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Advertising Information

Advertising Rates

Business Card Ads

Ad Size Full Page 2∕3 Page 1∕2 Page 1∕3 Page 1∕4 Page

1x $525 $400 $310 $220 $175

3x $485 $370 $285 $205 $165

5x $445 $340 $260 $190 $150

Contracted business card ads will be placed in every issue for a calendar year (5x). The annual rate will be billed in full upon placement of the first ad. Business card ad content cannot be changed until the end of the paid duration, excepting updates to contact information.

Business Cards Single Double

$60 —

$55 $100

$250/year $480/year

corresponding products, sales, etc.) electronically - on its website and/or social media outlets - at no additional charge. No guarantees are made regarding free electronic advertising.

• Rates are for ad space only. In-house design fees separate. • Listed rates are for four-color (CMYK) ads. • Island ads will be billed an additional 10% surcharge beyond the listed rates. The following ad locations can be reserved by request for an additional rate, as listed:

Inside Front Cover Inside Back Cover Back Cover Center Spread Inside Front Spread Inside Back Spread

$125 $100 $200 $250 $250 $200

The Brand maintains the right to finalize ad placement within each issue.

Advertising Discounts Discounts will be awarded to non-contract advertisers upon placement of the third (3x) and fifth (5x) ad within a single calendar year, provided the ad spaces are of the same size, or equal total size. Rates will be billed in full until the third ad is placed. Discounted rates will be reflected in the prices of the third ad and beyond. To illustrate: An advertiser who places five full-page ads within a

year will be charged: $525 for the first page; $525 for the second page; $405 for the third page (3 pages average $485); $485 for the fourth page (3x rate); and $285 for the fifth page (5 pages average $445). Any pages beyond this will be given the 5x rate.

No agency commissions are permitted.

Advertising Contracts Contracted ads are available at an additional discount beyond the above rates. Agreement requires that at least five ads of the contracted size be placed within one calendar year. Advertisers who wish to appear in every issue will be allowed to choose ad location(s), as available. Call for details and pricing. Applicable to all ad sizes 1/4-Page or larger.

The Brand

Supplemental electronic advertising is available. Call for details and pricing.

Classified Ads

Special Placement Ads

Electronic Advertising

The Brand promotes printed advertising materials (or the

Classified ads are available at a rate of $.60/word with a $15 minimum. Classifieds must be prepaid and will print exactly as submitted. Photos may be included at an additional charge.

Advertising Content

The Brand reserves the right to refuse any advertising at its sole discretion. The Brand assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of submitted advertisements. The Brand

may mark ‘Advertisement’ on any material that readers might confuse with editorial content.

Advertising Accounts Advertisers will be billed following the printing and distribution of the issue containing their content. All payments are due within twenty-one (21) days of invoice date. No advertising will be accepted on accounts that are ninety (90) or more days past due. After 90 days, all past due accounts will be charged two percent (2%) interest for every thirty (30) days overdue.

Ad Design

The Brand offers ad design services at a price of $125 per

full-page ad. Materials and information for ads designed in-house must be received no less than twenty (20) days prior to the camera-ready deadlines listed here. Excessively detailed advertisements will be charged at an hourly rate.

Proofs and Corrections An electronic proof of any ad designed in-house will be provided via email. The advertiser is responsible for prompt review of the proof and for notification of any changes. The Brand is not responsible for inaccuracies in proofed documents. No changes can be made to any ad after the current issue has been submitted to print.

The Brand - Media Guide 2017-18  
The Brand - Media Guide 2017-18  

The Brand is a new livestock publication serving Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula, and the surrounding areas.