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Adults and children drawing together, learning from each other and connecting.

Drawing for all ages The Big Draw has joined the Family Arts Festival 2013 & 2014 to show how drawing can enrich activities for families across the arts. If your family friendly event takes place between 18 October & 3 November you only need to register it on The Big Draw can happen in parks, libraries, nurseries, anywhere, not just museums or galleries. It can mix drawing with play, science, music, dance, sport or drama - and use any media or materials.

Adults and children each have their strengths. Set up activities so they can each contribute. For example, adults can reach high, kids can get low down.

Even babies gain a lot from drawing. They can explore with fist-sized markers, like wax crayons with a ball end. Or tape three crayons together. Let them lie or crawl on big sheets.

Link with family learning priorities, such as healthy eating. Prompt talk between families about food, our bodies and our senses.

Healthy bodies? What about an event where people draw through dancing, martial arts, skating, cycling or doing yoga?

Have a drawing picnic. Draw with food and on food, with fruit & veg, edible colouring, or by making marks with dough and icing. And eat!

Mix drawing with physical play. Draw outdoors. If it rains or is muddy, work the wet or mud into the final effect.

Older children (and adults) often lack the confidence to draw. We lose our inhibitions by using unusual drawing materials. Autumn offers seeds, leaves, berries and conkers - all free. We can make lines and patterns with clay, wire, wool, masking tape or ribbon. This activity makes visible the roots that stretch far beyond the tree and beneath the earth.

If the sun is out, you could trace the shadows of branches, let people move them through the day, and keep a photographic record.

Let children draw on their clothes! They could customise T-shirts, like these with a Big Draw pencil. Have adult sizes too!

Invite people of all ages to weave a gigantic colourful drawing in a frame

Create a collaborative activity for every person to add their part to a growing whole.

Devise a template shape for everyone to personalise in their own way.

It could be a triangle for bunting, or a flower for a garden, or a bird for a flock‌ Encourage adults to join in.

Or provide junk materials (egg boxes, twigs, string, empty water bottles‌) to invite people to make their own personal drawing tool. Add their special marks to a joint artwork.

Mark-makers can be hands-off too!

Reach out, make magic and have fun!

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A Family Friendly Big Draw  

Ideas for organising a family friendly Big Draw event.

A Family Friendly Big Draw  

Ideas for organising a family friendly Big Draw event.