to locate and remove bank letters which contain credit cards sent to bank clients. Once they have the credit card, name and address they try to find out the telephone number of the owner and call him or her, pretending to be the bank, asking if they have had their new credit card (obviously stolen from the letter-

Now in Mogan every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30am to 1pm

box) and getting the victim to simply dial their PIN-number using the telephone keys. The dialing of telephone keys produce a sound that can be translated into numbers by an electronic reader possessed by the criminals. In this way, they obtain the PIN-number of your credit card. After that, they duplicate the card and return the original one to the owner’s letter box in order not to arouse suspicions. The victims normally believe the bank was actually calling them. Once they have got a copy of your card and your PIN-number, they will check your balance by using any bank teller and when your balance is high enough for them, they withdraw everything or part of the money before you realise what is happening or are able to cancel the card. Furthermore, the bank can argue that you were the person withdrawing the money because your card and PIN-number were used. We recommend that you never provide your personal information on telephone. Your bank already has them,

for this reason why they will never ask for them on telephone. Another important issue is criminal organizations who call you stating that they are doing an official opinion poll for the State and ask for your personal information. They threaten to fine you saying you are obligated to answer official opinion polls. Refuse to do so. NEVER provide anybody with you personal information on the telephone. You never know who is on the other end of the line.

Edificio Mercurio, Torre 1, 3.º A 35100 Playa del Inglés GRAN CANARIA -----------------------------------Avda. de Pescadores s/n Playa de Mogán TLF: +34 928 730 161 Mobile: +34 679 762 983 +34 649 874 490 CANARIA GRAN CANARI Fax: +34 928 779 928

Eurozone Cautious

Just how quickly is time moving despite it seems that the currency markets we are still carrying the same issues. Investors have of late been focussing on the weak aspects of UK inflation and employment data and seemingly ignoring the Euroland issues.

During the last couple of weeks we have seen the pound against the euro trading the range of 1.133 to a dizzy 1.16 and certainly of late hovering around the 1.145+ plus mark, you would expect however to have seen the pound stronger particularly as news from the UK has not been that bad.

The UK’s recent employment report showed that more people were now in work and the rate of unemployment did go down however investors chose to focus on the increase in the number of dole-claimants. Also it did not help the pound that in these times of increasing hardship for the average family that a report showed that not

only were public sector wages 11.6% higher that in the private sector they were increasing at a more rapid rate. We did hear a reasonable about-turn from Mervyn King about the possibility of an interest rate increase in the UK although of late that has been scotched, so investors do not see the pound as a potential win at the moment. The big issue in the UK still remains, and that is how to control inflation and still keep rates low. I am glad I am not the governor of the BoE. Within the Eurozone the spectre of a sovereign default by Greece has been lurking for several months and of course you would have expected that to have had a negative impact on the Euro and increase the value of the pound, unfortunately not so, as the market has been dealing with this issue and “built” into its pricing any possible default and of late the Greek government have finally started to tackle the issue and are looking to sell off some of its prized assets. Although initially Germany had said it would be impossible for the ECB to accept longer maturity Greek bonds it has now indicated a compromise is needed at the ECB and IMF who will look to release further funds to Greece and possibly restructure its debt. All of which means the Euro will retain its current position, unless something else comes out of the woodwork. So if you are looking ahead to a better exchange rate for your pound it may take a little longer that you would have wanted. You can however make sure you obtain the best exchange rate when transferring your money by calling our preferred currency partner Moneycorp and mention The Canary News for your preferred rate. They can be contacted on 951319700 or visit their web site and click on the Costa del Sol link

Making payments to and from Spain? To get more for your money, talk to the experts... Highly competitive exchange rates Lump-sum and regular payments Quick, easy, secure transfers

Call: +34 951 319 700 Please quote The Canary News when contacting Moneycorp







Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News

Letters to the Editor 9

Please write to us and The Canary News will award the Letter of the Week a Free COMBO meal at Fusion Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Arguineguin (See advertisement below for address)

Editors Column

The Canary News reserves the right to edit your letters and accepts no responsility for readers’ opinions.

Letter of the week Dear Editor, This is just to wish you all a very happy 2nd birthday with edition 48. I have followed your paper on and off since your first edition and watched you go from strength to strength while all around raged one of the worst economic crises that any of us can remember. What you have achieved in that time is remarkable. Publications come and go (on these islands in particular) and having moved here many years ago I know how hard business in paradise can be. What cannot be undervalued is the very important service you supply. The very fact of your continued existence is testament to the absolute need for information about important events and solid perspectives from within the English speaking community and in particular the need for a newspaper such as yours where readers can air their opinions and ask for help when needed. Though you are of course a means through which businesses can advertise their services to the expat community and tourists alike, this alone would not be enough to have kept your publication going for so long without the wide range of features and insights on life here in the Canaries, and in particular on Gran Canaria, published for English speakers of all ages. I know its popular because I often need to be quick to get hold of a copy from my local cafe. In fact I don’t think I know many English people who don’t read it regularly. If I may be so bold, I would like to thank you on behalf of the many, many readers of your paper for acting as a consistent bridge between the various sides of our local community and an entertaining source of information about the events, local and national, that effect us all here. Your paper is well designed and acts as an anchor for many of us here. I particularly enjoy Barrie Mahoney’s Twitters, Theresa Coe’s Spanish lessons which have often proved extremely useful, Comfort Corner and your latest pieces aimed at nourishing Heart and Mind from, Cheyne Towers, that mysterious looking chap in London. It has to be said though that a wonderful triumph has come of late from your middle section, Cultural Capital, which has shown your paper to have truly matured into a well informed and intelligent view of these islands, in both Spanish and English, from people who have apparently been here all their lives. Your Spanish correspondent Fulgencio has a wonderfully entertaining way at looking at the world and helps me understand a little more about how the sometimes quirky culture here has developed. I and my wife absolutely adore your latest Canaries, Aromas and Memories, from Las Tilitas, which has shown me a side of the island I knew very little about and given me a real desire to visit places I’ve never been to and even try my hand at traditional Canarian cooking! Thank you all. Oh and very well done for the breast cancer campaign you publicised which has shown me that this community really is capable of wonderful things when it works together as a team. Happy Birthday The Canary News and thank you for being there for me, my family and my friends through the good and some of the not so good times over the last couple of years. We very much love and need

your publication and I for one won’t be missing any copies in the future, so keep up the good work. Marc Wundervelt Pozo Izquierdo Gran Canaria What a lovely, lovely letter Marc. I am nearly speechless. Nearly. I should point out that I have only been entrusted with the helm of this sleek and sturdy vessel and did not build her myself. That honour and all credit must go to our founder Genna d’Cruz who started with a simple idea in 2009 to create a community spirited forum where English speakers could communicate about their lives, their businesses and their troubles and find out about events that might affect them. She gathered together most of the crew who you applaud, along with many others behind the scenes, setting sail for unknown territories, and has guided the good ship Canary News through thick and thin to become the beautiful tall ship she is today. For my part I feel very privileged to be involved and very much look forward to the adventures that lie ahead. Thank you for your positivism and I hope to hear from you again soon. Remember that you can always read the paper online too should you happen not to get up early enough on a Friday, or indeed take advantage of our subscription service starting later this summer to ensure your copy is sent directly to you. More information can be found on TheCanaryNews. com or by writing to us here. Dear editor, This is just to inform you and your readers that since asking for your help to find a friend of ours we have been successful. You may recall that we were very worried about Sylvia who lived in Gran Canaria for several years and who seemed to have vanished into thin air. We tried everything and contacted everyone we could think of to try and trace her but to no avail. Finally through the good services of Jenny, the police here on Gran Canaria and back in the UK, and your good selves of course for publishing our appeal, we finally have a positive outcome. She is well but doesn´t want any publicity, so this is a big thank you to everyone concerned. Kind regards, Sue and Tony Wright Fantastic news Sue, we are glad to have done our bit to bring this episode to a happy conclusion

Whether it is leaving all I know for a dessert island in the middle of the ocean, on the promise of a song and a prayer, or leaping from small aeroplanes to let the world know what I, and this newspaper, stand for; there is little I won’t do to prove my commitment to getting the story right or the job done to the best of my ability. That is my job. So it is with no small indignation that I must tell you about an implied threat to my ability to write openly in this pages of real things that really happen in the real world. This is not something I am prepared to allow happen. We recently printed a letter, sent to us, complaining about a business that was allegedly flouting the law and whose staff were repeatedly arrogant about claiming a ‘special relationship’ with local police which allowed them to get away with it. We published the letter, after taking advice, in full confidence that it is the sort of issue which many people feel very strongly about. However we did so with no knowledge of the situation other than what the person who wrote reported to us. This is normal practice for a publication such as ours, and something we undertake with no small respect for the right to reply and the need to remain balanced in our responses. In the 21st century, the age of information, it can often be difficult to know the facts of a case without detailed examination of the situation in question. With the power of the internet comes a million or more voices all sounding authoritative about every subject one might care to mention and so as a community newspaper, and in fact a media organisation, we must always be careful not to make accusations or statements that we cannot substantiate. That said, we also have a duty to report witnessed situations that are in the interests of our readers and the wider community. It has come to my attention that there are some business owners on this island who feel they can bully their way around this stance and our commitment to reflect our readers’ experiences. It has been said that I must ‘be very careful’ when honestly relaying information through the paper which highlights alleged abuses of the laws by which we all must abide. When somebody writes to us it is usually for one of several reasons. They may not know who else to turn to, or indeed may feel a lack of confidence in reporting to the proper authorities. They sometimes have ulterior motives, feeling that they might gain some special influence if they can persuade us to support their cause. On rare occasions they want nothing more than for us to validate their feelings of frustration. Often it is simply that we are prepared to listen in an even handed manner and if we can serve our readership better by bringing to their attention issues that affect us all, we are willing to discuss these problems in an open forum, giving everyone who wishes to an opportunity to voice their own concerns or observations. This paper does not belong to me. It does not belong to any governmental or politically driven ideologies. It does not even belong to the businesses who advertise in its pages and help to fund our work. This paper, simply put, belongs to YOU THE READERS. It belongs to the community which it serves. The Canary News could even loftily claim that it belongs to the age old values of fairness, honesty, integrity and freedom of expression. We will not be bullied. These are not ideals I am willing to compromise on. I’d rather cease publication and get an honest job elsewhere. That clearly said, and this being our two year anniversary edition, I am looking forward to our summer birthday break through June and to coming back next month with even more good news and blistering features to share with you all. And even if we can’t find the good news, you can be sure the news we print will be good.

The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

10 Restaurant Critic with Simon Spit

Sponsored by

By Simon Spit

Restaurante Chinohouse

Restaurante Chinohouse 1st floor, CC San Agustin Awarded 5 Stars (out of a possible five) ☆☆☆

with glee and pointed chubby little fingers at us as we sauntered around in matching electric blue, lycra jumpsuits, sparkling silver platform shoes, and Mavis, god bless her, topped her outfit with an

Simon´s Guide El Jamonal de Mogan ☆☆☆☆☆+ (Puerto Mogán) Amber Real ☆☆☆☆☆ (Corralejo, Fuerteventura) Greek Taverna ☆☆☆☆☆ (San Agustin) Saffron ☆☆☆☆☆ (Puerto Mogán) El Arepazo Latin Grill ☆☆☆☆ (Avd. de Canarias Vecindario) Il Duomo di Milano ☆☆☆☆ (Veril Playa Hotel) Las Caracolas ☆☆☆☆ (C.C.Eurocenter) Taberna Bulgaria III ☆☆☆☆ (Yumbo Centre) Restaurante Centrum ☆☆☆☆ (Yumbo Centre) Rimini ☆☆☆☆ (Playa del Inglés) Restaurante Chinohouse ☆☆☆ (C.C. San Agustin) Restaurante Roma ☆☆☆ (Playa del Inglés) Subway ☆☆☆ (Playa del Inglés) Restaurant Centrum ☆☆ (Yumbo Centre) Grand Italia ☆☆ (Meloneras) Hooters ☆☆ (Playa del Inglés.) Restaurant Miami ☆☆ (Puerto Rico C.C.) Ciao Ciao Italian Café ☆ (Playa del Inglés, Anexo II) Lei Beilo ☆ (Yumbo Centre) Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, I am still trying to recover from my blissful ten days at Gay Pride. I absolutely just loved meeting many of you wonderful, wonderful readers of The Canary News. Didn’t we have fun – and you all know who you are! Mavis and myself cut such a dashing couple, strolling about in all our finery much to the delighted gaze of all onlookers. Even small children laughed

outrageous pink feather boa, whilst I decided on my bright purple three cornered hat complete with white ostrich plume. I missed the last edition of The Canary News, as I was having such fun that I didn’t even have time to send in my article. Naughty, naughty boy; the Editor promised to give me a huge slap on my bottom, I am still waiting Eddie. However, I digress. Spending a full ten days on your enchanting island I managed to eat my way around most of it and shall bring you all manner of delights and some not so delightful in the coming editions.

I arrived quite late on the day before Pride, and was just so exhausted by all the travelling that I decided to try an age old favourite ‘the Chinese takeaway’. I didn’t actually take it home but decided instead to eat in. Mavis was due to join

me as she lived nearby and seemed quite happy with my choice of eating place, and as I looked towards the door, there she stood, huffing and puffing in her new five inch stilettos, figure hugging, short black dress and

a l l d o n e up like a ‘dog’s dinner!’ She screamed a welcome at me and nearly toppled over as she hugged and kissed me. Deary me, you would think I was her long lost brother or something.

We took our places at a table near the window, just to be sure that everyone who passed by could gaze in admiration at us and were served white wine by a lovely little Chinese waiter. As we looked at the menu we could see that it was fairly extensive but the old favourites are always the best, and so decided to order Spring rolls and prawn toast as a starter to share, followed by sweet and sour chicken, sliced roast duck with pineapple sauce and egg fried rice for two.

The waiter brought us some prawn crackers whilst we were waiting, which was a nice touch. There was just one other couple in the restaurant, which made me feel quite nervous as this is not usually a good sign. However, I decided not to pre-judge and glanced around at the imitation red, black and gold Chinese decor – do you think this comes in a job lot for anyone wanting to open a Chinese restaurant I asked Mavis, but she just grunted and carried on stuffing prawn crackers into her mouth. First course arrived and as we tucked into the rolls and prawn toast I was a little dismayed to find both dishes fairly oily – not the usual crispy batter and large king prawns I was used to back in my favourite restaurant in Soho. Mavis seemed to enjoy them though so I left her to eat most of it, whilst I sipped the fairly ordinary, cheap white wine. I hoped the main course would prove better, and as if reading my thoughts, the nice little Chinese waiter appeared with the dishes. Hmm, it certainly looked appetising and

the portions were a decent size. As we served ourselves I was happy to see that the garnish on the sweet and sour chicken had real pieces of fruit and vegetables in the sauce, which was nice and thick and not thin and runny like some places serve. The rice was nice and fluffy with a decent amount of egg, but I especially liked the duck which was good and lean with a crispy outer skin. The pineapple sauce was served separately. Everything actually tasted rather good – what a pleasant surprise after the first course. We finished everything and decided to leave dessert as we were both quite full. A nice cafe solo completed our meal and when the bill was presented it was very reasonable. Starters averaged around 3€ per item, main courses around 6€ or 8€ if you order a duck dish and the limited dessert choice was 3€. Everything considered, I would say it was good value for money, well prepared and cooked, with an extensive menu to choose from. So my lovely admirers, au revoir, arriverderci and ciao, ciao for now.

Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News

Scandinavian Scene 11

Ving – The History Behind the Swedish Airline Ving decides to market themselves to the younger age group by introducing a small tour operator called Club33 based in the city of Malmö. Club33 was aimed at the generation aged between 18-33, and the first trip was organized to Mallorca in the summer of 1963. Later on in 1966, Ving and Club33 were united as one large tour operator. In 1965, Ving realized that it was not always easy to find suitable hotels for clients’ demands, and therefore the company decided to build their own aparthotels, which they named Sunwing. In 1971, Ving proudly announced their decision to operate long distance trips, to Gambia and Ceylon, which proved very popular.It was during this year that the company also introduced a booking system software programme which made holiday planning that much easier for their clients.

The Swedish tour operator company Ving, which was first given the name Nyman & Schultz Resebyrå AB; started up in 1956 and after changing the company’s name, the first organized trip with Ving as the tour operator was a coach trip to Italy in 1956. During this period it was still considered to be very expensive to travel by air, but nevertheless, in 1957 Ving, together with the airline Transair Sweden AB arranged the first charter flight to the island of Mallorca. In 1958, the first Ving brochure was printed, where customers had the possibility to book round trips incorporating different types of transportation methods such as flights, buses and trains. Then in the early 1960’s

At the end of the 70’s, Ving decided to open offices and shops in London and re-branded these to VingUK. The first half of the 1980’s brought good vibes to the company; Ving was committed to providing quality accomodation for their customers, with the help of their own Sunwing hotels. During this time, one out of three Swedish tourists were travelling with Ving as the tour operator. The success of the Sunwing hotels continued during the middle of the 80’s, more hotels were introduced on the islands of Crete, Cyprus, and on Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria. Together with the Spanish company Viajes Marsans, Ving presented the new airline Spanair in 1988. ( During the 1990’s Ving faced many changes. In 1993 the old Ving logo, representing a bird, changed to a new logo, and in 1994 Ving was the first company to introduce smoke free flights. The year after, Ving launched the first version of their website, which was one of the first websites inSweden. They then decided to market their new concept called Top Selection, which provides luxury hotels in prestigious destinations for customers who demand just that little bit extra from their holidays. The 21st century did not begin well for Ving, or for any other tour operator. The terror attack on the World Trade Centre in New York and in Bali, the tsunami in Thailand, and high oil prices made it very difficult for the tourism industry. Despite the odds, the company presented very good results for the years 2004 and 2005. A change of strategy came about, and where previously people could only book and buy tickets in Ving offices in Sweden, now they could also be bought and holidays booked through other travel agency chains. Ving is committed to improving the environment, and the first

hotel to receive the EU flower for environmental work, was introduced on the island of Rhodes. In 2006, the company celebrated its 50th birthday as the largest tour operator in Scandinavia, and in 2007, Ving’s webpage was appointed as the best website in Sweden. Today, Ving is the largest tour operator in Sweden and Scandinavia. The destinations that once were popular for a large group of Swedish tourists are still the same ones that are highest on Ving’s charter list today, ie. The Canary Islands, Greece and Spain.

The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

12 Enviroment

Eco Friendly Market On Sundays, in the small town of Corralejo, visitors can browse around a local handicraft market where the majority of stalls sell items which are either made of recycled items, second hand goods or home made products. Farmers bring along their fresh vegetables and fruit, mostly farmed organically, and of the freshest quality. Always popular are the stalls selling home baked bread, biscuits, cakes, cheeses, honey and jams, but by far the most intriguing was the stall selling items made from recycled soft drink cans and plastic bottles. Painted in vivid colours

the pieces on display depict the artist’s vivid imagination and it really stands out from the rest. The market is situated in the streets of the Commercial Centre El Campanario just behind the windmill as you enter Corralejo, and at the heart of the shopping centre is a pretty central area, with a water fountain, where you can

have something to eat and drink. There is a central bell tower which chimes out the hours with musical tunes and a few little avenues with shops to wander down, which means that you can keep out of the sun for a while if you wish. Definitely worth a visit if you decide to visit Fuerteventura.

Return flights Various dates and airports available Christmas flights on sale soon! Advance register with us now for the best deal

from as low as


Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News

Feature 13

Sunny’s – The New Showstopper As I parked my car outside the Vista Dorada complex in Sonnenland, I made a mental note to ask the owners of Sunny’s, Martin and Sami why they had chosen this particular spot to open a new restaurant as the area already has quite a number of eating places to choose from.

age groups, and will be ‘themed’. Between 1pm and 8pm, the restaurant will be used for the younger generation with

is guaranteed, with interaction actively encouraged between the staff and their young guests.

The enthusiasm and dedication of Martin, Sami and their team is infectious, and in my minds’ eye I could already see a place which will become very popular, very quickly.

I was to meet Martin inside and as I walked down the steps I wasn’t prepared for the sight which greeted me – a huge, light and airy room, already functioning as a restaurant, and complete with stage, television area, substantial bar and immaculate kitchen. The views from the ceiling to floor windows are lovely, and look out over the swimming pool, barbecue area and pool bar. As I waited for Martin and his team, I wandered around astonished by the sheer size and spaciousness of the place. Having previously spoken with Martin on the phone about his unique ideas for the restaurant, I could now understand why he was so excited. The place was ‘crying out’ for something new and different and could certainly fulfil the ideas he had in mind. As we sat down with his wife Sami, Martin explained again what he intended to do. A complete refurbishment of the restaurant, sandwich bar and poolside eating area would take place, but this was just the beginning. The restaurant, with a fully functioning stage, will be used by two very distinct

with their old time favourites. For those who prefer a little quiet time during the evening, they can wander through to the comfortable seating area and enjoy a nice cocktail. A full menu service will be available.

As I got up to leave they all thanked me warmly, then Martin took me upstairs to see the sandwich bar he owns. This, he explained to me, would serve freshly made sandwiches to order and customers could choose their own fillings from a wide variety. There is to be a WiFi area for those wishing to surf the net whilst enjoying a nice cup of coffee. I wished him the best of luck, but I don’t think he really needs it, as his ideas and previous experience are sure to stand him in good stead, and I for one, can’t wait to see the finished result. waiting staff dressed in their favourite TV character costumes, – costumes especially flown over from America. The children will be entertained by all their old favourites whilst dining on well prepared children’s meals. A real party atmosphere, complete with daytime disco

Then from 9pm onwards everything changes to cater for a more mature audience. The theme becomes an American-style diner with live entertainment and original sound track karaoke. A huge cinemascope screen is the backdrop so the audience can join in

Sunny’s opens on the 17th June with a VIP evening on the 16th. For bookings and further information see their advert below. The very best of luck from The Canary News. Genna D’Cruz

The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

14 ‘Twitters from the Atlantic’

by Barrie Mahoney

Barrie Mahoney was a teacher, head teacher and school inspector in the UK, as well as a reporter in Spain, before moving to the Canary Islands as a newspaper editor. He is still enjoying life in the sun as a writer and author.

“The Stars Smile Down on You”

Those who have easy access to BBC television may have seen the recent series, ‘The Wonders of the Solar System’, hosted by the equally wondrous Professor Brian Cox, which has inspired me to take much more notice of the night sky. After all, the Canary Islands are very well placed for stargazing. During these programmes, I also wished that I had been taught by such a passionate and enthusiastic teacher as Brian Cox during those interminably boring physics lessons when I was a pupil at school. Apart from one memorable experience, my studies were a very boring diet of what seemed like useless information and regurgitated facts that had no relevance to the world that I lived in. Why were we not told more about the wonders of the universe and information that related to our very being? No, the highlight of my career in physics was a pinhole camera that I made after one lesson about light, when I was suddenly and surprisingly inspired. This happened to be the beginning of my interest in photography and so possibly those boring physics lessons were not completely wasted on me after all. My pinhole camera experiment was a revelation in more ways than one,

because in the process of testing the quality of focus, a friend and I decided to photograph the rear of a teacher’s car in the staff car park thinking that we could use the vehicle’s number plate as a test card. It was after we had spotted that the parked car was swaying gently from side to side that we realised that we had discovered a passionate relationship between a member of staff and the pretty French language exchange student in the back of the Morris Minor that we were photographing. Needless to say, for two curious eleven-year-olds, the whole experience was an interesting revelation into the ways of the world and made for

an interesting physics lesson after all. Returning to the television programme and the wonders of the Solar System where our own small planet Earth was both celebrated, as well as placed into the much wider context of the solar system and beyond. From this programme, I began to understand one of the sayings about the Canary Islands, possibly used far too much by travel agencies, as a place where “The stars smile down on you”. Physics now, at last, began to make some sense. Sky watching is at its best in the Canary Islands where the night skies are mostly

crystal clear thanks to the efforts of successive islands’ Governments over the years to reduce light pollution. The location of the Canary Islands also means that we can see all the constellations of the northern hemisphere throughout the year and mostly without the help of a telescope. As our eyes become accustomed to the night sky, we can get a flavour of the vastness of the universe and suddenly thousands of stars seem to appear and form a glittering blanket; if we are really fortunate we can sometimes see shooting stars as well. A high position away from the main centre of population gives the best view or, in my case, a quick stroll to the seashore is usually good enough for a spectacular viewing. It is wonderful how new information and earlier gained knowledge sometimes just falls into place when inspired or we are somehow reminded at a much later time. For me, stargazing has been a revelation, although I do still wonder how two grown adults managed to do anything of significance in such a small car! Mind you, they may just have been conjugating verbs! © Barrie Mahoney

If you enjoyed this article, take a look at Barrie’s websites: and or read his latest book, ‘Letters from the Atlantic’ (ISBN: 978 184 386 6459).

With Theresa Coe

Spanish Lesson

Word Association

This is a great technique for getting new vocab to stick. Here are a few ideas, though it´s fun to invent memorytriggers of your own. Nouns: CIUDAD (city – pronounced see-yooDAD) – think: “See you dad! I´m off to the city”; UNA COPA (a drink) – sounds like cup; DINERO (‘din-AIRO’; money) –think: dinner money; DORMITORIO (bedroom) – think: dormitory, where you dormir (to sleep) in your CAMA (bed) – ladies, imagine wearing a CAMisole to bed; JEFA (female boss) – think: heffa! (It´s jefe, pronounced ‘heh-feh’, for a male boss though); MANERA (way) – think: manner of doing things; VENTANA (window) – well, windows provide vents; PALABRA (word) – remember: words are your ‘pals’, and often if you can recall the first part of a word, your memory will provide the rest; UNA PULSERA (‘pull-SERA’: bracelet) – goes on your pulse; VECINO/A (neighbour) –think: Vecindario (town that means ‘neighbourhood’); ZAPATOS (shoes) – remember President Zapatero the ‘shoemaker’. Verbs: APARCAR (to park) - sounds like

‘a parked car’; BUSCAR (to search for) – imagine searching for the bus or car; ENCONTRAR (to find) - think: encounter; ENVIAR (to send) – think: envoys or envelopes; INTENTAR (to try) – you have the intent; OCULTAR (to hide) –well, the occult is hidden; REGALAR (to give as a present) imagine regaling people with gifts: RECORDAR (to remember/to remind) – picture yourself recording info in your brain; SACAR (to take out) – imagine taking out SACKS of rubbish or money; TERMINAR (to finish) – simliar to ‘terminate’. Adjectives: AMABLE (‘am-AH-bleh’: nice/kind) sounds like ‘amiable’; ECONOMICO (cheap) – think: economical; FATAL (‘fah-TAL’: awful) – think: fatal attraction! MANDONA (bossy – for a woman): reminds me of Madonna! And finally, VAGO/A (lazy) – short for vagabundo, a vagabond. Odds and sods: CLARO (of course) – think: clearly! QUIZAS (‘maybe’, pronounced keeSASS) – think: kiss ass? Maybe! And the letter ‘g’ is hard to pronounce [‘HEH’ or ‘HAY’] so ask yourself: what do geegees eat? HAY of course.

Lesson 42

There are many more tricks that make getting by in Spanish much easier. In a nutshell: - It´s better to learn 200 key words by heart and use them well, repeatedly, than to try and memorise too many and mispronounce or forget them - It´s GOOD when you don´t understand, so long as you have the confidence to interrupt and ask the person to repeat slowly, then for you to repeat the word you didn´t get in a questioning voice so the speaker can point to it, act it out or describe it for you. - Think of what you want to say in English then SIMPLIFY it (see lesson 37). If you can´t remember a word, look for another way to express yourself, e.g. instead of saying ordenar (to tidy up) you can say organizar (to organise). - Opt for the word that sounds most like the English one (e.g. comenzar instead of empezar: to start – think: commence) or suficiente (sufficient) instead of bastante (enough). However, don´t forget to a) pronounce your letters the Spanish way (see lesson 5) and b) to ‘push down’ on the right syllable of the word – usually the second-to-last unless the word ends in r, d, z or ión.

- Build up sentences one word at a time. For example: ‘I don´t know how to say the word in Spanish’: No sé (I don´t know) cómo (how) decir (to say) la palabra (the word) en español (in Spanish) Key phrases to aid communication: Repite despacio [repeat-eh des-PAS-eeoh]. Repeat slowly. No comprendo ‘película’. I don´t understand ‘película’. (It means ‘film’) ¿Qué significa ‘barato’? What does ‘barato’mean? (lit: what signifies it?) No sé [noh seh]. I don´t know ¿Cómo se dice [COH-moh seh DEEseh] en español? How do you say it in Spanish? (pointing at ítem) ¿Cómo se escribe? How do you write it? (and take a note) Next language exchanges: Playa del Inglés, Sunday June 5 at 6pm in Café Florin and Saturday June 26th, 5pm in Las Palmas. Email theresacoe@gmail. com for more details.

Any questions? For information on Spanish classes, or to join my free language exchange and practice with a speaking partner, e-mail

Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News

The Spanish Revolution 15M: It could be called The Twitter revolution La revolución española del 15M: Podría llamarse La Revolución Twitter

I received in my e-mail a letter addressed to the political class, both for those who have just won the municipal elections, and those who are still in the national government. Not one of you should in fact believe that you have either won or lost.

En el buzón de mi correo he recibido este email. Esta carta va dirigida a la clase política, tantos para los que acaban de ganar las elecciones municipales, como para los que todavía están en el Gobierno de la nación. Que nadie se crea que ha ganado o perdido. Dear political representative: Querido representante político: I am writing this so you may understand the 15 M movement and what we want. You’ll see that it is easy to comprehend. What has happened is that the real world and virtual world

have started to come together. Twitter, Facebook, Google and the other social networks are not just communication tools with which to act in an imaginary world. We communicate to change things. And we do it every minute. How? By listening, talking, tweeting, contrasting proposals and by voting. As it has become apparent that you do not believe this to be a community in the realest sense we have been forced to go out in to the streets to assure the world that we are in fact real, flesh and blood, we exist, and there are thousands of us.

Te escribo esto para que puedas entender qué es el 15 M y qué es lo que queremos. Verás que es muy fácil de comprender. Y lo que ha pasado es que el mundo real y el mundo que tú creías virtual se han unido. Twitter, Facebook, Google, las redes sociales no son tan solo instrumentos de


The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

16 Cultural Capital

to participate by building real solutions by developing laws that respond to these fundamental changes: No queremos promesas, queremos que participes construyendo soluciones reales, elaborando las leyes que respondan a estos cambios fundamentales: Political Change Cambios Políticos -New Parliamentary law. To facilitate the direct participation of citizens in the decisions of state, and incorporate social media tools into the process of parliamentary decisions. This is called Real Democracy. -Nueva ley Parlamentaria. Que facilite la participación directa del ciudadano en las decisiones de estado, e incorpore los instrumentos de comunicación social en las decisiones parlamentarias. Eso se llama Democracia Real. comunicación que actúan en un mundo imaginario e irreal. Nos comunicamos para cambiar las cosas. Y lo hacemos minuto a minuto. ¿Cómo? Escuchando, hablando, twitteando, contrastando propuestas y votando. Y como hemos observado que no te lo crees, nos hemos visto obligados a salir a la calle para que el mundo sepa y compruebe que somos reales, de carne y hueso, existimos, y somos miles. This is a political revolution that you must learn about today. Policy in the digital era can not rely on the same methods and instruments of representation as it did in the nineteenth century. We have not given you our vote to do with what you will. We give our vote of confidence for you to listen to us and motivate our parliament with the wishes of the @ majority. The majority of the street, sleeping and sitting on the hard asphalt. Not YOUR majority, which sits back in its sacred parliamentary seat. We want to build a new world with universal laws, and not just the laws of the few. Just because one day you win at the polls, it does not mean you can do whatever you want for the next 4 years.

Esa es la revolución que tú como político de hoy debes aprender. La política de la era digital no puede basarse en los mismos métodos e instrumentos de representación del siglo XIX. No te hemos dado nuestro voto para que hagas lo que quieras con él. Te damos nuestro voto de confianza para que nos escuches y para que traslades al parlamento el deseo de la mayorí@. La mayoría de la calle, la que duerme y se sienta en el duro asfalto. No la de TU mayoría, la que asienta su santo trasero en la butaca parlamentaria. Queremos construir un nuevo mundo con las leyes de todos, y no con las leyes de unos pocos. Porque ganar las urnas un día, no significa que puedas hacer lo que quieras los 4 años siguientes.

4 years? Are your politics there to serve us?

Please start by questioning everything. Ask yourself: Does your manifesto answer to the desire of the @majority of citizens or only to your own aspirations? And yet, are you sufficiently flexible, sensitive and responsive to meet the wish of the real @majority? What tools do you use to listen and what market research do you carry out to know what we the public really want and need. Are we behind you or are you just using our vote to in order to stay in your position for another

These are the proposals that we want to transformed into law. We want it all and we want now.

Por favor, empieza por cuestionarse lo todo. Hazte la siguiente pregunta: ¿Responde tu programa electoral al deseo de la mayorí@ de los ciudadanos o únicamente a tus propias aspiraciones? Y más aún, ¿eres lo bastante flexible, sensible y receptivo como para responder al deseo de la mayorí@ real? Qué instrumentos de escucha y estudios de mercado realizas para saber lo que realmente queremos y necesitamos la ciudadanía. ¿Nos copias o solo utilizas nuestro voto para darse el lujo de permanecer en el sillón durante 4 años más? ¿Estás en política para servirnos de verdad?

Estas son las propuestas que queremos que transformes en ley. Las queremos todas y las queremos ya. We want it all and we want it now Lo queremos todo y lo queremos ya We do not want promises, we want you

-New Election Law. Open lists for votes to equal seats. The number of seats should be proportional to the number of votes. Clean and free lists of those accused or convicted of corruption. -Nueva Ley Electoral. Listas abiertas y escaños igual a votos. El número de escaños debe ser proporcional al número de votos. Listas limpias y libres de imputados o condenados por corrupción. - Total transparency of accounts and financing of political parties -Total transparencia de las cuentas y de la financiación de los partidos políticos - Abolish the lifetime salaries of politicians. - Abolir los sueldos vitalicios de los políticos. - That the programs and policy proposals of the outgoing government are binding on the incoming government. - Que los programas y las propuestas políticas tengan carácter vinculante para el gobierno entrante. - Effective separation of the executive, the legislative and the judicial power. - Efectiva separación de poderes ejecutivo, legislativo y judicial - True division of Church and State - Desvinculación verdadera entre la Iglesia y el Estado Workplace Changes Cambios Laborales - New regulation of working conditions - Nueva regularización de las condiciones laborales Economic changes Cambios Económicos

Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News

Cultural Capital 17

“New laws for financial markets and banks. Under the general principle that “all the country’s wealth in its various forms and whatever its ownership is subordinated to the general interest” -Nueva ley de mercados financieros y bancos. Bajo el principio general de que “toda la riqueza del país en sus diferentes formas y sea cual fuere su titularidad está subordinada al interés general” -New Mortgage Law. Providing housing, cancels debt -Nueva Ley Hipotecaria. Entregar la vivienda, cancela la deuda - Abolition of tax havens - Supresión de los paraísos fiscales - Tax reform favorable to lower incomes - Reforma fiscal favorable para las rentas más bajas - Implementation of the Tobin Tax: Taxing international financial transfers - Implantación de la Tasa Tobin: Gravar las transferencia financieras internacionales - Reform of the estate and inheritance taxes - Reforma de los impuestos de patrimonio y sucesiones - Recovery of public enterprises which have been privatised. - Recuperación de las empresas públicas privatizadas. - Reduced power for the IMF and the ECB. - Reducción del poder del FMI y del BCE.


- Tougher controls on financial institutions and

- Endurecimiento de los controles sobre entidades y operaciones financieras - Immediate nationalisation of all banking entities that have had to be rescued by the state. - Nacionalización inmediata de todas aquellas entidades bancarias que hayan tenido que ser rescatadas por el Estado. Social Change Cambios Sociales - Public health, free and universal. - Sanidad pública, gratuita y universal. - Free movement of people and strengthening of public and secular education. - Libre circulación de personas y refuerzo de una educación pública y laica. - Abolition of the Aliens Act

- Abolición de la Ley de Extranjería Changes for Education Cambios por la Educación - Abolition Act of Bologna and the European Higher Education Area - Abolición de Ley del Plan Bolonia y el Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior - New Law of Communication. Conducive popular access to media - Nueva ley de Comunicación. Que propicie el acceso popular a los medios de comunicación Changes for peace Cambios por la paz - Reducing military spending, immediate closure of the arms factories. No War - Reducción del gasto militar, cierre inmediato de las fábricas de armas. No a la guerra - Recovery of Historical Memory - Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica

Changes in the environment Cambios por el medio ambiente - Closure of all nuclear power plants - Cierre de todas las centrales nucleares - Promoting energy renewable and free - Promoción de energías renovables y gratuitas I can say it louder but not more clearly Te lo puedo decir más alto, pero no más claro “Politicians: we are your leaders” “Políticos: somos vuestros jefes”; “We are not anti-system, the system is anti-us”, “No somos antisistema, el sistema es anti-nosotros”; “Democracy now is to vote for those who disgust you to prevent being governed by those of whom you are afraid” “La democracia actual consiste en votar a quienes te dan asco para evitar que gobiernen quienes te dan miedo”; “Fewer police, more philosophy,”

“Menos policía, más filosofía”; “More education, less corruption,” “Más educación, menos corrupción”; “No need for money, there are too many thieves,” “No falta el dinero, sobran ladrones”; “Neither side A or side B, we want to change the record,” “Ni cara A, ni cara B, queremos cambiar de disco”; “We live in a country where graduates are unemployment, the chairman of our government does not know English ... and there is no opposition, “ “Vivimos en un país donde licenciados están en paro, el presidente de nuestro gobierno no sabe inglés...y la oposición tampoco”; “There is not a crisis, this is a scam.” “No es una crisis, es una estafa”. Signed: An indignant. “Don’t Vote, Tweet” Firmado: Un indignado. “No votes, tuitea”

The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

18 Canaries, Aromas & Memories

Broth in The Village Caldo en La Aldea

Potato Broth / Caldo de Papas

La Aldea de San Nicolas de Tolentino La Aldea de San Nicolas de Tolentino, or simply The Village as locals call it, is in the westernmost part of Gran Canaria and has been a town of great historical importance to the Canarians. La Aldea de San Nicolas de Tolentino o simplemente La Aldea come le llaman sus habitantes se encuentra en la parte mas occidental de Gran Canaria y ha sido un pueblo de gran importancia histórica para los Canarios. During the time of the Aboriginal population The Village was one of the locations with the highest number of inhabitants due to the structure of its landscape formed by river valleys and springs that provided fertile land for agriculture and which facilitated livestock management. The area was fiercely defended during The Conquest. En la epoca aborigen La Aldea se convirtió en uno de las localidades con mayor numero de habitantes debido a la estructura de su territorio conformado por valles y cuencas de manantiales que suministraba una tierra fértil para la agricultura y facilitaba la explotación del ganado. El área fue defendida ferozmente durante la conquista.

round and some of them, like the sweet desserts can be found in the village to try.

“This ravine is called the ravine of roses, yet I see nothing but Peñonales stones”

Uno de los cultivos mas importantes de la zona son los tomates que se siembran y cuidan en grandes invernaderos, luego se envían al Puerto de la Luz en la Palmas de Gran Canaria y de ahí muchos de ellos van para Holanda, en su época de Zafra (recogida) se comía la sopa de tomate, el gofio amasado, el pescado frito, el potaje de verduras , dulces de tomate maduro, tomate verde, papaya y mango, elaborados de manera artesanal y también al caldo de papas.. hoy en día estos platos siguen siendo de lo mas populares durante todo el año y alguno de ellos como los dulce pueden ser adquiridos en el pueblo.

En ese barranco hay muchas piedras con formas muy extrañas, se le llaman Peñonales y de allí la canción:

They still maintain their traditional fun songs which evoke little images like: “Love and Greed both went into the field one day, though more Greed than Love came back” Aún conservan su tradición con canciones divertidas entre ellos y ellas tal como: “El amor y el interés se fueron al campo un día mas pudo el interés que el amor que le tenia” In earlier times, to irrigate crops, they used big windmills to draw water up from the well, now there are several dams in the area like El Caidero of La Niña and El Parralillo.

One of the most important crops in the area are tomatoes which are planted and cared for in large greenhouses, then shipped to Puerto de la Luz in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and from there many of them go to Holland. At the time of Zafra (harvest) the people eat tomato soup, gofio, fried fish, vegetable stew, deserts made with sweet ripe tomatoes, green tomato, papaya and mango, all prepared using traditional methods and a favourite is today’s potato soup recipe below. These dishes are popular all year

“ Este barranco lo llaman barranco de los rosales, yo no veo rosas ningunas solo veo Peñonales”

Cola de Caballo Al pie del desagüe nacen unas planta medicinal llamada Cola de Caballo, es una de las especies mas diuréticas de todas las plantas por eso es muy utilizada como tratamiento para la retención de líquidos, tambien es utilizada para curar irritaciones o salpullidos. También cerca de allí nace el Junco, unos palitos muy altos que se doblegan facilmente pero son muy difíciles de partir, y por eso cuando alguien no cede por las buenas se dice eres como el Junco.

Fishing was once another of the core activities of the area and here we find the original fish in the “marciega” pond today. Fishing in ponds in coastal areas was very popular among the Canarians and in The Village it remained so until very recently. It was said that the method for this type of fishing was to sedate the fish with the wisdom of the Cardon and Tababiba plants so that they rose to the surface where they could be easily caught. A method still used in different parts of the island but especially in The Village where it is known as “fishing with barbasco.” Fishing with barbasco is the origin of a famous local event, the Charco Festival each September 11th, when the people gather around the pond and after hearing a gun shot everyone jumps in, those that don’t get pushed in by the others or get spalshed, many reporters come to take pictures of this particular party and many important people of the island join the celebration .. you must go there one day to see this unique event. The Pond / El Charco

En epocas anteriores para regar esos grandes cultivos se utilizaban molinos de viento que sacaban agua del pozo, ahora existen diferentes presas cerca de la zona como la de El Caidero de La Niña y El Parralillo. A medicinal plant called Cola de Caballo (Horsetail) grows there. It is a diuretic that is widely used as a treatment for fluid retention, and is also used to treat irritations or rashes. Also nearby Junco, a type of grass rushes, grows with high stems that bend easily but are very difficult to break, so when someone does not give up easily they say you are like the Junco.

Junco In the gorge there are many stones with strange shapes called Peñonales from whence comes the song:

La pesca era otra de las actividades básicas de la zona aqui nos encontraremos con la original pesca en la “marciega” hoy en dia el charco. La pesca en los charcos cerca de zonas costeras era muy popular entre los canarios y en La Aldea permaneció hasta tiempos recientes. En relación a esto se documentó que este

Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News

Canaries, Aromas & Memories 19

tipo de pesca consistía en sedar a los peces con la sabia del Cardón y de la Tababiba y que luego estos subían a la superficie en donde los cogían. método que aún se emplea en diferentes zonas de la isla y en especial en la Aldea donde se le conoce como la “embarbascada”. La “embarbascada” es el origen de la famosa Fiesta del Charco cada 11 de septiembre, ese dia se reunen cerca del charco y al oír el disparo todos se echan dentro y el que no lo haga le empujan o lo mojan, muchos reporteros van a la zona para hacer fotos de esta singular fiesta ya que incluso importantes personalidades de la isla se suman a esta celebración... debe ir un día a ver este evento único.

RECIPE Potato Broth (serves 4)

Cheese Making / Haciendo Queso © Tilita Peñate & Andreina Barbella Las Tilitas 2011

1 kg of potatoes 1 onion 2 red tomatoes (peeled and seeded) 6 eggs 1 bunch parsley (chopped small) 1 bunch Cilantro (chopped small) Garlic Salt Olive Oil Water or broth Heat the water (or broth) and when it starts to boil add the potatoes, onion,

parsley, tomatoes and some salt. After 20 minutes add the cilantro, crushed garlic, a drizzle of olive oil. The eggs are poached by adding last, whole and in pairs stirring, carefully to avoid breakage. Leave to cook for 4 minutes more. RECETA Caldo de Papas (para 4 personas) 1 Kg de papas 1 Cebolla 2 Tomates Rojos (pelados y sin semillas) 6 Huevos 1 manojo de perejil (picado pequeño) 1 manojo de Cilantro(picado pequeño)

Ajos Sal Aceite de Oliva Agua o Caldo Ponemos el agua (o caldo) al fuego cuando empiece a hervir añadiremos las papas, la cebolla, el perejil ,los tomates y un poco de sal. Al pasar 20 min se le agregara el cilantro, el ajo previamente machacado ,un chorrito de aceite de Oliva. Los huevos escalfados se añadirán de dos en dos y se revuelven con cuidado para que no se rompan. para finalizar se deja cocer todo por unos 4 minutos mas

The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

20 Lifestyle

Beautiful Moisturised Hair protein, the hair will not be healthy and will become difficult to manage.

If you have hair that lacks shine, is frizzy or tangles way too easily you may have a moisture problem. Split ends, hair that you just can’t seem to grow past a short length, or hair that breaks from combing or everyday wear caused by rubbing against seats, clothes, etc. may also have too little moisture.

During the summer months hair suffers because of the different elements that have opportunity to attack it like swimming, over shampooing, direct sun light, wind and many others which make it so important to look after it properly before the summer officially gets going. Each strand of hair is comprised of an inner layer, or cortex, that determines the color and texture of the hair. An outer layer, called the cuticle, protects the cortex. These structures may sound simple, but they’re formed out of many layers and coils of protein, namely keratin. The cuticle is not a solid sheath, but rather formed of scales that slide over each other and give hair its flexibility. Healthy hair is made up of about 88% protein, 12% water. If there is a not a proper balance between moisture and

Moisture is absolutely vital to your hair’s health. Oily or greasy hair is not automatically well moisturised. Excess oils are generally caused by scalp irritants such as hair care products or environmental factors (i.e. smoke, smog); the hair may not be getting the moisture it needs. Many hair care products such as cheaper shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that coat the hair and can lock moisture away from the individual strands, so take care to select quality products that will truly help the hair rather than just make it look healthy..I particularly like the Redken Range available at professional salons.


Restaurant & LoungeBar

2 for 1 meal deal (Mon –Fri 12-3pm)

Starters Main Course

Choose any 2 for €6,00 -Vietnamese spring rolls -Thai-style spring rolls -Pho noodle soup -Tom Kha soup -Bang bang chicken -Bang bang fish

Choose any 2 for €11,00 -Sweet ‘n’ sour fish -Curried chicken -Phad Thai -Chicken in oyster sauce -Thai beef salad -Chicken & pasta salad

(Full restaurant and snack menu’s also available for lunch and dinner) Now open 7 days a week Snacks/Lunch/Dinner

C/. Alonso Quesada 13, Arguineguin Gran Canaria Telf: 928 185 662

You can have a hot oil treatment in your hair while you sunbathe, which is a great way to keep your hair moist while on holiday. Using the hot sand to heat the oil, slick it into your hair and make it into a pony tail . It will not only protect your hair, but you will have received an excellent deep, hot oil treatment whilst you’re out playing. At night, or back at the hotel, shampoo and style your hair as normal. Some of the most nourishing ingredients for your hair can be found in your fridge! Avocados and olive oil are filled with essential fats that are often used in hair

products; mayonnaise, eggs, and milk contain lipids and proteins that are very nourishing for your hair and scalp. Blend, chill and apply. Let sit for 15-20 minutes, rinse and shampoo for amazing shine! If you are looking for a professional deep moisturising treatment in Gran Canaria try the Rejuvena salon in Puerto Rico or if you are in Playa del Inglés try the Beauty & Fashion club in San Fernando, Maspalomas.. for appointments call 928 777 796 and mention me or The Canary News.

Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News

Lifestyle 21

Stress Free Summer Holidays Every parent has the same problem, what do we do with our children during the never ending summer holidays? ABC Playschool in Maspalomas is the answer.

Lunch is served from their own little kitchen, with fresh daily vegetables, potatoes or pasta, fish, chicken and meat, all baked in the oven without any fat added. Special dietary requirements are not a problem. During the afternoon break we provide fruit and a sandwich, french tortilla, jelly etc. and throughout the whole day they´ll drink water, apple juice or milk.

We offer a daily program with various activities in 3 languages; English, German and Spanish. A perfect, safe place where your children will be looked after in an environment which concentrates on healthy habits and food prepared in their own kitchen. In the morning (open from 7.30am), the children are first given breakfast and can then play in the playcorners (babyworld, kitchen, supermarket, workbench etc.). Then from the activities begin non-stop until they close at 20.00. Throughout the day the children enjoy handicraft sessions, theatre, music, singing and dancing, puppet shows and listen to stories told by the well trained profesional staff. The way children learn is through playing, so their interest is stimulated and they are willing to learn and participate in most of the activities. Languages are taught by the same method - singing and playing - and the response from the pupils is really amazing.

We like to focus on basic education and the children’s emotional intelligence in order to create more quality time between parents and child. But most important; you and your children will love ABC Playschool, safe in the knowledge of the high level of attention given to your child together with the extended and flexible hours from Monday to Saturday which the centre offers. Outside is a large extended terrace where we have a trampoline as well as many traditional games to play. Your little ones will never watch the television or be allowed to play with playstations; those games are for home. At ABC Playschool they will spend their time interacting with the teachers and other children, and a different subject is selected on a weekly basis so the children don’t become bored.

Summer camp will be open throughout the summer holidays, but places are limited in order to guarantee our high quality standards. Make your reservation now to avoid a hectic and stressful summer, where both yourself and your children can relax and enjoy a wonderful summertime! See our advert below for contact details.

Do You Know Who We Are? as an expert hairdresser; who takes his time, offers sound advice on cut, style and colour goes before him. Speaking to Graham, he tells The Canary News that he loves his work and really does treat each client as special. Chatting away with whoever is sitting in the chair, he soon makes sure new clients are immediately put at ease; after all if you are like me, and become nervous about putting your crowning glory into the hands of many a scissor-happy hairdresser, you need someone like him who will discuss exactly what you want and then proceed to carry out your requests, not his interpretation of them!

Anyone who has been tuning in to our favourite radio station – KISS Canaries FM – will surely have heard the advert titled above. It has caused quite a storm here in the south with many and varied comments, ranging from the cynical to the favourable. However, everyone seems to remember it and repeat the catchphrase, Hair By Graham, do you know who we are? Graham Tate, who shares the salon with Victoria of Rejuvena, was previously featured in The Canary News; not just because of his tireless work on the ACCM breast cancer charity, where he performed miracles with the lovely locks of our own burlesque girls of Puerto Rico, but also because he is now so well known here in the south of the island that he is back to working seven days a week. People flock to his salon in droves, as his reputation

Forever busy, Graham enjoys persuading his longstanding clientele to update their looks, try out new colours or even act as a model for his many creative talents. But one moment, what’s this? One of his regular lady’s comes to the salon bringing with her a stunning evening dress which she has just tried on and is delighted with. Graham explains that he has made the dress for Gay Pride and the lady in question is no less than the lovely Sinead. Sinead performed onstage at Pride this year for the first time wearing this fabulous creation by Graham. We should

also remember that he made the gigantic 12 foot pink bra in support of our cancer appeal, which was seen around the south during the last few weeks. Is there no end to this man’s talent? And so, delighted to have met such a genuinely nice person, I took my leave, but promised to return soon. Hair By Graham, Do You Know Who We Are?

The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

22 Health

By Ann Mather, Celebrity Nutrition Advisor,

The Nasties (Part 6)

Wherever possible chose foods that use them: Absorbic Acid and Ascorbates, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Propionic Acid and Propionates, Sorbic Acid and Sorbates, Sodium Bicarbonate, Salt,Vinegar, Sugar Flavored Vinegars

New on Gran Canaria Sulphur Crystal


They are also linked to neurological disorders and may be carcinogenic.

There are many natural preservatives that have been used for thousands of years in foods – vinegar, salt and sugar – but nowadays we find preservatives in just about every type of food and most of them are synthetic. Governments reassure us that the quantities contained in individual products are not hazardous to our health … but are they really looking at the total quantities consumed and the cumulative effect? Some are known to be carcinogenic and toxic – yet they remain in our food. Again, you must decide!

BHA and BHT – probably the most extensively used preservative in foods, especially those with high fat content (e.g. sausages, margarine, mayonnaise and baked goods). They are derived from petroleum, are carcinogenic, linked to hyperactivity, increase cholesterol, cause confusion and dizziness, and block hormones such as oestrogen. They are considered the two most dangerous preservatives! They are banned in many countries – but not in the UK or here!

The Baddies! Nitrates – used in processed meats and canned goods to maintain colour and prevent botulism. They are carcinogenic, and may convert to nitrites during the digestive process, making it more difficult for our blood to carry oxygen.

Sodium Citrate – this is related to citric acid, and probably one of the least harmful preservatives used in meat, jam, jellies and baby food. It has, however, been linked to bladder cancer. Tertiary Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) – this is petroleum based and has been linked to nausea and delirium

The Goodies! These additives are naturally occurring and considered to be safe – although they can be linked to food intolerance.

Nitrate Sample

Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites – these are used to stop browning in alcoholic, fruit and soft drinks, and dried fruits. Sulphites destroy Vitamin B1, are linked to hyperactivity, and have also been known to kill – anaphylactic shock! Sulphur Dioxide is made from coal tar. Benzoic Acid and Sodium Benzoate – these are found in confectionary products, baked goods, ketchup, jams, and prepared salads. They are linked to hyperactivity and cause irritation of the eye and the skin (e.g. eczema and dermatitis).

BODY BALANCE, the group fitness program for all ages and gender, MIX OF TAI CHI, YOGA AND PILATES

Call for info: Mika Brouwer

608 395 745

Tuesday: 9.30 - 10.30 Friday: 9.30 - 10.30 at Rendez Vous, San Fernando

Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News



BEACH BOD Lee Latchford Evans, Ex Steps Star turned Celebrity Personal Trainer

This week saw the launch of the new OK!FamouslyFit brand with a Home Fitness Range that provides everything you need to achieve a celebrity body in the comfort of your own home. Here are Lee´s top tips to get a great beach bod: Leg it for Summer - use the Gym Ball to improve your balance, work your lower back, upper body & legs

Get a Pert Beach Bum - balancing on the Tone Dome is great for glutes and leg muscles

Fire Up the Six Pack - shake the boredom of an abs workout with the abs workout machine score yourself in this great interactive workout Make Yourself Irresistible Zap the Fat - the Suspension Training there is a reason System is guaranteed why boxers do to give you an all over skipping it’s a great body workout using cardio workout to your own body blast the fat! weight as resistant

The OK!FamouslyFit range will be available from June at 10% pre-order discount available


The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

24 Comfort Corner By Kay Owen

An Attitude of Gratitude ...

...means thankfulness, noticing simple pleasures, showing gratefulness for everything you receive. Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present. In addition, research shows surprising life improvements that can stem from the practice of gratitude. Giving thanks makes people happier and more resilient, it strengthens relationships and improves health.

in GC, distributed via the Josephine Charles Foundation, who told me that this lady had lost everything...except her dignity. I received this amazing photograph taken soon after she accepted the gift. If ever there was caught on camera the expression of an “attitude of gratitude” this must surely take first prize. Thankfulness radiating out of every smiley wrinkle the grateful granny wrote “Your gift has set me up for life”.

Last week, at my local supermarket, I was choosing flowers. Thinking the roses a bargain at one euro a stem, I picked a large bunch.

How amazing is that?! Entry 2

I noticed a slight, rather poorly dressed old lady looking at the overflowing vases . “Are you finding it hard to choose?” I smiled.

‘Popped into the Tara shop and encountered a darling puppy. Brian and Muriel had just rescued him from heartless abandonment ... thrown in a rubbish bin, left to starve and die! Nevertheless, joyful exuberance just oozed out of our pup. He didn’t just wag his tail...he wagged all over! His gratefulness was infectious; so I joined in - wiggling my bum...nearest I could get to tail -wagging ... as together we danced a little ecstatic ‘glad to be alive’ dog- trot!’

“Oh, I cannot buy any,” she replied shyly “I come here just to enjoy their beauty and fragrance” She bent low to inhale the incomparable aroma of the night- scented stock , saying “They are very lovely aren’t they?” This dear lady was so grateful for the free beauty of flowers sitting in a supermarket display stand ! Did she feel her poverty? I don’t know... but I felt that maybe this little woman had a unique definition of wealth – one maybe few of us understand. A gaunt face and thread-bare clothes? Yes. But there was no paucity of spirit as she took enormous pleasure from the simple things of life - ones which many people - self included - often take for granted. She was for sure, at that moment, very rich indeed. I felt that to offer to pay for flowers of her choosing would somehow detract from her grateful enjoyment. This humble lady caused me to question my own ‘gratitude – attitude’. Of course I am thankful for so much: my faith, my home, enough to eat and drink, my beloved husband and family, my health, my friends. And yet it seems to me that as long as others do not have these things, gratitude alone is not enough. If others lack good wholesome food, a roof over their heads, love

Entry 3. and friendship, a rewarding job, health and the means to maintain it, then my gratitude is merely a beginning. I have two options. Open the door to those less fortunate than myself, and start to action my gratitude, doing what I can to help, or slam the door shut -complacent in my own comfort zone.

Recently I looked out and saw to my absolute amazement a Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) flower actually blooming in our small garden. We have lived here for 6 years and this plant has never flowered before. I cannot describe my joy and pleasure ...overwhelmed by the beauty and authority of nature. ‘Paradise’ personified!

I have recently started keeping “A gratitude journal”writing down the little things in life for which I am truly grateful as I learn to count my blessings. Entry 1. A picture to remind me of the face of gratitude. It is of an old granny who is caring for several orphans in a place known as ‘no- man’s- land’. We bought her 2 piglets and a couple of chickens from funds raised here Entry 4. Grateful to hear on my return from UK that the several bras I donated - which were well past their ‘hold up’ date, nevertheless helped raise funds to ‘support’ the ACCM initiative. Well done Jacky. As my gratitude attitude grows, I feel I cannot stand idly by and just wish for others to have a better life. If I revel in my own good fortune and leave the better part of humanity cut off from the love and material comforts I enjoy... then my own gratitude becomes meaningless and I am the poorer. So here’s to tomorrow – another gift - 24 hours of life- a precious opportunity to express and action my attitude of gratitude. I raise my eyes heavenwards and simply say….. “THANK YOU”! Kay Owen

Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist.

Mary Kay Ash

Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News

Horoscopes ARIES


When it comes to taking a gamble your sense of adventure often lets you succeed where others might shrink from the challenge. June will offer you an opportunity to display this, but you should not be foolhardy.

As Jupiter enters your sign for the first time in a decade offering you much opportunity that is ripe for the taking. Though you may have become untrusting of repeated reassurances, there is much here to gain.

Mar 21 - April 20

April 23 - May 21



Mercury and Venus in your sign suggest some unused potential within you. As the solar eclipse in your sign starts the month there are much needed changes on your horizon, things are looking up.

Both a solar and lunar eclipse at the beginning of this month herald great changes afoot, however don’t waste time waiting to be rescued you have all the resources you need to improve your lot.

May 22 - June 21

June 22 - July 23



Deep change and possible tension lie ahead, signified by a solar and then a lunar eclipse in rapid succession. There is no way to know the challenges ahead but be confident that they will resolve.

The double eclipses this month do much to confuse the future. There will of course be questions to answer however sometimes the best answer is to not worry about the question. Have a little faith.

July 24 - Aug 23

Aug 24 - Sept 23



Try not to spend too much time imagining all the things that might go wrong. Often it is fear alone that creates the problem and if you remain calm you will see all turns out well in the end.

By acting too much on the idea that there might well be things you should be worrying about you give your self, in the end, more things to worry about than is actually necessary. Relax a little.

Sept 24 - Oct 23

Oct 24 - Nov 22



This months lunar eclipse gives great urgency to your plans and adds much gravity to your words. Success itself will be easy but be aware of your heightened emotions. Avoid confrontation and reason with people.

You’ve been here before haven’t you? If you are to avoid the same old mistakes you must trust the people who are battling on your behalf. Your success lies in being responsible for necessary change.



June’s solar eclipse heralds risk ahead, while the lunar eclipse suggests reward for you. You should not take that to mean that all the risk should be yours, your reward may come from another persons failure.

You must look much deeper than the surface of a problem this month in order to come out ahead. There is a lot going on, an epic battle perhaps, but you have all the tools you need for victory. Persevere.

Nov 23 - Dec 22

Jan 21 - Feb 19

Dec 23 - Jan 20

Feb 20 - Mar 20

Heart, Mind and Spirit 25 with Cheyne Towers

I Surrender

Very often in the work that I do with a wide variety of clients who have been suffering in one way or another from the debilitating effects of repetitive negative thinking, there is a theme which reappears constantly. This theme has the potential to go either way, for instance to make the client feel much worse or much better... This theme is Surrender. I’d like to start exploring this by putting a question to you, and the question is this: Do you enjoy being told what to do? And another question along similar lines: if a person were to try their very best to put you down, insult you, undermine your every thought, feeling and action at every opportunity, would you voluntarily submit yourself to their will?

And if you were to submit yourself in this way to such a dubious individual, would it make you happy? Would it make you sad? Would it make you angry? Would it make you fearful? Would it be likely to lead you to an enjoyable experience? OR NOT? In the previous articles I have described a principal which was passed on to me by my teacher, the late Doctor Vernon Bell, and this principal, in order for it to become a practical and useful tool for personal liberation we must first gain an understanding of how this tool can function in our daily lives. Through my studies with Doctor Bell he described this principal to me quite early on, and I thought to myself “Yeah, I understand this”, but although I may have understood the theory I hadn’t yet learned how to genuinely and consistently put it into practice in my own personal life, and in fact it took one and a half years until I realised that if I really wanted to improve my quality of life then I needed to make use of this principal first and foremost for my own sake, because nobody else could do it for me. When I work with a client initially the focus is on identifying and confronting the variety of negative thoughts, feelings and actions which have been causing problems for them. Then begins the process of exploring this principal, THE ERRADICATION OF NEGATIVE THINKING. This is the tool which when understood and correctly applied over time frees a person from the lower mind and emotions and liberates the Higher Mind and the Higher Emotions. Put simply, Vernon would say to me “All you need to do to feel better and more confident is to simply stop speaking to yourself in negatives and self depreciating ways, AND THAT’S IT!” By doing this you draw a line between the person you may have been, who used to suffer the symptoms of that negativity,

and the person who we are choosing (more wisely) to become. Another very important part of the whole process of positive change and transformation is to question the authority of those old negative patterns of inner dialogue, and ask yourself “Do I really wish to surrender myself to this influence any more?” And if not, then “Which voice or inner prompting can I begin to listen to and accept from Now as the True Voice of Liberation?” For myself and also numerous clients that I have worked with over the years, it gets to a point when we have to stop resisting the True Voice, and stop once and for all making up stupid excuses for why we wouldn’t or couldn’t accept, and begin to act upon, a dialogue which nourishes us.

So, if by now you feel that you are understanding this principal of not limiting yourself by repetitive negativity in the words you use when you speak to yourself in your own mind, then the time is fast approaching when the next natural step in this process is to surrender yourself completely to the sense that this principal makes. Stop holding on to the past, because the past is simply past, and all we have to genuinely work with is NOW! So why not begin from now to surrender to being gentle and kind towards yourself, and by doing so this will naturally and effortlessly spread outwardly, positively influencing the people around you who you love and care for? Only good can come from this. So go on, be bold; say to that True Voice “I Surrender Now”. Cheyne Towers MBAThH, GQHP is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Self Defence instructor based in London. He works with a variety of simple yet highly effective methods of natural therapy, in order to provide the right approach for the needs of each individual,whether it’s for self development, physical health and fitness or self-protection. For more information please visit

The Canary News - Friday 25th March - Thursday 7th April 2011 - Issue 43

26 Entertainment

Kiss Fm Updates World Of Music Mourns ‘Godfather Of Rap’ US poet and songwriter Gil Scott-Heron, who has been credited with inspiring the development of rap music, has died at the age of 62.

As well as music he also wrote books. He had a murder mystery, The Vulture, published when he was just 19 and was the author of The Nigger Factory, a social satire.

Simon Cowell, who runs record label Syco, was at number three with Radio 1’s music policy executive Nigel Harding fourth.

Adele tops UK music power chart

At number five was iTunes UK, followed by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, the founders of YouTube.

Singer Adele has topped a list of the UK’s 100 most influential people in the music industry. The Guardian, which compiled the poll, said it was an “astonishing achievement” for the 23-year-old Rolling In The Deep star.

Radio 1’s head of music George Ergatoudis was seventh, with the co-founders of Google - Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt - at number eight. In ninth was SJM Concerts boss Simon Moran with the president of Amazon Jeff Bezos rounding off the top ten. Adele found fame after receiving the first critics choice Brit award in 2008. She also topped the BBC’s Sound of 2008 breakthrough list. Her first album débuted at number one in the UK and she went on to win two Grammy Awards.

Scott-Heron fell ill after returning from a trip to Europe and passed away on Friday at St Luke’s Hospital in New York. He was called the Godfather of Rap, a term he disliked, for his ground-breaking spoken-word performances set to music, including The Revolution Will Not Be Televised in the early 1970s. He recorded more than a dozen albums and was hailed as a major influence by hip-hop stars such as Kanye West. Scott-Heron referred to his signature mix of percussion, politics and performed poetry as bluesology or Third World music. He also said it was simply “black music or black American music”.

“The whole message with her is, it’s just music. There’s no gimmicks, there’s no selling of sexuality” said XL record label founder Richard Russell. Her latest album 21 has topped the US chart and spent 15 of the last 17 weeks at number one in the UK.

The list was compiled by a panel of music experts, which was lead by music manager Cerne Canning.

Richard Russell from her record label XL said the secret to her success was the lack of “gimmicks” in her music.

He says “Adele is the most powerful force in music at the moment. It is very refreshing to see something so successful done in such a sensitive way”

At number two in the list was Lucian Grainge and David Joseph, who run Universal Music Group and Universal Music UK.


1 Rolling In The Deep


4 Give Me Everything


2 E.T.


7 Party Rock Anthem


3 On The Floor

6 5 The Lazy Song 7 6 Just Can't Get Enough 8 -- Super Bass 9 9 The Edge Of Glory 10 10 Sweat (Remix)

Adele Pitbull Featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer Katy Perry Featuring Kanye West LMFAO Featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock Jennifer Lopez Featuring Pitbull Bruno Mars Black Eyed Peas Nicki Minaj Lady GaGa Snoop Dogg Vs David Guetta

“Because Black Americans are now a tremendously diverse essence of all the places we’ve come from and the music and rhythms we brought with us,” he wrote. Nevertheless, his influence on generations of rappers has been demonstrated through sampling of his recordings by artists including West. Throughout his musical career Scott-Heron tackled key political issues including apartheid in South Africa and nuclear arms.

New Ticket Shop!

He had been shaped by the politics of the 1960s and the literature of the Harlem Renaissance. After serving a prison sentence for drug possession, Scott-Heron released an acclaimed album last year called I’m New Here. Born in Chicago on April 1, 1949, he was raised in Jackson, Tennessee, and in New York before attending college at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.

Shop Open: Mon - Fri and Sun 10-17 Mobile: +34 667 087 500

MyTopTickets C.C. Puerto Base, Local 1 35130, Puerto Rico (Beside Bahia Playa)

Issue 43 - Friday 25th March - Thursday 7th April 2011 - The Canary News

Surfing News 27

By Danny Alcock

King of the Groms, 2011

QUIKSILVER KING OF THE GROMS KICKS OFF and no sooner than the tour started, it visited us here in Gran Canaria to see the quality of our groms (gls. surfing kids). From April 2011, the Quiksilver King Of The Groms, an international circuit dedicated to surfers aged 16 and under, started it´s tour around the world.

Surf Canaries were the only team from the south of the island and put on a good performance both in and out of the water! Jack and Tegan made it through to the quarter finals, Doug was the thousandth customer at the café, winning him a chocolate bar! The free surfing session after the contest was great fun too with the surf team kids making up for lost time in the water due to exams etc.

The well established contest run by Quiksilver will travel over many continents in order to select the best 18 young surfers for the International Final, run during the Quiksilver Pro France 4-13 October. In total, 20 countries will run at least one event of the circuit in The King Of The Groms Series. ...And they could not fail to be impressed. Straight from round one, local children from 7 - 16 years old, lit up the slightly overcast shoreline with a dazzling display of surfing that competed with any other stop on the event world circuit. Surf Canaries Surf Team started out nice and early in the south and left noone with a lie in as they charged up the highway with music on full. With a rejuvenated team (on hold in recent weeks for exams, travel and in one case, grounded!) the atmosphere on the bus was great.

The final came down to the wire and saw some of the Cicer´s best local kids doing battle for the title. Saúl Torres, Luca Díaz, Josemi Mentado and Borja Fernández are all good surf buddies and travel companions but in the water, each of them wanted to win and become Las Palmas´ King Grom of 2011...

On arrival at La Cicer, Las Palmas, it was clear that it was going to be a good day of surfing. The waves were of a good quality and not too big (which is good considering some of the competitors measure barely over a metre tall!) As is tradition at these surf contests, the loud music started early and after the inscriptions were done, round 1 was in the water.

The kids were judged by a panel of judges from the Federación Canaria de Surf and were awarded points for good surfing, power of manoeuvres, radical moves, use of the wave and all with fluidity and style in the critical part of the wave. 5 judges score a mark per wave, the top score and bottom score are removed leaving the other 3 scores to be averaged out. Of the 4 kids in each heat, two qualify to go to the next round.

The final was tight and of an extremely high standard but it was eventually Saúl that came out on top, followed by Luca then Josemi and Borja. The day wrapped up with a fun trophy ceremony and thanks were given to the panel of judges, the Canarian Surf Federation, Ocean Side and Quiksilver and all those that took part. A big hand to everyone for their efforts with this excellent kid´s event.

The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

28 Summer Sale

Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News



To place a classified advert, simply fill in the coupon on page 31 and drop off at Property Abroad, Aladdins Cave, Cafe Florin. See ads for locations. Email: or Tel: 928 774 818

PROPERTIES FOR SALE AGENTS Playa del Cura Monseñor Apartment, 1 bed(s) Large terrace and easy access 89.000 Euros 21003-MV ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** Call now 928 150 650 or visit Puerto Rico, Center Luquillo Apartment, 2 bed(s) Very close to the beach 145.000 Euros 21184-LM CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit Arguineguín, Patalavaca Oriente Duplex, 2 bed(s) Beautiful view to the harbour 179.000 Euros 21225-LM ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** Call now 928 150 650 or visit Maspalomas, Sonnenland Duplex, 1 bed(s) Completely refurbished 125.000 Euros 21233-LM ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** Call now 928 150 650 or visit Puerto Rico, Center Duplex, 3 bed(s) Family house - Excellent opportunity! 135.000 Euros 21470-LM CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** ***Call now 928 150 650 or visit Puerto Rico, Center Duplex, 2 bed(s) 159.000 Euros 21587-CG ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** Call now 928 150 650 or visit Puerto Rico, Center Duplex, 2 bed(s) 129.000 Euros

21650-LM ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** Call now 928 150 650 or visit Puerto Rico, Barranco Agua La Perra Guanabara Park Apartment, 1 bed(s) 73.000 Euros 21742-CG ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** Call now 928 150 650 or visit Puerto Rico, West Hill Studio, bed(s) Excellent sea views 50.000 Euros 21751-LM ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** Call now 928 150 650 or visit Maspalomas, San Fernando Duplex, 4 bed(s) A very good deal! 189.000 Euros 21773-MV ***CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980*** Call now 928 150 650 or visit ----------------------------------------

Properties Abroad Estate Agents

PUERTO RICO INSURANCE, MORTGAGE & FINANCIAL ADVICE Tel: (0034) 928 562 467 Fax: (0034) 928 562 454 Email: Web:

Playa del Inglés Beautifully refurbished one bedroom apartment for sale in Playa del Inglés. The apartment is on the 4th floor, close to the CC Kasbah and only a few minutes walk from the beach.

The complex has a communal swimming pool and Pool bar. Ref. PI657. Price: €80,000. Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES www. Playa del Inglés Spacious apartment located in the heart of Playa del Inglés right next to the Yumbo Centre. The apartment has a balcony with great views to the sea. Sold fully furnished and ready to live. The apartment is spacious and light. There’s a reception in the complex, swimming pools and several restaurants and bars. Ref: PI745 Price:€99.000. Tel: 928141202. DREAM HOMES www. El Tablero Recently built apartment with two bedrooms for sale in El Tablero. Separate kitchen equipped with fridge freezer, dish-washer, microwave and ceramic hob. There is also a separate utility room with dryer and washing machine. Fully fitted wardrobes and parking space included. Ref. TB645. Price: €159.000. Tel: 928141202. DREAM HOMES www. San Fernando Very large, 8 bedroom house in San Fernando. The house is set up as two seperate flats at the moment with seperate entrances (perfect for two families) although they are connected if desired. The two main bedrooms have integrated air-conditioning. Both floors have their own completely fitted kitchen. Ref. SF683. Price: €420.000. Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES www. Arguinguin Beautifully presented spacious detached villa in Loma Dos. Quiet residential area and the villa includes large garage, gym, swimming pool with jacuzzi, barbeque area, office area and marble roman bath. Excellent property in perfect condition. Viewing strongly recommended. Ref. AG731. Price: €725,000. Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES www. --------------------------------------PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Wonderful view over beach from this nice apartment/studio on 14th floor only some steps from the promenade and beach, near to all amenities, well-kept complex with pool, equipment include, 111.000 Euro (Ref. 2.002L) INMOBILIARIA KSR,

C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684 GRAN CANARIA SOUTH Best time to buy excellent properties for reasonable prices. We are pleased to provide you with details. Our priority since over 25 years is to offer the highest quality of service, also after the sale, to our clients. Karin-Sybille Rosenfeld, qualified Estate Agent, INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684, , www. MASPALOMAS Near the Golf Course and short distance to the light house, quiet terraced 1 bedroom bungalow (+large storage) in very well kept complex with heated pool and tennis, ample parking space, nicely furnished with all comfort. 135.000 Euro (Ref. 3.509K2). INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684,

SONNENLAND Charming Duplex-bungalow in private complex with pool area in tropical gardens, 1 bedroom with balcony, kitchen and storage, complete (new) bath, terrace, small fenced garden, fully equipped (washing machine etc.). 122.000 Euro (Ref. 3.800I). INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766 684 ARGUINEGUÍN Feeling comfortabel at highest level (NO comunity): beautiful detached chalet, 174 m2 living space on private 351 m2 plot with pool, BBQ, carport, guest flat on basement, first class equipment, tastefully decorated. (Ref. 6.811B) € 596.000. INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio,

BRITISH MEDICAL  CLINIC   Bungalows  Martinica  19  ,  Puerto  Rico   (0034)  928  56  00  16   DR  PAUL  BERESFORD-­‐JONES   Clinic  Hours:            Mon  -­‐  Fri  9-­‐1.30,  Tues  and  Thurs  4-­‐5.30   Phone  lines  open:              Mon  -­‐  Fri  8.30-­‐5.30  

The ONLY  British  Doctor  on  the  Island     Tel. 928 766 684   SAN AGUSTIN   Hillside bungalow aprox. 130   m2 livingspace, include guest apartment with sep. entrance, plus large terrace of aprox. 50 m2 with panoramic view, carport, quiet complex with tennis and nice pool, 325.000 Euro (Ref. 5.505I). INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684 PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Beautiful 1 bedroom Apartment, very private balcony with sea view, luxuriously fitted, quiet location and well-kept complex with pools, private parking, 24hour security etc. 91.800 Euro (Ref. 1.004U). INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766 684 MONTAÑA DE LA DATA Exceptional Villa with lots of possibilities on 1.300 m2 fenced ground, peaceful and quiet place with amazing views towards Maspalomas and the Atlantic, 384 m2 living space (plus enormous terraces), include 2 separate apartments, each with 2 bedrooms, wonderful garden, pool, BBQ house, 1.100.000 Euro (Ref. 6.300C). INMOBILIARIA KSR, Tel. 928 766 684, SAN AGUSTIN Hillside bungalow aprox. 130 m2 livingspace, include guest apartment with sep. entrance, plus large terrace of aprox. 50 m2 with panoramic view, carport, quiet complex with tennis and nice pool, 325.000 Euro (Ref. 5.505I). INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684 EL SALOBRE GOLF RESORT

Luxurious, modern Chalet (brand new) on 236,34 m2 private plot, with fantastic views over Golf Course to the Atlantic, 2 bed rooms, 2 bath rooms, terraces, garden and private pool, very tastefully furnished, all topquality, Euro 595.000 (Ref. 5.900D). INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766 684 PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Centric, quiet location in residential complex with well kept pool area. Two bedroom Duplex Bungalow (109 m2 living space) with view to Atlantic and mountains, spacious private garden, roof terrace, 2 bath rooms, refurbishment required, off-road parking, Euro 272.000 (Ref. 4.008Q) INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766 684 --------------------------------------ROCA REAL ESTATE 928 561667 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT, PUERTO RICO opposite Puerto Rico beach, fantastic sea views, private, large pool. Ref. 10118A. Sale price: 100.000.-€. 1 BEDROOM APARTMENTS IN PUERTO RICO excellent complex, very central, fantastic sea views. Ref. 1004. Sale price from: 75.000.-€. 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT IN A RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX One bedroom apartment in very good condition, with a large separate storeroom small private complex, with sea views. Ref. 10143. Sale price 110.000.-€ 2 BEDROOM DUPLEX with two bathrooms, in need of renovation, central location. Ref 10006. Sale price 126.000.-€.

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The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48 PHASE I. Family run restaurant for sale, freehold, fully fitted and open since 1993, includes all fixtures and fittings. 75 m2. Please enquire price ROCA REAL ESTATE 928 561667

MON TO FRI 10am to 8pm SAT 10am to 1.30pm For appointments please tel 928 561 771 2 BEDROOM BUNGALOW WITH 80 M2 PRIVATE GARDEN in a very central location, totally renovated, furnished, private parking. Ref. 10091A. Sale price 235.000.-€. ROCA REAL ESTATE 928 561667

PROPERTIES FOR RENT Agent Puerto Rico Spacious one bedroom apartment in Puerto Rico. The apartment is fully furnished and has a small patio area. Complex has swimming pool, minigolf, children’s park, gymnasium, sauna, supermarket and 24hr reception. All bills are included. (There is no view from this apartment—hence bargain price) Ref:PR474.Price:€385 /month. Tel: 928906890. DREAM HOMES www. Maspalomas Very cheap rental for cosy bungalow in Maspalomas. Monthly rental price includes all bills. Nicely kept complex with swimming pool, childrens pool, childrens park, tennis court and gym. Only a few minutes walk to the Faro II shopping centre and about 15 mins walk to the beach. Ref: MP633.Price:€450/month. Tel: 928141202. DREAM HOMES www. Playa del Inglés Totally reformed one bedroom studio-apartment with separate kitchen in Playa del Inglés. The complex is very centrally located and has a communal swimming pool, children´s pool and a tennis court. The commercial centres are near by and the beach is only around 250 meters away. Ref. PI730a. Price: €500/month Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES www. Sonnenland Very spacious townhouse set on a corner plot with outstanding views and a huge terrace. 2 double bedrooms, both with fitted

wardrobes and with a lovely balcony off the main bedroom with sea views. Good sized fitted kitchen area with a utility room and washing machine. Ref. : SN744. Price: €750/month Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES www. Salobre Golf Beautiful modern and luxurious villa with three bedrooms. Nicely furnished and with marble floor throughout. Marble bathrooms include bath and shower. Fully fitted kitchen with oven, ceramic hob, fridge-freezer, microwave and even dishwasher!! Washing machine also included in the utility room. Ref. SG481. Price: €1.500/month Tel. 928141202. DREAM HOMES www. --------------------------------------ROCA REAL ESTATE 928 561667 STUDIOS, ONE & TWO BEDROOMS APARTMENTS AND BUNGALOWS in Puerto Rico, & Playa del Cura, long term lets. Prices from 440.-€ / month. PIZZA & PASTA established business for traspaso in Puerto Rico. Fresh italian food produced to supply many of the local restaurants. Includes all machinery, ovens, and a refrigerated van (Renault Express). Traspaso 15.000.-€ Rent 800.-€. LOCAL IN PASSARELLA CENTRE opposite Puerto Rico beach, overlooking the marina, 85 m2 plus 50 m2 terrace. Fitted bar, semi-fitted kitchen, 2 WC. Rent 2.700.-€. RESTAURANT IN PUERTO RICO SHOPPING CENTRE,

PROPERTIES FOR sale Private Apartment 8th floor Don Paco Quiet, fully equipped, 32 square meters interior plus large balcony overlooking the sea. Sunsets, beachfront and seaviews included. 149,000€. Stan Kossen, Apto. Don Paco, 817; Av. Los Canarios, 27; 35129 Patalavaca. Tel: (34) 928 062 871

PROPERTIES FOR RENT Private Playa de Arinaga For Rent, 1 & 2 bed apartments with lounge, kitchen, bathroom and parking space, near to the beach, quiet area. Building has a lift, internet and satellite tv, which is included. Prices start from 395€ per month. For more information call 649 730 486 or email franciscomoreno1975@ Rooms to let in spacious, shared house in San Fernando. Own bedroom with en suite shower, internet and English tv. Shared kitchen, patio, internal patio and roof terrace. All mod cons. 300/350€ inclusive of bills. Tel: 626 306 826.

PROPERTy exchange Apt. Exchange. IBR Apt. overlooking harbour Inihbofin Island, Connemara,

Ireland. Avaliable August. Will exchange for apartment January/ February. Email:

For sale

alloy wheels and tyres (4) 255x15x19 Goodyear. Brand new. Will fit Land Rover/Range Rover 600€ Tel. 671 192 457


WANTED. Second hand books, in good condition, to be sold in support of Registered Childrens’ Charities 1) RUBBISH DUMP CHILDREN in Cambodia 2) ORPHANS/ SCHOOL projects in China. Please drop books off at Original Designs, Ancorra C. Arguineguin. donations gratefully received. Contact kay.r.owen@gmail. com Together we can make a difference Arguineguin Cultural Society meets every Thursday at Tío Pepe bar from 20.00 at the C.C. Ancora in Arguineguín. As mentioned previously in TCN, the group were looking for a place to build up our string puppet stage and to train people in the making and operating of string puppets. The group has now found a suitable place in Arguineguín and if anyone is interested in joining them please call Peter on 639 229 414 and go to the meetings on Thursdays. Amigos contra el Sida is a charity that provides support for people with HIV and Aids and has information about sexually transmitted diseases Amigos contra el Sida - Friends against Aids Av. Alejandro del Castillo, Mercado Municipal, 2º floor San Fernando Maspalomas Contact: 695578004. Timetable: Tuesday and Thursday - 9:00 to 15:00 hour. Amigos contra el Sida Calle El Escorial nº 7, Vecindario Teléfono: 928 149 570 Timetable: Monday to Friday - 9:00 to 14:00 hour. Website: Support Maria Templeman’s Dog Rescue. You can find Maria’s stall in Arguineguin market on Tuesdays and Mogan market on Fridays. You can also find Maria in Maspalomas market next to the big, main flood light on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Money raised from Maria’s stall goes to funding dog rescue in Gran Canaria, including vet and kennel fees and re-homing dogs. Join the library in Maspalomas with your NIE number and passport and picture or residencia. No charge. English books and other European languages too. Also free internet access.!! The library hours are 8.00 am till 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm to 10 pm Monday to Friday. Biblioteca Municipal Maspalomas, Casa del Cultura

Maspalomas, Avda De Tejeda 72 Phone 928 720 035 Drinking Problem? International, English speaking AA meetings every Friday at the church in the Kasbah (door on the left hand side) Playa del Inglés, 8.30pm. Monday 12pm in San Fernando, behind Market Maspalomas and Tuesday 7pm at the Catholic Church (enter by the stairway on the right hind side), Behind the taxi rank next to the police station. Anonymous meet in Telde on Mondays and Thursdays from 20.00 until 21.30. Call 928 202 638 TARA Animal Charity Shops Big & Beautiful - In Arquinequin 63 & 67 c/Tanausu across from Pino Seco Park. Monday thru Saturday 10am till at least 4pm All Kinds of Second Hand Items ON OFFER! 607 671 617 TARA Animal Welfare Charity Adopt or Foster Dog/Pups, Cats/ Kittens. Human Companions Needed for Life. Call – 607 617 671 or


Service and Repair all Makes and Models Pre ITV Inspection Call ANDY ON

620 343 228

Issue 48 - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - The Canary News


Cafe Florin Calle Alfreces Prov. 29 (opposite Hard Rock cafe)


Cleaning Services Domestic Cleaning - Pubs/Restaurants Office Cleaning - One Off Cleans - Oven Cleans Full Upholstrey Cleaning, Ironing Service Rugs - Carpets - Sofas - Mattresses Contact Chrisy: 664 894 848 or Zoe: 667 089 203 Email:

Canary THE

We Buy and Sell Second Hand and New. Call Mandy: 637 163 434 Ancora Centre No. 82 Arguineguin.


The Canary Islands’ most successful FREE Newspaper


To place a classified advert, simply fill in the coupon below and drop off at Property Abroad, Aladdins Cave, Paraiso Jewellers, The Print Shop or Cafe Florin. See ads for locations. Email: or Tel: 634

Text (print in Block Capitals). Lineage, 32 cents per word inc 5% IGIC. Tick as appropriate BOXED ADVERTs

1 mod = 17€ (40 x 42mm)

2 mods = 34€ (83 x 42mm)

3 mods = 50€ (126 x 42mm) Name: ......................................................................................................................................................... Address: ..................................................................................................................................................... Tel No: ........................................................................................................................................................ Number of inserts: ................................................. Date from: ...............................................................


(prices inc. IGIC)

Private classified adverts must be pre-paid cash DEADLINE 12 NOON FRIDAY. Simply fill in the coupon above, drop off and pay at Property Abroad, Aladdins Cave, Paraiso Jewellers, The Print Shop or Cafe Florin. See ads for locations.

341 097


Classifieds Special Offer

6 Editions for the price of 4 (Adverts must run concurrently)

Hand into any of our drop off points Property Abroad Puerto Rico Aladdin´s Cave Arguineguin Café Florin Opp. Hard Rock Cafe Paraiso Jewellers Mogan The Print Shop San Fernando (See adverts for locations)


The Canary News - Friday 3rd June - Thursday 14th July 2011 - Issue 48

Telephone: 928 141 202

Looking to buy property in Gran Canaria?

Mobile: 676 406 679

"Bellevue Best Property Agent 2006 - 2010"

Dream Homes , C.C. Yumbo Local 411/10 , 35100 Playa del Inglés and Avda. Tomas Roca Bosch Nº 28, Puerto Rico G.C. Tel: 928 90 68 90

Cárdenas Real Estate is a family business that has specialized in property in the south of Gran Canaria since 1980.

For Rent


Puerto Rico


Price: 450€/month Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Newly built 2 bed apt with marble floors throughout and finished to a very high spec, it is partly furnished with an ample size balcony overlooking the valley. The living/dining area is air conditioned. Washing machine and dryer included. It is a world apart from the hustle and bustle.

Price: 600€/month Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Beautiful apartment centrally located in Puerto Rico. Tastefully decorated with a contemporary theme. Fully equipped kitchen with gas stove. The balcony is a great size with stunning sea views. The apartment is immaculate and kept to a very high standard, it is fully furnished and ready to move in! Water and electricity are included !!

Price: 1300€/month Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3 Newly built, modern villa near Tauro. Private garden with outdoor jacuzzi. Four spacious double bedrooms and two living areas. Marble floors and fully furnished throughout to a high Standard. Air-conditioning. Rental price includes gardener and pool maintenance.


Puerto Rico/Amadores

Puerto Rico

Salobre Golf

Cosy 1 bedroomed apartment located in a small private complex with a communal pool & low community charges. Located very close to all amenities and the beach in Puerto Rico.

Spacious 2 bedroomed bungalow with a pripool and a large garden. The property is sold furnished & equipped. Located in a lovely quiet area at only 10 minutes from Maspalomas.

Ref. 21998-OM Price : 68.000 €

Ref. 21006-LM

Price: 398.000 €

For Sale


Arguineguin, Patalavaca

Price: 295,000€ Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2

Price: 98,000€ Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1

Price: 119,500€ Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2

Pretty villa with three bedrooms, an outside dining and living area, a large inside lounge, separate fitted kitchen with all appliances, a bathroom with Jacuzzi basin adjoining the main bedroom and a separate shower room and toilet next to the second bedroom. Very peaceful.

Idyllic bungalow, nestled in the centre of the golf course. This is a spacious property with a private terrace and a generous living area. It is sold furnished and ready to either move into or rent out. The complex has a lovely pool area with a large swimming pool! An absolute bargain for this type of property!

Excellent opportunity to buy 2 apartments for the price of 1! This opportunity offers a 1 bedroom apartment with a completely separate 1 bedroom studio below offering a beautiful, spacious kitchen. Excellent size communal pool and sunbathing area. Great investment! Great value! Must see!

Maspalomas, San Fernando ????a

Beautiful refurbished 1 bedroomed apartment with unbeatable views over Arguineguín. Located in a sought after well kept complex with a communal pool. Furnished & equipped.

| Town Complex or Area Spacious 4 bedroomed house very Insert text here. Please check forcentrally text located all amenities. Great views run-offclose at thetoend of the sentance if you from the top and floor pasting over the text dunes are cutting Maspal-. omas.

Ref. 21999-OM From : 153.000 €

Ref. 21773-MV Ref: A0000 Ref: A0000

Price:189.000 Price: 000.000 €€ Price: 000.000 €

The Canary News Edition 48 [2nd Anniversary]  

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