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Sure, we all love contemplating glistening Adonises, swashbuckling buccaneers, and loincloth-straining savages — but not as much as Uncle Walter does. Like feverish magpies, Uncle Walter and his co-conspirator, The Wife, gather up the greatest pectoral excesses ever to grace a supermarket paperback and put them on display for all the world to revel in at For our V-Day extravaganza, Uncle Walter has been kind enough to smear a little bit of that magic coconut oil on our humble rag. Behold, some of his favorite romance-novel covers. For more bodice-ripping atrocities, check in with Uncle Walter and crew at their online haunt: and, both havens for “disturbing, frightening, and completely real� covers and quotes from romance novels.

Bad Romance  

Moaning, groaning, and oiled-hunk-boning with Uncle Walter & Co (

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