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Issue 1 - June 2021


Keeping you “Inform”ed with all the news, products, services, events and opportunities available in Enfield!


Edmonton Green Community Is Our Focus Businesses COMMUNITY


What’s in store for you in this month’s Inform Magazine?


Keeping your premises secure with Metropolitan Security Services


Health, happiness and weight loss with Bridgette Mansfield Hynotherapy


The Drip Doctor - sorting out your poorly plumbing


How you can help The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre


Why does brand building give your business the best ROI? Blaze Communication explain


Feel great, get active and tone up this Summer with Popdance Fit


Frizzy and uncontrollable hair? Charlotte Murray has the solution


Does your child find it difficult to get to sleep or feeling anxious? Jodie Webber has the perfect solution for you


Community Focus with Edmonton Green Shopping Centre


How we can help your business or community event


Do you have a book in you waiting to get out? Maini Books could be just what you are looking for


Tons of fun for summer with Brilliant Theatre Arts


Local events, news and job opportunities



Businesses COMMUNITY

We are super thrilled to be launching Inform Magazine in Enfield! It’s fantastic for bringing all the amazing local businesses, products, services, events and opportunities that are available to you all in one place - making #ShopLocal even easier! And, getting to know the people behind the businesses too! From Edmonton Green Shopping Centre, to your local plumber

you to click straight through to the businesses featured to find out more.

From getting active online with Popdance, to how you can help and support Nightingale Cancer Support Services…. Get in touch to tell us about your business, or a business, product or service you love in Enfield. Happy reading - ooh and look out for the interactive videos within the magazine, and the live links, enabling

Have a great June, The Businesses Community Enfield Team x

03 5



Hypnosis, health and happiness…….and weight loss! So, is there ever a right time to change your lifestyle for the better? The answer is yes! And that answer is now! Whether it be joining a Popdance class, improving your eating habits, quitting smoking or to lose weight etc. Hypnosis can help you to increase your self–esteem and boost your motivation and determination to achieve your goals. You will be taught self-hypnosis techniques that can be adapted to help you in many areas of your life. E.g. you will learn the difference between ‘physical’ hunger and ‘emotional’


hunger and find out what triggers your overeating and bingeing or lack of motivation. By eliminating negative self-talk and be your own best friend and understanding your body, you can become a happier, more productive person. Many people try every diet going, only to feel like a failure when they haven’t reached their target weight. Or maybe they did achieve their goal only to pile it all back on once they came off the diet. Or perhaps they joined a gym in January, went twice and then gave up whilst continuing to pay monthly membership with the hope that they will go ‘one day’.

Well, the good news is that lasting results come from changing your habits and learning to behave how naturally slim, fit and healthy people do. Have you ever disbelieved one of your slim and fit friends when they have said something like – ‘I eat all I want and don’t gain any weight and I love exercising.’ Maybe you thought, ‘Yeah right! They must be starving themselves or lying to themselves.’ Well, the truth is, is that they do eat all they want they just don’t have the desire or need to eat more than their body needs and they do love exercising because of the way it makes them feel – these are all unconscious habits that you can learn too. Perhaps your self-esteem has taken a beating recently because you are upset with your inability to stick to your goals or you are upset with the way you look and feel. The safest, kindest way to lose weight and get healthy is to deal with the emotional reasons why you are overeating and why you can’t be bothered to exercise. Hypnosis can help you discover these reasons.

If you would like to know more about hypnotherapy and how it could help you or a loved-one, please visit or contact bridgette@123relax. No matter what you are facing, whether it’s fears, phobias, anxiety, insomnia, stress etc we are sure that we can help you. We have a proven track record of success – just look at the testimonials . We are friendly, informal, affordable and here to help, so no matter what your concern is – get in touch and we can have a no-obligation chat so you can see how we can help you achieve your goals ”. Our sessions are also available via zoom, so no matter where you are in the world - we can help

Bridgette Mansfield Hypnotherapy 07932 084321

A great tip – every time you think you are hungry – drink a glass of water first! Make this your habit. If you are putting off exercise, think about it keeping you fit and strong so that when you are 100 years old – you can still bop away in your dance classes!


If your plumbing is poorly call The Drip Doctor Pete Murray is The Drip Doctor. North London’s favourite plumber. Offering domestic plumbing maintenance service ranging from leaks, drips and blockages to full bathroom refurbishments Pete is an established local plumber with many recommendations from all over North London.


Check out Pete’s reviews on google here

He can come to your home (with PPE) to deal with everything from a tap repair to a full bathroom/ kitchen installation and outside water needs, heating repair and installation.

He will give you an honest assessment of work needed to be carried out. All work is guaranteed. Pete works alongside builders, tilers, plasterers, electricians and boiler specialists to give you the best result.

If your plumbing is poorly call The Drip Doctor!


The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre is an Enfield-based charity supporting those in the area affected by cancer be it patients, family, friends or colleagues. We provide emotional, psychological and practical services, free of charge, to over 600 clients every year to help them come to terms with and cope with their changing lives.

connect with people who have been through or will go through something similar, you can ask questions, offer advice and talk freely. After a cancer diagnosis, you might feel lots of different emotions; a sense of shock, fear, or sadness and you might question why this has happened to you. When faced with these overwhelming feelings, Head of Services, Fiona Connell, says that “asking for help when you don’t know what help you need is an incredibly brave step. When you, a family member or friend are diagnosed with cancer life can become so busy that you don’t often get time to check in with yourself and what you need. People don’t see how a massage or group can help with their changing lives. But coming to The Nightingale Centre gives you a safe space to navigate what you’re going through. One-toone counselling allows you to share fears and concerns without worrying someone in your immediate circle. While group sessions helps you


Throughout my time at The Nightingale, I have seen the difference our services make to our clients. The first day a client comes to us compared with the day they are ready to move on is a huge contrast because they now have the tools to cope with the effect cancer has had on their lives.” Have a look at our upcoming events a great way for you, friends, family or company to get involved and support a local charity.

Birthday Weekend Walk They say 19 is just a filler birthday, so let’s fill it with a celebration we won’t forget! The Nightingale was established on 21st August 2002 and because we’re not sure if we’ll be able to celebrate together, we’re throwing a Birthday Weekend Walk! Sign up and walk for cancer today

You’ll play on the stunning Crews Hill Golf Club 18-hole course, enjoy breakfast, refreshments at the Halfway house and competitions testing your game. In the evening non-golfers can join for a delicious two course-meal, dinner games, auction and the highlight of day, the prize presentation!

Over the weekend of 21st August, we want you to walk 10k your own way. It could be with friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours, the more the merrier. Whether in your local park, along your high street or even in your home, we don’t mind. Walk as far as you feel comfortable, it doesn’t matter how you do it – as long as you have fun. The Annual Charity Golf Day Our Annual Charity Golf Day is back and we couldn’t be more excited! Join us at Crews Hill Golf Club on Friday 13th August for a full day and night of golf, food and drink. Who could want more after a year in lockdown? This is the perfect opportunity to test your game amongst your friends and colleagues and find out who’s still got it.

Get back in the swing of things and sign up as an individual or a team of 4 today If you or someone you know has been affected by cancer, call us today on 020 8366 4333 to find out more about our services and how we can help you.

“The Nightingale helped me to keep a positive mind set. Whether joining an exercise class, having a massage or a counselling session, it all made a big difference. You’re meeting people in similar situations to you, who give you a boost every now and then when you need it. It’s something to look forward to, even just getting out of the house and having a cup of tea at the centre. You always come out feeling 100%.” – A Nightingale Client


Why brand building will give you the best marketing ROI We all need timely solutions in today’s competitive marketplace, but the pressure to drive inbound enquiries can often lead to short-term strategies that ultimately fail to deliver. Investing in your digital presence is crucial but doing this without first challenging and interrogating your brand is a classic mistake.

As this article will show, brand is the single biggest marketing advantage a company can have, separating the haves and the have-nots with a Darwinian ruthlessness. It’s why investing in brand building offers the biggest long-term ROI and why you need to be doing it now. 1: Loyalty and personal recommendation always come first

According to a recent study by Search Engine Land, 70% of consumers cite familiarity and trust as their No1 factor when choosing a product or service. A strong brand, aligned with your core Your brand is more than just a logo. It’s market, can deliver a huge uplift in the core essence of who and what you personal recommendations and turn are as a business. The organisations that customers into evangelists. That’s the understand this can go on to become most cost effective and reliable form of leaders in their field, leaving everyone new business acquisition there is. else to fight over the scraps from their table. Yet despite this, a shocking 2: It avoids wasted time and costly number of business fail to grasp its mistakes importance. Having a clear, consistent, relevant and purposeful brand presence ensures that your marketing efforts and investments are always aligned to your core purpose. It’s too easy for mistakes to be made if different stakeholders have different views about what the business is trying to achieve. This in turn avoids confusing customers and gives them something to buy into.


3: It gives you huge advantage with Search Engines and Social Media It’ll annoy you to know it, but the biggest brands in your market pay significantly less for each and every click they receive to their digital properties, whether that’s a website, blog or app. The reason for this is that social media giants like Facebook and search engines like Google are primarily concerned with making money not the quality of their users’ experience. It gives brands a huge advantage, whether paying directly for clicks via social media advertising or Google Adwords (where you will literally be charged more for each click), or even getting organic clicks via SEO. Brand Authority is so highly prized by these platforms that it is even cited as one of the core factors in their algorithms. The simple reason for this is that a brand engenders trust, so Google and Facebook are more comfortable surfacing a trusted brand in their results and feeds respectively.

This obviously creates an uneven playing field, but that only makes it a more accurate reflection of real life. Okay, so what do I do about it? Regardless of whether you are an ambitious new start up or a more established business looking to grow, the time, effort and money you invest in your brand will pay the highest dividends in the short, medium and long-term. It’ll drive more sales, keep your team focussed on the prize, and make all new business acquisition cheaper. The sooner you start thinking and behaving like a brand, the sooner you will reap the benefits.

For more information please contact us on; 020 8360 8244


Want to feel fabulous, get active and tone up for the summer? •

Don’t have much time to fit activity into your day?

Not sure if it will make a difference?

Want the feel-good factor every day?

It’s easy peasey! Get a 15 minute Popdance Fit Dance Workout absolutely FREE.

Just click on the link here, submit your details and we will send you a Popdance Fit 15 minute dance workout that you can do whenever it suits you. It could be that it’s your start to the day, with the feel good Pop music and our fantastic Popdance Teachers, it could be just what you need every morning. Or, it could be your mid morning or lunchtime 15 minute dance workout Or something you do in the evening, so you can have your tea guilt free!


Whatever suits you - as it’s just 15 minutes, it’s super simple to fit into your day. And, if you like the session, you can get 14 more on-demand Popdance Fit workouts for just £17.

Dance with Kerry by the pool in Cyprus, get boogieing with Emma and her crocodile in Scotland, or get your groove on with Shauna in Dublin. We’ve got Popdance Teachers across the globe bringing you the best fun dance workouts ever.

Our founder, Sue Wybrow, was born and raised in Enfield - and it’s been amazing working with the team to connect with dance teachers across the world to bring all sorts of dance and fitness to the forefront of people’s health and wellbeing. If you are a dance teacher in Enfield or the North London area, do get in touch to find out more about opportunities of working together, in all genres of dance and fitness. Get in touch here

Get your FREE 15 minute Popdance Fit Dance Workout here Or if you fancy offline classes, or a Popdance party, workshop or after school club - then find out more via our website here


Charlotte Murray - Hair Expert I am a freelance hairdresser specialising in hair treatments for frizzy, uncontrollable, kinky, damaged hair that is difficult to maintain. I can come to your home and carry out this relaxing, smoothing treatment. This is not a straightening treatment, it is a smoothing treatment to repair your hair using proteins.

The product I use is a nonchemical protein based formula where results can last up to 4 months, providing that you use the aftercare shampoo and conditioner recommended. We can have a consultation remotely to talk through the treatment and answer any questions that you may have.


Depending on your hair it will take between 2 and 4 hours to complete. You can wash it 30 minutes after (not that you will want to!) if you want your curls to return, as the end result is smooth and straight, see below.

This can be carried out on all ages- men, women and children. I recommend that the treatment is completed prior to colouring. This will make your life so much easier! •

Cutting down your blow dry time and helping it last longer.

Improving the hair’s texture and health, helping to keep the length. Superb shine and feel, bringing the best out of your hair.

Your curl/texture will still be there but will be easier to manage and less frizzy.

Please call me to arrange a free consultation. Charlotte 07970747638


The Accidental Author! They say there is a book inside everyone, waiting to be written. But I’d never had any ambitions to write a book, it just kind of happened to me! After the birth of my daughter in 2017, I decided to start my own business in Marketing. I joined lots of local networking groups and met some fabulous people (some who would become key in the journey of my book, but I didn’t know that yet!) It was late in 2019 (when she was 2 years old), when my daughter Bobbie grabbed my face in her hands and said ‘Mystic Bunny Boy’ – Just that, really loudly! I had no idea what


she was talking about, and neither did her nursery when I asked them. It was something she would do repeatedly - my mum intuition knew it was something I needed to listen to! I used to tell Bobbie a rainbow meditation story before bed that I had created, and it always helped her stay calm and have a restful sleep. I realised that ‘Mystic Bunny Boy’ was her trying to create a character for our story together, which was amazing!

And then… I did nothing! I kept the book in my head, and didn’t really do anything for nearly a year. It wasn’t until summer 2020 that I put the wheels in motion. With lockdown affecting so many people’s mental health, I thought perhaps our little story could help parents and children alike - the time was right for us to publish it. I reached out to a few people in my network who not only had the skills I needed to get a book published, but also gave me the confidence to go for it! Bobbie and I are now on a mission to help as many people as we can through sharing it. When I wrote ‘Mystic Bunny Boy Walks the Rainbow’ I thought it was aimed at younger children (ages 2-5 years old), but actually we’ve had great

feedback from parents of older children and those with Autism, who have really connected with this as a bedtime book. It incorporates simple meditation practices such as controlled breathing and visualisation written through the story, and parents are enjoying it too as a chance for them to relax and bond with their children – which is amazing!

And the funny thing is, now I’ve written a book I have ideas for more coming into my head all the time! The second Mystic Bunny Boy adventure is currently in production, and will be ready this summer. If you want to be one of the first to know when it’s ready, then please do subscribe to the mailing list on our website. You can purchase copies of the book via our website or on 19

WE ARE EDMONTON GREEN SHOPPING CENTRE; COMMUNITY IS OUR FOCUS We have recently appointed a local marketing agency, Blaze Communication from Bush Hill Park, to work on all marketing and events within the Shopping Centre. Having partners closely connected to our vision, passion for the community and becoming fully emersed with our future plans for the Centre is very exciting.

Brighter days are coming and summer is on its way. Rules are lifting and retail and food outlets are now officially back to business. Edmonton Green Shopping Centre is buzzing and we, as a team, are so excited for what we have in store for you in the coming months…and the future.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy local We’ve always been one to support our community – it really is at the heart of everything we do - and the pandemic has truly helped us cement that belief even further. With campaigns in the media about loving local, we have made more of a conscious effort to ensure that we are working with local businesses and accessing more services within our borough.


The Centre is also getting two mini makeovers; one on the concourse and the other in the North Square. We have teamed up with Enfieldbased Tiger Monkey to create a community themed artwork to brighten the surroundings on the concourse whilst the North Square will be receiving a wave of the magic

wand from locals, Doodle Designs, to create an imaginative play area for our younger guests. Working with other organisations and individuals aligned with our vision and who have a real vested interest in helping and supporting their local community too is like a breath of fresh air. The energy and excitement are infectious and the entire team is on the same mission. We have been able to further support our community by creating two new job opportunities for 16 to 24 year olds in the borough through the Government’s Kickstart scheme. These roles will be within our marketing team and we cannot wait to get this moving.

enables a different group or charity weekly a prime fundraising spot in the North Mall at absolutely no cost. To top it all off, we are so proud to announce that, this year Edmonton Green Shopping Centre will have its first ever Santa’s grotto allowing our local children to visit the big man himself and send their letters to the North Pole. It is going to be a magical event for all the family to enjoy.

Buzzing retailers, new look and community spirit The Centre really has felt like a completely different environment since retail and food outlets were officially given their green lights. And it’s been such a pleasure to see more of our community out, supporting local. Yes, safety measures are still in place but that doesn’t stop people enjoying their experience. We hope that all our guests appreciate the little touches we are putting in place within the Centre, including our motivational signage and Little Free Library. Our 100 year old market, which all our locals have come to love, is also getting a refresh and we can’t wait until it is all complete. Supporting local charities and community groups is also an integral part of our vision at Edmonton Green. We’ve created Edmonton Cares which

What the future has in store But it doesn’t just stop there. We have been in consultations with the local community about our future plans for Edmonton Green to make it safer, trendy and an accessible place for everyone in the community. You spoke. We listened. Please feel free to visit our website and find out more. We are proud to be a community focused shopping centre and always will be.

We are Edmonton Green.


Do you have a business, product, service, event, news or opportunity to offer? Find out more about featuring in the next issue of Inform Magazine which comes out on 1st July. We have packages to suit all needs and budgets - starting from just £25 You don’t have to be a TBC member to benefit - take a look at our website to see how we help and support your business - from one-offs to ongoing support “TBC has been instrumental in helping me get my business off the ground and increasing my visibility exponentially. The team at TBC are sooooo helpful. Always on hand and suggesting new ideas to promote different facets of my business and always encouraging me to use all the features available (of which there are so many). The community and members are also helpful too - it really does help to know I am in the same boat as many others and I have


made some good friends and connections from the networking events too. I would urge anyone looking to promote their business to join TBC. After speaking with Sue and the team, they suggested I shared my blog and added my new service to the shop. On doing so I had a new patient book an appointment the same day ! It really does work. Thanks guys.” Sean Fraser Walker – Body Balance “When I first joined our family business, Macpro Design & Print in 2015 looking after sales and marketing, one of my first aims was to raise our profile in the local area. I became a paid member of The Business Community (formerly known as SABs) as this looked a good place to start. This was such a good decision and joining the group has had a hugely positive impact on our business.

We’ve gained new clients, reconnected with old clients, collaborated with other local businesses, made friends and had lots of fun along the way! Thank you to Sue and the team - they do an amazing job and have created a very special community that we love being a part of and cannot recommend enough.” Gail Carman - MacPro Design and Print “Sue has demonstrated her skills as a business leader by taking the concept of The Business Community from a handful of businesses to the thousands which take part today. Her vision of a vibrant business community in St Albans has become a reality. Sue has always kept the concept of collaboration at the forefront of what she does and uses the Business Community as a forum to promote local businesses and push them to the forefront. Her passion is infectious and she is a constant inspiration to new and more established businesses.

Sue takes a very innovative approach to her leadership and is constantly coming up with new ideas. Whatever her next plan is, people want to be involved and readily jump on board. We all know that Sue can make the most obscure idea a success. The best thing about Sue is that she is so humble about her success and selflessly spends her time helping others, promoting local business and raising money for good causes.” Cheryl Luzet - Wagada


Writing a book is incredibly simple… All you need, is an idea, a pen and some paper - Ta dah, book written! The thing that’s a bit trickier is getting your book published. There’s a plethora of information available on the internet, and it’s easy to get bamboozled as to what the process is, who you need, and how to go about the next steps! At Maini Books, we support your Independent Publishing journey and believe in making publishing your book as simple and as pleasurable as possible. We’ve got inhouse copywriters, illustrators, layout designers, formatters, and a marketing team to hold your hand from start to finish. But before we go on, lets circle back to the fundamentals. What are the different ways to get your book published?

TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING Traditional publishing refers to the established system of getting a book deal, which involves submission to multiple agents, usually a number of rejections and then (hopefully) being accepted. The pros of going down this route are your publishers will provide EVERYTHING you need, from editors to illustrators to print production and distribution into mainstream stores, and even marketing your book. It also means there is no financial investment needed, sometimes there is even a cash


advance for your work! The cons are you have less creative control (they will choose the ultimate direction for your book), you receive lower royalties, and it’s a slow process! It might take you a year or two to get an agent, another year to get a publishing deal, and then it will likely be from six months to two and half years before your book is launched. This assumes that it’s plain sailing… J.K. Rowling was rejected a whooping 12 times before even starting this process! And there’s no guarantee of ever getting a deal.


SELF-PUBLISHING There are a vast number of companies that will help you to ‘self-publish’. This means you supply them with a full and final manuscript, and they will arrange the publication process for a fee and a cut of your royalties. The pros are you have more creative freedom over your text and illustrations/images (if required), and also you choose the formatting for how your book is produced. The cons are you still need to find your own support team (editors etc) before submitting a final version, it will need to be fully formatted and correct for printing (designers required as well) and although there will be some marketing support (usually by way of being added to their website) you will need to manage further marketing yourself. In addition, you are losing a percentage of your profits.

You manage the publishing process and hire the right people/services to edit, design, publish, and distribute. The pros are you remain in complete control of all artistic and business decisions, and retain 100% of all profits that you make. You can sell your book by any means in any global market, as you retain the rights. In addition, if you self-publish and do well, you have the potential for agents and publishers to come to you (think E.L James and 50 Shades of Grey, which originally was independently published, and now has sold 65 million copies and is a movie franchise!) The cons are you do need to do it all yourself, or find suitable professionals to help. You will need a budget upfront and the right contacts if you want a professional result. However, there are now many options for print on demand production, so you don’t necessarily need to ‘buy’ a stock of your books. And that’s where Maini Books comes in. We are a different sort of service, where we help and guide you through the Independent Publishing route. We provide support by mentoring you through the process, having the relevant contacts (if you need them) and then we support you with publication and production, and if you like even the marketing! So if you’ve got that book ready to be written but just haven’t put pen to paper yet, get in contact with us for an informal chat.

07453 307 071


Summer Intensive Brilliant Theatre Arts are incredibly pleased to announce that this year’s Summer In-tent-sive project will be back and bigger than ever in 2021! Working under our EVEN BIGGER purple big top tent, Brilliant will produce two separate performance projects – a celebration of West End and Broadway Musical Theatre AND a promenade performance of Shakespeare’s hilarious play, As you Like It. Aimed at passionate young performers aged 7 – 21, this project will be an intensive workshop experience, with participants spending every day in our open-air, big top tent to create some truly special pieces of performance, before performing to a live audience. Over the course of each week, they will work with our professional Creative Team, focusing on improving performance skills, making new friends and creating fun-filled pieces of theatre . And this year, for the first time ever, we invite all participants and their families to a picnic celebration after each performance to recognize all our performers hard work during the project! WEEK ONE: West End and Broadway Musicals Week (3rd – 7th August). In this celebration of the globe’s best musical theatre, participants will work on a variety of numbers and scenes from some of our favourite shows around, including Beetlejuice, Heathers, SIX, Matilda, Hamilton, Mary Poppins and more! There really will be something for everyone in this thrilling week exploring


acting through song, ensemble work and solo opportunities. Get back on stage and doing what you love in this exciting week of Brilliant musical theatre. Plus you will get to perform with a LIVE band! WEEK TWO: Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It (10th – 14th August) Week Two sees us exploring the world of Shakespeare’s hilarious comedy of mistaken identity As You Like It, and creating an exciting promenade performance for our audience. Participants will work intensively on the text, developing their understanding, performance skills and knowledge. Brilliant make exploring Shakespeare’s works fun, engaging and unique, and we can’t wait to bring this hilarious comedy play to life! What are you waiting for? Get back to doing what you love this summer and join Brilliant for our Summer In-tent-sive!

The stage is waiting... Book now and for more details go to Brilliant Theatre Arts also offer weekly sessions in locations around Hertfordshire (offering small sized groups for detailed training) Thursday evenings 6pm onwards in St Albans, Hertfordshire Friday evenings 6pm onwards in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire Call 07535904101 or email Feel free to check us out at


in June Events, Jobs and News Round Up Did you know that you can feature your events on the TBC website? And, that we then promote that event to thousands of people in Enfield via our social media channels, email and include them in Inform Magazine!!! Wow! Get in touch at stalbans@ to find out more

Events Throughout June - Stitches of Support for The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre 8th June - Compelling Content Creation with Joolz Joseph - Easy ways to make your marketing work harder for you with content creation innovation.

News Round Up Helping small businesses with all things HR - offering a flexible solution to your business needs - www.


Offering Power Hour Coaching Sessions through Kardooni Consulting to reflect on you and your business Joolz Joseph has launched a new course - Compelling Content for Email Marketing and is offering a 20% discount until 18th June with the code LAUNCH20 (price is just £49) - www.joolzjoseph.podia. com/creating-compelling-content-for-emails Find out how to develop your business whilst protecting and improving the environment at a free NLCCE webinar: Reducing Your Environmental Impact on 24th June, register here Can I travel? How do I know? What do I need to consider? Is it safe to book? Booking a holiday used to be simple, it is with Not Just Travel - Keeley Brown. Let Keeley help you plan and book a holiday. She’ll steer you around all the things you need to know so you can enjoy that much needed holiday.

Jobs Do you have job vacancies? Or are you looking for a job? Email us the details at and we will list them FREE in Inform Magazine


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