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CAMBIA Writers in the Schools 2017


CAMBIA cambium \kam-bē-әm\ noun plural cambia, \- bē-ә\ The live, actively growing, layer of a tree. The cambium is one cell thick. It repeatedly divides itself to form new wood and causes the tree to grow and expand.

CAMBIA Writers in the Schools 2016 - 2017

This is a Log Cabin Book, an imprint of THE CABIN 801 S. Capitol Boulevard, Boise, Idaho 83702 (208) 331-8000 Š 2017 The Cabin All rights reserved. Book design by Hillary Bilinski Printed and bound in the USA in an edition of 300 copies.

WRITERS IN THE SCHOOLS AND PUBLICATION OF CAMBIA ARE MADE POSSIBLE BY GENEROUS SUPPORT FROM: Michael T. Spink & Joann C. Butler Bank of the Cascades Boise Cascade LLC Boise Co-Op Boise Paper Holdings LLC The City of Boise Idaho Community Foundation Idaho Commission on the Arts Idaho Humanities Council Idaho Power Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation Mary Bradof Foundation National Endowment for the Arts Scentsy Select Health Simplot and The Whittenberger Foundation

WE EXTEND SINCERE THANKS TO THE FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION OF: Ada County Juvenile Detention Frank Church High School Idaho Distance Education Academy Marian Pritchett High School Roosevelt Elementary Rose Hill Montessori School Seven Oaks Elementary Southwest Idaho Regional Detention Center West Canyon Elementary and White Pine Elementary

CONTENTS Introduction • 1 Seven Oaks Elementary • 5 Idaho Distance Education Academy • 33 Rose Hill Montessori School • 55 Roosevelt Elementary School • 63 Galileo STEM Academy • 75 West Canyon Elementary School • 101 White Pine Elementary School • 125 Marian Pritchett High School • 141 Frank Church High School • 153 Borah High School Bridge Program • 161 Ada County Juvenile Detention Center • 169 Soutwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center • 189 Teaching-Writers’ Biographies • 207 About The Cabin • 211 Index • 213

INTRODUCTION Launched in 1997, Writers in the Schools (WITS) at The Cabin sends a troop of joyous teaching-writers into area public schools and juvenile detention centers to implement fun creative writing curriculum through semester or year-long residencies. These professional local writers—published poets, storytellers, novelists, playwrights, and journalists among them—are masters of their crat. But perhaps more importantly, their dedication to serve youth through writing education, combined with the commitment of local teachers and administrators, gives voice to upwards of 1000 young people in the Treasure Valley, and invites them to form and know themselves through the written word. Cambia is a selection of some of the best work coming out rom WITS students. Our creative writing instruction prizes experimentation, creativity and imagination over rules and convention. In 2017, through a generous grant rom National Endowment for the Arts, our program was able to expand and reach writers in a classroom at the Borah Bridge program, which helps school-age newcomers to the country build a foundation in their new surroundings and language. Their stories and poems, in particular, show us the role of memory and vividly record the journeys they have been on. We are honored to have them join the WITS community. The publication Cambia is named for the growing layer of a tree—a nod to The Cabin’s wood-themed presence and history as a forest-service building. Cambia is also, in Spanish, the imperative to change—and we are changing, as a program, as a community, nation, and each day as creators. Writing changes us—we are not the same before and ater we decide to bravely put pen to paper, and necessarily so. Words forge human connection and challenge us to keep learning and growing. Words are not merely how we deine who we are, words are who we are— our record through time, our vessel for iguring things out. The young writers in these pages have been courageous enough to participate in that ongoing endeavor and we applaud them! Our biggest thanks to them, always. Katie Fuller Program Manager & Teaching-Writer THE CABIN


CAMBIA Writers in the Schools 2016 - 2017

SEVEN OAKS ELEMENTARY Teaching-Writers Laura Roghaar & Cassie Angley


THE DIFFERENT PEOPLE Claire A. Seven Oaks Elementary Figures rom ash, hearts of the February branch, golden miracles rom black states, instruments of the earth, the phantom of the key, and the warriors of sunlight


FEAR Thomas F. Seven Oaks Elementary My fear is a bright star shining dimly. My fear is a golden cheetah chasing me through outer space. My fear is water surrounding the brown dirt-stufed bags we call continents. My fear is the past trying to catch up with the future. My fear is a raging killer bee who’s never going to kill.


MY PENCIL HITTING THE PAPER Hallie Seven Oaks Elementary the sound of my pencil hitting the paper is like an adventure beginning like a baby’s irst laugh like the irst drop of rain like the beginning of an end like your irst step like a smooth blanket dragging on the loor like an adventure beginning


MY FATHER TAKES ME TO OLYMPUS AS AN EAGLE Mason Seven Oaks Elementary I knew this man once but he vanished to the stars He transformed into an eagle but he was just too far to reach Now I am an Eagle Hunter happy as can be and I found an eagle that was just right for me He is my father like he was to all My father passed six years ago to die in his grave but now I see his spirit in this eagle so he must be an eagle and has come back to me He takes me on a trip to a place I’ve never been Now I am on Mt. Olympus with the green gods Aphrodite is so beautiful with her glowing hair 10

The sky is hoping unlike my mortal home Zeus is not happy with me but Poseidon likes me so He let me ly a pegasus


RECORDINGS FROM AN INTERPLANETARY BLACK OPS MEETING Bryce Seven Oaks Elementary (Name Unintelligible):

(Lt. Polaris):

Salutations, human. Here for answers.

Exactly Admiral, I’m already hearing about the “Phantom Revolution.”

(Unintelligible): Much ado about those poor suckers behind the “laser incident.” (Polaris):

I say it’s just the beginning, let’s just annihilate the council before anything else. / BEEP BEEP BEEP/

(Unintelligible): (Polaris):

Curse those rebels.

Aww, I’ll never be able to try caviar before… [ Connection lost ]


JOE IS FIRE Zethan Seven Oaks Elementary Joe is like a door that won’t open or shut. When he gets stuck he acts like a llama that feels the force. His gut turns into a scooter that rides reely. When he jumps he is a lion that just won’t stop roaring. He is like an apple that won’t stop getting bruised. We stand around him to keep warm because he is ire. And inally when the day goes by Joe is the sunset that relects of the warm ocean water.


OPEN DOOR Emma Seven Oaks Elementary Blooming stars lying in the distance. Flowers ringing like bells of love. I reach for the stars. A waterfall with birds in the distance. With wet green grass. Water bright as blue. I play in the cold wet water. I jump rom the waterfall. Then I ind myself in a dark place with one door. I open that door and then I ind myself back at home.


HE IS Hunter H. Seven Oaks Elementary He is a tiger killing his prey, protecting his young, saving his riends. He is an ax chopping and chopping until he can’t chop anymore. He is a shepherd protecting his sheep rom danger. Like a heart beating and beating, keeping us alive, but he is also like a bird, calm, peaceful, brilliant and graceful. He is a madman trying, trying and trying to work hard, trying to keep everything right. Like a watchdog, strong and mighty. Like a boy who wishes to be ree and not have to work all day. Like a boy trying to have fun, trying to sleep well, trying and trying and trying. He is like a tiger. When he is mad, he roars. He is a worker that works all day and night. He is a boss that tells people what to do.


THE ONE Peyton Seven Oaks Elementary In this one you open your eyes like a baby bear ater two weeks In this one you take your irst breath and you feel like you’re in the sky with clear resh air In this one you get up and begin walking around and leaping and jump into the ocean In this one you feel like your hands are about to fall of ater writing a ive page essay In this one you are a warrior ighting to win the war In this one you are a mummy that was just found ater one thousand years In this one you are a rocket that shoots of into space and sadly doesn’t make it back


THE UNKNOWN BEAST Jack Seven Oaks Elementary I sense a beast, an unknown moving object, in a dark and silent room with a variety of doors surrounding every available space. There is only the sight of a key on a table just staring at you without an efort to be made and convincing you to pick and unlock a random door that would enter you in a dimension without saying where you are and what you are going to do, the pressure and decisions that you depend on to survive, just the beast and the key on the table staring at each other without interest and the only thing that is entertaining between both of them is the beast gazing at the doors with his two eyes as if there were two dimensions gliding together into one and were destroyed. His mouth looks like he has been trapped with no food or liquids of any sort with the saying of his breath and the look of his teeth just yellow and crooked as usual. His hands scarred by his own uneven ingernails, by the visions and foolish ideas clogging his size-of-a-cracked-marble brain. His feet are sore rom walking the distance of a familiar never-ending echo of aching.


POSITIVITY Sam Seven Oaks Elementary At the crack of dawn I woke to the sunrise Which colored the sky Yesterday, I was a faded lower, Crippled and lonely, Envious, As I stared at the happy world, A weed stealing my wealth Today, I am a radiant rose, Shining by a babbling brook, I’m walking on clouds I’m the glow of a campire, A light in the dark, I am more that the average person, Everything goes better than I imagine Today, I’m brighter than the sun’s glow


DASHA Lindy Seven Oaks Elementary Dasha is a palomino waiting for a riend Like indigo ocean water coming up to the sand Like a willow with big arms ready to hug someone Like huckleberry ice cream tough but still very sot Like a shell smooth and wavy Like a resh pastry smells sweet and crisp Like a violin long and smooth My riend trustworthy and kind as if she could do nothing but smile


LONELY Tyne Seven Oaks Elementary My brain is an empty black hole, A lame burning out. A crowd leaving with no autographs A singer standing alone on stage. I’m in a dark empty hall, The lights lickering, then burn out, No one around to share my thoughts. Like a ly buzzing at a window, The only sound a sot thud. Like a dim star about to burn out, Looking out at other stars, That shine brighter than the rest. I’m a lone igure, Walking on a deserted street.


MY HEART Hannah W. Seven Oaks Elementary 1. My heart is light creamy milk Chocolate in a sweet smelling factory Being made by hand 2. My heart is resh laundry, Coming out of the warm dryer, Smelling good. 3. My heart is the best smelling soap, Being washed of with sweet warm water 4. My heart is a soccer ball, Rolling in sot, green, tickly grass On a resh damp day 5. My heart is loved, By riends and family Mom and dad. 6. My heart is learning, math and all, Staring at a big plain whiteboard 7. My heart is sporty, Loves to play, Is energetic all day.


ELEGANT MOOSE Abigale Seven Oaks Elementary 1. Elegant with its long legs Whispering through the snow. 2. A devil eating all the plants Taking over the marshy moonlight swamps. 3. A lovely beast wanting to live but still taking over swamps. 4. It has a foresty smell It is soil being kicked up With the love of wildlife. 5. With a sot dark coat With brown, golden, and black Swimming around in a crowded lake.


THE LILY OF THE WORLD Taylor K. Seven Oaks Elementary A white land With the rocky Mountains A symbol of forgiveness A tree on the beach Mountains PEACEFUL no one SOUL To bother This ISLAND everything Remains Silent


MY HEART Barrett Seven Oaks Elementary My heart is like a drummer boy Who’s pounding to the beat Of a prisoner being executed On a humid summer day Heart of a mother, life’s companion Heart of a widow at a funeral Heart of a toddler who’s desperate To show you his new play room


SORROW Avalee Seven Oaks Elementary A shooting death star with no color A child, alone, lost in the dense forest, An empty cell, no food, no water, Dark purple blue, with black, A sour, expired grape. A full moon on a cold winter night A wolf howling The deserted glass cookie container, When you get hungry.


EMPTY Emry Seven Oaks Elementary A burned down house Lost in time Lonely, stranded Do not know what to do, Black, an empty room, You are buried in life, Dark colors brown, black, dark green, Ugly as a divorce, Wanting to explode with feelings, But have no feelings Worst of all insecure, Sick as a big fat bully, Wanting to die.


FIVE WAYS OF LOOKING AT AN AMERICAN KESTREL Linsay Seven Oaks Elementary 1. Among the blinding red leaves Of the autumn winds, The only thing moving were The silent black eyes of an American kestrel 2. With feathers of rusty chain A bird the size of a robin Though the bark of oak trees 3. A sweet cinnamon roll The steady ring of a school bell A brown kitten, an American kestrel 4. With talons so sharp Coming in for attack Imprisoning in its beak The force of a thack 5. Nesting in an elderly woodpecker hole The scent of pine in the air The chicks huddle around The light of the moon, giving a serpent’s inal glare


12 WAYS OF LOOKING AT A GREY WOLF Sebastian Seven Oaks Elementary 1. A wrecking ball for your face 2. A smack on the butt 3. Your spine tingles rom its’ howl 4. Darkness everywhere 5. As furry as bigfoot 6. As ierce as a squirrel with rabies 7. A full blood moon 8. A pool of acid 9. As scary as a haunted house 10. As fast as a full grown man swinging an axe at a tree 11. Death following you A ghost in a grave yard


FIVE WAYS OF LOOKING AT A CALLIOPE HUMMING BIRD Delaney Seven Oaks Elementary They’re as tiny as a sneaky mouse Searching through the ridge Stealing your cheddar cheese They’re as lashy as a butterly Fluttering in the air I see them dropping through a church At their best riend’s funeral On January second 1970. I taste them popping in my mouth Like pop rocks having a party I see them zipping around like the police hunting their prey


HURT Roman Seven Oaks Elementary A shredded meniscus A smile fading away The wind being knocked out of you Blood in your mouth An empty stomach Black words pouring into you A lump of coal at Christmas A squid’s ink smashing into your face



AMENIA (EXCERPT) Liana Idaho Distance Education Academy Amenia’s family van drives past trees, bright green in the summer sun, past rocky deserts, caked in dust and mud, past rivers and streams, some waters brown, murky, and their banks full of snails, slugs and worms, others with their waters looking clear and rereshing, rushing switly past stones and rocks, their banks full with green grass and happy picnickers, through twisting and winding roads, cars rushing and bustling past them, and now green hills, rolling high and low, and now, our story begins. “Lots of rolling hills, don’t you think Amenia?” asks Dad. “Amenia’s sleepin’,” says Amenia’s brother Rocko. “Nina’s taking a nut-nut-nutty nappy-poo!” “Be nice, Rocky!” says Kinnara. But Rocky keeps singing his ‘Nina’s taking a nut-nut-nutty nappy-poo’ song. Kinnara was always one of those bossy—and I mean very bossy—big sisters. Jacob, Amenia’s biggest brother, is usually shy, which is rare for a 12-year-old boy. Draco, Amenia’s twin, is very brave. Although I guess a real explanation for him would be clumsily brave. If “clumsily” is a word. Something Draco always does is get cupcake rosting everywhere but his mouth. The unlucky thing for Amenia is, he’s her twin, so it is really embarrassing. Amenia, however, is also brave. She is probably the bravest of all six kids, but also the shiest. Rocko is loud. Plain as could be. Loud and annoying. Typical little brother actions. Now for Korina. She may be hard to explain. She is three. Dreamy. Very dreamy. She is one personality. Dreamy. Altogether, there are six kids, which all have diferent traits. Eight family members in total, including Mom and Dad, though. “Oh, uh, sorry!” says Amenia.

“Okie-dokey, we’re here,” says Mom. “Here? This place? It’s in the middle of nowhere!” 35

says Jacob. “Uh, it’s not in the middle of nowhere if I see houses and other people around us,” snapped Kinnara. “Hey! ‘Ooh two be’n bad!” screeched Korina. Amenia blinked in the sunlight. Their new house looked giant compared to their old house. Their old house used to creak in the wind, but it was home. A few years later, On Amenia’s 13th birthday, she got a horse. A beautiful chestnut horse. Amenia named him Chester. Every day she rode Chester, and they became the best of riends. One day, while riding Chester, Amenia heard a noise, like a sot howl, but a strong wind through a hole. Chester snorted. “Shhh,” Amenia said. She pulled on the reigns. Amenia heard it again. She squeezed her legs against Chester’s side. He trotted forward. Soon, they were inside a foggy mist. Amenia shuddered. Then, a pair of yellow eyes peered at them through the mist. Then four pairs, then 10, soon 15! Chester stopped dead in his tracks. Amenia nudged him forward. The eyes broke their circle, and let them through. When they came out of the mist, Amenia looked behind them. The eyes had followed them! The irst one peeked out of the mist. It raised its nose in the air and howled.


THE VISION (EXCERPT) Annabelle Idaho Distance Education Academy The stars are bright, but the sunrise is near and I can feel the cold, resh, night air in my hair. I can taste the rain about to envelop me. But suddenly I feel a warm sot blanket cover me, as my older sister’s long sot hair sways as she sits down with the tray of hot chocolate. “You’ve been out here all night looking at the stars, Kanade, you should come inside,” she says as she sips out of her cup. “I feel like some-something is coming,” I say. My sister sighs. She is quite used to dealing with my visions. I have had them since I was young. Some are rightening and others just strange. Onii is the only person who knows about it. … “We should go inside, Kanade,” “Yes…we should,” she replies. She seems exhausted. We silently head in for the night. In my room, I clean myself up and crawl into bed for the night…Ahhh sleep! My sot covers are so warm, I hope I don’t have to get up… There is a groan rom the next room. I slowly sit up. It takes me a minute to realize it’s Kanade. Part of me wants to just groan back and drowsily fall back into my quilts and wool covers, the other part is alarmed and knows I am needed. The second side always wins. With a new burst of energy, I pull one of my blankets over my shoulders and glance at my clock. 3:28 AM. Ugh, this is going to be a long night. Hours later, I fall back in bed. “Onii! Wake up!” “Ughmegumi get out!!” “But IT’S SNOWING!!!” Even the snow can’t get me up. I glance at the clock and groan. 11:00 AM. Megumi has obviously been waiting. “How did you get any sleep?” “I didn’t, I’m guessing you didn’t either?” 37

“Yes…” There is a knock on the door. A girl with dark hair and grey eyes barges in. “Yuri…” I say in a fake enthusiastic voice. “What’s wrong?” she quickly asks. “You wouldn’t understand.” “Yes I would!” Yuri is the bossy stepsister who came with my father’s new marriage. She never seems trustworthy to any of us. Megumi likes her, Kanade can’t…People well, and I…don’t know…about her… “Yuri!!!” “Hello Megumi.” “Why don’t you go play in the snow? I want to speak with Onii here…” “OK!” She’s always so cheerful, Megumi. “So what is wrong Onii? You look like a zombie!” “Nothing! Go away!” “I only want to help you…” Sure you do! I think… “Come on! You can trust me!” I don’t know what happened ater that…I just… break…My vault of secrets overlows and spills. I explain everything. “Kanade had a vision last night, a series actually… She fell unconscious and spoke everything she saw. When she woke up, she couldn’t remember anything and…well, looked like I do…” At that Yuri giggles. “I’m glad we had this talk…” “You can’t tell ANYONE!” “Ok ok,” she responds. She treats it so calmly. I’m in a daze, like a spell has been cast on me…Meanwhile, Yuri skips down the hall with a malicious smile on her face. She already has a plan and nobody but her is going to beneit.


THE AFRICAN DRAGON Mya Idaho Distance Education Academy As I was reading in a tree, I transported myself into the Arican Savannah, the beige colored grass growing taller by the minute I was sitting majestically on top of a rock Surrounded by my hungry cubs, lying on their backs, waiting for night My hand turned into a paw My thumb turned into a duclaw My skin became fur My ears moved themselves to the top of my head And I sprouted two more legs. The sight of the city was gone, there was nothing, just black, and ugliness Like I had gone through a wormhole Like I was shot into space for a minute and then shot back down. The day faded quickly, the sun had escaped rom my waiting clutches, and when the moon came up I was a ninja, stalking, hunting for food that was escaping to its home. While roses snagged on my sot, but coarse fur, I saw a gazelle leaping into the black sky Like someone jumping of a 30-foot building I pounced on the gazelle, and brought it back to my cubs The babies tore through the meat, picking up bones and dropping them near me. In no more than two minutes Two out of four legs disappeared My thumb moved up My ears moved down My paws turned into hands And my fur became skin The dragon of a creature had disappeared. 39

CELL NO. 5 Liv Idaho Distance Education Academy Tick...tock...tick...tock… Ear against the door. Rough wood pricks my ingertips The damp air of the basement closes around me Water creeps up my ankles Voices beyond the door. Closer, closer. Tremors run through my body. The loor creaks as an army of boots walk towards the door. The noise--magniied by silence. Stop. Door lies open. Throwing me down. Salt water ills my mouth. A bowl of dark liquid is placed --none too carefully-on the loor in ront of me. A voice escapes rom the hooded igure, “Do what he asks or you will never again know reedom.” The clock chimes ive. I sit. Shivering. A man Bursts through the door Shoved through a maze of corridors. Suddenly stop. A large door creaks loudly. 40

Rough hands grab me And shove me through the door. Into the dark. dark. Room. An electric light lips on. A man sits in the corner I stand I don’t tell him anything One more scratch added to the row Rock stone against rock wall Five more days. Then the man will come back. Take me to the room. There they will ask me questions I will not yield. But, What is ive days to someone who Cannot see the sun rise? Not knowing night or day. What is the diference? There is a clock ive cells down In the jailer’s oice. But it has not chimed for Who knows how long. Days, Measured by the need to sleep Seconds turn into days Minutes turn into weeks Is that right? Voices crawl out at me 41

From the walls Like the slugs. Five days have come and gone Or has it been ive weeks? Madness creeps up behind me Tapping me on the shoulder Laughing as I turn, To ind him gone Sometimes he will stop to chat But not for very long. One more scratch Added to the wall.


A TONGUE Charles Idaho Distance Education Academy Like a wave crashing on rocks, Like sandpaper on silk, Like JELLO in a bowl, Like a piece of clay, Like cereal and milk in a bowl, Like sot grass in a circle of rocks, Like a clam, Like a snail in its shell, Like a worm in dirt, Like a slice of lemon on the brim of a glass, Like cheese out of a sandwich, Like sword in scabbard, Like paper sticking out of a printer, Like tape sticking out of the roll, Like a wet sponge, Like ribbon wrinkled, Like yarn out of a skein, Like the lip of a packing box, Like a whistle, Like a roll of paper out the paper boy’s bag, Like a feather in a hat, Like a leaf, Like paper out of folder, Like tape in camera, Like a snake, Like the brim of a hat, Like a cord in the wall, Like stinger on a bee, Like a knot in wood, Like a stitch on a wall, Like a tongue.


THE FFROG MR. PRINCE (EXCERPT) Lucas Idaho Distance Education Academy Scene 1 DIANA’S ront yard. DIANA (with her mouth full of ruit): Bye Mom! Oh look a rog! FROG: Hello hello. DIANA (very surprised): You can talk? FROG: Yep yep. DIANA (still surprised): Well would you like to come to school with me? FROG: Sure sure. DIANA: Well then I’ll name you Frog with two Fs. FFROG: Cool cool. DIANA: Then quickly get into coat pocket. Scene 2 Diana climbs into the bus. Soon Diana climbs out of the bus and starts toward school. DIANA (grumbling): I wonder why they make us walk all the way to the door? Diana walks through the door and FFROG starts wriggling, trying to get out. DIANA: Frog stop wriggling, NO! FFROG: Free ree! Frog starts hopping away. 44

DIANA: Frog watch out for that terrarium! Thud. FFROG: Ouch ouch. DIANA (liting Frog up): Are you all right? Diana plants a kiss on Frog’s leg. Frog starts to shake and rolls out of sight. DIANA: Frog, come back! Diana runs ater Frog but sees her riend JAVEN. JAVEN: Hey Diana, did you hear that Mr. Burgle couldn’t make it? DIANA: Does that mean we don’t have biology today?! JAVEN (shaking his head): Of course not, we have a substitute. DIANA (looking a little sad): Oh, well see you Javen. Before Javen can say anything else, Diana rounds the corner and sees a funny looking MAN dressed in green, guzzling water rom the drinking fountain. Then MRS. SHMUMBER the principal walks into the scene. MRS. SHMUMBER: Oh hello Diana, do you know who your substitute is? The man looks up and walks toward them. MAN: Hello, I am Mr. Prince, your substitute. MRS. SHMUMBER: Hello Mr. Prince, why don’t you take your students to your classroom? MR. PRINCE: Very well, come polliwogs! 45

LTM: LESSONS TO MANKIND (EXCERPT) Annie Idaho Distance Education Academy Scene 1 White area that looks like business meeting place. The group of LTM LEADERS are looking into expensive chalice with water inside. They have looks of displeasure on their faces. They stop looking in chalice and start conversation. LTM LEADER #1: We gotta send someone down now. We've been delaying it for a long time, seeing if he could ix it himself, and he still hates his neighbors. LTM LEADER #2: I agree. Who should go? Jef? LTM LEADER #3: No. He tries to solve problems with dynamite. LTM LEADER #2 (exasperated): Ugh. I thought we ixed that. We gave him a glitter shooter, didn't we? LTM LEADER #3 (as if a simple matter): He found out how to shoot TNT rom it. LTM LEADER #2: Aughh! (tugs her hair) I have to write a letter to a psychiatrist who specializes in explosives. LTM LEADER #4: Enough! We're falling of the point! Who should we send? All LTM Leaders look stumped. They sit for a while, thinking. LTM LEADER #2 lits her head as if an answer has been revealed to her. LTM LEADER #2: Seth. LTM LEADERS #1, 3, and 4: Nooo! LTM LEADER #3: Stop suggesting him! 46

LTM LEADER #2: But it’s not fair! Every time I say we

should send Seth, you guys always say, 'Oh no, it's too hard. He can't teach someone to stop blowing up empty hospitals and burning property.' This isn't a psychopath problem! He can take care of it! Please. He's never gone out. LTM LEADER #1 (sighs): Fine. (pulls out button labeled "SETH," pushes it and puts it down) He'll be here soon. LTM LEADER #2: (relieved): Thank you. SETH enters. SETH (excited): FINALLY!! I’M WORTHY TO BE IN THE LTM MEETING PLACE!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN HERE BEFORE!! (straightens up, calms down) So, what do you guys need? LTM LEADER #1 (puts a pinch of powdery stuf into chalice – it begins to sotly glow): Look into the cup. Seth comes over and glances into the chalice. LTM LEADER #1: This man recently lost his pet dog and now wants to be let alone a lot of the time. SETH (reraining rom jumping with joy): So what’s his name? LTM LEADER #1: His name is Bill Crichton. SETH: Okay! I’ve got this! I’ve already made a plan! Seth dashes of stage. LTM LEADER #2: Good luck, Seth! LTM LEADER #1: I hope we’ve made the right choice. This guy is not too experienced. LTM LEADER #2: Oh, have faith in him! He’ll help Bill. 47

Lights fade. Scene ends.

THE MYSTERY OF THE DIAMOND NECKLACE (EXCERPT) Kelsie Idaho Distance Education Academy Scene 1 A ROBBER is sneaking through a beautiful house. The owner, MRS. BUTTERWORTH has just let for a dinner party, and the house is quiet, and dark. The robber sees this as a perfect opportunity to rob the Butterworth household. ROBBER: Where is it?! Where did she put it? Robber searches house and inally lets out a hearty chuckle. He pulls a diamond necklace out of a small box. ROBBER: Ah ha! So that’s where she hid it! Robber hears Mrs. Butterworth talking about forgetting the diamond necklace. The Robber quickly hides. Door opens. MRS. BUTTERWORTH/ABBI: Wait right there, Sandra! I know exactly where my necklace is. Mrs. Butterworth opens small box (where the necklace was supposed to be) and looks puzzled. SANDRA: What’s wrong, Abbi? You look confused! Mrs. Butterworth closes box and puts box down MRS. BUTTERWORTH/ABBI: I could have sworn I put it in here! SANDRA: Your necklace? MRS. BUTTERWORTH/ABBI: I could have sworn I put it in here! SANDRA: Your necklace? 48

MRS. BUTTERWORTH: Yes. SANDRA: Is it possible Jack took it? MRS. BUTTERWORTH: Why on earth would he do that? SANDRA: I don’t know, but is it possible? MRS. BUTTERWORTH: He’s at a bachelor party right now. It’s rather unlikely. The room stays silent for a moment. MRS. BUTTERWORTH: I probably just misplaced it. Come on, let’s go before we miss the party. Lights turn of and the door locks. The robber comes out of his hiding spot. Robber makes it look like there was a break in. He breaks the window and knocks things over. Then leaves the household.


THE HISTORY OF MERLIN AND MERLOCK (EXCERPT) Davis Idaho Distance Education Academy Scene 1 In a small European village, on what we now call England, a few miles rom the sea, located at the edge of a forest, PRIEST JACOB makes the sign of the cross over a one year old, his lips moving. Then he picks up a shell and dips it into a bowl of cold, clear water. The baby starts crying but just for a minute. At that same moment, the crowd rises and starts clapping, welcoming MERLOCK into the start of his spiritual life. Scene 2: Ten years later. Early morning. Same village, but much larger. The three Edgar brothers wake to the cock. MERLIN: Please, someone reresh me with why we have to get up with the sun? The thirteen year old boy is a hard worker, but he despises irst getting up. MORGAN: Because we have to help father hunt and gather. Don’t you like mother’s morning fowl with peppermint? The twelve year old sometimes agrees with his older brother, but he also agrees with his younger brother. MERLOCK: I quite like getting up at this time. It’s going to bed that I don’t like. The eleven year old likes waking up and being outside. If he could, he would wake up a lot earlier. MERLIN (rolls eyes): No surprise. MORGAN: We’ll be late to help father. Let’s go. The three brothers head outside to meet their father at the edge of the wood. They smell the salty breeze rom the sea. They see no clouds in the heaven, promising a nice day. They see their father at the edge of the wood waiting for them. 50

PRONTHIS: Good morning boys. MERLIN, MORGAN, MERLOCK: Good morning, father. MERLOCK: Where will we be gathering and hunting today, father? PRONTHIS (while handing out the equipment): We will be gathering and hunting in the Eastern Hills. MERLIN: But there is a small Celtic village toward the north of the hills. If we’re caught hunting there, we may break the peace!


KATIE RAY (EXCERPT) Keara Idaho Distance Education Academy Scene 1 KATIE RAY: Hey guys. (pause) Today is my mom’s birthday. Can we go get a cake at the store? MADDY: We? No not we! RIKKI (whispers): Maddy! It’s her mom’s birthday! MADDY: Fine, but only if we dance for iteen more minutes. KATIE RAY (thinking): Well at least it’s Tuesday. Today is not Tuesday, it’s Wednesday and on Wednesday the cake store closes early, so KATIE will not make it. KATIE RAY (slowly): Hey guys. (swallows while pausing) What day is it? RIKKI: Wednesday. Why? KATIE RAY: Because on Wednesday the cake store closes early. And it should be closing right about…now! Katie is right, for the big sign on the store that says “Cakes!” turns of and the only thing she can do about it is make the cake with her own bare hands. KATIE RAY: IF ONLY YOU GUYS WOULD’VE LISTENED TO ME! Now my mom’s heart will be broken! Katie starts crying. MADDY: Boo hoo! 52

RIKKI: Oh be quiet! Hey, Katie, I’ll help you bake a cake. We’ll do it together. Not like miss meany over here. (rolls her eyes) MADDY: I am not helping period. KATIE RAY: Well, I guess me and Rikki are going to eat the cake all by ourselves. MADDY: On second thought, I’ll help. KATIE RAY: Nope. I’m deleting you rom my riend’s list. MADDY: But, but, but. KATIE RAY: But, but, but NO! Goodbye! MADDY: Goodbye.


ROSE HILL MONTESSORI SCHOOL Teaching-Writer Elizabeth Lester Barnes

PAMPHILOS Elyse Rose Hill Montessori School Found in a seabed, On the island Antikythera. Pieces of rib, Thighbones, Partial skull, Jewels Coins, Worlds’ earliest computer, A 20-something male A slave on a boat Stained amber red Corroded iron shackles Pamphilos. Etched into a cup Pamphilos. The man on the boat. Pamphilos.


COSMIC RADIATION Jackson Rose Hill Montessori School Floating in space I don’t know yet but cosmic radiation is working its way Slowly… moving into my heart. I’m not safe in earth’s magnetic ield anymore. I start to think, will I die like the other astronauts? Floating… Hopelessly.


UNNOTICED STORY Madelyn Rose Hill Montessori School Take a deep, cool breath Silent, Still. Enchanting breath Wind blows. Listen well. Running with the wind. Moving gently with the waves. Dancing in the night. Unwritten, Silent. Nobody actually knows Silent Still Listen. Strong breath of warm wind Feel the sand between your toes. Alone. Silent. Still. Unnoticed story. Feel the sand between your toes. Dancing in the night.


FROSTY FOOTPRINTS Aiden Rose Hill Montessori School Frosty Footprints. Walking through the labyrinth Made for me and you. The words you found are none but true.


MU69 FLYBY Reid Rose Hill Montessori School New Horizons Pluto lyby. Expected to reach destination Jan 1. 2019 Wasn’t discovered when probe was launched Hurtling toward Mu69 Old as Earth Ring of icy rubble called the Kuiper belt Insanely far rom Pluto Zipping around the sun Outer planet far away New Horizons will pass by Sent away rom home.



SILENCE Alice J. Roosevelt Elementary School It sounds like the ocean when it's calm and still Like nighttime when everyone's asleep Like lour as someone sprinkles It and it hits the table Like the river as it Lay still and the Moonlight shines Down on it It sounds like a classroom as everyone reads On their own like the sound of a room As everyone scrambles around In every room but not The one that is Silent it Sounds like a room as everyone is writing Away and busy doing their work Like a cat lying still As its body Gets Warm on a blanket it sounds like a deserted Building where no one ever goes Anymore like a lower as The sun shines down On it like a book When people Read the words


TROPICAL RAIN Cassidy Roosevelt Elementary School Tropical rain hits the ground as everything waits in quiet stillness. The clouds are dark. The lat ground looks so swit, droplets rom leaves fall down, the cold wing hits the trees as smooth rain hits the ground and wet grass bristles in the wind. As the sun waits for me, as hail falls in trees, the animals wait in their homes for the storm to go. As dark clouds turn white and fall apart into pieces. As birds start chirping and the bright sun comes out of the dark clouds. As I play in the rainforest.


THE OCEAN, THE WAVES, THE SAND Ben Roosevelt Elementary School In this photo you stand on the sand, letting it sink between your toes, letting the ocean sounds lit you of your feet. With a smile on your face, letting the waves drag you into another world, letting the smell drit you of to sleep, letting the feeling of the sand take control, letting your sorrows disappear into thin air, letting your soul spread its wings and take light like a sparrow, your heart beats like a drum as you disappear into the night.


EARTH TO AN ALIEN Henry Roosevelt Elementary School What humans call water is a clear, drinkable, tasteless liquid that they pour in their mouths to hydrate their bodies. Walking is a movement humans do with their legs, putting their clothed feet on the ground one at a time, putting one leg in ront of the other, bending their legs a pushing to accelerate. A pencil is a long thin wooden object with metal at the top, and on top of that, a pink, hard wiggly object, and at the bottom, a sharp point that you drag on paper to make a mark. Paper is a thin white, tearable strip of what they call wood. A hanger is a triangular piece of metal with a curve at the top, hanging the curved part on a rack, suspending what humans wear on their bodies. Metal is a hard, sometimes bendable, sometimes hard, heavy substance that is diferent colors, but mostly silver. And last but not least, a tree is wood, sprouting rom the ground, with many arms and green, delicate skin hanging down rom them.


VOICE Madison Roosevelt Elementary School my mom's voice is like a rose blooming in my heart it is as sot as a butterly's wing it lows like rollerblades against a smooth sidewalk it’s as steady as a drum it’s like sweet chocolate drizzle pouring over a hazelnut like a warm breeze like a paintbrush sliding across canvas


In this magical place there are exploding volcanos of molten lava and blistering ire twinkling under a moonlit sky. Accompanied by a gigantic mountain surrounded by a spectacular rainforest like a dusty and eroded stone castle and its wild kingdom. On an island with whispering waters that contain thousands of nightmares in their waves. Like a storm of darkness casting its devious shadow across the land. Only repealed by the blinding golden light of a thousand stars in the night sky. All on a canvas of wonder and magic.

ERUPTION OF LIGHT Owen Roosevelt Elementary School


BEAUTIFUL HUMMING Syndall Roosevelt Elementary School Humming, as sot as baby bunny fur Like a bird singing a graceful song to its babies As nice as a newborn puppy Like waves crashing against rocks As peaceful as a heart beat As graceful as trees on a stormy day swaying back and forth Like a juicy pear when I bite into it As weird as a dog in a diaper Like a sweet lollipop Humming as sot as a baby squirrel


THIS SOUND Cecilia Roosevelt Elementary School This sound is like a nice sugar cookie ater a long day. This sound is like a warm hug rom your mom ater someone bullied you. As if I was walking for hours in the desert and found water ater searching. Or if I was full and saved room for the giant chocolate fountain. This sound is like washing of the rough sand that was on your feet ater the beach. As if you got the rainbow sparkle sot unicorn that you wanted badly. Or like a sunset full with beauty and colors. This sound is like you were away rom your family and saw them again. As if you were stranded on an island and saw a plane looking for you. This sound is like a new child put into the family. This sound is I love you.


TORNADO OF SOUND Spencer Roosevelt Elementary School The recorder is like a bird singing in the wind, You put air in and sound comes out it’s like a magic tube, Like a sleek gray dolphin gliding through the water, Like the most advanced piece of machinery, As a sleek black owl gliding through the trees, Like the brightest moon on a starry night, As the ocean waves swirling above, Like a perfect picture coming to life, As a bearded dragon laring up, Like a peculiar book in a library, Like grass swaying in the wind, Like a peculiar book in a library, As a shooting star in the sky, Like the highest mountain, Like a peculiar person, As the hottest desert, Like a bird singing in the sky.


THE STRANGE GOLDEN BIRD Lukas Roosevelt Elementary School Once I saw nine birds, all black and orange. They ate stinky, explosive green cheese and turned green themselves. Then they lew north, only to explode. And so they did, all of them, save one. That one bird had his feathers stained gold rom the iery golden lames. It was truly spectacular. And now, I wonder if I will ever see him again. That little gold bird, a sun in the sky.


GALILEO STEM ACADEMY Teaching-Writer Heidi Kraay

SHS (EXCERPT) Claire B. Galileo STEM Academy One cold winter day at Sacramento High School: RING! “Next class!” yelled Mrs. Bently. SLAM. Mia’s locker slammed shut. Mia was a 17-year-old girl. She was a senior in high school. All of a sudden, Tracey, the meanest girl at school, saw Mia. Mia sighed at Tracey. She yelled, “Hey Mia, your hair is: 1: Too short, 2: Too straight and 3: Too brown.” This made Mia so MAD!!! Her next period was drama. She was working on a play called Peter Pan. She was Wendy, which made Tracey madder than a hot chili pepper. Because she got Tinker Bell, she is a small, silent, jingly fairy. In drama, Tracey swung on strings and purposefully hit Mia. “Mia!” voices cried. She felt dizzy and she wobbled. Soon her legs couldn’t even hold her. She fell to the loor. “Mia,” a voice called again. Her mind went black “Hi.” Mia opened her eyes. “Is she dead?” “I’m not dead!” Mia shouted. “Hi,” said someone again. “I’m Stella.” “You look almost exactly like my riend Bella at SHS,” said Mia. “Where am I?” “You’re in your worst nightmare,” said a strange voice. Lightning struck. Her mind went black. She woke up…AGAIN!!! But this time she was somewhere else. “Who are you?” asked Mia. Silence. She repeated the question. She heard a cat hiss and then a clatter. 76

“Hehehe,” she heard a sneaky snicker. “I am Jenny and you will join my side or I have no choice but to kill you,” said Jenny. “Wait, my life is not here, there must be some big mistake. There was this play and I got knocked out and—” Jenny interrupted, “I know, just join me.” Mia agreed. She had an escape plan.


STORM OF DOGS (EXCERPT) Colton Galileo STEM Academy Once there was a group of dogs. They were namedThorn, Foxy, River, Riley and Sunshine. They were with their long paws. They planned to meet up at the park. They were playing but then the town started to shake. Some buildings came lying down. River and Sunshine, the youngest, said, “This is scary!” The long paws ran away in terror. The dogs said, “Why would our long paws leave us!” The dogs followed their long paws. A building was falling on the dogs’ long paws! BOOM. Silence. The dogs started bursting into tears! Riley said, “Why would the town just fall apart?” “I do not know,” said a voice behind them. They all turned in surprise. “My name is Storm,” said the voice. “I am a wolf.” Thorn could see it now, his muscular sleep body, those cunning eyes. The dog’s mother dog had said, “Stay away rom the wolves. They will tear you apart the moment you turn your back.” So the dog asked the obvious question, “Are you riendly, Storm?” Storm said, “Yes of course. I let the wolf pack because the wolves wanted to kill the dogs, but I said they are just helpless creatures. If it was us against leashed dogs, they would lose, and why try to waste strength? I came here to train you, so you can be part of a wild pack, because they still want to kill dogs and one day they will come.” River said, “Thank you for trying to save us but our long paws will protect us.” Storm said, “Many of them have led the city and I am araid they will not be coming back. It’s not safe here. You have to come with me.” The dogs turned and walked into their houses and each got a toy. Storm said, “Very well.” 78

And then they set of to the vast mountain ranges. They walked for three miles before Sunshine and Thorn got tired, so they stopped for a rest. In the night, Storm was dreaming of the storm of dogs. He could smell blood everywhere. He saw his own mom and dad tearing each other apart. He cried out, “Stop!” but his voice could not work. Then his wolf pack started running toward him and fought him. He was feeling pain. He thought, I’m not supposed to feel pain in a dream! Then he shot awake. He yelped. The other dogs were trying to get him up. River said, “You scared us!” Riley said, “You were breathing hard and your paws were kicking.” Storm said, “Sorry, it was a bad dream. Time to teach you how to hunt!” River said, “Hunt? Our long paws feed… Oh wait sorry.” So they set of to the woods. “Okay,” said Storm, “Be quiet and move low to the ground.” Although River was the fastest of the dogs, Storm was the most used to the woods. They saw a Rabbit. The dogs went tearing ater it. Storm said, “No! Stop!” Too late. The dogs scared the rabbit of. The dogs ran back to Storm. Storm said, “That is not how you hunt. How about we make camp, then I will get you something to eat. Follow me.”


THE DAY OF NO FRIENDSHIP (EXCERPT) Bella M. Galileo STEM Academy Once upon a time, there was a girl named Pixie. She was going to Roblox High School. She was at her black and purple house. She packed her phone and skateboard. She also packed her boom box. She walked to school because she could not aford to get a bus stop and pay her bus driver. She was walking to school with her riend named Twixie. They talked about how their day was going. When they got to school, everyone wanted Pixie to turn on her boom box. She turned on her boom box and walked to her locker alone. She put her boom box away and her skateboard away. She walked to class. Class had already started! Pixie ran to her class but the teacher did not get mad. So class started. She did not do much. Then it snowed at lunchtime, so school was out early. It turns out Twixie got a new BFF and forgot about Pixie. Pixie walked home sadly. She sat on her bed and cried. Then someone knocked on her door. Pixie opened the door. It was Twixie’s new riend. Pixie said, “What do you want!” Twixie’s riend said, “You better stay away rom Twixie!” Pixie slammed the door in her face. It was the next day. It was a snow day. Pixie walked around to the beach. She had changed. Something was covering her eyes and had wings! Pixie had a camo shirt and pants. She looked at the beach… Her personality didn’t change at all. When she looked out of the beach, everyone was having fun. She got in her car and drove to her high school. There was a new kid and she was being bullied. Pixie stepped in and told the girls to stop bullying the new girl. The new girl ran to her class. Pixie yelled, “You’re welcome!” Pixie went to her class too. Twixie saw Pixie. Pixie was 80

diferent a lot. Well, it was drama class, and Pixie had to sing. So Pixie sang her best and she got an A+++ on her drama class ticket. Pixie got in her car fast and Twixie was trying to say something mean but Pixie drove away! It was Friday and it was prom. So she drove to the beach because prom was at the beach. Pixie went in a nice dress. One boy asked her to dance and he had brown hair, wings, something over his eyes. He was just like Pixie.


THE GREAT WIZARD (EXCERPT) Luke S. Galileo STEM Academy There was a village with hundreds of people. Some wizards call them the believers, because they believe too much in everything. Once on a summer day, there came a storm, and when storms come in the summer everyone knows that there’s at least one baby that appears in a random house, so when everyone went inside, there was a scream rom the meanest, loudest citizens in the village. The storm stopped and… Everyone came out of their tents and houses to see that there was a baby through the tallest, coolest house. The baby cried and cried, so the believers (citizens) all called him George ater the loudest crying kid ever. If they didn’t take care of the baby, they would fall into an endless pit. Ater ten years of living with the believers, there came a time when the irst automobile was made, and it was sold to George’s “parents” for $100,000.00. Then a lying sheep came with a letter in its mouth and dropped it into George’s hands. George’s parents’ names were Joseph and Jonea. Jonea ripped the letter out of George’s hands. Jonea read the letter that said: “Dear George, You have been invited to the witchcrat and wizardry school Grestwood. You do not have to come.” Ater reading the story, Jonea gave it to Joseph and he read and gave a nasty look at George and looked back and ripped it up, threw it on the ground and the automobile ran it over. Once they got home, they found another letter, but this time with a dog. Joseph pulled and pulled, but it didn’t budge. Joseph ran over to George, “Go, get it out of its mouth! Now!” So George ran to the dog and gently pulled it out. “Give it here, George,” said Jonea in a sot but forceful way. 82

ATTACK OF THE VEGETABLES Zachary W. Galileo STEM Academy Once long ago, when the dinosaurs were alive, vegetables took over the land. The potatoes came out of the ground with their eye to see, the carrots lipped of their vines, the zucchini and squash broke their vines, and the tomatoes just made themselves grow too heavy to stay on. The potatoes were the most powerful because they ate the carrots, which gave them good eyesight, they ate the cabbage, which made them strong, and they smashed tomatoes on them to make them look bloody and battlescarred. The squash and zucchini did the same, except for the carrots. Ater that, they carved the rest of the carrots into swords, knives and shields. They were of to ight the dinosaurs. The irst one they ran into was a triceratops. It was no problem for the ighters, but they knew waaaaaaay more were on the land, and needed to be killed. The dinosaurs were also getting ready for battle. They all had armor, claws and deadly tails. They were all but three miles apart. The vegetables were growing rapidly. By the time they would clash, the vegetables would be twice the size of a t-rex. Suddenly the dinosaurs felt a rumble beneath the earth. They looked up and saw‌the vegetables.


THE GIRLS’ TRIP Bridget Galileo STEM Academy “Hey girls!” I shouted with excitement to my old riends at the Boise airport. We all ran into each other’s arms as we saw each other: me, Lucy, Hannah and Leah had not seen each other for a while because we were not all at the same college. Me and Katherine went to Boise State, and Leah and Hannah went to Oregon State. “I have missed you all so much!” we all cried at the same time. “I haven’t seen Leah and Hannah for ive years.” “We haven’t seen you and Katherine for ive years also,” said Leah and Hannah. “I love going on girl trips with you guys, even though we have never been on one. I could not live without you girls,” I sad, looking at each of my 22-year-old riendships. “Let’s get going on our girls’ trip to London!” we all said with excitement. “WOW!” I laughed, “We are all like quadruplets.” “I can’t believe we actually put this trip together!” said Katherine. “So?” said Leah, “When is our light?” “It is at 7:00 a.m.,” I said. “Well what time is it right now?” questioned Katherine. “It is…holy smokes, it is 6:30 a.m.!” I shouted. “We’d better hurry!” “Hmm… I think our plane took of at 6:30, Lucy.” Hannah cried. “Didn’t we have a time change?” I asked in worry. “Yes, we did,” we all shouted. We ran up to the desk in a hurry. “Excuse me,” I said to the lady in all black. “Did a plane take of at 6:30 a.m.?” I asked Nancy – according to her nametag. 84

“I forgot to change my watch. We missed it,” I said with right. “Is there another plane taking of soon?” “Yes, at 9:00.” she sneered while smacking her gum. “Perfect,” I said with relief. “Actually, it is going to Paris,” she sneered again. “WHAT,” I shouted. “It is okay,” my riends said. “It is not…wait,” I said. “Maybe it is okay. We could just go to Paris, girls,” I realized. “Okay,” we all laughed. “Everything turned out ine,” I said with relief. “Now let’s go on our girls’ trip,” I said with excitement while hugging my three riends. “You’re the best riends EVER!”


DON’T LET GO (EXCERPT) Clara Galileo STEM Academy “DADDY! NO! Please don’t go!” I screamed. “Chloe!” my mom scolded. “No yelling in the house. You know that!” I ignored her. “Daddy! You! Can! Not! Go!!!” I screamed even louder. Then I started crying. I knew he had to go, but at that point in my life, I did not want to lose another dad. I had already lost my real dad. He and my real mom put me up for adoption when I was two days old. I have a British accent, reddish-orange hair that goes down to my butt, and I have a ton of reckles. I don’t it in, in my town. At all. Also I’m ten. My dad had just told me that he was leaving our hometown to go on an expedition! Meriwether Lewis. My dad! I sank onto the cold, hard loor and cried. I cried hard. My dad knelt next to me on the loor and whispered soothing words to me. “I will be back, Chloe. I will be back.” At that moment I knew I couldn’t let him go. I was going to go with him. I went over my plan in my head. I was going to climb into Dad’s clothes box. Then he was going to pick it up and put it in his boat. I was so nervous about this. I was going to go on the expedition with my dad. Without him knowing! I was in my own thought world when I felt a sudden jolt, then a drop. I was on the ship! Again, I felt a jolt and the ship was of. I knew this was the start of my adventure.


THE PENCILS AND THE PENCIL BOX Abigail Galileo STEM Academy “You have pens in you,” shouted Pencil President. “You betrayed us.” “Why can’t I have pencils and pens in me?” shouted the pencil box. “YOU Just CAN’T!” “Okay, ine.” “Thank you,” said Pencil President. “So, which pencil box will you choose?” asked Pencil Box. “You of course,” said Pencil President. “But the pens will be inside me,” said Pencil Box. “YOU JUST SAID OKAY!” “I said okay to the pens,” said the Pencil Box. “Fi—” Pencil President started to say. But Emily walked into her room where the two had been ighting. “How did you get out, crazy pencils?” Emily went to put them away but Pencil President shouted, “NOOOO!!! I AM NOT GOING INSIDE THAT PENCIL BOX!” “You talk?” said Emily. “You talk?” said Pencil Box. “Of course she does.” said Pencil President. “NO SHE DOESN’T,” said Pencil Box. “YES SHE DOES!!!” The two continued to bicker. Then the pens came out. First the red. “Hello,” Red said in a low voice. Then orange. “Hello,” Orange said a bit higher, and they continued each going a little bit higher until the last color of the rainbow sang, “Hello,” Pink said, a tiny bit too high. “Too high,” said Red. “You’re ired,” said Orange. “Busted,” said Yellow. “Leave,” said Green. “Skedaddle,” said Blue. 87

“Bye-bye,” said Purple. Then the pink gel pen let. Emily stared, confused. “Emily,” Red started in a very low voice. “What are Lizzy’s pens doing here?” “Mom, can I go to Lizzy’s house?” “Okay,” said Emily’s mom. Emily grabbed her backpack and put the gel pens in their box and then in her backpack and put it on her back. “Bye, Mom,” she said. “Bye,” said her Mom. She rode her bike across the street. Emily knocked on Lizzy’s door. “Hello,” said Lizzy ater she opened the door. Emily took her backpack of and unzipped the bag. “Here are your gel pens.” “Thanks,” said Lizzy. “I have to go,” said Emily. Ater she returned, there was no more trouble with the two.


MY BROTHER AND MY TERRIBLE BEGINNING Bella P. Galileo STEM Academy “Mom, Dad…” “What, honey…” “I want a sister…” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “Are you sure you do not want a dog?” “No.” “A cat…” “NO!” “A ish…” “NO! I just want a sister…” A year later, “Honey…” “Yes.” “I am having a baby…” “Really…” “Yes…” “Is it a girl?” “It’s a boy…” “What… I sat on a rock and yelled ‘I want a sister’ for nothing?” “Honey you should be grateful.” “For what?” “Your brother.” “Why, I don’t want him.” “Why?” “I don’t like boys.” “Why?” “Because they don’t like unicorns.” “That’s not true.” “How do you know?” “Because I am the smartest person ever.” Nine months later… “Hey best riend, do you want to come over?” “Yes.” “Hi Mom, I’m home. Dad, where’s Mom?” 89

“She had the baby.” “What? That is the worst news ever!” “Why?” “I don’t want a brother!” “Honey it’s not the end of the world…” “Yes it is.” Ding-dong… “I’m home with your new brother Tom.” “What kind of a name is that?” “Honey, don’t be rude.” “I’m not being rude I just don’t like my brother.” “How do you know, you don’t even know him yet.” “So what?” A year later… “I love my brother now, because he loves to throw toilet paper on the ground and is so bad.” “That’s an interesting reason.” “Honey pssst…” “What dear?” “I’m having a girl. Don’t tell the kids. I want it to be a surprise. I’m just going to pretend I’m fat.” “Okay.” Nine months later… “I’m home!” “From what?” “I had twins! Two girls.” “What! I want another brother.”


THE CAT Koji Galileo STEM Academy Once upon a time, there was a cat named Chancey. Chancey had everything she could have wanted. A comfortable bed, great food, a funny owner. But then she started not to feel good. She started to throw up and diarrhea everywhere, on her bed, her living room, even the pantry. Her meows got weaker, but louder. Koji and his dad took her to the Emergency Room. They said, “Chancey might have kidney disease.” At the end of the day, Koji prayed for her. Chancey overheard Koji and his dad. Koji said, “So is Chancey going to be put down?” “I don’t know yet,” said Koji’s dad. Then Koji was crying a little. The next day, they took her to the animal clinic. Then the doctor said, “I’m sorry, but she needs to be put down.” Ater the doctor, Koji’s dad said in the middle of school he’d pick Koji up. At 11:56, it was time. They were at Koji’s house with Chancey in her bed sleeping. Ater about twenty minutes, the vet came. Koji’s parents and the vet came around Chancey and prayed for her. Ater that, the vet gave her a shot to be put down. Then the vet said her heart stopped. Chancey was in heaven. She was happy, but Koji wasn’t. Six weeks later, he almost accepted what happened to Chancey, but then he started to see igures that looked like Chancey to him. Others didn’t see but Koji did. For two weeks he only dreamed of Chancey. He had bad dreams over and over again about Chancy. Since Koji’s parents wouldn’t allow him to get another cat, he asked for a dog. Still, they wouldn’t allow him to get a dog. The only things he could get were 91

chickens. He tried to convince his parents by saying, “Wow, I haven’t seen a cat in such a long time.” But they still said no. So he just accepted that he couldn’t get a cat or a dog, so he just said, “Let’s just get chickens.” So his dad said that he’d get chickens in a few weeks.


DIAMOND Andrew Galileo STEM Academy My name is Katrina. I have silvery hair, with waves like the ocean. I live in a place that is never light. We live in silence. I live alone in a place where mostly everyone is asleep. I usually look into the stars and wonder, what else is out there? I was walking around one day and found a moonstone. Like any moonstone, it was gray with violet hues, but it had blue streaks that glowed. I took it home and examined it. It had a small keyhole. I thought I had a key that would it in the keyhole. I put the key into the keyhole and it it! The moonstone glowed and everything seemed to melt and then it formed plants and animals. Then the moonstone stopped glowing and sat itself down on a rock. I picked it up and the keyhole was gone. So I decided to explore. It was very windy and I wanted it to stop. Then, suddenly the wind stopped. Strange, I thought. Then I tripped and fell in a hole. Just when I thought I’d land, I stopped falling. When I looked down, I was loating. I tried going higher and soon I was loating above the trees! I felt shocked. All my life I hadn’t known I had powers! Then the moonstone started glowing and loating. Then I felt bursts of wind all around me, and suddenly the moonstones started glowing brightly and it turned into a person! The person was light blue and had sharp teeth and blue, oval pupils. The wind got stronger and stronger. When she looked at me she smiled an unpleasant smile. Then, randomly I shot blasts of silver air out of my hands. Then the girl said, “I’m Ketrix, your new enemy.” And then disappeared. The wind stopped, but I was in a black castle. I 93

looked out the window and saw I was in space. Then I heard cackling. I followed the sound and found myself in a throne room. There sat Ketrix on her knees. On a large throne sat a woman. The woman looked like a queen. She was transparent like she was not fully formed. Her hair was black as night, and her outit was a dark purple. “This better work, Ketrix, now that your sisters are trapped in their crystals,” the queen said. “You will not be disappointed…Queen Erica.” Then the silver key fell rom my pocket onto the loor. Ketrix turned to see me standing in the door. “How did you ind us?” shouted Ketrix. “I didn’t, I just appeared here,” I said. “That’s impossible, because only Diamond can do that!” said Ketrix. And just like that, Katrina was gone. Then Queen Erica said, “Diamond has awoken.”


THE WALK TO THE WATER HOLE Taylor A. Galileo STEM Academy “Let’s go Donald. We have to catch up with the others.” “But, Mama,” whines Donald the elephant. “No, Donald. We’re leaving.” The elephants trudge through the grass. Mama hopes to ind the watering hole before the lions catch up. “Mama, I—“ “Donald hurry up. You’re falling behind,” says Mama. “There’s so many places to play. Why can’t we stop and take a rest,” whines Donald. “Donald, I would love to stop and play, but the lions aren’t far behind, so we need to keep on going.” “Where are those elephants?” roars the head lion. “We need to ind them before they get to the watering hole.” “Yes sir,” shouts his assistant. “Mama how much longer do we have to walk?” “Donald be patient. You’re being immature.” The rest of the herd walks on, leaving the lions behind. “Mama, Mama watch me!” “Donald that’s great! You’re learning how to blow bubbles. But we need to keep on moving.” Beating their legs fast, the elephant herd rushes to the watering hole. When the lions catch up and see the elephants make it, they groan and turn back for home. “Mama are we there yet.” “Donald look up.” “Wow,” says Donald. “I’ve never seen something so beautiful in my life.” “I knew it would be worth it,” laughs Mama. “Then you were right.”




My mom dropped me of at my grandfather’s house. “Bye, Honey!” she said. “G’bye,” I said. It’s gonna be a LOOONG summer. My mom and dad were going on a cruise, but kids weren’t allowed. My grandfather had NOTHING fun to do. Once inside, my grandfather welcomed me. “Hello, Layman!” he said. “Trying to ind my cane. You seen it?” I groaned. “I just got here.” “Oh yeah!” he said. “I let it in my attic! Right by my artifacts. Worth a lot of money now-a-days.” CA-CHING! “Don’t worry, I’ll get it!” I said hurriedly. “Thanks!” he said. I went up into my grandfather’s attic. Old loorboards creaked beneath me. When I reached the top, I was assaulted with dust. I grabbed the nearest thing to cover my face. It was a cloth and only made it worse. THUMP! Something fell to the ground. I picked it up, and it was a pocket watch. Interesting, I thought. It had little numbers and a two-letter slot. It currently was rozen at 1400 AD. I pressed the top button. It might be worth something. Instantly, my body felt like a million tiny swords were attacking my body at once. I felt woozy and lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was not in my grandfather’s attic. I was on a rocky island with the watch. “Stupid watch!” I grumbled. Suddenly, a Viking ship came! “A STRANGER!” said a Viking with a booming voice. “What should we do?” said a Viking with a long beard. “Take him to the chief,” said a muscular boy. We came to a giant hut. I was tied to a post and the man who was the chief talked in a private room. I got little snippets of the conversation. “Stranger…” “We could…” “Burn…” “It is oicial.” “You shall burn,” he said to me. Just before he burned me, I noticed a ‘return’ button. I pressed it, and I was back.

THE DOOR (EXCERPT) Leda Galileo STEM Academy One day in the mid-aternoon, a little girl named Malpha went to play outside to listen to the sweet songs the birds were singing. She saw something that she had never seen before, a purplish pinkish magic door. The magic door led to a beautiful forest illed with bright green trees. She looked up to see the swaying trees. She walked around and listened to the trees and leaves rustling and leaves dropping. Malpha the little girl was smelling something that smelled like raspberries or wild berries. She tasted something but she could not igure out what it truly was. She thought it was summer air. The summer air made her feel happy inside and out. Malpha saw sunlight ahead. She walked toward the bright sunlight. Then she looked up. Finally she saw monkeys. The monkeys were swinging around. One of the monkeys jumped on her back. More monkeys jumped on her back. Then she screamed, “Get of my back.� The monkeys climbed of her back. Then she walked a little bit farther into the magic forest.


THE MYSTERY OF THE MIND McKenzie Galileo STEM Academy It was a normal day at school, when suddenly Ashley heard a very loud banging noise coming rom one of the bathrooms. She wanted to go check it out, but she was taking a very important test, and her teacher probably wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom anyways. But she was still curious. “Did you hear that?” asked Ashley to her riend Max. “Hmmm…” Max hummed in a low voice, trying to think of what Ashley meant. “No, I didn’t hear anything,” replied Max, curious of what it was. “What did you hear?” Ashley did the hand signal that meant “quiet” or “no time to talk” that her teacher taught them. Max went back to his work. Ashley made a straight worried face and inally went back to her work, too. “I can’t believe you heard that, Ashley!” said Max, Ashley’s riend. “Why didn’t I?” “Cause you’re deaf!” Ashley joked, laughing. “Hey I’m not deaf you mean-butt!” “I was joking,” Ashley replied. “Come on, let’s go ask some other people if they heard it,” Ashley said, still kinda laughing. The two girls asked all their riends, teachers, and middle school teachers. And not one of them heard what Ashley heard. Not one person at all. The next day, Ashley went straight to the bathroom, stomping her feet. “I’ve had enough!” Ashley said, speaking over the banging noise that she was hearing. She checked all the stalls and the last one she checked had swirling and sparkling purple water in it. “OMG!” Ashley yelled very loudly, “What is this!!!” Teachers next by heard her screaming and came in. “What is it!” one of the teachers yelled, looking 98

inside. “I see…s-s-saw purple water in the toilet. It was so sparkly a-a-and I think I saw it in my mind.” The next day, Ashley was on the news saying things about what she heard and saw. She also got a checkup on her mind. Nothing was wrong…


WEST CANYON ELEMENTARY Teaching-Writer Natalie Disney

SNOW DAY Chloe West Canyon Elementary On a foggy aternoon When it’s too cold to go outside, Dad’s at work, And my brothers are down for their nap. I can feel the warm sensation of the warmth rom my blanket running through my spine. I can taste my hot cocoa rom my mom’s favorite mug sliding down my throat, I can smell the chocolate mixed with a kind of dirty smell And I can’t hear the T.V. very well, Because my sister’s voice is drowning out the sound. I can see my mom talking to my sister, and out the window it’s starting to snow again.


THE ISLAND PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WANTING Ellie West Canyon Elementary Young, smart, 10-year-old Ellie Leavitt’s favorite food is steak and potatoes. It’s something that if you didn’t have, you’d be missing out. Ellie personally thinks that if you had a pebble-sized serving of steak and potatoes, your life would have colors again! She could build an island made entirely out of steak and potatoes! She wanted to be able to have other people enjoy the food she really loves. One sunny day, she realized that she could do something that the world wanted! The island would have a fountain of splendid, delicious, A1 sauce that people could dip their delicious steak in, and a gravy fountain that they could dip their potatoes in. The steak and potatoes would be a homemade recipe, that was world famous! The restaurants would serve only steak and, potatoes, but once a year they could serve one strand of bacon. And it only cost $10.00 to take a boat to the island that was 5 minutes away. When she presented her idea to the world, the main question was, how will it loat? Ellie came back within a second with a thrilling answer: “World! Don’t be scared! It would loat by having a huge, un-poppable, thick inner tube.” Some challenges would be not letting the food get soggy, and every time you step it would go squish squash rom the food, but Ellie thinks she will be able to accomplish this outstandingly wonderful idea in the next 20 years when she’s 30 years old.


YIN AND YANG Josiah West Canyon Elementary Like both sides of Yin and Yang can work in darkness or light Is sweet and sour like a cranberry Able to see through truth and lies Quick to strike when angry or shine a joyful light upon others.


YOUR STORY Maralee West Canyon Elementary Books can be thin, Books can be thick, You are a story, Make the best of it, If you believe me, Add what you can, Make your life beautiful, And you will stand, As you stand you will learn to talk, As you talk you will learn to walk, You will ind places illed with doves, And people with their hearts illed with love.


GIVE ME MORE Brody West Canyon Elementary An Oreo smells like toothpaste, a little cold and strong. It tastes like an herb, but not too leafy. It looks like colors of a tree, brown and green. It feels crunchy on the outside, like a cracker but squishy in the middle, like warm sand. It also looks round like a ball. I love mint Oreos.


A POTATO’S DREAM Addison West Canyon Elementary To be a potato, you have to dream of what you want to do. You have to dream of where you want to go. Is the soil around you warm? Or would you rather stay in the ground forever? Would you want to see the sun and let it comfort you with its warmness? Do you want to be baked, ried, cut up, mashed, and then eaten? Are you going to scream out loud and hope someone comes, Or stay as quiet as a mouse and hide forever? Do you want to travel around the world? Or do you want to stay here in your home town? Are you going to try and live forever, or die super quick? Because you know you're going to die sooner or later. Do you want your skin to be dark, like dirt, or do you want it to be as light as sand? Do you want to be the potato that people don’t like, and be thrown out? Or do you want to be the potato that people just love? You are going to have to decide.


POTATOES ARE POTATOES Jessa West Canyon Elementary To be a potato would feel bad, because you get eaten. I would want to be taken rom the farm so I can see the sun and see the nice blue sky. I would want to look at the people on Halloween that dress like a potato or a potato chip. I would get squished in a bag. I would get wet and crunched in a human person's mouth. I would want to go to New York and other places, but you do know I have no feet, right? I would want to be cool and have sunglasses, you know. Every chip wants to have sunglasses. I would NOT WANT TO BE EATEN! It would take a lot of responsibilities to be a potato—just letting you know now. You would have to take a shower when you get out of the ground—you know you are dirty. Or is that the humans that clean you? Do not forget: it is a lot of work to be a potato.


A POEM Rockwell West Canyon Elementary Trying to think of a poem is like trying to break stone with your hands. Or trying to open a locked door. It is not easy at least not for me.


MINECRAFT, ME, AND FRIENDS Isaac West Canyon Elementary Minecrat is love Minecrat is life It’s a game since 2005 It was in Beta Kind of like Alpha It’s like the sunshine on every single pixel Made rom 1s also rom 0s There is no end To this blocky world Thousands and thousands of blocks to explore Hundreds of crating recipes It is much more fun When you play multiplayer Hundreds of players rom around the world Friends even have it Get on this server Play and play on a homemade server Make our own world in survival Creative


I AM THE LAND OF THE PINES Lucy West Canyon Elementary I am the sunny dirt road on Simplot Drive. I am the beautiful sunrise starting a new day in Green Leaf. I am the wonderful hike on a summer day At Tripod Reservoir. I am the tractor holding up traic. I am a four-by-four speeding down a backroad. I am a trip to the peaceful stream to catch dinner. I am a mountain lion stalking a young doe in the forest. I am the group of kids walking through a thunderstorm, not caring about the soaked clothes on my back. I am a sun-sweet peach rom the secret peach tree on the side of the road. I am a bike ride to the park where I meet my riends. I am a bonire crackling in the darkness. I am kids telling ghost stories around a campire. I am a rattlesnake slithering across a dirt road. I am a young girl reading in a giant pine tree. I am Idaho.


WELCOME TO WILDLIFE ISLAND Cameron West Canyon Elementary Welcome to wildlife island! This is where your hunting, ishing, hiking, and camping dreams come true! The island will be made out of the dead forest put to reuse. It can also have planted trees and shrubs. And don't worry, professionals built this thing. The forest will be the main attraction and it is built in the west side of the world, (west Paciic Ocean). It is being built as if it were LEGOs, a lat surface and layers so it doesn't corrupt, break apart, and loat away. This island is being built because some hunters need more forest, and sometimes, less highways. Life on the island: I step onto the island, a twig snaps in two under my foot. A wolf howls in the distance. Elk eat the resh grass on the beautifully sloped hill-crest. I reach down to get my hiking stick in the slippery grass. My hand is swallowed by the grass. I feel the smallest strand of pain streak up my arm, as if it was running of the branch. I use a tiny branch to pick it up, as if it was a handle for the stick. I run of to the tiny village of tents. They're all like neighbors, living in the plane. I go for the supplies shack to get a tent and some ishing poles. At the shack, I see a North Face brand tent. That’s at least to rent $59.99, to buy is $99.99. But this one is $5.50 to buy, and to rent is $2.99! I say, that's a bargain! (I really thought it was too much of a bargain.) You can buy an assigned tent and stay here a month! You can't stay here forever, because the owner does not want to harm the animals or their habitat.


AN IMAGE Alice M. West Canyon Elementary I could smell the wet dog As I face-plant in the snow. I can taste the water rom the snow, But, you can hear the snow crunch. When you see me, I am falling down a hill. When I was done, I got licked by the dog, The smelly, Wet, gross dog. The snow was melting In my mouth, You can hear it slosh around. When it was ice, It gave me a large cut in my mouth.


MY DOG James West Canyon Elementary He is just a dog, but His fur is like the snow That pours on the earth He is like the Christmas day that comes Only once a year He can shine high like The milky way He is my dog Kind and loving dog


I REMEMBER Thomas W. West Canyon Elementary I feel the cool breeze as it brushes against my face. I hear the wind as it whips around the trees. The smell of hay reminds me to feed the cows. As I taste the snow, I get colder and colder. I grab my cat and feel his fur against my face, I automatically feel warm. I see the white snow falling all around. As I walk inside, I feel the warmth and remember all the feelings.


THE BIRTHDAY CAKE FLAVORED OREO Ashlynd West Canyon Elementary The cookie looks like a light, sunburned yellow color. The middle looks like it has sprinkles mixed in with the tasty rosting. It smells so delicious; like a vanilla cake. The cookie part of the Oreo tastes like a candy bar that you just took out of a wrapper. The middle of the cookie tastes likes buttercream rosting that is on a delicious cake. The top feels very rough like the bark rom a tall oak tree. It looks like an ice cream cookie sandwich rom Baskin-Robbins. The color and circular shape makes the cookie look like a sun that a child drew on a piece of construction paper. The little Oreo symbol on the cookie makes it look like every other delicious Oreo. The Oreo tastes just like a delicious confetti cake, with buttercream rosting (you can’t forget the sprinkles).


TEXAS Daniel S. West Canyon Elementary While I was in Texas, I could smell A ire. I could feel the heat of the sun. I saw the moon, Before it went away; it was delightful. I could hear the children laugh. I could taste the air; It smelled like food.


MY OREO’S LIFE Jada West Canyon Elementary The Oreo smells like chocolate. It’s brown, hard, and has its name engraved in it. It smells and tastes like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. It’s good in your mouth and you can eat this all day. My Oreo says, “Help me! I’m too young to die!” My Oreo also says, “I’m delicious, but the other Oreos are better.” Usually when someone dies, they get buried in the ground but this Oreo will get buried in my belly. And just to be nice, I’ll eat some of those chocolates that are shaped as lowers.


HASHBROWNS Cheyenne West Canyon Elementary To be a potato, you have to deal with a lot, like when are you going to get eaten? When are you ever going to see the sun? A potato cares about a lot, don't you agree? They grow big and healthy for us to eat, but potatoes do not only feed humans; they also feed animals. A potato feels honored when they feed sleepy people in the morning and make them ready for the day. There are some things that scare them, such as getting woken up during beauty sleep. A potato sees sunshine when he is done sleeping. Those are all my fears, because I am a potato, you know. Don't judge me, I am sensitive. I love being a potato.


AMAZING PETS! Hannah K. West Canyon Elementary In my opinion, a dragon is the best animal to have as a pet because they can breathe ire to start campires and to cook your meals. Dragons are huge and can shield you rom harsh, dangerous weather that can kill you, such as rain, hail, snow, or even hurricanes/tornados! Dragons have magical, sparkly scales that can be whatever color you want, and you can take some scales and use them to get things you want or need. If your dragon pet is small enough, you can take it to bed with you and snooze with it! You can also take it on walks and you could even make a fortune for showing your amazing dragon! Dragons have large, smooth wings that keep you steady if you ever want to ride on its back, high into the vast, blue sky, over the sparkly rainbow. You can even take chocolate cupcakes with you or a woven picnic basket and munch along the way to the rainbow. You could also have a picnic on the rainbow if you really wanted to. Dragons can also turn invisible and are very good at hide-and-seek. They can also create an invisibility cloak for you and you’d also be a pro at hide-and-seek! That is why dragons are the best animal to have as a pet! [WARNING! If you are not careful, your dragon can set you on ire or can kill you!]


THE POTATO’S LIFE Mia West Canyon Elementary If you are being a potato you have to dig deep into the ground. Then you stay down there for a hundred days then you will be ready for a fascinating life. You might travel to Mars if you are lucky. You might be fancy food or even become the biggest potato in human history. Some time you will see that you are saving human lives. I am a potato and I love myself. That’s a good thing.


BLUE RAIN Bryan West Canyon Elementary To be a potato You have to live alone And accept all the water and dirt Feel all the Rain, sunshine, and dirt When you feel all the rain You grow more curious You see some sunlight and You want to leave.


I AM IDAHO Lia West Canyon Elementary I am crusted In dirt and Canyons. Sagebrush dances Along on top Of me. I am part Of your precious Memories. Ice clinks Against the cup of lemonade On the patio you sit on To look at the lovely sunsets. The rumble of cattle on top of Me numbs the machinery’s massive Smoke clouds that make me cough And wheeze. I am the trickling rain hitting the landscape. I am the forest looking down on you. I am the mountains protecting this land and signaling, “Welcome to Idaho” with my great peaks of snow. I am the Boise River, reezing like Alaska. I am a simmering hot day just Like when your family makes dinner. I am the tumbleweeds Fighting along with the wind. I am the potatoes growing and Sprouting to life for your French ries. I am the horses that Remind you of the olden days. I am the chirping bluebirds that Fly reely through this land. I am the lowing rivers with lively Trout and salmon. I am the moderately cold lakes that you drive Through with your boats. I am Idaho.


WHITE PINE ELEMENTARY Teaching-Writer Lacey Daley

WILL YOU BECOME MY LOYAL FRIEND? Evelyn White Pine Elementary We live in California—me, Jane, Lilly, Nick, Adam, Mike, Mom, and Dad. My ive siblings and I are very happy. We have a loving family, a crazy, cozy, yellow house that I especially like to be in with my family, though it can be as loud as a zoo and can smell of messy art supplies and outside. I love going outside. There are beautiful lowers, green resh grass that grow wild and long, warm, calming sunshine that streams through the silhouettes of oak trees, willow trees, and pine trees. Today it’s St. Patrick’s Day. I rantically pull on my green capris and yellow T-shirt. There’s going to be an event at school apparently and I want to get there soon! Walking down the crumbling sidewalk, I wonder what my riends will be doing when I get to school. “Hi, Sally,” I say. “Are you excited that it’s St. Patrick’s Day?” Sally doesn’t answer. She just stares at me like I’m crazy. All day my riends either don’t say anything to me or say mean things to me. They call me Alexandra or mean names instead of Ally, even though they know I don’t like what they’re calling me. I don’t know what’s going on. I walk down the hall in a daze and I almost bump into Charlotte, a girl who’s been mean to me for my whole life. “Hi,” I sigh. I don’t care if she’s a bully. I need somebody, anybody to talk to! She stares at me and I cringe and close my eyes. I know what’s coming next. I wait for her to say something mean, but instead she just glares at me and mutters, “Come with me.” She takes me to a quiet, grassy little forest with sun streaming through the shadows of strong oak trees. It smells like wonderful lowers and resh plants, and it’s empty and 126

peaceful. “Charlotte, this is beautiful!” I marvel as I gaze at my surroundings. “Why did you take me here?” “You haven’t ever been here?” she asks. “What do you mean?” I wonder. That’s when I realize that this place is only a block away rom my house. “I took you here because—” she pauses for efect. “Well, I’m moving.” It takes me a moment to adjust for the news. Charlotte has lived in Johnson Riverhood for her whole life. “Where?” I ask once I recover rom my shock. “Here,” she gestures around. Her eyes well up with tears. “What’s wrong?” I say and rub her back. She linches at the touch of my hand and sniles. “My house burned down this morning,” she says. I can tell she feels terrible. “It’s okay,” I say. “My parents died in it.” I don’t know what to do, but I know that things will turn out okay. “You know,” she says, wiping away tears, “you’re the only riend I’ve ever even kind of had.” “Thanks,” I say as we sit together. The next day at school, my riends still aren’t being riendly. I haven’t noticed that several times this morning they opened their mouths like they wanted to say something to me, but then stopped themselves. For now, Charlotte is living in an orphanage. Today she told me that her parents have been divorced ever since she was born. She said that lately she has noticed that being kind and helpful is what she needed to do to make riends. She didn’t tell me this, but I know that she has been acting a lot riendlier and kinder to other people, too. It’s a great change. “Hi Ally.” A voice behind me makes me jump. “It’s Joanne,” I say carefully. Joanne is one of my riends that hasn’t been very kind to me lately. “Umm…” “Sally, Brooklyn, and I just want to tell you that 127

we’re sorry that we haven’t been nice to you lately. Louise threatened us to be mean and nasty to you.” “We did it for a day, but the whole time we didn’t feel good about it,” Sally added. “Thanks,” I embrace them happily. Now Charlotte, Joanne, Sally, Brooklyn, and me are best riends. We have been trying to beriend Louise, but she’s still ignoring us and trying to become cool and popular. Oh well. We’ll keep trying to be riendly and kind to her and see how things turn out. You never really know what will happen next.


ON THE PATH Melanie White Pine Elementary I live with my family in a small log cabin about half a mile rom a gravel path that I walk on and discover awesome things like red bark that Mom can make medicine with. Almost always, dreams here are drowned out by the pitter-patter of rain beating down on the roof, occasionally dripping through and wetting your face. The ground is almost always covered in dew, creating a resh, wondrous smell. One day I was walking on the path and I found a newspaper, though of course I didn’t know what it was. I picked it up and ran back home. Mom knew how to read. When I got home I gave it to Mom. She told me it said, “World War II Germany takes over Denmark.” I asked Mom where we live. “Not important,” she said quickly and escorted me to bed. Then she said, “I think we are safe.” I sighed in relief. I stayed up late, staring at the symbols. My brother Peter saw me and asked what I was doing. I told him about the war. He is sixteen and used to live in the city, therefore sort of knew how to read. He started to read the newspaper to me. We were only half way through when we heard a bang, and another bang, and words we had never heard before that sounded like a diferent language. “Dónde está la niña?” we heard a rough voice say. Peter grabbed me and threw me under the bed along with the newspaper before running out of the room and returning with Mom and my sister Jhun. He stufed them under the bed, then hurried and whispered for us to stay there and not make a sound. We sat there together confused. I heard Max barking and Peter saying, “This is just a closet, no need to look here.” 129

I assumed the soldier ignored him because I heard a squeak as the door made its last noise, and crashed. The crash was deafening. Mom winced. Then I felt someone step on my leg. I tried not to cry out in pain. Then I felt someone grab my leg and pull me out. A German soldier peered into my face, a slow grin appearing. “I got one,” he shouted, jogging outside and threw me in a cage in the back of a truck. I hit my head on one of the cold, wet metal bars and fainted. I woke up to a loud banging noise. As my eyes slowly regained focus I tried to recall what happened. When I remember, I jolted my head up alertly. We were at a place that looked like a factory. Max and Jhun were in the cage with me. It seemed as if Mom never existed. The man came and put handcufs on me and Jhun. They rougly grabbed Max and took him away while anger shot through me. They pulled us into a small room and let us there. We stood there for a while, and then got tired and sat down. What seemed like days but probably hours passed, and a guy came in with food, taking of our handcufs. I munched the food happily. Ater that we igured out a plan. When the soldier came in to give us supper I snuck a pair of handcufs out of his belt and then continued to eat innocently. He let. The next day when he came in Jhun tackled him and I grabbed his walkie-talkie while I put the handcufs on him. “Trouble on loor seven,” I said into the walkietalkie. We were on loor one, an advantage to escape. We let the guard lying there because their oice was on loor three and ran out of the building. We walked for a long time until I found what I was looking for. We went into the building called Ecnatsiser. It was in the newspaper I found called “De Frei Danske.” It was a Resistance store. I told Jhun this and she excitedly ran inside. When we got inside we saw a booth called, “Want A Safe, Protective Home?” We went there and told them our situation and apparently that was the right spot. They called a woman who came to pick us up. When we were about to 130

leave I though about Max. We drove to the lady’s house. She had a wonderful garden. We went to bed immediately, for we hadn’t had a good sleep for a long time. When I woke up I went out to the garden and saw something rustle, and believe it or not, Max poked his head out! I ran over to him, laughing in delight. Jhun saw me celebrating and came out to see what happened. We both laughed, playing with Max. The woman, whose name was Helen White, though I was supposed to call her Helen, taught me and Jhun how to read and then enrolled us in school. The next thing I knew the war was over. Everybody cried out in happiness. That day my mom and brother came back. The most exciting part was when my dad came back. He had been sent to war, though we thought he had been attacked by an animal. We decided to stay in Denmark and still live there to this day. Just as things were getting worse than ever, they got better than ever.


A SKETCHBOOK Amiya White Pine Elementary I am in the park with my sister. I am on the bench next to the biggest tree. This is my safe spot. The season is spring. The sky is as blue as an Idaho sky. I am in Chicago and I haven’t noticed how hot it is. From here, I can see a brown house with an even darker brown roof. This is my house. My room has white walls and a bed with a quilt on it. My sister’s bed has a quilt on it, too. My next-door neighbor is Amy. We don’t talk much. Across the street rom me is Ms. Hock. She has a dog. The dog’s name is Sunrise. That’s because she gets lighter fur as you look up. She is a Golden Retriever. I don’t have a pet. I wish I had a parrot, so I could sketch it. I live in a calm place. My name is Amiya. It means love, beauty, and lower. My sister’s name is Saumya. It means the great Indian goddess, Durga. My family is Indian. I have never really noticed what my talent is or what I like to do. That is, until I was six and Mom gave me a multicolor pen. I decided I would start drawing with it, but I didn’t know what to draw. Finally, ater a lot of thinking, I decided to start with a cat. I didn’t think it would look good, but I didn’t know I had it in me. It looked real nice. The only thing I’ve ever wanted is a sketchbook that I can carry with me everywhere I go. I keep on begging my parents for one, but they always look at each other, giggle, and say no. I get confused when they do that but I try not to show it. One day, I was dreaming about a sketchbook when my parents came into my room. “We need you to come with us to the park,” Mom said. I could tell she was trying to hide a smile. I didn’t notice my sister was with them. It seemed like she knew what was going on because she was trying to hide a smile, too. I 132

didn’t know why they wanted me to go the park, but I didn’t care. Dad had a bag with him. It had something in it, but I couldn’t tell what. Ater we walked to the park, Dad took of his bag. Then he stared at Mom. “Are you,” he said, “you know, uh . . . show,” he continued. Mom nodded. Saumya handed the bag to Mom and chuckled. I didn’t know what was going on, I just wanted to know what was in the bag! Finally they stopped chuckling and got serious. “We’ve all been thinking,” Mom said. “We’ve been thinking about your begging for a sketchbook.” Wait a minute, I thought. Did they, wait, did they . . . no, they got ...” I thought on. “We got you something!” Dad blurted out. Mom glared at him. Then she got her normal face back and said, “Your father is right,” she continued, “we got you something.” She gave me the bag. At irst, I was a little araid to open it, then I almost ripped the bag open, then I wanted to give the bag back. Then, I didn’t know if I should even hold it. What if something jumps out at me, I thought. This went on for about, oh, two minutes, but it felt like forever! “Well,” said Mom, “open it!” I couldn’t take it—I had to know what was in the bag. I ripped it open, tearing the bag in half. My family jumped! I couldn’t believe what was inside! A smooth, blue sketchbook was lying inside one of the halves. I looked up at my family, barely seeing because my huge smile was squishing my eyes. “Thank you!” I said. “Thank you so, so much!” “Draw something!” Saumya said. “Come on!” I knew exactly what to draw. “I know. . . a tree!” “Yes!” they cried. Ater that, I didn’t have to beg. Instead, I could draw! Oh, this is going to start a new chapter in my life! 133

INTO THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND Luke So. White Pine Elementary My brother, parents, and I live in a small town in Oregon. Our house is two blocks away rom the beach. We have a tiny ireplace for warmth and a tiny kitchen and four bowls, four spoons, and four forks. I love the woods full of oaks that are talking to each other, with a river in it, with a million branches that lead to a bay covered with starish, octopus, and ish. I love the water and forest and I can’t get enough of them. Once I sailed across an unforgiving sea and almost drowned. My ship wrecked and I got a lot of scars and was bleeding rom every part of me. I found myself on an island with a rough, rocky beach glittering in the sunlight. I looked beyond that and saw streams as clear as crystals running slowly through a forest. The forest was covered in birds of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. There were strong, green pines, weeping willows, and I could almost make out a few oaks. I rejoiced with happiness because of what was laid out before me, but also felt sorrowful because my family wasn’t here. I didn’t know why I wept: rom the island’s features or because of the sorrow of my family not being here. I sat down thinking how I’d survive and get back to my family, hopefully. I ventured into the forest, inding wild sounds of bears, mysterious creatures, and wolves. As I walked I also saw birds—there were blue birds, robins, woodpeckers, and some weird ones. I saw tarps, ire pits, and some torn down teepees. As I got farther onto the island, I saw a jungle! I always wanted to at least see a jungle—now I could have an entire jungle. But I could hardly walk into it because of how much sorrow I felt. I decided to ix up the teepees. I gathered some sticks. By the next week, the teepees were inished. During 134

that time I had survived attacks. One was rom a pack of wolves—I fought them of with ire. Another was rom a jaguar. I escaped through water—the ocean saved me. Over time, I got good at surviving. I had a map. I was great at building, rom all the teepees. So I decided I would try and build a boat. I sailed out, stopping at California once to get food. Once I returned home, I stopped printing and started more crats. I had reunited with my family.


THE DARKNESS OF THE WILDERNESS Jason White Pine Elementary I live in Oregon on the outskirts of a small town next to the woods. I live in a rickety, crumbling, rundown house overgrown with ivy and winter creeper. The furniture is dusty and dirty in this house. I can’t aford to buy food, so my dog and I go hunting a lot. I live with a basset hound named Dogzilla. He is full of leas, but I still like him. Once we were hunting and he stopped very abruptly and tripped me! While I was lying through the air, Dogzilla leapt into the air and knocked me into a marsh. When I got out of the marsh, my basset hound and I had to go home to get clean clothes and dry of. I oten enter the lottery because I am very poor. This week I actually won! Now I have enough money to ix up and elongate my house. Now I have a nice house and more than enough food for me and my hound. Next week is open season and I am very excited. It starts on Tuesday, August 16th, seven days away rom my birthday. That means I can go hunting for my birthday! Well, now it’s Sunday, just one day away rom open season. I can’t wait. I think I’ll sleep through the day to make open season come faster. I woke up this morning and I couldn’t ind Dogzilla. That’s weird because he usually sleeps with me all night. While I walked around the house I kept pinching myself to make sure I was awake. At last I inished searching the rather large house (now that I ixed it up). I went outside to look for him there. Once I got outside, I was instantly met with the ferocious growls of another dog. Dogzilla was ighting a boxer! I watched in horror as the boxer dominated my basset hound. Dogzilla looked horrible. He had a bloody slit through one ear and blood-red bite marks on one leg. He leapt and bit and fought back, but he barely hurt the boxer. All the boxer had was a slash across his let paw that was barely even bloody. 136

The dogight lasted long and eventually ended in Dogzilla limping away into the forest. I went into the forest to look for him expecting to hear whimpering coming rom one of the nearby bushes, but was met with an eerie silence. Suddenly everything got darker so I decided to go back to my house to get a lashlight and then come back and resume my searching for Dogzilla. When I got to the clearing where my house was, I was greeted by three wolves growling ferociously at my appearance. Two of them were white and the other one was black and had a bloody slash over one eye. They started circling me and I knew that soon they were going to strike. So I did the one thing I could that wasn’t literally asking for them to rip me to shreds—that was to slowly back away. Unfortunately, I did not know that there was a rather large stone behind me and ater that, a raging river. As you may have guessed, I backed towards the rock before accidentally tripping over it and splashing into the river. The last thing I remember was feeling a wave of coldness engulf my body, then a sharp pain in my head. That’s when I lost consciousness. I woke to Dogzilla rantically bouncing up and down on top of me. As soon as he saw that I had come to, his expression turned rom rantic to joyful. It was when I sat up that I got the surprise. When I sat up, everything seemed all blurry at irst, but then I recognized where we were. We were at Balch Creek, Forest Park, Oregon. It was more than thirty miles away in the opposite direction of my house. I knew we had to get back to our house, but how? It was late at night, so I thought I should have a good night’s sleep before morning so I could have enough energy for the long journey ahead. So, Dogzilla and I huddled together for warmth and went to sleep. The next morning Dogzilla and I woke up bright and early to get our journey started and heard in the distance the sound of music. It was a sad and dreary tune. I wanted to get our journey started, but I didn’t know which way to go. Suddenly, a hand clamped over my mouth and 137

something that smelled funny was waved under my nose, and then I passed out. I woke up in a small cottage, who knows where. I was gagged and bound and very hungry. The room was dark, but I could distinctly make out two human silhouettes against the darkness. They were whispering in an eerie tone, but I could make out the words ‘nonsense,’ ‘not the slightest,’ and ‘must’ve loated down stream.’ I struggled to ree myself as the men talked. Then one of them cupped a hand over one ear and whispered, “Wassat noise?” The other man pointed to me and said, “E’ must’ve awoken!” Then the two of them cautiously stalked over to me, one brandishing a rather sharp stick in his hands. He poked me with the stick and I wriggled around in the ropes in agony. They shone a lashlight in my face and I blinked for a second and then saw that both men were wearing masks and pinstriped suits. They both lited me into a box and closed the lid. I thrashed around in the box for a few minutes but then gave up. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up, I was moving. I igured the galoots had shipped me somewhere, and started planning my next move. I thought the box was cardboard, so I kicked it with my let foot—I nearly broke it! So now that I know it is wooden I might be able to slide the top of. It worked, and soon the top was on the ground. I waved my hat in the air to make sure the coast was clear before poking my head out the top. What I saw was the window of a ship alongside a door. I crept quietly toward the door, armed with a bottle of whiskey. I took a gulp of sweet ire whiskey before linging the door open and lunging forward with my bottle and tackling someone to the ground. I ripped of his mask to reveal…my riend, Calvin Waters! “So,” I snarled, “You’re all tied up with this kidnapping thing, eh?” 138

MARIAN PRITCHETT HIGH SCHOOL Teaching-Writer Guisela Baruth

WELL OFF WITHOUT Scarlette Marian Pritchett High School Well of without There are many things. I’ll tell you what I am talking about When I say well of without. I am well of without negativity I am well of without violence. I am well of without these things that hurt me But I am not well of without silence. Well of without sad tears And well of without the bad days. Well of without disappointment And well of without the mean ways. I am well of without these things But that does not mean I want them gone. Because for the time being These are what make me strong.


PEACEFUL NATURE Bailey E. Marian Pritchett High School In the summertime when the clouds make shapes When the sun sets and everything is under dark capes In the fall when the leaves change When they fall and the colors range In the winter when the days grow shorter When the white blankets every border In the spring when the rain starts to fall When all the kids go out to have a ball All these things happen for a reason This is the peaceful nature in every season


THE GRACE TO YOU Elizabeth Marian Pritchett High School my hands she, steadily, when I feel the hurricane of my two worlds colliding.

I ball them up, to prevent the earthquake tremor but they come anyways. white as the furies sea.

a puddle forms, and I’m reminded of the castle, ruined the prevailing winds, rom memories now gone.

I stop trying to ight this world when the memories takes over. Lying cheek against the cold stone.

your hands… they’re made of rock, etched with the lines of the earth, lashes of the beach, and the sand our snorting laughter, rom every beach we found, sand between our tanned toes. and your hands that tamed my hair. we are worlds away, yours is earthen, wrapped in the cold embrace of overturned dirt. the wind carries the grains away. when I collapse, I’m all noise. a thunderous roar, a bellowing scream. scraping my ingers against pebbles and rock.


I calm in the essence you always brought. and when your scent surrounds me, I once feel our hearts beat as one. through our hands through our earth through your sleep in gaze…

the grave.

THE OCEAN Tha Dah Marian Pritchett High School I wonder why the ocean is so blue As I hear the wind singing I see a leaf falling And I want to touch my dream


INFINITE Alicia Marian Pritchett High School The little black bird is lying to its destiny, trying to ind where it belongs, trying to ind herself, It’s brave, All alone needing help, looking for a place to be able to have power, it’s noticed but not known, only there for you to see, it can come close, but never stay.


VIVIR LA VIDA EN GRANDEZA Monica Marian Pritchett High School ¿Qué esperamos de la vida? La vida es una bandida Que se escabulle quitándote tu Más grande alegría. ¿Esperanza? ¿Paz? ¿Amor? ¿Riquezas? La vida a veces se vuelve un dolor De cabeza. ¿Por qué será? Nadie lo sabe. Pero si lo que tienes que aprender Es a vivirla con grandeza Bueno o malo, míralo del lado amable. Nadie sabe lo que pasará pero Ten en cuenta que la vida Te recompensará


A SMALL SMOKEY AIRED TOWN Lareesa Marian Pritchett High School As the word blows in my hair, Mama You stand there in the dark smoke I can’t get down to see below the haze You’re gone in the whisper Come back As the wind blows in my hair I reach out to grasp you But only vapor touches my ingers tips As the wind blows in my hair The last of your breath is in my ear Please come back, Mama Nothing for me here in this smoke Just lit me high above As the wind blows in my hair I reach into the sky I sense your gentle touch against my hair I know it’s you Mama


LOST HOPE Jordan Marian Pritchett High School I have a lot to say and little words A world of speaking and only an ocean of words A lost world of words Lost in the darkness of wonder and unknowing I have a world of words and nothing to say But that's not true I have worlds of things to say but little words My words are short but my MEANING is worlds apart I draw to show I write to explain But my words will never fully share everything I lost hope over what I can't say Lost hope over the things that should be known Lost hope over things we can't say Lost hope on these things that no one can know Lost hope‌ Forever lost in the words unsaid


ALREADY FORGOTTEN Doryahn Marian Pritchett High School It was already forgotten, The days would pass me by, Like a bee lowing through the April breeze, time will pass me by. Maybe I’ll be completely alone. Or one day the sun will rise. And I’ll inally have the motivation To realize. But I’ve already forgotten Forgotten how to breathe. I forgot how to accept what’s become of Me. Maybe the mirror will Break, I’ll forget how to see, Or maybe I’ll just forget What is was Like To be Me


FRANK CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL Teaching-Writer Daniel Stewart

WHICH PATH, THE ONE FOR ME TO DECIDE Justice (James) Frank Church High School Lost on the road, just taking it nice and slow what will my path lead me to will they ever truly need me I could wish in one hand then whine in the other, then you will see what comes irst, or ight it, switch to the fast lane start packing riding dirty, diving into the money but honey don’t let them catch you slipping, because I know you will be missing your money and eventually be hungry that one rock is like a diamond to you but yet with everything it could make you end up dead. The grass is always greener on the other side, just let it ride. Don’t be playing on the rock when there is a green grass for you to take the easy ride home.


YOU KNOW Brenda Frank Church High School You know when you go home and you don’t know what to do, what to say, what to think, what to feel, you know it, I’ve seen you there you know when and I know where when home isn’t home because of the house The family there is nothing more than a decoration you know love is there you just don’t know where everyday is a new despair because nobody cares you know when you feel broken and hurt, but so do they when you want them to know how you feel, that you’re not okay but they are worse of, you know it, so you don’t You keep to yourself and help them get up up of the ground, and out of that rut you know that each time you help each time they go up, you go down You know you’re there for them and so do they You know the feeling of being alone because no matter how much you’re there when you have so much on your shoulders not even the strongest man could hold up no one will be there to help you because no matter how many times you’ve helped them they forget You know that if they haven’t forgotten, you don’t want to be a bother They’re inally happy why should you ruin that for them you know that if you say something nothing will change for tomorrow is a new day with a new complaint You know it I know you do You know that no matter how hard you try you will break But no matter what you will work hard to be strong and hold together to ind someone who helps you bear the pain You know that when you break or crack and just plain disappear no matter what happens next you will touch someone’s heart your colors will cheer on others to tell them they can do it too You know it I know you do


MY BRAIN Adriel Frank Church High School Every piece of you is me. You carry my thoughts & memories. Remember the long road trips with laughs & love, the irst heartbreak when it felt my life was over, but here I am. I built you; you are my happiest thought and earliest memory— how is that? You are here with me at all times helping me, showing me, reminding me. Your dents & curves like hills carry me. My life is in you and you rely on mine.


ONE AMAZING DAY Christopher Frank Church High School There is a pregnant mother and a busy father with two kids playing. Mom inside and dad painting the truck. Two brothers, one ive, the other two. The younger on a tricycle, and the older running around the house constantly in ront of the younger brother. No one knew what was in the kid’s head: He rode his tricycle straight into the canal. Some people were raised to help others. Some were raised right and do good for there community. On this day a 14 year old was one of these kids. He was weed whacking for the local ire department when he saw the tricycle loat past and hit the debris guard. He looked up stream and saw a young child face down in the reezing water. He jumped in, pulled the child out, started CPR, saving the child’s life. They don’t know each other but will remember each other forever.


A SAVIOR IN COLD Luke Frank Church High School Imagine you’re eight and at recess. All day it’s been gloomy. It’s cold with a cutting breeze. It’s grey outside but it’s not all grey, the sky has patches of white clouds. Even the clouds look sad, like they didn’t want to wake up. But you’re standing at that grey chain-link fence all bundled up. But you can feel the coldness cutting through the little fabric holes in your jeans. And you’re hoping that the bell rings to go inside. But with the knife-sharp breeze, it seems like you’re going to stand by that grey, sad looking fence forever. And getting lost in thought about your school crush. Wait? Why am I falling back? It feels like I am falling into oblivion. And then you feel a sharp pain coming rom the back of your head. It hurts. You can feel it like a heartbeat. You look up and those parasites are back. They’re like a plague everyday. I want it to end. I close my eyes. I wait. I listen.


I hear footsteps echoing in the distance. The footsteps are coming my way I pray: God please protect me. I open my eyes and God Himself was there. But was it? I couldn’t see. The sun in all its light. He picks his foot up and steps on the irst parasite. I hear them scurry away. A helping hand a savior in the dark. Everything rom here on out will be okay.



MY GRANDMA’S LOVE Marcela Borah High School Bridge Program I hear the voice of my grandma. I feel the love she has for everyone, Saying que tenemos que estudiar para poder tener un buen futuro (that we have to study to have a good future). She shows us her love with a really good food, One of my favorite dinners. I miss her consejos (advices). I miss her voice. I miss my grandma by my side.


RIDING BIKES Abdullah Borah High School Bridge Program I am 10 years-old It is aternoon It is Sunday Every Sunday I go to the park with my riends Today I’m very sad I want to ride bikes I don’t know how to ride bikes My riend is in the park waiting for me He teaches me how to ride bikes I am learning how to ride bikes I am happy now I know how to ride bikes My riend is happy We ride bikes together


THE MANGO TREE Kevin Borah High School Bridge Program I am 10-years-old It is 3:00pm I really want a mango A nice mango My aunt tells me, “Do not go up the tree” The mango is so delicious and I don’t listen I go up the tree When I am close to the mango I fall on the top of the roof I go through the roof into the sink I protect my face I almost break my arm and my back When my aunt sees me, she is very angry with me She tells me, “wake up!” And I say, “sorry” She slaps me I never do that again


MY BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE Hsa Borah High School Bridge Program I see a lot of trees out of the village The trees are surrounded by the hill It is very beautiful The green grass is also beautiful I smell dust when I get close to the cow’s pen I hear the birds’ voices in the morning when I get up rom my bed The sound rom the birds makes feel peaceful and relax No worries about anything I taste the milk when I get it rom a cow and I go back to my house The cooking smells very tasty and I feel hungry


IN A BIG HOUSE Zeynab Borah High School Bridge Program I am in a big house. The house I was born in. Today is December 30, 1997. My mom has very bad pain. She goes to the hospital in the aternoon. The time is 1:00am. I was born at New Year’s. I was born January irst, in a snowy night in 1998. All my family is happy, They have a new present, small present. My dad calls me Zeynab. Every day I grow up at the big house.


IN THE GARDEN Athraa Borah High School Bridge Program While I lay on the loor I close my eyes The sun touches my face It feels good The voices of my brother and his riends are loud But it does not bother me because it feels like home My grandmother is laughing and looks happy



FOREVER AND THANKFUL Caleb Ada County Juvenile Detention Center Hear me out while the midday light fades to dusk and dusk until dawn we are forever thankful when the smells of a holiday meal ill the air with the smells of sweet, salty, and sour we are forever thankful we now hear the pop or hiss of a soda in the night we are forever thankful while everyday goes by with the sun in the sky we are forever thankful I realize when I am with my family I am so forever thankful when I am doing nothing but talking with riends I realize I am forever thankful when I am doing nothing but talking with riends I realize I am forever thankful when I listen and play music to my loved ones I feel forever thankful I realize even when I am covered in bruises I am forever thankful I know when a day goes by I will be forever thankful


The baking pie in the oven I am forever thankful the football on the television I am forever thankful family gathered around the table I am forever thankful the air I breathe I am forever thankful the taste of perfect mushy turkey stuing in my mouth I am forever thankful the days that go by I am forever thankful as I live life as long as I do I am so forever thankful


HELLO AND THANK YOU Gydeon Ada County Juvenile Detention Center Hello and thank you to the man at the door or the hand in the elevator the plane landing safe and the hand giving caution or the red and blue in a robbery and a bouncer at a club also for the ones underground and the ones in the street to the poet in my class, to the judge at my sentencing Thank you and hello for the ones who show sympathy to the ragged on the street to the cooks who spend their years chopping food the ATM on the corner with the man standing near for the love people show to the ones who don’t know


MY EMPTINESS Jayk Ada County Juvenile Detention Center The way you let wasn’t as subtle as a hummingbird resting. It was more like a prolonged silence, it let me sitting in the doorway, waiting, wondering when you’ll be back. The way you let made me believe I deserved to feel the way I felt, but I didn’t, no one deserves that. No one. The way you let closed a door I loved to keep open, but it revealed a new path I was willing to take, and that was one without you.


MY LONELINESS Lauren Ada County Juvenile Detention Center My loneliness is as dark as a black hole. I am empty, like a well in the middle of the desert. My loneliness is bitter cold, like the dead of winter in the Arctic. I am alone and scared, searching for a riend.


PREGNANT Shian Ada County Juvenile Detention Center 1 Like a sudden weight dropped over you, you fall life, what will be the same, but never the same. Reality sets in slowly, but oh so fast. 2 Nine months seem like forever, suddenly face to face, seven months staring right back at you, you ind yourself waiting, waiting for what? For the life, the life living inside yours.


SPEAK MicKayla Ada County Juvenile Detention Center Words creating the wars and emotions around us. The bricks of creation, we all have skyscrapers made. And battles to face, using this language taught everywhere but never understood. From our brains, thoughts drip to our mouths and spill out into the world, creating the beauty and chaos we call home. The creation of letters and forming sounds unites us all, the iber of our very beings, some strung out like old yarn. Fingertips and tongue holding revolutions but, unknown how to express. Time making it hard to ind the right thing to say, taking our ideas and turning them into cobwebs and empty slots. Forgetful, quiet, and hidden. Creating things rom lowers and bombs it’s hard to understand the destruction rom syllables. And the self-doubt of silence, haunting the next phrase. Any word has worth, the depths of the mind hide so many reasons why the voices aren’t yet heard— shout, dream, wish, whisper. Speak out.


WHEN I WAKE Jacob Ada County Juvenile Detention Center When I wake I have to be alone, when I wake I have to be quiet to not disturb your sleep. As I walk through the house I have inally memorized what parts of the loor creak, I pack a lunch for you and her when I could be sleeping, but I make sure you can have enough time when I leave, I leave making sure all your work supplies are packed and ready, I make sure I kiss you goodbye I won’t leave until I know your alarm will go of As I open the door the cold winter air hits my face with a punch that’s when I really awaken and ind my body let out in the cold because you told me to leave before my teeth got kicked in That is when I remember I will not be around anymore


LULLABY Destiny Ada County Juvenile Detention Center As she prances around the house, no one really paying attention, I worry about her while I’m in detention full Pampers and scratched up knees a letter to my dad please provide No one really cares—if she died who would realize. A warrant for my arrest. I told her my goodbyes. Eye burning red I’d rather be dead. So high I missed out on the grand prize. Take care my precious pearl. I know I’ve been gone for so long I reminisce on that last kiss. You used to steal my cigarettes and your sister’s hair barrettes—too many regrets. You are stained on my heart. Can’t really forget. I let you in November. Do you remember? Those were hard times for me. Blinded by crystal I messed up. I can’t leave my little brat. Do you wonder where I’m at? If I had one wish it’d be to hold my charm in my arms one last time. For you I’ll never commit another crime. You a rejecter, I’m your protector. To think that I let her.


MY OH MY Stephanie Ada County Juvenile Detention Center Please. Let this stop. The pain, the torture I just want it to go away. This is happening to me, oh why me. I’ll bury my face through the darkness of night, scurry into the closest corner I can see, under the garbage in the alley in ront of me. My pain is unbearable. If I could jump out of my skin, the fear shivering down my spine. All the worse aches to be doing nothing but harm me. Darkness bends into my body. I’m such a small little thing. I do not understand what they don’t see. I am hurt in many ways that shouldn’t describe me. The luf on my coat is dreaded and makes me look raunchy. I feel bad about all things and all I really want is to live happy and ree.


ODE TO MY DEATH Americo Ada County Juvenile Detention Center I give you praise because I fear not. Like my Hispanic family you are feared for the fact of general ignorance to your ways but I was raised to welcome all. Though I respect you and praise you I still hope you stay away regardless of how many times I’ve attempted contacting you. Thank you for not answering the phone, my riend. I apologize for the many times I have trespassed into your house for my own exhilaration, stepping close to the edge of the wall trying to keep the loorboards rom creaking because I know how lightly you sleep. Though I have stumbled and stood still in silence listening for your footsteps the few times I tripped over a foreign object in the dark I am thankful you never awoke even though I thought I’d be ok with being caught. I ode to you because I hope the day you call my phone we can talk on peaceful terms while we plan our vacation together like old riends reunited. I am araid of what you’ve become but happy we will talk again. Yours truly, Americo


WORRY Israel Ada County Juvenile Detention Center is a house empty and quiet with no phone call or text coming back rom a long day with nothing to look forward to, except the family you have. Worry is a sound, the beep of a monitor, holding the cold clammy hands of one who stole your heart. It is a feeling that leaves your heart sore with the burden of the unknown


it is that drop of the stomach that grips your breath and won’t let go until you feel yourself hit the ground. Worry is walking in the snow far away rom the warmth of your home, with no call or text, hoping the house is not empty and quiet. Hope demands worry, but worry isn’t hope.


LIFE WITHOUT WINGS Nick Ada County Juvenile Detention Center I once saw you, you once saw me But the moonlight is the one to see me through, the grief, my aching body soaring over time. The giting unpleasant world, built with unity the patterns of life will never be seen the cold bloody air the breeze of bewildering the feelings of death the things I’ll see, a hurricane of light to the heavens. A ire, a tongue twisting the powers, beyond humility. The question is what would you do in life without wings.


A FLICKER OF HOPE IN THE DARK Zachary Ada County Juvenile Detention Center I was once surrounded by good things like a person giving someone a git. But things get hard like trying to ind the answer to life. But those luxuries are gone and I’m shrouded in darkness, my hope extinguished, a light going out. I walk around trying to navigate through the nothingness, like travelling at sea. If I travel long enough my mind plays tricks on me like a jokester trying to play games. If I strain my eyes I swear I see a licker of light like a candle lighting up a dark hall. There is no way I see a light for I conined myself to darkness like Satan was conined to hell. No it can’t be, the light is really there, for now I see a hand beckoning me forward like a candy bar beckoning a little kid. Then I hear a voice telling me to grab on and be led out of my prison dark. So I take the hand and I’m pulled forward into a world of light. I can see a igure standing before me telling me I’m home. Now I truly believe there is a hope for me for the darkness is gone and now I’m ree rom my prison of nothingness 184

for the hand brought forward was the hand of god.

[WORRY IS NOT KNOWING] Justin Ada County Juvenile Detention Center Worry is not knowing when you are going to wake. Worry is when you don’t know when your next meal is going to come making red velvet rum worrying about the next beer run. Running rom that man with a gun. Worry is being locked in a cage stuck in the corner and something—someone? is standing in the darkened doorway. Worry is knowing that tomorrow might be your due date and you’ll be shipped out in a steel crate.


OCEAN Kyle Ada County Juvenile Detention Center Wind blows against my mind rain, hail, and snow sea sparkles by the stars dancing in the waves rocks scrape the oak birds, sand, and trees yellow ills the air mind tires no more dried blood and healing scars


SOUTHWEST IDAHO JUVENILE DETENTION CENTER Teaching-Writers Brady Udall & Kerri Webster

MICRO-MEMOIRS A Collective Poem Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center Posted in the streets, locked up. Daniel It’s crazy but I’ll get through it. Dakota Being angry got me nowhere. Dakota Mother of one with a beautiful future. Emilee Born an addict, still am today. Nick Inside the dark, creating new light. Eric Drowning—but water has a surface. Eric Following OGs got me sitting in JDC. Jacob I got lost at a party. Jayden I spent vacation in a cell. Jayden Born in the country, still a nobody. Madison Respect me and I’ll respect you. Julian 190

MORE TO LIVE FOR Angelica Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center I know life has more to live for. I know it is hard to battle depression. I really know. I battle depression every day and night. I know how it feels for depression to rule you! I know battles leave scars— If you don’t believe me, look at my arms.


WE Anthony Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center We are ree when we want to be We are hurt feeling worthless as dirt We break rules and get called fools We are crazy so life feels hazy We are young and far rom dumb.


POEM Bailey Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center Mom waits till the comedown takes me to the store but the comedown comes back up


SHORT POEMS Dakota Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center 1. Dark empty cell Sitting all lonely Nothing to do but think. 2. Juvie food seemed disgusting 2 months ago But now it’s like a restaurant. 3. Dad was amazing The irst 3 years Now he’s just a shadow. 4. When your time comes I’m going to cry and Miss that slobbery tongue.


CELL POEMS Daniel Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center 1. I sit in a lonely concrete box ighting a devilish beast, waiting till reedom and I meet. 2. I used to look up to you but you let me down ‘cause all of the sudden you stopped coming around. 3. I wish I could have my Pits again— Reaper, Raider, and beautiful Blue. They had my back when I lived in sin.


POEM Emilee Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center Little bug on the ground, you are a creation of God.


FREEDOM IS AN ILLUSION Santana Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center The beloved she, mirroring the nature of a tiger and her cubs, loses to the law and her cubs are torn apart rom her, as she is captivated. They grow up without a mother, to learn how to eat, survive and cherish one another. One by one they do it alone and become cold and strong, walking and pacing in a cage.

[Author’s note: A mother and her kids get split up by the mom going to prison and the kids grow up to end up in the same place].


HORNET Elijah Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center I want to do anger Because there are anger problems And I feel like a Japanese hornet I feel vicious like I want to attack something But in the real world I take out my anger by punching a wall I try not to take it out on other people But it just comes out like a hornet comes out of its hive And attacks with all its might And that is a story about me.


SIPPIN’ SODA Hunter Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center Look at her glasses on her face masking her eyes full of experience always sipping on soda and checking our beds no matter where she goes she keeps her soda close and her hair in her beanie she follows rules to the tee but it’s soda, never tea look at her standing tall watching juveniles shule down the hall sipping soda


I KNOW Jayden Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center I know that life isn't fair. I know that you don't always get to live how you want to. I know that life is short. I know that my whole life has been a struggle. I struggle with wisdom, I struggle with money, I struggle with joy, and I struggle with a lot. I know how to make myself happy but not others. I can never seem to make my family happy. I know the world is a messed up place people getting shot over a color and countries ighting over jealousy and money. That's why every day I don't fake my emotions. On a scale rom 1-10 I'm always at a 4. Just because I know that life is a struggle. Everyone I'm surrounded by is struggling. I know my daughter is worried about her dad because she doesn't know where he is. And my girl can't tell her cuz she won't understand. I may be happy at times but only to get by. I know life is rough and I know you do too.


TO ALL MY HATERS Kolo Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center You hate my style of Clothes so you tell everyone lies about me you’re jealous that I get all the girls so you act hard and wanna jump me you told your Friends to Beat me up and they did but I still walk down the hallway like I’m Derek Carr still smiling and keeping my head High while my heart is broken, but I don’t wanna show. You get mad when I’m a starter in football so you get your riends to hurt me in practice. I couldn’t play a couple games but I still wore my jersey and I’m still smiling on the sideline talking to your girl. Why you mad? Because you don’t got game like me! Can’t get any attention like me! You’re mad because we come rom diferent states? You’re mad cuz I can handle my business diferently. I still ain’t mad at you because I’ve come rom a Harder Street and I’ve been thru a lot more beating. So I smile because it gets you more mad and also because you can’t beat my game. Still Can’t Hold Me down. I wake up everyday with a smile on my face Happy that I’m still alive cuz this life is too short to mess around and end up dead.


ADDICTION Mariah Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center He stands there, looking up at her shivering in the crisp winter air. Blue in the face and a tremble in his lip, he says to her “I just want to hold you. I just want to love you.� She winces. What has she done to this once innocent man. He waits in the snow, with but tennis shoes to warm his feet, to hold his lover, her gaze he yearns to meet. Realization hitting her harder than he ever could: they both need help. So badly misunderstood, a boy and girl once truly innocent, have fallen into the grip of a dark and evil monster: addiction.


QUESTIONS Emilee, Brandt, Jayden, Devyn, Jose, Eric, Jacob, Daniela, Carlos, Gabriel, and Rose Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center What color is a mirror? What’s life like without struggle? Do I have a history, or am I a new soul? What evil soul made drugs? And what kind of a person created law? Why is the world full of beautiful, but only in certain places? Did you know the truth is hidden within the angel? What’s it like growing up without me? Who do you really want to be? Why should I dare to try? Why are people without money considered not as equal? Where is the happy child I was? Why is education life-changing, and why is it so expensive? Why do I feel lonely most of the time? 203

Why am I a troublemaker? Why did my mom leave me? Why must you be 18 to be considered an adult? Why are drugs the only way people can be happy? Why is life so empty? Why is this world destroyed? Is life the wounds of a strong soldier? Why does conlict bring beauty? How does blood make water? What’s my purpose on this earth? Do you know I still exist, or do you only dream about me? Do you think that I’m the one who carries the word?


TEACHING WRITERS’ BIOGRAPHIES BRADY UDALL is the author of The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint, Letting Loose the Hounds and The Lonely Polygamist. His work has appeared in The Paris Review, Esquire and elsewhere. He teaches writing at Boise State University, and was appointed Writer-in-Residence of Idaho in 2010. CASSIE ANGLEY is a published and produced playwright, actress, and theatre-maker. She performed, trained, and wrote in New York City for over 15 years. She has written, produced, and performed in more than 12 original plays and musicals, in addition to performing her one-woman show Finding the Michaels Of-Broadway in New York City. Cassie has over a decade of experience teaching designing and managing Literacy and Multi-Arts programs that empower urban youth to achieve their potential. Currently she is a graduate student at BSU pursuing a Masters in Education/Literacy, with the goal of using theater and creative writing to help struggling readers excel. DANIEL STEWART has taught in the Writers in the Schools program since 1999, and serves as Writer-in-Residence at Ada County Juvenile Detention, and Frank Church High, an alternative school, in Boise, ID. He is the author of a book a poems, The Imaginary World (Wolf Peach Press, 2003). His poems have appeared in Puerto Del Sol, Rattle, Prairie Schooner, Educe, A Journal of Queer Literature, Sixfold, Thrush Poetry Journal, and YesPoetry, among others. Being charged by a grizzly in Denali National Park to being bitten by Piranhas in the Amazon are moments that deine ELIZABETH LESTER BARNES’ writing. Elizabeth is an avid adventurerand outdoor enthusiast. With an MFA rom Boise State University Elizabeth runs Boise State’s Freewrite club for undergraduate students. She also coordinates the Sawtooth Alliance for Women Writers (SAWW). Elizabeth enjoys working collaboratively on her writing and has had her poetry combined with pottery in a show with artist 207

Janimarie DeRose. As an undergraduate student Elizabeth’s one act play, The Makeup of the Messiah was produced by Utah State’s Theater Department. A Lecturer at Boise State University, Elizabeth teaches writing by day and by night battles dragons via her pen. GUISELA BARUTH is a writer of iction, poetry and prose. She has been working with young writers for more than iteen years. A native of Guatemala, Guisela has lived in Boise for 25 years where she was a Top Ten Scholar at Boise State University and earned her M.A. in Literacy. She has been teaching since 1977. She has provided literacy and whole language Spanish workshops throughout the Northwest. She runs La Tertulia Spanish Learning Center in Boise, an organization that aims to promote bilingualism and the beneits of multiculturalism. Playwright HEIDI KRAAY examines the connection between brain and body, seeking empathy with ractured characters. Writing across disciplines and training in diverse theater vocabularies give her tools to live better making art. Plays include Rajpurr: Tale of a Tiger, How to Hide Your Monster, SuperSecretSiteSpeciicSomething (co-devised), New Eden, DIRT (codevised) and Kilgore. Her work has been presented in Boise, regionally and in NYC. Heidi holds an MFA in Creative Inquiry, Interdisciplinary Arts rom California Institute of Integral Studies. Member: Dramatists Guild of America. KATIE FULLER is the Program Manager at THE CABIN. She holds an MA in English rom the University of Maine where she also edited the journals Stolen Island and Paideuma, and an MFA in Poetry rom Boise State University. Her poems have appeared in WSQ and SP CE, among others. Formerly a reelance writer in the northeast with work in Downeast and Maine magazines, her chapbooks are out this year rom DoubleCross Press and dancing girl press. KERRI WEBSTER is the author of two books of poetry: Grand & Arsenal (winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize and published in 208

2012) and We Do Not Eat Our Hearts Alone (Georgia, 2005). The recipient of awards rom the Whiting Foundation, the Poetry Society of America, and the Idaho Commission on the Arts, she has taught in the MFA programs at Washington University in St. Louis and Boise State. Through WITS, Webster has held residencies in Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Bruneau, Horseshoe Bend, Idaho City, and Payette. Her third book, The Trailhead, is forthcoming rom Wesleyan in 2018. LAURA ROGHAAR is a poet and educator. She holds a BA in English and Communication rom UC Santa Barbara and an MA in English Literature and an MFA in poetry rom Boise State University. Her chapbook of poems, SISTERHOUSE, is out rom dancing girl press. NATALIE DISNEY is a iction writer entering her third year of MFA candidacy at Boise State University, where she teaches iction and is an assistant editor for The Idaho Review. She taught ESL to refugee families in Colorado before making her home on this side of the Rockies. Most days, you can ind her exploring the foothills behind her house while listening to westerns on audiobook.


ABOUT THE CABIN The Cabin’s mission is to inspire and celebrate a love of reading, writing, and discourse throughout Idaho and the region. Each year, The Cabin serves 750 members, more than 2,000 children and youth, and 30,000 people through educational and cultural programs. We serve our diverse constituents through:

Readings & Conversations, an annual lecture series featuring world-class authors.

Writers in the Schools (WITS) which places professional writers in classrooms, juvenile detention centers, and community organizations for in depth writing-residencies. Cabin Writing Camps ofering summer creative writing adventures for youth across Idaho. Writing Workshops which provide a space for writers in our community to develop their crat through discussion and critique. Writers in the Attic, an annual publication opportunity for local writers.

Read Me Treasure Valley, an invitation for the community to read the same book.

Literary activities such as visiting author workshops, readings by Idaho authors, ree drop-in workshops and other programs for readers and writers of all ages.


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