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NEW YEAR NEW YOU? For many people a new year simply means continuing with life as normal, while to others its a time for new commitments; to review our lives and change. At The Best You we are surrounded by and connected to amazing inspiring people who dedicate their professional lives to help others change, to grow and to evolve. Whatever your approach is, its important to remember that whoever you are, wherever you live, and most importantly whatever your age, its never too late to make changes, to travel, to learn, and ultimately to achieve your dreams. A lot is happening at The Best You this month, with our second Expo fast approaching on the 4th and 5th of March, our first Gala Dinner and The Best You Awards. We have a great Expo planned for you, with more than 90 workshops, more than 100 exhibitors and amazing speakers including Jason Vale, Hilary Devey, Sharon Lecther and Baroness Michelle Mone. You can read my interview with the inspirational Michelle in this issue along with features about how to build your own personal brand and how to make New Year's resolutions you actually stick to. We're all learning all the time, none of us are the finished article. I hope this issue helps you along the road on your own unique journey, and I hope to see you at the Expo for much more of the same.


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is deputy editor of The Best You. In this issue she explores the best UK retreats which offer a slice of tranquility away from the rush of daily life and finds out about the healing power of hypnotherapy @TheBestYou


Judymay is highly skilled in NLP, transactional analysis, CBT and systems thinking. A celebrated international motivational speaker. As well having regular television slots, including on BBC, she has also been an executive coach across multiple industries @JudymayMurphy

MATT WINGETT is a writer of The Best You. In this issue Matt investigates the life of the Olympic heavyweights the Brownlee brothers and explored the wonderful achievements of our cover star Michelle Mone @TheBestYou


Intelligent change expert and Mindfulness coach Mia is a mediator and coach whose clients have include governments and religious institutions. She helps people resolve issues intelligently and find the balance they need in a way that fits into their lives. @MiaFP1





Great British Bake Off 2011 runner up and foodie Holly describes herself as a normal, busy mum (hence the title of her hit blog, Recipes From a Normal Mum) of three boys. Her recipes use stuff everyone has in their cupboards, or fridge or freezer @HollyBellMummy

Jessica is the founder of multicultural greeting card company Color blind cards, and went on to found JH Public Relations. As a publicist to the stars she specialises in brand kudos and helping people position themselves as the leader in their field. @JessicaHuieMBE

is a Yoga Alliancecertified teacher who teaches invigorating vinyasa flow classes and believes that there is no such thing as a perfect body, and there is no such thing as a perfect yoga posture. Just feeling alive in your body is enough. @lucylyusyoga

The Best You’s Chief Inspiration Officer and Editor Bernado interviews our fantastic cover star Michelle Mone. You can also check out an exclusive video of their meeting online at www. thebestyou.co now @bernardomoya




6th October 2017


With Paul McKenna & Dr. Richard Bandler 7th - 8th October 2017

PERSONAL ENHANCEMENT With Dr. Richard Bandler 10th - 12th October 2017

Dr. Richard Bandler



+44 (0) 207 927 6500 www.nlplifetrainig.com info@nlplifetraining.com 6


LICENSED MASTER PRACTITIONER OF NLP With Dr. Richard Bandler, John & Kathleen La Valle 13th - 21th May 14th - 22th October 2017

LICENSED PRACTITIONER OF NLP With Dr. Richard Bandler, John & Kathleen La Valle 15th - 21th May 16th - 22th October 2017










The Best You EXPO is the UK’s largest Personal Development event that brings together professionals at every level to learn, network and participate. Held at ExCeL London, this two day conference will showcase a variety of inspirational and informational keynotes, exhibitors and workshops that inspire, educate and transform. With a footfall of over 10,000 people across a twoday period, the weekend brings together the most talented and experienced authors and thinkers in the business of personal development. From compelling speeches and high caliber networking to unexpected discoveries, we’ll be inspiring people to achieve their personal and professional dreams.

4TH - 5TH MARCH 2017

Exhibitors have an unparalleled opportunity to network with others at the top of their field, get their message out to the public, sell services or raise awareness of what they can do. If you’re an exhibitor, connections and seeds planted at The Best You EXPO will repay you many times over. For attendees, The Best You EXPO provides a uniquely varied trade fair that EXPOses you to the cream of the Personal Development world, allowing you to absorb brilliant new ideas, attend numerous free workshops and answer that question – how can I

materially and spiritually improve my life and the lives of others? Come discover what’s setting the Personal Development world alight right now, the latest trends, powerful innovations and fresh new messages means The Best You EXPO is an experience not to be missed! The 2016 event saw exhibitors earning an average return of 4 times their investment in this unparalleled weekend of Self Help opportunities. After the outstanding success of the 2016 Best You EXPO, 2017 is going to even bigger and even better. The Best You EXPO 2017 will see more stands, more space, more speakers and more guests in, it’s hard to think of a reason not to come! The last expo saw 43 unique workshops – in 2017 there will be even more! You’ll get new inspiration, new energy and brilliant advice. Whether you’re looking to achieve your personal dreams, inject revitalised energy into your business, or are a Personal Development specialist looking to network, The Best You EXPO is the place to be. You’ll meet experienced professionals in the Personal Development world who will be glad to share their knowledge and experience with you. You’ll get fresh insights into making real positive change in your life – both personally and in business. Attendees can look forward to enjoying over 120+ keynote speakers, 160+ unique exhibitors and 14+ inspiring workshops in an expanded hall space of 6,000 square meters











Jason Vale, aka ‘Juice Master’, is the best-selling author of eleven books on health, addiction and juicing. His books have now sold over 3 million copies and have been translated into many languages.

Michelle Mone (Baroness Mone of Mayfair) is one of the UK’s top female Entrepreneurs. Over a career spanning 20-years, she has founded several successful businesses including global lingerie brand, Ultimo.

Sharon Lechter is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, international speaker, licensed CPA, Chartered Global Management Accountant and, most importantly a mother and grandmother.

Bolton-born Hilary Devey CBE is an entrepreneur and award-winning businesswoman who, when she launched Pall-Ex not only created a business network but also revolutionised the palletised distribution industry.


The Best You EXPO was new for 2016 and was born from readers of The Best You Magazine and its contributors asking for a live and interactive version of the magazine – so we obliged! It was a fantastic event, packed full of inspirational speakers, personal development workshops and 55 exhibitor stands.The Best You and The Best You Magazine are one-stop shops for quality life enhancing content, specialising in the promotion of seminars, media events, publishing and




television, with highly experienced staff at the helm of every division. We believe that everyone deserves to know how easy it is to realise their dreams, and we’re here to guide people on their path to their greatest selves. We care about people’s transformation and well-being and will do everything we can to help people realise their potential.



Bernardo is an entrepreneur, writer, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter to some of the biggest names in Personal Development. He is editor-in-chief of The Best You magazine.

Are you ready to level up? You’ve come to the right place. Douglas Vermeeren is considered one of the top leaders in personal development and achievement psychology.





Mac Attram is the Founder & CEO of MindSpace Associates. He is a leading business growth, regarded as the most sought after Business Coach and Trainer for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

He regularly appears on TV and radio, and his clients include leading names from the diverse worlds of sport, business, the entertainment industries, and professional poker.



4TH - 5TH MARCH 2017











LEARNING TO BE YOUR VERY BEST SELF Fed up of bad news? We’ve gathered together some good news from around the world.


The Best You’s Bernado Moya interviews inspirational self-made businesswoman Michelle Mone, tracing her rise to international success. The Brownlee brothers are two of the most decorated British Olympians of recent years. They reveal what it takes to reach the very top, and how they’ve done it together.



Intelligent global change expert, mediator and Mindfulness coach Mia Forbes Pirie gives her expert tips for making New Year’s resolutions you can keep. Do you want to make 2017 the year that your life really turns around? Jessica Huie MBE explains how to build a person brand to do just that.


Get mucky and make a

difference! Looking to get out of your comfort zone? Join our 2017 Tough Mudder team and raise money to help us support people severely affected by mental illness. Choose from either a 5 or 10-12 mile mud obstacle course. Can be done solo, in pairs or in teams. Test your physical and mental strength and have fun with friends!

ed Reduc ion rat regist 0! 2 just ÂŁ

To register: Email events@rethink.org or call 020 7840 3040

- Races take place in a number of different locations, including but not limited to London, the Midlands and the North West - just ask for details! - There is a minimum fundraising target of ÂŁ250. www.rethink.org 14 THE BEST YOU MAGAZINE

Registered Charity Number 271028

GOOD NEWS Bringing you positive stories from around the globe


Want to use a city bike share scheme but can’t face lugging a helmet with you all day? Recyclable protective headwear Eco Helmet is made of a paper honeycomb, and as well as being fully waterproof it’s foldable - meaning it’s small enough to pop in your bag. Designed by Isis Shiffer, a graduate of the Pratt Institute of Design in New York, it won last year’s James Dyson Award for design, and could be sold at bike-share stations around the world for £4.


January insurance renewals are part of life, but there is an alternative to battling price hikes. Lemonade is a peer-to-peer insurance provider that donates unclaimed money to charities chosen by its members. So while it protects your stuff just like any other provider, it reverses the traditional insurance model by treating the premiums you pay as if it’s your money, not theirs. Lemonade takes a flat fee and gives back what’s left to causes you care about. Win-win. www.lemonade.com


As any new parent knows, the ‘nappy bag’ (or ‘diaper bag’ if you’re from across the pond) is an essential part of new-baby kit, because there’s a lot of stuff that needs to come with you every time you leave the house. But baby bags are often ugly, expensive and overly-complicated (think countless unhelpful inner pockets and compartments). Little Ulysses bags are different. They’re spacious and lightweight canvas totes, with a main zip close and a single inner zip pocket for valuables. Available in four cool designs, they help make parenting that little bit easier (and chicer). www.little-ulysses.com


These aren’t just any solar-powered street lights. They are also connected energy hubs that provides light, EV charging, wifi and 4G - they even charge electric vehicles. Called Totem, they were created by smart energy design company Totem Power to enhance the built environment and support our increasingly connected lifestyles. Next up: street lamps that also wash your dishes. www.totempower.net WWW.THEBESTYOUMAGAZINE.CO




TOP From working class single mum to self-made millionaire and member of the House of Lords, Michelle Mone tells Bernardo Moya her inspirational story


M ichelle Mone was born in the deprived East End of Glasgow in 1971, where life was not easy and where many are trapped in poverty for their whole lives. That could easily have been Michelle’s story, as she admits that being dyslexic meant she “wasn’t that great at school”. However, thanks to her unique talents and hard work, self-starter Michelle turned her future around. And she started young. After the tragic death of her younger brother and a her father’s became increasingly unwell, Michelle began her first business when she was just 10 years old. “It was a paper round,” Michelle smiles. “By the time I was 11, I had 17 teenagers working for me. I went on to a fruit shop and a sweet shop. I was just so passionate about business. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I left school at 15, because my dad was confined to a wheelchair when he was 38 years old.” Dreaming of eventually following in the footsteps of Richard Branson and Dame Anita Roddick, Michelle took to modelling to earn money. Though she was an attractive blonde with a pretty figure she says she was terrible at it, and when she became pregnant with her first child, she decided to change course and got a work as an admin girl at beer company Labbatt’s. “I set myself a goal to get to the top of Labatt’s within four years,” she laughs. “I actually did it within three. I was heading up Scotland’s sales and marketing and I absolutely loved it. I had a plan and I worked exactly to that plan. I still have a plan every single day of what I want to do in life, both personally and in businesses.” When Labatt’s was bought out by Whitbread, that’s when she was forced to really up her game. By then, she had a mortgage and two kids. For six weeks she was devastated – and then her ‘lightbulb’ moment” came. “I went to dinner dance and I was wearing a very uncomfortable cleavage bra and I thought, why should women go through all this pain for a tiny bit of gain? I took the bra off in the toilet.”

Michelle set about inventing a better bra. When friends pointed out that had no experience or qualifications in design her reply was brilliantly to the point: “Well, “I’ve got a pair of boobs and I’ll work it out”. After three and a half years of research and experimentation, and with mentoring and funding help from The Prince’s Trust she created Ultimo, the world’s first gelfilled bra. So, where did she get her confidence to go for it? “I’ve always been told by mum and dad it doesn’t matter where you’re from, it doesn’t matter what education you’ve got, it doesn’t matter the colour of your skin, your religion. If you have that dream, passion, determination, can-do attitude, you can achieve anything you want to achieve. They’ve always taught me to think big.” Think big she did. Rather than go to smaller boutiques, she first approached Selfridges buying department. Michelle remembers: “I just had a bag of bras and I said, I’m here to see the Buyer”. she says. Despite not having an appointment and being told there was no chance, Michelle persevered. “I said, Well, you don’t understand, this is three and a half years of my life in this bag. I’m heavily pregnant with my third baby, I’m £480,000 in debt and this is the best cleavage bra ever. I need to see the Buyer now.” Half an hour of persuasion later, the Selfridges Buyer did see her – and that’s when she got into one of the most prestigious department stores in the world. At the Selfridges launch Michelle hired 12 actors to dress as plastic surgeons. “Everyone thought I was mad ‘cause I only had £500 left, but it worked,” she smiles. “£54 million of PR overnight because the Press thought they were actual plastic surgeons.” The canny PR didn’t stop there. She had sent the Ultimo bra out to wardrobe companies and stylists in Hollywood, and that’s how Julia Roberts came to wear the Ultimo Miracle Solutions Plunge Bra in the movie Erin Brockovich. When Roberts spoke about the bra in an interview about the film it brought global brand recognition you can’t put a price on. Michelle created eight other brands, each with their own unique identity, so she could get the bra into the shops at all levels. It worked fabulously thanks to her meticulous brand creation, each of the eight had its own brand bible. Of course, there were difficulties too. Not least nearly going bust after Michelle’s husband ignored concerns and signed a contract with distributors from Quebec in Canada who ran off 10 months of stock and credit worth £1.4 million. But she overcame it all, divorced her husband and took control of her business, building a massively successful brand that she eventually sold to free her to take on new challenges.




Always one to learn from experience, Michelle speaks philosophically of the relationship break up. “I would say every divorce is very difficult, mine was. I was exceptionally bitter for probably two years. My advice is, there’s no point in being bitter. If anything like that happens in your life again just think that it happens for a reason and you’ve got to move on. Now I’m in my prime, now I’m extremely happy. I wouldn’t be doing the things I’m doing now if I was still married to him.” Now, part of the mentoring Michelle offers others is on work-life balance: a tough lesson to learn. “It’s taken me 20 years to work it out,” she laughs “I wish I’d had a mentor back then. I put on 98 pounds in weight, I went from a size 10 to a size 22 and it was the sheer pressure of business, and working with my ex-husband.”


On the business side, her knowledge is priceless. Michelle says; “I can look at a product and launch it and make it very successful. My knowledge of design, technical manufacturing, shipping, retail, promotion, marketing, PR, all of that and many more things is what makes a good brand,” she says. In one year she brought out 12 different jewellery collections which she promoted through QVC. Each collection sold out in weeks. Life has moved on a long way for the dyslexic girl with a bundle of energy and brains from Glasgow. In 2010 she was awarded an OBE in recognition of her services to British business. Then, in 2015, she was created as a life peer, as Baroness Mone of Mayfair in the City of Westminster. For her the title has a special meaning.

“I look back and I think of when I grew up in the East End of Glasgow with no bath or shower, in one bedroom I shared with my mum and dad. It was a real struggle, but my mum and dad worked so hard and they loved me to death. We used to always play Monopoly on the lounge floor and I always wanted to land on Mayfair, ‘cause I knew it was successful and it was rich. And now Baroness of Mayfair it’s, yeah, sometimes I wake up and I think, really, did that really happen?” “I really do feel as if now I’m in my absolute prime, I’m divorced now, I’ve got three amazing kids, I’m in the House of Lords, I’ve got an OBE. I feel I’m ready to take on the world and I’ve got loads of exciting things about to happen.” Projects for the future include more work advising the government on business start-ups her maiden speech in the House of Lords. Meanwhile, her new business, Michelle Mone International advises people from the Middle East how to buy businesses in the UK, and vice versa. The future is fantastically bright. So, does she have advice for women or men wishing to follow her stellar path? “I would say it all comes down to confidence and you being able to walk into a room and saying, I am the best and my product, my service is the best,” she says. “If you doubt yourself for one split second, or your product, or your service then everyone around you will doubt you as well. If you work hard and you don’t ever over-promise and under-deliver for your customers and you have that positive mental attitude you will succeed. But it ain’t easy. Successful people have gone through a war to get to where they have and I’ve certainly gone through a lot of wars to get to where I am today.” She smiles and adds, with a tone of pragmatism. “And again, I always tell myself, I don’t know it all. I’m still learning every day. That is absolutely vital to the mix.”


Watch Michelle in conversation with Bernardo Moya

at www.thebestyou.co


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You are about to learn about a remarkable system we each have in our brains – the Reticular Activating System or RAS


Have you ever noticed that once you have decided on the type of car you want to buy, it seems that every other car on the road is the one you are considering buying?

We’re all searching for answers. Barbara and Allan Pease share all of the tips for how to discover what you want from life then make it happen

This is because your RAS is working, filtering out the other cars (the unimportant information) and bringing the car of your thoughts to the forefront of your mind. The numbers of that particular car have not increased since you decided to buy it; it’s simply your RAS in action. If you lose interest in that car, you’ll no longer see it on the roads.


When a woman becomes pregnant, it starts to seem to her as if every second woman around her is also pregnant. If you have a new baby in the house, you may be so tired that you can sleep through the noise of the traffic and noisy neighbours but as soon as the baby begins to cry you are wide awake. In a very different example, if you choose to believe that the world and people are all bad, every time you turn on the TV or read a newspaper you’ll see tragedy, death and war. The RAS doesn’t care whether you love something or not, it only looks out for the patterns in your environment that match your dominant thoughts or beliefs. If you are continually thinking about what you don’t like, then your RAS is being programmed to alert you to see what you don’t like. You will see so much of what you don’t want that it could seem as though you are at war with your environment. This is why we will ask you to focus only on what you do want, not what you don’t want. You program your RAS with your selftalk and expectations. If your expectations are positive, you automatically program your RAS to seek information about positive behaviours and to screen out information about negative ones. Because of this biological filter function, whatever you are thinking about or focusing on will seep into your subconscious mind and reappear at a future time. The exciting breakthrough is that you can deliberately program your RAS by choosing the exact messages you send to it from your conscious mind. This means you can now create your own reality. Nothing you will learn in this book is connected to willpower. It all happens in this small bunch of neural fibres running through your brain stem – your RAS. Positive thinking can change your life and help you reach your goals, overcome obstacles, deal with stress, fear and worry - and never give up. THE ANSWER: HOW TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE & BECOME THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE BY BARBARA AND ALLAN PEASE IS OUT NOW






factors that led to Olympic Gold


Alistair and Jonny Brownlee won two golds, a silver and bronze in two successive Olympics and are the acknowledged as the foremost athletes in the discipline. The Best You discovers how their childhood gave them the perfect ground in which to grow into world-leading triathletes

Sometimes when we’re trying to understand how Olympic Greats came to be, we forget about luck. For successful people, a combination of factors often creates the perfect soil for genius and excellence. It’s easy to hunt ‘secrets’ in successful lives and forget about fortune. Olympic triathlete Alistair Brownlee tells how one event nearly changed the course of his life when his brother Jonny cut his finger and was taken to hospital by their dad. “An hour later, dad was being offered a job there,” Alistair says.

And if he’d taken it? “There wouldn’t have been a swimming club; we would have been at a small school without a competitive running club; there wouldn’t have been a cycling club. In one swoop we’d have lost everything that took us into triathlon, and all because of a bleeding finger. ”At the time, none of the Brownlee family could know what lay ahead. There was no ‘success plan’. But it is possible to look at success and learn what factors fed their particular genius. That doesn’t mean there’s a one-size-fits-all “success recipe”, but your success will be more likely if you study those who’ve already made it.


Many Brownlee relatives claim they passed on great genes to their boys. Their mum swam competitively for Wales and their father’s side is said to include pole-vaulting champions. The boys’ dad was a keen cyclist, and they both loved physical exercise. Indeed, Alistair was so active, his mum says he needed to be outside at least two hours a day. Alistair says: “I’d have needed Ritalin if I hadn’t discovered swimming”.


Growing up in Horsforth, they had free run of the Yorkshire Dales. They could cycle and run whenever they liked. Jonny says: “We lived most days outdoors. Our grandparents owned a tiny cottage in Coverdale. There was no back garden, but there were miles of empty countryside and a big lake at Semerwater, where we could swim and sail. The cycling was fantastic, tiny roads snaking out from the hamlet into the fells and fields. The ridge from the cottage up to Tan Hill and the highest pub in England was a favourite for both of us.” Meanwhile, they cycled 10 miles to school every day which they described as “an ideal training session.”





The two boys had very different attitudes. Alistair, was always highly energised and confident; Jonathan was more introspective. The combination meant Jonny was always encouraged to compete with his brother and others. The first time Alistair took part in a Cross Country Championship at the age of nine, he placed badly behind more experienced older boys. His reaction? “I think I’m a bit tubby for a runner. I think I’ll stop eating chips and puddings.” The competitive streak applied to Jonny, too. “I was dragged into swimming by Alistair,” Jonathan says. He started swimming lessons at the same time his two-years-older brother. Though he hated it at first, he was forever needing to catch up. The perfect spur to attain more.

4 FUN.

The Brownlee brothers seriously enjoy what they do. Their sense of fun was fostered by a local eccentric and true sportsman Dave Woodhead and his wife Eileen. They organised runs that were very different. “Everything has to be fun. Everything has to be hard,” Jonathan says of them. “Their attitude to endurance sport informed ours as kids and has stuck with us ever since.” Competitions included running while carrying an egg you mustn’t break – and prizes were huge amounts of chocolate. Fun became central to the Brownlees’ approach to sport.


Their parents were keen the boys try everything, which led to some scrapes and adventures. Jonny recalls getting so sick of Alistair trying to capsize a boat they’d taken on to Semerwater that he just jumped in the water and swam ashore. When he was six, Jonny tried to stand on a windsurfing board when a gust of wind carried him a quarter of a mile on to the lake. “It made us appreciate that we were capable of far more than we thought,” he smiles.


At Bradford Grammar school, the culture supported sport thanks to a teacher, Mr Kingham. The boys left the premises at lunchtime and disappeared for runs every day. “On Tuesday, we might to a time trial on Wednesday, we might do a long run. The teachers gave us complete freedom to do what we wanted,” Alistair remembers. “You could leave school, and that’s exciting when you’re eleven. From that point on I associated running with freedom.”


As a teenager Alistair knew he wanted to be an athlete. A careers teacher once asked what he wanted to be, and he said: “I want to be a professional athlete.” The teacher frowned. “Is that even possible, boy?” Alistair adds: “At no point did I ever think: I can’t do this. I shouldn’t be here. It all felt entirely natural.” Belief wasn’t only about self-belief, however. To the boys’ surprise, others who saw them run spotted that they had Olympic potential and told their mother so. A sense of the possible surrounded them and spurred them on.

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NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS YOU ACTUALLY STICK TO Intelligent change expert and mindfulness coach Mia Forbes Pirie explains how to commit to making positive transformations.

I’m not going to mince my words: not accomplishing what we set out to achieve makes us feel, well…a bit hopeless. Doesn’t it?


We’ve all begun the New Year with great intentions and, by February (if we’re being optimistic), found ourselves right back where we started.

Learning to trust and listen to yourself is key to achieving what you really want in life. Go after what you REALLY want and leave the rest behind. If a resolution is right for you, you should be able to answer yes to each of the following five questions:

It’s not surprising that so many of us have given up altogether on New Year’s resolutions, cynically watching from the sidelines as the masses plunge towards failure. But January isn’t a bad time to dust off the old and ring in the changes. So is there a better way? And does it really matter? The answer to both questions is a resounding ‘Yes’! Here’s how: Does a new approach to New Year’s resolutions really matter? Yes – it really matters. Here’s why: when we continually make and break our own promises, we stop believing in ourselves. And, as we repeatedly try and repeatedly fail, our self-esteem suffers and we chip away at our self-trust, endurance and spirit. Caroline Myss Ph.D, suggests that breaking promises to oneself may be the cause of many people’s depression and inability to love themselves. When you look at your resolutions more closely, you may be surprised at those you’re willing to let slip away, and those you’re willing to take on.

So, is there abetter way? The answer is yes. 26 THE BEST YOU MAGAZINE

IS IT MEANINGFUL AND IMPORTANT? Your time is precious, don’t waste it: make resolutions that mean something to you.

DOES YOUR WHOLE BODY WANT THIS? Chances are your head has made a decision about a goal. What do your heart and gut say? Are they aligned or is your head going it alone?

DOES IT SUPPORT YOU IN BECOMING YOUR BEST SELF? Set goals that align with who you really are, with your highest potential. What does the best version of you look like? Is this goal going taking you towards it?

IS THIS KIND AND SELF-LOVING? Work with, not against yourself. The results will amaze you and you’ll have fun along the way. Lose goals that are self-punishing.

IS THIS FOR YOU? Is this for you or for someone else? Kick goals that are for someone else to the curb. This is your life. If you’re doing this to please your mum, dad, partner or boss, let it go. This one’s for you. If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to all these questions, great. If there’s a ‘No’, go back to the drawing board and start again. Once you’ve got your five ‘Yes’s, the last question you need to ask yourself is, ‘Why?’ This is the killer question. Ask it over and over until you get to something that touches you. Going after your ‘Why?’ clarifies your goal and provides you with the motivation and inspiration that will support you in moving your resolution from fantasy to reality. Now that you have your resolutions and your motivation, write them down. There’s magic in putting pen to paper. Put them somewhere you can see them often or access them easily.

2. MAKE A REALISTIC PLAN It's hard to change everything in one go. Perhaps you’re someone who likes a kick start. That can work, but if you’re relying purely on discipline and willpower to carry you through, eventually you’ll crack. So make a plan that works for you and your life. Here’s how:

DON’T GO FOR THE QUICK FIX. BUILD NEW HABITS. The quick fix is as rapidly undone as it is started. Habits take time – about three weeks - to build. So be sure to take consistent steps towards your goal for at least three weeks to give yourself the best chance of success. The 10,000 hour rule popularised by Malcolm Gladwell suggests that 10,000 hours of practice can turn anyone into an expert. It’s an appealing notion, but scientists have found that practice is only responsible for a third of success in performance. Either way, a third you can control is a pretty good start! Make a plan that builds in repetition of good habits and you’ll be on the road to achieving your goals in an achievable, sustainable way.

BREAK YOUR GOAL INTO BITE-SIZED CHUNKS. Real change comes from making small but consistent changes and building on your successes. Set a long-term goal to be achieved within, say six months. Identify where you want to be at the one and three -month points. How are you going to get there? Build in rewards to keep you incentivised. For example, when you manage to run 5 miles in under a certain time, treat yourself to a massage.

GIVE YOURSELF SOME FREEDOM AND MAKE IT FUN. Doing something that isn’t really you is tiring. If you hate going to the gym but that’s your fitness plan, find something you enjoy doing instead. That may require trying a few salsa classes, cycling outdoors or yoga. Wouldn’t it be easier and more fun to approach exercise with a sense of glee and joy rather than obligation? Life is unpredictable so give yourself some flexibility. If your goal is to eat healthily use the 80:20 rule, letting yourself off the hook from time to time. A plan that requires you to be 100% perfect is unrealistic. Be willing to adapt your plan over time if things aren’t working. Remember – you’re human.

Inspiring idea for 2017: Build mindfulness into your daily life I had been meditating for years before I committed to a daily mindfulness practice. I had tried before with harsh ideas of needing to do an hour a day but it never stuck and I felt a bit hopeless about it. Then I decided I would always be able to manage five minutes: so that’s where I started. Soon after, I committed to 15 minutes. It felt manageable. For the last few years I have meditated every day. My life has changed significantly and my ability to stay calm under fire and deal with difficult situations and emotions has increased beyond recognition.

3. GET SUPORT Studies have shown that people working towards goals with support achieve far better results. Get appropriate help from friends, family, a coach or group of individuals, this will support and encourage you in the harder times and celebrate your successes with you. Last but not least, it’s a New Year so give yourself permission to shine. Success can be as scary as failure. Remember you deserve to succeed

Intelligent change expert Mia Forbes Pirie is a mediator and coach whose clients have ranged from governments to religious institutions. Her talent lies in helping people resolve issues intelligently and helping busy people find the balance they need in a way that fits into their lives. Mia’s approach stems from a background steeped in the mindfulness. Mia’s online mindfulness course is available from 2nd January at: intelligentchange.life/mindfulness-course





PERSONAL BRAND Learn how to build brand kudos and position yourself as the leader in your field from publicist to the stars Jessica Huie MBE

Before we get into it, I’m going to shatter the idea of a personal brand as an outfit you put on to display to the outside world. An outfit which is always fresh out of the dry cleaners and free of im-perfections. No, your personal brand is your identity. It is you. Your personal brand is what people say about you when you aren’t around. It’s how you are per-ceived. It’s what they think the moment you walk into the room and before you have even opened your mouth. It’s whether you smile at the stranger you pass in the hall, it’s whether you give up your seat for the pregnant woman on the tube. It’s whether you voted. Whether you work out, whether you meditate. It is all brand you. It is arguably more important than your academic accomplishments and resume, and the elixir which will help you to clinch that partnership, get that promotion, land that deal. It is your essence and the very thing that the world will buy into, so how to go about building it? We must start inside out. Ask yourself who are you? The most successful personal brands amplify a business. Branson the awkwardly cool, non tie wearing serial entrepreneur with a social con-science, Dyson, the geeky inventor at the edge of innovation in household appliances, Jobs, the tunnel visioned super brain, and they are/were visible. They don’t hide behind their logo. Inauthentic personal brands are not sustainable. Social media has meant that pretence is quickly exposed.


Remember former LA Clippers boss Donald Sterling who was recorded saying he didn’t want his girlfriend bringing black people to games despite the fact 70% of his team were African American? Fined millions and forced to step down. Gerald Ratner, old school PR case study, referred to his product as “crap” in a media interview and went out of business almost instantaneously. A desire for Integrity must be the foundation you build your brand off. Do what you say you are go-ing to do when you say you are going to do it. We are human, sometimes we will mess up. But when you do, own your mess. Take responsibility, apologise, make it right and get back on the horse. Don’t just do this for fear of losing customers, do it because it’s the right thing to do. People respect honesty and see through pretence. Nobody truly lives life through an airbrushed filter. When my father was in the last weeks of his life, I wrote about my incredibly painful, yet joyous ex-perience of caring for him in that space between life and death. At 3am on one of the hardest nights of my life, I shared it on Facebook. It was cathartic. Then the vulnerability made me panic, was I over sharing? Was it inappropriate? The response from the huge number of people who commented saying they appreciated my honesty and then began sharing their own experience, told me it was entirely appropriate. Vulnerability is powerful. When my card business Color blind cards began to take off almost a decade ago, I was all over the national media, from the broadsheets to National TV and the glossy magazines. Journalists loved this tale of a former teen mum who had triumphed over tribulation. I felt embarrassed that my less than glamorous start was available to the world, and it took a while for me to realise that my journey of life shifting from A to B, is exactly what makes me unique.

When my PRwww company is engaged by a client today, they often know my backstory and can expect an equally dogged approach to the building of their brand. There is an instant trust which bodes well for a working relationship because I am exposed, and therefore they can also be. In addition, my journey, and the tremendous learning which has accompanied it, is what differentiates me from the scores of other publicists in the market place. I am not for everybody and neither will you be, but your tribe, your followers and customers will un-derstand the language that you speak. They will nod at your posts in resonance, they will reflect your values, they will buy you... and what you are selling, in a beautiful, organic, authentic transac-tion. Once you are clear on your own brand and what it stands for, you’ll be clear on who your allies are. Who are the organisations, individuals or companies who share your values as well as your target audience? How can you cross pollinate and tap into one another’s customer bases without compromising your brand integrity? Once you can answer these questions you will be ready to begin to strategically raise the profile of your brand, but that’s a blog in its own right. This article wouldn’t be complete without sharing a quote from one of the world’s most famed per-sonal brands, “I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had, I’d have done it a lot earlier.” - Oprah Winfrey Being honest and transparent whilst revealing your personal brand will make you feel vulnerable. Do it anyway.

VENUE SPONSOR Join three of the UK's most successful visibility experts for a masterclass on how to raise your profile. Visit http://tinyurl.com/gtgapqd



The Best You’s guide to the new reads you need in your life The Best You’s guide to the new reads you need in your life



Feeling in need of some inspiration, exploration and pure relaxation? The Best You Book Club has something for every mood, and we’ re giving one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of every book featured. To be in with a chance of winning, simply send us an email with your name and address to EDITORIAL@THEBESTYOU.CO before 31st March 2017. Good luck!


MINDFULNESS MOMENTS Anti-stress colouring and activities for busy people by Emma Farrarons

This is the third book from French illustrator and graphic designer Emma Farrarons, who believes that working with your hands is one of the best ways to soothe anxiety and eliminate stress. It’s a gorgeous, handbag-sized colouring and activity book which offers practical exercises in mindfulness. The have been lovingly formulated to draw on your creativity and hone your focus. This is one book so stylish you’ll look forward to taking a few minutes out of your day, wherever you are, to colour your way to peace and calm.


The 12 Keys to Create Your HighPerformance Brain by Dr Jenny Brockis Medical practitioner Dr Jenny Brockis describes herself as a ‘future mind planner’, and after reading this inspiring book you will want to be one too. Brockis wants to spread the message that the brain is the busy professional’s secret weapon for boosting mastery, efficiency, and productivity to gain that coveted competitive edge – whether that be in business or in your personal life. Future Brain is written as a 12-step book, with actionable principles for a daily routine, making it ideal for dipping into. Even if you know very little about your grey matter, Brockis will help you understand in a non-complicated way how the brain can be fine-tuned to lead you towards reduced stress, increased performance with sharper, more innovative outcomes, in all areas of your life. We guarantee you’ll become a committed healthy brain advocate and will want to buy this for friends.



MINDFULNESS MOMENTS Anti-stress colouring and activities for busy people by Emma Farrarons


The 12 Keys to Create Your HighPerformance Brain by Dr Jenny Brockis

Medical practitioner Dr Jenny Brockis describes herself as a ‘future mind planner’, and after reading this inspiring book you will want to be one too. Brockis wants to spread the message This is the third book from French illustrator and that the brain is the busy professional’s secret weapon for graphic designer Emma Farrarons, who believes boosting mastery, efficiency, and productivity to gain that that working with your hands is one of the best coveted competitive edge – whether that be in business or in ways to soothe anxiety and eliminate stress. your personal life. Future Brain is written as a 12-step book, It’s a gorgeous, handbag-sized colouring and with actionable principles for a daily routine, making it ideal activity book which offers practical exercises in for dipping into. Even if you know very little about your grey mindfulness. The have been lovingly formulated matter, Brockis will help you understand in a non-complicated to draw Happiness on your creativityand and hone your focus. the brain can be fine-tuned to lead you towards Find Achieve Your Goals way how How to Take Back Control and This is one book so stylish you’ll look forward to reduced stress, increased performance with sharper, more Through the Power Positive taking a few minutes out of yourof day, wherever Thought innovative outcomes, in all areas of your We Divilly guarantee Achieve Your Goals bylife. Pat you colour your way to peace and calm. you’ll become a committed healthy brain advocate and will by are, Gillto Hasson Bestselling author, motivational speaker and want to buy this for friends. entrepreneur Pat Divilly started a small fitness bootcamp We all know that thinking negatively doesn’t get you anywhere, on his local beach which quickly grew into the largest but bestselling author and personal development expert fitness community in Ireland. Since then, he’s helped Gill Hasson believes in the life-changing power of positive an array of small business owners to grow based on thought. She says; “The single most effective way to improve purpose, passion and profit, whilst maintaining a healthy your life is to think positively. It gives you the motivation, work-life balance. In his new book, Divilly offers advice energy and ability to succeed, it enables you to be happy and to help people set and achieve personal and business keeps you going through the toughest times. Hasson shows us goals, understanding that both are necessary in order how to develop a positive approach to achieve goals, arguing to succeed in life. Divilly’s passion for helping people to that it is more valuable than money, education, talent and realise their potential, while also living their best life, can’t opportunities. Whether you want to start a business, a new fail to inspire. Check out his podcast series for more www. relationship, change their career, or simply feel happier each patdivilly.com. day, Hasson is here to help, with expert advice from her 20 years’ experience in the area of personal development plus tryat-home exercises.






Billed as a guidebook for the new generation of female entrepreneurs, self-made business woman Carrie Green offers clarity, tips and effective tools for women creating and growing their dream business. “I became an ambitious, award-winning female entrepreneur through my dad and the rise and almighty fall of his business,” says Green, who founded the Female Entrepreneur Association at just 20 years old and today empowers women all around the world. This debut guidebook is accessible and modern, full of personal stories, tips and exercises to motivate ambitious and talented females who might feel out of their depth. It explains how to women must take control of their mind and their businesses and be the most successful they can be.


Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine by Derren Brown The magic-maker and illusionist has turned author in this engaging and deeply thought-provoking read exploring changing concepts of happiness. From the wisdom of the Stoics and Epicureans in classical times right up until today’s self-help industry, Brown shows how many of selfhelp’s suggested routes to happiness and success – such as positive thinking, self-belief and setting goals – can be disastrous. Indeed, they can actually cause anxiety. It’s a brilliant, candid book which is determined to help readers reclaim happiness and to enable us to appreciate the good things in life. We bet you’ll be inspired to try your best to remember that ‘everything’s fine’ even when it might not feel that way.

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Determined to succeed but not sure how? Speaker and success coach Judymay Murphy says fear is not your problem when it comes to massive life change Start 2017 as you mean to go on by booking a stay at one of the UK’s best retreats - it will open your mind, teach you new skills - and it might just change your life.

























STREL Martin Strel is the seemingly indestructible marathon swimmer whose recordbreaking achievements have inspired audiences around the world. The Best You learns how he does it

Slovenian-born Martin Strel is known as ‘Big River Man’ for good reason. He started in 1992 by swimming the 63-mile-long Krka River in Croatia in 28 hours. Then in 1997 he became the first person to swim from Africa to Europe. Three years later, Strel swam an eye-watering 1,866 miles of the Danube River in 58 days, setting a record for distance swimming.

meals and Slovenian wine, but Strel has always been a man looking for a big challenge. The Amazon proved to be one of his biggest trials, as he was attacked by piranhas, infected by tropical diseases and parasites, and lost much of his skin to blisters, leaving him so drained he could barely walk.

Strel wasn’t done with that Guinness record. In 2002, he took on 2,360 miles of the Mississippi in 68 days; in 2004 he tackled 2,487 miles of the Yangtze in 51 days; and in 2007 he famously conquered 3,274 miles of the Amazon.

But still Strel wanted more, and he now plans to embark upon an attempt to swim around the world. ‘Big River Man’ insists that he swims primarily for ecological awareness, peace, and global friendship, and he says he’s not going to be finished any time soon.

He might not look like a typical professional athlete, with a noticeable gut and a fondness for massive pasta

Q: Is it your strength of mind that enables you to complete these swims?


A: Yes. 30 years ago, I wasn’t so strong as today. And today I’m not afraid … because I know the situations very well. You can have big waves, but if you have good boat, good support, you can survive this. To be mentally strong, you need a lot of experiences working with the right people, and I’ve been working with the right people for years. I think my body is still very fit. Q: Tell us why your swim. Is it to raise awareness? A: My target is just to raise much more awareness on this planet. I don’t know everything, but I know a lot - I think I am one of the people on this planet who really knows what’s going on with water today. My target is to see happy fish swimming in the water. I would like to talk to governments, mayors, finance people. They must change the laws all over the planet.

People must be simply punished for [throwing things into the water]. People must pay huge penalties forever. Then people will start thinking about this, people can change their minds. Q: Tell us about your planned swim around the world. A: It’s almost 110 different countries. My target is to swim every day between 5 to 10 hours a day, sometimes 12—it depends on the conditions: weather, currents. My target is to swim between 15 and 30 miles per day. [It will be] a little less than one year and a half—450 days. For more info visit www.martinstrel.com



JUDYMAY MURPHY International Success Speaker


FEAR IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM, SO WHAT IS? As an International Success Speaker for the best the part of two decades you can imagine that I’ve been in the room for a great many talks. Some of the type that have you on your feet cheering like a Dallas Cowgirl, and some that have you on your feet shuffling toward the nearest conciliatory cup of tea. In these hallowed arenas two words dominate, ringing through speakers and being triple underlinedw in notebooks - ‘Success’ and ‘Fear’. Let’s leave aside the definition of ‘success’ for now as I trust you to have your own definition, and instead look at the word ‘fear’, as I’d like to suggest we tend to take this word for granted and use it in too broad a fashion for it to be as helpful as it might be. ‘Fear’ is a good word mainly when talking about being reactive, shocked into action with adrenals screaming, as when running from lions, tigers and spiders. For the most part when people are talking about fear they are usually talking really about two other states which it can stretch to cover in our language.

STATE ONE ‘Anxiety’ where you are revving up your fight, flight and freeze chemicals against something imagined or predicted and not actually of any threat to you right now. Sadly ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ while cute enough on a power point doesn’t actually spell out the word ‘anxiety’.

STATE TWO ‘Approach Avoidance’ where you are just not doing the necessary, (you might also be labelling this state ‘procrastination’ which is avoidance with a grownup sounding story about doing it later). It’s still not Fear though, as Fear is a state concerned with coping with an actual present danger and, unless you have a blazing Samsung right this moment, Fear is not the reason why those calls aren’t getting made. We need to stop talking about ‘busting through our fears and ‘stepping up’. While this can induce short term states in which anxiety and apathy are replaced by hope and energy, this kind of buzz has a shelf life shorter than a corner shop sandwich. Pretty soon you are back on Instagram and calling it research. So what’s really going on? Why aren’t you getting the important stuff done? I freed up an entire a month a few years ago and set myself the challenge of working out what the deal about notdoing-stuff really is - and I came up with this. I call it F3. So, as we just looked at, you are not in any immediate danger - you are not trembling as your iPhone inches toward you, you are simply not making the necessary phone calls. Here’s why not. The reason why you don’t fully action your list is because there is a combination of Fantasy, Fuzzy and Frightening going on in your brain.

F1 - FANTASY Your brain is brilliant. If it believes that there’s no real benefit to taking a particular course of action it just won’t. If enough of your brain is thinking that the result can’t be achieved, or can’t be achieved by you, or can’t be achieved in the current climate, or that the reward won’t be worth the effort - it doesn’t believe in the efficacy of the dream and it will ‘save’ you from what it believes to be fantasy. You need to over-ride this old brain tendency by allowing the forebrain’s intellect and imagination functions to assert the desired agenda until the rest of the brain relaxes into the new way.

This is where sitting in the car you’d like to own and walking around those luxury villas starts to work, you begin to develop more proof for your brain that these things are both desirable and achievable. F2 - FUZZY The mind hates to step out into a fog as lack of clarity means danger, - it likes to know what things will look like so it can scan for glitches, wrong turns and danger and save you from them. You’re more likely to feel compelled to do something, such as go to a restaurant, when you have more delicious detail around it. A paucity of details - you think maybe the restaurant isn’t too far away and you like that kind of food and you think others will be there but you’re not sure, is less likely to get you off the sofa. Add some clarity - ‘It’s a new Thai place two miles from here and Mary will drive me there and back, also they have a vegan section and Alex will be there for sure.’ If you’re a vegan, non-driving, Thai food lover with a crush on Alex you’ll be there in a heartbeat, and if not then you are still further along as the clarity tells you it’s time to redesign your evening plans. Clarity isn’t power itself, however it’s the major approach pathway to power and so a vital aspect to get sorted. F3 - FRIGHTENING This is about the size of things as they loom over you. So let’s suppose we now believe that the pathway will take us to a much better place and we know what the road entails (F1 and F2 busted). Why might we still not be taking action? There are two aspects to this section. A) IT’S TOO BIG and B) I’M TOO LITTLE. The ‘cure’ for IT’S TOO BIG is to chop or chuck any task into bite-sized pieces and then clump all the similar pieces into piles of these mini-bites. If you find it still feels too big you can slice it more finely again (I eat apples this way in mock haute-cuisine micro-thin slivers - not a fan of apples but we all need the pectin). A task such as ‘Call Nancy’ can be chunked become, 1. schedule a time to call Nancy, 2. put her number in the phone, 3. write up the outcome I want from the call, 4. dial the number at the scheduled time etc. The other part of ‘frightening’ - I’M TOO LITTLE is a subtle and powerful mechanism of avoidance. It’s based in old identities often ones where you experienced toxic shame as a child. While deeper toxic shame and feelings of inadequacy do take focused attention to unpick, there are a few tools that can help you on the more day-to-day feeling of ‘not-up-to-it-ness’ .Simple questions such as, ‘How can I learn what I need to learn for this, quickly and well?’ Or a firm statement such as, ‘Dammit, I’m as good as anyone,’ can shake you back to a stronger state for long enough to get moving and to get some living references built as to how effective you are. The trick with all this is to acknowledge what is not getting done, work out whether it is in the Fantasy, Fuzzy or Frightening camp and solve that cognitive distortion rather than just ploughing ahead on brute willpower and pigheadedness to a pumping beat. Let’s take the hit-and-miss out of achievement so that our days can be lived in less frustrating ways. Unsticking yourself is a simple process when you feed it through this filter, helping your mind to help you rather then living a pitch-battle between your brain’s resistance and your greatest desires. You are not broken, lazy or less-than. There is nothing to fear, and everything to F3 and get on with. For more information visit www.Judymay.TV




BEST RETREATS Energise your body and soul with a stay at one of the finest sanctuaries Britain has to offer

1. SHARPHAM HOUSE We all know learning to live in the moment can give you renewed energy and clarity, but it can be hard to do when you live life in the fast lane. This mindfulness retreat in a listed Georgian mansion on a sprawling 550-acre in Devon teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) along with yoga, walking, singing or creative writing. Our tip? Come alone and stay in one of the comfy woodland bell-tents. 01803 732542, www.sharphamtrust.org

2. GAIA HOUSE A Silent Meditation Retreat might sound impossible (as you’d expect, chatting is strictly prohibited) but in this sanctuary of contemplative calm in the gentle hills of South Devon, you’ll savour the peace. Popular in Buddhism, keeping silent for full days while meditating is an opportunity to explore and develop serenity, wisdom and compassion. Come as part of a group or solo and prepare to have your psychological, physical, and spiritual health enhanced. 01626 333 613 www.gaiahouse.co.uk


3. THE CLOVER MILL The 5,000 year old Ayurvedic system is thought by many to be the source of true health wisdom. This retreat in a beautifully renovated 17th century water mill in the Malvern Hills is run former scientist turned Ayurvedic chef Julie Dent. With daily yoga, a menu of healing, tasty food and a full health consultation, you’ll feel rejuvenated, raring to go and ready to make that lifestyle change. Go. You won’t regret it. 01886 880859, www.theclovermill.

4. GRAYSHOTT SPA This is a truly indulgently luxurious place to hole up for a relaxing spa stay or a more intense health programme. A manor house with a modern extension set in 47 acres, it boasts 700 acres of National Trust land and facilities include an indoor and outdoor pool, male and female spas with a steam room, sauna and plunge pool, and a huge treatment list. We recommend the full Body MOT with a health consultation and blood and bodycomposition analysis. 01428 602020, grayshottspa.com



5. YEOTOWN Not just a retreat but a potential life changer, the Yeotox health and fitness retreat gets results but also makes the process pleasurable. There are long hikes along the North Devon coastline and over the Exmoor hills, forest cycle rides, yoga, tough core work and nutritional advice sessions – but there’s also a hot tub in the grounds, a decent sauna, extremely good massages (a different kind each night) and some of the best vegan cuisine you’ll ever try. 01271 343 803, www.yeotown.com

6. THE BREAKUP RECOVERY RETREAT Some retreats are designed with a specific focus, and Sara Davison’s Break-Up Recovery Retreat is shining light in this field. Designed to offer a relaxed and safe environment for learning how to cope better with the end of a relationship and move on, it runs across two days and is held at different locations around the UK throughout the year. It’s a wonderful opportunity for those struggling to meet other people going through similar experiences and to learn together how to move through this period of difficulty. www.saradavison.com/break-up-recovery-





A new year might herald a ‘new you’, but that doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself. Foodie Holly Bell introduces her ‘no-diet’ approach Have you tried ‘if it fits’ eating and mindful movements? These are just two of the biggest fitness trends of 2017



The calming practice of yoga can have huge and longstanding mental health benefits says





Former Great British Bake Off star Holly Bell says January isn’t a time to deny yourself it’s a time to load up on hearty, nutritious food

Here we go again. It’s January and the house is finally free of tinsel and pine needles. There’s a vague memory of a never ending turkey and ill-advised triple Irish coffees before bedtime. In short, I’ve only gone and overdone it again. My jeans are tight, the waistband dangerously close to sawing me in half. But this is not the time of year for salads and abstinence. It’s cold outside, it’s grey and gloomy. I’ve nothing against lettuce and cucumber but they’re not winter fodder. No, the only way to ensure that waistband stops tugging is to up the veggie intake and down the sugar intake. Think of it as a cleansing month of healthy eating rather than a diet. The D word should be banned in fact. As soon as you forbid something, the cravings begin. Mornings are so much harder when it’s chilly, so a little treat of a morning is in order. Adding a spoonful of cocoa to my porridge makes breakfast feel like a treat whilst filling me up with slow release energy. Plus there are few things more joyful than starting the day with a chocolate hit. Actually add some orange zest too and I think I’ve reached nirvana. (Fruit faces are optional if over five). And for dinner? I turn to spices to add extra warmth and depth. My cauliflower and sweet potato curry is virtuous yet tasty. Now, a word on cooking in January. Do yourself a favour and invest in a Pressure King Pro. It’s a digital pressure cooker that makes short work of soup, porridge, stews, fish, jams, chutneys - even whole chickens are poached in just 25 minutes. In January, when patience is short, bust out the labour saving devices.



• 1 tbsp vegetable oil • 1 tbsp fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped • 1 tbsp mustard seeds • 1 tsp ground cumin • 1 tsp ground coriander • ½ tsp turmeric • 1 small red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped • 1 tsp salt • 50mls water • 3 large sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped into 3cm jjjchunks • 1 head cauliflower, leaves removed and cut into florets wabout ...6cm in length Pressure cooker method: Set the Pressure King Pro to the ‘stew’ function with the lid off and add the oil to the inner pot. Once it starts to heat up add the ginger, mustard seeds, cumin, coriander and turmeric. Fry for 2 minutes until the spices are bubbling in the oil. Press cancel and add the rest of the ingredients. Close the lid, turn the valve to ‘closed’ and press the ‘steam’ function for 3 minutes. Release the pressure by covering your hands with an oven glove and turning the value to ‘open’ being careful to stand back. When all the steam has released open the lid. If you prefer your curry a little thicker, press ‘cancel’ then ‘stew’ and reduce the sauce with the lid off. Conventional method: Heat the oil in a saucepan until it’s hot. Add the ginger, mustard seeds, cumin, coriander and turmeric. Fry for 2 minutes over a medium heat until the spices are bubbling in the oil, then add the rest of the ingredients. Turn the heat to low, cover with a lid and leave to cook on the stove for about 20 minutes until the vegetables are tender.



• 65g Mornflake organic oats • 400mls milk • 75mls water • 15g butter • ½ tsp cocoa • Honey/maple syrup to taste if you wish • Sliced banana, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, apple, satsumas, raisins etc Pressure cooker method: Stir together the oats, milk, water and butter in the pressure cooker inner bowl. Close the lid and ensure the value is closed. Set to the ‘porridge’ setting. Once ready, cover your hands with an oven glove and carefully release the steam. Open the pressure cooker lid and stir through the cocoa powder, add honey or maple syrup if you wish. Ladle into bowls and lastly arrange the fruit over the top to look like an owl, bear or any other animal you can conjure! Microwave method: Stir together the oats, milk, water and butter in a large microwaveable bowl. Cover and microwave on high for 4 minutes, stirring half way through. Stir through the cocoa powder, add honey or maple syrup if you wish and lastly arrange the fruit over the top to look like an owl, bear or any other animal you can conjure! For more information visit www.recipesfromanormalmum.com




From ‘if it fits’ eating to mindful exercise, experts reveal the healthy trends to look out for 2017to deny yourself - it’s a time to load up on hearty, nutritious food

In the fitness world, strong is the new skinny. The focus now isn’t on losing inches, it’s on gaining strength, power, and performance. Here are the healthy trends to look out for in the year ahead to leave you feeling empowered.

IF IT FITS YOUR MACRO Called IIFYM for short, this diet plan allows you to eat any foods you want as long as they fit into your day’s macro-nutrient (or ‘macro’) allowance - that’s the amount of fats, carbs, and proteins a person should consume daily in order to reach their desired physique. Nutritionist Marissa Liana Beaulne says: “This approach shifts away from the previous ‘eat clean’ diet plans that only allow ‘clean foods’ and minimal ‘cheats’. People are still encouraged to get the majority of their calories from whole, nutrient dense, and unprocessed foods - so it helps you develop positive habits with food, while enjoying what you eat.”


NEXT LEVEL TRACKERS Wearable tracker tech was 2016’s top fitness trend, and it’s set to become more advanced in 2017. The focus now is on heart rate variability (HRV), which is the measurement of the time interval between heartbeats — the small fluctuations of the heart, not just beats per minute. The fluctuations can be affected by many things which could be age, body position, the time of day and health status and are also signs of one’s overall health. Mental, physical and emotional experiences can impact on HRV.

LET’S GO OUTSIDE Fitness guru Bradley Simmonds predicts a rise in outdoor workouts. “Being outside not only boosts our ‘feel good’ hormone, but also increases our exposure to vitamin D, which can improve energy levels and decrease stress. “Keep it simple by going for a run and include your own circuits with burpees, star jumps and squats. You may even stumble across outdoor gyms, with more and more UK parks now equipped with fitness machines.”

MINDFUL MOVEMENTS Virgin Active global yoga ambassador Patrick Beach says: “2017 is going to be the year when people become truly aware of the power of mindful exercise – the positive effect of exercise on mental as well as physical wellbeing. “We’ll see people gaining a deeper understanding of the connection between their mind and their body, and appreciate the importance of taking care of both.”



YOGA, MENTAL HEALTH, AND WELLBEING London based Yogi Lucy Lyus explains why yoga can unlock the secret of self-knowledge and calmness

What does good health mean to you? Perhaps being free from disease, or being able to run without getting too out of breath, or eating a balanced diet. These things are certainly important when it comes to good physical health, but equally important and often forgotten - is mental health. Mental health is something we all have, despite it commonly being talked about only in terms of problems, such as depression, anxiety or stress. Instead, like physical health, mental health actually exists on a continuum and can be better or worse at different times in our lives. The factors affecting our mental health are often out of our control, but there are things we can do to help us better cope with the challenges life brings our way. These include eating and sleeping well, and taking part in physical activity.


Any kind of physical activity is good for our mental health, but yoga especially can be incredibly beneficial, because yoga by its very foundation addresses the body and mind together, giving them equal importance and emphasising their unity. Yoga is not just a set of physical postures to be worked through; it is a way of bringing our attention to what is happening within, accepting what we find, and creating a sense of self-knowledge and calmness we can take with us in our day-to-day lives.

HOW IT WORKS There is a growing evidence base for the benefits of yoga for mental health. Several recent randomised control trials, the most rigorous form of research, have shown that symptoms of depression and anxiety can be improved through regular yoga classes. How yoga improves mental wellbeing can be explained in part by the central role of the breath. All forms of yoga, with their varying levels of intensity, involve the combination of physical postures (in Sanskrit, asana) with focused and controlled breathing (pranayama). Pranayama usually involves deepening, lengthening or holding the breath, which all help to regulate the flow of energy (prana). Prana is our life-force: when it is flowing freely we feel in balance mentally, physically and spiritually. The deep and long breaths we take in pranayama slow heart rate and lower blood pressure, creating a feeling of calm and relaxation. Yoga is a special time to really think about the breath, something we don’t tend to do in day-to-day life which tends to result in more short and shallow breathing, especially when feeling stressed. Short and shallow breaths tell the body we are in danger even when we are not, initiating a ‘fight-or-flight’ response that only makes us feel more stress. Yoga can help to intervene in this vicious circle by teaching us how to breathe, so we can use more conscious, deeper breathing both during and after the practice. Physiology aside, practising pranayama also requires intent concentration on the breath, allowing little room for other thoughts to intrude, freeing up some mental space and allowing the mind to relax. Yogis are also invited to concentrate on sensations in the body, promoting a sense of self-awareness that can help us tune in to other physical manifestations of stress or depression such as tight muscles or heavy limbs, again helping to break this vicious feedback cycle to the brain. All types of yoga will help to calm the mind and body, but restorative, yin or hatha yoga are particularly relaxing, as are the related practices of meditation and mindfulness. There is also yoga therapy, which is a more clinical application of yoga that can be effective for a variety of mental and physical health problems. Try this simple exercise to bring your awareness to your breath and help you relax:


Sit comfortably or lie on your back and bring your hands to your lower ribs where they meet your abdomen. Take a few natural breaths in and out of the nose to get to know the rate and rhythm, accepting however your breath is in that moment. Then start to gradually lengthen both the inhalation and the exhalation equally, perhaps for a count of three or up to a count of five or six.


Without forcing the breath, imagine as you inhale that you are trying to expand the lower ribs into your hands, and as you exhale feel the abdomen relax. Concentrate on the breath and try to keep your mind free from all other thoughts. Keep this going for as long as you feel comfortable, and when finished see if you detect any changes in your mind or body. For more information visit www.lucylyusyoga.com








Entrepreneur Angelia “Angel” Trinidad knew she wasn’t the only one to love putting pen to paper. She turned that love into a business idea with her bestselling journal the Passion Planer Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Learn how it can take your work to the next level.




THE LIFECOACH THAT FITS IN YOUR BAG In our digital world, there’s still a place for paper notebooks. As Entrepreneur Angelia “Angel” Trinidad’s Passion Planners prove

There’s nothing quite like putting pen to paper. We might spend half out lives glued to screens, but when it comes to getting creative - whether it’s artwork, short stories, poems or personal thoughts - paper is still king. As the CEO of notebook brand Moleskine Arrigo Berni concluded, his customers are “not people who are clinging to paper with a nostalgic feeling, but rather people that have both digital and analog as part of their lives.” Yes, he says, we live in an increasingly digital world, but we “still have a need for physical experience, for emotional experiences that digital devices doesn’t always provide”.


American graduate Angelia “Angel” Trinidad could not agree more. When she graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in art, she didn’t know what to do. Like many students she felt lost and directionless, both professionally and emotionally. Angel sought a paper planner to try and make sense of her situation, and when she couldn’t find one she saw a business opportunity and decided to design her own. She called it a Passion Planner. Turning to Kickstarter to get funding, Angel was aiming for $10,000; she raised more than half a million. “We went viral for a whole week, it was insane,” she says.”It’s this thing that is so intuitive. It’s between you and paper and a pen. It’s kind of meditative,” she says. “When I’m on the phone, it’s never meditative. It’s always task-y.” Although Angel loves apps, she also sees that humans need a more intimate way to create. “I feel there’s a huge need for paper in this increasingly digital world,” she says. “I look at my planner and I think of it as my second brain. I look back at something on there and it’s like, ‘Oh, I wrote that.’ “ Now we just have to wait and see what Entrepreneur Angel is planning next… For more info visit www.passionplanner.com/





ADVISOR TO BOB PROCTOR’S TOP UK CONSULTANT Meet Alpa Pandya, A Business Mindset and Wealth Creation Coach. She has quickly risen to be one of Bob Proctor’s top UK consultant and Top 7 in the World.

Alpa is an expert in her field working with individuals and professionals coaching them the techniques in how to create wealth and how to be successful at achieving goals by setting the right type of goals. Most people set themselves the wrong goals, which is why they are not getting the results they want. Alpa has been personally trained and coached by her mentor, the legendary Bob Proctor. Together they are helping companies and businesses all over the World learn how to master their mind and gain abundant professional and personal growth and success. Alpa has coached aspiring singers/ songwriters, musicians, small businesses, housewives, doctors, to lawyers. All whom have achieved huge results through her coaching.

She quit her call centre job, started her own coaching company, and she now travels the World multiple times a year. Alpa has increased her income by sixty-five percent within two years and has since never looked back. Alpa says “When we change what is on the inside, our thoughts, we automatically change what is on the outside. Most people know what to do to get better results, however, previous thinking has set up roadblocks in your subconscious mind which is preventing you from taking the necessary actions to achieve what you want. I often say that we are born knowing how to live, and we are taught how to think. It is critical to understand that your current results are not a reflection of your potential. Your current results are nothing more than a reflection of your previous thinking.

She has had a fulfilling career as a Radio Presenter for over twenty-three years. Working within BBC local and national radio and a previous breakfast show host on commercial radio. In October 2016 she decided to leave the BBC Asian Network because she says “I want to concentrate fully on helping and coaching more people, so that they to can benefit from this transformational material just like I have” Alpa has been following big names in the personal development industry for over ten years, but she kept going back to her old ways of thinking, which produced the same results for her.

It is your mind that limits you. Your possibilities truly are endless. Our thinking brings feelings, and our feelings bring actions, and our actions bring results, and our results are what we call our lives, and the truth is, we were all designed to create and live a life we love. I am so grateful to work with individuals and companies every dayteaching them how to use these same resources to achieve and live the results they desire. I invite you to take your next success steps today” There’s no secret to success, but there is a science behind it!

She discovered the teachings of Bob Proctor in 2014 and this is when her life began to change. Using the Law of attraction she manifested her way to meeting and working with him. Alpa was struggling to gain her own personal freedom and decided to go through the process of shifting her paradigm. Whilst doing this she has gained massive success in her personal and business life. Before getting into any of this material, Alpa was juggling her radio careerand her work at a BT call centre. Since 2014 she has really found a purpose.






For further information on how Alpa can help you transform your life or business contact

support@mindmatrixx.com or visit mindmatrixx.com







GIVE YOUR CREATIVE GOALS A KICK START Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, helping millions of people to make their dream a reality and live a truly rich life

Have you got an idea that you just keep returning to but never seem to do anything about? Perhaps it’s a little niggle, thinking that you could create something beautiful - be that film, music, art, games, comics or design - if only you had the cash. Kickstarter is an enormous global community built around creativity and creative projects which helps people to turn that niggle into a project to be proud of. Over 10 million people, from every continent on earth, have backed a Kickstarter project. Some of those projects come from influential artists like De La Soul, but most come from amazing creative people you probably haven’t heard of - from indie filmmakers to the band down the street. Every artist, filmmaker, designer, developer, and creator on Kickstarter has complete creative control over their work - they simply tell a vibrant community of potential backers about their plan and their funding goal (the amount of money that a creator needs to complete their project). Backers then pledge money to join creators in bringing projects to life. Kickstarter’s sole mission is to help bring creative projects to life and that’s how they measure their success as a company, rather than by the size of their profits. Since its launch in 2009, over 12 million people have backed a Kickstarter project, $2.8 billion has been pledged, and 117,739 projects have been successfully funded. For more info visit www.kickstarter.com








THE PODCASTS AND APPS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE. The vloggers making a difference and helping you get the most of screen time.





This clever app capitalises on our love of engaging in challenges with our friends, and leverages that into an opportunity to give back to social causes. Whether it’s challenging your friend to a simple game of chess or towards reaching a certain health goal, the person who ends up failing the challenge must make a donation towards a charity of the winner’s choosing. Game on.


We all know the importance of recycling, and Recyclebank’s app encourages continued recycling efforts by rewarding users with points that they can use toward local deals and discounts that can be redeemed at nearby participating shops, or within the app itself. You winning and the environment winning = genius. www.recyclebank.com


There are tons of devices that track the number of miles you’ve accumulated on your run, walk, bike ride, or whatever other activity - but Charity Miles goes one step further and helps you set goals to raise money for a charitable organisation of your choosing. Currently, the company works with more than 30 global charities. www.charitymiles.org


Givergy is an award-winning company that significantly increases the amount of money charities raise at fundraising events. This is done through their revolutionary technology which is fun, interactive, wireless and competitive. In addition to their specialised silent auction they provide online auctions and raffles enabling charities to accelerate the funds raised for incredible causes and to give individuals he chance to win incredible experiences. www.givergy.com



INSPIRATIONAL VLOGGERS The best makers of personal development videos inspire millions of people around the world through their motivational vlogs

RUBA ZAI This 22-year-old Arab girl living in the Netherlands has a fervent passion for all things fashion and beauty but that’s not the interesting part. In addition to the more typical videos you’d see on any beauty channel, Ruba gives inspiring hijab tutorials, as well as different ways to dress modestly, but still fashionably. Oh, and if that isn’t enough to elicit a follow, she’s teaching tolerance and re-spect t her millions of followers. www.youtube.com/user/hijabhills

JOSHUADTV. Joshua Evans, 32, AKA JoshuaDTV, says his Youtube channel is a place where you can be your-self and be accepted for it. ‘I believe in love and a lot of my content reflects that. Life isn’t always fair or kind so be nice to people and do your best you’. Joshua opens his vlogs with his signature “What’s up inernet!!”, and although he no longer delivers new content daily his followers remain forever loyal to his lifeaffirming brand of vlogging. www.youtube.com/user/JoshuaDTV



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Profile for The Best You Magazine

The Best You Magazine | January/February  

For many people a new year simply means continuing with life as normal, while to others its a time for new commitments; to review our lives...

The Best You Magazine | January/February  

For many people a new year simply means continuing with life as normal, while to others its a time for new commitments; to review our lives...