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madisonl0l the jmu student survival guide ’11-’12

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• top eats • jacard rundown • vegetarian options • freshman 15 • live healthy



football frenzy • intramural sports • getting fit •



• jmu lingo • words of wisdom • things to do 2

letterfromtheeditor It’s my pleasure to welcome you to JMU. You should be proud of the hard work and determination that brought you to this university. As exciting as freshman year is, it can also be a little difficult, too. The staff at Madison 101 came together and thought of advice that we wish we had been told as freshmen. From that, we designed this guide to help you navigate through your first year, whether it is where to find the best places to eat, how to decide where to live your sophomore year or the 10 things you need to do before you graduate. Your time here will go by faster than you think. You have so much to discover about yourself, and you only have four short years to do it. Revel in the school spirit that vibrates through the new stadium. Thrive in the classes that cultivate your knowledge. Savor the last bite of your grilled cheese on Thursdays in D-Hall. Explore your interests, get involved and take advantage of everything that JMU has to offer. Again, congratulations on deciding to come to JMU. The next four years will have a profound impact on your life, and I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

Megan Reichart Executive Editor

stafflist allisonkillam Editor

alanamassey Articles Editor

chloemulliner Managing Editor

caitlynfralin Art Editor

emilyweidie Asst. Art Editor

chrissyskutnik Photo Editor

mollyhaas writer

mollyrossberg writer

mattsutherland Copy Editor ashleywilson writer 3

chrissysullivan writer

davewendelken adviser

cover and divider photos by chrissy skutnik



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gettingaround by molly haas As a freshman without a car, getting off campus — whether it is to make a Walmart run or to go home for the weekend — may seem overwhelming. Without a doubt, there is a lot to explore, and thanks to the bus systems and other methods of transportation, there are ways to get around town.

the weekends or for school breaks. On, students can sign in with their e-id and post or search for rides. The ride board is located on the second floor of Warren Hall.

Buses The Harrisonburg Transit Department has two campus shuttles that run from Festival on East Campus through Bluestone Drive to Memorial Hall continually each day. There are also shopper shuttles, which run to the mall, the Harrisonburg Crossing shopping center and the movie theater. The buses are free to students and run throughout the week. Ride Board For longer trips, the Ride Board offers students an opportunity to browse for trips that other students are taking on photo by arielle whitt

College is full of new experiences & unexpected surprises. Sometimes, though, it’s more than you bargained for. Services include: Pregnancy confirmation Accurate information on all options Nurse consultation Limited ultrasound

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gettingaround by molly haas Zimrides This year, students have yet another option for transportation home: Zimrides. Through Zimrides, students can search for longer trips and commuter trips to and from campus. Zimrides posts can also be linked in with a userâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Facebook profile to connect with students via different media. Once you have created a profile on Zimrides, you can upload a photo of yourself and also load your personal ride preferences, such as smoking and tastes in music into the system. The site will then automatically match to another user offering what you are looking for. After the ride, users may even comment on profiles about their experience. Zimrides also allows both drivers and passengers to post the amount of money they are expecting the ride to cost. Cabs Another way to travel off campus is by using one of the many cab compa-

nies. Students can get a cab anywhere on or off campus with a quick dial to any of these companies, and most cab rides cost between $5 and $10. ABC Cab 540-564-1214 Royal Cab 540-438-7777 Yellow Cab 540-434-2515 SafeRides Operated by JMU students, SafeRides provides free transportation to your apartment or residence hall on weekend nights. SafeRides operates from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights when JMU classes are in session. The phone number for SafeRides is 540-568-7433.

photo by chrissy skutnik


studenthealth by chloe mulliner Living on your own for the first time is both exciting and liberating. You can stay up as late as you want and refuse to eat your vegetables, but once your immune system decides to crash in response, you may find yourself wishing Mom and Dad were around to take your temperature and serve you soup in bed. When you’re faced with a fever or a cough, the University Health Center can help. UHC offers a variety of services including lab tests, immunizations, ambulatory care and consultations on sprains, as well as a women’s health clinic. To receive service at the health center, you must present your JACard. Most services are covered in students’ semester fees, but some additional testing and services require a fee. Vaccines, crutches, slings and disease testing are a few that entail extra payments, while a full list of service fees is posted on the clinic’s webpage. If you owe a fee, you must pay the same day of your appointment. The clinic is located behind Carrier Library and the Burruss Hall parking lot, near the Grace and Mason streets intersection. It is open six days a week and operates on an appointmentbased system. However, if you need

photo by chrissy skutnik

urgent care, you do not need to call ahead. The center will also provide you with a doctor’s note if you miss class because of your visit. Most professors will accept a doctor’s note from the clinic as an excused absence. UHC does not operate on Sundays, and it does not have an emergency room. If you are in need of emergency care and the center is not open, call JMU Police or 911. You also have the option of visiting Rockingham Memorial Hospital or the Emergicare clinic — located on Cantrell Avenue — for assistance. While catching your first cold away from home is a nuisance, there are plenty of options to help stifle your sniffles. For more information and hours of operation, visit UHC 540-568-6178 Other options:

JMU Police 540-568-6911 RMH 540-689-1000 Emergicare 540-432-9996


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whygreek? by ashley wilson

There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus and in Harrisonburg. With so many choices, you may find it difficult to pick what is right for you. One option is Greek Life, which allows you to not only make a difference at JMU and in the community but also gives you the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood. At JMU, there are 15 fraternities and 10 sororities. In each one, you are provided with opportunities for community service, leadership positions and a bond that will go far beyond your college experience. However, Greek Life is not for everyone. Here are some important questions to ask yourself before going Greek: What is “rush?” Rush is the recruitment process fraternities and sororities hold to gain new members. Fraternity recruitment is held in both the fall and spring. Men are able to visit as many houses during the designated week as they are interested. After this, you are able to make your decision of what house you find fits you the best. Sorority recruitment is a more formal event and registration is required before the week. Rush is held in the evening and weekend to avoid conflict with classes. Sorority recruitment is a mutual selection process. At the end of the week, women will attend a “Preference Night,” in which

Complete & bring into Outpost by Family Weekend October 16th for a free t-shirt!

Are You Still A Freshman? What is the only dorm on campus with a dining hall in it? a. Eagle b. Chandler c. HoďŹ&#x20AC;man d. Potomac How many pawprints are on Bluestone Drive? a. 74 b. 68 c. 72 d. 79 photo by chrissy skutnik

they can go to up to three houses. After this, they rank their choices and the sorority submits a preference list. The bids will then be matched and the sorority you will be offered a bid from is determined. Who sponsors JMU Greek Life? The Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council sponsor each organization. Do any parts of rush involve alcohol? No. University policies say rush must be an alcohol-free event. Can I be financially and scholastically responsible to a fraternity or sorority? Each fraternity and sorority has its own GPA requirements that you are required to meet and uphold during your membership. Along with that, they all have their own dues that you must pay to be in good standing. For people still interested, but with monetary issues, many fraternities and sororities provide payment plans.

How many steps are on the death stairs? a. 68 b. 72 c. 94 d. 102 After a First Down at a football game, what chant is shouted? a. J-M-U Duuukesssss b. JM-U wish you had a Duke Dog c. Fight Song How many Dining Locations are oďŹ&#x20AC;ered on campus? a. 18 b.23 c. 38 d. 27 What is the best place/way to buy JMU gear and rent or buy textbooks? a. Swap with a friend b. Don't Buy at all c. University Outpost Bookstore d. All of the above

When deciding what you want to do with your college career, do not rule out Greek Life due to stereotypes. JMU Greek Life has so much to offer to you and you have so much to offer them. For more information, visit www.jmu. edu/fsl/students/main.shtml. 540-432-0287 Located at Port Republic and I-81

photo by chrissy skutnik

studentpublications by allison killam The Breeze is the university’s studentrun newspaper that is published every Monday and Thursday. The Breeze covers university news, as well as Harrisonburg community news. There are stands all over campus where students can pick up the latest issue. The Breeze is known for the “Darts & Pats” in the Opinion section, which allow students to either applaud or criticize certain events or people. Darts & Pats are all anonymous, so don’t worry if you want to dart your roommate for leaving his dishes around or pat E-Hall desserts for being so tasty. Many students spend all four years trying to get a dart or pat published. Find The Breeze online at The Bluestone is the university’s yearbook. It is handed out free to students at the end of each school year, thanks to patrons, as well as help from the Student Government Association. The yearbook averages around 400 pages.

It gets heavy, but it’s definitely worth it. It covers all memorable events of the year, as well as sports, clubs and other activities. Make sure you are quick to get a copy when they’re being distributed. In 2010, yearbooks were handed out beginning on a Monday and were all gone by Wednesday. Students usually receive an email detailing the dates, times and places where the yearbooks are distributed. Port & Main is JMU’s first and only student-run lifestyles magazine. It focuses on JMU stuent life and contains features about entertainment, health, dining, fashion, careers and more. Students can learn about different dining locations around Harrisonburg, 10 things to do for less than $20, and health and fitness tips. It is distributed next to The Breeze stands.

wheretolive by molly rossberg Deciding where to live when you move off campus may seem daunting. Who will you live with? Where will you live? When should you sign a lease? But fear not — we’re here to break it down into a few simple steps. 1.Find Roommates This is an extremely important first step. When you decide to live with a group of people, make sure that you all agree on more than the basics of whether you smoke or what temperature to keep the apartment. Ask yourself things like, “How clean do I like my living area to be?” and, “Do you like going out on the weekends or do you prefer to stay in?” Remember, being friends with someone does not necessarily mean you’ll be good roommates. Everyone in an apartment should be able to tolerate little quirks or habits that other roommates might have. However, if you like everything to be pristine and a potential roommate is messy, neither of you are going to enjoy living together. If you’re having trouble finding a roommate or need another person to fill the apartment, Off Campus Life and many apartment complexes hold roommate mixers throughout the year that will help you find a good match. 2. Decide where you want to live Find out how much everyone is willing or able to pay for rent. From there, research complexes and compare their rates. Remember to check what amenities, utilities and services are included in the rent, because this can

vary greatly from complex to complex. If your group is having trouble making up its mind, call the apartment managers or landlord to schedule a tour and clear up any questions that you may have. Also, get some firsthand experiences from upperclassmen or friends who live or have lived where you’re looking to move. 3. Sign a lease So everyone has agreed on a place to live and now it’s time to sign the lease. Make sure everyone in the group fully understands the lease before signing it. What type of lease are you signing? How long is the lease for? How clean do you need to keep your front yard? What is the security deposit? How can you do your best to get it back? What other fees will you need to pay on the day you sign your lease? It’s a good idea to get a copy to show your parents before you sign anything. They need to know what they’re getting into also. Leases are binding contracts, so signing one without knowing what you’re agreeing to could be disastrous. Make sure to keep a copy of the lease in an accessible place to reference if you need to. Other things to remember: Sign up for the Utility Deposit Assistance Program —found on e-campus — that allows students to get utility service connections without a deposit. Go to for more information.

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graphic from the breeze

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varnerhouse by molly rossberg Varner House is an on-campus counseling and student development center that provides full-time JMU students with free and confidential counseling and psychiatric services. Students with more serious or chronic psychological needs can also go to Varner House to be assessed and then referred to a professional in the Harrisonburg community. Many students have certain expectations when it comes to what college should be like, and what many donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see are the challenges they might face during their four years at school. Students can seek counseling for any number of things, from difficulty adjusting to college life and feeling anxiety

photos by chrissy skutnik

to suffering from depression or having relationship problems. The counseling staff at Varner House provides a sympathetic, understanding ear and works with you to overcome the current challenge youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re facing. Varner House is located by the James Madison statue in the Bluestone Area of campus and is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Questions? Visit the Varner House website at You can read FAQs, meet the staff and view a list of 25 signs that counseling might be helpful to you. To make an appointment, call 540-5686552.




choosingyourmajor by chrissy sulllivan Worried about picking the right major your first year at JMU? You don’t have to be. It isn’t until sophomore year that students are required to declare a major and JMU offers various resources to help you make your decision. Located in Wilson Hall, the Career & Academic Planning Center is designed to help students both find or change a major. After simply scheduling an appointment with the center, you meet with an adviser who will provide any help or advice you may be looking for. Advisers are experts on what JMU has to offer. They provide information about what requirements must be completed to get into particular majors and what career paths people generally choose after studying in certain fields. “We teach, advise and counsel,” said Christine Harriger, one of the many Career & Academic Planning advisers. “We help students figure out who they are and what’s out there. If you’re overwhelmed, we can help you.” Your adviser can guide you to a major that fits you best by exploring your interests, personality, skills and values. If you’re a freshman or a sophomore, you also have the option of taking a onecredit Career and Life Planning Course, IS 202, which is run through the Career & Academic Planning Center. “I’d recommend the class to everyone,” Harriger said. “It’s especially good for major changes.” Sophomore Christine Tedesco took


the class the spring semester of her freshman year after deciding the major she initially declared wasn’t for her. “I hated the prerequisites for the College of Business so I switched out of the major but had no clue what to do,” Tedesco said. Through various personality tests and quizzes offered throughout the course, Tedesco discovered a major she was more compatible with. “Not only did I find a major through [IS 202] I found potential minors,” she said. “It also helped me understand how to utilize the different resources we have on campus.” Being happy and actually enjoying what you’re studying will help you be more successful during your time at JMU, so take advantage of the resources available to help you on your way. Also remember to visit the Career & Academic Planning Center when you have any career related concerns like finding an internship or a full time job or if you need help writing your resume. The Career & Academic Planning Center is on the third floor of Wilson Hall. Call 540-568-6555 to set up an appointment and be sure to visit JMU’s Career & Academic Planning website at assessment.htm for more information and assistance.

photos by chrissy skutnik


buyingbooks by alana massey Let’s face it: Buying books can be a big investment. So how do you get what you need for the best price? There are several options that students have. The JMU Bookstore, located on campus, stocks all textbooks used by the academic units, as well as a large selection of general and technical books. For students’ convenience, the bookstore provides services including special orders for books, textbook buy back, and textbook rentals. The textbook buyback program enables you to get cash for your books by selling your textbooks back to the bookstore. Several factors are used to determine the cash value of used textbooks, including the condition and whether or not a professor will be using the book next semester. The JMU Bookstore also has a textbook rental program, which may help you save some money. In order for a book to be placed on the rental list, professors need to commit to using a certain book for four semesters. As

more professors agree to such contract, students can get certain books for about half of the original cost. Once the semester is over, they must either return the book, or they can choose to buy the book if they desire. Although students will not receive any money back for returning the textbook, it may be more cost effective since the book is cheaper up front. The University Outpost Bookstore, located at the corner of Port Republic and Forrest Hills roads, is another option for students. Much like JMU’s Bookstore, the Outpost has a buyback program centered on the age, condition and need of the book, as well as a rental program. What’s the difference, then, between the two stores? Not only could some textbooks vary in price, one bookstore may carry a larger supply of a certain textbook, while one store may buy back a book that the other choose not to. Look online and research your textbooks so that you can get the best price available. photo by chrissy skutnik


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by alana massey Whether youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re working on latenight papers, studying for that huge exam or panicking because your computer crashed, JMU offers numerous places on campus for you to access a computer. Carrier Library, located near the Quad, has an assistive technology lab, 60 computer workstations, a photocopier, printers, a laptop checkout, a wide variety of books, group study rooms and wireless Internet. With an old, historical feel, Carrier Library offers a great study atmosphere. Keep in mind, though, there is no 24-hour study zone, and there are only 15 group study rooms. On the other hand, there is a Starbucks that is conveniently located on the first floor. East Campus Library, on the other hand, has a more modern feel. With 76 computer workstations, 46 group study rooms, a 24-hour study zone, a photocopier, printers, a laptop checkout and wireless Internet, ECL has plenty of space for students to study,

photo by chrissy skutnik

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meet with groups and work on the computer. There is also a Java City located on the first floor for those students looking for a cup of coffee or a small snack. There are also 24-hour computer labs in Hillside Hall. Remember, your JACard is required for access at every lab.

Lab hours for Carrier and ECL: Monday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Sunday: 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 a.m.

l a t n rie afe

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repeat/forgive by molly rossberg

The ‘Burg’s Best Kept Secret


Sign a lease and get a free Gold’s Gym membership!

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11-A South Avenue Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm; Sat, 11am-3pm Sun, By Appointment

On e-campus, undergraduates are given two chances to use the “repeat/ forgive” option that can be used in the event of receiving a near-failing or failing grade in a class. In this case, the student can select to repeat the class a following semester to get a better grade. When registering for classes on e-campus, a student must register for the same class and then indicate the repeat/ forgive code on a dropdown menu. See shtml#regpol for complete instructions. Classes that were taken at another university or that were failed on account of an Honor Code violation do not qualify for a repeat/forgive. Once the class is completed for a second time, both grades will show up on your transcript, but only the new grade will be figured into your overall GPA. This is regardless of whether or not the second grade is higher. photo by chrissy skutnik

â&#x20AC;&#x2122;11-â&#x20AC;&#x2122;12calendar fallsemester2011 Aug. 29 Classes begin Oct. 1-2 Homecoming Oct. 15-16 Family Weekend Nov. 21-25 Thanksgiving vacation Nov. 26 Residence halls open Nov. 28 Classes resume Dec. 9 Last day of classes Dec. 12-16 Final exams Dec. 17 Graduation

springsemester2012 Jan. 9 Classes begin Jan. 16 Martin Luther King Jr. holiday Feb. 14 Assessment day March 5-9 Spring break March 11 Residence halls open March 12 Classes resume April 27 Last day of classes April 30-May 4 Final exams May 5 Graduation



photo by arielle whitt

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topeats by alana massey Madison Bread Company Located in Top Dog Café, Madison Bread Company offers a variety of delicious paninis. Some of the menu items include a bacon cheddar chicken Panini, a chicken Caesar Panini, a buffalo chicken Panini or a grilled spinach Panini. When using a “punch,” these meals come with a side salad, chips or a piece of fruit. E-Hall dessert At this newer dining location, students can enjoy fresh-baked bread, salads, home-style entrees, international dishes, or brick oven pizza. While each meal at E-Hall is delectable, the desserts are simply mouthwatering. The bakery serves muffins, cookies, brownies, s’mores, red velvet cake and ice cream. Next time you’re enjoying your buffet-style dinner at E-Hall, be sure to save room for dessert.

photos by arielle whitt

Madison Grill Situated on the fifth floor of Warren Hall, Madison Grill is JMU’s premier full-service bistro. It features hand-cut steaks, gourmet sandwiches and innovative specials. Students with the 14-plus plan can use a punch at this sitdown restaurant for up to three times each semester. Mrs. Greens Located on the ground floor of Chandler Hall, Mrs. Greens hosts a salad bar with homemade breads, fresh hot soups, specialty wraps and an entrée bar. The food is always fresh and there are plenty of featured meals throughout the week.

Grilled Cheese Thursdays Every week, D-Hall features Grilled Cheese Thursdays. Students can enjoy as many grilled cheese sandwiches as they can handle in this all-you-care-toeat dining location.


jacardrundown by alana massey Your JACard is your passport to all campus services and activities. This card enables you to gain access to residence halls, athletic events, UREC and other campus buildings. JACards are also the key to your meal plan. You receive a set number of meals per day or week (depending on the meal plan), and each time you “use a punch,” one meal is subtracted from your allowance. Often, a punch includes a complete meal, such as a burger, fries and a drink. You can use your punches to purchase a Duke Deal at Market One, Festival, PC Dukes, Corner Bistro or Top Dog Café. You could also use your punch to enjoy buffet-style dining at D-Hall, E-Hall, Mrs. Green’s and takeout at Let’s Go. With a 14-plus plan, students are able to punch two times per day, for each day of the week. In case of a conflict, students are also able to use two punches at once (aka “double punch”). Each punch is valued at $4, but some meals may cost more than that. It’s OK to go over a punch, because meal plans include something called dining dollars. Using dining dollars is like using a debit card to pay for any food that costs more than a punch. Let’s


say you are buying a meal that costs $4.50. Since a punch is worth $4, you can then use your dining dollars to pay the remaining 50 cents. (Just be sure to tell the cashier that you’d like to use a punch and dining dollars.) You can also use dining dollars to buy food and beverages at some vending machines, some concessions stands and on-campus convenience stores. Don’t forget to keep track of your dining dollars balance throughout the semester, because leftover dollars do not carry over into the next year. On your JACard, you can also create a FLEX account. FLEX is a declining balance account that connects you with the JMU campus. Similar to a checking account, purchases are deducted automatically and the balance is displayed after each transaction. FLEX is accepted at many on- and off-campus locations, and there is no monthly service charge. You can add money to your account at any time by using the Online Account Access link on JMU’s website or by visiting Card Services in Warren Hall. Visit for more information. photo by arielle whitt

photo by arielle whitt

vegetarianoptions by lizzy paulin Mrs. Greens — salad bar option, fruits and vegetables, vegetarian lasagna (check weekly menu for hot bar, some vegetarian options) D-Hall — salad bar option, vegetarian station (look online for weekly menu) E-Hall — salad bar option, fruits and vegetables, vegan/vegetarian options (look online for weekly menu) Festival — salad option, pasta menu (ElBows), Caesar salad/different sides without meat products (Cranberry Farms), yogurt and hummus for snacks, vegetable wraps/sandwich options/ tofu (Grab ’n’ Go Sandwiches/Montague’s Deli), Veggie burger (Burger Studio), vegetable soup options, vegetable omelets (Sunrise/Sunset), baked sweet potato and other vegetarian sides (Tumbleweed Farms) Let’s Go — salad option, fruit and

pasta (non-meat sauce available) Market One — vegetable wraps/ sandwich options/tofu (Grab’n’Go Sandwiches/Montague’s Deli), panini’s/ salads ( The Great Panini), garden burger black bean veggie burger/veggie dogs (Burger Junction), soups and other options such as salads, yogurt and fruit PC Dukes — vegetable sandwich options (Grab n’ Go Sandwiches/Dukes Deli), vegetable soup options (Soups), pasta with alfredo or marinara sauce (Pasta), salad pockets/tofu pockets (Side Pocket), vegetarian nachos (Zoca) Top Dog — vegetable burger (GrilleWorks), vegetable Panini options/ salad bar (Madison Bread Company), garden spring roll/rice/steamed or fried vegetable dumpling/vegetable egg roll/ tofu stir fry (Mongolian Grill).


Joshua Wilton House Restaurant & Inn Lodging * Dining Award Winning Cuisine

photo by arielle whitt

freshman15 by lizzy paulin

Seasonal menu using products from local and sustainable farms Located in historic downtown, a ten minute walk to James Madison University Owned and Operated by JMU Alumni

Junk food from the dorm vending machines, late-night pizza deliveries and not having Mom and Dad around to remind you to eat your vegetables may all contribute to the dreaded “freshman 15.” Here are a few ways to avoid packing on the pounds. •Avoid eating when stressed, while studying or while watching TV. •Eat slowly and at regular times. Try not to skip meals. •Keep between-meal and late-night snacking to a minimum. •Choose a mix of nutritious foods. •Pick lower-fat options when you can, such as low-fat milk instead of whole milk or light salad dressing instead of full-fat dressing. •Watch the size of your portions. •Resist going back for additional servings.

Dinner Hours Tuesday-Saturday Reservations Recommended 412 South Main Street, Harrisonburg 540.434.4464 * 888.294.5866

•Steer clear of vending machines and fast food. •Keep healthy snacks, like fruit and vegetables, on hand in your room. •Replace empty-calorie soft drinks with water or skim milk. From school_jobs/college/freshman_15.html#

livehealthy by lizzy paulin

Tips to Avoid Weight Gain •Choose grilled/baked foods over fried foods. •Eat breakfast. •Eat a colorful diet. Exercise Guidelines •Get moderate to vigorous exercise 30-60 minutes per day. •Walk to classes instead of taking the bus. •Take fitness classes at UREC or participate in intramural sports to make exercising more fun. •Take steps instead of elevators.


The UREC website lists these 10 things to do as a new student: 10) Climb the rock wall with your roommate. 9) Take yoga. 8) Get an intramural team together from your hall. 7) Discover weekend adventure trips. 6) Become a part of a sport club. 5) Take a dip in the pool, then relax in the hot tub. 4) Try one of 60 different group fitness classes. 3) Get a fitness assessment. 2) Grab a smoothie. 1) Make UREC part of your daily routine. photo by chrissy skutnik

We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us. 1 thessalonians 2:8

Sunday Worship Service

10:30 a.m. Meeting @ the Elks’ Lodge (Downtown Harrisonburg) A short walk from the JMU Campus

V i s i t o u r W e b s i t e f o r d i r e c t i on s

contend photo by robert boag

thefightsong Madison, James Madison We are the Dukes of JMU Madison, James Madison The fighting Dukes of JMU Fight for glory, honors won Brighten the lights of Madison Madison, James Madison Show your colors, proud and true We are the Dukes of JMU 40





footballfrenzy by allison killam Tailgating before a JMU football game is a great way to show your school spirit and have fun with your friends. But if you’re going to participate, you need to prepare. Regulations for tailgating include no saving spots, no open flames (except gas grills) and you must clean up all trash after the game. Tailgating must end two hours after the game ends. Bring lots of food for friends and family and extra for the neighbors. Also, think of which games you’d like to play. Cornhole and ladder golf are popular tailgating games. As for the alcohol involved in tailgating, all university policies and Virginia laws will be enforced regarding open container, underage consumption or drunk in public tickets. Tailgating essentials: •Hamburgers and hot dogs •Chips and dip •Drinks and ice •Coolers •Pasta salad •Veggie platter •Folding tables and chairs •Napkins •Games •JMU apparel

photo by chrissy skutnik

As a student, to be able to get football tickets, you must register at www. If you haven’t registered, you will not be able to reserve tickets. All you need is your student ID number, which is found on your JACard. Tickets are free if you’re a student. Don’t forget to print out a confirmation copy. When you arrive at the game, security will swipe your JACard, which has your ticket loaded. It is a new system and there have been a few bugs — that’s why we recommend a confirmation copy. Ticket reservations open two Mondays before the game day. If you’re a Student Duke Club member, you’ll have a chance to access tickets before the general student body. The Student Duke Club is a way to get students to interact and attend JMU Athletic events. Membership costs $25 each year and members are invited to pre-game tailgates, as well as an early entrance to athletic events. Visiting parents and friends need to make sure they order tickets a few months in advance. Family Weekend and Homecoming tickets sell out quickly. Also, they’ll need to determine whether you, the student, will be sitting with them.


intramuralsports by alana massey URECâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Intramural Sports program offers individual/dual sports, team sports, educational programs and special events. All opportunities are offered in different skill levels: Dukes League This is the Level 1 division for beginners. This particular league is for participants who are new to the sport, or for participants who may have previous exposure to the sport and just want to participate in a fun environment. Challenge League This is the Level 2 division for intermediate/experienced players. This league is designed for participants who have experience playing the sport, as well as an understanding of the rules and strategies involved.

participants who have played the sport at a competitive level, have knowledge and skills necessary to compete and have the desire to play against the most competitive students, staff and faculty on campus. UREC offers a variety of intramural sports, including 5-on-5 basketball, dodgeball, inner tube water polo, billiards league, 4-on-4 flag football, softball, ultimate Frisbee, tennis, sand volleyball and indoor soccer. To view a complete list of the available sports, as well rosters, schedules and playoff brackets, visit Stop by the Intramural Office in the Student Leadership Office on the third floor of UREC to learn more.

Premier League This is the Level 3 division for highly competitive players. This league is for photo by chrissy skutnik


gettingfit by allison killam UREC, short for University Recreation, is the athletic building located on the other side of Duke Dog Alley (the tunnel underneath Interstate 81). Its mission is to “Motivate Madison Into Motion.” Not only does the building have the usual courts and exercise machines, but there’s an indoor track, a pool and sauna, a cycling studio, rooms for yoga and aerobic classes, racquetball courts and even a climbing wall. The building also has an equipment center where you can rent anything from basketballs to a tent for camping outdoors. Outside the building there is a sand volleyball court, as well as two different turfs for soccer, rugby and other sports. UREC also offers free group fitness classes that are run by student instructors. Some classes include yoga,

photo by chrissy skutnik

cycling, step, kickboxing, core, Pilates, dance, body sculpt and more. In order to take a class, you must register on UREC’s website, Click the Group Fitness link on the left. This will show you all the available classes. Again, click Online Registration on the left. This page explains how to register and takes you to the group registration site. That’s just one building that offers fitness facilities. University Park is now under construction on Port Republic Road. It will have more than 85 acres of fields for athletic and recreational purposes. There will eventually be a nine-hole disc golf course and even a high and low ropes course. It is scheduled to open in March 2012.


Discover Something New!

With 20 stores to choose from, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re bound to find something exciting, something delicious, something unique and something memorable.

FREE Wi-Fi now available!


Thursen day thru Satur day 9-6 *

Homemade fudge,soft pretzels, sticky buns,gourmet coffee... All just 5 miles from campus! Open Tuesday - Saturday for the holidays 3105 John Wayland Hwy(Rt.42). Dayton, VA 22821 (540) 879-3801

Townhome Communities

410 Copper Beech Circle, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 (540) 438-0401



jmulingo by allison killam APL: The airport lounge. Located on the fourth floor of Warren Hall, it’s a room full of large, comfy chairs and couches perfect for studying or sleeping. The Arboretum: The Edith J. Carrier Arboretum is a park located on the edge of the university’s east campus. Here you can find trails, gardens and a pond. The commons: The open patio in front of D-Hall where clubs and organizations gather. Convo: The Convocation Center is located on east campus and hosts large events such as concerts and basketball games. Duke Dog Alley: A tunnel that runs underneath I-81 connecting UREC to west campus. ICS: The Inter-Campus Shuttle, one of two buses that goes from Memorial Hall to Festival continuously.

The Kissing Rock: The massive rock formation on the Quad. Rumor has it that if you kiss someone on the kissing rock, he or she is the one you’ll marry. The shopper: A bus that takes students to get their Walmart, Target and mall fix. The stacks: The stacks are an original part of Carrier Library. It’s also been used as a hook-up location for students. TDU: Located on the first floor of Taylor Hall, Taylor Down Under is an ideal hangout spot for students. UPB: University Program Board. A student-run organization that brings programs, concerts and shows to campus. WXJM: JMU’s student-run radio station. Through the 88.7 FM frequency, WXJM broadcasts to students and community members. photo by chrissy skutnik

wordsofwisdom by molly rossberg “Use college as your time to spread your wings and find yourself, and most importantly, be yourself. Have fun and explore all of the options JMU has to offer while you’re here and in your future.” Kara Sentipal, senior health sciences major “Say ‘yes’ sometimes. My roommates joke around that I’m always up for anything, whether it’s cruising with the windows down to Dayton or a 2 a.m. trip to Walmart. I have had some


of the most amazing times at JMU because I said ‘yes’ when asked to do something or go somewhere.” Stevie Hochenberger, senior international affairs major “Find ways to get involved early and often. Everything else will fall in line.” Ginny Wescott, senior communication studies major

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thingstodo by chloe mulliner Sled on the ISAT hills During a snow day, take the plunge down the hills on east campus. Extra points are given for the most innovative sleds. Picnic at the Arboretum Grab a blanket and some friends to relax by the pond. Bring along change so you can feed the fish.

Check out the restaurants in downtown Harrisonburg Within walking distance from campus, downtown offers an alternative to JMU dining. Greek, Asian and Ethiopian are just a few of the available cuisines. Smooch on the Kissing Rock Take advantage of the Kissing Rock on the Quad, if not only for namesake!

Swim at Blue Hole Just about 30 minutes west down Route 33, Blue Hole is a great spot to take a swim and cool off when the weather is warm.

Stargaze at Reddish Knob Reddish Knob is one of the highest points in Virginia. Gather up some friends to witness the view and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget your camera.

Hike at Skyline Drive Skyline Drive offers plenty of hiking trails and lookout points. The scenery is especially worth seeing when the leaves change colors in the fall.

Catch a movie a Grafton-Stovall Theatre Not willing to fork out a fortune to go see a movie? With $2.50 tickets and popcorn for 50 cents, you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go wrong with Grafton on campus.

Submit a Dart or Pat to The Breeze Feeling annoyed? Feeling appreciative? Send in your quirky comment to this section in the school newspaper.

Proud to serve to the

JMU Dukes

Watch the sunset on the ISAT deck ISATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s outside deck area is a great place to view the sun setting over campus.

Have you tried us yet?


FREE Smoothie FREE Small FREE Smoothie with Smoothie with Smoothie Smoothie with Medium purchase purchase 2nd must Smoothie Purchase 2ndsmoothie smoothie mustbe be equalororlesser lesser value ofofequal value

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Barracks Rd. / 945 Emmet St. / (434)295-8502

%DUUDFNV5G%(PPHW6W   Harrisonburg / 1645 Reservoir St. / (540)438-8348 +DUULVRQEXUJ5HVHUYRLU6W   Pan Tops / 1980 Abbey Rd. / (434)975-5464 3DQ7RSV$EEH\5G   Good only at participating locations. Not good with any other offer. *RRGRQO\DWSDUWLFLSDWLQJORFDWLRQV1RWJRRGZLWKDQ\RWKHURIIHU Limit one per person per visit. Some restrictions may apply. Excludes Malts, /LPLWRQHSHUSHUVRQSHUYLVLW6RPHUHVWULFWLRQVPD\DSSO\([FOXGHV0DOWV 3RZHU0HDOV6KDNHVDQG.LG V.XS([SLUHV Power Meals, Shakes and Kidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kup

1645 Reservoir Street Harrisonburg, VA 22801 (540) 438-8348

Smoothie King Offers a wide selection of sport nutrition products, weight loss products, supplements, and of course over 50 of the best tasting smoothies made with real fruit and natural ingredients

“Four years goes by fast, so don’t stress yourself out. Ten years from now, you won’t remember the test you failed, but you’ll remember the time you stayed up all night hanging out with friends. You’ll survive this; just be yourself, don’t doubt what you can accomplish, don’t take anything for granted, get involved, try your hardest at everything you do, and take advantage of all that JMU has to offer. You got into an amazing college and now it’s your time to enjoy it.” Brittany Stassano, senior health services administration major

JMU Tae Kwon Do Club

Est. 1985

Contact for more information

photo by chrissy skutnik

As Affiliated with...

McCoy Martial Arts Institute

Class schedule available online Call to inquire about a free trial lesson 54

Mark Your Calendars! Renting Begins for the 2012-2013 School Year on October 3, 2012!

Madison 101  

The JMU Student Survival Guide for 2011-12.

Madison 101  

The JMU Student Survival Guide for 2011-12.