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LETTER FROM ROSEANNE  n the first day of Spring I walked in the park by the O water in Oaks. The sun shone bright and there were yellow wildflowers popping through fresh green ground cover along the banks. Birds sang and swooped and bikers and walkers were back and forth all along the trail. I felt vibrancy within myself and those around me as well as a tremendous sense of gratitude to be present on such a beautiful day and in such a lovely setting! The next day I saw a brochure for the Jane Iredale spring collection called “Come Alive”. This struck me as a powerful statement, especially for a cosmetic collection, which got me thinking about their intention. After some reflection I realized how my perfect springtime walk had made me feel exactly that: alive! What a perfect message about how your beauty regimen should help you feel! The greatest joys of this season always grow from the sense of blooming and thriving that we see all around us. At The Body Serene it is also our intention to create experiences and provide products that will help our customers tap into this wonderful energy! Our dedicated team has been busy cultivating fresh health and beauty specialty services to bring out your best this spring! We are carrying a new nature based product line from Germany, we are hosting an exciting “Sun Kissed Skin” event and we are celebrating our 17th anniversary! We are looking forward to all of these opportunities and more to help our Body Serene community flourish in the months ahead!


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Roseanne welcomes the community to the latest issue of SERENE Magazine.

Kneipp Products are profiled.

April brings a special event hosted by Jane Iredale and each week in May help us celebrate our 17th anniversary with our “Sassy Seventeen” Specials

Body Serene’s New Talent Christine Splan and Dolores Jiminez are profiled by SERENE Magazine.

Latest news and offers from The Body Serene Day Spa

SERENE Magazine sits down with Barbara Stratton, owner of Mira Salon in Skippack, to discuss hair highlights this spring.




Kneipp’s Philosophy Kneipp’s approach of ground breaking relevance today for naturopathic healing methods and contemporary preventative medicine. Thus the visionary life philosophy that sees man going about his daily habits and routines and his natural environment as an inseperable and balanced entity. Considered the elements of water, plants, exercise, diet and balance to be closely linked. Kneipp not only stands for scientifically based nauropathic products and treatments, but also for a holistic life philosophy. Available for purchase at The Body Serene Day Spa!



EVENTS & SPECIALS SUN KISSED SKIN EVENT by Jane Iredale April 18th 5-8pm A great girl’s night out!

Consult with our Jane Iredale representative and our amazing estheticians to learn how to create that vibrant Sun Kissed look without the guilt! Receive a complimentary application of Tantasia on your legs with purchase of this great product! Enjoy champagne and treats while you learn new ways to look great this spring! Reservations are limited so call 610.584.7284 today to reserve your time!




Check out our “Sassy Seventeen” Anniversary Specials for the month of May!

May 1st: Enjoy 17% for our over 55 discount! May 7th: Enjoy a $17 manicure! May 17th: Enjoy 17% off all retail! May 25th: Enjoy $17 off a 90-minute massage! May 30th: Enjoy 17% off any Treatment Facial! Also celebrate Skin Health Awareness in May! Each week in May we will have a licensed Esthetician available for 30 minute complimentary consults to address your individualized skincare and cosmetic needs! Call to reserve an appointment! Celebrate May at Body Serene!

TEAM SPOTLIGHT We wanted to highlight the new talent we have welcomed to the Body Serene Team! Christine and Dolores both come to us with wonderful experience and warm, inviting spirits. We are lucky to have found them both!

Christine Splan Christine Splan underwent a huge life change within the last 10 years! She had been working as an electrical engineer and she chose vegetarianism because of her exposure to the meat packing company for whom she worked. Around this time her beloved sister had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and Christine took care of her for years until she passed away at age 37. Through these changes Christine decided that life is too short not to be living a life that makes you happy. She has chosen to live her life supporting people and her environment in ways that she believes in. She achieved her license in esthetics in 2004 and her license in massage in 2007. She says, “My work became about making people happy, not about the money or status of my old position.” Christine has also been trained in Tarot card reading and says that she uses her intuition during her bodywork to know where folks need the most attention. She feels that everyone needs to let go of stress and Massage Therapy can be wonderful to achieve that outlet. Christine loves to read, knit do yoga and exercise in her free time. She lives with her husband of 9 years in Upper Gwynnedd and loves working at The Body Serene! “People at the Body Serene get along so well, they are happy to be here and excited about their work!” We are happy to have Christine on our team!

Dolores Jiminez Dolores Jiminez also brings tremendous talent and experience to our spa! She has 16 years experience in the industry and is a licensed Nail Technician as well as a licensed Massage Therapist! After taking a few years off to raise her young children (a lovely 7 year old girl and adorable 4 year old boy) Dolores is excited to resume her career. She has a passion for fitness and has been the winner of multiple body building contests! These muscles help make her a formidable therapist! In her free time Dolores loves to spend time with her kids, especially biking and walking. “I loving doing pedicures”, she exclaims, and we believe her! Her pedicures are sublime! She loves making people feel good and enjoys helping to heal issues through massage. When asked about her experience at The Body Serene she says, “the atmosphere has been so warm and the people here have been so inviting, I already feel at home!” We are so fortunate Dolores found a home in us!



Massage Therapy

Nail Care

Skin Care

Enjoy a ninety minute massage to address sore muscles and achieve deep relaxation! Afterwards, receive a complimentary herbal bath from our new Kneipp line to go home and complete this perfect renewal ritual!

Welcome to paradise! Enjoy the scents and benefits of mango, papaya and pomegranate that infuse this season’s Tropical Punch Spa Pedicure! This blend of sultry fruits will bring alive your best sandal look! While you bask in the delight we will serve you a cool, yummy treat!

We are introducing our new “Upper Body Brightening Treatment” just in time to help ready your skin for warm weather fashions! We address your neck, décolleté and hands with a three step service of exfoliation, masking and hydration! This half hour service utilizes the brightening enzymes of pumpkin to help you achieve maximum fabulocity!

And remember…$10 off 60 minute massages Monday-Wednesday!


Don’t forget to complete the look with a pair of gorgeous beach shoes from this year’s OKA B collection!

Schedule this service alone or add it to your facial!

Questions & ANSWERS WITH BARBARA STRATTON, MIRA SALON Spring is here and although your winter look was warm and rich it is time to get into your spring look and bring your hair to life.

Should I change my hair color with the seasons? Absolutely. Major changes are welcome but subtle changes are just as effective. You are now getting into the spring palette of clothing so your hair color and makeup should also reflect those changes.

I am not that adventurous, how can I make a small change that will be noticeable but not too drastic? Face framing hilights will brighten up your look. They can look you spent a little beach time or be a little more dramatic.

I think sometimes blonde washes me out, can I do another color? Absolutely! Hilights come in all colors and degrees of intensity. Ask your stylist to recommend some options. All hair color should be custom designed just for you.

Is there anything new in color for the spring? Ombre is the hottest thing trending right now. You are probably seeing it in magazines and on TV. It is a technique where the mid shaft and ends of the hair are lightened. Again, this would be customized to fit your style, color and hair length.

What if I don’t want to commit to permanent color? There is always the option for a few extensions. You don’t have to have a full head of them but if you want a pop of color without the commitment this is the way to go. Human hair, attached with a cylinder, can be blonde or if you are really up for it we have a variety of fantasy colors. Enjoy the spring and remember to let your hair down and have fun with it!

4007 Skippack Pike Skippack, PA 19474 Phone: 610.584.6100 Web:



GIFT CARDS! T A E GR S! T F I G GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE for all your spring season holidays and events... mother’s day, father’s day, graduation.

AVAILABLE NOW AT OR CALL 610.584.7284 The Body Serene Day Spa • 4007 Skippack Pike • Skippack, PA 19474 •

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