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Maspalomas-Las Palmas January 2-7, 2014

Come on, you whiny buggers, it's no good sitting around and waiting for me to sort it out for you, I'm bloody well 82. Get off your lazy arses and do something constructive, for once, to help your community and this island. Stop squabbling about the past and start creating the future or you'll miss out. If I can still keep it together, well, so can you! What we need is strong leadership and a can-do attitude

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Dario Jaén Rivero, one of the visionaries behind Maspalomas Gay PRIDE

In just 12 short years, what began in Playa del Inglés as an exercise to promote unity, equality, acceptance and tourism for the burgeoning Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community in the South of Gran Canaria, has grown in to the single largest and most prestigious internationally acclaimed celebration of diversity and unity in The Canary Islands, and is recognised as one of the most important of its type in Europe. Initially led by the prophetic vision of community activist, diversity and tourism campaigner, Dario Jaén Rivero, who sadly died in 2011; San Bartolomé de Tirajana became one of the first municipal councils in The Canaries to truly embrace the political and economic power of openly extending the hand of friendship to the LGBT community and promoting ideas of acceptance, liberty and self-determination in a world still rife with discrimination against those not included in what had been termed ´traditional family values´. Idea's of 'family' have of course evolved significantly in that time. Enlisting the help of powerful political entities, such as the Patronato de Turismo,

Dario successfully argued that regardless of institutional prejudice, no one could deny that Gran Canaria had already managed to annually attract a formidable number of LGBT travellers, which stood at between 20-25% of the total tourism market in the south, (more than double the global average) and that to ignore any group with such potentially high spending and strong political power would be an error both culturally in a changing world and in terms of realising the opportunity to capitalise on Gran Canaria's already existing image of warm acceptance and inclusivity. It made sense to cater to this group. More than simply putting on an event at a commercial centre in the south of Gran Canaria, during what is traditionally the slowest time of year, his ideas centred around bringing about tangible cultural transformation, by persuading decision makers that it would simply be bad business practice to ignore such an ostensibly lucrative market. His ideas have never been more relevant than they are today. Maspalomas GayPRIDE was created initially with the energetic help of the foreign resident community, working hand in hand with native

isleños, Canario businesses, ayuntamientos, the cabildo, the ministry for tourism, hoteliers, restaurateurs, bar owners, newspapers, radio, television and a whole host of others in order to encourage the LGBT community to come together in celebration of freedom for all people to love who they love without prejudice. Today, in his absence, Darius's dream has continued to grow, providing a unique opportunity to the businesses of the Yumbo centre to find ways to capitalise on an annual concentrated influx of visitors who are attracted to what is now a major international free music festival as well as an act of remembrance and unity. As with all growing businesses however, there are many who would like to see things run differently. It now needs new blood and new ideas if it is going to face the challenges of tomorrow. Worth fighting for?

Elder Statesman of PRIDE, John 'Hollywoods' Barrie

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Community Action Ayuda

Gran Canaria

Recycling: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

by Hazel Holager Have you been to a second-hand market in Gran Canaria? Flea-market, car boot sale, call it what you will. Hardly Antiques Road Show but you never know what you will find. The Saturday second-hand market in Arguineguin is an amazing community effort (our editor loves that phrase) bringing together all manner of folks and benevolent organisations. Registered charitable organisations can have a stall at no charge to raise funds. Those with papers from the local council can sell no-longer-needed items to help make ends meet, as the subsidies they receive don’t go very far towards filling a family’s needs. Various animal protection groups raise funds and awareness for abandoned cats and dogs, most notably TARA animal respect association who were the initiators of this eclectic mix. So NEVER throw anything away!! Donate anything from your old sofa to the designer shoes that didn’t really fit, your old vinyl LP’s or Country & Western CD’s, saucers without cups or cups without saucers, who knows who is looking for just that item! You will find all manner of hand-made treasures or discover things you can recycle into something unique if you have the necessary time and talent. It’s an excellent place to source a pushchair or car seat for a visiting grandchild, a travel crate for your puppy or an outfit for the carnival. Organizations that can use (and sometimes even collect) your junk are TARA, the food project, an organisation helping rehabilitate people with drug and alcohol problems, the local churches amongst many. So don’t bin it, contact us!

I had a phone call from a nice man who was converting and refurbishing an apartment. The kitchen units were almost new, fridge, sofa etc likewise. “It seems a shame to just toss them in a skip, do you know anyone who can use them?” A couple of days later a team of volunteers removed the units and furnishings and two disadvantaged families got some much-needed kitchen cupboards, while another got a comfortable bed and yet another some living room furniture. They were delighted, the refurbisher saved money on a skip and the dismantling of the kitchen. It really is that easy. Contact us, give it a try! And failing that, did you know there is the equivalent of a ragbone man here? (Who is old enough to remember the ragbone man with his pony and cart? Steptoe and Son? No, – OK forget it!) In residential areas you can leave furniture, toys and so on beside your rubbish bin and the white van man will salvage them. I put out two halfdead patio plants in somewhat weather worn pots; they were gone by the time I carried down two more, rescued by someone with greener fingers than me! * * * * * Please contact us at Ayuda Gran Canaria with your info on upcoming community events so we can spread the word on the TCN website and our facebook pages.

The Canary News - May 2013


El Timón .:.

The Business of Gay PRIDE One of the largest annual events in The Canary Islands, it originally started as a celebration for the vibrant gay community, it was designed to revive the fortunes of the Centro Comercial Yumbo, which greatly suffered from the annual tourism lull here in May. It was styled very much in the image of Pride events worldwide, which started from the civil and gay rights movements in America and Britain. However, while openly celebrating gay culture, there is little, if any, political message in this nine day event. It attracts well over 50,000 revellers every year to the island who, alongside local residents, attend the nightly shows and final parade through Playa del Inglés. One of the primary motivators for this event is that it is simply great business and those who sponsor and support it can expect huge profits. As it has grown, so more and more businesses have learned that there is a lot of money to be made. However, fewer and fewer seem compelled to support the organising of the event either

financially or logistically, and consequently its future is unsure; without strong organisational leadership, it is in danger of imploding. As gay tourists are highspenders who repeatedly visit Gran Canaria, an entertainment-oriented Maspalomas PRIDE is an attractive commercial prospect, for bar owners, hoteliers, tour operators and anyone else in the industry of providing for hedonistic mass consumption. The Yumbo centre in Playa del Inglés, is one of the few commercial centres in the south to have weathered the economic storm without too many casualties. Maspalomas GayPRIDE, now in its 12th year, represents the largest single gathering of visitors, residents and locals on the island. One of the few fully inclusive events organised by foreigners and natives together, it provides unique support for not only gay culture, but tourism and independent business as well. If it is to develop and continue to grow, however, it needs greater governmental support and better financial infrastructure. Independent

or contact us on 6343 67879 or

via TARA Community Contact on 928 062 891

PUERTO RICO Tlf: +34 928 561667

PUERTO DE MOGAN Tlf: + 34 928 565162

PLAYA DEL INGLES Tlf: + 34 928 760155

LAS PALMAS Tlf: + 34 928 373033

businesses working together in this way provide strength, diversity and a comprehensive and cohesive strategy to keep this island thriving, giving Gran Canaria more appeal than other traditional sun-and-beach destinations. Perhaps most importantly, ensuring that profits are shared within the local economy impedes the monopolies of faceless, international, big business. Gran Canaria must get its offering right, and for all the right reasons. As the United Nations World Tourism Organisation global report on LGBT tourism stated last year “there´s no denying that LGBT travellers are a dynamic and influential segment within the tourism sector – one whose willingness to come out and be counted will continue to grow as society becomes more accepting and more human rights laws that promote equality are passed. Reaching out to LGBT travellers in an informed, authentic manner is essential”. Can we get it right for the future? First published in La Provincia .:. -

April 2013 - The Canary News

Community News

A tragedy narrowly avoided A fire marred the opening days of Maspalomas GayPRIDE week, gutting four terraces and several premises located on the second floor of the Yumbo centre. However the Pride events continued without further serious incidents. A total of 7 units at the Yumbo Centre in Playa del Inglés caught fire on the Monday morning, for reasons as of yet unknown. The National Police have launched an investigation. No one was injured in the blaze which tore through four outside terraces and premises located on the second floor of the centre, three other locales were affected to a lesser extent with damage to outside canvas and furniture. According the initial reports in the Spanish speaking press the National Police began investigating the cause of the fire after it emerged that a British man, was said to have threatened the owner of one of the affected premises, however these accusations appeared later to part of an unconnected incident. With the unsubstantiated reports suggesting that a British man from El Tablero had been taken in to custody immediately following the blaze, over a drink driving offence. No further information has yet been forthcoming. Firemen attended to the fire, alongside Civil Protection officers, who spread terrace awnings belonging to the adjacent premises. An SUC ambulance remained at the scene while the blaze was extinguished, although in the end it was not needed as there were no casualties found. President of the Community of Proprietors, David Powell, pointed out to Efe reporters that one of the reasons the fire spread so quickly was the accumulation of easily combustible rubbish, curtains, bars and rails that in his view are utterly illegal and strictly prohibited under the rules of the centre. “We only allow moveable tables and chairs on the private terraces to prevent episodes like these; so we have asked the City Council to now boost the standards in the area with much greater rigidity” he reportedly said.

Fortunately the premises were all empty when the fire broke out. Had this incident occurred any earlier on almost any night of the year, we could be looking at near certain tragedy, as this is one of the busiest floors in the Yumbo. Had it happened any night during PRIDE week, even just a couple of hours earlier, the casualties could potentially have been enormous, as Playa del Ingés and the Yumbo were in full celebration of Maspalomas GayPride. Literally hundreds of people could have been injured or even lost their lives. One of the bars affected, the Chez Funny Boy Showbar had only recently opened after having taken over the very popular venue that had hosted the Gossip Showbar, whose owners had just recently downsized from the locales affected. The new showbar bravely managed to reopen within days as did various other venues which had been affected, including Ricky's Showbar, below. Meanwhile, Councillor for Town Planning of San Bartolomé, Fernando Gonzalez, warned that the premises are to be inspected and ordinance regulating the use of the terraces in all areas is to be strongly enforced including the application of closing times. _________________________________________ Additional Note: Further investigation by The Canary News revealed that the incident connecting the blaze to the hiring of a "fire specialist", as reported by the Spanish Press, was in fact wholly separate, unfounded and unconnected. It related to a well known Yumbo fire performer at Gossip and Kingz bars who says he had simply refused to work for a reduced rate without any notification. In reference to the British man reportedly in custody, on drink driving charges, he said "I live in San Fernando and can't even drive" - We'll bring you more as further facts emerge. It seems you can't believe everything you read in the press, and that much confusion was caused by the rush to point fingers. The police investigation continues.

Sparkling Pride on full show

Maspalomas Gay Pride organisers plead for calm and keep events in operation despite difficult start A spokeswoman for GLAY, the Gay and Lesbian Association of the Yumbo, who organise Maspalomas Gay Pride, said on Monday that the fire that occurred on the second floor of the Yumbo commercial center in Playa del Ingles was simply due to ”bad luck” adding that in her opinion it had been caused by nothing more than “a spark or something similar” setting the awnings alight shortly after the second floor establishments closed after a busy night at PRIDE. Speaking to the show A Diario on Radio Canarias 103.0 fm, she said that the fire “was in three locales “. She further commented that “everything was very well attended and dealt with immediately” and that her information was that it was

unlikely to have been deliberate, as was suggested in the initial reports, saying that the most probable cause was “a spark” which is why “the fire was able to be brought under control so quickly.” The section where the incident occurred was fenced off “so that people could not not pass these three locales, the Yumbo remained active and otherwise everything continued as planned ” said the committee spokeswoman, who further announced that Gay Pride would be starting a collection to help the owners and staff of the venues affected. The simple fact remains that nobody yet knows the cause of the fire, which was swiftly put out. Our thoughts are with all the business affected, true survivors all.

This year's pride was an extraordinary affair from start to finish. With outstanding, show stopping performances throughout and a glittering list of well known performers, music and much glittering prowess displayed by all who took part. No small thanks to local celebrities the likes of Ricky's Cabaret and of course the award winning Sparkles Showbar who brought the mainstay of entertainment talent on to the Yumbo stage almost every single night of the week long event. Sparkles alone were responsible for 12 of the very best acts of the week, in what has become an ever improving highlight of the Gran Canaria calender. With a primarily British audience, significantly added to by a huge array of other nationalities, the acts booked this year were instantly recognisable to much of the English television-watching audiences. Particular highlights included Nicky French, X factor stars Sammi Brookes, Kitty Brucknell and Two Shoes along with Pride regular Eva la Diva who gave an unfalteringly high energy star performance. Celebrity Big Brother star and X factor contestant Rylan closed the show on the Sunday night with a surprisingly entertaining show, partially due to his endearing honesty about being "totally pissed on the free bar". This truly has become The Canary Islands most international, inclusive and star studded event. We can't wait till next year.

Grenade blows everyone away

Two Irish girls armed with a guitar and calling themselves Grenade, managed to make it through from the Sunday night open auditions for the Pride's Got Talent competition this year, to beat all expectations and be crowned the first ever winners of this new addition to the Maspalomas GayPRIDE format. They belted out some well known hits which struck a huge chord with the crowds at the Yumbo centre, who could not help but be swept up in their energy and sing along to their every tune. Few could have predicted their imminent success as they unassumingly walked on stage to win over everyone who had the pleasure to witness their impassioned show Certainly two to watch for the future.

British Airways resume flights to Gran Canaria British Airways has just announced its winter schedule, which introduces a new weekly service to Gran Canaria from London’s Heathrow Airport. The new service will begin from October 26 until March 29. The company has finally real-

ised that Gran Canaria attracts over 500,000 British holidaymakers a year, and that providing the only direct route from Heathrow’s award winning Terminal 5 to Gran Canaria will prove to be not only highly popular with travellers, but also profitable for the company.

The flights will operate an A320, and will depart on Saturdays from London Heathrow at 10.05am, arriving at Las Palmas at 2.35pm. and then will depart from Las Palmas at 3.20pm, arriving at London Heathrow at 7.40pm.



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Legal & Financial

A LEGAL GUIDE TO (SAFELY) PURCHASING PROPERTY IN SPAIN Buying a property is one of the most exciting and important projects in our life. If the property to be purchased is outside our home country it usually creates additional excitement as it will be either the place to enjoy holidays or a new home for a new life abroad. The excitement and importance involved in the purchase are good enough reasons to consider the issue as a serious matter and not to be undertaken lightly. Therefore, our first advice for people planning to buy a property in Spain is to bear in mind that the procedure to complete a successful and pleasant transaction requires an accurate knowledge and understanding of the legal

formalities and obligations to be fulfilled both by the vendor and the buyer. Only a registered Spanish Lawyer can guarantee proper and professional advice about the legal considerations to be taken in account. Once the decision to buy a certain property has been taken and the price has been agreed with the vendor, the wisest move is to instruct a local lawyer to start dealing with the legal issues involved. The main point at this stage is neither to sign any document nor to pay any amount or deposit before your lawyer provides you with his/her professional advice about the best way to proceed: First of all, your lawyer should furnish you with an approximate estimate of all costs and taxes involved in the purchase. Secondly, your lawyer should ch eck the legal situation of the property in order to avoid any kind of unpleasant surprises regarding mortgages, attachments or any other kind of problems that could affect your ownership after completion. Once confirmed that the property is free of those encumbrances your lawyer will be in a position to draft a private document between you and the vendor in which all the

UK avoids triple dip

Lets start with some good news, it seems the UK managed to avoid a triple dip recession as the economy grew by .3% in the first three months this year, looking at the growth it was primarily down to the services sector which accounts for about 70% og GDP. Good stuff add this to a level of optimism with early news from quarter 2 where the service sector hit an 8 month high then you could start dreaming everything is well with the UK, don't rush to book your flights home just yet as inflation remains high with a forecast to go higher maybe around 3% and constructions not doing too well then l am very happy to be in Spain. If it really concerns you Fitch (the credit rating agency) also waded in and downgraded the UK, this rating now matches those grey skies and with concerns from within the IMF that Britain might be pushing austerity too hard with a further impact upon public finances then maybe some of the bad stuff out of the Eurozone may still be more appealing. If you are working in the UK recent data also suggests that real wages have fallen for the last 5 years, could you have imagined 5 years ago just suggesting this to people, the reaction you would have received would have been almost unprintable. The Bank of England also held their monthly meeting and agreed to keep interest rates on hold, they also voted on further quantitative easing however

they were split on the decision with 6-3 against more printing of money but are very interested in exploring the Funding for Lending scheme which should be bigger, better and broader. Yes changes did take place and it is hoped that will filter back into the economy. In the Eurozone the ECB reduced interest rates down to .5% and it now seems they have gone back to basics, look out in the coming month for a further cut. Why? inflation has dropped to 1.2% and unfortunately unemployment has one again moved in the wrong direction, across the zone it now stands at 12.1%. A further idea is to work closer with SME's and lend money by bundling together loans and selling them as asset backed securities which it is hoped will remove an obstacle to future growth. With a recent mixed bag of data which was particularly gloomy for France, industrial output fell by .9% in March driven by lower production in farm and transport sectors then the country was pleased to hear that the EU would grant the French government two more years to get its deficit back in line, phew but watch out for the Netherlands who will be looking to get the same deal. In Germany however following weeks of speculation the economy was struggling factory orders for March went on to smash forecasts and improved by 2.2% compared with February. Cyprus and Greece have long been favourites of

ours but during the last couple of weeks with both countries receiving funds from the EU then its gone relatively quiet. In Spain and Italy we have seen 10 year bond yields dropping and Portugal revealed they were relieved to have received orders of around 9 billion euros for their new 10 year bond, they were hoping for around 3 billion so good news for the zone. Although to keep on top of things Portugal have announced a further raft of public spending cuts and about 30,000 lay offs. Across the pond to our friends in the USA we have to look upwards to them as the labour market is back on track and this was following government spending cuts and tax hikes so it was good to learn another 165000 people found work. With ongoing quantitative easing and the services secto remaining above 50 then the Fed's policy of being flexible in the pace of easing seems to be working. Looking at exchange rates over the last month we have seen the following highs and lows High Low £ to $ 1.5600 1.5210 £ to Eur



Euro to$ 1.3223


To make the most of your currency transfers when you need to transfer money contact our preferred currency supplier Moneycorp by ringing 952 587 657 and mention The Canary News

terms and conditions of the agreement will be ratified on paper. This document is of huge importance in securing a safe outcome for your interests as it is the contract with both parties definitively state essential issues such as the price of the property, the payment conditions and the prospective compensations to be awarded in case of breach of contract. The next step in the purchase procedure is to sign the Public Title Deeds at the Notary´s office. Your lawyer will provide the Public Notary with all the relevant information and documents required to draft the Title Deed. Finally, your lawyer will also be able to undertake on your behalf the "after-completion" tasks: Payment of all relevant costs and taxes within the relevant legal term and subsequent Registration of your Title Deed at the local Land Registry in order to obtain full and public protection of your rights to ownership. As a conclusion, our main duty is to be prudent and to avoid unnecessary risks when purchasing property in Spain. Correct professional advice provided by a duly registered Spanish Lawyer will guarantee a safe outcome for your investment and your only problem will be to enjoy your new home!

Information here is intended as guidance only and does not constitue specific advice

Edificio Mercurio Torre II, 7.ºI 35100 Playa del Inglés GRAN CANARIA -----------------------------------Avda. de Pescadores s/n Playa de Mogán CANARI GRAN CANARIA -

Spanish Lesson 77

April 2013 - The Canary News

April 2013 - The Canary News


Let's Talk About Sex... in Spanish by Theresa Coe Language Exchange Group (LEG) co-ordinator

Gay Pride – El Orgullo Gay – is un gran evento in Gran Canaria every May. This year, it got me thinking about how to flirt: ‘coquetear’, in Spanish, while communicating your needs to ensure safe sex.

Spanish. And to chat them up is intentar ligar (to try to pull). You might want to ask for a light: ¿tienes fuego? or offer to buy them a drink: ¿Puedo invitar/ te a una copa? (lit: can I invite you to a drink?) Me gusta como bailas – I like how you dance

Sexo seguro: safe sex ‘I want to have sex’: quiero tener sexo. But of course you´ll need to understand slang like follar (‘foi-YAR’: to screw, shag, or f*ck) and echar un polvo (to get laid). Chupar means to suck so you can guess what una chupada is (also una mamada). Una paja is a handjob, the source of much confusion if you ask the barman for a straw, as ‘¿me das una paja?’ (can you give me a straw) can have a double meaning. Sorry to be coarse but better to understand a proposition so you know how to respond.

also want to know: ¿Te gusto? – do you fancy me? Me encantan tus ojos – I love your eyes (lit: me they enchant) ¿Tienes novio/novia? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Getting started: small talk ¿De dónde eres? (where are you from) and ¿Por cuánto tiempo estás aquí? (how long are you here for) are good openers, though for total beginners, the most important question would be ¿hablas ingles? (do you speak English) and ¿cómo te llamas? (what´s your name?) ¿Estás de vacaciones o vives aquí? (are you on holiday or do you live here?) ¿Dónde vives? Where do you live? Or ¿dónde está tu hotel? (Where is your hotel).

Para ligar: on the pull To pick someone up is LIGAR (lee-GAR) in

Eres muy guapo (to a man) or guapa (to a woman). ‘Sexy’, como ‘taxi’, es una palabra internacional (an international word). Me gustas – I fancy you (LIT: you please me). Me excitas –you turn me on (lit: you excite me). Lo siento, no me gustas (sorry, I don´t fancy you), or you could soften the blow with: no eres mi tipo (you´re not my type). You might

Free language exchange: Meet the locals! Chat with Spanish people one-to-one or in a group, in English, Spanish or any language you like. Along with special events such as rambling, countryside lunches and cinema trips, regular meetings include:


Necesitamos usar un condón (we need to use a condom) is essential vocab to keep yourself safe, though you might also hear: ¿Tienes preservativos? Do you have condoms? While for women, tomo la Píldora means ‘I take the Pill’.

And if you want to see them again: ¿Puedo verte otra vez? Not forgetting, for texting and security, to ask for their number: ¿me das tu número de móvil? Then you need to find out where to meet: ¿dónde quedamos? And at what time? ¿A qué hora?

Pronounce right with

To get rid of someone, you can say ‘déjame en paz’ (leave me in peace) or ¡lárgate! (get lost!)

To translate any word or phrase into Spanish, or know how to pronounce the phrases given here, type them into (that´s ‘dict’ with a ‘t’ boys!) then click on the speaker button to hear it. See you at the parade. X

Playa del Inglés: Sundays 7pm at Amigos Coffee, Av de Italia 15 -

Arucas: Tuesdays 7.30pm at bar El Parque (behind the church in San Juan square)

Arguineguin: Thursdays, 6pm in Bar Forum, Av de Lajilla, 13. Facebook search: ‘language exchange Arguineguin’

Telde: Thursdays 7.30pm at Oasis Chillout bar: www.

Las Palmas: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays 11am in bar ‘100 Montaditos’, Centro Comercial El Muelle - (also Thursdays 6pm in bar Canarios Expresso, Leon y Castillo 253)

Spanish conversation club with Cynthia Blickstein Griner every second Saturday San Fernando 5.30pm. For details: To join our mailing list or find out more, email or see:

Offering you the very best opportunities for more then 25 years!

PLAYA DEL INGLÉS“Calle ROMA”. Beautiful one-bedroom corner apartment of 40 m2. Private and very quiet complex with heated pool, only 50 meters from the beach promenade. Low community fees!

Price: 98.000.- €

OPPORTUNITY, PLAYA DEL INGLÉS. Beautiful, 55 m-one bedroom apartment with large balcony. Refurbished and furnished. Complex with large pools and proper parkinglots. Low community fee!!

Price: 78.000.- € MASPALOMAS, BUNGALOW AT THE GOLFCOURSE Groundfloor bungalow with large terrace in beloved complex with large pool, beautiful gardens, poolbar, tennis court and parking lot.

1 bedroom: 140.000.- € & 2 bedrooms: 168.000.- € Playa del Inglés, TOPFLOOR APARTMENT, SELDOM SALE NEAR BEACH PROMENADE Breathtaking views to the ocean and mountains. 1 bedroom, double balcony accessible from living- and bedroom. Complex with large pool near RIU-Palace-Hotel.

Price: 148.000.- €

PLAYA DEL INGLÉS – “Calle ROMA” Large one-bedroom apartment with 66 m2 livingspace in absolute top-location! Small private community, only 100 meters to the beach promenade.

Price: 160.000.- € PICTURES OF ALL our PROPERTIES ON OUR WEBSITE WWW.EUROPAINMO. COM Drop in for a chat or give us a call


Twitters from The Atlantic

Barrie Mahoney was a teacher, head teacher & school inspector in the UK, as well as a reporter in Spain, before moving to the Canary Islands as a newspaper editor. He is still enjoying life in the sun as a writer & author



"Wall to Wall Homesexuals"




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As a columnist, I expect to receive a spot of criticism from time to time. Although it is good to receive praise and favourable comments from readers, this is unlikely to happen all the time. We all have our own points of view and, thank goodness, we live in a part of the world that still allows freedom of expression. I hope that I can express views and ideas in a way that is enjoyable and amusing, but also in a way that is sometimes intended to extend ideas and to challenge conventional thinking. In the run up to Maspalomas Gay Pride in Gran Canaria, which is one of the largest in Europe and lasts for well over one hectic, but most enjoyable week, I wrote an article called ‘Some People Are Gay, Get Over It’. Sadly, poor Colin, one of my readers, is currently skulking in the mountains to escape “Wall to Wall Homosexuals”, as he put it. He did not get over it, and wrote me a most unpleasant, yet very sad, email. Although I will not reproduce the message in full here, as it is offensive, Colin criticised gay men and women for not being sensitive to the views of “normal” people” (I still have to find some of those), and finds the idea of “two men (or women) having a physical and sexual relationship both repulsive and disgusting”. It was sad to read that Colin and his wife fled “this hotbed of evil” to escape to the mountains, where they would find “peace, tranquillity, and no raging homosexuals kissing and cuddling”. However, they will no doubt be shocked to discover that they are now surrounded by some rather randy goats. Well, there we have it. I was certainly put in my place and although I try to respect everyone’s opinions, I would have respected Colin’s opinion even more if he had given me the right of reply. Yes, you guessed it, his email address was of course not in use and I doubt that Colin is his real name anyway, although from what I hear from other readers, Colin has already been identified; after all, it is a small island. I am not about to repeat the reasons here why we defend the rights of gay men and women to be themselves in an outward demonstration of solidarity during Gay Pride. Others have already done this, very successfully, many times, and in many different ways over the years. However, what I will say quite simply to Colin and others like him is that no one has a monopoly on love, nor do they have the right to choose whom we love. Several people have complained to me over the last few days about the disruption, noise and inconvenience that Gay Pride brings to the island each year. They may choose to forget the huge amount of money from tourism that this

spectacular event brings to the islands’ economy each year, during what used to be ‘the quiet season’. Not any more; additional flights, full bars, restaurants and hotels all greatly benefit from the huge increase in business, which many survive on for the remainder of the year. For most, it is time for a great party and a huge celebration of what has been achieved by gay men and women over the years. Gay Pride is not all about business, making money and dressing up for the occasion; it is much more serious and challenging than this. It is a time when we can remember those who have fought for equality, and remind others and ourselves that gay men and women across the world still struggle in their daily lives. To those that say the battle has been won, and we should no longer have Gay Pride and Gay Parades, they have only to read the newspapers and watch television to realise that we do not have true equality. The vicious and ongoing debate about gay marriage, the torture and execution of gay men and women across the world are just two examples of struggles that continue. Then there is Colin, who is still skulking in the mountains and complaining about “Wall to Wall Homosexuals” at every opportunity. Well, as this wonderful island is already highly inclusive, with a strong ‘live and let live’ attitude, I suspect that Colin may well now be in the minority this week. I am sorry that my ‘Some People are Gay, Get Over It’ article offended Colin and others like him, but he should be aware that some people are straight, and we have had to get over it. © Barrie Mahoney

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May 2013 - The Canary News

Spotlight on... PRIDE 2013


Gran Canaria's Got Talent An addition to this year's PRIDE programme was a format that proved to be extraordinarily popular and brought a new air of excitement to the week's entertainment. In the style of many well known talent competitions, broadcast live by KISS Canaries, open entries were accepted through various bars and on the main stage on the Sunday night. Acts both amateur and professional were chosen to appear at the Yumbo on the Tuesday with finalists selected to go through to the Friday night showdown, where the acts competed in front of a panel of VIPs. The winners got to headline, alongside the other mainstream celebrities at the final show, closing this year's festivities.

We decided to catch up with some of the most talented professionals who work on the island throughout the year and ask them to tell us


a little about themselves. Make no mistake, these guys have worked hard to become the best at what they do in Gran Canaria, ladies

Richard Rossetti

and gentlemen, meine damen und herens, I give you those international senzations the Drag King, the Opera Star and the Soul Diva...

Asa Ashton

1. Where do you come from?

Kettering, Northamptonshire

Colchester in Essex

Pontefract in west Yorkshire,

2. How long have you lived here?

Since the beginning of the year, though I've been coming to the island for 10 years now.

Just over two years now after falling in love with the Island over several holidays

8 years on the island, worked as a cocktail waiter for detox retox for the first year, doing the odd gig on the side,

February 2013

About a year ago after joining group called The Three Tenors

4. What´s your favourite, number or act to perform?

I love all the characters and songs I sing ...but for sheer showmanship it's got to be Freddie Mercury...everyone loves a bit of Freddie!

Our show incorporates rock, musical theatre and Jazz but for me it has to the Operatic numbers which the audiences always love.

5. What´s your favourite venue to perform at?

No favourites, as it's the audience I am interested in...but for pride it has to be the main stage

We sing all over the island and each venue has its own atmosphere I love the Suite Princess toward Mogán

All of them but I really have a special relationship with Bruno at parrots restaurant, we laugh about everything & the foods great, fri/ sun at 9pm

6. What is the meaning of Maspalomas PRIDE?

Celebrating with unity and pride the achievements and history of the LGBT community.

A chance to showcase some amazing talent whilst being aware of how far gay rights have come but also to not be complacent and to remind us of work still to do,

Apart from one massive mash up, a great feeling of unity, all coming together, to celebrate great achievements, and remember past friends and people less fortunate,

My beautiful wife, as she is a constant for me. As far as my career goes, Rogue will always want to ROCK her audience and loves singing live..this is the best job in the world!

I am looking forward to our new show Viva Voce plus The Three Tenors have dates to appear in Germany, America and the UK.

I'm the sort of person who's always happy, and goes with the flow of life, so never know what's in store, take it as it comes, life's always been good to me

8. What can we do to improve PRIDE?

Make it bigger and better every year bringing more people to the island using a combination of local and international artists that appeal to all of the audience.

Every year after a lot of behind the scenes work they pull it out of the bag to make it a fantastic event, on limited resources. It takes a lot of work so please donate anything you can for bigger and better next year.

Pride every year gets bigger and better, to make it a better pride would be hard, every year the organizers try different ideas, and new ideas,

9. What´s the best thing about PRIDE?

It's a time for one big PARTY to celebrate with people from all age groups, sexual preferences, nationalities and beliefs coming together as one positive energy, whilst understanding the struggles that people have lived through to be able to live how they live and be who they are...nothing quite like it.

For the bar workers I would guess when its all over so they can get some sleep! The Yumbo has had a hard time in recent months and its a fantastic way of introducing people to this beautiful island and its great to see so many people having a fantastic time, please support the bars and restaurants displaying the Pride Banners, they have made it happen

Pride for me is great, we have some amazing acts, but would be great to see one huge mega star one year could be me lol

10. If you could have one golden wish what would it be?

That everyone could live as one in happiness without prejudice and with acceptance and peace in their hearts and that I will see this in my lifetime.

I’m old fashioned, I just wish everyone could be a little nicer to one another and if we can’t do that at Pride then as a community we are in trouble, Im also optimistic and think that it is indeed very possible. Have an amazing Pride x

3. When did you start to gig here?

7. What does the future hold for you?

I worked for café la belle, before it sadly closed, I love songs with power , so anything I can belt I enjoy, but do love the song zombie,

Hard question! Golden wish errrrrmmmmmmm still thinking, let me go make a cup of tea and take a minute I could say lots here, but im gunna go with to be, and everyone around me to be, forever happy! Lovely cup of tea by the way ...


The Canary News - May 2013 -

Where to Eat!

Ever wondered where is a good place to eat in Gran Canaria? What the food tastes like at the local hot spots, ice cream bars, and beach front cafes? Here you will find honest and independent reviews of the various places to eat around the island....

Fork Rating:

by Clive Williams


Will return & recommend

Could do better!

Never again!

Cafetera is not a terrifically inspiring name, nor is the location of this eatery, however, once inside the food and service will ensure you feel as if you are dining in one of the finest restaurants. There are several hidden gems in Gran Canaris waiting to be discovered, and this is certainly hidden. Located in El Tablero next to the petrol station, you will discover a busy place to eat, which attracts locals from all areas. On entering you will notice that it is incredibly clean, spacious and light, offering an extensive menu to eat in or take away. There is a selection of bocadillos made up on offer, and an inviting tapas selection on the bar. With friendly waiters on hand to assist, you can browse one of the many menus to inspire your food choice. As I browsed I decided that tapas was what I wanted, so I asked for the recommended dish of the day, to be served with bread. My eating companion decided on a light chicken salad as they were not too hungry. However, when the food arrived the salad was huge, served with bread, and fries, a feast for anyone. My tapas was a delicious chicken and chickpea dish, served piping hot with just enough flavour to tease my taste buds. The tapas is served in two sizes, but the small dish was just enough alongside the bread. Our waiter was polite and popped back to check if everything was ok, something that you don't see often out of the tourist resorts. The food was delicious, the atmosphere pleasant and the people friendly. However, the best bit was the bill as it all came to under 12â‚Ź with drinks, this is why I love finding the places where the Canarians eat, as it is the best value for Clean, friendly staff and excellent value for money money.



Atmosphere: Price:

Other: -

May 2013 - The Canary News


Spotlight on... 1



San Bartolome de Tirajana Bar La Candelilla 1 Canarian Cuisine in a Spectacular Location Carrertera de Ayacata a San Bartolomé 18 Bus to Just Before Ayacata 928 172 281 Fataga 2 Gran Canaria Holistic Centre Mind, Body, Spiritual - Healing & Relaxation      Finca Molino de Agua - Hotel Rural - 608 930 731 3 Hotel Rural - Finca Molino de Agua Canarian Countryside Splendor People & Pets welcome Ctra. Gral. De Fatago Km 31 626 802 705

Greek Taverna

San Agustin


Divine Greek Cuisine & Wines Shopping Centre St. Agustin 928 766 785

San Fernando Snoopy Veterinarian Clinic 5 Vets-Pet Store-Cattery-24hr Emergency C / Jose Santos Gonzalez, San Fernando 928 763 108 (24hr) 675 634 933 6 Centro Veterinario Sur Animal Hospital - 24hr Emergency Service C/Lanzarote, San Fernando 928 760 563 / (615 409 987) Playa del Inglés Telemascota Veterinarian Clinic 7 Vet Clinic, Beauty Salon, Cattery, 24hr Emergency Av. Aleman, 10 Playa del Ingles 928 776 154 Sonnenland 8 El Cardonal Pool Bar peaceful with WIFI, sports TV & accommodation, parties, lunch, dinner & drinks Calle Einstein, Sonnenland 677323760 or 928147147



san Agustín


san Fernando 16




Sonnenland i

playa del ingles

maspalomas i

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Discover Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

CC Puerto Rico Shopping Centre Occasions Party Shop


Greeting Cards, Gifts, Fancy Dress 236 Commercial Centre, Puerto Rico - next to Movistar Opening hours Mon-Sat 10am - 8pm, Sun 4pm - 8pm TARA recommended Services 2


The most Comfortable Fun bar in Puerto Rico All Drinks at Reasonable Prices Day & Night 20/26 Fase 4 CC Puerto Rico

3 Gladys Flor - Flower Shop Fresh flowers, Plants & Ceramics - Free delivery C/C Puerto Rico Local 178 Telephone 928 56 03 99, open every day 09.00 - 19.00 4 Celebrations / TOUCH Boutique Costumes, Carnival and Party items Special clothes designed in Gran Canaria C/C Puerto Rico Fase 3, Open 7 days, 10.00 - 22.00 5 The Greedy Pig Restaurant & Bar Freshly Prepared Food Daily, Eat In Or Take away Speciality Sunday Roast from 1pm CC Puerto Rico by the taxi rank

Balcon Canario Bar Restaurant Tapas, Typical Canarian, Spanish & International Cuisine CC Puerto Rico Local 257, Avda Tomas Roca Bosch Open Monday - Saturday from 08.00 - 02.00


Puerto Rico Guide

Puerto Rico literally translates as ‘the port of the rich’. It has 2 beaches, 2 ports, 2 main shopping centres and far too many steps !

Amadores Beach (which means “Los Enamorados” The Lovers) is a beautiful purpose built beach with Blue Flag status. Puerto Rico Beach is a sheltered, cresc making the waves calmer so is ideal for children with a gentle gradient and natural sand. If you are feeling energetic there is a coastal path linking the 2 beaches. Puerto Base (often referred to as the New Port) has a beautiful Marina and a selection of bars and restaurants where you can relax and watch harbour life. If you w Puerto Escala you get a fantastic panoramic view of Puerto Rico and beyond. Both ports operate a ferry service to Arguineguin and Puerto de Mogan.

Why Not Try Something New? The Very Best of Puerto Rico!

All of the businesses listed here are committed to providing the very Best of Puerto Rico, from top food to great prices on drinks, whether you're visiting on just moved to the island, there really is so much to see. Mention The Canary News in any of these top establishments and you are sure to get a warm welcom treatment and if you're nice enough, they may even offer you special deals and promotions you just cannot get any other way. Our readers get the best deals prices. Fact. A local taxi costs no more than about 4€ to travel between any of the different centres and businesses of interest marked here, so there is no re take a look at the various music venues, eateries, pubs and bars in this bustling little town, as well as some of the best beaches in Europe, there are a variet to try. With a regular Farmers Market every second Sunday, May dates are 5th & 19th and nightly arts and crafts stalls, as well as some of the very best live mu and some of the hottest nightlife in the form of little bars and clubs to be had anywhere on the island, there really is no good reason not to discover all Puerto Practically everyone speaks English too, so you're not likely to get lost. In fact you will find people here from every corner of the globe. Puerto Rico was built to Remember let every business you go to know that you read The Canary News and you'll be surprised at how warmly the local community will welcome you as Go on, what are you waiting for, go and have a great time!

Europa Centre

7 Inmobiliaria Roca YOU CAN BUY, SELL, RENT OR LEASE YOUR PROPERTY Puerto Rico Shopping Centre Fase IV Open from 9am - 5pm Tel : +34 928 561 667 8 Panda Wok International Buffet Eat As Much As You Like Buffet, Grill, Wok Opening Offer - Adults 8,50€, Children 5,00€ C/C Puerto Rico Phase 4. Tel: 928 561 310 9 NATRAJ Indian Tandoori Restaurant Traditional Indian Cuisine. Eat in,or Take Away Local free delivery service. Tel 928 561 592 C/C Puerto Rico Fase III, Upper Level, Open 16.00-24.00o


10 BET 90 Sports Bar Internet Sports Service Bookmakers Come to us & show you are a winner ! Watch all sports for FREE C/C Fase 4 Puerto Rico, downstairs from Superdino


11 Laundry & Dry cleaners Juan and Bride do good work at low prices Drive to Rear of C/C Puerto Rico Tel: 928 725 165

12 Centro Veterinario Puerto Rico Full Veterinary services, plus Animal Grooming Pet Supplies and Accessories available Rear of Fase I CC Puerto Rico. Tel: 928 561 771

Near CC Puerto Rico Gabinete Dental




Dr Leoncio C. Santana Monzón Avda de la Cornisa, s/n Bungalows Orinoco Nº12 Telephone 928560101, Mon-Fri 10.00-19.00 Sign maker, Vehicle Graphics, T-Shirts, Banners, Printing & Design Call the Wizard on 618 598 540

Puerto Base 14 Olas Locas Restaurante Terraza Speciality:- Canarian Cuisine and fresh fish Special Prices for parties & Fiestas Puerto Base Puerto Rico (08.00 - 20.00)



15 Grill Costa Mar Speciality - Fresh fish, Seafood, Spanish Cuisine & Tapas Puerto Base, Puerto Rico (08.30 - 23.30) Tel : 928 552 017 or 660 772 594

CC Europa Shopping Centre 17 SHANTI Indian Tandoori Restaurant Traditional Indian Cuisine. Eat in,or take away Local free delivery service. Tel 928 062 712 C/C Europa, Local 29, Puerto Rico, Open 16.00-24.00

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Discover Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria






2 10



cent shaped bay . walk to the end of


3 9

holiday or have me, special s for the best eason not to go ty of fun actvities

4 4 1

usic of every kind o Rico has to offer. o entertain you. one of their own.

5 6








CC Puerto Rico


The Main Shopping Centre

10 1


16 12



Puerto Base

Portonovo & Las Olas

14 1

15 1

15 17


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Arguineguín  C.C. Ancora  Local 97



15 13

Patalavaca Shopping Area

Spar Anfi

Old Town Shopping Area Main Street Shopping Centre


Central Medíco Arguineguin

Part of the Spar Mogan Group Anfi Plaza, Anfi del Mar (34) 928 735 360

Quality Medical Care (34) 928 735 182 3 Cárdenas Real Estate 3 Locations in Gran Canaria (34) 928 150 650 4 Rent My Car Get a shiny car from only 250€/Month Telephone: +34 646 287 067 C/ Jose Clavijo Y Fajardo 6, Arguineguin 5 Central Veterinario Arguineguin (Thru The Pedestrian Tunnel coming From Church) C/Luján Pérez, 1 In-Home Service 928 185 304

Ancora Shopping Area

6 Candles & More Handmade Unique Luxury Candles & More Local 79 CC Ancora, near Norwegian estate agent 638 946 178 7 TARA Charity Flea Market Plaza Negra next to the beach Arguineguin Turn Left at 1st roundabout off GC1 Saturdays 0800-1400 TEL: 634328201 8 Carlitos Pet Shop Pet Food & Accessories Ancora Shopping Centre 928 736 128 Clean Express 9 Comprehensive Ecological Cleaning Services Ancora Shopping Centre Car Park 661 053 218 10 Coquidu Dog Saloon, Beauty & Health of Your Dog Ancora Shopping Centre 928 735 136 Some Like It Hot 11 Indian Specialty International Cuisine Ancora Shopping Centre 622 265 812






4 5





11 1




14 1


15 1


16 1



1 10


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Pino Seco Shopping Area

12 Deutscher Supermarkt Arguineguin German Grocery Products (34) 928 73 57 50 13 TARA Animal Charity Shops Second Hand Goods – Animal Welfare (34) 928 062 891 Facebook/TARAgrancanaria 14 Arguineguín Automobile Services Mechanical & Electrical Repairs 80 C/Tanausu 928 735 928 15 Clinica Veterinaria Tenesoya Animal Clinic – Comprehensive Vet Services C/Tenesoya 47 (Just Behind TARA) 928 736 537 16 Ary Translations Legal & Private Professional Translating CC Ancora 928 150 299 / 629 22 66 80 17 Arpiplan Pet Shop & Veterinarian Clinic Ctra General de Arguineguín, 35 Arguineguín 928 736 732 CS Computer Services 18 All your computer needs, internet service & IPTV Provider CC Ancora Local 134/135 828 244 377

6 10 8 11 9 16

CALL 6343 28201 or 928 062 891 & ask for Young Brian or Captain Paradise

n í u g e Arguin -

Here’s a secret that may raise an eyebrow or two. Arguineguín is an international metropolis. Consider this: Citizens from more than 50 countries around the world call Arguineguín home at least six months of the year. International enough for you? Education? Local preschools, primary, secondary, and high schools, plus all manner of language and art schools; schools for water sports from sailing, to SCUBA and snorkelling; to sport fishing, surfing, and swimming - just to cover the letter “S”. There are multilingual driving schools, professional training schools, and the biggest school of all, the school of life - as enriching as it is uniquely spectacular. No less than 11 political parties are active in a land where voting wasn’t an option less than two generations ago. Religious freedom? Dozens of religions are represented if you start breaking

May 2013 - The Canary News

Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and New Age into sects.

Arguineguín boasts headquarters for local and national police. This metropolitan community doesn’t need Superman or Spiderman: They are safe and secure with a miniscule crime rate of which any city anywhere would be proud. There are churches, local libraries and book stores, social service centres, youth and neighbourhood cultural centres, and Arguineguín hosts both the county and town council seats. Health care? Arguineguín offers local and international health centres; dentists, orthodontists, and tooth implanters, eye specialists and brain specialists from psychiatrists, psychologists, and astrologers. Medical fields are very well covered indeed. Transportation? No tram or train or subterranean stations: Phone: +34 928 185 340 Email:

a blessing no doubt. There are taxi services, guided tour services, a dozen car rental outlets, and 10 community bus stops that will start you on journeys to nearly every nook and cranny on Gran Canaria. And there is a ferry service that travels back and forth along one of the most beautiful coastlines on the Blue Planet.

There is a fishing fleet, a marina, and six beautiful, sandy beaches - plus several more rock and pebble beaches. There are more than a hundred swimming pools for the enjoyment of residents and tourists. There is an Olympic size community pool, tennis courts, modern gymnasiums, and a beautiful, purpose-built arena for hosting thrilling Lucha Canaria (Canarian Wrestling). There are six world class hotels, and hundreds of vacation bungalows and apartments for every budget. For the campers there are ideal locations for tents and picnics, plus trailer parks for vacation-

Erling Ruud Manager

Maria S Ruud Agent MNEF

ers and residents alike.

Anfi Luxury Resort.

As for entrepreneurship? Arguineguín boasts not less than 8 international banks, 10 international and local realtors, business and financial advisors, accountants, professional translators, and lawyers able to provide assistance in many languages.

“Something for everybody” is the perfect phrase to describe Arguineguín shopping. Arguineguín is rightfully proud of its beautifully conceived and maintained public parks, with areas for children especially designed for fun and safety. There are specific areas for nature enhanced dog walks, and a multitude of well-mapped long strolls in the hills and mountains behind and around lovely Arguineguín. The views are breathtaking.

In fact more than 500 local businesses are in place ready, willing, and able to serve the international community residents and tourists with quality panache, a sense of warmth and urgency at a fair price. Restaurants and bars abound, something for every taste and pocket book. There are three outdoor markets in the style of ancient bazaars, and no less than five second-hand shops for the wise and wary shopper. Major areas for shoppers of any ilk are at your disposal, from the labyrinthine Ancora Centre, to the charm of The Old Town Centre, to the ease of access at The Main Street Centre, to the opulence of the

Jørn Davidsen Agent MNEF

Culture? Museums, galleries, art and dance studios, multimedia centres, venues galore for music and live entertainment, theatre and places to bogey, woogie, woogie till the cows come home are available to satisfy all tastes and treats desired. And the celebrations, oh goodness, the celebrations. The good, friendly, happy people of Arguineguín throw a fiesta at the drop of a sombrero. Any excuse will do.

Tore Andresen Consultant

Linn Henriksen Customerservice

Just listen for the music and laughter and follow your ears to hearty, wholesome fun for all. The parties are legendary from a week of New Year jubilees, to a month of Carnival, the Spring Equinox, Gay Pride Week, the Summer Solstice, two weeks of street and water partying for the Carmen Fiesta, the Autumn Equinox, Halloween, the Day of the Dead, a Christmas gig that seems to last all December and moves right into January for Three Kings Day; plus the coup de grace - the Winter Equinox.. And the locals love to celebrate the saints, with every month filled with celebrations for one religious icon or another. So dear readers, while Arguineguín may not be the biggest international metropolis in the archipelago of the sublimely fortunate, she just might be the best! Arguineguín is after all, The Best Kept Secret in Paradise! Come on down and find out why! She would love to see you! B. Paradise

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Kay's Corner

The Unexpected Farmer

As my old Granny used to say...

Welcome to our mad world! We’re farming by experiment and laughing along the way. Come for the eggs, stay for the life lessons! Who would have ever thought farming could be such hard work?!

The Unexpected Farmer

In the good old days … but were they really? My childhood memories are woven by Kay Owen / April 2013 into a rich tapestry in a corner of my heart kept especially for them, and I enjoy revisiting them from time to time. And no, before you ask, this is not maudlin or a self-indulgent ‘living in the past’ but rather a meaningful and rich deposit, one in which I am privileged to enjoy a little delve whenever it takes my fancy. All mine - a mixed bag of blessings, ones which have stood me in good stead over the years and have taught me invaluable lessons in appreciating the truly important things of life. For those of us who have been weaving our tapestries long enough, there is nothing quite like a quiet meander down nostalgia boulevard now and then is there? Were they all happy memories? No of course not - but even the sad ones - such as poverty and hardship , did a lot of charactershaping which made we postwar kids (awww!) value just being alive, rejoicing in the love of family and friends - forming and cementing strong and lasting relationships. Which serves to remind me of the family matriarch - my dear old Granny. When said dear lady was 96-years old, I replied to an acquaintance who had asked where I was spending my next holiday, “I am going to visit my Grandma”. As I was in my late 50’s at the time, my friend thought I was on my way to visit Grandma in the local cemetery! “No, no,” I corrected (a little put out that I was so very obviously showing my own vintage), “my old Granny is still alive and well thank you very much.” “YOU still have a Grandma?” she spluttered incredulously. “Yes, she lives in South Wales,” I responded lamely, feeling a bit like a Red Riding Hood who had just divulged the whereabouts of Granny’s cottage to the big bad wolf! My Gran’s cottage contained so many exciting and mysterious things ,one of which was a

Chickens are not as dumb as at first thought

Chickens are not the most intelligent creatures on the planet, after all they push an egg out of their bum every day and are rewarding for this with corn, and eventually death. However, I feel that when it comes to chickens I really did get the dumbest of the bunch. As in my previous post my chickens lay everywhere including in cactus's so we discovered the other day. My feral chickens are intent on having as many chicks as possible, I have no idea why as they don't get any more benefits from having money children, and don't move up the council house list. Therefore, they just like having babies. Every time I say no more, we find them with more chicks, I wonder if they do birth control pills for chickens. Now we usually find the chickens and transport them back to the maternity wing, after having risked life and limb to save these dumb creatures, however, yesterday one chicken amazed me. It started like any other normal day, which actually means it was total chaos, and I was attempting to do five things all at one. Now not a day goes by when I don't hear mummmmmmmmmmmmmmy screamed at some point, and this day was no exception. Up to my elbows in lemon curd (that's another blog) I hear my name. I pray that it is something simple that I can deal with easily, not having to leave the kitchen. My son is shouting "mummy there is a chicken stood at the main gates with her chicks waiting to get in" now knowing that chickens are stupid, this really didn't seem possible, so I answered with a "are you sure" he continued to informed that there was a chicken, and should he let her in. I have taught my children not to let strangers in the gates, however, does a chicken count? I deserted my lemon curd, and stomped down the drive, thinking how I was going to kill my son for bending the truth, however, to my shock there was a chicken stood with her 11 chicks waiting to be let in! everyday when I think I have seen it all, these creatures amaze me some more. Maybe they aren't as stupid as first thought, as she knew exactly where to bring her babies, for free food, and housing....sounds like a few people I know in the UK!

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Food for Thought

delightful musical box, to which we children were allowed to listen, but never touch. We always admired her unusual Celtic wedding ring of Rose gold, with another ‘look but don’t touch’ warning making it even more fascinating. When she did eventually die, at the age of 98, she left a wealth of wonderful memories and wise counsel. Here, for instance is her recipe for a happy marriage: 1. Always have moments filled with passion, no matter how long you have been wed. 2. Communicate … however close you are, mind-reading rarely gets it right! 3. Vow to spend precious time together; marriage may be made in heaven, but lasting relationships are grown on earth. 4. Don’t let happenstance dictate your happiness. Keep smiling through - together. 5. Love, unconditionally – deeply, sincerely and forever. In her kitchen, my best ‘Granny memories’ are of her yet-tobe-beaten bacon sarnies and golden Welshcakes straight off the griddle … I can still conjure up the incomparable aroma of home cured bacon sizzling in the pan, the waft of homemade bread and the first melt–inthe–mouth-burn your-tongue-if you-can’t-wait bite of a warm, crumbly Welshcake. I do still try out many of her recipes, but somehow they don’t taste quite the same as when old Granny Weaver baked them. My wise old Granny led by example and left a lasting legacy. As we grew older, she taught us that real life in the real world demands critical thinking, and the making of informed choices, often followed by courageous action. Our family has endeavoured over the years to embrace and pass on the solid values and principles we learned at Granny’s knee. Here is a favourite:

If there is righteousness in the heart, There will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character, There will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, There will be order in the nation. When there is order in each nation, There will be harmony in the world.

-So if you have a Grandma, Treasure her with care. For you’ll miss her loving wisdom When you see her empty chair. -

May 2013 - The Canary News ANGEL Little is a young girl & was found hungry and dirty in Sonnenland. She got very lucky by finding cat loving people who have also been a wonderful fosterhome for TARA. Angel is very very human friendly and loves giving you affection. We are in URGENT need to find a safe place for Angel. Please contact TARA asap if you can help this little girl. Angel is about 5-6 months old ... very very loving young cat.,



Charity kennels usually adopt a no kill policy which buys time. Unfortunately the expenses are staggering. For example, the average dog rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed with TARA costs €400. At Battersea, the most famous dog shelter in the United Kingdom, the costs exceed 800 Pounds for each dog saved. With the economy in the gutter and pet abandonment skyrocketing, the situation has become untenable. Too many homeless pets: not nearly enough homes and charity shelters to address the misery.

We Need Somebody! TARA depends upon help from the community to care for homeless dogs and cats, kittens and puppies until lifetime homes can be found. The sad truth is during an economic crisis more innocent pets suffer. More animals are abandoned while charity funds for caretaking dwindle. This year is the worst in 25 years rescuing, reuniting, rehabilitating, and rehoming abandoned pets. Our shelters are full to overflowing. In the past much of the problem has been alleviated through the use of TARA Foster Homes. No matter how volunteers strive to make life bearable for the abandoned dog or cat, living in a shelter is little more than living in a cage. And it is expensive. Government shelters have the added demoralising issue of life and death. After twenty-one days, the law permits homeless dogs and cats to be killed. In Gran Canaria this equates to tens of thousands of pets “euthanised” every year.

If you are one of the many animal lovers in Gran Canaria and would like to help save a homeless pet please consider the TARA foster program. You will be saving a life by providing a temporary home and care until a permanent home can be found. Last year, 80% of TARA dogs and cats spent time in foster homes. 100% are now in lifetime homes. Those are very gratifying statistics. Please consider opening your home and heart to a cat or dog, puppy or kitten who has suffered the trauma of abandonment. TARA is certain you will be glad you did – and some sad little pet will have the pleasure of your company and affection. And please remember, it works both ways.

Lisa, is around 2-3 years old beautiful lady, who was rescued with her friends, and is one of the Four Amigo's. She is Ibizan or Mallorcan podenca. She is good with kids, cats, goats, male dogs, little dogs and just loves attention, human contact, is responsive to commands, good in the car and good on the lead.She is now microchipped, neutered and vaccunated. Please contact TARA for personal introduction.


Another of the Four Amigo's, Kira is a sweetie, very affectionate and playful, at 18 months approx, she just wants a family to call her own. Kira has been sterilised, chipped and vaccinated. She is absolutely fabulous young girl who just loves everyone and is very good with all the creatures in this universe. Would you like to meet her ?


FOSTER OR ADOPT. Goldie is a little sweetie, weighing around 10KG and is a medium size female dog. She is approx 5 months old, is chipped, vaccinated and ready for her new start in life. Goldie is good with other dogs, and loves to play with sticks, she is just learning commands, and is very playful.


FOSTER OR ADOPT...Can you help Sioux, she is friendly approx 10 months old, and weighs 13KG, she is a loving playful, young lady who gets along with other dogs, children, cats and other animals. If you think you can help please get in touch . Sioux was found


Meet Rusty ( male ) and Cookie ( female). They are going to be 2 years old in July. Both of them are vaccinated and neutered. They are happy , healthy , loving , playful couple who just want to be loved.. a lot. They are inside cats. "Humans: No fur, no paws, no tail. They run er away from mice. They nev you get enough sleep. How can urd help but love such an abs animal?" - Anonymous cat about humans

As we approach the quietest time of year for donations and the busiest time of year for animals, we appeal for your help as ever... ♥xo...Volunteer, Foster, Donate, Adopt...xo♥ You can now donate with PAYPAL, please send as a gift and label DONATION

TARA Animal Respect Association: Rescuing, Reuniting, Rehabilitating, and Rehoming Pets in Gran Canaria or TARA Animal Charity Shops, Flea Markets & Events,

Pet Foster Homes & Adoptions (+34) 928 062 891 or 634 345 812 Together We Can Make Gran Canaria A Paradise For Animals Too!



The Canary News - May 2013 -

The Perfect Wedding

Gay Wedding Celebrations Bernadette Garside, Founder of The Perfect Wedding Company The Gran Canaria Wedding Specialists

If you are looking to express your love and commitment to one another in an open-minded and non-judgmental environment, with sunshine, beautiful beaches, stunning local scenery and a rich local culture alongside, Gran Canaria is the perfect choice for your same sex wedding abroad. Blessings & union ceremonies in Gran Canaria can be conducted in a multitude of venues, from onboard luxury yachts, to beachside hotels, private villas, or even overlooking a white-sand beach, the options are endless! Why choose Gran Canaria for your Same Sex Wedding? Gran Canaria is perfectly placed as the ideal location for a same sex union abroad. The island is renowned for its liberal, open-minded attitude towards the gay & lesbian community and the vibrant gay tourism sector on the island has flourished as a direct result of this. The cosmopolitan and wide reaching gay communities and social scene, coupled with the blissful year-round sunny weather, make Gran Canaria the perfect choice for a same sex wedding ceremony. You will also find luxury hotels, apartment complexes, bars, restaurants and beaches in Gran Canaria, which are focused around the gay and lesbian community. There are two options for a Same Sex Wedding in Gran Canaria: 1) A Legal Civil Partnership/Same Sex Marriage If at least one of you is a resident of Spain or the Canary Islands a legal civil ceremony conducted at the Civil Registry Office or Town Hall can be arranged. Requests can also be made for authorized Town Hall personnel to conduct ceremonies in establishments other than the town hall

buildings. 2) A Blessing/Union after a Civil Partnership or Marriage Ceremony A blessing/union is a short ceremony that takes place after a legal civil partnership or same sex marriage ceremony, which would take place here or in your country of origin. Unlike a ‘gay marriage’ or civil partnership, a blessing is not legally binding; it’s a way of publicly symbolizing your commitment to one another. Many people view a blessing/union ceremony as their ‘actual wedding’, as this is the moment they express their love and union to one another in front of their family and friends. A blessing/union ceremony is the perfect way to introduce a spiritual or religious element to your celebrations after a legal civil ceremony. If you would like more information regarding same sex ceremonies in Gran Canaria then please contact me on: Tel Nº: (0034) 653 642 208, email: or visit my website: Bernadette Garside, Founder of The Perfect Wedding Company Gran Canarias Wedding Specialists -

May 2012 - The Canary News


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ROCA REAL ESTATE 928 561667 EUROPA real estate Hotline: 928 - 77.11.77 1. SAN AGUSTÍN, Luxurious chalet with seaview. Consisting of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, completely equipped built-in kitchen with seperate lumberroom, large livingroom, garden with terrace, b.b.q. and pool, garage and spacious basement. Excellently furbished and equipped with all details. Plot: 300 sqm. Livingarea: 140 sqm. Price: 595.000.- € 2. PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, 2ND BEACHLINE 40m²-large studio with separate kitchen and balcony with noon-sun. Complex with pool next to the beach. Low communityfees. Price: 66.000,- € 3.MASPALOMAS: CHALET WITH DIRECT VIEW ON THE GOLFCOURSE Plot: 622 m2. Living area: 225 m2. Unimprovable topcondition, with all details, unique location, pool, garage, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, luxurious kitchen, study, several storagerooms, etc. Very seldom sale. Price: 950.000,- € 4. CAMPO INTERNACIONAL MASPALOMAS. Magnificent two-bedroom bungalow with 100 sqm. sunny private garden and large terrace. Luxuriously furnished and excellently equipped with airconditioning etc. Quietly situated in a very well maintained complex with large pool and easy parking. Close to the shoppingcenter Faro2 and the golfcourse of Maspalomas. Ideal for proper use ! Price: 200.000,- € 5. SAN AGUSTÍN, Bungalow with 160 m2 private garden. Large bungalow with 3 bedrooms. Unfurbished and needs small renovation. Low community fee! Price: 266.000,-€ 6. PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, centrical situated near “YUMBO” and “CITA”, very bright corner apartment with 2 bedrooms. Parking and Pool. Price:150.000,- € 7.SAN MATEO, 1.800 sqm. Finca with fruit trees, and with well kept 2 bedroom-bungalow. Price: 115.000,- € 8.PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, NEAR BEACH Excellent one bedroom topfloorapartment with balcony. Completely refurbished. Very well maintained complex with pool and low community fee. Price: 123.000,€

9. PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, Luxurious corner-apartment. Beautiful 1 bedroom apartment with large terrace. Completely furbished with great style and full equipped. Community pool. Price: 150.000.- € 10. PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, TOPFLOOR APARTMENT, SELDOM SALE NEAR BEACH PROMENADE. Breathtaking views to the ocean and mountains. 1 bedroom, double balcony accessible from living- and bedroom. Complex with large pool near RIUPalace-Hotel. Price: 148.000.- €

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restaurants Novillo Precoz Portugal 9, Las Palmas Tel 928 221 659

GARAGE: TALLER FELUCO Calle Ciprés 38 Polígono Industrial de Arinaga Fase II 35118 Agüimes TEL 928 759035


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The Canary News - May 2013 -


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6.What is a pollygraph better known as Ans aa lie detector 7. Do peanuts grow above or below ground Ans Underground 8. What village does postman pat deliver to Ans Greendale 9. Paper roses whas a hit for who Ans Marie Osmond 10. What became compulsary for all uk cars in 1921 Ans Tax disc/road tax

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The Greedy Pig Restaurant & Bar Freshly Prepared Food, Eat In Or Take away Speciality Sunday Roast from 1pm CC Puerto Rico by the taxi rank ZUMBA fitness Classes every day. Drop in and Punch Cards At The Gallery (Arts & Sand) Puerto Rico beside the bus station. Tel: 628131244 Inmobiliaria Roca BUY, SELL, RENT OR LEASE YOUR PROPERTY Puerto Rico Shopping Centre Fase IV Open from 9am - 5pm Tel : +34 928 561 667 Panda Wok International Buffet Eat As Much As You Like Buffet, Grill, Wok Opening Offer - Adults 8,50€, Children 5,00€ C/C Puerto Rico Phase 4. Tel: 928 561 310 NATRAJ Indian Tandoori Restaurant Traditional Indian Cuisine. Eat in,or Take Away Local free delivery service. Tel 928 561 592 C/C Puerto Rico Fase III, Upper Level, Open 16.00-24.00o BET 90 Sports Bar

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Get a shiny car from only 250€/Month Telephone: +34 646 287 067 C/ Jose Clavijo Y Fajardo 6, Arguineguin Central Veterinario Arguineguin (Thru The Pedestrian Tunnel From Church) C/Luján Pérez, 1 In-Home Service 928 185 304 Candles & More Handmade Unique Luxury Candles & More Loc 79 CC Ancora, by Norwegian estate agent 638 946 178 TARA Charity Flea Market Plaza Negra next to the beach Arguineguin Turn Left at 1st roundabout off GC1 Saturdays 0800-1400 TEL: 634328201 Carlitos Pet Shop Pet Food & Accessories Ancora Shopping Centre 928 736 128 Clean Express Comprehensive Ecological Cleaning Services Ancora Shopping Centre Car Park 661 053 218 Coquidu Dog Saloon, Beauty & Health of Your Dog Ancora Shopping Centre 928 735 136 Some Like It Hot Indian Specialty International Cuisine Ancora Shopping Centre 622 265 812 Deutscher Supermarkt Arguineguin German Grocery Products (34) 928 73 57 50 TARA Animal Charity Shops Second Hand Goods – Animal Welfare The Canary News Community Centre (34) 928 062 891 Facebook/TARAgrancanaria Arguineguín Automobile Services Mechanical & Electrical Repairs 80 C/Tanausu 928 735 928

Clinica Veterinaria Tenesoya Animal Clinic – Comprehensive Vet Services C/Tenesoya 47 (Just Behind TARA) 928 736 537 Ary Translations Legal & Private Professional Translating CC Ancora 928 150 299 / 629 22 66 80 Bar La Candelilla Canarian Cuisine in a Spectacular Location Carrertera de Ayacata a San Bartolomé 18 Bus to Just Before Ayacata 928 172 281 Gran Canaria Holistic Centre Mind, Body, Spiritual - Healing & Relaxation      Finca Molino de Agua - Hotel Rural - 608 930 731 Hotel Rural Molino de Agua Canarian Countryside Splendor People & Pets welcome Ctra. Gral. De Fatago Km 31 626 802 705 Greek Taverna Divine Greek Cuisine & Wines Shopping Centre St. Agustin 928 766 785 Snoopy Veterinarian Clinic Vets-Pet Store-Cattery-24hr Emergency C / Jose Santos Gonzalez, San Fernando 928 763 108 (24hr) 675 634 933 Centro Veterinario Sur Animal Hospital - 24hr Emergency Service C/Lanzarote, San Fernando 928 760 563 / (615 409 987) Telemascota Veterinarian Clinic Vet Clinic, Beauty Salon, Cattery, 24hr Emergency Av. Aleman, 10 Playa del Ingles 928 776 154 El Cardonal Pool Bar peaceful with WIFI, sports TV & accommodation, avail. for private parties, lunch, dinner & drinks Calle Einstein, Sonnenland 677323760 or 928147147


The Canary News - 2013 - MARSKNviii -

las palmas de gran canaria

Kanariska Nyheter

Moonlight cinema

Great movie under the stars Jag har länge efterlyst en biograf här på Gran Canaria där de inte kör dubbade filmer. Inte kunde jag ana att det låg en i vackra Meloneras. Det är en exotisk upplevelse om man inte tidigare varit med om det. Om jag varit på semester här på Gran Canaria så hade jag definitivt kunnat tänka mig att gå dit en kväll med min partner eller med vänner. Det är den enda

utomhusbiografen som har öppet året om i Europa. Det ingår ett glas bubblande champagne för de som besöker biografen men det finns även glass och hemlagad pizza att få serverat. Sofforna är väldigt bekväma med bord. Det är den enda utomhusbiografen i Europa som har öppet året om. Läs mer här om ni är intresserade

I have long called for a cinema here in Gran Canaria, where they do not play dubbed films. I could not have imagined that it would be in beautiful Meloneras. It is an exotic experience if you have not previously tried it. If I were on vacation here in Gran Canaria, I would defintely want to go there one night with my partner or with friends. It is the only outdoor movie theater in Europe to open all year-round. The price includes a glass of sparkling champagne for those who visit the cinema and they also serve ice cream and homemade pizza. The sofas with tables are very comfortable.


Read more here if you are interested

Mina tips på bra restauranger på Gran Canaria Ligger Meloneras bortom fyren. Miljön är väldigt stimulerande och ligger en trappa upp i en härlig orientalisk miljö. Maten är också utöver den vanliga smakupplevelsen. Besöket känns både mysigt och lyxigt.

Ligger i Playa del Aquila. Helt enastående mat och servicen är outstanding! Utsidan av restaurangen avslöjar inte vilken oas som gömmer sig några trappor ned. Detta är absolut en av de bästa matupplevelserna jag varit med om och då har jag varit runt om i hela världen på några av de lyxigaste platserna. Dessutom så blir man inte ruinerad även om maten håller toppklass.



Sushi Mex

My top Tips for eataing out in Gran Canaria Bamira Located in Playa del Águila. Absolutely outstanding food and service! The outside of the restaurant does not reveal the oasis that hides down stairs. This is absolutely one of the best dining experiences I have had and I've been around the world in some of the most luxurious places. Besides, it will not ruin you despite the food being top class. Sushi Mex Situated in Meloneras. There is not a large selection of sushi in Gran Canaria but this place serves good sushi and Tex Mex food in a lovely setting with sea views. Churrasco Argentino Located in Playa del Inglés. This is an Argentine restaurant for meat lovers, it is a great experience.

Ligger i Meloneras. Det finns annars inte så stort utbud av sushi på Gran Canaria men här serveras god sushi och Tex Mex mat i en härlig miljö med havsutsikt.

Little Piccolo Located in San Agustin in the comercial centre. This small cozy haunt offers stunning good food with Italian spirit. This is a restaurant great food and outstanding service. The prices can only be so low due to their location in the center.

Churrasco Argentino Ligger i Playa del Ingles. Det är en Argentinsk restaurang så gillar ni kött så är det en upplevelse att besöka den här restaurangen.


Det här är en restaurang som hade kunnat ta det dubbla för sin mat och service.

Enjoy your meal!

Det lilla mysiga tillhållet erbjuder fantastisk god mat i italiensk anda.

This little restaurant is located at the Yumbo centre and serves Belgian food. I have always had flavourful experiences here and have also received very good service.

Beläget i San Agustin i centrumet.


Little Piccolo

Located in Meloneras not far from the lighthouse. The environment here is very stimulating and is located upstairs in a lovely oriental setting. The food is also well beyond the usual fayre. Visiting is both cozy and luxurious.

Las Rias Learn more about life on Gran Canaria at

You will find this restaurant upstairs in the centre of Meloneras. An incredibly good fish restaurant. Those who normally do not like to eat fish may well change their minds.

Dalis Den här lilla restaurangen ligger på Yumbo och serverar Belgisk mat. Har alltid haft bra smakupplevelser här och har även fått väldigt fin service.

Las Rias Ni finner den här restaurangen på övervåningen i Meloneras centrum. En otroligt bra fiskrestaurang. De som i vanliga fall inte gillar att äta fisk har blivit omvända. Smaklig spis!

Läs mer om livet på Gran Canaria på

Att priserna är så pass låga beror förmodligen på att det ligger i centrumet.

GRATIS Out to sea When you visit Gran Canaria you should definitely take the chance go out on a boat to enjoy the sun, and sea. There are however a plethora of different options and it can be difficult for the inexperienced to choose the right one. I have tried several different options but am totally stuck on Afrikat. The boat can be found in Puerto Rico in the harbor. The staff are wonderfully nice and entertain passengers throughout the trip. On the many sunny days, there is a high probability that you will see dolphins and flying fish. Whales also occasionally show up on the journey. There is the opportunity to snorkel and zoom a round with jetski at the beach stop where you will be treated to delicious food and drinks all included in the price. You can read more about the boat here: You can read more about my experiences in Gran Canaria on

Skicka gärna gamla och nya foton från er vistelse på Gran Canaria. Jag skulle gärna vilja ge er läsare utrymme att minnas och glädjas i kommande nummer. Maila era foton och gärna en liten beskrivning till We would LOVE you to any send photos, old or new, of your stay in Gran Canaria. I would love to be able to give you readers space to remember and rejoice in the upcoming issues. Email your photos and a small description to

SINCE 1971 Amazing shows daily - Special Rates For Residents

Ut till havs

När ni besöker Gran Canaria så tycker jag definitivt att ni bör åka ut med en båt för att njuta av sol, bad. Det finns dock en uppsjö av olika alternativ och det kan vara svårt för den oerfarna att välja rätt. Jag har testat flera olika möjligheter men har fastnat för Afrikat. Båten finner ni i Puerto Rico i hamnen. Personalen är underbart trevliga och underhåller passagerarna under båtresan. Soliga dagar så finns det en stor

sannolikhet att ni ser delfiner och flygfiskar. Det händer också att valar dyker upp på färden. Det finns också möjlighet att snorkla och åka iväg en runda med jetski vid stoppet där det bjuds på vällagad mat och dryck som är inkluderat i priset. Ni kan läsa mer om båten här: www. Mina upplevelser på Gran Canaria kan ni läsa mer om på

May Edition 13.5 - Proud Beginnings  

What is the future of Maspalomas Pride 2013?, "Wall-to-wall Homesexuals", Let's talk about Spanish,