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MODELING PORTFOLIO The Blue Rooms Manchester

Starting a modeling career today is a little easier than it was in the past, thanks to the increased visibility that the internet provides. In particular, social media sites provide platforms for gaining followers and attracting the attention of agents, fashion designers, and advertisers.

THE HEAD SHOT This is the first picture you should exhibit in your portfolio and it’s the one potential agents and clients will be most interested in viewing. It should be a close-up of your face, starting at the shoulders. Wear only minimal make-up and keep your hair as natural as possible.

THE BODY SHOT The point of this photo is to exhibit your body, so potential clients can get a good estimate of your proportions. Dress casually in clothes that hug your form. Your outfit doesn’t have to be tight, but it should modestly show off your physique.

THE FASHION SHOT Up until this point, you have been filling your portfolio with straight profile shots, but you can now add some more creative photos. Model your favorite outfits and feel free to indulge your playful side with different poses and expressions. Fashion designers, in particular, will want to see a broad range of expressions and physical versatility.

THE COMMERCIAL SHOT Here is another opportunity to exhibit your range of emotions. Think about this as acting for print and you’ll get the idea. Add photos of yourself appearing angry, mournful, and joyous. Potential clients will be drawn to you if you can show them that you can access a broad range of emotions.

THE CLOSING SHOT The first and last shot will be the most memorable, so you want to close out your portfolio with a strong, visually stunning headshot. This can and should be more creative than the first headshot, drawing attention to the facial features you like most about yourself.

While you should continue adding to your portfolio, remember that quality is better than quantity. If you dislike an image or feel it doesn’t add something to the portfolio, don’t hesitate to get rid of it. Doing so will strengthen your overall portfolio and increase the positive attention it will garner for you.


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Building Your Modeling Portfolio  

The Blue Rooms Manchester shares tips for building a modeling portfolio.

Building Your Modeling Portfolio  

The Blue Rooms Manchester shares tips for building a modeling portfolio.