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Where's Our Paper! The Canary News has been printing monthly over the summer, but is back to fortnightly this week. Our wonderful volunteer distribution team has been gearing up for the winter season. It is true the papers have been disappearing rather quickly from distribution points in the south, however unless we start to charge for the paper we probably won't be able to increase the print run for a little while. So we have a question.... Do any of you think people would be willing to pay a couple of euro's a month to ensure they get their copy? Really? What are your thoughts?

We would like help, suggestions and support to ensure that we can continue to provide this publication... The economics of running a free newspaper really do not leave much room for manoeuvre, especially in the current climate. We do our best to produce it because we believe it is important to have a community paper, we are unique in trying to provide useful and important information for English speakers (and now the Nordic community) but if it wasn't for our magnificent volunteers and distributors, we couldn't do it at all. You should be able to find copies in all the usual places from now on as the distribution teams will be out across

the south from Playa de Mogán to Puerto Rico, Arguineguín, Maspalomas, Sonnenland, PDI and San Águstin then on up to Las Palmas by Saturday. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any problems finding it, and we will endeavour to bring you your copy personally. We hope that is some help. Feel free to call, any time. Ths is your paper, and it will only continue to grow with your help and input. How do you think this could work better? Edward Timon Editor 6343 67 879 928 062 792

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MP32V: 1 BEDROOM, 1 BATHROOM €130.000 Maspalomas, Campo International, nice bungalow, completely renovated, 47m2, 67m2 with garden!, 1 bedroom, living room with integrated kitchen, utility room. Located in a quiet area set in beautiful gardens. Community pool (recently refurbished) Monthly communidad €130


PI36V: 1 BEDROOM 1 BATHROOM €120.000

PI26A:2 bedroom, 1 bathroom €900/month Beautiful bungalow for rental in a great position on the complex with access from the road and back access to the pool area. The bungalow has been recently renovated with new aluminium windows and doors. The costs include water and electric. Only 5 minutes walk to the Yumbo centre, in a great location close to everything!!!!

AG65A: 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom €650/month

MP57A: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom €500/month Nice one bedroom to rent in a quiet complex with communal pool. The ground floor has a lounge, kitchen and a fenced terrace. In the upper floor there is a bedroom with a terrace and a bathroom. Very close to the golf course and the tennis club. Near Faro II shopping centre, 5 minutes walk from the park "Holiday World", includes water and electricity.

Beautiful apartment in the 5th floor of the complex Taidia in Tirajana Avenue close to the Yumbo centre. 1 bedroom apartment, large terrace with beautiful views. Very spacious kitchen. New plumbing and electricity throughout. The complex has parking and has a communal pool with gardens. Superb location close to the Yumbo Centre, bus stop, taxi and supermarket on the ground floor. Community 80€.

One bedroom apartment in the heart of Playa del Ingles, in a great location close to the Yumbo centre. There are 2 communal swimming pools on the complex, nice gardens and two tennis courts. There is also free communal parking which is secure with a key. A beautiful apartment in a great location. A must see!!!

Beautiful bungalow for rental in a Los Caideros, two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and study room. There is a large terrace area and a beautiful communal pool on the complex.


The Canary News - Wk37 2012 - Issue 75

This Community, My Say!...

Ed's Said

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This week the Partido Popular (PP) has dealt another decisive blow to freedom of the press and shown its true colours concerning any media message that may deviate from their official line of – DON’T WORRY, WE’VE GOT THE ECONOMY UNDER CONTROL… HONEST!! The daily programme Carne Cruda, hosted by the prolific political critic Javier Gallego, has been removed from RTVE Radio 3, and with it has gone a consistent and sobering reality check in the midst of an environment of fiscal insanity at the top, and a ‘heads in the sand’ mentality at the bottom. It should be noted that Gallego is not just a critic of PP, he was also very critical of the previous ruling party PSOE. Without any doubt, criticism is an essential element of a functioning democracy. Gallego is the latest in a string of despidos ordered by the newly appointed president of Radio Televisión Española (RTVE). To put this into context, since Spain became 'democratic' the standard procedure for appointing the executives who control the public broadcasting output has been that both ruling and opposition political parties had to decide together. This was to ensure the type of press objectivity usually enshrined in a liberal democracy. However, after PP took power they decided to modify that rule effectively allowing themselves to unilaterally appoint the new president of RTVE. The reader might not be particularly surprised to know that they appointed Leopoldo González-Echenique, who, while not a PP politician himself, certainly has a strong ‘affinity’ with the party. This new appointment and the subsequent spate of sackings of any rational, critical, humanist voices which may not share the, ahem, ‘spirit’ of the party, appears all the more sinister when we take into consideration the influence of right-wing journalist and TV presenter Julio Somoano Rodríguez. In 2005, Somoano (who has written for the rightleaning El Mundo and the unashamedly right-wing La Gaceta) wrote a Masters thesis at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona entitled ‘Communications strategy for the victory of the Partido Popular in the next general election’. The fundamental tenet of his thesis proposed the use of TV series' to ‘launch ideological messages’, Somoano advised that ‘the Partido Popular should not overlook these ways of politicising television entertainment’. It begs the question: are we seeing the fruition of Somoano’s thesis, as the PP converts the public broadcasting channel into an idological weapon? Let us not forget PP’s infamous 2010 appointment to the private sector of Rodrigo Rato (just check Wikipedia for his impressive list of links to PP), to the troubled ‘super-bank’ Bankia; who promptly took €1tn (authorised by PP) to prop up the bank but still failed to solve its solvency problem which resulted in the 15M movement raising €20,000 in 24 hours to file a court case against Rato. My final words on the matter are: IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE COUNTRY FROM FINANCIAL RUIN, INVEST €1TN IN LOCAL ECONOMYIES TO STIMULATE GROWTH!! Don’t sink it into a black hole (Bankia) and don’t shoot the messenger (Carne Cruda) instead of dealing with the problem (namely deregulation of the financial sector, which just happens to implicate a load of your mates). Duh!! Primo Dickie Nightingale, Castellon! An extraordinary assessment of a black week for freedom of speech in Spain. Though most non-Spanish speakers may not be aware of the program nor the importance of it's messages; this is without doubt a sign of difficult times to come. Carne Crude enjoyed a huge fan base and was a necessary and regular antidotal and anictodal release for many who doubt the government's values and motives The fact that this show was cancelled without warning, without clear reason and without recourse, smacks just a little too much of the type of non-democratic, dictatorial practices of leaders who are more often than not held aloft as examples of those who care less about their people than controlling the message behind their administrations. This is a distinct and worrying change in the politics of Spain. We in the Canary Islands can only be thankful that we are at least seperated by geography, if by little else, from such sad tactics of control and media domination.

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Dear Ed,

Dear Mr Timon,

We are due to return next month & we have to renew our N.I.E. when we get back. I am sure that there was an article in one of your issues regarding this. If I am correct & you are able to tell me which issue it was in I can print it out. Many thanks,

I read your banner headline and bilious editorial (Canary News issue 74) with shock and some surprise. I'm no particular supporter of Ryanair and have had to re-pack suitcases at check-in like many of us have. They have rules and as long as you follow them you shouldnt get hit with extra charges. Service comes in other ways than simply the provision of free refreshments. As a timeshare owner for six years in the past we had to pay for overpriced August charter flights on top of the hassle of night departures/arrivals (stressful particularly for those with small children) from Manchester. By comparison the Liverpool route was not only slightly lower or the same price (although £300+ per adult/child is definitely not cheap) but also offered the luxury, for us, of a local departure with unhurried daytime flights and a complete absence of the image of Preston bus station the airport becomes overnight. Passengers from Manchester's catchment area also use Liverpool. Even if we lived further away it would still be worth it for the daytime flights. We'll now start thinking, for the first time, of exchanging our weeks and going somewhere else other than your adopted beautiful island if we have no alternative to a Thomson or Thomas Cook 4am arrival home at £350+ to look forward to in future. I dont know how you can justify Ryanair as being bully boys - they are the airports' customer just as we are Ryanair's customers unless there is more to your editorial than you have hitherto revealed. That's the surprise. Secondly you have branded users of the cancelled origin points as somehow indicative of the worthlessness of the passenger from that origin (even though many of the "all inclusive" holidaymakers, by definition would use the charter airlines and not Ryanair). That's the shock. If that's not what you meant I think you should make it clear. Yours faithfully, Dale Minks, Liverpool UK Thank you sincerely for taking the time to write to us. I certainly did not mean to imply that simply by using a service like that provided by Ryanair, the user was somehow worthless. Indeed we, and these islands, welcome anyone who wishes to experience Gran Canaria, and our beautiful archipelago, with the most open of arms. As stated, I use their services myself (when it suits) and so, see it as closer to the smart thing to do than anything else. If the service is available, and on offer, why should we as consumers ignore it? That said, Ryanair, and their CEO, have tried to paint a picture of injustice. What is more they have suggested that due to this injustice they will now be 'forced' to cut back on essential flight services. I put it to you, and to anyone who cares about my opinons, that this is a charade, designed to secure Ryanair with an unsustainable subsidy, uniquly agreed with them, in a time of unparralleled hardship. To try and suggest that our government here has been wrong to withold such unjustifiable, undeserved and unfair an advantage for this airline, over all others, is to the distinct detriment and shame of the people who live and work here, it is as diabolical as it is relentlessly selfish and inconsiderate of the real world situation on the ground. I applaud any business that can save the consumer money, but condemn any who has the gaul to suggest that they deserve subsidy and support heads above their competition, and at the expense of more meaningful expenditure in a time of crisis. Flying costs what it costs. The Canaries do not need to barter over their value. Visitors are all welcome, but they should expect our inherent hospitality, not unsustainable treatment. Ryanair are lucky to be allowed to come here. 'All inclusive' is a concept that was forced on to many hoteliers here by the tour operators, which has funnelled a lot of other providers to have to compete. The truth is that, no matter how you arrive here, if you are staying at any complex or hotel you are likely to be offered this all inc sham so as to justify it's cost, despite it's detrimental effect on real world economics. Don't buy cheap, I say. Buy real and buy local. Thank you. -Ed

PS I find it so useful to get the updates on Facebook

In essence, all foreign residents who live here for more than three months are expected to register for an NIE (Foreigner's National Identification) This is gives you access to pretty much the rest of the Spanish state system of taxation and medical care, though on top of this you must also aquire your Residencia and municipal certificate of residence to be totally legal. More and more, the laws surrounding these documents are being enforced meaning that you should be prepared to show not just your passport, but also, proof of either incomes or sufficient means to live here, as well as bank account details and anything else that shows you have a legitimate claim for help, support and subsidy from the Spanish state, as a member of the European Union. Most of this can be achieved at either you municipal Town Hall or at designated police stations. -Ed Dear Editor Ive just read ED's said article (Ed.74) on the people who use low fair airlines, what an insulting article, the millions of people who use these airlines otherwise couldn't afford a holiday, the pasty white consumers as you call them. What a cheek, I think the least you should do is put an apoligy in your next edition Yours Tony Byrne Enviado desde mi iPad Mr Byrne, thank you for your message. You have my unmitigated apology for any offence caused. You are quite right, the tone was meant to be provocative, even derisive and perhaps went a little too far in an attempt to get readers thinking a little more closely about a major problem facing the tourist industry here. I have, strictly speaking, nothing against those who use low cost air fares, I use them myself. What I have objected to was a company like Ryanair trying to strong-arm The Canarian Government into making subsidy payments, for them to bring every decreasing returns to these islands; pretending that flights from Baden Baden or Knock airport are so important that they should be subsidised in a time when costs are rising, for fuel, food and many other necessities. I was asking 'who is it we are marketing ourselves to', and at what cost (either financial or environmental) My editorial aimed to start the debate about 'all inc.' and how, if we undervalue what we have here then so will the people who bring the tourists to the island, consequently the tourists who come here will do so on such a thin shoe string as to be of little or no use in supporting our local economy. At which point many people will need to find another way to survive. I seem to have achieved that goal. You are not the only person to have responded. I hope you will forgive me, for playing devil's advocate. -Ed

Dear Ed. I am writing due to my increasing frustration with the lack of vision and foresight here in Gran Canaria, especially up here in LPGC. These days I understand enough Spanish to watch the news and read the local newspapers (besides The Canary News of course!), and am consistently dismayed at the response to the economic crisis. Every day I listen with disbelief at the pride of the Canarian media of the ‘record breaking’ levels of tourists coming to the islands and the fact that they just want more, more, more. I can’t understand where this pride is derived from, I see no approaches to sustainable development, I am shocked on a daily basis at a service economy that is too proud to learn English (or any other relevant language of a globalized world) and has little idea of a professional level of service. It is pure luck to be geographically situated in the Atlantic Ocean with lovely amounts of sunshine and beaches to enjoy. Here in LPGC they have thousands of cruise passengers disembarking from the port right next to the El Muelle Shopping Centre – besides the ubiquitous Red Hop-On-Hop-Off bus, that poaches most of the passengers almost before their feet touch the ground, then you have the taxi touts pretending to give ‘guide’ services with their handful of English, they might visit the shopping centre where no one speaks a word of English (the number of times I’ve had to help tourists ask shop assistants for some service in there!) Then you have the measly little ‘information kiosks’ where they plonk a map in your hand and have mountains of paper brochures in Spanish to give away, and not even a ‘Can I help you?’, let alone a friendly smile! One of the most recent ‘investments’ has been to put a string of sign posts along the Las Canteras Paseo – without any distances marked, only the helpful information that you can take photos – surprise, surprise!!! A sign post at the La Puntilla end of Las Canteras has a sign pointing to the Alfredo Kraus Auditorio at the other end of the Paseo, a distance of nearly 4 kilometres! With many tourists being families, the elderly or persons with disability, this is a bit of a joke. Recently, a friend visiting Amadores from Norway with her mum and two children was threatened by a Global bus driver that he would call the police after she forgot to close the door of the loading port after packing her pram on board (with no help from the driver). Another day and another local guagua and elderly tourists (one with a mobility device) were advised by the information kiosk to take a certain bus to Triana – only to be told by that bus driver that they had been misinformed and he couldn’t take wheelchairs! So not only language, but basic infrastructure and level of professional service that should underscore the tourism industry are lacking. So what are they doing? More cuts of course! Public servants, who are not the most efficient at the best of times, don’t need more cuts, they need to be made accountable and transparent. Where are the policies and procedures for lodging a form for example? It should be 30 days for processing full-stop, not 6 months “ if you’re lucky”. The system is failing at all levels. I can understand Spanish and Canarian pride in their language and their land, but to be so stubborn as not to learn other languages and to provide a professional level of service in what is a tourist based economy in a globablized world is beyond me. Furthermore, that during a crisis they are cutting English classes in schools – all I hear of is cuts, cuts, cuts – where is their future? On a daily basis I am trying to find my way into contributing to my life here in Las Palmas, but I find the pride (stubbornness) of the people is stopping them from listening and opening their minds to new and innovative ways of doing things. I am from Australia, from a tourist based area in the tropical north – in many ways similar to the Canary Islands, I have lived/worked in major cities all over the world, I have worked in the public sector and the private sector. I am now married to a Canarian and we are starting our family here. I want to contribute and right now it’s a matter of exploring ‘how’ as I see so many opportunities here, but even for my Canarian friends, it’s a matter of how to turn the ideas into work, into more jobs, into impetus and onto a sustainable

future. Thanks for the chance to have a rant in the hope that there may be other people out there who also see many opportunities but are feeling similarly frustrated.

aspect of our service you can write to Edificio Mercurio Torre 1, 2ºE, Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria, España. To get your paper Looking for a copy of The Canary News then call us on 928 062 792 to find out where you can pick up your newspaper.

September Edition 76 7th Edition 77 21st October Edition 78 5th Edition 79 19th November Edition 80 2nd

Sincerely Rosal Fischer, LPGC. Rosal Maya Fischer Community Development Advisor Masters of Public Policy and Governance Bachelor of Social Work, Int'l Community Development AUSTRALIA Thank you for you letter, which I enjoyed for being as insightful as it is illuminating. I am sorry it has taken me some months to respond but I wished to consider it fully and muster a useful response. I identify with your dismay, and feel strongly about sustainable development, however I must ask why it is you think it so shocking that fewer people than you would like try to improve the quality or quantity of English spoken here, instead of asking why more foreigners don't learn to speak the native language of this land? My own experience is that anyone working in the more turisted areas has a much more competent ability to use English than most foreign residents display in their use of Spanish. I see pride in one's own native language as much more important than trying to cater to foreigner residents who refuse to try and learn the language of the land they have set up home in. I do not think the problem lies with a native islander not going the extra mile to learn somebody elses language. I expect anyone who comes here to go the extra mile to understand life, hardship, opportunity, business, society, history and culture as it exists here already. The Canarian Way first! I dispise (yes I know this is a strong word) the idea of an homogenised english-language-driven economy that aids and abets the erosion and potential loss of hundreds and thousands of years of culture, culture which is distinct from and unconnected with the lands from which our visitors origniate. It's difference surely must be a primary reason for adopting this land as home. Or do we seek to modify this place into something more akin to where we arrived from? I am pround to have chosen a place so unexplored and little recognised for its rich depth of culture, art and yes, even language. I want all visitors here to appreciate the distinct differences between Canary Island dwellers and the myriad places from which it's residents may have come. If we lose that, we lose everything that is distinct and most desirable about this island paradise. So little has been done over the last 50 years to maintain all that is most precious about The Canaries, in some misguided preference for pretending to be more like the people and the places from which our visitors are drawn. I am distinctly not Canarian, yet I choose all that is Canarian, with all its imperfections in preference to anywhere else on earth. Yo Soy Canrio. Ahora. I find you're desire to contribute more and more fully to your new life here not just admirable, but exemplarary. I too wish to be a part of the things that make this place best. However, speaking as an Irish national, raised primarily amoung the English, speaking very little of any other language, despite having spent years in both Greek and Spanish speaking cultures, I am spurred ever forward in my quest to not only understand and assimilate the character of the culture in which I now live, but to support and promote it with all of my ability. This world needs more people like you, more you want the best for the society they live in. I simply as you consider whether spoken English is the only way to progress positively, or if our opportunities for understandinf might not be wholly greater, now we are here.Ed

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Issue 75 - Wk37 2012 - The Canary News

News & Info To The Editor, The Canary News, 25th August 12. Dear CN. In the issue 74 you asked if anyone was particularly Happy with a business here in GC. I have found the small businesses here on the whole very good. On the other hand large and essential ones; Water, Phone, Electricity and the Ayuntiamiento don´t give a monkies about anyone and not just expats. Question, can anyone do something about That ? Moan over. I live in Fataga my local garage (Taller) looks after my cars. There is a bar attached and the service in both is fantastic. Food in the bar lovely and prices in the garage affordable. There are two others I feel worthy of note. One based in Vecindario: Persinova, Vecindario with Javier Ramos the contact, make all sorts of window, doors, blinds and I can say without question are the best window people I have ever used. They arrived on time and finished the work when they said they would and the price perfect. A friend of mine saw my sliding doors 9 of them and after two years still perfect. He too then had the company replace his patio doors and blinds. A month later in a restaurant having lunch with the same friend we met Javier by chance. We said the normal hola´s and had lunch. Javier left before us and waved bye. We asked for our bill to be told Javier had paid for us and even left a tip. I call that service. (Persinova 928 755 745, Javier 625 524 138) The other company may sound a little Odd for GC. They install guttering. I had it installed as I couldn´t get in or out of the house when it rained without getting a very cold shower. The walls outside were also suffering from the splash as the rain ran off the roof and hit the floor. Canalum is the company name, 928 570 595 they do lots of colours and styles so you can have rustic or modern . I lived in London 32 years and I would never recommend trades people. Here in GC I am very pleased to say I have no hesitation. Here people become friends. I still see my electrician who wired the whole house, we stop and chat. The guy who refurbished my house is (his words) Un amigo siempre. Saludo Noé. Colin Kelly, Very Happy in Fataga. Thank you Happy Colin, what a lovely letter full of positive joy and appreciation for those who offer you a world of real hospitality and hard work. Please tell us more! - Ed

Ryanair Emergency Landing

Maspalomas Costa Canaria celebrates 50th anniversary with a golf tournament

Aena treats 16 Ryanair passengers after cabin depressurisation

This Saturday September 15th, as part of the celebrations to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the tourist resort Maspalomas Costa Canaria (Gran Canaria), a golf tournament is to be hosted entitled “Maspalomas +50”, says the Canarian Golf Federation in a statement. This tournament organized by the City of San Bartolome de Tirajana and the Federation itself, takes place on the first commercial Golf Course built in Spain: Maspalomas Golf. The 18-hole tournament will be open to players from different categories, with a federal license issued by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation. The mayor of San Bartolome de Tirajana, Marco Aurelio Perez, stressed "the need to promote alternatives to the offering of sun and beach in Gran Canaria, so that tourists can decide how to enjoy their holidays better on the island."

As we go to press reports are coming in of sixteen passengers having had to be treated by AENA medical services after depressurisation occurred on a Friday morning Ryanair flight bound for Gran Canaria which was forced to make an emergency landing at Madrid-Barajas airport, as reported by Of the total number of passengers treated, fourteen of them were discharged and two were taken to a hospital by the company for further review. The passengers of the airline, which this week was also forced to make an emergency landing in Lanzarote for lack of fuel, complained of earaches and headaches after the unexpected depressurisation. reports that the plane lost altitude at 0745 on Friday morning, after passengers on board reported a strong burning smell which led to cabin decompression triggered by the deployment of emergency masks. The aircraft returned to land at Barajas. The passengers were taken to the boarding area from which most decided to continue their journeys, flying to Gran Canaria. Passengers were informed that they would "fly on a separate plane with different crew." According to AENA "there was no evidence of engine smoke" but "cabin depressurisation," caused the return to Barajas. The pilot told the control tower that he was following the Barajas routine protocol as a "local preventive" measure.

Police arrest man for drug sales in San Bartolome de Tirajana (Gran Canaria) The Gran Canaria police proceeded to arrest JJVD, a 32 year old man and a native of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, for a crime against public health after he was observed selling drugs in San Bartolome Tirajana. As reported by the regional government in a statement, the incident occurred during a security trap set to eradicate the use, possession and sale of narcotics, and developed by agents of the CGPC in the vicinity of San Fernando.

Ryanair denies emergency landing due to lack of fuel The airline Ryanair has said that the emergency landing last Tuesday at Lanzarote airport was not due to lack of fuel but due to weather conditions, according a statement from the company. Ryanair said the flight to Lanzarote from Leeds aborted its first landing attempt due to weather conditions and "strong tailwinds." According to the airline, during the second attempt to land, the commander requested "priority landing" and the plane landed "normally" only 15 minutes after its scheduled arrival time. The director of communications for Ryanair, Stephen McNamara, said that air traffic controllers had asked the commander if he was declaring a "fuel emergency" and that the captain responded "negative." Therefore, they insist, the landing is not requested due to lack of fuel "as it was carrying surplus in a substantially larger quantity than the minimum fuel for landing" according to the regulations.

Canary has slightly cloudy skies Sunday The skies over the Canary Islands will slightly cloudy skies Sunday with a general range of high clouds, according to the forecast of the Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

Two Colombians arrested with six kilos of cocaine bound for Gran Canaria

Two Colombians arrested with six kilos of cocaine hidden in a car in Cadiz, bound for Gran Canaria The Guardia Civil arrested two people of Colombian nationality after seizing a total of six kilos of cocaine hidden in the false bottom of a car in Cádiz, they have been charged with crimes against public health. As reported by the Army, in a statement, the arrests took place last Wednesday, when the civil guards in charge of a vehicle detection unit, identified the vehicle registration as suspect on it’s way to Las Palmas Gran Canaria.

A boat with 14 immigrants located five miles from Lanzarote

A ship with a total of 14 immigrants on board, including four potential minors, was been located five miles offshore from Arrecife (Lanzarote), according to Europa Press the Emergency Coordination Center and Security (CECOES) 112 .

Eurozone has assumed that Spain will ask "very soon" for financial assistance to ensure that the ECB and the European rescue funds are there to buy sovereign debt, but not till the end of the month, European sources have said "The general feeling in the eurozone is that Spain will soon ask for help" say finance ministers in the euro area who plan to hold a meeting on the 14th in Nicosia (Cyprus)

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The Canary News - Wk37 2012 - Issue 75

This Community, My Say!...

The Long Walk...

Over the mountain and far away

Ok, so the editor has made a promise, and soon he'll have to put his money where his mouth is, or more to the point his feet where his mouth is and your money where it is needed most.

For anyone who is not aware of the story so far, as soon as he heard that the good people of Puerto Rico, and in particular one certain lady from a place colourfully known as The Pub, in the main shopping centre there, were going to do a sponsored walk to raise some money for the Canarian Breast Cancer Association (ACCM) he decided to make a pledge to walk to the top of Gran Canaria if they could raise just 1000€ and if they could double it he would double the distance and walk right across the mountain to the capital Las Palmas. Well they managed to raise well in excess of the target and so for the last month he has been getting ready to prove that he is not just a man of words.

The plan

We start the 100K walk at the stroke of midnight on Saturday 29th September, after a final fund raising event and send-off on the Friday evening.

The first leg

We start in the early hours of Saturday morning, in darkness, which should give any participants plenty of opportunity to wear colourful lights, hi visibility fluorescent clothing, preferably pink, and any other illumination that can be found as an initial message of solidarity: stepping out into the darkness with a long road ahead.

From Puerto Rico

We head first of all to Arguineguín. This part of the walk is open to anyone who would like to join us for the initial off, it is fairly easy terrain over just one big hill and then down to Balito and along the coastal path to Arguineguín. It is about 10k will take approximately two hours. We would love to see as many people as possible join us for this leg. We will be doing a practice training run on Sunday 9th September for anyone who would like to see the route in daylight. And every Sunday a new route until the actual day.

From Arguineguín

We will head to El Pajar to start the longest single stretch of the first day, walking along the road to Soria. Again it will be dark when we set out, so anyone planning on coming along this second leg will need to be visible, well lit and safe. We will have short rest breaks every two to three hours and hope to reach Soria (25km away) sometime around day break.

At this point we can stop for breakfast at Casa Fernando before leaving the main roads to start in on the rough terrain via some of the many wonderful hiking trails that crisscross the Gran Canaria mountain. By this point we will have completed more than half of the first day’s walk, with the remainder planned cross country through some of the most extraordinary scenery you will find anywhere. For this part of the walk we have taken extensive advice from the King of the hills Rambling Roger. (

The Big Picture

Our aim is to walk cross country and if possible try to get to Roque Nublo before the sun goes down on the Saturday, so as to be able to get to a press call and take photographs of everyone there together in time for the sun setting over the "breast of Tiede" while standing on the "nipple of Gran Canaria" so to speak. This image is key to the whole event as it brings together all of the different messages linking the charity with these islands at iconic landmarks having climbed a mountain etc. We would like to invite anyone who is connected to the charity or who has helped raised funds to meet us there at the half way point and get involved in the photo shoot to commemorate the walk and celebrate having got to the top of the mountain. It should be pretty spectacular. If driving there you will want to be there no later than about 7pm to give you time to get to the spot itself. We plan to camp over night nearby and then those who are joining us for the second day will accompany the editor down the other side of the mountain towards the capital city, Las Palmas. The next edition of the paper, in just under two weeks from now, we will have the final route details as well as a information on some of the people who have been supporting the event, obviously the more people we can get involved and confirmed, the more exposure we can offer in return for sponsors and supports. But at the end of the day, numbers are not important.

A few other things to consider:

- Isy Ferguson, our fitness writer, suggested along with her client Shirley that we invite people who would like to join the walk to do relay sections so that no one feels limited by the full long distance, but instead could raise funds by doing say a 10k section. Isy is now running weekly training sessions for anyone who would like to get involved- there are one or two others who plan to join the walk raising funds for other causes like TARA, and we see no problem with this as the whole idea is about solidarity and community. Though the primary reason for all of this is specifically focused on the ACCM

PUERTO RICO Tlf: +34 928 561667

PUERTO DE MOGAN Tlf: + 34 928 565162

PLAYA DEL INGLES Tlf: + 34 928 760155

breast cancer association. We have no qualms about others joining the event for their own reasons. Everyone is WELCOME! - The Gran Canaria Walking Festival is in the week preceding our walk, and so this will be a great opportunity for final training and for anyone involved to help draw attention to our cause - Several local entrepreneurs have committed to joining the editor for the entire walk, Gary Melling of KISS Canaries Radio, John from The Sportsman in Europa Centre and Lee Pallister of The Sunday Sundown Sessions, others may also wish to join. Blokes with Bellies are welcome! - Maspalomas and San Bartolomé de Tirajana will be hosting World Tourism Day on the Thursday before our walk at Expomeloneras. This will be a great opportunity to show the awesome legacy of the Maspalomas 50+ celebrations, with a vibrant foreign community who care deeply about this island and who wish to contribute to the native community while showing that we have more than just beaches and palm trees here. - The ACCM Annual Conference is the Wednesday 3rd October, following our walk in Las Palmas highlights the beginning of October which is International Breast Cancer Awareness month. - We will be finalising the plan and communications strategy with a press launch, key information and some timings for the photo calls around Thursday 20th September. We want to try and get photographs at the beginning, at Arguineguín, at Soria one at Roque Nublo, and assuming we make it in one piece, a final one entering Las Palmas, so as to really focus the press at the ACCM conference. - Logistically we need to identify camping sites a vehicle or two to support us where we can rest as the walk will take a minimum of 48 hours to complete. Though could be much longer. We are putting no time limit on completion. Finishing the walk is the task we've set ourselves.

LAS PALMAS Tlf: + 34 928 373033 -

Issue 75 - Wk37 2012 - The Canary News

News & Info


One step at a time We've put no time limit on completion of the journey because the primary message is

"One Step at a Time" to get the job done, however long it takes.

It is not a race. It is a task, to be completed, however long it may take. Sometimes we have to climb a mountain, but it is worth remembering that often that is how we get to see the very best views.

How YOU can get involved.

You can join the walk! Commit to all or part of the walk and start raising funds NOW! All you have to do is register with us by emailing or calling 6343 67879 or 928 0682 792 You can register with us and receive a sponsorship form to help find sponsors for those poor souls who will be doing the walk. You can join our facebook page and make a pledge there or directly on The Long Walk event page.

You can join the Great

Booby Bake Off, which will be judged on September 28th at Kim and Steve’s Pub in Puerto Rico, judged by none other than The Cake Fairy herself! For more info email

You can just come along to the beginning of the walk and cheer and whoop and holler! You can join us at Roque Nublo for sundown on Saturday Sept 29th There are so many other ways you can help us with this event, simply get in touch and express your interest and we will help you find the way that’s best for you.

One step at a time. Working together, we can climb mountains!



Every Tuesday 18:00 to 22:00h


The Canary News - Wk 37 2012 - Issue 75 -

Speaking the Lingo with Olive Grove

Having had the pleasure of visiting the Olive Grove in Telde several times and at the end of August we attended the opening of their new academy in San Fernando “The Lily Centre� and how surprised we were! The academy is bright and airy with a colour scheme more akin to an upmarket spa than the academy norm. It really has a lovely relaxing feel about it. The team consists of two Spanish teachers, a French teacher and four English teachers, all very experienced and qualified. We talked about the “Olive Grove Method� at great length and it really is an exciting and modern approach to learning.

Language courses for Adults In a nutshell, there will be no more dry, out of date textbook story lines, you'll learn languages with fun, interesting and culturally relevant lessons, But not only are they fun - they're effective too! and designed especially for adult learners. The classes have been planned to accommodate the workers hours in Maspalomas, they are twice a week, in the morning and/or the evening, and flexi courses for shift workers. There really are no excuses to avoid learning anymore!

Online courses In addition to Spanish, French and English





  Â Â? Â?Â? Â?  

 Â?  ­ €  ‚ ƒ Â?Â? Â? 

courses for adults, The Olive Grove is also offering online courses in German, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, French and Spanish. You can learn these languages through the power of our mobile apps, desktop software and website with free lessons released every week!

Homework Club The Olive Grove is also dedicated to providing an excellent Homework Club for local families. Several parents contacted the academy to talk about the difficulties that they and their children have understanding the set homework, especially “Cono� In response to this, the academy recruited a bilingual native Spanish teacher with a lot of experience in the public school system in preparation for the new academic year, a few children from the local school came to the open day and were enjoying their time with the new teacher. One parent told us that “it will be a huge relief to know that my son will be learning more and understanding his homework, my Spanish is not very good so I really struggle to help him, I work shifts so things can get very difficult to manage�

Saturday School Every Saturday from 10 – 1, the academy is running a Tri-Lingual course for children aged 6 – 10. The children will learn Spanish, French and English during activities such a games, multi media, reading, singing, arts and crafts. Children really are “language sponges� at this age and the more exposure to other languages, the more that they will learn and understand. Parent and Toddler Group On Friday mornings from 10-12, the academy is open for a Parent and Toddler group. This is a wonderful way to spend time learning languages with your child, meeting new people and having fun. The group is very relaxed and informal.

Translations and Support  „Â?Â? 


The Olive Grove Group can provide support when you need to attend meetings in Spanish, translations and applying for official documents. They are the translators for the Ayuntamiento de Telde which is a huge accolade and demonstrates their level of quality.

Business courses The Olive Grove teachers have been provid-

ing courses to local businesses for over 10 years. They offer a comprehensive range of courses tailored specifically for your business needs and can provide the courses in one of the academies or at your place of work. Many businesses realise the importance of having a multi lingual workforce and are preparing their teams for the future, The Olive Grove way! Here at The Canary News, we understand the importance of learning the local language to become a valued part of the community. Jobs are hard to come by in the current climate and employers will take a Spanish/ English speaker over someone who only speaks English and “poquito EspaĂąolâ€? If you are dedicated to living in Spain, learn the language, you will increase your social circle, improve your understanding of what is going on around you, have better job prospects and a brighter future. If you would like more information about The Olive Grove Group, visit their website email or call 928 69 21 34

See their Advertisement on Page 3 -

Issue 75 - Wk37 2012 - The Canary News

Legal and Financial Guidance

Inmobiliaria Sales commission When an Inmobiliaria sells a property for you are they allowed by law to take their sales commission out of the buyers deposit straight away, before the sale is completed at the Notary? It all depends on what has been agreed in the mediation contract you have signed with the real estate agent. If you have signed an agency contract or brokerage agreement with a real estate agent, it must be specifically agreed in the contract how much the commission is and when it should be paid. If the contract does not state when the agent can collect their commission or you have simply not signed a contract with the realtor to regulate the situation, the Supreme Court's jurisprudence establishes that the fee for mediation carried out by a real estate agent should only be taken once the deal is completed, that is to say when buyer

and seller have agreed on the object and price, and signed the corresponding contract or option to purchase at a reserve. Once the contract is signed by both parties (buyer and seller), the agent would then be entitled to their commission, as the work they have undertaken relates to the parties concluding a legal transaction, charges for this service can only be rendered once the parties have agreed. The mediator shall be entitled to remuneration having correctly mediated a legal transaction, in the normal course of their business, but without being accountable for the success of the operation, which would require a special covenant of warranty. If, in the end, the sale does not occur for reasons external to the negotiation, for example the buyer does not qualify for their mortgage, the mediator is still entitled to their commission regardless, as the agent’s job is simply to link both parties and broker the agreement and they have the right to charge for their services and require their commission.

Complaints against banks The bank charged me 36 Euros for paying a bill two days late. Can I claim? Look at your contract; it is possible that the bank is right. Customers must be notified of


commissions and fees charged. If details of this fee are not in the terms and conditions, present a claim at the same time to your bank’s customer services representative, before the Bank of Spain and to the office of consumer rights in your municipality or at the town hall.

Edificio Mercurio Torre II, 7.ºI 35100 Playa del Inglés GRAN CANARIA -----------------------------------Avda. de Pescadores s/n Playa de Mogán GRAN CANARIA CANARI


All eyes now on ECB

In the summertime when the weather is fine euro leaders take their break so after six months during which the unwelcome financial spotlight had shone on Spain, it swung in late August back towards Greece. It was not that investors no longer had any concerns about Spain, more that they find it difficult to panic about more than one thing at a time. With most of Europe - and most European political leaders - on their summer holidays investors recognised that there could be no realistic expectation of anybody doing anything to move the situation forward until September. Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, did his best to improve things in late July. At a speech in London he said the ECB would do “whatever it takes” to preserve the euro, “and believe me, it will be enough”. A week later he reiterated his position after the monthly meeting of the ECB governing council. The Bank and the EU bailout funds would, together, apply their theoretically unlimited spending power to support the price of Euroland sovereign bonds, thereby lowering borrowing costs for Spain and Italy. Investors were quite impressed by the strategy and the euro strengthened in early August. In the space of little more than a week it rose by nearly three cents against the pound and by a cent and a half against the US dollar. But then it all went cold. In the following fortnight the euro made no further ground against the dollar and it fell back by two cents against the pound. In late August the euro was a cent and a half higher against the pound and two and a half cents higher against the dollar than its position a month earlier. Compared with its levels at the beginning of June the euro was unchanged against the dollar and two cents weaker against the pound. As they have during most of the last couple of years, investors are paying more attention to the political manoeuvrings in the euro area than they are to the minutiae of economic data. As long as the figures announced are within shouting distance of analysts’ forecasts they tend not to make waves. Only a handful of times have off-base ecostats sent currencies adrift. On one occasion Germany and France reported better than

expected figures for economic growth in the second quarter of the year. Investors became excited that Euroland as a whole might avoid a negative reading but it was not to be; euro area gross domestic product shrank by -0.2% in Q2. At another time, Britain managed to deliver, on successive days, three sets of economic data that exceeded analysts’ forecasts. Inflation, unemployment and retail sales were all more positive than expected for the pound. Sterling went up on the news but was unable to hang onto its gains. Latest news also confirmed that the UK was far from recovering as UK disappointed with the release of data on public finances and factory orders. Unexpectedly public sector net borrowing went up by £.6bn so the UK wants its people to spend more!! Not sure where the money is going to come from particularly when you consider UK banks are considering charging you for the “benefits” you get with your UK bank account. So investors spend their time watching Brussels, Madrid, Frankfurt, Berlin and Athens for hints of what might - or might not - be coming next. In the immediate future they will be keen to find out whether Prime Minister Antonis Samaras can persuade Euroland’s movers and shakers to relax the repayment terms for Greece’s bailout borrowings. The next scheduled big deal is the ECB governing council meeting in Frankfurt on 6 September. Having been wound up to expect overwhelming force from the ECB in support of Spanish and Italian government bonds, they will be looking for something serious. Experience suggests they will probably not get it, and that Sig Draghi will simply restate his master plan with a warning that national politicians must get on with their budget reforms and banking union. That same experience also suggests a meek response from investors, who have become accustomed to living on a diet of jam tomorrow. Currency Range During the Month Currency                           High                                      Low £ to US$                          1.5810                                  1.5470 £ to Euro                         1.2871                                  1.2560 Euro to US$                    1.2484                                  1.2053

Mario Draghi, To make the most of your currency transfers or simply have a chat about how much you can save on your money transfers by contacting our preferred currency specialist Moneycorp and you can contact them on 951319700 or email please remember to tell them The Canary New sent you

The Sign of

Experience! Are you looking to buy property in

Gran Canaria?

Cárdenas Real Estate is a family business that has specialized in property in the south of Gran Canaria since 1980. Subscribe to our Newsletter!

Arguineguín 928 150 650 · Puerto Rico 928 153 057 · Playa de Mogán 928 565 966 ·

The Canary News - Wk 37 2012 - Issue 75

8 -


by Barrie Mahoney

Reclaiming The Flag

Barrie Mahoney was a teacher, head teacher & school inspector in the UK, as well as a reporter in Spain, before moving to the Canary Islands as a newspaper editor. He is still enjoying life in the sun as a writer & author

Visitors to the Canary Islands and Spain will notice that the flying of flags is a popular pastime. Public and government buildings, as well as many private organisations, usually proudly display three flags in the Canary Islands: the Spanish flag, the Canary Islands’ flag and the flag of the European Union, and we even have another that is specific to the island of Gran Canaria. Yes, despite the usual negativity and cynicism of many Brits, the European Union is still a popular and welcome concept in many European countries. Spain’s recent victory in the European Cup has also seen a flurry of Spanish and Canarian flags adorning the homes, cars and bodies of many islanders, and has been a delight to see. Flags are important; they are a symbol of unity and pride. Although I personally find flag waving and adorning myself in the Union flag embarrassing, I respect and admire those who do. However, this is not the case throughout the world; we have only to look at the example of Northern Ireland, where flying a Union flag, or indeed the Republican Tricolour, is seen as provocative, and is one of the reasons why UK driving licences do not include a Union flag, but only the European Union flag, for fear of upsetting the sensitivities of some in parts of the United Kingdom. This is a position that I understand is soon likely to change with the inclusion of both the Union flag and the European Union flag on UK driving licences, with the exception of those licences issued in Northern Ireland. As a child, I was always taught that the national flag was called the Union Jack. In later years, we

were told that this should only refer to the flag when being flown on warships, and that Union flag was the correct terminology. I understand that the position has changed once again and we can call it whatever we wish. The idea that the Union flag should only be described as the Union Jack when flown from the bows of a warship is a relatively recent idea. The Admiralty itself frequently referred to the flag as the Union Jack, whatever its use, and in 1902 the Admiralty declared that either name could be officially used. Parliamentary approval was given as long ago as 1908 when it was stated, "the Union Jack should be regarded as the National flag". Therefore, I am going to return to using the original terminology that I learned at school, the Union Jack, from now on. It recent years there has been a noticeable reduction in patriotism and pride in the UK, matched by a significant decline in ‘flying the flag’. Much of this seems to have come from the idea that displaying, waving and celebrating with the Union Jack was, in some ways, endorsing the racist and distorted views of a right wing, political party, which claimed the Union flag as the symbol of their own obnoxious organisation. Thankfully, the balance has now been corrected and it has been good to see many ordinary people enjoying and celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee, Wimbledon, Euro 2012 and the Olympic Games with their own national flag once again. The Union Jack has been reclaimed and renamed! Hats, umbrellas, jackets, dog leads, boxes of chocolate, mugs and even slippers are now happily adorned with the Union Jack. No longer has it anything to do with allegiance with a particular political party, but is part of belonging, identity, celebration and pride. The Union Jack has been around since 1606 and it is good to see the flag being reclaimed by ordinary people who feel pride in their country and wish to celebrate with it. Indeed, it is good to see the flags of any nation being displayed with pride anywhere in the world. It is perfectly possible to feel pride in being English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish, a member of the United Kingdom, as well as also being a good European.

If you enjoyed this article, take a look at Barrie’s websites: and -

Issue 75 - Wk37 2012 - The Canary News

Spanish Lesson 69



part 2

Common mistakes in Spanish

1) ¿Saber or conocer? Both mean ‘to know’ but SABER by Theresa Coe is used for general facts while language exchange group (LEG) co-ordinator CONOCER goes with a noun (usually to know someone, or somewhere). For example: ¿Sabes dónde está la fiesta? (do you know where the party is?) but ¿Conoces Madrid? (do you know Madrid?) or ¿Conoces a Ana? (do you know Ana?) For more on these two verbs, see lesson 37. 2)

¿Nuevo o nueve? Easily confused as they sound so similar, but NUEVE (noo-WEH-beh) is the number 9, while ‘nuevo/nueva’ means new.

(then), ‘después’ (after) or ‘luego’ (later), eg: ‘compré la fruta y entonces fui al banco’ (I bought the fruit and then I went to the bank).


HER: ¿la, le, su o ella? The answer: all four! It goes like this: -

La = direct complement or object of the verb, e.g. ‘quiero ver/la pronto’ (I want to see her soon)


Le = indirect complement, e.g. necesito dar/le algo (I need to give her something/give something to her); indirect because it´s not her you´re giving away!


Su= possessive adjective, e.g. ‘me gusta su piso’ (I like her flat). Su can also mean his, your (of ‘usted’, the formal word for ‘you’ when you´re being polite), and their.


United Nations: the language exchange welcomes all nationalities






For more on pronouns, see lessons 33, 34 and 47 – available by email on request Expression of the week: ¡Para nada!

¿Parientes o padres? A false friend (amigo falso) because although parientes (paree-YEN-tess) sounds like ‘parents’, it actually means ‘relatives/relations’ (NOT relación, which means ‘relationship’). It´s a man´s world grammatically, so parents is ‘padres’ (literally ‘the fathers’).

POSITIVE: For example: ‘¿Te molesta que yo fume?’ (does it bother you that I smoke?)

¿Revisar o repasar? Althought it sounds like ‘revise’, revisar (reh-bee-SAR) means to check or review something: ‘puedes revisar mis calculaciones?’ Can you check my calculations? Similarly, ‘una revision de coche’ is when you want your car checked over. However, if you want to revise or go over work, that´s ‘repasar’ – literally, to pass over it again. ¿Próximo o después? Both mean ‘next’ but are used in different ways. ‘La semana próxima’ means next week (literally, the week next) and is an adjective used to describe a time in the future. However, if you´re describing your day and want to say: ‘next, I went to the bank’, you need a preposition like ‘entonces’

PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, 2nd BEACH-LINE- TOPFLOOR 70m²-large sunny one-bedroom cornerapartment. Small private complex with pool. To the beachpromenade: 20 seconds! It’s a jewel! Price: 200.000.-€ VERY RARE SALE !!

Ella= after a preposition or little word like ‘con’ (with) or ‘para’ (for), e.g. ‘la caña es para ella’ (the small beer is for her). Normally ‘ella’ means ‘she’ and goes at the start of the sentence: ‘ella no quiere venir’ (she doesn´t want to come); its meaning only changes to ‘her’ after a preposition

Trabajo: action or thing? This word can be a verb (I work) or a noun (the work/job). For example: Trabajo duro (I work hard) but el trabajo es duro (the work/job is hard).

¿Preguntar o pedir? The first means to ask, the second: to ask FOR (or order) something. For example: ‘Necesito preguntar/te algo’ (I need to ask you something). But ‘pedir’ always goes with a noun: ‘quiero pedir/ te un favor’ (I want to ask you FOR a favour), or ‘he pedido la cuenta’ (I have asked for the bill). Note that we MAKE a question in Spanish: ‘tengo que hacer una pregunta’ (I have to ask/make a question).

Offering you the best opportunities for more then 25 years !

This handy exclamation can be positive or negative depending on your tone of voice.

‘¡Para nada!’ (not at all - also ‘en absoluto’). Alternatively, you could say ‘claro que no’: of course not or ‘no, está bien’: it´s fine NEGATIVE: Eg: ‘¿Puedo traer a mis pit bulls a tu fiesta?’ (can I bring my pit bulls to your party?) ‘¡Para nada!’ (No way!). You could also say: ‘Claro que no’ or ‘¡Qué va!’ Which is stronger and means ‘as if!’) Grammar games website Check out: for a series of multiple choice quizzes that allow you to practice any aspect of Spanish grammar that you want to work on.

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Join our free language exchange We meet weekly in Arucas, Las Canteras, Vegueta, Telde, and Playa del Inglés. There’s also a Spanish conversation club every second Saturday in San Fernando. To join the mailing list and hear about upcoming get-togethers where you can meet local people, help them with their English and practice Spanish if you want, email me at: or see our website at


MASPALOMAS, BUNGALOW AT THE GOLFCOURSE Corner groundfloor bungalows with large terrace in beloved complex with large pool, beautiful gardens, tennis court and parkinglot. DEL114.000 INGLÉS, €NEAR THE BEACH 2 Bedrooms: 168.000 € 1PLAYA Bedroom: Excellent one bedroom topfloor-apartment with San balcony. Completely Augustin refurbished. Very well maintained complex with pool and low cummunityfee. Beautiful bungalow Price: with 123.000,€ spectacular views, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, large terrace (32sqm), parkinglot, communal pool and tenis court. Price: 270.000,- €


The Canary News - Wk 37 2012 - Issue 75 -

Motoring and Sport

Test Drive

Alfa Romeo has always made good sporty cars and as with any sporty engine they are generally thirsty beasts.

Alfa Romeo/ Mito

New Season 25-8-12 UD Las Palmas

This week to continue The Canary News quest for economic motoring I tried out the Alfa Romeo Mito 70hp, which as you can imagine has nothing to do with the Mito Multi air Turbo which clocks in with 170hp. Inside the 70 the lines are as to be expected from the Italians, clean and sporty. There are controls for telephone and music centre on the steering wheel. The dials are round and clear, similar to those of the Nissan Juke which are based on a motorbikes dials, the gear knob is metallic and comfortable to use and both wing mirrors are remote controlled. As expected from this smaller motor the acceleration is more of an embrace rather than the throw you back into your seat that you get from sportier models, but by no means was it left wanting and the car responded quickly when asked to. The rear visibility was good, but I


CD Lugo

After what seems like an eternity the season starts at home in Las Palmas and after last week’s away win over recently relegated Santander, the expectation is high against recently promoted Lugo. Ex Las Palmas striker Quiroga kicks off for Lugo. First big chance for Las Palmas on 8 minutes, ball crosses the face of the goal, but nobody manages to get the touch needed for it to finish in the net. First corner of the game arrives in the 9th for UD but Lugo scramble it away. Las Palmas are playing the way that Sergio Lobera promised that they would passing quickly and accurately to teammates who keep moving looking for space and fighting to regain the ball the moment that they lose it. In the 24th minute Chrisantus ( Las Palmas new Nigerian striker) gets his first real chance to impress the home fans in a one on one situation against Lugo keeper Yoel, who is equal to the task and manages to stretch enough to get a toe to the ball to put it wide. In the 28th it is the turn of Sergio Suarez to be foiled by Yoel this time with a header from 12 yards. Quiroga unlucky for Lugo on the half hour his shot going wide, a minute later UD´s Sergio puts the ball into the side netting from 3 yards after good control. 35th minute and the chances are coming thick and fast for Las Palmas, a header by David Garcia goes straight to Yoel. Lugo are not out of the woods yet and a minute later there is a a tangle when Nauzet Aleman looks as though he has taken too long on the ball, but he skillfully loses his marker swivelling on the spot and crossing for Vitolo to smash the ball past Yoel with a fabulous diving heade, 1-0. Just 3 minutes later the hurrahs turn to hurroos, when a Lugo free kick crossed in from 23 yards by Pablo Alvarez fails to touch anyone and finishes in the net 1-1. On the stroke of half time another one on one with Las Palmas Sergio coming off second best yet again to an inspired Yoel.

found that I could not see the end of the bonnet, maybe it was the acute slope of the windscreen, the typical Alfa line with the acutely curved bonnet or maybe it was because I am a shortass, I don’t know, but it spoilt the experience a little for me. The Mito has a fair consumption rate with a mixture of town and motorway turning out an average of 5,8 litres/100km. The Spanish version of the Mito has five seats as opposed to the 4 seat version made for the Italian market. Boot space is ok for day to day and the back seats can be folded down together or separately for any out of the ordinary loads. With all the trimmings you can have a Mito on the road for just over 14,000euros the low horse power means cheaper insurance and if I were looking to buy a new first car for my daughter I would be happier with her driving something calm like this than something sportier which could surprise her.

Second half, nice controlled passing sees Pignol on the edge of the Lugo box and the French defender is unlucky to see his shot go wide. 65th minute and Las Palmas fans have their hearts in their mouths as a Lugo header bounces off of the crossbar. Approaching the halfway point of the second half and Lugo seem happy enough with a draw their negativity is having its effect on Las Palmas patience. 79th minute Fran Sol shoots just wide for Lugo on another one on one situation. 82nd Vitolo unlucky his ½ cross ½ shot going just wide. Last chance of the game in the 88th minute Chrisantus saves the ball from going out of play and manages to cross it into the box, where once again Yoel is up to the two resulting shots. Final score 1-1. Man of the match Jeison Murillo a powerhouse in UDLP defence. Next game away to Elche 1-912, next home game Sunday 9th September v Alcorcon a tough game which last season saw UDLP win 2-0. Man of the match Jeison Murillo posing for The Canary News camera



Money Woes Pánico Financiero en el Oeste

Malas noticias para agricultores y terratenientes del medio Oeste, Después de un periodo de prosperidad económica en toda la Unión, parece que los Europeos ahora no compran tanto como hacían antes, haciendo que banqueros e inversores del Oeste se vuelvan más miedosos de lo que han sido desde hace mucho tiempo. Los bancos del Este también se han vuelto más cautelosos con los préstamos de dinero al Oeste, con algunos incluso rechazando la moneda de estados más al Oeste. Algunos en este clima financiero han llegado a nombrar ciertos estados del Oeste como ¨tomadores sub prima¨ que quiere decir mas próximo a la carne podrida que a la carne fresca! La industria del ferrocarril, que ha vivido un boom recientemente en especial en Kansas y Illinois han hecho que masas de personas se hayan mudado al Oeste haciendo de esta tecnología una industria muy lucrativa. Y donde haya ganancias hay bancos ofreciendo dinero para buscar todavía mas altas rentabilidad de hombres trabajadores y hombres con grandes ideas. Que sea agricultores, vaqueros, tenderos, trabajadores del ferrocarril u hosteleros, parecía que no había fin del dinero listo para agrandecer tu negocio y mejorar tu vida. Por supuesto por un precio. Ahora todo aquello va a cambiar, como los mercados Europeos se han secado algo, parece que mucha gente están viviendo fuera de sus posibilidades, causando que negocios desaparezcan y el valor de tierras caigan rápidamente y además los créditos comerciales han casi desaparecido del todo. Incluso hay casos de los bancos que han empezado a quitar a la gente sus propiedades¡ Todo esto ha hecho que la gente del Oeste compren menos de la gente del Este, que significa que por la primera vez este nuevo estado económico multidependiente está apareciendo en crisis. Algunos dicen que es una broma pero parece que cuando Europa se resfría, el Oeste salvaje estornuda y el Este civilizado empezar a temblar. Con el precios de grano bajando rápidamente el último par de años y gente apurada para devolver sus préstamos, la industria de los seguros también han empezado a sufrir porque gente deja de pagar por servicios que ya no ven como esenciales. Que llevará a más crisis en esta industria. Con una enorme infravaloración, imposiblidad de venta de tierras y la expansión casi frenada del todo, hay mucha gente incomoda por hay. Igualmente mercantes y agricultores están empezando a sufrir por las inversiones arriesgadas que hicieron cuando los precios eran altos.

July 4th

July 4th

Financial Panic in The West

Bad news for farmers and land owners of the midwest. After a period of economic prosperity throughout the Union, it appears them there Europeans are no longer buying as many goods from as they were, leading western bankers and investors to become more wary than they have been for a time. Eastern banks have also become much more cautious about loaning money to the west, with some even turning away currencies from the western most states. Some have even, in the current financial climate, named certain western states as “sub-prime borrowers”, meaning closer to rotten beef than fresh! The railroad industry, which has boomed recently especially in Kansas and Illinois has lead to large numbers of people moving west making this new technology into a very profitable industry. And where there’s profit, there’s banks offering money to try to tempt ever higher returns from hard working men and men with big ideas. Whether they be farmers, cow pokes, store keepers, railroaders or saloon owners, there seemed to be no end to money available to expand your business and improve your life. For a fee, of course. However that’s all about to change now that the European markets have dried up some, it seems many folk find themselves living beyond their means, causing businesses to fail, land values to plummet and commercial credit to all but dry up. Hell, the banks have even started to take people’s properties away! This has all led to folks in the west buying less from folks back east, meaning for the first time that this new fangled interdependent multi-state economy is starting to look like it is in crisis. Some might say it’s a joke, but it seems when Europe catches a cold, the wild west sneezes and the civilised east starts to shiver! With grain prices plummeting from their record highs of two years back and people struggling to make repayments on their loans, the insurance industry has also started to suffer as people stop paying for what they see as none essential services, leading to a further crisis in that industry. With huge price decreases, vastly declining land sales and westward expansion all but halted, there are a lot of uneasy people out there. Merchants and farmers are both starting to suffer from the investment risks they took when prices were high.

Los Derechos de los Negros negados

Un juicio que han durado casi dos años ha resultado en Marzo en lo que ahora es conocido como la resolución de Dred Scott, en la cual La Corte Suprema decía que un hombre negro no podía entablar un juicio, porque como era de descendencia Africano, no podía ser ciudadano, y entonces no disfrutaba de los derechos del hombre blanco. Estaba claro que este caso podía tener consecuencias por todo el Oeste porque hace que el compromiso de Missouri sea inconstitucional. Esto era un acuerdo desde 1820 entre negreros y reformistas en el que lo que pasaba en el sur se quedaba en el sur y desde aquel entonces los hombres desde el Oeste de Missouri serian libre de vivir como quisiesen. Algunos llaman a esta situación como la nueva lucha política entre la tierra libre y la esclavitud, como esta norma diabólica abre potencialmente los territorios del Oeste a la opción de esclavitud, que evidentemente tendrá drásticos efectos financieros y políticos. Kansas aseguraba los contratos de tierra del ferrocarril al Oeste, pero los precios están bajando desde la inauguración del Presidente James Buchanan, quien se cree ha tenido una mano furtiva en los procedimientos, enseñando de una vez por todas que las nuevas políticas sobre futuros territorios las dictarán el baile entre los mercados de tierra y ferrocarriles. Un advenedizo político y poco conocido defensor de la gente, Abraham Lincoln, un abogado del estado de la pradera de Kentucky y trabajando desde Springfield, denuncio la decisión, alegando que era un producto de conspiración por apoyar el poder del esclavitud. Lincoln discute persuasivamente que ¨Los autores de la Declaración de Independencia nunca quisieron decir todos eran iguales en color, tamaño, intelecto, desarrollo moral o capacidad social´, pero ellos si consideraban que todos los hombres eran creados iguales- iguales en ciertos derechos, como son vida, libertad, y la búsqueda de felicidad´.¨ Este periódico, apoya de todo corazón los sentimientos de este natural de Kentucky, defensor de personas non gratas, porque habla con unos conocimientos que se parecen a los padres fundadores, y sospechamos que puede ir lejos en la protección de libertades civiles basándose en declaración tan sagrada. Una cosa esta asegurada mucha gente va a estar dividido sobre este asunto, y Señor Lincoln podía tener que aprender a esquivar alguna que otra bala!

Black Rights Denied

A court case lasting almost two years has resulted back in March in what has become known as the Dred Scott ruling, in which the supreme court stated that a black man could not sue for his freedom because, as he was of African descent, he could not be a citizen, and therefore did not enjoy the rights of white men. It is said that this long running case could have lasting effects on the entire West as it effectively makes the Missouri Compromise to be unconstitutional. This was the agreement back in 1820 between slavers and anti-slavers that what happened in the south should stay in the south and that from Missouri west men could be free to live as they pleased. Some are calling this the new political struggle between ‘free soil’ and slavery, as this diabolical ruling potentially opens western territories to the options of slavery which could evidently have drastic financial and political effects. Kansas land warrants and western railroad securities prices have already started to decline since the inauguration of President James Buchanan, who is thought to have had a sneaky hand in proceedings, showing once and for all that political news about future territories calls the tune in the land and railroad securities markets. One political upstart, and little known defender of the people, Abraham Lincoln, a prairie lawyer from Kentucky and working out of Springfield, denounced the decision, alleging it was the product of a conspiracy to support Slave Power. Lincoln persuasively argues that "The authors of the Declaration of Independence never intended 'to say all were equal in color, size, intellect, moral developments, or social capacity', but they 'did consider all men created equal—equal in certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness'." This newspaper, for one, supports whole-heartedly the sentiments of this Kentucky born defender of nobodies, for he speaks with the wisdom of the founding fathers and, we suspect, could go far in protecting the civil liberties enshrined in that most sacred declaration. One thing’s for sure, a lot of people are going to be divided on this issue, and that Mr Lincoln may have to learn to dodge the occasional bullet!

Inkpaduta. Indio Renegado

Dentro del pequeño cabina, el ruido del rifle tenia que ser ensordecedor. Disparado en la espalda, Roland Gardner cayó y murió sin lucha. Dentro de minutos, la mujer de Gardner, su hija, su hijo y dos nietos estaba muerta ¬¬¬--- pegado hasta la muerte con culatas de fusiles y trozos de madera de la estufa. Abbie Gardner de trece años ve a todo mientras paso. Sentada en una silla, sujetando él bebe de su hermana, se miro en silencio como su madre y hermana estaban rastrados a fuera, y la cabina saqueada al raedor de ella, como su hermano pequeño, su sobrino y su pequeña sobrina estaban separadas una por una con forzó de ella ¨Todo este tiempo estaba sin palabras y sin lagrimas¨ decía ella ¨Pero ahora encontrándome sola, Rogaba a ellos que me maten.¨ En lugar de eso, Abbie era secuestrada por los asesinos, una banda renegada de Indios Sioux bajo un jefe llamado Inkpaduta. No matara a Abbie pero matara a otros. Muchos otros. Aunque esto estaba pasando a 100 millas de distancia la experiencia dura de Abbie marcaba el empezó de uno de los tiempos de mas miedo de Iowa y el campo al raedor de Sioux City. Mucha gente blanco buscaba retribución contra la población nativo. Esto solo aumentaba la tensión. El 8 de Marzo, 1857 era el primer día del Masacre del lago del espíritu, el crimen más notorio en la historia de Iowa. Cuando se acabó, 38 victimas había muerto. Aunque su nombre podía ser traducido a ¨Fin Rojo¨ o ¨Punta Escarlata¨ normalmente era conocido por Inkpaduta. Abbie Gardner solo recordó a el como ¨monstruo salvaje con forma humano, solo apto por el lugar mas oscuro del infierno. En las cuentas de hadas los vilanos son feos. Y así era con Inkpaduta. Al tiempo de la masacre, era viejo- casi sesenta años- y su cara estaba marcada por profundo cicatrices de la viruela, la enfermedad que había matado tanto de su gente. En leyenda siempre va a ser visto como un monstruo, un ser mas diabólico que humano. La verdad era que, Inkpaduta era un hombre violento que vivía una vida violenta. Pero como cada historia existe dentro de una historia más grande, así es la historia del Masacre del Lago Espíritu. En la historia más grande, Inkpaduta vuelve más entendible, al menos, sino menos culpable. ¿Después del invierno más brutal de la memoria viviente, con su gente muriendo de hambre y el gobierno federal fallando en su promesa de comida y apoyo, es por extrañar que se atacó? Metiendo miedo dentro de los corazones de hombres blancos por cientos de millas al raedor. Traducido por Ian Wilcox

Inkpaduta, Indian Renegade

Inside the small cabin, the rifle blast must have been deafening. Shot in the back, Rowland Gardner fell and died without a struggle. Within minutes, Gardner’s wife, daughter, son, and two grandchildren were dead— beaten to death withrifle butts and pieces of stove-wood. Thirteen-year-old Abbie Gardner saw it happen. Sitting in a chair, holding her sister’s baby, she watched silently as her mother and sister were dragged outside, as the cabin was ransacked around her, as her little brother, her nephew, and her infant niece were one by one torn away from her. “All this time I was both speechless and tearless,” she said “But now left alone, I begged them to kill me.” Instead, Abbie was taken captive by the murderers, a renegade band of Sioux Indians under a chief named Inkpaduta. They would not kill Abbie, but they would kill others. Many others. Despite happening over 100 miles away Abbie’s three month ordeal was the beginning of one of the most fearful times in Iowa and the countryside surrounding Sioux City. Many white people, out of ignorance, sought retribution against the native population. This only increased the tension. March 8, 1857 was the first day of the Spirit Lake Massacre, the most notorious crime in Iowa’s history. When it was over, 38 victims lay dead. Though his name can be translated “Red End” or “Scarlet Point” usually he is known as Inkpaduta. Abbie Gardner remembered him as a “savage monster in human shape, fitted only for the darkest corner in Hades.” In fairy tales, the villains are ugly. So it was with Inkpaduta. At the time of the massacre, he was old—nearly sixty— and his face bore the deep scars of smallpox, the disease which had killed so many of his people. In legend, he will be seen simply as a monster, a being more diabolical than human. In truth, Inkpaduta was a violent man who lived a violent life. But as every story exists within a larger story, so does the story of the Spirit Lake Massacre. In the larger story, Inkpaduta becomes more understandable, at least, if no less guilty. After the most brutal Winter in living memory, with his people starving and dying and the federal government failing to make good on their promises of food and support, is it any wonder that he struck out? Striking fear in to the hearts of white men for hundreds of miles around. Adapted from David Bristow’s article originally published in The Iowan 1999


Sioux City Eagle ~ 4th July 1857

Sioux City Eagle ~ 4th July 1857



Sioux City Eagle ~ 4th July 1857

Sioux City Studios, Photography and Movie location

Sioux City was built between 1969 and 1971 at an expense of $2million, originally meant as a set for hire catering to the Spaghetti Western industry, however by the time it was finished fewer and fewer films in the genre were being made and so upon completion opened instead as Gran Canarias first theme park and tourist attraction. It is unique in Europe in that nearly every building within the town is a complete construction as opposed to the more usual techniques of set design used for other film towns of the 70s. It contains no façades whatsoever; everything you see is an authentic and faithful reproduction. Daily during the last 41 years the town has served as a film set and backdrop for western shows and as a focal point for film, television, advertising and publicity productions. It is situated within the savage beauty of the rocky and cactus covered Cañon del Águila (or Eagle Canyon). Providing some of the most authentic natural Wild West scenery available in the world, untouched by progress and forever preserved in the year 1857. Every prop and rendering are excellent and faithfully produced replicas from the period in which the town is set, less than a decade after the founding of the real Sioux City, in the 29th state of the USA, in Iowa.

Estudios Sioux City, Locación de fotos y películas Sioux City fue construido entre los años 1969 y 1971 a un coste de $2 millones, originalmente pensado como sitio de caterin por la industria del ¨Spaghetti Western¨, pero con su compleción había cada vez menos películas de esta genero producidos entonces se decidió abrirlo como el primer parque temático y atracción turística de Gran Canaria. Es único en Europa en que cada edificio dentro del pueblo es un construcción completo en vez de fachadas, la técnica mas usado por películas de los años 70, no hay fachadas, todo lo que ves es un autentica y fiel reproducción. Diariamente durante los últimos 41 años el pueblo ha servido como set de películas y programas del oeste y un punto focal por producciones de película, televisión, anuncios y publicidades. Esta situada dentro de la belleza salvaje de roca y cactus cubierto Cañón del Águila. Disponiendo algo de lo mas autentico escenografía en el mundo, sin tocar por el progreso y para siempre preservado en el año 1857. Cada suporte y detalle son fielmente producidas replicas del Sioux City autentico en el 29º estado del USA en Iowa

Though it has taken on a fantasy life of it’s own, much of the architecture, clothing and characters you will meet are historically accurate and authentically of this time. On top of this you can expect loud gunshots, explosions, Sioux Indians, cattle drives, bank robberies, bar room brawls, good time girls and much much more straight out of history and the movies. All kinds of professionals work at Sioux City, and have worked here over the years, from artists to stuntmen, trick riders, artisans, knife throwers, can-can dancers, singers, performers, carpenters, veterinarians, historians, newspapermen, top chefs, friendly bar stewards and all manner of other experts who between them have made the rich history that is Gran Canaria’s very first and most original theme park attraction. Many productions for television and film have been shot at Sioux City including: Take a Long Hard Ride: Lee Van Cleef, Jim Brown Der Spot Oder Fast Eine Karriere (Bavaria Films) Die Einsteiger, Lisa Films, Mike Krueger As well as various other spots for television feature series’, music videos, advertisements and publicity shoots as well as for famous magazines like Vogue, Elle, Nicole and many others.

Your Adventure Starts Here! Aunque se han cogido una vida de fantasía propio, mucho del architectura, vestimento y caracteres que vas a conocer son históricamente correctos y auténticamente de este época. Encima de esto puedes esperar disparos, explosiones, Indios Sioux, arreos de ganado, peleas en el bar, robos de banco, chicas de buen baile y mucho mucho mas directamente del historia y películas. Todo clase de profesionales trabajan en Sioux City, y han trabajado aquí durante los años, desde artistas a especialistas, montadores de trucos, artesanos, tira cuchillos, bailarines de Can Can, cantantes, carpinteros, veterinarios, historiadores, periodistas, grandes chefs, amable camareros y todo manera de expertos que entre ellos han criado el rico historia que es el primero y mas original parque temática de Gran Canaria. Muchas producciones han estado filmadas en Sioux City entre ellos: Take a Long Hard Ride: Lee Van Cleef, Jim Brown Der Spot Oder Fast Eine Karriere (Bavaria Films) Die Einsteiger, Lisa Films, Mike Krueger Entre varios otros cosas por la televisión, videos de música, anuncios y shoots por revistas tan prestigiosa como Vogue, Elle, Nicole, y muchas mas.

Su aventura empezar aquí.


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Wild Kidz Club

Wild Kidz Club offer youngsters an adventurous exciting day at the unique wild western show town of Sioux City. Experienced trail leaders ensure that your little terrors are in safe hands allowing parents the opportunity to relax on the beach, go on a shopping spree or just have some time for yourselves. Kids aged between 4 & 14 are picked up at your hotel by bus and are whisked off to Sioux City in the year 1857, located in Playa del Aguila, just five minutes from Playa del Inglés There the adventure begins with a guided tour of the town. They get to visit the reptile house and venom centre where there are crocodiles, snakes, spiders, lizards, prairie dogs and many other creatures of the American west. Through out the day there are shows with both cowboys and indians. Sioux City is a complete community, with

From - $49

a saloon, church, gold mine, prison, bank and everything that a town of the wild west had to offer. Children get to travel back in time and act as a cowboy/ cowgirl or native indian what ever they prefer. During the day they will also find a treasure map that leads to a secret treasure hidden somewhere inside Sioux City. There are opportunities to ride and take care of horses and ponies. One meal with drink is included. The day ends after the last show at 15.30 in the afternoon and the kids are taken back to the hotel, where they can be picked up at reception. Happy and perhaps a little worn out. Our swedish/english-speaking staff ensure that your children are supervised from the time they are picked up until they are dropped off back at your hotel.

Med Wild Kidz Club så får barn en fantastisk och innehållsrik äventyrsdag i westernstaden Sioux City. Vana lekledare ser till att barnen är i trygga händer när föräldrarna vill passa på att ha en avkopplande dag på stranden, gå och shoppa eller bara rå hand om varandra. Barn mellan 4-14 år hämtas upp på hotellet med buss och får åka tillsammans till Sioux City 1857 som ligger i Playa del Aguila. Där börjar dagen med en rundtur runt området med våra lekledare. De får besöka terrarium där de får se krokodiler, ormar, spindlar, ödlor, präriehundar och många fler djur. Samtidigt så får de lära sig lite om arterna. Under hela dagen pågår shower med duktiga cowboys och indianer. Sioux City är som ett eget litet samhälle med saloon, kyrka, guldgruva We care about your vacation! (Gold Fever), fängelse,

A Sioux City 1857 Production .:. © Timon .:. 2012

bank och allt annat som en westernstad innehöll för ungefär 150 år sedan i USA. Barnen får möjlighet att förflytta sig tillbaka i tiden och själva agera cowboy/ cowgirl eller indian om de skulle önska det. Under dagen så får de också vara med om att hitta en skattkarta som leder till en hemlig skatt gömd någonstans inne på Sioux City. Det finns möjligheter att rida och sköta om hästar. Ett mål mat med dryck ingår. Dagen slutar efter sista showen klockan 15.30 och då åker barnen tillbaka till hotellet igen där de kan hämtas upp i receptionen. Våra utbildade och svensktalande lekledare ser till att barnen är under uppsikt från dess att de blir avlämnade tills de blir upphämtade.


Alejandro el mexicanario

Wild Kidz Club ofrece a la juventud un excitante día lleno de aventura en el único pueblo vivo del lejano oeste, Sioux City. Los líderes de grupo tienen mucha experiencia para asegurar que tus peques están en buenos manos, dando la oportunidad a padres a relajar en la playa, ir de compras o simplemente tener un poco tiempo por ustedes. Los peques entre edades de 4 y 14 estarán buscado en el hotel por el autobús y llevado al Sioux City en el año 1857, situado en Playa del Águila, a solo cinco minutos de Playa del Inglés. La aventura empezar con un tour guiada del pueblo. Visitara la casa de los reptiles y el centro de venenos donde hay cocodrilos, serpientes, arañas, lagartos, perritos de la pradera y muchas más criaturas del oeste Americano. Durante el día hay espectáculos con vaqueros y también indios. Sioux City es Vi är måna om er semester! una comunidad completa, con

Salón, iglesia, mina de oro, cárcel, banco y todo que un pueblo del oeste lejano tendrá para ofrecer. Los niños y niñas tienen la oportunidad de viajar en el tiempo y actuar como vaquero, vaquera o indio nativo, como ellos quieren. Durante el día también se va a encontrar con una mapa de tesoro que les va a llevar a un tesoro secreto escondido por alguna parte de Sioux City. Hay oportunidades para montar y cuidar de los caballos y ponis. El día termina después del último espectáculo a las 15.30 y los chicos están llevado la vuelta a sus hoteles, donde se pueden estar recogidas en la recepción. Felices y quizás algo cansados. Nuestro plantilla anglo/sueco hablado asegura que tus niños están supervisados desde el momento de su colección hasta que están dejados de nuevo en su hotel. Tus vacaciones nos importan. -

Issue 75 - WK 37 2012 - The Canary News

The Perfect Wedding


CC2.0 by-nc-nd Flickr Lea Ann Belter Bridal

The Bridal Bouquet

The one floral accessory that will be remembered by everyone is the bride’s bouquet. It will be the most photographed floral arrangement of the day and should complement the bride and her chosen gown in every way.

There are no right or wrongs to the perfect bridal bouquet or any particular rules that must be followed. Fashions and trends are continually evolving and re-emerging, so whether you choose sophisticated, classical or glamorous, each bouquet can be as individual and beautiful as its bride. The bouquet style you choose should depend on the design of the dress, style of the celebration and body type.

Style of Dress Your flowers should complement your dress, not compete with it. To give you a helping hand, I’ve listed below four of the most popular styles of bridal gown and some suggested bouquet designs to suit them.

A-Line The clean architectural construction works for most bodies and in turn most bouquets. A composite bouquet resembling one giant blossom is a very striking option.

Empire The longer skirt of this dress draws the eye downward to create a long lean look. A hand-tied bouquet with long stems would mirror the dress´s shape.

Ball Gown

How to hold the bouquet

The ball gown begs for a bouquet that can mirror its stature. You can definitely opt for a gorgeous cascading bouquet that spills over with flowers. However, if you want most of the focus on the dress then opt for a round bouquet which is simpler in style but can hold its own.

I know it’s common for brides to get nervous on their wedding day and inadvertently hold their bouquet up to the waist or even their chest. This optically cuts your body in half and makes you look shorter and heavier. Remember to hold your flowers as low as possible, preferably below the waist line. This makes your look longer and thinner.


Long and lean or body-hugging and slinky, the sheath dress can be dressed up or down with the flowers. Consider the presentation of the bouquet; when held in the crook of the brides arm it can break up the straight line of the dress without detracting from the overall look.

Your Body Shape Not all bouquets work with every body type. It's important to keep your bouquet relative to your frame. Taller women should stick to longer arrangements, like arm sheafs or cascade bouquets. Women of shorter stature, on the other hand, should hold onto more compact bouquets, and those with a larger frame will look best with fuller flower groupings.

Personalizing your bouquet You can make your bouquet your own by personalizing it with items that mean something to you, such as family heirlooms or fabric from your mothers wedding dress for example. Flowers also have meanings, so not only can you choose flowers that esthetically suit your wedding dress and color scheme, you can also incorporate flowers with symbolic purposes such as a white or red roses for unity or a yellow violet for happiness.

For more wedding advice please contact me on Bernadette Garside The Canary News Wedding Expert

The Canary News - wK 37 2012 - Issue 75 -


New Friends... HOPE

Hope was rescued near the Norwegian school in Arguineguin. She was found with a open bite wound next to a road and almost got hit by a car. She is 1 month old girl with a very sweet but timid temper. After everything that has happened to her she just needs to feel safe. Would be perfect for another kitten or cat to play with.


Binx is a handsome poodlemix. He is 2 years old, 9 kg, very playful and a funny boy. He was found abandoned on south of our little island. He is looking for a funloving






These are 2 of 5 gorgeous puppies whose mother was abandoned in the mountains and are still looking for a happy ending. They are mixed shepherd puppies (female and male) and are now 12 weeks old and just over 5 kg. They will be medium big size dogs when grown. You can find out more information from facebook TARA Animal Respect Association, Gran Canaria


Nelson the majestic is very good looking boy with his long legs and curly hair. He got dumped and doesn´t understand why. He is a 2 year old black poodle mix and 10 kg of pure love. He is affectionate, playful and very loving. Would be ideal with another canine to play with.


Bobby has not been very lucky in love. He might not be the most handsome boy but his inner beauty is endless and his eyes tells the story. He has done everything possible to be ready for his second chance. He is vaccunated and castrated. He is 3 year old, 12 kg of mix breed dog. Would you make his dream come thrue and give him a chance.


playmate and a nice garden to roam in. TARA Animal Respect Association Rescuing, Rehabilitating, and Rehoming Pets in Gran Canaria Facebook TARA or TARA Animal Charity Shops, Flea Markets, Events, Pet Foster Homes & Adoptions (+34) 928 062 891 Together We Can Make Gran Canaria A Paradise For Animals Too!

e "Animals are such agreeablno friends - they ask no pass they , tions ques criticisms. " ~George Eliot -

Issue 75 - WK 37 2012 - The Canary News

The Unexpected Farmer 17

Kay's Corner

Making a difference...

A ‘phone call from a man named Peter (whom I did not know) invited me to meet him in Al Campo car park at 10 the following day. A blind date at the ripe old age of ...of...well, never you mind...young enough to agree to meet him anyway! “How will I recognise you”? Peter asked next. “I am tall and just a wee bit corpulent” I understated, adding “I’ll wear yellow and will be standing by an old silver Merc’”. He said he was tallish and would be wearing a blue shirt, a big smile and be standing by a red van - (which was a definite improvement on the corny ‘white sports coat and pink carnation’ of by-gone trysts!) No, of course it was NOT a blind date; and hardly a clandestine meeting in the middle of Al Campo Car Park at 10 in the morning! It was in fact a first of many meetings with Pete Tugwell and his charming wife Joy. They were responding to a small-ad in ‘The Canary News’ which the editor had very kindly placed asking for help to fund-raise for children’s charities. Peter and Joy have been collecting books for sale on our charity stall at Faro Dos market and met me with a van load! They had simply put a notice up in their complex asking people to donate the holiday reading which people were leaving behind. A simple idea–a mega response. What prompted this dear couple to drive up from Puerto Rico to deliver the books in person that day and on many

subsequent occasions, and thus help the ‘Mad Team’ to raise hundreds of euro from this one source alone? Hearts full of compassion, of course - in their case fuelled by personal experience. ‘I just spotted your TCN advertisement and was interested because of the Cambodian link; phoned you and started collecting books – and that’s about it’

says modest Pete. Prompted to explain more fully Pete added; ‘We’ve travelled fairly extensively throughout the Far East and done everything within our power to help needy people in financial /practical ways within our means and abilities. Knowing that we can’t ‘save-the-world’ our preferred method has always been to act directly for individuals or families in dire need. That way every penny and every bit of effort gets right to where it needs to be and where it will do most good - but we are also very aware that we are extremely privileged to have been able to travel and operate in this way.’ Pete and Joy seek neither recognition nor publicity. They say “We have derived as much or even more pleasure from the ‘doing’, as have those who benefitted.” We can’t all travel to tackle first-hand global poverty and deprivation. But if we just think ‘one child at a time’ that makes it very ‘do-able’. Saving one child may not change the world –but it will change the world for that one child. A good friend whose mantra is ‘Compassion without action is not compassion at all’ recently sent me this

Watch this space for future fund-raising events/ads/promotions for you to support - published in your very own ‘Canary News’ ... the newspaper that shows it cares. Josephine Charles Foundation: Tabitha Schools Foundation I-India

rather challenging and poignant poem... You should at times go out from where the faithful kneel, visit the slums of doubt and feel what the lost feel; you should at times walk on, away from your friends' ways, go where the scorned have gone, pass beyond blame and praise;

and at times you should quit (ah yes) your sunny home, sadly awhile should sit, even, in wrong's dark room, or ever, suddenly, by simple bliss betrayed, you shall be forced to flee unloved, alone, afraid. (Elizabeth Daryrush) Letters of appreciation received from the charities you supported, simply state: “Thank you for your compassion”. Just knowing we made a dent in the unacceptable levels of world poverty and injustice; and that for someone, somewhere, some of the time, we are making a difference is that’s all that’s needed to motivate us further isn’t it? Some of the fund raising events supported by you - our generous readers are:Faro dos Sunday Markets; Alice and Eden Coates – funds raised locally- personally delivered via these 2 inspiring teenagers to I- India and Tabitha schools project respectively; Story telling nights; Private house parties; English ladies’ lunches; Concerts/gigs - Elsa McTaggart and Gary Lister; Quartet from the Philharmonic Orchestra; Coro Gospel choir; Garage sales, house clearance sales; Brunches-(Kinross ladies); Pink luncheon Party, TARA support party; food bank collections (Arguineguin). You generously donated a grand 10,000 euro in less than 3 years. Thank you all so much. Kay Owen August 2012.

Tara Animales Asociación Canariade Cáncer de Mama y Ginecológico (Las Palmas) Mission Rescue Life Asociación-de-Vecinos

How it all began... We moved to Gran Canaria 6 years ago full of hope, big dreams and an English mentality that everything was going to be easy.....oh how our eyes were opened... It all started on a holiday, as many of us do, sitting on the terrace enjoying the mild evening weather, watching the sunset, drinking Sangria and debating all the reasons why we should up sticks & move to Gran Canaria. We then went back to our normal life; getting on with day-to-day things until the next holiday, but then one holiday to GC we thought seriously, “what if?” It started as a conversation we had and then it became more and more a “why not” the kids were at a good age to up sticks and we were selling our business anyway; we were at a crossroads in our lives and just needed to decide which direction to go in, so we choose the sunny direction. The tickets were booked, the house & business sold, the kids and I had done our teary farewells, we were ready to leave, still wishing we had learnt Spanish but confident we would be ok, after all we were moving just outside the tourist area, and honestly believed they all speak English don’t they. How wrong we were, if only we

by Kay Owen / August


Update and heartfelt thanks to all our readers...

had enrolled in that Spanish class. Speaking the language would have opened up more opportunities for us and it also makes the island a lot bigger. So many are afraid to leave the resorts as they might have to speak to a Spanish person! When you can walk into shops and not have to draw pictures or play a comical game of charades trying to be understood, it does make life easier, if you are determined then you will get by, but I know of many that won’t travel up the island as they really can’t cope with it all. We opened a business, settled into life, made some friends (or what we thought were friends) and started our new life.... unfortunately the "crisis" began and like many other foreigners abroad we had some tough decisions to make. We found ourselves back at that crossroads, wiser, older, browner and more determined than ever before to stay but, we decided, if we were to do so, we must move away from the "Fraggles" as the brits abroad had by this time been christened....I dreamt of the farm life, animals, trees, my own chickens, how difficult could it be? After all, it is not as if there’s rain or mud to contend with. The Hunt for the perfect finca began......

The Canary News - wK 37 2012 - Issue 75


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Issue 74 - August 2012 - The Canary News



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The Canary News - August 2012 - Issue 74 -


Quinny's Quiz

CARS For Sale! VW Golf V6 Year 2000, 108,000km 1year garage guarantee, 6,300euros. 625 636 972. Autos Rayna VW Polo estate Year 2000, 165,000km, 1 year garage guarantee, 2,000euros. 637 850 980. Autos Rayna Suzuki Vitara,Year 1999,124,792km, 1 year garage guarantee, 2,500euros 625 636 972. Autos Rayna Ford Fiesta, Year 2001, 200,000km, 1 year garage guarantee, 2,500euros. 637 850 980. Autos Rayna Opel Corsa 1.4 Year 2003, 150,000km, 1year garage guarantee. 3,000euros. 625 636 972. Autos Rayna Mercedes 230 GE, Year 1988, 160,000km, 1year garage guarantee, 8,500euros 637 850 980. Autos Rayna Mercedes Vito Van, Year 2002, 90,000km, 8,500, 1year garage guarantee, 8,500euros 625 636 972. Autos Rayna

1. Which country won the first olympic gold medal at 2012 2. For which sport was it won 3. Who was the lead singer with soft cell 4. What is Louise Brown's claim to fame 5.Name the familys surname from tvs beverlly hill billies 6. In tossing the caber what must be worn to compete 7. In the standard game of monopolly which is the most expensive square 8. Which organisation was founded by william booth 9. Albert tatlock, ena sharples appeared in which tv soap 10. Which football clubs nickname is the trotters

Send your answers to or use the form opposite and leave at anyone of our drop in centres for a chance to win a prize! 6. How many no 1 hit singles did thin lizzy have Ans Zero 7. Name the largest natural lake in england Ans Windermere 8. What is the uk,s most common pub name Ans red lion 9. Which sport contests the stanley cup Ans ice hockey 10. Which is the largest key on a standard computer keyboard Ans spacebar


DREAM HOMES Tel: 928 141202


2 bedrooms, bathroom, large terrace (32 sqm), parkinglot, pool. 270.000,- €

Aquamarinea, Patalavaca Bungalow First Row 1 Bed, 1 Bath 61m2 Terrace, Furnished €360,000 670 487 336

SONNELAND One bedroom apartment for sale in Sonneland with beautiful views from the balcony. Sold unfurnished and is on a complex which offers tennis courts, communal pool, lifts and reception. The apartment consists of a bathroom with bath, kitchenette, living room and bedroom with fitted wardrobes. Ref: SN42V Price:€55.000 PUERTO RICO Well kept apartment on a well maintained complex with beautiful sea views over Amadores beach. Large 16m2 terrace and sold fully furnished. One bedroom with kitchenette, bathroom and living room. Community pool and also off road parking available. Ref: PR70V Price:€65.000 PUERTO RICO Well kept apartment on a well maintained complex with beautiful sea views over Amadores beach. Large 16m2 terrace and sold fully furnished. One bedroom with kitchenette, bathroom and living room. Community pool and also off road parking available. Ref: PR68V Price:€75.000 PUERTO RICO Well kept apartment on a well maintained complex with beautiful sea views over Amadores beach. Large 16m2 terrace and sold fully furnished. One bedroom with kitchenette, bathroom and living room. Community pool and also off road parking available. Ref: PR70V Price:€65.000 PLAYA DEL INGLÉS One bedroom apartment in a great location, only 10 minutes walk to the Yumbo centre and the sand dunes. The apartment is on the middle floor and offers pool views from the balcony. The apartment is a one bedroom, with living room, bathroom and kitchen. Communidad charges are €86 a month. Ref: PI24V Price:€87.000

1 BEDROOM quiet apartment with fantastic views, terrace with fantastic views over Taurito beach. The complex is very quiet, and has lifts, swimming pool, etc Ref. 10099A. Sale price 90.000 €

4. SONNENLAND, 2-Bedroombungalow, refurbished, terrace and small garden with views. Complex with large pool. 210.000,- €

PROPERTIES FOR SALE AGENTS CARDENAS REAL ESTATE, SINCE 1980 Call now: 928 150 650 Puerto Rico, East Hill Apartment, 1 bed(s) 125.000 Euros 22225-OM Puerto Rico, West Hill Duplex, 3 bed(s) 188.000 Euros 22223-OM Arguinegui­n, Patalavaca Doñana Apartment, 1 bed(s) Seafront!!! 175.000 Euros 22216-OM Puerto Rico, West Hill Puerto Plata Studio, bed(s) 59.000 Euros 22203-OM Puerto Rico, East Hill Apartment, 1 bed(s) 65.000 Euros 22180-OM Maspalomas, Sonnenland Vicksol Bungalow, 1 bed(s) 129.000 Euros 22166-OM Mogan, Playa and Puerto Apartment, 1 bed(s) Communal swimming pool 145.000 Euros 22133-TB Maspalomas, San Fernando Duplex, 1 bed(s) 128.000 Euros 22130-OM


DREAM HOMES Tel: 928 141202

1 BEDROOM APARTMENT, with very good views, very quiet complex, with lifts and a large swimming pool, terrace with beautifull views. Ref. 10102. Sale price 62.000 ,-€Great Opportunity 1 BEDROOM CORNER APARTMENT, fantastic views over Amadores beach, residential complex with pool, lifts, parking, etc. Ref. 10013D. Sale price REDUCED!! 76.000.-€. 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT, with fantastic views over Puerto Rico, in a quiet residential complex, in good condition, furnished. Ref. 1002C. Sale price 82.000.-€. 2 BEDROOM DUPLEX, in good condition, residential complex, central location. Ref 10049. Sale price Reduced!! 126.000.-€. 2 BEDROOM apartments, HAITI, opposite Puerto Rico beach with fantastic sea views, residential complex with large swimming pool and parking, Ref. 10132. Sale prices from 130.000 to 160.000.-€.

ROCA REAL ESTATE 928 561667 EUROPA real estate Hotline: 928 - 77.11.77 1. MASPALOMAS, SPACIOUS GROUNDFLOOR BUNGALOW 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, livingroom, full-fitted kitchen, large terrace and garden (plot: 240 sqm). Small private complex of only 4 units with pool and low comunitycosts. 348.000,-- euros (needs refurbishing). 2. MASPALOMAS, BUNGALOW AT THE GOLFCOURSE Corner groundfloor bungalows with large terrace in beloved complex with large pool, beautiful gardens, tennis court and parkinglot. 1 Bedroom: 114.000,- €, with 2 Bedrooms: 168.000,- € 3. SAN AGUSTÍN, excellent bungalow, spectacular views,

5. FATAGA, 130 sqm. Familyhouse with large terraces and beautiful views. Needs further renovation. 210.000,- € 6. SAN MATEO, 1.800 sqm. Finca with fruit trees, and with well kept 2 bedroom-bungalow. 140.000,- € 7. EL TABLERO. New, lovely and very bright two-bedroom apartment with balcony separate built-in kitchen with laundryroom, garage and lumber room. Price: 174.000,-- Euro. 8. PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, NEAR THE BEACH. Excellent one bedroom topfloor-apartment with balcony. Completely refurbished. Very well maintained complex with pool and low cummunityfee. 123.000,€ 9. SAN FERNANDO, Spacious family house, 240 sqm. living area, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large patio and 100 sqm. terrace. 288.000,- € 10. PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, 2nd BEACHLINE- TOPFLOOR 70m²-large sunny one-bedroom cornerapartment. Small private complex with pool. To the beachpromenade: 20 seconds! It’s a jewel! 200.000.- Euro VERY RARE SALE !!

EUROPA real estate Hotline: 928 - 77.11.77 .Rentals


DREAM HOMES Tel: 928 141202 SAN AGUSTIN Cosy studio for rent in San Agustin, in a great location close to the beach. The complex has 3 communal swimming pools and the studio is fully equipped with washing machine and air conditioning. Ref: SA39A. Price: €450/month (bills included) TAURITO Apartment for rent in Playa de Taurito. The apartment has one bedroom, kitchen fully equipped with washing machine, oven, 4 ceramic hobs etc. Large balcony with beautiful sea views. Ref: TR03A.

Price: €450/month (bills included) PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Well maintained apartment in the centre of Playa del Ingles, really close to the Yumbo centre. The apartment is fully equipped with stereo system, television, washing machine etc etc. Ref: PI41A. Price: €550/month (bills included) PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Beautiful two bedroom bungalow on a peaceful complex with a fantastic communal pool, consisting of salt water. The bungalow offers two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room and utility room. Ref: PI18. Price: €1000/month (bills not included) PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Well kept one bedroom apartment with beautiful breath taking views, situated in a fairly quiet area with beautiful views of the sea. Communal pool and pool bar. Ref : PR34A Price €550 (€50 worth of bills included)

DREAM HOMES Tel: 928 141202 ROCA REAL ESTATE 928 561667

STUDIOS, ONE, TWO & THREE BEDROOM APARTMENTS AND BUNGALOWS, in Puerto Rico, & Playa del Cura, long term lets. Prices from 440.-€ / month. PUERTO RICO, BUNGALOW ON THE BEACH, three bedrooms with private garden, long term let, 1.000.-€ plus water and electric. BAR for rent, no traspaso, in the Phase I, top floor, Puerto Rico shopping centre, 25 m2. Rent 1.400.€/month.

EUROPA real estate Hotline: 928 - 77.11.77 Winterperiod 2012-2013 min. for 3 months. Playa del Inglés very close to the beach ANEXO II. One-bedroom apartment with large balcony and fully equipped. Complex with pool. 780,-€/Month all inclusive.

restaurants Novillo Precoz Portugal 9, Las Palmas Tel 928 221 659 Made in Argentina, C/Alcalde Jose Yanes Matos, Edif Don

1. Which sport uses the heaviest balls Ans ten pin bowling 2. Name the car in nightrider Ans Kit 3. Who is lord greystoke better known as Ans Tarzan 4. Which is the largest greek island Ans crete 5. Name the two dances in the phonetic alphabet Ans tango, foxtrot

Last editions answers were... Our lucky winner from last edition was Mr Michael Thomson of Sweden, who wins a choice of either 100€ worth of advertising or a BBQ dinner for two with show and all drinks inc at Sioux City Wild West Show Town any Friday of his choosing. Quinny thanks you. Well done!

Miguel, Next door to Nuem Estetica opposite Spar, San Fernando Restaurante Las Salinas, C/Maestro Jose Molina Guerra, 20 Castillo del Romeral, Tel 928 728 308

GARAGE: TALLER FELUCO Calle Ciprés 38 Polígono Industrial de Arinaga Fase II 35118 Agüimes TEL 928 759035

Opportunities Community Gardners, Sales Professionals, Social butterflies, Angels, Right Minded Nieghbours, and Lovers of Gran Canaria required to nurture a future proof community starting at a grass roots level to discover how best we can serve the needs of local businesses and support those who wish to build a cohesive strategy for the positive enrichment of all who live, work and visit this island. This is about a lot more than simply charitable actions, it is about empowerment for the community and individuals who serve the island in many different ways Call 6343 67879 to find out more!

For Sale

Share in Club Varadero Las Palmas The club has 2 heated salt water pools, one of them for children, Sauna, cinema, rooms for actuations and reading, wifi,table tennis and pool. Monthly quota 59€ 928 380 314/699 477 210 1500€ Negotiable.

Opportunities Wanted: Work Wanted Experienced Bar, Waitress, Cook Apartment Cleaning Reliable, Friendly Lady Anywhere from Puerto de Mogan to Maspalomas Please Call Jane 620 333 170

Rooms To Let, Spacious house San Fernando,Own bedroom ensuite shower,internet &English tv. shared kitchen,patio & roof terrace. All mod cons. 300/350 inclusive of bills.

TEL 626 306 826 OR 928 760 143


The Canary News -Week 37 2012 - Issue 75 /

Kanariska Nyheter

Fiesta El Pino Bokrecension Detta är namnet på Gran Canarias viktigaste religiösa fest. Den daterar sig enda tillbaka till den 8 september 1481. Då sägs den dåvarande biskopen i Teror, Juan Frias, ha sett Jungfru Maria visa sig i en pinjetall. Alltsedan dess har händelsen firats. Påven Pius XII utsåg sedemera Nuestra Señora del Pino till Gran Canarias skyddshelgon. Festligheterna börjar redan den 31 augusti och varar till den 23 september. Ett stort antal aktiviteter avlöser varandra under perioden. Men, det är framför allt tre dagar som bör uppmärksammas. Torsdagen den 6 september kl 21.00 då det spelas kanarisk folkmusik. Dagen efter, med den 2 kilometer långa pilgrimsmarschen och procession med helgonet längs stadens gator. På lördagen återigen fest med stort F: Festividad de Nuestra Señora del Pino. Massor med folk väntas och biltrafiken och möjligheten att parkera förvärras, så ni uppmanas att komma i tid.

Augusti = semester

Ön byter skepnad i augusti. Många småbutiker och restauranger är stängda. Det är äntligen dags för kanarierna att ha semester, och aldrig är stränderna så fulla av människor som då. Bilden på förstasidan är tagen Playa del Melenara

Lärjungen av Michael Hjorth och Hans Rosenfeldt. Det är andra boken i serien om den före detta kriminal psykologen Sebastian Bergman. En tidigare skicklig och uppskattad kollega, förvandlas efter en familjetragedi till en otrevlig, kaxig ensamvarg. Alltid kritiserad för sina cyniska kvinnoaffärer. Illa omtyckt av alla, hatad av många. Minnena och sorgen lämnade honom ingen ro. Med konstant sömnbrist och ökat självdestruktivt beteende sa han en dag upp sig från polisen. I Stockholm har kvinnor påträffats bundna i sovrummet, våldtagna och med halsen avskuren. Ett tillvägagångssätt som påminner om ett antal mord som förövades för mer än 15 år sedan. Den

skyldige seriemördaren sitter emellertid fortfarande i fängelse, på sin tid gripen av Bergman. Polischefen beslutar ta hjälp av Bergman, trots personalen stora motstånd. Tillfälligt återinsatt i sitt gamla jobb, arbetar han metodiskt och gräver allt djupare efter spår av förövaren. Mord läggs till mord och Sebastian Bergman tvingas med ökad olust konstatera, att samtliga mördade kvinnor tidigare blivit sexuellt utnyttjade av honom själv.

och inte så sällan också ett fiskespö i bagaget, bär det inte hemåt igen förrän solen gått ner.

kommit från Gran Canaria, att jämföras med endast ett 20-tal från grannön Teneriffa. Sammanlagt har det resulterat i 7 guld, 3 silver och 2 brons. Segling och simning är de grenar som kanarier deltagit i överlägset flest antal gånger. Det är också inom seglingen som öns mest meriterade olympier återfinns; Luis Doreste med sina 2 guld. Hans bror José Luis Doreste var nästan lika framgångsrik och innehar dessutom rekordet att ha deltagit i flest antal Olympiader – fem gånger. Flest representanter, 15 stycken, skickade Gran Canaria till OS i Sydney 2000. Som kuriosa kan nämnas att vid öppningsceremonin i Amsterdam 1928 gick för första gången Grekland först och värdlandet sist, en ordning man behållit sedan dess. Det var också det året som Norge vann seglingens 6-metersklass. I besättningen fanns kronprins Olav, senare kung Olav V.

Första gången en kanarier representerade Spanien i de Olympiska Spelen var 1928 i Amsterdam. Hans namn var Francisco Jiménez-Alfaro, kapten i kavalleriet och han tävlade i hästsport. Sedan dess har 82 deltagare

Därutöver har vi alla de familjer som åker till sina lägenheter eller bungalows, på öns södra sida. Man kan förundras över hur många som verkligen ryms i ett utrymme om 1 till 2 sovrum och pentry! När sedan samma logi hyrs ut till nordbor under vinterperioden brukar maxantalet vara reglerat till tre personer.

De allra flesta väljer att tillbringa all sin lediga tid på Gran Canaria. Det finns gott om husbilar och campingplatserna är fulla av husvagnar. Men varje strandplats tas till vara, hur obetydlig den än kan te sig. Med välfylld picknick korg

OS och Gran Canaria

Färre turister Antalet passagerare till Gran Canarias flygplats minskar. Under juli månad var det en nedgång med 6 procent jämfört med samma period ifjol. Det är mestadels de nordeuropeiska resenärerna som sviker. Andelen turister från Ryssland, Polen och Schweiz ökar dock markant. Ökning är det också på en annan turistkategori, nämligen kryssningar. Ett uppsving med lite drygt 10 procent jämfört med 2011.

Plaza del Sol

För tredje säsongen driver Bosse & Sissel sin svensk/ norska restaurang i Ancora Centrum, Arguineguín. Förutom a la cart meny, serveras typiska svenska och norska rätter. Dessutom ofta med underhållning. Närmast kommer Lars Kristensen, ”Gutta fra Rainbow” och sista lördagen i varje månad är det grisfest /

Issue 75 - Week 37 2012 - The Canary News

Kanariska Nyheter

Texaco blir Cepsa

Cepsa köper samtliga aktier i Chevron Spain. Chevron har ca 60 stationer på

Kanarieöarna, under namnet Texaco. Arbetet med att byta skyltar pågår över hela ön.

Enligt färsk statistik från det spanska fastighetsvärderingsföretaget Tinsa, har de genomsnittliga huspriserna på Kanarieöarna, gått ned med 14 procent på årsbasis. Utbudet är stort, allt från palatsliknande residens för många miljoner euro till mer modest prissatta objekt, som det på bilden. Läget är fint, utsikten bedårande och för den händige kan det nog med lite pyssel bli riktigt fint. Men låt oss göra ett exempel där vi också tar hänsyn till valutaförändringen. Det hus som ifjol kostade 250.000 € fick en svensk betala 2.275.000 kr för. Med priset reducerat till 215.000 € och med dagens kronkurs blir motsvarande belopp 1.771.600 kr. På ett år har det således blivit 503.400 kr billigare, eller runt 22 procent.


Huspriserna ner


Blomman på bilden heter Allamanda. Uppkallad efter en schweizisk botaniker som hette Frédéric-Louis Allamand. Han levde mellan åren 1736 och 1803 och hade i sin yrkesutövning viss kontakt med Linné. I dagligt tal förekommer också uttrycket Kungens blomma.

Det är en tropisk växt från Sydamerika. Giftig, om än inte dödligt. En mycket vacker slingerväxt som kan bli upp till 4-5 meter hög. Den har stora trattliknande gula blommor. Det är en vanlig trädgårdsväxt här och finns också som krukväxt i Norden. Där är den emellertid mycket svårodlad eftersom den kräver gott om värme och fukt och trivs inte med den torra inomhusluften.

KN2 Notiser

The Canary News -Week 37 2012 - Issue 75 /

Kanariska Nyheter

• Enligt en nyligen gjord undersökning lever drygt 30 % av den kanariska befolkningen under existensminimum. • Efter 25 år på Gran Canaria expanderar fortfarande livsmedelskedjan Spar. Trots rådande finanskris spås mycket positiva ekonomiska resultat för innevarande år och planer finns på att öppna 6 nya butiker, bl a i Las Palmas och i Telde. • En internationell tävling kallad World Cheese Awards 2012 går av stapeln i Birmingham den 28 november. På Gran Canaria och i staden Ingenio har experter i ett blindtest bedömt 70 ostar. De vinnande 24 ostarna som kom från 18 tillverkare, från öns olika distrikt, har därmed kvalificerat sig för tävlingen i Storbritannien. • Ryan Air hotar med att dra in 21 flygrutter till Kanarieöarna, av vilka 7 drabbar Gran Canaria. Dock har inga av dessa någon avgångsort i Norden. Därutöver har Ryan Air för avsikt att begränsa antalet flighter, från ett vists antal angivna platser. Effekten av åtgärderna uppskattas för Gran Canarias del bli ett bortfall om 300 000 passagerare på ett år. Ryan Air hävdar att Kanarieöarnas regering brutit ett avtal om utlovade lägre kostnader för flygbolaget. • Avenida de Galdar, vid EuroSpar i San Fernando, är helt avstängd för biltrafik. • 31 juli invigdes det nya IKEA, efter 10 års administrativa förberedelser. Genom att varuhuset blir dubbelt så stort som det föregående och därigenom har kapacitet för att ta emot fler kunder, förväntas omfattande bilköer uppstå, då avfarten till La Mareta (Al Campo) inte är dimensionerad för än större trafik.


Minskad oro


Det är semester och aktiviteten är låg. Generellt sett skrämmande låg.

Noterbart är emellertid att vissa av restaurangerna med de lägsta priserna har börjat by Lennart Thomson, Svensk Redaktör höja dessa. I flera fall ett antal gånger under sommaren, Det är svårt att varje gång med tala om någon en försumbar, påtaglig förbättring i icke iögonfallande ekonomin. Spanska justering. räntan har förvisso Motsvarande gått ned något, åtgärder tycks inte men arbets- och fastighetsmarknaden vara nödvändiga bland matställen i ett är fortsatta högre prissegment. sorgebarn. Men för En riktigare slutsats tillfället har den värsta marknadsoron är troligen att majoriteten står inför lagt sig. Euron har lönsamhetsproblem. stabiliserats och De som konkurrerar företagen värderas med priset har sett återigen högre. sig tvingade att höja, medan de som i första hand vill locka kunder med god mat, inte törs följa efter med risk att kunderna väljer ett likartat ställe som valt att fortsätta med oförändrade priser. Eurons fall mot dollarn tidigare i år har hejdats och handlas nu på en nivå runt 1,25. Det är inte rättvisande att tala om en stabilisering på Gran Canaria.


Sedvanligt högsommarväder och några dagar med kalima har värmt upp havsvattnet rejält. På Las Canteras är vattnet varmast och håller en stabil nivå. Men att besöka

Diagrammet visar hur respektive börs i Stockholm, Oslo och Madrid har utvecklats i förhållande till varandra, sedan den 1 juli till 22 augusti. Som synes är det inga större skillnader. Alla uppvisar ett positivt resultat under perioden. Dock har resan

Såväl den norska som svenska kronan har stärkts kraftigt mot euron. Men en utplaning kan skönjas och under de senaste dagarna har mönstret brutits och en antydan till en begynnande försvagning kan anas. Underlaget till illustrationen om valutornas rörelser är taget från respektive lands Riksbank. Det bör

Amadores stränder tycks te sig lite som ett vågspel. Sannolikt är det vindar och strömmar som påverkar vattentemperaturen, så att det kan skilja hela 6 grader, bara på några dagar.

för de nordiska länderna varit betydligt stillsammare än för Madrid, som upplevt dramatiska kast i kursutvecklingen. Från årsskiftet ligger Madrid ensamt med minus 14 procent. Oslo är upp med knappt 13 procent och Stockholm ca 7 procent.


kanske också påpekas att kursen under dagen kan uppvisa stora förändringar och således inte speglar den fastställda officiella nivån. För turister tillkommer sedan variationen i erbjudna kurser från bankinstitut och växlingsavgifter. I veckan satte banker på Gran Canaria euro/nok till en bra bit under 7 kr för vanlig konsument, vid en utlandsbetalning!

Sol 8 Sept 2012


Playa del Inglés












20.02 19.28 20.01 20.15

Lokala tidsangivelser


eller 1€ frivilligt bidrag

Wk37 2012



Amazing shows daily - Special Rates For Residents

SINCE 1971


... s.2...

OS silver till Gran Canaria Nicolas Garcia Hemme vann en silvermedalj i Taekwondo i de Olympiska Spelen i London 2012. Han tävlade i 80-kilos klassen och har tidigare i år erhållit två bronsmedaljer vid internationella tävlingar i Ryssland och England. Nicolas är från Las Palmas . Han är 24 år och

1,88 lång. Naturligtvis hängiven sin sport, där mycket träning ligger bakom hans många tävlingsframgångar de senaste åren. Men han planerar även för den civila framtiden och utbildar sig till arkitekt. Taekwondo är en koreansk stridskonst, med tusenåriga anor. När

den utövas som sport kallas det Kyorugi. Då möts två spelare i 2 – 3 ronder. De bär skyddsutrustning på armar, ben, bål och huvud. Spelet går ut på att träffa motståndaren, med kraftfulla och precisa slag eller sparkar, på kroppsvästen eller huvudet. Slag mot huvudet är dock förb-

judna. Taekwondo har sedan år 2000, varit en officiell OS-gren.

Förutom denna individuella prestation har två flickor från Gran Canaria tagit var sin bronsmedalj i lagsport. Marta Mangué Gonzalez i handboll och Thaïs Henriquez i konstsim.

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