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The Book Review Project Volume 1, Issuu 8

Welcome to THE BOOK REVIEW PROJECT WHY EVERY WRITER NEEDS A MAILING LIST Want to know more about new releases, giveaways and exciting writing news before anyone else? You better sign up now! I’ve seen this on every website that belongs to a book blogger, indie writer and even traditionally published authors that I’ve ever felt compelled to seek out and until I started to write, edit and (dare I say it) promote my debut series I always wondered why it was so important. Now I know why and I’m going to let you in on the secret too because many great writers just don’t get the attention they deserve. I was discussing a query for my own series The Girl Diaries with a publisher and they asked me about my subscriber list. “It’s somewhere around 1000,” I said proudly only to have that pride dashed by the disappointment on that publicists face. It turns out that Email is hundreds of times more effective for authors to launch and sell books and that all the energy that I put into social media with follow loops and writing prompts and giving away free samples and advice is going to amount to negligible sales for my books. “How do I make my email list better?” I asked, because that’s why I was meeting with a literary agent, I wanted to know how I could make my platform better and generate sales income. I desperately want to be able to run narrative practice workshops (free ones) full time so I need book sales to achieve that goal. “You need to make your sign up process through your website effortless and offer something for free, then you need to engage your audience weekly, your goal is to be helpful and add value to their days so that people continue to read and pay attention,” she said. It made sense, so this is now what I am trying to do. Further information on setting up a great email list can be found here:

INSIDE THIS ISSUE The Sing Wars ....................2 Unplugged Psychologist .....2 Broken Chains ....................3 Once upon a Death .............4 Halfway House Series ........4 E. L. Winfield......................5 Next Best Fantasy...............4 STILL GROWING ARRIVES Saturday 20th July 2019 Cobb and Co Farmers Markets Cnr of Lindsay and Campbell Street, Toowoomba Author Signing and Book Swag giveaways in the kids activity tent from 9:00 a.m.

BOOK ONE OF THE SING WARS A celestial object violently descended from the sky , crashing into the peaks of the Sing Mountains. On either side of the range, the peoples inhabiting the lands took notice of the strange power it radiated- an unequivocal magical force. The desire for that power turned these nations to war. The peoples of the Sing Moutains had always held great powers in high regard, collected magic at any costs. All this

was soon brought to the battlefield for the greatest power of all. The mass destruction that followed, however, caused both sides to reconsider the worth of this pursuit. As the battle raged on a detente was called, putting an uneasy distance between the two nations. Just when it seemed that the power from the heavens could finally be won it’s force suddenly disappeared.

“ A story of greed and power in a fantasy world like no other.” - Amazon Reviewer Do your kids need a digital detox?


Brad Marshall, The Unplugged Psychologist, is on the front line helping parents deal with the dominance of gaming and problematic technology use. His clinic, was one of the first in Australia established to help young children, teenagers and families whose lives are totally torn apart by technology. Based on solid psychological research explaining why screen addiction is so powerful, Brad's jargon-free advice gives a clear plan for parents who have had enough and are serious about changing the way their kids use and interact with technology.

In Marshall’s latest book The tech diet for your child & teen, you get an simple 7-step plan to help you reclaim the lives and minds of your precious little ones and save your own sanity as well.

Follow him on Twitter @unpluggedpsych for free advice and updates!


In an interview with Herald Sun, Brad said that strict time limits (yes even for teenagers) reduce conflict and help teach our emerging adults about time management and self-efficacy. Don’t just ban your child from their device, that only leads to a worse home environment. Put some energy into controlling your own bad habits and turn off the Wi-Fi on everyone outside of times where usage is permitted. While there is no one-size-fits all solution to modern parenting and prescribing hours for screen time, helping your kids to plan a schedule for their school, homework, extra-curricula's and sleep times really does help them to see where and when use of devices for entertainment is appropriate. You work backwards from that timetable to work out how much time each week or day is reasonable for them to access and because your child is able to contribute to the discussion and take ownership of how their life is managed they are more likely to stick to the rules. To find out more about Brad’s amazing new book and all the great work he does helping families you can find him over on his website at


Women Fiction, Horror, Children's, Psychological Thriller Writer! MEET EMILIYA AHMADOVA Ahmadova is a believer, mother, author, motivational coach, and former scout and youth leader, her life is entirely governed by the necessity of believing in the possibility of everything and God is a bic part of her daily life. She describers her driving force for making writing a career is to help people. She treats sensitive subjects as holy, not only to capture a readers interest but also to instruct and highlight the disparities that exist even today in our modern society for mowen and vulnerable persons. Her overarching aim is to encourage others to confront these situations and seek a more empowered direction for all humanity. Stand up for yourself and what is right. Having written across a variety of genres, Emiliya manages to produce unique and unrepeatable fiction that engages her audience and as a self-published writer this is in part, why she has been so successful in making a career in this industry. To find out more you can follow her blog Or find her on social media:

Facebook @authoremiliya

Twitter @authoremiliya and


This story is about the life of Silvana but starts out with the story of how her parents met. It was not as such a particularly happy situation. I related strongly to the sensitive topics discussed in this book including but not limited to abortion, generational trauma and of course the trials of raising children as a single parent. Something that unfortunately I can relate to on a number of levels. Written in an authentic and honest style across five generations of Azeri women this is a novel that looks at some very taboo topics using diverse and very likeable characters. Whether you are Muslim, Christian or of another faith entirely there is something in this for you. This is a story that will capture your heart and open your mind. Overall I would give this book 4.5 stars as I found the book to be very well written but not at all similar to Ahmadova’s other work Diary of an Abusive Relationship. This book dives further into the oppression, injustice and abuse that so often is rained down upon young women. At some points I felt very confronted by the raw dialogue but that is just me. Thankyou Emiliya for creating a book that helps to raise awareness of the myriads of domestic abuse that women deal with and hopefully your work is a step in the right direction to shape a new future for all of us.



DAYS OF DEATH SERIES I never chose death—death chose me.

Australian born, this

Now I choose change. Having been the

writer loves all things

grim reaper for over a millennia Kaah

paranormal. And has

was well over it, dealing with the mun-

written about mermaids,

dane repetition of collecting souls

AI shifters and even

night after night from an ever-

ghouls! Dzintra says her main attraction to these fantastical genres is the impossible being made possible. She is a self proclaimed hopeless romantic, and loves to incorporate a healthy dose of HEA in her books. If it has fangs, fur, wings, or halos she is all over it... (And anything in between) More recently this self-made author has ventured into romantic Comedies and Mysteries, finding her

increasing population was beginning to takes it toll. He had witnessed an ocean of unique faces, all confronted with their final moments on earth. Though different in appearance they all showed one final emotion when the time came—fear. Wanting a change, craving quiet serenity, Kaah wanted nothing more than to retire and become a ‘no one special’ in a ‘nowhere special’ town. And he succeeds, for a time...

Never regret being a good person to the wrong people. Your behavior says everything about you and theirs says everything about them.


own style for creating who– dunnit mystery

What makes a house become a home?

series. If you are looking

Unconditional love? Sense of belong-

for a new indie-author to

ing? A circle of support?

worship here she is. Check her out on social

The Halfway House is where the dam-

and get to know some

aged and broken paranormal come as a

amazing new characters

last resort for rehabilitation.

and uncover worlds that are truly, spectacularly

Family isn't always where you’re born


but sometimes where you find yourself. DzintraSullivan https:// authordzintrasullivan/

It doesn’t matter your gender, size, religion or species, you will always find a home in the Halfway House. There are now seven titles in this captivating series and you don’t want to miss any of them. The entire collection is


available FREE on Kindle Unlimited

and I highly encourage anyone who


loves paranormal romance to give them a go. Well written and witty this collec-


tion is my new favorite series!

HIS MAJESTY’S DRAGON ****Spoilers Once again I’ve stumbled across a book that was so good I’m kicking myself for taking so long to finally read it. This is a book that my son had once recommended to me and I managed to keep overlooking it for years while I read more ‘adult’ style books. Well, don’t I feel silly now. I fell in love with the series! I love ocean adventures and I love dragons so this book was incredible on both fronts. The story starts with a ship captain discovering an egg. A Dragon egg. The adventure really starts when it hatches. I have to say that while I enjoyed how all the dragons were portrayed in this book there were several of the supporting characters I fell in love with too. Oh, and the dragons talk! Overall this was just an awesome book full of wonderful people and relationships that moved you alongside a plot that left you wanting more.

“ Move over Paolini and Tolkien the next best fantasy writer has arrived! Put your hands together for Naomi Novik series Temeraire.” E. L. WINFIELD Wattpad writer Emma L. Winfield writes about mental health in an informative and educating way and challenges societal stigma to empower our young people to take ownership of their own health and wellbeing. She also runs a Writing blog where she shares her triumphs and snippets of life as a busy mum and emerging self-published author. Here is an exclusive excerpt from Emma’s upcoming book. ©‘You can open your eyes now, Star,’ she heard Silven’s voice say beside her. She hadn’t even noticed they were closed. ‘Oh my…’ No further words would come. Star stood in a new world. A beautiful, bright and shining land, yet somehow, they were still in the forest, still standing in the middle of the clearing.


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MOVE OVER GEORGIA ! CLARISSA TAKES THE REINS AS NEXT BEST CHILDRENS SERIES! My first feedback for Still Growing Book #2 in The Girl Diaries Hey M. A. Thomas, Diary style books are often choppy and uncomfortable to read, but not yours. Seriously this book series certainly gives The Confessions

There is no obligation to review every month just anytime a special book touches you in all the right ways send us an email so that we can help spread the word about the incredible emerging authors that are out there in Australia and beyond.

of Georgia Nicholson a run for its money and is a million times better

Our project is forever growing and evolving and we are looking for incredible volunteers to keep the love of literature alive in the next generation. Wherever your passion, skills or qualifications lie there is a place for your feedback on our pages!

Alistair and Clary but I have a feeling I am going to be disappointed

Reviews are due on the 25th of every month and can be emailed to: steamscene2018@ or info@authormathomas. Happy Reading!

than the Geek Girl ones. I didn't get around to reading your first book but I will. Now that I’ve finished reading this one. I really liked how Clary is always saying one thing and yet thinking another, people totally lie like this, all of the time so her character is very relatable. This book is set in modern Australia right? If so, it is not at all how I pictured it. I truly can't wait to read the rest of this series as these characters get older. The storyline so far is very funny and you genuinely love to hate and then love to love again the group of teenage friends in the series. I have a lot of hopeful thoughts about by him being permanently friend zoned. Thanks again for letting me beta read for you it was a pleasure, I hope you don't mind the editing suggestions and good luck with next months launch! Also your cover art is really awesome by the way your friend is really talented.

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