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ONE AT A TIME With our sister company NLP Life Training, we’ve just delivered eight seminars in 19 days to more than 1,000 people who attended our courses. We love what we do and we love to meet the people who attend our courses – and when we see the sparkle in their eyes. We have seen this many times when people ‘dip’ into personal development looking for inspiration, ideas, positive beliefs, positivity... people always want more. Read how we’re helping people to achieve their dreams on page 10. Once they begin, they start asking themselves, ‘What else can I do? What else can I learn?’ In some of our courses we teach people how to break limiting beliefs like phobias, anxieties and so many other things that restrict their ability to live the life they want. A large percentage of these people then go on to become ‘agents of change’ themselves, with a licence to help others change their lives too. And that’s what we do, that’s what The Best You is about, changing lives, one at a time, one video at a time, one article, one issue, one event, one exhibition! One person at a time. So thank you for your support, and thank you for reading The Best You which is now available by print on demand all across the world with our publishing partner Ingram. These are exciting times in the world of personal development and we have many plans to help even more people to be inspired, including the first ever The Best You Exhibition which will take place on 27-28 February at ExCel. Read more about it and the amazing names from the world of personal development who will be speaking at the event on page 62. This issue we have inspiring words from Barbara De Angelis, Simon Sinek, Mike Dooley and Rachel Kelly; we have holistic healthy living advice from Jason Vale, Janey Lee Grace and Shea Vaughn; and we reflect on

the achievements of man of the moment Daniel Craig and legendary football star Wayne Rooney. As always we love to hear from you, so tell us what is inspiring you by email, on our social media channels and in your blog and vlog posts.

Bernardo Moya, Editor-in-chief Follow me: @Bernardo_Moya

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Bernardo Moya welcomes you to this month’s issue of The Best You


How to become a contributor to The Best You


The Royal British Legion, working on behalf of soldiers and their families



A few of our favourite recently published books – plus your chance to win some great reads



Where to find the best coaches, trainers and practitioners





Why the man who plays Bond guards his private life most of all


Celebrating famous facial hair


The TED talk and Start With Why star chats with The Best You


Charting the career of one of football’s finest players




Join us at our next Inspiring People Talks event


Rachel Kelly shares her top tips for living life, post-depression





Hirsute heroes, past and present


With so much of what we read in the papers being negative, The Best You brings you some good news


The Best You columnist Janey Lee Grace picks her favourite things

22 DANIEL CRAIG Life beyond 007

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Author and former solider Martin Etheridge shares the moment that he realised his life had changed forever



Barbara De Angelis teaches us how to discover our soul accomplishments




Sue Atkins asks if you would leave kids unattended in a car?


…to run a marathon? The Best You chats with world record holder Amy Hughes


46 ROAD RUNNER Amy Hughes’ marathon mission



Mike Dooley wants us to trust in the universe to deliver what we need to live life to the fullest



Jason Vale shares a recipe from his new book and shows how juicing adds a new dimension to the 5:2 plan



Shea Vaughn explains why TVP might not the healthful food that we think it is



CONFIDENCE BUILDER Rob Yeung shares his insight

Janey Lee Grace’s new book shows that treating you as a brand could boost your chances of success


Author and psychologist Rob Yeung debunks the myth of natural charisma



The Best You brings together the world’s leading personal development speakers and brands in 2016





The Best You looks at people, past and present, who worked hard for their moment in the spotlight



VLOGGERS MAKING A DIFFERENCE The Best You recognises vlogstars doing good


Bryan Szabo reviews the latest gadgets


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is one of the most influential teachers of our time in the field of personal and spiritual development. For the past 35 years, she has reached tens of millions of people throughout the world with her inspirational messages about how to create a life of true freedom, mastery and awakening.

is a Canadian-born freelance editor and writer who specialises in helping authors realise their full potential as writers. He believes that everybody has a story that should be told. His appearance on the acknowledgement page of dozens of titles proves that the voice he is helping budding authors to find is a precious thing indeed.






is deputy editor at The Best You. This issue she interviews Mike Dooley and Rob Yeung. “Both of these inspiring authors are passionate about helping us to live the best lives possible, whether that’s through being more confident or trusting that the universe will deliver for us. Amazing minds with truly amazing advice – read on to hear what they have to say.”

is a parenting expert, writer, speaker, broadcaster and coach, as well as the author of the Amazon best-selling books Parenting Made Easy – How to Raise Happy Children and Raising Happy Children for Dummies, the highly acclaimed Parenting Made Easy MP3s, CDs and workbooks and The Secrets To Well Behaved Kids.

is a former Times columnist and Sane ambassador. Having suffered two breakdowns and battled depression, her strategies for tackling the ‘black dog’ come from the heart. Her latest book, Walking on Sunshine: 52 Small Steps to Happiness, is published by Short Books.



has been described as ‘a visionary thinker with a rare intellect’. He teaches leaders and organisations how to inspire people. With a goal to help build a world in which the vast majority of people go home everyday feeling fulfilled by their work, Sinek is leading a movement to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.



is a spokesperson for the organic and natural health world. She is known to over 8m listeners daily via BBC Radio 2, and is the founder of janeyleegrace.com, a consumer website recommending the best in the natural, organic and eco world. She is author of five best-selling books, including two Amazon #1s.

www.thebe sty o u m ag az i n e . co

is a Portsmouthbased author who is also an NLP master. He uses skills learned from hypnotist Paul McKenna and NLP co-creator Richard Bandler in his work. For The Best You, he writes about the acting career of Daniel Craig and sporting genius of footballer Wayne Rooney.




– aka ‘Juice Master’ – is the best-selling author of 11 books on health, addiction and juicing. His most well known book – 7lbs In 7 days: The Juice Master Diet – knocked The Da Vinci Code from the top spot. Jason is on a mission to ‘Juice The World’ and help people to turn their health around using natural means.


The Best You is published by The Best You Corporation Ltd, 5 Percy Street, W1T 1DG. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect The Best You Corporation Ltd, policy. The Best You Corporation Ltd accepts no responsibility for views expressed by its contributors. Advertisements and reader offers are not endorsed by The Best You or The Best You Corporation Ltd.




is a national wellness and fitness expert, master trainer and presenter, author and a recognised spokeswoman for helping others create individual and business wellbeing. She is also the founder of SheaNetics®, a doctor endorsed revolutionary lifestyle practice.


Be Inspired

Be Inspired





Connect with the wonderful, special and powerful inside. Learn ways to get your mind and body in balance, bringing out the rich core of your being. Discover the secrets that will enable you to take charge of your inner life and become The Best You.

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Keeping depression at bay

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With our recent and upcoming seminar programmes, The Best You is creating even more opportunities to be inspired by the personal development industry’s biggest names

GET THE LIFE YOU WANT Once again, more than 500 delegates packed the conference room at the Novotel in Hammersmith to hear NLP gurus Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna share their incredible techniques to help people take control and achieve the lives they really want. An amazing energy packed the room, with emotions and positivity overflowing by the end of the session.


In a brand new format, NLP Life Talks offered delegates a short insight from a range of experts with practical, ‘how to’ take outs. With ten speakers each talking for just 25 minutes, the fast-paced sessions showcased some of the many ways that NLP can be used and provided models to use in everyday life and to succeed in business. The new format was well-received with many delegates leaving fantastic reviews… agents4change Richard was out of this world, WOW WOW WOW @Charlotte_Park @PaulBoross is an amazingly inspiring speaker. ”Whatever you say to yourself becomes your reality”.@nlplifetraining #NLPlife @DiazgranadosAna Feeling connected after @Bernardo_Moya speech and ready to keep the inspiration up for the rest of the #NLPlife seminar @nlplifetraining


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INSPIRING PEOPLE TALKS, 7 OCTOBER At the first of The Best You’s Inspiring People Talks at RIBA, more than 200 guests joined speakers Dr Stephen Simpson, Dr Richard Bandler, Marisa Peer and Kevin Green to hear their life stories and share their insights into success. Delegates were able to chat with each of the Inspiring People Talks speakers in a relaxed setting afterwards and ask questions or find out more from the experts. The evening was the first in an autumn programme, with additional dates and speakers set to present Inspiring People Talks in November, December and January, ahead of the inaugural The Best You Exhibition in February 2016. Speaking after the October event, The Best You’s editor Bernardo Moya said: “We are experts in lifestyle enhancement and we created our Inspiring People Talks series to offer busy people the perfect opportunity to hear and meet some of the many amazing individuals who have been featured in our magazine. The chance to hear them talk first hand, and interact with people who have achieved incredible success and share their ideas and tips for development in these settings is unique. We look forward to sharing more great speakers in the coming months and helping more people to realise their dreams.”

LICENSED PRACTITIONER & MASTER PRACTITIONER OF NLP It’s our eighth year of hosting these training events and each year they just get better and better. Richard Bandler was on top form and John and Kathleen La Valle led a fantastic team of trainers to help 95 Master Practitioners and 150 Licensed Practitioners complete their certifications. These are life-changing events for the Practitioners and the people they will now be helping with their positive energy and learnings from the course.

Coming soon… DON’T MISS THESE FANTASTIC SPEAKERS AT OUR UPCOMING INSPIRING PEOPLE TALKS 4 November, Museum of London Laurence McCahill, Paul Boross, Janey Lee Grace, Brian Mayne 2 December, Museum of London Vlatka Hlupic, Hari Kalymnios, Alexandra Watson, Nigel Botterill 6 January, Royal Institute of British Architects Jessica Huie, Rachel Kelly, Pete Wilkinson, Gill Fielding

PLUS, SAVE THE DATE! 27-28 February 2016 The Best You Exhibition, ExCel London TURN TO PAGE 62 TO READ MORE ABOUT THE BEST YOU EXHIBITION

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In her new book, The Best You contributor Rachel Kelly shares her approach to keeping her depression at bay, post-recovery


Last year, I published a memoir entitled Black Rainbow about recovering from two periods of severe depression. Since then, people have often asked what I have since learnt about how to stay well. Walking on Sunshine: 52 Small Steps to Happiness is my answer. The book contains fifty-two sanity-saving tools that I have come to use in my own day-to-day life. Thanks to these strategies I now consider myself blessed to have my own ‘Black Dog’, as Winston Churchill so memorably described depression, on a tight leash. I find that when I adopt these strategies, I can avoid feeling overwhelmed and anxious, which for me were the foothills in which depression took hold. Nowadays I feel calm and happy, and on especially good days, as if I’m walking on sunshine. It took six painful years to write Black Rainbow. I had to summon the courage to return to a very dark time in my life and overcome my fear that writing about the reality of depression might in some way trigger a relapse. The experience of writing Walking on Sunshine has been very different. In many ways, the book wrote itself. Ever since I was a journalist at The Times over 15 years ago, I’ve always written things down, be it in diaries, letters or more abstract jottings. It occurred to me therefore to keep a note of the helpful practices I was using each week, which eventually took shape in a diary of my year. I didn’t need to interview my family, as I had done with my memoir to remind myself as to what had happened, nor revisit memories that were often painful. Rather, writing this new book felt joyful. Throughout the process I was invigorated by the sense that some of the ideas I was sharing could be of value to a reader. So exciting was this thought that I felt I needed to manage my expectations. But every now and then my hope popped out like sun from behind a cloud, and I would secretly smile to myself. The format of a diary I think works especially well because, like all of us, I find my state of mind is affected by changes in weather and light throughout the year, as well as by the stresses of specific annual events such as Christmas. Also, as a mother with three children at school, there is a particular set of pressures associated with the rhythm of the school year. I’m also grateful that many of the tips in Walking on Sunshine are tried and trusted by others, not just me. Throughout the 12 months in which I wrote Walking on Sunshine, I was lucky enough to run poetry workshops for mental health charities including Depression Alliance, Mind, Cooltan Arts, and SMART. Each week I would meet my group of a dozen or so people who were finding life hard. As well as sharing the poems that might help us

through life’s challenges, we inevitably shared other tactics that we were currently finding useful. I always left such gatherings fired up with enthusiasm to try a new approach. I also felt emboldened when some of my own ideas helped those around me. Over time I became more aware of the way in which I rely on a merry mix of tips to keep me going, rather than focusing my attention in just one area. In the book therefore, there are some bits about mindfulness, a handful of breathing techniques, a scattering of philosophical nuggets, a sprinkling of ideas about diet, and a few pockets of poetry.

I truly believe that everyone needs to put together a toolbox of strategies that works specifically for them; that compliments their preferences and temperament.

As I said, I tend to cherry-pick from a variety of approaches – many of them highly personal – and I would encourage my readers to do the same. I think it’s important, in the pursuit of happiness and calm, to connect more deeply with ourselves, rather than attempting to be like anybody else. Take my love of poetry, for example. I am consoled and calmed by verse, but I’m very aware that the healing power of words isn’t for everyone. Others may find the visual arts more appealing, or music. However eccentric your own path to contentment may seem to others, it doesn’t matter, as long as it works for you.

Walking on Sunshine: 52 Small Steps to Happiness is published by Short Books and is available on Amazon.

Follow Rachel on Twitter @RachelKellyNet or visit rachel-kelly.net

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Be Inspired

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GO-TO GIRLS Wonderful women vloggers

MOVEMBER MASTERS Top 10 moustaches





Laughter, humour, travel, love – these are the things that add the sparkle that makes life worth living. Climb a mountain, give to others, start a family, embrace life. What are the things you wish you had done but haven’t yet? Life is no rehearsal – enjoy life every day.

Positive stories to share


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Janey’s seasonal picks

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SALVADOR DALI In terms of wackiness, Salvador Dali’s wispy-yetperennially-smiling facial hair takes some beating, and in 2010 was voted the most famous moustache of all time. Asked if it was a joke, he replied, “It’s the most serious part of my personality.” Influenced by the Spanish masters, Dali’s moustache even featured in a 1968 TV ad for Lanvin chocolates which sent his pomaded whiskers swiveling in delight.


TOM SELLECK As Magnum PI, actor Tom Selleck’s moustache became synonymous with 80s excess, as his character solved crimes in a Ferrari 308 GTS, Rolex watch and Hawaiian shirts. While others emulated his style, Selleck’s thick moustache was in a league of its own and the actor stuck with his facial hair through roles in box office success 3 Men And A Baby and sitcom Friends. It even has its own Twitter account, @StacheOfSelleck



Queen frontman Freddie Mercury sported a classic handlebar moustache, which some have suggested was adopted to frame his prominent teeth. Mercury wrote ten of Queen’s greatest hits and, since his death in 1991, fans have continued to flock to the outer walls of his former home at Garden Lodge, 1 Logan Place to pay their respects to the legendary rock star.



As it’s Movember, we couldn’t resist paying tribute to marvellous moustaches past and present



Never afraid to get fully into character by changing his appearance, Brad Pitt has experimented with a shaved head (Fight Club), greasy locks (Snatch) and clean cut (Ocean’s 11) but the rakish moustache and sideburns that he grew for the Angelina Joliedirected movie, By The Sea stuck around post-filming, suggesting Pitt liked the look.


Hitler’s ‘toothbrush’ moustache was symbolic with evil and terror, but Charlie Chaplin’s innocent tramp sported the same style with the intention of creating laughter. A master of physical comedy, Chaplin parodied Hitler – who was rumoured to have been a fan of the silent movie star – in his 1940 film, The Great Dictator.


POIROT Agatha Christie is reported to have been irritated by her most popular detective, Belgian-born Poirot, but he lives on with his most recent reinvention by author Sophie Hannah in 2014’s Monogram Murders. She says she envisaged actor David Suchet, with his infamous waxed moustache, when she wrote the bestselling mystery.



THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION As we honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom on Sunday 8 November, The Best You recognises the work of The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion provides financial, social and emotional support to members and veterans of the British Armed Forces, their families and descendants. The National Service of Remembrance, held at The Cenotaph in Whitehall on Remembrance Sunday, ensures that no-one is forgotten as the nation unites to honour all who have suffered or died in war. The Queen will pay tribute alongside Members of the Cabinet, Opposition Party leaders, former Prime Ministers, the Mayor of London and other ministers. Representatives of the Armed Forces, Fishing Fleets and Merchant Air and Navy will be there, as well as faith communities and High Commissioners of Commonwealth countries. Each year, a selection of veterans participate in the moving March Past. There are an estimated 6.5–6.7m members of the Armed Forces community living in the UK. Those of working age are more likely than the general population to be out of work, have money problems, have unpaid caring responsibilities or have health conditions that limit their activity. The Royal British Legion is working hard to meet the needs of veterans, Service people and their dependents but it needs you to help. There are lots of ways to get involved and support the work of The Royal British Legion. Join the 300,000 volunteers to become a Poppy Appeal volunteer and help to raise money for this fantastic charity.

To find out more visit www.britishlegion.org/uk

FIELDS OF REMEMBRANCE The Royal British Legion has been organising a Field of Remembrance since 1928. Poppies with personal messages attached are planted in Fields of Remembrance, with each Remembrance tribute carrying a personal message to someone who lost their life in the Service of our country. The first Field of Remembrance was held in the grounds of Westminster Abbey in November 1928, when The Poppy Factory took a group of disabled veterans, a tray of poppies and a collecting tin to the grounds of St Margaret’s Church in Westminster. Only a handful of poppies were planted around a single cross in the grounds of St Margaret’s Church, Westminster. But it began a tradition that took root and has grown over the decades. This year, hundreds of volunteers will help to plant more than 120,000 tributes across five Fields of Remembrance in the UK. Each Remembrance tribute carries a personal message to someone who lost his or her life in the Service of our country.



GOOD NEWS RAIN COVER Most of us have been caught out by an unexpected shower, but a new scheme in British Columbia is reducing the likelihood of getting soaked. UmbraCity is similar to London’s ‘Boris bike’ scheme, enabling students at a Vancouver campus to borrow and return umbrellas from automated kiosks for free for two days at a time. umbracity.com

SLEEP AND RIDE London charity New Horizon Youth Centre is providing tickets for night buses on circular routes to some of the 16-21-yearolds which it supports, as a way to supplement its emergency bed service. Although far from ideal, the charity aims to get young people off the street and into a safer environment. nhyouthcentre.org.uk

I’M RUNNING LATE… Swedish train operator Stockholmstag is using an algorithm written by mathematician Wilhelm Landerholm to forecast delays to its service up to two hours before they happen. The solution enables it to organise extra services and provide travellers with better advanced warning. stockholmstag.se

RHYTHM OF LIFE This summer, music fans in Romania were given the opportunity to earn tickets to a music festival by giving blood. With only 1.7 per cent of the country’s population regularly donating blood, the Untold Festival took the country’s association with Dracula as its starting point to boost interest. Donors received a free day ticket to watch the gig. untoldfestival.com/en

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DON’T MISS THE BEST YOU EXHIBITION I’m so thrilled to be asked to speak at The Best You Exhibition. I can see I am in great company alongside Jason Vale, Sir Clive Woodward and Gill Fielding. I love these kind of events where you can make some great connections and be re-inspired all over again to literally be the best you! I look forward to meeting you there, I’ll be speaking about how to get clarity on your USP and how to use it to attract PR and media attention for the work that you do. See you there! TURN TO PAGE 62 TO READ MORE ABOUT THE BEST YOU EXHIBITION

JANEY LOVES... The Best You’s columnist Janey Lee Grace presents a round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month


w w w . the b e styoumagaz ine.co


NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL Being the ‘best’ you I believe is all about looking at the holistic picture and as we approach the festive season when we start to glam up (which is perfectly fine by the way – one of my books is called ‘Look Great Naturally Without Ditching the Lipstick!’) it’s worth checking we aren’t going to be layering ourselves in potentially toxic chemicals.

Moisturise your skin with brilliant premium quality raw extra virgin coconut oil from Tiana Fair Trade Organics. They do say don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat, and you can and should eat coconut oil (and lather your skin hair and nails in it too). If you aren’t planning a night of passion then lather it on your hands and feet and hair – wrap in a towel or bathcap) and in the morning everything will be silky soft.

Girls (and guys!) you can create the perfect home spa – oh yeah! – grab some organic towels, natural candles and perhaps a glass of fizz and opt for these alternatives to chemically-laden products; do some dry skin brushing, in small circular movements, and exfoliate the skin. You will want to ensure you don’t have big hair in all the wrong places but conventional hair removal creams and lotions won’t hit the mark so try the amazing sugar StripEase. Sugaring is a timeless method of hair removal that has been used for centuries leaving skin soft and stubble-free. Free from artificial chemicals that can be so irritating, this is suitable even for sensitive skin. Fine for vegans too.

tiana-coconut.com For make-up, keep it organic. I love the hypo-allergenic make-up from Natorigin, as you don’t have to compromise on great colours. Its organic lippy is brilliant and the lash-building mascara is the best even for contact lens wearers.



MINE’S A GLASS OF WHITE… THE BEST PRESENT With four children you can imagine the furore around Christmas time in my house, the younger ones have been in orbit with excitement from the time the first decorations went into stores in August and the teenagers are compiling wish lists. Without going unnecessarily ‘eco’, it is interesting that the UK uses enough wrapping paper each year to cover an area the size of Guernsey, and we throw away literally tonnes of unwanted gifts. I’m not trying to be bah-humbug, I will be hitting the shops, but homemade gifts are always appreciated too, and of course anyone can gift the gift of their time. Instead of me giving my younger ones money so that they can buy their dad something he doesn’t need, I will encourage them to give him a voucher for something that they can offer. Grab an old cheque book (remember those?) and decorate them and write…’This entitles Dad to one free car wash’. So the kids can promise help or hugs every single day…. and for adults – well the personalised gift voucher scenarios are limitless.

As the festive season approaches, the chances are most of us will take a drink or two so how do we ensure we keep our liver fighting fit? It’s a complex organ that is involved in more than 500 functions in the body, including digestion, controlling the balance of blood sugar, and the metabolism of protein and fat. Crucially, the liver plays a major role in helping the body to eliminate waste and toxins. To ensure the liver is functioning optimally, it is important to provide it with the nutrients it needs, to help reduce the burden of the toxins we ingest. Most of us know we should reduce sugar, alcohol, artificial sweeteners et al and eat plenty of organic protein and high levels of anti-oxidant rich foods. We need to drink lots of water – at least one glass for every alcoholic drink – and herbal teas are great. We can prepare in advance for over indulgence by taking a Milk Thistle tablet, which can help support your liver to eliminate the alcohol and fat from your body the morning after. Try the high quality botanical formula from Just For Tummies comprised of Milk Thistle extract, herb and seed powders.



Back once more as James Bond, Daniel Craig is centre stage, but he remains as guarded about his private life as he has always been


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RELUCTANT SEX SYMBOL? Exclusive content and shots on iPad, iPhone and Android devices

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As he makes his fourth appearance as James Bond in the 24th film in the franchise, it’s clear Daniel Craig has made his own a role for which many critics said he was unsuitable. The first ‘Blond Bond’, Craig has gone on to disprove one national newspaper’s prediction that he would be ‘Bland, James Bland’ and brought new vitality to the role. A man who loves to perform to a crowd, but hates media attention, is considered a sex symbol, but finds sex scenes a turn-off, is married to high profile actress Rachel Weisz and is hugely guarded about his personal life. Daniel Craig is a driven and complex character, as The Best You discovers. Although he is nowadays famously shy of the press, actor Daniel Craig was literally wrapped in newspaper at his birth on 2 March 1968 in a working class household in Chester. Newspaper was, after all, sterile, convenient and cheap. “Midwives used to lay newspaper down because it prints at such high temperatures,” he explains. “It’s the same principle with fish and chips.” His mother, Carol, was an actress, and his dad, Tim, a merchant seaman, recalls the day Craig told family friends that he wanted to be an actor, too. “I remember at the time blinking and doing a double take because he said it with such certainty,” his dad recalls. Craig was just six years old. Though his parents divorced when he was young, Craig was unaffected by the split and maintained great relationships with both his dad and stepfather, Max. The family moved to Liverpool after the separation, and then to the Wirral. Her social life revolved around Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre, and Craig soon developed an obsession for acting. “I’d see the plays or I would be in the lighting box backstage, and I knew that was what I wanted to do,” he smiles. Academia was not for him. “I hated school,” he announces.

“The only thing I ever wanted to do was to act... I had this blind faith and ego that helped me believe I could do whatever I wanted.”

Craig’s acting would never be classical. He distrusted overintellectualising roles and admits he responded as a kid to the wordiness of Shakespeare, by asking, “What the fuck do those words mean?” With a laugh he adds, “I’m still like that.” Throughout his career, Craig’s approach has been visceral and instinctive. No surprise that when he left school and was encouraged by his mother to go for actor training in London, the drama colleges turned him down. Instead he was accepted by London’s National Youth Theatre. “It was good for me,” he smiles. “It’s like a big youth club but it’s also quite serious because they use professional crews and you quickly get involved with what real theatre is like.” A later stint at Guildhall School of Music and Drama alongside such actors as Ewan MacGregor and Joseph


w w w . the b e styoumagaz ine.co

Fiennes gave him an insight into his acting strengths and preferences. Aware of his working class roots, he avoided the costume dramas he associated with the upper classes. “I don’t want to be dressing up in costumes and pansying around,” he once told an interviewer. “When I left drama school, the only jobs were for boys with floppy fringes who went to Eton... I’m a bull-shitter, an actor, but I realised I can’t be posh.” From his late teens onward, Craig was a jobbing actor. He didn’t have a life plan, and was often strapped for cash. He would sometimes find himself sleeping on friends’ floors and skipping out on landlords without paying the rent. Yet he also got to travel to other parts of the world for roles, and had a strong sense of adventure. “I’d come back from a job and be in the car coming from the airport, and I’d go to the driver, ‘Take me somewhere else.’ I loved being nomadic.” Throughout his twenties he did TV shows, plays and occasional film roles as and when he could. His big break came in 1996 with the BBC series Our Friends In The North. Craig played Geordie, a fascinating and tragic character who went from the extremes of being a gangster in Soho, through prison and finally becoming a vagrant. It gave him huge scope and showed off his versatility as an actor. The show was a massive success, being classed as one of the top 100 television dramas in a poll. As the press began to show an interest in him, Craig sought to distance himself from publicity. Having received fans’ knickers through the post after appearing for fun on a list of eligible young men as part of the magazine publicity for Our Friends In The North, he later disowned the article, describing the attentions he received as “sick”. His private life was always his private life, and he strives to keep it that way. Craig is strongly focused on his work as an actor. He married his first wife “too early” at the age of 23 and


divorced within a year. He was later associated briefly with Kate Moss, before embarking on a long relationship with German actress Heika Makatsch. After their split, there were also rumours of an affair with his friend Jude Law’s then wife, Sienna Miller, but he has always refused to be drawn on speculation. He is equally tight-lipped about his marriage with actress Rachel Weisz. His disregard of press games is perhaps best summed up when he was asked what it was like kissing Angelina Jolie after she had described him as “one of the best kissers”. Rather than fall into the gossip trap, he replied in one word. “Wet”. His main focus remains on pushing new boundaries with his acting. In the years following Our Friends In The North he variously played a schizophrenic in the movie Some Voices, George Dyer, gay lover of painter Francis Bacon in Love is the Devil: Study For A Portrait Of Francis Bacon and the young lover of a 65-year-old woman and her daughter in The Mother. Each role made him push his technique and engaged his curiosity. This for him is far more important than earning big bucks. Indeed, he regretted doing Lara Croft because he felt the film added nothing to his skill set. This also made him cautious about accepting the role of James Bond. He regarded the old style Bond movies to be well-worn and wondered if there would be anything new for him to do. He even asked Pierce Brosnan’s advice on the matter, which was, “enjoy the ride!” Craig refused to sign until he read a final version of the script for Casino Royale. Realising the script would take his acting in new directions, and stretch him he was finally persuaded to take the role.

To read more about Daniel Craig visit thebestyoumagazine.co

The choice of Craig as Bond was heavily criticised by the press. Yet, he has brought new depth to the character, as well as a ruthlessness and animal muscularity that has, despite his protests, made him an unwilling sex symbol. Many people consider Craig the best Bond ever, many also think him the sexiest.

In all, Craig is an intelligent actor. Not hampered by an intellectual approach, he is thoughtful, sensitive and insightful. He is watchful, intelligent and has progressed steadily through diverse and stretching roles to becoming one of the great actors of British and world screen. His latest Bond movie, Spectre, now released, may be his last playing the role of the British super-spy. But you can rest assured there will be plenty more great acting to come.

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I went on a trip to Afghanistan with the United States Air Force to observe its work and learn more about its culture. Everything on our trip went wrong and I was struck by the level of trust the servicemen and servicewomen had for each other. At work we call each other co-workers and colleagues. In the military, they call each other brothers and sisters. There’s a deeper kind of relationship. It got me asking, how can they trust each other more than people trust each other in the private sector? Are they better people? Is it the people, or is it something else? I started trying to understand them, which led me down the path of understanding where trust actually comes from. I realised trust is not about the people, it’s about the environment.

We are social animals and we respond to our environment. When the conditions are right, we naturally trust and co-operate and when the conditions are wrong, when there is no circle of safety, when we actually fear the people with whom we work or we don’t believe that they have our interest in mind, the natural response to those conditions are cynicism, paranoia, mistrust and self-interest.

That’s why the culture of an organisation is so important. If you get the culture right, trust and cooperation are normal. If you get the culture wrong, cynicism, paranoia, mistrust and self-interest are normal.

I can’t tell you how many companies I hear who talk about the problem they have with engagement inside their companies. Their employees aren’t engaged. Well, what do you expect when you use redundancies to balance the books every year? What do you expect when your shareholder is more important than the people who actually work at your company? When a fair-weather fan is more important than the players on the team? You can’t tell people to trust you, but when people feel you share the same values and beliefs, it lays the foundation for a trusting relationship to exist. The most trusted organisations stand for something. There’s an expressed set of values and beliefs that they uphold. This is the basis upon which we trust them. Without that, just being consistent only makes you reliable. There’s a difference between trust and reliability. If you behave in a way consistent with your values then people will say you are trustworthy because you become predictable and recognisable. Before any of that can happen, there has to be a foundation of values and beliefs that a leader can operate in. For example, you’re standing in the lift and you’re running late for a meeting, the doors start to close and somebody starts running for the lift. What do you do? Many of us shrug, and apologise, and make a funny face, but we don’t actually hold the doors open. Well, leadership means you actually consider the person who’s running for the lift, not just you being late for your meeting. Leadership is the ability to consider the other people around you, not just your own priorities. Modern business practices that are ‘normal’ today really come out of the 80s and 90s. They were boom years. A lot of strategies and tactics built for short-term gain in boom years don’t create stability or healthy organisations. In fact, some leadership techniques so often taught are not really leadership. They’re management. Leadership is a human enterprise and requires things like listening. How do you actually listen? How do you practise empathy, which means considering somebody else in the equation?

Simon Sinek is an expert in leadership and inspiration. His TED Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action is currently the third most watched of any of the TED Talks, and his books, Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last give a completely new insight into the art of success. The skills of leadership, inspiration and trust he reveals, are intimately tied up with the culture in an organisation. Those skills are not necessarily what people think, he tells Bernardo Moya

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Exclusive content and shots on iPad, iPhone and Android devices

These human skills are the assets that will be valuable into the next generation. They are much more important than ever before, especially as so many of the ways we do business is from behind screens. Leadership happens in the hallways, not behind a desk. People who have a genuine curiosity for others, practise empathy, are good listeners, are good at asking questions, are willing to sacrifice their interests for the good of others, enjoy seeing others grow – these are the skills that, when practised, will really put someone far and away above and beyond in their coming years and lead to success in the future.

Success is a team sport. You don’t have to know all the answers and you don’t have to pretend you do. Anything you want to achieve is going to take the commitment of other people – and you can’t buy commitment. No amount of money can buy loyalty. It takes committed and loyal people who are inspired by a vision and want to contribute their talents to see a shared enterprise advance.

Some people who have success start to forget all the help they had along the way. They can forget the relationships they fostered and built, and start to believe they’re special. Success can be a dangerous thing. That’s why humility is special. Whether it’s at an organisational or individual level, we instinctively like humble people because they appreciate that their individual success is the result of the help and support of many people. Companies that have humility recognise their individual success is the result of all the hired people who work there and all the customers who gave to them. They don’t think it’s just their genius. Remember: people don’t trust you when you offer your help. People trust you when you ask for help from them.


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I like the idea of people waking up every morning to think about what they can do for someone else. Imagine going to work, where everybody you work with woke up that morning to think how they could help you be better at your job. How you can grow. How you can become more self-confident. How they can help you learn new skills and how they can offer you an opportunity to help them when they’re struggling. What an amazing opportunity. Imagine a world in which people wake up every day, and come to work thinking about each other. Well, I wake up every single morning to inspire people to do what inspires them. I know it sounds corny and cheesy but it’s real. It says on my bathroom mirror,

‘Today you will inspire someone’. I’m literally reminded of it every morning when I look in the mirror. It is what I believe and I’ve surrounded myself with people who share my vision of a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every single morning inspired to go to work, feel safe and cared for when they’re there, and return home at the end of the day fulfilled by the work that they do. Anything I can do to advance that vision is, to me, worth doing.

To read more about Simon Sinek and watch Simon’s TED Talk - How Great Leaders Inspire Action visit

thebestyoumagazine.co AT A GLANCE: SIMON SINEK • Simon Sinek was born in Wimbledon on 9 October 1973, before moving to South Africa as a child • Returning to London, he later moved to Hong Kong before settling in New Jersey Bernardo Moya says: I have been a huge fan of Simon SInek's work for a long time and it was a pleasure to interview him for The Best You. He inspires so many people around the world and every member of The Best You's team reads his book, Start With Why, before they join us. His writing captures the heart of what we aim to do at The Best You, to help everyone to achieve their goals and achieve happiness in all aspects of life. During our conversation, I was deeply impressed by Simon's intelligence and insight and we are delighted to share his thoughts with readers of The Best You.

• Gained a degree in cultural anthropology, later attending City University to study law but left to go into advertising • Published Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action in 2009 at the age of 36, a book which topped America’s ‘CEO read’ best-sellers list • In January 2015, his TED Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action, was #3 in the most popular talks of all time • Sinek lives in New York and teaches strategic communication at Columbia University

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Variously described as brilliant, hotheaded, impulsive and a genius, we look at the man behind the legend that is Wayne Rooney





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Wayne Rooney is the great example of a naturally talented player who, despite coming from a poor background, had everything in place to allow him to shine. Born on 24 October 1985 in Croxteth, Liverpool to a working class Roman Catholic family, Rooney grew up in one of the tougher council estates. His mother, Jeanette Morrey, was a cleaner, and his father, also Wayne Rooney, was a builder’s labourer. They met when Jeanette saw Rooney senior running past her house as part of his fitness regime, and just before their son was born they moved into a small council flat. There was a sporting pedigree on both sides of the family, with Jeanette’s brothers being keen amateur footballers. As for football, it was in Rooney junior’s life from early on. His father took him to his first Everton match when he was six months old, carrying him on the buses and holding him in the stalls. It was an early introduction to the beautiful game which was repeated as he grew up, with Rooney quickly falling in love with the sport, and with Everton. Now with two younger brothers, Rooney moved into a three-bedroomed council house that backed on to the Gems youth club. He lived and breathed football from early on. At nights he would climb over the house’s back fence and play on the 5-a-side pitch in the darkness. Then in the morning he would be up playing football with his friends in the street. His room was filled with Everton memorabilia. It was his passion. At school, he received good reports, though he was never really interested by his subjects. He just loved football. When he was nine, he was spotted by a Liverpool FC youth scout who asked him to try-out for the team, which he famously did in an Everton shirt. They asked him to go back for a second trial and on the same day the Everton scout also fixed for a try-out, too. Rooney didn’t need to think twice, and Everton accepted him, spotting his extraordinary talent straight away. It was every boy’s dream, and Rooney showed extraordinary natural talent, often being placed with boys two years older than him so he would be among equals. At the time his mother worked as a dinner lady to bring in money while his dad had the job of running

Rooney has an impulsive streak. He married his childhood sweetheart Coleen McLoughlin when he was 23 years old after a six-year relationship, famously proposing at a petrol station because he couldn’t wait to get to the meal where he intended to ask. Before this, he’d also used prostitutes whilst going out with McLoughlin. He puts this down to his own immaturity and has settled now into the role of family man. His impulsiveness has also been shown on the pitch. He was sent off during the 2006 World Cup in a match against Portugal, which saw England crash out of the tournament. Nevertheless, he has become an increasingly respected player. He is England’s highest goal scorer, captain of the national team and of Manchester United. His team members respect his passion and note that he is now able to channel his anger into extraordinary and brilliant play. Rooney now has three boys with McLoughlin, and he admits that this level of responsibility has matured him. He moves on quickly from setbacks, and is willing to apologise if he makes a mistake, as he famously did with his former Everton manager David Moyes whom he criticised for holding him back in the early part of his career. He later acknowledged that he was wrong and was willing to eat humble pie in public. These days he shows less uncontrolled aggression on the pitch, powerful discipline and a talent to assess and exploit a situation on the pitch. Extremely shy of the press, he is also often quiet and reserved when he first meets someone, until he has the measure of them. As a captain he is regarded as having the common touch in man management, working to unite the team through close bonds of friendship and always maintaining a level of humility around his team. In many ways, Rooney’s extraordinary talent as footballer is highlighted by his ordinariness. As his wife puts it:

“He’s just a normal lad. He just wants a normal life – and he wants to play football.”

him between school and the club. He’s a down-to-earth, self-effacing footballing genius. That’s quite a combination.

He says he realised he was something special as a footballer when he was signed off from his normal school for three days a week, and then for four days a week as a teenager.

His reputation grew quickly, and by the age of 16 he was already a sub for Everton FC’s first team. He became the second youngest player ever for Everton FC, and assisted a goal in his first match. He soon became Everton’s youngest-ever goal scorer at the time. Incredibly, at the age of 17 he also became the youngest player to represent England, and the youngest player ever to score for his country.

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You probably already have the skills to be more fulfilled and successful. But sometimes it’s about showcasing these skills so that colleagues, customers, friends and the rest of the world can recognise what you do. Drawing on extensive research and inspiring real life examples, psychologist and best-selling author Dr Rob Yeung guides you through proven techniques that will get you noticed for all the right reasons. How to Stand Out shows you how to: • Utilise winning body language techniques • Incorporate the words that get people nodding in agreement • Supercharge your persuasive skills to sell products, pitch ideas, network, and socialise with friends • Boost your motivation to become more successful • Improve your confidence to get the results you desire

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The Notes From The Universe are already inspiring more than 700,000 people across the world daily. Now, best-selling author Mike Dooley shares his wildly popular messages in combination with beautiful artwork in a colouring book for adults. In his fun, warm and down-to-earth style, Mike combines uplifting quotes with beautiful images, which awaken our inner child and transport us to a world where everything is possible. This is not your ordinary colouring book for adults – it is a unique tool that brings us into our gentle inner world and reminds us that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams. Comforting, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging – this colouring book will do more than awaken your creativity, it will give you the confidence to take life into your own hands and will give you the loving, encouraging boost you need to set you on the path to making your dreams come true.

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GO-TO GIRLS Wonderful women vloggers


One soldier’s recovery





What do you want to be remembered for? What are your relationships like with those around you? How does life treat you… and how do you treat your life? There is so much good in you. Enrich your life with the passion you feel and the connections you make.

Soul accomplishments


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How to run a marathon

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THE AWAKENING Author and former solider Martin Etheridge was in a near fatal accident when the brakes on the army truck he was travelling in failed on the way back to camp. Here he recalls waking up in hospital and his recovery

Emerging from a land of half-remembered dreams and broken images into the cold light of day - so this is life; is it? Open your eyes. For Christ’s sake open your eyes, blink – ahh, that’s better? No it isn’t. Through the mist that was my vision I could just about make out these barely distinguishable but strangely familiar shapes. Animal, mineral or vegetable? Animal definitely. These strangely familiar shapes were all members of my family and, Jesus, there were loads of them. They were so far away, almost in the past. But this was now.


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Hey, that’s my dad over there! And that’s my mum. “Hello mum, what are you doing here? Hang about, what am I doing here... And that’s Harold, my uncle. And a host of other uncles and aunties all laughing and singing, “Happy Birthday to you!” Whose birthday is it? “Happy birthday, son,” dad said. So it was mine. And this party was for me. It’s funny but I never ever thought to have a party of my own, I enjoyed a good knees-up, but my very own. All that clearing up afterwards. No thanks. I always thought of myself as the classic satellite-


person – you know, the bloke who was always there but just out of reach, on the outskirts. But now it was them, even though I felt a strange attachment, laughing and singing and floating around, floating around my bed..? My hospital bed, but what was I doing in a hospital bed? A gunner in the Royal Artillery; I was one of the most severe casualties, the result of a brake failure which caused the vehicle we were travelling in to veer off the road and down a ravine. Other severe casualties? Driver, Harold Bruce broke his neck and five others were killed at the scene. I was given the last rights and was expected to die there in the American zone, at U.S.A.A.F airbase hospital in Landstuhl, West Germany. I was not expected to last much longer and my father, Norman, and uncle, Harold, were flown out to Germany to be with me. It was lucky for me that I was taken to an American hospital for I am told by them that the care and treatment I received at their hands was ‘second to none’. The driver of the vehicle, Harold Bruce, who was taken to a different hospital did not receive the quality of care that I did. However, I began to show ‘positive signs’ and was flown back to England, still in a coma, to finish my dying there. However, my condition continued to improve until I woke up from my vegetative state on my 21st birthday that is I became aware again on 22 March 1983 in Ward Two (head injury unit) of Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital (QEMH), often laughably referred to as the ‘Cabbage Patch’. I was unaware at the time that the Falklands War was on and a number of ‘heroes’ from that campaign were in-patients in the ward. I remained a patient at QEMH for a further six months and continued to improve, I was doing great according to the medical staff of speech therapists, physiotherapists, nurses and doctors. It was at the QEMH that I heard about a joint services hospital in Chessington run by the RAF – it was the place to be. There I would learn to walk again and because, at that time, I was dependent on a wheelchair walking was an obsession of mine. It had been all through my time at Woolwich and everyone there, family and staff alike encouraged this positive ambition. However, when I actually got there we were talking about a different kettle of fish altogether. Joint Services Medical Rehabilitation Unit, RAF. Chessington was suitable for service personnel who were going to return to their unit, but I was not going back to my unit was I? After about six months, during which I was counselled and trained to become a ‘good’ wheelchair user, I was told by the Commandant of the camp, that they could do nothing for me and I was discharged from hospital and sent home. This was after a speech therapist, of all people, had already told me that I’d never walk again. I couldn’t talk, couldn’t walk, I had learned nothing at Chessington and I was turned out on my backside. There was a social worker at the unit. I remember I hated her with a vengeance, so I won’t mention her name but she, also, did me a big favour... She arranged for me to visit Major Harris of the Royal Star and Garter home, where I was due to become a resident the next January. He, like me, was an ex-gunner and we really hit it off. Before then though I still had to go home and attend a day centre for a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was during that short period that I achieved my ambition. Nearly everyday after they’d finished their real day job, two male members of my family, my dad, my uncle or my brother would walk the length of the street with me supported between them, and thanks to them I slowly begun to learn to walk. The rest, as they say, is history.

What a Load of Rubbish by Martin Etheridge is published by Clink Street Publishing.

Martin Etheridge was born and raised in Twickenham, Middlesex and currently lives in Isleworth in West London, England. His mind unharmed by the experience, Etheridge used his newfound free time to pen his first book, after being given a typewriter by his family. What a Load of Rubbish is a hilarious story of perseverance that inspires and reminds us that anybody can be a hero, as long as they find out what they can – and love to – do, and truly give it their all.

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Dr Barbara De Angelis addresses life’s most fundamental question

THE SECRET FOR INSTANT FULFILLMENT If you’re a seeker, then like all true seekers you’ve probably asked yourself: what is the purpose of my time here on earth, and how will I know I’ve accomplished that purpose? So often, we spend our lives trying, often unsuccesfully, to discover the answer, thinking that perhaps it has to do with creating the perfect career, or achieving things that make us look successful, or making a big impact on society. What if, from the highest vantage point of consciousness, the purpose of your journey is not for you to become anything, get anything, or


w w w . the b e styoumagaz ine.co

acquire anything, but rather to transcend your limitations and heal those patterns that have made you forget who you are – an individual expression of great light and great love? What if you are here to gather and acquire the wisdom that will elevate and uplift your soul, so that each day you can say, “I’m wiser than I was yesterday. I see more clearly than I saw yesterday. I understand more than I understood yesterday.” What if your true accomplishments happen in your character, in your

heart, and in your soul, and cannot and should not be measured by the limited constructs of the world? In my book Soul Shifts, these are what I call ‘soul accomplishments’. You know you’ve made a soul accomplishment when the reward you receive is lasting. Nothing and no one can ever take it away from you. What are soul accomplishments? When you evaluate your day, how will you know you’ve truly achieved those things you should be proud of? You’ve made great soul accomplishments if you’ve


been transforming, remembering, healing, serving, making a positive vibrational contribution, awakening, or loving! You’ve experienced a soul accomplishment if, at the end of the day, you can say any of the following: Today I thought deeply about things. I saw something about myself that I didn’t want to face, but kept looking until I understood it. I realised I was shutting off, and reached out to reconnect. I expressed appreciation for people.

What if you shifted your focus to this?


I loved even though they weren’t appreciating me back as fully. I had compassion for someone I would have judged. I loved myself even though I wasn’t perfect. I remembered to be grateful for being alive and allowed myself to experience wonder. These are profound soul accomplishments. The other things that occurred on the outside are just the karmic events of the day. One day you make more money; one day you make less money. One day your day at work is calm; one day it’s chaotic. One day your home life is peaceful one day it’s contentious. If you evaluate your success based on those ever-changing external circumstances, you’ll be setting yourself up for unhappiness. This is exactly how we often sabotage our feeling of accomplishment: we believe that to feel good about ourselves means we need more of something. We have to get more, or do more, and when we don’t, we conclude that we’ve failed. Nothing’s wrong with outer achievements. I have earned many of them and enjoy helping people manifest their dreams. However, our material goals become a problem when they overshadow the quest for our soul goals, those inner attainments that aren’t about achievement or acquisition, but about true mastery. Every day, I see wonderful, conscious people who’ve attained great personal mastery, yet who suffer and condemn themselves because they don’t feel successful, all because their achievements don’t fit the picture of how they think success is supposed to look. They’re living lives of authenticity, compassion, service, humility, gratitude and grace. All of these are astonishing soul accomplishments, but since they can’t be measured or valued in traditional terms – money, prestige, possessions – they’re discounted.

You may not always be able to acquire more, or do more but you can always be more. That’s because true soul accomplishments don’t depend on anyone else but you. ‘More’ has to start inside of you. You can be more giving; you can be more compassionate; you can be more forgiving, more grateful, more courageous, and more loving! I call this ‘seeing yourself through God’s eyes,’ or spirit’s eyes. Do you really think that some great cosmic being or intelligence, whatever you imagine it is, would say, “You know, I don’t think those sales numbers are really good. Hmmm, she didn’t close that deal today. Did I see her eating two portions of ice cream? What about that cellulite – that’s so unattractive. What a messy desk – that certainly doesn’t present a good case for her soul. No, I don’t think she’s doing that well.” This imaginary scenario should help you see the absurdity of how much you beat yourself up for simply being human. Naturally, the thought of a higher power judging you as a failure because of the things for which you judge yourself is ridiculous – but so is your habit of disqualifying your soul accomplishments. One of the Soul Shift practices I suggest you try is making a list of your soul accomplishments. This is a powerful exercise that will create an immediate shift. This isn’t something to do in one sitting and then conclude that you’re finished. Noticing your soul accomplishments should be an ongoing process and an everpresent part of your life. Here are some examples of my personal soul accomplishments: Keeping my heart fully open to the fullness of loving no matter how

many times I have been hurt or had to let go of a dream, and never shutting down or shutting off for one moment of my life. Knowing when it was time to help both of my dogs leave their bodies and go forward on their journey, even though I wanted to hold on. Turning down opportunities for more fame or fortune when the projects were not in alignment with the highest for me, even though it meant having less income and a much less glamorous lifestyle than most of my colleagues. Being willing to teach, write and speak about meditation and the spiritual path long before it was acceptable or popular. Learning how, when it was necessary, to let go of situations, people and attachments in every area of my life, and move forward without looking back. Right now, if nothing else ever changed in your life, you have many soul accomplishments for which to honour yourself. Start by honouring yourself for reading this article and everything else you’ve done to guide you on your path to freedom. Honour yourself for the choice to be awake and conscious. Honour yourself for the choice to be open, to feel, to see, and to shift. Honour yourself for the ways in which you’ve served and loved others. Honour yourself for your moments of revelation, healing and humility. These are the great triumphs of your soul. Here is the soul goal I strive for every day. Try it, and see how much more fulfilled you feel:

Today I want to live as the most awakened, loving human being I can be.

I want to stay awake and be more awake at the end of the day than I was when the day began.

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TALKS Live in London

Museum of London 4 November 2015


To find out more and book your tickets visit thebestyouseminars.co

Don’t miss these fantastic speakers at our upcoming Inspiring People Talks LAURENCE MCCAHILL

is the driving force behind The Happy Startup School – a movement that believes in doing business differently, placing happiness before profits. He’s passionate about making people’s lives better, through a more-human approach to business.


has worked in media for more than 25 years, she is a BBC Radio 2 presenter, PR and media skills expert and author of five best-selling books on holistic living.


the master of brilliant and highly effective presentation strategies, will show you some of the key skills you need to really get your message across. It’s not just about language, it’s about mindset, emotional control, rapport building - and much more.


has travelled a path that has led from gypsy origins to the world of personal development. His core message and purpose-led motivation have proven as effective and popular with the corporate world as it has with educationalists and the crowds who come to experience his public presentations.

Coming soon… DON’T MISS THESE FANTASTIC SPEAKERS AT OUR UPCOMING INSPIRING PEOPLE TALKS 2 December, Museum of London Vlatka Hlupic, Hari Kalymnios, Alexandra Watson, Nigel Botterill 6 January, Royal Institute of British Architects Jessica Huie, Rachel Kelly, Pete Wilkinson, Gill Fielding

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THE GO In her column for The Best You, parenting expert Sue Atkins asks whether you would leave your children in the car while you run errands?

This month I’ve been busy doing lots of radio phone-ins as Rachel Stevens, formerly of S Club and Strictly Come Dancing fame, divided opinion among parents after leaving her two young daughters aged 18 months and four years alone in a vehicle for ten minutes while she dashed off to a shop. It’s so easy to ‘celebrity bash’ and I’m not keen to join in the frenzied social media attack on Rachel, but it’s an opportunity to raise awareness of this tricky issue. Who hasn’t popped into a shop for a pint of milk, leaving the kids within sight, outside in the car? It’s confusing legally too as the law doesn’t specify at what age you can leave a child alone but recommends parents use their own judgement, so Rachel hasn’t broken any laws. But it is an offence to leave a child alone, ‘if it places them at risk’.

The NSPCC gives more guidance on recommended ages. It says: •

Children under 12 are rarely mature enough to be left alone for a long period of time

Children under 16 shouldn’t be left alone overnight

Babies, toddlers and very young children should never be left alone

My concern was seeing Rachel’s four-year-old playing with the steering wheel and out of her seat while her little 18-month sister looked on. What would have happened if the toddler choked? What would have happened if the four-year-old decided to open the door to explore outside? What would have happened if the car was shunted from behind or either child became distressed and wanted mummy? The simple question I ask the parents that I work with is, ‘Could your kids cope if something went wrong?’ That focuses parents very quickly on their own answer. Have you ever left your children alone in the car? Where do you draw the line? We’d love to know so have your say by writing to editorial@thebestyou.co and join in the debate.

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Amy Hughes broke a world record earlier this year when she ran 53 marathons in 53 days, pounding 1,388 miles and wearing through five pairs of trainers. Now working with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, she offers this advice for those thinking of hitting the road to get fit and raise cash for charity Earlier this year, you broke a world record, running 53 marathons in 53 days which is an incredible achievement. Tell us about the experience and what it felt like when you crossed the final finish line. It was the hardest yet best experience of my life. Although the challenge was so tiring, both physically and mentally, I never got bored as I was constantly visiting new places and meeting different people. That really is what kept me going – the support from people along the way and the public via social media was incredible. The whole thing was a bit of a whirlwind of emotion as I had good days, tired days, happy days and sad days but there was never a dull day and there definitely wasn’t a day where I thought I wanted to quit. Passing the finish line was so surreal after being on this incredible journey for 53 days and in a chaotic routine, the thought of not having to wake up the next day having to run a marathon just didn’t seem real. It was so overwhelming having all my family and friends there. But it was also most definitely the best feeling ever!

You were inspired to undertake your challenge on behalf of The Isabelle Lottie Foundation and now work with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust – how important are children to your work? Inspiring and helping not just kids but young people and older people for that matter is so important to me, I don’t think there are enough younger female fitness role models around to show that keeping fit is fun and the importance of being active.

Working for the Kelly Holmes Trust is one of the best jobs, seeing the difference you can make to young people’s lives is the best feeling in the world. The difference the trust’s programmes make to not just fitness levels but to their confidence, communication and mental strength is amazing.

For anyone who is thinking about running a marathon for the first time, what advice would you offer? To try and enjoy your journey. A lot of people worry too much about what they should be doing, about getting injured, about times or what they should be eating. I would say just take your time getting to marathon distance, listen to your body when it needs a rest and try to enjoy your training.

What do you enjoy most about running, and where would your perfect run be? I love everything about running. I love the way I feel after I have run, I love that you can just grab your trainers and run, I love that you can run with only your thoughts, with a friend or in a group, or competitively if that’s what you enjoy. My perfect run would be with my boyfriend, running along a beach front somewhere. I love the sun!

What are you up to at the moment and what are your plans for the future? It is an exciting time actually, I am in the planning phase for next year’s challenge which will hopefully be international but that’s all I can say at the moment, and I have also received some exciting news about a new project in January but unfortunately I can’t say anything about that yet either. I have just started swimming though as I am planning on entering my first triathlon next year.

Follow Amy Hughes’ journey at 53marathons.co.uk and on Twitter @53Marathons

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Sheryl Greentree CEO/Co-Founder of Water for Africa

Changing my life. Through helping others ... “Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek.” ― Dalai Lama XIV Having spent my whole adult life climbing the corporate ladder to break through the mystical glass ceiling to be appointed board director as a single mother of 35 years, my sense of self worth should have been high and I truly believe it would have been, had it not been recently accompanied by a chance meeting of an African man, who said his people were dying through lack of access to water. This set me on a path and a journey which no amount of money, equity, societal status could equal and resulted in a fundamental change in my understanding of 'happiness, managing stress, anxiety and leading a joyful, fulfilling life', culminating in my current doctorate studies in subjective ageing and overseeing a unique, sustainable model to invest and train African's to drill boreholes for their own communities. The experiences of setting up and running an NGO, not only drew every tiny atom of knowledge from my corporate life, but it brought out a soul searching within the paradigm of my own life. Holding a mirror up to my subconscious, thoughts, feelings and emotions was something I believe is beneficial to every human being, before we hit a crisis point in our lives. Working and supporting other people from different cultures, with little opportunities that we are offered in the developed world, yet still have a sense of happiness, community and positivity, has been a wake-up call to me and benefited me in so many ways. The journey began over 13 years ago and as co-founder and investor of a new charity to drill and provide boreholes to African communities, suffering from endemic poverty, it became clear very quickly that the old model of aid, handouts and charity was not working. A new investment approach was needed and was needed to halt the high failure rate of water sources that had been put in place across Africa. We believe in education, empowerment and investment in Africa. We believe in giving skills, hope and infrastructure and we believe in transparency, fiscal accountability, ensuring our donations are spent on our projects, not high overheads or fund-raising. We also believe in donor support and we encourage all of our supporters to enhance their own experiences and life changing goals by being part of our journey if they wish to. To support us, please visit: www.waterforafrica.org.uk - Changing lives, the world over!

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Mike Dooley on the universe




Feeling good about yourself has a hugely positive impact on your appearance, persona and the response you ignite in others. Explore new ways to enhance the impression you make and enjoy the benefits of a positive self-image.

JASON VALE Here’s to your dieting success!


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Shea Vaughn talks TVP

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With the release of a Notes from the Universe Colouring Book, Mike Dooley is inspiring us once again to make our dreams a reality

Once upon a time, Mike Dooley advised on tax for a living for PricewaterhouseCoopers, and when time came for him to spring from the corporate nest, he did the logical thing and became an entrepreneur. He launched a family-run business – Totally Unique T-shirts (TUT) – with his brother and mother, selling T-shirts bearing inspirational messages. Yet when the decision to close TUT was made, Dooley was at a crossroads. Return to accountancy or coast awhile on the small net profit of the business. Luckily for us, he took the second path and, despite what he has described as many “sweaty, sleepless nights,” he let the universe figure out the ‘how’ of his subsequent life journey. Dooley started sending inspirational messages, initially to the 38 email addresses he had from the company’s customer list. His ‘Monday morning motivators’ drew a positive response and quickly the mailing list grew to 300 and then 3,000 people. “I felt a failure after we liquidated the t-shirt company,” recalls Dooley. I was surprised at how people responded more favourably than negatively to my messages, and all I was doing was teaching what I felt to me to be the best way to live.” Dooley launched the TUT Adventurers Club and embarked upon a world tour speaking about life’s magic, the power of the universe to shape things and his fundamental belief that, ‘thoughts become things’. With a first book, Totally Unique Thoughts in 1998, Dooley’s career went stratospheric and he has since had ten titles published, including two New York Times best-sellers. Today more than a billion motivational emails have been sent to more than 700k followers in 185 countries. Over almost 30 years, Dooley has become philosopher and guru to followers of the New Thought movement, yet he is modest and unassuming in spite of a legion of fans who fill theatres around the world to hear him talk. “It’s been an amazing whirlwind,” he says. “I am having the time of my life at 54, I’m married to a beautiful woman I met in Mexico seven years ago, and we are enjoying being first-time parents to our wonderful 19-month-old

daughter. It’s been unexpected and unplanned but I truly believe this wondrous life comes from the universe.

“I think we should insist on big values such as happiness, but not concentrate on how to get there. I believe that there is a divine, benign intelligence in the world and we have to place our trust in it to discover who we are and why we are here.

“I was raised a Catholic but I never found answers in religion and I find it easier to be spiritual without it. The divine God that I believe in has brought people and teachings in to my world and revealed answers to me that are powerful beyond imagination, enabling me to figure out how I can be happy.” His approach has undoubtedly helped many seeking to figure out the same life questions and challenges, and Dooley offers a curious combination of insight, pragmatism and selfempowerment, particularly in the everyday advice that he offers to his followers, many via questions submitted to his website. “I feel I do have a very helpful grasp of reality,” says Dooley.

Alongside, Dooley has been touring his 2014 book, The Top Ten Things Dead People Want To Tell You, and working on a new title, Life On Earth, which examines the mysteries of ancient civilisations, secret societies, religion and the power of the mind. “It’s a chance to talk about fun and esoteric topics that needn’t be scary or intimidating if we examine and understand them,” he says. As his life journey has taken him in many different directions, I wonder what universal thought Dooley turns to as his constant internal barometer? “Thoughts become things,” he replies, instantly. “It sums everything up in the fewest possible words. It’s the realisation that they are not just thoughts, but the building blocks of tomorrow.

“As an exercise, each morning or evening, take five minutes to create a visualisation and playfully imagine that your life’s ambition has come true. It’s the starting point to realising your dreams, and after all, that’s what we all really want from life.”

“I don’t know how I know so much but I look for practical ways to help people live better, happier lives. I have something to share and people respond to that.” A further extension of his insights has been his latest project, an adult colouring book which combines his insights and inspirations alongside illustrations. “It was my wife and one of our employees who spotted the trend for adult colouring books, and when Hay House proposed creating a book that drew from Notes from the Universe, we jumped on it. The project came together relatively quickly and I’m so pleased with the finished result.”

To learn more about Mike Dooley, visit tut.com. The Notes from the Universe Colouring Book is published by Hay House.

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THE 5:2

JUICE PLAN Juice master Jason Vale is back with a new book that takes the 5:2 diet into a new, highly effective healthy plan


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”The practicalities of the 5:2 Juice Diet are ridiculously simple, but the effects it can have on your mental and physical health are extraordinary, especially given its simplicity.


This isn’t just hearsay either, the science on intermittent fasting, or calorie restriction is now pretty conclusive and more research is being done all the time as its popularity spreads.

A seemingly simple combination of ingredients, but don’t let that fool you as this baby delivers nutritionally and tastes sublime.

Calorie restriction, in one guide or another, has been shown to improve mood, manage weight, improve heart function, help to control diabetes, and improve memory. It also has a profound effect on longevity.

Light, filling and fresh it packs in an unbelievable array of essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, good carbohydrates and healthy fats. The fusion of flavours and tantalising textures knocks this recipe out the park!

My latest book includes beautiful, nutritious, calorie-specific recipes – such as this healthy salad – for my 5:2 Juice Diet 4 Week Challenge to ensure you get both weight loss and nutrition for life.”

Ingredients Serves 2 Asparagus 8 spears or 140g Olive oil 2 tablespoons or 30ml Ground black pepper 1 generous pinch Avocado 2 medium (ripe) Parmesan or Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese 75g Rocket 2 large handfuls or 100g

Dressing ingredients Garlic 2 cloves (skin on) Lemon 1/2 Olive oil 3 tablespoons or 45ml Honey 1 teaspoon or 5ml

Prepare the dressing Preheat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4. Place the cloves of garlic onto a baking tray with the skin on and cook for 5 minutes.

Create the dressing Remove the garlic from the oven, carefully peel (it’s hot!) and remove any hard ends. Add to the small mixing container of a hand blender (making sure the blade is already in). Squeeze the lemon juice directly into the container, then add the oil and honey. Blitz for 20 seconds.

Create the salad

Come and see The Juice Master at The Best You Exhibition on 27-28 Februrary. Book your tickets at thebestyouexhibition.com/ tickets TURN TO PAGE 62 TO READ MORE ABOUT THE BEST YOU EXHIBITION

Remove any hard ends from the asparagus, cut in half and place on a plate. Pour over half the olive oil, sprinkle with the black pepper, turning each piece so it is coated in the olive oil. Cut the avocados in half; remove the stones, scoop out the flesh and cut into generous slices. Shave the cheese with a vegetable peeler into very thin slices. Put the rocket into a bowl, drizzle over the remaining olive oil and lightly toss.

Cook Heat a griddle pan on a hot ring, add the asparagus and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes before turning and cooking for a further 2-3 minutes. Serve Place the rocket onto the middle of a plate, add the avocado, asparagus and cheese and drizzle over the dressing.

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Wellness and fitness expert Shea Vaughn reminds us that what we eat plays an essential part in our health



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Treating ourselves well is one of the keys to being well. It begins by feeding our bodies the right kinds of food. The first step is to be a good student of what is on the label and therefore what is in the food we eat. Being informed can help you to avoid serious disease and may even save your life!

The take out is to read food labels and, as a rule of thumb, always avoid anything processed. In this case especially, there are many good ‘real food’ protein substitutes. Quinoa is one. It has a number of beneficial nutritional elements and comes in different colours to suit your cooking purposes. However, there are other protein substitutes you may prefer and I encourage you to do your own research.

WHAT’S IN IT? One ingredient to be mindful of is textured vegetable protein (TVP) also known as textured soy protein (TSP), soy meat, or soya chunks, defatted soy flour product, a by-product of extracting soybean oil. First invented in the 60s and now widely purchased and used as a ‘meat extender’ or protein substitute in favourite recipes, it is often listed on a wide spectrum of ‘healthy’ products, including energy bars and veggie burgers. TVP may sound like a good way to include vegetarian protein in your diet, until you do some research into how this pseudo-food is created. Consume any product containing TVP and you are ingesting traces of hexane, a petroleum chemical in which soybeans are treated in order to convert them into the foodstuff. In fact, soy producers use hexane as a solvent to separate the fat from the protein.

During separation the hexane-treated soybean undergoes a process known as ‘extrusion cooking’; high nitrogen solubility index (NS) defatted soy flour and water are combined to form a dough in an industrial mixing cylinder before passing through the barrel of a screw type extruder to achieve the desired form. This highly processed ‘food’ is shipped in bulk for home cooking and is recommended for use by many vegetarian cookbooks, magazines and websites. Yet independent testing shows that hexane residue survives the extrusion cooking process and is present in products containing TVP. Curiously, in the US the FDA has no requirements that food manufacturers test for hexane levels, despite the fact that the EPA confirms that it is an air pollutant and a neurotoxin. A few independent studies seem to indicate that high levels and/or long-term ingestion of hexane-contaminated foods can cause neurological problems. Workers in plants where hexane exists have developed nervous system disorders and skin problems. High exposure can cause respiratory tract and eye irritation, nausea, vertigo, headaches and possibly Parkinson’s disease. Hexane is also highly flammable. The EPA categorises hexane as dangerous, the possible cause of cancer, birth defects and other adverse environmental and ecological effects.

Love to live the good life? Email Shea Vaughn with any questions or comments at svaughn@ sheanetics.com

THREE TO READ… • Eating TVP? Textured Vegetable Protein may contain trace levels of toxic chemical solvent, Tara Green, 2011 naturalnews.com/033728_TVP_ textured_vegetable_protein.html • The Hundred-Year Lie: How to Protect Yourself from the Chemicals That Are Destroying Your Health, Randall Fitzgerald, 2006 http://hundredyearlie.com • What are the health benefits of quinoa?, Medical News Today, Megan Ware RDN LD, 2014 medicalnewstoday.com/ articles/274745.php

‘Go confidently and intentionally in the direction you feel passionately about; do not let others keep you from living the life you have imagined’ Shea Vaughn

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What makes you special?

WEALTH & RICHES Building your career or business can bring both financial reward and personal growth in every aspect of your life. Seek out advice and support to ensure your success today and for the future.



FEELING INVISIBLE? How to create stand out


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2016’s biggest show

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In her new book, Janey Lee Grace explains why thinking of yourself as a brand can improve your chances of success in achieving your dreams



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Are you an expert, teacher, practitioner or have you always wanted to write a book or share your story with a wider audience? I’d wager that a high percentage of people have some kind of longing to make a difference – if you’re reading The Best You, it’s likely you have a consciousness and with that often comes a desire to share a message or help others in some way. Of course you may have kept that dream hidden, blaming time or circumstances as to why you haven’t yet fulfilled your purpose, but the recent passing of Wayne Dyer the best-selling Hay House author, was a reminder to many, ‘Don’t die with the music still in you’. He certainly did not and his legacy lives on. Sometimes we have to realise that perfectionism can actually lead to procrastination, sometimes we can be our worst enemies allowing inner talk to take over and tell us… we’ll never have time to complete a book... we’re not good enough to get clients… It took me years to finally get down to writing You are the Brand. I’ve been running training and coaching programmes but because I didn’t have the big publisher lined up for the book I assumed it wouldn’t be worth doing. I finally realised my deep rooted fear of failure meant I wasn’t doing it at all. Remember you don’t have to get it right – you just have to get it going.

Marianne Williamson, author of The Age of Miracles said…

‘We are all born carrying a promise – a promise to make the world better – and there’s a yearning to make good on that promise that none of us can suppress forever.’

of the unique selling point – the USP – it could also be called your PSP – personality selling proposition. Your personal story is your ‘gold’.

The concept of ’you’ as the brand can be the stumbling block for many professionals, and yet it’s absolutely key to your moving forward and success.

For example, practitioners, especially if they use a recognised discipline such as emotional freedom technique (EFT), will often say, ‘Oh it’s not about me, its EFT that’s great!’ That’s true, but there are many EFT specialists and only one YOU! If you are looking to attract more clients and widen your opportunities for your knowledge and passion then you need to market and promote your particular USP. So let’s look at what that really means – what is it that sets you apart? I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘People do business with those they like, know and trust’. Think about that within your own life – do you have a favourite hairdresser? Are you equally happy to go any stylist in that salon? Usually not! Do you go to a different dentist every time? It’s unlikely. I’d urge you to get in touch with your USP – I call it your YOU-nique brilliance, do a big ‘show-off’ chart and write down everything that’s great about you. It’s critical that you get in touch with all the ‘facets’ of you. Imagine yourself as a diamond – which bits are really shining and which bits need a polish? By the way this isn’t an ego trip, it’s about being connected to your authentic self so that you can make the right connections in your work and your life. It’s not vanity – its clarity.

SPECIAL OFFER! I believe it’s important for you to see that YOU are a brand in order to be able to become more visible in terms of getting your message out to a wider audience. That’s true whether you run a business or whether you really want to make a difference heading up a community project. This doesn’t compromise on any of your authenticity; it’s simply a way to enable people to know that they have found the right person, the right company or organisation for them. If you have a strong brand promise and people know what you stand for then you will attract the right people for you, those that you can help. You need to put the ‘You’ back into your business and your life, we all know about the importance

The Best You’s readers can get a free audio masterclass module with Janey Lee Grace’s brand new book You Are The Brand – PR Secrets to Fast-track Your Visibility and Skyrocket Your Success, £12 (Filament Publishing) when you order online at


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GUY Your new book, How to stand out, offers practical advice on commanding attention. Do you believe in natural charisma? My approach is evidence-based and I’m quite sceptical about some of the advice out there. When you read a biography of Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey or Steve Jobs, it’s apparent that we don’t have their mindset. We need to look at the research and see what works for most people rather than a tiny number of individuals who may actually be quite unusual. Do you think some of us are more predisposed towards being ’personalities’ than others? Sometimes when I’m running a workshop, people ask whether leaders are born or made. Research shows that between 30-50 per cent of it comes from genetic make-up, but 50-70 per cent is effort and the circumstances we seek out. For example, if you are a tennis player, it helps to be tall, but it doesn’t mean that if you’re 5ft 2” you can’t be a better tennis player through effort and practice. Attractiveness is natural, but we can all watch our weight, groom our hair, dress stylishly and look our ‘best’. Similarly a speaker can go from nervous to confident with good advice and experience. Confidence and self-belief are key to standing out – how can we boost these? The ‘confidence con’ exists largely in our heads. Research shows that we overestimate the extent that other people are happier by up to 20 per cent, but our assumption is simply not true. If we act confidently and appear happy

on the outside, people think we are strong on the inside. There is a ‘power up’ exercise which is a great way to boost your confidence. Think of an example of when you felt powerful and spend time writing about how you felt, such as when you had influence or control over another person. That could be when you trained someone, taught a friend something new or gave useful advice to someone. Relive that moment in writing and you will boost your chances of being seen by others as confident.

Ever felt invisible in an important situation, such as a job interview, at a party or important meeting? Psychologist and author Dr Rob Yeung believes we all have the power to generate the attention we need and deserve

You focus on the importance of language and body language for impact – how can we improve these to boost our impact? ‘It’s not what you say, but the way that you say it,’ is a myth. Body language is important but research shows that what we say matters most.

There are three steps to effective presentation – preparation, practice and performance, and you need to commit many hours to the first two to succeed with the last.

Sometimes I can work with a client for a couple of 90-minute sessions and it’s like a boost or a vitamin shot, or it can take many months, but all of us can definitely improve with effort.

Dr Rob Yeung is a psychologist and author of more than 20 books including How To Win: The Argument, the Pitch, the Job, the Race (Capstone) and E is for Exceptional: The New Science of Success (Pan Books). His latest book, How To Stand Out: Proven Tactics for Getting Noticed is published by Capstone. Find out more at robyeung.com or follow him on Twitter @robyeung

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COME AND MEET WORLD LEADERS IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND LIFESTYLE ENHANCEMENT IN AN AMAZING WEEKEND EVENT We are tremendously excited about this event, it’s going to be an inspirational weekend. If you are as passionate about personal development as we are, then you absolutely have to be there!

So what can you expect?

The Grand Seminar Hall which seats 1,000 people. Confirmed speakers in this room are: Sir Clive Woodward, Barbara De Angelis, Kelle Bryan, Gill Fielding, Janey Lee Grace, Michael Neill, Jason Vale, Robert Holden and Daniel Priestley.












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Born and raised in the early 1800s in American New England, Louisa May Alcott spent her childhood in what some might call a confused household. Her father belonged to a sect of transcendentalists who had harsh and prescriptive views of what child rearing should look like. Alcott’s father spent years uprooting the family and struggling to provide for them, all while attempting to instill his definition of family. Setback after setback created in Alcott and her three sisters a strong resentment toward their father. Their mother was finally forced to tap into an inheritance left to her when they ran out of options. The family ended up impoverished, with Alcott taking on a series of jobs that included working as a teacher and a seamstress. She had however always gravitated toward literature, thus it was against the backdrop of teaching that she wrote her first book. Pouring energy into a myriad of outlets in addition to her writing, Alcott found herself spread thin and at a psychological crossroads. She was beset by further hard times when one of her sisters died and the others began to marry off. Alcott felt alone and perhaps reached her lowest point, spiraling into deep depression. Buoyed by her own passion for writing, she slowly began to climb out of her hopelessness, taking on a regular writing job for periodical Atlantic Monthly and producing a number of semi-successful novels. She hit her creative peak though with the young adult-themed stories that comprised Little Women, a somewhat fictionalised account of Louisa May Alcott’s relationship with her sisters from childhood to adulthood. The novel was a smash success and has since become of the most enduring literary works of all time.


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Before Michael Sam entered high school, five of his seven siblings were either dead or in jail. In the small town of Hitchcock, Texas, the members of the Sam family were perhaps the most tragic residents. Many would consider it a stroke of pure luck that Sam did not follow in the footsteps of his siblings or parents. He began to gravitate toward sports at a young age, and soon understood that it could be a way out for him. Desperate to be around the local high school football team in any way, Sam helped out as a water boy. When he finally entered high school, Sam brought a furious intensity to his work ethic on the field and immediately made an impression with coaches. He racked up an impressive high school career and earned scholarship offers from multiple collegiate football programmes. Sam ultimately accepted an athletic scholarship to play football at the University of Missouri. He became a force on the team, earning shortlist honours for countless awards. He ended his college career being named co-defensive player of the year in his school’s conference. But Sam would soon face the second major obstacle of his life as the 2014 NFL draft approached and he mulled whether to tell the world that he was a gay man. While still playing his senior season, Sam had come out to his college teammates, however when he told the world the same thing leading up to the draft it was harder. But when Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams, he proved to everyone that nothing he had ever done regarding football was about his sexual orientation, it was about his success on the field.




Stephanie ‘Stevie’ Nicks was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1948. However during her upbringing Nicks was a child of the road, as her consumer products executive father constantly moved the family to accommodate his career. Never able to settle and make friends for an extended period of time, Nicks’ mother became overly wary of new environments and their effects on her daughter, and she was known to keep Nicks at home much of the time. First taught to sing by her grandfather, Nicks exhibited a proficiency for music at a young age. Indeed, it was as a teenager that she began playing guitar. A few years after school, Nicks and future bandmate Lindsey Buckingham were playing as a duo. They quickly learned that uplifting success could be followed by crushing defeat when their first album flopped and they were dropped from their record label. The setbacks kept coming when Buckingham was recovering from a non-life threatening disease.


Born in the most famous area of American bayou country, New Orleans was the setting for Tyrann Mathieu’s rise, fall, and rise again. Mathieu was raised by his uncle and aunt amidst a family setting away from his biological parents. His mother was absent most of his childhood, while his father was jailed for heinous crimes that took place before Mathieu was born. After being fully adopted by his uncle and aunt, Mathieu’s childhood was essentially saved. He soon began to show promising athletic ability. In high school he concurrently ran track and played football, using one to fuel the quickness for which he would become known in the other. After a standout senior season of football, Mathieu went on to play college football at powerhouse programme Louisiana State University.

In order to keep the pair afloat, Nicks worked several odd jobs. Then in 1975 Nicks, together with Buckingham, joined Fleetwood Mac. Nicks would go on to craft the hit songs that brought the group its most chart-topping successes and defined its sound, never with more intensity than on their breakthrough album Rumours.

Going toe-to-toe with American collegiate football players that were much larger in stature, as well as consistently making game-changing plays, earned Mathieu the nickname ‘Honey Badger’. Seemingly at the height of his talent and promise, Mathieu’s upward trajectory took a hit when in the months leading up to what would have been his third year with the LSU football programme, he was thrown off the team due to drug-related arrests and behavioural problems.

A series of affairs in the band threatened its livelihood. But even when the group was disbanded, Nicks found a way to overcome the past and stage a successful solo career. With Stevie Nicks, success was, as she had seen with her father, about movement. Whether with her legendary rock band or solo, Nicks was born with the knowledge of how to use movement to overcome personal barriers and make her musical mark.

Facing long odds of disassociating himself with past transgressions, Mathieu announced his intention to play in the NFL. Scouts were wary of the issues that came with drafting a talented-but-flawed player. Tyrann Mathieu would spend his first years in the NFL defying odds and making good on his promise to turn his life around, and he has since become of the league’s best players for the Arizona Cardinals.

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Vloggers with a mission We live in a technological age and the opportunities that new ideas and developments bring to both our personal and professional lives are amazing. Discover fresh thinking and technologies that can enhance daily life.


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MAKING A DIFFERENCE At The Best You, we recognise those who are using their digital space to educate, empower and do good for others

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JAMAL EDWARDS Son of X Factor contestant Brenda Edwards, Jamal Edwards launched SB.TV in 2006 as a teenager, filming upcoming rap stars such as Dizzee Rascal and later Ed Sheeran and Jessie J. Edwards became the first YouTuber to release an e-book and interactive game, Self Belief: The Vision, which was so successful it was later taken into print format. Ranked #2 in The Guardian’s Top 30 Young People in Digital Media, he was awarded an MBE in December 2014 for his services to music.

Watch SB.TV at www.youtube.com/user/ smokeybarz

GRACE VICTORY From her favourite lipstick and ASOS finds to her five stone weight loss, anxiety, body image and self-harming, Grace Victory makes some of life’s toughest issues feel part of the everyday mix. Winner of the Next Newcomer Cosmopolitan Award, she is inspiring young women across the world, and therefore The Best You salutes her brilliant channel, Ugly Face of Beauty.

Watch Grace Victory’s channel at www.youtube.com/user/ UglyFaceOfBeauty/featured

HANNAH WITTON With weekly videos about sex, relationships, body image, gender and sexuality, Hannah Witton’s work has been recognised by Durex and MTV and in 2013 she was shortlisted for Young Person of the Year at the Sexual Health Awards. A graduate with a First in history, she wrote her dissertation about the history of sexology and sex manuals, so she clearly knows a thing or two about her subject. Witton also works on behalf of charity YouthNet to offer advice and support for young people.

Watch Hannah Witton’s channel at www.youtube.com/user/ hannahgirasol/featured

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November sees us retreat indoors, and what better way to make winter more bearable than to outfit your home with the latest that the world of technology has to offer

PEACHTREE NOVA65SE Peachtree introduced its Decco series of amplifiers some time ago, and it made something of a splash in the audio world. With an increasing number of people making the transition from CDs to digital storage, the good folks at Peachtree saw its opening: an inexpensive yet high quality hi-fi amplifier that’s dedicated to digital music of all formats. Its Decco model contained a highquality DAC, which represented a massive leap forward for those who had been using their headphone jacks to run their digital music to their stereo systems. The DAC cleans the file and reduces jitter, making the absolute most of the condensed files. The Nova65SE replaced the Decco line this year, and it’s improved absolutely everything. The new model is still a great-looking product, and, what’s more, it’s still the best pound-forpound competitor in the hi-fi digital music game. To get the most out of the Nova65, be sure to pair it with a great pair of loudspeakers. Suggested retail price: £599

MOTO360 V2 Here’s the thing about Apple’s smartwatch: it’s instantly recognisable as an Apple product. For some people, Apple’s saturation of the smart-tech market has made the company’s ubiquitous branded products less appealing, and, for those people, companies like Moto are offering products with similar ranges of functionality without that feeling that you’re falling in lock-step with the herd. The Moto360 looks more (a lot more) like your grandfather’s timepiece, and you can customise it with a wide range of bezels (the textured options look great) and bands in whatever material suits your fancy. The V2 is an improvement over the first Moto360, so you can expect much better performance overall, and the new battery seems to be able to handle a full day of wearing the watch without skipping a beat. It’s a fit competitor in the smartwatch market (especially for those who want to march to a different drummer). Suggested retail price: £239


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BREVILLE FAST SLOW PRO The slow-cooking revolution is in full swing, and if this is the first you’ve heard of it, Breville’s Fast Slow Pro might be just the thing you need to join in on the culinary fun. Truth be told, not everybody has the time to use a slow-cooker (at least not regularly), so the folks at Breville have combined a pressure cooker (lightning fast results) with a slow-cooker (day-long affairs). You can also do reductions, steam, sear, or sauté. If you’re not a gourmet chef, have no fear. The Fast Slow Pro comes loaded with a ton of pre-sets that take all the guesswork out of normally complicated cooking processes. The steam release feature ensures that you aren’t caught off guard by a blast of steam when you’re opening the cooker. From lamb shanks to white rice, the Fast Slow Pro will help you bring the quality of fine dining food to your table. Suggested retail price: £175

ASUS RT- AC88U Here’s something for the hard-core techies out there. Asus recently announced that it would be releasing the AC88U very soon, and the spec sheet is proof that Asus is ahead of the game. The AC88U will almost certainly lead the pack of sophisticated routers for quite some time. In addition to the WAN (internet) port, it comes equipped with eight Gigabit LAN ports. No matter how many game consoles or servers you’re running, the AC88U will keep them connected (no more bulky switches). While wi-fi might also do the trick, for those who want the best possible connection speed, the wired Gigabit connection is (at least for now) the strongest available option. If it’s wireless connectivity you want, the AC88U has you covered in that domain as well. No matter what you expect your router to do, Asus’s new flagship router will get the job done. Asus is being tight-lipped about a release date, but the tech crowd is hoping to see these on the shelves in early 2016. Suggested retail price: to be confirmed

PROJECT ARA The idea of a fully configurable smartphone is not exactly a new one, but, for whatever reason, we’re still waiting to see something viable materialise. We know what the phones will look like (the design idea hasn’t changed since it was introduced a few years ago), but, as the smartphone market continues to advance, the list of possible options continues to grow. Google is throwing its weight behind this project, and the potential is truly mind-boggling. Instead of a handful of powerful developers, the modular approach makes it possible to democratise innovation, allowing microdevelopments in everything from display to audio and video to enter the market with far fewer barriers. We’re being told that Project Ara should have something for the mass market as early as the beginning of 2016. Suggested retail price: to be confirmed

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THE BEST YOU DIRECTORY The best professionals in personal development



Dr Stephen Simpson NLP, hypnotherapy and havening Email: doc@drstephensimpson.com Website: www.drstephensimpson.com Clients include leading names from the world of sport, business and the entertainment industries

Shayna Schulman Attitude adjuster and flexibility enhancer Email: Shayna.s@virgin.net Phone: +44 (0) 208 960 7715 Licensed trainer, coaching, consulting, yoga, nutrition

NLP TRAINERS Tina Taylor: Licensed master trainer and practitioner Email: kay@the-me-group.com Phone: +44 (0) 7946 351640 Website: tina@tina-taylor.com Tina’s experience allows her to create and provide some unique coaching services, from stopping addictions to pregnancy and pain control

Ulrika Shaw: Thrive consultant and hypnotherapist Email: enquiry@shawmind.co.uk Phone: +44 (0)7810 556029 Website: www.shawmind.co.uk Are you suffering from anxieties or depression? Maybe you’re struggling with bad habits such as overeating or smoking? I help people overcome anything that holds them back!

Geoff Rolls: Corporate coach and kinesiologist Email: geoff@geoffrolls.co.uk Phone: +44 (0)7905 056 513 Website: www.geoffrolls.co.uk Learning and development, NLP trainer, TFH kinesiology instructor

June O’Driscoll: Exec coach, business coach, trainer Email: june@thoughtitude.co.uk Phone: +44 (0)7876 657 8055 Website: www.thoughtitude.co.uk NLP, coaching and hypnotherapy training school and consultancy

LIFE COACHES Dr Andrew A Parsons Mindfulness, resilience and finding clear purpose Email: aaparsons@reciprocalminds.com Phone: +44 (0)7854 029 268 Support people, build awareness and make changes for success

Dustin Vice Personal and business development coaching Email: dustin@alliancecoachingsystem.com Website: www.alliancecoachingsystem.com Professional coaching, coaching business system for professional coaches

Gail Cherry: Torchlight coaching Email: gail@torchlightcoaching.co.uk Phone: +44 (0)1143 489 161 Website: www.torchlightcoaching.co.uk Helping people with their personal and professional development. We work together to be the best you

Ruth Hepworth: Life coach Email: ruth.hepworth@ntlworld.com Phone: +44 (0)1252 655 849

Those Life Consultant Guys: Coaching, seminars, business, goal setting and more Website: www.thoselifeconsultantguys.com A coaching company which prides itself on helping you to live your best life; every day, through one-on-one sessions and seminar programmes

Nick Nanton Career and life coaching, consultancy and public speaking Website: www.nicknanton.com Phone: (407) 215-7737 Recognised as one of the top thought-leaders in the business world

Edson Williams: Life coaching Email: edson@leadbyexample.com Phone: +44(0)7867517777 Website: www.leadbyexample.com Specialising in leadership development and sport coaching

David Owen: Life coach & NLP trainer Email: bestyou@excel-yourself.com Phone: 07900 243494 Website: www.excel-yourself.com Stop smoking, slimming, phobias, relationships, stress, confidence, self-esteem


The best professionals in personal development PHOBIA SPECIALISTS John Vincent Public speaking without fear Email: John@JohnVincent.tv Phone: +44 (0)7808 545 421 Website: www.johnvincent.tv

Paul Wright Phobias, anxieties, panic attacks Email: paul@phobiagone.com Phone: +44 (0)203 086 8444 Website: www.phobiagone.com

NLP THERAPISTS / HYPNOTHERAPISTS Linda Cameron and Gail Walshe Inspire for impact Email: say-hello@inspireforimpact.com Phone: +44 (0)845 601 7567 Website: www.inspireforimpact.com NLP trainers, NLP master practitioners, NLP life coaches, hypnotherapists

Debbie Williams Birmingham NLP Practice Group Website: www.debbiewilliams.co.uk Phone: +44 (0)121 241 0728 Life coaching, public speaking, sports coaching, all eating disorders, emotional mastery, OCD, stopping blushing, cocaine addiction, binge drinking

Edson Williams Coaching, NLP, personal development Email: say-hello@inspireforimpact.com Phone: +44 (0) 7867517777 Website: www.leadbyexample.com With an holistic approach, Edson specialises in performance coaching

Laura Spicer: Public speaking skills and confidence Email: laura.spicer@gmail.com Phone: 01752 361 576 Website: www.laura-spicer.com The only accredited sound practice trainer for the Society of NLP

EATING DISORDERS John Arroyo Coaching, personal development Email: john@johnarroyo.co.uk I have been a therapist and personal development trainer for 20 years, specialising in eating disorders for the last 10 years



Pasquale Acampora (Italy) Master trainer and mental coach, NLP, team building Website: www.blackship.it Phone: +39 (0)335 70 99 000 Pasquale’s key areas are sport and business; he has worked with top athletes and multinational companies

Alessandro Mora (Italy) Sport coaching Email: a.mora@ekis.it Phone: +39 (0)522 337 611 Website: www.pnlekis.com NLP, coaching and team building applied to sport and business all over Italy

Xavier Pirla (Spain): NLP master trainer and NLP coach Email: kay@the-me-group.com Phone: 91 002 84 44 (Madrid) 93 193 6449 (Barcelona) Website: www.the-me-group.com NLP, NLP business applications, coaching workshops and consultancy

Aleksander Sinigoj (Slovenia) Mastermind academy Email: info@itnlp.com Website: www.aleksandersinigoj.com Leadership, motivation, sales, business NLP

To include your details in The Best You directory, call 0203 011 0866 or email advertising@thebestyou.co Visit www.thebestyoudirectory.co for more personal development professionals

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The Best You November 2015  

If you are looking for inspiration to achieve the life you really want, the November issue of The Best You is the perfect starting point. We...

The Best You November 2015  

If you are looking for inspiration to achieve the life you really want, the November issue of The Best You is the perfect starting point. We...