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The Canary News - Friday 7th October - Thursday 20th October 2011 - Issue 55

2 Local News

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Native English teacher’s assistants are left out of work

An apparent clerical error by the Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports of the Canary Islands has caused many of this year’s school students to have no English language assistants. It seems this was not caused by the effects of budget cuts, but instead a labour irregularity detected by the General Treasury of Social Security of the State. The Ministry for Labour and Immigration and Education requested the payment of €423,717 in social security contributions, unemployment, Wage Guarantee Fund and Vocational Training which have not been paid to over a hundred of these professionals between September and March. The error which was made under the previous government Education, team and has left about 323 English language assistants in the Canary Islands and many students without the educational resources needed to improve their pronunciation, since these professionals have English as their native tongue It is believed that workers were recruited as “self-employed service

providers” but this could have been contrary to the rules as they maintained a working relationship with the Education department and had a fixed salary for 63,13 hours per week. If so, the new team of the Ministry of Education could have another problem apart from the educational and economic ones, the assistants might join with the administration to reclaim their rights acquired based on these years of continued service. More than 320 primary and secondary centers of the Canary Islands during the 2009/10 academic year benefited from this initiative, which began operating in the archipelago in 2001. In 2006, the project won the European Seal of the educational initiative in learning foreign languages.

ACCUSATIONS OF CORRUPT PRACTICE. It is our understanding at The Canary News that the rough treatment of these teaching assistants has not been handled as expected here in the Canary Islands compared with on the mainland, we are told, all of the assistants working under

the very same initiative in the peninsula were given proper legal status and contracts. The suggestion here has been of double dealing and underhanded play in trying to avoid the legal establishment of a working relationship between the educational institutions and the assistants as employees. We were originally informed that the assistants had been given less than three days notice at the beginning of the school year that they might have to reapply for their positions, some of them had held these roles for several terms and that without any warning it was made clear to them that they were not to be recognised as employees despite long periods of uninterrupted and successful service to the institutions involved. We wait and watch with interest how this story develops as it could have very serious repercussions on how foreign workers are treated within the law in Spain, and in particular The Canaries, as well as giving an insight into some of the prevailing attitudes of the authorities towards foreign residents. It appears the work situation here just

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Issue 55 - Friday 7th October - Thursday 20th October 2011 - The Canary News

News 3

UK’s most wanted sought in Spain

The latest collaboration between crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers and SOCA to locate wanted fugitives in Spain has seen early success after the arrest of a wanted paedophile within hours of the new campaign going live [20 October 2011] Dominic Steven Powell, 48, wanted by South Wales Police and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) to serve a 16 week prison sentence for failing to provide notification of foreign travel as part of his reporting requirement as a Very High Risk Registered Sex Offender, was arrested in Mijas, southern Spain by Guardia Civil today (Thursday 20 October 2011). In addition he is wanted for prosecution in relation to indecent assaults, offences of sexual activity with a child, attempted rape, making indecent

images of children and further offences of failing to comply with police notification requirements. Lord Ashcroft, KCMG, Founder and Chair of Crimestoppers, said: “Today marks the fifth anniversary of Operation Captura, and nothing could highlight the importance of this campaign more than the arrest of a wanted individual such as this. “This arrest demonstrates not only the success of the campaign – as Powell was located just hours after his appeal was launched – but also can be seen as a testament to the public, who have shown continued support for this campaign throughout it’s five years.” This latest arrest brings the total number of those located to 47 out of 65 appeals since Operation Captura launched in October 2006.

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Phone: + 34 922 761 202

Operation Captura is the successful multi-agency campaign which identifies serious criminals believed to be on

the run in Spain and wanted by UK law enforcement agencies for crimes committed in the UK.


The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56


El Hierro Volcano


Who could have missed the events in El Hierro over the last week? Though not spectacular it was amazing to witness. Now things seem to have calmed down a little everyone is hoping that that is the last we’ll hear for a while, however of course the fact is we can never know. As the scientist said to the group of angry passangers stuck at heathrow last year during the ash cloud fiasco “There’s no point shouting at me. Its. A. Vol. Cano!” We have no control over what it does or when it does it or how long its going to take, all we can do is hope we can get out of the way in time. The Canary islands emergency teams have been exemplary and I for one was very impressed by how well the whole system swung into action. For those who were looking forward to something more spectacular, well it seems it came very close and there is nothing to say that it won’t flare up again. Had the eruption managed to get up just another

50meters it would most likely have broken the surface and let lose all sorts of fireworks. And let’s face it, it could do so at any time. At least we here on Gran Canaria can be fairly smug that we are on the safest and least active of the islands here. The GN-CSIC scientists quickly confirmed the submarine eruption once the data was clear and avoided panic. The latest news, as we go to press, is that the eruption now seems to be stable and that tunnels and no-go areas are now being reopened allowing the residents to return to their homes and livelihoods. The Spanish government have undertaken to approve a Royal decree to provide financial aid to the people of the island most affected. All Residents should be reassured by the preventive measures taken and we hope that this little episode has given everyone cause for reflection on how fragile we are and how this land on which we reside is a living, growing fire breathing beast but a beautiful one at that, with its own natural will to evolve and keep doing what it has always done, move forward and onward and upward. Edward Timon



Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News


N O D L E H W DAN s s o l c i g a r t e th e i d n I t a e r g of a r e v i r D g n i c ra

The English racing driver from Emberton and twotime Indianapolis winner was pronounced dead at 1:54pm (local time) last Sunday at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas. The crash started in front of Wheldon’s car which sent him airborne after hitting another car during Lap 12, then apparently caught part of the catch fence just outside of Turn 2 After an autopsy, Murphy ruled the death an accident, the result of blunt trauma to the head due to a motor vehicle collision. Family, friends and leading figures from the world of motorsport paid tribute to Dan Wheldon, Lewis Hamilton who was returning from the Korean

Grand Prix, where he had finished second, said “This is an extremely sad day. Dan was a racer I’d followed throughout my career, as I often followed in his footsteps as we climbed the motor sport ladder in the UK. “He was an extremely talented driver. As a British guy who not only went over to the States but who twice won the Indy 500, he was an inspirational guy, and someone that every racing driver looked up to with respect and admiration. This is a tragic loss at such a young age. My heart goes out to his family and friends during this extremely difficult time.” Indianapolis Motor Speedway is set to honour Dan Wheldon by holding a memorial service for the British racer. The circuit played host

to Wheldon’s two greatest triumphs after the Englishman won the Indianapolis 500 in 2005 and for a second time, earlier this year. Wheldon became only the 18th driver in the 100-year history of the blue-riband event, to win it on more than one occasion. IndyCar bosses say it will be open to the public. As tributes poured in, it was also revealed that the 33-year-old was among of group of drivers who had voiced concerns about the speed of cars and the cramped conditions on the track. The father of two will be remembered as much for his engaging personality off the track as his dominating skills on it. leaving a legacy of racing and life behind.


The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56


Dog & Cat Neutering Program A Success The dog and cat neutering project in Mogan county from last month proved a big hit for all concerned. It was a most collaborative effort indeed: TARA Animal Respect Association recruited Danish Friends of Animals to supply professional animal medical staff to Gran Canaria providing the surgery skills and pharmaceuticals as a donation to the local cause of animal welfare. The Mogán County Council authorised the project and approved their county veterinarian, Dr. Javier Castellano, to work alongside the Danish vets. Holiday Investment guru, Eugen Kaiser, offered at no charge five star accommodations at his gorgeous new Atlantic Sands resort in Tauro for the visiting professionals from Denmark. Cafe, bar, restaurant, and entertainment venue entrepreneur cum mogul, Andrew Maconochie, provided the sustenance (food and beverage) for the visiting Danish professionals on five of the evenings of the eight day project at several of his excellent

establishments in the south coast of Gran Canaria. This included the TARA/ Danish Friends of Animals Celebration at the end of the project (famed TARA friend and songstress JEWELS donating the exclusive entertainment). Diana Margaret Hulme donated nothing less than the round-the-clock use of her home to the project volunteers and surgery staff for the duration of the project. This amounted to an intrusion of some 200 dogs and cats and 100 volunteers with plenty of (how shall we put this) blood, guts, testicles, uteri, ear tips, fur, urine, feces, vomit, howling and yowling, barking and yapping, and enough aromas galore to make the toughest plumber puke. Brava Lady Di! The partnership continued on from there: The Best Little Dog Shelter in Paradise (Mogan County Pound) and its dedicated volunteers worked together with TARA and Dr. Castellano to neuter all of the abandoned dogs in their care. Next TARA reached out to other animal welfare groups including AAGC, Anahi, Auxilio Animal, and Canarias

PUERTO RICO Tlf: +34 928 561667

Adopta to bring in their abandoned dogs and cats that needed neutering. Finally the call went out to the private volunteers, those animal advocates working tirelessly under the radar to improve the lives of abandoned and abused animals in Gran Canaria – the unassuming, selfless animal champions who care day in and day out for feral feline colonies and dedicate themselves to finding new humans for homeless dogs and cats. And last, but not least, the dedicated TARA volunteers came together gathering up TARA’s abandoned dogs and cats, and feral feline colonies to include in the neutering efforts. Plus TARA Vice President Sanna Nevalainen (The Finnish Dog Whisperer) and her vital volunteers ran the charity stores, the charity flea market, crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s on lost animals, abandoned animals, mistreated animals, fostered animals, adopted animals, publicity, communications and documentations, administrative and logistic headaches,

plus managed to scrub dirty traps and transportines, floors and walls and toilets, and sordid and soiled body parts, all whilst entertaining visiting project dignitary and what not! BRAVA ladies (and Austin and Alejandro). Before it was all said and done, more than 200 people from 27 countries and nearly 300 dogs and cats were captured, inspected, and released, or captured, neutered, and released, whilst 68 dogs and 98 cats without homes were neutered. Since dogs require approximately thrice the time and money investment as cats, this figure far surpassed original goals of the project. Exponentially speaking, this amounts to an unborn reality of literally tens of thousands of homeless dogs and cats. So in the name of animal welfare, volunteerism, collaboration, and good folks doing good things for the community --- The Canary News offers admiration and congratulations to each and every member of this wonderful endeavour. BRAVA!

PUERTO DE MOGAN PLAYA DEL INGLES LAS PALMAS Tlf: + 34 928 565162 Tlf: + 34 928 760155 Tlf: + 34 928 373033

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News



Charity Tea and Kid´s fashion Show On Wednesday 19 Octobre a high tea and fashion event took place for the Alejandro Da Silva charity for children suffering from leukemia, The Real Club Nautico in Las Palmas was transformed into a catwalk full of colour and joy where some great names in Canarian Fashion, supported by the primary Canarian fashion organisation Moda Calida, showcased their children’s collections for spring/summer 2012. Designer Gabriel Croisseir, much

loved in these pages, made his kidswear debut finding inspiration from a back to school theme with excellent results showing alongside the elegant kidswear veteran Nuria Diaz with her adorable children’s swimwear collecion El Barquito de Papel (The paper boat). The totally original proposition from Rosa cave, fusing fashion with children’s storys and using the same prints on the books and garments made this event a great success

with over 400 tickets sold raising several thousand euro’s for the charity. The Alejandro Da Silva Foundation has over 23 years working to improve the lives of children who suffer from leukemia and their families. Their mission is to try in any case related to the disease, to support families and patients in many ways, providing information on many aspects of the disease, providing psychological support, social assistance, working with


21 OCT & 5 NOV


doctors and hospitals to improve the quality of life for both the patient and their families, to help economically, to provide educational support for hospital interns,to encourage donations and to collaborate with REDMO (Registro Español de medula ósea) (Spanish Register of Bone Marrow) If you would like to help or find out more about their work visit






Conditions apply

Book online or contact your travel agent


The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

Letters to the Editor

Please write to us and The Canary News will award the Letter of the Week a Free COMBO meal at Fusion Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Arguineguin (See advertisement below for address) The Canary News reserves the right to edit your letters and accepts no responsility for readers’ opinions.

Letter of the week Dear Sir, Having lived on Gran Canaria for many many years and seen the Canary News improve I am sorry to say it is deteriorating again ! Edition 55, what a front page ! real class ! The real news about El Hierro only gets half a page on page 4 ??? Then pages 25 26 and 27 are all from old Editions ? What is happening ? I am not homophobic at all having worked with gays for many years, and indeed some of my best friends are gay, but really is this the best you can offer ??? Also I wonder why the British School is always reported on so favourably ? when so many parents and pupils are unhappy with it ? So much so that the Head Teacher in the North resigned recently ! Is it because of the adverts ? or because the Head Teachers Son works for The Canary News maybe ? Please report on issues that MATTER, forthcoming events ( not after the event ! ) recipes, beaches, restaurants ( an unbiased view of all places not only the ones wh advertise ! ) Fiestas, well in advance ( I notice there is nothing on Halloween, for example Anfi has a Halloween parade which is free ! ). There is so much of interest that could be written about instead of the rubbish that is being printed ! Everyone says you advertising space is overpriced in this time of crisis too ! Less is more as they say ! Think on ! Anon Anon Thank you for your email. I am most impressed by your Anonymity. Why not have a frank and honest conversation in the open? A first name is only polite. Regardless, i do appreciate the feedback despite obvious flaws in what you have written. I am sorry you feel the paper has deteriorated, I´m very very happy you enjoyed the front page, and am doubley glad that the occurance of a double gay wedding, presided over by a member of the party most likely to form the next national government in spite of his party´s continued backward opposition to gay marriage has been completely lost on you as perhaps being newsworthy. El hierro was, at the time of going to press, little more than a 10% chance of anything other than an underwater burp, albeit on a siesmic scale. Your nose for news must be extraordinary if you think you could have honestly picked up on anything more than I, or the rest of the world´s journalists, did with the timescales we employ at this biweekly publication. Regardless, however, even if you ´knew right from the start´that EH was going up, you distinctly failed to inform anyone of note, we poor souls were all haplessly following the science, little did we know that you had it ´all figured out´. The events of the last two weeks unfortunately fell outside of our ability to report in a timely manner. We’ve not been ignoring it, but in the end we primarily report on local matters in Gran Canaria and the volcanoe hasn’t really affected us here at all. I urge anyone who has been affected to please write in and tell us more. Your page number stuff I´m afraid was completely

lost on me. On those pages we have only used new and original content, so you have confused me. Que Pasa? What´s more, though I know nothing about you I must make an eduacted guess that your being a Fag-Hag does not in fact make you ´Gay Friendly´it simply means you are (small b) ´biatch´ enough to attract the admiration of other wannabe diva queens. It signifies more clearly your likely inability to form a simple relationship with the other kids in the playground than it does your ´sympathy´for gay rights. ´Some of my best friends...´WTF? Could you be more clichéd? Not every gay man loves a torch song singer, but let´s face it Judy Garland you ain´t. The British School have long been advertisers, and I believe the previous management has reported favourably on them. However my feelings on the matter are simple... I´ve never heard a coherent word against them, they have an admirable track record, their approach is honest and they work hard to ensure the best possible education for their students. What´s more, I´ve never heard a coherent word against them! (yes I know) They are one of the better schools on this island and in the Canaries. That they have had the foresight to repeatedly invest a large portion of their advertising budget in the only English language community newspaper here, not only contributing to it and forgiving the multiple errors which sometimes evade us,but even sanctioning the often complete and utter abuse of the head´s son, who has worked tirelessly, as art director, to ensure a future for the paper, regardless of sometimes difficult economics and even working without pay for several months at a time, always giving his best and always striving for the paper to succeed where so many others have not, to produce consistent and well thought through designs aimed at further promoting the goods and services of the worthy businesses on this island to the more than 20,000 british expats and several million tourists present here year in and year out, that they have stuck with us and offered help, advice and support is more than just admirable; it is, plainly speaking, above and beyond the call of duty, friendship, comradery, bon viveur or the highest forms of philanthropic community spirit. The British School, and family, have shown themselves to be integral to the success of this island and this community of English speakers who have adopted it as their home. Nico Cabral is his own man and worthy of salute and much praise. And I am pleased to say that the relationships between The Canary News and its advertisers,contributors and supports are completely healthy and above reproach. So in response, NO! we do not write favourably about people who do not deserve favourable comment. As for reporting forthcoming events, what did you have in mind? Recipes...there is one in every edition. Beaches...we keep a keen eye on them, has something happened that we don´t know about? Our last blue flag report was one edition back, and the subsequent closing of the telde beach ,I felt, had little place among the other stories we were reporting. Restaurants, please be so kind as to point out some worth writing about, we have a series lined up for those we have found, but have left a suitable break between the previous style of reviews and our new system. We cover plenty of fiestas in advance, and particularly of late, but

perhaps you´ve had trouble reading our paper through your vitriol tinted glasses? The biggest problem we have is that too few people want to help us out with advance information and so we do what we can with the resources available. if you are offering to help, we whole heartedly welcome you, if you only have criticism to offer you are of little or no use to us, except as target practice. Thanks for the heads up on Anfi, we have spoken to them and hope report in the next edition, this one you may note is themed around halloween. Of course we have had no call to talk about halloween prior to edition 56 as it is not really of great impact here. Thanks though for the suggestion, after all who doesn’t enjoy the chance to dress up like a ghoul and try to scare the general populace of a night? Everyone? Who? I believe our prices represent the absolute best value for money around, happy to discuss further with anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. Fact is most people don´t know our prices, and we consistently cater to each indivual´s budget. Fact is we are a business and anyone who wants to barter about the price of fish better come down to meet the fisherman instead of listening to the potatoe growers inland.... ...blah blah blah....bleet bleet...anon anon anon I hope we might have a more plesant exchange next time, but somehow now I doubt it. Thank you sincerely for what constructive criticism you have offered, we will take it seriously under review. Thank you also to all you readers who’ve managed to get all the way through my ranting response. I feel much better, thank you. I hope I’ve not offended most of you. Edward Timon. Dear Sir, Last edition you reported on what you ‘believed’ to be the first double gay wedding in The Canary Islands. Just to inform you it was not, there have been others, ours included, which we actually think was the first. Just to let you know. Thank you for writing in. Sorry if we misrepresented the facts, we tried to be quite careful about how we stated it as we could not find official confirmation. That said the person who told us, told us after having apperently heard it from the mayor’s office. How can we find out more about such things? -Ed

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News

The Advisors


Canarian Lawyer

Fake abuse report A judge convicted me of abusing my ex-wife but the report she made was a fake, she made it up. She was seeing another man and they both invented this story in order to keep living in the apartment, of which I am the owner. Can I apply for a review of this conviction? You can always ask for a review so long as less than 4 years have passed since the conviction, it will be considered irrevocable after this period. You will have to show evidence that the report of abuse was made up by your ex-wife.

To hire an illegal foreigner I wish to hire a foreign woman as housekeeper; she is illegal here in Spain but a good friend of mine. What do I have to do to hire her legally? You have to go to the Government Sub-delegation of your province and claim your friend as employee, as you want her to work for you. You will have to provide her name and surname and state whether the position is a hard-tofill job in Spain, as it is in the case of a housekeeper, and ask for authorization of residence and a work permit valid for a year. The administration will then want to confirm that you are solvent and inform you about the payment of social security and State Tax as well as ensuring you understand that the foreign worker cannot be irregularly in Spain. Your friend will have to arrange all the other necessary documents in her own country – visa, certification of no criminal records, medical certification – so that she can legalize her contract and register at the INEM (national employment office) once she is back in Spain. When she obtains the authorization she can come to Spain as a legal immigrant. The main problem your friend has at the moment is her situation of not being legally in Spain. If you identify her as illegal, a ‘sending-off’ file will be opened against her with a deportation order and she then will not be able come back to Spain for up to 4 years. The consequence is that she would have to go back to her country before they find out

about her staying in Spain and before the instigation of the sending-off file. Once she is in her country she can begin the above mentioned proceedings in order to come back to Spain legally and work for you.

Last will written by hand My father, who is still alive, has detailed distribution of his estate to be inherited between his children in a letter written by hand. Is this considered a valid last will? It is valid as it is handwritten and signed by the person, detailing who inherits what. The only problems would occur if the document was lost or one of the heirs disputed the content of the letter. The best way to write a will is always to go to a notary and to establish the contents in front of witnesses.

Buying a flat What does each party pay in a purchase and sale of a flat? The seller has to pay for the added value (plusvalía) and the original deed of the property (escritura original). The buyer, in the meantime, will have to pay for copying of the deeds, and costs of inclusion in the land registry and any future or upcoming taxes.

Marriage between same sex partners I read in the newspaper that politicians may try to cancel the present law which recognizes same sex marriages. Is it possible to repeal this law? A law in force can always be repealed but it is unlikely due to the judicial consequences it leads to, primarily in this case if marital status is already consolidated during the time. There is a strong tendency in many countries to recognize this kind of marriage. It is, however, a different issue should politicians here decide to replace the use of the term “marriage” for this kind of union for another descriptive term keeping the word marriage only for the union between a man and woman.

The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

10 The Advisors

Currency Headaches Have you been sending money overseas and noticed of late how the exchange rate changes? Do you just leave your transfers to chance? If so it could be wiser to consider our preferred partner Moneycorp and let them help you make the most of your money, using them for your regular monthly transfer might just save you more than enough for a nice meal and if you are buying or selling and transferring a larger sum them its a small fortune you could be saving. Well what has been causing the currency headache during the last couple of weeks? In the states we have seen The Federal Reserve being split over the latest stimulus measures called “operation twist” This is a programme where the Fed said it would sell about $400 bn of short term bonds and buy longer term debt. Buying

these bonds pushes the price up and lowers the interest rate and the intention is to keep US interest rates at a low thereby hopefully boosting mortgage lending and loans to businesses. Unfortunately for the States, Wall Street has recently seen its biggest losses this last quarter in the private and investment banking sectors. Rumours also abound about the stability of The Bank of America. In the Eurozone uncertainty is the key word, one minute we hear that Euro Finance ministers have everything under control and are in a position to support Greece then the next we hear that expectations for a resolution are too high. Markets and investors have been reacting to the changes with stock markets falling, investors buying and selling dollars and maximising returns. What we do know is that Greece is still in big trouble and

Making payments to and from Spain? To get more for your money, talk to the experts... Highly competitive exchange rates Lump-sum and regular payments Quick, easy, secure transfers

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the decision on how the Eurozone will provide support will be made by G20 ministers this coming weekend. Will it be another cobbled together agreement of previous solutions? The big question is, what level of default will we be seeing from Greece and who is going to stand the biggest write offs? During the last couple of weeks all 17 Eurozone countries voted and supported the additional funding to the EFSF (European Financial Stability Facility) up to a level of €440bn although at one stage people were suggesting the funds should need to be topped up to 2 trillion. In the UK the cost of living rose to 5.2% although Mr King (Bank of England) governor has said it will now fall so good news for some but for the meantime less money in your pocket!! The Bank of England also

R&A Blue 1




100 R 26 87 G 31 2 B 93 45

Pantone® 2757


R&A Blue 2



R 87 G 141 B 203


Pantone® 2925


80 30 0 0

recently agreed to a further round of asset purchase by agreeing to printing another £75 biilion to put into the economy. Various sources of housing statistics have also been contradictory with Rightmove reporting increases in asking prices yet mortgage lending is down!! So if you are confused now don’t worry generally speaking most of our esteemed finance leaders are too, that’s the reason why we are seeing the currency movements that we are. In the last couple of weeks the £ lost nearly 10 cents against the dollar but is now recovering, whilst against the € the movement has been around 3.25 cents. If you want to have a chat about your money then give Moneycorp a ring on 951319700 or email

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News

The Advisors 11

Driving in Gran Canaria Last week we talked about all the driving rules you should know about when driving here in Gran Canaria. This week we’re going to talk about the driving ...

Spanish drivers The drivers are fine. They are not the aggressive, erratic Fiat Panda driving lunatics you see on TV, however there are a few subtle differences in their driving that are worth knowing before you venture out on a Canarian road.

Roundabouts Spanish roun­d­about rules are actually very similar to UK rules however noone here knows them or obeys them and, for some reason, even the instructors teach them incorrectly. So

rather then telling you the actual rules, I’ll tell you what people think the rules are: 1. People think that anyone in the outside lane has priority. This means that if you use the inside lane be very careful when trying to leave, people will not give way, if necessary go round the roundabout again. 2. People think you only need to use the outside lane. People will go round the roundabout in the outside lane and think nothing of it. Bear this in mind when joining and leaving a roundabout. I personally am fighting a lone crusade to educate the drivers here on how to use roundabouts correctly by using indicators, filtering and using both lanes however it doesn’t seem to be working as someone drove into the side of me in the summer and shouted at me for being an idiot. Even when the police came they couldn’t tell us who was right.


Gran Canaria Guru Expert advice on everything you need to know about living and working in Gran Canaria.

Reverse parking

Stopping in the middle of the

Get good at it. Unless you want to pay extortionate parking fees you are going to need to know how to fit your Opel Astra into a space designed for a bicycle. Here it seems to be normal to “touch park” i.e. gauge the size of the space by banging into the car in front and back. So if you see someone doing it to your car be aware that often they may not understand why you are angry with them.

road and going into a shop

Horns Drivers here use the horn a lot and will shout and gesticulate at you for no particular reason. Unless you have cut them up, smashed into their new Seat or driven them off the road, ignore them – some drivers like to overreact.

Even after living here for 11 years I still find it unbelievable that people think it is ok to stop their car in the middle of the road, put the hazards on and then nip into a shop to buy a paper. It must break every single road rule. Anyway people do it here and think nothing of it, there’s nothing much you can do about it but just be aware if someone stops and gets out the car you might be waiting a while. Overall don’t be afraid of driving in the Canary Islands, in general it is no different from anywhere else and far easier than any big city. If you want to go up to the mountains though make sure you have a good head for heights. The views are pretty spectacular though and it’s well worth soiling your pants for.

Correction to last edition’s article – we have been informed that it is no longer obligatory to carry the bank statement showing your last insurance payment you just have to carry the actual certificate as they can check if it has been paid online.

The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

12 Moving Here

Shipping Case study “When my wife and I decided to move here about 10 years ago we thought it would be for good. We’d just had our first child and loved the way of life so much that we felt sure we’d be raising our family here for the foreseeable future. However the crises of the last couple of years has hit these islands quite hard and we were some of the many who got caught out a little over exposed. “Unfortunately, though things seem to now be slowly starting to recover in the Canaries, but after losing my job last year I was not able to find anything as good in the current climate and so we struggled to make ends meet. We know we’re not the only ones but we didn’t think it was fair on the kids to keep chasing a dream that just wasn’t working. “We decided it was best that we cut our loses for now and head home where at least we could be closer to our families and might stand a better chance of securing a future for our two daughters back in the UK, then once we are on our feet we can look again at moving back to our paradise island. “When we looked at the shipping costs to bring our valuables back with us we realised we were going to struggle further. When we came here it was not so very expensive and we just hired a 40 foot container, loaded it up with car and furniture and everything we owned and had it all shipped here. “The company we used, Phoenix, who I see now advertise

in The Canary News, they were very professional and helpful so we decided to ask them to look after our shipping again. When we found out how much we might have to pay, as there are many more costs involved these days, we started to think we would have to just turn up back in the UK without any of our belongings at all. “Phoenix were really understanding, they talked us through all of the costs and looked at ways that we might reduce the burden. They advised us that with the much smaller amount of things we wanted to bring back with us this time, that we would almost certainly not need such a big container as before and in fact would probably only need to book a small space within a shared container, as a part shipment. “They made everything seem so much easier than we had at first thought it was going to be. Obviously this is a very worrying time for everyone without also having to try and figure out if the people providing you with transport are also ripping you off. Phoenix organised everything for us so efficiently and gave us detailed costings all along the way so that we could see what money we would need to spend on port costs, taxes, transport, storage, delivery etc. Once we were agreed about what would happen and how long it should all take, they turned up precisely at the time arranged, on the day arranged, not even a minute late,

in clean overalls and a well looked after vehicle. They told me that the owners are sticklers for time keeping and so everyone in the business understood that appointments should be kept and realistic timescales agreed in advance to make sure that the customer is never kept waiting. I was very impressed having dealt with many other more lack lustre operators during my time here. They collected all of our belongings, doing a complete inventory along the way. They told us what we had would easily fit on to 3 pallets and if they could do it in less they would. They took our stuff to their dedicated storage facility where it was prepped and packed for shipping. Everything arrived without a hitch just 1 week later with out any damage or anything out of place.

We were just so relieved. And they even gave us a courtesy call the following week to make sure that we were satisfied and happy. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to know that our most delicate belongings had been looked after with such care and attention to detail. We’ve both since found work and are focused on paying off a few debts over the next year or two before we start to plan our return to Gran Canaria and continue with our dreams. I know that there is no one else that I would even think about going to when the time comes, Pheonix seem to provide the most complete service I ever encountered in the canary islands, and I defy anyone to say that they could ever offer more. Thank you Phoenix, we’’ll be seeing you again soon.

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News

‘Twitters from the Atlantic’

by Barrie Mahoney


Barrie Mahoney was a teacher, head teacher and school inspector in the UK, as well as a reporter in Spain, before moving to the Canary Islands as a newspaper editor. He is still enjoying life in the sun as a writer and author.

It makes me feel alive! My regular visits to the airport often give me the opportunity to indulge in one of my favourite past times - people watching. Although I tend to avoid the misery of ‘Departures’ like the plague, watching the ‘Arrivals’ is always an entertaining business. ‘Spot where they are from’ - is quite an easy game for me to play nowadays, and one that I rather enjoy. I can easily spot an Irishman, a German or a Spanish national with just a quick glance, although defining which Scandinavian country the tourist is from does require a much more detailed observation. It is amazing how comedy stereotypes of the individual characteristics of different nationalities are often so true. As for spotting an Englishman, well that is just so easy, although I sometimes do get them confused with Germans - the two nationalities are alike in so many ways! My eye was drawn to a young man in a wheelchair being pushed by an elderly woman from the arrivals lounge and into the main airport corridor. He looked painfully thin, with a pallid unhealthy looking skin, and his frail body was strapped into his wheelchair. An elderly man followed the wheelchair, pushing several suitcases on one of the airport trolleys. It was clear that these passengers did not travel light. I immediately recognised the Welsh accent as being from the valleys when the elderly woman began speaking to the young man. However, I could not decide whether the elderly couple accompanying the young man were his elderly parents or grandparents. The young man beamed as soon as he was pushed into the corridor. “Look Ma! Look!” he shouted, “The sun! The sun’s shining on our island again!” The old lady nodded, “Yes, Colin, it is. You like it here don’t you?” She took a tissue out of her pocket and wiped the young man’s mouth gently.” Colin caught my eye. I smiled. He beamed at me, displaying a broad, toothy

smile. It was a genuine smile, full of happiness and joy. “Hello,” I said. “You look really pleased to be here. I hope you had a good flight?” Colin nodded, and beamed again. “I love it here. I always love it here. It makes me feel alive”. I smiled and nodded, and wished the young man a happy holiday and moved on to my next errand. Later, whilst waiting at the Post Office, I began to think about the young man and his elderly parents. His words, “It makes me feel alive” played on my mind. Colin was clearly disabled physically, as well as mentally. He looked so poorly, yet I have rarely seen a smile so broad and genuine, a smile of pure elation and joy, as I did on this young man. As I was leaving the airport, I spotted Colin’s father waiting for a taxi. I suspected that they were waiting for one especially designed for disabled visitors.

“Colin’s going to have a really good time,” I said. “I can see it in his face.” The old man nodded. “Yes, we try to come here as much as we can. He loves the island and is so much better when he is here. We don’t know how much longer Colin will be with us, but we want to make sure that each day is special for him. He gives us so much joy”. I left the airport with a lump in my throat, reflecting about this very special young man and his caring, loving parents.

I hope the family have a truly wonderful holiday and that Colin can store many happy memories for the future. Happiness and joy is contained within us and is a state of mind. It need not be connected to our health, mental and physical abilities, the amount of money that we have or the amount of booze that we consume. I think I am beginning to understand what Colin meant when he said, “It makes me feel alive.” © Barrie Mahoney

If you enjoyed this article, take a look at Barrie’s websites: www. and or read his latest book, ‘Letters from the Atlantic’ (ISBN: 978 184 386 6459).

The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

14 Language

With Fulgencio Cerrajero, The Bilingualist

La crisis económica explicada The economic crisis explained Actualmente se habla que la morosidad española, lo que los bancos no pueden recuperar de sus hipotecados clientes asciende a 300.000 millones de euros. Ahora bien, ¿cómo empezó la crisis económica mundial? Está en boca de todos, la codicia del sistema bancario mundial, nos ha conducido a esta situación, de difícil solución. Let’s talk of Spanish bank defaults and customer debts, escalating to 300,000 million euros, which the banks are unlikely to ever recover. Now, how did the global economic crisis begin? It’s a question on many people’s lips; the greed of the global banking system led us to this situation, and now there is no easy solution whatsoever. ¿Cómo explicarlo, de forma fácil y comprensible para todo el mundo? Leopoldo Abadía, profesor de la Escuela de Negocios de Harvard y durante 35 años, profesor del IESE, la Escuela de Dirección de la Universidad de Navarra nos lo explica con su famosa Teoría Ninja en http://www. How can we explain it, in an easy to understand way for everyone? Leopoldo Abadía, teacher at Harvard Business School for 35 years, teacher at IESE, School of Management at the University of Navarra explains with the famous Ninja Theory (in Spanish) watch?v=6cx3umI0Ipo Y dice así: -En 2005 el valor del dinero, los intereses bancarios sufren una de

sus mayores bajadas. Los bancos necesitan hacer negocio y con el interés bajo no lo hacen. Es cuando los bancos se inventan los préstamos basura, las hipotecas subprime, buscando clientes a los que ofrecerles mucho crédito. It goes like this: In 2005 the value of Money and banking interests were suffering one of their largest ever declines. Banks still needed to do business but with such low interest rates they could not. So the banks invented a system of bad loans, called subprime mortgages, and looked for clients to whom they might offer a lot of credit. ¿Y qué hacen? Se lo ofrecen a gente que no tiene un duro, ni una buena casa, ni un buen trabajo, gente a la que tú no le prestarías ni 5 euros… Los Ninja, (people with no incomes, no jobs). El banco les dice: ¿te interesaría comprar esta casa?, naturalmente el Ninja contesta que sí. Pues, la hemos tasado en 70000, así que te vamos a dar 100000, para que te la compres, y además tengas dinero de sobra para arreglarla o comprarte lo que tu quieras…pero claro, tengo que cobrar un poco más. A lo que el Ninja contesta: ¡Formidable! What did they do then? They offered this credit to people who had no money, without a good house or a good job, people to whom you would perhpas never even lend 5 euros ... The Ninja, (people with No Income, No Jobs). The bank says: ‘do you want to buy this house?’ Naturally enougth

the Ninja’s answer is “ yes”. Well, we have priced it at 70,000, so we’ll give you 100,000, so you not only can buy it, but also have money left over to fix it up or buy anything else you want ... but of course we’ll have to charge you a little more in repayments. To which the Ninja answers: Wonderful! El banco le ha dado 100000, porque piensa que el mercado inmobiliario seguirá subiendo, y dentro de poco, la casa valdrá 200000. Por lo tanto, si el Ninja no paga, no pasa nada, nos quedamos con la casa y todo resuelto. Y el negocio va tan bien, que pronto los bancos se quedan sin dinero para prestar. Bueno, pues vamos a buscar más dinero. ¿Dónde? Se lo pedimos a otros bancos, que por algo vivimos en un mundo global. The bank has given 100,000 because it thinks the housing market will continue rising, and soon the house will be worth 200,000, double what was paid. Therefore, if the Ninja does not keep up with repayments, the bank has no need to worry, as they will get the house back and everything will be resolved. And this business goes so well that soon the banks run out of money to lend. ‘Well, let’s get more money.’ they say, ‘Where from?’ they ask themselves, and of course they ask each other, as after all we are living in a global economy. ¿Y qué hacen los bancos? Pues recoger todas las hipotecas y venderlas en pequeños paquetitos. Cada paquetito tiene una mezcla de hipotecas, de buenos clientes, de clientes mediocres y por supuestos hipotecas porquería, que los Ninja nunca van a pagar. ¿Cómo vamos a llamar a estos productos? SPM que suena muy bonito. Y se lo venden a todos los bancos del mundo, con lo que en poco tiempo, todos los bancos del mundo tienen porquería pero no saben cuanta. So, what do the banks do? Then they pick up all the mortgages and sell them on in small packages. Each package has a mix of mortgages, those owned by good customers, those owned by slightly higher risk clients and of course the junk mortgages of the Ninja’s who will probably never pay. ‘What are we going to call these products?’ SPM is good enough. We can sell these packages on to all banks in the world, so that soon all the world’s banks will have rubbish mortgages but they will not know how many, beaucse they are all mixed together. El mundo bancario está repleto de MPS, o Hipotecas Porquería, por lo que los bancos empiezan a no fiarse unos de otros. Y en consecuencia suben

el precio del dinero que se prestan unos a otros. Suben el EURIBOR, o el coste del dinero interbancario. Consecuencia te suben la Hipoteca. Pero es que además, ni siguiera el presidente de banco sabe cuántas hipotecas basura tiene. Están en plena expansión internacional. O lo que es lo mismo, quieren decir que el banco ha invertido en unos productos muy buenos, que están en otro banco Internacional, por ejemplo en el Oklahoma Bank. Dicho de otro modo, tus ahorros que están depositados en tu banco de toda la vida, ahora se han ido al Oklahoma Bank, para prestarle tu dinero a un Ninja. The banking world was, in this way, filled with SPMs, or junk mortgages, so the banks started not to trust each other. And therefore they raised the price of money for lending to each other. Raising the EURIBOR, or the cost of interbank money. Mortgages rose accordingly. Not even a bank’s president knew necissarily how many subprime mortgages the bank might be holding. They were expanding internationally. Meaning that the bank had invested in some very good products that were in another international bank, like for example in the Oklahoma Bank. In other words, your savings which were deposited in your local bank, had now gone to the Oklahoma Bank, who used it to lend your money to a Ninja. El propio Fondo Monetario Internacional calculó las hipotecas basura entre 100.000 y 500.000 millones de dólares. Ósea, que no sabemos de cuánto dinero estamos hablamos. Por ejemplo Funny Miles & Freddie Mac securities ha declarado que tan solo ellos, han vendido hipotecas basura por valor de 5.3 trillones de dólares. Existen, además otros factores económicos que se han añadido a esta crisis. La falta de control del Bancario y la creación de dinero ficticio. Pero eso será otra historia que quizás cuente algún día en Canary News. The International Monetary Fund has calculated the amount of subprimes as being between 100,000 and 500,000 million. That is to say, they do not actually know how much money we are talking about. Fanny Mae & Freddie Mac securities stated that they only sold subprime mortgages of a value no more than 5.3 trillion dollars. When you also add other economic factors to this crisis such as a lack of banking control and the creation of fictitious money... well that is another story that maybe one day we will tell you in The Canary News.

With Theresa Coe

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News

Fifty lessons old!

Language 15

Top resources for learning Spanish El tiempo vuela (time flies) when you´re having fun. It seems like only yesterday I was writing my first lesson for The Canary News from a caravan in Pasito Blanco, and here I am about to turn 40 and compiling my 50th from a lovely room with a view. What better opportunity to recommend some of my favourite websites, books and groups for learning Spanish? Remember that all fifty lessons are available free on request by email.


► Real Spanish, real drama: ‘La vida loca’ For an entertaining way to practice understanding Spanish, watch the BBC’s BAFTA-winning interactive video drama Mi Vida Loca (‘my crazy life’). Taking you on a mysterious adventure to Madrid and the Canary Islands, each of the 22 ten-minute subtitled episodes covers basic learning points for beginners. A study section complements each one, allowing you to review new vocab and grammar, or test your knowledge with online activities related to the drama. Check out: ► The 12-step course Steps is a free Spanish course for beginners that you sign up for by email. Intended to be completed in three months, you get a weekly email offering encouragement and tips to help you learn more Spanish. Once finished, you can take an assessment to check your progress, and receive a BBC certifícate. Check out: steps/spanish/ ► Another of my top sites for practising Spanish - especially those pesky verb endings – is which also offers a free translation service at the bottom of its homepage. ► Verbs made easy If you select ‘verb drills’ from the top menu bar, you can read an explanation of how to conjugate (change) both regular and ‘stem changing’ verbs such as tener (to have), dormir (to sleep) and decir (to

say/tell) in the present, past and future. In addition, you can generate a unique quiz to practice choosing the correct verb ending with each one given in Spanish and English. By clicking on ‘grade my quiz’ at the end, you can see where you went wrong. Verb explanations and ‘drills’ are divided up into useful sections such as SER and ESTAR (two ways to say ‘to be’), IR and DAR (to go and to give) and those that are only ‘irregular’ (weird) in the first person ‘yo’, such as HACER (to do/make: hago = I do). ► Vocab and listening quizzes The vocabulary section is divided into six units with topics ranging from household ítems, animals, health, restaurants, clothing, shopping and cars to colours, relationships, weather, travel and emotions. In other words: just about everything to get you started. You don´t need to go in order so can just select the area of vocab that is most useful to you. In addition to free quizzes and tests that allow you to practice using each vocabulary set, you can also click on ‘oral’ to listen to how each word is pronounced. Accents and words from both Spain and Latin America are included, but they tell you which one you´re hearing. The accent here in Gran Canaria is closer to that in Latin America, though most vocabulary is similar to that used in mainland Spain.


The grammar explanations and quizzes cover everything within nine units – from using adjectives (that describe things), to more verb practice, pronouns, and

common expressions. There is also a great option under ‘pronunciation’ that gets you to listen and repeat not just words but questions and common phrases with the English translation for each given underneath. They couldn´t have made it easier or more user-friendly.


► The concise one ‘Spanish in three months’ from the HUGO range of language books (with optional audio cds) is probably the best choice if you’re a fast learner, and want a structured but challenging grammarbased course. This small, light book is a steal at just six euros delivered to the Canaries from www.thebookdepository. (though delivery might be faster from Amazon´s new Spanish site at www. With the accompanying three cds, the set costs 15-20 euros delivered from which also allows you to buy secondhand copies of the book for less than a pound. ► The fun one Sueña (Spanish for foreigners) offers four courses from levels 1-4 (nivel inicial, medio, avanzado y superior) from official Spanish teaching body El Instituto Cervantes. There´s the libro del alumno (students’ book) plus a cuaderno de ejercicios (accompanying workbook) including audio cds for extra practice. While the focus is on getting by in real situations with games and quizzes to make learning

more fun, this is a ‘total immersion’ series (all in Spanish) so not for total beginners unless you have a teacher to guide you. Prices are 15-20 euros per book from any website. ► The GCSE one These days the GCSE courses taken by UK teenagers are less academic and more vocational than O levels used to be. The Spanish course is especially good, and while aimed at younger people, is packed with useful tips, translations and listening exercises in a wide range of everyday situations that could benefit people of all ages. Check out the Complete Revision and Practice Guide with audio CD, (basic or higher level) delivered here from for 10-16 euros, depending on if you want a new or second-hand copy. The accompanying workbook (higher level) is available for less than three euros plus postage.


► The Language Exchange It´s now six months since l launched the LEG (language exchange group) for Gran Canaria. As we continue to grow in size (nearly 300 participants now), new venues and extra group gatherings are springing up across the island. As well as our lively ‘reuniones’ to practice conversational Spanish in exchange for helping a local person with their English, German, French or Swedish, I also fix people up one-to-one to do the ‘intercambio’ close to where they live, or online. It´s free, it´s fun and a great way to meet Canarians and people from different

Any questions? For information on Spanish classes, or to join my free language exchange and practice with a speaking partner, e-mail

The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

16 Canaries, Aromas & Memories Over the course of the last few months we, that is to say You, dear readers, My Grand-Daughter and I, have visited many towns off the beaten track and well away from the places usually frequented by tourists, visitors or even foreign residents. We have started in the west of Gran Canaria, in the countryside where I was born and raised, and travelled up the coast meeting characters from my past and some of those who live there today, we have told their stories and passed on some of their traditions, as well, of course, as trying their wonderful food and the many flavours of my Canarian youth. We have celebrated their festivals and sung their songs while wandering through the northern hills, and we have, I trust, become friends. I hope you will continue our journey and enjoy hearing about the wonders of this my homeland, from which I was away for too many years before I returned to rediscover her magic. Let us, before we continue onward, visit once more my hometown Tasarte, where as a young girl I learned to make our typically Canarian dish Potaje amoung many others including one of my favourite simple desserts...

En el transcurso de los últimos meses nosotros, es decir usted, mi querido lector, mi nieta y yo, visitado muchos pueblos fuera de la ruta establecida , bien lejos de los lugares habitualmente frecuentados por turistas, visitantes o incluso residentes extranjeros . Hemos comenzado por el oeste de Gran Canaria, en el campo donde nací y crecí, y viajamos por la costa conociendo personajes de mi pasado y algunos de los que aun viven allí hoy en día, hemos contado sus historias y pasamos algunas de sus tradiciones, también, por supuesto,hemos probado su maravillosa comida y los sabores de mi juventud. Hemos celebrado sus fiestas y cantado sus canciones mientras paseábamos por las colinas del norte, y nos hemos convertido en amigos. Espero que continuemos nuestro viaje y disfrutemos del conocer de las maravillas de esta mi tierra, de la que yo estuve ausente durante muchos años antes de volver a descubrir su magia. Vamos, antes de continuar, visitar una vez más mi pueblo natal Tasarte , donde de niña aprendí a hacer nuestro Potaje plato típicamente canario, entre muchos otros, incluyendo uno de mis postres favoritos...

Explain photo asdasdasdasdasd asdasdasd Explain photo asdasdasdasdasd asdasdasd

s y a D o i d Ra Radio became very important back in the late 40s and early 50s, neighbors gathered in the homes of those who had one to listen to news, fairy tales, stories for adults and the songs and singers of the time such as Joselito with his 12 cascabeles (twelve bells)

La radio allá por finales de los 40 y principios de los 50 so convirtió en un acontecimiento importante, los vecinos se reunían en casa de aquel que la tuviese para escuchar las noticias, los cuentos infantiles,los relatos para mayores y las canciones de la época como las de Joselito con sus doce cascabeles We went to Mass every Sunday and on holy days in the morning, in the afternoon we would listen to the radio which also became a meeting place for youngsters; the boys wearing their Panama hats and girls would arrive riding their bikes to show a bit of leg, I remember they would paint a black stripe from the ankle all the way up to behind the knee to resemble the transparent nylon stockings which by that time were very expensive because the nylon used for hosiery had instead been used during World War II to make

tents and parachutes ... [nylons] Íbamos a misa todos los domingos y las fiestas de guardar por las mañanas, por la tarde escuchábamos la radio lo cual también se convertía en el lugar de encuentro para los jóvenes, los chicos con su sombrero de jipi japa y las chicas en bicicleta para lucir las piernas, recuerdo que se pintaban una raya negra desde el tobillo subiendo por la pantorrilla hasta detrás de la rodilla para que se asemejara al cordón de unas medias transparentes ya que para la época eran muy caras debido a que el nylon que se utilizaba para la fabricación de medias era utilizado durante la segunda guerra mundial para hacer carpas y paracaídas.. Much of the time at night young people would go dancing, and on Sundays we used to gather at the home of one of the neighbours who had a

large hall in which we would watch black and white films projected on a wall covered with a white sheet with the sound played from a gramophone disc, some of the most popular films were those with Jorge Negrete, Cantinflas a great Mexican comedian and the 3 Stooges Muchas veces por la noche los jóvenes se iban a bailar, y los domingos nos reuníamos en casa de alguien que tuviese un salón grande para ver películas blanco y negro, esta se proyectaban en una pared cubierta por una sábana blanca y el sonido de esta salía a través de un gramófono, algunas de las mas populares eran aquellas con Jorge Negrete, Cantinflas y Los 3 chiflados Spain was under Franco’s dictatorship and during this period he launched rationing, which was the allocation of a restricted products

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News

Canarias, Aromas y Recuerdos 17 Tasarte from the mountainside is a marvelous sight

o i d a R e d s a Di Jorge Negrete

through a rationbook, just like many other places of the time, this was usually not enough to cover the basic food needs of a family so many devoted themselves to fishing and planting in order to supplement their diets. Por estos años España pasaba por la dictadura franquista , durante este periodo se puso en función el racionamiento, que era la asignación de productos de manera restringida a través de una cartilla, normalmente lo asignado no alcanzaba a cubrir las necesidades alimenticias básicas de la familia por lo que muchos se dedicaron a la pesca y la siembra para así poder completar su dietas The neighbors also helped each other by exchanging food among themselves, which promoted friendship and harmony among the village. I remember my mother used to break a

pumpkin into many different peices and then I was put in charge of bringing a piece to each of our neighbors and they in turn gave us something of what they had (vegetable stew and in particualr Potaje became very popular during these days). One of our favorite desserts in those days, still very popular today, was Rice Pudding my recipe for which I’ll share here with you... Los vecinos también se ayudaban entre ellos intercambiándose alimentos, lo que fomentaba la amistad y la armonía en el pueblo. Recuerdo que de pequeña mi mamá partía una calabaza y yo era la encargada de llevarles un trozo a los vecinos y estos a su vez nos daban algo de los que ellos tenían (el potaje de verduras era de lo mas popular). Uno de los postres favoritos y que hoy en día sigue siendo muy popular era el arroz con leche cuya receta comparto aquí con ustedes


They were loved the world over for their uniquie physical comedy

Necesitarás: 5 medidas de agua, 6 medidas de leche, 2 medidas de arroz, 1 ½ de azucar, Un pedacito de piel de naranja o limón, 1 pizca de sal, 1 trozo de canela, Canela en polvo

You will need: 5 measures of water, 6 measures of milk, 2 measures of rice, 1 ½ cups sugar, A slice of orange or lemon peel, 1 pinch of salt, 1 piece of cinnamon, Ground Cinnamon (for serving) Cook the rice in water for 15 minutes, then add the remaining ingredients and simmer on very low heat for approx 20min, after this time if the rice still hard you can add a little hot milk. Let rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Place it in individual ramekins and sprinkle with a little cinnamon

Larry, Curly and Mo, The Three Stooges

Rice Pudding

Cocina el arroz con el agua durante 15 minutos, luego le añades el resto de los ingredientes y lo sigues cocinando a fuego bajito por unos 20min aprox, pasado este tiempo si el arroz sigue duro se le puede agregar un poco de leche caliente. Se deja reposar de 10 a 15 minutos. Lo colocamos en moldes individuales y se espolvorea con un poco de canela en polvo Riquisimo!

From now on you can find The Canary News in every Hiperdino Express and Turistica on the island


The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Thursday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

Halloween With Josie McTaggart - Culture Editor

All Hallows eve Marking the transition from the longer brighter days of summer harvests and autumnal abundance into the darker chills of winter and a scarcity of sunlight or crops this is an ancient time of celebration and superstition thought to have originated with the festival of Samhain which means “summers end” when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. Halloween has been around, in some form or other for a very long time. 2000 years ago, before the Roman Empire came along and spoiled everything, the

Celts in Northern France and the British Isles celebrated the New Year on the first of November, making the 31 of October New Year’s eve, when, according to Celtic druids, the world of the living and the world of the dead converged. It was a time of soothsaying and sacrifice. The Romans added to this festival with their own autumnal commemoration of the dead, and then later, the Roman Catholic Church took over the festivities and declared them the religious holiday we know as Halloween and All Saints Day. Many of the ancient Celtic rituals and superstitions have survived, particularly

in Scotland. Although some of these traditions have been carried over to the modern New Year’s Eve, Halloween is still recognizable as the pagan festival of 2000 years ago, along with dooking for apples and fancy dress. We British now have our bonfires a few days later though now, in remembrance of Mister Fox, burned alive for high treason. The Celts believed the souls of the dead roamed the streets and villages at night. Since not all spirits were thought to be friendly, gifts and treats were left out to pacify the evil and ensure next years crops would be plentiful. This custom

evolved into trick-or-treating. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honour all saints and martyrs; the holiday, All Saints’ Day, incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows’ Eve and later Halloween In a number of countries around the world, as the days grow shorter and the nights get colder, people continue to usher in the winter season with gatherings, costumes and sweet treats. by Josie McTaggart & Andreina Barbella

Issue 55 - Monday 24th October - Thursday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News



With Josie McTaggart - Culture Editor

Halloween in Gran Canaria Halloween is gaining popularity in Gran Canaria, possibly due to the mixture of cultures on the island and the influence of American Tv programmes nowadays many bars and discos will decorate and encourage dressing up in fancy dress costumes and every year it becomes bigger. But here it is still a relatively new idea, although it has been accepted enthusiastically, with pumpkins, disguises and parties. In Gran Canaria, the 31st of October is known as Finaos, meaning simply ‘the dead’. Families come together on this night to remember their dead, to tell stories about them, and to pray. Traditionally the oldest woman in the family takes on the role of storyteller for the night, bringing long dead relatives back to life for a few short hours. Younger members of the family, who never met these people, feel as if they know their ancestors personally; connecting them to their family, their roots and to the land they live on. In village squares all over the island locals gather to tell stories, sing and play traditional music in the evening. The chill of the night air is held at bay by roast chestnuts, local honey rum and anis. Apples, walnuts and almonds are eaten, and in some areas corn cobs are roasted along with the chestnuts. In fact, when times were tough, families just brought

whatever they could get hold of to roast. This year it’s not expected to be quite as cold as usual, but even if it’s hot and balmy, I doubt anyone will pass up on the chance to munch roast chestnuts and sing old songs. Even those who find the whole affair a little morbid wrap up warm and join the throng anyway. And to be perfectly honest, it’s refreshing to hear people talk openly about past loved ones, when in our shallow society we are often too embarrassed to mention death, preferring to sweep the departed under the carpet and act as if they had never existed. Most towns and villages will be celebrating Finaos – some only having reinstated official festivities this year following a decline in favour of Halloween. Check with your local ‘Casa de la Cultura’ for times and places, though most celebrations will be on the 31st of October, beginning between 7:30 and 9pm and lasting till midnight. Traditionally the party ends at midnight in respect for All Souls Day. Cemeteries are suddenly filled with life on the 1st of November, as the entire community turns out to visit graves, giving them a good clean and tidy up, and leaving flowers. Although it is a sombre occasion, especially for the more recently bereaved, it is also an important social event, with plenty of chat as families work side by side, sweeping, scraping

and polishing, leaving the entire cemetery gleaming and overflowing with carnations and chrysanthemums. Perhaps it’s the stiffly British upper lip that has made Halloween the universal success that it is – we prefer to dress up as ghosties and prance around on our neighbour doorsteps rather than face up to the inevitable tears of remembrance. Fair play. But in Gran Canaria, we have the choice – I plan on gorging myself on free roasted chestnuts and honey rum with my neighbours, and perhaps shedding a tear or two, after having thrown a white sheet over my head and ghoulishly shuffled around the Sioux City Ghost Town on Friday Night, receiving the scare of my life. See you there! by Josie McTaggart & Andreina Barbella


The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Thursday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

ts Halloween Evseleen ction

This year we have a big wn ups of events for kids and gro little ones: to choose from, for the lomas Holiday world Maspa lots of will be celebrating with 28th and different activities on the in aga then th and r 29 of Octobe th ember th on the 4 and 5 of Nov and like the Scooby Doo play se that the Snake show for tho even don’t get scare easily and cled a Halloween costume, recy and idea!) costume (what a great the 29th make up competition on a very Sioux City are hosting r Sioux spooky affair with thei ay 28th City Ghost Town on Frid y, enjo to ily for the whole fam when this expect the unexpected omes a famous cowboy town bec re all is very scary place to be whe Expect not quite what it seems. nanigans the usual wild west she palebut with unusually pale , faces, gory twists, screams sing limbs, maniacal laughter, mis es along fangs and plenty fun scar in your the way. Get dressed up b or turn finest dead cowboy gar rl to take up as a vampire showgi cial part. There is even a spe s of The offer for resident reader Canary News. to keep For those who would like in Playa the night going Pacha med del Inglés will be transfor from into a tunnel of Terror st rible the 28th till 31 with hor lly make characters that will rea and of you jump, sexy go go’s sic to course their fantastic mu t long keep you dancing all nigh ter Cen ng ppi Harleys in Sho for Puerto Rico are famous theme having great Halloween fun and parties filled with great music The Yumbo centre will ndly have a range of very frie as in affairs organised such also Wunderbar who will be loween hosting thier themed Hal e party with this year’s them k sexy being True Blood so thin horror vampires, bloody drinks, looking decoration and lots of hot men.


Also in Yumbo, Spark their Showbar will be hosting added weekly freaky Friday with oky Halloween fun and spo ry away drinks, and they will car loween this great event till Hal st. day on the 31 g to do Of course the best thin ulish is just get you rmost gho d and costume on this weeken there go looking for a party, choose are bound to be many to from. to For those who would like are some spend it at home there films to great Halloween themed some of enjoy here I recomend my favorites an film Freaks is a 1932 Americ ers about sideshow perform posed of with a cast mostly com ers . In actual funfair perform deformed the film, the physically trusting “freaks” are inherently while and honorable people, of the the real monsters are two the circus “normal” members of r one of who conspire to murde his large the performers to obtain inheritance. a 1992 Death Becomes Her is k American dark slapstic film screwball comedy fantasy Meryl starring , Goldie Hawn, The Streep and Bruce Willis. pair of film focuses on a childish ic potion rivals who drink a mag nal youth that promise them eter with but things do go wrong hilarious results the Dracula if you can find n better original 1931 version eve nce, for a true classic experie starring Bela Lugosi erican Gremlins 2 is a 1990 Am the horror comedy film, and 4) , full sequel to Gremlins (198 and funy of great comedy times mlin characters like the Gre to Snow bride or the sing along ns in the white soundtrack gremli Cinema

For Your Resident Reader Discount just email Non-residents should book through their rep

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Storm through emotions

A spectacular Cirque Imaginaire production that focuses on reinventing the traditional concept of the circus with a proposal in the wake of Cirque du Soleil, a theatrical component, music and special effects. A dozen artists from as many countries participating in this show which includes in its cast ex members of Cirque Du Soleil like acrobat Olga Sidorova, the 4 times gold medalist Alexei Nemov and the Argentinian Gabriel Cham, as the head clown. Acrobats, contortionists and a host of special effects from a semicircular curtain of water four feet in diameter uses explosions of a spectacular nature to align the four elements and create Storm. Among other mechanisms, the production uses two Foy motors for aerial choreography, as in the big shows from Broadway and the West End. The story of storm begins when a father and a daughter who has lost her mother, together they embark on an emotional journey discovering the grim impact of humans on the planet and the way to a wiser and more natural life. Storm promises to take the audience even further on a



0pm 27th October 2011 at 08:3 “ Vo’ Antique music Festival io far la guerra”– Auditor torioAlfredo Kraus w. y ww 0pm 29th October 2011 at 10:3 Jazz Festival with Yul Alfredo Ballesteros - Auditorio ne No Kraus Las Palmas Pho

at 928 491 770 buy tickets 0pm 29th October 2011 at 12:3 for Classical Music concert ily – children and their fam us www. Auditorio Alfredo Kra m

9:00pm 04th November 2011 at d Jazz Festival with Gila fo Hekselman Trio - Paranin n de de la ULPGC – C/ Jua Quesada, 3 Las Palmas

Saint Rafael festivities t till the Vecindario from the 21s 30th of October are Where Saint Rafael Squ Vecindario Among the highlights is ts the Sixth Meeting of Poe r work showcasing some of thei (for from different Islands ) on those who speak Spanish the Saturday 21st at 9pm on Square . 23rd October 2011 from San 10am Artcrafts fair in ario Rafael’s square Vecind local with Canarian cheese and hting Honey tasting, Stick Fig games Display and traditional eros Bol 9pm at r 24th Octobe night with “Los que no escarmientan” group 12pm 29th October 2011 from or A Traditional Romeria ario’s Procession along Vecind of main street to the Church rims Saint Rafael, where pilg arian will wear traditonal Can costumes. e in the Live music will take plac kend evenings during the wee be a from 10:30 there will also of ple funfair for children a cou ael Sq min walk from Saint Raf of the during the whole lenght festival

fantastic journey within the parameters of what generates human emotion. The show has it’s own original soundtrack played live at the hands of Carlos Janus, Selma and Ruben Llorach Candel. Storm will be at Perez Galdos Theatre until the 28th of October except Monday 24th visit for more info


The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Thursday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

by Seija Tuutij채rvi

. . . y M r e v o c s i D

! a i r a n a C n a r G e ...SkyDiv

In the last edition we talked of a guided bus tour of the northern part of the island, this time we present the unique art of skydiving and how to uniquely get the most amazing views of this island and of Tenerife to the west. SkyDive Gran Canaria offers you a unique life experience. Very well known throughout Europe, this company was founded by Fransisco (Paco) Romero who opened the first skydive club in the canaries, and has been making parachuting possible in this territory since 1977. He is, we are told, one of the most qualified skydivers in Europe with one of the most number of jumps completed during his long skydiving career. The club boasts a small plane, which carries up to 5 skydivers or 2 tandem pairs and a cameraman and of course

a pilot. Jump altitudes range from 2500-3500 meters. At these altitudes you can free fall for between 35 and 55 seconds, opening the main parachute at 1500 meters. Your tandem skydive package includes: a breathtaking 20 min flight over Gran Canaria, free fall of between 35 and 55 seconds (depending on altitude and weight), and a spectacular descent over Maspalomas Dunes of between 4 & 8 minutes once your elliptical parachute has been deployed by your expert jump master. This amazing experience promises the highest safety standards under the guidance of highly specialised professionals, can be booked at the MyTopTickets agency, or via your tour operator or travel agent. A unique way to see our amazing island!

New Ticket Shop!

Shop Open: Mon - Fri and Sun 10-17 Mobile: +34 667 087 500

MyTopTickets C.C. Puerto Base, Local 1 35130, Puerto Rico (Beside Bahia Playa)

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Out & About 23

TARA care for animals and their people in paradise. Would you like to make a new friend? Can you spare the time to look after an animal in need, even if just on a foster basis? Want to know more about TARA? Goto


This absolutely adorable cutie pie was found in the mountains - starving, thirsty, consumed by tics and flees just about as miserable as an 8 month old puppy could be. But that is when we discovered the wonder of Snuggles: She wasn’t slightly unhappy with her less than lovely circumstances. Snuggles has been since the day she was found happy beyond reason frisky, tail wagging ceaselessly, that insipid grin just able to hold back uproarious laughter. “Call me Princess Positive” radiates about her aura - or whatever it is that lets us know that this is the ideal friend forever! At 12 kilos, Snuggles is fit as a fiddle and vibrating for more life and more luvins’. Imagine the joy she will bring her permanent human companion whomsoever that shall be!


A sad “tail” to be told! Britney is beautiful, bold, bodacious, brilliant, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. She does all the perfect pet things: Comes, sits, stays, fetches, housebroken, walks wonderfully on a lead, is without physical flaw, has a delightful temperament, likes children, dogs, and, yes, even cats. Britney doesn’t even get in anybody’s way at only 7 kgs. Pretty much a perfect little bundle of joy, right! Wrong! The family has relocated to a place that will not permit pets, and out Britney must go! She has been immunised, microchipped, and abundantly loved by her young female companion - Malena. Pleading for TARA to find perfect Britney a perfect new home, Malena is desperate to do all she can to insure a smooth transition. Princess Britney - a new best friend for life for some lucky human being! Are you ready to embrace the opportunity?!



Let us be blunt: Ruby was a bit of a hussy, not that she chose this wayward path. She is so cute and cuddly, her humans bred her for money. The pups were all incredibly adorable and sold well. Now after five years of pumping out puppies, Ruby’s humans have given her the bootskeee! Out she went in favour of a younger, prettier missy. Ruby is very sensitive and has a bad case of “abandonment syndrome” - a most real and painful disease. When her present caretakers leave for work, Ruby cries, whines, and barks until they return. Now their neighbours have insisted that Ruby leave immediately. So this wonderful, perfectly behaved, still gorgeous Yorki-mix needs a foster home or an adoption home as soon as possible. As her confidence builds that she is not being dumped once again, her crying and groaning will subside eventually. If you are home all day long, she will never whisper a whimper. She just needs to be loved without the fear of the permanent loss of her humans.

This time we cannot blame neglect, cruelty, lack of compassion and empathy --- no one to blame but the Grim Reaper. This jet black, healthy, female feline sat around for much of her 18 months on Mother Earth very much the indoor cat, lap-sitting for hours at a time in front of the television and computer, socialising amicably with guests, and sleeping through the night on her own pillow next to her beloved human. Last week, Bibi’s caretaker died! Bibi is in mourning, clearly depressed, and deeply saddened. The only cure: A new human to love. Do you need a warm, fuzzy feline in your life? If so, Bibi is desperate to love you.

TARA care for animals and their people in paradise. Would you like to make a new friend? Can you spare the time to look after an animal in need, even if just on a foster basis? Want to know more about TARA? Goto

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24 Entertainment

With KISS FM Gary Melling

Three weeks of Carnival Despite running for a week less than usual, The prestigious Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2012 aims to attract many more tourists than before. That is at least one of the goals that have been set for the organizers of the festival, who this week presented the final program for the main event in the Las Palmas calendar. The carnival will have three main galas, beginning with the Carnival Queen Gala on February 3rd, followed by the infamous Drag Queen Gala on February 17th and the Carnival Grand Gala, where all the various winners of the three week long spring festival event will perform, celebrated on Monday 20th February.

The festival ends with the Mardi Gras, and finally the now traditional Burial of the Sardine. There will be widespread television and media coverage throughout. Mayor, Juan Jose Cardona, made clear that the carnival will continue to be “one of the main attractions of Santa Catalina park” and the stage director, Alberto Trujillo, announced that the stage will be placed “in the centre of park, and will be colourful.” The 2012 edition aims to modernize much of the action, so the proclamation and many of the events will be adapted for social networks with a platform developed for input from the public in the month preceding.

Track Loca People - Sak Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 Give me everything - Pitbull Danza Kuduro - Don Omar Bailando por ahí - Juan Magan All About Tonight - Pixie Lott Feel So Close - Calvin Harris Cheers (Drink To That) . Rihanna Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO No Regrets - Dappy

# 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10.

UB40 Go Bankrupt

Former chart toppers UB40 famous for the track Red Red Wine - have been declared bankrupt. The Birmingham band, which currently has seven members, have sold more than 70 million records and have had 50 chart hits in their 33-year career. But four of its members - Brian Travers, Jimmy Brown, Terence Oswald and Norman Hassan - have been declared bankrupt by a judge at

Top 10

Birmingham County Court. He is allowing liquidators to chase debts and royalty payments on the group’s hits. District Judge Richard Musgrave also warned the reggae band they would have to pay costs, believed to be around £57,000. The case follows the group’s bitter split over their finances after the collapse of their management company DEP International. ...Full story

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Thursday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News


s o ñ e u S s u T e v i V by Edward Timon

When Wendy was first introduced to the Afrikat, whilst working as a guide for Cosmos holidays in 2003, little did she know how much it was to change her life. She loved every Sunday when she worked with the crew and captain Javier visiting some fo the most beautiful and isolated parts of the island and so when she changed jobs a couple of years later to join Thomson Holidays and could no longer be the guide on this extraordinary 15 meter long catamaran she remained good friends with the captain and crew of her favourite boat. She was invited to a summer party and asked a friend along too, who in turn brought her boss, Potter, from the then radio station PowerFM. Wendy and Potter quickly discovered their joint passion for boats and were soon dating each other. They married in 2007, with matching tatoos saying “Live your Dreams” and went to live in mainland Spain and then Australia, where Potter captained whale watching boats and Wendy worked on Tallship whale cruises. But before long they were drawn back to their beloved Gran

Canaria, which they had never stopped calling home. When an opportunity to buy the Afrikat came up they didn’t hesitate in seeing if they could get the money together. “Everyone said we were mad, because she is not a young thing and would need serious work doing to her” says Potter. “but we both new that we couldn’t just let her leave with someone else, she’s always been known by residents as well as visitors ever since she was brought here by her original owner years back a man from South Africa, hence the name.” “Owning her was just not something we’d ever thought we’d really be able to do” says Wendy “she has a lot of sentimental value for us, many many good memories and of course she is how we found each other in the first place. We just knew it was right, and so invested everything we have in getting her up and running and in tip top condition.” Afrikat has just been relaunched this week, after a fortnight spent in dry dock at Pasito Blanco where she has received loving care and attention from an amazing team of people who worked day and night to completely repaint her inside and out,

install new windows, a brand new ladies loo, a new sound system, television, and completely redeck and redecorate the inside Salon to restore what must be now the most luxurious pleasure boat on the island. With lovely soft new furnishings, a fully stocked bar and galley, new engines and even a new zodiac speed boat for extra thrills Afrikat has returned with Captains Potter & Javier to Puerto Rico as triumphant evidence that dreams are there to be lived, and for those who need reminding, three simple words are now inscribed across her stern...Vive Tus Sueños! Wendy and Potter would like to especially thank all of those who have helped them really live the dream of a life time with commitment and hard work renovating the Afrikat including Juan Sanchez grua, Yanmar Engines, Bobby & Emil fibreglass, Pasito Blanco Harbour,

Paco Santana Electricity, Dave Guide Unit 1 for the vinyls, Pepe the plumber, and their amazing Crew and family.

Special Residents Offer

© Edward Timon

Resident readers of The Canary News may like to know that Afrikat are offering a special discount for all who live here with one of their special discount cards which can be obtained after your first trip out with them on their luxury boat, call 637 564 679 to find out more. Normal tickets can be obtained from in Puerto Rico and many of the reps around the island.


The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

Style & Beauty - Halloween Edition By Andreina Barbella, Style & Beauty Editor

Get dy a e r toscare! Halloween is coming and the change of seasons is upon us, not that you will really notice a big change in weather here in The Canaries but we can certainly still enjoy the seasonal fun just with added sunshine. So there will be plenty of places to go and celebrate but now the question is where can I buy my costume? Bazar Ani of course! This family run business has been part of the San Fernando neighbourhood for over 28 years and is one of the best places to buy everything you need for any celebration as they offer a great selection of fancy dress for kids and adults alike, eyelashes, make up, props and party decoration for all occasions, all provided with great costumer service which comes from their love of what they do...I remember every time I use to fly over from London to see my family I’d return with a suitcase full of funny items from their shop. This is THE place to go for all your Halloween needs. They tell us they also have an extensive collection of fireworks for anyone wanting to celebrate Bonfire night here in the canaries. Remember, remember the fifth of November.... Š Andreina Barbella

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News

Style & Beauty - Halloween Edition 27 Fairy like make up by Kryolan

Spider web eyes make up very easy to do all you need is a good pulse and black eye pencil

Christian Dior make up on Halloween colours and a touch of 60’s glam

Halloween make up idea by Laukrom.

Bewitch them!

... a few days before Halloween before using new make up for your costume you should, as with all products which have contact with your skin, perform a simple patch test particularly if you or your child are prone to allergic reactions, this will help you avoid disappointment or irritation on the night. It is very rare to get allergies from face painting products but it can happen Kryolan and Laukrom are some of the best brands for fantasy and stage make up, they specialize on everything form special effects to face make sure you buy quality as is going to go on your face!

Kryolan Beauty Murder make up collection available at Bazar Ani

The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

28 Heart, Mind and Spirit

With Cheyne Towers

Fixed or Fluid? As a student of martial arts for the last 29 years, I am engaged in a process of study which includes a constant reevaluation of my understanding, or lack of it, of the various principals and practical applications of the arts which I am studying. And at times this re-evaluation process can be a considerable challenge on many levels. I have recently returned from a training course with my teacher. This course I understood was to be focused on a particular aspect of the training, which included a lot of partner work through which the aim is to develop a better understanding of when to yield and when to solidify. However it became clear after the first two days of training that my fixed ideas about what the workshop was all about were not actually relevant to the goal of the work. Now I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what we were there to do, but as the workshop progressed I came to realise that the longer I held on to the idea of what I thought it should be about then the longer I would struggle with myself and the more frustrated I was likely to become. So in this instance I slowly began to realise that if I didn’t wish to get more frustrated with a situation which wasn’t what I hoped or thought it should be, then I had to let go completely of the fixed ideas that I had when I first arrived at the training course. I am writing about this as I feel this kind of experience happens to many people on a daily basis. We think to ourselves this is the way things are and this is the way I want things to be and this is the way I want those things to be towards me too... but sometimes things simply aren’t what we hope them to be and in fact can be

very different indeed to what we assumed, hoped for or desired. Under these circumstances, we are presented with a choice... do we dig our heals in, fix our position and throw a tantrum because things aren’t going the way we wanted them to... or do we take that opportunity to reassess what’s actually happening and adjust appropriately to the reality of the situations that we find ourselves in? If we were to stand in the middle of the road whilst a car was driving towards us at speed enough to cause us damage, would we dig our heels in and deny to ourselves that if we stood there fixed in that position that we were in the right and that no harm would come to us, or do we get the hell out of the way? I certainly suspect the latter option to be the wisest and most fruitful experience, wouldn’t you agree? So if things haven’t quite been going the way you might want them to have been going then consider this... How can I let go of any fixed ideas that I may have had which under the circumstances and in reality are no longer appropriate? How can I become more fluid, more adaptable, less rigid in my thinking, less resistant to change, more open minded to the constantly changing world around me, and yet constantly maintain my sense of being grounded and natural and confidently myself? I feel these to be the kind of questions which if we were to ask them of ourselves on a more regular basis, we would naturally develop qualities in our personalities which can help us to avoid conflicts, collisions, unnecessary arguments and injuries... both to ourselves, and those around us. Food for thought, methinks!

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News

Kay’s Corner 29

Sowing and reaping With Kay Owen

This is the season of the year when harvest festival is celebrated, and strains of the old hymn “We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land” ring out as “all is safely gathered in.” Metaphorically speaking it makes me wonder how the ‘seeds’ we scatter in the ‘soil of life’ impact our own lives, and perhaps even more importantly, how they affect the lives of others... for better or worse. Good seeds/sowing = enjoy the fruits. Bad propagation = pay the consequences. Words of wisdom in the following little story remind us that what we sow today will surely determine what we reap tomorrow.

THE EMPEROR’S SEED An emperor in the Far East was growing old – he needed to choose his successor. He called all the young people in the kingdom together and said, “It is almost time for me to step down and I have decided to choose one of you as the new emperor. I am going to give each one of you a special seed today. I want you to plant it, water it and come back here one year from today with what you have grown from

this one seed. I will then judge the plants that you bring, and the one I choose will the new emperor.” One boy named Ling ran home and excitedly told his mother the plan. She helped him get a pot and soil, and he planted and watered the seed carefully. Every day he watched to see if it had sprouted and kept checking his seed. Three weeks, four weeks, went by – but nothing grew. Within six months everyone else had blossoming trees and tall plants, but Ling had nothing. He didn’t say anything to his friends however - he just kept waiting and praying for the kernel to grow. He felt that he had somehow killed his seed and that he was a complete failure. A year went by and all the youths brought their plants to the emperor for inspection. Ling told his mother that he wasn’t going to take just a container of soil! She told him he must go and be honest about his efforts. Ling felt sick to his stomach but he knew his mother was right. He took his empty pot to the palace. He was amazed at the variety of plants grown by the others - they were all very beautiful. Ling put his empty pot on the floor as many of the kids

laughed at him. When the emperor arrived, Ling tried to hide at the back. “What great plants you have grown,” exclaimed the emperor. “Today, one of you will be appointed my successor!” Suddenly he spotted Ling at the back of the room nursing his empty pot. “Come to the front” he boomed. Ling was terrified. “The emperor knows I’m a failure! Maybe he will have me killed!” The Emperor asked his name. “My name is Ling” he replied as the other boys made loud fun of him. The emperor called for silence .Raising aloft the young boy he announced to the crowd, “Behold your new emperor!” Ling couldn’t believe his ears. He hadn’t even been able to make his seed grow so how could he possibly be the new emperor? Then the old man said, “One year ago today, I gave everyone here a seed. I told you to plant it, water it, and bring it back here today. But I gave you all boiled seeds, which would never grow. All of you, except Ling, have brought me trees and flowering plants .When you found that the seed would not grow you substituted another seed for the one I gave you. Ling was the only one

“Don’t wait for the Last Judgement. It happens every day.”

with the courage and honesty to bring me a pot with my original seed still in it. Therefore his integrity has decided it ... he is your new emperor!” If we plant dishonesty, we will reap distrust. If we plant selfishness, we will reap loneliness. If we plant pride, we will reap destruction. If we plant envy, we will reap trouble. If we plant laziness, we will reap stagnation. If we plant bitterness, we will reap isolation. If we plant greed, we will reap loss. If we plant gossip, we will reap enemies. If we plant worries, we will reap wrinkles. If we plant sin, we will reap its consequences. BUT ... If we plant honesty, we will reap trust. If we plant goodness, we will reap friends. If we plant humility, we will reap greatness. If we plant perseverance, we will reap victory. If we plant consideration, we will reap harmony. If we plant forgiveness, we will reap reconciliation. If we plant openness, we will reap intimacy. If we plant faith, we will reap miracles. Here’s to your seeds – may they all be successful and your ‘harvest’ good and plentiful! Kay Owen - October 2011

Albert Camus

The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

30 Fitness

POWER HOMME´S ABDOMINAL BLASTS with Cengiz Halabi, Celebrity Personal Trainer

Our abdominals represent much more than a six pack! With the back muscles they provide postural support and balance, protection and movement. Cengiz starts a new UBC Blast Circuit with Power Homme to show you a great all body workout.

SIT UP, TWIST & CRUNCH This exercise comprises multiple movements for improving balance, core strength and co-ordination.

Step One

• Lay down on a gym mat, legs bent • Hold hands up straight above the chest • Perform a standard sit up maintaining straight arms at chest level

Why Are You Counting

Go Thermic!


Think diet, think calorie! The two normally go hand in hand. But all calories are not equal. Make life easier and learn how to use your food to reduce the impact of calories by up to 400 a day!

Eat More Protein

Protein requires more energy to digest than carbohydrates or fats. Eat more calories from protein and fewer will be added to the body!

Ann Mather, Celebrity Nutritionist

Give Your Body Calories When It Needs Them Don’t just look at overall daily count. Out exercising? You will need more calories. Sitting watching TV? You will need less.

Eat Smaller & More Regular Amounts

Smaller and regular means there is less to be stored as fat! 6 small meals of 2,500 calories have much less impact than one large meal of 2,500 calories!

Load the Fibre

Eat more fibre, feel full quicker, eat less calories!

Go for Zero

Some fruits and vegetables have zero calories - you use as much to digest them as they contain, but still full of nutrients.

Eat More in the Morning

The thermic effect of eating in the morning is up to 16% higher than in the evening!

Step Two • Twist the torso to the left • With right hand reach and plant down by left foot • Return back to top of the standard sit up position • Straighten out arms at chest level • Lean back slightly to repeat on the right side



There are loads of great exercises that you can do with your baby indoors (more to come next week) but getting outside for a walk in the park is always something us mums look forward to. The pram can become an ally - use it for some powerful walking lunges to work the leg muscles.

PRAM LUNGE! STEP ONE • Use the pram handles for balance • Take a big step forward with right leg • Ensure that feet are pointing forward • Ensure that you are on “tram lines”

Step Three • Return back to top of the standard sit up position • Straighten out arms at chest level • Lower back down to the start position • Repeat the next repetition Repetitions: 2 rounds of 24 repetitions, 30 second rest between each round

Top Tips • Ensure that you are pulling abdominals and pelvic floor muscles up and in • Maintain a space below the chin


Holly Matthews, Actress and Celebrity Feature Writer

STEP TWO • Drop left knee toward the ground • Keep upper body straight • Push hips slightly forward • Squeeze the glute STEP THREE • Power back up through the leg • Bring left leg in line with right leg • Take a big step forward with left leg • Repeat above

The lunging can create a gentle rocking motion with the pram to help baby sleep, but don’t put too much pressure on the pram handles. Use your own core and balance to work through the lunge

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Sunday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News

s e n o B and s t n i o J

Nutrition 31

By Ann Mather, Celebrity Nutrition Advisor,

Ann Mather, or Celebrity Nutrition Advis f o s m le b ro p e th t u o b a s talk m te s y s l ta le e k -s lo u c s u m the

Throughout our lives, nearly all of us will experience some form of problem with our musculo-skeletal system (muscles, bones, joints, etc) – anything from frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, general stiffness to diagnosable arthritis. In most cases, we find that these are temporary conditions that given some time to heal will disappear. As we get older, we seem to become more and more concerned about the possibility of getting osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism and the like. In most cases, these sorts of conditions are given mainly physical attention via manipulation, massage, exercise or rest, taking general painkillers and other medication prescribed by a doctor. What very few people give much attention to is the question of the underlying state of the living cells that make up the structural tissues that are

involved in the problem – in other words “nutrition”! Our bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons are all made up of living tissue. Because these are made up of living tissue, the cells are constantly damaged or destroyed by the stresses that we place on them every day. Minerals, liquid and nutrients are continually moving in and out of them. So the more of the “right” and less of the “wrong” types of nutrients that we push through them, the greater the opportunity they will have to protect, repair and replace naturally. As a general nutritionist and a food intolerance test practitioner, my first piece of advice to my clients is to eliminate (or significantly reduce) wheat and dairy products from their diet. Both of these foods, which we now consume in large quantities, are highly acid forming in the body upsetting our pH Balance. Studies

have now confirmed that the huge increase in the consumption of dairy products is actually leaching essential minerals from our bones rather than replacing them. I never fail to be amazed by the results achieved by making these two simple dietary changes. Aches and pains disappear, arthritic joints become much suppler, and I have also had several clients who suffer from ME and experience significant improvements. Nutrition is deeply involved in the protection of our bodies at a biochemical level – helping to prevent and treat many conditions related to our musculoskeletal system, but so often overlooked. So, over the next few weeks, I will be looking at the different nutrients and supplements that you can use to naturally address many of the problems that we may experience from our musculoskeletal system.

A few things about nutrienbastsic

ze ► Nutrients normali oughout cellular biochemistry thr cells the the body (including and ns do of muscles, bones, ten joints) body in ► Nutrients support the t are tha s producing the material and ure necessary for body struct function ply the ► Nutrients directly sup for body substances necessary g. boron, structure and function (e. te the ► Nutrients ameliora lf by physical condition itse that s removing the substance promote it

The Canary News - Friday 25th March - Thursday 7th April 2011 - Issue 43

32 Sport

GRAN CANARIA, By Danny Alcock

the Hawaii of the Atlantic

“Where are the waves here, mate?” is a question often asked by tourists when they see our surf school in the C.C. Anexo 2, Playa del Ingles. By looking over our tranquil tourist beaches in the south, it is difficult to imagine why Gran Canaria has achieved the nick-name “Hawaii of the Atlantic”. However, by studying it a little further, we can begin to understand why this nick-name is deserved. First and foremost, Gran Canaria (as Hawaii) is a volcanic island set in very deep oceanic settings. Moist trade winds have dramatic and varied effects around the

islands bringing good rainfall to the hills, producing fertility and beautiful fauna. These trade winds also produce strong winds in some parts of the islands yet other parts of the island are left in a windshadow and complete shelter, enjoying calm sunny conditions. Both the islands have high altitudes, thus giving a huge variety of wildlife and capturing fine drinking water for export. Undoubtedly, for the dedicated surfer, the most important similarity between Hawaii and Gran Canaria is excellent surf! Like Hawaii, Gran

Canaria is recipient to waves (swell) from a long way away (fetch) which arrives with great quality and consistency. These waves roll in uninterrupted until they reach the steep volcanic shelf where they then form as surfable waves, breaking with maximum power over the lava reefs and beaches.


The most consistent swells come in from the north and north-west, so it is the north coast, (Las Palmas to Galdar) our 20 km north shore, which functions the most. Here lie world famous spots such as El Confital and El Fronton which are host to the ASP World Tour surf and bodyboard events every year, producing spectacular waves in the right conditions. Right over this north shore, there are various beaches and reefs which offer good waves depending on metrological conditions and tidal states. As Hawaii, with its 360 degree swell window, Gran Canaria also receives very good days in the east and south/southwest coasts.


Surfing started on the island in the 1970s when traveling British and American surfers started exploring the Canaries. From this moment, local surf communities began to arise and now the island has quite a large local surfer population. Talking with the old-timers is very interesting; it would seem that in the 1970s, there was a high number of foreign surfers here, and many lived in the then forested “El Callao” beach in Arguineguin. A seemingly idyllic existence, these surfers from the hippy age lived in the forest and surfed the occasionally perfect reefbreak. These times passed and the Canarians started to make a mark on the surf scene, with increasingly outstanding performances in competions around the world.


Now we are seeing a boom in the surf industry and a massive increase in surf awareness. Practically every youngster wants to try it, Canarian locals and visiting tourists alike. Gran Canaria offers a great place to begin with its wide variety of beginner to expert beaches. So what makes a surfer? Obviously the traditional

surf dude/dudete always chasing the perfect wave is the stereotypical image, but arguably, any person in the water enjoying the waves is the “surfer”. I am very lucky to be here on the island teaching surfing and watching the enjoyment of the beginners in the water. With the right attitude, the sport is as much fun on the first day as it is for the professional contests surfer, and these beginners are every much a surfer as the pro. I love surfing, but I also get great pleasure from working with the children in my club. It is amazing what a little water does to the child’s esteem, physical form and mental outlook, and, oh yeah - they are becoming great little surfers too! So don’t miss out on this exciting sport. This island has a lot to offer the prospective surfer or mere spectator! Take a surf class, sign the kids up or just take a roadtrip to the north coast to see what it’s all about, you don’t even have to get into the water to enjoy the waves! Call Danny on 686 211 996 or 677 704 981 to find out more information about how to be a surfer for a day!

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Thursday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News

Sport 33


By Ian Wilcox

The Home Report


U.D. Las Palmas - Elche

Estadio de Gran Canaria, Saturday 15th October 2011 crowd of :10,822

A draw with Elche

► 2´ Free kick for UDLP after Elche handball, which Pignol takes but comes to nothing. ► 3´ Vitolo nearly clear, bundled off of the ball at the last moment preventing him getting in a decent shot. First impressions are good, UDLP keep good triangle passing formations but are dealing with an experienced Elche defense, who use the offside to stop most attacks. ► 7´ Quique Mateo makes a good play for Elche and his centre is cleared away from the penalty spot, though not far and some defensive indecision causes an uncomfortable moment until Pignol arrives to clear and bring some calm to the situation. ► 9´ UDLP Free kick, nicely flighted into the box with spin, but presents no serious problem for Elche defence. UDLP defence is looking nicely organized with Pignol marking his space well, though lucky not to have received a yellow card . ► 11´ Elche shot not complicated for Barbosa. ► 13´ Elche corner a little against the run of play, but with each minute that goes by Elche are looking more and more comfortable. ► 15´ Yellow card for Vitolo. ► 16´ Clear offside stops another Las Palmas attack. ► 18´ Good advantage played by the referee, but angry crowd reaction when at the stop of play no yellow card is produced. ► 20´ Roque crowded out after some good supply work by Jonathan Viera.

Juan Carlos, the Elche keeper, comes out of his area a lot and he doesn’t have the best clearance skills, so many hopeful that at some point in the game this could present an opportunity for UDLP. ► 24´ Elche free kick midway into the Las Palmas half of the pitch, easily cleared by Javi Castellano ► 26´ Yellow card for Vicente Gomez after a foul on the edge of the Las Palmas D , The free kick taken by Albacar for Elche, blasts it into the wall and it is not well cleared and Angel has the clearest chance of the game so far. ► 28´ Pignol goes past a couple of Elche defenders but his shot is way too soft. ► 30´ First chance of the game for Jonathan Viera, hits it well but he is a little off balance and it comes to nothing. ► 33´ Yellow card for Elche´s Etxeita. ► 36´ Long ball for Portillo, but too long for him to get there. Herner is having a good first half for Las Palmas, his game is not the prettiest , but it is effective and he is calm, in a game where patience is as good a virtue as any to have. ► 39´ Elche corner followed by a toe punt that comes to nothing. ► 42´ Foul on Vicente, which the ref judged not to be, letting the game carry on. ► 44´ Nice volley from Jonathan Viera, sadly straight into the side netting. ► 45´ UDLP corner straight across the front of the goal then bundled off for another corner which comes to nothing. 1 minute of extra time with no novelties. Second half starts with a strange

substitution for Las Palmas, Portillo and Vicente Gomez off for Sergio Suarez and David Gonzalez. ► 48´ Soft shot by Jonathan Viera. Much more than a ½ chance that somebody of his level really should have put away. ► 51´ Free kick for Elche after a very late call. ► 52´ Vitolo finds space and is on his own against the keeper, he looks up almost telling Juan Carlos that he is going to lob it, which he calmly does, and well. 1-0 to Las Palmas. ► 55´ David Gonzalez is down; winded after an awkward fall, but gets it together without the need of a stretcher. ► 58´ Free kick Las Palmas well into Elche´s half easily controlled, followed by a counter attack for Elche with the half chance presenting no problems for the Las Palmas Argentine keeper, Barbosa. ► 61´ Elche shoots from outside the box sending the ball well over the bar. ► 67´ Laguardia clears dangerous Elche centre. ► 69´ Elche goal by Angel is disallowed for offside after a good hand away by Barbosa. ► 71´ Angel equalizes for Elche, nicely nutmegging Barbosa after a patient build up. ► 77´ Yellow card for the Elche bench. ► 78´ Nice passing play by UDLP finishing in a parried Jonathan Viera shot. ► 79´ Elche offside.


Typically sunny Las Palmas afternoon. Before the start of the game a presentation and applause for the Villa de Agüimes crew, this year’s Vela Latina sailing champions.Much expectation in the ground to see if UDLP can continue winning after last week’s away to Celta. The family feel of this club was made obvious in the pre match photo, where apart from the players appeared about a dozen babies, children and parents. UDLP Kick off left to right. In one of the first plays of the afternoon, a push on Roque, is ignored by the referee, setting the tone for the afternoon.

► 81´ Potentially dangerous Elche free kick ends in the hands of Barbosa. ► 82´ More danger from Elche, this time it´s the turn of Pignol to take control and his experience proves crucial in keeping the more experienced Elche side at bay. ► 83´ UDLP substitution, Mauro Quiroga comes on for Roque. ► 87´ Stupid yellow card for Jonathan Viera for arguing with the ref. ► 88´ Yellow card for Elche´s Angel. 4 minutes of injury time. ► 91´ Juan Carlos comes out well to stop Jonathan Viera reaching a long pass. ► 92´ Barbosa saves the game with a good reflex save. Then Herner in the last moments when Perico almost walks the ball into the net. And so ends the afternoon in a one all draw, more of a relief than a joy. Still we now have an unbeaten run of 3 games even though 2 of those have been drawn. It was a little disconcerting that the manager chose to take off (Portillo) his attacking reference at half time but then he is the fellow that gets paid to decide. But on this home form one of us could be out of a job (and it isn’t this reporter) If UDLP can work to their strengths as well as they seem to away from home we could be singing another song. This weekend finds UDLP away to recently relegated Almeria and we´ll be back in a fortnight with another report on UDLP v Real Vallodalid.

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34 Where It’s At!


This is something special for any business that wants it. The Canary News is proud to supply FREE listings for any business who give us their details either by email or in person to one of our representatives

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to the beach and the resort centre, with its shops, bars and restaurants. The complex offers a swimming pool and a sun terrace. Price includes the costs for water and electricity. Sea views and views of Mogan in the distance. MASPALOMAS MP305: 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom €1200/month Lovely 2 bedroom apartment with amazing views over Maspalomas beach and the Dunes. Located just a few meters from the beach, private garage, communal garden and large terrace. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen with all appliances and spacious living room with breathtaking views. Only available from October till the end of April. Sales SAN FERNANDO SF832: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms €299000 Enormous property with huge potential.The upstairs has a self contained one-bedroom flat with its own kitchen and living room which opens up onto a large, partially covered terrace with its own small pool and barbeque area. The lower floor has four double bedrooms, a large fully-fitted kitchen and two living areas, one with dining area. The house needs some repair hence the price but has previously been rented out as a seperate property downstairs whilst the owners have lived in the upper part. This is a very large property in an area close to the shops and the schools. There is plenty of outside space and many possibilities. MELONERAS ML554: 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms €350,000 Beautiful two-storey town house available for sale. Aluminium doors and windows and air conditioning throughout. Very large communal swimming pool and secure gated complex. Only 5 mins from the beach and restaurants. Fully furnished and with totally equipped kitchen including dishwasher and washing machine. Private garden. PUERTO RICO PR773: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

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The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Thursday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

Tel: 928 141202 DREAM HOMES www.dreamhomesgrancanaria. com PUERTO RICO SUPER LOW PRICE FOR PARKING SPACE IN EL VALLE!!!!!! Price has been slashed from €12,000 to €8,500! Remote control for garage door. Keep your car cool and safe in this underground carpark. Ref:PR785. Price: €8,500 Tel: 928 141202 DREAM HOMES www.dreamhomesgrancanaria. com --------------------------------------PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Wonderful view over beach from this nice apartment/studio on 14th floor only some steps from the promenade and beach, near to all amenities, well-kept complex with pool, equipment include, 111.000 Euro (Ref. 2.002L) INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684 GRAN CANARIA SOUTH Best time to buy excellent properties for reasonable prices. We are pleased to provide you with details. Our priority since over 25 years is to offer the highest quality of service, also after the sale, to our clients. Karin-Sybille Rosenfeld, qualified Estate Agent, INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684, , www. MASPALOMAS Near the Golf Course and short distance to the light house, quiet terraced 1 bedroom bungalow (+large storage) in very well kept complex with heated pool and tennis, ample parking space, nicely furnished with all comfort. 135.000 Euro (Ref. 3.509K2). INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684, SONNENLAND

Charming Duplex-bungalow in private complex with pool area in tropical gardens, 1 bedroom with balcony, kitchen and storage, complete (new) bath, terrace, small fenced garden, fully equipped (washing machine etc.). 122.000 Euro (Ref. 3.800I). INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766 684 ARGUINEGUÍN Feeling comfortabel at highest level (NO comunity): beautiful detached chalet, 174 m2 living space on private 351 m2 plot with pool, BBQ, carport, guest flat on basement, first class equipment, tastefully decorated. (Ref. 6.811B) € 596.000. INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684 SAN AGUSTIN Hillside bungalow aprox. 130 m2 livingspace, include guest apartment with sep. entrance, plus large terrace of aprox. 50 m2 with panoramic view, carport, quiet complex with tennis and nice pool, 325.000 Euro (Ref. 5.505I). INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684 PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Beautiful 1 bedroom Apartment, very private balcony with sea view, luxuriously fitted, quiet location and well-kept complex with pools, private parking, 24hour security etc. 91.800 Euro (Ref. 1.004U). INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766 684 MONTAÑA DE LA DATA Exceptional Villa with lots of possibilities on 1.300 m2 fenced ground, peaceful and quiet place with amazing views towards Maspalomas and the Atlantic, 384 m2 living space (plus enormous terraces), include 2 separate apartments, each with 2 bedrooms, wonderful garden, pool, BBQ house, 1.100.000 Euro (Ref. 6.300C). INMOBILIARIA KSR, Tel. 928 766 684,

SAN AGUSTIN Hillside bungalow aprox. 130 m2 livingspace, include guest apartment with sep. entrance, plus large terrace of aprox. 50 m2 with panoramic view, carport, quiet complex with tennis and nice pool, 325.000 Euro (Ref. 5.505I). INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684 EL SALOBRE GOLF RESORT Luxurious, modern Chalet (brand new) on 236,34 m2 private plot, with fantastic views over Golf Course to the Atlantic, 2 bed rooms, 2 bath rooms, terraces, garden and private pool, very tastefully furnished, all topquality, Euro 595.000 (Ref. 5.900D). INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766 684 PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Centric, quiet location in residential complex with well kept pool area. Two bedroom Duplex Bungalow (109 m2 living space) with view to Atlantic and mountains, spacious private garden, roof terrace, 2 bath rooms, refurbishment required, off-road parking, Euro 272.000 (Ref. 4.008Q) INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766 684 --------------------------------------ROCA REAL ESTATE 928 561667 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT, PUERTO RICO, at the top of Puerto Rico, fantastic sea views, private, pool. Ref. 10080. Sale price: 67.000.-€. 1 BEDROOM APARTMENTS IN PUERTO RICO, excellent complex, very central, fantastic sea views. Ref. 1004. Sale price from: 75.000.-€. 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT IN A RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX One bedroom apartment, basic condition, small private complex, pool & parking. Ref. 10037. Sale price 60.000.-€

2 BEDROOM CORNER DUPLEX, with two bathrooms, in perfect condition, central location. Ref 10049. Sale price 149.950.-€. 2 BEDROOM BUNGALOW WITH 80 M2 PRIVATE GARDEN, in a very central location, totally renovated, furnished, private parking. Ref. 10091A. Sale price 235.000.-€. ROCA REAL ESTATE 928 561667 --------------------------------------PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Exclusive 1 bedroom Apartment in comfortable complex with pools, private parking, 24-hours security, beautiful balcony with sea view, luxuriously fitted to the last detail and to feel at home. 120.000 Euro (Ref. 1.004V). INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766 684 PASITO BLANCO Very comfortable Chalet on two storeys, direct entry from intern road to private car-port and house, spacious livingand dining room, sep. kitchen (storage), 2 bedrooms (1 with beautiful balcony and view over harbour), intern lift prepared for wheel chair, terrace and garden. Superb price: 299.000 Euro (Ref. 4.910A). INMOBILIARIA KSR, Tel. 928 766 684, SONNENLAND Charming Duplex-bungalow in private complex with pool area in tropical gardens, 1 bedroom with balcony, kitchen and storage, complete (new) bath, terrace, small fenced garden, fully equipped (washing machine etc.). 122.000 Euro (Ref. 3.800I). INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766 684 KSR ESTATE AGENT GRAN CANARIA SOUTH Best time to buy excellent properties for reasonable prices. We are pleased to provide you with details. Our priority since over 25 years is to offer the highest quality of service, also

after the sale, to our clients. Karin-Sybille Rosenfeld, qualified Estate Agent, INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684, PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Wonderful view all over the beach to dunes of Maspalomas and San Agustín from this nice apartment on 14th floor, only some steps from the promenade, near to all amenities, well-kept complex with pool, equipment include, 111.000 Euro (Ref. 2.002L) INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684 MASPALOMAS Near the Golf Course and short distance to the light house, quiet terraced 1 bedroom bungalow (+large storage) in very well kept complex with heated pool and tennis, ample parking space, nicely furnished with all comfort. 135.000 Euro (Ref. 3.509K2). INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684, ARGUINEGUÍN Feel comfortable at highest level (NO community): beautiful detached chalet, 174 m2 living space (2 floors) on private 351 m2 plot with pool, BBQ, carport, guest flat on basement, first class equipment, tastefully decorated. (Ref. 6.811B) € 596.000. INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684 SAN AGUSTIN Rocas Rojas, quiet bungalow/ apartment, south-west facing, overlooking park, ca. 77 m2, spacious balcony, furnished, fantastic price: 190.000 Euro (Ref. 4.813H). INMOBILIARIA KSR, C/. Escorial, Edif. Danubio, Tel. 928 766 684 MONTAÑA DE LA DATA Exceptional Villa with lots of possibilities on 1.300 m2 fenced ground, peaceful and quiet place with amazing views towards Maspalomas and the Atlantic, 384 m2 living space (plus enormous terraces), include


2 separate apartments, each with 2 bedrooms, wonderful garden, pool, BBQ house, 1.100.000 Euro (Ref. 6.300C). INMOBILIARIA KSR, Tel. 928 766 684, EL SALOBRE GOLF RESORT Luxurious, modern Chalet (brand new) on 236,34 m2 private plot, with fantastic views over Golf Course to the Atlantic, 2 bed rooms, 2 bath rooms, terraces, garden and private pool, very tastefully furnished, all topquality, Euro 595.000 (Ref. 5.900D). INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766 684 PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Centric, quiet location in residential complex with well kept pool area. Two bedroom Duplex Bungalow (109 m2 living space) with view to Atlantic and mountains, spacious private garden, roof terrace, 2 bath rooms, refurbishment required, off-road parking, Euro 272.000 (Ref. 4.008Q) INMOBILIARIA KSR,, Tel. 928 766684

PROPERTIES FOR RENT Agent PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Spacious one bedroom apartment with views of the swimming pool. There is one bedroom with two single beds and fitted wardrobes. The kitchen is a generous size and has a large granite worktop. This apartment is available for longterm rental. The price includes all water and also the electricity up to €50. It´ s situated in the heart of Playa del Ingles on Avda de Tirajana

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Thursday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News

TARA Charity Flea Market Saturdays 0800 - 1400 Plaza Negro Arguineguin


The Best Little Dog Shelter in Paradise Walk, Talk Touch Sessions 5 Days a week Moto Grande

We Buy and Sell Second Hand and New. Call Mandy: 637 163 434 Ancora Centre No. 82 Arguineguin.

The Canary News - Monday 24th October - Thursday 6th November 2011 - Issue 56

38 Kanariska Nyheter

Dags för Rapport! Lennart Thomson, Svensk Redaktör -

The Canary News

uppmärksammat i svensk media! I en artikel i den småländska tidningen Finnveden Nu, med en upplaga på 42.000 ex, uppmärksammas att en journalist, Ulf Rönning, boende i Småland och med semesterlägenhet på Gran Canaria, börjat som freelance medarbetare i The Canary News. Av naturliga skäl handlar artikeln i första hand om Ulf Rönning då han är bosatt i tidningens utgivningsområde. Men kontentan för läsaren blir ändå att The Canary News nu satsar seriöst på information och nyheter, på svenska, till turister och bofasta från de nordiska länderna. Ulf Rönning har lång erfarenhet som journalist och kommer att sköta sin uppgift, dels på distans från Sverige, men även på plats då han finns på Gran Canaria 4-5 gånger per år, oftast uppemot en månad i taget.

Dags att bänka sig framför TV:n Känns nästan lite lyxigt att, på svenska, få sig presenterat vad som hänt hemma och i övriga världen. Vi köpte vår lilla lägenhet i Puerto Rico i slutet av 2009. Den var nyrenoverad och oerhört välutrustad, med möbler, husgeråd och tillbehör som tvättmaskin, dammsugare och TV. Just TV:n uppskattade jag extra mycket då det snart var dags för OS i Canada. Mums för en sportfreak! Men. Det blev inte riktigt som jag önskat. Att se OS presenterat av en tysk TVkanal var verkligen ingen höjdare! Speciellt inte när kunskaperna i tyska

inskränker sig till några få ord. Det var i det skedet jag såg den, den lilla annonsen. Svensk TV, SVT World. Hem och kolla på datorn. Jodå, mycket riktigt. Det enda som skulle behövas var parabol och digital mottagare samt ett programkort. Det enda som saknades var programkortet. Det löstes enkelt genom ett samtal till abonnemangsföretaget. På några dar hade vi kortet. Jubel och fröjd, det fungerade, med benäget bistånd från ett lokalt företag, som justerade in antennen. SVT World sänder dygnet runt program från SVT1, SVT2, SVT24,

SVT text-TV, kunskapskanalen och barnkanalen. Dessutom kan man lyssna till Radio Sweden och SR P4. Abonnemang och programkort skaffar man lättast genom att gå in på SVT World och rekvirera abonnemangshandlingar. Programmen visas samtidigt som de sänds i Sverige, därför börjar t ex Rapport 18:30. SkidVM från Oslo, som jag sett fram emot, blev nu något helt annat än de tyskproducerade sändningarna från OS! Av Ulf Rönning

Issue 56 - Monday 24th October - Thursday 6th November 2011 - The Canary News

Kanariska Nyheter Lennart Thomson, Svensk Redaktör -



Vi oRDnaR allt inom mÖBleR

stor sortering av bäddsoffor, soffbord och mycket mer! calle FUeRteVentURa 15 - san FeRnanDo. tUlpanRonDellen till VÄnsteR om man ÅKeR mot maRKnaDen

Vi väntar in nyheter och vi lagerrensar. 50% avdrag på ordinarie priser !


Förr. 2.300€ nu. 1.150€

tresitts, 2 fåtöljer +bord.

ven ar ä och h i V la r l sto sol rasol pa


Bord ø 107 cm med 4 stolar. 1.595 € nu. 800€

Jazzkväll si a m l a P s La

Konserthuset Alfredo Kraus presenterade för sjunde året i rad, en vecka med konserter av framstående gitarrister. Den 11 oktober uppträdde Javier Infante tillsammans med José Alberto Medina, på piano. Javier Infante presenterade vid detta tillfälle sitt femte album. Vi fick höra jazz, med en intressant blandning av musikstilar, som emellertid

gör genrebedömningen något oprecis. De klassiska influenserna var tydliga. Men det fanns även inslag av blues och vissa moment förde stundtals tankarna till svenska folkvisor. Den tekniska skickligheten var påtaglig, men tilläts aldrig dominera. Det var genomgående ett lugnt tempo. Spännande harmonier och

helt enkelt vackert att lyssna till. Javier Infante hade också under hela föreställningen en intim kontakt med publiken genom sitt småprat mellan styckena. Det var en genuin jazzklubbs stämning och artisterna rönte välförtjänt uppskattning av publiken. En intressant bekantskap och ett besök på Alfredo Kraus rekommenderas alltid.

TAPAS lockar gäster

Ett stort antal restaurangägare i Las Palmas, Telde och Arinaga har enats om att ordna tapas-kvällar varje torsdag. Från klockan åtta på kvällen erbjuder de tapas, inklusive ett glas vin, en öl eller läsk, för endast 2 €. Utbudet varierar från gourmetinspirerade tallrikar till enklare rätter av typisk spansk husmanskost. Allt för att öka publiciteten och spegla den enskilda restaurangens ambitioner och ordinarie meny. Ursprungligen var evenemanget planerat endast för sommarmånaderna, men initiativet har blivit mycket uppskattat, varför det fortsätter på obestämd tid. Även restauranger i Agüimes har börjat följa exemplet. Där kan man från 13.00 på fredagar, få motsvarande utbud för 2,50 €.

Hammock Kwa galvaniserad


Bord 150x95 cm med 4 stolar. 840 € nu. 420 €

KaRiBien hörnsoffa

Förr. 1.700€ nu. 850€ pattaya

1.285 € nu endast 645 € pris.


Bord ø76cm cm med 4 stolar. 250 € nu. 125 €

Öppet måndag – torsdag 16.00 – 19.00

ove: 648-027 581 thomas: 616- 322 381

Telephone: 928 141 202

Mobile: 676 406 679

Dream Homes , C.C. Yumbo Local 411/10 , 35100 Playa del Inglés and Avda. Tomas Roca Bosch Nº 28, Puerto Rico G.C. Tel: 928 90 68 90 Playa del Ingles

€700/month 1 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, Wonderful apartment, completly refurbished. It offers 1 bedroom, bathroom, living room with kitchenette and a big sunny balcony. Well maintained communal areas with communal swimming pool, tennis courts and private parking inside the complex. Bills included. Close to the beach and shops. Available from December!

San Fernando

€299,000 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms Property with huge potential. The upstairs has a self contained one-bedroom flat with its own kitchen and living room which opens up onto a partially covered terrace with its own small pool and barbeque area. The lower floor has 4 double bedrooms, kitchen and 2 living areas, one with dining area.

For Rent Taurito

€450/month 1 bedrooms, 1 bathroom Apartment for rent in Playa de Taurito. The apartment has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, living room with a kitchenette and a balcony. Located near to the beach and the resort centre. The complex offers a swimming pool. Price includes the costs for water and electricity. Sea views.

For Sale


€1200/month 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Lovely apartment with amazing views over Maspalomas beach and the Dunes. Located just a few meters from the beach, private garage, communal garden and large terrace. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen with all appliances and spacious living room. Only available from October till the end of April.


Puerto Rico

€350,000 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms Beautiful two-storey town house available for sale. Aluminium doors and windows and air conditioning throughout. Very large communal swimming pool and secure gated complex. Only 5 mins from the beach and restaurants. Fully furnished. Private garden.

€67,000 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom One bedroom apartment for sale at an excellent price, situated in a great spot overlooking beautiful views of Puerto Rico, mountains and the ocean.The apartment has a large balcony, bedroom, living room area and bathroom. Communal pool and a bargain not to be missed!!!

GUANABARA PARK Little Puerto Rico

Do you dream of an apartment ... with a nice terrace ? in a quiet location ? with a lot of sun ? with a beautiful sea view ? at an attractive price ?

Let us show you your dream !

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